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Farewell To Our Beloved Palm Springs Police Chief Bryan Reyes

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Watson and Chamber President Gabe Terrado

Palm Springs 4 Beloved Chief of Police Bryan Reyes

6 DAP Health: Welcoming

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8 Your Chamber Forever Hard at Work For Our Community

9 A Letter From City

Manager Justin Clifton / Palm Springs Public Library


Palm Springs Parks & Recreation / Palm Springs Gas Emissions

13 Palm Springs

International Airport/ Palm Springs VillageFest

16 Neighbors Feeding Neighbors in Need

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Mark Davidson

Nona Watson Chamber CEO

Gabe Terrado Chamber President

Welcome to the summer issue of PSILOVEYOU—our third! This quarterly magazine is produced and published by the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of you, the residents of Palm Springs. As always, we endeavor to inform and entertain.

It’s a great time to be in Palm Springs and to be a part of the business community that creates the vibe and essence of who we are. We make it possible for our residents—and visitors who come from around the world—to experience all that our city has to offer.

Our theme this quarter is “designing your life/designing the way you do business.”

I’m honored to be the incoming board president of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce during what I know will be some of the most exciting and rewarding times ever for our members. As we re-awaken from COVID-19, the next several months will be those of both transition and opportunity as we define the future.

The pandemic has affected the day-to-day lives of virtually all Americans, forcing us to adapt and innovate as we transition into the next version of what is “normal.” Over the last (almost) year and a half, most Palm Springs entrepreneurs have displayed exemplary resilience, devising new methods to grow their enterprise while staying true to its initial, individual mission. The Palm Springs Chamber is no exception. Our foundation has always been to provide avenues for people to network and build their brands through connection. We hold major events that honor those who serve our community and inspire us to do our best.

I’ve been working on the frontline of this for over a year now at Lulu California Bistro. We’ve met the business challenges throughout the pandemic—from basic health and safety concerns to re-aligning our business model—by staying forward-focused. I’m eager to begin working with the Chamber’s board of directors, staff, and volunteers guiding us through this next phase.

COVID-19 forced us to redirect those efforts as we responded to the seemingly forever-changing needs of the business community. No longer able to hold large public gatherings, we nonetheless remained—thanks to the phone, the internet, and the printed word—the dependable hub of information that kept businesses informed on various programs, financial assistance, health mandates, and legislation affecting each and every one of our citizens and visitors.

As we leave this worldwide health crisis behind us, I’m confident the Palm Springs business community and its chamber will lead the way to creating a business environment that will be better for us all. And as travel experts are saying this could be one of the strongest summers ever for tourism here, we remain ready to harness the energy and excitement this opportunity brings. Please enjoy the magazine, and I’ll see you around town.

This pivot—to use a newly commonplace word—reaffirmed how vital a role the Chamber plays in its stakeholders’ lives. It permitted us to shift our attention to more frequent one-on-one meetings, to strive to understand the myriad new, pressing issues that directly have an impact—good or bad—on a business.


Today, as we continue to re-open together in a safe and responsible manner, our commitment to all of you is stronger than ever. We’ve reimagined and redesigned the way we serve you. New normal? Bring it on! We’re ready, armed with a fresh vision for the future of our Chamber, our members, our city, and all of those—local or not—who love it. We sincerely hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Keep your cool, and we’ll see you again this fall! Meanwhile, should you need our assistance, please know that the Chamber and its staff and board are here to help in any way they can. Feel free to call us at (760) 325-1577 or to visit Best, —Nona PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 3

Beloved Palm Springs Chief of Police Bryan Reyes to enjoy a well-deserved retirement after nearly three decades of service

4 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021


alm Springs Chief of Police Bryan Reyes recently announced he will retire in August, having served the residents and visitors of Palm Springs for 27 years. Over the decades, he’s become much-loved and well-respected for his strong leadership, unwavering commitment to community policing, and continuous engagement with residents and businesses. PSILOVEYOU spoke to Chief Reyes about the greatest challenge he faced, which became his proudest achievement: his guidance in the aftermath of the tragic slaying of Officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose “Gil” Vega shortly after his appointment as police chief. We also asked about his plans for the future.

PSILOVEYOU: Many residents and businesses were quite surprised when they learned you’ll be retiring soon. Over your last six and a half years as chief, you’ve become a much-loved leader in our community. Why is this the right time—and what are your future plans? CHIEF REYES: At the age of 18, I joined the United States Marine Corps and subsequently served in law enforcement for the past 30 years. For over 33 years, I’ve devoted my life to the service of our country and community. At some point, it’s important to move on to other interests. We have a new City Manager who’ll be rolling out his goals and objectives, as well as new team-building efforts. The City Council is in the final stages of picking a

Lani Garfield

Good Cop, Good Cop

consultant to assess our service to the community, and as with any assessment, there’ll be recommendations. The timing is right for a new chief to be involved from the onset in all of these critical aspects so as to have enough time left in their career to make sure the goals of the City Manager—as well as the consultant’s recommendations—are implemented.

