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Communication.. It's Not Just Tdf.. .

Volume 24

FALL 2005

Achieving xcellence by "Good Teaching"

A Word from Dr. Kamalipour

2005 Graduates Spring & Summer Alumni News Briefs

5 Passion for Teaching

PUC Alumna Lori Montalbano-Phelps provides personal insight in The Alumni Perspective

Faculty & Staff News

Purdue University Calumet students "plan fc success." Purdue Calumet alumni share thei. "success story" at special events. Purdue Calumet faculty "achieve excellence" by wrlting and publishing books and articles, making presentatlons a t conferences, obtaining grants, and recefving awards and fellowships. One important part of our faculty's excellence often goes unnoticed. That is down-right good teaching. Although there Is much to be said about good teaching, the following letters speak for themselves.

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Dear UnforgettableTeacher,

The Chicago Tribune Magazine recently asked readers to tell us about terrific teachers--women and men who inspired their students, changed their lives or challenged their view of the world. We published as many of those letters as we could in a recent special issue of the Magazine called "Unforgettable Teachers." Someonefonner student, several students or a colleague-wrote to the magazine about you. Unfortunately, there wasn't room in our "Teachers" issue to print all of the wonderful l e t t e ~we received. But we wanted you to know that you moved someone enough to tell us about it, and to show her appreciation for all you've done. We were glad to read about it, and have enclosed the letter for you to enjoy.

Sincerely, Desiree Chen, Associate Editor Chicago Tribunz Magazine

Dr. Lisa Goodnight A Memorable Teacher Lzarning is a place where paradise can be created ... bell hook One of the most inspiring teachers I have ever had is Dr. Lisa Goodnight, a professor in the Depamnent of Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University Calumet, located in Hammond, Indiana. I admire Lisa, not only because she teaches with passion and enthusiasm, but because she is genuinely concerned for her students as people and their development as scholars. I have had Lisa for three graduate level courses, two in Political Communication, and one in Feminist Rhetoric. Not only did she develop the curricula for these courses, but she selected readings that would not only challenge but inform our world view. Because of Lisa, I am no longer intimidated by theorists and scholars, such as Kenneth Burke, Murray Edelman, Bany Bmmmett, Ka11 M m ,

Mary Wollenstonecraft, bell hooks, SimnedeBeauvoir, Mary Ddy, and Jean-Paul Sartre. I appreciate that their work will ultimately shape how 1 am able to be of service to others. What I most appreciate about Lisa is how she "raises the academic bar" for each student. In her classes, you will be expected to deliver quality work, actively participate in lively informed discussions, and experience "magical moments" in which you apply what you have learned. This is what college should be about. I would have never dreamed, after 47 years, that I would still be excited about learning, but here I am! On May 22,2005, I will graduate with a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies, delighted and eternally grateful to Dr. Goodnight who inspired me tonew heights. Constance Hanis, MA Academic Advisorflnstructor, Department of Computer Information Technology Purdue University Calumet


Fall 2005

vol. 24

Department Head Dr. Yahya Kamalipour Managing & Publication Editor Heather M. Cook Editorial Contributor Dr. Lori Montalbano-Phelps Student Wriier Amy Pilarczyk Student Editor Angel Lopez Production Coordinator Susan Van Ti1

The Communicator is publishedby the Deparhnent of Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University Calumet. It is a semi-annual newsletter for alumni, students, and friends of the department. Its goal is to provide its readers with the latest news and events happening within the department. Any questions or correspondence from readers is always welcome and should be directed to:

I .

Heather M. Cook Purdue University Calumet Department of Communication and Creative Arts Z O O 169th Sireel Hamrnond, IN 46323-2094 hup:l/

or email:

A Few Words from the Department Head.. . Welcome to another informative issue of The Communicator which highlights the ongoing accomplishments of alumni, students, faculty and staff members of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts, a department that has consistently distinguished itself for excellence in teaching, scholarship and student success. The "Good Teaching" columnfocusing on Professor Lisa Goodnight, the Outstanding Scholar Award bestowed to Professor Lee Artz, the Alumni Committed to Excellence Award given to Luke Weinman IV (BA-Broadcasting, 2001), and Dr. Lori Montalbano-Phelps' "Alumni Perspective" column are illustrative of the mission of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts. Apropos teaching, Henry B. Adams, once said: A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

Please stay in touch and keep us posted of your professional achievements, personal stories, and activities. With wann regards and best wishes, h

Yahya R. Kamali~our,PhD

A 30-minute Television Program produced weekly by The Department of Communication and Creative Arts Shown on the following TV & Cable Channels:

WYIN-N Channel 56 (Comcast Channel 17 in Hammond) Comcast Cable Channel 21 Hammond & East Chicago Comcast Cable Channel 26 Northern Indiana

Sunday, 7:30 a.m. Thursday, 5:00 p.m. Monday, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, 6:00 p.m.

