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Cate Blanchett “When you see me on the red carpet… it’s a wonderful illusion.”

ISSUE 04 AUTUMN 2016 AUS $9.95 / NZ $11.99

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Top Secret Heirloom Recipes!

“You are perfect right now, just as you are – and trust me, there has never been a more perfect time. Exist in photos! For you, for your children, for the people that love you.”

Linza Photography is a modern fashion-inspired photo shoot for everyday women and people who love them. It’s a day of pampering with professional hair, makeup and styling – an ultimate girls day out that you can enjoy on your own, with your mum, daughter, sister or a best friend. It is an experience of looking and feeling beautiful, reconnecting with your own beautiful self and feeling like a goddess. Whether you would like to celebrate a life milestone, boost your self-confidence with a makeover, treat yourself or your loved one – you will surely enjoy this experience. E: M: 0420 420 277

From the

Editor Autumn is usually a forgotten season. It seems to just slip right on past, and before you know it, it’s winter. This issue I encourage you to enjoy the season to its fullest. To make this especially true I am delighted to present our Autumn Breathe Break destinations of QLD (page 84), where you can experience this season as you never have before. Picture tranquil and peaceful locations with all the amenities of a pampered luxury holiday and the scenery of changing leaves. Sign me up! I am very excited to have Australia’s own Cate Blanchett on our cover this issue. Recently, she has earnt her seventh Oscar nomination for her work in Carol. We at Provoke are excited to see what she will accomplish next! “Every time I make another movie it feels like a surprise. [It’s] immensely gratifying that I keep having these opportunities,” says our cover star. In keeping with inspirational women, I introduce to you the creative female talents of Queensland! Check out their interviews (page 59) and learn more about these local women who stopped at nothing short of their dreams.

Photo by Oxana from Linza Photography Makeup by Celia Spain

A special thank you to all of our local chefs and foodies who have shared their top-secret family recipes, and helped up learn what exactly it is about them that makes them so truly special (page 20). Whether it’s the recipe your mum taught you, or the one always served at the family get-together, they are the recipes that live in our hearts and delight our tastebuds every time. To see my secret family recipe (Nana Evelyn’s Apricot Cheesecake) plus more recipes that we couldn’t fit into print, log on to Our local home feature this issue, Dock Street Warehouse (page 92), is the winner of the Best State Residential Design 2015 by the Australian Interior Design Awards, and it certainly lives up to your expectations. See inside and hear first-hand from the designers and homeowners about what makes this location so truly special. “We wanted to be bold and take some risks given we had a unique building to work with, but at the same time I very much wanted it to be a warm and welcoming home,” says homeowner Lesley-Anne Houghton. Not to be forgotten are all of this issue’s incredible prizes to be won! Among which is a beautiful Halley Watch, framed handcrafted Mimpy and Co. illustrations, the makeup brushes used by the Oscar stars, movie tickets and beauty products galore. Discover them and more throughout these pages, and don’t forget to log on to to get your name in the draw to win! There is a nostalgia to each issue that makes it so very special to us at Provoke. All we can hope for is that you feel the same enjoyment for this issue that we do.

Whenever you see this:

WIN Log on to for more information and to enter to win!


I will leave you with this teaching from our local contributing psychologist, Rachel Hannam (page 52): “It’s not other people’s job to like [you]. That’s [your] job... By transforming your thinking into a better feeling towards yourself, you see that you are already loved, loving and lovable.”

Logan Sincerely, Logan Smith

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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Logan Smith

EDITORIAL Editorial Online Content Proofreader

Emma Schafer Wendy Smith

Noel O’Halloran

DESIGN Graphic Designer

Gino Hawkins

ADVERTISING & MARKETING Sales & Marketing Manager

Danielle Wyld

Events Coordinator

Brenda Gilbert

Photographer & Event Consultant

Jenni Purdy

CONTRIBUTORS Belinda Wasowski, Chris Smith, Donna Anna, Donna Donaldson, Maya Brosnan and Rachel Hannam.

SPECIAL THANKS The Chefs and their delicious secret family recipes.

COVER Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times / Contour by Getty Images.

PROVOKE 36 Richland Avenue, Coopers Plains, QLD, 4108, Australia P: +61 7 3272 7928 ACN: 064 644 033 PROVOKE is published seasonal by Eazy-Gleam Products Pty Ltd t/a Provoke. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. PROVOKE cannot be held responsible for any unsolicited material. All prices and credits are accurate at time of going to press, but are subject to change. Neither this publication nor its contents constitute an explicit endorsement by PROVOKE of the products or services mentioned in advertising or editorial content. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, PROVOKE shall not have any liability for errors or omissions. The opinions expressed by individual contributors in PROVOKE are not necessarily those of the publisher. We have done our best to acknowledge all photographers. In some instances photos have been provided to us by those who appear editorially and we have their permission in each case to use the images. We apologise if anything appears incorrectly. It will be a genuine mistake. Please let us know and we can give you a mention in the next issue.




Last year we assisted 3,500 women. Thousands more need our support. | (07) 3392 0644

Happily designed and supported by Focused Marketing Solutions. Women’s Legal Service is a statewide not-for-profit, charitable organisation with a 30-year history of helping Queensland women and children (CP555, IAO3518). All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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6/10/2015 3:13 PM

MEET THE TEAM | Contributing Writers

CONTRIBUTORS Belinda Wasowski

Performance Coach Belinda Wasowski lives in a way that says “I love my body and want to nourish it, challenge it and improve it”. As the founder of Intensity Personal Training, Belinda says, “Life is too short to spend time hating, restricting and punishing your body”.

This issue, Belinda talks about how to find and acheive the key to goal setting.


Donna Donaldson

As a professional declutter consultant and an image consultant, Donna loves the jobs you hate to do. With Donna’s help, you can declutter and downsize your home, office and personal life, then continue the transformation with a personal make-over from head to toe.

This issue, Donna helps you get your home ready for sale.

Maya Brosnan

Maya is a Gold Coast mum, nutritionist, iridologist, fitness professional and yogi. Her holistic approach to health and nutrition led her to write the book KIS and Lose Weight to inspire Australians to lose weight and live a happier, healthier life.

This issue, Maya gives you her top tips on how to detox with dietary guidelines and simple yoga poses for a healthy liver.



Chris Smith

Chris is an award-winning Certified Financial Planner and founding partner of VISIS Private Wealth, an independently owned full-service financial advice and accounting firm. With over 15 years’ experience in providing strategic financial advice, Chris is also highly experienced in successfully delivering tailored, practical and smart solutions that get results. More recently Chris was recognised as Queensland’s Best Certified Financial Planner, after being presented with the runner-up award the year prior.

This issue, Chris Smith breaks down the do’s and don’ts of co-signing a loan.

Dr Rachel Hannam

Rachel has worked for years as a psychologist and organisational consultant. She has worked with individuals, couples and families, adolescents, employees and leaders, supporting people through difficult transitions in their lives. Rachel brings passion and insight to her work, drawing on her deep understanding of human psychology. She lives in Brisbane with her husband, four children, five chickens and a lazy cat!

This issue, Rachel delves into the topic of Is it Love, or Low Self-Esteem?

Donna Anna

Donna is the founder of, a nutrition and beauty consulting service. After spending her teenage years working as a model, while battling chronic illness and a poor diet, she was quick to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which later became an obsession. Now at age 50 Donna is a writer on health and beauty topics. Her healthy guideline program, which she consults via her website, has resulted in her being able to retain her youthful looks. It’s these results that have led her to make a recent comeback as a working model with appearances in television commercials, with her most recent being the Ubet ad campaign.

This issue, Donna shares her top five tips for healthy skin.

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Contents NOURISH


18 News: All the latest in food, recipes and health.

40 News: Discover the newest products and beauty tips.

20 Top Secret Heirloom Recipes: Local chefs and foodies share their secret family recipes!

42 Earth-Friendly Scrubs: Because beauty should not hurt the world we live in.

30 The Juice Diaries: Tried and tested QLD juice cleanses.

46 5 Tips for Healthy Skin: Beauty expert shares her natural secrets.

34 Time to Detox: Advice on how to detox correctly from a nutrition expert. 36 Acheive Your Goals: The key to reaching your goals, is to ask yourself ‘Why?’.


48 Compact Beauty: Now your beauty prodcuts can do more, with much less. 50 Advice for Every Era: The Products for your 20s, 30s, 40s 50s and beyond!

52 Is it Love or Low Self-Esteem?: “In our culture we... often pretend we are something we aren’t.”

CULTURE & TRAVEL 56 Art News: The exhibitions and artists you must see. 59 Culture Corner: A spotlight on the top female talents of Queensland. 68 Movie & Book News: The latest releases to know and love. 70 Cover Story: Cate Blanchett talks about her life, children and upcoming movies roles.

74 52 56


74 Music News: New albums, upcoming gigs and concerts. 76 Events: Things you must do and see across Queensland this Autumn. 79 The Welcome Dinner: A project to bridge disconnection and bring people together.



90 News: Decorating tips, homewares, and more! 92 Urban Sancturary: From Brisbane warehouse to Award-Winning home! 103 Prepare Your Home for Sale

80 News: The latest travel tips and tricks you need to know!

104 Co-Signing a Loan: The do’s and don’t you should know before you sign.

82 Why 2016 is the Year You Should be Travelling!

106 Garden: Timeless flowers, made easy.

84 Autumn Breathe Breaks: The QLD countryside retreats that will remind you to breathe.

108 The Zone: Five-Star hotel meets executive residences.

FIRST & FINAL THOUGHTS 10 Feedback: Provoke’s readers. 12 Tell us what you think and win! 14 First Thought: The latest and greatest things we love! 118 Marketplace: Local businesses. 122 Puzzles: Test your mind. 128 Final Thought: Life after death – the eco-friendly plan.

120 Properties: A look inside QLD most expensive homes. Autumn 2016 9

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ONLINE | Join the Conversation






THE COL OURS OF SUM MER What ’s trending this seaso n?

Courtney Dettman – Provoke Reader What a beautiful website. I stumbled across your page when a friend emailed me about your competitions. Thank you so much!

WINNER! Sophie McCormack – Provoke Reader I love how genuine the magazine is. It focuses on all the important and most useful topics in everyday life. The homewares section is to die for and the stories are my style. I’ve never read your magazine until this month and I’m going to continue to from now on – it was great!!

Sophie has won the MOR Complete Correspondence Collection in Kashmir Petals Fragrance and a Destination Style Rome Stand-Up Case, valued at $211.65!



Julianne Moore “When it comes to love, we’r e all equal.”


Take back Learning the Power! self-defe is easier nce than you think Glamping Queensl Luxury cam and ping at Nightfall




TOP SUMHEAT! BBQ REC MER IPES Delicious Berry Tartlets 4 ways!

Sue Kraay – Provoke Reader I really enjoyed the article A Boy Named Aaron as it was great reading about a Gold Coast local who is making his dreams come true with his honest, earthy artwork. “Good on ya’ mate” is what I said out loud after reading it. I wish Aaron all the best and thank you Provoke for an article about someone close to home. Jade Cheney – Provoke Reader Fresh, funky and modern, I always recommend Provoke to friends and family. The beauty is on point and stylish.


Ryan Hanley – Outbound App co-founder Thanks for the great article Outbound, we really appreciate you thinking of us. My wife and my mum both loved the magazine and I’ve already saved the satay chicken recipe… you are on a winner!



Jeannie Bliss Foye – Provoke Reader I started an art group for adult survivors of child abuse, dealing with the emotional and hidden fears and doubts that rear their head. In my 40s as a youth worker with homeless youth, I became burnt out and then memories hit my inner roof. I found I could help others as I had always felt from childhood this was my role. I’m glad you are publishing articles on these issues. Services and awareness should be available and low cost or free.

Painting a vivid pictur of life beyon e d the city

Survivin g the Festive





Hailey Cruise – Provoke Reader So many interesting and useful articles. I loved the recipes, the article on Julianne Moore – such a talented actress – and the article on how to declutter your space at home. I need to declutter my whole house!

Elizabeth Mitchell – Provoke Reader I loved the cover, my favourite actress Julianne Moore, and I loved the giveaway page. I love cooking and I tried the Roasted Beetroot Rocket and Walnut Salad, it’s now my signature dish for 2016! Linda Brown – Provoke Reader I am a huge fan of the travel section, being in the industry myself. The top tips are spot on, photos are stunning and it’s always a great read. Taylor Bergsma – Provoke Reader I love the diversity – not just a magazine who touches the edges with beauty or fashion advice, but also delves into the tough topics – child abuse, and so on. Truly living up to your name.

ONLINE | Join the Conversation

PROVOKE.COM.AU Looking for more of Provoke’s delicious recipes, Autumn beauty choices and home must-haves? Simply log on to read more of your favourite articles and discover events near you!

Beef & Bean Nachos

Head online to view the full recipe. Recipe & Image from Reversing Diabetes by Dr Alan Barclay (Murdoch Books)

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FIRST THOUGHT | Things We Love

Apomogy – An apology on a pom-pom... Apologies suck – you’re either the wrongdoer, or you’ve been wronged. But when attached to a pom-pom apologies somehow feel less weighty. This is why quirky Brisbane artist Rachel Burke has created a community art project that allows you to say sorry publicly, but anonymously, with a pom-pom. Not so talented with a ball of wool and pair of scissors? Submit your apology online, and Rachel will whip up an apomogy for you. You can check out some of the serious, funny and relatable submissions at

Sweet-Smelling Candles with an Added Surprise

Stationery Crush! We love sticky notes. We adore Paris. Put them both together and you have our favourite stationery item for the season. And these sticky notes just keep giving – when the notes are finished the metal tabs convert to bookmarks! RRP: $19 W:

The Aussie team behind Enticing Candles definitely know the way to our heart – with things that smell nice and things that sparkle! Every Enticing Candle has 60 hours of burn time, a deliciously lush fragrance and a bonus ring inside. If you’re super lucky you’ll be the one who scores the $1000 sparkler! We think these fun and fragrant beauties make the perfect gift. You can also jump online at au and check out some real-life ring-reveals. RRP: $44.95 W:

We Love Oxfam!

SOCKS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY As the weather cools off it’s time start looking for pretty things to keep your tootsies toasty. Happy Socks are our fetish for the foot! There is no reason to hide these babies in your boots. RRP: from $12 W:


Oxfam Shop is a passionate supporter of fair trade and work with 138 fair and ethical producer partners in 39 countries around the world, including Australia. Fair trade empowers disadvantaged communities by paying them fair and stable prices for their work, helping them to gain the skills they need to develop their business, and giving them access to world markets. Our Oxfam Shop pick of the season is this funky jute basket, made even better when filled with Fair Trade chocolate! RRP: basket $7.95, Alter Eco Brown Butter dark chocolate bar $5.95 W:

Home, Beautiful Home We already knew Brisbane was beautiful, but illustrator and designer Michelle McKinnon has certainly brought out its colour with this abstract print. We’re in love with those pastels! RRP: $44.90–$199.90 W:

For Your Bits and Bobs If your dressing table is anything like ours, it’s a morning mission to track down that last bobby pin you had been cherishing like a child for the past two weeks. These pretty little dishes are the perfect place to lay your precious last bobby pin and have it waiting for you come morning. Shaped Dishes 3PK: Svenska Hem Stilla RRP: $26.95 W:

The One to Follow– @dresslikeamum If you’re a mum, this is the Instagram you’ve been yearning for. Dress Like A Mum is a place for outfit inspiration, beauty tips and style ideas to challenge the ridiculous notion that “dressing like a mum” is something to avoid. The page is the third child of London mum-of-two Zoë who has fun showing off her wardrobe and proving that you can move, breastfeed and play with the kids while still looking stylish. Zoë also blogs at

The Wine We Love After tasting this liquid gold at a Provoke wedding, we knew it would forevermore be the only red for us. And with a name like Cake, we should have known. Made with love, commitment and a startling fear brought about by wild crazy emus roaming the vineyard during picking, this single-vineyard Pinot boasts strawberry, pink rose and choc-mint on the nose with an evolving palate of fresh fruit and savoury chocolate flavours. Yum! Cake Wines Pinot Noir RRP: $114 (6pk) W:

Top Spot Autumn resolution: Jump on a ferry and get to know Stradbroke Island. There’s no time to be bored with fun stuff like 4WDrive adventure tours, snorkelling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, fishing, surfing, and sandboarding. Or why not try beach yoga, or barefoot bowling? It’s also cheap as chips with beachfront campsites starting from under $20 a night! W:

Autumn 2016 15


Image by Oxana from Linza Photography

Food | Body | Happiness | Mind | Health

Wholesome Meals on Wheels Busy, time-poor people unite! Jo Kelly, creator of DinDinClub, has a solution that is healthy and wholesome. DinDinClub is a collaboration with the best, wholefood providers in Brisbane to bring busy people healthy dinner midweek... by cargo bike! Ordering is simple – select and order dinner online by 9:30am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for delivery to a location convenient to you via vintage Dutch Cargo bikes. The service promises to give you back an hour a day so you can focus on living and loving life. When there’s no shopping, cooking or washing up to do – what could you do with that extra hour a day? W:

URGENT REMINDER: Drink More Water! Regular hydration is one of the easiest ways to feel good, so why is it that it’s one of the hardest things to stay on top of? Meet Ulla. Ulla is a smart water drinking reminder that attaches to your water bottle and glows to make sure you drink water regularly. With its silicone band, Ulla attaches to any water bottle or glass and makes it smart in less than five seconds. Like a hydration fairy godmother, Ulla automatically activates when it senses you are around. For example, when you come to the table in the morning it will remind you to fill up your bottle with fresh water and take your first drink. Then she stays on your case and makes sure you take a sip at least every 30-40 minutes with her pulsating LED light. Drinking up will become second nature! RRP: $24 W:


Did You Know? Does the sound of chewing, crunching and slurping drive you insane? Good news – apart from having the diagnosable condition Misophomia, you’re basically a creative genius. Researchers from Northwestern University found that those who are hypersensitive to particular sounds tend to be more creative than those who are not. The study showed that the more affected people were by sounds, the higher the likelihood they’d score well on creativity tests.




Paleo Hero Primal Choc Granola

What is the Paleo Diet? Defined by the Palaeolithic era, the Paleo diet is based on a way of living and eating that mimics our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It is a simple, raw-only diet, rich in protein, consisting of approximately 70% meat, mixed with nuts, vegetables and fruit. The diet eliminates grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables like potatoes in addition to milk and refined sugar other than natural honey.

While we aren’t strict Paleo dieters, we have fallen in deep love with this delicious breakfast option. In fact, we love it so much we have even been known to have it for a sweet snack during the day or a healthy treat after dinner. Paleo Hero Primal Choc Granola is a healthy alternative to the highsugar cereals on the market. Chock full of goodness including cacao, almond, walnuts, seeds, coconut, raw honey and toasted to give a you a great flavour, we love ours sprinkled on coconut milk yoghurt. Delicious! RRP: $32.50 W:

Thinking Outside the School Lunch Box

MIND, BODY, SOUL What: BaliSpirit Festival When: 29 March – 3 April How Much: From $222 What: If you’re with us in thinking the Bali chapters of Eat, Pray, Love are heaven, then we’ve got your next holiday booked for you. The BaliSpirit Festival is a global celebration of yoga, dance and world music. It offers rejuvenation and inspiration by providing over 230 daily classes in yoga, meditation, healing, dance, and music. The festival also brings together dozens of top international performers and world-class musicians, attracting a truly global audience. BaliSpirit Festival is centred on the Balinese Hindu concept of Tri Hita Karana: living in harmony with our spiritual, social and natural environments. The festival also provides support to HIV and AIDS awareness, multicultural education and environmental conservation in Bali. W:

Coming up with nutritious, affordable and delicious lunch-box ideas every day can be a challenge. With seven children of their own, Peter and Melinda Schulte, the family behind newly opened fresh food mecca The Stores West End, know this common lunch-box dilemma too well. We got Melinda’s top tips to help you pack the perfect school lunch. Carrot and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, snow peas and green beans all make great snacks. Try making your own hummus to go with the vegie snacks using chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, salt, tahini and water blended in a food processor. Homemade salsa is a great inclusion for snacks and dipping for crackers. Add tomato, onion, capsicum, herbs, lime juice and throw in some mango, peach or avocado for a full-on fresh salad. Pack sweet treats made from natural sugars such as dried apple and apricots. Freeze water bottles to use as cold blocks to keep their goodies fresh and then they have fresh water at the end of lunch and more room for food. Don’t ever be afraid of a good old-fashioned Vegemite sandwich to help fill hungry bellies and keep

Vitamin B levels up. Vegie chips made from soy or even popcorn popped fresh with just a little bit of vanilla and coconut oil in a brown paper bag is a great healthy treat. Boil half-a-dozen eggs at the beginning of each week and leave them unpeeled in the fridge until they are needed. Full of protein and very filling, boiled eggs are a great afterschool snack to have on hand. Sliced fruit dipped in a tub of natural yoghurt is another delicious after-school snack… with some natural honey drizzled on top… yum!

October/November Autumn 2016 2015 19

NOURISH | Recipes

TOP SECRET HEIRLOOM RECIPES In honour of Mother’s Day, Queensland’s best foodies and chefs share their secret family recipes and the lessons learnt from mums in the kitchen.


Gemelli Italian 2/2685 G o Coast Hig ld hway, Broadbea ch P: 07 550 4 7413 W: geme lliitalian .


INGREDIENTS 1 large can crushed tomatoes 150g preserved marinated tuna (can be easily replaced with a high-grade can of tuna) 400g spaghetti 1 garlic clove half a brown onion tablespoon of capers handful of rocket a few pinches of salt & pepper 3 teaspoons of olive oil METHOD 1. Chop finely the garlic and brown onion. Then fry off with olive oil until golden brown. 2. Add whole can of tuna, with the oil in it, and stir and cook for approx 4 minutes with onion and garlic. Add capers in. 3. Add can of crushed tomatoes to saucepan, and reduce heat to simmer for about 5 minutes adding salt and pepper. While doing this put on a pot of water to boil for pasta, and cook until ready. 4. Drain pasta and toss through sauce/ tuna mix. Then toss through fresh rocket in the pasta until it is fully mixed and slightly cooked in the pasta. 5. Serve!

James and Alec Carney are the twin brothers behind the Gold Coast’s best Italian restaurant, Gemelli (Italian for twins). Coming from a family of Italian heritage they were brought up to appreciate good food, and more importantly, how to cook it! Home town: Griffith, NSW Tell us the story behind this recipe, where it came from and why it is important to you: Mum taught us this recipe when we were young, as it’s simple and quick to do, but also so tasty! Its also very cheap to do if you’re on a budget. All you need is a can of crushed tomatoes, can of tuna and pasta really! Do you add your own flair to the recipe or follow it precisely? Sometimes, when I’ve got some extra ingredients I love to throw in some capers to give it an extra bit of depth. How often do you cook this dish? Before opening Gemelli (Broadbeach) and Gemellini (Nobby Beach), at least once or twice a week. But now only when we get a spare chance to cook it! What role has food played in your life? It’s always had an influence, whether we knew it or not. Growing up in the country with most of our friends’ families being farmers, we always had such a close affiliation with fresh

produce. Even things like making the salami and sauce every year as an Italian tradition was just a part of growing up in an Italian community based in regional NSW. What is your idea of the perfect family dinner? A big table, covered in Italian dishes, barbecued meat, bottles of wine and plenty of laughs Your favourite memory of cooking with your mum: Being home sick from school, Mum used to make us help her prep and teach us some cooking techniques. She said we may as well do something instead of sitting around all day! The best advice your Mum has given you: Keep it simple. Your favourite spot in QLD to catch a bite: The Fish House in Burleigh, always an amazing experience.

Autumn 2016 21

NOURISH | Recipes




Begin by making the mashed potato. Preheat an oven to 180ºC and on to a baking tray place the whole, unpeeled Dutch cream potatoes. Roast for 45 minutes until cooked and tender. While hot, cut potatoes in half, scoop out the flesh and pass through a fine food mill or ricer. Place into a saucepan. In another small saucepan bring the milk and cream to the boil and add to the processed potato on a medium heat. Fold until smooth and add the butter. Continue beating until glossy. Season with salt and set aside.

Wellington 600g beef eye fillet – fat and sinew trimmed Canola oil for frying 400g mushrooms – a mixture of buttons and swiss brown, chopped 10g dried porcini – rehydrated, chopped 50g butter 50g breadcrumbs 50g Dijon mustard 5 slices of prosciutto 1 large sheet of puff pastry 2 eggs 50ml milk Mashed Potato 600kg Dutch cream potatoes – washed, skin on 100ml milk 100ml cream 150g butter – diced, room temperature Table salt Spinach Puree 200g baby spinach 15g butter Table salt Carrots 2 bunches Dutch carrots 20g butter Flake salt

GOMA nt Restaura ce, la P Stanley ne a b is South Br 06 9 9 2 P: 07 384 .qld a W: qagom


The spinach puree is made by blanching baby spinach in salted boiling water for 1 minute. Strain and blend with butter until smooth, season with salt. Set aside. To cook the baby carrots, blanch in boiling water for 4 minutes or until tender. Sear in a pan with butter until caramelised and season with salt. Split the carrots down the centre and set aside. For the Wellington, sear the eye fillet seasoned with salt in a non-stick pan

until caramelised all over. Place in fridge to cool. Once cold brush with Dijon mustard and set aside. To make the mushroom mix, cook down the fresh mushrooms and porcini in butter until caramelised and tender, pulse in a food processor until finely chopped. Fold through breadcrumbs, season with salt and set aside. To assemble wrap the mustard-brushed fillet with prosciutto slices. Lay out the puff pastry, brush the sides of pastry with egg wash and spread with mushroom mix in the centre. Place the wrapped fillet on to the mushroom mix and wrap the pastry over, carefully sealing all sides. Gently score the pastry with a knife and brush with egg wash. Bake in 180ºC oven for 25 minutes until pastry is golden. Allow to rest for 10 minutes before carving. To plate the dish, place some of the spinach puree on to the plate. Carve the Wellington into four slices, placing a slice on top of the puree. Make a quenelle of mash and place next to the beef and finish the dish by arranging the carrots neatly next to the beef. The dish can be finished with a rich veal jus or gravy.

