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Deep Water Cay Est. 1958

Deep Water Cay, located at the tip of Grand Bahama Island, was founded in 1958 by two famous fishermen, A.J. McClane and Gil Drake. Their love of bonefishing and desire to combine the sport with a paradisiacal place to unwind led them to build a resort on the cay. The unparalleled bonefishing drew in anglers from all over the world. Since then, Deep Water Cay has hosted generations of families, all enchanted by the natural beauty of this private getaway.

“ Deep Water Cay may depend on a 95-million-year-old fish, but ultimately it is a human endeavor made possible by the energies and talents of the local Bahamian people.”

—Tom Brokaw





The Island Life Everyday Is An Adventure

Looking to catch the big one? Take one of our seasoned guides out on the flats for a day of reeling in game fish that will blow all of your previous fishing tales out of the water. If you’d like a closer look at the incredible sea life, you can snorkel, SCUBA, paddleboard and kayak all around the cay. Need to unwind and unplug? Try a deep massage at the spa, comb the beach for shells or just enjoy a day on the beach. Vacationing with the kids? The small, safe community of the cay provides a tropical playground that will easily occupy their imaginations all day long. The island life on Deep Water Cay doesn’t end there. From exquisite Bahamian meals served at the Lodge restaurant to cocktails with friends at The Blue Hole, the amenities provide you and your traveling companions with plenty of options. Take a dip in the infinity pool, sweat it out in the fitness center or watch the sun set from your oceanfront porch. Welcome to Deep Water Cay. Take a look around this beautiful island, and you’ll find that you can do something different every day…or enjoy doing nothing at all.

“ Perfect. As close to Heaven as is safe for sanity! ” —Liam Neeson

Field Notes

Memories in the Making

“ The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” —Jacques Yves Cousteau

“ I was afoot across a vast flat, the late day sun in my face, surrounded on all sides by tailing bonefish. It was so beautiful, so ideal as to almost seem surreal. Those glittering tails and dorsi glittering in the sun, stretching out to the horizon. One last chunky five-plus-pound fish ate my mantis pattern and churned off toward the sun with backing peeling off my reel. That’s how I’ll remember this trip, and what will fuel my ambition to return.”

—Russ Schnitzer

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