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Vol. 3, No. 6 Feb/Mar 2014 Front Cover Story

Regional Manufacturing Magazine For The Northwest (WA, OR, and CA)

TCI Precision Metals Los Angeles, CA Serves the Metal Working Industry With 3 Generations of Precision Made to Size Metal Blanks

Welcome to Cascade Systems Technology

Proud American Electronics Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008 ITAR Registered #M21706

Demonstrated Technology Leadership Starts with CST

RoHS Compliant Engineering Processes

Our Goal is 100% defect free products and to exceed our customers requirements.

Cascade Systems Technology (CST) is a Hillsboro, Oregon based contract electronic manufacturing company. CST was founded in 1989 and we have been providing quality electronics manufacturing and engineering services to our customers for 20 years. We specialize in the design and manufacture of electronic assemblies for a variety of applications. + Prototype and QTA Capabilities with Turnkey, Kitted and Consigned Builds + Quick Turn Prototype and Seamless Transition to Medium to High Volume + Fine Pitch, BGAs, MLF Packages + Lead Free Processes + Engineering Design Services + High Density and Double-Sided Capabilities + In-Circuit, Flying Probe, and Functional Testing + Supply Chain Management + Electro-Mechanical and Sub-Assembly Builds + High Speed SMT Lines + Automated Conformal Coat + OSP Process

Industries Served Defense Aerospace Medical Industrial Commercial Energy Prototype

23176 NW Bennett Street Hillsboro, OR 97124 T. 503.640.5733


QUICK TURN SMART 200 TURNING CENTER Turn Parts With a Bar Feeder and Rotary Parts Accumulator for Unattended Operation

A TWIN-SPINDLE, MULTI-TASKING TURNING CENTER with a standard option gantry loader creates a Done-in-OneÂŽ automation cell.

A VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER can achieve greater spindle utilization with a two-pallet changer.

A COMPACT, FULL 5-AXIS VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER offers high yields and takes up less floor space.

A HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER can operate 24/7 when integrated with a modular, pre-engineered PALLETECH System.


OUR NETWORK OF REGIONAL TECHNOLOGY CENTERS can help you achieve the next level of productivity.

BY OFFERING THE BROADEST RANGE of innovative machine tools and automation strategies on the market, all backed by the industry’s most comprehensive support network, we can maximize your productivity and profitability like no one else can. To learn more about Mazak’s total approach to your success, visit one of our eight North American Technology Centers or visit WWW.MAZAKUSA.COM.

MAZAK CORPORATION 8025 Production Drive, Florence, KY 41042 (859) 342-1700 WWW.MAZAKUSA.COM

OUR NORTH AMERICAN PARTS CENTER achieves 97% same-day delivery on all part orders.

OUR SPINDLE REBUILD FACILITY stocks more than 200 rebuilt spindles to minimize machine downtime.

Facebook Twitter YouTube Committed to productivity-enhancing connectivity, Mazak supports the MTConnect open communications protocol to simplify the monitoring and management of its production systems. Currently, 36 Mazak customers are using or implementing the protocol to improve the utilization of their manufacturing equipment.

MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. Representing the best in metal working solutions since 1984. MAGNUM PRECISION MACHINES, INC. 

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#(    ) &(/ (#/) $*1) 4"+)