Executive Chef, Josh Lopez has recently won Chef of the Year by the Brisbane Times Good Food Guide 2016. Josh’s methodology to food combines classical cuisine with a contemporary approach to ingredients and technique. Home town: Brisbane Tell us the story behind this recipe and why it is important to you: Out of respect to my mum, I made a decision never to re-create her dishes, my childhood favourite meals. Last year my wife Krystal and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and in this time my mother-in-law Susan has also become an important person in my life. Sunday afternoons and roast dinners at the in-laws have been special family time over the years. My mother-in-law’s very best recipe is Beef Wellington. The mushroom duxelles, finest mustard, quality beef,

bacon and puff pastry make it an unforgettable experience. It was one of the first dishes I adapted for my inaugural winter menu in my first Head Chef role. Do you add your own flair to the recipe or follow it precisely? One of my character traits is to put my own twist or the addition of the finest ingredients to make the recipes my own. In the past I have added Wagyu beef, fresh truffles and foie gras to my Beef Wellington for an indulgent dinner. How often do you cook this dish? Krystal and I make a cheat’s version of Wellington at least once a fortnight shared with a nice bottle of wine.

What role has food played in your life? As a chef, food has had a significant impact on my life. Food has allowed me to travel the world and create some unique life experiences. Creatively, food often takes on meaning beyond just the purpose of being consumed. It is important to understand the symbolism, origin, history and the journey that has brought the ingredient into my hands.

Your idea of the perfect family dinner? An abundant table of meats, seafood and salads, each one lovingly created by a member of the family, full of flavour, lots of love and plenty of champagne. Your favourite memory of cooking with your mum: I will always remember how my Mum used her senses and her hands to create culinary magic. Mum shared with me the classic dishes of El

Salvador (my country of birth), though I was more interested in licking the bowl of chocolate or stealing some of her food preparations. I learnt from her the importance of cooking with love and the power that food possesses through the act of giving. Your favourite spot in QLD for a bite: After a morning spent in the surf at Point Lookout, Stradbroke Island, it is hard to go past a bakery run with a meat pie and jam doughnut.

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SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS: 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 onion, halved and thinly sliced 6 cloves garlic, crushed 2 cans diced tomatoes OR 2 cups freshly chopped tomatoes + ½ cup water 3 tbsp tomato paste 1 cup water ½ tsp chilli powder 2 tsp cumin 2 tsp ground coriander (optional) Himalayan Rock salt or Celtic Sea salt

METHOD Heat oil in a large frypan on low to medium heat. Cook onion and garlic until onion is soft. Add diced tomatoes. In a small bowl, combine tomato paste, water, chilli powder, cumin, ground coriander, salt and pepper. Add tomato paste mixture to frypan and mix together. When heated through, carefully break the eggs one by one into the tomato mixture on the stove. You will notice the egg white will start running into the sauce (that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be doing).

Turn heat to low, cover with lid and simmer until egg whites are cooked through and egg yolks are just beginning to harden (you want the yolk to be slightly soft). Enjoy this dish in wholemeal pita pocket bread, or serve on a plate with fresh Israeli salad (cucumber, tomato, onion, parsley all finely chopped with a drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil). Try it with a slice of wholegrain bread or a piece of pita bread to wipe the sauce off the plate (use your hands, that’s the way it is eaten traditionally).

pepper to taste 8 free range or organic eggs

Maya is a mum, author, nutritionist, iridologist, blogger, writer and yogi. She is also Provoke’s regular nutrition writer! Home town: Ramat Gan, Israel Tell us the story behind this recipe and why it is important to you: This recipe has been in my father’s side of the family for many generations. It feels like I have pretty much eaten Shakshooka from birth. I remember my father and aunty teaching my mother (Jeanette) how to cook Shakshooka when I was a young child. My mum was never a natural whiz in the kitchen, but thankfully she was a quick learner. Shortly after learning how to cook this simple but delicious recipe she added Shakshooka to her coffee shop’s menu (she used to run a busy coffee shop in Tel Aviv) and soon it became one of the most popular items on the menu. Do you add your own flair to the recipe or follow it precisely? I generally follow the recipe precisely. However, as a variation, mushrooms and/or feta cheese go well added to the original recipe, as well as zucchini and/ or eggplant. How often do you cook this dish? This recipe is perfect for when you either don’t have much to work with in the

kitchen or not much time to cook. I cook it once a month on average, although if it were up to my children, they would probably like to have it at least once a week. They are big Shakshooka fans. What is your idea of the perfect family dinner? Having the perfect family dinner is really all about the company. Surrounding yourself with people you love and care about, without any external distractions like the TV or phones, is the perfect environment for your taste buds to experience the ‘taste of love’ the food has been cooked with. Vitamin “L”, or the “Love Vitamin”, is an energetic frequency passed on to the diners from the person cooking the family meal. When my children, Sam and Zara and my husband Perry tell me they can taste the love in my food, I know they are speaking from the heart and it makes me feel very special. Your favourite memory of cooking with your mum: Although my memories of Mum’s cooking are mainly from my early childhood, I can still remember the caring, loving flavours of her food. I vividly remember at the age of three or

four, standing on a stool in our small kitchen, helping mum separate the egg yolks from the egg whites while following a sponge-cake recipe. We then blended the ingredients together, and I had to wait patiently for the cake mixture to go into the oven so that I can get my reward for helping Mum licking the wooden spoon! The best advice your mum has given you: “Never marry anyone before you moved in together for at least 12 months.” Great advice from Mum as I have now been happily married for 19 years. Your favourite spot in QLD to catch a bite: Cha Cha Japanese Restaurant in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. We first dined at Cha Cha’s about 20 years ago, and have been hooked on Jack, the owner’s, delicious Japanese and Korean food ever since. It’s a very busy but casual dining environment where Jack and his staff make all diners feel very welcome. The service is friendly and quick, the meals are always scrumptious and the servings are generous. And it doesn’t break the bank!

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SERVES 8-12, (big slices in this house!)



BASE 1. Prepare a springform pan, cover the base with greaseproof paper or foil and grease over the top and sides of pan with a little butter. 2. Crush the biscuits, use a food processor or place biscuits in a ziplock bag to suit and roll a rolling pin over the contents until they resemble coarse breadcrumbs. 3. In a small saucepan, over a low heat, melt the butter. Combine the two ingredients and press into the base and sides of the prepared springform pan. 4. Place the prepared base in the freezer for 10 minutes, until you add the filling.

Base 1 packet ( 400g) digestive biscuits or your choice 6-8 tbsp ( 80-100g) melted butter (some biscuits are more absorbent than others) Butter, for greasing 20cm springform pan Filling 2 ½ cups (630g) of your yoghurt of choice or 4 x (170g) sized flavoured yoghurt tub (of course you can use Greek yoghurt and add a coulis here, just make to 2 ½ cups... Have a play) 250 g cream cheese 1 cup (200g) raw sugar

FILLING 1. Blend the yoghurt, sugar and cream cheese in a blender. 2. Take the gelatin powder and hot

water and mix well to avoid lumps. 3. When fully dissolved add to blended yoghurt mix and blend again. At this point don’t walk off to a soapie or answer the phone. Gelatin sets REALLY quickly! 4. Remove the pan from freezer and add the filling, return to fridge to set. 5. When set remove and run a knife around the edge of pan, release the spring and carefully remove the ring over the top of cake. 6. Cut to desired serving sizes and serve on its own or with Berry Coulis

For the vegetarian or additive -sensitive, use agar agar as an alternative to animal-derived gelatin. Agar Agar is a seaweed derivative thickening agent, but note, acid weakens agar agar’s gelling power, so don’t go for fruits like mangos, kiwi fruit or peaches.

2 tbsp (40g) powdered gelatin (or agar agar) 1/3 cup hot water

Lyndel Miller is a commercial and editorial food, still life and interiors stylist. Raised between a quintessential ’70s home and the kitchen of the family restaurant business, she has a longstanding affection for cooking and entertaining in all its delicate and delicious detail. Home town: I grew up in Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and while it hasn’t been home for many years when I visit it’s like going home. All my fondest memories of my mother are there. I’ve spend most of my life in Currumbin and Currumbin Valley and moved to Brisbane four years ago. Brisbane is now my home. I love it here (although I miss the beach!). Tell us the story behind this recipe and why it is important to you: This recipe has been in the family for years and reinvented time and time again with other fruits. It’s delightfully light and was a bestseller on my mother’s menu at her iconic health cafe back in the ’70s. People would queue down the street for her food! It was very forward thinking. Yoghurt in a cheesecake! Once tried never forgotten. You can easily adapt it


to utilise your own homemade yoghurt or store-bought favourite, so in a word, it’s a winner and so delicious! How often do you cook this dish? Every holidays or when my family need a Healthy Bee fix (that was the name of Mum’s wholefoods cafe). What role has food played in your life? It’s at the core! It’s my love language. I love to cook for anyone that loves and appreciates the ritual of sharing and caring with food... foodie friends are the best, right?! Your idea of the perfect family dinner? A successful one. Where the sounds of mmmmm reign, mixed with laughter, conversation and when everyone is in the moment. No technology allowed! It about coming together and it doesn’t have to be elaborate... although I can’t help but add a few details to the table settings.

Your favourite memory of cooking with your mum: Probably cooking with Mum for the cafe. Although at the time I wouldn’t say I loved it. This meant early starts and stressful timelines, but I treasure them now as they were intimate moments of sharing her skills with me and this sparked my interest and love for food at a young age. I think it’s important to teach your children to love and appreciate food, and better still, prepare and cook it. It’s a true gift of the heart. The best advice your mum has given you: Always read the recipe through first! Always! Never rush (or drink wine!). Both mum and I can’t cook and drink, the results are disastrous! It’s hilarious! I must plan ahead for dinner parties for this reason (laughs).

“This is one of my all-time favourite desserts. All credit here goes to my culinary hero, my mum, Carole Seymour. It took years to get this recipe mind you, and while I have made this now numerous times, I never tire of it. I modify it often, as does my daughter (that’s the beauty of it!). My kids jump up and down at the whisper that one may be on its way, planned for a Sunday treat… we all love it. I hope you love it too, and make for all you love. Strawberry is my choice of yoghurt, cherry a close second. Thanks Mum! Love you.” Lyndel Miller

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Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Set the oven rack in lower middle level.

100 g semi-sweet chocolate 150 g unsweetened chocolate 2 tablespoons dark rum OR 2 tablespoons strong coffee 250 g unsalted butter, at room temperature ½ cup granulated sugar 5 egg yolks 5 egg whites 1 ⁄ 4 teaspoon cream of tartar 1 pinch salt 2 tablespoons ice sugar 75 g blanched almond flour (pulverised in blender or food processor with 2 tablespoons granulated sugar) 25 g cake flour

In a saucepan over low heat, melt the chocolate in the rum or coffee. Set aside. In a mixing bowl, cut butter into pieces and cream it. When soft and fluffy, add sugar and beat 1 minute. Beat in egg yolks until well blended. In another bowl, beat egg whites until foamy. Beat in cream of tartar and salt and continue beating until soft peaks are formed. Gradually beat in 2 tablespoons sugar and continue beating until stiff, shiny peaks are formed. Blend melted chocolate and coffee or rum into yolk mixture, then add almonds. Stir a quarter of the egg whites into the chocolate using a rubber spatula. Scoop

the rest of the whites over chocolate and, alternating with sprinkles of flour, rapidly and delicately fold in the egg whites. Turn batter into buttered and floured 8-by-1 1/2-inch round cake pan, tilting it in all directions up to the rim all around. Set in preheated oven. Bake 25 minutes. Cake is done when puffed to the top and a toothpick inserted 2 to 3 inches from edge comes out clean. The centre should move slightly when the pan is gently shaken. Remove pan to a rack and let cool 15 minutes. Unmold on to rack. Let cool 2 hours before storing or icing.

For a soft and sticky cake, serve it at room temperature. If you prefer a more dense, chewy cake, serve it cold. I prefer it cold, with a big dollop of ice cream.

“I do not know who and when they baked this cake for the first time, but the name it received is not accidental – the cake is as beautiful as the legendary queen was beautiful! Despite the huge number of recipes for a variety of chocolate cakes, this recipe stands out from the crowd with its elegant well-balanced flavours. This is the favourite recipe of the family cake. It is a dense, creamy structure, light and not cloying. Even those who do not like dark chocolate (there are some really!) will appreciate this cake.” Oxana Solovieva Home town: Khabarovsk City, Russia Tell us the story behind this recipe and why it is important to you: The story goes back to the very first days we arrived to Australia, and somehow I discovered the recipe of the chocolate cake, which is very simple but in the meantime has very delicate, well-balanced, rich chocolate flavours. Also it can come with different toppings like dark chocolate and berries or whatever you can imagine. How often do you cook this dish? I try to do different desserts, but I always come back to our family cake once every two month. What role has food played in your life? Food plays a big role in our day-to-

day life, whether you cook at home or go outdoors for a fancy restaurant experience or for simple and sparkling street food at the markets. It brings and connects family and friends together, and yes, it gives you a food experience as well. What is your idea of the perfect family dinner? What we really like is dinners outdoors during a winter season when we make a fire and then sizzle on charcoal vegetable, meat and seafood in our front yard. We love it and kids are always so excited about it. It’s a really special feeling to cook food on a fire. Your favourite memory of cooking with your mum: My mum does absolutely good cakes and biscuits, and when we knew that Mum

was going to cook sweets it was always a happy day for me and for my younger sister. It was also a lot of fun helping her to bake when we became older. The best advice your mum has given you: Live every single moment with love and peace in your heart and soul and be happy. Life is the most precious gift for all of us. Your favourite spot in QLD to catch a bite: Oh there are many. I like Ferry Market cafes, always enjoy street food on Marketta Night Market in Miami, and there are a couple of good restaurants open on Broadbeach recently. I think in nearly each suburb on the Gold Coast you can find interesting, authentic food.

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THE JUICE DIARIES Have you ever wanted to try a juice cleanse, but were unsure which one to choose, for how long to cleanse and if the results are even worth it? We at Provoke have tried and tested three different Queensland cleanse companies just for you. See how each of us went, if we made it through and what each of our cleanse results were. Name: Emma Heron Testing: Pressed Juices Advanced Cleanse RRP: $198 W: Eating Habits: Sweet tooth, coffee lover, constant grazer Cleanse Goals: Less bloating, clearer skin, a healthier approach to food, increased vitality DAY 1 6am Juice delivery guy is banging on my door. Crap. That’s today? I knew I should have had that “last supper” bowl of spag bol last night. And why the heck did I do grocery shopping yesterday? Even worse, the chocbottomed scotch fingers were on sale so I know they are sitting in my cupboard ready to laugh at me and my liquid diet for the next three days. First juice down the hatch. It’s surprisingly delicious. I had recently taken to having lemon water first 30 PROVOKE.COM.AU

thing in the morning and this tastes just like that, only black. Who knew you could drink charcoal? I do notice as I’m feeding my toddler her delicious, cheesy, scrambled egg breakfast that I have the bad habit of finishing off whatever she doesn’t eat (usually 80% of the meal). I stop myself this time, but I don’t enjoy doing it.

we’re booked in for lunch at my husband’s hotel. I kid you not, nachos and chicken wings are my all-time favourites and they are BOTH on the specials board. Torture. I have my juice lunch and while the taste is OK, I definitely miss chewing. I don’t recommend going out to lunch while you’re on a Juice Cleanse.

8am Confession. I am not the girl who jumped on the kale bandwagon. I’ve never tasted the stuff. Juice two (which actually has more of a smoothie consistency) looks to be packed with it. As I suspected, I don’t like kale.

3pm This is usually the point in my day when the sugar cravings hit. Today though, nothing. No craving. Don’t get me wrong, I am still coming to terms with the fact that these juices are it for three days, but this is definitely a little first-day win. The Zing juice I’ve just polished off is the best one so far and there is definitely some churning going on in my stomach. Not the scary must-stay-home kind or the I-couldeat-a-horse kind, but something is certainly working down there.

9:30 MUST HAVE COFFEE! 10:30 Juice three is beetroot, spinach, carrot, celery, cucumber, lettuce, kale, parsley. With this grocery list of ingredients it’s obvious why I’m not hungry at all. 12:30pm The in-laws arrive and

6pm This would usually be dinnertime. After feeding my

daughter, I would normally sit down to a bigger-than-necessary feed of whatever I threw in the slow cooker that morning. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to order a large pepperoni pizza just out of defiance, but tonight it’s juice number six. Knowing that I still have two more juices to polish off before bed is a little daunting. That’s a lot of liquid for a little bladder. 8pm Hands down the Juice of the Day! For my cleanse, the Pressed Juices nutritionist I spoke with recommended the Fig and Pepita Mylk for my evening drink. I’ll be looking forward to this one tomorrow. 9:30pm I had been excited for juice eight after being told I could heat it slightly. In my mind, I could pretend it was a microwave meal with none of the plasticy taste. I had ordered the Slippery Elm with alkaline water, licorice root, marshmallow root, chia seeds, slippery elm bark powder and cinnamon. Granted that I picked it only because I saw the word marshmallow, this ended up being the perfect nighttime tonic similar to a chai tea. 10pm Off to bed. I’m not hungry, but I definitely spent a lot of the day pining for foods I couldn’t eat. I’m hoping by tomorrow my head will be in the game as it has been very obvious that this cleanse will be a mind battle for me. DAY 2 6am Oh yeah, no food again today. Juice one down the hatch.

7pm I can feel there is some definite “cleanse” brewing in my stomach. Enough said. 9pm A warm juice eight settles my stomach and I head off to bed. DAY 3 6am Best. Sleep. Ever. I must know which juice ingredient is behind this! More than happy to knock back my morning brew if it means some decent shut eye again tonight. Feeling lighter this morning, physically and mentally. 8am Picking up juice two for the day. I’ve realised much of yesterday’s anger seems to have gone and juicing has become a bit of a routine. I love routine. 10:30am - 2pm Juice, juice. Work, work. Am noticing that my tummy feels far less settled today and am finding myself preparing for some kind of final cleanse! 4pm I decide to drink my new favourite juice, the Zing, in the car on the way home. How’s that for multitasking? I’m getting healthy and getting home. I’ve definitely got my bounce back today and am sure I’ll be far less of a storm cloud at home. 6pm Without a doubt, I’m feeling more calm than I have in months. In between caring for a one-year-old, working, and planning a wedding & honeymoon I haven’t had much time to focus on me. This cleanse has

certainly allowed me that time and it’s paying off big time in the brain. 8pm Toddler asleep, tomorrow’s dinner in the cooker, house clean and I’m not even crawling towards my bed like a zombie mother. On to my second-last juice. 9:30 It’s the final juice now (must be sung in Swedish rock band Europe style for full effect). I actually find myself savouring this last juice, sad to see it go after we’ve spent so much time together these past three days. If you’d asked me on day one, I would have told you exactly where you could shove it. I guess they got me good with this whole rejuvenation process. RESULTS Less bloated – tick; clearer skin – big tick; increased vitality – absolutely! A healthier approach to food – heck yes. In fact, a healthier approach to everything. Being so focussed on my health for three days saw me doing the little things that are usually first to fall off my busy agenda. I took care of my skin with a rejuvenating face mask. I drank plenty of water (which is still important even though you’re downing all that juice) and I even sorted out my bedroom and work desks. The biggest lightbulb moment for me during this cleanse is that in cleansing your body, your mind also gets a clearing and in maintaining health long-term, both are equally as important. Oh, and my first day off the cleanse I drove straight past my coffee spot without a second thought!

8am Arrive at work after observing a minute’s silence when driving past my usual coffee spot. I find the second juice of the day the most filling, like a breakfast substitute, so I’m happy to tuck into it as I settle in for a day behind the desk. 10:30am I’m pretty angry with the juice cleanse now. I’m sure this is all part of it, cleansing the mind and the body, so hopefully all this nothing-tochew anger is being exorcised by juice number three. I was warned day two would likely be the most difficult. 12:30pm - 4pm Juice, juice, juice. No hunger, but lots of anger. 5:30pm Arrive home from work to a very rare child-free night. Usually, this would mean ordering take-away, busting out the box of Chicken Crimpy and just gorging while telling myself, “you’ve earnt this”. For the first time today I’m glad the only option is juice. I’m getting married in two weeks, the time for pizza is definitely not now. Drink up. Autumn 2016 31

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to my Calaba. My energy level, I’m relieved to say, has toned down, but as I am not much of morning person, it was especially enjoyable to have a full energy morning. 3:30pm I have made it through both breakfast and lunch hours, and I’m starting to feel a bit tired of just juice as my diet, but I am motivated to keep going. Juice four, my Clean Green has gone down the hatch and once again I am extremely full. 5:30pm Melon crush is next on the list, and it’s a struggle to get through. I’m just not feeling hungry. 10pm My day was completed with an earlier Dr. Green and I’m off to bed.

Name: Logan Smith Testing: The Cleanse Kitchen – Three-Day Cleanse (made special with fresh ingredients) RRP: $195 W: Eating Habits: Coffee addict, busybee that usually forgets lunch. Breakfast – as It’s my favourite – is usually my largest meal of the day. Cleanse Goals: Increased energy and a deeper sleep. DAY 1 7am My first day of the cleanse and I’m as eager as ever. I’m hoping that with this cleanse my body will feel very rejuvenated and refreshed. I’m to take my First Thing with water, which is designed to rehydrate my system after sleep, stimulate my metabolism and help to kick-start the process of waste elimination. With that in mind, its bottoms up. 8am My first juice is very appropriately named Sunrise and is a mix of ruby grapefruit, orange, pineapple, ginger and turmeric. The bright-orange colour and fresh-cold taste is the perfect start to my hot Queensland work day. P.S. I’m absolutely loving The Cleanse Kitchen’s glass resealable bottles. I am already planning so many great reusable uses for them. 10am As a serious daily coffee drinker, my morning brain is stuck on the Founder of The Cleanse Kitchen, Inga Truscott’s recount of their delicious sounding Coffee Mylk drink, and I can’t help but feel exceptionally sad that it’s not in my cleanse. But alas, I am on to my second drink, which will hopefully dampen my coffee cravings. Juice #2: Calaba (carrot, apple, beetroot and lemon.)


12 noon Juice three, and I’m feeling good at this stage. I overcame my need for caffeine (barely) and am thoroughly enjoying my Daily Greens juice, a combination of apple, cucumber, spinach, cos, celery, mint, lemon and lime. 2pm Drink four is another green one, and I’m feeling a bit green about drinking it too. Hot chips sound really good right about now. This one is Clean Green, made up of spinach, cucumber, cos, lemon, parsley, mint and celery. Yum... 4:30pm I am especially fond of drink number five, Melon Crush: watermelon, beet, mint, lime and ginger. At this point, I’m seriously craving a meal, but the sweetness of this drink is a nice way to sooth my hunger pangs. 6:30pm My final drink of the day is a green smoothie, appropriately titled Dr. Green. It is made up of coconut H2O, kale, spinach, avocado, lemon and chai medjool dates. I can well and truly say that I am full. The day was much easier and a lot more enjoyable to get through than I had feared, and I honestly couldn’t fit food in even if I wanted too. DAY 2 8am There’s a spring in my step. I am awake, have already had my First Thing and gone for a walk this morning. Now I’m popping my Sunrise, and am off to work. 10am Craving coffee like you wouldn’t believe… coffee, coffee, coffee! 12 noon Today’s drinks are all the same as yesterday’s, except the order is slightly mixed. I have already enjoyed my Daily Greens and am on

DAY 3 7am I am happy to report I had one of the best sleeps! No tossing and turning, just blissful, long-overdue sleep. Plus the added bonus is once again I feel refreshed and wide awake! 10am I’m on to juice two of the day… and shockingly no coffee cravings! 4pm I have made it through the workday, and am still feeling very refreshed. There has been no bloating from daily meals, and my good night’s sleep has made my workday exceptionally productive. 9pm All drinks are now complete! I am delighted to say I have made it through the full three-day cleanse. There were a few moments where I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I am left feeling very happy and proud of myself for persevering. RESULTS I truly had some of the best full night’s sleep after day two and three of the cleanse. It wasn’t until I forgoed solid food that I realised how much the food I have been eating has caused me to feel throughout the day. Having a full three days of no bloating, increased energy and even better smelling breath has been an eye-opener. One of the hardest aspects of the cleanse for me was remembering to schedule each drink into my day, as I have the terrible habit of skipping meals in my haste. Even that has been a good lesson learnt, consuming nutrients throughout the day at regular intervals has such a positive effect on the body. I would absolutely recommend this three-day cleanse, if for no other reason than it sincerely puts in to perspective your bad food choices and eating habits. The changes the cleanse makes to your body and daily life are very noticeable and without a doubt will change your mind on what you are consuming.

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Name: Danielle Wylde Testing: Noosa Cleanse – TwoDay Cleanse RRP: $150 W: Eating Habits: Constant snacker, and lover of home-cooked meals, especially favourites such as roasts and pastas. Chocolate and caffeine aficionado. Cleanse Goals: Less bloating and better sleep. DAY 1 7am I started the morning off with the Aloe Vera Jar, warm water and lemon. I am certainly a coffee addict, but surprisingly the lemon concoction seems to be working and has woken me up… slightly. 8am Now drinking my green juice, which is lettuce, cucumber, celery, apple, kale, dandelion greens, lemon and super grass. I’ve had similar ones before, but this one tastes great… grassy, but great. 9.05am Would really like a coffee now! 9.30am I’m hungry. This is going to be a long couple of days! 10:30am Having my second juice, which is the carrot, apple, cucumber and lemon. This is delicious and refreshing. It seems to have instantly stopped my craving for food. Let’s see how long it lasts... 11am And I’m hungry again.

1pm On to my third juice. This one is the Spicy Lemonade, which has akaline water, lemon, apple, cayenne pepper, Celtic sea salt and green leaf stevia powder. This certainly has a kick to it and isn’t as sweet as juice two, however, it’s still enjoyable. I do think it would taste better over a warm chicken salad, with bacon, feta and olives. Mmmmmmm. 4pm Four o’clock, four juices down. This one was carrot and beetroot and I’d be lying if I said I had been looking forward to juice number four, as I am really hungry. Surprisingly, it has seemed to fill me up and stopped the cravings for food. 6:30pm Elixir – alkaline water, chia seeds, lemon myrtle leaf, lemongrass, liquorice root and vanilla bean powder. The hunger has passed and I’m starting to get used to the juice. I feel tired and slightly lethargic, but I put that down to this being the longest time I have gone without food. 8pm Time for my last juice and an early night I think. I am absolutely drained, but tomorrow is another day! DAY 2 8am I slept for a full 10 hours last night! I woke up feeling much better than I did last night and just downed my aloe vera shot with lemon and water to start my day off. It’s still not coffee, but it does seem to have a similar effect so I’m happy so far.

