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Volume 29

Fall Semester, 2011

Bayan College-Purdue University Calumet Partnership and Graduation News

First Bayan College Graduation Ceremony. (from the left) Dr. Mongi Hamouda, Head of the Graduation Ceremony Committee; Dr. Jassim M. Jaber, Dean, Bayan College; Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour, Head of Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue University; Dr. Richard Rupp, Head of Department of History and Political Science,Purdue

(Front left to right) Dr. Ralph Rogers, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Purdue UniversityCalumet; Sheikh Salim Ali Nasser Al Siyabi, Chairman of Board of Directors, Bayan College; Dr. Juma Saleh Al Ghailani, Dean and MD of Mazoon University College. (Back left to right) Dr. Jassim M. Jaber, Dean, Bayan College; Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour, Head of Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue University Calumet; Dr. Richard Rupp, Head of Department of History and Political Science, Purdue University Calumet. Photograph by Qais Suliman Al Kindi

In 2005, under the leadership of former Chancellor, Dr. Howard Cohen; former Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Nabil Ibrahim; former Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Dan Dunn; and in collaboration with the Managing Director of Mazoon College, Dr. Juma Al-Ghailani of Oman; plans for the establishment of a brand new institution of higher education in Muscat, Oman, started. Consequently, Bayan College, in which the language of instruction is English and its curriculum is devoted to communication studies, became a reality. Since then, the College has continued to grow, prosper, and attract well-qualified faculty and staff, many of whom hold doctoral degrees. Furthermore, Bayan has acquired a sizable campus with modern classrooms, production facilities, computer laboratories, and boasts nearly 300 enrolled students. On Oct. 10, 2011, the College held its very first Graduation ceremony in which nearly 68 students received their Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Relations, and English. To participate in this exciting graduation ceremony and to celebrate the fruits of our joint efforts toward enhancing internationalization, academic collaboration, study abroad, and student-faculty exchange opportunities, the following Purdue Calumet representatives traveled to Muscat, Oman: Dr. Ralph Rogers, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Dr. Richard Rupp, Head of the Department of History and Political Science; and Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour, Head of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts. In addition to our growing international student body, the Bayan-Purdue Calumet partnership is another excellent illustration of the impact of our progressive “hometown” institution, Purdue Calumet, locally, regionally, and globally. In concert with globalization, Purdue Calumet is poised to bring together peoples, cultures, and nations of the world through the marvel of education; hence enriching the campus community, Northwest Indiana region, and beyond. For information about Bayan College, visit (n.d.). retrieved from Words from the Dept. Head Faculty Profile Spotlight on Creativity

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“Communication... it’s not just talk.”

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2010-2011 vol. 29

The Department of Communication and Creative Arts

Department Head Dr. Yahya Kamalipour Managing/Publication Editor Kenneth P. Bronowski Additional Contributors C/CA Faculty and Staff Guest Writers Jan Gonzalez Jocelyn (Gallegos) Prue Photography Ken Bronowski Qais Suliman Al Kindi Design Assistant Michelle Nunez Production Consultants Dr. Yahya Kamalipour Kristine Mihalic Dr. Neil Nemeth Prof. Mary Beth O’Connor Dr. William Robinson The Communicator is published by the Department of Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University Calumet. A bi annual newsletter for alumni, students and friends of the department, its goal is to provide its readers with the latest news and events happening within the department. Questions and/or correspondence are welcome, and should be directed to: Kristine Mihalic Purdue University Calumet Department of Communication and Creative Arts 2200 169th Street Hammond, IN 46323-2094

A few words from our Department Head... Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more. --Oscar Wilde Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends are collectively an integral part of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts and its educational mission, including quality education, student success, and up-to-date program offerings. This issue of Communicator is illustrative of the continued growth and development of our programs, facilities, and the global reach of our reputation. As noted, our students and faculty continue to engage in a variety of scholarly and creative projects through publishing, conference presentations, audio-video production, and art exhibitions. The volume of awards and publications are such that we no longer have space to display them anywhere in the Department. Apropos Oscar Wilde’s statement, we are making significant progress in every respect, including helping our students “to know more, and be more, and to do more.” In the past decade, the department has attracted students from throughout the

world, including, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Iran, and the Philippines. During fall 2011, we hosted two bright students from Holland who are featured in this issue. Our sister institution, Bayan College, in Oman held its very first graduation ceremony on October 10, 2011. After over 40 years of dedicated service to our Department and students, one of our highly regarded colleagues, Professor Milan Dakich, has retired. We will miss Milan and wish him the best. As always, we are very much interested to hear from you and publish your personal news and professional achievements. Please stay in touch and keep us posted of your news via email at Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a successful New Year!

