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Southwest Edition (AZ, NV, and NM)

Patent Pending TriPlexTM Process Revolutionizes Anodize and Chem Film Processes

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the RIght LIne of PRoducts • Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants

the technoLogy inside

• Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

discover why only castrol Industrial has the technoLogy InsIde.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

Maxum Petroleum l l 1 800 894 7773 Serving Arizona, New Mexico & Nevada

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NOT QUALITY  •  800.240.2932

8.5x11 D-Band Saw Parts Full Page Ad.indd 1

9/2/11 5:46 PM

Editors Corner “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Einstein Happy NewYear! Perhaps some of the best news we heard as 2011 wound down was that the United States ended its participation in the war in Iraq. Only around 150 U.S. troops will remain in the country now, attached to a training and cooperation mission at the U.S. embassy. At the height of the war, more than 170,000 U.S. troops were in Iraq stationed at more than 500 bases. Just think how many families here in the United States celebrated the holidays with their soldier for the first time in years. I can only imagine what a joyous occasion this was for all families who have a loved one finally returning from Iraq! Manufacturing is clearly showing signs of improvement! Manufacturers are becoming more confident in the economy as the year is winding down. In the last NAM/IndustryWeek Survey of Manufacturers, respondents were mostly positive.Throughout 2011, businesses had to cope with supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, rising energy and raw material prices, continued weaknesses in U.S. labor and housing markets, and fiscal and financial pressures in the U.S. and Europe. Since then, there have been signs of improvement in the domestic economy, and manufacturing activity has started to pick up again. Industrial production was up 2.1% through October 2011 and 9.2% since December 2009. Other indicators also point to higher production levels this quarter and next year, with sentiment surveys from the Institute for Supply Management and various regional Federal Reserve Banks expressing renewed strength. In the latest NAM/IndustryWeek Survey of Manufacturers , 80.2% responding to the survey have a positive outlook -- up from 65.4% in September. Even though uncertainties remain, particularly with regard to the European economic environment, business confidence in the United States is clearly higher, which is boosting expectations for 2012. Many of the machine tool dealers and machine shops I met with recently say that 2011 was their best year ever, and for those who can’t make that claim, it was often their best year since 2008.We have survived another difficult economic downturn, and we are not just recovering, we are thriving in this new environment. It will continue to improve, I am confident of this. The quote from Albert Einstein is poignant. So much of the world is outside of our individual control. We can control what we do in life, how we treat others, and we can continually make ourselves better people! I wish you a very successful, happy and healthy 2012, and God Bless our Troops!

Linda Daly Publisher A2Z METALWORKER •

4 • Jan/Feb 2012


Patent Pending TriPlexTM Process Revolutionizes Anodize and Chem Film Processes. Photography by Robbie. Announcements/Releases.......6-7,10,12,14

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Haas Automation

Fast CNC machines with direct-drive spindles aren’t versatile enough for the job.

Haas is Different. The VF-2SS features a direct-drive spindle with good low-end torque, and impressive top-end power. With resonance filtering, on-the-fly user-adjustable path smoothing, and available expanded program memory, the VF-2SS can cut prismatic parts lightning-fast on Monday, and intricate 3D surfaces on Tuesday.

A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

Announcements & Releases CIS Owners Share Manufacturing Software at Networking Forum

Ellison Machinery Company Adds to Service Team

CIS, Continuous Improvement Software is a SaaS Cross-Platform Business (X-Engineering) solution for managing (without paper) all elements of an organization including ISO9001, AS9100, NADCAP and FAA requirements as well as many other international standards. It is simple to use, simple to start and most of all simple to maintain. It has proven itself in hundreds of companies all over the United States and Canada.

Ellison Machinery Company has added another dedicated Mori Seiki Service Technician to its team. Tony Rivas comes to Arizona from Ellison Technologies in Seattle,Washington and brings with him over 15 years of Mori Seiki machine tool repair experience.

BMSC Owner Bretta Kelly and Quality Improvement Consulting, LLC Owner Deborah Leary were onsite to share their expertise with manufacturers looking to invest in Continuous Improvement Software. For more information on CIS Software contact Bretta Kelly, President CIS WWSG at and visit www.cissoftware. com to contact certified consultants such as Deborah Leary at dleary@

Tony has been working with machines since high school when he began as an auto mechanic. He then studied Fire Science at Santa Ana College before enlisting in the US Army Infantry. It was then that Tony entered the machine shop world as an apprentice machinist and started down the road to over two decades of CNC machine repair. “We continue to develop our service team in ways that will best serve our customers.� explains Rick Fleming, Vice President, Customer Service at Ellison Machinery Company, “Tony has the experience and technical skills that are needed to provide our customers with the knowledgeable service they expect and deserve.�

Trio Tool & Die Co., Inc. Recognized for Excellence by Raytheon Raytheon Company p re s e n t e d s u p p l i e r excellence awards to 39 companies for their exceptional performance in supporting the Systems (SAS) business during 2011 F Ocompany’s R I M M E D Space I A T E Rand E L EAirborne ASE at its annual Supplier Excellence Awards Dinner held on September Contact: JohnAngeles, A. Arroues 26 in Los Calif.

News release

T rio Tool & Die Co., Inc. Recognized for E xcellence by Raytheon Space and The winning suppliers represent less than one percent of SAS’ supply A irborne Systems

Ellison Machinery Company is the leading machine tool distributor in Arizona. For more information on the CNC machine tool sales, service, parts and training that the company provides call (480) 968-5335 or visit

BandSawParts asks “What sets our parts apart?� Well nothing really. Unless you place a value on receiving the best customer service and expertise in the industry, along with a discount of up to 40% off on our entire catalog of over 50,000 items every single day of the year.

Over the last several years, has developed one of base. They were chosen for meeting demanding standards in the areas the finest reputations anywhere in the band saw replacement parts Los Novemberperformance, 1, 2011  Raytheon Company presented supplier ofAngeles, quality CA., and delivery customer satisfaction, and total aftermarket. We always stock an expansive selection for brand-name excellence to 39 companies their exceptional performance in supporting businessawards and financial health.forEvaluations of their performance by the machines like Hyd-Mech, Marvel, DoAll, Amada, Jet, and Wellsaw,    (SAS) business duringwho 2011deal at itswith annual the Raytheon buyers and material program managers along with parts for every other major band saw manufacturer, so them every day were also part of the selection process. Awards were Supplier Excellence Awards Dinner held on September 26 in Los Angeles, Calif. everything is same-day ready-to-ship. presented at thesuppliers 3- and     . 4-Star level, and Trio Tool & Die Co., Inc. They The winning received a 3-Star award. You’ll get the right part, right away. It’s not just an empty promise.

were chosen for meeting demanding standards in the areas of quality and delivery

performance, customer satisfaction, and total business and financial health. EvaluationsWe welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves with each and every

“The men and women serving our country depend on our products in

order we ship because your satisfaction is the only true measure of our success, and the reason our reputation continues to grow. Our strong with them every day were also part of the selection process.and Awards presented at value proposition built on prompt and courteous service, unequalled is committed to the highest standards of excellence we’rewere honored Raytheon Airborne Systems,� said John theto3-be andrecognized 4-Star level,byand Trio ToolSpace & Dieand Co., Inc. received a 3-Star award. expertise, and attention to detail, means one thing: you’ll get more Arroues, company president. The men and women serving our country depend on our products in critical andfor your money. of critical their performance by the missions. Raytheon buyers and material program managers who deal and dangerous Our team at Trio Tool & Die Co., Inc.

dangerous missions. Our team at Trio Tool & Die Co., Inc. is committed to the highest

Trio Tool & Die Co., Inc. is a leading provider of Precision Machined Parts,Tooling, Fixtures and Mechanical Assemblies, specializing in The Airborne Systems, said John Arroues, company president. Aerospace and Defense Industry.

standards of excellence and wehonored to be recognized by Raytheon Space and Trio Tool & Die Co., Inc. is a leading provider of Precision Machined Parts,

A Z METALWORKER • 6 • Jan/Feb 2012 Tooling, Fixtures and Mechanical Assemblies, specializing in The Aerospace and 2

Defense Industry.

Visit and save up to 40% every day!Ordering online is quick and easy, and you can save up to 40% every time you do. Your parts will be on their way in just 3 simple mouse clicks. No

part numbers? No problem! Just contact us with as much information as possible about what you’re looking for and we’ll assist you in locating it. Our ever-growing inventory includes band saw blade guides, electrical switches, belts, brushes, you name it, and we’re always adding more. Over the past 10 years we’ve also maintained a full machine shop at our Houston office. Take advantage of our expertise and part discounts, and start setting yourself apart from the competition. (

Bryan Crawford of Edge Technologies marks 25 years of selling, installing and servicing Barfeeds


Edge Technologies is pleased to a n n o u n c e t h at Bryan Crawford has marked 25 years in the Barfeed business this fall. Rick Bauer, General and Sales Manager of Edge Technologies says, “Bryan exemplifies the business model that we have established nationwide by having technical salespeople that “get their hands dirty” and work on the products that we sell. What better way is there to know the product and advise to the end users and machine tool salespeople on the best Barfeed for the application?” Edge Technologies is proud to offer advanced productivity solutions for customers’ bar feeding and bar loading needs. They bring to the marketplace superior product lines with very competitive prices. Specializing in CNC lathe automation, Edge Technologies showcases some of the finest bar feeders and short loaders in the world, such as FMB Machinery bar feeders, as well as their own line of economic excellence bar feeders that bear the Edge Technologies name. Rick says, “We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our clientele. We strive for this not only with the high quality of our product lines, but with a commitment to superior customer service.” Please contact your local machine tool dealer for further information or visit our web site at:

Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc. Wins Prestigious Award

The California/EPA Department of Toxic Substances and Control (DTSC) has recognized Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc., a precision

electroplating facility, with a presentation of the prestigious Metal Finishing Model Shop Award on November 30, 2011. This award is achieved through implementation of pollution prevention measures, including new technologies, and strict compliance with environmental regulation. E.P.S.I. is one of only 4 companies within the State of California to receive this recognition. The City of Brea, which has been the location of E.P.S.I. since 1980, has also chosen to recognize the Company for its achievement of Model Shop status and its citizenship in voluntarily preventing pollution by facilitating a cleaner and safer shop. For more information, go to (www.

Ganesh Machinery New VFM – 4020 Express Vertical Machining Center Manufacturer s looking for a high performanceVMC machine will find the new robust Ganesh VFM 4020 Express vertical machining center worthy of consideration. The VFM 4020 table measures 40” by 23” and the machine weighs over 6-tons and features cross-roller linear ways to dampen cutting vibration for superior surface finish and improved tool life. With pre-tensioned Announcements Continued Page 10 A2Z METALWORKER •

7 • Jan/Feb 2012


IN YOUR MACHINE TOOL DISTRIBUTOR? TOP QUALITY EQUIPMENT ARIZONA CNC offers a wide range of top quality, new and used equipment, in all sizes, capabilities and prices. When it comes to machine tools or accessories to enhance your productivity, you can count on getting the right solution for the right price, without compromise.

EXPERIENCED APPLICATIONS ENGINEERING Time Studies, Programming Services, Training, Turnkey Projects, Automation If you are looking for a partner to help solve your machining challenges and optimize your cycle times turn to our applications engineering department. You benefit from the knowledge and experience that comes with people who work full time solving tough problems for various companies every day. Whether it’s evaluating your parts to help you make your machine selection, training the people in your facility to maximize your productivity or providing you a full turnkey system we are committed to your success.

PROFESSIONAL SALES ENGINEERS RELIABLE SERVICE SUPPORT Local, Responsive, Factory Certified Your emergency is our emergency. So don’t panic. If anything goes wrong with your equipment, call Arizona CNC. You will get a quick response from an expert, factory certified service engineer. On-site or over the phone, AZCNC's team of expert service personnel can solve problems fast-usually within hours. Your uptime is our goal. Keep in mind time spent preventing problems can save you the unwanted costs of having to fix them later. AZCNC offers preventive maintenance programs to help you avoid unexpected downtime through managed care of your equipment. Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 1235 S. 48th St, Suite 1 Tempe, AZ 85281

Knowledgeable, Experienced Our goal is to provide you with the right solution and improve your profitability. The cheapest machine on the market is seldom the best value or the most cost effective. Our sales engineers are trained professionals with the ability to recognize and apply the appropriate manufacturing process for your needs. Their understanding of processes as well as product enables them to find the most efficient machine tool for your application. Our sales staff also can present you with the financing options that make your machine tool purchases more affordable.

Product Lines

480-615-6353 • Fax: 480-615-6352

LOCAL FACILITY We are proud to be a 100% locally owned and operated company and our mission has always been to be the supplier of choice to Arizona’s manufacturing companies – the ones determined to find a better way to compete in this world’s economy. We offer everything from parts to production-ready systems. And we do so with a friendly, personal touch, too often missing in today’s click-and-order environment. Call us with your manufacturing challenges. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can provide!

OKUMA World class manufacturer of high technology CNC turning centers, machining centers and cylindrical grinders.

TSUGAMI Swiss-style automatics, turning machines and machining centers known worldwide for their superior design and construction.

UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS The leader in Engraving, Cutting & Marking Systems.

OMAX Industry leading Waterjet machines.


HARDINGE Editorial Contact:

Hardinge is the leader in providing Paula Ameigh highly reliable turning, Director, Marketing & Customerunmatched Services milling, grinding and workholding solutions 607-378-4232 in the industry for more than 100 years. Products include:

• HARDINGE, manual lathes to high-performance, SuperFor Immediate Precision multi-tasking CNC lathes,Release: world’s largest manufacturer of precision collets and workholding systems. • BRIDGEPORT, manual knee mills to high-performance vertical An Hardinge and horizontal multi-tasking CNC machining centers. Distri • K ELLENBERGER, precision CNC universal grinding machines for OD, face and ID grinding. ELMIRA, NY: Hardinge Inc. (www.hardin announce alliance with machines Arizona CNC E • TSCHUDIN, compact, high precisionanCNC grinding have exclusive and support respo for low or high-volume ODwill production CNCsales grinding. products in Arizona and portions of Neva • HAUSER, multi-axis precision jig grinding for complex period of the next few months they will profiles. Hardinge distributor and service support grou

“We are honored to be working with this cal will sell and support our products.” said Rick serving job shops and manufacturers in th

For All Your Grinding Needs!

We have the largest centerless grinder in the state!

Blanchard - Our 60 inch chuck will cut stock quickly and allows us to grind parts up to 72” diagonally.

Mattison - 32” wide and 168” long

capacity. If it is one part or 100 parts at a time, we can do the job!

Sun Grinding, formerly known as BK Grinding, has been in the Phoenix fabrication industry for over 14 years. We are the leading surface grinding shop in Arizona. Family owned and operated. / 522 E. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85004

Announcements & Releases Continued double-anchored ballscrews and 40-block look-ahead in the FANUC OiMD control the VFM 4020 Express is designed to generate precise programmed feature definition. The 20-HP direct-drive spindle supplies spindle speeds up to 15,000 RPM. Axis moves are X=40”,Y=23”, and Z=23”. Up to 40-tools are available with the #40-taper ATC, and both an indexer and a full 4th axis rotary and 5-axis trunnion table are available. Ganesh also builds full 5-axis contouring versions of their VMC’s. To view more models of Ganesh VMC machines please visit www. or call 1-888-542-6374.

The Chevalier FVM Series:High Precision For Mass Production Of LargeWorkpieces At A Competitive Price User s of Chevalier’s FVM3016DCL Series have benefitted from a machine that offers a heavy-duty structure, powerful spindle and state-of-the-art craftsmanship.“The machine is carefully assembled to guarantee superior, dynamic r unning A2Z METALWORKER •

10 • Jan/Feb 2012

accuracy,” says Herbert Hou, Chevalier’s national sales manager. “Every step of the manufacturing process involves a high level of quality control, so our customers can be assured that the products they receive from us are the very best available,” Hou says. “After assembling, all Chevalier machines are measured and calibrated by state-of-the-art laser calibration and ball bar test equipment. This ensures precise verification and compensation of the machines, resulting in increased accuracy and repeatability. “From casting to final assembly, each completed section is thoroughly inspected to give our customers the highest level of quality control.” For more information, contact: Herbert Hou of Chevalier Machinery Inc. at (562) 903-1929 or visit us on the web at

Delcam expands Nor th American support team Delcam is pleased to announce the continuing expansion of the Nor th Amer ican support team with two new hires, Craig Burney, based in Windsor Ontario, Canada, and Jason Owen, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Announcements Continued Page 12


4151 W. Whitton Ave. • Phoenix, AZ 85019 Phone: 602.278.3918 • Fax: 602.278.3987

We are celebrating 26 years in Arizona providing you with quality welded to length bandsaw blades. We offer excellent service and more than 75 years of combined experience. SHOWN AT ACTUAL SIZE As a family owned and operated business, we THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and support!

More Than A Blade in A Box!

Please check carefully for all spelling, color and content. W print on your product. Color matches on this shee We will match to pantone colors when s

!""# %. '()* +,-. . /01*- 23(! . 4-56178 +9 !":;" . 5< =>:

N N N . 4 E % % I D G I + M 4 D G F G A C G

Methods to Improve Your Business Performance in 2012 “Sustaining Edge Solutions provides excellent customer service. Our management system has resulted in financial gains for the entire organization.” Richard Gomez, V.P. Quality MedAire International

We are a full service leading provider: • • • • • •

ISO 9001:2008 Quality System ISO 13485 Medical Devices ISO 27001 Information Security Six Sigma Improvement Operational Assessments Lean Manufacturing The remarkable success of our ISO 9001 and 14001 EMS registration is due to the superb organization and training that Sustaining Edge Solutions provided to us. We highly recommend their services to any organization – large or small – that is seeking comprehensive consultative support for implementing an effective operational and environmental management system.” Olaf Koester, President/CEO SOLON Corporation

• • • • • •

AS9100C:2009 Aerospace ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Systems Training Web-Based ELearning Process Auditing for Improvement Performance Measurement Systems

Sustaining Edge Solutions gave us the direction we needed to implement our new AS9100 Aerospace Business Management System. They were professional, affordable and always on call when we needed them. I would personally recommend them to anyone looking to step up to the next level in their business." Joseph Koenig, General Manager Hawkeye Precision, Inc.

Congratulations to our clients that have recently achieved certification to AS9100C and ISO 13485. MJS Designs, Inc. R&D Specialty Manco Hawkeye Precision, Inc.

Modern Methods, Inc. M.C. Davis Company Unical Aviation

Visit us at

Contact us toll free 888-572-9642 •

Announcements & Releases Continued After graduating from St Clair College, a preeminent technical institute for engineering and manufacturing in Ontario, Craig Burney has spent the past twelve years in manufacturing industry, primarily as a mouldmaker and CNC operator. Craig will be based in the Windsor office providing technical support throughout Canada and the United States for Delcam’s CAM products PowerMILL and FeatureCAM. Jason Owen started working in manufacturing at ARRK Product Development.Through his experiences, Jason has extensive working knowledge of Delcam software, along with other programs such as Pro/E and Unigraphics. Based out of Salt Lake City UT, Jason will provide technical support throughout the United States for PowerMILL and FeatureCAM. If you are interested in finding out more about career opportunities available with Delcam for sales and support go to For further information on Delcam’s CAM software, please contact: -Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager, e-mail:

GMN USA Announces Long Running & Best Built Spindles GMN USA is the North American subsidiary of GMN Germany. GMN is a spindle manufacturer located in Nurnberg, Germany. GMN is a world leader with over 85 years in the manufacture of precision ball bearings and high frequency grinding and milling spindles. The GMN USA facility is located in Farmington, Connecticut where they build and repair GMN spindles as well as most other manufacturers’ spindles. They also offer a full line of spindle support equipment. A2Z METALWORKER •

12 • Jan/Feb 2012

GMN’s repair service includes accurate, in-depth evaluation of incoming spindles; replacement or refurbishment of damaged components; dynamic balancing; extensive testing; and vibration analysis. Customers interested in learning more about the services at GMN USA can call 800-686-1679 or visit our website at www.

CPI Offers Technical StaffingTo Small, Medium & Large Manufacturing Entities Pictured here is Shelly Olmstead, Senior A c c o u n t Executive of Contract Professionals, Inc. (CPI) and Bretta Kelly of BMSC, LLC. Announcements Continued Page 14

Doosan Infracore Financing available through Doosan

Global Finance


Your Hometown Machine Tool Dealer

Serving Arizona and New Mexico Since 1967. 215 South Rockford Drive • Tempe, AZ 480-968-3711

capabilities. Contact Shelly Olmstead at 480-339-0452 or visit

Support The Kindness Project My name is Robin Dendy and as I was sitting at an event called the eleven 11 project on 11/11/11 at Central High School in Phoenix AZ, I was listening to the principal talking about his students. He said “ a lot of their students go home on Friday and don’t eat again until they return on Monday.” I couldn’t believe this and I thought, “Someone should do something about this.” Guess what that someone is me and out of that event “The Kindness Project” was born. The Kindness Project is designed to help high school students who are fighting the effects of poverty. We have found out from their Principal that a lot of the students don’t eat or eat very little over the weekend.Our program is designed to provide a lunch size bag of food for them to take home after school on Fridays and once a month provide a personal care bag for their other needs. In Phase I of our project we will provide a bag of food every Friday. Because the poverty rate is so high we will provide a bag for any student who would like one.

Announcements & Releases Continued

In the fall of 2012 we will implement our Phase II project. Each student must trade their time for points that they can exchange for products. The concept of this phase is like the real world, you earn, get paid, and then you go to the store and spend.

Bretta does consulting services for manufacturing and service companies throughout Arizona and Southwestern States and says the following about CPI “Often times when I am working with my clients on implementing ISO 9001 or AS9100 systems they will express a need for a specific resource such as the perfect Quality Manager, or inspector, or machinist, or warehouse worker and I tell them to call Shelly. Several of my clients have called and within days of Shelly visiting and assigning one of her incredible staffers such as Derrick Hart, my clients call me and are so grateful! They tell me that CPI found them the perfect people for them already screened with background checks and experience, and that working with CPI is an incredible experience. With CPI they get to try the perfect resources without commitment until they are ready to hire them on to their company directly.”

Our Big picture is to make these program available to all the Title I high schools in the Metro Phoenix area. (Title I schools are schools with at least 40% of the students that qualify for free or partially free lunches.)

Privately held and founded in 1982, Contract Professionals, Incorporated (CPI) has developed a reputation for excellence and leadership in contract, direct and project placement industry.They have a national presence,Top Secret facility clearance and a solid reputation globally.Their placement coverage is National with International

If you would like to donate please make your tax donation check out to Cathedral Christian Center and put The Kindness Project on the memo line. The address is: 16635 N 51st Ave,Glendale, AZ 85306.


14 • Jan/Feb 2012

I feel Phase III is the most important one of them all. In phase III we get the teenagers to go out into the community and volunteer. I don’t care what kind of community service they do as long as its something.

* Standard product configuration, peak performance. Š 2011 Makino

For more information on all Makino products in Arizona, contact David Gundersen at 602-228-0347 or


Th en ew M th M ak at ak in fle he in oP o x l p i Di S bi yo PS lit sc Se Ser u y ov ie de yo r er sV liv ies u th n c e ee om MC e r th .A ne d es e to w tr r u e w pr t ith ly i od ake liab m l s uc o p e tio n th po tand res w si n ar ve er st e m d , an ve os fe s rt at da t d pee ic ur rd em d, al e s at p an re an leap m cis d d . ak sp io in ing n o. e cs co job an s. m d /p s.

Th e

“They have the strength we needed” John Bloom, R&D Specialty Manco Alerus Bank & Trust Commercial Banking Customer

When John Bloom switched banks, he was looking for financial strength. He found it in Alerus Bank & Trust. “I’m looking forward to a long-term relationship with them. I’ve been very happy since I made the change.” Read the R&D Specialty Manco story—and others—at


| 17045 N Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Boeing keeps new jet at Pacific Northwest plants

First Rise in Private Construction in 6 Years

Boeing and its machinists’ union have reached a deal to build the next generation of its workhorse 737 jet at union-represented plants in the Pacific Northwest.

U.S. private construction will grow this year for the first time since 2005, and will be an important driver of gross domestic product growth and job creation in the coming year, according to a report by investment firm AllianceBernstein.

In return for the decision that will keep thousands of its members in Washington and Oregon on the job, the International Association of Machinists is giving the jet maker an early contract extension. The deal will keep labor peace between Boeing and its major union through at least 2016, assuming rank-and-file factory workers at Boeing ratify the unexpected deal. The current pact had another year set to run, but Boeing asked for the early deal before it made the decision on where to build the new aircraft. Earlier this year, Boeing opened a plant in South Carolina. The plant’s 1,000 nonunion workers are building about 30% of the company’s fleet of new 787 Dreamliners for a fraction of what unionized workers in Washington State receive. The National Labor Relations Board is charging the decision to shift work to the nonunion plant was illegal retaliation by Boeing against the union for past strikes. The company said the economics of the labor deal provided the business case to keep the production of the plane at the unionized plants. A2Z METALWORKER •

16 • Jan/Feb 2012

In the report, U.S. economist Joseph Carson predicted private construction spending this year will reach nearly $10 billion, based on data available from the first three quarters of 2011. According to the report, this year’s rise in construction spending was driven by nonresidential, rather than residential, construction. New contracts for the nonresidential sector rose by 36 percent in October, according to the FW Dodge Construction Contract Index, which measures the value of new construction contracts. The increase was largely driven by manufacturing construction, with office and warehouse construction also posting strong gains. In contrast, new construction projects for the residential sector rose by only two percent in October. Carson said a “modest” recovery in residential investment would continue in 2012, with between 650,000 and 675,000 new houses being built, representing an 8 percent to 12 percent rise on 2011 levels.

THE SMART CHOICE I AM manufactured in Florence, Kentucky. I EASILY move from heavy-duty to high-speed machining applications, making me ideal for job shops and specialty manufacturers alike. I PROVIDE a 12,000-rpm, 25-hp 40-taper spindle with a maximum torque of 70.2 ft/lbs. I AM bi-lingual thanks to my MAZATROL SMART control, which allows me to use both EIA/ISO programs and conversational programming languages. I RIDE on the Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System to deliver unmatched levels of rigidity, durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. I AM smart with Intelligent Machine functions that boost my accuracy, reliability and productivity. I INCORPORATE an environmentally friendly and ergonomic design that provides an easily accessible workspace and simplifies maintenance. I AM your highly rewarding, easy-to-use, go-to guy, ready to tackle whatever work you give me.


WWW.MAZAKUSA.COM Tel: 859-342-1700 Florence, Kentucky

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Representing the best in metal working solutions since 1984.

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 8448 Washington Place N.E. Albuquerque, N.M. 87113 Tel: (505) 345-8389 Email:

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 12025 Rojas Drive, Suite ‘A’ El Paso, TX 79936 Tel: (915) 856-7900 Email:

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17 • Jan/Feb 2012

Congress Approves Massive Defense Bill Congress passed a massive $662 billion defense bill after months of wrangling over how to handle captured terrorist suspects without violating Americans’ constitutional rights. A last-minute compromise produced a truce but lawmakers said the fight’s not over. The Senate voted 86-13 for the measure and will send it to President Obama for his signature.The bill would authorize money for military personnel, weapons systems, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and national security programs in the Energy Department for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. The legislation is $27 billion less than Obama wanted and $43 billion less than Congress gave the Pentagon this year, a reflection of deficitdriven federal budgets, the end of the Iraq war and the drawdown in Afghanistan. Two provisions have created the most controversy. One would require military custody for foreign terrorist suspects linked to Al-Qaeda or its affiliates and involved in plotting or attacking the United States.The suspects could be transferred to civilian custody for trial, and the president would have final say on determining how A2Z METALWORKER •

18 • Jan/Feb 2012

the transfer would occur.The second provision would deny suspected terrorists, including U.S. citizens seized within the nation’s borders, the right to trial and subject them to indefinite detention. It reaffirms the post-Sept. 11 authorization for the use of military force that allows indefinite detention of enemy combatants. Among other elements of the bill, it would: --Impose tough new penalties on Iran, targeting foreign financial institutions that do business with the country’s central bank. The president could waive those penalties if he notifies Congress that it’s in the interest of national security. --Freeze $700 million in funding for Pakistan until the defense secretary provides Congress a report on how Islamabad is countering the threat of improvised explosive devices. --Require the contractor of the troubled F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft program, Lockheed Martin, to cover extra costs on future purchases of the aircraft. Congress is frustrated with delays and cost overruns in the program. The Pentagon envisions buying 2,443 planes for the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy, but the $1 trillion price could make it the most expensive program in military history.

92 - STAR MET 9 1 AL

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signaling the start of a gradual — but potentially long-lasting — market recovery, the forecast said.

Samuel Aerospace is one of North America’s top ten processors and distributors of metals, operating more than 40 facilities which are strategically located throughout Canada and the United States. Additional facilities maintained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and China extend our reach globally. Our strategically placed processing and service centers allow us to offer on time and JIT delivery services.

Samuel Aerospace alloys are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial and defense aerospace markets. We stock one of the most extensive aluminum inventories in the industry. Our available aerospace aluminum offering includes:

• Sheet & Coil • Plate • Rod & Bar

• Tube & Pipe

A variety of AS, ISO and TS standards ensures conformance to customer’s requirements. Primary aerospace service centers are ISO 9000 and AS9100/9120 certified. Samuel Aerospace offers value-added quality processing services including:

• Water-Jet Cutting • Bar and Extrusion Sawing • Aluminum Plate Sawing • First Stage Processing

Our pre-production processing services are all performed to stringent quality standards to your specifications, saving you time and money while ensuring the quality of your end product. We go to great heights to deliver the right product to the correct quality standards, on time, every time. Plus, we offer Stock and Release and Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs can help your company eliminate costly inventories and improve cash flow.

To learn more contact your Samuel Aerospace Metals representative or call (877) 565-7050. Everything you need in a metals supplier…quality, reliability and availability.

Google Awarded Patent For Autonomous Vehicle BBC News reports, “A US patent for self-driving cars has been awarded to Google.”The patent “covers a method of handing the wheel from a human driver to the self-driving car. It involves two sets of sensors: one which identifies a ‘landing strip’ where the vehicle stops, the other which receives data about precisely where it is and where it should go. The driverless car could get directions or driving instructions from a URL, QR code or radio link.”

Business jet market expected to start picking up in 2012 A Cessna Citation Mustang. A new forecast predicts that the top three producers of business jets in the next 10 years in terms of volume will be Cessna Aircraft, followed by Embraer and Bombardier. The worst of the downturn in the business jet market is over, according to a new forecast by Forecast International. The market for business jet production is expected to show some minor improvement next year, A2Z METALWORKER •

20 • Jan/Feb 2012

“Business jet production in 2012 will show some minor improvement over 2011, but more substantial growth in build rates will have to wait until 2013,” Raymond Jaworowski, Forecast International senior aerospace analyst, said in a statement. The forecast projects demand for 10,907 business jets valued at $230.3 billion in the 10 years from 2011 to 2020. Next year, production is expected to total 728 planes. But production isn’t expected to return to 2008 levels, a record for the market at 1,313 jets, until 2018. Still, business aircraft usage is up, the market for used business jets has stabilized and corporate profits are strong, the forecast said. Business jet manufacturers have a number of new jets in development, such as Cessna’s Citation M2 and Latitude, Bombardier’s Global 7000 and 8000, and Gulfstream’s G650. The manufacturers hope the new models will benefit from improved market conditions and will contribute to the recovery by stimulating demand, Jaworowski wrote in the report. The forecast predicts that the top three producers of business jets in the next 10 years in terms of volume will be Cessna Aircraft, followed by Embraer and Bombardier. By value of production, the top three companies are expected to be Gulfstream, Bombardier and Dassault, all of which build larger, more expensive, business aircraft. Honeywell Aerospace’s annual forecast released in October forecasts similar numbers of jets. Honeywell also projects 2011 to be the trough for business jet deliveries, followed by modest growth for the next few years. The outlook projects demand for 10,000 business jets over 10 years, with half of them delivered in the next five years. Honeywell projected deliveries for 2012 to reach about 700, up from 600 to 650 this year.