Comcast Cable Channel 16, Illinois


Tuesday, 7 0 0 p.m Wednesday, 12:00 noon WideopenWest (WOW!) Cable, Illinois Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. (Channel 17 in South Holland) Wednesday, 12:OO noon (Channel 24 in Oak ForestICalumet City)

CALUMET TUNE IN TO PUC-TV AND PUC-RADIO ON THE WEB O Purdue University, 2005 I~an~bTtEmuMCAm w - O f


hancellcr Howard Cohen and his guests discuss a wide range of issues on

CHANCELLOR'S PERSPECTIVE www.calumet.purdue.edulccalradiotv

For the past few months, Dr. Yahya Kamalipour has been busy "globetrotting," attending different conferences and giving keynote addresses. In April, Dr. Kamalipour attended a conference in Kericho, Kenya. This was his first time in Kenya. "The trip was a fascinating experience," he said. There, he was impressed with children on the beach who made their own toys. 'They used their creative abilities to make toys from whatever they could find in their surroundings." Kamalipour said Kenya's nature is beautiful but the majority of the people live in poor conditions.Nonetheless, "Most of them seemed receptive toward us and relatively content." In May, Dr. Kamalipour gave a keynote speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Chinese edition of Global Media Journal at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. This was

his third visit to China. He is the founder and managing editor of the journal. In June, Dr. Kamalipour traveled to Iran to attend five homages honoring his scholarly achievements in the cities of Tehran, Kerman, and Ravar. Kamalipour grew up in Iran and moved tothe United States 33 years ago. His trips were not all business. Kamalipour did get to spend some time sightseeing. He said every country he visits is unique. Rather than comparing one place to another, he tries enjoy the cultures of each nation. Dr. Kamalipour is traveling to India in November to give a speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Indian edition of Global Media Journal and also to Iran to give a speech at the second International Public Relations Conference. I By Amy Pilarayk ]


- Chinese Edition

Fudan University Press Fudan, China

Founder & Managing Editor Yahya Kamalipour

Persian banslation in Farsi

FACULTY AND STAFF NEWS Dr. Neil Nemeth discussed his book, News Ombudsmen in North America, as part of a refereed panel at the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication in San Antonio, Texas, on August 13. The panel was titled "News Ombudsmen: Do They Make a Difference?' and also included Paul Janensch, former executive editor of the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., and now a faculty member at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut; Geneva Overholser, former Washington Post ombudsman, former editor of the Des Moines Register and now a faculty member at the University of Missouri; and Robert Rivard, editor of the San Antonio Express-News. Nemeth's book was also reviewed in the summer 2005 issue of Journalism and Mass Communication Educator.

Professor Mary Beth OICOnnOr's Advertising Management class, COM 446 / MGMT 428, has a new client: l-he Challenger Learning Center. The class is very excited about preparing an advertising campaign for them. ~h~ finalpres. entation of the campaign will be Monday, November 28 at The Center from 6:30-8:30 v.m. The advanced advertising students are also preparing a full advertising campaign for the PUC Graduate Program. The project started in May 2005 and will continue until the final presentation in May 2006. Approximately eleven students from Communication & Creative Arts and the School of Management comprise the advertising agency, which has been named Gnome Advertising. O'Connor and Dr. Hugh Daubek are faculty mentors for the project.

Dr. Lisa Goodnight's The Basic Communication Course Online: Scholarship and Application (see page 7), coedited with Samuel Wallace, was published Goodnight will be team-teaching COM 621iPOL 490, Political Communication and American Foreign Policy, with Dr. Richard Rupp, Assistant Professor of Political Science and WOST 121, Introduction to Women Studies, at the Academic Learning Center during the Spring 2006 semester.

Corya Channing, continuing lecturer, coached Danielle Royster and Matthew Fledderjohann, the American students who participated in the second annual British and American Student Debate. Channing is teaching COM 210, Debating Public Issues, during the Spring 2006 semester.

I continued on page 7 1

- Alumni News Briefs Michelle Bruss BA 1998 Michelle works at Valparaiso University as a financial aid counselor. She is also pursuing her Master's in Social Work. Cheryl Grskovich (Zubay) BA 1998 Cheryl is a lottery sales representative for Hoosier Lottery. Patrick Johansen MA 2001 Patrick is the director of the Department of Brand & Integrated Marketing at Tri-State University. Phil King BA 1993 Phil is in sales for Frito Lay. He has been married for 12 years and has four children. Erica Ribicki BA 2002 Erica is an advertising coordinator at It's Just Lunch! in Chicago. She does all of the radio, TV and print ads for the Chicago and Houston offices. Mary Katona Cases BA 1980 Mary is a Real Estate Broker in Miami, F'L. Michelle Susan Donaghey (Barthold) BA 1980 Shelly is a freelance writerlphotographer for The South Bend Tribune, Goshen New Brenen Enquirer: Parenting Publications of America, and Manuel de la Rosa BA 1993 Visit to listen to some of Manny the Movie Guy's weekly movie reviews. His reviews are also broadcast on KMIR 6 Palm Springs and KNTV Las Vegas.