8:30am Drinking my first juice for the day, which is the Green Juice A. Looking forward to this one as it was one of my favourites from yesterday... It doesn’t disappoint. 11:30am Having my second Orange Juice A. I love this juice! It’s really refreshing and has a sweet taste. Plus, I’m not even thinking about food, which is crazy as I thought today would be worse than yesterday. 1:30pm On to my third juice, which is the Spicy Lemonade. I’m still not hungry, which is great, and being on this juice cleanse is becoming easier. 7pm Now having my final juice on my balcony enjoying the view of the Gold Coast. This one was the carrot and beetroot. RESULTS I enjoy food too much to say it was an easy cleanse for me, but I am happy to have completed it. My stomach feels very settled, and I enjoyed immensely the complete full night’s sleep. On each of the days I thought I would still be very hungry, but the juices are all so filling that my food cravings were almost nonexistent. Two days is a long enough cleanse for me, and an easier option for me to do again. Delivery was extremely easy, as all of the juices were cold packed and extremely fresh. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone looking for a quick pick-me-up in their daily energy levels and digestive system.

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TIME TO DETOX If your liver could talk, it would probably ask you to show it some more appreciation and treat it with respect. It may even ask for a bit of TLC so it can keep serving you efficiently and keep you well and healthy for the rest of your life. Here’s where I can help. WORDS: MAYA BROSNAN NUTRITIONIST, IRIDOLOGIST, FITNESS PROFESSIONAL AND YOGI.

The Liver is a Multi-Tasking Workaholic Our bodies are in a constant battle with our toxic environment. The food we eat is loaded with chemicals as are the liquids we drink and the air we breathe. The liver, an incredible hard-working organ, filters about 90 litres of blood per hour. It purifies the blood and detoxifies external toxins, including environmental chemicals, pesticides, medications, alcohol and caffeine, as well as internal (endogenous) toxins such as hormones and toxic waste from the digestive tract. Our often underacknowledged, under-nurtured liver constantly converts one substance to another changing chemical structures of different foods we consume to build structural proteins, as well as changing environmental toxins, chemicals, drugs and medications into safer, more soluble molecules, ready for elimination through bile or urine. Even when the liver is not functioning optimally it still has an incredible capability of regenerating, correcting and improving its own function, while all it may need is a little bit of help from us.

waking up between 2am4am (liver detox times), sensitivity to alcohol, and even sensitivity to environmental chemicals and smells.

Detoxing Correctly – is juice fasting good for us? Juice cleanses are a popular way of initiating a detox. When used on a short-term basis they can help us feel ‘cleaner’ both physically and mentally. But if we are looking at a longer, more thorough detox, then we find that we can enhance the juice cleansers’ detoxifying effect by adding vegan sources of protein such as chia seeds, crushed nuts and seeds or goodquality clean, vegan protein powders (such as pea protein or rice protein with no additives or artificial sweeteners). The amino acids in these proteins will help the liver unlock its detoxifying mechanism more efficiently rather than stir up more toxins building up through Your Liver Talks to You Every Day long-term juicing alone. The body will If the liver is overworked or underattempt to clear any toxic build-up functioning, it may start to send you encouraged by juice cleanses, but in some signals. These signals, in other order to completely eliminate those, the words symptoms you may experience, liver will need to have an abundance of are your body’s way of letting you amino acids (like cysteine, methionine, know you could feel and look glutamic acid, glycine, a hell of a lot better if methionine, cysteine and you took some time to taurine) available. A natural nurture the organ healthcare practitioner that already does so Ask not what your such as an accredited nutritionist much for you. Some liver can do for you, or naturopath will be able to of the symptoms but what you can do assess your detoxing needs and associated with for your liver! tailor an individual detox plan increased toxicity Here’s a general for you. I highly recommend include recurrent detox eating and seeing a professional who will headaches or lifestyle guide. support you through your detox migraines, muscle Depending on journey, especially if you are a aches and weakness, individual needs, regular sufferer of any skin conditions such these can be followed of the symptoms as acne, recurrent for anywhere from two mentioned here. infections, poor to six weeks: short-term memory and • Avoid all alcohol, caffeine, concentration, chronic fatigue, soft drink, commercial juice lethargy, anxiety and mood swings, and replace with herbal, green and constipation or incomplete stools, white tea. Increase your water intake 34 PROVOKE.COM.AU

to at least two litres a day. • Avoid using cheap plastic containers and products to reduce your exposure to harmful BPA (Bisphenol A) and phthalates. Avoid heating food in plastic containers or eating out of plastic takeaway containers. Remove all sugar • and refined carbohydrates, including lollies, chocolate, biscuits, chips, cakes, cookies and bakery goods, including any other products containing white flour or sugar. Replace with fresh fruit as well as a variety of cooked and raw vegetables. Choose rainbow coloured vegies to increase your intake of antioxidants and phytochemicals. Avoid all dairy (except sugar-free full-cream fermented yoghurt) including milk, cheese and ice cream. Replace with the less reactive/ less inflammatory form of dairy, including goats or sheep milk and cheese. Other alternatives include almond, coconut or rice milk, and refined sugar-free coconut yoghurt. Replace wheat with other lessreactive grains such as spelt, millet, rye, buckwheat and wholegrain oats. Avoid all processed meat and red meat. Replace with fresh fish, organic free-range chicken, eggs and turkey, beans, lentils, peas, nuts and seeds. Avoid all commercial sauces such as tomato, sweet-chilli and BBQ sauce and replace with herbs and spices.

If you cannot afford to switch to 100% organic produce, go for fresh and local, and wash your fruit and vegies thoroughly. Soaking in warm water with a splash of apple cider vinegar will help break down some of the pesticides.

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Model: Maya Brosnan | Photography: Sharon Richards Photographics

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TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, ASK YOURSELF WHY It may seem a bit late to be talking about setting goals for 2016, but chances are the resolutions made after you celebrated the new year have fizzled away. So, why is it that so many new year’s resolutions get broken? Why do so many gym memberships get sold in January, but never get fully used? Why is not only the question, it’s the answer! Finding your WHY is the key to goal setting. WORDS: BELINDA WASOWSKI PERFORMANCE COACH


oal setting is a valuable exercise, but many people struggle to meet their goals because they haven’t spent time truly understanding their motivation for their goal. It’s fine to say you want to lose weight, tone up, get fit or get six-pack abs, but what does that really mean and what’s the deeper motivation behind it? Your WHY outlines what you really, really want – the thing you probably don’t say out loud, the thing that might be hard to even admit to yourself, the thing that hurts when you don’t have it. Identifying your


WHY helps provide the motivation for you to succeed in achieving the goals you set for yourself. Some describe it as finding the wound and pouring salt on it. Your WHY guides you on your path to success. It’s inspirational. It keeps you motivated. It’s your greater purpose for doing whatever it is that you’re doing. It reflects your values and how you see the best version of yourself. Confused? Don’t be. It’s simple really. Goals answer ‘what, when, how’ questions. Your WHY, well it answers the ‘why’ question.

Goals End. Your WHY is Enduring. Identifying your WHY helps you reflect on what is really important to you, rather than focusing on the things you think you want, or focusing on things that other people want. It’s harder to follow the crowd if you’re chasing your personal WHY! Your goal might be to lose body fat, and you might have a really clear and powerful image of yourself at your goal weight, shape or size. But that’s still a goal. That’s still ‘what’ you want to achieve, not ‘why’ you want it. Your WHY might be ‘living with greater self-esteem’ or ‘having

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confidence to wear a swimsuit so that you are happy to join in the fun at the beach rather than sitting on the sidelines’ or ‘feeling more positive and confident about your body so that you are comfortable exposing your body and giving and receiving love in intimate situations with your partner’. Deep, huh? Well, that’s what your WHY is all about. Step One: Identify Your WHY I use the 5 Whys method with my clients when they are setting goals. The 5 Whys method is a system originally used by the Toyota Motor Corporation to solve problems. The idea behind the 5 Whys method is that when you want to achieve something (or when something goes wrong), you ask yourself one ‘why?’. Then, with whatever answer you come up with, you ask another why. And so on, five times. Step two: Set Some Goals Once you know your WHY or multiple WHYs, you can start setting goals; achievable tasks that allow continued success and motivation. By setting and achieving multiple smaller goals, you confirm your ability to succeed and achieve your dreams and aspirations. Achieving goals instills self-confidence and self-belief. Each goal you set should align with your WHY. Goals are like stepping stones. If you have a goal that doesn’t align with your WHY, then you should ask yourself why you’ve set out to achieve that goal. Keeping your WHY at front of mind will help keep you working on your goals when times get tough. Keep a journal to record your progress, set alarms in your phone to remind you of your WHY, share your WHY with a friend or your personal trainer; someone who can help keep you on track. When it comes to goals, there are a few tricks to setting realistic and achievable goals, and therefore increasing your chances of success. Choose Behaviour Goals Over Outcome Goals Outcome goals state what will happen at the end, and they are usually out of our control. Behaviour goals state what actions are needed to get to the end and are usually within our control. For example, we cannot control our hormones, but we can control what we eat. Outcome goals: Save $5,000; Lose 5 kilos; Run 5km Behaviour goals: Put $40 in a savings account each week; Start an exercise program; Walk 5km per day, gradually increasing my speed. The more specific your behaviour goals are, the easier it will be to succeed. Choose approach over avoid goals. Avoid goals involve something we don’t want. Approach goals involve

something we do want. Avoid goals: Stop eating chocolate at 3pm; Stop drinking soft drink at work. Approach goals: Pack a healthy but delicious snack to take to work for afternoon tea; keep a water bottle on my desk and aim to get through two litres per day. If you set the right goals you’ll feel energised, excited and motivated to get going! Seek improvement, Not Perfection People who seek excellence or improvement, rather than perfection, enjoy the process of chasing their goal as much as reaching the goal itself. Seeking improvement allows you to focus on the journey and what you learn along the way. Focusing on

perfection and being concerned with meeting the goal and avoiding failure can prevent you from enjoying the process of growing and striving. Record and Review Having your goals written down increases your chances of success. Write milestones in your diary; set calendar notes in your phone to remind you of important tasks; keep a goal board or a journal to help motivate you towards your goals; review your goals regularly, reminding yourself of your WHY and checking off milestones as you achieve them. All that’s left now is for you to grab a pen and paper, find a comfy chair and start asking yourself WHY. Go forth and set your awesome and SMART goals!

THE 5 WHYS METHOD What do you want to achieve? I want to lose body fat. Why do you want to lose body fat? Because I want to be able to wear a swimsuit during the summer holidays. Why do you want to be able to wear a swimsuit? Because I haven’t worn a swimsuit for at least five years and I think I’ll feel more confident at the beach if I can wear a swimsuit and not feel like I need to cover up. Why do you want to feel more confident at the beach? Because when I feel more confident at the beach I am more relaxed and I’ll be more likely to get involved in holiday activities with my family/friends. Why do you want to get more involved in holiday activities? Because over the years, I’ve stopped participating in activities because I’m self-conscious. Getting involved in fun activities on holidays will bring me closer to my family (or friends).

want to be closer to your husband? Because when I’m closer to my family (or friends) and engaged in activities with them, I feel loved and valued. I feel happier and more confident. I feel like I’m living, rather than watching from the sidelines. You can see from this example that the goal of losing body fat is less about appearance and more about confidence and the desire to be engaged in life. Once we know the deeper motivation for losing body fat, we can start setting other goals that will also achieve greater confidence and happiness. You might have more than one WHY. They could stem from seeing your parents living with preventable lifestyle diseases that you want to avoid, or wanting to be an active role model for your children, or wanting to fall pregnant and be in excellent health when you do, or your WHY might relate to your career.

Why is that important? Why do you Autumn 2016 37


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Brisbane’s Newest Market When: First Sunday of every month, 9am-2pm Where: Morningside School of Arts, Brisbane How Much: Free Metre Market is the newest boutique market where fashion, music, food, art and good vibes collide. The Market was created by two young Brisbane ladies who were looking for an affordable and fussfree way to clear out their wardrobes and sell their pre-loved clothing. All you have to do is register for a pre-loved clothes rack, bring all your goodies and sell away. Market-goers will also enjoy an awesome lineup of gourmet food trucks, coffee vans, live local music, art installations, henna tents and fresh market blooms. W:

Breastfeeding Mums: Have you discovered Laila & Spot? Laila & Spot describe their clothes for new mums as “beautiful designs for ugly battles”. Think working your new boobs while hiding your new tummy, looking fresh for unannounced well-wishers during your mid-morning cat-nap, or painfully breastfeeding in front of a capacity crowd on public transport. Our favourite piece from their latest range is this chic and clever one-piece. It features inner support, adjustable straps, side rouching and stylish metal drop-down clasps. These interlock, so you can be confident they won’t get pulled down by the waves or little fingers! Getting back into the water post-baby isn’t half as terrifying with one of these beauties in your wardrobe. RRP: $79.50 W:


HOW TO: Get Whiter Teeth, Naturally Strawberry, Salt and Baking Soda Scrub You will need: 1-3 large strawberries a pinch of sea salt 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (optional) Directions: Mash the strawberries into a pulp and mix in a pinch of sea salt and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Wipe any extra saliva off your teeth with a paper towel Apply a generous portion of the mixture to a toothbrush and brush. Let the mixture sit for five minutes, then rinse. Do this nightly.

Why it Works: Strawberries are high in Vitamin C, which can help break down the plaque that is causing your teeth to look yellow. They also contain the enzyme malic acid, which may help to remove surface stains. The salt acts as the abrasive portion of the paste, physically scrubbing away stain-causing gunk. Baking soda adds an extra boost for the paste as it is mildly abrasive; gently scrubbing away surface stains to return teeth to a whiter shade.

Big names coming to the Gold Coast! We’ve all been shopping online with Sephora since November, and now the Gold Coast is getting its very own bricks-and-mortar store this year. The launch date and location are yet to be announced, however, there are whispers it may be part of Pacific Fair’s new wing, which is set to open in April, or Robina Town Centre. Pacific Fair has also announced it will welcome Japanese retailer UNIQLO and internationally adored fashion label H&M to its retail mix.

The Beauty App You Need:

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius Buying new makeup is always a treat, but finding the perfect shade of lipstick by testing it on your hand doesn’t always end well. And please don’t let us see you putting those testers anywhere near your actual lips! Enter Makeup Genius, the masterful app that lets you try on makeup without the commitment, or the testers. L’Oréal Paris is behind the app, which is essentially a virtual makeup tester. Just upload a scan of your face and try on makeup looks and products. You can even see them move with you in real time!

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BEAUTY | Exfoliating Products

EARTH-FRIENDLY SCRUBS Say no to products that promise a clean face but deliver a dirty world!


icrobeads are a mega problem. The small pieces of plastic commonly found in facial cleansers, body scrubs and soap might do what they promise in terms of buffing off your dry skin, but as soon as they hit your bathroom sink they are causing a far more nasty global problem. Once washed into our waterways, plastic microbeads

settle into sediment that can be consumed by marine life. Scientists also believe they are likely to attract other pollutants such as oils and pesticides. Just as disturbing, humans can ingest microbeads when eating contaminated fish. Coles and Woolworths have promised to stop using microbeads in their beauty products from 2017,

but we say why wait?! With so many gorgeous and earth-friendly face and body scrubs on the market, now is the time to make sure our beauty purchases are keeping both our skin and our waterways sparkling. Here are our top 10 scrubs and the all-natural rough stuff they use to keep you and the earth in pristine condition.

Goodness Every Week Face Scrub RRP$12.95, Chemist Warehouse Exfoliates with: Powdered pumice and chia seed

Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant RRP $36.95, Exfoliates with: Biodegradable jojoba wax spheres

The Rough with the Smooth Solid Body Scrub RRP $12.95, Exfoliates with: Granulated sugar


Spa of the World Dead Sea Salt Scrub RRP $42.95, Exfoliates with: Sea salt

Konjac Cleansing Sponge RRP $15, Exfoliates with: Konjac root

Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder RRP $87, available at Mecca Maxima, Robina Town Centre Exfoliates with: White clay and powdered flower petals

Frank Body Original Coffee Body Scrub RRP $14.95, Exfoliates with: Coffee and sea salt

Jasmin Organics Rejuvenating Face Scrub RRP $55, Exfoliates with: Walnut granules

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Go onli co provoke. hance for the c our to win y e favourit scrub!

Saya Pink Clay Scrub RRP $17, Exfoliates with: Pink clay and walnut shell

St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub RRP $9.99, Exfoliates with: Apricot pits, walnut shells, cornkernel meal Autumn 2016 43










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Delicious Berry Tartlettes 4 ways!

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Top Secret Heirloom Recipes!


Do you need a little something to jazz up your home or office space? Well look no further! Mimpy and Co. ( has illustrated this fun and quirky succulent print that can bring a bit of sunshine back into your life. TO ENTER TO WIN 1 OF 3, SIMPLY SUBSCRIBE TO PROVOKE AND YOUR NAME WILL GO INTO THE DRAW! GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY READING! These A3 ‘Pot Heads’ prints are valued at $27.99 each. For more details visit

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5 TIPS FOR HEALTHY SKIN Why do some people have healthy glowing skin and others don’t? We often notice it, someone who religiously uses expensive creams, yet despite their efforts do not appear to be achieving a good result. While a good skincare routine is essential, the desired result will not show unless you adopt the following five tips. WORDS: DONNA ANNA NUTRITIONIST, MODEL AND BEAUTY EXPERT

1. Sun Protection One of the most effective ways to achieve healthy-looking skin is to protect it from the sun. The fastest way to premature wrinkles and age spots is to go outdoors without skin protection. Not only does the sun contribute to early signs of ageing, it can also increase the risk of skin cancer. We still need the sun for our daily dose of vitamin D and we can receive adequate amounts of it by going into the sun for just a few minutes a day. The rest of the time the application of sunscreen is one of the most important things we can do if our goal is to achieve that flawless complexion. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is at least SPF 15+. Don’t worry if you are away from home and forget to pack your sunscreen as many foundations, especially the mineral powders, offer a sun-protection rating of 15+. Check the labelling on the brand of foundation that you currently use to ensure that your face is protected. Most makeup brands that offer an SPF rating of 15 and above will mention it on the label. Even on cloudy days the sun can cause skin damage, therefore always remember to cover up as part of your daily routine and reapply sunscreen after swimming. 2. Don’t Smoke

Another certainty to make your skin look older than your years is smoking. Smoking causes wrinkles to appear faster than in a non-smoker. The reason for this is because the blood vessels narrow in the outer layers of the skin resulting in decreased blood flow. The skin becomes starved of oxygen and the nutrients that it

needs to achieve a healthy look. Even worse, smoking damages collagen and elastin, which are the fibres that give our skin suppleness and elasticity. In addition, the pursing of the lips – the action that a smoker makes when inhaling – can result in fine lines and wrinkles appearing around the mouth.

3. Good Nutrition

A healthy diet most certainly helps you look and feel your best. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts and legumes. Avoid processed and fatty foods, they do not do your skin any favors. Vitamins A & C, omega 3 and zinc are nutrients that support good skin health. Vitamin A is present in foods like carrots, sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens, and are important for skin health because without them the skin becomes dry and dull. Omega 3 fats help keep skin supple. Anyone who has dry or blotchy skin can benefit from an increased intake. Omega 3 is commonly found in oily fish and is also available as a supplement. It is important to adhere to the recommended daily allowance when taking fish oil. If you are unable to take fish oil don’t despair, as omega 3 is also abundant in flaxseed, nuts and seeds, in particular chia seeds. The omega 3 found in the chia seed is converted by the body into the same type of omega fatty acids that are found in fish oil. A diet rich in vitamin C is also important for healthy skin as it enhances collagen production, so keep vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, kiwi fruit and even spinach on your food shopping list.

4. Water

We have all heard that you must drink six to eight glasses of water a day for good health, but how exactly does it benefit your skin? Water is without a doubt essential for anyone who wishes to achieve that healthy glow. This is because when the body does not have enough hydration the blood thickens. Vital organs extract water from the blood, which results in taking moisture from the skin cells. This is one of the main causes of skin dryness, therefore to maintain water consumption throughout the day is paramount. Drinking enough water will ensure that your skin cells are receiving enough hydration. Use the colour of your urine as a guide, it can help determine how much water you actually need. If it is very yellow, then more water is needed. If it is clear you could be drinking too much. A pale yellow colour is desirable.

5. Sleep

There is truth behind the statement “you need your beauty sleep”. This is because when we sleep our skin goes into repair mode. Lack of sleep can lead to a number of skin issues like dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes, even sore eyes and a washedout complexion. Some of these issues show up immediately and others are the result of weeks or even longer from lack of sleep. Remain positive. The best thing is that even if you skin is looking tired and feeling dry, you can change it quickly by following these tips and adding a good skin care routine using a good quality product. Adopt these basic principles and your skin will thank you for it.

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DO MORE WITH LESS Gone are the days of rifling through an overflowing makeup bag to get ready every morning. Thanks to these nifty all-rounders, you can lighten your load and look good.

NARS The Multiple

Susan Posnick Color Eye Define

Use: Highlighter, contour, eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. RRP: $56 Available at Mecca Maxima, Robina Town Centre

Use: Eyeliner and eyeshadow RRP: $26 W:

ModelCo FluidSplash 3 in 1 Foundation Use: Foundation, concealer and eye base RRP $39 W:

NUDESTIX Lip and Cheek Dual Pencil

Use: Lips and cheeks RRP: $24 W:


Head muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment

Use: Softens and smooths, adds incredible shine, prevents frizz and fly-aways, nourishes dry, damaged hair, helps prevent split ends, reduces hair breakage, protects against premature colour fade, detangles, protects against thermal styling tools, helps strengthen hair, adds volume, protects against saltwater, chlorine and environmental damage, reduces blow-drying time, moisturises, locks out humidity, defines curls, increases hair’s elasticity, soothes dry scalp and enhances natural body. RRP: $25.95 W:


Elemental Herbology Tree of Life Balm Use: Stretch marks, chapped feet, lips and hands RRP: $49 Available at Mecca Maxima, Robina Town Centre

The self-titled blog began in early 2015. Celia is passionate about celebrating beauty and helping women find the best version of themselves. As a qualified skin therapist and makeup artist, Celia aims to use her knowledge to educate women about skin, beauty and makeup.

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BEAUTY | Local Beauty Expert

A FLEUR FOR BEAUTY Everyone knows the first thing you do on a US holiday is stock up on quality beauty products you can’t find back home. Brisbane go-getter Fleur Madden knew it, and she’s made it her business to keep you stocked up from home. Now her beauty products are getting the star treatment they deserve. WORDS: EMMA SCHAFER


he glitter from The Oscars 2016 has been swept from the Hollywood streets, but one Brisbane woman is still feeling the sparkle. Fleur Madden, 35, had dreamt of one day winning her own Academy Award, but knowing her Lulu and Lipstick makeup brushes were in the stars’ goodie bags was cause enough for champagne. Speaking with Fleur about this phenomenal win, one could be forgiven for thinking the Oscars die-hard was fated to one day cross paths with the Academy. “When I was a little girl I would get dressed up in formal wear to watch the Oscars every year,” Fleur said. “I was such a fan. Sometimes I would even have on a fur coat in the February heat in Australia to mark the occasion, so this has special significance for me, that at least my makeup brushes are making it to the Oscars, even if I am still watching from home!” Fleur is the founder and CEO of Lulu and Lipstick, an online store where women can get their hands on exclusive and hard-to-find international beauty brands. It’s somewhat ironic that the Travel Brush Set created by her Brisbane-based

2016 Makeup Trends according to Fleur: • Brows are still as important as ever, but look at softening bold-statement brows from last season. • Look for liquid lips in matte colours • Super-thick lash lines – we’re loving the Velour Lashes that Beyonce and JLo wear, available from Lulu and Lipstick of course! @luluandlipstick W:


brand is now the product that will be in high international demand. But that’s what happens when Fleur puts her hand to something. At only 23 years old she used her one day off from work with ABC TV news and The Sunday Mail to start leading consumer PR agency The Red Republic. She is also CEO of boutique graphic design studio Design by Republic. Fleur launched Lulu and Lipstick 15 months ago when she returned from a work stint in New York. When she settled back in Brisbane, she realised many of her new favourite international brands were now going to cost a fortune in shipping, or they weren’t available online. This simply wouldn’t do for the savvy businesswoman whose passion is the perfect pink lipstick (at the moment it’s Gerard Cosmetics ‘Vintage Rose’ Lipstick). Having done her fair share of beauty PR in the past, representing big-name clients like Oscar Oscar Salons and Alpha H, Fleur said she was ready for a career evolution. “I’m a big believer in pushing yourself and taking things to the next level,” she said. “I definitely still love the PR industry, but I also really love creating my own brand.” A brand that Fleur said she was most excited to see in the hands of Best Supporting Actress Alicia Vikander. After 13 years running her own empire, you would think her brush with the stars would rank high on Fleur’s list of achievements, but it was her 2014 nomination as a finalist for Telstra’s Young Business Woman of the Year that she says was her personal Oscars. “I remember covering the awards as a journalist and thinking how inspirational those women were and wanting to be part of it. So to end up at those awards with that calibre of women was a real highlight for me. I think I placed a lot of pressure on myself on the night and potentially missed some of the amazing moments, but you’re always learning.” Another lesson learnt for the hard-working, self-funded entrepreneur was the art of balance. “When people meet me on a personal level they may be quite surprised, because I think being a women in business you can have a reputation for being a certain way. I am very direct and I have a lot of mouths to feed and part of my job is to be a strong leader,” Fleur said. “But personally, I go home and cook dinner for my man every night and I have a lovely relationship. It’s really good to have a balance and to be able to switch off. I couldn’t have done that 13 years ago, and I’ve probably only learnt to do that in the last few years. You’ve got to enjoy the journey, you can’t just work hard to keep working hard.” When she wasn’t teaching us how to succeed as a young woman in business, Fleur also had some knockout beauty advice and a plethora of go-to products for all of our beauty needs. Her own beauty secret – a good skincare regime. “Cleanse, tone, use serum, use masks, day cream, night cream and you must use eye creams. There are no shortcuts, if you want beautiful skin you have to take care of it and invest in it,” she shares. The same “no shortcuts” approach is taken with Lulu and Lipstick’s range of beauty accessories which are all cruelty free and designed to look good sitting on your bathroom sink.

Fleur’s Lulu and Lipstick beauty must-haves in your:


Invest in a beautiful set of makeup brushes – you can’t create a masterpiece with the wrong tools. The Lulu and Lipstick 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set (RRP $120) will make you look and feel gorgeous.


If you are not using an eye cream already, do not delay. My fave is Ayurda Sparkle Eye Cream (RRP $44.95). I have been using it for 10 years and I don’t have any wrinkles around my eyes.


You see a difference in your skin as you start to age, and it is imperative to use serums. There are so many to choose from – I currently love Africology Absolute Rose Serum (RRP $95) for nighttime and Alpha H Liquid Gold (RRP $59.95) for day to see real results.