On Behalf Of The Entire AZ CNC Team, I Would Like To Thank Both Our Long Term And Our New Customers For The Opportunity To Work Together. Through Our Partnership, Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Made It A Banner Year!

Thank You And Make 2012 A Great Year! Greg Whelan

said, “Monarch understands the operational value a ‘fully connected’ EFB system provides.We’re excited to have the opportunity to help them achieve their vision by providing our SmartDisplay EFBs now and well into the future.”

Sargent Earns Supplier Gold Status from United Technologies Sargent Aerospace & Defense, a leading supplier of precision eng ineered components and aftermarket services, announced that the company was presented Supplier Gold Status by United Technologies Corporation.

Monarch Airlines Selects Goodrich SmartDisplay® Electronic Flight Bag System Monarch Airlines Limited has selected Goodrich Corporation to provide SmartDisplay® Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) for its Airbus A300, A320, A321 and A330 aircraft. Monarch has completed initial installation of the system on an A321 and conducted a successful 2-month in-service demonstration period. SmartDisplay EFBs will be rolled-out across the Airlines’ remaining Airbus fleet with planned retrofit completion by the second quarter 2012. Goodrich’s Sensors and Integrated Systems team is producing the systems and performing integration activities. In addition to providing EFB system certification services for each aircraft type, Goodrich will provide two Goodrich SmartDisplay EFB units, ARINC 828-compliant aircraft interface devices and Carlisle Interconnect Technologies EZMount® display mounts and installation kits for each aircraft.This advanced EFB portfolio, known as Goodrich’s cockpit data management system, provides extensive connectivity to aircraft data networks and systems, allowing Monarch to maximize EFB utility and the associated operational savings. The upgradeable system could also enable the airline to run emerging “Type C” EFB applications in the future, such as controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) and ADS-B in-cockpit display of traffic information (CDTI). Nils Christy, operations director at Monarch Airlines Limited said, “Monarch is a forward-thinking airline, and its selection of the Goodrich system reflects this. In choosing Goodrich, Monarch will enjoy the many operational and cost benefits of its EASA-certified EFBs today, while being ready to upgrade to more advanced functions as future needs dictate.” Jan Mathiesen, vice president of business development, Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems A2Z METALWORKER •

22 • Jan/Feb 2012

“Sargent is a key supplier of flightcritical components to UTC’s Hamilton Sundstrand, Pratt & Whitney, and Sikorsky companies,” said Scott Still, president, Sargent Aerospace & Defense. “Recognition from these companies and UTC as a whole validates the emphasis we place on highly engineered solutions and outstanding customer service.” According to Hamilton Sundstrand, Sargent’s Guaymas, Mexico facility is the first in that country to win the UTC Supplier Gold distinction. It is located in The Offshore Group’s Roca Fuerte Industrial Park. “UTC’s Supplier Gold recognition prog ram was established to acknowledge superior performance over a 12-month period in the areas of quality, delivery, lean and customer satisfaction,” said Robert Murray, vice president of supply chain at Hamilton Sundstrand. “Sargent’s performance over the past year has been exceptional.” Sargent has adopted UTC’s lean assessment and other tools across all facilities and hopes to achieve Supplier Gold status at American and Canadian facilities during the next 12 months.

Contact your local distributor for a demo to see how Hurco can Contact your local distributor for a demo to see how Hurco ca Integrated trunnion table table design Integrated trunnion design I



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Proud Distributors of These Fine

Proud Distributors of These Fine Proud Distributors of These Fine wcoHurco can increase your profi tability. can increase your profi tability. Machines Machines Machines VMX Series VM Series DCX Series U Series (5-Axis) SR Series (5-Axis) VMX Series VM Series U Series (5-Axis) SR Series (5-Axis) DCX Series High Performance General Purpose Swivel Head, Rotary Table Dual Column Trunnion Table High Performance General Purpose Trunnion Table Swivel Head, Rotary Table Dual Column Mills Mills Mills Mills Mills






Z Series Z Series Zone Zone Mills Mills


Machines shown with options. Information may change without no

Machines shown with options. Information may change without notice










OArizona_Metalworker_2010.indd N T R O 1

Arizona_Metalworker_2010.indd 1





We sincerely thank our 11 customer friends for 12you! great years Celebrating years serving 800.634.2416 Celebrating 11 years serving you! and we wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!

A non-instrumented third aircraft will perform electromagnetic interference testing, along altering the installation as the result of a kinematic with lighting and in-flight entertainment validationsinterference and a fourthtesting, aircraftalong may be used of the lateral movement and wing nstrumented third aircraft will perform electromagnetic altering evaluation the installation as the result of a kinematic for additional interiors testing, or serve as a back-up if other test aircraft are in planned structural dynamics. Pentagon wins $5B budget increase core Pentagon programs such as hting and in-flight entertainment validations and a fourth aircraft may be used evaluation ofcurbs the to lateral movement and wing maintenance. procurement of new weapons systems. tional interiors testing, or serve as a back-up if other test aircraft are in planned structural Congressional negotiators have tentatively settled on a relatively small, $5 billion increase for dynamics. ance. the Pentagon’s nonwar budget as a mammoth spending bill takes shape behind closed doors. Once certification is complete at the end of the year, Having achieved power on in November 2010, followed by factory completion in January, Lufthansa expects to take delivery of its first 747MSCI (Metal Ser vice Once certification is complete at the end of the year, Mark Feuerstein, chief 747 pilot, says of RC001: “I’m a expecting a finished, tight, ready 8I - configured with 386 seats in three classes - in achieved power on in November 2010, followed by factory completion in January, Lufthansa expects to take delivery of its first 747That’s ato1fly.” percent increase that would give the Pentagon $518 billion to TM cover/ everything TMX Series Z airplane Series HTX Series TMM Series Institute) Awards early Center 2012. euerstein, chief 747 pilot, says of RC001: “I’m a expecting a finished, tight, ready 8Ibudget -Purpose configured with 386 seats in three classes - in except direct war spending. The measure would also cut President Barack Obama’s High Performance Zone Horizontal General TMX Series esto fly.”Still HTX Series TMM Series early 2012. Scholarships in Arizona request for Afghanistan’s as well asactivities theLathes amount heTM sought for special vehicles outstanding for Boeingsecurity are theforces, demonstration to show the/ Federal Aviation Mills Mills Lathes U S A F f u n d i n g f o r T- 3 8 that are resistant roadsidetobombs. The would provide $115 billionschedule for operations High Performance Horizontal General Purpose Administration howto it intends remedy the measure two biggest causes of its most recent slip. The Arizona Charpter of the Metal Service infor Iraq and Afghanistan, a drop of almost $43 billion from last as U.S. troops leave Iraq. standing are the demonstration activities tomodal show theyear Federal Aviation The firstBoeing is the incorporation of the outboard aileron suppression (OAMS) system to replacement jumps tenfold Lathes Mills Lathes Center Institute (MSCI) recently awarded trationdampen how it intends to remedy theintwo biggest of its recentofschedule slip. OAMS in latest out a 2.4Hz vibration the wing thatcauses resulted in amost deflection ±2.5cm (1in). spending plan scholarships in the amount of $2000 to 4 Thewithout Pentagon budget is the of amodal $900 outboard billion-plus catchall spending that’s being notice. automatically, by usinganchor the fly-by-wire aileron to dampen thebill vibration. tchange is theactivates incorporation of the outboard aileron suppression (OAMS) system to children of the Arizona Chapter. Award negotiated before funding expires. At the same time, separate legislation setting US Air Force funding for a new advanced out a 2.4Hz vibration in thestopgap wing that resulted in a deflection of ±2.5cm (1in). OAMS jet recipients were: Pentagon alsofly-by-wire being negotiated. Todd Zarfos, 747-8 vice-president ofoutboard engineering, says: to “Wedampen know it’ll and now we just training system has jumped tenfold in the latest notice. sthout automatically, bypolicy usingisthe aileron thework vibration. have to go through the last aspects of certification associated with that. spendingfor plan, but top officials jet remain US Air five-year Force funding a new advanced • Caitlin Hale, daughter of Pat Hale, who The broader legislation exceeds $900 billion and remains in dispute over several policy provisions, non-committal about the schedule and strategy for rfos, 747-8 vice-president of engineering, says: “We know it’ll work and now we just training system has jumped tenfold in the latest works for Totten Tube including attempts by House Republicans towhether block numerous Environmental Protection Agency fielding “We had long conversations with the FAA on existing [Federal Aviation Regulations] 3/15/2010 3:57:39 PM a new aircraft. go through theDemocrats last aspectsare of resisting certification associated that. five-year butson topofofficials remainwho • Colin plan, Cramer, Bruce Cramer, rules. GOP moves to with block regulations on greenhouse gases and spending covered what we were already doing. I’ll just be frank, we thought they did, they characterized non-committal about the schedule and strategy for works for TW Metals protecting‘new streams from the of mountaintop mining, said a Democratic it for as something and novel’ andimpact that resulted in the needremoval for a special condition,” he says. The five-year spending plan unveiled by the air force long conversations with the FAA on whether existing [Federal Aviation Regulations] 3/15/2010 3:57:39 PM fielding on a new aircraft. Hutton, daughter of Kristine • Samantha congressional aide, speaking actuator on condition anonymity Further, an underperforming was of replaced due to to discuss inabilitythetoprivate handlenegotiations. the 207bar 14 February includes $306 million for the T-X what we were already doing. I’ll just be frank, we thought they did, they characterized Hutton, who works forreplace TW Metals (3,000lb/in) hydraulic system pressure, prompting its redesign. training system, which will the Northrop mething ‘new and novel’ and that resulted in the need for a special condition,” he says. Ashlee Randall, daughter Randall, Obama in February called for boosting the Pentagon budget by 5 percent, or $26The billion. five-year plan unveiled by of theKevin air force T-38C•spending Talon and its simulators. who works for Bralco Metals , an underperforming actuator was replaced due to inability to handle the 207bar But he and Congress agreed to cut that well back in negotiations this summer that set on 14 February includes $306 million for the T-X Zarfos says the issues were traced to pressure spikes in the hydraulic lines and he adds that new spending limits on Cabinet agency operating budgets. A bill approved by thetraining House That b/in) hydraulic system pressure, prompting its redesign. engineering teams are “now in the process of correlating” the actuator underperformance system, whicha huge will jump replace theabout Northrop represents from $30 million Forinits more information about goand to this summer would have provided a 3 percent increase, while the Senate Appropriations and the hydraulic pressures. T-38C Talon and simulators. inserted the service’s five-year planMSCI, last year, Committee called to forpressure an outright freeze that freed uplines billions of dollars for domestic is perhaps or contact Ann D’Orazio ays the issues were traced spikes in the hydraulic and he adds that enough to field an off-the-shelf aircraft programs. Lawmakers appear to be using some of the war funding to partially restore the 847-485-3019. Zarfosare says he isin“very confident” the technical show FAA compliance,That but represents ring teams “now the process of in correlating” thesolutions actuatortounderperformance on schedule in fiscal a huge jumpyear from2017. about $30 million

hydraulic pressures.

U S A F f u n d i n g f o r T- 3 8 replacement jumps tenfold in latest spending plan

A Z METALWORKER • 23 year, • Jan/Feb inserted in the service’s five-year plan last and2012 A Z METALWORKER • 51 •March/April 2011 is perhaps enough to field an off-the-shelf aircraft 2


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Data Indicate Increased US Consumer Confidence The AP reports that the Conference Board reported that US consumer confidence grew 15 points in November to 56.0, the highest level since July’s 59.2, meaning people “may be more willing to spend.” Conference Board Consumer Research Center director Lynn Franco said the data suggest “consumers appear to be entering the holiday season in better spirits.” That assessment was echoed by Wells Fargo senior economist Mark Vitner, who said “I think this will be a good holiday shopping season.” However, he wondered, “what will happen after that?” According to Bloomberg News (11/30, Homan), November’s 15 point gain was the largest “monthly gain since April 2003.” The improved attitude might “help sustain household purchases,” which make up around “70 percent of the economy.” And, the data suggested “measures of present conditions and expectations for the next six months both improved,” as more people expected job availability to increase and also thought their incomes would rise.

Spending on Building Energy Efficiency to Boom in Next 5 Years As we’ve been saying for many years at, building energy efficiency may not be sexy, but it is big business. According to a recent report, it’s going to get a whole lot bigger. Pike Research predicts the building energy efficiency market will soar more than 50 percent between A2Z METALWORKER •

24 • Jan/Feb 2012

now and 2017 to $103.5 billion. Among the leading factors: an active stable of energy service companies (ESCOs) and aggressive efficiency policies being enacted around the world. High-efficiency equipment, such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and lighting, will become more desirable in the coming years, according to the Pike report, “Energy Efficient Buildings: Global Outlook.” The market for high-efficiency HVAC systems, for example, will more than double to $6.4 billion between 2011 and 2017. ESCOs will see their fortunes rise handsomely as well, with global revenues more than doubling to $66 billion in 2017. A major player in the commercial buildings space, often using energy performance contracts (ESC) to finance projects using the expected savings, they will account for the largest segment in the energy efficient buildings industry. A prime example of this trend is Johnson Controls. As my colleague Leslie Guevarra reported earlier this year, the company’s Building Efficiency Business has more than 1,000 public projects in the pipeline. The projects, with government agencies, schools and the like, will generate $4.7 billion in energy, water and operational costs over the next decade. Honeywell is another player.The company is helping the city of Antioch, Calif., with a $4.65 million lighting retrofit that will essentially pay for itself over the next 10 years through the projected energy savings. As noted earlier, government policies for energy efficient policies is a major factor in the growth of this market. In the U.S., money from the stimulus bill is helping to fund the Honeywell-Antioch project and others. President Barack Obama also announced in February the Better Buildings Initiative to spur investment in building energy efficiency. The U.K. government is also targeting zero-carbon new housing by 2016 and new commercial buildings by 2019.




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Lockheed snags $7.4B F-22 support deal Lockheed Martin Corp. has landed a $7.4 billion deal to support the U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor program. Under the deal, Lockheed Martin will be asked to work on a variety of tasks that include developing upgrades, incorporating new requirements, adding capabilities and boosting performance in the F-22 weapon system. 02/16/10

A2Z Metalworker

The F-22 program is an important part of the economic 1/3 page square - 5 3/8 x 5 3/8" impact fromWright-Patt, and pumps millions of dollars into the Dayton region annually. Nearly 200 people work in the F-22 program office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which has been tasked with oversight of development, testing, production, support and modernization of the plane. The office - which has been at the base since the mid1980s - runs one of the most complex programs in the U.S. Air Force, supervising a production operation involving three major facilities and hundreds of subcontractors and vendors. Although production of the F-22 Raptor will come to an end in 2012, the aircraft program will continue to have a positive impact on the Dayton region for decades to come as about 150 employees A2Z METALWORKER •

26 • Jan/Feb 2012

will continue working at Wright-Patt to oversee modernization of the aircraft. “Wright-Patt is a critical piece of any aircraft life cycle, especially with something that you’re pushing the technology like you are with these new airplanes,” said retired Gen.T. Michael “Buzz” Moseley, who retired in 2008 after serving as the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, in an interview last summer with the DBJ about the F-22 program. The F-22, he said, gave the Air Force the ability to dominate the air, which in turn affects everything happening on the ground during a military engagement.

Bell Helicopter Delivers To Sri Lanka Air Force Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, announced last month that it delivered two Bell 412s to the Sri Lanka Air Force during a ceremony at its facility in Piney Flats, Tennessee. “We’ve had a strong partnership with the Sri Lanka Air Force for more than 40 years,” said Larry D. Roberts, senior vice president for Bell Helicopter’s Commercial Business. “This is a great day for Bell Helicopter as we continue to celebrate this relationship,” he said. Attending the ceremony and accepting the keys to the new Bell 412s was Air Marshall Abeywickrema representing the Sri Lanka Air Force. “The Bell 412 is highly reliable and a capable product for our mission needs,” said Sri Lanka Air Force’s Commander Air Marshall HD Abeywickrema. “Dependable Bell products and the customer support and service we’ve received over the years are what we value. We look forward to continuing that relationship in the months and years to come,” he said. The Sri Lanka military operates a large fleet of helicopters in Sri Lanka with the majority of them being Bell Helicopter products.

.. . Processing isisnow ningg. Jet Processing JetJet Processing now i c c nn u u o o The Same Great Services nAnnounces Premier Precision Group Premier Precision Group - under AAnnn

new Ownership - Noranco --Special Processing -Special Processing

Chemical ChemicalProcessing Processing

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Lab LabServices Services

Corrosion Resistance Corrosion Resistance Taber Abrasion Resistance Taber Abrasion Resistance Coating Weight Coating Weight Coefficient of Friction Coefficient of Friction Solution Analysis Solution Analysis Millipore Inspection Millipore Inspection

Assembly Assembly

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ATK Awarded $20 Million UltraFlex™ Solar Array Contract from Orbital ATK was awarded a $20 million contract by Orbital Sciences Corporation to provide its UltraFlex™ solar arrays to power Orbital’s enhanced Cygnus™ cargo logistics space vehicle, which is being utilized under NASA’s Commercial Resupply System contract. The disk-shaped UltraFlex solar arrays measure more than 11 feet in diameter and are made of ultra-lightweight materials that provide high strength and stiffness as well as compact stowage volume. With the same power but at a significantly reduced mass from the original arrays, the UltraFlex solar arrays will contribute to an overall increased payload capability of the enhanced Cygnus vehicle to provide resupply services to the International Space Station. “Providing performance and weight savings is critical for spacecraft providers,” said David Shanahan, vice president and general manager, ATK Space Structures & Components. “UltraFlex solar arrays provide the highest power for the lowest mass, enabling larger payloads and ensuring the success of more taxing missions.” Smaller 6-foot diameter versions of these disk-shaped solar arrays were used to power NASA’s Phoenix Lander, which had its mission extended three times due in part to the exceptional performance of the solar arrays. Larger UltraFlex solar arrays—measuring nearly 20 feet in diameter—will be deployed on NASA’s Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle. The enhanced Cygnus spacecraft incorporates a larger pressurized cargo module that can carry up to 2700 kg of cargo to the ISS. The spacecraft’s pressurized cargo module will carry crew supplies, spares and scientific experiments. ATK is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with operations in 22 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally, and revenues of approximately $4.8 billion.

Raytheon to develop new image processing technology The US Army has awarded a contract to Raytheon to develop a new image processing technology for the Advanced Distributed Aperture System. The $14.6m contract is intended to provide pilots with 360° situational awareness as well as improve aircraft and crew survivability while operating in low-visibility conditions. Raytheon Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems vicepresidentTim Carey said: “This next-generation technology will process images faster, allowing aircrews to achieve their mission objectives quickly and with the lowest possible risk.” The new image processor upgrade featuring thermal sensing cameras and a next-generation helmet-mounted display subsystem will enhance the system’s high-resolution imagery A2Z METALWORKER •

28 • Jan/Feb 2012

The processor is expected to begin flight testing in late 2012.











for themselves. “Our customers expect only the highest quality, most intricately designed parts on our custom bikes. Trusty-Cook liners allow us to machine these complex parts to meet my standards at speeds that keep up with part demand.”

When you need speed and performance in the shop,remember Trusty-Cook Urethane CNC Spindle Liners.

TRUSTY COOK’S PATENTED URETHANE CNC SPINDLE LINERS Full length round, hex, square, or other irregular shaped inner diameter bores are available for maximum MAXIMIzE MACHINING CONTROL OUT PERFORMS METAL, NYLON, DELRIN AND OTHER SPINDLE LINER MATERIALS COMMONLY USED • Increase control • Increase machining speeds by as much as 30% or more • Increase profits

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For more information on any of our products, or to place an order call or e-mail Jeff. 1.877.240.2462 End user and dealer distributor inquiry welcome. 10530 E. 59th Street Indianapolis, IN 46236 Ph-317.823.6821 fax-317.823.6822


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New GF AgieCharmilles Diesinker EDM Boasts Precision and Productivity GF AgieCharmilles’ new FORM 200 mS with rotary tool changer (RTC) takes die-sinking electric discharge machining to the next level by bringing precise geometric quality and increased lights-out operation to micro machining and other applications. GF AgieCharmilles designed the FORM 200 mS for optimizing all aspects of micro machining, including molds for integrated circuits, cavities for light-emitting diodes and detailed connector forms. While providing exceptional performance on its own, the machine, when combined with the modular 16- to 160-position RTC, further increases flexibility and speed for micro component production processes. In addition to standard machining capabilities, the FORM 200 mS offers a high degree of autonomy through an easy-to-use interface with functions dedicated specifically to micro machining. With its MicroTEC discharge circuit, the FORM 200 mS is capable of power modulation, as well as maximizing material removal while accommodating undersize (<20 µm) electrodes. And, whether controlling spark energy according to electrode shape or performing real-time spark analysis, the FORM 200 mS provides around-the-clock monitoring and process optimization for the highest levels of predictability and repeatability. The FORM 200 mS also incorporates GF AgieCharmilles’ iQ technology, which further increases efficiency and productivity by significantly reducing electrode wear at faster machining speeds than other low-wear application settings. The technology practically eliminates wear by building a protective layer onto graphite electrodes, maintaining their edges and detail capabilities A2Z METALWORKER •

30 • Jan/Feb 2012 throughout the entire bur n. The technology is especially beneficial for electrodes producing the same cavity shape multiple times. A s w i t h a l l p ro d u c t s f ro m G F AgieCharmilles, a full range service and suppor t prog ram, whic h is customizable for eac h customer, supports the FORM 200 mS and RTC. About GF AgieCharmilles GF AgieChar milles is the Nor th American leading supplier of laser ablation center, wire EDM, CNC and manual diesinking systems and high speed/high performance 3- and 5-axis milling machines. For more information on the company’s products and services, contact Gisbert Ledvon, GF AgieCharmilles, 560 Bond St., Lincolnshire, IL 60069-4224, Tel: 1-800-CTC-1EDM. Gisbert.Ledvon@, Fax: 847-913-5340, or visit

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One Small Step With one small step, a man became a hero and the impossible became a reality. The same heroic spirit that fueled the space race and placed the first man on the moon still lives within the people who support NASA’s continued pursuit of innovation. Using GF AgieCharmilles HPM 800U machines, NASA experts manufacture the technology that continues to propel science beyond what we think possible. From that first lunar landing to modern space exploration, the heroes behind these accomplishments take small steps every day that amount to giant leaps for mankind. Read more about how GF AgieCharmilles helps NASA achieve more at

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First Solar Finds A Buyer For Its 550 MW Topaz Solar Farm First Solar Inc. said recently that MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company has agreed to purchase the Topaz Solar Farm. This news may signal the final chapter in a six month saga First Solar has been entwined in regarding the 550 MW solar farm. In June the Arizona-based photovoltaic (PV) solar developer was awarded $4.5 billion in conditional loan guarantees from the Department of Energy for three California solar projects. Of the three the Topaz Solar project received the largest portion just under $2 billion. One of the DOE conditions for the projects to receive the backing was to to break ground on construction by September 30 which First Solar failed to do for the Topaz installation and lost the loan guarantee. With loan guarantees and construction under way on the other two projects, the Antelope Valley Solar Ranch (230 MW) and the Desert Sunlight Project (550 MW), First Solar was able to sell both of them in late September. At that time the company said that it was in advanced stage talks to finance or sell Topaz Solar. Now, two over two months later and with construction underway MidAmerican Energy has conditionally agreed to purchase the $2 billion project. The Topaz Solar farm acquistion marks MidAmerican Energy Holdings entry into the solar industry. And what an entrance it is. When complete Topaz Solar, located San Luis Obispo County, California, is expected to be one of the largest PV installations in the world creating enough electricity to power 160,000 homes.

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This may seem like a big plunge into what is becoming an increasing volatile solar market, especially considering the government will not be backing the enormous price tag. However, the Iowa-based energy services provider which is 88%-owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and controlled by Warren Buffett, is no stranger to renewable energy generation.With over 1,393 MW of wind generation in operation the company boasts “the No. 1 owner of wind-powered energy generation among U.S. rate-regulated utilities.” First Solar, which will continue to construct the solar farm and will serve as the facility’s operator once complete, expects bring the project online in 2015.

Lockheed To Develop Cheaper Version Of C-130J Super Hercules Flightglobal reported, “Lockheed Martin will develop a cheaper variant of the C-130J Super Hercules that removes several features from the tactical airlifter’s basic design.” The C-130XJ variant “will be offered to foreign and US customers that do not need certain advanced features of the standard J-model, including its enhanced cargo handling system, said Jim Grant, Lockheed’s vice president of business development for mobility and special operations.” However, “performance will be nearly identical” since it will have the same engine and avionics suite.

Patent Pending TriPlexTM Process Revolutionizes Anodize and Chem Film Processes products. It covers the requirements for six types and two classes of anodizing for nonarchitectural applications. MIL-A-8625 also forms the basis for many anodizing specifications that are proprietary to individual companies. Nearly all of these proprietary specifications refer to one or more requirements of this mil spec. A number of aerospace companies, including Hamilton Sundstrand and Honeywell, have their own specifications based off the MIL-A-8625.

TriPlex™, LLC was formed just a year ago when Michael Beaver uncovered a profoundly more powerful anodizing process than that which had existed for the past 89 years. (Anodizing was first used on an industrial scale in 1923 to protect Duralumin seaplane parts from corrosion). Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The process is called “anodizing” because the part to be treated forms the anode electrode of an electrical circuit. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and provides better adhesion for paint primers and glues than does bare metal. Anodization changes the microscopic texture of the surface and changes the crystal structure of the metal near the surface. Anodic films can also be used for a number of cosmetic effects, either with thick porous coatings that can absorb dyes or with thin transparent coatings that add interference effects to reflected light. Before we discuss the ‘How and Why’ of the TriPlex process, it helps to summarize what it can do. •TriPlex anodize or Chem Film can be applied to any aluminum material. • TriPlex Chem Film (hexavalent or trivalent) can take temperatures up to 350°F with a failure at 312 hours in salt spray (ASTM-B-117) • TriPlex is both hard and decorative anodize.While dyed and undyed results still exceed MIL-A-8625 testing requirements, TriPlex™ non-dyed TriPlex™ products are the most durable. • TriPlex can be applied as a hard anodize (.0018 - .0022), a decorative anodize (.0004 .0006), and Chem Film as a combination requirement. • TriPlex allows companies to replace heavier metals with TriPlex processed aluminum, resulting in reduced weight, improved durability, lower costs, and better protection from caustic elements Background The TriPlex anodize process uses the Military Specification MIL-A-8625 Anodic Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys as a baseline. This specification is the model for much of the anodizing specified for military and aerospace A2Z METALWORKER •

34 • Jan/Feb 2012

The specification includes broad processing conditions for anodizing. It also gives important performance and acceptance criteria for such attributes as coating weight, corrosion resistance, light fastness, paint adhesion, abrasion resistance, and dying. Additionally, standards are set for general appearance, workmanship, contact marks, inspection, process control, and testing. The anodic coating types and classes range from Type I to Type III, with III being the strongest, called Hard Anodize. TriPlex focused on Type III to dramatically improve what until now was not available. The specification states that anodic coating thickness should be specifically called out by the purchase documents and/or the part drawing. How TriPlex Got Its Start Late last January,Walt Ahland, owner of Lights Camera Action, LLC arranged a meeting with Michael Beaver, General Manager of FutureWeld to discuss an anodizing problem he was experiencing. Walt had developed and patented a high intensity LED light for the nuclear industry. The LED light was one huge heat sink and was designed to be used in-air and underwater. Walt was using MIL-A-8625 anodizing for his light, but the anodizing was too easily scratched to be used in the nuclear environment. Walt explained the problem and that he needed a better anodize… something that would be resistant to abrasion and boric acid for a period of five to fifteen years. Michael’s response was “there is nothing better.

You are using the best anodize available.” Michael asked exactly what Walt wanted. Walt’s response was “I want a thin candy coating of stainless steel put on my aluminum heat sink so it withstands boric acid for 5 to 15 years, is virtually impervious to scratches and normal impact and can maintain the ability to dissipate heat.” From Michael’s years of experience in anodizing, he told Walt that he couldn’t help him, as there wasn’t a solution on the market that could meet Walt’s requirements. That “no” took the wind out of Walt’s sails, however by the following Monday, Michael had an idea that could work. From that moment, a new anodizing and Chem Film process was developed and a wide variety of tests were performed. The first product processed was a section of the heat sink from Walt’s LED light assembly responsible for dissipating heat, in short, a heat dam. Along with the product, a couple of .032” (1/32”) by 3” by 10”, 6061-T6 panels where processed. Walt and Michael noticed that one of the louvers on the heat sink had been bent. Upon closer examination, the bent louver showed no evidence of cracking at the bend line, but more importantly there was no evidence of cracking at the impact zone, where it had been dropped. Using one of the panels, Michael bent it at different angles until it was completely bent over at 180° and still. No evidence of cracking. To test the durability, Walt used a hammer and made glancing blows on the section of heat sink. Standard hard anodizing chips and flakes off when damaged in such a manner. There were no flakes or chips from the TriPlex processed heat sink. Even though the blows were hard enough to separate the surface of the aluminum, thus exposing the aluminum, there were no flakes. Michael was astounded. “What have we created?” Mike Adams, owner of FutureWeld, Michael Beaver and Walt Ahland agreed that additional testing should be done. A new company was formed, TriPlex, LLC to separate Mike Adams’ company, FutureWeld and Walt Ahland’s company, Lights Camera Action, LLC from the developments that were occurring. The new company began the lengthy process of testing their patent pending process to the MIL-A-8625 specification.

Abrasion Resistance 4.5.5 Abrasion resistance. Test specimens, prepared in accordance with, shall be tested in accordance with Method 6192 of FED-STD-141 using CS-17 wheels with 1000 gram load. The wheels shall revolve on the anodic coating at a speed of 70 revolutions per minute (RPM) for 10,000 cycles.The test specimens shall be weighed to the nearest milligram before (W1) and after (W2) abrading. The weight loss obtained by subtracting the final weight from the initial weight, (N1 - W2), shall be used to determine compliance with the requirements of (Nominal thickness of coating shall be .002 (2mils) +/- 20 percent for coating up to .002 (2 mils)). Results Michael said, “We contracted testing with Durkee Testing Lab based in Paramount, California and sent an initial panel to them. After 10,000 cycles the initial panel was returned to us. The only noticeable change was a polished ring where the abrasion wheels had tried to abrade the surface. There was no visual or tactile change noticeable in the surface. Durkee Testing Lab stated that nothing was happening except they were polishing the surface of our panel and we were wearing out their abrasion wheels.” “It was determined that we had to know some failure point, so we sent more panels to DurkeeTesting Lab and asked them to continue testing until failure.When Durkee Testing Lab contacted us at 30,000 cycles and asked us what we wanted to do, the answer was simple. ‘Continue testing until failure.’The final result of the Tabor Abrasion test(s) by Durkee Testing Labs was that TriPlex finally failed at 56,200 cycles and never exceeded 1.29 mg per 1000 cycles.” Corrosion resistance Corrosion resistance. Sealed anodic coatings shall protect the substrate metal when subjected to the corrosion resistance test specified in 4.5.3. Test specimens shall then be visually A2Z METALWORKER •

35 • Jan/Feb 2012

examined and shall show no more than a total of 15 isolated spots or pits, none larger than .031 inch in diameter, in a total of 150 square inches of test area grouped from five or more test pieces; nor more than 5 isolated spots or pits, none larger than .031 inch in diameter, in a total of 30 square inches from one or more test pieces. Areas within .062 inch from identification markings, edges and electrode contact marks remaining after processing shall be excluded. Results Michael stated, “The TriPlex panels were subjected to a salt spray test. (Again, for clarification purposes,TriPlex is not an impregnated process.) Durkee Testing Labs provided the testing services on a 6061T6 panel. At the end of 2904 hours or 121 days, the group decided to call an end to the testing. The TriPlex panels still showed no pits or evidence of any potential failure.” “We then took another group of TriPlex processed panels and a group of panels that had been processed per MIL-A-8625. Both sets of panels were bent at 45°, 90°, 135°, and 180° then subjected to a 336 hour salt spray test per the MIL-A-8625 specifications. The TriPlex panels showed no signs of failure while the hard anodized panels had failure at the bend and corrosion was obvious.” Impact Resistance The most prevalent cause of failure to anodize is impact to an area. The area around the impact micro-cracks and deleterious chemicals or the environment begins a galvanic or corrosion effect to the area. Durkee Testing Lab performed impact tests on a TriPlex hard anodized panel utilizing a parabolic tip. Beginning at 40 PSI (pounds per square inch) and increasing by 10 PSI with each impact, they achieved material failure at 140 PSI… but the TriPlex anodize although torn apart, did not fracture at the point of impact or show signs of micro-cracking at the edges of the tear. FutureWeld performed an additional penetrant inspection per ASTM B 117 Method A, Sensitivity Level III and no micro-cracking could be found around any of the impacted areas. Boric Acid Testing Lights Camera Action, LLC needed an anodize that was resistant to a 5% - 7% boric acid solution for a period of five to fifteen years. This solution is what surrounds the nuclear core, so failure of the anodize is not an option. Taking five TriPlex hard anodize panels, Durkee Testing Lab documenting the pre-weight, and subsequently all five panels were submerged into a 6% boric acid. Results One panel was removed and neutralized each week until the final panel was pulled on the fifth week. The panels were sent to Durkee Testing Lab, where the calculated loss on each panel gave surprising results. Instead of five to fifteen years, Lights Camera Action, LLC’s patented lights could remain in the boric acid solution for 50 to 60 years without failure. TriPlex will offer their unique anodizing and Chem Film processing to customers requiring their services, and is additionally planning A2Z METALWORKER •

36 • Jan/Feb 2012

licensing opportunities to customers who wish to perform the TriPlex™ patent-pending processes in-house. For more information, contact TriPlex, LLC at 480-390-3493 or go to

TriPlex Process Results Impact Resistance: The most prevalent cause of failure to anodize is impact to an area. The area around the impact micro-cracks and deleterious chemicals or the environment begins a galvanic or corrosion effect to the area. Durkee Testing Lab performed impact tests on a TriPlex hard anodized panel utilizing a parabolic tip. The began at 40 PSI (pounds per square inch) and increased by 10 PSI with each impact. The achieved material failure at 140 PSI. However the TriPlex anodize although torn apart, did not fracture at the point of impact or show signs of micro=cracking at the edges of the tear.