Casey B. Mitchell MA 1995 Casey won the Feature Series Hard News Emmy at the 2004 Chicago/Midwest Chapter NATAS award ceremony for his television production work on Las Muertas de Juarez for WSNS Channel 44/Telemundo in Chicago. Casey is also a nominee this year. John E. Lichtle BA 1998 John resides in Tokyo, Japan and is an English Teacher at a private girls' junior and senior high school. In the evenings he teaches business conversation to adult students at their companies' office. Christine Marllyn Parry BA 2004 Christine is currently a 2L at the Valparaiso School of Law and a TA for her Research and Writing Professor aiding 1L students in learning how to write briefs and other legal documents. Christine will be competing on the Mock Trial Team.

I lie Department of Communication & Creative Arts would like to thank the following Alumni for submitting their information for the Alumni extension of the department web-site:

Peter Aranda Brent Barber Michelle Susan Donaghey Heidi Goossen Carol Daumer Gutjahr MJune Kirk Mike Klawitter Sarah Knight Mary Elizabeth Palucki Ochs Brian T. Olszewski Annjanette R. Ortega Christine Marilyn Parry Brian Phillips Shelly L. Robinson Kristin K. Savino Eric Alan Sera Scott Thompson Lisa K. Triezenberg Luke Weinman IV

The Purdue Alumni Association-Calumet and Purdue Calumet's six schools sponsored a new program, Alumni Day, on October 6, 2005. Faculty from the School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences selected five honorees to represent the school based on professional success. Luke Weinman IV was the alumni honoree for the Department of Communication & Creative Arts. Luke is Marketing Technology Manager for the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau and provided the last Alumni Perspective for the SpringISummer 2005 issue of The Communicator. AJI the honorees were presented the Alumni Commitled to Excellence Award, made a short presentation about their paths to success and offered advice. As an Alumni Day honoree, Luke will serve as a nominee for the PAAC's overall alumui award, the Outstanding Alumni Award, presented in February at the PAAC's Annual Dinner along with the other Alumni day honorees.


Alumni Perspective

TEACHING: An extension of learning offering challenges, opportunities and many rewards. By Lori Montalbano-Phelps, Ph.D.

W h e n I first started the master's of communication program at Purdue Calumet, I did not realize that I would be paving my future and a Life-long career. Fresh from earning my bachelor's degree, I had spent many hours in the classroom behind the desk. But I was about to embark on my fmt year of teaching. I was 23 years old, nervous, anxious, eager and terrfied. Just beginning the master's program seemed overwhelming. My first class was with Dr. W~lliam Robinson on research methods. I was sure I was going to sink. But I am happy to say that I did not. Through the guidance of a great faculty, I made it through my fmt semester of graduate school and my fmt semester of teaching unscathed. It was in that first semester that I found my passion for teaching. Through the ups and downs of learning a new craft, I viewed teaching as

an extension of my own to have strong mentors learning. I believe that that guided me through teaching offers challenges, teaching, namely Dr. opportunities and many Daniel Dunn. Dr. Dunn rewards. Teaching is chal- walked me through each lenging as it facilitates the step of teaching that fmt stretching of the mind and semester, as well as the perspectives through the thesis, but that's another classroom experience as story. Dr. Robinson the students and teacher encouraged me to hang in 1 there and not bail as we interact in a collaborative learning environment. It offers many opportunities for mutual learning and discovery. The rewards are far reaching, limited only to the viewpoints and theories explored. As a teacher, I use many different methods to reach my students, but the most important for me is to demonstrate my love for and appreciation of learning in the classes I teach. This was what I noticed about the teachers who influenced me the most. They cared about what I learned, they challenged me to do better. During my time at Purdue Calumet, I was fortunate

the "sadistic" statistical side of research. And perhaps one of the most important mentors of my life: Dr. Theresa Carilli, who believed in me, even when I did not. Her encouragement and support led me to pursue and complete my doctorate &gee. My time at Purdue Calumet set the stage for my future, and it is with gratitude to my teachers and mentors that I continue to strive for excellence in my own teaching and learning.