Just eight months into your tenure, you faced your first and possibly most challenging test of leadership when Officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose “Gil” Vega were tragically slain during an October 8, 2016 officer-involved shooting that left their families, their friends, and our community devastated and heartbroken. Through it all, you were the rock that brought our community together during one of our darkest periods. Talk about that day, and about how you were able to rise to the occasion, help us cope with grief, and ultimately move our community forward. When I became the chief of police, I specifically remember wishing I’d never have to deal with a line-of-duty death during my tenure. Then, as you mentioned, eight months in, we lost two incredible people who happened to be police officers. This tragic incident will forever be embedded in my memory as one of the most difficult times in my career, but also some of the best times of my career. We all clearly know why it was difficult, so let me focus on why it was also some of the best experiences in my career. First and foremost was the ability to witness leadership taking place at all levels of our organization—learning about the efforts of all the officers at the scene who worked together, developed plans, and executed those plans with some absolutely heroic efforts. This reinforced that our training in advance of this incident prepared our responding officers to face a deadly encounter with a winning mindset. Most people don’t know we could have easily lost several

David A. Lee

My immediate personal future will consist of more time spent working on a few old Ford and Chevy trucks built in the 1920s. I’m not one to stay idle for long, so I’m sure something will pique my interest, and then I’ll be off to the next chapter in the book of life.

more officers that day. This incident also displayed, to the entire country, how a police department and a community can come together, lean on each other for strength, and walk away stronger because of the love and appreciation people have for one another. I will forever be grateful for the strong will of our police department staff and our incredible community that showed up for us when we needed to lean on them. Over your last six and a half years as chief, the department has had a great many successes. What would you say is the one accomplishment you’re proud of most? It would be our incredible staff and their service delivery to our community. I have been provided with the results of thirdparty polls showing the approval ratings of our police department service delivery, and both times the results were in the high 80s. Those types of percentages reinforce the incredible service delivery our staff provides. Law enforcement is a tough and often dangerous profession. What has been the most rewarding part, for you, during your 27-year journey? There are so many rewarding parts of this

incredible journey. To mention a couple, I would have to say selecting personnel for special assignments, as well as promoting personnel. It’s exciting to witness staff transition in their careers. Another rewarding part is all the wonderful opportunities we were able to create in our efforts to partner with all aspects of our community. In Palm Springs, we like to say we’re “like no place else.” We would venture to guess you’d agree. In your mind, what is it about Palm Springs that makes us unique—and what advice would you give your successor? Our former City Manager, Dr. David Ready, said it best at one of our staff meetings when he referred to us as “a mixed herd.” Palm Springs is a mixed herd of all walks of life. We have a very passionate and engaged community in a resort destination that is welcoming and inclusive to everyone. That’s a big part of the magic that makes Palm Springs “like no place else.” As far as advice, I would give the same advice I gave our new City Manager: Go out and buy some new cleats because you’re going to hit the ground running! Oh, and one last thing: Palm Springs, I love you, and I thank you for the memories. PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 5

DAP Health:

Welcoming and Shame-Free Care Now

Manager of Behavioral Health Dr. Jill Gover, Senior Nurse Practitioner Specialist Anthony Velasco, Director of Community Health C.J. Tobe, Dr. Christopher Foltz, Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Morris, CEO David Brinkman

How you feel about asking for help can have a real effect on your future—especially if it becomes the reason you don’t go to the doctor or see a therapist when you need to.


s the world emerges from its COVID-19 cocoon, medical and mental health leaders are coming to terms with how many people still need help receiving care. DAP Health is identifying some reasons people avoid care, some of them surprising. To make ongoing healthcare a reality for more people, it’s worth considering that shame is causing many to avoid medical and mental treatment, even when free or lowcost options are available. DAP Health sees shame as a threat to everyone’s health equity. How you feel about asking for help can have a real effect on your future—especially if it becomes the reason you don’t go to the doctor or see a therapist when you need to.

All people need to feel welcome and deserving in order to stay in healthcare.” “When we feel ashamed or embarrassed because of our life circumstances—or we’re afraid of being stigmatized for seeking services—it makes it much more difficult to access vital resources and get help,” says Dr. Jill Gover, manager of DAP Behavioral Health. “For example, feeling embarrassed over finances might keep you from seeking help, even though DAP Health provides assistance with insurance or MediCal enrollment through Covered California.” DAP Health caregivers and experts are talking about health equity more because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) both say we need health equity for people if we’re going to beat COVID. “Health equity means that everyone has the opportunity to be healthy based on their needs, not on their ability to pay,” says DAP Health CEO David Brinkman. “It also means no one should feel like an outsider once they come inside to see a doctor or

psychologist. But getting people to take that first step can be difficult.”

their patients, instead of assuming the outdated one-size-fits-all approach works.

“All people need to feel welcome and deserving in order to stay in healthcare,” says DAP Health’s Director of Community Healthy C.J. Tobe. “It doesn’t matter what their medical and mental healthcare needs are. If you see a doctor at DAP, or you come to us in our mobile clinic, we help you to see how valuable you really are, no matter where you are in your journey. Here, shame is considered a threat to everyone’s health.”

“At DAP Health, you’ll be helped by someone who understands what you’ve been through without your having to spell it out for them,” says DAP Health Director of Legislative and Legal Affairs Carl Baker. “It’s that simple. And if your provider doesn’t look exactly like you, rest assured they’ve been trained in cultural competence and are your ally.”

The overwhelming opinion from DAP Health professionals is that:

New Brand Identity Helps More People Feel Welcome

• Shame can prevent anyone from accessing and other services they need.

A recent brand refresh and logo change is helping more people connect the name DAP Health with accessing primary care and other much-needed services. It took years of development and input from all stakeholders to achieve this rebranding, and its 2021 launch came just in time for a community in distress.

• Discrimination against the poor, LGBTQ individuals, and racial minorities increases the likelihood people will avoid essential care. “If you’re told by society over and over again that you’re bad, wrong, inferior, and not good enough, then, after a while, you come to believe it,” says Dr. Gover. “And with inadequacy comes shame. The intersection of oppression and poverty can create feelings of unworthiness, which are big barriers to care.”

Welcoming and Shame-Free Care Now DAP Health is making it feel better to ask for help in several important ways. It has culturally competent doctors and therapists who can see patients from home, or onsite at the DAP campus. Social services access has also been expanded for help with life essentials during this pandemic.