Corrosion Resistance: T h e Tr i P l e x p a n e l s w e re subjected to a salt spray test. Durkee Testing Labs provided the testing services on a 6061-T6 panel. At the end of 2904 hours (121 days) the group decided to call an end to the testing. The TriPlex panels still showed no pits or evidence of any potential failure.

Abrasion Resistance: After 10,000 cycles the initial panel was returned to us. The only noticeable change was a polished ring where the abrasion wheels had tried to abrade the surface. There was no visual or tactile change in the surface. Durkee Testing Lab stated that nothing was happening except they were polishing the surface of our panel and we were wearing out their abrasion wheels. This image represents failure finally achieved at Durkee Testing Lab after 56,000 cycles.

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Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Gains Backing in $518 Billion Bill U.S. Senate and House negotiators plan to fund development of new combat trucks for the Army and Marine Corps as part of a Pentagon spending bill for fiscal year 2012. Lawmakers negotiating the defense appropriations bill are expected to support the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program in the compromise legislation, according to two congressional aides who weren’t authorized to speak on the record about the negotiations.The Senate Appropriations panel had voted in September to end the potential $54 billion project. The chairmen of the Senate and House Appropriations committees are expected to introduce next week a spending bill that includes $518 billion for Pentagon operations and about $115 billion to cover wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The defense measure will be part of a catch-all legislative package that will also fund other government agencies for the fiscal year that started Oct. 1.

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After the Senate Appropriations Committee on Sept. 13 proposed ending the estimated $54 billion JLTV program, citing “excessive cost growth,” the Army and Marine Corps developed a strategy to reduce the unit cost. The new estimated unit costs range between $230,000 to $270,000 for base vehicle configurations, according to a draft request. The original unit cost was at least $350,000. Three Contracts Three companies in 2008 won technology development contracts for the program: General Tactical Vehicles, a joint venture of General Dynamics Land Systems, part of Falls Church, Virginia-based General Dynamics Corp., and South Bend, Indiana- based AM General LLC; BAE Systems Land & Armaments, part of London-based BAE Systems Plc; and Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed Martin Corp. Under the contracts, General Tactical Vehicles has received $74.6 million; BAE Systems $77.4 million; and Lockheed $65.4 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Bill Differences The defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee in June cut $50 million in JLTV funding and increased by the same amount research and development funding for Humvee “survivability enhancements.” The House in July passed a $530 billion defense-spending bill that was $9 billion below the Pentagon’s fiscal 2012 request for core defense programs, excluding funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Senate Appropriations Committee later cut $26 billion from the Pentagon request, in line with the deficit-reduction law that Congress passed and Obama signed in August.


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Raytheon Sees Growth Despite Budget Woes Raytheon said it sees continued opportunities for growth in sales of certain weapons to the U.S. military—and to overseas customers—despite a downturn in defense spending. Chief Executive Bill Swanson said the company was well positioned, given its strength in missile defense, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, as well as the cybersecurity area. International sales are strong and should account for 30 percent of bookings this year, Swanson said.

1582 E. Bramble Ln • Meridian ID 83642 WWW.FADALCNC.COM company was “healthy.” Swanson welcomed Pentagon efforts to reform the way it buys weapons and said Raytheon was continually undertaking efforts to reduce its costs and safeguard its healthy profit margins. Chief Financial Officer DaveWajsgras told the conference that he anticipated that Raytheon would continue to improve its return on investment over time. But the rate of improvement will probably slow, Swanson said, adding, “It gets harder.” He said Raytheon viewed navigating the current difficult environment as “a good challenge” and focused every day on becoming more efficient.

He listed an array of arms sales already in the works or soon to be completed, with Saudi Arabia,Taiwan, Kuwait,Turkey and Oman.

Swanson said he saw little scope in the near term for consolidation in the top tier of the defense industry. But in the longer term, the Pentagon may be more open to such deals if they help drive down costs, he said.

“The system is moving. Things are getting approved,” Swanson said, adding that international sales would help Raytheon offset declines in U.S. defense spending.

He said he was hopeful that Washington could avert the additional $600 billion in defense cuts required over the next 10 years after a congressional committee failed to strike a deficit-cutting deal.

“We got a lot of activity in the pipeline,” he said, noting that in addition to solid demand from the Middle East and Asia, Raytheon was also eyeing new orders from India, Brazil and other countries in South America.

At the same time, he said Raytheon was running different models to think through the potential impact if the additional cuts took effect as scheduled from January 2013.

He declined to give specific financial forecasts but said the

“We’ve got to be smaller, we’ve got to be more efficient. We’ll get the job done,” he said. A2Z METALWORKER •

39 • Jan/Feb 2012

Raytheon buys cybersecurity firm Defense contractor Raytheon Co said last month it bought privately held Pikewerks Corp to bolster its cybersecurity offerings. Pikewerks’ products include Electronic Armor, a software tool that protects executable files. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, and Raytheon added that it expected no material effect on total sales or per-share earnings for the 2011 fourth quarter or fiscal year 2012. Raytheon, which had 2010 sales of $25 billion, has identified cybersecurity as a growth area as the defense industry braces for declines in U.S. spending. Including Pikewerks, the company has bought at least nine companies since 2007 to expand in this arena.

Semiconductor sales to top $300 billion in 2011 The semiconductor industry should see sales of more than $300 billion in 2011 as the industry continues to see growth despite a slowdown in its pace compared with 2010. The Semiconductor Industry Association has backed the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization’s belief that sales will hit $302 billion this year, topping the $300 billion mark for the first time. Last year the industry came close, finishing with $298 billion in worldwide revenue. Semiconductor manufacturing is a major industry sector in Phoenix with large players such as Intel Corp., ON Semiconductor Corp, Microchip Technology Inc. and others employing more than 22,000 workers combined in the region. “Despite a challenging global economic environment this year and the natural disasters that have impacted production in Asia, the semiconductor industry has demonstrated impressive resilience,” said Brian Toohey, president of the Washington-based SIA. ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) certifies businesses of all types and sizes around the globe to a variety of standards: •ISO 9001 •AS 9100

•ISO 22000 •ISO 14001

The expertise of our auditors, the professionalism of our audit processes, the knowledge of what drives value in each industry can help you get the most from your management systems. A2Z METALWORKER •

40 • Jan/Feb 2012

Certified Performance

“The growing level of semiconductor content embedded across a wide range of consumer, industrial, business and government applications points to continued growth in 2012 and 2013.” The WSTS data points to continued slow but rising sales of semiconductors over the next two years. The forecast calls for $310 billion in sales for 2012, a 2.6 percent increase over this year, and $328 billion in sales for 2013, a growth rate of 5.8 percent. Projections for 2011 were much rosier last year. The same forecast in November 2010 called for sales this year to reach nearly $319 billion. The industry ran into a slowing economy and a dual earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March that knocked parts of that’s country semiconductor industry offline. It is only now starting to come back. Consumer demand has been slowing, as witnessed by nearly flat month-over-month growth rates the industry has been seeing.


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Honeywell, United Tech Bank on Emerging Markets Industrial giants Honeywell International Inc. and UnitedTechnologies predicted a tough European economy would slow growth next year, and are banking on strong emerging markets to buoy their performance. Honeywell is expecting a recession in Europe that may have already begun, according to Chief Financial Officer David Anderson. United Technologies said the mixed outlook for 2012 means the company will focus on productivity after already budgeting for $300 million in restructuring. “Across the globe, we will see uneven growth in 2012,” Chief Executive Louis Chenevert told an investor conference. In Europe, “economic sentiment is deteriorating as we speak.” The uncertainty over how Europe will resolve its lingering sovereign debt crisis is causing the economy to slow and is threatening its banking system. That has caused industrial companies to plan to cut jobs and close facilities in anticipation of weaker sales. General Electric Co. said it would take a restructuring charge in the fourth quarter as it rationalizes its global operations, particularly in Europe, where its health care and lighting businesses are sagging. Honeywell said three-quarters of the company’s European sales are in Northern Europe and only 17% in the southern periphery.The A2Z METALWORKER •

42 • Jan/Feb 2012

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maker of aerospace, building control and safety products has steadily benefited from a broad-based increase in demand. An improving macroeconomic environment has helped large industrial companies. For next year, the company projected results in line with estimates, calling for earnings of $4.25 to $4.50 a share on sales of $37.8 billion to $38.9 billion. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters estimated $4.43 in per share profit and $38.9 billion in revenue, respectively. To counter the challenging global economic environment, United Technologies plans focus on productivity gains, while it begins to digest a $16.4 billion acquisition of Goodrich Corp. The company, which makes Otis elevators and Blackhawk helicopters, says it will save money as it digest various acquisitions by consolidating management operations, shedding underperforming assets, getting better deals with its suppliers and moving operations to lower-cost markets. The company expects 2012 sales—including the Goodrich acquisition —of about $64 billion, compared with an estimated $58 billion this year. Earnings are expected to land between $5.30 and $5.50 a share, compared with $5.47 this year. Mr. Chenevert projected the Chinese market would remain strong. United Technologies expects to post sales in China of $3.5 billion this year, up from $3 billion in 2010, he said. Otis Elevator China sales grew to 75,000 units this year from 61,000 units last year.

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Lockheed In $4 Billion U.S. F-35 Fighter Deal




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The deal would provide 21 conventional models for the Air Force, six carrier variants for the Navy and three short-takeoff and vertical landing versions for the Marine Corps, a notice in the Pentagon’s daily contract digest said.


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The Pentagon currently plans to buy more than 2,440 F-35 aircraft in three separate models for the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. ®


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It is the costliest Pentagon purchase in history, at a projected cost of $382.5 billion through 2035. The F-35 has been developed with eight foreign partners to replace at least 13 types of aircraft, including Lockheed’s F-16, for 11 nations initially. The Defense Department already has restructured the F-35 program twice in recent years. The fifth production batch fell to 30 from a previously planned 42 because more retrofits and changes have been required than had been projected. The department and Lockheed will share modification costs tied to certain required fixes that may emerge during work on the fifth batch, the contract announcement said without spelling out the cost split.

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Lockheed Martin is being awarded a $4 billion fixed-price U.S. Navy contract for 30 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, the fifth batch of low-rate initial production, the Defense Department said recently.

44 • Jan/Feb 2012

Domestic metalformers have caught the tail of the manufacturing sector recovery and are beginning to thrive, according to the positive responses in the latest Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) survey.

 “I think we are optimistic,” a New England metal stamper executive said. “We think automotive is going to complete the year with some pretty good numbers and will be at least equal next year.”

An Indiana-based contract stamper and metal parts producer also offered a rosy outlook. “We are looking at a pretty good increase in sales (next year) due to new customers in the engine market and getting into emissions—exhaust and air systems. Although he still has “an awful lot of unused stamping capacity,” if the move toward highermargin business pans out “we probably will be hiring next year,” he said. And despite the European debt crisis, he said there has been an uptick in metal stamping activity thanks to the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing and improved currency exchange rates.

 Forty percent of the respondents to the PMA survey are projecting an increase in order rates over the next three months, nearly double the 21 percent with the same sentiment in November, while those projecting a decline in order rates fell to 12 percent from 30 percent in the same comparison.

Although recent bookings for some parts makers in the New York market have fallen to previous lows, toolbuilding in the metalforming industry has taken off.

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1974 Bucktail Lane, Sugar Grove, IL 80554 1-888-289-3367 • / CA • 951 306 4017 • The SM-3 is an anti-ballistic missile Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics get new Pentagon on large-scale andwas modernization ofyear older equipment, outlook that,repair he says, prevalent ago. “A lot ofHarrison experts Industry for record Defense heads Cuts Will Shift deliveries Money To that cana be launched from ground added. “As a result, we still have . . . this lagging need to recapitalize work were talking about a 30% reduction in our production and stations or ships. The contract Boewill Repair Of Existing Equipment large of our force,” he said. Airbus and Boeing are on course to ship more than 1,000 aircraft ing’s parts production, and that it was inevitable there was going to be a

allow for a more advanced warhead Major defense contractors have picked up $486 million worth of new contracts in the past month this year, but can the airlines absorb all these new jets? double-dip recession,” he says.and larger engines to be developed forMarjorie work to be done in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. By Censer The defense industry, keeping a close eye on programs vulnerable to for the missiles, and the new group cancellation, is now positioning itself for these repair efforts. digest more new mainline airliners thanmillion, ever before Even the International Association “was predicting of missiles will be deployed in 2018. •Airlines Generalwill Dynamics C4 Systems received a $47 five-year contract to maintain and Air Transport When Defense Secretaryrise Robert M.and Gates announced funding cutsthe last in 2011, as deliveries by 5% surpass four figures for the airlines would have the worst year they had ever had in the upgrade a network of intelligence and reconnaissance stations for the U.S. Theisstations BAEArmy. Systems hoping to winAwork repairing its amphibious assault month, some in the defense industry shuddered. But for others, the $35 million Raytheon award also first time. history of international aviation. Well, none of that turned out to provide information on intelligence and reconnaissance for military officials. vehicle, but the company anticipates competition. announced cuts will generate new opportunities to revitalize older was announced this month. Company be right,” points out Leahy, adding that the industry is “resilient” systems. spokeswoman Heather Uberuaga and is “coming Scottsdale-based General Dynamics C4 Systems initially built 102 of the stations through back”. a 1996 Shipments were effectively flat last year, as Airbus’s slight increase “We don’t expect to get any favoritism out of the customer said contract money will because be usedwe to contract. Work on the new project will be done in Scottsdale. was offset by a for small declinetermination in deliveries Seattle. Airbus are the [original manufacturer], but I do think there are some advantages It’s not unusual a program tofrom refocus attention on anagain older prepare the Standard Missile for a out-produced its rivalsaid - for eighth year in succession - deliverThebeing 780the narrowbodies produced bysaid Airbus and BoeingBAE’s last year of designer of this vehicle,” Anntests Hoholick, vice program, but analysts thisthe shift may become more common as the series of flight in 2012. •ing Boeing Co. has received a $141 million contract to provide support services for 30 Apache attack 510 aircraft. accounted 80% their total systems. deliveries. president offor newabout vehicles andofamphibious Pentagon’s budget tightens and it is forced to work with the equipment helicopters for Taiwan’s military. Chicago-based Boeing manufactures the Apache in Mesa for it already owns. Raytheon and the Pentagon have seen the U.S. military and allied nations. The Taiwan contract is through the U.S. Army and extends This breaks its previous all-time output record of 498, set the Both manufacturers are progressively ramping upintoprepared reachtests atocomFaced with a tighter budget, BAEsome has tried to beresults equally bid mixed flight of through 2017, according to this week’s Pentagon procurement announcement. on a new program or a competition to modernize older systems, said year before. Boeing’s deliveries fell slightly from 481 in 2009 to This time around, Gates announced the Defense Department will end a bined output of almost 80 single-aisle aircraft missile. a month within the the anti-ballistic Murphy, the company’s vice president for product Marine Corps vehicle program prime contractor General with the absence 787with shipments to tellDynamics thereceivingBob next years, based onexecutive already announced increases. Andsectors. both •462, Raytheon Co.’s missileofdivision in Tucsonbeginning also has been ononthe end two of some recently and will instead directAs money toward repairing and upgrading itsdelivery existing “You can’t get wedfurther to any boosts one thing, because all I can tell you is, as the airframer’s output. a result, the two rivals’ combined are evaluating which could take their combined Raytheon also will produce 50 guided awarded U.S. Department of Defense contracts. The U.S. Missile Defense Agency is adding $276 amphibious assault vehicle, built by BAE Systems. Additionally, he delayed future unfolds, what looks like a very high priority today . . . can change tally, 972toaircraft, down Raytheon slightly onMissile the 979 delivered in 2009, monthly into the 90-100missiles aircraft for range. the U.S. and German million a massivewas contract Systems is getting in support of missile rates development. part of at Lockheed Martin’s F-35 strike-fighter aircraft program and said very rapidly,” Murphy said. “You’ve got to be prepared for the change.” which the time was an industry record. militaries as part of a NATO contract The work is for the Standard Missile-3, which is designed to intercept and destroy other missiles. the Pentagon would buy more of Boeing’s F/A-18 aircraft. worth $22.1 million. That deal will Airbus expects its deliveries this year will rise to about 520-530 Loren Thompson, a defense industry consultant at the Lexington Institute, provide U.S.shipments and German However, this will change in 2011work as theontwo manufacturers ramp of the anti-ballistic The new orders bring Raytheon’s development and testing missile up forecasts aircraft, while Boeing 485-500 - itsships final with tally “I think that there are going to be more and more examples like that,” said it’s common for a program termination to create new work on an missile defense systems. About half of to $1.6 billion. add-on contract a $241 million order from thedependent Defense Department up output acrossThe bothfirst their single-aisle andiswidebody lines. Boeing on how successful it is getting series production of the said Todd Harrison, a defense analyst with the Center for Strategic and existing piece of equipment. But, often “the company that benefits from the work on that contract will occur for engineering and to development work. to customers, as well as should finally begin ship Dreamliners 747-8 and 787 under way. Whatever happens, production should Budgetary Assessments. a cancellation is not the companyinwhose program is canceled,” he said. the stretched 747-8. surpass 1,000 units for the firstArizona time. and 43 percent in Germany, according to the Pentagon. The missile is used by the U.S., Japanese and Israeli defense forces. Because the military in recent years invested in many new programs, “In this environment, weapons spending is a zero-sum game,”Thompson A Z METALWORKER 46 • Jan/Feb 2012 Leahy shrugs off the pessimistic Airbus’s chief salesman John “But there arecompany’s certain areas concern. Both Airbus which in lots of •cases have not come to fruition, it did not spend as much added. “One gain of is another company’s loss.”and Boeing are 2


12 • April/May 2011

Military and defense are big sectors in Arizona. A number of major contractors have plants and operations here. Scottsdale-based Taser International Inc. also has military customers. Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson and the U.S. Army’s Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista also have substantial economic impacts on the state. There are, however, concerns in the defense industry that federal austerity measures in Washington could bite into Pentagon spending and contractors’ work. That disturbs U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl, Arizona Republicans who support strong military and defense budgets.

L-3 Agrees to Acquire Kollmorgen Electro-Optical L-3 Communications announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the Kollmorgen Electro-Optical (KEO) unit of Danaher Corporation. KEO develops and manufactures specialized equipment, including submarine photonics systems and periscopes, ship fire control systems, visual landing aids, ground electro-optical and sensor-cueing systems. Headquartered in Northampton, Mass., and with facilities in Bologna, Italy, KEO employs approximately 550 people. KEO’s products are used by the U.S. military, prime contractors and allied nations.The purchase price is $210 million and will be funded with cash on hand. The acquisition is anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2012, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, and will be structured as an asset purchase for income tax purposes. For the year ending December 31, 2012, KEO is expected to generate sales in the range of approximately $160 million to $170 million, and estimated earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization before giving effect to the expected synergies, transaction costs, and purchase accounting adjustments (EBITDA) in the range of $26 million to $30 million. Upon closing, the acquisition is expected to be immediately accretive to L-3’s results of operations.

Sikor sky Close To Certification For S-76D Helicopter Flight International reported, “With engine troubles behind it, Sikorsky is in the home stretch for completing certification and first deliveries of its new S-76D medium-class helicopter, albeit four years later than originally expected.” The article noted the S-76D will replace the S-76C++, with the last now being built. Development delays were “largely...with developmental problems on the S-76D’s new engine, the PW210.” However, “with the engines now type certificated by Transport Canada and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in October and December, respectively, Sikorsky seems to be in control of its destiny as the three flight test aircraft set out to complete the final 300h in the initial certification program.” A2Z METALWORKER •

47 • Jan/Feb 2012

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Boeing eyes remaining aircraft orders in U.S. spree Boeing Co , on track to notch its highest number of commercial aircraft orders since 2007, is working to bag what many experts say are the last available orders in a buying spree by U.S. operators. The world’s second-largest planemaker after Europe’s Airbus is deep in talks with United Continental Holdings , FedEx and Southwest Airlines for orders for several hundred airplanes -- widebody and narrowbody --, according to industry experts and sources with knowledge of the order negotiations.

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Once those customers make their deals, the long-awaited U.S. order frenzy will have run its course, some say. “These are orders that people have been waiting for the last several years. The chapter that everybody has been waiting to turn to are the North American carrier orders,” said Alex Hamilton, managing director with EarlyBirdCapital. Hamilton noted that most of the orders are tied to fleet replenishment, not expansion, and that the appetite for new planes in this part of the world is very limited. “There’s certainly a question that’s raised,” he said. “We’ve peaked.” Boeing has taken orders for 643 airplanes this year, according to its website.The gross total is the highest since 2008, when the company scored 669 orders. But 2007 was a record year for Boeing, which took 1,423 orders that year. An industry downturn took its toll on global aircraft orders after 2007, and U.S. carriers froze much of their spending as they slashed capacity to offset flagging travel demand.

One Shots

#3 10x54 Table 3 HP

Boeing and Airbus are bidding to sell around 150 narrowbody jets to United Continental.

#4 10x54 Table 5 HP

Boeing also is nearing deals with Southwest Airlines for about 100 narrobody 737 MAX jetliners and with FedEx for about 30 767 freighters, according to media reports. Rigid Tap As A VMC

Sources said Boeing was expected to win the order with FedEx, which had also talked with Airbus this year.

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“Both of these have been going on for quite some time. Maybe it’s a good idea to finish it by the end of the year,” said Adam Pilarski, senior vice president at AVITAS, an airline consulting company that also works with aircraft lessors and lenders. These final, percolating orders follow a giant order placed in July by now-bankrupt American Airlines for 460 single-aisle jets worth up to $40 billion split between Boeing and Airbus. In August, Delta Air Lines said it ordered 100 Boeing Next-Generation 737-900ER airplanes.

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There has been a long-expected avalanche of orders from U.S. carriers, which are craving fuel-efficient airplanes to replenish their fleets as the industry recovers from the years-long downturn. United, Southwest and FedEx all declined to comment on potentialpending orders. Boeing also declined to comment on talks with customers. Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Gary Kelly said in late October that the carrier was being briefed by Boeing on the 737 MAX and added it was “very desirous” of the next-generation engine technology. “I certainly expect Southwest at some point to buy this plane,” said Hunter Keay, airline analyst with Wolfe Trahan & Co. “The long-term strategy for them is going to be centered around the 737.”

Orbital-Built Intelsat 18 Communications Satellite Successfully Completes InOrbit Testing Orbital Sciences Corporation, one of the world’s leading space technology companies, announced that the Intelsat 18 satellite has completed its in-orbit testing and has been handed over to the customer, Intelsat S.A. Intelsat 18 is to be operated at 180 degrees East longitude, where it will provide C-band communications

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services to eastern Asia, the Pacific and the western United States, and Ku-band communications services to French Polynesia, New Caledonia, eastern Australia and the United States. Intelsat 18 was launched aboard a Zenit rocket from the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in early October. A team of Intelsat and Orbital engineers have since conducted several weeks of orbit raising and testing operations to prepare the spacecraft for commercial service. Mr. Christopher Richmond, Orbital’s Senior Vice President of its Space Systems Group, said, “We are very pleased with how smoothly the post-launch operations of Intelsat 18 proceeded. We have now turned over full operational control of the satellite to Intelsat and stand ready to support their operations over the next 15 years. We are also continuing production and testing of Intelsat 23, the tenth Orbital-built satellite that will join the Intelsat fleet in 2012.” Orbital designed, built and tested the Intelsat 18 satellite at Orbital’s satellite manufacturing and test facility in Dulles, VA. It carries a hybrid C- and Ku-band payload. Orbital’s highly successful communications satellites are based its GEOStar™ satellite platform, which is able to accommodate all types of commercial communications payloads. The GEOStar design is optimized for satellite missions requiring up to 7.5 kilowatts of payload power. In most instances, the affordable GEOStar satellite can be built and delivered in about 24 months. A2Z METALWORKER •

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Adams Machinery Hosts Successful Ocktoberfest toThank Its Loyal Customers Adams Machinery thanked its loyal customers when it hosted its 2 day Ocktoberfest Open House. The 250+ customers who attended the gala event were provided with German Beer, Brats, and Strudel, and they were entertained by a German musician playing an accordion. “We are so thankful of our customers, many of whom have been with us for our 20 years in business here in Arizona”, President and Owner Dick Short, said. He continued, “We even had a number of customers who made the trip from Tucson for our Open House.”

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Adams Machinery represents a number of machine tool lines, and experts from Doosan, Agie Charmilles, ATS, Kennametal,Yamazen (Brother), Summit, Hanwha, and Royal were available for the two day Open House to answer questions their customers had. Dick said, “The Open House was especially beneficial to our customers because we had a number of machines in our Showroom for them to see first hand. We had an Agie Charmilles CUT20P wire EDM, a Doosan PUMA 2600LY, a Doosan DNM400, a Hanwha XD20H Swiss Milling Lathe, a Summit EVS 350B Mill, and a Brother TC S2D VMC. Customers told us that they appreciated seeing the machine tools live.”

Adams Machinery Welcomes Their Newest Applications and Services Engineer Adams Machinery is pleased to welcome its newest team member, Steven Bear. Steven just graduated from Arizona State University with his Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering. Prior to that, he was a Journeyman sheet metal fabricator and welder, with experience in CNC programming, as well as a wide variety of CAD/CAM software systems. You can reach Steven and the team at Adams Machinery by calling 480-968-3711.



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Small Manufacturers Pushing Into Foreign Markets BusinessWeek reported that the US Export-Import Bank “approved more than $32 billion in export financing in the 12 months through September, with more than $6 billion of the total going to support overseas sales for small businesses.That figure is up from $24.5 billion for the 12 months ended September 2010.” Fred P. Hochberg, chairman and president of the Ex-Im Bank, noted that “while the recession has left US economic growth straggling at less than 3 percent, annual growth in such emerging economies as China, India, Brazil, and Turkey is ticking along at 7 percent or higher.”


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During the test, the plane “flew to its maximum certificated altitude of 41,000ft and to its maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.7.” Phil Krull, managing director of Embraer Executive Aircraft, said, “This flight clearly shows that our Melbourne team is ready to carry on seamless production of the Embraer Phenom 100 with the same level of excellence as our colleagues in Brazil.”

Lockheed delivers upgraded LRFDs for US Army Apache helicopter

First Flight Of US-Built Phenom 100 Business Jet Goes Well

Lockheed Mar tin has delivered the first Modernized Day Sensor Assembly (M-DSA) Laser Rangefinder Designators (LRFDs) as part of upgrades for the US Army’s Apache helicopter Moder nized Ta r g e t A c q u i s i t i o n Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (M-TADS/PNVS) system.

Flight International reported, “Embraer says there were no anomalies in the 2.5h first flight of a US-built Phenom 100 business jet from the Melbourne international airport on 8 December, marking a troublefree start for the company’s first US-based production plant there.”

The delivery of the five system design and development (SDD) M-DSA LRFD units follows the $17m contract received by the company in 2008 to modernize the Apache’s legacy Day Sensor Assembly (DSA) and associated electronics.

However, the article noted, “One of the factors providing momentum to US exporters in recent years has been a relatively weak dollar. But as the European Union struggles with a widening financial crisis, many predict that the US dollar will again become a ‘safe haven’ currency.”


52 • Jan/Feb 2012



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The LRFDs help to improve targeting by providing pilots with accurate range data for aiming and also designate an aim point by means of a laser for the Hellfire II missiles. US Army Apache Sensors deputy product manager Wayne Hudry said: “The LRFD provides an improved tactical laser that supports future weapons, as well as an eye-safe laser that provides soldiers the capability to train like they fight.” The first phase of the contract is aimed at resolving obsolescence issues and increasing the M-TADS/PNVS ability to fully accommodate weapons that are currently under production. The second phase includes upgrades to the multi-mode laser rangefinder or designator, visible color sensor, laser spot tracker, inertial measurement unit, and modernized day sensor structure assembly with a potential for future laser pointer marker compatibility. Lockheed Martin M-TADS/PNVS program director Matt Hoffman said: “The fully modernized M-TADS/PNVS will significantly enhance situational awareness for the Apache crews, and be a decisive factor in the successful execution of their missions.” The M-TADS/PNVS, also called Arrowhead, is the advanced electrooptical fire control system operational with the army since 2005 and provides Apache pilots with advanced targeting capability for conducting day, night and adverse-weather missions.


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The Arrowhead modules replace the army’s legacy TADS/PNVS hardware using a field retrofit kit that can be installed at the flight line. The advanced electro-optics replace the TADS/PNVS direct-view optics with a new TADS electronic display and control (TEDAC) unit that improves target resolution, situational awareness and enables image fusion.