Yahya R. Kamalipour, Ph.D. Professor and Department Head

COM Department hosting two international students from The Netherlands about the opportunity to study here at Purdue Calumet. “I like Purdue,” stated Cannegeiter. “It’s more practical here,” she added, in reference to Purdue Cal’s emphasis on experiential learning style.

Cannegieter and Oykan also expressed great interest in finding communication related internships that would allow them to stay eight weeks beyond their planned Dec. 23 return to Rotterdam. Both are involved with music performance, and or email left to right - Janice Oyekan and Juliet Cannegieter expressed great interest in eventually developing careers in The Purdue University Calumet Department of the entertainment related media Communication and Creative Arts is currently field. hosting two international students from The Netherlands. Janice Oyekan and Juliet Cannegieter, In addition to the Netherlands, both studying at Purdue Calumet for one semester, thus far, the Department has are visiting from their hometown of Rotterdam, enrolled students from Brazil, where they are pursuing International Bachelor of China, Egypt, India, Iran, Communications and Media degrees at Erasmus the Philippines, and Russia; University, Rotterdam. therefore, making a significant © Purdue University Calumet, 2011 contribution to Purdue Calumet’s Both Oyekan and Cannegieter are enthusiastic strategic plan. page 2

Faculty Profile

a chat with...

Milan Dakich by Jan Gonzalez

Milan Dakich Soft-spoken and calm in purpose, Milan Dakich grew up knowing he wanted to be a teacher. He fulfilled that childhood dream and retired this June after 41 years of service to Purdue University Calumet. A role

interest was the main reason behind Dakich’s desire to pursue an education in speech communication. His educational direction decided, Dakich earned his bachelor of arts degree in 1953 and his master of arts degree in 1964, both from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Ind. As he worked toward both degrees throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Dakich was also enlisted in the Army Reserves during the Korean War, but never saw action during his six-year enlistment.

Dakich applied to the doctoral program at Purdue West Lafayette in the early 1970s, but was not accepted due to the intense competition for available seats. he later learned “Social media and technology When that the communication have really changed the student program required a year’s residency experience.” in West Lafayette, Dakich considered the requirement impractical because he model who embodies many of the had a family to support. characteristics of the University student body he served, Milan Prior to his long tenure at Dakich served in many capacities Purdue Calumet, Dakich held an throughout his years on campus. assortment of jobs in the 1950s Associate Professor Dakich began and 1960s, including working in the Gary steel mills, selling advertising his teaching career at Purdue for the Post-Tribune newspaper, Calumet in 1970. Though Dakich remote broadcasting for WJOB always knew he wanted to be a radio and teaching in the Gary teacher, his path to teaching was public schools. “The most unique a circuitous one. Born in 1929 job I’ve held was as a professional and raised in Gary, Ind., Dakich attended Emerson School with the pallbearer for a local funeral home same classmates from kindergarten during my college years,” said Dakich. The job required a strong through high school. Ironically, back, a smart suit and paid $3.00 this professor of communication, who’s specialty is public speaking, each time he was called to work. was raised speaking Serbian At the time Dakich joined the at home. Born just weeks after university, Purdue Calumet had his parents arrived in the United an enrollment of 1,800 students States, he learned English as a second language little by little from and many fewer buildings than currently exist. Computers and classmates and neighborhood copiers were things of the future, friends when young. a time scarcely imagined in what Growing up, Dakich was interested has now become a technology-rich environment. Technology has fueled and involved in theater. This