Masks, masks, masks. Your skin needs more care and love as we age and treating yourself to masks each week is essential to keeping a glow and tightening the right areas. We love Doll Face Refine Peel-Away Refining Gel Mask (RRP $49), or Beetox Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Facemask 50ml (RRP $44).

60s and beyond

Apply your makeup with the same tools used by Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence!


A Lulu and Lipstick Travel Brush Set (RRP $75) – As seen in the OSCARS GIFT BAGS! Check out to enter.

Be kind to your skin, use natural brands that nourish and heal. Try Tata Harper Repairative Moisturiser 50ml (RRP $119), it has 28 natural ingredients!

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IS IT LOVE OR LOW SELF-ESTEEM? I need your love. Without you, I’d be lost. I cannot go on without you.


rom movie lines to song lyrics, from Elvis Presley to Motley Crue and Ellie Goulding, we have ended up with a mythology that equates love with craving and creates a stressful, all-consuming quest for attention and approval. In our culture we learn how to attract, impress, seduce and often pretend we are something we aren’t. This approach doesn’t work. It leaves millions of walking wounded who, having failed to secure love or approval, blame themselves and conclude that they are unworthy of love. What is love? Most psychological as well as spiritual authorities will say that true love sets you free. As the Buddhist monk and author Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Love in such a way that the person you love feels free”. The couples’ therapist David Schnarch defines true love thus: When what the other person wants for himself matters as much to you as what you want for yourself. This is a conscious decision. Think of, or imagine, someone very loving, mature and wise, who is comfortable enough in her own skin to recover quite quickly from rejection. On the other hand, consider someone with low self-worth or self-esteem. When the one she desires rejects her, she is devastated. The rejection can smash our rickety sense of self, destroying our sense of worthiness. I have worked with many people, younger and older, who have bounced back quite quickly from unrequited love or from rejection. They have grieved and found a way, in time, to set the person free. I have also worked with people who hold on to their rejection and cannot let go of the hurt, disappointment and anger. They don’t see that their pain is more about how they feel about themselves deep down than the other person. Low self-esteem fuels fear (and vice versa): Many of us have operated in relationships from a deep, unconscious fear that we are not good enough, not OK, not lovable just as we are. This

WORDS: DR RACHEL HANNAM REGISTERED PSYCHOLOGIST feeling is tied in with a belief that says, “I need other people’s love and approval to be OK, to be acceptable”. But in the end, this low self-esteem means we end up using the other person to try to feel OK about ourselves. This is really the opposite of love. Feeling “used”, the other person may pull away to give herself space and freedom. This, in turn, will further fuel our fears and low self-esteem. In the end we unintentionally create the very reality we don’t want. So how do I love? First, have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself: what am I believing? What am I telling myself here? Feeling desperate, sad, or angry can wake us up to the fact that what we are thinking and believing may actually not be true. Here is a small example, a fleeting moment from my life. One night my husband and I were working intently on our laptops. I was feeling a little lonely and anxious. I had an overwhelming urge to reach to him for comfort and reassurance. If the feeling had a voice, it would have said: “I NEED his comfort”. But I decided I did not want to approach him with that desperate energy. So I paused. I recognised and questioned my thought. Really? Do I NEED his comfort, his affection right NOW? I realised I did not. In truth, I was OK. I reminded myself: I have everything I need to live my life, even when I am stressed. Once I’d soothed myself I noticed it was still my preference to connect with him. So I waited a minute and asked calmly whether he was nearly done and if we could hang out. He said: “Sure.” The lack of neediness in my voice probably meant he felt free to respond honestly, and my need was met in a mutually satisfying way. Importantly, had my husband said “No”, I was already OK! My experience is that I need no-one to complete me. The other person does not HAVE to do anything to make sure I am OK. If they do as I request, that’s great. If not, I can work with that too. As Byron Katie says: “It’s not other people’s job to like me. That’s my job”.

Case Example In my work with clients, one technique I encourage is attending to thoughts and beliefs. If people believe that the one they ‘love’ is the cause of their pain and anguish, I invite them to question that thought. We need to identify specific thoughts that are upsetting us so that we can ask an important question: Is it true? For example, I had a client who struggled with the belief: “I still love my ex-husband and I want him back.” When we brought that belief into the light of day and I asked: “Is it true that you want him back? Really?” she smiled wryly and said “No”. Believing untrue thoughts causes a lot of pain and distress. Eventually, my client came to feel glad that another woman was now caring for (and tolerating!) her exhusband and that her painful feelings were more about her fears of being unworthy and alone, and mostly not about him. We found another belief that said: “I have failed.” So we turned that one around: “I have not failed.” And she came to find many examples of where she had in fact worked very hard, learnt, loved, grown and progressed as a person over the course of her relationship. She let herself mourn the loss and started to love herself more. She stopped being so afraid of her difficult thoughts and feelings, and in turn, she stopped being so afraid of being by herself. To observe our thoughts - to give our painful emotions a voice and bring our thinking out of the shadows – helps us to become aware of more unhelpful, insidious beliefs. Some of our thoughts and beliefs have been so close to us for so long, we don’t even know they are there. When we step back, we can see where our thoughts take us and decide we don’t want that any more. We can decide to deliberately let them go and turn them around and, in doing so, begin to re-create our world and enlarge our sense of self. By transforming your thinking into a better feeling towards yourself you see that you are already loved, loving and lovable. When you have that sweet relationship with yourself, your partner is an added pleasure. Autumn 2016 53

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Journeys North When: Ends 10 July Where: Queensland Art Gallery How Much: Free What: During 1988, the Queensland Art Gallery commissioned six photographers to produce a portfolio on community life in Queensland. The photographers involved – Graham Burstow, Lin Martin, Robert Mercer, Glen O’Mally, Charles Page and Max Pam – each travelled to different regions of Queensland where they captured the lifestyles, attitudes and values of Queensland society in the late 1980s. The nostalgic photographs are now being put in the spotlight again to highlight how Queensland has changed since. W:

PAGE, Charles, Australia b. 1946. Lynn and Jenny Cook, twins, Weipa (from ‘Journeys north’ portfolio) 1987. Gelatin silver photograph on paper. Purchased 1987 with the financial assistance of the Australian Bicentennial Authority to commemorate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988 Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

MERCER, Robert, Ireland/Australia b. 1949. Jermaine Luke, David Freier, Ben Yam, Gibson Yam, Kowanyama, Cape York (from ‘Journeys north’ portfolio) 1987. Gelatin silver photograph on paper. Purchased 1987 with the financial assistance of the Australian Bicentennial Authority to commemorate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988. Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art. MARTIN, Lin, Australia b. 1953. Bobby Lees, sculptor/ performer/builder, Sunshine Beach (from ‘Journeys north’ portfolio) 1986-87. Gelatin silver photograph on paper. Purchased 1987 with the financial assistance of the Australian Bicentennial Authority to commemorate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988. Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art.

BURSTOW, Graham, Australia b. 1927. Eyes right, Coolangatta (from ‘Journeys north’ portfolio) 1986-87. Gelatin silver photograph on paper. Purchased 1987 with the financial assistance of the Australian Bicentennial Authority to commemorate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988 Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

VISIT THE SOFITEL GOLD COAST FOR AN EXTRA SPLASH OF CREATIVITY THIS MAY. 19 KAREN Contemporary Artspace has partnered with Sofitel Hotel in Broadbeach to bring artwork into the public arena that will inspire, challenge and provoke your senses. You can view a selection of works on three levels of the hotel; the lobby level, library and reception area, as well as the first and second floors. If you are in the Broadbeach area, pop in for a drink or dine at one of Sofitel’s restaurants, and browse the artwork in this luxurious hotel setting.


Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori: Dulka Warngiid – Land Of All

DID YOU KNOW? It is believed Gabori was 81 years old when she first put paint to canvas in 2005 at Mornington Island Arts in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori, Australia c. 1924–2015. Dibirdibi Country 2008. Synthetic polymer paint on linen. Purchased 2008 with funds from Margaret Mittelheuser, AM, and Cathryn Mittelheuser, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation. Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

LOOGATHA, Birrmuyingathi Maali Netta, Artist / Australia b. 1942. GABORI, Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally, Artist / Australia c. 1924–2015. THOMAS, Warthadangathi Bijarrba Ethel, Artist / Australia b. 1946. MOODOONUTHI, Thunuyingathi Bijarrb May, Artist / Australia 1929–2008. PAUL, Kuruwarriyingathi Bijarrb Paula, Artist / Australia b.c.1937. NARANATJIL, Wirrngajingathi Bijarrb Dawn, Artist / Australia 1935–2009. LOOGATHA, Rayarriwarrtharrbayingat Amy, Artist / Australia b. 1942. Makarrki - King Alfred’s Country 2008. Synthetic polymer paint on linen. Purchased 2009 with funds from Professor John Hay, AC, and Mrs Barbara Hay through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation. Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

When: 21 May – 28 August Where: Queensland Art Gallery How Much: Free What: Wandering through an exhibition of paintings by the late Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori is a unique experience. The boldness of colour and design in her vibrant works is not what you would expect from an Aboriginal artist. Check out the unique paintings yourself at Land Of All, a retrospective of the work of the senior Kaiadilt artist from Bentinck Island in Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria. The exhibition showcases the development of her practice, including early paintings, her more abstract works, her large collaborative works with other Kaiadilt women, and her almost monochromatic recent paintings and works on paper. Sally Gabori’s depictions of her homeland are abstract in nature, but retain representational elements that map traditional country and cultural identity in monumental paintings. W:

Interactive Art for the Whole Family

John Cox decided he wanted to make creatures for movies when he was 14 years old after watching King Kong.

When: 25 March - 12 June Where: Gold Coast Arts Centre How Much: $5 What: Unleash your little monsters at the Gold Coast Art Gallery and let them get hands on with monsters of their own. How to Make a Monster is a fascinating behind the scenes exhibition that reveals how creatures are brought from the page and on to the silver screen. The best part of this exhibition is that it is interactive, so you can have a go at becoming an animatronics puppeteer, a lighting technician or a creature designer. The exhibition also recognises the work of John Cox and his locally based studio, John Cox’s Creature Workshop. Cox was the 1995 Visual Effects Academy Award winner for the movie Babe.

Autumn 2016 57

For those on the go... 58 PROVOKE.COM.AU

Culture Corner | CULTURE


A SPOTLIGHT ON LOCAL TALENT Meet the amazing women who entertain us, inspire us, and show us how with unfaltering dedication our childhood aspirations are in reach. With creativity, humour and a huge dose of girl-power, these are the women you need to know more about.

Autumn 2016 59

CULTURE | Cultrure Corner

“There is a sensation that exists among professional athletes where they know, without doubt, that they are going to succeed. Whether the fates align, or magic is possible, their desire for the ultimate outcome comes to fruition. There is no fear.” Clare Morehen

– Principal Dancer, Queensland Ballet Home town? I was born in Sunbury, Victoria. How did you get started? I began ballet classes at my local dance school, The Sunbury School of Dancing, at age three. My mother was the instigator of my introduction to dance. As a child in England, and later on as an adult in Australia, she loved the art and discipline of dance. She sent me along to classes because of her love for the artform, and probably the need of some quiet time! Unbeknown to her, I would fall in love with this intended hobby and make it my life’s profession and passion. What are you currently working on? At the moment my main focus is to rehabilitate from a surgery I undertook towards the end of 2015. My goal is to perform in our first main-stage season of Liam Scarlett’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Your favourite QLD destination? My favourite places to escape to are the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Hinterlands. I find exploring rainforests to be soothing, centring and grounding. I absolutely adore the untouched beauty, and mixed with exceptional wineries, you can’t go wrong! My fiancé and I escape for long weekends whenever we get the opportunity and are hoping to get married at one of the spectacular venues next year! Who inspires you? I am hugely inspired by the number of exceptionally talented, powerful and successful women we have across the departments here at Queensland Ballet. They not only enable me to excel within my current profession, but also push me to develop broader skill sets across a number of disciplines. Due to their expertise, guidance and mentorship, I have discovered new potential and abilities I never thought possible.


What would you do if you weren’t a principal dancer? Over the past few years I have discovered a passion for teaching, coaching and lecturing. I find challenging and inspiring the next generation to be an uplifting and addictive experience. What advice would give to anyone looking to join the ballet? I would recommend ballet classes to literally anyone! You will learn about your own body and physicality, discover creative abilities you never knew you possessed and develop skills that both enhance and are transferrable to a number of occupations. The body-awareness and discipline that is taught through classical ballet is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I would encourage everyone to give it a try, test their body’s limits and discover the beauty and creative potential they possess. It’s exhilarating! What is your most memorable onstage moment so far? There is a sensation that exists among professional athletes where they know, without doubt, that they are going to succeed. Whether the fates align, or magic is possible, their desire for the ultimate outcome comes to fruition. There is no fear. A mixture of complete calm and pure elation take over, as you know that everything you are about to execute and have trained for are going to eventuate. This has happened to me once, and only once in my eleven and a half years as a professional dancer. It was during a performance of Swan Lake, when I was performing the Black Swan Pas De Deux. The best advice you’ve ever received is… My previous director, Francois Klaus, once told me not to take myself too seriously. I was so bogged down with the technical aspect of my profession that I was not allowing myself to experience the true beauty of the artform. His important piece of advice has enabled me to develop a deeper level of understanding of my artform and the powerful potential it has to enrich my life and those of the people who come to share it.

See Clare perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream at QPAC from April 1-16. Tickets at

Autumn 2016 61

CULTURE | Cultrure Corner

Andrea Moor – actor, director

Home town? I was born in Melbourne, grew up in Brisbane, but spent most of my life in Sydney. I’ve lived in Brisbane now for 11 years. I actually feel totally at home in all three cities. When I go to Sydney or Melbourne I keep wanting that ‘I’m somewhere different’ feeling. But it’s like being in the next suburb, they’re so familiar. How did you get started in acting? I had my first big break in a David Hare play that he also directed. Sydney Theatre Company produced it for the Adelaide Festival. This was the first time I actually believed I could have a career as an actor. That made me audition for NIDA and the rest is history as they say. What are you currently working on? I’m currently directing Quartet for the Queensland Theatre Company and soon I start rehearsals on Switzerland in which I’m acting. So I’ve got lots of actor preparation to get stuck into! Can’t wait!! Your favourite QLD destination? It’s a toss-up between Straddie and Noosa. Not the glitzy bit of Noosa but the National Park, which is simply superb! Who inspires you? My daughter inspires me every day. I’m actually staggered that she turned out so well with the crazy lifestyle we’ve dragged her through. She is so insightful and generous and so supportive when I’m in the crazy stress of opening a show. She is my inspiration! What would you do if you weren’t acting/directing? Well I teach as well and I’m about to take on a very exciting new job as Senior Lecturer in Acting at QUT. I love teaching actors and I believe it’s so important to be taught by a practitioner who knows just how damn difficult it is! Tell us about your journey to get where you are today? How much time have you got? Well I had some very lucky breaks when I graduated from NIDA and worked with some amazing actors and directors, mostly with the Sydney Theatre Company, but also on film. I also worked in television where I not only acted, but was performance coach on many series and films. This led me to directing, and teaching has always been in there. I’ve taught all over the country and overseas. Directing is my latest creative challenge and I have Wesley Enoch and Michael Gow to thank for trusting so many QTC productions to me. May it continue! It’s been a hard slog for women in this country. Men have a natural arrogance that tells them they can do anything. I think women tend to be more self-reflective and sometimes that doesn’t equate with ambition. I don’t handle that arrogance very well when I encounter it. As a director I try to be supportive of everyone in my team and achieve excellence that way. I don’t believe good art comes from tension. But boy, do I get tense! The trick is not to let anyone else see it. 62 PROVOKE.COM.AU

See Andrea onstage in the play Switzerland from 21 May - 26 June at Billie Brown Studio, The Greenhouse. Tickets from

“It’s been a hard slog for women in this country. Men have a natural arrogance that tells them they can do anything. I think women tend to be more self-reflective and sometimes that doesn’t equate with ambition.” What advice would give to anyone with aspirations to act/direct professionally? Do it! Get the best training from the best people. Don’t waste your time studying or working with mediocre people. Find the very best and learn all you can. Be prepared to work your butt off. It takes great courage and great resilience, especially for women. But the rewards are wonderful. What is your most memorable onstage moment so far? As a director it would have to be the opening night of Venus in Fur that I directed for QTC. As the last light went down the audience spontaneously leapt to their feet and cheered deliriously. It was exhilarating! And as an actor it would be performing the role of Martha in QTC’s production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? What a role! And my George was the gorgeous Andrew Macfarlane who I am currently directing. I could’ve played that role for a year! The best advice you’ve ever received is… Wesley Enoch was a great believer in me and I work best when someone believes in me. He encouraged me to think big! He saw me in positions that I couldn’t see myself. His advice was to see myself doing the thing I wanted to do and sure enough here I am! I’ve had several amazing mentors like Wesley and I hope I can do the same for others.

Leanne Tennant

– Qld Music Awards winner for best Blues & Roots Artist 2015 Home town? Sometimes Cairns, sometimes Brisbane, sometimes just wherever the music is. How did you get started in music? I started in a fairly traditional way at school when we were given guitars to play in class. I had been playing flute for a few years prior to this, but never really locked in with it. Once I started playing guitar and playing songs I knew and love I quickly started writing my own. What are you currently working on? I am working on my next release and am excited to be getting back into the studio very soon! Your favourite QLD destination? I have a few fave spots, but my parents’ block in Samford (Brisbane) would be the highlight. Along with a little beach called Pretty Beach up in Cairns. Who inspires you? My daughter inspires me. She reminds me to work as hard as I can. What would you do if you weren’t a musician? I’ve always loved animals with a passion. I think I would be working with animals in some way.

Tell us about your journey to get where you are today? My journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Making the decision to play music for a living can be a scary one, but once you commit your mind to something, it’s amazing what you can achieve. What advice would give to anyone looking to pursue music professionally? Make sure you’re in it for the right reasons and be prepared to work really, really hard. What is your most memorable onstage moment so far? I was tuning up at soundcheck for my support gig for Cold Chisel when the bridge of the guitar flew off. The guitar was completely gone and it was lucky nobody ended up with a bridge in their eye. The crew sorted me a new guitar and the show went on! Golden moments. The best advice you’ve ever received is… I used to play with a wonderful bass player, Chris Ellis. I would have anxiety about following an act with a different sound to my own when he said, “Leanne... it’s always a different show. By the time it’s your time to get on stage the audience has already moved on from the last sound as is ready for something else, just do what you do”. It helped me to stop comparing myself so much to other musicians. W:


“Make sure you’re in it for the right reasons and be prepared to work really, really hard.”

Autumn 2016 63

CULTURE | Cultrure Corner

“It’s hard to be truly creative unless you learn to relax, be in the moment, and silence the inner critics.” Kathryn Marquet

– Playwright / Actor / Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2016-17 Finalist Home town? I was born in Sydney, but I’ve lived in Brisbane for most of my life. How did you get started in theatre? I was obsessed with make-believe as a child and never grew out of it. I acted in my first amateur show when I was six and wrote my first play when I was 11, which I then directed and conscripted my friends to act in. We raised $37 for the Blue Nurses! I studied acting at the University of Southern Queensland when I graduated from school and then began doing a lot of independent theatre until I started to work professionally. What are you currently working on? I’m developing a new play called This Furious Sea for the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award. I’m a finalist and the work will have a staged reading in July at the Queensland Theatre Company. I’m also working on a contemporary adaptation of The Secret Garden as part of my Masters in Philosophy (Creative Writing) at the University of Queensland. Your favourite QLD destination? Anywhere I can snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. My husband, Anthony, and I spend a lot of time finding new reefs to investigate. Dunking yourself into nature every once in awhile keeps you grounded, I think. It reminds you that you’re small. Who inspires you? I think anyone who’s trying to create change in the world. Scientists, conservationists, artists: I find these people exciting. What would you do if you weren’t writing and performing in plays? Somewhere in Alaska studying Orcas, I suspect. I’ve always


been torn between zoology and the creative arts. And, I love snow. What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into the world of theatre? I think, nowadays, theatre companies are looking for trained actors, so it can be a leg-up to attend a training institution or university. The more prestigious the better. After that, work as much as you can with like-minded professionals. Work for free if you think the work will help you develop in some way, but only then. Create your own work. Be assertive. Attend industry functions. Know that a career is built in decades, not weeks, so be patient. Keep strong in body and mind. Find a way to relieve stress. Be kind to yourself and others. Value your friends, even if they’re competing for a role with you. The role will be over in a few months - your friendship is worth a lifetime. Remember to celebrate the small wins. Any creative pursuit is a difficult journey, there’s no doubt, but it can also be the most rewarding and wonderful ride. If you’re a writer, write. Every day, even when it’s like pulling teeth. And, read. Practise gratitude. And, to quote the greatest playwright of all time: to thine own self be true. What is your most memorable theatrical moment so far? I set my hair on fire during a performance of The Glass Menagerie at La Boîte. The audience saw it before I realised. So much hairspray is dangerous. And, apart from some hair loss, I managed to emerge unscathed, so it was hilarious. The best advice you’ve ever received is… I played a role in a telemovie a few years back called Sisters of War. I was working alongside Suzie Porter and before each take she’d call out, “Release your sphincter”. Apart from making us all laugh, it was superb advice. It’s hard to be truly creative unless you learn to relax, be in the moment, and silence the inner critics.

Check out Katie in Brisbane What: Katie Noonan & Brodsky Quarter: With Love and Fury When: 28 April Where: QPAC How Much: from $64 W:

Katie Noonan

– Musician, Artistic Director of the Queensland Music Festival Home town Brisbane How did you get started? I come from a super musical family – my mum, Maggie, is an opera singer and a piano and singing teacher and my father is a retired journalist and jazz crooner. My brother, Tyrone, is also a musician and we started the band George together. I also come from a long line of performers, so I guess it is in the blood! What are you currently working on? I have just returned from London where I made an album with the incredible Brodsky String Quartet. I also just started my exciting new job as the Artistic Director of the Queensland Music Festival so the year is off to an awesome start already! The album is called With Love and Fury, which was released in March, and we are doing a national tour late April/May. Can’t wait to share this exciting new music! Your favourite QLD destination? North Stradbroke Island – our special place. I got married there, we recently renewed our vows (10yrs) and have written a lot of my music there. Who inspires you? People who do kind things for people – respite carers, home carers, volunteers in hospitals, nurses, doctors, communityhealth workers.

What would you do if you weren’t a musician? I would be running a Music Festival (laughs) or I would be working in music therapy. I wanted to be a human rights lawyer and actually worked hard at school and got into the law degree, but fell into music instead. Tell us about your journey to get where you are today? A lot of hard work and dedication, but more than anything, listening to and trusting my instincts. I feel incredibly lucky to be in my 20th year of being a full-time musician. What advice would give to anyone looking for a career in music? Love it 110% or get out now. It is not an easy business, with a lot of setbacks and disappointments. The positives far outweigh the negatives of course, but it is not for those who don’t absolutely love it. What is your most memorable onstage moment so far? Probably the three sold-out nights at the Sydney Opera House for the Sydney Festival 2001 with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the late, great Jon Lord. That was EPIC and amazing! Otherwise I am sure there will be many on my upcoming tour with the Brodsky Quartet – I adore them and they are absolutely phenomenal musicians and awesome people. The best advice you’ve ever received is… Treat people well on the way up as you will meet them again on the way down!

Autumn 2016 65

CULTURE | Cultrure Corner

Amy Lehpamer

– Currently in Brisbane starring as Maria Rainer in The Sound Of Music Home town? Geelong. What sparked your passion for music and theatre? I think I always had a performance streak, and was always moved by music. Apparently I was singing along to the radio from my pram. I can baulk at introductions and small talk, and I’d be shy to talk to visitors at home, but I’d be happy to play violin for them. You have enjoyed an extremely diverse career as a performing artist. What inspired the transition from violinist to actor? It was simply a case of following my heart. I felt more at home on stage than in the orchestra pit. You are also a familiar face from prime-time television shows including The Time of Our Lives, Winners and Losers, House Husbands and the HBO mini-series The Pacific. Do you prefer screen or stage roles? Why? I have more experience on stage, but I love screen work and hope to do more. TV requires high concentration in small stints and stage is more like a marathon. You’ve gone from playing the squeaky-clean Janet in The Rocky Horror Show (Sydney, Melbourne) to would-be nun Maria Rainer in The Sound of Music. Is there a trick you have for making this transformation from one character to the next? I really love absorbing the world of the character, adapting to the era they live in: finding their voice, their look, their attitude. Rehearsals are a really important time for me. I try to be as prepared as I can beforehand to then be free to layer on the elements of the character explored in the playfulness and challenges thrown up in the rehearsal room. Are there any similarities between yourself and Maria? I think we have a similar energy and enthusiasm for life and music. I do think Maria is a better improviser than me! How much of an influence did The Sound of Music film have on you growing up? I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t know and love it. It was always a favourite, on high rotation. I’d pretend to be Liesl Von Trapp and jump from couch to couch, forcing my sister to be Rolf in the gazebo in 16 going on 17.

Check out our events calendar on page 76 for information on how to book tickets to see Amy in The Sound of Music.

Tell us about some of your favourite people you have worked alongside in Australia theatre and television. Shane Warne the Musical was one of my first shows, and the cast and creative experience was so informative and memorable. Eddie Perfect wrote and starred in it and has remained a friend and mentor. He’s so incredibly clever, sensitive and hard working. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him a fair few times since, and I’m always impressed with his honesty and insight, energy and delivery. What is your dream onstage casting? Who would you play and who would you have to share the stage? My dream of dreams is to be in a sitcom with Amy Poehler, written by Tina Fey, also starring Alison Janney. There has been a lot of discussion recently about gender bias in the film and television industry with females having to fight hard for equal pay and opportunity. Have you encountered this issue in your own career? I have been treated very fairly in my career to date, but I understand that is the exception and not the rule. I think the disparity in my industry comes to the creative side of things. It would be wonderful to see more female writers, producers and directors.

The Sound of Music would have to be one of the world’s best-loved musicals. Why should we head along to this production? It’s such a beautiful, timeless story, with incredibly good music and a beautiful message. And it has a different kind of magic on stage, seeing it play out before you eyes, hearing that score from a live orchestra.

Have you spent much time in Brisbane before? What are you looking forward to checking out while you’re here with the show? I toured there with Rock of Ages at the end of 2011. I loved the city! I’m looking forward to wandering around and finding the best brunches. Brunch is the meal of choice for musical-theatre performers. A lot of care goes into finding the best spots!