Editors Corner

If not in a garage, start somewhere

Amazon started in a garage as an online bookstore in Bellevue, WA. All Jeff Bezos wanted to do at first was sell books and today it’s the world’s largest online retailer. Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Dell Computers, Maglite, Mattel, Hershey’s, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and the Ford Motor Company, all started with meager beginnings, a dream, and a persistent desire to build their own business.These well-known corporations all started out as home-based businesses. In fact, more than half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner’s home. These companies were not over night successes. Some took many years to become the mogals they are today. Hard work, a burning desire to build something, and some luck. We’ve all heard the definition of luck; hard work meets prepardiness. The people that start their own business, buy a business, or even carry on a family business often do so because they are passionate creators. They want to know that they have really lived. And one of the best ways to achieve that is to know that they’ve created something out of nothing, or to have something in their lives that they are completely and absolutely passionate about. Often, running their own business fills that need, and gives them a real sense of achievement and of being in control of their own future. My friend Tommy is a Vietnamese/American and immigrated to the U.S. over 25 years ago when he was just 15. He his mother and his sister were refugees and were granted entrance to the U.S. because Tommy’s Dad served in the U.S. Air Force before he passed away. After graduating high school Tommy went to De Vry University but had to drop out because he could not afford the tuition. He got 2 jobs and later enrolled into a community college to pursue his long dream of becoming a machinist. For many years he worked in various machine shops and proved himself as a hard worker and a smart machinist that could make just about anything. He was the shop foreman for many high quality shops in his city and was sought after.

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CONTRIBUTORS Linda Daly Hugh Taylor John & Ben Belzer Robert Moores

My friend married young and valued the opportunity he had in the U.S. and he valued education. From early on he and his wife saved a portion of everything they both made in their jobs for their 3 children’s education. This faithful saving amounted to a healthy sum by the time their Published bi-monthly to keep precision manufacfirst valedictorian graduated high school and set off for college with a full paid scholarship. turers abreast of news and to supply a viable supAll of a sudden my friend found himself with a lot of cash and he always yearned to have his plier source for the industry. own machine shop. After some prompting from his wife one day he gave notice and he quit Circulation: The A2Z Metalworker NW maintains a his job. He started his business in a small garage size commercial rental with 3 used machines. master list of over 11,500 decision makers consisting After months of hard work he bought his first new machine and by that time brought on 3 of of fortune 1000 companies, small manufacturing his friends that had worked with him at various other machine shops. companies, engineering firms, DOD & Scientific Lab facilities, machine shops, fab-shops, and secondary I visited my friend last week and when I drove up to his small shop he had the biggest smile source businesses. It has an estimated pass on readership on his face. He ushered me into his small shop and showed me a large double size door he had of more than 25,000 people. The majority of our opened up into the adjoining building. This doubled the size of his shop. He informed me that readers are based in the Pacific Northwest! he was buying two more brand new CNC machines and that he was looking to be ISO certified by the end of this year. The feeling in that place was electric and I’ve never seen him so happy. Advertising Rates have remained the same since 1999, deadlines and mechanical requirements furnished on our webite at: It may be the exciting journey after all that gives us the biggest smile. I deeply admire all of you and I thank you all for being a big part of our U.S. Manufacturing.

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Thank you and may your dreams come true and your businesses do well.

Kim Carpenter A2Z METALWORKER NW •


Feb/Mar 2014

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Long Products – a sampling of what we offer Carbon Steel Bar

Stainless Steel Tube

• • • • • •

• 304 SQUARE TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 12"SQ X .500W • 304 RECTANGLE TUBE – 1/2" X 1" X .065W THRU 12"SQ X 8" X .500W • 304 ROUND TUBE – 1/2"OD X .065W THRU 6.0"D X .375W • AVAILABLE IN MILL FINISH AND 180 GRIT POLISHED

CF1018 ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 6" CF1018 SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" CF1018 FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 3-1/2" X 6" CF1045 ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 6" CF1144 STRESSPROOF ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 4-1/2" CF12L14 ROUNDS – 1/2" THRU 6"

Alloy Steel Bar • • • •

CF4140ANN ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 4-1/2" CF8620ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/8" THRU 4-3/4" CF4140HT ROUNDS – 3/4" THRU 3-1/2" HR4140ANN ROUNDS – 1-1/2" THRU 24"

Aluminum Bar

Carbon Steel Tube • ERW STEEL TUBE – 1/2"OD X .049W THRU 6"0D X .188W • ORN STEEL TUBE – 1/2"SQ X .065W THRU 4"SQ X .120W • STRUCT STEEL TUBE – 1-1/2"SQ THRU 6"SQ X .250W (INCLUDING RECTANGLES)