NFIB Report: Small, Medium-Sized Businesses Plan To Increase Hiring The New York Times “Economix” blog reported, “Some good news in the job market: Small businesses plan to increase hiring, according to the latest report from the National Federation of Independent Business.” NFIB - “an industry group for small and medium-size businesses - conducts a survey each month on subjects like optimism, credit conditions and jobs. November’s survey showed that the net share of companies that were planning to hire workers was at its highest in 38 months.” Bloomberg News reported, “The share of owners projecting higher sales, adjusted for inflation, rose eight points to 4 percent, the highest since April. A gauge of expectations for better business conditions six months from now climbed four points to a net minus 12, marking a third monthly gain from a record-low of minus 26 in August.” A2Z METALWORKER •

53 • Jan/Feb 2012


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SLS Boosters Raise Hope For Kerosene Advanced kerosene-fueled rocket engines will be a serious subtext this week when launch-industry representatives gather for briefings on NASA’s plans to compete the strap-on boosters for its next heavy-lift rocket. The Space Launch System (SLS) needs new boosters to meet the 130-metric-ton capability that Congress has ordered. While NASA is careful not to specify what kind of propulsion it wants in the boosters, there is a hope among many in the launch industry, and within the U.S. government, that a new kerosene engine is the ultimate choice. The reason is not hard to see. Regardless of which U.S. commercial crew vehicle replaces Russia’s Soyuz capsule as the ride to orbit for U.S. astronauts now that the space shuttle era is over, kerosene—or more precisely, Refined Petroleum-1 (RP-1)—will fuel it off the launch pad. And the U.S. government is not spending much now on advanced kerosene rockets, even though kerosene can provide more thrust for the volume of fuel and thus reduce the size and weight of first-stage fuel tanks. The Falcon 9 rocket built by Space Exploration Technologies Inc. (SpaceX) to carry its Dragon capsule uses kerosene. So does the Atlas V, which has been picked by Blue Origin, Boeing and Sierra Nevada Corp. to launch their commercial crew spacecraft: SpaceVehicle, CST-100 and Dream Chaser, respectively. Given Blue Origin’s recent inflight loss of a test vehicle, the Dragon, CST-100 and Dream Chaser are leading the pack to become NASA’s commercial shuttle follow-on. The Falcon 9 mounts a gang of nine Merlin rocket engines Space X developed in-house.The iconoclastic startup is at work on an advanced Merlin 1D variant and has plans for an even more powerful Merlin 2. The Atlas V uses a Russian-built RD-180 as its main-stage propulsion system. United Launch Alliance (ULA), the Boeing/Lockheed Martin joint venture that flies the Atlas V and Delta IV, says it has enough RD180s to operate for 4.5 years, with a steady supply chain running to replenish that stock. But, given ULA’s lead role in launching U.S. military and intelligence satellites, having a foreign engine in the critical path for any of its launches is less than optimal and drives a lot of the interest in a new engine._ President/CEO Michael G. Gass is quick to point out that the SLS booster competition is a way to get some government money behind a new RP-1 propulsion system, even as he is careful to praise his Russian engine supplier, NPO Energomash, as a reliable business partner. “We’ve bought the rights to manufacture the existing RD-180 here, but I’ve been advocating let’s not manufacture an old engine; let’s move the technology the next 15 or 20 years,” Gass says. “There’s things we would want to do. There’s things the Russians would want to do. . . . Let’s spend money building the next-generation engine, whether it’s our

money, the Russian money, but as a space community let’s move the ball forward.” Kerosene also will fuel NASA cargo missions to the International Space Station as early as next year under the Commercial Resupply Services program, which will spend up to $3.5 billion to send unmanned commercial cargo carriers to the orbiting outpost. SpaceX plans its first ISS flight early next year, and Orbital Sciences Corp. also plans to fly its kerosene-fueled Taurus II with a Cygnus resupply vehicle in 2012. The Taurus II first-stage engine is the Aerojet AJ26, a modification of surplus Russian NK-33 engines originally built for the Soviet N-1 Moon rocket. Some of them are 40 years old, and age was a factor in a fuel leak that triggered a test-stand fire during an acceptance test last summer that destroyed one engine and slowed the Taurus II development.

US Ar my nextgeneration helicopter production moves ahead The US Army is in the initial stages of designing a next-generation multirole helicopter under the joint multirole (JMR) program to replace the majority of its existing aircraft fleet. The JMR program, a subset of the Pentagon’s joint future vertical lift effort, is aimed at developing a family of helicopters with enhanced avionics, electronics, range, speed, propulsion, survivability, operating density altitudes and payload capacity.

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The helicopters to be developed will likely replace the army’s existing UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache, and CH-47 Chinook helicopters, as well as similar aircraft used by the navy, air force and marine corps. Four new rotorcraft including light, medium, heavy and ultra-sized variants will be developed sequentially and will feature common hardware including sensors, avionics, engines, mannedunmanned teaming capability with a speed of 170kt and a combat radius of 424km. The new helicopter is also expected to feature autonomous flight capability and tilt-rotor technology to achieve higher speeds with a full combat load at an altitude of 6,000ft under hot weather conditions. The aircraft will be used for multiple missions including armed scout, attack, utility, antisubmarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, search and rescue (SAR), special warfare support, vertical replenishment and airborne mine countermeasures. 800.446.3569

The program is divided into two phases which includes a Configuration and Trades Analysis (CT&A) phase, with the second phase comprising of trade studies and the development of mission systems. The first phase will be supported by four industry teams that include Boeing, a BellBoeing team, Sikorsky and AVX Corporation, which will specify the requirements needed to build a new aircraft. Program Executive Office - aviation science and technology manager Dave Weller said: “Right now the plan is to go through the first phase to define what the state of the possible would be, followed by a down-select to build two demonstrators.” A2Z METALWORKER •

55 • Jan/Feb 2012

SRP Signs Deal for Solar Energy Plant in Queen Creek

Introducing BART – The Barton Abrasive Removal Tool BART is the first truly convenient, cost-effective and totally portable abrasive removal system available to the waterjet industry. The BART system achieves removal rates of over 2000 lbs./hr. • Simple • Convenient • Effective

Bloomberg News reports, “Inventories in the US rose in October by the most in five months as companies moved to bring stockpiles in line with demand. The 0.8 percent gain followed little change in stockpiles a month earlier,” according to the Commerce Department. “Sales climbed 0.7 percent during the month.” The AP reports, “When companies build up their inventories, it usually signals that they expect more sales. And the extra factory production needed to increase stockpiles boosts economic output.”

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The solar power generated by the project will offset approximately 21,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year, the equivalent of taking approximately 4,100 cars off the road. The plant will require about 140 acres of land and will create approximately 150 jobs during the construction of the project.

Business Inventories Increase 0.8 Percent

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Salt River Project and Colorado-based juwi solar Inc. have signed a 20year power purchase agreement for 19 megawatts of solar photovoltaic energy from a facility to be built in Queen Creek. SRP will purchase all of the solar energy produced at the Queen Creek power plant, which is expected to be online by the end of 2012.

State Seal Announces Newest Offering Liquid dispensed As components continue to decrease in size, space for traditional o-ring grooves becomes more and more limited. At the same time, the expense of secondary machining can considerably increase the cost to molded or cast components. The innovative answer is our robotically dispensed formin-place gaskets. Applied to metal or plastic substrates, this process accurately places beads on flanges as small as .035.The software driven precision significantly reduces material waste. So the advantages are evident both in terms of quality and efficiency. Our quality Process: Our success is founded on customer satisfaction through consistent high quality. Utilizing the latest in measuring technology, our in-process inspection ensures all parts meet specifications. State Seal Company is registered ISO9001/AS9100 and committed to the continuous improvement of our quality system. Other Quality services we offer: • Standard and Metric O-ring distribution • Gasket Fabrication • Custom splicing and bonding • Kit assembly • Material selection • Rapid prototyping • Custom labeling/packaging • Inventory management programs • Slitting and laminating• Engineering support • Exceptional environmental sealing Gain the quality and efficiency edge of liquid dispensed sealing today. Call 800.123.4567 to learn more.



MD Helicopters Service Center Division Utilizes BMSC’s Bretta Kelly to Reduce Paperwork and Increase Quality and Efficiency with ISO9001/ AS9110 Certification Customer Driven - Quality Focused. That is the mantra for the Service Center Division of MD Helicopters. The MD Helicopters Service Center, long FAA approved, services current MD Helicopters’ customers, repairing and retrofitting existing helicopters and helicopter components, and it also serves as the aftermarket arm of its parent company, MD Helicopters, equipping new helicopters with custom interiors and parts. MD Helicopters Service Center doesn’t have a dedicated quality team. Rather, their entire management team is chartered with ensuring that the company exceeds its quality objectives.

supplier to AS9110 is intended to provide an additional layer of control but not act as a replacement for regulatory oversight or customer monitoring. With full time management responsibilities, the team struggled with the rigorous ISO9001/AS9110 certification for a number of months. Larry Dickens, long term MD Helicopters employee, said, “We knew that we had processes in place and they were documented. We’ve always had to do this to retain our FAA approvals. But we were struggling with developing a manual for ISO9001/ AS9110. No member of our team had ever done it before, and we all had preconceived notions about how difficult it would be.”

When the division determined it was time to certify to ISO9001/AS9110, it was the management team members’ responsibility to fit this into their current jobs.

Larry had attended one of BMSC’s seminars a couple of years before, and when his boss approved the Service Center management team to bring in a consultant, Larry knew just who he would hire. He said, “Bretta dispelled all of the myths of certification. Her approach to certification is to comprehend what we do every day, and to document it. Bretta’s logo is “ISO Certification: Its Not Rocket Science.” Bretta demonstrated that this was indeed true.”

AS9110 (Aerospace Management System for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Stations) is based on AS9100 and adds specific requirements that are significant for the maintenance of commercial, private, and military aircrafts. Certification of an MRO

BirdieWolfe, team member, says, “We received approvals to bring Bretta Kelly in on August 12th of this year. Literally, within 3 months we were ready for our audit. It took 4 days with 2 auditors, and we passed with flying colors!” Birdie and Larry are pictured above demonstrating the

comparison between the paperwork they managed prior to certification, and the manual that resulted in their certification! They both admit they would still be struggling with the certification if they hadn’t brought Bretta in. The Quality Team, which consists of Larry Dickens, Birdie Wolfe, Eric Kessler, Ronnie Toniyot, Michael Cart, and Mike Motahari, all agree that the process they went through to achieve ISO9001 / AS9110 is having immediate payback. Ronnie Toniyot, a new graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, created custom AS 9110 software to collect data and metrics that would drive continuous improvement initiatives for the business unit. Eric says, “ It is improving our metrics, enabling us to really focus on continuous improvement and root cause analysis, and our staff really feel that their recommendations for improvements are listened to and acted on.” The team at MD Helicopters found Bretta Kelly to be professional, knowledgeable, and appreciate that she helped them to streamline their processes in a very short period of time. To learn more about certifying to ISO and AS9001/9001 or AS9110, contact Bretta Kelly, founder of BMSC at 602-445-9400 or visit


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BARRY METALS Company Recycling services for the entire State of Arizona Barry Metals Company is a scrap metal recycling company. Our main interest is in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals with special interest in nickel alloys, titanium and stainless. We service machine shops, factories and peddler accounts.

The company was started by Howie and his father Namon Basuk. The name “Barry” comes from a brother and a son who died from leukemia at the age of 17 (1977). The company Barry Metals was founded in 1988 in honor of Barry.


3014 N. 30th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Machine tool and manufacturing technology orders up in 2011, including aerospace September US manufacturing technology orders totaled $606.56 million according to AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association and AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology.This total, as reported by companies participating in the USMTO program, was up 22.9% from August and up 51.9% when compared with the total of $399.32 million reported for September 2010. With a year-to-date total of over $4B in 2011, sales are up 91.9% compared with 2010. “Aerospace has come back and come back big,” said Steve Lesnewich vice president and director of member services for the AMTDA to AeroDef. He provided numbers for the first half of 2011 for aerospace alone. Metalcutting equipment, including machining centers, lathes, EDMS, and other equipment, totaled over $267.5M for the first six months of the year. Other manufacturing, such as inspection equipment, totaled $26.5M for a total of $296M. This represents a 25% increase in aerospace equipment alone over the $233M in revenues last 6 months of 2010. These numbers and all data in this report are based on the totals of actual data reported by companies participating in the USMTO program. “September numbers were the second highest monthly dollar total in the last 15 years,” said Peter Borden, AMTDA President. “American manufacturers are still rushing to beat the end-of-year bonus depreciation deadline.” The United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) report provides regional and national US orders data of domestic and imported machine tools and related equipment. Analysis of manufacturing technology orders provides a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries invest in capital metalworking equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity. A2Z METALWORKER •

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Continuous Measurable Improvement! Yes, if you have removed the M from your CI programs, you have missed the mark completely. If you are not measuring, you are merely practicing without accountability. You see, everyone of the International Standards relates to two things: First is to have a baseline for your process (QMS) so you can see what needs to be accomplished and verified by some sort of objective evidence of measurement and Secondly to place the burden for improvement on the executive level of management team to ensure your sustainability and success. Let’s talk about a major concern “Skill Sets of Employees ” I went to a movie last month starring Brad Pitt “ Moneyball”. He was a coach with very little financial resources to pay for the top draft choices to compete professionally in baseball. During the process of trying to figure out how to field a team that could win, he met a young man who had generated a program to measure the abilities of all players and soon discovered he had a chance of taking the non money players and still win games. The story was based on a true story and his team ended up winning the Pennant. The point I am attempting to make is, you do not have to have all A string players on your team to continually improve your outcome. What you do need, is to know what each player is expected to do (Job Description ) and a way to measure their individual capabilities, (Quality Objective) recognizing their strengths and areas for improvement. The International Standards require this as one way of guiding you to a better outcome. It is one key element in your CMI program that makes good sense. In summary, the initial focus was the creation of a uniform system/s which could be used globally, leveling the playing field. Today, it is all about opening your eyes to this process as a potential for improvement and not merely the price of admission. Some of the powers in DC believe we, in the USA, are going to have another shot at capturing more of the worlds manufacturing. Will you be ready? Next month, I will share more with you as we prepare for this window of opportunity that I feel is on the horizon.

Jim Perlow,Q.A.S., jperlow.qas@cox.netIRCA ( International Register of Certified Auditors )

It’s your turn be surrounded by total support Buying a machine from DMG / Mori Seiki USA isn’t the end of your relationship with us – it’s just the beginning. With our MORI360° service and support program, you will get expert assistance, knowledgeable service and the unwavering dedication of a network of professionals for the life of your machine. When you put the best machines on your floor, you deserve the best service to back it up.

It’s your turn.

For local sales and service, contact Ellison Machinery Company 1610 S. Priest Drive, Ste. #101 | Tempe, AZ 85281 | Ph: (480) 968-5335 | A2Z METALWORKER •

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Western Sintering Company Inc. is the Northwest Leader in Powder Metallurgy. An ISO9001: 2008 Certified Company With Great Processes That Can Run 24/7, Lights Out.

on his Harley Davidson. Here, he designed the process to sinter aluminum-boron, which was control rod material for the historic B Reactor. Later; It was the sintering process that captured his attention. Rather than machine parts, John learned he could just press powder into shapes and sinter them. Western Sintering became his new life’s work. The facility moved from the family basement to 28 acres, and expanded from one building to three. Sintering furnaces are now fully automated with complete robotics and operate 24-7.

Sintering; a very hot process, used in the making of parts for many different industries, holding high dimensional accuracy and repeatability over tens of thousands of parts.

Powder metallurgy: Is a process for making structural metal parts by pressing metal powder into a tool steel die into it’s net shape and then sintering the parts in a sintering furnace to diffusion bond the metal particles together to form a solid part. A simple example of sintering can be observed when ice cubes in a glass of water adhere to each other. This process can be found as early as 1906 when English engineer A. G. Bloxam registered it in 1906 for the first patent on sintering powders using direct current in vacuum. The primary purpose of his inventions was the industrial scale production of filaments for incandescent lamps by compacting tungsten or molybdenum particles.The applied current was particularly effective in reducing surface oxides that increased the emissivity of the filaments. Fast forward to ~1943, and let’s see how Western Sintering Inc. started. John Rector, Western Sintering’s founder grew up in a college town. He earned his machine shop merit badge with the machine shop instructor at the University of Illinois. The instructor invited the 5 Boy Scouts to come to his facility on Saturdays if they wanted to learn more. The only one to accept the offer was Johnny Rector. Then at the young age of 26 John Rector was leading a dozen tool and die makers at the DuPont Plant in Kansas City. They made tools to form 16mm cannon cartridges for the war. He received his first promotion because he could do mathematical square roots in his head. DuPont sent him out to the “Manhattan Project”, a secret weapons plant in the Eastern Washington desert. He arrived A2Z METALWORKER •

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Today Western Sintering is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, a privately held corporation with shares being held primarily by the Rector family and a few private investors. WSC Inc. maintains many PMT (Powder Metallurgy Technologist ) Certified Employees and continues the tradition of sintering Powdered Metal in a state of the art facility, managed by long-term employees and Western Sintering alumni. Rooted in the school of Western Sintering, Jeff Wood President, with over 29 years of tenure and Dave

Today Western Sintering remains strong, well managed, and maintains a diverse customer base. WSC Inc. owns their property, building, and machinery, and maintains a healthy and green work environment. Some of WSC Inc. employees have over 30 years of tenure; the newest employees have over 10 years with the company. When management was asked about the company goals, WSC Inc. Management said “The goal of the company is to strive for excellence through continuous improvement the informal goal is to keep a sense of humor, to grow personally, to enjoy life and work, at its best.”

Morasch Product Development Manager, with over 15 years of tenure were both trained by the experts at Western Sintering. Mike and Bob Rector were those experts. John’s Nephew Mike Rector, worked closely with Jeff when he came aboard in 1982, fresh out of machinist school and helped Jeff become the Chief Tool and Die maker for WSC Inc. Jeff maintained this position for 10 years and continued to learn every facet of the business under Mike and Bob Rector’s direction. In 1990 Jeff went back to school, thirsty for continuing his education, and though he had a wife and two boys to help his wife raise, Jeff attained his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Washington State University in 2000. He credits his wife and kids for their support in helping him juggle a full time job, family, and school. In 2008 Jeff was promoted to President while Mike Rector has now become Vice President and Bob Rector has now become Chairman of the Board. The other side of this dynamic duo is Dave Morasch. Mike Rector, former President and John Rector’s nephew, worked very closely with Dave when he came aboard in 1996, a graduate from the University of Idaho. Dave worked as an intern while working for his Industrial Technology degree, (and minor in Business) under Mike’s supervision and mentoring. In 1996 Dave was looking for a job and at that time there was a Production Manager job opening. Dave and Mike talked and came to terms. Dave was extensively trained by Mike, Bob and the rest of the Western Team to succeed in this new role as Production Manager. Dave worked hard at this for 10 years and also learned every facet of the business. Dave now works at the helm along side Jeff and has been a great asset to the management team. Both are PMT certified and Dave has served two terms on the Board of Directors of the APMI (American Powder Metallurgy Institute).

The Western Sintering business model is one of automation and processes. WSC Inc. parts are tooled to perfection, with very tight tolerances. This is how WSC Inc. makes it work so well: First the WSC Inc.Team blends cer tified raw metal powders to the required alloy specifications. The mixed powder is then pressed in forming dies using up to 100,000 p.s.i. to mold the powder into structural parts. Multi-action tooling is utilized along with highspeed robots to perfect the WSC Inc. process. Compaction results are statistically monitored for ISO 9001:2008 reporting. The compacted parts are robotically placed in, and out of the 12-zone, high temperature furnaces for the sintering process. These WSC Inc. robots perform the loading and unloading duties to keep WSC Inc. at the cutting edge of World Class Manufacturing. This intricate sintering process allows high tolerance par ts to be finished with out machining. Parts are carefully, slow cooled after sintering, then finished to Customer specifications. The WSC Inc. Team inspects finished pieces and records data to insure that the parts meet customer requirements. So, let’s recap; Western Sintering gives you World Class Customer Service & Quality, Expert Engineering Assistance, In House Tooling, High Temperature Sintering, Complete High Tolerance Parts with all Secondary Processing, Bar Coding, A2Z METALWORKER •

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Not to forget their customer service – just as important as everything else – I wish I could duplicate the service they provide in the way they provide it to all of my other suppliers. I would definitely recommend, and have recommended Western to others.”

Purchasing Lead – for a leading manufacturing company in Idaho “Western Sintering is an incredible company. For over ten years they have been providing our company with high quality sintering, delivered on time.

CPKs (Statistical Control Data), JIT (Just in Time Delivery), ISO 9001:2008, Solutions in many materials including; Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper Infiltrated Steel, High Conductivity Copper, Brass, Bronze, Invar, Coated Powders, with Certified PM Technologists on staff.

Why go anywhere else?

We have some rather complex shapes with extremely tight tolerance requirements and there has been no better company to work with in early involvement & Engineering assistance. Everyone we interact with is great to work with, very professional, proactive and responsive. Can’t say enough about what a great company Western Sintering Inc. is to partner with.”

Here’s what some of Western Sintering Customers have to say about their favorite supplier:

Randy Scott, Senior Buyer, Adec Manufacturing Company in Oregon

“After moving up to Idaho, one of the goals was to locate good, local suppliers to support our production. It’s been about 3+ years now, since findingWestern Sintering, and we feel they are one of our strongest companies in the field they reside in. We know they have a methodology in their engineering of tooling, quality put into the tooling, and both items show in the end result of the finished part. Their experience in powder metals is unsurpassed and helps to educate us as well.

“In the 4 years of business with Western Sintering they have proven to be one of the most helpful and reliable vendors that our business employs.

We’re a Lean Manufacturing company, needing to pull inventory on demand. Western already shares the philosophy of build/hold in order to accomplish this, making themselves available for anything that might arise.

Their attention to detail and quick response time, when coupled with a dedication to high quality components has led to an extremely beneficial relationship for Benchmade. As a company where one of our core values is American-made products, Western Sintering fits the bill when looking for domestically sourced parts at a great value. Their ambition and excitement to work through new processes and material experimentation is refreshing and invigorating.”

Michael Ohlrich, Design Engineer Benchmade Knife Company If you don’t use Western Sintering now, you need to call them right away and ask them if your parts can be cost effectively produced through their powder metal sintering process.

Call WSI today: 509-375-3096,WWW. A2Z METALWORKER •

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Innovation and Manufacturing Alive in 2012 !

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Representing the best in metal working solutions since 1984.

3614 E. Southern Avenue #1 Phoenix, AZ 85040 Tel: (602) 431-8300 Email:

8448 Washington Place N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87113 Tel: (505) 345-8389 Email:

12025 Rojas Drive, Suite ‘A’ El Paso, TX 79936 Tel: (915) 856-7900 Email:

General Dynamics CEO sets sights on further growth, acquisitions The defense budget is shrinking, but General Dynamics Corp still sees growing demand for its combat vehicles and warships, coupled with unprecedented opportunities to sell its popular Gulfstream business jets in China and other emerging markets. Chief Executive Jay Johnson, a former F-14 fighter pilot and chief of naval operations, shies away from phrases like “off the charts,” but his steep hand gesture depicts a bright future for the commercial aerospace sector, and he’s not too worried about the defense outlook, at least for now. In fact, tighter U.S. defense budgets will generate good acquisition opportunities for General Dynamics in coming years, Johnson told Reuters in a rare interview at the company’s headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. The company’s strategy seems to be paying off, with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway recently making a significant investment in GD after selling its stake 10 years ago. “It’s the Warren Buffett seal of approval, which I think counts for a lot,” he said. Buffett has not disclosed the size of his holding, he said. U.S. defense companies are scrambling to cut costs and find alternate revenue sources as they brace for a big decline in spending after a decade of double digit growth.

Many analysts consider GD the best-positioned company in the sector, given the mix of its weapons expertise and red-hot prospects for its Gulfstream business, which already has 200 orders for the new GS650 jet entering service next year. STILL GENERATING “CONSIDERABLE” CASH AND EARNINGS Analysts expect General Dynamics, one of the five largest U.S. arms makers, to boost revenues by about $1 billion to over $33 billion in 2011, with sales growing modestly over the next two years. Revenues will be buoyed by an order backlog of over $58 billion and rising international sales. Demand from military commanders would ensure continued shipbuilding sales “as far as the eye can see,” said Johnson, who met with top Navy officials in Hawaii last month on the sideline of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting. GD is one of two builders of Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines, and recently won praise from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for building the latest submarine, the USS Mississippi for $50 million below target and a year ahead of schedule. The company is also “very excited” about the prospects for its commercial aerospace division, Johnson said, adding that demand from emerging markets was fueling growth “in a way that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before.” In time, the division could generate about 30 percent of revenues, up

from 20 percent now, Johnson said. Analysts say GD’s earnings potential is excellent, given growing demand from China and other emerging markets for its Gulfstream jets, which Morgan Stanley analyst HeidiWood calls “one of the world’s sexiest and most respected brands.” GD has forecast that operating earnings from commercial aerospace could grow to over 35 to 40 percent of company-wide operating earnings in the next five years, from 20 percent now. Wood says they could reach as high as 50 percent. Not surprisingly, Johnson said he has no plans to sell Gulfstream, despite repeated suggestions from outsiders that the company should sell the unit to monetize its success. Although Johnson says analysts are “just gaga” about Gulfstream’s prospects, he prefers a more measured approach, especially since GD still has to establish relationships in new countries for longterm maintenance of the business jets. “I don’t like overdriving our headlights,” he says. APPETITE FOR ACQUISITIONS At the same time, Johnson says declining defense spending could generate interesting acquisition opportunities for GD, and the company is keeping sufficient cash on hand to pounce if it sees good prospects in cyber security, health care information technology (IT), intelligence or aerospace.

GD in August acquired Vangent, a health care IT company that together with an existing unit, will make the company a top tier provider in that sector, Johnson said. Johnson said GD would use its cash reserves to find companies like Vangent that fit with or enhance an existing business area, or allow it to more into an adjacent area. He declined to give details on how large of a deal might be considered, but said he did not expect mergers and acquisition activity to involve top tier companies, at least for now. At the same time, GD is continually looking for ways to restructure, divest and save money in other ways, Johnson said. Already lean and decentralized, the company has fewer than 200 people at its leased corporate headquarters site. As GD braces for defense cuts, Johnson is drawing on his experiences overseeing the last downturn in defense spending while serving as chief of naval operations from 1996 to 2000. Back then, Johnson strongly backed the E/F variant of the Boeing Co F/A-18 fighter jet to ensure that the Navy had sufficient fighters for its carriers, rather than waiting for the development of the Joint Strike Fighter, a new fighter being developed by Lockheed Martin Corp . Johnson says he expects Pentagon officials to pursue a similar approach this time around, with more money to flow into upgrades and incremental improvements than into new programs.

THINC Developers Group offers free Skilled machining jobs go unfilled THINC despiteApps high jobless rate The Group isfor a think focused on de facto CoryTHINC Baltazar,Developers operations manager Owenstank Precision of Carson City, computer architectures in the machine tool environment. They provide says that finding a qualified computer-numeric controlled machine aoperator community for months. generating collaboration, promotion, and can take He’sideas, not alone in his frustrations. Filling support of THINC-related for members. As experts skilled positions is a growingtechnologies problem at machine and fabrication shopsin THINC-related technologies, they aid in the continuous improvement throughout the region. Machine shops in both regions are hard-pressed of control and manufacturers tothe fill openings fordevelop welders,applications fabricators to andhelp CNC operators, asimprove well as productivity through the use of the THINC control. engineers and programmers, despite July unemployment rates of 12.5 percent in Carson City and 13 percent in Reno-Sparks. THINC Developers Group recently joined Partners in THINC and is now offering forbut the THINC control. there “There is a lotfree of applications general labor, they usually are Currently coming out of are two free apps available, and the group is looking to add more construction,” Baltazar says. “Those positions I can fill without as a they become download these apps, visit their problem, but available. any kind To of view skilledand machinist position or supervisory website positionattakes a long time to fill. It usually will be an accident if I get somebody.”

Honeywell Purchases Wax Technology, Manufacturing companies in the state have shed approximately 10,000 Expanding Specialty Offering jobs the past few years, says the NevadaAdditives Manufacturers Association. But many of those jobs were for general production workers who lacked Honeywell announced thatneeded it has purchased Evonik portfolio the technical knowledge to perform moreIndustries’ complicated work. of manufacturing technology, including patents, for the production of polyethylene waxes used in 10 a variety of applications, paintsdrop and “If you need someone with years experience, a lot from of people coatings to adhesives and inks. off,” Baltazar says. “If someone were to move into Carson City and need 25 machinists, they would have to bring the people with them; The features which been they technology are just not out there. Ziegler-Natta It is a dwindlingcatalysts, workforce.” Jeff have Lawrence, used to produce polymers such as polyethylene since 1956. Today, the operations manager for the northern Nevada division of Nevada

majority of plastics and chemicals manufactured around the world are Industry which helps manufacturing companies in the producedExcellence, using this technology. state streamline their processes, says managers of companies in the Silver State formerly could bring on unskilled labor andextensive teach them The technology will supplement Honeywell’s existing line the basics of assembly and production. However, Lawrence thoseof of wax additives, which help improve the performance ofsays, a variety same companies requireHoneywell an employee basemake withpaints a higher of products around now the world. waxes andlevel coatings technical skills,help from machinists and millwrights on faster the production more durable; pipe manufacturers extrude PVC and reduce floor through engineering and maintenance personnel. energy usage; and improve the stickiness of labels and cardboard box

adhesives. “The skills level in manufacturing has definitely increased, and employee skills haven’t matched that increased level,” Lawrence says. “This technology purchase expands Honeywell’s ability to develop new additives that can solve a variety of challenges for our customers in the “Everything takes a higher level skills because it is almost all paints, plastics, coatings, adhesives and inks industries,” said Lincoln computer programmed.” Western Nevada College and Truckee Germain, global business director for Honeywell’s Specialty Additives Meadows Community College both have training programs to train business. “Ziegler-Natta-based technology is a great complement manufacturing and fabrication workers, and each school also works to Honeywell’s already broad set of manufacturing technologies for with area companies to tailor its training programs to meet the needs polyethylene additives.” of regional businesses. More thanassociate 50 yearsdean ago, ofHoneywell became the first commercial Jim New, applied technologies at TMCC, says manufacturer of low-molecular-weight polyolefin polymers. Today, the manufacturing technologies program includes instruction Honeywell offers one of the most extensive of synthetic in machining, welding andworld’s production systems,lines as well as in waxes. Honeywell’s include Honeywell supporting programsmany such recognized as drafting. brands Each semester at TMCC Rheochem®, A-C®,inHoneywell AClyn® and Honeywell about 20 to 25Honeywell students enroll the machining program. About ACumist®. Honeywell continues to make investments toto better serve half are currently employed production workers hoping upgrade its customers around the world. their knowledge and skills to land higher-paying or less menial jobs, New says. TMCC in recent years also retooled some of its Evonik Industries of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. training programsis one to reflect regional economic trends. TMCCIts activities focus on key megatrends including health, nutrition, resource used to run several hundred students per year through its welding efficiency and globalization. program, New says. The program once focused on the needs of the

BAE Systems and Contract for Landing rely entirely on Wins the industry to train everyone on the job, which construction industry, but AVX now it’sAircraft more geared Company to manufacturing Goodrich is very expensive for them,” he says. “It is much more and incorporates more CNC technology. Both TMCC and Western Join to Compete for US Navy’s Unmanned Gear System Overhaul Services beneficial Nevada College offer certificate and associate degrees in their applied for the community to train these people almost on speculation Aerial that the jobs will come. “Clearly there are openings out there; it technologySystem programs. Program Goodrich Corporation has been selected by Boeing to provide landing

is just a matter of getting people to understand that the training system maintenance services in support of the United States Air David Steiger, director of economic development and continuing gear opportunities are here as well.” BAE Systems and AVX Aircraft Company have combined expertise in education at WNC, says students who complete the 60-unit associate Force fleet of Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. Included as part of system and subsystem integration and rotorcraft design to compete degree path have a well-rounded skill set and familiarity with CNC the agreement, Goodrich will provide training to Hill Air Force Base for the U.S. Navy’s Medium Range Maritime Unmanned Aerial B/EinAerospace Dynomax Ogden, Utah toAwards perform overhaul of C-17 landing gear equipment. However, Baltazar of Owens Precision says, it still takes a (HAFB) System (MRMUAS). The MRMUAS will provide a multi-intelligence, as a Goodrich supplier. great deal of hands-on training to master the intricacies of complex CNC systems Aerospace Contract For Airbus A380 reconfigurable platform for operation from all air-capable ships. The equipment. CNC machines use computer programs to automatically joint team recently submitted its response to the Navy’s Broad Agency And Boeing 777forSeat Components Watson, site director Goodrich’s Landing Gear business in perform a variety of milling processes, such as laser, plasma and water- Greg Announcement (BAA) to develop this future sea and land-based vertical jet cutting, and bending, gluing or picking and placing. Manufacturing Burlington, Ontario, Canada stated, “We look forward to using this take-off and landing unmanned aerial system. Dynomax with Inc., HAFB a leaderasinanvalue-added engineering and contract companies in the Truckee Meadows and Carson City make anything from partnership opportunity to share best practices manufacturing, announced recently that its aerospace operations has screws and engine parts to intricate aircraft equipment. Companies such between the U.S. Government and private industry which can help This solution integrates AVX’s patented new aircraft configuration awarded a three-year contract by B/E Aerospace. Under as Owens Precision also perform contract manufacturing for a diverse to been identify key process improvements and continue to add valuetheto with BAE Systems’ onboard common autonomous mission systems, agreement, Dynomax will provide highprecision machined metal customer base. performance.” payloads, mission control system and support capabilities to provide components for first class seats on certain Airbus A380 and Boeing the U.S. Navy a weapon system MRMUAS Increasing automation of the waysthat theseexceeds products are mademission has led to 777 aircraft. Dynomax offered a custom kitted solution that includes is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the requirements. team’s highly Steiger capable,says. flexible and affordable weapon of Goodrich shortages of The skilled workers, “There are large number the design and building of custom recyclable shipping containers Globemaster III landing gear system. It is also one of the largest landing system leveragesfirms state-of-the-art subsystems, openis becoming system manufacturing in Carson City, and CNCaismodular technology with specialty compartments and shelving. gear overhaul maintenance suppliers in the industry. architecture and aprevalent. common mission system design facilitates more and more In the past there havethat been a lot ofreuse. manual After examining air vehicle optionsthat for MRMUAS, includingare machinists, buta range it has ofbecome common machine processes B/E Aerospace selected Dynomax because of its ability to deliver C-17 sustainment purchasing director, Jim Fullaway stated, modifying commercial and military helicopters, BAE controlledexisting by CNC. There are some very good machinists thatSystems have been Boeing’s custom solutions. “We are honored to be a value-added supplier of “Entering into an agreement Goodrich makes use of their and AVXtrade concluded the time Navy’sthat requirements cannot be met by systems in the for a long may not have that experience.” B/E Aerospace,” stated Dr.with Richard Zic, Dynomax founder andproven CEO. abilities and allows support for this critical C-17standards, program.” currently on the market. The team brings together AVX’s extensive By adhering to itsOEM-level strict ISO 9001:2008/AS9100 quality rotorcraft experience and BAE Systems’ systemtheand subsystem TMCC’s New says that despite being slightly behind needs of regional Dynomax is providing “dock-to-stock” capability which will allow complete landing gear shiparea. setsThe which are integration to provide Navy weapon employers, expertise, training programs are the crucial forathe successsystem of the that state’s This theagreement containerscovers to go 17 directly to B/E’s production multiby the United States by Airone Force and foreign customers. exceeds MRMUAS mission requirements at low totalprograms ownership manufacturing companies. “If we didn’t have training wecost. would operated year contract is extendable year.

Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 1235 S. 48th St, Suite 1 Tempe, AZ 85281






RMSS Hosts Gala Celebration For Its Customers On Friday October 21st 2011, RMSS held their inaugural open house at their new manufacturing location off of 19th avenue and Happy Valley. Customers and vendors traveled from all over the valley to stop by and see what is new at RMSS. They had the opportunity to see the capabilities of the new HAAS ST-30SSY and HAAS VF4 in action, demoing parts. After seeing in person the increased capabilities due to the new equipment and new and talented team members at RMSS, both existing and new customers saw the potential for new jobs that RMSS would be able to successfully complete for them. Customers and vendors alike enjoyed the food and refreshments as they browsed the shop. RMSS wants to thank all of their customers and vendors for coming to the open house. They look forward to continuing the development of their relationship as a trustworthy partner in their manufacturing process.

ATK Technologies on Display as NASA Launches Next Mars Rover


ATK technologies and capabilities will play mission-critical roles throughout the entire journey of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), which successfully launched earlier today aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V launch vehicle from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. MSL carries “Curiosity” NASA’s largest Mars rover to date. The one ton rover – with a payload 10 times more massive than earlier Mars rovers - will land near the base of a layered mountain inside Mars’ Gale Crater for a two-year mission. Curiosity will gather data to help assess whether Mars ever had an environment capable of supporting microbial life.


ATK’s Clearfield, Utah and Iuka, Miss. facilities built the lightweight composite heat shield, interstage adapter, and boat tail sections of the Atlas V. These critical structures range in size from 10 to 18 feet in diameter.

CNC • Profiles • OD, ID, Centerless • Threads •Exotic Materials • Aerospace Tolerances

ATK products will also support the flight to Mars, the challenging landing on the Martian surface, and the scientific exploration mission of the rover.

2821 West Willetta Street • Phoenix, AZ 85009 (P) 602-353-8088 (F) 602-353-8035

ATK’s Commerce, Calif. facility designed and built five propellant tanks that will power cruise thrusters to guide the spacecraft on its journey to the Red Planet, and the descent thrusters that will help it land safely on the planet’s surface.


68 • Jan/Feb 2012

TOP 5 REASONS TO CALL A&J Industrial Machine Repair Co. 1. E  xtend the Life of Your Machines with Preventative Maintenance. Now more than ever, this is critical in a tough economic environment. 2. T  he hours you spend having an employee try to fix a machine costs you their time PLUS machine downtime. 3. When you use A&J Industrial Machine Repair Co., you get many years from a trained Machine Repair Specialist. 4. They are your expert in Controls and Drives! 5. A&J Industrial Machine Repair’s customers rave about the service they get! Just ask for references.

Call Today. Don’t Wait For Your Machine to Go Down. 602.550.1339 ATK engineering teams in Pasadena, Calif. and Beltsville, Md. provided key technical support to develop a number of the science instruments aboard the mobile laboratory. They provided the detail design engineering and supported the fabrication, integration, and test of the rover’s Remote Sensing Mast Deploy Mechanism as well as mechanical and thermal design and fabrication for the cornerstone Chemistry/ Mineralogy (CheMin) instrument. CheMin is an x-ray diffraction and fluorescence instrument designed to identify and quantify the minerals in rocks and soils. Another major contribution included the design and development of a suite of instruments named Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM). These instruments will analyze samples of material collected and delivered by the rover’s robotic arm. ATK also provided support in the development of the thermal subsystem that will protect Curiosity from the harsh environment it will encounter on the Martian surface. At a design review, it was described as the most challenging thermal design ever seen. The data gathered by Curiosity from rock and soil samples will help determine whether conditions are favorable for future missions that could send humans to Mars.The rover will use 10 science instruments to examine rocks, soil and the atmosphere.The mobile laboratory will carry the most advanced payload of scientific gear ever used on Mars’ surface according to NASA. The Mars Science Laboratory is managed for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, Calif.

MethodsOpen House Features Flow Waterjet Technology

“Methods Machine Tools, Inc., as the new exclusive representative of Flow International products in Arizona, conducted an Open House in November. The Open House was well attended with representatives from more than 70 companies attending, resulting in immediate purchases! Also on display were products from Matsuura, NakamuraTome, Feeler, Citizen, Fanuc Robodrill, Fanuc WEDM, and Vision Gage.
Each attendee received a personalized coaster with their name engraved on it, that was produced on the Flow Mach 2 waterjet machine. The Flow Mach 2 waterjet is available for demonstrations of this “cutting edge” technology at Methods Machine Tools, Inc. Tempe Tech Center.
To arrange your demonstration, call 602 437 2220.” A2Z METALWORKER •

69 • Jan/Feb 2012

R&D Specialty Manco, a Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned Business, Re-Certifies to ISO9001/AS9100 with Great Western Registrar LLC R&D Specialty Manco has been making some very big changes.They recently purchased the adjacent building to their facility, effectively doubling their square footage from 13,500 to 27,000. This was needed, general manager Kevin Beach said, “because we were completely out of space in our current facility, and we were planning some major capital machine tool purchases.”

of their customers, and they just completed the newest ISO/AS9100 certification -- Revision C. “We’ve always used Great Western for our audits and certification”, Don says. “Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and competitively priced, but they are a pleasure to work with. Great Western’s team treats all of our employees with respect.”

are seeing growth with many of their customers. Their customers span the United States, and they additionally support International customers in Czechoslovakia, Taiwan, Canada and Mexico. Kevin says, “We are building more parts for companies like Honeywell, Raytheon and Bell Helicopter, to name a few, and the parts we are being asked to build are increasingly complex.”

Don says that he selected Great Western years ago. “We received some of their advertising materials, and then checked their references, and everything looked great.The fact that they are local means we don’t incur travel costs, and it additionally allows us to bring in 2 of their auditors, reducing our audit from 3 days to 1.5. Great Western really works well for us.”

Asked how they can explain their ongoing success, Quality Manager Don Kaiser responded, “We recognized that we needed to be best in class in Quality and OnTime delivery with our customers. Beginning in 2005, we became certified to the rigorous ISO9001/ AS9100 standard.This has really changed how we do business, and I believe it has an extremely positive effect on our employees.” In fact, in just the past several months, the company purchased 3 new complete product cells that were needed for specific customers. Kevin, an employee at R&D Specialty Manco for 24 years now, says that the company wasn’t forced to do any layoffs during the recent economic downturn, and now they are planning for their best year since 2008. The company operates 24x5, with an additional shift on Saturday. “We are continuing to add new staff to keep up with our business, and today our team is nearly 60 strong.” R&D Specialty Manco is a Tier 1 supplier to a number of Fortune 100 aerospace customers today, and they A2Z METALWORKER •

70 • Jan/Feb 2012

Kevin added, “I believe our management team, which consists of John Bloom, owner and president; myself (general manager); Don Kaiser (quality manager); Rob Owens (production control); Randy Bean (shop foreman and programming); and Nick Anaya (engineering manager), coupled with our long term employees is integral to our success. We have very low turnover.” Today, R&D Specialty Manco is an ‘A’ Student with many

At the time of the audit Great Western told the team at R&D Specialty Manco that there are approximately 13,000 companies certified to ISO9001/AS9100. Of these, less than 1000 have certified to the ISO9001/AS9100 Rev C standard. This clearly sets R&D Specialty Manco apart from the masses. For more information on R&D Specialty Manco, visit their website at www.rdmanco. com or call 602-278-7700. Contact Great Western Registrar LLC at (623) 580-1881 or visit their website at www. have auditors throughout the United States to support you with your critical Revision C upgrades.


71 • Jan/Feb 2012

Somon Air receives its second 737-900ER with the Boeing Sky Interior

The 737-900ER is the longest 737, typically carrying 180 passengers in a two-class layout with an exit limit certified for up to 220 passengers in a single-class configuration.

Boeing’s Next-Generation 737-900ER (extended range) reached 100 deliveries with a delivery to Tajikistan-based Somon Air.

Somon Air, based in Dushanbe,Tajikistan, is the country’s first private full-service carrier. This is the airline’s second 737-900ER delivered with the Boeing Sky Interior.

To date, the 737-900ER has logged 414 orders from 16 customers. The Next-Generation 737 family (all models) has won orders for more than 6,000 airplanes and Boeing has delivered more than 3,800. “Airlines around the world are recognizing the superior performance and operating economics of the Next-Generation 737-900ER,” said Beverly Wyse, 737 vice president and general manager. “It offers the best seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane which is especially important with today’s high fuel prices.” The Next-Generation 737-900ER is a short-to-medium range twinjet that increases the capability of the Next-Generation 737 family. The higher-capacity, longer-range derivative of the 737-900 was launched in July 2005 with an order for 30 airplanes from Indonesia’s Lion Air and introduced into service in April 2007. The Next-Generation 737-900ER replaces the larger, single-aisle Boeing 757, which ceased production in 2004. The 737-900ER is capable of operating more than 90 percent of the 757 twin-engine’s routes yet at a much lower operating cost. A2Z METALWORKER •

72 • Jan/Feb 2012

New Stratolaunch Venture Announced The CBS News reported, “It will be a few more years before astronauts fly again in American spacecraft, but when they do, the vehicles will be developed by private companies, not by NASA.” Reporter John Blackstone discussed the new venture by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, who “has a plan to build the world’s biggest airplane and use it to launch rockets into earth’s orbit. The twin fuselage craft will be powered by six Boeing 747 engines and have a wingspan of 385 feet, nearly double of that of a 747.” The broadcast also notes that “legendary aircraft designer” Burt Rutan will be part of the project that will launch payloads for companies and NASA. Blackstone added, “The goal is to go from this model to a test flight by 2015 and the first launch of a rocket by 2016.” The AP reports Allen and Rutan are part of a crowd that wants “to fill a void created with the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle.” Furthermore, “the spaceship and booster will be provided by another

Internet tycoon, Elon Musk of PayPal, who has built a successful commercial rocket.” The article notes that while the first tests of the system would involve unmanned packages, astronauts could later be launched.

F-22 Production Line Back on Track: Lockheed Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor production line is back on track after the U.S. Air Force’s fleet-wide grounding of the jet had disrupted deliveries to the service, the company said. “We are delivering jets,” said Lockheed spokeswoman Alison Orne. “The last one delivered was 4185. 4195 will be delivered in late spring 2012.” Tail number AF 09-4185 has technically been delivered with the signing of a DD-250 form, but the stealthy fifth-generation fighter is currently undergoing government flight tests. After the completion of the tests, the Air Force’s 1st Fighter Wing will fly the jet to Langley Air Force Base, Va., where it will be based. The final Raptor to be built, AF 09-4195, will be delivered to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska, where it will fly with the 3rd Wing. It is expected to be delivered in spring 2012, according to Lockheed.

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Northrop lands $540 million for Joint STARS support work Northrop Grumman said it has received a $540 million contract to perform logistics work for the Air Force’s Joint STARS surveillance aircraft, the latest deal in a multibillion-dollar program that brought the division to Brevard County in the mid-1980s. Terms of the deal, which runs through Oct. 31, 2013, call for Northrop Grumman to perform “total responsibility” maintenance and logistics support for the fleet of advanced combat-surveillance aircraft, which are based at Warner Robins Air Force Base, Ga. Work on the contract will be done in Warner-Robins, Melbourne and Lake Charles, La. Joint STARS — short for Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System — was first deployed in the 1990 Gulf War and has played a key role in every U.S. conflict since then. The long-range surveillance planes track enemy movements over a wide area and transmit high-speed tactical data simultanously to air and ground forces. “Joint STARS was expedited into action in 1990 when the military realized that tracking targets on the ground would be an essential component of our battlefield air support,” said Chris Hellman, a defense analyst for the National Priorities Project, a Washington budget-watchdog group. “Of the platforms the military has fielded in recent decades, this is one that has had a smooth and successful run.”

Gladhill Associates International


ISO 9001/14001 RABQSA Certified Online/ Public Lead Auditor Courses Public - In-House/Customized Courses AS9100 RABQSA & AS9110 RABQSA Accredited Lead Auditor *ISO 9001 /*ISO 14001 / *ISO 9100 *ISO/TS 16949 /*OHSAS 18001 & *ISO 17025 Internal Auditing (* Denotes On-Line and Public Courses Available)

Certified Online Training! Human Factors - Corrective/Preventive Action Process Mapping - Six Sigma - Implementation Documentation - Management Overviews ISO/AS Software Modules

For more information call: 623.939.4412 or visit: A2Z METALWORKER •

73 • Jan/Feb 2012

Honeywell’s UOP Receives Contract To Demonstrate Technology For Conversion Of Alcohol To Aviation Biofuel UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, announced that it has been awarded a $1.1 million contract from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) via the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Volpe Center to develop and demonstrate technology that will produce renewable jet fuel from alcohols found in natural feedstocks. Under the contract, Honeywell’s UOP will produce renewable jet fuel from a type of alcohol called isobutanol. Isobutanol, to be supplied for this project by advanced biofuel company Gevo, can be produced from a variety of starch and sugar feedstocks, including corn. In the future, inedible sources, such as corn stover, bagasse and wood residues, could also be used as feedstocks. The contract supports U.S. government efforts to identify and accelerate the commercial availability of next-generation, non-fossil jet fuel. Isobutanol-derived biofuels will offer new renewable sources for jet fuel production beyond the natural oils and biomass materials that have been introduced for commercial and military flight in the last several years.


TCI Precision Is Looking for A Dynamic Sales Person In Arizona ABOUT US: • Family Owned Business • Produce Machine-Ready blanks from aluminum, stainless steel and other Alloy plate • Provide Contract Manufacturing Services • Plate and Sheet Metal distributor for Alcoa, Kaiser and Hulamin Aluminum

If You Excel at Sales and Have Contacts in the Aerospace, Defense, Semiconductor and Energy industries -- in Arizona -Call John Martinez at 310-850-6376; email A2Z METALWORKER •

74 • Jan/Feb 2012

“The development of new second-generation biofeedstock conversion technology is critical to support growing energy needs and speed commercial availability,” said Jim Rekoske, vice president and general manager for Renewable Energy & Chemicals at Honeywell’s UOP. “Since our entry into the biofuels arena, Honeywell’s UOP has become a recognized leader in the development of new innovative, sustainable and safe approaches for green fuels production. We are committed to partnerships with the FAA and other government entities and private companies to realize the potential of biofuels.” UOP will deliver 100 gallons of renewable jet fuel derived from isobutanol to the government in 2012. This fuel will be evaluated to ensure it is compatible with aircraft engines and that it meets specification for flight. “We are pleased to work with UOP to enable the development of alcohol to jet fuel technology for the refining industry,” said Christopher Ryan, PhD, president and COO of Gevo. “We believe that projects like this one will help accelerate the adoption of this new technology by refiners, the military and airlines to the nation’s benefit and open a new market for isobutanol.” Honeywell’s UOP is a recognized leader in refining process technologies to convert natural oils, animal fats and biomass to sustainable green fuels. It currently offers process technology to produce Honeywell Green Jet Fuel™ from natural oils and wastes that meets all specifications for flight and, when used up to a 50 percent blend with petroleum-derived jet fuel, is a drop-in replacement that requires no changes to the aircraft or engine. To date, Honeywell Green Jet Fuel has been used in more than 20 test and commercial flights on military and commercial platforms. In each flight, the biofuel performed as well, if not better, than traditional petroleum-based fuels.The fuel received ASTM approval for commercial flight in July 2011.

Hear What Customers Say About BMSC Bretta Kelly’s ISO9001/ AS9100 Template And Systems With BMSC You Can Get Ready To Be Certified In As Little As One Month’s Time For $3,500. “Amazing and Grateful are the words that describe Landmark’s experience through ISO 9001 / AS9100 C certification. Working with Bretta, using her BMSC program templates enabled us to take an 27 year old company, under new ownership (as of April 2010), and implement a complete business system in two and half months with very little consulting time. Easy to read and follow Landmark passed our final compliance audit, and were ISO 9001 / AS9100 C registered with ease. Keeping things simple and precise, made implementation super easy to follow; highly recommend!”

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“We updated and simplified our Management System from AS9100B to AS9100C in less than one month with the help of Bretta Kelly from BMSC, LLC. Bretta’s templates / programs simplify how to manage an AS9100C system, by allowing a company to write a system around how they already do business. We were able to reduce our documents and simplify our programs without making any changes to how we conduct our business. We strongly encourage anyone looking to upgrade or simplify their management system to contact Bretta Kelly today.”

Bretta holding Landmark’s AS9100 Certification from Great Western Registrar, LLC

Lumi Krolik – Quality Manager, Jimmy Buchanan – VP / Director of Operations Powill Manufacturing & Engineering

602.445.9400 • • ISO/AS9100 Consulting generation,
 cargo module that can carry up to 2700 kg of cargo to the ISS. The diesel
 ATK Awarded $20segment,
 Million UltraFlex™ spacecraft’s pressurized cargo module will carry crew supplies, spares material
operations.” which
 and scientific experiments. Solar Array Contract from Orbital of
 ATK was awarded a $20 million contract byArmy Orbital Beefs Sciences Up Humvee ATK is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with operations
ones. $35,902

 Corporation to provide its UltraFlex™ solar arrays to power Orbital’s operations in 22 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally, and revenues Dubbed
 enhanced Cygnus™ cargo logistics space vehicle, which is being utilized The
 of approximately $4.8 billion. News and information can be found on Doosan Vehicle
 under NASA’sAnnounces Commercial Resupply System contract. by
 the Internet at will
 Golf Sponsorship The disk-shaped UltraFlex solar arrays measure forces
1989. more than 11 feet mortars,
 lightRaytheon Missile Systems Wins Missile in diameter and are made of ultra-lightweight materials that provide armored
Humvee. Doosan
With keep
 high strength and stiffness as well as compact stowage volume. Contract again
 the same power but at a significantly reduced mass from the original An
 arrays, the UltraFlex arrays to an overall increased The Missile Defense Agency announcing the award of a sole-source the
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contribute four
 payload capability of the enhanced Cygnus vehicle to provide resupply cost-plus-award-fee modification to Raytheon Missile Systems vehicle
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 services to the International Space Station. “Providing Tucson, Ariz., under the HQ0006-10-C-0005 contract. The tactical
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 critical forby
 spacecraft providers,” said David total value of this modification including options is $241,084,008, weaker
Humvees. The
weight British
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 Shanahan, vicegoverning
 president body
 and general manager, ATK Space Structures increasing the total contract value from $334,532,300 to R&A,
 Components. “UltraFlex solar arrays the highest power for $575,616,308. Army
 provide is
 the lowest mass, enabling larger payloads and ensuring the success of Odierno
 more taxing missions.” Under this modification, the contractor will continue to perform in
 engineering services and DoD
 material for systems engineering, design and that
 Smaller 6-foot diameter versions of these disk-shaped solar arrays were development support, andversions
 initial hardware fabrication Standard of
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 had its three times due in part to the exceptional performance of the solar mitigation. explosively
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 arrays. Larger UltraFlex solar arrays—measuring 20 feet in the
The “regain
 diameter—will be deployed on NASA’s Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle. work will be performed in Tucson, Ariz.The performance period is A
 through March by
 31, 2012.Army
 Fiscal 2012 research, development, test and the
evaluation the
funds force,
 The enhanced Cygnus spacecraft incorporates athe
 larger pressurized will be used to incrementally fund this effort. which
fleet. 75 • Jan/Feb 2012 75 • Sept/Oct 2011


Notable from aviation the study include: GE ‘allfindings in’ on deal with China

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Trade Deficit ShrinksTo $43.5 B In October


Calibrations, Inc.

The Los Angeles Times reported, “The US economy, which has been picking up steam recently, got another boost from the latest trade numbers.The Commerce Department said last month that the nation’s trade deficit in October narrowed to $43.5 billion, the lowest level since December 2010.”

NIST Traceable Flowmeter Calibration The AP reported, “It was the fourth straight monthly decline. Overall

Saves you GAS, Money & Assures More Accurate imports fell 1 percent toProduct $222.6 billion, which largely reflected a Testing. 5 percent decline in oil imports.” Exports declined “0.8 percent to $179.2 billion, the first drop after CAPABILITIES: three months of gains. Shipments LABORATORY of industrial supplies, such as natural gas, copper and chemicals, fell. Exports of.001-60 autos and agricultural goods dropped.” GPM LIQUID (@also 50-125 PSIG) .001-80 SCFM GAS (@10-250 PSIA) Bloomberg News reported, “Imports of capital goods, like computers Meter Calibration • Rotameter/GAS and• Turbine aircraft, Flow and consumer goods climbed, showing spending • Flowmetering Systems • Coriolis byCalibration American companies and households is keeping theMicro® economy Motion • METCO® Plasma Spray Meters growing. Exports to China and South and Central America reached records, indicating demand from developing nations that is benefiting TEMPE,Co.AZ 85281 companies like Dow Chemical (DOW) may cushion the US from any slowdown in Europe.”

480.894.0592 Survey of Federal Contracting Relative to Small Businesses NBS Calibrations, Inc. is fully NIST Traceable, compliant with Mil-Std 45662A, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1,small ISO 10012 and contractors ISO 17025. NBS Calibrations, A new survey of 740 active business examines trends Inc. is not a government agency and is not affiliated with the former in federal contracting and how small businesses have fared in National the wake Bureau of Standards /NIST. of this reduction in spending.

76• •76 Jan/Feb 2012 • Sept/Oct 2011


•AtSmall businesses are spending MORE:here, Overthe thevisibility past year, amount a General Electric flight simulator hasthebeen set of time and money that active small business contractors have invested at near zero to mimic thick rain and clouds. But a video console near in seeking federal contracting has averaged $103,827, the pilot shows a vivid picture opportunities of nearby mountains precise enough toan increase of 21% fromofftheorprevious year the ($86,000). allow a plane to take land despite conditions. • Small businesses are bidding LESS on contracts: Even as the average The is one of inseveral totalsystem investment made seekinghighly federalvaluable contractsnext-generation has risen over the technologies that GE has has developed thathalf the– company has past year, bidding activity declined—byand nearly both in prime passed along to China as partThe of aaverage joint venture and subcontracting activity. successwith ratestheforstate-owned active small Aviation of China (AVIC). businessIndustry contractsCorporation in both prime and subcontracting have declined as well – pointing to a more competitive and tighter environment. the isworld’s second-largest critical forreported nearly •Access Fourthtotime the charm: Active smalleconomy business iscontractors any global company. Yet this often comes at a cost: the transfer of their the that they had to submit an average of 4.4 bids before they won very technologies that leading business officials — including GE chief first prime federal contract. Once small business contractors got executive who heads an Obama administration their first Jeffrey taste ofImmelt, procurement success, they wasted little time panel before on U.S.–jobs competitiveness — cite as essential the business United trying and and succeeding – again. Two-thirds of active to small States’ economic The on “synthetic vision” for example, contractors have future. performed more than one system, federal contract, and, could be worth millions of dollars to airlines, which could significantly on average, it took them just under a year (11-1/2 months) after their reduce costs from weather-related delays. first procurement victory to win their second contract. • Experience PAYS off: Average success rates in prime contracting – 38% GE, like–other companies, higher must weigh shouldyears be overall are significantly amongwhich thosetechnologies with 10 or more brought to joint with Chinatoand howwho to protect themseeking from under their beltsventures (53%) compared those have been being stolen or misused. These decisions face virtually any executive federal contracts for three years or less (20%). trying to develop a presence in the country — from the most sophisticated firms, whichisworry about software piracy, to A full reporttechnology of the survey findings available upon request. Please old-line equipment makers, have seen contact industrial to receivewhich the report or toknockoffs scheduleofan their products pop up soon after making deals with Chinese partners. interview. Under the agreement with AVIC, GE avionics will be on board a new Chinese commercial airliner that is likely to become a rival to aircraft Women aVoid in Manufacturing produced by Could U.S.-basedFill Boeing and Europe’s Airbus. The potential By: Alissa C.with Roath 
 competition Boeing, coming at a time when the United States is fighting to maintain its own manufacturing base, has stirred some American criticism. With 80 percent of American manufacturers currently having trouble filling open positions in an economy with a nine percent national But GE executives theyarehave no second thoughts. China’sto unemployment rate,saywhat we had to do?

Attracting more women airplane market is booming, and the deal was too important to pass an industry with a prior image of being dull, dirty and dangerous may up, they said, even at the cost of sharing the avionics technology. be the answer, according to a guest editorial by Gretchen Zierick that

ran in the November 18 issue of Manufacturing & Technology News.

 “We are all in and we don’t want it back,” said Lorraine Bolsinger, chief executive of GEworkplace, Aviation Systems. Sheitsaid don’t come The American although stillnew has airplanes a long way to go, has along that often, and that the chance to be part of developing a major made great strides towards providing equal opportunity for women; new is not to if most of the jobs will beonly in todayaircraft they account forbe 49missed percent—ofeven the total workforce. However, Shanghai or elsewhere in China. 30 percent of the 14 million Americans employed in manufacturing are female.

 “We don’t sell bananas,” she said in an interview here. “We can’t afford to takethe a decade off.” Why shortfall?

Zierick points to a recent survey by Bayer that

indicates that some of the top reasons include a lack of quality science But business leaders as wonder companies andAmerican math education programs, well asprivately persistentwhether stereotypes that say such as GE are at risk of giving up long-term strategic advantages careers in science, technology, engineering and math are not for women. when they agree to technology-transfer deals for shorter-term gain. GE that is the notfact thethat case. They say school that they Thisexecutives is the case, maintain she says, “despite elementary girls negotiated robust protections in their contract with AVIC. The are earning higher grades in math and science than are boys.”
 50-50 joint venture, for example, has strict limits on employing Chinese nationals who havewomen a military intelligence background. A board 
In order to attract to fillorthese open positions in manufacturing, committee monitors compliance withand the manufacturing joint venture agreement perceptionsthat around women’s capabilities as a whole isneed effectively under GE’s control and can, in a dispute, overrule the to change. full board, Bolsinger said.