What has been your most memorable onstage moment so far? Opening ight in Sydney was the culmination of a long-held dream. Starting the show that night, sitting on the hill and waiting for the curtain was a really special feeling. And I love the audience response to “Do Re Mi” every night. The children are so terrific. It’s a high energy number and it really energises the show.

What advice would you give to other young women who aspire to a career in performing arts? Be honest with yourself. Know your strengths and be your own champion. We can wait a long time to be told we’re good enough or feel validated. If you can get there yourself through hard work and building a trust in yourself, you’ll get so much more out of every experience.


Cancer Council will be the official charity partner for the Australian tour of The Sound Of Music. Bucket collections at selected performances across the season and proceeds from final dress rehearsal performances in Brisbane and Melbourne will raise funds for Cancer Council’s work in cancer support, research, advocacy and prevention.

Autumn 2016 67

CULTURE | Movie & Book News

[The Best of the Aussies] Wide Open Sky Genre: Documentary Release: 24 March

An uplifting documentary about a children’s choir in a remote corner of outback Australia. Out there, footy is king and music education is as rare as rain. The children travel far from home to music camp to prepare for a big concert in Coonamble, where they only have three days to learn a demanding repertoire. While the choir means something different to each of the primary-aged children, it matters a hell-of-a-lot to all of them. Moving and funny, the film reminds us why no child anywhere should grow up without music. Wide Open Sky won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2015 Sydney Film Festival.

The Sequel You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Genre: Comedy Release: 24 March

Finally, the long-awaited follow-up to the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time is here. Written by Academy Award nominee Nia Vardalos, who stars alongside the entire returning cast of favorites, the film reveals a Portokalos family secret that will bring the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding. Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee, Waking Ned Devine) directs the next chapter of the film that will be once again produced by Rita Wilson and Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.


One of 10 double passes. Head to to enter.


Author: Dr Justin Coulson Release Date: Out now! Price: $29.99 What: Everyone wants their family to be happy, but so much gets in the way – work stress, commitments and our children’s challenging behaviour are some of the usual suspects. Less obvious obstacles are our own habits and expectations, a reactive parenting style, and even a lack of clarity about what makes a family truly happy. In this book, Kidspot parenting expert Justin Coulson combines cutting-edge insights from positive psychology with classic psychological research to help parents identify and develop habits that will strengthen their family.


Author: Rhonda Hetzel Release Date: Out now! Price: $45 What: This is a guide to slowing down and taking stock. Award-winning blogger Rhonda Hetzel shares the day-today practicalities of a simple life and shows you how to rediscover the heart of your home. Encouraging you to make what you need, and look after what you own, Rhonda lays out a year of simple-living projects and a set of valuable skills to learn. Whether you’re part of a family, living alone or thinking about retirement, this is an inspiring, indispensable guide to finding pleasure and satisfaction at home.


Author: Fiona McFarlane Release Date: Out now! Price: $32.99 What: The dazzling stories in this collection find those moments when people confront the strangeness and mystery of their lives. The revelations of intimidating old friends on holiday. A marine biologist in conversation with the ghost of Charles Darwin. The sudden arrival of American parachutists in a Queensland country town. A lottery win. A farmer troubled by miracles in the middle of a drought. The people in The High Places are jolted into seeing themselves from a fresh and often disconcerting perspective. Each story is as rich and rewarding as literature can be.


68-69_BooksMovies.indd 68

12/04/2016 8:48 pm

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Genre: Epic Action-Adventure Release: 7 April Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Nick Frost.

The fantastical world of Snow White and the Huntsman expands to reveal how the fates of The Huntsman Eric and Queen Ravenna are deeply and dangerously intertwined. Long before the evil Queen Ravenna (Theron) was thought vanquished by Snow White’s blade, she watched silently as her sister, Freya (Blunt), suffered a heartbreaking betrayal and fled their kingdom. With Freya’s ability to freeze any enemy, the young ice queen has spent decades in a remote wintry palace raising a legion of deadly huntsmen – including Eric (Hemsworth) and warrior Sara (Chastain) – only to find that her prized two defied her one demand: Forever harden your hearts to love.

The Boss

Genre: Comedy Release: 14 April Starrring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates. Wealthy mogul Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) always gets her way, until she’s busted for insider trading and sent to federal prison. After leaving jail,

Darnell finds herself broke, homeless and hated. Luckily, she tracks down former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), the only person who’s willing to help. While staying with Claire and her young daughter, the ex-con devises a new business model for a Brownie empire. Unfortunately, some old enemies stand in the way of her return to the top. W:

Spotted! Kong: Skull Island King Kong has landed at South Stradbroke Island, beginning the biggest year in the Gold Coast’s film history. Filming of the $190 million Kong: Skull Island took over the sand dunes near Jumpinpin earlier this year. The Hollywood production, starring Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman and Samuel L Jackson is due to be released in cinemas on 10 March, 2017. Don’t waste your time looking for the star of the movie though, the mighty Kong will be recreated with Computer Generated Imagery. Filming has now moved to Vietnam.



Author: Georgina Penney Release Date: Out now! Price: $32.99 What: Georgina Penney was inspired to write this touching story after watching a number of her friends face “the awful reality of breastcancer” at a young age. After one asked her to write a story with a realistic breast cancer survivor, she created Beth. Summer Harvest follows Beth, whose life has been on hold after surviving breast cancer, and what happens when her meddling grandma sends her off on a trip to Australia, where she gets entangled with winery owner Clayton Hardy and his rambunctious family. As the end of summer approaches, her past comes back to haunt her.


Author: Inga Simpson Release Date: 22 March Price: $29.99 What: Inga is an award-winning novelist and nature writer who creates from her home in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Her new novel documents the innocence of childhood and the scars that stay with you for life. 5 minutes with INGA SIMPSON: I started writing because: I wanted to create my own worlds. The best part of writing Where the Trees Were was: Figuring out how to steal a large item from a museum. In three words Where the Trees Were is about: childhood, place, integrity.

WHAT WE’RE READING HOTEL DU BARRY Author: Lesley Truffle Release Out now! Price: $27.99 What: This debut Australian author is one we’ll be keeping an eye on! Hotel du Barry is The Grand Budapest Hotel with a dash of Gatsby. The luxurious London hotel has been left unscathed by WWI and the party has just begun. When a laughing baby (Cat) is found amongst the Hotel du Barry’s billowing sheets the staff resolve to keep her and she is adopted by the hotel owner. When he is later killed, everyone plays their wicked part in helping Cat solve the mystery.

Autumn 2016 69

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12/04/2016 8:48 pm

CULTURE & TRAVEL | Cover Story

THE TRUTH ABOUT CATE There seems to be no stopping Cate Blanchett. One of the greatest actresses of her generation. WORDS: PETER MURPHY / THE INTERVIEW PEOPLE


he has earnt her seventh Oscar nomination for her work in Carol, the lesbian love story directed by Todd Haynes. In the meantime, she gives yet another outstanding performance in Truth, in which she plays the determined 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes, whose 2004 report on the National Guard tenure of then president George W. Bush came under question and precipitated the dismissal of both Mapes and legendary CBS news anchor Dan Rather (played by Robert Redford). For Blanchett, the film offers important insights into how the nature of investigative journalism and major news organisations can fall victim to political pressures. “This was a media scandal that was never properly examined,” Blanchett says. “This film explores the role of the journalist and the way news stories are put together. But even more importantly it looks at the proximity of politicians to major media organisations and the corporate entities that oversee the kind of news that gets reported. We don’t often question who owns what or what is the agenda of a particular media outlet? What deals are going on behind the scenes? Those are very important questions that we need to be asking.” The 46-year-old Blanchett and her husband of the past 17 years, screenwriter Andrew Upton, 49, now make their home in New York. Earlier this year they sold their luxurious home in Hunters Hill, an exclusive


neighbourhood of Sydney, Australia for a reported $20 million. They have four children – three Dashiell, 13, Roman, 10, and Ignatius, 6 – and a newly adopted baby daughter, Edith. Early in 2016, Blanchett will also be seen in Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups co-starring Christian Bale and Natalie Portman. Though Carol inexplicably failed to earn a best film or best director nomination, most Hollywood observers believe that Cate stands a good chance to collect a third Oscar. Cate, your career is like an unstoppable juggernaut... Wow. Thank you! (Laughs) Are you ever surprised by being able to continue finding so many great roles and film projects? Every time I make another movie it feels like a surprise. When I got out of drama school I had no idea whether I would get to make movies or even find regular work. I gave myself five years to make it and here I am still in the game! Even when I moved back to Australia to run my theatre company it was a risk and many people advised me against doing that. So it’s a constant surprise and immensely gratifying that I keep having these opportunities. You’ve just adopted a little girl in addition to your three other children. Is it harder to adapt your schedule to your family life these days? No, I have my husband, Andrew, who’s so great at taking charge when I’m working on a film and I’ve been

taking my youngest with me on my promotional trips. I try to work on projects that are shot as close as possible to home so I can be with my children as often as I can and make sure that I can support them during exam times or things like that. Our family is used to me working and it’s not really disruptive of our family life. Is it hard to turn down a great role? It’s not a huge bother to me if I feel that for whatever reason I don’t want to commit to a project that takes place very far from home or happens to come along at the wrong time. I try to do my best and not put myself through a lot of anxiety when it comes to my work. I love acting, and I love being able to keep exploring new characters, but no-one is indispensable and there is always someone else who is ready to take up a role if you can’t do it. I’m not worried about that. There’s usually something good that’s going to turn up sooner or later. OK. Let’s talk about your new film, Truth. What can you tell us about some of your thoughts on the issue of news reporting and journalistic integrity? I grew up believing in what I read and now I think we find it hard to believe that everything we read is true. This film is set in 2004, but it seems like the event took place in a completely different political landscape. Today political journalism is much more difficult to do because there are a lot more and the network of media and politics has become so inextricable

Autumn 2016 71

CULTURE | Cover Story


invisibly and so political journalism is quite another matter. I think the film is interesting because it raises the question of the role of the journalist. What was it like working with Robert Redford? I thought it would be a great experience and working with Bob turned out to be the best ever! It was like a dream. He is such a charming man. He’s very curious and concerned about the world and is very analytical in the way he looks at the world. He’s also very natural and at ease in the way he gets in front of the camera and does his job. It’s kind of disarming. How did you view the central issue at stake in the whole scandal? The most important point is that the story itself got lost amid all the controversy over some of the documents that were used to support the report. The biggest mistake that Mary and Dan made was in underestimating how dangerous the story was and how the conservative elements in the media would try to wage such a vicious campaign against them as soon as they had something to latch on to. The key line in the film is when Mary says, “The documents (alleging Bush had help in escaping military service in Vietnam - ED) are a very small part of the story”. But the doubts (over the documents) were enough to bring so much pressure on the network that Mary and Dan didn’t stand a chance anymore. The network wasn’t willing to defend them. The larger question of the story itself was buried while the integrity of Mapes and Rather was coming under attack and she felt helpless How did you approach playing your character, Mary Mapes, the producer who was responsible for the story and was subject to vicious attacks, particularly from conservative media observers and organisations when her sources came under closer scrutiny and doubt? I felt a deep responsibility to her because she is alive and well and she was treated very unfairly at the time. Her (left-leaning) political views were used to undermine her and people at the network started running for cover simply to protect themselves and distance themselves from her and the story because of the immense corporate pressure to retract the story because of the toxic political climate. What was the relationship between Mary Mapes and Dan Rather like? It was one of intense loyalty and mutual admiration. They believed very strongly in the work they did. She was

“What really interests me is other people and events and things that matter in the world.” a very respected and famous 60 Minutes producer who reported the Abu Ghraib story and many other groundbreaking reports. She may have rushed the story about Bush, but she wasn’t reckless. Today, we’re in a very different age and as soon as controversy about this kind of a story would emerge there would be dozens of reports coming out on the internet almost immediately and there would be arguments on both sides. But Mary and Dan were basically defenceless once the political and corporate forces lined up against them. How did Mary come through this experience? She was caught off guard at the beginning. She wasn’t expecting to be the object of so much fierce criticism and personal attack. Mary went through different stages of anger and despair and resignation when she saw how nothing could turn the tide against her and Dan. But in getting to know her I saw that she’s moved on with her life, and even though it was a terrible time for her she’s not bitter. The worst thing for her was the immense disappointment she felt that almost no-one at the network or any of her colleagues were willing to rally to her defence. And I think CBS’s reputation suffers even to this day from the way it handled the situatio.n The internet is very important when it

comes to news. Do you use it or social media very much? Social networks can be very useful on some occasions but I like to compare it graffiti. You might read one or two things that are interesting, but most of the stuff that’s out there isn’t very useful. That’s why I stay away from Twitter and Facebook. And I’m not interested in reading about myself on the internet, either. It’s so boring. What really interests me is other people and events and things that matter in the world. How do you feel about being regarded as a beautiful and glamourous movie star. Does that ever becoming tiring? I have a great way of dealing with all that - I try to avoid looking in the mirror. At our house in Australia, the only mirror we had was in the bathroom! When you see me on the red carpet or at awards ceremonies, my look is the result of a whole team of people who have spent the day on my hair, my makeup and my outfit. It’s a wonderful illusion. You’ve lived in Sydney and more recently in New York? Any other places you’d consider exploring? I’d like to live in Iceland. First because I believe in fairy tales and second because I love the lava fields. But I would have to consult my family first. Moving to Iceland is not the kind of decision you make on your own! (Laughs)

Autumn 2016 73

CULTURE | Music News


Vance Joy When: 30 April Where: Brisbane Riverstage How Much: $68.53 What: Melbourne’s Vance Joy is bringing his Fire and the Flood Tour to Brisbane this April, joined by special guests Holy Holy. Vance Joy will be touring in celebration of platinumcertified single “Fire and the Flood”, his equal highest single chart to date alongside breakthrough track “Riptide”. Vance Joy was named Best Male Artist at the 2015 ARIA Awards.

Brisbabes All-female gig line-ups are somewhat of a rarity, but Brisbane venue The Foundry is doing its part to change this tune. Kicking off in late-2015, Brisbabes is a regular gig that showcases the best of Brisbane’s female musicians. Musically, anything goes. So far, Brisbabes has turned up the volume on everything from ska punk and indie folk to synth pop and dancey DJ sets. Remember, the stage is strictly for the ladies, but the dance floor is open to everyone. When: 22 April Where: The Foundry Brisbane, 228 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley W:


Rosie Lowe – Control London-based, Devon-born musician Rosie Lowe is our new favourite advocate for girl power! Her debut album Control sees Rosie emerge as a feminist icon and a stunningly soulful and considered musician. Control finds Lowe baring her soul as she explores a wealth of personal issues with devastating honesty. “Nicole” is a plea for Rosie’s best friend to leave a bad relationship and the recent single “Worry About Us” tackles the complexities of trying to retain a relationship by someone who is plagued by insecurity; “I’ll Be Gone” is an emotional plea to a partner to remind her not to flee when the inevitably challenging times emerge; and “So Human” underlines an acceptance that negative emotions are a vital part of the human experience. The latest and our favourite single from the album, “Woman”, is a defining statement of the powers of modern femininity: “I find myself obsessing about imperfections that only I can see / And I know it’s such a waste but the pressure is getting to me,” she states, before declaring: “Why should my intellect be judged by perceptions of what I should be?” As articulate and opinionated as Lowe is, she possesses a warmth that makes her deep subject matter sink calmly into your soul. W:



Brisbane trio Avaberee rocked The Foundry at Brisbabes #2. Photographer Savannah VanderNiet

Mark it in your calendar: QLD Cabaret Festival Queensland Cabaret Festival returns with a soulful, scintillating and scandalous program welcoming artists from all corners of the globe, as well as some of our best homegrown talents. Expect an eclectic mix of touching songs, playful parodies, heartfelt story-telling and outrageous comedy. From Broadway stars to silver screen icons, this year’s festival shines a spotlight on the best cabaret has to offer. Center stage this year will be Broadway sensation Megan Hilty

(pictured), actor and comedian Harry Shearer (The Simpsons) with singer/ songwriter Judith Owen, cult movie icon Molly Ringwald, and Grammy award-winning vocalist Lisa Fischer, as well as an unforgettable line-up of virtuosic singers, comic characters and world-class musicians. Whether you want an evening soaked in nostalgia or a contemporary romp of music re-imagined, this year’s festival will connect with your musical soul and leave you singing out for more.


Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival When: 19-22 May Where: Broadbeach How much: Free W:

Photo © Marianna Burdon

The Headline Act: Eric Burdon Eric Burdon, one of the most distinctive and soulful voices in rock and roll, is an accomplished painter, author, recording artist and a travelling bluesman for over 50 years. His musical journey began in the coal-mining town of Newcastle, England, where he immersed himself in American blues and jazz. Driving

force of The Animals, Burdon helped lead the British Invasion with their first international hit, “House of the Rising Sun”. A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member since 1994 and named one of the 100 Greatest Voices of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine, Burdon’s long string of hits includes “Don’t Let Me

Be Misunderstood” and the Vietnamera anthem, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”. Burdon has shared the stage with legends such as Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Witherspoon and Otis Redding - and was cited by cutting edge musicians Patti Smith and Iggy Pop in their personal top 10s.

Autumn 2016 75

CULTURE | Events Calendar



Gold Coast Film Festival

When: 31 March - 10 April Where: The Gold Coast Arts Centre, Gold Coast How Much: Prices Vary W:

Cooly Classic Ocean Swim When: 3 April Where: Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast How Much: Registration Prices Vary W:

Anzac Day

Photographer Simon Lekias

When: 25 April Where: Contact you local RSL for information on attending a dawn service.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performed by the QLD Ballet When: 1-16 April Where: QPAC, Brisbane How Much: From $65 W:

View our interview with head n ballerina o . page 60

Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run

When: 8 May Photographer Where: Broadbeach, GoldJames CoastMorgan & South Bank, Brisbane How Much: Registration Prices Vary W:


76-77_Events.indd 76

12/04/2016 8:50 pm

Madama Butterfly When: 12-19 May Where: QPAC, Brisbane How Much: From $65 W:

Port Douglas Carnivale

When: 12-22 May Where: Port Douglas How Much: Prices Vary W:

Hampton Festival

When: 15 May Where: Chapman Park, Hampton How Much: Adults $10, Children Free W: hamptonfestival. com

A World Apart – Discover the Hidden Tastes of Mt Barney When: 28-29 May Where: Scenic Rim, Various Locations How Much: Prices Vary W:

IcN to: W kets ay, i T M f2

s 1 o oin 19 ister e Jim ansky S mp Va Kr The ay and ay. M M 1 21 rn 2 & Bu

Captain Cook 1770 Festival When: 20-22 May Where: SES Grounds, Seventeen Seventy How Much: Free W:

Goomeri Pumpkin Festival When: 29 May Where: Goomeri, Various Locations How Much: Free W:

Bite Sip Stroll

When: 4 June Where: Brisbane Restaurants: Esqire, Reastaurant Two, Saké and Urabane. How Much: $119 W: Autumn 2016 77


78-79_TheWelcomeDinner.indd 78

12/04/2016 9:27 pm

Community | CULTURE



round dinner tables across Australia, a vital social movement is firing, fuelled by the economy of goodwill. Asylum seekers and refugees are being offered a seat at the dinner tables of everyday Aussies. International students are finding their voice, sometimes for the first time, with English speaking families. Newly arrived Australians are discovering what it means to be truly accepted in their new home. The Welcome Dinner Project has a simple recipe – a host, eight established Australians, eight To join a community new arrivals and two or home Welcome volunteer facilitators. Dinner in your Everyone meets at the area, or to become host’s home and brings a sponsor of the a dish to share. The and cultural awareness Project, visit outcome of these home in a really comfortable dinners, of which there environment – around have been 180 since 2013, our dinner tables. The main is just as simple – people thing that we’re seeing over become connected. and over again at every dinner is Penny Elsley is behind this fastpeople saying ‘This is so refreshing, growing movement. After embarking this is what I’ve been looking for’. At on a global journey to find out how least one person at every dinner is she could make a difference in the saying ‘This is the first time I’ve been world, Penny returned to Australia and invited in anywhere in Australia’. started the not-for-profit organisation Joingingthedots. It wasn’t until What is the significance of sharing a years later, over lunch with two meal together? Sudanese refugees, that the idea for Hospitality is an age-old tradition The Welcome Dinner was sparked. and it belongs to every culture in the “These women said to me that noworld. It brings us back to the very one had ever invited them into their basic common humanity of we all home. No Australian people,” Penny eat. We all love to share food and in remembered. It was a shattering thing Australia we have this unique tradition to hear, especially since one of the of the potluck, but in other countries women had been in Australia for 10 that’s quite foreign. Initially it can years, the other for five years. The almost offend to ask someone to idea for the Welcome Dinner Project bring a dish to share, because it’s became, in Penny’s words, “a bit of a just not part of their culture. In their no-brainer”. culture, if you invite someone to your We caught up with Penny to hear home you supply everything. Having more about The Welcome Dinner everyone bring a dish brings equality. Project and how it is reaffirming that, It’s a beautiful thing to have a potluck as she says, “Despite what we’re seeing menu because it’s a very levelling emphasised in the media, Australians experience. Whether you’re on a are an extremely welcoming people”. six-figure income or you’re on $11 a day as an asylum seeker, we’ve all Why are these dinners important for contributed the same. our communities? Because at the root of all social issues What is the most memorable dinner in disconnection. My understanding you have attended? from my journey in the world is that One of the very first dinners was very what sits beneath so many social interesting. The host was a Chineseissues is isolation and disconnection Australian, born in New Zealand, from one another. The Project is a way and we brought a group of Tibetan to bridge disconnection, but also it’s refugees who were very newly arrived a way for us to build understanding to Australia, some of them only here

for six weeks. When they got there and saw that the host was Chinese they got kind of freaked out. I said to them, ‘Look, it’s different here. Chinese people are part of Australia like everyone else and they want to welcome you to their home’. As the night progressed it was quite amazing the transformation these people shared around forgiveness. To have that experience as they arrived in Australia was very powerful. It could have taken them a long long time to see a different side of the Chinese. That was quite an extraordinary one. Can you share some of the most rewarding feedback you have received from new and/or established Australians? The rewarding thing for me is continuously hearing from newly arrived people that they feel more confident now. That once they’ve broken the ice they feel they can actually go and talk to Australians and people out in their community. Some have never spoken to an Australian person before, they just stay in their house where they’ve been placed and not spoken to anybody except those from their own language group. I think the main thing for both newly arrived and established Australians is just a confidence to connect and talk to each other. Why should Australians take part in The Welcome Dinner Project? Because it will be an experience like none you’ve ever had in your life. That’s what we keep hearing, that it’s so refreshing. Read more at Autumn 2016 79

78-79_TheWelcomeDinner.indd 79

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The World Festival What: Beltane Fire Festival Where: Edinburgh, Scotland When: 30 April What: If you aren’t a winter fan, then this is the festival for you. Book your ticket to Scotland and step straight into summer at Beltane – the ancient festival that marks the beginning of summer. The start of

summer meant a time of light and growth to come for the pastoral Celtics and was cause for celebration. Historically, this meant baking Beltane bannocks, displaying fresh greenery and handfasting (a Pagan wedding ritual). The most important ritual of the Beltane celebration was and

continues to be the lighting of the Beltane fires. Today, the festival is run by the Beltane Fire Society, and involves a procession, beginning at the National Monument. Leading the parade is the May Queen and the Green Man, and at its end they light a enormous bonfire.

Dancing, food, drink and music ensue. A warning – as is the nature of festivals celebrating abundance and earthly delights, the Beltane Fire Festival does include some folk who would prefer to experience the evening without clothes. W:


Olloclip Active Iphone camera technology is pretty great when it comes to keeping things simple on your travels, but if you want to super-charge the photos of your next adventure then this is the add-on that will do it. The new Olloclip Active Lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes packed with ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. The ultrawide lens captures 155 degrees in photo, the telephoto lens give you 2x optical zoom, and the Active Lens creates perspectives similar to a DSLR camera. You can switch between the clip-on lenses in seconds and they even come with wearable pendants so they’re instantly accessible. RRP: $154.95 W: 80 PROVOKE.COM.AU

Get Ready to Party In Paradise Celebrating its 22nd year, Port Douglas Carnivale sails into Tropical North Queensland with an exciting new line-up of events and activities. Showcasing the best of the region’s abundant produce and fresh ingredients from land and sea, world-class wines, market stalls, international entertainers, local musicians and artists plus a stack of family fun. This year, Carnivale will feature Festival favorites plus a variety of exciting new events, including the Wonderland Spiegeltent as the new star attraction and Festival Hub venue. Imported from Belgium with its original early 20th century décor, including colorful stained glass windows, velvet drapings and warm wood furnishings, the Spiegeltent will present comedy superstar Jimeoin, enigmatic trio The Kransky Sisters, internationally acclaimed cabaret circus spectacular Limbo, Blues superstars Lloyd Spiegel and Big Daddy Wilson Tickets to Jimeoin, starting from 12 May and continuing into The Kransky Sisters Carnivale weekend 20-22 May. and Vamp & Burn. W: Visit .au to enter.


DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW WORLD A six-star, ultra-luxury mega yacht announced by Australian tour operator Scenic is set to change what you think of cruising forever. Scenic Eclipse will take guests to places previously thought inaccessible with two on-board helicopters and a seven-seat submarine, adding a whole new dimension of exploration. The twin-engine helicopters will allow guests to see places beyond the shoreline, while the custom-built submarine provides optimal sightseeing to a world below the

surface. The mega yacht for 228 guests features 114 all-veranda suites, and six onboard dining options. The world-first discovery yacht will sail on a maiden voyage from Istanbul to Venice before sailing to the Americas, Antarctica, the Arctic and Norwegian Fjords. Scenic Eclipse will take its maiden voyage on 31 August, 2018. If you’re interested in jumping on board, head to


Fly Babee Taking a baby on a long-haul flight is the worst fear of all parents. Flights are full of noise, lights and other distractions, and worst of all there are the judgemental stares of other passengers as your child screams for 12 hours. Fly Babee blocks it all out. Light and movement are nearly eliminated and Fly Babee also limits the exposure to inflight germs being spread via air-con in an enclosed environment. Fly Babee is the genius new invention and the world’s first cover for all airline bassinets created by Australian mum Emma Lovell. Better yet, this nifty contraption doubles as a sleep and sun cover that fits all strollers and prams on the market. Features & benefits: • Wide openings • Chance-a-glance to view baby • Pocket for smartphone to play lullabies or white noise • Easy clip on and off • 100% breathable • Great cross-flow ventilation • SPF 50+ • Protects from germs/air-conditioning • Blocks 97% of light • Extends sleep times for baby through no distractions RRP: $99.95 W:

Autumn 2016 81

TRAVEL | Why Travel 2016

YOUR YEAR ABROAD Everything to know about where in the world you need to be in 2016.