With ‘DAP Health,’ now it’s easier for more people to think of us when they think about healthcare for themselves.” DAP Health’s dedication to cultural humility has its caregivers leaning in to get to know

Scan to watch DAP's Health Equity short film

“With ‘DAP Health,’ now it’s easier for more people to think of us when they think about healthcare for themselves,” says Brinkman. “Once people begin getting care at DAP Health, they become part of the family. Health equity at DAP Health means no one wonders if they belong—they just feel it.” Providing healthcare based on patient needs—rather than on their ability to pay— is necessary for health equity, and DAP Health’s new logo conveys its commitment to helping more people. “It conveys modernity, strength, freshness, and an innovative approach to healthcare—and that it should be there for everyone,” adds Brinkman, who goes on to candidly explain why health equity is so essential today. “It’s COVID. It’s racism. It’s poverty.” Brinkman’s challenge to all: That everyone be counted and become part of the solution. “Our country needs all partners of every human rights movement to come together, including the LGBTQ community,” he maintains. “We need to step up, leverage our communal knowledge, and merge our assets to create health equity—period. It’s our evolution. The next frontier.




s it has been since the very beginning of the global pandemic that started more than a year ago, the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce remains committed to focusing all of its energy and resources on concerted efforts to help member businesses stay afloat, and to assist them in preparing for a safe, successful, and sustainable reopening of the economy. We’re also acting diligently to elevate public awareness of—and support for—small local businesses. Just some of the ways we are doing this include: The hosting of our annual State of the City Zoom presentation—with 500 people in attendance—where we coordinated with the Palm Springs City Council, City Manager, Fire Department, Police Department, and Department of Economic Development to produce an informative, one-hour snapshot of our city now, as well as to unveil what our leaders have planned for our future. Our participation in the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism’s “We Are Palm Springs” video campaign, wherein we helped spread the message that we are all in this together, and that we so appreciate everyone joining forces to help our city return to this new normal.

8 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Our creation of “Let’s Go Palm Springs,” a program designed to encourage residents and visitors to order takeout from local restaurants. Participants simply download a coupon from the Chamber’s website, then get $10 off orders of $30 or more—and can use their code as often as they’d like. The Chamber reimburses the restaurants the discount for every coupon redeemed. The program was sponsored by the city of Palm Springs, the Bureau of Tourism, and many local businesses. Please see the list of participating eateries at The management of the Public Bench Artwork Program for the city of Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Public

Arts Commission. The scope of service includes 25 city-owned public benches painted by talented local artists. The hosting of various monthly digital workshops on marketing and advertising, during which we assist many local businesses with their California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant application and with the second phase of Paycheck Protection Program offered to businesses. As in any emergency, the entire community is only as strong as its weakest member. Our mission at the Chamber is to help the Coachella Valley weather these unprecedented times. We know that, together, we shall prevail and emerge greater and more resilient than ever!

Jeff Denean Jones

Your Chamber

A Message from City Manager Justin Clifton Dear Palm Springs: Welcome to the third edition of PSILOVEYOU, a joint venture between the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce and City Hall. Our important mission is to keep YOU—our residents and businesses—informed about what’s happening in Palm Springs. This is my first message to you as your new City Manager, and since I arrived in April from the city of Sedona, Arizona, I’ve hit the ground running and learned a great deal already about what makes Palm Springs like no place else. First and foremost, what I grew to understand almost immediately is that Palm Springs is fortunate to have an extraordinary City Council—not to mention a community of residents, workers, and businesses—who diligently teamed up and worked together during the COVID-19 emergency to keep our city safe! With that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible residents, tourism, and business community for the tremendous and proactive work they did over the past year-and-a-half to ensure Palm Springs stayed safe and vibrant during the pandemic—and ready to return to the thriving resort destination it once again is today. It has been heartening that since California re-opened on June 15, tourism and local

businesses in Palm Springs have begun to thrive again, Palm Springs International Airport is flourishing, and every Thursday night VillageFest is back in downtown with residents and visitors from all over Southern California and beyond enjoying our uniquely original village atmosphere, shopping, dining, and warm, friendly evenings. All of this with safety protocols in place. Finally, as we move through the summer, I encourage our residents to take advantage of the wonderful programs now being offered at Palm Springs Parks and Recreation, the swim center, Demuth Community Center, James O. Jessie Desert Highland Unity Center, and the Palm Springs Public Library. In addition, City Hall and the police and fire department lobbies are now open again to the public for business, Monday through Thursday. We are here to serve you. By the way, our first City Council meeting, after we return from the August break, will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 9. We look forward to your participation in city government, and as always, resident input is appreciated. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or suggestions via email at All the Best, Justin Clifton

Palm Springs Public Library and Welwood Memorial Library open to the public once again The much-loved Palm Springs Public Library and the Welwood Murray Library have re-opened to the general public. Hours of operation are as follows:

Palm Springs Public Library 300 S. Sunrise Way

Monday to Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Computers, Wi-Fi, and mobile printing available.

Welwood Murray Memorial Public Library & Visitors Center 100 S. Palm Canyon Drive Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with extended hours on Thursdays until 8:00 p.m. Internet, computer services, and Wi-Fi charging stations available. And here’s more good news: Passport service is anticipated to resume soon as well. For more information, please visit PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 9


Parks & Recreation

The swim center, tennis and pickleball courts, and skate part have re-opened PALM SPRINGS SWIM CENTER Open Monday to Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Reservations in one-hour blocks are required between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Call (760) 323-8278 or visit and click on “Parks and Recreation.” From 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Open lap swim. Drop-ins only. No reservations required. All lanes available, no time restriction. Depending on volume of swimmers, two to three swimmers are allowed per lane.