much change at PUC, a fact not lost on Dakich. “Social media and technology have really changed the student experience,” said Dakich. Impressed by how much more technologically savvy, adaptable and able to multi-task students have become, Dakich says he encourages students to try to disconnect for a few hours each day and be “wire-free.” While the benefits of technology are many, Dakich is concerned that these ever-present technologies add stress to already busy lives instead of making life easier. Though change has been a constant throughout his teaching career, one thing has never changed: Dakich relishes opportunities to learn every day. “Learning is a lifelong process,” said Dakich. “It goes on and on.” He credits his interaction with students as the most satisfying part of his teaching career. “I teach them, but they also teach me,” said Dakich. In addition to teaching, Dakich also served for 10 years as coordinator of internships for the Department of Communication and Creative Arts. In this role, he has worked with both students and organizations in the community to help students learn on-thejob through working internships and co-op experiences. His work organizing internships, along with his passion for community service, were a natural match with Purdue Calumet’s Experiential Learning initiative. This initiative requires that all undergraduate students complete two courses in experiential learning through a variety of professional opportunities. Working closely with Professors Judy Hack and Colin Fewer, Dakich has taught and mentored students through continued, page 7

“Communication... it’s not just talk.”

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Professor Yueqi Zhang’s Digital artworks and prints are permanent displayed at the Center for Innovation through Visualization & Simulation, Purdue University Calumet.

Continuing Lecturer Ken Bronowski‘s oil and watercolor paintings have won awards at the Northern Indiana Art Association’s annual salon shows and are represented in numerous collections. London Flat, Edgeware Road and Hess Tire are two examples of Regionalism in oil.

Michael Pearson is a Purdue Calumet Visual Arts and Graphic Design student. Included here are two of his recent projects from Yueqi Zhang’s A&D 112 course, Page Spread Design (Aging) and Letters as Images(Einstein).

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Jennifer Grzanka is a Visual Arts and Graphic Design student in her senior year here at Purdue Calumet. Her images, Butterfly Dancer and Flying Angel are two examples of Jennifer’s digital surrealistic art.

Alumni Perspective - by Jocelyn (Gallegos) Prue I can still remember my freshman year at Purdue Calumet. Unsure of the path I wanted to follow, I asked myself, “What do you love to do?” I always knew that I loved to write and loved to work with people. More than just working with people, I liked to get to know people down to the core. I loved to observe their reactions in conversations— their non-verbal cues. Based on the feedback I gained from people, I found myself giving people advice or motivating them— cheering them on!

me tweak the last sentence on a speech I was to give at a scholarship banquet that helped me land a job with UPS. All of these experiences and interactions made me a better person and professional. After graduating, I have come across more people who have helped me grow even more as a professional, and I in turn have helped people with their growth. The truth is people are always going to need people.

During my junior year at Purdue Calumet, I was invited by Chancellor Cohen to speak at a banquet honoring Scholarship recipients and Donors. Only three I have always been very social. students were invited to speak, and I was Growing up, I was very popular one of three selected. It was an honor among my peers. But when report and privilege that came as a result of my cards were distributed, it was no hard work, but also by getting involved surprise that although I excelled in on campus and working with multiple some areas, one thing was always organizations, Chancellor Cohen got to consistent in the notes portion of know me. It was at that same event that the report card: “Jocelyn – talking I met a hiring manager for UPS, who too much.” And this was the case, later hired me, and I have been with the year after year, and teacher after company since. I have had a great career teacher. Those of you who studied that started in internal Public Relations, communication or Public Relations but has evolved into a Consultant I’m sure can relate to my story. position that allows me to utilize every aspect of the degree I earned Jocelyn (Gallegos) Prue is a Consultant for UPS in There is a lasting effect at Purdue Calumet, while Chicago. For the past year she has been on a special exposing me to a world that people have on assignment with the company building an alliance each other that can where I have learned to build between UPS and one of their largest competitors. really help shape who businesses from the bottom She has been involved with piloting a new product in we are today. I truly up. If I had not been involved Chicago and helping with the national roll-out of this believe that without with multiple organizations new initiative. the people I have across campus, Chancellor come across, I would Cohen would not have In her spare time, she serves on the junior medical not be the successful selected me to give that research board for Children’s Memorial Hospital individual I am today. I speech, and I never would and is their Marketing and Public Relations Chair for remember my English have met the UPS manager, 2012. 101 instructor, Rick who provided me with the Gianni who helped me opportunity to work for one She is also an avid real estate investor in both the build my writing skills of the best company’s in the residential and commercial markets, and is currently and encouraged me world. working on two challenging projects. But her happiest to write not just in a moments are spent alongside her husband, family, technical fashion, but Making the decision to major and friends, and her beautiful white boxer Mazzy Star. in Public Relations started also about personal and creative thoughts that me on the best path of my came from within me. life. I can truly say that I am Then, there was Tom Roach, who helped me hone living the good life and have a dream job that can my skills in Public Relations and taught me the be directly attributed to my education at Purdue ancient theories of persuasion. Mentoring young Calumet and the people that I came across while at students alongside Yahya Kamalipour helped me campus. Through the many connections and lessons understand how to teach and how to listen. Neil learned studying at this wonderful university, I have Nemeth, who helped me understand a journalist’s grown as a person, created for myself a wonderful perspective and Cathy Gillotti, who helped me life full of exciting challenges, and get to experience grasp the psychology behind communication and the world through monumental opportunities. relationships also helped me grow in my field. Continue to work toward your goals and never pass Finally, I’ll never forget how Bill Robinson helped up an opportunity to learn. page 5