The biggest sporting event on the planet will give cause for the biggest party Rio had ever seen. Don’t have a ticket to the Games? No worries. There will be live sites in the city for fans to come together, watch the action on big screens and enjoy live music in the festival atmosphere that Rio does best. The city will have also been given the once-over in preparation for the Games, so there’s no better time to take advantage of improved transportation and a new host of affordable accommodation options.

Shakespeare’s England is gearing up for April when the region celebrates 400 years of William Shakespeare’s legacy. This year marks 400 years since the death of the world-famous playwright and this special anniversary year is a unique opportunity to visit his home of Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area. Celebrate his legacy at a range of exciting new exhibitions and events, including a new immersive theatrical experience at the Royal Shakespeare Company; a reimagining of Shakespeare’s final home, and Shakespeare’s Schoolroom will open for the first time to the general public.

BOTSWANA The country celebrates 50 years of independence in 2016 so there is no better time to explore this unique paradise. About 17% of Botswana is dedicated National Park packed with wildlife, which is a stunning feat considering the country also has one of Africa’s most stable and thriving economies. Lonely Planet gave Botswana the top spot in its coveted Best in Travel 2016 and suggested taking in the country via African gondolier in a mokoro past pods of sunbathing hippos in the Okavango Delta; or feeling the spirit of the first men in the 1000-year-old rock art in the Tsodilo Hills; or in the eerie beauty of Kubu Island’s ancient baobabs backlit by incandescent constellations in a vast night sky.


SAN SEBASTIAN San Sebastián is known as a culinary paradise, but a packed cultural calendar this year will prove it has much more to offer. As the Basque beauty celebrates its reign as a 2016 European Capital of Culture, large-scale artworks will populate public spaces, theatres will screen films as part of its annual film festival, and the historic Hotel Maria Cristina will impress with its refurbished belle époque interiors.


From the snowcapped Himalayas to the wild jungles, Nepal is open for business. After being shaken to its core in a major earthquake last year, its mountains still stand and its people are smiling, waiting to welcome visitors back. Trekking routes are cleared and safe, most notably the path to Everest Base Camp, and there is plenty of accommodation in all categories offering incredible value for money as one of the world’s most scenically spectacular, culturally diverse and spiritually inspiring destinations.

TORONTO Toronto is emerging as Canada’s must-see city after benefitting from part of the largest continuing urbanrevitalisation project in North America. The Queens Quay on Lake Ontario recently reopened, and now boasts bike and pedestrian paths and new streetcars that link green spaces and art-filled promenades. Head to The Junction and immerse yourself in Toronto’s most stylish bars, live music venues and coffee shops. Another bonus, the city is becoming easier to visit: a train now whisks travellers downtown from the airport in 25 minutes, and Air Canada offers extended stopovers for connecting passengers.

through crumbling castles and manor houses hidden in dense forests of pine. If you head over for a European winter, make sure you visit the capital, Rīga, which transforms into a scene from a Christmas card – it’s only to be expected from the place where the very first Christmas tree was erected.

SHANGHAI Prepare to make memories that last a lifetime during the grand opening celebration of Shanghai’s own Disneyland this June. Explore neverbefore-seen lands like Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove and Gardens of Imagination, and one-of-a-kind attractions and experiences. The park will also include the largest castle in any Disney theme park around the world! Make the most of the grand opening by staying at the whimsical Toy Story Hotel, where a world of imagination is waiting to play; or pamper yourself with a one-of-akind hotel experience at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

ABU DHABI The diversity of Abu Dhabi is in the spotlight this year with the opening of a fleet of new architectural projects, including the long-awaited Louvre Abu Dhabi, known for a lacework dome that lets in what the architect calls a “rain of light”. This year also sees upmarket hotel openings elsewhere in the city, including the 200-room Four Seasons and the 244room Edition Hotel on the Abu Dhabi Marina. Accompanying the glitz is the green, with the continuation of the Al Wathba Wetland eco-reserve project, one of the Middle East’s first wildlife reserves and home to 232 species.

JAPAN Celebrate love with the Japanese this year as the city of Takarazuka, between Osaka and Kobe, will begin issuing certificates to recognise same-sex unions. This is the first city outside Tokyo to do so and a signal of change for gay travellers. The Kansai district is a foodie’s paradise. In fact, The Michelin Guide to Kansai had so many starred restaurants (the most worldwide) it was divided into three separate guidebooks for 2016 and offers 19 new starred restaurants. Grab your chopsticks and dig in!

USA This is the year to see America at its pristine best. The country’s 59 national parks and hundreds of historical landmarks will be in tiptop shape as the National Park Service celebrates 100 years of safeguarding Yosemite, Yellowstone, Badlands, Zion and the rest. If you pick politics over parks, America will also be swearing in its next President in November.

LATVIA Latvia lights up for its silver anniversary this year as it celebrates 25 years free from the shackles of communism. Perhaps the lesser known of the European tourism hotspots, this is the place to go to wander

PARK CITY, UTAH Park City is the place to be for snowseekers in 2016. With the merging of Park City Mountain Resort and adjacent Canyons Resort, Park City is now officially the largest ski and snowboard resort in North America. A new eight passenger Quicksilver Gondola connection, along with the new King Con Express six-pack and Motherlode Express Quad make up just some of the improvements. With over 7300 acres, more than 300 trails, 41 lifts, eight terrain parks, one super pipe and one mini pipe, plus many diverse ski-in/ski-out and village adjacent lodging properties, Park City is an easily accessible, world-class mountain destination located in an authentic and historic western town.

ARGENTINA With the long-delayed paving of the Road of the Seven Lakes completed last summer, it is now possible to drive, cycle or motorbike down the 66-mile route that takes in some of Argentina’s most compelling scenery. Connecting San Martín de Los Andes to the mountain village of Villa La Angostura, an hour’s drive from the skiing and snowboarding mecca of Bariloche, the route is stunningly scenic, winding its way through forested valleys and around the namesake azure lakes, taking in national parks, snowcapped mountains and abundant waterfalls along the way.

Autumn 2016 83

TRAVEL | QLD Spotlight

WELL, HELLO THERE AUTUMN! From stays in heritage B&Bs to cedar cottages, converted churches, mountain cabins and a luxury pet-friendly experience in the heart of Queensland’s wine country, these are the 15 fabulous Breathe Breaks you need to take this Autumn.


ust 90 minutes from Brisbane, Southern Queensland Country offers a canvas of escapes, from Toowoomba and the Darling Downs through the South Burnett to the Southern Downs and Granite Belt. It’s the perfect place to take time out this Autumn, to reconnect with life and to breathe deeply, to hear the crunch of Autumn leaves underfoot, and to watch the sun go down over country that is truly breathtaking. Southern Queensland Country welcomes the new season with 15 Autumn Breathe Break experiences. Yes, people need to be reminded to breathe! 84 PROVOKE.COM.AU

Quest Toowoomba’s Autumn Colours Breathe Break Feel the change of season with Quest Toowoomba’s two-night Autumn Colours Breathe Break. The package includes two nights in a one-bedroom balcony apartment overlooking the changing colours of the stunning Queens Park, a bottle of Symphony Hill wine from the Granite Belt and a plate of local delicacies – cheese, olives, cured meats and crusty bread on arrival, complimentary entry to Cobb & Co Museum and a guaranteed sleep-in with a luxuriously late checkout of 12 noon.

When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: $518 per couple Book: 07 4690 2222 and you must mention Autumn Colours Breathe Break when booking. W: Ravensbourne’s Romantic Breathe Break For couples needing a Breathe Break laced with romance, Ravensbourne Forest Chalets at Palmtree has the perfect loved-up getaway, which starts with a welcome bottle of Holland Wines from Crow’s Nest and chocolates, a hearty breakfast hamper,

cosy log fires and private balcony overlooking a tranquil rainforest. A personalised Country Drive has been designed for Breathe Breakers, so sunglasses and scarves are de rigueur. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: from $450 per couple Book: 07 4697 8185 W: Deshon’s Autumn Ahhh! Breathe Break A world away from the traditional B&B, Deshons offers just two hip freestanding hideaways tucked into the Booie Range, in wine country just outside of Kingaroy. Enjoying sweeping valley views and brimming with hidden treasures. Deshon’s Autumn Ahhh! includes two nights per couple in a private boutique hideaway, an abundant breakfast basket of local produce, one heavenly one-hour inroom massage, a special tasting plate of duck terrine, sourdough bread, olive oil and dukkah from neighbouring Cassis Restaurant, and all the fresh country air you can breathe! When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: $500 per couple Book: 07 4163 6688 and mention Deshon’s Autumn Ahhh! Breathe Break. W: Autumn Wine & Stars Breathe Break, Mulanah Gardens Escape to the South Burnett Wine trail for two nights in a cosy bed and breakfast cottage at the awardwinning Mulanah Gardens. Nestled in quiet bushland just a short drive from Kingaroy, Mulanah Gardens offers just two private self-contained cottages, each featuring a spa bath and toasty wood fire, perfect for cool Autumn evenings. The package includes a hearty breakfast basket each morning, a personalised behind-the-scenes tour and wine tasting with winemaker Simon Berry at Kingsley Grove Estate, concluding with a delicious wood-fired pizza and a glass of your favourite Kingsley Grove wine in the ambience of the working winery; and a complimentary Autumn Skies Star Gazing Tour with renowned astronomer James Barclay at Kingaroy Observatory. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: $420 per couple (weekend rate extra $20 per couple) Book: 0427 643 142 and mention Autumn Wine & Stars Breathe Break W: Kingaroy Country Autumn Escape Breathe Break Watch the leaves turn on a two-night Breathe Break at Kingaroy Country Motel, including a bottle of wine from a local cellar door, continental breakfast for two each morning, handmade confectionery from Taste South Burnett and discount vouchers from a range of local businesses,

courses, the Kingaroy Observatory and the walks and wildlife of the beautiful Bunya Mountains. The onsite Pioneer Room is regarded as one of Kingaroy’s best restaurants, with a great range of local and Australian wines. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: from $320 per couple Book: 07 4162 3999 or and mention Pioneer Lodge Savour Autumn Breathe Break. W:

plus lashings of country hospitality! Breathe deeply and relax around the motel garden or take a walk to the heart of Kingaroy to enjoy cafes, country pubs and the art gallery. The South Burnett wine trail begins just 10 minutes’ drive from town; take a leisurely drive to breathe the crisp mountain air of the Bunya Mountains, or see the night skies show at the nearby Kingaroy Astronomical Observatory. The colourful Burrandowan Picnic Races are on May 14; for an extra $50 per person extend your package to include a race ticket and return bus transfers. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: $250 per couple Book: 07 4162 1966 or email reservations@kingaroycountrymotel. and mention Kingaroy Country Autumn Escape Breathe Break. Savour Autumn Breathe Break, Pioneer Lodge Motel Celebrate Autumn with a stay at the charming Pioneer Lodge Motel. The package includes two nights in a fully refurbished room, breakfast each morning and a complimentary bottle of local wine on arrival. Dinner packages can also be tailored at an additional cost. Stay midweek or take a weekend break to explore the South Burnett wine trail, country golf

Autumn Outdoors Breath Break A Breathe Break with a difference at the BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park – there’s the South Burnett Wine Trail, fishing and watersports on Boondooma and Bjelke-Petersen Dams, art galleries, historic homesteads, country pubs, a lavender farm and walks in the majestic Bunya Mountains all within easy reach. The two-night package in a Park Ensuite Cabin includes a cheese and biscuit tasting plate, a bottle of local wine and handmade confectionery from Taste South Burnett. Discount vouchers from other local businesses are also included. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: From $260 per couple Book: 1800 502 218 and mention Autumn Outdoors Breath Break W:

The Breathe & Bark Break at Alure Stanthorpe A luxury Breathe Break with a very special difference – one that welcomes you, your partner, and your beloved pet! Take a Breathe & Bark Break – a luxury getaway in the heart of Granite Belt Wine Country, where after a full day of exploring you can stretch out by the fire, or end the day stargazing in your own private courtyard... and that’s just for your hound! The Breathe & Bark Break includes accommodation Autumn 2016 85

84-85_AutumnBreathebreaks.indd 85

12/04/2016 9:41 pm

TRAVEL | QLD Spotlight

in the dog-friendly luxury villa, a Tastes of the Granite Belt continental breakfast basket, pet-friendly package (including robes, plush bed, toiletries and gourmet-treats bag) and a bottle of Granite Belt sparkling for the ‘parents’. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: From $380 per night midweek Book: 07 4681 4476 or info@ W: Relax & Romance Breathe Break at Maric Park Cottages Treat your special someone to Maric Park Cottages. From savouring welcome chocolates and local Granite Belt sparkling wine on arrival to relaxing on your cottage’s screened deck as the Autumn sun melts into the horizon, or even settling in for a movie in the purpose-built home theatre – this Breathe Break is all about time together. Take a short bushwalk, go wine tasting at the cellar doors or book a guided bike tour on Stanthorpe’s country roads. The two-night Relax & Romance Breathe Break includes a bottle of wine and chocolates on arrival, a breakfast hamper of local juice and homemade


bread and jams each morning, and a lazy checkout at noon. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: From $499 per couple Book: 0417 606 647 and mention Relax & Romance Autumn Breathe Break. W: Old World Autumn Breathe Break, Guy House B&B Relax and recharge at Warwick’s gracious Guy House B&B (circa 1880) with an Old World Autumn Breathe Break – designed to pamper. The package includes a bottle of local Stanthorpe wine and a tasting plate featuring local Southern Downs Autumn produce on your first evening, a delicious breakfast each morning served in the dining room or opt for breakfast in bed, uninterrupted fireside reading time, full use of the garden and the heavenly hammock and Devonshire Tea at nearby Belle Vue Café at the discounted price of $5 per person. Just two hours’ drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, the historic Guy House B&B caters to just one couple or a group of up to four, ensuring your privacy and personalised attention. When: Midweek, 1 March – 31 May

How Much: From $170 per couple Book: 07 4661 7669 and mention Autumn Breathe Break W: Breathe Break in the Bunyas Imagine a place so refreshingly different to the norm. A place untouched by the outside world. A wilderness area dominated by ancient Bunya Pines, a place so spectacularly beautiful it will take your breath away. Slow down, breathe deep, soak up the magic of the Bunya Mountains. Enjoy a romantic two-night Breathe Break here with the ultimate Bliss Package on arrival, tea and coffee and all essential toiletries supplied, also a scrumptious breakfast hamper and BBQ Pack for two plus a bottle of local South Burnett wine. Relax by your log fireplace, take in the mountain views, breathe in the clean-crisp mountain air, relax and refuel your spirit. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: From $345 per couple Book: 07 4668 3126 or email info@ and quote Breathe Break at time of booking. W:

this retreat celebrates local produce and wine-country flavours. The two-night Breathe Break features a complimentary welcome drink and cheese platter in the rustic Brew Bar; the four-course Brewers Platter matched with Granite Belt Brewery craft beers; continental breakfast hamper featuring local produce; full-day Food & Wine tour including lunch at a local winery, and the option to explore any of four Breathe Break Walks that have been designed for guests to truly take time out. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: From $299 per person twin share Book: 07 4681 1370 W:

Autumn Picnic in the Vineyard Breathe Break, Ballandean Estate Wines Make a grape escape to the Granite Belt to adopt a grape vine and sample local seasonal produce and boutique wine amid the vines with Ballandean Estate Wines. This Breathe Break includes a gourmet picnic hamper for two to enjoy in the vineyard featuring an array of local delicacies prepared by the Barrelroom Restaurant and Larder chefs, a bottle of Ballandean Estate Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc, a personalised cellar-door wine tasting with a member of the Puglisi Family and a three-year adopt of a vine certificate – which gets you a 15% discount on mail order or cellar-door purchases of Ballandean Estate Wines for three years! When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: $164 per couple Book: 07 4684 1226 and mention Autumn Picnic in the Vineyard Breathe Break W: Breathe & Write Home About It at Diamondvale B&B Cottages & Lodge Diamondvale B&B Cottages & Lodge is a country escape in total comfort. Stay two nights in a one-bedroom cottage

filled with little luxuries as well as a fully cooked breakfasts delivered to the cottage each morning, a local cheese platter and bottle of wine on arrival, a dinner voucher for two to dine at one of the local area’s fabulous eateries, including transfers, a full-day regional tour sampling local wines, craft beers and produce with homemade soups and fresh bread rolls on your return. Special touches include aromatherapy candles and relaxation music on arrival, an artist’s easel complete with paper, watercolours and pencils, and a library of books. Breath Breakers are encouraged to pen a postcard from Diamondvale – just write your note and we will post! When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: From $410 per person. Book: 07 4681 3367 W:

Smell the Roses Autumn Escape, Abbey of the Roses Let old world charm and opulence coax you into slowing down and smelling the roses at beautiful Abbey of the Roses country house manor, just under two-hours’ drive from Brisbane in historic Warwick. Sink into crisp sheets in luxuriously comfy beds, read in the garden amid falling Autumn leaves, relax in one of the gazebos, wander through the ‘Five Walks of Warwick’. The Abbey is offering a two-night midweek package in the Victorian or Catherine McCauley Rooms including a host of extras – private dining for two in the Vestry on your first night, including a bottle of local wine, followed by a sherry or port in the drawing room; a full Abbey breakfast each morning; a private tour of the ground floor and late checkout at 11am. When: 1 March – 31 May How Much: $510 per couple Book: 07 4661 9777 W:

Breathe Break at Happy Valley Retreat Hiding deep in the heart of Queensland’s premier food and wine country are 16 cedar timber cabins. With private verandas, cosy log fires and an onsite micro-brewery which is home to seven craft beers as well as the signature Brewer’s Platter,

Autumn 2016 87


Image by Camera Obscura and Shantanu Starick

Home | Garden | Architecture | Property | Habitat

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You’re not seeing things, that really is an enormous high-heeled shoe and it does exist. The giant structure, which believe-it-or-not is a church, is hoped to attract female worshippers. The church is also includes “100 female features” such as love seats for couples, biscuits and cakes. Made from 320 pieces of blue-tinted glass, the building-shoe stands about 17 metres high and 11 metres wide in Ocean View Park, on Taiwan’s east coast.

Gold Coast Private Hospital Officially Open! Construction has wrapped up on the new $230 million Gold Coast Private Hospital, paving the way for $25 million of new equipment to be installed. The new hospital replaced Allamanda Private when it opened on March 12 and features 284 beds and 13 theatres – all with new equipment – with capacity to expand to 400 beds and 21 theatres, in-line with patient demand.

Smart Shower

The New Generation Cubbyhouse Miniature teepees were all the rage in playspaces for the kids in 2015. Welcome to 2016, and say hello to Playhouse. Let your inner stylist run wild with this perfect blank canvas. Lovingly designed


and handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast by RAW, Playhouse is made from 100% environmentally sustainable plantation pine. High tea or chill-out space? You’re only limited by yours and your child’s imagination

when it comes to styling and functionality. Assembly? It couldn’t be simpler. Playhouse arrives partially assembled, with easy to follow instructions. RRP: $275 W:

Your days for a good guilt-free shower soak are officially numbered. The French team at Start & Blue are ready to ask for your pocket money to help crowd fund Hydrao. The Hydrao screws on to all standard shower heads and has built-in lights that change colour as you use more and more water. The red flashing lights are your final call to turn off those taps pronto! The system also works with a companion app, available for iOS and Android, to let users track water use over time and set usage limits. If the crowdfunding goes successfully, you can expect Hydrao to be available early next year for around $99. The question is though, do you really want your shower time monitored? W:

THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOUR DISHWASHER COULD DO 1. Sanitise Your Toothbrush Especially useful if you’ve just gotten over a cold. 2. Shine Your Hubcaps Add a cup of white vinegar to the wash and they’ll look like new. 3. Clean Canvas Sneakers Just remove the liners and skip the dry cycle. 5. Cook Vegetables Handy when cooking for a large group and there’s no space left on the stove or oven. 6. Poach Salmon Make sure, as with the vegetables, that the fish is wrapped tightly in foil.

BRISBANE HUSTLIN’ WOMEN This new local venture is all about supporting talented women throughout Queensland working in the creative small business industry. If you’re on the hunt for unique and locally made piece for your home, you can bet you’ll find an BHW artisan who is making it! If you’re Brisbane based, makes sure you head along to the first Brisbane Hustlin’ Women market, and if you’re a little further out, jump online to check out the brilliant products being

This wall hanging by Xavier&Me hits a bunch of the 2016 home trends – woven wall deco, geometric tiles, shades of grey, artisan goods! RRP: $1025 W:

made across our State. Even if you’re shopping list is empty, the website has a fantastic 52 Weeks, 52 Brands feature that introduces you to a different woman and her work each week. What: Premiere BHW Market When: April 16, 9am-3pm Where: Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, Windsor W:



Pinterest’s Hottest Home Trends of 2016 According to the pinning habits of Pinterest’s 100 million users, these are the predicted home trends that will dominate in 2016: 1. Geometric tiles 2. Scandinavian-inspired design 3. Hidden wires 4. Shades of grey 5. Graphic throw pillows 6. Black, white and organic colours 7. Woven wall decor 8. DIY space-saving hacks 9. Artisan goods 10. Gilded metallic wallpaper

We love these graphic and tropical throw pillows from Queensland company Bungalow Living. They’re safe for use both indoors and outdoors! RRP: $35 W:

Autumn 2016 91

90-91_LivingNews.indd 91

12/04/2016 8:52 pm

Frangipani trees and epiphytes feature in the courtyard garden, for their ability to cling to the brick exterior. 92 PROVOKE.COM.AU

Local Homes | LIVING

URBAN SANCTUARY “It is bold, my house. It takes risks. It makes a statement. It connects with its community and stands apart from it. It doesn’t care what you think. It won’t be offensive, but it will be known.” Lesley-Anne Houghton, Dock Street Warehouse home-owner WORDS: EMMA SCHAFER IMAGES: CAMERA OBSCURA & SHANTANU STARICK


hen asked to describe the aesthetic of the Dock Street Warehouse home she helped design, architect Suzie Wiley (Surroundings) was momentarily flummoxed. Not because the building is eclectic, because it is definitely a cohesive space. And not because the home doesn’t have a unique signature, because it absolutely does. I think the loss for words came more from the lack of suitable adjectives available to describe this one-of-a-kind, award-winning renovation and design. I’m tempted to label the dark palette of the interior (by Jacks Corner Design and SuperAverage) moody, but the space is also warm and light-filled. I would say the home is industrial in style and warehouse in feel, but there is also so much that is natural and earthy. “It feels comfortable,” Suzie eventually settled on. It’s true, the home is definitely one where you want to stay a while. Lesley-Anne and Andrew’s is the only residential home in the hubbub of Brisbane’s Southbank. Wind back the clock to pre-1980s and the colonial heritage building was a mechanics workshop. By the time the Houghtons made it their project (purchasing it at auction for $2,360,000), the building had already been turned into a two-storey residential home, but by the time they were finished it had become a three-storey urban sanctuary built by MCD Construction. Newly empty-nested, the couple liked the open warehouse nature of the space, but saw an opportunity to use it differently and create something uniquely theirs. They didn’t like the idea of “apartment living” and sought to escape the trappings of the typical residential home they had left in Tarragindi. “We wanted to be bold and take some risks given we had a unique building to work with, but at the same time I very much wanted it to be a warm and welcoming home,” Lesley-Anne said. Stepping in from the building-lined street with all of the

noise from the city’s cultural heart, the home is a sensoryladen expanse that opens widely before you, and yet gently cocoons you in. Like a mirage, the central courtyard with its frangipani trees, stacked stones, copper murals and hauntingly obscure fan art beckon to you. Darryl Mappin (Mappin Design Group) was tasked with gutting the original concrete landscape that felt “way too built”. He made it feel like a garden again, and the two ground-floor guest rooms each claim it as their own. The entire lower level is windowless, creating an inward looking, self-contained hideaway where guest can share space, or get some space. The jewel of the first floor is Lesley-Anne’s favourite room – her library. Described by Lesley as “a beautiful, creative haven” the space looks over the courtyard and on to the Brisbane River. On the wall is artwork designed specifically for the owners by Brisbane street artist Guido Van Helten and the minimalistic desk is also a Brisbane-made custom design by Lachlan Neilsen. Railway sleepers have been repurposed to create rustic timbers floors and an exposed brick wall once again makes you ponder what stylistic label could possibly encompass all of the aspects of these interiors. “Everything is beautiful in its own right, and also has its place as part of the whole,” Lesley says of the many one-off pieces that give the home the feel of an intimate gallery. Also standing out among the first-floor dwellings (dining, living) is the kitchen. The space has followed the rest of the home in its theme of raw and functional minimalism. An enormous island bench claims the space atop concrete-slab flooring, but the eye is undoubtedly drawn to the crisp white tiling that spreads across the walls and over the range. The effect is of a seamless blank canvas, punctuated with aged copper accents for flourish and dark cabinetry that melts into the facade. The pendant light hung from the high ceiling over Autumn 2016 93

LIVING | Local Homes


Local Homes | LIVING

Left & Above: Lesley-Anne’s favourite room, the library, is stacked with books that tell of her artistic nature. It is a warm, old-worldly room that acts as a cosy nook on the first-floor.

A loft-style staircase that acts as the “spine” of the home is the architectural genius in this home.

Autumn 2016 95

Rooftop Terrace

the island is the perfect spotlight for a room that deserves the attention. Before venturing to the new second floor, it is remiss not to lay praise on the path that takes you there. Also a new addition to the home, the ribboned spiral staircase is the linchpin that creates vertical connection between all layers of the home. When discussing the renovation of the building, Suzie often refers to the Dock Street Warehouse as becoming a creation of “interconnected space” with the staircase as its “spine”. “The original building was very one-sided,” Suzie acknowledged. “It had the courtyard, but there wasn’t a lot of light coming down to the bottom level, and so we wanted to use stairs as a spine to connect you all the way to the top level, but also to let the light filter down.” Wrapped in steel mesh and caged with vertical brass rods, the spiral staircase is another of the home’s intriguing artworks. The entire building is reliant on the staircase to narrate its story, with glimpses of each level flickering through the bars and enticing you into their space. Spiralling up to the newly built third floor, you enter LesleyAnne and Andrew’s master sanctuary (master bedroom, ensuite, lounge space and terrace). Once again, art forms the soul of the minimalist bedroom where Surroundings architect and artist Laura Pascoe handpainted her largest piece – a soft watercolour inspired by the Brisbane River that became the wallpaper. With neighbours so close and the house so open around its central courtyard, architects had to be strategic about the placement of windows on this private level. Two skylights are used in the ensuite and throw shadows on the textural, white subway tiles. Luxuriating in the bath is the best way to enjoy the sky-view. The brass features used are designed to age, a no polishing required perk adored by Lesley-Anne. A terrace on this level offers the first opportunity to step outside and feel connected to the outside world. From the closed sanctuary of the serene bottom level to the functional first floor and on through to the private master floor, the home becomes more open as you spiral up its stairs. 96 PROVOKE.COM.AU

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A HOUSE… An extract from words by Lesley-Anne Houghton, written about her hopes for her upcoming Dock Street home.