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TSM Machinery_______ 602-233-3757 CNC Drill/ Tapping Machines Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Patrick Ellison Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Haas Factory Outlet______480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Methods West________ 602-437-2220 Savage Machine Tools_ __ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery_ ___ 602-470-0334 CNC Punching Centers Patrick Ellison Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Mesa Mach Sales_ _____ 480-545-0275 CNC Swiss Turn Machines Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Ganesh Machinery_ ____ 888-542-6374 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Methods West________ 602-437-2220 Patrick949-466-8255 Ellison Muratec___________ North-South Machinery___ 602-391-4696 Tornquist Machinery_ ___ 602-470-0334 EDM EDM Machines Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_ _____ 480-775-6462 Desert EDM Sales _____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network_ _______ 480-836-1782 Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 Makino_ __________ 602-228-0347 Methods West________ 602-437-2220 North-South Machinery___ 602-391-4696 Savage Machine Tools_ __ 480-275-8630 TSM Machinery_______ 602-233-3757 President

T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281


T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281


T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281

EDM Filtration Desert EDM Sales _____ 480-816-6300 Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 EDM: Dielectric Systems/ Filtration Ebbco Inc_________800-809-3901 Gauging Equipment Osborn Products_______ 623-587-0335 Gear Machinery CNC Machinery Sales____ 602-244-1507 ELECTRICAL Equip Hookup & Disconnect Geiger Electric Co______ 623-773-1787 Lighting Geiger Electric Co______ 623-773-1787 Relocation: Electrical Geiger Electric Co______ 623-773-1787 Service Upgrades Geiger Electric Co______ 623-773-1787 ENGRAVING MACHINES Innovative Cutting Systems__480-557-7999 GRINDING Grinding Filtration Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 Grinding Machines ACC Machinery_ ______602-258-7330 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip_ ___ 480-615-6353 DCM Tech_ ________ 800-533-5339 Elrod Machinery_ ____ 928-526-9032 Magnum Precision Mach_ 602-431-8300 Moore Tool & Equipment_ 602-455-8904 North-South Machinery__ 602-391-4696

Savage Machine Tools_ _ 480-275-8630 Tornquist Machinery_ ___602-470-0334 Grinding Machines, OD/ID Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Haas Factory Outlet_ __ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach__602-431-8300 Moore Tool & Equipment_ 602-455-8904 Savage Machine Tools_ _ 480-275-8630 Grinding Machines, Rotary Silicon & Quartz DCM Tech_ ________ 800-533-5339 Grinding Machines, Rotary Aircraft Brake DCM Tech_ ________ 800-533-5339 Grinding Machines, Tool Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_____ 480-775-6462 Tornquist Machinery_ ___602-470-0334 Grinding Machines, Tool Punch & Die DCM Tech_ ________ 800-533-5339 Honing Machines Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach__602-431-8300 Magnetic Drills/Cutters ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Innovative Tool Sales____ 714-780-0730 Manual Lathes & Mills ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 CNC Machinery Sales____602-244-1507 D & R Machinery_____ 480-775-6462

8622 N. 78th Avenue Peoria, Arizona 85345

High Performance Garnet Abrasives

Office (623) 773-1787 Fax (623) 773-9882

Richard Amy Regional Sales Manager

Phone: 951.324.3221 Cell:


Orders: 800.741.7756

E-mail: Six Warren Street | Glens Falls, NY 12801 |


Elrod Machinery_ ____ 928-526-9032 Ganesh Machinery_ ____ 888-542-6374 Haas Factory Outlet_ __ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach__602-431-8300 Moore Tool & Equipment_ 602-455-8904 S. L. Fusco, Inc.______ 480-753-5000 TSM Machinery_______602-233-3757 Sawing Machines ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_____ 480-775-6462 Elrod Machinery_ ____ 928-526-9032 Jorgenson Machine Co. ____800-952-0151 Mesa Mach Sales_____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment_ 602-455-8904 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_303-761-3000 Savage Machine Tools_ _ 480-275-8630 Saw Replacement Parts Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_303-761-3000 Tapping Machines ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines Larry Arroues & Assoc_ __ 602-938-0603 Pro- Ultrasonics_______ 602-938-0603 NEW MACH FABRICATION CO2/Fiber Lasers Innovative Cutting Systems__480-557-7999 CNC Punching Centers ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Magnum Precision Mach__602-431-8300 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542

Gantry Systems, CNC ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Iron Workers ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____ 480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach_ 602-431-8300 Mesa Mach Sales_____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment_ 602-455-8904 Jorgenson Machine Co. ___ 800-952-0151 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Laser Cutting/Proc. Center ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Gerome Mfg________ 520-622-8402 Mesa Mach Sales_____ 480-545-0275 Muratec__________ 949-466-8255 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Laser Marking Machines Innovative Cutting Systems__480-557-7999 Plasma/Gas Cutting Systems ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Mesa Mach Sales_____ 480-545-0275 Muratec__________ 949-466-8255 Pipe & Tube Benders/ Notchers ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Moore Tool & Equipment_ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Plate Roll Jorgenson Machine Co. ___ 800-952-0151 Press Brakes ACC Machinery_ _____ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery_____ 480-968-3711 Jorgenson Machine Co. ___ 800-952-0151 Magnum Precision Mach_ 602-431-8300

Mesa Mach Sales_____ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment_ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales___ 602-368-8542 Punch Presses Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Shearing Machines ACC Machinery_ ______ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Jorgenson Machine Co. ____800-952-0151 Moore Tool & Equipment__ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales____ 602-368-8542 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Turret Press Muratec__________ 949-466-8255 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 WaterJet Cutting Systems Flow International_ ____ 480-830-0431 Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 Jorgenson Machine Co. ____800-952-0151 North-South Machinery___ 602-391-4696 Omax Corp._________ 800-838-0343 Waterjet Accessories Barton International ____800-741-7756 KMT Waterjet Systems_ __ 800-826-9274 Lone Arrow_________480-507-8074 Welding Equipment ACC Machinery_ ______ 602-258-7330 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_303-761-3000 INSPECTION EQUIP Coordinate Measuring Mach. Advanced Coordinate Tech_ _ 623-780-4137 D & R Machinery_ _____ 480-775-6462

Datum Inspection______ 602-997-1340 Hexagon Metrology_____ 206-304-3847 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 OGP_ ____________ 480-889-9056 Total Quality Systems____ 480-377-6422 Fire Suppression Systems Firetrace Intl_ _______ 480-607-1218 Gauging Equipment Advanced Coordinate Tech_ _ 623-780-4137 ATS Industrial Supply____602-276-7707 Hexagon Metrology_____ 206-304-3847 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 OGP_ ____________ 480-889-9056 Profiles Tool & Engineering__ 480-894-1008 S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Starrett____________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems____ 480-377-6422 Laser Trackers Hexagon Metrology_____ 206-304-3847 Metrology Instruments Advanced Coordinate Tech_ _ 623-780-4137 Datum Inspection______ 602-997-1340 Hexagon Metrology_____ 206-304-3847 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 Starrett____________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems____ 480-377-6422 Optical Comparators Advanced Coordinate Tech_ _ 623-780-4137 Datum Inspection______ 602-997-1340 Hexagon Metrology_____ 206-304-3847 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 OGP_ ____________ 480-889-9056 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300

602-470-0334 A2Z METALWORKER â&#x20AC;˘

79 â&#x20AC;˘ Jan/Feb 2012

526 E Juanita Ave Suite 8 Mesa, AZ 85204 JEFFREY F. NAWROT

VP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 10530 E. 59th Street Indianapolis, IN 46236 ph317.823.6821 / 877.240.2462 cell317.946.1235 / home317.823.8615 fax317.823.6822

Starrett____________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems____ 480-377-6422 SPC Data Acquis.Equip. D & R Machinery_ _____ 480-775-6462 Datum Inspection______ 602-997-1340 Repair & Certification Washington Calibration___ 480-820-0506 Video Measuring systems Advanced Coordinate Tech_ _ 623-780-4137 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 OGP_ ____________ 480-889-9056 Starrett____________602-790-6073 Total Quality Systems____ 480-377-6422 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT Integrated Systems Inc___ 928-649-9600 USED MACHINERY ACC Machinery_ ______ 602-258-7330 CNC Machinery Sales____ 602-244-1507 EDM Network_ _______ 480-836-1782 Ganesh Machinery_ ____ 888-542-6374 Innovative Cutting Systems__ 480-557-7999 K D Capital_ ________ 480-922-1674 Methods West________ 602-437-2220 Moore Tool & Equipment__ 602-455-8904 R. Jorgenson Company___ 800-952-0151 S&S Machinery Sales____ 602-368-8542 Savage Machine Tools_ __ 480-275-8630

TSM Machinery_ ______ 602-233-3757 ACCESSORIES Elrod Machinery_ _____928-526-9032 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 Abrasives ATS Industrial Supply____602-276-7707 Barton International ____800-741-7756 S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Aqueous Degreasers Mirachem__________ 800-847-3527 Petroferm Inc.________ 317-371-8899 Abrasive Systems KMT Waterjet Systems_ __ 800-826-9274 Adhesives S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Air Blast Cabinets, Blast Rooms Lone Arrow________480-507-8074 Air Compressors Airtek_ ___________ 480-966-5267 Air Drying Systems Airtek_ ___________ 480-966-5267 Air Filtration Equipment Innovative Cutting Systems__ 480-557-7999 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 Ball Screws Fadal CNC_________ 208-855-9426

Band Saw/ Blades ATS Industrial Supply____602-276-7707 Echols Saw & Supply____ 602-278-3918 Innovative Tool Sales____ 714-780-0730 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_303-761-3000 S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Bar Feeders Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 Edge Technologies_ ____ 562-597-7824 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Bar Feeder Accessories Edge Technologies_ ____ 562-597-7824 Trusty-Cook_ ________ 877-240-2462 Blast Abrasives Barton International ____ 800-741-7756 Cabinets, Custom Lone Arrow_ ________ 480-507-8074 Chemicals: Ultrasonic Mirachem__________ 800-847-3527 Petroferm Inc.________ 317-371-8899 Chip Management Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery______480-968-5335 Chip Removal Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353

Office:480-214-3719 Tollfree: 866-319-3719 Fax: 480-214-3954

Ellison Machinery______480-968-5335 Chuck Jaws Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery______480-968-5335 Chucks Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 Ellison Machinery______480-968-5335 Elrod Machinery_ _____928-526-9032 Industrial Workholding__ 714--935-9686 InnovativeTool Sales_ ___ 714-780-0730 Marshall Tool & Supply___602-269-6295 Seco Tools Inc________ 248-528-5960 CNC Lathe Accessories Trusty-Cook_ ________ 877-240-2462 CNC Spindle Liners Trusty-Cook_ ________ 877-240-2462 Cleaners: Ultrasonic Larry Arroues & Assoc_ __602-938-0603 Pro- Ultrasonics_______602-938-0603 Compressed Air Piping Systems Airtek_ ___________ 480-966-5267 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 Coolant Systems Blaser______________801-722-4095 DCM Tech_ _________800-533-5339 Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 Haas Factory Outlet A Division of Ellison Machinery Company

patrick ellison president 1610 s. priest Dr., suite 101 tempe, arizona 85281 Telephone: Cell: Fax: Email:


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480-968-5877 480-298-9782 480-968-0522


"One stop shopping for manufacturing success"

Dwayne Elrod Task Master CNC Knee Mills and CNC Retrofit Kits

CAD/CAM Software E mail


3880 E. Hwy 66 Ste. 6 Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Ph. (928) 526-9032 F: (928) 526-2301

BRALCO METALS 929 E. Jackson Street Phoenix. Arizona 85034 (602) 252-1918 (800) 544-8052 Fax: (602) 252-7813 Cell: (602) 722-3324



CERTIFIED BY DNV 1509001:2008_


Kevin Randall

Outside Sales Representative

AS9120:2002 -

Innovative Tool Sales Manufacturers Representatives

Bill Chambers Technical Support 9842 E. Diamond Dr. Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 Cell: (602) 350-1658

755 East Debra Lane Anaheim, CA. 92805 Office: (714) 780-0730 Fax: (714) 780-0735

Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Cutting Fluids & Oils (Coolants) ATS Industrial Supply____602-276-7707 Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil_ _____ 800-894-7773 Echols Saw & Supply____ 602-278-3918 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_ 303-761-3000 S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Cutting Tools CVD Diamond Corp._____ 661-254-1788 Eclipse Carbide_ _______ 480-214-3719 Innovative Tool Sales____ 714-780-0730 Micro 100__________ 480-495-1454 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_ 303-761-3000 S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 480-233-0997 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 602-628-4242 Seco Tools Inc________ 248-528-5960 Cutoff Tools Eclipse Carbide_ _______ 480-214-3719 Deburring Equipment S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Digital Readout Units Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711

D & R Machinery_ _____ 480-775-6462 Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Lone Arrow_ ________ 480-507-8074 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Door Opening Systems: Automatic Midaco Corporation_____847-593-8420 Dust Collectors Lone Arrow________480-507-8074 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 Factory Automation and Logistics Muratec__________ 949-466-8255 Fasteners Self Clinch Direct______801-746-2689 Filtration Equip. Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil_ _____ 800-894-7773 Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 Hangsterfer’s________ 800-433-LUBE Qualichem, Inc._______ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 EDM Materials & Supplies Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil_ _____ 800-894-7773 D & R Machinery_ _____ 480-775-6462 Desert EDM Sales _____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network_ _______ 480-836-1782 EDM Performance acc's___ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 Qualichem Inc________ 480-320-0308

Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 EDM Tooling Systems CVD Diamond Corp._____ 661-254-1788 Desert EDM Sales _____ 480-816-6300 EDM Network_ _______ 480-836-1782 EDM Performance _ ____ 800-336-2946 Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 Filtration -Grind Wheels & Belts S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Fire Extinguishing Systems Firetrace Intl_ _______ 480-607-1218 Gaskets State Seal Company_____602-437-1532 Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Grinders Midaco Corporation____ 847-593-8420 Laser Accessories Canyon State Oil_ _____ 800-894-7773 Lubricants / Systems Canyon State Oil_ _____ 800-894-7773 Hangsterfer’s__________800-433-LUBE Star Metal Fluids_ _____ 800-367-9966 Machine Tool Accessories Industrial Workholding___714--935-9686 Machine Tool Cool. Filtration Blaser______________801-722-4095 Canyon State Oil_________ 800-894-7773 D & R Machinery_________480-775-6462 Hangsterfer’s__________800-433-LUBE Production Tool Co________800-266-3253 Qualichem, Inc__________480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_________ 800-367-9966 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717

Larry Arroues and Associates, L.L.C. 6714 West Utopia Road • Glendale, AZ 85308 Office: 602-938-0603 • Cell: 623-444-0430

Distributor of Pro Ultrasonics High performance ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Magnetic Particle Ins Equip. DCM Tech_ ___________800-533-5339 Mist Collectors Production Tool Co________800-266-3253 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 Motors Fadal CNC_________ 208-855-9426 Pallet Systems Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_________480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery_ _______480-968-5335 Parts Washing Equipment Blaser______________801-722-4095 Hangsterfer’s_ _______ 800-433-LUBE Larry Arroues & Assoc_ __ 602-938-0603 Mirachem__________ 800-847-3527 Production Tool Co________800-266-3253 Qualichem, Inc__________480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_________ 800-367-9966 Resolvers Fadal CNC_________ 208-855-9426 Seals State Seal Company_____602-437-1532 Solvents & Degreasing Agents Blaser______________801-722-4095


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3 47 5 S y m m e s R o a d Hamilton, OH 45016 9830 Norwalk Blvd Suite 155 S a n t a F e S p r i n g s , CA 9 0 670

ph 888.282.3292 fax 513.860.6516

Canyon State Oil_________ 800-894-7773 Hangsterfer’s_______800-433-LUBE Mirachem__________ 800-847-3527 Petroferm Inc.________ 317-371-8899 Qualichem, Inc__________ 480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids_________ 800-367-9966 Solvents: Vapor degreasing Petroferm Inc.________ 317-371-8899 Solvents:Hand Wipe Mirachem__________ 800-847-3527 Petroferm Inc.________ 317-371-8899 Solvents: Mil PRF 680 Petroferm Inc.________ 317-371-8899

Spindles Fadal CNC_________ 208-855-9426 GMN USA_ _________ 800-686-1679 Setco-Pope Spindles_ ______ 866-362-0699 Steel Service Center Ryerson _____________ 602-455-3374 Subplates Stevens Engineering_______ 800-635-0657 Vacuum Pumps & Workholding Airtek_ _____________ 480-966-5267 Industrial Workholding_ ____ 714--935-9686 Vibratory Equipment Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Production Tool Co________ 800-266-3253 Vises and Vise Jaws Arizona CNC Equip________ 480-615-6353 Desert EDM Sales_ _______ 480-816-6300 Elrod Machinery_________ 928-526-9032 Industrial Workholding_ ____ 714--935-9686 An ISO 9001 Company

Jeff Klimowicz  Senior Sales Engineer  Southwest Region: AZ, UT, NV, CO, ID  All Products Proudly Made in the USA  


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Mobile: 480‐320‐0308 

Waterjet Abrasives Barton International ____ 800-741-7756 KMT Waterjet Systems_ __ 800-826-9274 Lone Arrow_ ________ 480-507-8074 Waterjet Replacement Parts Barton International ____ 800-741-7756 KMT Waterjet Systems_ __ 800-826-9274 Work Holding ATS Industrial Supply____ 602-276-7707 Ellison Machinery______480-968-5335 Industrial Workholding___ 714--935-9686 Innovative Tool Sales____ 714-780-0730

MATERIAL Alloys: High Temperature Aerodyne Alloys______ 860-289-3820 Haynes Intl_ ________ 619-449-1584 Mountain Rep________ 480-899-1900 Western States Metals_ __ 801-978-0562 Alloys: Specialty FIXTURING Aerodyne Alloys______ 860-289-3820 Industrial Workholding___ 714--935-9686 Haynes Intl_ ________ 619-449-1584 Stevens Engineering_ ___ 800-635-0657 Aluminum Fixturing Designs AZ Metals_ _________ 602-688-8003 Stevens Engineering_ ___ 800-635-0657 Bralco Metals_ ________ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 HARDWARE Coast Aluminum_ _____ 877-977-6061

Bar / Plate 24 Hour Delivery

Delivering Alloy Solutions to the World.

Nickel Cobalt. Titanium. Stainless. Patricia Negoro 800.337.3766 x 148 Santa Fe Springs, CA

Fry Steel Company_____800-423-6651 MarZee Inc._________602-269-5801 Phoenix Metal Trading___602-257-4660 Ryerson ___________ 602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co._ ____ 800-631-9765 TCI Precision Metals_____ 800-234-5613 Tolleson Steel________623-936-3325 Tube Service Company___602-267-9865 Aluminum Extrusions Bralco Metals_ _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply_____602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_ _____ 877-977-6061 Samuel, Son & Co._ ____ 800-631-9765 Armor:Commercial Temtco Steel_________ 480-389-2883 Armor:Military Grade Temtco Steel_________ 480-389-2883 Bar: Large Diameter Bralco Metals_ _______ 602-252-1918 Coastal Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 TW Metals__________ 800-203-8000 Brass AZ Metals_ _________602-688-8003 Bralco Metals_ _______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum_ _____ 877-977-6061 Coastal Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel Company_ ____ 800-423-6651 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Phoenix Metal Trading___ 602-257-4660 State Industrial Prod_ ___ 602-275-0990 Western States Metals_ __ 801-978-0562 Bronze

AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Phoenix Metal Trading___ 602-257-4660 State Industrial Prod_ ___ 602-275-0990 Western States Metals_ __801-978-0562 Carbon AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Fry Steel Company_ ____ 800-423-6651 Cast Iron Western States Metals_ __801-978-0562 Castings Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Mountain Rep________ 480-899-1900 Phoenix Metal Trading___ 602-257-4660 Castings, Investment Mountain Rep________ 480-899-1900 Ceramics MarZee Inc._________ 602-269-5801 Chrome Rod Western States Metals_ __801-978-0562 Cobalt United Performance Metals__ 888-282-3292 Copper Apache Steel Company___ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals_ _______ 602-252-1918 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_ _____ 877-977-6061 State Industrial Prod_ ___ 602-275-0990 Western States Metals_ __801-978-0562 Extrusions TW Metals__________ 800-203-8000 Lead Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Material Sales Samuel, Son & Co._ ____800-631-9765 TW Metals__________ 800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California_ __ 800-237-2888

Metals Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 Apache Steel Company___ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_______ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals_ _______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum_ _____ 877-977-6061 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Ryerson ___________602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co._ ____800-631-9765 State Industrial Pro_____ 602-275-0990 TCI Precision Metals_____ 800-234-5613 Tolleson Steel________ 623-936-3325 Temtco Steel_________ 480-389-2883 Tube Service Company_ __ 602-267-9865 TW Metals__________ 800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California_ __ 800-237-2888 United Performance Metals__ 888-282-3292 Western States Metals_ __801-978-0562 Metals-Bar & Plate Aerodyne Ulbrich Alloys_ _ 800-337-3766 AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_______ 480-784-1600 Coast Aluminum_ _____ 877-977-6061 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Samuel, Son & Co._ ____800-631-9765 Temtco Steel_________ 480-389-2883 Tolleson Steel________ 623-936-3325 TW Metals__________ 800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California_ __ 800-237-2888 Metals-Strip, Wire & Bar TW Metals__________ 800-203-8000 Ulbrich of California_ __ 800-237-2888 Mold Steel Apache Steel Company___ 602-323-2200 AZ Tool & Steel_______ 480-784-1600 New & used Metals Phoenix Metal Trading___ 602-257-4660 Nickel Alloys Apache Steel Company___ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003

AZ Tool & Steel_______ 480-784-1600 Fry Steel Company_ ____ 800-423-6651 Haynes Intl_ ________619-449-1584 MarZee Inc._________ 602-269-5801 Samuel, Son & Co._ ___ 800-631-9765 Ulbrich of California_ ___ 800-237-2888 United Performance Metals_888-282-3292 Plate: Wear and Structural Temtco Steel_________ 480-389-2883 Pre-Honed Tube Western States Metals_ _ 801-978-0562 Recyclable Metals Barry Metals_________ 602-484-7186 Consolidated Resources Inc._ 623-931-5009 MMR,LLC___________ 623-937-0385 Phoenix Metal Trading_ __ 602-257-4660 Recycling: Carbide Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 Rubber MarZee Inc.________ 602-269-5801 Scrap Metal Recycling Barry Metals_________ 602-484-7186 Consolidated Resources Inc._ 623-931-5009 MMR,LLC___________ 623-937-0385 Phoenix Metal Trading_ __ 602-257-4660 Sheet Metal Self Clinch Direct_____ 801-746-2689


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2:08:56 PM

Doug Klein, ASQ CQE

3021 St Lane 5730S.E.35th Leith Phoenix, AZAZ 85034 Scottsdale, 85254 480-626-8131 Fax 480-626-2101

Stainless Steel Apache Steel Company__ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_______ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals_ _______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum_ _____877-977-6061 Coastal Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel Company____ 800-423-6651 Ind. Metal Supply_____ 602-454-1500 MarZee Inc.________ 602-269-5801 Ryerson ___________602-455-3374 Samuel, Son & Co._ ____800-631-9765 TCI Precision Metals_____ 800-234-5613 Tube Service Company_ __ 602-267-9865 Ulbrich of California_ __ 800-237-2888 United Performance Metals_888-282-3292 Steel Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 Apache Steel Company__ 602-323-2200


84 • Jan/Feb 2012

AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_______ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals_ _______ 602-252-1918 Coastal Metals_ ______ 800-811-7466 Fry Steel Company____ 800-423-6651 Ind. Metal Supply______602-454-1500 MarZee Inc.________ 602-269-5801 Ryerson ___________602-455-3374 Temtco Steel_________ 480-389-2883 Tolleson Steel_______ 623-936-3325 Tube Service Company__ 602-267-9865 United Performance Metals_888-282-3292 Steel Coil-sheet Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Ryerson ___________602-455-3374 Ulbrich of California_ __ 800-237-2888 United Performance Metals_888-282-3292 Steel Service Centers Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 Samuel, Son & Co._ ____800-631-9765 Structurals Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Titanium Aerodyne Alloys_______ 800-237-2888 AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 Haynes Intl_ ________ 619-449-1584 MarZee Inc._________ 602-269-5801 Mountain Rep________ 480-899-1900

Ulbrich of California_ ___ 800-237-2888 Tubing AZ Metals_ ________ 602-688-8003 Haynes Intl_ ________ 619-449-1584 Ind. Metal Supply______ 602-454-1500 Samuel, Son & Co._ ____800-631-9765 Tube Service Company_ __ 602-267-9865 Tubing: Titanium & Hastelloy Haynes Intl_ ________ 619-449-1584 GASES Cylinder Storage/Microbulk Praxair Distribution_____ 602-269-2151 Purification Units (CO2 and Hydrogen) Praxair Distribution_____ 602-269-2151 Welding and Cutting Praxair Distribution_____ 602-269-2151 TOOLING Boring Bars B & T Tool & Engineering__ 602-267-1481 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Micro 100__________ 480-495-1454 Seco Tools Inc.________ 248-528-5960 Carbide BC Tool Grinding________ 602-252-3507 B & T Tool & Engineering__ 602-267-1481 CTE______________800-783-2400

Eclipse Carbide_ _______ 480-214-3719 Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Helical Solutions_ _____ 866-543-5422 Innovative Tool Sales____ 714-780-0730 Magnum Precision Mach__ 602-431-8300 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Micro 100__________ 480-495-1454 S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 B & T Tool & Engineering__ 602-267-1481 Cutting Tools CVD Diamond Corp._____ 661-254-1788 Eclipse Carbide_ _______ 480-214-3719 Helical Solutions_ _____ 866-543-5422 Micro 100__________ 480-495-1454 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 480-233-0997 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 602-628-4242 Cutting Tools: Custom Eclipse Carbide_ _______ 480-214-3719 Diamond Coated End Mills CVD Diamond Corp._____ 661-254-1788


Tombstones/Subplates Stevens Engineering_ __ 800-635-0657 METAL DISTRIBUTORS 30 Years Experience Western States Metals_ _ 801-978-0562 MIKE SMITH PALLET SYSTEMS 602-397-4008 Manual & Automatic Pallet Systems Drills Form Tools Midaco Corporation____ 847-593-8420 Arizona Machine Tool Service, AMTS ____________ CTE_ 800-783-2400 CTE______________ 800-783-2400 Manual Lift Off Pallet Opening a new chapter in my life, after 30 years, 22 in Arizona as Machinery Sales 602-267-1481 B & T Tool & Engineering_ CVD Diamond Corp._____ 661-254-1788 Systems Co. Senior Service Engineer, servicing Bridgeport, Cincinnati, Hardinge, Okamoto, and many others, CNC and Manual Machine Tools, I will continue to Midaco provide service BC Tool Grinding________ 602-252-3507 Corporation_____ 847-593-8420 Inserts, Indexable and repair to Arizona, Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Manual Rotory Pallet Systems Thank you Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Mike Smith Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 480-233-0997 Midaco Corporation_____ 847-593-8420 Moore Tool & Equipment__ 602-455-8904 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 602-628-4242 ROBOTICS Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 480-233-0997 Robotic Part Loading Systems Inserts, PCD/CBN Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 602-628-4242 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Midaco Corporation_____ 847-593-8420 Seco Tools Inc________ 248-528-5960 PROG. SYSTEMS Loose Abrasive Grains CAD/CAM End Mills CTE______________ 800-783-2400 S. L. Fusco, Inc.______ 480-753-5000 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Reamers & Drills, PCD Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 CVD Diamond Corp._____ 661-254-1788 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Delcam_ __________ 877 335 2261 Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Thread Mills DDi (Solidworks)_ _____ 602-241-0900 Helical Solutions_ _____ 866-543-5422 Micro 100__________ 480-495-1454 Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Marshall Tool & Supply___ 602-269-6295 Micro 100__________ 480-495-1454 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 480-233-0997 Feature Cam_ _______ 602-502-9654 S. L. Fusco, Inc._ ______ 480-753-5000 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 602-628-4242 TMI (GibbsCAM)_______ 602-618-6553 Tooling Columns Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 480-233-0997 Software, Inv. Control Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 602-628-4242 Ellison Machinery_____ 480-968-5335 Delcam_ __________ 877 335 2261 Feature Cam_ _______ 602-502-9654 Tooling Systems Software,Lean/6 Sigma Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 4 Sight Technologies_ ___ 480-922-6484 Software, NC Programming Micro 100__________ 480-495-1454 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 480-233-0997 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Sandvik Coromant_ ____ 602-628-4242 Delcam_ __________ 877 335 2261 Seco Tools Inc________ 248-528-5960 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335

Rob Schwister

Relationship Manager 480.905.2407

Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Feature Cam_ _______ 602-502-9654 TMI (GibbsCAM)_______ 602-618-6553 Software, Servicing DDi (Solidworks)_ _____ 602-241-0900 Delcam_ __________ 877 335 2261 Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Feature Cam_ _______ 602-502-9654 TMI (GibbsCAM)_______ 602-618-6553 Tooling Systems Global EDM Supply_____ 480-836-8330 REPAIR/DESIGN Bar Feeder Repair Edge Technologies_ ____ 562-597-7824 Machine Tool Design/ Engineering DDi (Solidworks)_ _____ 602-241-0900 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Machine Tool Rebuilding A&J Ind Mch. Repair_ ___ 602-550-1339


85 • Jan/Feb 2012

Michael Manning 2233 S. 15th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85034 (602) 252-4426 phone :: (714) 713-0006 cell

Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision _____ 602-525-0156 AMTS____________ 602-397-4008 CNC Machinery Sales____ 602-244-1507 EDM Network_ _______ 480-836-1782 Jemelco, Inc._ _______ 480-804-9541 Setco-Pope Spindles_____ 866-362-0699 Southwest Spindle Service_ 480-837-0368 The Werks C&C, Inc_____ 602-569-1809 Machine Retrofitting/CNC Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 AMTS____________ 602-397-4008 Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 CNC Machinery Sales____ 602-244-1507 Jemelco, Inc._ _______ 480-804-9541 Elrod Machinery_ _____ 928-526-9032 Machinery Moving Advanced Precision _____ 602-525-0156 A&J Ind Mch. Repair_ ___ 602-550-1339 Machine Repair Parts/Filters Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 Maint/Repair Services A&J Ind Mch. Repair_ ___ 602-550-1339 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision _____ 602-525-0156 AMTS____________ 602-397-4008 Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 D & R Machinery_ _____ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Jemelco, Inc._ _______ 480-804-9541 Southwest Spindle Service_ 480-837-0368 State Industrial Prod_ ___ 602-275-0990 The Werks C&C, Inc_____ 602-569-1809 Mold Repairs B&B Tool_ _________520-397-0436 Stamping Repairs B&B Tool._ _________520-397-0436 Prev. Maint Programs A&J Ind Mch. Repair_ ___ 602-550-1339 Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision _____ 602-525-0156 Arizona CNC Equip_ ____ 480-615-6353 D & R Machinery_ _____ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Jemelco, Inc._ _______ 480-804-9541 The Werks C&C, Inc_____ 602-569-1809 Total Filtration Services___ 602-244-0717 Repair -Hydraulic A2Z METALWORKER •

86 • Jan/Feb 2012

A&J Ind Mch. Repair_ ___ 602-550-1339 Advanced Precision _____ 602-525-0156 Road Machinery________ 520-623-8681 The Werks C&C, Inc_____ 602-569-1809 Repair - Portable Trish Mooney A&J Ind Mch. Repair_ ___ 602-550-1339 2233 S. 15th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Advanced Precision _____ 602-525-0156 (602) 252-4426 phone :: (623) 414-7835 cell The Werks C&C, Inc_____ 602-569-1809 Spindle Rebuilding Setco-Pope Spindles_____ 866-362-0699 GMN USA_ _________ 800-686-1679 Southwest Spindle Service_ 480-837-0368 Tool Repair, Coating, Treatment Rich Crouse BC Tool Grinding________ 602-252-3507 2233 S. 15th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85034 (602) 252-4426 phone :: (623) 533-0519 cell B & T Tool & Engineering_ _ 602-267-1481 CTE_____________ 800-783-2400 MACHINERY REPAIR PARTS Belts All World Machinery Supply_ 815-943-9111 Bearings(Precision) All World Machinery Supply_Chendo 815-943-9111 Rivera Metric O -R ings 2233 S. 15th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85034 All World Machinery Supply_ (602) 252-4426 phone 815-943-9111 :: (623) 224-1772 cell Switches (Proximity, Limit) All World Machinery Supply_ 815-943-9111 Valves (Hydraulic, Pneumatic) All World Machinery Supply_ 815-943-9111 SERVICES Banks Alerus Bank & Trust_____ 480-905-2407 Bank of Arizona_______ 480-642-2876 Spectra Financial Services_ 480-440-2496 Business Consulting BMSC____________480-445-9400 O’Donnell & Assoc._ _____602-843-8018 Quality Improvement Consulting_480-861-7088 Quality Training Consultants_928-284-0856 Spectra Financial Services___ 480-440-2496 Calibration Services Advanced Coordinate Tech_ _ 623-780-4137 Klontech Industrial Sales__ 480-948-1871 Starrett____________602-790-6073 Calibration: Repair & Certify Washington Calibration___ 480-820-0506 Cash Flow Management Bank of Arizona_______ 480-642-2876 Spectra Financial Services_ 480-440-2496 Computer/Web Services Gartman Technical Services__ 602-788-8121 Consulting 4 Sight Technologies____480-922-6484 BMSC____________480-445-9400 Advanced Custom Screens_800-992-7936 Quality Advisory Services__602-910-1510

Quality Improvement Consulting_ 480-861-7088 Quality Training Consultants___928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 Contract Inspection Advanced Coordinate Tech_ _ 623-780-4137 Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Contract Programming Adams Machinery______ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 CNC Training Adams Machinery_______480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Jet Products__________623-869-6749 Design Services DDi (Solidworks)_ _____ 602-241-0900 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Engineering Services Advanced Coord. Tech _ ___623-780-4137 Metals Eng & Testing Lab._ 602-272-4571 Financial Services Alerus Bank & Trust______480-905-2407 Arizona Bank & Trust____480-844-4562 Bank of Arizona________480-642-2876 Country Financial______ 602-321-3232 O’Donnell & Assoc._____ 602-843-8018 SBG Capital_________480-897-4988 Spectra Financial Services_ _480-440-2496 Human Resource/Staffing CPI_______________480-339-0452 Heavyhaul IRH _____________ 800-334-2409 Insurance Services Country Financial______ 602-321-3232 HUB Intl___________ 602-749-4190 Leavitt Group ________602-264-0566 International Trade Mountain Rep________ 480-899-1900 ISO/AS9100 Consulting BMSC____________480-445-9400 Quality Improvement Consulting_ 480-861-7088 Quality Training Consultants___928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 IT/ Network Support Gartman Technical Services__ 602-788-8121 Leasing and Financing Alerus Bank & Trust______480-905-2407 Arizona Bank & Trust____480-844-4562 Bank of Arizona_______ 480-642-2876 O’Donnell & Assoc._____ 602-843-8018 Spectra Financial Services_ _480-440-2496 Lean Manufacturing 4 Sight Technologies_ ___ 480-922-6484 BMSC_ ___________ 480-445-9400 Quality Improvement Consulting_ 480-861-7088 Sustaining Edge Solutions___888-572-9642 Manufacturers Rep Trepanning Specialties_ __ 562-633-8110

Quality Training Consultants___ 928-284-0856 Mexican Shelter Programs Mountain Rep________ 480-899-1900 Rigging/Machinery Moving IRH _____________ 800-334-2409 Retirement Planning Country Financial_______ 602-321-3232 Recycling Barry Metals__________ 602-484-7186 Consolidated Resources Inc._ 623-931-5009 MMR,LLC____________ 623-937-0385 Phoenix Metal Trading_ ___ 602-257-4660 Reverse Engineering Advanced Coordinate Tech__623-780-4137 Datum Inspection _____ 602-997-1340 Klontech Measure Sol____ 480-626-8131 Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Metals Eng & Testing Lab._ 602-272-4571 Rigging IRH _____________ 800-334-2409 Schools, Custom Training DDi (Solidworks)______ 602-241-0900 Ellison Machinery______ 480-968-5335 Jet Products_________ 623-869-6749 Quality Advisory Services____602-910-1510 Services: UT/ Network Support Shop Floor Automations____ 877-611-5825 Software: ContinuousImprovement CIS_______________ 602-445-9400 Staffing: Engineers/Manufacturing CPI_______________ 480-339-0452 Supplier Auditing BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Quality Improvement Consulting_ 480-861-7088 Systems Integration Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5877 Technical Staffing CPI_______________ 480-339-0452 Testing, Metallurgical Metals Eng & Testing Lab.___ 602-272-4571 ARTL______________ 602-374-3770 Trade Show Booth Design Fry Fabricators_ _______ 602-454-0701 Transportation IRH _____________ 800-334-2409