Lori is assistant professor at

Universrty H,, of research include performance and narrative studies, gender studies and She a of arts in theatre from IUN, a master of arts in oommunication fro, purduecalumet a doctorate from Southem Illinois University in performance studies. Her publications include "Discourse of Sulvival: Building Families Free of Unheanhy ~ ~ l ~ t i ~ ~ ~ h i Journal of Family Communication (2003); "TakingNamtive Risk: The Empowerment of Abuse Survivors" (2004);and 'Performing Politics: Media Performance Aesthetics from Women in Political Campaigns" in Women and the Media: Diverse Perspeclives, T. Carilli and J. Campbell ( 4 s . ) (2005). Lori has won many teaching awards including The Founder's Day Teaching Award (2003),T~Stee'sAward (2003 & 2005),Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (1997& 1998). Who's Who Among American Teachers (2004& 2005) and induction into the Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (2003).



Spring & Summer 2005 Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Communication Studies Daniel Bane Carol Bielski Mira Celeski Erika Dahl Erin Flaherty Vanessa Huizar Abigail Irvine Jaleah Jemison Michael Kocsis Lee Lavery Kerstin Lavric Eartha Montgomery Kenneth Moody, Jr. Scott Reese Chakakan Spearman Ryan Stage

Public Relations James Barrett Edward Budner Kathie Gans Valencia Gibson Kathryn Kester Sarah Kocsis Derek Moore Stephanie Sulcer

Bachelor of Arts Visual Communication & Graphic Arts Rhonda Hunter

Bachelor of Arts Broadcasting Sally Carlson Breanne Case Chad Early John Jensen Kendra Jessen Angela Johnson Gregory Pazour, Jr. Jennifer Schneider Frank Sprankle Bobbi Trail Brooke Weir

Bachelor of Arts Organizational Communication James Bell Sarah Fraze Sarah Michels Julie Sapkaroski

Back From Sabbatical... Professor Theresa Carilli spent her Spring 2005 sabbatical writing a book entitled "Scripting Identity: Writing Cultural Experience" and also found time to travel to the Caribbean and relax. Carilli's book focuses on her theory about cultural identity. "Every person has a primary narrative. This story affects all parts of our lives. When we understand that narrative, we are able to script our identity." Carilli wants to encourage other students to script their own identity. The book includes Carilli's evolution as a performative writer along with scripts from graduate students. Over a period of ten years she worked with graduate students who scripted their identities. These scripts

FACULTY AND STAFF NEWS continued from page 3

include the experiences of growing up Latino, working in a coke plant at a steel mill and living through the Japanese American internment during World War 11. Carilli's entire career has focused on the connection between culture and the creative process. This book is a product of that focus. Carilli also spent some time in the Dominican Republic and Barbados. She also traveled to area colleges promoting her book "Women in Media" and rescued cats to be put up for adoption. Carilli believes her sabbatical was worthwhile. "It gave me a chance to reflect on life as a scholar and a teacher," she said. "It makes me feel lucky and grateful."

Selections from Dr. Thomas Roach's Moving Pictures Exhibit in Porter 118 By Amy Pilarayk

play from June 24 1 &ugh July 31, 2005 and sponsored hy the Northern Indiana Arts Association. Professor Roach's interest in photography began in a high school photography class. He learned black and white darkroom techniques and made his own box camera. As a student at Northern Illinois University, he took undergraduate and graduate courses in art history and color photography.

"Photography is different from the other arts because it is political and argumentative in nature," Roach said. "Art fosters contemplation, but photography may also incite action." stop by the office of the Department of Communication & Creative Arts to see selections from the exhibit.

Corya Channing directed William Inge's play, "Come Back, Little Sheha" for the Purdue Theatre Company. Although this was Channing's fust time working with the company, she previously directed "Catsplay" for the Chancellor's Committee for Building Community Through the Arts. Channing will be presenting a talk concerning the F'urdue Theatre Company on Thursday, Dec. 1,2005 in the Library. The Archives and Special Collections Room is featuring the F'urdue Theatre Com~anythis year where a retrospec-


~~~lic&n Edited by Lisa Goodnight



Samuel Wallace

KendalVHunt Publishing Corn any Dubuque, Powa www.kec&llhuntonn

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:aweN isanss! anqw ~qsuo.gsa66ns awos sn JWO pue 6u!op a e n o A j e y ~uo paw~o4wsn daay aseald ---noALUOJJ Jeaq 01 1ueM aM i u o ! ~ ~ ! u n w wuo!lUaUv o~


Purdue University Calumel Deparlment of Communication and Creatlve Arlr C/O Patricia Mellon 2200 - 169th Street Hammond, IN 46323-2049












Dr. Lisa Goodnight A Memorable Teacher Sincerely, Desiree Chen, Associate Editor Chicago Tribunz Magazine 2005 Graduates Spring &amp; Summer...

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