Faculty and Staff News On Oct. 10, 2011, at the invitation of Sultan Qaboos University, Dr. Yahya Kamalipour delivered a speech about the Role and Impact of Social Media in the Region. The event was attended by nearly 100 faculty members and students and was covered by the Omani newspapers.

advisor. The project earned a second place at the regional American Advertising Federation (AAF) student advertising competition. It was also chosen by the AAF judges as the wild card for the national competition which led to an 11th place win at the AAF national competition in San Diego, CA.

On Oct. 22, 2011, at the invitation of the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Dr. Kamalipour was given a red-carpet welcome and presented a speech to an audience of over 500 about the “Trends in Communication: Digital versus Print”. After his speech, he participated in a special press conference which was attended by a dozen media representatives. This event has resulted in numerous reports in various languages such as English, Arabic, Malay and Persian.

Also, O’Connor and former student/lab instructor Joe Wielosinski recently won three professional television industry awards for Checkmate, their documentary about the dark side of the Internet. The production won a Videographer Award of Distinction, in the Documentary category, and 2 EMPIXX Gold Awards. Professor O‘Connor served as supervising producer, and Wielosinski served as producer/director.

Dr. Theresa Carilli published Excerpts from The Waiting Room in the journal, Text and Performance Quarterly. The Waiting Room, an original script, co-written with Jill Taft-Kaufman at Central Michigan University, addresses the experience of cancer diagnosis. Professor Carilli will be part of a round table discussion titled “Finding Voice in the Queer Book” at the 2011 National Communication Association meeting in New Orleans. Professor Mary Beth O’Connor and Guest Lecturer Matt Hanson recently teamed up to instruct and mentor the COM/MGMT 429 Advertising Campaigns class. Hanson was course instructor and Professor O’Connor served as faculty mentor and creative

Continuing Lecturer, Patricia Hales served as a grant review panelist for the IAC/SSA Grant awards this past spring. She also assisted Merrillville High School with productions of the musicals Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. Continuing Lecturer, Corya Channing announced that The Purdue Theatre Company is presenting a world premiere of Dreamland Burning. The script is by awardwinning author John Lisbon Wood with music by Academy Award nominee Tevin Thomas. The cast features 27 PUC students, staff and associates. Sets are designed and built by James Severa. Patricia Hales is music director and Channing is producer/director. The play is set in Tulsa, Okla. in 1921, in a very prosperous African-American community called Greenwood, where a riot broke out spurred by racial tension and economic unrest.

Student Success Congratulations to Genae Barron and her professors/ mentors! PUC Communications Graduate Student Barron, was recently selected by the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom as one of 20 students nationwide to participate in their competitive “UN Practicum in Advocacy 2012.” Barron will be working in New York as an official intern during a very intensive week-long UN Commission on the Status of Women Meetings. She has been an outstanding student and scholar in so many PUC professors’ courses. Professor Goodnight is her key mentor and Professor Tobin has been her research mentor for Clem Stacy research presentations. She plans to page 6

pursue a Ph.D. in Communications or Women’s Studies focused on this, and is planning next Summer 2012 to work in Nepal for a famous women’s rights organization.