Working Capital, Credit Lines Bank of Arizona________480-642-2876 O’Donnell & Assoc._____ 602-843-8018 SBG Capital_ ________ 480-897-4988 SHOP FLOOR AUTOMATION USB

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes

BONDING Diffusion VACCO Industries_ ______ 626-443-7121 BRAZING CAD Enterprises_________ 602-278-4407 Precision Casting Repair_ __ 800-622-2404 ASSEMBLY CAD Enterprises________ 602-278-4407 CGS Technologies_ ______ 623-869-0600 Foresight Technologies_ ___ 480-967-0080 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng_ __ 520-889-8325 JRT Hunt____________ 480-968-5928 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Cable/Harness Assembly Bar-S Machine_ ______ 928-636-2115 X5 Manufacturing_______ 602-454-7385 Clean Room Assembly Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 L&W Fluid_________ 602-323-2560

Electrical Assembly (UL508A) Southwest Metal Fab_ ____ 602-470-1200 BENDING Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 Southwest Metal Fab_ ____ 602-470-1200

BROACHING Action Machine_ _______ 602-233-0883 Apache Gear, Inc_ _______ 623-934-7144 Ayers Gear & Mach_ ______ 623-934-6913 Lewis Aerospace_________ 623-581-0764 CASTINGS AATC______________602-268-1467 May Foundry & Machine___ 801-531-8931 Castings: Prototype AATC______________602-268-1467 May Foundry & Machine___ 801-531-8931 Castings: Production AATC____________602-268-1467 May Foundry & Machine___ 801-531-8931 Castings: Repair Precision Casting Repair_ __ 800-622-2404 CLEANING A2Z Sandblasting________ 602-716-5566 COATING Accuwright Industries______480-892-9595 Arizona Finishing_ _______602-438-4443

Bolt’s Metallizing_ ______ 602-244-2432 Coating Technologies_ ____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing_ ____602-275-3117 LA Specialties_ ________ 602-269-7612 Louie's Black Oxide______ 602-257-0530 MPI International_ ______ 956-631-6880 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Perma-Finish_ ________ 602-278-1733 Precision Industrial Painting_ 602-256-0260 Precision Powdercoat_ ____ 480-894-5224 Southwest Powder Coating_ _ 602-272-0878 Coating: Black Oxide Coating Technologies_ ____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing_ ____602-275-3117 Louie's Black Oxide______ 602-257-0530 Coating: Chem Film AP Industrial _ ________ 480-968-1947 Certified Inspection ____602-267-0661 Collins Metal Finishing_ ____602-275-3117 Gold Tech Industries_____ _480-968-1930 Jet Products_ _________ 623-869-6749 METCO Metal Finishing_ ___ 602-276-4120

LA Specialties_ _________ 602-269-7612 Lynch Brothers Mfg_ ______ 602-267-7575 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Precision Industrial Painting_ _ 602-256-0260 Treffers Precision_ _______ 602-744-2636 LAI Southwest__________602-304-1160 STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231 The Metal Man_ ________ 800-448-9448 Coating: Dry Film Lube Coating Technologies_ _____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products_ __________ 623-869-6749 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Precision Industrial Painting_ _ 602-256-0260 Coating: Nickel/Teflon Coating Technologies_ _____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing_ ____ 602-275-3117 Coating: NP3 Coating Technologies_ _____ 623-581-2648 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Coating Technologies_ _____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing_ ____ 602-275-3117 Louie's Black Oxide_______ 602-257-0530


87 • Jan/Feb 2012


E-Coat MPI International_ _______956-631-6880 Electro-Coating Services PMA PhotoMetals_______ 800-899-3366 HVOF Metal Spraying Prime Machine_ _______ 801-575-8430 Powder Coating Precision Powdercoat_ _____480-894-5224 CUTTING Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 Echols Saw & Supply_ _____602-278-3918 EDM Express.com_______ 877-336-4548 Harschco LLC_ _______ 602-617-7514 LAI Southwest_________ 602-304-1160 The Metal Man_ ________800-448-9448 Bandsaw Cutting Echols Saw & Supply____ 602-278-3918 CNC Router Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 Laser APMI______________480-668-0024


88 • Jan/Feb 2012

•Wire EDM

•Surface Grinding

•Small Hole EDM

•Advanced CAD/CAM

•CNC Machining

•Fast Quotes

•CNC Turning •Waterjet Cutting

.....And More

Fine Line Laser Cutting___ 602-863-3196 Taycar Enterprises_ ____505-265-2121 Tube Laser Cutting Tube Service Company___ 602-267-9865 DIES Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 Precision Die & Stamp'g___ 480-967-2038 EDM EDM: Drilling Small Hole Arizona Wire Specialists____ 480-829-6530 CAD Enterprises________ 602-278-4407 EDM Tech_ __________ 602-278-6666

EDM Express.com_______877-336-4548 LAYKE, Inc._ _________ 602-272-2654 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Sun Tech_ ________ 480-921-1665 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) EDM Tech_ __________ 602-278-6666 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Petersen Inc_________800-410-6789 Quality Mold_ ________ 480-892-5480 Sun Tech_ ________ 480-921-1665 Tooling Molds West______ 480-921-9939 EDM: Dialectric Systems /Filtration Ebbco Inc_ _________ 800-809-3901 EDM: Wire 3D Machine LLC_ ____ 480-239-8254 Arizona Wire & Tool______ 480-813-1002 Arizona Wire Specialists_ __ 480-829-6530 Auer Precision_________ 480-834-4637 Central Valley Machine____435-752-0931 Continental Machining__ 800-777-2483 EDM Express.com_______877-336-4548 Hawkeye Precision_ _____ 480-926-8642 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300

PGI_______________505-884-5782 Powill Manufacturing____623-780-4100 Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 Sun Tech___________480-921-1665 Toolcraft of Phoenix_ __ 623-435-5405 WC Machine & Tool_ _____ 480-507-4620 Whitley Machine________ 602-323-5550 Graphite Services Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 FABRICATION Advanced Metal Sales___ 623-434-8343 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_ ___ 602-243-4329 APMI ______________480-668-0024 Arrow Sheet Metal________303-427-6419 AzMark_ ___________ 480-926-8969 Astra Fab_ __________ 480-497-8250 Bell Steel____________ 480-833-5538 BID Machine, Inc_ ______ 480-892-7304 CAID Industries_ ________520-294-3126 Central Components_ ___520-571-1433

Your Manufacturing Solutions Partner

Precision CNC Machining

Geno Forman

President Tel: 602.454.7385 Fax: 602.454.7389 Cell: 480.710.8420 Email:

Central Valley Machine____ 435-752-0931 CGS Technologies________ 623-869-0600 Continental Machining_ ____ 800-777-2483 CygnetStamping & Fab_____ 818-240-7574 Creedbilt Inc___________ 623-939-8119 Dungeon Delights________ 480-215-2461 Fry Fabrications_________ 602-454-0701 Fine Line Fabricating_ _____602-863-3506 Gerome Mfg___________520-622-8402 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____ 480-503-1283 Group Manufacturing Serv___480-966-3952 Howell Precision_ _______ 623-582-4776 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 New Hope Machine_______ 520-825-7830 Phoenix Metalcraft_______ 602-279-4810 Plastic Eng._________480-491-8100 PMC Manufacturing______ 623-582-2233 Precision Casting Repair_ ___ 800-622-2404 Prime Machine___________801-575-8430

Scriven Precision________ 480-961-9775 Southwest Metal Fab_ ____ 602-470-1200 State Seal Company______ 602-437-1532 Systems 3___________ 480-894-2581 TMM Precision _ _______ 800-448-9448 Tolleson Steel________ 623-936-3325 Weiser/Mile High Precision__ 303-280-2778 Whitley Machine________ 602-323-5550 Wintech_ __________ 602-437-9001 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Fabrication: Custom Metal Arrow Sheet Metal_______ 303-427-6419 Capital Stainless_ _____480-967-0016 CygnetStamping & Fab_____818-240-7574 Dungeon Delights_ ____ 480-215-2461 Fine Line Fabricating_ ____ 602-863-3506 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 State Seal Company______ 602-437-1532

3342 E. Wier Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85040 NADCAP Approved Facility

Systems 3___________ 480-894-2581 VACCO Industries_ ______ 626-443-7121 Fabrication: Medium & Large APMI______________480-668-0024 Arrow Sheet Metal________303-427-6419 Bell Steel____________ 480-833-5538 Continental Machining___800-777-2483 CGS Technologies_ ______ 623-869-0600 Fine Line Fabricating_ ____ 602-863-3506 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 Howell Precision_________623-582-4776 Precision Metalworks___ 602-455-9575 Prime Machine___________801-575-8430 Trepanning Specialties_ ___562-633-8110 Fabrication: Rebuild/ Large Bell Steel____________ 480-833-5538 Empire Precision Mach.___ 480-633-4580 Fabrication: Sheet Metal ACME Metal Works_ _____ 480-926-4171

APMI______________480-668-0024 Arrow Sheet Metal________303-427-6419 Astra Fab_ __________ 480-497-8250 Bell Steel____________ 480-833-5538 Capital Stainless_ _____ 480-967-0016 CygnetStamping & Fab_____ 818-240-7574 Fine Line Fabricating_ ____ 602-863-3506 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 Howell Precision_________623-582-4776 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 New Hope Machine_ _____ 520-825-7830 Petersen Inc___________800-410-6789 Phoenix Metalcraft_____602-279-4810 Precision Metalworks___ 602-455-9575 TMM Precision _ _______ 800-448-9448 Weiser/Mile High Precision__ 303-280-2778 FINISHING AP Industrial _ _________480-968-1947 Arizona Finishing_ ______ 602-438-4443 Rocky Hettinger


89 • Jan/Feb 2012

Precision Die Cutting

Arizona Hard Chrome_____ 602-278-8671 Coating Technologies_ ____ 623-581-2648 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Jet Processing______ 623-869-6749 x117 LA Specialties_ _________602-269-7612 Louie's Black Oxide______ 602-257-0530 METCO Metal Finishing_ ____602-276-4120 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Perma-Finish_ ________ 602-278-1733 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 Precision Powdercoat_ ____ 480-894-5224 Southwest Powder Coating_ _ 602-272-0878 Finishing: One Stop Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090


90 • Jan/Feb 2012

FINISH OPS-CLEANING Cleaning: AF 5333 Jet Products_ _________ 623-869-6749 Semiray Aerospace Testing_ _ 623-842-3030 Dry Film Lubrication Jet Processing______ 623-869-6749 x117 Precision Industrial Painting_ 602-256-0260 Glass Bead Clean ABS Metallurgical Processors_ 602-437-3008 Arizona Hard Chrome_____ 602-278-8671 Byington Steel Treating____ 408-727-6630 Coating Technologies_ ____ 623-581-2648 L A Specialties_________ 602-269-7612 Southwest Powder Coating_ _ 602-272-0878 ACME Metal Works_ _____ 480-926-4171 Gun Drilling ACME Metal Works_ _____ 480-926-4171 Gun Finishing Louie’s Gun Finishing_____ 602-257-0530 Passivation ABS Metallurgical Processors_ 602-437-3008 Certified Inspection Service___602-267-0661 Coating Technologies_ ___ _623-581-2648 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 Jet Processing______ 623-869-6749 x117 Jet Products_ _________ 623-869-6749 L A Specialties_________ 602-269-7612 METCO Metal Finishing_ ___ 602-276-4120

Semiray____________ 602-275-1917 Polishing Arizona Hard Chrome_____ 602-278-8671 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 L A Specialties_________ 602-269-7612 Powder Coating AP Industrial _ ________ 480-968-1947 Precision Powdercoat_ ____ 480-894-5224 Sand Blasting A2Z Sandblasting_______ 602-716-5566 ABS Metallurgical Processors_ 602-437-3008 Byington Steel Treating____ 408-727-6630 Coating Technologies_ ____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products_ _________ 623-869-6749 Southwest Powder Coating_ _ 602-272-0878 STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 Stripping Coating Technologies_ ____ 623-581-2648 Jet Products_ _________ 623-869-6749 Semiray____________ 602-275-1917 Southwest Powder Coating_ _ 602-272-0878 FIXTURES EDM Express.com_______877-336-4548 Profiles Tool & Engineering__ 480-894-1008

FOUNDRY AATC______________ 602-268-1467 May Foundry & Machine__ 801-531-8931

GALVANIZING Petersen Inc_________800-410-6789 GEAR CUTTING Action Machine_ _______602-233-0883 Apache Gear, Inc_ ______ 623-934-7144 Ayers Gear & Machine_ ___ 623-934-6913 GLASS BEAD A2Z Sandblasting_______ 602-716-5566 FORGINGS Aluminum Precision______ 805-488-4401 Lone Arrow_________480-507-8074 R&D Specialty Manco_____ 602-278-7700 Forgings: Aluminum Aluminum Precision______ 805-488-4401 Forgings: Titanium Aluminum Precision______ 805-488-4401 R&D Specialty Manco_____ 602-278-7700

Shawn Carlin

GRINDING Arizona Engineering_ ____ 520-586-1522 Arizona Hard Chrome______ 602-278-8671 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Auer Precision__________ 480-834-4637 AzMark_ ____________ 480-926-8969 BC Tool Grinding_________ 602-252-3507 Blue Streak Grinding_ _____602-353-8088 ChemResearch__________ 602-253-4175 GMN USA_ __________800-686-1679 Grindworks_ __________ 623-582-5767 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 JRT Hunt_____________ 480-968-5928 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing______ 623-780-4100 PMC Manufacturing_______623-582-2233 Ron Grob Co.__________970-667-5320 Steel Services Grinding_ ____ 800-662-0126 Sun Grinding_ _________602-238-9595


Superior Grinding_______ 888-487-9701 TCI Precision Metals_____ 800-234-5613 Grinding, Blanchard JRT Hunt____________ 480-968-5928 Steel Services Grinding ____800-662-0126 Sun Grinding_ ________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding_______ 888-487-9701 TCI Precision Metals_____ 800-234-5613 Grinding, CNC/Contour Blue Streak Grinding_ ____ 602-353-8088 National Grinding & Mfg_ __ 602-588-2869 Powill Manufacturing_____623-780-4100 Superior Grinding_______ 888-487-9701 Grinding: Centerless Blue Streak Grinding_ ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks_ _________ 623-582-5767 JRT Hunt____________ 480-968-5928 National Grinding & Mfg_ __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding_______ 602-437-8401 Ron Grob Co.__________970-667-5320 Shaw Precision_ _______ 480-785-4925 Sun Grinding_ ________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding_______ 888-487-9701 Grinding… Cylindrical Grindworks_ _________ 623-582-5767 JRT Hunt____________ 480-968-5928

Grinding… Double Disc Phoenix Grinding_______ 602-437-8401 TCI Precision Metals_____ 800-234-5613 Grinding: ID/OD Arizona Hard Chrome_____ 602-278-8671 AzMark_ ___________ 480-926-8969 Blue Streak Grinding_ ____ 602-353-8088 Grindworks_ __________623-582-5767 JRT Hunt____________ 480-968-5928 National Grinding & Mfg_ __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Ron Grob Co.__________970-667-5320 Superior Grinding________888-487-9701 Grinding:Mattison Sun Grinding_ ________ 602-238-9595 Grinding: OD Arizona Hard Chrome_____ 602-278-8671 BC Tool Grinding________ 602-252-3507 Grindworks_ __________623-582-5767 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 National Grinding & Mfg_ __ 602-588-2869 Road Machinery________ 520-623-8681 Grinding: Precision Tool

Superior Grinding_______ 888-487-9701 WC Machine & Tool_ _____ 480-507-4620 Grinding: Tool & Cutter BC Tool Grinding________ 602-252-3507 B & T Tool & Engineering_ ___ 602-267-1481 CTE_____________ 800-783-2400 Gilbert Metal Stamping____ 480-503-1283 Superior Grinding_______ 888-487-9701 Grinding: Ultra Precision Systems 3___________ 480-894-2581 GUNDRILLING Trepanning Specialties_ __ 562-633-8110 HEAT TREATING ABS Metallurgical Processors_ 602-437-3008 Byington Steel Treating____ 408-727-6630 CAD Enterprises________ 602-278-4407 Controlled Thermal Tech'y___ 602-272-3714 US Carbide Tool LLC_______480-755-3812 L A Specialties__________602-269-7612 Grinding: Surface Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 Blue Streak Grinding_ ____ 602-353-8088 Team Industrial Services_ __ 602-269-7868 EDM Express.com_______ 877-336-4548 Grindworks_ __________623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg_ __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding_______ 602-437-8401 Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 Sun Grinding_ ________ 602-238-9595

11042 N. 24th Ave. Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85029


91 • Jan/Feb 2012



Gregg A. Dunlap Business Development

3508 East Corona Avenue Phoenix. AZ 85040 OFFICE 602-276-4120 CELL 602-725-8380 FAX 602-276-0109

Temperature Processing____ 303-772-0250 Heat Treating/ Aerospace Byington Steel Treating____ 408-727-6630 CAD Enterprises________ 602-278-4407 Temperature Processing____ 303-772-0250 HeatTreating/ISO9001/AS9100 Byington Steel Treating____ 408-727-6630 LargeCapacityDropBottom Oven/AluminumHeatTreating Byington Steel Treating____ 408-727-6630 HONING/LAPPING Grindworks_ _________ 623-582-5767 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 Road Machinery________ 520-623-8681 National Grinding & Mfg_ __ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding_______ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing_____623-780-4100 IDENTIFICATION Labels&BarCode EPSI______________714-256-8950 PMA Photometals_______480-773-3239 Tool/PartMarking(Laser) Ace Laser_____________ 480-924-3232 East Valley Laser Inc_______ 480-855-7137 PMA Photometals_______480-773-3239


92 • Jan/Feb 2012

TechMark_ __________ 480-820--9444 Silk Screen Arizona Finishing_ ______ 602-438-4443 PMA Photometals_______480-773-3239 Precision Industrial Painting_ 602-256-0260 INDUSTRIAL SEALINGS Gaskets:Manufacturing Cupps Ind Supply_ _______602-269-2301 Industrial Sealings Cupps Ind Supply_ _______602-269-2301 Packing Cupps Ind Supply_ _______602-269-2301 INSPECTION Calibration Advanced Coordinate Tech_ __623-780-4137 Washington Calibration____ 480-820-0506 Inspection, First Article Advanced Coordinate Tech_ __623-780-4137 Datum Inspection________602-997-1340 Klontech Measure Sol______480-626-8131 Total Quality Systems_____ 480-377-6422 Inspection Services Advanced Coordinate Tech_ __623-780-4137 Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Datum Inspection________602-997-1340 Klontech Measure Sol______480-626-8131 Metals Eng & Testing Lab._ 602-272-4571 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642

Total Quality Systems_ ___ 480-377-6422 Inspection Services (NDT) CAD Enterprises_ ______ 602-278-4407 Jet Processing_ _____623-869-6749 x117 Jet Products_ _________623-869-6749 Semiray Aero. Testing_____602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services___ 602-269-7868 Inspection Services, Welding Metals Eng & Testing Lab._ 602-272-4571 ISO Consultant BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Gladhill Assoc__________623-939-4412 Quality Advisory Services_ _ 602-910-1510 Quality Training Consultants__ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions_ _ 888-572-9642 ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Gladhill Assoc__________623-939-4412 Orion Registrar_________303-645-4017 Great Western Registrar_ ___623-580-1881 Sustaining Edge Solutions_ _ 888-572-9642 Quality Training Consultants_ _ 928-284-0856 ISO Registrar Great Western Registrar_ __ 623-580-1881 Orion Registrar_ _______ 303-645-4017 Liquid Penetrant Certified Inspection Service_ _602-267-0661 Jet Products__________ 623-869-6749 Semiray_____________602-275-1917

Team Industrial Services_ __ 602-269-7868 MAG Particle Certified Inspection Service___ 602-267-066 Jet Products_____ ______623-869-6749 Team Industrial Services_ __ 602-269-7868 Metrology/inspection Serv Prime Machine___________801-575-8430 Process Improvement/ Audit BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Quality Training Consultants___ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 X-Ray Certified Inspection Service___ 602-267-066 Semiray_____________ 602-275-1917 Team Industrial Services_ __ 602-269-7868 IRON STITCHING Precision Casting Repair_ __ 800-622-2404 MACHINING Machining: 3D 3D Machine LLC______ 480-239-8254 Cassavant Machining____602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace______ 480-894-0802 Hawkeye Precision_ _____ 480-926-8642 JD Ellen LLC________ 623-587--0253 L&W Machine Co_ ____ 602-323-2560 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300

Pro Precision_ ________ 602-353-0022 Profiles Tool & Engineering___ 480-894-100 Tooling Molds West______ 480-921-9939 Machining: 5 Axis CAD Enterprises________ 602-278-4407 Cassavant Machining_ _ 602-437-4005 Clings Mfg_ _______ 480-968-1778 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 Industrial Tool Die & Eng_520-745-8771 Metalcraft Inc._ _______ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_ ______ 480-961-7673 Petersen Inc___________800-410-6789 Prime Machine___________801-575-8430 St. Vrain Manufacturing_ __ 303-702-1529 Systems 3___________ 480-894-2581 Wintech___________ 602-437-9001 Machining: Aerospace AATC_____________602-268-1467 Action Machine________ 602-233-0883 Adams Mfg & Eng_ _____ 623-486-2019 AMT-America_________ 602-443-1403 Arizona Engineering_____ 520-586-1522 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Backerworks Mfg_ ___ 505-342-2943 Cassavant Machining__ 602-437-4005 Central Components_ __520-571-1433 Challenger Aerospace_ ___ 480-894-0802

Cling’s Manufacturing_ ____480-968-1778 Continental Machining___ 800-777-2483 EDM Express.com_______ 877-336-4548 Evans Precision Machining_ __623-581-6200 Excaliber_ ___________623-878-6800 Foresight Technologies_ ____480-967-0080 Gerome Mfg_ ________520-622-8402 Gilbert Precision Machine____480-892-4730 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325 HK Machining_________602-278-6704 Infinisys____________ 602-276-2276 JB's Precision_ _________623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC________ 623-587--0253 Jet Products___________623-869-6749 L&W Machine Co______602-323-2560 LAYKE, Inc._ __________602-272-2654 Lewis Aerospace_________ 623-581-0764 Matrix Machine_________480-966-4451 Metalcraft Inc.__________480-967-4889 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ _______602-437-8995 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Osborn Products_________623-587-0335 Petersen Inc___________ 800-410-6789 PGI _ ____________ 505-884-5782 Pivot ______________602-306-2923 PMC Manufacturing_______623-582-2233 Powill Manufacturing____ 623-780-4100 Prime Machine_ ________ 801-575-8430 Pro Precision_ ________ 602-353-0022 R&D Specialty Manco_____ 602-278-7700 Service & Sales_ _______ 480-968-9084 Satowfi_ ____________480-374-5706 Southwest Swiss Precision ___602-438-4670

St. Vrain Manufacturing_____303-702-1529 Stewart Manufacturing_ ____623-582-2261 Systems 3____________480-894-2581 Trepanning Specialties_ ___ 562-633-8110 White Rock Inc._ ________ 435-750-6414 Wintech_ __________ 602-437-9001 Machining: Contract Action Machine_ _______ 602-233-0883 Adams Mfg & Eng_______ 623-486-2019 Aero Design & Mfg_ ______602-437-8080 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_ ____602-243-4329 AMT-America_ ________ 602-443-1403 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 B & T Tool & Engineering_ ___ 602-267-1481 Banner Machine, Inc_______ 602-437-4984 Evans Precision Machining_ __623-581-6200 Gilbert Metal Stamping____ 480-503-1283 Gilbert Precision Machine____480-892-4730 Group Mfg Serv._________480-966-3952 HK Machining________ 602-278-6704 Infinisys____________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc._____________480-833-7305 Lewis Aerospace________ 623-581-0764 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 Pivot______________602-306-2923 Stellar Machining & Fab__ 480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing_ ____623-582-2261 Wintech_ __________ 602-437-9001 Machining: Chem. Etching PMA Photometals_______480-773-3239 VACCO Industries_ ______ 626--450-6472 Machining: CNC 3D Machine LLC_______ 480-239-8254 Absolute Turning and Machine_ 520-624-5628

Action Machine_ _______ 602-233-0883 AMT-America_ ________ 602-443-1403 Arizona Engineering_ ____ 520-586-1522 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Astra Fab_ __________ 480-497-8250 AzMark_ ____________480-926-8969 BID Machine, Inc_ ______ 480-892-7304 CAD Enterprises_________602-278-4407 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Central Components____ 520-571-1433 Central Valley Machine____ 435-752-0931 Cling’s Manufacturing______480-968-1778 Continental Machining___ 800-777-2483 EDM Express.com_______ 877-336-4548 Evans Precision Machining_ __ 623-581-6200 Foresight Technologies_ ____480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine____480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc._____480-464-0150 HK Machining_________602-278-6704 Hawkeye Precision_ ______480-926-8642 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325 Infinisys____________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc._ ___________480-833-7305 JB's Precision_________ 623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC________ 623-587--0253 Jet Products _ ________ 623-869-6749 A2Z METALWORKER •

93 • Jan/Feb 2012

MPI Metal Processing International, L.P. TACOM APPROVED o ISO 9001-2000

E-Coat,Powder Coat,Wet Paint/CARC,Plating Alodine,ZN Phosphate,Chemical Stripping,Acid Pickle 6100 S. International Pkwy. Suite 500 McAllen, TX. 78503

JRT Hunt____________ 480-968-5928 L&W Machine Co_____ 602-323-2560 LAYKE, Inc._ _________ 602-272-2654 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Matrix Machine________ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics, Inc_______ 602-437-8995 Morsch Machine________ 480-961-7673 New Hope Machine______ 520-825-7830 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 PGI______________505-884-5782 PMBC_ ____________602-431-8131 PMC Manufacturing_______623-582-2233 Powill Manufacturing____623-780-4100 Pro Precision_ ________ 602-353-0022 Profiles Tool & Engineering__480-894-1008 Quality Mold_ ______ 480-892-5480 R&D Specialty Manco_____ 602-278-7700 RMSS_ ____________ 623-780-5904 Satowfi_ ___________ 480-374-5706 St. Vrain Manufacturing____ 303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab__480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing____623-582-2261 SwissTech Tooling & MFg.____480-998-2005 Systems 3_ ___________ 480-894-2581 Toolcraft of Phoenix_____623-435-5405 Val-Tech Mfg__________ 480-966-7376 WC Machine & Tool________480-507-4620 White Rock Inc.________435-750-6414 Wintech___________ 602-437-9001 Wire-Tech___________480-966-1591 X5 Manufacturing____ ___602-454-7385 Machining: Large Backerworks Mfg_____ 505-342-2943 Continental Machining__ 800-777-2483 Empire Precision Mach._ _ 480-633-4580 HK Machining________ 602-278-6704 Petersen Inc___________800-410-6789 Mach: CNC Turning 3D Machine LLC________480-239-8254 ACME Metal Works_ _____ 480-926-4171 Action Machine_ _______ 602-233-0883 AMT-America_ ________ 602-443-1403 Arizona Engineering_____ 520-586-1522 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Bar-S Machine_ ______ 928-636-2115 Cassavant Machining_ _ 602-437-4005 A2Z METALWORKER •

94 • Jan/Feb 2012

Central Components____520-571-1433 Continental Machining___800-777-2483 EDM Express.com_______ 877-336-4548 Gilbert Precision Machine___ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc._____ 480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 JD Ellen LLC________ 623-587--0253 Morsch Machine_______ 480-961-7673 New Hope Machine______ 520-825-7830 Osborn Products_ ______ 623-587-0335 PGI _______________505-884-5782 PMC Manufacturing________623-582-2233 Precision Metalworks_ __602-455-9575 RMSS______________623-780-5904 Ron Grob Co.__________970-667-5320 St. Vrain Manufacturing_ ___303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab__ 480-961-3075 SwissTech Tooling & MFg._____480-998-2005 Systems 3____________480-894-2581 Val-Tech Mfg_ ________ 480-966-7376 Machining Plastic Absolute Turning and Machine_520-624-5628 Machining Precision 3D Machine LLC_ _____480-239-8254 ACME Metal Works______ 480-926-4171 AATC_____________602-268-1467 Action Machine________ 602-233-0883 Adams Mfg & Eng_ _____ 623-486-2019 AMT-America_________ 602-443-1403 Arizona Engineering_____ 520-586-1522 Arizona Wire & Tool_ _____ 480-813-1002 Auer Precision_ ________480-834-4637 AzMark___________ 480-926-8969 Backerworks Mfg_ ____ 505-342-2943 BID Machine, Inc________480-892-7304 Cassavant Machining___ 602-437-4005 Central Components_ __ 520-571-1433 Central Valley Machine_ __ 435-752-0931 Challenger Aerospace_ ____480-894-0802 Continental Machining_ _ 800-777-2483 EDM Express.com_____ 877-336-4548 Evans Precision Mach’g__ 623-581-6200 Foresight Technologies_____ 480-967-0080 Gerome Mfg_________520-622-8402 Gilbert Precision Machine_ __ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision , Inc._ ____ 480-464-0150 Hawkeye Precision_ ___ 480-926-8642

Local: (956)631-6880 Fax: (206)203-3102

Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 JB’s Precision________ 623-581-9088 JD Ellen LLC________ 623-587--0253 Jet Products_________ 623-869-6749 JRT Hunt_____________480-968-5928 JWB Manufacturing_______480-967-4600 LAYKE, Inc._ ________ 602-272-2654 Lewis Aerospace_ _____ 623-581-0764 Lynch Brothers Mfg_______602-267-7575 Matrix Machine_______ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ____ 602-437-8995 Metalcraft Inc._ ________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_ _______ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering_ ___ 602-273-7114 Osborn Products_ _______ 623-587-0335 PGI _______________505-884-5782 Pivot_______________ 602-306-2923 PMA Photometals_____800-899-3366 PMC Manufacturing________623-582-2233 Powill Mfg___________ 623-780-4100 Pro Precision_ _________ 602-353-0022 Profiles Tool & Engineering___ 480-894-1008 Quality Mold________ 480-892-5480 R&D Specialty Manco_ ____ 602-278-7700 RMSS_______________623-780-5904 Satowfi_____________ 480-374-5706 Service & Sales_ _____ 480-968-9084 Southwest Swiss Precision ___ 602-438-4670 St. Vrain Manufacturing_ ___ 303-702-1529 Stewart Manufacturing_____ 623-582-2261 Sun Tech_ _________ 480-921-1665 SwissTech Tooling & Mfg.__ _480-998-2005 Systems 3____________ 480-894-2581 Tolleson Steel_ ______ 623-936-3325 Toolcraft of Phoenix____ 623-435-5405 Tooling Molds West_______ 480-921-9939 Tri-Matrix _ _______ 480-844-0165 Val-Tech Mfg_ _________ 480-966-7376 WC Machine & Tool_ _____ 480-507-4620 Weiser/Mile High Precision_ _ 303-280-2778 White Rock Inc._________ 435-750-6414 Wintech_ _________ 602-437-9001 Wire-Tech_ ________ 480-966-1591 Machining: Prototype AATC_ _____________602-268-1467 Absolute Turning and Machine_ 520-624-5628 Adams Mfg & Eng_______623-486-2019 Action Machine________ 602-233-0883 AMT-America__________602-443-1403 Arizona Engineering_____520-586-1522 Backerworks Mfg_____ 505-342-2943 Bar-S Machine_______ 928-636-2115 BID Machine, Inc_ _____ 480-892-7304

