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Advertising & Advertising Management Class Develop Strategies & Campaigns for PUC Graduate School By Diana Hughes

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Fall 2004 Graduates Alumni News Briefs


So What if You're Young?

PUC Alumnus Luke Weinman IV provides personal insight in the Alumni Perspective

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The 2005 spring semester is heading in a successful direction. Aside from student housing, the parking garage and other changes, another current project is to increase the number of students enrolled in Purdue University Calumet5 Graduate School. According to Dr. Daniel Dunn, Executive Dean, Graduate School, the ultimate objective is to double the amount of billable graduate school credit hours by 2007. One way to achieve this goal is through the Spring 2005 COM 446 and MGMT 428, Fundamentals of Advertising and Advertising Management class projects. Last semester, the class created a successful advertising campaign for the Charlotte R. Riley Child Center at Purdue Calumet. This year the focus is the Graduate School. Specifically, the course provides a basic understanding of the process of advertising to customers. Dr. Hugh Daubek, associate professor of Marketing and Mary Beth O'Connor, associate professor of Communication co-teach the course. With Daubers superior marketing expertise and O'Connor's creative and assertive edge, the students receive all sides of the advertising spectrum. A student in the course, sophomore Brian Lee, said "She's [Professor O'Connor] tough, but

encouraging. She knows how to get the job done." The class is structured like a real advertising- agency . and divided into three departments: Account Management, Media and Creative. Each department is comprised of a department head and employees. Among many of their duties, account management develops advertising strategies and campaigns directly with the client, Dr. Dunn. The media department decides where the advertisements are placed, plans advertising schedules and works with client budgets. The creative department executes the advertising strategy, puts advertising plans to completion and organizes the actual creation of advertisements. Each department works cooperatively with one another to create the final presentation and formal report. Students are required to treat the class like a real job. Absenteeism and tardiness is not tolerated. Team members can be "fired" from the group. Proper business attire is expected Advertising Class continued on page 3

SpringiSummer 2005 vol. 23

A Few Words from the Department Head.. . According to the author, John Schaar,

Department Head Dr. Yahya Kamalipour Managing 8 Publication Editor Heather M. Cook Editorial Contributor Luke Weinman IV Writers Diana Hughes Amy Pilarczyk Catherine Shipman Peter Aranda Production Coordinator Susan Van Til The Communicator is published by the Departmentof Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University Calumet. It is a semi-annualnewsletter for alumni, students, and friends of the department. Its goal is to provide its readers with the latest news and events happening within the department. Any questions or correspondence from readers is always welcome and should be directed to:

Thefuture is not o result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created--createdJirst in the mind and will, c m t e d next in nctiviry. The future is nor some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of mnking them, clranges both the maker and the destination. The that creates, in theory and practice, what students need to fulfill their present academic and future professional aspirations is the Department o f Communication and Creative Puts. Notesome o f achievement5 o f our talented students in this issue o f The Communicator. The are conceived and paved by our highl y engaged, productive, qualified, and caring staff and faculty me~nbersin the Depmment o f Communication and Creative Arts. Note some of the accomplishment o f our faculty and staff in t h i s issue of The Communicator. The destination i s set by our highly enthusiastic, hard-working. and talented students who have proven t o successfully compete in the world o f business and industry. Note some o f the successes o f our alumni in this issue o f The Communicator.

I am pleased to inform y o u that the enrollment continues t o climb, recognitions and awards continue t o mount, and success stories continue to arrive. The future i s unfolding now! Please stay in touch and inform your friends and colleagues about the wide range o f degree options offered by the Department o f Communication and Creative Arts W i t h w a n n regards,

Yahya R. Kamalipour, PhD

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Back From SabbaticaI...