Communication Graduate Students Presented Papers at the National Communication Association (NCA) Conference, New Orleans, November 16-18, 2011 Alexandra Endaltseva, presented her paper, “Russian Popular TV Programming in the 21st Century: Reflection and shaping social changes”, on the panel, Revolutionary Voices: Marxism, Communication and Social Change. Caitlin Ryder and Genae Barron, presented their coauthored paper, “Imagine DS: Fulfilling the Patriarchal Dream”, on the panel, Generating Gender: Emergent Implications of and Sexuality in the Communication Discipline.

Congratulations, Outstanding Students!

Faculty from the Department of Communication presented awards to outstanding students during the “Communication Celebration Night” held in April 2011. All nominees were current majors in one of the options with 90 credits or more. In addition, all were within a year of graduation and held GPA’s greater than 3.25. All nominees were invited to the celebration, and winners were announced at the end.

From the left: Corya Channing, Craig Blohm, Natalie Wahlberg (Outstanding Grad Student) and daughter Ella, Jennifer Baker (Outstanding Teaching Assistant), Professor Dan Dunn, Professor Mary Beth O’Connor, Devin Heller (Journalism), Professor Lisa Goodnight, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Ralph Rogers, Department Head Professor Yahya Kamalipour, Professor Neil Nemeth, Justina Syska (Broadcasting), Professor William Robinson, Samantha Bogusz (Marketing), Laura Schmude (Communication Studies), Angela Miramontes (Visual Communications), Professor Yueqi Zhang, LeAnne Munoz (Outstanding Senior in Communications), Stacina Stagner (Public Relations), Kelly Tripp (Outstanding Grad Student), and Professor Catherine Gillotti. Faculty Profile, Milan Dakich, continued from page 3

volunteer internship opportunities through Service

Learning. These Service Learning internships give students the opportunity to use their academic skills to volunteer at not-for-profit agencies and organizations in the community while also earning college credit toward their undergraduate degrees. Hack, associate professor in Hospitality and Tourism Management, has enjoyed working with Dakich to develop and teach Service Learning courses. “You have to have an attitude of service and believe that students will have a better education because of their service opportunities, and he has that attitude,” said Hack. She has always known Dakich to have a smile on his face and appreciates his willingness to help at any time. She credits his valuable connections both on and off campus in increasing the level of civic engagement by students on campus. Though officially retired in June of this year, Dakich taught one course on campus during the fall semester. Grateful for his willingness to lend a hand wherever needed,

Dr. Yahya Kamalipour, department head of Communication and Creative Arts, commended Dakich for his service to the department. “He is a committed and dedicated professor,” said Kamalipour. “He has been a key player in developing and streamlining our internship program, and has made great contributions to the department.” A colleague and friend for over 36 years, Dr. William Robinson, professor of Communication and Creative Arts, praised Dakich’s even temper and supportive character. “He’s one of the most enjoyable people I know,” said Robinson. “His experience and temperament combine to make him an ideal colleague.” Ready for yet another life change, Dakich looks forward to the opportunity to travel more extensively during his retirement. He and his wife, Edith, a retired teacher from Andrean High School in Merrillville, both love to travel and have visited New England, Alaska and Canada in the past six months alone. It is likely Dakich will continue to be a familiar face on campus after this semester ends. He plans to continue his work-outs in the Purdue Calumet Fitness Center and, of course, is ready to lend a hand whenever needed.

Attention Purdue University Calumet Communication Department Alumni! We want to hear from you... Please keep us informed about your latest accomplishments and your current contact information. Email your information to,

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Please email information for the following categories...

Name Name while at PUC, and if changed since graduation Year of graduation and degree Address Home Phone

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E-mail Address Information about spouse if an alumnus Your current business and position Suggestions for future issue content.

“Communication... it’s not just talk.”

Department of Communication and Creative Arts Purdue University Calumet Š Purdue University Calumet, 2011

Purdue University Calumet Department of Communication & Creative Arts 2200 169th Street Hammond, IN 46323


The Communicator - Fall 2011  

The Fall 2011 edition of The Communicator

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