Water Exercise Classes Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Class 1: 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. Class 2: 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Annual membership fee: $5 for city of Palm Springs residents and $95 for nonresidents. Drop-in fee: $5.00 for Palm Springs residents (proof of residency required) and $15 for non-residents. 25-visit scan cards available at $75 for residents and $200 for non-residents

TENNIS IN RUTH HARDY PARK Courts are open daily. PICKLEBALL IN DEMUTH PARK Courts are open daily. PALM SPRINGS SKATE PARK 405 S. Pavilion Way (adjacent to Palm Springs Parks and Recreation) Monday through Sunday, 2:00 to 9:45 p.m. Register your children for Skate Camp, July 19-21 & July 26-28, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. For more information, visit

Palm Springs Exceeds California’s Ambitious Goal of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Significant

21 Percent Reduction

Greenhouse gas emissions were recently assessed in Palm Springs—and the city is pleased to announce it has exceeded the State of California’s ambitious goals to reduce emissions and help fight climate change by a significant 21 percent. This accomplishment is the direct result of over 80 percent of the city’s residents and businesses receiving 100 percent carbon-free electricity from Desert Community Energy, a bold program launched in April 2020 by the city of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG). The 100 percent carbon-free plan—combined with other climate-friendly policies, including bike lanes, electric vehicle charging stations, and a commitment to preserving open space—has helped Palm Springs become a leader in sustainability and the saving of 10 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

our fragile environment. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by DCE’s carbonfree customers in Palm Springs equals that of taking 20,000 cars off the road. In addition, without DCE, the assessment shows Palm Springs would have had nearly a five percent increase in greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade. Instead Palm Springs is now showing a 21 percent reduction, a dramatic change. The 2020 data also indicate that Palm Springs’ community-wide emissions reflect a variety of activities such as transportation, home heating and cooling, and commercial and government operations. This good news comes on the heels of DCE signing a contract in February for three new wind farms in Palm Springs that will provide 100 percent of the energy they produce to Palm Springs customers, saving ratepayers $7 to $10 million over 15 years, creating

more than 100 jobs, and helping Palm Springs continue to reduce greenhouse emissions. Armed with this new data, city staff will be working with the Sustainability Commission and the City Council to identify additional actions it can take to continue making progress and help save our planet. To review the assessment, visit For more information about DCE, visit


Palm Springs Police Chief

Bryan Reyes

for keeping us safe and life in our City fair and just.


on an outstanding career. Harold Matzner

Courtesy Palm Spring

s International Airp


Southwest and Alaska Airlines Add New Flights from

Palm Springs International Airport Southwest Airlines has added four new non-stop routes from Palm Springs. The airline will offer daily year-round service to Sacramento, seasonal service to Dallas and Chicago, and Saturday seasonal service to Portland. The year-round Sacramento flights will start October 7, 2021 and operate twice daily. Flights between Palm Springs and Dallas, Chicago, and Portland will operate on a seasonal basis during the primary tourism season. The Dallas route begins November 7, the Chicago route starts November 23, and the Saturday Portland route begins on November 20.

And there’s more good news! Alaska Airlines recently announced a new non-stop flight from Palm Springs to Austin, Texas. The new seasonal service starts November 19, and will operate five days a week until April 18. Palm Springs International Airport now has non-stop flights to 31 cities in season—26 within the United States and five to and from Canada. For more information, please visit

GREAT NEWS! The city’s wildly popular street fair is back every Thursday night in Palm Springs with a smaller footprint and safety protocols in place. With COVID-19 cases significantly down, the street fair is expected to expand to its original length in the coming months. During the summer, VillageFest hours of operation will be 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Palm Canyon Drive from Amado Road to Tahquitz Canyon Way will be closed for VillageFest. Additionally, Museum Way between Palm Canyon Drive and Belardo Road—and Belardo Road between Andreas Road and Tahquitz Canyon—will be shuttered. Tahquitz Canyon Way will remain open to east and west traffic. Consistently voted the best weekly street

fair in the Coachella Valley, over the last 30 years VillageFest has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world with vendor booths featuring eclectic art, handcrafted items, and unique food. Shops, restaurants, and galleries stay open late. Stay tuned for more details as VillageFest expands in the coming months. For more information, visit PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 13

Timeless Taste & Tradition!

“Named one of the 21 Best Mexican Restaurants in the Country by”

760 ~325 ~2794

222 S. Palm Canyon Drive Downtown Palm Springs Tired of

sky high electric bills? Start saving today with your




lease or loan. | 760-576-2409 Clean Energy | Clear Choice 14 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Discover the Hidden Gems o f S u n n y Pa l m S p r i n g s

C h i e f B r Ya n R e y e s , The Sunny Cycle Thanks you for your service

T o u r s & E n t e r ta i n m e n t

7 6 0 . 5 6 7.4 8 7 5

Neighbors Feeding

Neighbors in Need The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians partners with Sunrise Produce Company and FIND Food Bank to deliver fresh meals to Coachella Valley families


ne of the most disastrous side effects of this more-than-yearlong pandemic has been the food insecurity foisted upon already fragile desert families. Thankfully, since May 15, 2020, more than one million pounds of fresh produce, dairy, protein, and other staples grown in the region have been delivered free of charge to those most in need throughout the Coachella Valley. The program is a joint effort among the Tribe, Sunrise Produce Company, and FIND Food Bank.