Advertising Class Final ~resenktionat The Calumet Conference Center April 27th

BY Amy Pilaruyk

On sabbatical in Fall 2004,Dr. Neil majority of his research. Columbia's Rare Nemeth worked on academic aRic1e.s. but Bwk and Manuscript Library has many original documents of the New Yorjc World also found some time to relax. He worked on a monv plus micmfilm of the newsp p h about the New York paper itself. He submitted his World's Bureau of Accuracy paper on White to the History and Fair Play, which existed Division of the Association from 1913-1931. He also for Education in Journalism finished an article about and Mass Communication Isaac Deforest White, the competition for possible pmbureau's director and the fust entation in San Antonio, news ombudsman. A news Texas, in August. ombudsman deals with the Nemeth is thankful for complaints in newspapers. his time on sabbatical. He Dr. Neil Nemeth White was a preeminent said the sabbatical providpolice reporter of the last two decades of ed a break from classroom teaching the 1800s and became head of the bureau after working in higher education for 20 yean. He had the time to volunteer after his retirement from reporting. ''I wanted to shed some more tight on at the Chicago Jazz Festival, moved him and shape my feeling about the wok into a new condominium in Munster a person does while dealing with com- and traveled to see his mentor from plaints." Ohio State University. Nemeth did some research at the "I hope everyone understands the University of Illinois at Urbana- value of sabbaticals and that they can Champaign but traveled to Columbia continue. It was a needed break that I University in New York City for the was thankful to have."

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on presentation days. After hours of research, analysis and strategy, students will leave the class with a professional portfolio of their contributions to the agency. Although stress levels are high, the students are determined to succeed. Media Department Head, Jay Wescott, junior, said, "It's challenging, but I know the hard work will pay off." The formal report includes an executive summary, situational analysis, public relations, advertising, sales promotion and the budget breakdown.

PR Students Wrap-up PUC C O m m ~ t l i ~ a t i OAudit tl ByCathetineShipman The communication audit for PUC nears completion. Under the advisement of Professor Tom Roach, upper-level PUC students will finish the audit that was started last year for the chancellor. The audit team is comprised of eight Public Relation students; Matthew Lams, Edward Budner, Dawn Gmtzius, Amanda Morrone, DerekMoore, Stephanie Sulcer, Jim Barrett and Project Coordinator Cathy S



els. Thmugh benchmarking, interviews, focus groups and surveys, we can determine how effectively these communication processes operate. The audit team is currently conducting surveys among the students, faculty and staff that make up the internal public of the university and among external publics, made up of local schools and business. The survey will conclude the ~ ~ e a w research is compiled, an overall analysis wiU complete the audit and recommendations will be written and presented to the chancellor. A presentation will be held in May at the university. Contact the Department of Communication and Creative Arts for more information.

. -----

One might wonder what a communication audit entails. A communication audit is a thorough evaluation of an organization's internal and external communication process involving all communication channels from the top levels of an organization to the lower lev-

The final presentation exhibits the formal report and completed advertising campaign for PUC's Graduate School. If you are interested in attending, or receiving information on PUC's Graduate School, join us at the Calumet Conference Center on Wednesday, April 27,2005 at 2:00 pm for the presentation and refreshments. l i ~


2300 173rd Street

- Alumni

News Briefs -

Sally Benson B.A. 1980, M.A. 1992 Sally recently taught a workshop for fund raising professionals in cooperation with the Indiana Non-orofit Resource Network, called "Building Your Fundraising Program." Shelly L. Robinson B.A. 1993 (PWL)

M.A. 2002 (PUC)

Shelly is the new Associate Director for Career Services in the Center for C a r and Leadership Development at PUC.

Elonda Ervin (Ware) B.A. 1983, M.A. 1998 Elonda is pursuing her PhD in Leadership in Higher Education at Indiana State University. Danyele L.C. Davis (Cheatham) B.A. 1995 Danyele is a Senior Account Executive for Flowers Communications Group, which is an integrated marketing communications agency that specializes in AfricanAmerican Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. She received four industry awards for her contributions to the Washington Mutual Home Loan Center program. Matthew Kodicek B.A. 2004 Matthew is a production assistant at WFLD-TV FOX News, Chicago, Illinois.