Stainless Steel Bar • • • • •

303, 304L, 316L, 17-4 ROUNDS – 1/8" THRU 12" 304L, 316L PLATE CUT FLATS – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 1/2" X 8" 303, 304L, 316L ROLLED BAR – 1/4" X 3/4" THRU 1-1/2" X 2" 304L, 316L ANGLES – 3/4" X 3/4" X 1/8" THRU 4" X 4" X 1/2" 304L, 316L CHANNELS – 2" X 1" X 1/8" THRU 6" X 4" X 3/8"

• 6061 EXTR & CF ROUNDS – 3/16" THRU 12" • 6061 EXTR SQUARES – 1/4" THRU 6" • 6061 EXTR RECTANGLES – 1/8" X 1/2" THRU 4" X 8" • 6061, 6063 EXTR ANGLES, CHANNELS, BEAMS • 2024 CF ROUNDS – 3/8" THRU 4"

Tube & Pipe • 6061, 6063 EXTR SQUARE TUBE – 3/4"SQ X .065W THRU 8"SQ X .500W • 6061, 6063 EXTR RECTANGLE TUBE – 3/4" X 1-1/2" THRU 2" X 8" X .250W • 6061 EXTR ROUND TUBE – 1/2" X .125W THRU 8"OD X .250W • 6061 EXTR PIPE – 1/2" SCH40 THRU 8" SCH80

Fabrication Ryerson simplifies customer manufacturing and procurement. From one-of-a-kind components to parts in production quantities, our one-stop shopping reduces overall costs and streamlines operations.

Carbon & Alloy Plate We routinely stock: • Carbon from general purpose to structural, PVQ and improved machining grades. • Alloy in construction, case hardening, PVQ, aircraft quality and abrasion resisting grades.

Lower Production Costs Trim outsourcing handling costs and inspection points. Eliminate scrap handling costs and inspection points. Minimize capital expenditures. Our ready-to-assemble parts reduce customer work-in-process inventory.

Plate processing: Oxy-fuel Cutting Plasma Cutting Shearing

Aluminum Plate We routinely stock: • Heat treatable, cast tooling and cast mold plate • Standard thicknesses to 16” • Widths to 60.5” • Standard lengths of 96”, 120”, 144”, 240” and 288” • Diamond Tread plate

Consolidate Supplier Base Save transportation and administrative costs. We’re responsible for all work

Plate processing: Sawing Band Saw Cutting Shearing Cutting to Length

Increase Flexibility Test new designs and prototypes without tying up machines or employees. We know fabrication and materials and recommend the best for customer applications. Meet Demand Fluctuations Eliminate bottlenecks. Avoid capacity overloads. Eliminate capital tied up in underutilized equipment. We help customers focus on core competencies and meet processing requirements.

Stainless Plate We routinely stock: • All standard grades • Plate up to 4” thick • Coiled plate inventory: 36, 48, 60, 72” wide • Stainless floor plate in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4” thickness Plate processing: Plasma Cutting Sawing Shearing Cutting to Length Precision Leveling

performed, even for services of our extended fabrication network. We screen and audit all of our sources.

Seattle: 600 SW 10th Street, Renton, WA 98057 206-624-2300 Local | 800-562-9067 Toll Free

Portland: 6330 Basin Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 503-247-2300 Local | 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Boise: 6759 S. Supplyway, Boise, ID 83716 800-452-9935 Toll Free

Spokane: 207 N. Freya Street, Spokane, WA 99202 509-535-1582 Local | 800-541-6365 Toll Free

Announcements & Releases Matsuura Usa Awards Selway Machine Tool

SwiftCarb’s NEW 2014 catalog is now available! CATALOG SC2014




Distributor Of The Year





SwiftCarb - Extreme Endmills and Carbide Cutting Tools are a perfect fit to increase your bottom line! For hyper speed machining of steel, stainless steel, alloys and aluminum, nothing compares to SwiftCarb endmills, RampMills and other specialty cutting tools. Here are what some industry leaders are saying about SwiftCarb tools: “We started running the RampMill in March 2009, we changed it out for the first time in September 2009 after six months and 7,000 components. The ability of this cutter to remove so much material so effeciently and maintain excellent tool life is Truly Amazing.” “In the past ten years, we have not seen an efficiency gain compared to the increased tool life and material removal rate we experienced with the RampMill.”