“As a tribal government, we were eager to step up to become a partner to get fresh food to families throughout Coachella Valley and support our regional agricultural community,” Tribal Chairman Jeff L. Grubbe said. “Over the last 12 months, we’ve donated our entire allocation of fresh food to FIND Food Bank so that it could be shared with the organization’s large network of food pantries, homeless shelters, and families throughout the desert. Sunrise Produce has made sure the food is picked up at regional farms and delivered to FIND Food Bank, which then ensures the lifesaving meals are shared with community members and families who need it most.” The FIND Food Bank was eager to be a partner in this win-win program. “The importance of sustained, strong partnerships among leading organizations in our community remains key right now as the economic impact of COVID-19 continues to reverberate through so many sectors,” said FIND Food Bank President and CEO Debbie Espinosa. “It takes all of us using multiple coordinated efforts and strategies to ensure there is equitable food distribution to all areas of our desert community. With both FIND and Agua Caliente understanding the scope and scale of our community similarly, our partnership is strong. I’m thankful that we have been able to serve so many people in need together.”

16 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Photos courtesy Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and USDA

As part of the USDA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), the Tribe was quickly approved as a recipient for food boxes through the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations. Agua Caliente therefore became a major player in helping to distribute invaluable nutrition to local residents through the $3 billion Farmers to Families Food Box Program.

As a tribal government, we were eager to step up to become a partner to get fresh food to families throughout Coachella Valley and support our regional agricultural community.” - Tribal Chairman Jeff L. Grubbe, Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Sunrise Produce Company is classified as an essential food distributor and has adhered to a disaster plan the company enacted to support the COVID-19 crisis. The company focuses on priority distribution to non-profit organizations, which includes school districts, universities, food banks, health care, churches, and food pantries. “During this crisis, Sunrise Produce has been hard at work fulfilling the needs of all our valued customers,” says Sunrise Produce Company Executive Vice President Lisa Marquez. “Our supply chain has been consistent, and we’ve been committed to sourcing and meeting produce needs throughout this challenging time. Producing essential and value-added packages for non-profits, school institutions, tribal communities, and health and medical facilities has been a regular component of our business. As we were faced with this challenging period, we were able to accommodate the needs of our communities and frontline facilities by continuing to produce ready-to-eat produce care packages with essential nutritious produce.” While vaccinations and decreasing caseloads have begun to bring much-needed light at the end of the long pandemic tunnel, none of us is completely out of the woods yet. It’s through crucial partnerships like these that our neighbors can rest assured they have one less thing to worry about.

PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 17

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Bang Back with a

Will summer 2021 go down as the busiest ever? Absolutely!

The State of California may have officially re-opened just a few weeks ago, but in Palm Springs, we’ve been going gangbusters for months. And the boom in business shows no signs of stopping, which may just make this summer season the most awesome one in years. PSILOVEYOU spoke to key Palm Springs players to find out not only how they’re doing in this most popular of periods, but what their crystal balls foretell. Read on…



We’re continuing to see rebounds in our passenger traffic. April 2021 was the best month we’ve had since the pandemic started, and we’re optimistic our passenger recovery will continue throughout 2021. Our summer flight levels are currently scheduled to be higher than summer 2019, which can be attributed to the entrance of Southwest Airlines at PSP, plus added flights from Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

20 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

The delicious dishes of Roly China Fusion.

I’m so grateful for the loyal takeout patronage of my 533 Viet Fusion and Roly China Fusion customers throughout the pandemic. We opened up 1501 Uptown Gastropub when outside dining was just re-introduced, and I honestly feel that people discovering us after more than a year of not eating out created an emotional attachment to that restaurant. It’s been pivotal to our success, as has choosing Eight4Nine’s Willie Rhine as my business partner, which is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

With more airlines offering more non-stop routes, and the continued rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, we’re seeing our passenger numbers increasing month over month. Knowing those demographics, I would venture to guess that’s evidence of an increase in tourism, along with pent-up demand due to the pandemic.” Daniel Meier, C.M. Deputy Director of Aviation, Marketing & Air Service Palm Springs International Airport

Jakob Layman


PSP, the gateway to and from our paradise.

Now, with more and more people getting vaccinated, I believe business will skyrocket through this typically “slow” summer season. That’ll lead us all into a record-breaking busy season starting this fall. After all, the Roaring Twenties followed the pandemic of 1918. We’re now seeing a similar pattern.” Chad Gardner Chef/Owner



rs Rand La


I think people have realized the importance of self-care more than ever. My studio has been fully booked every single business day for months now. And there’s no sign of slowing down for the summer. Visitors from all over the country are already calling to make appointments far in advance, into August and beyond. That’s something very new. Hopefully, I’ll stay busy into the fall to make up for last year.”

David A. Le e

A host of pot products are available at Reefer Madness.

Amanda Adkins Marketing/Social Media Manager Reefer Madness

After a red-hot market over the last 12 months, we now have a little more inventory building, and the frenzy of buying and selling has leveled off somewhat. This plateau may be due to vaccinated people focusing their attention and money on things they’ve missed during COVID-19—airplane travel, local socializing, planning for oncoming summer events. That said, there’s still a lot of competition for the buyer out there; the market is certainly not stopping. This last year has definitely put Palm Springs on the map as a place to not only visit but to live full-time if you enjoy the newfound luxury of working from home.”

Wayne Pop Shop

The rental market is still hot, hot, hot throughout Palm Springs.

It’s nice to see things picking back up downtown. I think the vaccine is making people feel much safer about going out. I’m not sure what to expect out of summer. I think it’ll be amazing for restaurants, but not sure if people will be walking up and down the street shopping at 1:00 p.m. in 120-degree heat. I know people have been eager to get out, but I don’t know if there’s still any way of predicting anything. I’m really looking forward to winter, though. I think that’s when I’ll probably see the real “back to normal.” For now, I’m just happy things are going in the right direction.” Trevor Wayne Artist/Owner Trevor Wayne Pop Art Store

Yoshi Kono Owner/Massage Therapist Yoshi Massage – Fine Therapeutic Bodywork

David A. Lee

We opened the day the world shut down and had to adapt to the new normal of running a business during COVID-19. Reefer Madness has seen a significant increase in locals and travelers since vaccinations have commenced. Additionally, we’ve seen an increase in business to our smoking lounge since gathering restrictions have lifted. We’re grateful for our customers, who kept us afloat during the pandemic. We anticipate a busy summer ahead of us!”


