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MI5 needs more funding to tackle right wing terrorism The Intelligence and Security Committee has called for additional funding to help MI5 tackle the rise in right wing terrorism. The Committee’s latest report found that the number of Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism (ERWT) investigations, disruptions, and SelfInitiated Terrorist referrals have all increased steadily since 2017. The report also notes that 30 per cent of the attacks prevented by counter terror police were motivated by an ERWT ideology. Of particular concern, individuals with an ERWT ideology often seek to join the military, and that military experience is a source of legitimacy among ERWT groups. However, the Armed Forces does not provide clear direction to service personnel regarding membership of any organisation, let alone an extremist one. ISC chairman Dr Julian Lewis MP,

said:“The threat from ERWT is on an upward trajectory, populated by an increasing number of young people and driven by the internet. “There are reports that groups and individuals have sought to co-opt the Covid-19 pandemic, using conspiracy theories and exploiting grievances to radicalise and recruit. While the full impact of the global pandemic has yet to be seen, we are assured that the intelligence community and the police have recognised the impact that events such as the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests may have had on the extremist beliefs of individuals and the possibility that this will lead to an increase in the threat. “However, we were seriously concerned to find that MI5 have had to absorb responsibility for tackling ERWT without any resources. MI5 must be given additional funding to enable it to tackle the problem.”




Figen Murray receives OBE at Buckingham Palace

Protect Duty Training Cards app launched

E On 24 June, campaigner Figen Murray received her OBE from Prince William at Buckingham Palace after being named in the Queen’s New Year Honours list in December 2021 for her tireless work in counter-terrorism. The mother of Martyn Hett, who was tragically killed in the Manchester

Arena attack, recently graduated with a Master’s degree in counterterrorism. She is currently working with the government on the Protect Duty legislation expected later this year. After accepting the honour, Figen said: “There’s still a lot of work to be done and I’m pleased to say that the government is really good at working with us... so that’s progressing nicely,” “We have an opportunity before us to set the world leading standards and legislation that will provide organisations, businesses and their employees the training and tools to prevent future terror attacks and keep the public safe. I look forward to working closely with the Government to ensure this happens.”


NaCTSO consults on Competent Persons Scheme To support the design process of its Competent Persons Scheme (CPS), the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) is asking the views of stakeholders in the security industry. The CPS is part of the Government Publicly Accessible Locations Programme, and will form a dedicated internal unit within NaCTSO. It aims to provide the business community with a national standard of knowledge and ability to support the mitigation of risks posed by terrorist threats, and the fulfilment of their duties under the new Protect Duty - whether this be using internal or external skillsets.



MI5 took primacy for Right Wing Terrorism (RWT) and Left, Anarchist and Single-Issue Terrorism (LASIT) in April 2020. All terrorist threats arising from these ideologies are managed in the same way as its international terrorism casework.



Developed by counter terrorism specialist Chris Phillips in partnership with YUDUSentinel, the Protect Duty Training Cards app is a free library of action cards for countering terrorist threats at venues, offering advice on what to do in the first few minutes of a crisis, including reporting suspicious behaviour, dealing with suspect packages, or responding to a terrorist attack. It consists of more than 150 quiz questions with information and advice. Phillips said: “I wanted to develop something useful and practical to help the frontline staff to get the ball rolling as early as possible. bIt tests knowledge and keeps staff current with questions and answers on each subject.” It is available to download free of charge from Apple’s App store.