My house is welcoming. It is filled with light, love and laughter. It is a place for friends to come and eat, drink and connect. A place for children to play and family to rest. A place of many and of few. Opening up and hiding away. It is a place that generates creativity, connection and generosity. And intimacy, love and rejuvenation. We claim who we are in this home. We are enveloped and embraced; inspired and pushed to step into possibility, to live a life bold, to take risks and stretch boundaries. We dream big dreams in these spaces. We sit in a rooftop garden, soft and beautiful, the lights stretching the world beyond us. And we retreat. To reconnect, to be intimate, to have solitude. To live a life the two of us, forgetting about the demands, the requests, the lists of jobs to be done, people to ring, reports to be written, meetings to be had. We sit quietly, a glass of wine, soft lights and music – holding the world at bay. And my soul repairs.

Local Homes | LIVING


Master Ensuite

A custom dining pendant by Blumen Watts adorns the first-floor dining room and offsets the light, natural timber furnishings.

11 Dock Street, South Brisbane

Autumn 2016 97

92-101_DockWarehouse.indd 97

12/04/2016 9:43 pm

LIVING | Local Homes

“An enormous island bench claims the space atop concrete-slab flooring, but the eye is undoubtedly drawn to the crisp white tiling that spreads across the walls and over the range.”


Autumn 2016 99

When you reach the rooftop, Suzie says, “You really start participating in the surrounding environment”. Everyone working on the project was pushing to have the home movein ready by Riverfire 2014, and with a vantage point like this rooftop you can appreciate the hurry. With panoramic views of Southbank, Brisbane River and city, this is again a space designed around the owners’ love for beautiful things. Whether enjoyed around the fireplace or from the open timber deck, this is a destination in the home that feels as though it has bloomed from the building. As a whole, the Dock Street Warehouse delivers on LesleyAnne’s desire for “bold connection” in her home. And in staying true to this vision, she discovered her own design aesthetic and a love for texture that could be achieved through raw and recycled materials. Suzie and the Surroundings team shared this sentiment. “We are pretty intuitive and very

“Furnishings are low and never too bulky for the spaces. This means that no room feels crowded.” Jessica Jackson, interior designer


organic. It might look like a very controlled design, but we really go by feel. Here, there was a lot to respond to, which was great,” she said. Existing floors were sanded and wax sealed, windows and doors repaired and re-sealed, and ceiling panels from the demolished roof were repurposed as stacking sliding doors in the ground-floor bedrooms. The ceiling fan art installation was made from an extractor fan dismantled from the original roof. The exposed brick wall that towers over two floors is sandblasted and recycled. The foundation of the brief given to architects, builders, designers and landscapers was simple for this home. LesleyAnne and Andrew love spending time together surrounded by family, friends and the artefacts they had collected before arriving. It was important that everyone felt comfortable and welcomed in this home. Lesley-Anne says she is happy with everything exactly as it is.















4 12


“The sexy black bathroom is a shimmering delight and like a little treasure to uncover for guests.” Jessica Jackson, interior designer









4 19 14


To see more of the Dock Street Warehouse renovation and hear more from its owners, head to








21 20 14






SOMETHING CAUGHT YOUR EYE? Here is where you can find it: Landscape Sculpture and Pipework – Darryl Mappin, Rear Courtyard Wall Art – Guido Van Halten, Garage Wall Art – Gimiks Born, Handmade Ceramic pendants/custom wallpaper – Laura Pascoe, Custom Library Desk – Neilsen Workshop, Custom Dining Pendant – Blumen Watts,

Autumn 2016 101

92-101_DockWarehouse.indd 101

12/04/2016 8:57 pm


Providing high quality legal services to the Gold Coast & surrounding regions since 1970. ABKJ Lawyers is a firm that is large enough to provide legal services in an efficient and professional manner but small enough to ensure personal attention. We are dedicated to, and pride ourselves on, the personal service delivered and the relationships which the staff and partners develop and maintain with all clients of the firm.

AREAS OF PRACTICE Body Corporate matters Business Conveyancing Commercial Law Conveyancing Corporations Law Court Representation Family Law Leasing Litigation Management Rights Notary Public Services Property Law Powers Of Attorney Small Business Law Trusts Wills & Estate Planning

3 SHORT STREET, SOUTHPORT, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, 4215 T 07 5532 3199 F 07 5591 3402 E

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7 EASY STEPS TO HELP SELL YOUR HOME Presenting your home for sale can make such a difference in the time it takes to sell and the price you get. Your home is often one of your greatest assets, so you want to get the best return possible. WORDS: DONNA DONALDSON PROFESSIONAL DECLUTTER CONSULTANT


ripping over clutter and trying to guess how much room there is for your belongings can be challenging when viewing a potential new home that is cluttered and unruly. Imagine walking into a home that is fresh, light and airy, giving a spacious, open feel. Here is how you can achieve this in your home, to help you bag the best selling price. 1. Depersonalise your home. Potential buyers need to feel comfortable to walk in and start to imagine themselves living there. Removing family photos and memorabilia around the home can be an emotional process, however, if you don’t, it may cause potential buyers to feel like they are intruding in your home. 2. Entry – First impressions are lasting, so make it count. Have a clutter-free entry with no shoes, umbrellas, school bags, etc. Repair anything broken or damaged, paint the door or entry if needed, have it all sparkling clean and maybe add a healthy plant or pot for some colour. 3. Declutter – A clutter-free environment gives a fresh feel to the home, creating an inviting space that inspires your potential buyer’s want to explore. a. Declutter by clearing out and getting rid of items you don’t need. b. Throw out rubbish and anything broken or damaged. c. Donate or sell items that are still in good working order. d. Paperwork is like a black hole. Shred sensitive documents and bin other papers. e. Pack the goods that you need to keep, but are not likely to need before your move. f. Store neatly boxed goods and items of furniture you have removed from the home that you are keeping in either the garage or a storage shed.

4. Clean – No-one likes to see another person’s grime, so pay special attention to every detail when cleaning. Be sure to include the following in your cleaning regime, or have cleaners come and do a bond clean for you: a. Windows and screens b. Blinds and curtains c. Skirting boards d. Tiles, splashback and vents e. Appliances f. Cupboards 5. Maintenance & Inspections Checks Building and pest inspection before your home goes on the market gives you and potential buyers peace of mind, or prepares you for what you will need to do to rectify them. Finish any home improvements that you always meant to get around to as this takes away the headache for the potential buyer. Check all of your hardware around the home and replace what needs fixing. 6. Odours – There is nothing worse than walking into a home and smelling unpleasant odours. Here are a number of ways to reduce this: a. Walls may require a dose of sugar soap or a new paint job (stick with neutral colours). b. Carpets or flooring and fabric couches cleaned, in some cases replacing or repairing flooring. c. Dirty washing up to date. d. Smelly shoes either cleaned or out of

It’s always a good idea to talk to your agent to see if they are happy with your presentation, as they are selling your home.

smelling range. e. Keep animals and their bedding washed regularly. f. Try to have animal bedding and toys away from the areas people first walk through to go outside. g. If you smoke take it well away from the inside of the home. h. Peeled onion left in a room overnight can sometimes soak up odours. i. Eucalyptus dry spray also helps, but try to avoid artificial air fresheners as they can make things worse. j. Good0-quality candles, natural essential oils, fresh fruit and flowers always raise the value. 7. Presentation – This is like the icing on the cake. Place furniture to give a spacious, airy feel to your home. Let in as much light as possible with window furnishings open, lights on and light, airy colours inside. Use cushions, new bedding covers, extra pillows, throws, maybe some new towels, floor mat and hand towels for the bathroom, candles and a print or two on the walls to give a lift and add a little colour.

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CO-SIGNING ON A LOAN? WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW FIRST Sometimes in life people need a helping hand. This is all the more evident when someone needs someone else to be a co-signee on a loan. When someone needs a helping hand with co-signing a loan there is much to consider, particularly the risk of little to no reward for taking on an extra liability. WORDS: CHRIS SMITH


very scenario is different and each person should assess their circumstances on an individual basis. For instance the loan could be for a car, business or a home loan. Each come with their own unique risks. As a case scenario, let us consider the following situation. Amy is wanting to buy her first home, but does not have a suitable deposit for the loan, a common problem these days for first-home buyers due to the rapid growth in property prices in recent times. So Amy approaches her parents, Barry and Carol, to help her out with co-signing the loan. Barry and Carol have two main options for co-signing, either signing as a co-borrower or signing as a guarantor. Of course Barry and Carol want to help her out, but it is a serious commitment and there is much to consider. Things such as; how secure is Amy’s income, what is her history of saving like, does she have a good credit history? These are just a few things to consider. Why these points are important to consider is because of the risks involved. As a co-borrower, both Barry and Carol are jointly liable for the debt with Amy and could put their personal wealth at risk. If Amy is unable to pay her share of the loan, Barry and Carol will be responsible for repaying the full amount outstanding. As a guarantor, the credit provider may not be willing to give a loan to Amy on her own and may ask for a guarantee. If Barry and Carol sign as a guarantee, they are known as the ‘guarantor’ of the loan. When you sign your name as a guarantor, you are legally responsible for paying back the entire loan if the other person cannot or will not make the repayments. Barry and Carol will also have to pay any fees, charges and interest if this was to happen. As a guarantor you do not have the right to own the property or items bought with the loan. As part of co-signing the loan,



Barry and Carol will need to tell the credit provider about any loans they are a guarantor for when they apply for credit. They may take into account the loan repayments on other loans they have guaranteed when they assess their ability to repay a new loan. This may stop them getting a new loan, even if Amy is having no problems making the repayments. Barry and Carol may end up with a bad credit record if Amy cannot pay back the guaranteed loan. The loan will be listed as a default or non-payment on their credit report, making it hard for them to borrow money for several years. If you provide security, such as a mortgage on your home, to guarantee someone else’s loan, you may not be able to use your home as security for your own loan. You may even end up losing your home if you do not pay out

the guaranteed loan. You may also be made bankrupt by the credit provider. Even assets you have not offered as security for a guarantee may then be sold to pay the outstanding debt. If you are unsure as to whether you should co-sign a loan, do not make a decision that could have a seriously negative affect on your future without seeking professional advice.

This information has not taken into consideration your personal goals and objectives; if you would like more information and would like your situation reviewed, feel free to call and set up a nil-cost, obligation-free appointment. Email the author at

Reach New Heights Your wealth. Your plans. Our purpose. Chris Smith is the Founding Partner of national award-winning financial advisory firm VISIS Private Wealth. VISIS is one of Australia’s leading independently owned Private Wealth firms. We provide expert advice across Financial Planning, Tax & Accounting and Investment Management. Areas of specialty include the following strategies: • • • •

Investment; Tax Minimisation; Superannuation and Self-Managed Funds; and Loan and debt management.

Chris has built a firm that combines a traditional financial planning approach with modern wealth management techniques to provide the right expertise to assist you in maximising the potential of your hard-earned wealth to achieve your financial goals. We take the time to discuss your unique circumstances and are skilled at identifying the deep complexities of your financial situation. With this understanding, we can apply our insight to develop tailored advice for you and communicate it in a way that’s simple, straightforward and easy to understand. The focus is squarely on what you want to achieve.

For a no cost appointment with Chris contact 07 3231 4004 or email

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CREATE MEMORIES WITH TIMELESS FLOWERS As we approach Summer’s end, the urgency to upgrade the garden suddenly hits! The timing is great though because this is the best time to add plants, trim overgrown ones and get down on our hands and knees and start weeding. WORDS: BRENDA GILBERT HORTICULTURALIST AND INTERIOR DESIGNER


ere in Queensland we have a propensity to routinely add mainstream native plants. When correctly selected and designated they can be quite visually pleasing, however, it is does not usually result in a striking unforgettable display. Does your garden bear a resemblance to memories of our grandparents’ era? We all remember a certain plant or tree from our childhood years that brings back pleasant thoughts. However, the common reaction to the suggestion of adding floral choices


is the frightening visualisation of maintenance. However, adding colorful cut-flower choices to your garden doesn’t have to result in a big chore. Most often the choices in plant selection are not the most difficult task, but rather the numbers to buy and placement thereof. It is common to select a number of feature flowering plants, plant them all in a line with a row of another complementary plant to the front. Not to say that such a display would result negatively, however, when adding a floral section it is sometimes more visually pleasing to group and stagger the plantings. Also, in small groupings, plant an odd number of each plant. The Geranium ‘Geraniaceae’ is a regal-looking choice that adds luxury and history to any garden. Geranium Calliope ‘Big Red’ is so vibrant in color and pairs perfectly to Dusty Miller ‘Centaurea cineraria’. With the intensity of the Geranium’s deep-red flower, Dusty Miller and its silvery white, finetextured foliage creates a juxtapose that is utterly breathtaking. Both can be found at most local nurseries and Bunnings. Dusty Miller can be visually pleasing planted in among many flowering varieties in a garden. For a balcony or terrace, try alternating one and then the other along in a rectangle-shaped planter box. For a round pot, place the Geranium in the centre and Dusty Miller on either side. Note that pink or white varieties of Geraniums look equally as luxurious with Dusty Miller as the ‘Big Red’. Another old-time plant that shouldn’t be overlooked is the lilac, and in particular the white lilac. You’ll never want to buy cut flowers again as these mesmerising exquisite flowers are stunning in amongst any green foliage or just on their own.

Although there are many different varieties, Syringa x hyacinthiflora ‘Mount Baker’ is a favorite for butterflies and they can be purchased at Masters. If you have a fence, wall or area that needs a pick-me-up by all means plant a Sally Holmes Climbing Rose ‘Rosa ‘Sally Holmes’. These trusses of rich looking ivory-white single flowers draped over any structure are awe-inspiring and require very little maintenance. It makes one think of sipping tea on a sun-drenched day, in the shade of a veranda. The golden centres of this delicious looking bush make it one of the most superior and elegant climbers in the world. They can be purchased online at Treloar Roses ( Here in Queensland we are overindulged with endless flowering plant choices. It’s invigorating to see some of these yesteryear classics start to come back into view.

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BRISBANE CITY FUSION What do you get when you cross a luxury five-star hotel, executive residences and four levels of fine dining, cafés and bars? Say hello to Mary Lane. WORDS: EMMA SCHAFER



don’t think there has ever been a fusion I didn’t like. Vanilla Coke – yum; washer-dryer – genius; camera phone – game changer. So when I heard that Brisbane’s $325 million Mary Lane development would be Brisbane’s first fusion of a five-star hotel, luxury residences and a dining precinct I was pretty sure I would like it. And it seems I’m not the only one with a thing for a good fusion. Within days of opening its sales suite in February, Mary Lane had clocked up about 80 sales, worth more than $60 million. In fact, demand for a piece of the Mary Lane pie was so high that developer Mary 111 upped the size of the project from 167 residences to 184 earlier this year. Mixed-use developments are popular abroad, but the concept is new to Australia and the first of its kind in Brisbane. At Mary Lane, permanent residences will sit atop the world class, five-star Westin Hotel Brisbane with 286 hotel rooms and suites. But wait, there’s more, all of this sits atop four podium levels of venues, bars, a day spa and fine dining opportunities. Project Manager, Ian Pert of GMP Management, said the construction of the unique all-in-one was a response to “the maturing of Brisbane as a city”. “These facilities

are intended to be used by the growing CBD residential population, office workers and hotel guests,” he said. “This blending of users in a high-energy precinct will create a destination that Brisbane CBD lacks.” Taking its design cues from international cities such as New York and Singapore and embracing the laneway dining concept done so well by Melbourne, Mary Lane “specifically is not ostentatious, but welcoming while luxurious”. “The ground plane is a people place, not a vehicle place as is typical of five-star hotels,” said Mr Pert. “The hotel addresses and engages with Mary Street and Mary Lane. It will be a place to see and be seen.” With so much talk of the welcoming and inclusive nature of the development, I want to hear more about what’s waiting inside for those who are planning on living here. Woods Bagot is behind the unique architecture and residential interior of Mary Lane. Senior Associate in charge of interiors Bronwyn McColl said it was clear from their first client briefing they wouldn’t be designing “just another apartment building”. She said this was to be something exclusive, “a legacy for the owner and Brisbane”. And then they hit on a brilliant idea for the residences. Why not reinterpret the historic Queenslander – a local take

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LIVING | Local Homes

You can check out Mary Lane at the display suite now open at 113 Margaret Street, Brisbane.


108-113_MaryLane.indd 110

12/04/2016 8:58 pm

on five-star elegance; sophisticated, yet unpretentious. “With the notion of people moving out of their suburban Queenslanders into inner-city residences, we explored the quintessential elements of a traditional Queenslander home that could be reinterpreted into modern dwellings within an urban context,” she said. You can see the inspiration clearly in the warm neutral tones that were chosen as a perfect backdrop for natural timber and stone fixtures. Even more so in the framing details that are a minimalistic and modern take on the decorative Queenslander facade. Mrs McColl pointed out that the purposefully restrained palette also allowed the buyer to customise their space how they like. It’s always a good thing when your favourite pieces of furniture don’t have to conform to your new walls. As in all good Queenslander homes, the kitchen is king, and in Mary Lane residences the floor plan keeps it central. “As Queenslanders, we have a strong connection with the kitchen,” Mrs McColl agreed. “It’s not just where you cook dinner, but where you catch up with friends, partners and family. Mary Lane kitchen interiors have been designed to reflect this entertaining lifestyle with residences featuring expansive island benches, stone benchtops and timber veneer.” The more you hear about the Mary Lane interiors, the more they start to feel like home – a perk not always synonymous with inner-city, high-rise living. There are certainly perks to living about a five-star hotel though. Did anyone order room service? While a cozy, homely feel is certainly something worth celebrating inside, when talk turns to the private, residentonly, rooftop amenities the rock-star factor is turned to fullblast. On the 37th level lies the very pinnacle of Mary Lane – a rooftop retreat for the exclusive use of residents. This private sanctuary has a sweeping landscaped terrace, a fully equipped cardio gym and a shimmering infinity pool – complete with its own deck. Two barbecue areas

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complete this haven, with a glass-veiled function pavilion and excellent facilities for the home chef. ‘Mingle with close friends at an informal afternoon rooftop gathering – soaking in the panorama; or host a lavish moonlit dinner for 16’ prompts the Mary Lane website. Don’t mind if I do. All of this inner-city living sounds mighty fine, but if you’re not in the market to buy, you don’t have to miss out on at least staying a while. Equally as spoilt for choice as the permanent residents, guests at The Westin have access to a resort-style pool with swim-up bar, gymnasium, day spa and function space. Mrs McColl highlights that despite the uniqueness to each layer of the fusion, and an understanding that each will undertake a different role, the design remains consistent throughout the entire development. “Our brief was to design the entire project as one to ensure the hotels and residences had a sense of underlying continuity,” she said.


“It was important to keep the design language throughout Mary Lane consistent, creating a luxurious experience no matter where you are.” From its city-centre location to the landscaped atrium and all the way up to the incredible rooftop pool deck, Mary Lane celebrates what it is to live an exclusive lifestyle in the Brisbane climate. Centrally located on the axis of Eagle Street pier, the Botanic Gardens, the casino and Queen’s Wharf development, it is perfectly placed to become the pulse of Brisbane’s dynamic new entertainment hub. While the Mary Lane fusion is a pioneer in the Brisbane landscape, the fact that it is selling so fast before the first sod has been turned tells me that we may be seeing a few more fusion flavours in our city mix. Building of Mary Lane will commence shortly and will be on track to finish late 2018.

Mary Lane at a Glance • 184 one, two, three-bedroom executive residences and penthouse. • Positioned above The Westin Brisbane Hotel and vibrant restaurants, cafes and bars. • First-rate conference rooms, meeting spaces, executive lounge and ballroom. • Exclusive residents rooftop retreat – Infinity pool, BBQ areas, private function room and cardio gym. • Unique integrated development and lifestyle concept that is popular throughout the world, but new to Australia and the first of its kind in Brisbane. • Views of Brisbane City, River, Story Bridge and Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

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QUEENSLAND’S PRICIEST HOMES OF 2015 Take a look inside Queensland’s most luxurious homes, and discover why these palatial residences were the most expensive sold in 2015.


Luxury Homes of QLD | LIVING


SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 2.--PID: Sandpiper, 5/33 Hastings Street, 3 22 32 122 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street -PID: PID: 798375 798375 798375 333 2 Noosa Heads

STUNNING STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Sold For: $7.15 million Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusive TSS TSS TSSarea area areais isisthis this thisprivate private private home home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny Real Estate: R&W, Noosa retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality.

Sitting centre stage on Hastings Street and capturing an unrivalled beachfront panorama is the complete top floor penthouse of this bespoke beachfront building. Proudly taking up its beachfront position, the handsome silver and glass facade of this three-level building and sleekly prepared interiors by JDM Designs stand testament to an exacting standard of construction and a striking internal fitout. A private foyer has audio-visual intercom and an elevator lifts to the main entry. A three-metre-high door indicates the Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright scale of this extraordinary penthouse.

professionals professionals professionals southport southport southport Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 W: W: W: M: M:M: 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038 P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 --PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 798375 0417

SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 4 22 42 822 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street 3. 7001/14 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise 333 2 Sold For: $7 million

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STUNNING STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Real Estate: McGrath, Broadbeach Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusiveTSS TSS TSSarea area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private privatehome home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality.

1 SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 Balaam, 8 22 92 422 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street-1. -PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 798375 33B Harbour Road, Hamilton 333 2 Sold For: $11.8 million

The buyer of this empty-shell penthouse was spoilt for choice with three design solutions or the option to bring in their own interior design specialists to craft a grand experience of estate living in the sky. Boasting the highest swimming pool and spa in Queensland, this penthouse benefits from eight secure basement car spaces, stunning panoramic views in all directions, full resort facilities and the use of Seaduction restaurant for catering and room-service.

professionals professionals professionals southport southport southport

Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 M: M:M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038

STUNNING STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Real Estate: Ray White, New Farm Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusiveTSS TSS TSSarea area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private privatehome home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an an alluring alluring alluring sunny sunny sunny W: W: W: P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home home combines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950's charisma charisma charisma with with with renovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality.brief to build Constructed as part of an extraordinary the

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finest family home in Brisbane, this palatial residence comes with every conceivable luxury imaginable. From an internal lift servicing all levels to a fully climate-controlled wine cellar, this home is the ultimate in living. A secluded parents retreat overlooks the CBD and Brisbane River, and the fully equipped gym even comes with its own shower and sauna. Three generous outdoor terraces boast city and river views, and for the kids there are several secure children’s play areas and an architecturally designed cubbyhouse and animal ofessionals rofessionals professionals southport southport southport Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wrightin a cantilevered heated swimming pool enclosure.Andrew Throw Ground Ground ound Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport with adjoining entertainers bar and kitchen and a separate P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 W: :W: M: M:M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038 P: :07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 large lap pool and BBQ cabana and there is really no reason to ever leave this home.


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LIVING | Luxury Homes of QLD



SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 3535 Main Beach Parade, Main Beach 4 22 52 522 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street6. --PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 798375 333 2 Sold For: $6.5 million SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 STUNNING STUNNING RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Real Estate: Professionals – Vertullo Real Estate 132 Virginia Avenue, Hawthorne 5STUNNING 62 RENOVATED 422 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street4. --PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 798375 333 22 2 Sold For: $6.9 million

Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusiveTSS TSS TSSarea area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private privatehome home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny

retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality. STUNNING STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! This Hamptons-style residence captures the essence of Real Estate: Ray White, East Brisbane Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusiveTSS TSS TSSarea area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private privatehome home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny beachfront living. The natural finishes used throughout, retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality.

including Carrara marble, solid timber oak flooring, timber Located within 2.5 kilometres of the CBD in one of shutters and integrated timber cabinetry establish timeless Brisbane’s premier suburbs, this expansive three-level appeal. The intuitive floor plan offers space and privacy for home will truly take your breath away. Of particular note, family and friends with separate living, work, entertaining its magnificent kitchen would impress the most discerning and sleeping zones. The design cleverly incorporates of chefs. With De Dietrich appliances including an induction multiple living areas, both intimate and large-scale outdoor cooktop, Teppanyaki hotplate, convection oven/microwave, areas, a theatre room, large gymnasium, wine cellar, chefcoffee machine, steamer, oven and plate warmer, the quality kitchen, two studies and an opulent master bedroom choices are endless when preparing a meal for the family professionals professionals professionals southport southport southport Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright that occupies the entire top level. or entertaining. The walk-in pantry, granite benchtops and Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport ample cupboard space makes cooking a sheer pleasure. P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 W: W: W: M: M:M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 professionals rofessionals professionals southport southport southport Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright Entertaining is also a breeze with a completelyP:P:P:07 soundproof Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport home cinema with P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333reclining chairs, high-definition projector W: W: W: M: M:M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038 P: : P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 and five-point surround sound offering a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home. All Allinformation All information information contained contained contained herein herein herein isisgathered is gathered gathered from from from sources sources sources we webelieve we believe believe totobe to bereliable. be reliable. reliable. We We We cannot cannot cannot however however however guarantee guarantee guarantee itsitsaccuracy its accuracy accuracy and and and interested interested interested parties parties parties should should should make make make and and and rely rely rely on ontheir on their their own own own enquiries. enquiries. enquiries. Print Print Print &&marketing marketing & marketing powered powered powered bybyby

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SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 117 Commodore Drive, Paradise Waters 7 22 72 522 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street5. --PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 798375 333 2 Sold For: $6.6 million

STUNNING STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Real Estate: McGrath, Broadbeach Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusiveTSS TSS TSSarea area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private privatehome home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality.

This architect-designed residence graces a 939sqm block with 26-metre frontage across exceptionally wide river views. And you can make the most of the views from the stunning horizon edge swimming pool. Outdoors is king at the property, with a sunset entertaining terrace, outdoor kitchen, private garden and a top-floor lounge and deck that captures the Surfers Paradise skyline.

professionals rofessionals professionals southport southport southport

Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 M: M:M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038

Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport W: W: W: P: : P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855

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SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 22798375 Tipuana Terrace, Nahrunda 5 22 32 422 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street9. --PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 333 2 Sold For: $6.18 million


STUNNING STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Real Estate: Gympie Regional Realty Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusiveTSS TSS TSSarea area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private privatehome home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality.

SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 12798375 Noosa 4 22 32 222 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street7. --PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 Parade, Noosa Sound 333 2 Sold For: $6.5 million

Perfectly nestled on 10 peaceful and private acres, this contemporary family home offers a relaxed indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Light-filled interiors include both formal and casual spaces, lovely landscaped gardens and covered outdoor areas for relaxing and entertaining. Downstairs has the great addition of a granny flat, complete with bathroom and storage. There is plenty of room for the cars and toys with a double garage and two sheds.

professionals professionals professionals southport southport southport Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport


Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright

STUNNING STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Real Estate: R&W, Noosa Heads P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 W: W: W: M: M:M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038 P: P:an P: 07 07 07 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 -sunny -F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusive TSS TSS TSS area area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private private home home homefilled filled filled with with withlight light light that that that represents represents represents an an alluring alluring alluring sunny sunny On the doorstep of Hastings Street and the beach, this home All Allinformation All information information contained contained contained herein herein herein isisgathered is gathered gathered from from from sources sources sources we webelieve we believe believe totobe to bereliable. be reliable. reliable. We We We cannot cannot cannot however however however guarantee guarantee guarantee itsitsaccuracy its accuracy accuracy and and and interested interested interested parties parties parties should should should make make make and and and rely rely rely on ontheir on their their own own own enquiries. enquiries. enquiries. Print Print Print &&marketing marketing & marketing powered powered powered bybyby retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality.

sits on one of the largest allotments on Noosa Sound. The view is superb down the long length of the Noosa River, which you can enjoy from both inside the home as well as out on your spacious terrace. Of course there’s a jetty as well as pool and spa. Every fitting in the home is high-end top quality, and combined with the ample space gives a sense of SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 true luxury. 1798375 Palm Avenue, Ascot 93 210 4 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street--10. PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 33 22 222 Sold For: $6 million SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FOR FORSALE SALE SALE---offers offers offersover over over$695,000 $695,000 $695,000 94 Admiralty Drive, Paradise Waters 9 HOME! bed, 10 bath, 4 car 4STUNNING 52 RENOVATED 422 STUNNING RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! 27 27 27Egerton Egerton EgertonStreet Street Street8. --PID: -PID: PID: 798375 798375 798375 33STUNNING 3 22 2 Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusive TSS TSS area area areaisisisthis this thisprivate private private home home home filled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny Sold For: $6.5 million RealTSS Estate: Ray White, Aspley retreat; retreat; retreat;this this thisirresistible irresistible irresistiblehome home homecombines combines combines1950's 1950's 1950'scharisma charisma charismawith with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality. professionals rofessionals professionals southport southport southport Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING RENOVATED RENOVATED RENOVATED HOME! HOME! HOME! Real Estate: Lucy Cole Prestige Properties Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 1616 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport Rarely Rarely Rarelyoffered offered offeredinininthe the theexclusive exclusive exclusiveTSS TSS TSSarea area area is isis this this this private private privatehome home homefilled filled filledwith with withlight light lightthat that thatrepresents represents representsan an analluring alluring alluringsunny sunny sunny This palatial home situated in blue chip Ascot is truly like P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 W: W: W: retreat; retreat; retreat; this this this irresistible irresistible irresistible home home homecombines combines combines 1950's 1950's 1950's charisma charisma charisma with with withrenovated renovated renovatedquality. quality. quality. M: M: M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038 P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 Whether lounging in one of the two riverside pavilions, something from the glossy pages of lifestyles of the rich lazing in the infinity edged pool or simply gazing out the and famous – elegant, imposing and offering the ultimate floor-to-ceiling windows, coming home to this property luxury residence with breathtaking features throughout. is divine. With a quality that resonates with a beachfront Designed and constructed under the guidance of a Feng Shui lifestyle, this is waterfront living at its best. Exceptionally grand master, it has been built following strict principles to well designed and constructed, the home exudes class and enhance prosperity and good fortune. This is reflected and style throughout, with dynamic features that harmonise showcased in every room of this opulent home. In a class of beautifully to create a relaxed yet sophisticated lifestyle. its own, this enormous family home combines elegance and professionals professionals professionals southport southport southport Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright grace with lavishness and luxury seamlessly. Everything is Ground Ground Ground Floor, Floor, Floor, 16 16 16 Nerang Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Street, Southport Southport Southport in synchronicity, as would be expected from its Feng Shui P: P:P: 07 07 07 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 W: W: W: professionals rofessionals professionals southport southport southport Andrew Andrew Andrew Wright Wright Wright M: M: M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038 P: P:P: 07 07 07 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 07 07 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855 influence. 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W: W: W: P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 --F:-F:F: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8855 8855 8855

P: P:P: 07 0707 5591 5591 5591 8333 8333 8333 M: M:M: 0417 0417 0417 634 634 634 038 038 038

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MOST EXPENSIVE AUSTRALIAN HOME SOLD IN 2015 Casino tycoon James Packer’s La Mer megamansion, 40 Wentworth Road, Vaucluse, sold for $70 million in an off-market sale. The property sold to Australian-Chinese billionaire businessman Chau Chak Wing.

Autumn 2016 117


Shibori Meets Karmme The quiet achiever label KARMME collaborates with boutique textile agency, Shibori Textiles, creating unique, bespoke leather clutches – the first to use this technique in leather handbags. Owner and Founder Imby Langenbach had a clear vision for her bespoke leather clutches; clean lines, elegant, simple yet truly unique. Hand-dyed leather using the technique of shibori means Imby has an original, organic piece of art with which to create her leather clutches. No two pieces can ever be the same. KARMME GLACIAL CLUTCH RRP: $195 Available exclusively via

Polished Perfection Mini Stylistas A beautiful, personalised gift for your mum or even a special treat for yourself! This pendant has been engraved with a direct copy of a handwritten note by yourself or your child. A short personalised message can also be added to the back of the pendant. The pendant is a beautiful, classic piece, perfect to wear every day or to celebrate a special event. Presented in a black gift box with a complementary polishing cloth. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with ion plating to create a strong and durable rose gold finish, each pendant is 20mm in diameter and hangs from a 46cm chain. Also available in silver. MAX & ME DESIGNS RRP: $129 W:


No More BeachChanging Boogie The new multi-purpose Loll wearable beach towels protect your modesty so you can say goodbye to the awkward beach-changing boogey after a dip in the ocean. Get the perfect combination of beach towel and mobile changing room, with new LOLL poncho-style wearable beach towels. These fantastic new beach towels provide the ideal solution to changing out of your wet swimmers, without any embarrassing beach boobs! With zips down the sides and internal pockets for your phone, keys, cash or snacks, these clever towels can be zipped up for changing and unzipped for drying or lying on. LOLL WEARABLE BEACH TOWEL RRP: $75 W:

Pop On a Pair of Cult Classic Salt Water Sandals

It’s not often that you can say something is a ‘cult classic’ and really mean it. But Salt Water Sandals are the real deal. They are comfortable, practical and hardwearing. And… they look great. Perfect for the Aussie lifestyle, Salt Water Sandals are crafted from durable leather. They mould to the shape of the foot with repeated wear, a process that speeds up when wet, so they’re perfect for wearing to the beach, splashing in the sea, pounding pavements or just hanging out. Best of all, you can throw them in the washing machine when they need a clean, thanks to the non-rusting brass buckles and tough, but flexible, soles. SALT WATER SANDALS Find your nearest stockist at


Introducing a New Range – Subtle Grey and White Loom Towels prides itself on reconnecting consumers with the natural world through simplistic, sophisticated designs and organic fibres. Its newest range of limitededition towels is inspired by the visions of the surrounding environment; calm overcast skies and a dewy morning fog. Every detail has been considered, from sourcing the finest organic cotton and dyes to the hand-tied tassels. Each towel is lovingly made by hand on old Turkish shuttlelooms, all practices are sustainable, ethical and fair trade from start to end. Experience the perfect feeling of plush organic cotton against your skin. LOOM TOWELS Find you nearest stockist at W:

Splash Out With Splosh This Mother’s Day

The award-winning Broadbeach hotel and casino now have their first-ever outdoor dining venue, Cucina Vivo. Celebrating the values of good company, great food and beautiful surrounds, the Italian restaurant boasts stunning poolside views, a two-metre-long wood-fire oven and a gorgeously distinct Italian seaside atmosphere. Inspired by cliff-top restaurants along the Amalfi Coast, Cucina Vivo has gained world-class recognition by winning the 2015 Australian Hotel Association (AHA) Best Restaurant/ Accommodation Division award. SPLOSH AUSTRALIA Shop the new range online W:

Bring Aromatherapy Home Fall in love with Young Living’s latest collection of skincare solutions, bath and body products, nutritional supplements and at-home products. All infused with 100% pure essential oil blends, the extensive range contains the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring ingredients to maximise its benefits. Whether you use oils aromatically, for personal care or for household solutions, every aspect of daily life can benefit from the incorporation of essential oils that are found in Young Living’s product collection. YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSERS RAINSTONE DIFFUSER RRP: $361.85 W:

One-of-a-Kind Lighting

Xavier&Me chandeliers can be found lighting up some of the most gorgeous homes, hotels, restaurants and reception centres around the world, and now your home! Drawing on African heritage and local craftsmanship, the clay-beaded chandeliers are all handmade in South Africa. Each bead is hand-rolled using raw clay from the region; they are then dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed before being masterfully strung onto its unique wrought iron frame. This handcrafted process ensures no two lights will ever be the same. The chandeliers are available to order from Xavier&Me (Australia) or Ellie’s Singapore studio Atelier Lane (, and come in a range of colours and sizes, with a 12 to 16 week turnaround time from order to delivery. XAVIER&ME W:

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Time for a New Flame

An Eco-Friendly Update

The Glen Dimplex Group is proud to showcase its new stunning range of electric fires for Winter 2016. The new range perfectly showcases the 3D Opti-myst flame, a revolutionary ultrasonic technology used to create the flame and smoke effect. As mist rises up through the logs, light reflects against the water molecules creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. The result is an appearance so authentic it could be mistaken for a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Leaders in electrical heating for over 60 years, the innovative and stylish range is perfect for every type of home. DIMPLEX AUSTRALIA All Dimplex Electrical Fires are available at leading heating specialists Australia wide W:

Update your décor and freshen your furnishings with a vibrant, eco-friendly range of cusions! This versatile and colourful range of cushions is designed to complement a beach house as easily as a city pad, featuring designs with a twist on classic motifs that can be mixed and matched with confidence. Featuring the Boheme range of fabrics printed with eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks on 100% natural-fibre textiles, no additional chemicals are used in the printing process. The cushions feature interchangeable backs, invisible zips and cruelty-free feather foam inserts. ECO CHIC BOHEME CUSHIONS RRP: $120 each Showroom, Shop 6B The Strand, 72-80 Marine Parade, Coolangatta, QLD W:

Are you Mrs Rockabilly?

Introducing Happy Camper Hampers

Fans of rock’n’roll, rockabilly, classic cars, hot rods and the fashions of the 50s and 60s will converge on the Southern Gold Coast and Tweed for Cooly Rocks On, Australia’s number one Nostalgia Festival. For 11 actionpacked days, the border towns of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads will be fuelled with party atmosphere. Pre1970 cars, nightly cruises, music, dancing and family fun are all trademarks of this annual, much-loved festival. The inaugural Cooly Rocks On Mr & Mrs Rockabilly pageant takes place Saturday 4 June and the hunt is now on for guys and dolls that live and breathe all things Rockabilly. Entries are now open via the Cooly Rocks On website and close on Friday 1 May, 2016. COOLY ROCKS ON 3 JUNE – 13 JUNE W:


Do you know someone who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is going through one of the toughest battles of their lives? Remind them to fight on with this beautiful hamper from Gold Coast based Happy Camper Hampers. Combining uplifting gifts and blooms sourced locally, this hamper is the gift of lift for when it’s needed most. Once you’ve fallen in love with this hamper, make sure you check out the full range with perfect Mother’s Day selections and hampers for ‘just because’. The Happy Camper Hampers team love to see the smiles on the faces of their gift recipients, so they deliver to your loved one personally each weekend. HAPPY CAMPER HAMPERS W:


Award-winning Authentic Japanese Cuisine!

O-Sushi are well known for their local and fresh ingredients, high-quality Japanese chefs, stylish menu options and vibrant restaurant locations. They offer a diverse menu of traditional favourites (such as teriyaki and noodle soups) alongside inspiring fusion chef specials, vegetarian and GF options and a variety of seasonal-changing tapas. Another marker of their success is their strong focus on local and organic ingredients, fresh fish, biodynamic brown rice and creative a la carte dishes – which can of course be enjoyed with a beverage from their extensive selection of wine, beers on tap and Japanese sake. And above all, every dish is MSG free! O-SUSHI Located at Byron Bay, Coolangatta and Broadbeach! W:

Get Back to Nature at Jupiters

Following the success its highly popular dining experiences, Cucina Vivo and Kiyomi, Jupiters have unveiled Garden Kitchen & Bar. From the freshest, seasonal produce, to the very best in design that brings the outdoors in – it’s a place where food lovers, family and friends can come together any time of the day to enjoy. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Garden Kitchen & Bar features modern communal dining, a semi-private dining room for more intimate celebrations, an open kitchen, an indoor bar, and a sundrenched deck overlooking the expansive lawn area and lush tropical gardens. GARDEN KITCHEN AND BAR W:

Brisbane’s Best Clean-Eating Cafe Wilde Kitchen channels its passion for food into fuelling the body for an active lifestyle. All of its food is prepared with natural, unprocessed ingredients and the entire menu is gluten free. Offering a variety of takeaway options, cafe menu and prepared meals to fuel the body for health and fitness, Wilde Kitchen proves eating clean doesn’t have to mean eating boring. Be sure to check out the online ordering option to have all your meals prepared daily by the Wilde team of chefs! WILDE KITCHEN Cnr Florence & Macquarie Sts, Teneriffe Open daily from 6:30am – 3:00pm W:

Drink like the Stars!

Get your hands on one of the trendiest gifts available – so trendy that it was included in the goodies bags for the Oscars Ceremony 2016! The petite Australian-designed A6 memobottle is designed to fit in your pocket, handbag or to be held while jogging. Its slim and considered form appeals to the active and social lifestyle. Each year Australians spend more than $385 million on disposable water, even though we have some of the world’s bestquality tap water. So reusable bottles like the memobottle can considerably help to reduce waste and save money. Each Memobottle comes with a black and a white lid, a memo-booklet and recycled cardboard packaging. MEMOBOTTLE RRP: $34.90 W:

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HOBBIES PASTIMES Find all the words listed hidden in the grid of letters. They can be found in straight lines up, down, forwards, backwards or even diagonally. The leftover letters will reveal the mystery answer. ARTWORK













































ARROW WORDS Find the clues in the ‘black squares’. The arrows tell you which space the clue applies to. The answers to clues are written from left to right or top to bottom.

Autumn 2016 123






































































































































































































ACROSS 1. Hair decoration 5. Blaze control depot (4,7) 11. Scandalises 15. Mexico’s northern neighbour (1,1,1) 16. Expression of disgust 17. Obese 19. Hum tunelessly 21. Continually provided 23. Epidemic 25. Together, en ... 27. Burdens (with) 28. Prisons 30. Minuscule amount 31. Short delay in proceedings 32. Repeats 33. Daybreak 34. Demean 35. Harder to find 36. Well-heeled 38. Vulgar person 40. 2nd Greek letter 42. Curl (of smoke) 44. Unexpectedly, out of the ... 45. Adjust 46. Word indicating action 48. Nursery verses 49. Tibet’s Dalai ... 50. Wine, ... spumante 51. Samples 52. Dead as a ... 53. Feng ... 54. At a distance 55. Verve 56. Beside (4,2) 58. Plumpest 59. Bring on (birth) 61. Unruly children 63. Cantonese lunch, yum ... 64. Possess 65. Luxury car, ... Martin 67. Fledgling 69. Catches & tears (stocking) 71. Ancient Peruvians 73. Shopping mall 74. Relieving 76. Biblical strongman 78. Russian mountains 80. Seed vessels 82. Hideous 83. Acknowledge 85. Ditch 89. Outshine 91. Consider, ... as 93. Hive-dweller 94. Flag 96. Surfeit 98. Owns 99. Ox-like antelope 100. Whinnied 102. Shrub greenery 103. Noisier 104. Betrayal crime 105. Whiskey flavour 106. Before now 107. Flourish 108. Relaxed (2,4) 110. Dismal 112. Invalidate 114. Defeat by small margin (4,3) 117. Methods 120. Officiate

123. Replenishes (stamp pad) 125. Mash 127. Lovers’ tiffs 128. Place 131. Cites 133. Quietens 134. English coins 135. Afghan capital 136. Planet 137. Fixed gaze 140. Bar 141. Golfing standard 142. Helicopter blade 145. Confront 147. Country music style 148. Blossom 150. Powered by battery or mains (1,1/1,1) 151. Roman dress 152. Tropical tuber 153. Objective 154. Coat-of-arms picture 156. Cruel wisecrack 158. Duelling weapon 160. Large lizard 162. Lion’s ruff 163. Render accustomed 164. Regrets 165. Home brew 166. Venetian blind section 167. Depletes 168. Frosted (biscuits) 170. Pale-looking 172. Foodstuffs 173. Oil-exporting cartel 174. Courtroom excuses 177. Scoundrel 179. Inkling 180. Prick (boil) 182. Delight 183. Damascus is there 185. Japanese hostess 187. Beatle, ... Starr 188. Scrimp 189. Worry 191. T’ai ... 192. Imp 193. Revealing (sign) 194. Fine grain sweetener (6,5) 195. Early nights

DOWN 1. More weighty 2. From the menu, ... carte (1,2) 3. Lack of proportion 4. Defective rounds of ammunition 5. Appear on screen gradually (4,2) 6. Perch 7. Huts 8. iPod manufacturer 9. Dog, ... wolfhound 10. Prods 11. Lake Erie state 12. Highly confidential (3-6) 13. Band’s live performance 14. Severely 18. Seaside 20. Excessively, ad ... 22. Womanisers 24. Postal recipients 26. Traumatised by battle (5-7) 29. Discovering

37. Situated inside 38. Pouch-beaked birds 39. Prattling 40. Relative position 41. Airmen 43. Generator 44. Supreme 47. Farm store 57. Elude 60. Laid-back 62. A second time 66. Hobo 68. Imitation 69. Social insult 70. Pudding starch 72. Hot powdered seasoning (7,6) 73. Race leaders 75. Oriental continent 77. Theirs & ... 79. Lissom physique 81. ... & only 84. Small gateau 85. Clings (to) 86. Gum infection 87. Reduce in worth 88. Nerve cells 90. Absorbs (food) 92. Direct 95. Pilot’s code for I 97. Flying saucer (1,1,1) 101. Blunder 109. In addition 111. Automatic teller (1,1,1) 113. Gawk 115. West African land 116. As a gamble (2,4) 118. Mayonnaise ingredient 119. Attack savagely 121. Game of trumps 122. Little island 124. Compulsive thief 126. Easy to operate (4-8) 129. Leaf vegetables 130. Right of way 131. Hangs, draws & ... 132. Punting advisers 138. Play piano, ... the ivories 139. Horseracing areas 143. Setting up 144. Marmalade fruit 146. Halt (flow) 149. Records of ship’s voyages 155. Woollen headwear 157. Influencing 159. Medieval rural worker 161. Household gadget 165. Carried 169. Nappies 171. Clergyman 172. Good Friday period 175. Diver’s ailment, the ... 176. Devonshire tea item 177. Coarse files 178. Insect bite 181. Enjoyable 184. Widespread 186. Unhealthy 190. Singapore Sling spirit

Autumn 2016 125

PUZZLES | Numbers

SODOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9.





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Words & Numbers | PUZZLES


Lotus To solve the Lotus Logic puzzle: • Each arc must contain the numbers 1 – 7. • Each ring of shaded petals must contain the numbers 1 – 7. • Each ring of white petals must contain the numbers 1 – 7. • No number can be repeated in any arc or ring.

LOTUS To solve the Lotus Logic puzzle: • • • •

Each arc must contain the numbers 1 - 7 Each ring of shaded petals must contain the numbers 1- 7 Each ring of white petals must contain numbers 1- 7 No number can be repeated in any arc or ring


ers 1 – 7. contain the numbers 1 – 7. ontain the numbers 1 – 7. ny arc or ring.

For the solutions to this and previous issue’s puzzles log on to

Autumn 2016 127

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FINAL THOUGHT | Life After Death

TURNING CEMETERIES INTO FORESTS Buried or cremated – your standard after-death options. But two bold Italian designers have posed a bizarrely brilliant and, more importantly, conversation-starting, third option.


reen or natural burial is not a new concept. The idea behind the ecofriendly after-death arrangement is that by burying a body in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition, we are reducing the amount of toxins and waste that we sink in the soil. And that’s a lot of waste considering in Australia around 13,000 people die every year. The Australasian Cemeteries and Crematorium Association confirmed that the number of cremations performed in Australia significantly outweighs burials, and since cremation can generate up to 160kg of greenhouse gases per corpse, perhaps it’s time green burial was more widely discussed and more readily available. So why isn’t it? It’s a morbid topic, but so is organ donation and they advertise the importance of that on prime-time television. Currently there are green burial options available in South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Queensland finally came on board with the concept six months ago with the first green burial performed at Alberton Cemetery, about halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Green burial not only reduces environmental waste, it also negates the need for a headstone as a tree is generally planted at the site of the burial, and family members are provided the GPS coordinates so they can continue to visit the site. But is one green cemetery enough? At the moment the answer is yes, because people simply don’t know about the earth-friendly concept. But at least the option is there in Australia. In Italy, green burial is a definite no-go and that’s where designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel come in. These innovative Italian designers have come up with a idea that they have dubbed Capsula Mundi – a cultural and broad-based project, which envisions a different



Capsula Mundi designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel are introducing the world to another burial technique, one that returns us to nature. Photographer: Francesco D’Angelo e Adriano del Ferro. Supplied by: Capsula Mundi. approach to the way we think about death globally. It’s an egg-shaped pod, made of biodegradable material, where our departed loved ones are placed for burial. Ashes will be held in small capsules while bodies will be laid down in larger pods. The pod will then be buried as a seed in the earth. A tree, chosen in life by the deceased, will be planted on top of it and serve as a memorial for the departed and “as a legacy for posterity and the future of our planet”. The designers envisage that “cemeteries will acquire a new look and, instead of the cold grey landscape we see today, they will grow into vibrant woodlands”. Their concept is garnering worldwide attention. Over the past 10 years the designers have had the main goal of using their Capsula Mundi project to sensitise

people across the world about “the unbearable way that modern culture deals with death”. This year, they decided to start the production of the Capsula in a small size for ashes. They hoped to also go forward with production of the capsule for bodies, but said this still requires further scientific and legal research. Essentially, with Capsula Mundi, we can grow a tree instead of chopping one down to make a coffin. The designers posed some poignant questions in their passionate reasoning for the global need for their product. “Can we be prepared to deal with death and loss as we deal with other significant changes in our lives? Can we make decisions about death that are in tune with the values by which we have lived our lives and that respect the environment? Is it not better to decide now how we want to be remembered, what we want to leave behind for our loved ones and for the people who’ll live on this planet after us? Is not better to bring our body in the cycle of nature where it started, in a perfect circle where it can nourish a new life?” In my opinion, the reason we need to be grateful to Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel is not because of their product, it is because of their boldness in bringing to the world’s attention an alternative to a practice that we have largely, and perhaps blindly, accepted as the norm. I personally was not aware that the embalming liquids used during standard burials contain the carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde. If we spend so much time in life avoiding this kind of stuff, why would we want to be coated in and then have it buried in the earth after death? Our commitment to the environment does not have to die when we do.

To read more about the Capsula Mundi project visit

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SOUTHPORT FOR SALE offers over $695,000 SOUTHPORT SOUTHPORT FOR FORSALE SALE---offers offersover over$695,000 $695,000 2001 Boulevarde, Royal Pines Resort, Benowa 27 Egerton Street PID: 798375 32221/2 3 27 27The Egerton Egerton Street Street---PID: PID:798375 798375 334 3 222 OUTSTANDING ‘CONTEMPORARY’ HOME STUNNING RENOVATED HOME! STUNNING STUNNINGRENOVATED RENOVATEDHOME! HOME!

Rarely offered the exclusive TSS area this private home filled with light that represents an alluring sunny Rarely Rarelyoffered offered inininthe theexclusive exclusive TSS TSSarea areaisisisis this thisprivate private home homefilled filled with withlight lightthat thatrepresents represents an analluring alluringsunny sunny GENERAL FEATURES: The Boulevarde located This impressive ‘contemporary’ • Built-in Wardrobes retreat; this irresistible home combines 1950's charisma with renovated quality. retreat; retreat; this this irresistible irresistible home home combines combines 1950's 1950's charisma charisma with with renovated renovated quality. quality. within the exclusive Royal residence welcomes a lifestyle • Building Size: 388.47 m² (42 • Ducted Vacuum System Pines Resort precinct, which of sophistication and relaxed squares) approx • Ducted Cooling boasts a world renowned alfresco living. • Land Size: 855 m² (approx) OUTDOOR FEATURES: 27-hole championship golf Featuring a magnificent • 3m High Ceilings • Garage Spaces: 3 course, tennis courts, gym, day INDOOR FEATURES: one-of-a-kind outlook over • Secure Parking spa, 24-hour patrolled security Royal Pines golf course whilst • Ensuite: 2 • Deck and a selection of cafes and providing a private spacious • Indoor Spa • Outdoor Entertaining Area restaurants. haven with all the absolute • Study • Fully Fenced comforts of home. • Hardwood Flooring • Swimming Pool - Inground

professionals southport professionals professionals southport southport Ground Floor, 16 Nerang Street, Southport Ground Ground Floor, Floor, 16 16 Nerang Nerang Street, Street, Southport Southport

FOR ENQUIRIES CONTACT: Bob Brown HBA Realty, Upper Coomera M: 0408 123 130

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04 Autumn  

Discover the relaxing side of Queensland with our Autumn Breathe Break countryside destinations. Delve into the delicious TOP SECRET family...

04 Autumn  

Discover the relaxing side of Queensland with our Autumn Breathe Break countryside destinations. Delve into the delicious TOP SECRET family...


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