Certified massage therapist Yoshi Kono in his downtown studio.


Courtesy Trevor

Courtesy Reefer Madness

Jeffrey Bernstein Owner Destination PSP

Destination PSP’s downtown retail location.

Artist Trevor Wayne with his pretty pictures in his downtown shop.

James Meyer Owner/Realtor Zapala Meyer Real Estate Group

R E N O V A TI O N What goes hand-in-hand with a red-hot real estate market is a scorching home improvement market. Not to mention that due to COVID-19 over the last 18 months or so, people stuck at home were noticing what needed sprucing up and went ahead with minor and major renovation projects requiring our services. All this to say that—as opposed to previous summers—my husband and business partner Chris Lucas and I are seeing no lull in business. In fact, we’re busier than ever. We’ve got projects lined up from now well into the fall.” David A. Le e

We’re seeing that our exciting spring awakening in Palm Springs has turned into a summer stunner. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, tourists and residents alike are re-discovering that local businesses are the heart and soul of this city. Destination PSP’s numbers are through the roof, and we fully expect the momentum to continue through the rest of the year and beyond.”

One of GreenGuys Construction’s latest reno projects.

Paul McCreesh Owner/General Contractor GreenGuys Construction PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 21








he Chamber’s Palm Springs Co-Work offers modern, flexible options in the heart of downtown. Choose from two vibrant locations: Chamber HQ, with its midcentury feel and stunning mountain views, or the modern, industrial suites above the West Elm building, which overlook Palm Canyon Drive. Amenities include high-speed WiFi, kitchen and lounge areas, coffee, beverages, snacks, and free parking. Need a break? Walk to nearby shops and restaurants. And don’t forget that Co-Work members enjoy exclusive Chamber benefits, including free access to networking opportunities, special events, and discounts. Full-time locals, seasonal residents, and out-of-towners combine to make Palm Springs Co-Work an inspiring environment for enterprises of any size or budget. No longterm commitment is ever required.

Contact us at (760) 325-1577 or or visit for more information or to reserve your spot. PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 25



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Fit in with the easy desert lifestyle on the seat of a colorful cruiser. Explore the iconic Palm Springs neighborhoods of this modernist mecca. BIKE Palm Springs offers visitors and locals a green and healthy addition to tourism and exercise. We give our clients more than just something to do; we provide a memorable experience. Located in the center of town, BIKE Palm Springs has a great selection of bicycles, including beach cruisers, electric, road, or hybrid bicycles. Come experience Palm Springs’s most wonderful assets: the weather, the history, the architecture, and the people! or (760) 832-8912

David A. Lee

So, in this issue, we spotlight 10 recreational opportunities that are sure to float your boat. After all, as the legendary Cyndi Lauper has been singing for decades, girls (and boys) just want to have fun!

BIKE Palm Springs Rentals & Tours

Coutesy of Big Wheels Tours

It’s summer, and diehard Palm Springs residents and visitors aren’t shy about weathering a little daytime, triple-digit heat. And seriously, could our estival evenings be any more perfect?

Coutesy of BIKE Palm Springs Rentals & Tours


Offroad Rentals Offroad Rentals is open—first come, first served—365 days a year from 10:00 a.m. to one hour before sunset. All quads/ATVs and safety equipment (helmet, a shower cap to protect your head from our helmets, and protective eyewear) are provided. Those 18 and over may wear sunglasses instead of goggles. Please bring/wear your own mask. These are self-guided tours, which means you ride at your own risk anywhere in the fenced in area on several acres of land filled with donut holes and obstacles, sandy dunes, and flatlands. Age six and up. Those aged four to six can ride in a trailer pulled behind an adult. Everyone must sign a liability release. or (760) 325-0376

28 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Big Wheel Tours Big Wheel Tours offers the best customized tours of the Coachella Valley’s incredible natural landmarks. From rugged jeep tours of the San Andreas Fault and Joshua Tree National Park to exhilarating bike tours of the Indian Canyons and Meccacopia wilderness, Big Wheel Tours has an adventure for everyone. Or you can create your own adventure by choosing from a wide selection of rental bicycles and electric assist bikes. With locations in downtown Palm Springs and Palm Desert, it’s convenient and easy for you to get on a bike and get on your way. (760) 779-1837, or (760) 548-0500

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway—the world’s largest rotating tram car—travels over two-andone-half miles along the cliffs of Chino Canyon, transporting visitors to the pristine wilderness of the Mount San Jacinto State Park. During this ten-minute journey, tram cars rotate slowly, offering spectacular vistas of the valley below. At the Tram’s Mountain Station—elevation 8,516 feet and 30 degrees cooler than the desert floor—dine in two restaurants, enjoy viewpoints, hike over 50 miles of trails, watch two documentary films, and visit the natural history museum. Overnight camping available with advance reservation. or (760) 325-1391

Coutesy of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Fun for the entire the family, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens welcomes guests to learn about and appreciate the world’s deserts through interactive and immersive habitats, engaging activities, hiking trails, botanical gardens, and more. Featuring more than 500 animals, including giraffe, jaguar, African wild dog, wallabies, and so many more, The Living Desert is an oasis of family fun to explore nature and create meaningful experiences to be remembered for a lifetime. As an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, The Living Desert ensures the highest standards of animal care, and participates in conservation efforts at the Zoo and around the world. or (760) 346-5694

Walk of the Stars Everyone knows that walking isn’t only a great way to discover—or rediscover—a city. It’s good for you to boot! And in Palm Springs, your very own Chamber of Commerce ensures that walking is a joy. But don’t just look up and around. Look down! That’s where you’ll find the famed Walk of the Stars, a program the Chamber manages. Since 1992, more than 440 stars honoring notable entertainers, humanitarians, civic leaders, architects, artists, authors, and athletes have been inducted on the sidewalks throughout downtown, uptown, and all around the our beautiful city. Dedications resume this fall. (760) 325-1577, or get the app!