J. Jeffrey Jones M.A. 1989 Jeffrey received his PhD in Higher Education Administration from Purdue West Lafavette on December 19,2004. He is the Assistant Vice chancellor of Enrollment Management at Purdue University North Central.


CCA facultv and alumni were among the many participants in the first annual LASS Career Night held March 8, 2005. The night was a huge success with CCA alumni joining additional alumni from the five other de~afimentsin the school of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Susan D. Morgan B.A. 1991 Susan is Business Development Manager, Midwest Region and Outside Sales Manager for Staffing Services and Human Resource Solutions. Latonia Shields-Marsh (King) B.A 1991 Latonia is the current Past President of the Gary Fraternal Order of Police and a Corporal in the afternoon patrol division for the Gary Police Department.

Participants shared their career expertise with over 250 current students in Alumni Hall. Dean Dunn,Dr. Lynda Willer and Dr. Kalnalipour would like to thank all those alumni who participated by attending or contributing to the resource booklet: Mary yo Do[asins(i (Board) Susan Tirpak (Purgert) Stacey 3lastins (Board) B.A. 2001 Kejina Biddings Susan is the Director of Human Sarah Bortowsti Resources for the Eliza Jenniugs Home Heather Coot for Seniors. Lisa Dittrich-Bondor Lisa Goodnight Rochelle "Shelly" Robertson Barbara Gustin M.A. 1993 Kristin Hartin Rochelle successfully defended her Xita Harper dissemation on December 9,2004. Katie Kardes She is an Assistant Professor at the Brad Kreireiger University of Arkansas, Monticello. Matthew Kodicet Seth Latin Cindy Leiglity Lisa McMiffon Alumni are always neeaea m snare their Tat Meffon exp&ise with the department in many Yamec Nofund ways - in w r c l a a m , Christine Tarry on advisory boards, George Pettit for internship pobsibilii, Brian Thiffips for career events, etc. I f you are intevested in being involved, Shawn Tfatt pleare email Dr. Lynda Willer Shell$ xo6inson ( Gloria Xoldan-Schie6 Send your email address, mailing address, Daren Sumplaws& a phone contact and your current Eric Sera p&an/aganbation. Xenae Vania-lomuak Lute Weinman I V

Alumni Perspective

YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN: So what if you're young, show the professional world what you're made of. By Luke Weinman N A n early 2001, the commuevents that lead to economic had helicopter flyovers from nications manager position at development. La.t year we most, if not all of the major the Lake County Convention generated over $5 million dol- Chicago television networks. and Visitors Bureau became lars in economic development Faculty at PUC like, Neil available. After applying, for Lake County, IN. Now ... Nemeth, Daniel Dunn, Mary interviewing and being offered not all of this was directly Beth O'Conner, Craig Blohm, the position, thoughts raced linked to vidw production, but and Yahya Kamalipour, taught through my mind, "Am I with an experienced sales me to be strong, not to be doing the right thing, Will I team, creative presentations afraid and to stand up for what crash and burn, Am I in over I believed in. As a young that incorporate video, and my head?" Negative comstrategic marketing, it all executive, I believe that what I lnents also came my way, such comes together. have been able to accomplish as, "You don't know at the Lake the first thing about County it's all about how you sell yoursel. Convention Public Relations, Page Layouts, etc." and Visitors After talking with my parThe experience I received Bureau, which includes, ents and close friends, my from Purdue University numerous awards and national adrenaline started to flow. Calumet is impeccable. Why? recognition, can only have They saw something I didn't. I Well, with the strong support happened with strong support began to realize that ... "I can of the Lake County horn my family, friends, and do this" ... and "I will do Convention and Visitor extremely caring teachers and this". Now, fow years later, I am Bureau's PresidentICEO, professors at PUC. It's all the Director of Communication$ James Tsismanakis, I have about how you sell yourself. have astafof t h e and have been been able to merge sales, mar- Yes, I am young, 25 years old doing what I love ever siice! keting. broadcast journalism, to be exact, but it doesn't stop The communications and public relations into a new me, in fact I think it helps me. department at the Lake County wave of marketing. For Mary Beth O'Conner, the Convention and Visitors instance, County Line Orchard, radio/television professor at Bureau conducts public relaan apple orchard in Hobart, PUC, told a group of us stutions with a different "spin". IN, came to us for ideas on dents that she believed creativWe use video production to how to get more coverage on ity can be taught. As a person generate our message. The their orchard from the Chicago who thought they would end Lake County Convention and media. They had just built a up on the technical side of the Visitors Bureau has its own massive corn maze and were professional world of commulooking for ways to bring peo- nication and actually ended up video editing suite, cameras, microphones and even a ple to it. So, we decided to put combining the technical and teleprompter. We utilize this together a video of what it creative sides of this field, she equipment to produce tailor looked like on CD-Rom, along hit the nail on the head ...not made videos in conjunction with some promotional items that 1was hard headed. I kept with our sales team to book and shipped them up to an open mind and was willing business. By business I mean Chicago based television stato listen and learn from expericonventions and sporting tions. It worked; the orchard enced people.


