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In a world full of internet scams and get rich quick schemes it is indeed refreshing to find something that actually does work. It involves some work of course, but each 'job' that you complete, if it's up to muster, will provide you with ongoing monthly rewards. I'm talking of course, about the phenomenon that is Kindle. For many years, getting published in print was all but impossible. Times have changed with the advent of electronic readers. We are in the age of the computer. It is now possible to buy an inexpensive e-reader that is no bigger than a small paperback that is capable of storing thousands of books. With the introduction of the Kindle and other small e-readers the market for electronic books has sky rocketed. There never has been a time like this for would be authors and editors. On the face of it, even if you already have a book written, the process of self publishing can seem quite daunting to the uninitiated. I intend to demonstrate to you that anyone can do it, using no more than Microsoft Word. I should also point out that you can publish with Kindle even if you are not an author in your own right. It is perfectly legal to republish out of copyright works, but it has to be done properly and well. In the past there were instances of pure copy and paste publications that provided very poor reader experiences. One of the largest providers of ebooks is Amazon. They realised some time ago that some of the books in their list were not doing their own reputation any favours because of poor quality editing. On 24th March 2011 Amazon changed the rules. You need to be aware of these changes to ensure success. Publishing your book, be it your own or a third party work, can be very profitable. As an original author you will be paid up to 70% of each sale. Publishers of books from the public domain don't do quite so well, but even so a return of 35% for a product that is already written is anything but peanuts. There are authors that sell more than a million copies of their books each year. Imagine that! Publishing to Amazon is quite free, and once you know how to format your book and meet Amazon's rules you're good to go. This is the best no cost way to build up a reliable recurring monthly income.

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==== ==== Get The Best, Absolute Best Kindle Training! ==== ====

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