Palm Springs Power Baseball Live sports entertainment is back with the Palm Springs Power—the hometown team of the Coachella Valley since 2004—featuring some of the nation’s top collegiate baseball players competing against teams from all over the southwest. Not just a night of exciting entertainment, Palm Springs Stadium features the largest misting system in the valley, along with all the great ballpark food and fun, plus the coldest draft beer in in the city. Tickets are available at the box office for home games every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday through July 17. or (760) 778-HITS (4487)

Coutesy of Palm Springs Power Baseball

Coutesy of The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 29

Palm Springs Windmill Tours The Palm Springs Windmill Tours is an educational, safe, and fun tour for friends and family. Self-driving adventures allow you to explore the evolution of wind turbines on a private wind farm from the comfort of your own vehicle. Tours allow you to exit at each stop, guiding you thanks to a curated video. or (800) 531-5834

30 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Smoke Tree Stables Experience a few quiet hours of “getting away from it all” on over 150 miles of convenient riding trails that provide both solitude and breathtaking beauty. Located in Palm Springs near the Indian Canyons, Smoke Tree Stables offers guided rides by the hour or for the entire day. Also offered is an equine therapy program that focuses on what the horse can bring into the process of insight, change, and healing. Group activities with the horse will involve various themes, including boundaries, self-esteem, relationships, and mindfulness. or (760) 3271372.

Courtesy of Palm Springs Windmill Tours

Courtesy of Smoke Tree Stables

(This wet treat opens in 2022, but it’s too cool not to mention. Surfing in the desert— what?) The long-awaited redevelopment of the former Wet n Wild water park gives birth to the Palm Springs Surf Club (PSSC), a literal new wave for the desert. With a state-ofthe-art wave pool at its heart, the park redevelopment will feature an overall cleanup and modernization of onsite amenities. Some water slides will be retained, and upgraded food and beverage opportunities will be provided. The Lazy River will be another improved attraction, and event space will be activated onsite. PSSC aims to become a local treasure and source of pride for Palm Springs. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn, or a seasoned lifelong surfer, the waves will provide a unique, futuristic, and satisfying experience that will redefine ‘recreation’ in Palm Springs.

Photographer: Jimmy Wilson Surfer: Dylan Graves

Palm Springs Surf Club

Knowledge. Experience. Teamwork. David Carden jr. | Dale Maguire


Make us your Palm Springs connection – we know the neighborhoods! David Carden jr. | Dale Maguire


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PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 31

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Palm Springs Home Team


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We’re pleased to announce our team is growing. Capstone Partners has been helping families and businesses reach long-term financial goals for decades. To better serve more communities, we are pleased to announce the opening of our newest office location in the Coachella Valley. Your financial future and that of your loved ones is important, and with MassMutual’s broad product line, services and tools, together we can help you reach your long-term goals. Visit our new location and learn how we can help you plan for your financial future. David A. Morgan, Executive Director Capstone Partners 707 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Suite 2 Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-993-3492

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New location Returns with a

Popular event to be held September 22 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Indian Canyon Golf Resort, 1100 East Murray Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs


onsidered to be the most-heralded business-oriented event of the year, the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a new home for its annual extravaganza, which is sure to again set the standard for the upcoming season’s networking events.

Included will be a taste of more than 30 valley restaurants, wine and beer tasting, a cocktail bar, and live entertainment. Over 100 local businesses will showcase their products and services. “We could not think of a better location to hold this amazing affair,” says Chamber CEO Nona Watson. “Since we can spread out over the entire golf course, participants are sure to have plenty of room to explore the offerings.” The Expo is free to the public, and Taste of Palm Springs wristbands—which permit the bearer to all food, wine, and beer—are $25.00 and available at, where participating restaurants and businesses are also listed.

For more information, please call the Chamber office at (760) 325-1577.

PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 35




Troy Bankord Design 1775 E Palm Canyon Drive Suite #110-387 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)702-1592 Chris Josef, Integrative Massage Therapy 1775 E Palm Canyon Drive Suite 110 1072 Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (442)300-8083

36 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Springs CV eater Palm Courtesy Gr

Santorini Greek Restaurant 190 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)656-0149


Queertique 120 La Plaza Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (206)412-5410

TigerBear Productions 1131 E Sierra Way Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (716)239-0398 Crockett Law Group 777 E Tahquitz Canyon Way Suite 200-2005 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)999-4444

Reefer Madness Dispensary and Loung 4693 Ramon Road Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)424-8588 The Elite Maids 1578 W Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA, 91105 (323)982-9500

Your Bookkeeper and More, LLC 750 E Tahquitz Canyon Way Suite 4 Space 5 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)318-7618 yourbookkepperandmore. com BDS Events and Marketing 1111 Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (224)402-4911 Crush Crush Promos 44489 Town Center Way Palm Desert, CA, 92260 (424)634-2779 My Yoga Place Palm Springs 1572 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)834-1944 myyogaplacepalmsprings. com Tammy’s Paw Spa 400 El Cielo Road #1 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)660-1278 site Pho 533 Viet Fusion 1775 E Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)656-8588 Roadrunner Print and Ship 4741 E Palm Canyon Drive Suite C Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)699-8889 Four Twenty Bank 296 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)778-1053

Modern Woodmen of America 120 W. Arenas Road, Ste#6 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)413-5091

Old Town Artisian Studio 78-046 Calle Barcelona La Quinta, CA, 92253 (760)777-1444

