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The Necessity of Atheism

By Percy Bysshe Shelley

It has never been possible to reach the truth, basing only on the propositions. Our knowledge of one to Deity is an important topic, since it cannot be investigated. It is necessary to consider the nature of the convictions. When a proposition offers him to the mind, it is perceived or there is judged for the ideas that they compose it. If this in agreement with the preposition they are named a belief. The mind is attractive in the investigation. This also has been a problem because the mind to devote to imagine that it activates this one in the faith. The force of the faith like that of any another passion is proportional to the degrees of excitation. These degrees of excitation are three: - The senses are the source of any knowledge to the mind, his demand is of assent. - The stocks only in our experience. - The experience of others. In consequence none can be admitted, because they are not based on the reason. Every test can be recounted to one of these three divisions, leads us to convincing us in the existence of a Deity. 1 ยบ. The evidence of the senses. If he must convince to our senses of his existence, it is practically impossible and therefore this is a belief. 2 ยบ. The man knows that it is, and that the universe to have form by something and that if it is probable that a top being finds could create it. 3 ยบ. The one that affirms testimony. If it is read and is reasoned of words that he has said others who say to have seen miracles and less probable things. Your mind is the only one who says if it is true or is not to say if it is a belief or not. On this it depends not to have tests of any of the three therefore every mind is a believer or not of a Deity.

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By: Manuel Ferre Silva Elena García Fernández Raquel Jiménez Martín Clara López López 1ºBC

The necessity of Atheism  

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