Gnv&w~ and



pad owner of ~7@rtnlSours,


LAe, now 25,Gvas n Hobart IN WkisK&tm,and*@ mvexpedClghrfinsfdJd



Scriptwriting Awards By Peter Aranda

Outstandiy Senior Award

Outstandiy Senior Award

Jocellyn Gallegos

Aisha Wright

Outs*S&t in @end Communication

Outstandiy Student in CommnicationStudies



~ i n ~ Communication




Amy Fistrovich

O u t s t u d y Sturlknt in B r o h t i y JohnJensen

in Kadw/TI,

Tiffany Wenrich

0 u ~ s & i n M ~ 4 h

olliwhgSturil7ltinMk~h~ Donna George

ol&muhyGduateSturi;mt~ec~mdL Anthony Lenzo Outstand@


Heather M. Cook

Broadcast Education Associat~on lntematlonal Student Scriptwriting ny may wonder exactly recelvethis honor. Well,

Outstandi Student in i Organizations a a ( Cmnication


Denise Brennan


UL' students nave placea yet agaln

Vanessa Huizar

Rachel Clifton

James Barren

Outstandiy S&t in Visuaf Communication & @up& Arts Marilyn Hurey

omwdiy ~raduateStudii Award Laura DeSousa Outstandig Graduate Student I d y Award

g opportunity and le to compete is an e alumnus, Eric Alan ~ , and I have received,@ honor for n unprecedented cor$?eutlve three 2003,2004.).Not only was it experience, both winnlng g the festival, it was also an red~blemotivational tool to keep us . To dat?: Eric and I have wiitten levcslori scripts, one documentaty , and two feature length screen-

LaKesha Singleton

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts Kia McGee Gloria Roldan-Schieh Kevin Rose Danella Soeka Danielle Lynn Vale Abby Weiss Kelly Wise Ibrahim Yoldash

Bachelor of Arts Organizational Quinshella Gibson Patricia Hollis

Communication Dawn Cardin Kendra Hawkins Kristy Komar Donald Kotynski Courtney Margraf Ryan Rybicki Cynthia SanMiguel Broadcasting Dawn Beasley Phobie Hicks Cosmo Hostetter Carrie McDonald Sara Nitz Public Relations Lauren Goetz Marissa-Joi Lewis Courtney Pirosko


it IS the only course offered in riting to date, it lays down the

age them to continue writing.


professor of cornmication, has been nominated for outstanding and for outsta,,djing scholar. h:&

Friend." Andrea Pearman of Diversified Marketing, a PUC alum, coordinated the event for the Heart Association.

lunning ni the New School Board electiom May 3,2005 and paicipating

Neil Nemeth, professor of munication, discussed his research about news ombudsmen in an article, 'The Ombudsman Puzzle,'. published in the Febmiuy/Mmh 2005 issue of American Journalisnz Reviav.


in the new Radio 'Ih Oaks' rMichigan. ee and alum interested in internship o p p o h t i e s or creative outlets for the I-adio station can contact Am cozdited the mently released book Bring 'Em On: Media m i Politics in the Iraq War with Depamnent Head Yahya R. Kamalipour.