Central Valley Machine_____435-752-0931 Continental Machining_ _ 800-777-2483 EDM Express.com________877-336-4548 Evans Precision_______ 623-581-6200 Foresight Technologies_ ____ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine____ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc._____ 480-464-0150 Hawkeye Precision_ ______ 480-926-8642 Infinisys_____________ 602-276-2276 Jan’s Inc._ ___________ 480-833-7305 Jemelco, Inc._ ________ 480-804-9541 JD Ellen LLC_________ 623-587--0253 JRT Hunt_____________ 480-968-5928 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 L&W Machine Co______ 602-323-2560 Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Petersen Inc___________ 800-410-6789 PGI_______________505-884-5782 PMC Manufacturing________623-582-2233 Pro Precision_ ________ 602-353-00220 R&D Specialty Manco______ 602-278-7700 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 St. Vrain Manufacturing_____ 303-702-1529 Stellar Machining & Fab__ 480-961-3075 Stewart Manufacturing_____ 623-582-2261 SwissTech Tooling & MFg.____480-998-2005 Tooling Molds West_______ 480-921-9939 Tri-Matrix_ ___________480-844-0165 Val-Tech Mfg___________ 480-966-7376 Wintech____________602-437-9001 Wire-Tech_ ___________480-966-1591 Machining: Quick Turn Arizona Engineering_ _____520-586-1522 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 Jemelco, Inc._ ________ 480-804-9541 RMSS_______________623-780-5904 Tooling Molds West_______ 480-921-9939 Machining: Milling 3D Machine LLC_ _____ 480-239-8254 ACME Metal Works_ ______ 480-926-4171 Action Machine________ 602-233-0883 AMT-America_ _________602-443-1403 Arizona Engineering_ _____520-586-1522 Bar-S Machine_ ______ 928-636-2115 Challenger Aerospace______ 480-894-0802

Cling’s Manufacturing ____480-968-1778 Gilbert Precision Machine___ 480-892-4730 Glover Precision, Inc._____480-464-0150 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng_ __ 520-889-8325 Infinisys____________ 602-276-2276 Jet Products__________ 623-869-6749 L&W Machine Co_ _____602-323-2560 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 RMSS _____________ 623-780-5904 Wire-Tech_ __________ 480-966-1591 Machining: Semiconductor Foresight Technologies_ ___ 480-967-0080 Gilbert Precision Machine___ 480-892-4730 L&W Machine Co_ _____602-323-2560 Satowfi_____________ 480-374-5706 Machining: Swiss Absolute Turning and Machine_ 520-624-5628 Bar-S Machine_ ______ 928-636-2115 Cassavant Machining____602-437-4005 Howard PMP_ _______ 801-808-4106 Ron Grob Co.__________970-667-5320 Southwest Swiss Precision _ _ 602-438-4670 SwissTech Tooling & Mfg._____480-998-2005 White Rock Inc._ ________435-750-6414 Machining: Ultra-Precision Auer Precision_________ 480-834-4637 Southwest Swiss Precision _ _ 602-438-4670 White Rock Inc._ _______ 435-750-5534 Machining: Turning: Automatic Absolute Turning and Machine_ 520-624-5628 American Prec.Mach_ __ 602-269-6298 Ayers Gear & Mach______623-934-6913 AzMark_ __________ 480-926-8969 Challenger Aerospace____ 480-894-0802 Evans Precision Mach’g___ 623-581-6200 Hawkeye Precision_ ____ 480-926-8642 JB’s Precision Ind______ 623-581-9088 Jet Products__________623-869-6749 LAYKE, Inc._ ________ 602-272-2654 Lewis Aerospace________623-581-0764 Matrix Machine_______ 480-966-4451 Micro-Tronics, Inc______ 602-437-8995 RMSS _ ____________ 623-780-5904 PGI_______________505-884-5782

MACHINING: LASER Laser Cutting Ace Laser_____________ 480-924-3232 Fine Line Laser Cutting__ 602-863-3196 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 LAI Southwest_________ 602-304-1160 Petersen Inc__________ 800-410-6789 PMA PhotoMetals_______800-899-3366 Taycar Enterprises_ ____505-265-2121 The Metal Man_ _______ 800-448-9448 TMM Precision _ _______ 800-448-9448 Tube Service Company___ 602-267-9865 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting: Micro VACCO Industries_ ______ 626-443-7121 Laser Cutting:Rotary Axis K-zell Metals, Inc._ ___ 602-232-5882 Laser Engraving & Etching Ace Laser_____________ 480-924-3232 East Valley Laser Inc_______ 480-855-7137 TechMark_ __________ 480-820--9444 VACCO Industries_ ______ 626--450-6472 Laser Marking Ace Laser_____________ 480-924-3232 East Valley Laser Inc_______ 480-855-7137 TechMark_ __________ 480-820--9444 Precision Etched Parts VACCO Industries_ ______ 626--450-6472 MANUFACTURING Adams Mfg & Eng_______ 623-486-2019 APMI ___ __________ 480-668-0024 Creedbilt Inc_ _______623-939-8119 Harschco LLC_ _______ 602-617-7514 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng_ __ 520-889-8325 Howell Precision________ 623-582-4776 Glover Precision, Inc.____ 480-464-0150 Group Manufacturing Serv__480-966-3952 PMBC_ ___________ 602-431-8131 RMSS _ ____________ 623-780-5904 Stewart Manufacturing_ ___ 623-582-2261 Scriven Precision_ ______ 480-961-9775 Systems 3___________ 480-894-2581 Manufacturing: Electrode Wire-Tech_ __________ 480-966-1591 Mfg: PhotoChemical Etching Fabrication VACCO Industries_ ______ 626--450-6472 METAL BAR CODING PMA PhotoMetal_______800-899-3366 METAL FORMING Creedbilt Inc_ _______623-939-8119 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 TMM Precision _ _______ 800-448-9448 Tri-Matrix_ __________ 480-844-0165 METALIZING Accuwright Industries_____480-892-9595

Bolt’s Metallizing_ _______602-244-2432 Jet Processing_______623-869-6749 x117 MOLDING: RUBBER Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 MOLDS Adams Mfg & Eng_______ 623-486-2019 PMBC_ ____________602-431-8131 JWB Manufacturing______ 480-967-4600 Quality Mold_ ________ 480-892-5480 Toolcraft of Phoenix_ ___623-435-5405 Tooling Molds West_ _____ 480-921-9939 Molds: Construction JWB Manufacturing______ 480-967-4600 Molds: Plastic Injection Micro-Tronics, Inc_ ______ 602-437-8995 Wire-Tech_ __________ 480-966-1591 Molds: Rubber Toolcraft of Phoenix_ ___623-435-5405

Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Perma-Finish_ ________ 602-278-1733 Southwest Powder Coating_ _ 602-272-0878 Valley Industrial Painting___ 602-256-6273 Wet Paint/CARC AP Industrial _ ________ 480-968-1947 MPI International_ ______ 956-631-6880 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Precision Industrial Painting_ 602-256-0260 Sandblast/Automated Valley Industrial Painting___ 602-256-6273 STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 NAME TAGS & LABELS Bar code & Marking Labels Screenprinting & Pad MAC Packaging________480-820-0017 Printing PMA Photometals_______480-773-3239 AP Industrial _ ________ 480-968-1947 Boeing Approved UID Tags & STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 Labels PVD (Physical Vapor DePMA Photometals_______480-773-3239 position) PACKAGING Aluminum Custom Packaging Advanced Coating______562-402-0005 MAC Packaging________480-820-0017 Chromium Electronic Invoicing MAC Packaging________480-820-0017 Advanced Coating______562-402-0005 Mil-Spec Packaging DLC (Diamond) MAC Packaging________480-820-0017 Advanced Coating______562-402-0005 RFID & UID Markings Molybdenum MAC Packaging________480-820-0017 Advanced Coating______562-402-0005 PMA Photometals_______480-773-3239 Titanium PAINTING Advanced Coating______562-402-0005 AP Industrial _ _________480-968-1947 Zirconium Arizona Finishing_ ______ 602-438-4443 Advanced Coating______562-402-0005 Coating Technologies_ _____623-581-2648

Jet Processing_______623-869-6749 x117 Precision Industrial Painting_ 602-256-0260 STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231 Valley Industrial Painting___ 602-256-6273 Abrasive Blasting AP Industrial _ _________480-968-1947 STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231 Painting& Blast Booths AP Industrial _ _________480-968-1947 STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231 Phosphate Coating Technologies_ _____623-581-2648 Powder Coating AP Industrial _ _________480-968-1947 Arizona Finishing_ ______ 602-438-4443 East Valley Powdercoat_ ____ 480-215-2461 LA Specialties_ _________ 602-269-7612

PLATING Arizona Hard Chrome_____ 602-278-8671 ChemResearch_________ 602-253-4175 Coating Technologies_ ____ 623-581-2648 Collins Metal Finishing_ ____602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 L A Specialties__________602-269-7612 Louie's Black Oxide______ 602-257-0530 METCO Metal Finishing_ ____602-276-4120 Precious Metal Plating____ 800-481-6271 Precision Metalworks___ 602-455-9575 Road Machinery________ 520-623-8681 Anodizing ChemResearch_________ 602-253-4175 Collins Metal Finishing_ ____602-275-3117 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 A2Z METALWORKER •

95 • Jan/Feb 2012

4710 E. Elwood St. 3285 E. 44 Street Phoenix, AZ 85040 Tucson, AZ, 85713, U.S.A.

Andrew S. Munter


(480) 820-0017 1-888-MAC.PKGE

Specializing in Military Specification Packaging and Bar Code


Marking labels


125 W. Gemini. Suite E-.4• Tempe, Al85283.5606.

Mike Gudin President Office: 480.306.7748 Cell: 480-383-9288 Fax: 480.306.7769

Mike ToddJones Updyke

Hydraulic Parts & Service Sales Hydraulic Repair Hardchrome Plating & Honing

BUS. (520) 623-8681 OR 800-989-8681 FAX (520) 798-1419 CELL (520) 269-1746 CELL 520-429-8205 AFTER HRS. – SERVICE (520) 240-9387 PARTS (520) 240-9390

Fax 820-3197

451 E. Juanita Ave. Suite #14 Mesa, AZ 85204

Dennis Reynolds PH 602-863-3196 17464 N. 25th Ave. Ste B1 Phoenix, AZ 85023

METCO Metal Finishing_ ___ 602-276-4120 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Embrittlement Relief EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Plating EPSI______________714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing_ _____ 480-921-0000 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 Hard Chrome Road Machinery________ 520-623-8681 Nickel/ Chrome/Palladium Collins Metal Finishing_ ___ 602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 LA Specialties_________ 602-269-7612 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Silver Plating EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 Tin / Zinc Plate Collins Metal Finishing_ ___ 602-275-3117 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Gold Tech Industries______ 480-968-1930 METCO Metal Finishing_ ___ 602-276-4120 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 POLISHING Gold Tech Industries______480-968-1930 L A Specialties_________ 602-269-7612 Road Machinery________ 520-623-8681 PRODUCT DESIGN Design and Modeling Bar-S Machine_ _____ 928-636-2115 Profiles Tool & Engineering__ 480-894-1008 PRECISION FLAT STOCK Tri-Matrix_ __________ 480-844-0165 A2Z METALWORKER •

96 • Jan/Feb 2012

PROCESSING: CHEMICAL LA Specialties_ ________ 602-269-7612 MPI International_ ______ 956-631-6880 VACCO Industries_ ______ 626-443-7121 Acid Pickle MPI International_ ______ 956-631-6880 Chemical Stripping MPI International_ ______ 956-631-6880 PRODUCTION Action Machine_ _______623-435-0883 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Louie's Black Oxide______602-257-0530 PUNCHING Gerome Mfg_________ 520-622-8402 Group Manufacturing Serv__480-966-3952 Central Components_ __ 520-571-1433 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 Phoenix Metalcraft____ 602-279-4810 Precision Metalworks___ 602-455-9575 Southwest Metal Fab_ ____602-470-1200 Stellar Machining & Fab_ 480-961-3075 WC Machine & Tool__ ____ 480-507-4620 X5 Manufacturing_______ 602-454-7385 SPINNING: Metal Metal Spinning Solutions___480-899-0939

Stamping Design SPLINES Apache Gear, Inc_ ______623-934-7144 Frontier Metal Stamping_ __ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 SPRAY: METAL, SPRINGS WORKS Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 PLASMA Weiser/Mile High Precision__ 303-280-2778 Accuwright Industries_____ 480-892-9595 Stamping Flat Forming Bolt’s Metallizing_ ______ 602-244-2432 Empire Precision Mach.___ 480-633-4580 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 SPRINGS WORKS Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 SPRINGS Stamping: Light Flat and Wire Springs Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_ ___602-243-4329 Stamping: Precision SPRINGWORKS Utah_ ____ 801-298-0113 Tri-Matrix_ __________480-844-0165 Frontier Metal Stamping_ __ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 STAMPING SPRINGS WORKS Utah_ ___ 801-298-0113 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_ ___602-243-4329 Astra Fab_ __________480-497-8250 Auer Precision_________ 480-834-4637 CygnetStamping & Fab____ 818-240-7574 Frontier Metal Stamping_ __ 303-458-5129 Gilbert Metal Stamping____480-503-1283 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 Precision Die & Stamping___480-967-2038 Scriven Precision_ ______480-961-9775 Weiser/Mile High Precision__ 303-280-2778 Whitley Machine_ ______602-323-5550 Wrico _ ____________480-892-7800 Precision Metal Forming SPRINGWORKS Utah_ ____ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Aerospace Frontier Metal Stamping_ __ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656 Stamping: Bending Pacific Metal Stampings____ 661-257-7656

TAPPING Gilbert Metal Stamping____480-503-1283 Harschco LLC_ _______602-617-7514

TESTING Testing: Flow / Target Semiray Aero. Testing_____ 623-842-3030 Testing: Non-Dest/ Pressure Jet Products_ _________ 623-869-6749 Semiray Aero. Testing_____ 623-842-3030 THERMAL SPRAY Accuwright Industries_____ 480-892-9595 Bolt’s Metallizing_ ______ 602-244-2432 Controlled Thermal Tech'y___ 602-272-3714 Empire Precision Mach.___ 480-633-4580 THREADING Thread Grinding Blue Streak Grinding_ ____602-353-8088 Grindworks_ _________ 623-582-5767

Total Customer Satisfaction Quality Products On- Time Delivery


E.D.M. Specialists Precision Machining

Matthew Carlson Sales Manager

SUN TECH Since 1980

(602) 455-9575. Fax (602) 455-0166. Cell (623) 203-9619 1700 N. 22nd Ave .• Phoenix, AZ. 85009

1930 E. 3rd St., #13 Tempe, AZ 85281

& ENG.

(480) 921-1665 Cell: (480) 215-7144

Contact: Kim Carpenter Kim@ 480.773.3239

Whitley Machine_ _____602-323-5550 Waterjet, High Press. Cutting Harschco LLC_ _______ 602-617-7514 LAI Southwest________ 602-304-1160

Boeing approved UID Tags & Name Plates!

Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Shaw Precision_ _______ 480-785-4925 Thread Rolling Ron Grob Co._ ________ 970-667-5320 Shaw Precision_ _______ 480-785-4925 TOOL & DIE 3D Machine LLC______ 480-239-8254 Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Gilbert Metal Stamping____ 480-503-1283 Whitley Machine_ ______ 602-323-5550 Wrico _ ____________ 480-892-7800 TOOLING Frontier Metal Stamping_ ___303-458-5129 US Carbide Tool LLC_______480-755-3812 Tooling: Jig & Fixture Building New Hope Machine_ _____ 520-825-7830 TREPANNING Trepanning Specialties_ ___562-633-8110 TUBING Assembly Formed Tubing Service & Sales_ _______ 480-968-9084 Formed Tubing AERO Spring & Mfg Co_ ___ 602-243-4329 Cling’s Manufacturing____480-968-1778 Large Diam. Pipe & Tubing Trepanning Specialties_ ___562-633-8110

WASHERS AERO Spring & Mfg Co___ 602-243-4329

Tube Bending /Fabrication Cling’s Manufacturing ____480-968-1778 Howell Precision_________623-582-4776 K-zell Metals, Inc._ ___ 602-232-5882 Service & Sales______ 480-968-9084 WATER PURIF/ RECYC. USFilter_ _________ 760-525-9930 WATERJET CUTTING Aerodyne Ulbrich Alloys_ 800-237-2888 CAD Enterprises________ 602-278-4407 Creedbilt Inc_ _______ 623-939-8119 EDM Express.com_____ 877-336-4548 Flow International ____ 480-830-0431 Harschco LLC_ _______ 602-617-7514 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 LAI Southwest_________ 602-304-1160 MarZee Inc._________602-269-5801 New Hope Machine_ _____ 520-825-7830 Southwest Waterjet_____480-306-7748 Stellar Machining & Fab__480-961-3075 Taycar Enterprises_ ____505-265-2121 Toolcraft of Phoenix_ __ 623-435-5405 WC Machine & Tool_ _____ 480-507-4620 Whitley Machine_ ____ 602-323-5550 Wintech_ __________ 602-437-9001 Waterjet,3D 3 - 5 AXIS LAI Southwest________ 602-304-1160 Waterjet, Multi head LAI Southwest________ 602-304-1160

6532 W Flint St. Ste. 1 Chandler, AZ 85226

X5 Manufacturing_______ 602-454-7385 WIRE FORMS Welding: Alum. Med & Lg AERO Spring & Mfg Co____602-243-4329 Tri-Matrix_ __________ 480-844-0165 Arrow Sheet Metal________303-427-6419 SPRINGWORKS Utah_ _____ 801-298-0113 Continental Machining___800-777-2483 Empire Precision Mach.___ 480-633-4580 WELDING Southwest Metal Fab_ ____ 602-470-1200 ACME Metal Works_ ______ 480-926-4171 Stellar Machining & Fab__480-961-3075 APMI _ ____________ 480-668-0024 Weiser/Mile High Precision__ 303-280-2778 Arrow Sheet Metal________ 303-427-6419 Welding: Enclosures Astra Fab_ __________480-497-8250 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 AzMark_ ___________480-926-8969 Southwest Metal Fab_ 602-470-1200 ____ Banner Machine, Inc_ ____602-437-4984 Welding: Design Bell Steel_____________ 480-833-5538 BID Machine, Inc_ ______480-892-7304 Astra Fab_ __________ 480-497-8250 Capital Stainless_ _____ 480-967-0016 Dungeon Delights_ ____ 480-215-2461 Central Components_ ___ 520-571-1433 Fry Fabrications________ 602-454-0701 Welding: Inspection SVC Continental Machining___ 800-777-2483 Team Industrial Services_ __ 602-269-7868 Creedbilt Inc_ _______ 623-939-8119 Welding: Orbital Dungeon Delights_ ____ 480-215-2461 L&W Fluid_________ 602-323-2560 Empire Precision Mach.____ 480-633-4580 Welding: Spot Group Mfg. Serv_ ______480-966-3952 Nelson Engineering______ 602-273-7114 Howell Precision_________ 623-582-4776 Welding: Tig Jan’s Inc._____________ 480-833-7305 Backerworks Mfg_____ 505-342-2943 K-zell Metals, Inc._ ____ 602-232-5882 Continental Machining___800-777-2483 Lynch Brothers Mfg_ ______ 602-267-7575 Cutting Edge Mfg_ ______ 480-609-7233 Precision Casting Repair_ ___800-622-2404 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 Precision Metalworks____ 602-455-9575 Stellar Machining & Fab__480-961-3075 Quality Mold_ _________480-892-5480 Scriven Precision_ ______ 480-961-9775 Your Business Card State Industrial Prod_____602-275-0990 Here. Stellar Machining & Fab__ 480-961-3075 Taycar Enterprises_ ____ 505-265-2121 Val-Tech Mfg___________ 480-966-7376 It’s Good For Business. Weiser/Mile High Precision___ 303-280-2778 And Just $260 for the X5 Manufacturing________ 602-454-7385 Year. Welding: Aerospace Arrow Sheet Metal________ 303-427-6419 Call 602.412.7696 Backerworks Mfg______ 505-342-2943 Central Components_ ___ 520-571-1433 A2Z METALWORKER •

97 • Jan/Feb 2012

3D Machine.....................................87 4 Sight Technologies......................85 A&J Indus. Mch Repair.............69,85 AATC.................................................87 ABS Quality Evaluations.................40 ABS Metallurgical Processors..........90 Absolute Machining & Turning.....97 ACC Machinery............................7,78 Accuwright...........................................90 Ace Laser.........................................88 ACME Metal Works.......................96 Action Machine..............................88 Adams Mfg & Eng..........................90 Adams Mach..................13,51,78,100 Advanced Coating Technologies...96 Advanced Coord Tech................... 79 Advanced Metal Sales.....................84 Advanced Precision....................... 85 Aero Spring & Mfg.........................89 Aerodyne Alloys............................. 83 AgieCharmilles................................31 Airtek............................................... 82 Alerus Bank & Trust.................. 16,85 All World Machinery Supply......22,85 Aluminum Precision......................90 American Aerospace..................... 87 AMT-America................................. 92 AMTS............................................... 85 Apache Gear...................................90 Apache Steel.................................. 82 AP Industrial...................................96 APMI................................................ 87 Arizona Engineering...................... 92 Arizona Finishing.............................91 Arizona Hard Chrome....................91 Arizona Wire Spec............... ..........87 Arizona Wire Tool.......................... 97 Arrow Sheet Metal........................90 ARTL................................................86 Astra Fab......................................... 87 Auer Precision................................90 Ayers Gear & Mach........................ 87 AZ CNC.. 8,9,21,23,45,48,64-67,78,81 AZMARK................................... 88,96 AZ Metals...................................24,82 AZ Tool Steel..............................82,83 B&B Tool.........................................84 B & T Tool & Engr.......................... 82 Backerworks Mfg..........................94 3 Bank of Arizona............................. 83 Barry Metals..............................58,83 Bar-S Machine Inc.......................... 87 Barton Mines . ..........................56,79 BC Tool Grinding.......................... 901 Bell Steel.........................................89 BID Machine, Inc............................89 Blaser............................................... 83 Blue Streak Grinding............... 68,90 BMSC..........................................75,85 Bolt’s Metallizing, Inc.................... 93 Bralco Metals.............................81,82 Byington Steel Treating.................91 CAD Enterprises............................. 92 CAID.................................................88 California Tool.................................81 Canyon State Oil......................... 2,83 Capital Stainless........................38,86 Cassavant Machining.................... 95 Castrol................................................2 Central Components..................... 92 Central Valley Machine................. 95 Certified Inspection Services . ..... 87 CGS Technologies, Inc.................. 89 Challenger Aerospace................... 92 ChemResearch................................91 CIS....................................................86 Cling’s Manufacturing...................89 CNC Machinery..............................80 Coast Aluminum...............................82 Coastal Metals...........................18,84 Coating Tech.............................71,88 Collins Metal Finishing.................. 87 Composites Manufacturing..........72 Continental Machining..................93 Controlled Thermal........................91 Country Financial............................85 A Z METALWORKER • 98 • Jan/Feb 2012 2

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Courier Graphics...........................74 CPI...................................................86 Creedbilt Inc..............................38,94 CRI..............................................44,85 Cupps Industrial Supply.....................93 CTE.. ...................................81 CVD Diamond Corp..............................82 Cygnet Stamping & Fab................96 D & R Mchy................................23,78,84 DCM Tech..................................40,80 DDi..............................................84,99 Datum Inspection..........................91 Delcam...........................................84 Desert EDM Sales....................54,81 Dungeon Delights.........................89 East Valley Laser Inc.....................93 East Valley Powdercoat...............96 Ebbco Inc.......................................79 Echols Saw & Supply................11,78 Eclipse Carbide..............................80 Edge Technologies....................... 81 EDM EDM Network......................... 46,82 EDM Perform Access...................83 EDM Tech..................................50,87 Ellison Machinery.. 5,52-53,59,78,80 Elrod Machine & Mfg..............48,81 Empire Precision Mach................. 94 EPSI.................................................. 96 Evans Precision Mach’g...............90 Excaliber Precision.......................88 Fadal CNC.................................39, 79 Fine Line Fabricating Inc..............90 Fine Line Laser Cutting.................96 Firetrace.........................................79 Flow Intl....................................55,82 Foresight Finishing.......................96 Foresight Technologies................88 Frontier Metal Stamping.............96 Fry Fabrications.............................87 Fry Steel Co....................................82 Ganesh Machinery...................41,80 Gartman Tech Services...........76,97 Geiger Electric Inc.........................79 Gerome Mfg............................ 54,88 Gilbert Metal Stamping...............87 Gilbert Precision Machine............94 Gladhill Assoc...........................73,92 Global EDM Supply....................... 81 Glover Precision, Inc.....................92 GMN USA....................................... 81 Gold Tech Industries.....................92 Great Western .........................70,85 Grindworks....................................88 Group Manufacturing..................89 Haas Factory Outlet.............5,80,81 Hangsterfer’s................................80 HK Machining................................93 Harschco ....................................... 91 Hawkeye Precision.......................89 Haynes Intl.....................................82 Helical Solutions............................85 Hexagon........................................79 Hi-Tech Machining & Welding.....89 Howard PMP.................................92 Howell Precision ..........................88 HUB Intl..........................................85 Hurco.............................................. 27 Ind. Metal Supply.....................32,83 Ind.Tool Die....................................93 Ind. Workholding Solution..........84 Infinisys.................................... 88,92 Innovative Cutting Tools.............. 81 Innovative Tool Sales................... 81 Intech Funding.............................. 33 Integrated Systems Inc................97 IRH..................................................85 ITDE................................................92 Jan’s Inc..........................................93 J B’s Prec Ind....................................92 JD Ellen LLC.......................................93 Jemelco Inc......................................85 J.K. Tool................................ .........80 Jorgenson ...................... ...................80 JRT Hunt.................................................96 JWB Manufacturing...............................91 K D Capital.....................................78

Klontech Indus. Sales...............78,84 KMT Waterjet................................. 79 K-Zell Metals, Inc............................89 L&W Machine Co............................92 LA Specialties............................68,92 LAI International............................90 Larry Arroues..................................81 Layke Inc.........................................88 Leavitt Group................................. 85 Lewis Aerospace...........................89 Lone Arrow.....................................81 Louie’s Black Oxide.................. 89,91 Louie’s Gun Finishing.....................91 Lynch Brothers................................91 Machinery Sales............................ 80 MAC Packaging.............................. 96 Magnum Precision..........17,63,78-81 Makino........................................15,78 Marshall Tool & Supply................. 84 MarZee..................................32,82,90 Matrix Machine.........................87,88 May Foundry..................................90 MD Helicopters...............................57 Mesa Machinery............................80 Metalcraft Inc..................................92 Metal Processing Intl.................... 94 Metal Spinning...............................89 Metals Eng & Testing Labs........... 85 Metco Metal . .................................92 Methods Machine.........................80 Micro-Tronics.............................30,88 Micro 100...................................44,83 Micropulse West............................ 87 Midaco Corp..............................38,84 Milne................................................ 85 Mirachem........................................81 MITSUBISHI.....................................25 MMR LLC........................................86 Moore Tool & Equip......................80 Mountain Rep................................ 85 Morsch Machine............................ 87 Muratec..........................................80 National Grinding & Mfg...............90 Nelson Engineering.......................89 New Hope Machine......................88 Noranco....................................28,88,89 North-South ..............................25,81 O’Donnell & Associates................ 84 OGP................................................. 79 Omax Corp................................45,78 Orion Registrar................................92 Osborn Products..................... 88,90 Pacific Metal Stampings............... 96 Perfection Industrial Finishing..... 95 Perfection Powder Coating.............88 Perma-Finish....................................91 Petersen Inc................................... 94 Petroferm........................................81 PGI................................................... 97 Phoenix Grinding...........................88 Phoenix Heat Treat.........................91 Phoenix Metalcraft....................... 96 Phoenix Metal Trading......................50,84 Pivot....................................................91 PMA Photometals ........................86 PMC Manufacturing...................... 93 Powill Mfg................................. 88,91 Praxair Distribution..........................84 Precious Metal Plating..............92 Precision Casting Repair.......... 87 Precision Die .......................................87 Precision Industrial Painting.............88 Precision Metalworks.......................97 Prime Axis.......................................14,88 Prime Machine.....................................88 P . ro Precision .......................................90 Profiles Tool & Eng ...................................88 QTC ..............................................................84 Quality Advisory...............................81 Qualichem, Inc...................................82 Quality Improvement Consulting......86 Quality Mold.........................90 R&D Specialty Manco................93 RMSS...........................................95 Road Machinery...............................96 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades..........79 Ron Grob............................................93

Ryerson.............................................84 S&S Machinery Sales.......................80 Samuel, Son & Co..................20,82,83 Sandvik Coromant..................... 80,86 Satowfi.............................................. 93 Savage Machine . ............................ 79 SBG Capital.......................................84 Scriven Precision Fab...................... 87 Seco Tools.........................................84 Self Clinch..........................................81 Semiray .......................................49,93 Service & Sales................................. 97 Setco Marketing ............................. 83 Shaw Precision Grind’g...................89 Shop Floor Automations................ 85 S L Fusco............................................82 Southwest Metal Fab...................... 97 Southwest Powder..........................91 Southwest Spindle Service.............84 Southwest Swiss Precision Mchg.........93 Southwest Waterjet........................96 Spectra Financial.........................42,84 SPRINGWORKS Utah...................... 97 St Vrain..............................................94 Star Metal Fluids......... 19,79,82,84,85 Starrett.............................................. 79 State Industrial Prod........................82 State Seal Company........................ 79 Steel Services Grind’g................73,88 Stellar Machining & Fab Inc.............92 Stevens Engineering....................... 83 Sun Grinding................................ 10,90 Sun Tech............................................ 97 Superior Grinding.............................91 Sustaining Edge Solutions..........12,84 Swisstech Tooling & Mfg................ 95 Systems3........................................... 93 TAYCAR.............................................90 TCI Precision Metals.........................82 TMM Precision............................87,94 T.S.M. Mach. .................................... 78 Team Industrial Services............ 56,91 TechMark....................................... 90 Temperature Processing.................91 Temtco Steel......................................82 The Metal Man......................... 87,90 The Werks C&C...............................83 TMI (GibbsCAM).............................85 TNT Sandblasting...........................93 Tolleson Steel..................................82 Toolcraft of Phoenix.......................93 Tooling Molds West.......................93 Tornquist Machinery......................79 Total Filtration Services.................. 81 Total Quality Sys.............................82 Trepanning Specialties...................95 Tri-Matrix Mach............................ 89 Trio Tool........................................... 81 TriPlex...................................... 1,34-36 Trusty-Cook............................... 29,80 Tsugami...........................................37 TW Metals.......................................83 Tube Service....................................82 U S Shop Tools........................... 27,81 Ulbrich of CA..............................47,82 United Performance Metals.........82 Universal Laser Systems................28 US Carbide Tools............................97 VACCO Industries......................74,87 Val-Tech Mfg.................................. 89 Valley Industrial Painting.............. 96 Washington Cal. ....................... 91 WC Machine & Tool....................... 89 Weiser/Mile High Precision.......... 90 Westec............................................ 77 Western Sintering Co............... 60-62 Western States Metal....................85 White Rock Inc...............................93 Whitley Machine ...................... 90 Widia............................................... 80 Wintech.......................................... 89 Wire-Tech....................................... 89 Wrico.............................................. 89 X5.................................................... 89

New in SolidWorks 2012: • Design Costing Automated costing integrated with design keeps you on budget • Sheet Metal New tools and precision controls to craft complex designs • Sustainable Design Improve environmental impact with powerful, easy-to-use tools

SolidWorks & CAMWorks … ®


Working Together to Reduce Problems in the Manufacturing Process

On-line, Instructor-led Training Classes • SolidWorks Sheet Metal & Weldments Dec 5th – Dec 8th, 2011 2:30 – 4:30 pm daily PDT • SolidWorks Best Practices – 6, 2 hr sessions Jan 11, 12 & 13 Jan 18, 19 & 20 2:30 – 4:30 pm each day • CAMWorks Call for dates & times

SolidWorks & CAMWorks work together in a single window, eliminating file transfer issues. Their single window integration provides accurate solid model representation of machined parts and reduces the software learning curve.

Technical Webcasts These technical webcasts are FREE and provide a valuable resource for our customers. The DDi archived webcasts are available at under the support/webcasts pull down menu. SolidWorks Hands-on Test Drive Nov 21st, 9am – Noon / DDi Phoenix Office DDi provides FREE, half-day training sessions for CAMWorks, SolidWorks and Simulation at our offices in Arizona and California.

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