Flannery Exchange 750 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)364-9611

Aaron F. Garcia 710-780 San Jacinto Drive Building J Rancho Mirage, CA, 92270 (760)346-3788

The Fitness Edge 170 S Sunrise Way Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (240)876-0355 FASTSIGNS 540 S Vella Road Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)548-0343

The Happy Plunger Plumbing Services 520 South Highland Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)656-9060 thehappyplungerplumbing. com

lostyourmind Gallery 1000 S. Palm Canyon Drive #205 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)318-6509 Tile Designs by Fina 261 Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)776-2300 Not So Innocent 2100 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)322-0999 HR Green 44651 Village Court #125, Palm Desert, CA, 92260 (855)900-4742

Oscar’s Downtown Palm Springs 125 E Tahquitz Canyon Way Suite 108 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)422-7465 Desert Staffing Services Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)907-9601 Everson RV Rentals 3690 Airport Center Drive #38 Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (360)312-7104 Home Real Estate Concierge 394 Terra Vita Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)600-8799 homerealestateconcierge. com PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021 37

OTC Dispensary & Lounge 757 S Williams Road Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)548-0138

Palm Springs Rock Shop 138 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)567-6628

Luchows Palm Springs 4771 East Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)459-3088

PS Test 555 E Tacheva Drive 1E-201 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (503)307-5566

Sam’s Family SPA 70875 Dillon Road Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92241 (760)329-6457 Blackburn Studio 693 E Sunny Dunes Road Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)218-5763 Made Creative LLC Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (818)303-6904 Gallosky Networks 17850 Corkhill Road SPC 4 Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92241 (760)437-9799 Shag Store 745 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (619)618-6757 Southwest Airlines 2702 Love Field Drive, Dallas, TX, 75235 (214) 792-4119

Blackburn Studio 693 E Sunny Dunes Road Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)218-5763 Made Creative LLC Serving the Coachella Valley Palm Springs, CA, 922 (818)303-6904 Gallosky Networks 17850 Corkhill Road SPC 4 Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92241 (760)437-9799 38 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Shag Store 745 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (619)618-6757 Dr. Lynda Reid LLC 6143 Mashie Road Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (802)497-4646 Hancock Partners LPL Financial 500 S Palm Canyon Drive Suite 307 Palm Springs, CA, 92264 (760)314-3700 Krafix Design 1411 N Sunrise Way Unit 21 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)548-0305 Haven Training Center 1243 N Gene Autry Trail Suite #116 Palm Springs, CA, 92262 (760)537-1771 Urban Yoga Center DAP Health 1695 N Sunrise Way at Vista Chino Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-413-9181

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Palm Springs City Hall 3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way (760) 323-8299 Palm Springs Police Department 200 S. Civic Way Direct Line (760) 323-8116 Public Information (760) 323-8106 Palm Springs Fire Department 300 N. El Cielo Road (760) 323-8181

Community and Economic Development (760) 323-8259 Office of Sustainability (760) 323-8214 Planning Services (760) 323-8245 Public Works & Engineering (760) 323-8253 Building & Safety (760) 323-8242 Maintenance & Facilities (760) 323-8167

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Code Enforcement (760) 323-8177

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Parks and Recreation 401 S. Pavilion Way (760) 323-8272

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Demuth Community Center 3601 E. Mesquite Ave. (760) 320-6430

Office of the City Attorney (760) 323-8205 Office of the City Clerk (760) 323-8204 Request public records via email at

James O. Jessie Desert Highland Unity Center 480 Tramview Road (760) 323-8271

Office of Communications/ Public Information (760) 323-8250

Palm Springs Public Library 300 S. Sunrise Way (760) 322-7323

Office of Neighborhood Involvement (760) 323-8255

Welwood Murray Memorial Public Library & Visitors Center 100 S. Palm Canyon Drive (760) 323-8296

Office of Special Program Compliance/Vacation Rentals & Cannabis (760) 322-8370

Palm Springs International Airport 3400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way (760) 318-3800

Information Technology and Palm Springs Community Television (760) 322-8397 Finance Department Direct Line (760) 323-8229 Business Licenses (760) 323-8289

40 PSILOVEYOU | Summer 2021

Palm Springs Animal Control (760) 323-8151 (760) 327-1441 Active animal assistance Palm Springs Animal Shelter 4575 E. Mesquite Avenue (760) 416-5718

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Information Palm Springs Convention & Bureau of Tourism 277 N. Avenida Caballeros (760) 325-6611 VisitPalmSprings.Com

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Well in the Desert 441 S. Calle Encilia (760) 285-7297


CITY HOTLINES Code Enforcement (760) 778-8434

Desert Water Agency 1200 Gene Autry Trail South (760) 323-4971 LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert 1301 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Ste. 301 (760) 416-7790 Mizell Center 480 S. Sunrise Way (760) 323-5689 Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce 190 W. Amado Road (760) 325-1577 Palm Springs Disposal Services 4690 E. Mesquite Avenue (760) 327-1351 Palm Springs Unified School District 150 District Center Drive (760) 883-2700

Graffiti (760) 778-8469 Vacation Rental Compliance (760) 322-8383 ELECTED OFFICIALS Congressman Raul Ruiz, MD, 36th District Coachella Valley District Office 43875 Washington Street, Ste. 4 Palm Desert, CA 92211 (760) 424-8888 Riverside County Supervisor V. Manuel Perez, 4th District Coachella Valley District Office 73710 Fred Waring Drive, Ste. 222 Palm Desert, CA 92260 (760) 863-8211 Assemblyman Chad Mayes, 42nd Assembly District 41608 Indian Trail, Ste. 1 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 (760) 346-6342 State Senator Melissa Melendez, 28th Senate District 45125 Smurr Street, Ste. B Indio, CA 92201 (760) 398-6442