Tom Bogucki,adjunct instructor in theater Patricia Hales, continuing lecturer in

Mary Beth O'Connor, associate professor of cornmication, and those involved with the documentary ~ ~ h ~L ~~ '& ~ ~ip,,e , ~ l ~: Stop ofJ.p Richa&yon" won two additional awards, bringing the total number of professional awards to eight, The awards are Communicator Awards, Awards of Excellence-, in the categories of

music are directing The Theater Company of Purdue Calumet musical review "Closer Than Ever" April 8-10,15 and 16 in Alumni aDocumentruynand educational University press of America, Inc. Hall located on the 3rd floor of the Student Visit w . ~ n i v p r e s s . c ~ m COM 429iMGMT 429-Adve*sing Faculty Libraty Center. For more informaare putting together an tion please contact the Theater Company at (219)989-2357. Petformances be@n at 8:00 for Yahoo! have car'l~aignsince .Iune I P R E S S R E L E A S E on Friday and Saturday and 5:00 on Sunday. been working On 2 W . The class will attend an advertising Theresa Carilli, professor of communica- ,-omFtition, sponsored by the Alnefican tion recently released Wornenand the Media: ~ d ~ ~ ~r et di ~ & iin ~~ ~~~m, ~i t i, ~ h i ~ ~ , Diverse Perspectives, co-edited with Jane in ~ ~ " 1mey . will present their campaign to Campbell, professor of English. March 15, yahoo! representatives and compete against 2005.Also, three of Dr. Carilli's monologues regional universities and will be published in a forthcoming Smith & Krause theatre anthology on monologues for Tom Roach, associate professor of comshe completed the essay 'me con- munication, submitted photos taken by ini the Fall stNction of ~ ~~ ~ ~lidentity i ~in ~ students ~f ~ 2004 ~ Advanced ~ Photography class to Lorelei Weirner, ~ h ~ soon ~ to ~ be~ publ;shed ~ , min an MLA FCDME, Executive Director of the Porter special teaching series. County Convention, Recreation & Visitor Charming, lecturer in Commission. The photos will be kept in communication and theater, along with a their library and some will he used in the group of students, helped entertain at the 2006 eco-tourism guide and others may be American Heart Association's gala used in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore fundraiser, on Saturday Feb.lg.2005 at the promotional materials. Students will be Radisson Star Plaza in Memllville. The credited if their photos are used. in times of crisis to protect political students "acted as" famous stars from Hollywood of the40s and 50s. Participants L~ndaWiller$associate professor included Jocelyn Gallegos (Lena Home), munication, presented ''What Did You Say? Anthony Nichols (Count Baie) petformed The Challenge of Effective Workplace "Stonny Weather"; Justin Pazour (Jimmy ~ommunication"March 4, 2005 as Part of Stewart), and Heidi Robinson (Rita 'he Inspired Leaders Series hosted by the Haywordl) sang "Put the Blame on Mame"; Center for Career & Leadership Rowman & Llttlefield Publishers Inc. chad &ly (ken wells), T , svitko ~ ~ Development. Also, Dr. Willes helped coorvisit w . m w m a n ~ i t t ~ e f i e ~ d . c o m ( ~ a r i l ~M, , ~sang .~c ~ a p p~~y i , . t h~ d m. ~ ~ ,~ dinate ) the first ever LASS Career Night. (see story on page 3) President" and "Diamonds are a Girl's Best

6POZ-EZE9V Nl 'PuoaUJeH laalis 41691 - oozz UOllDW B!o!llEd 013 ~ J anilear) V pue uo!leo!unaao) 10 ~uaolredaa laanle) 4!uan!un anplnd Ilnllr,




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