Selway Machine Tool, a provider of quality machine tools and accessories, was recently named Distributor of theYear by Matsuura USA. Matsuura USA President, John Schwartz, honored Bill Selway, President of Selway Machine Tool with the award at their Union City location. “Matsuura USA is pleased to present our first Distributor of the Year award to Selway Machine Tool. Matsuura’s long-standing relationship with Selway Machine Tool is a testament to their commitment to Matsuura customers providing exceptional sales and service support,” Schwartz said. Selway Machine Tool was founded in 1963 by Roy Selway. The company began representing Matsuura products in 1978. Many of the Matsuura 5-axis machining centers sold by Selway Machine Tool are producing parts for the Aerospace, Medical and Semi-conductor industries. The company continues to expand its operations, functioning in the same performance driven environments as its customers, focusing on providing value added products and services. Selway Machine Tool sold the first Matsuura Horizontal with Multipallet System in the U.S., and has installed thousands of Matsuura Machining Centers on the West Coast. “We applaud Selway Machine Tool and value our partnership with them to offer premium machine tools to our customers,” Schwartz added.

For more information on how SwiftCarb can help you in effeciency or for your new SwiftCarb Catalog copy call 800-227-9876 or go to A2Z METALWORKER NW •

6 • Feb/Mar 2014

For more information on Selway Machine Tool, please contact them at: Phone: (510) 487-2525 For more information on Matsuura products, contact:

Can Your Business Benefit from Infor Industrial Manufacturing for Fabricated Metal Manufacturers? •Infor Industrial Manufacturing for fabricated metal manufacturers: •Is specialized for metal fabrication. •Serves the needs of over 2,000 fabricators globally. •Supports mixed-mode manufacturing processes •Is built with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience. •Speed up business With Infor Industrial Manufacturing, you’ll lower production costs and increase revenue by being able to respond quicker to changes, make decisions faster, and get products to market sooner. Increase the speed at which you do business when you take advantage of Infor’s integrated, endto-end solution suite, designed specifically for the metal fabrication industry. With Infor Industrial Manufacturing, you’ll: • Improve production. • Better predict customer demand. • Improve inventory accuracy and reduce inventory levels. • Streamline, accelerate, and standardize business processes. • Improve on-time and complete shipments. • Improve fabrication schedule compliance. • Increase access to data for faster analysis and decision making against company goals. . To learn more about Infor contact Sheila Berru at sheila.

Fahey Machinery Invites you to come by the facility at: 17605 SW 65th Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 Come by today and share a nice cup of coffee and a doughnut with us while we give you a tour of our showroom full of the latest in new and used fabrication

machinery and fabrication tooling. Fahey Machinery only buys the best used equipment for resale so you will get a great working machine and service that can’t be matched. Fahey’s professional service, parts, and tooling departments and are dedicated to keeping your equipment operating smoothly and with precision accuracy.

Contact us at any time for any of your service, new and used equipment list, parts, and tooling needs. We would be happy to help! (503) 620-9031,

The A2Z Metalworker Magazines announce our new S. California Business Development Manager Kate Carpenter Kate Carpenter joins the A2Z Metalworker Magazines Team. Kate will be in charge of all Southern California sales and business development. .Kate has been the owner/operator of a mobile automotive paintIng company for the last 17 years. A mini-bodyshop on wheels and has built her business through top level customer service. Kate’s company specialized in exterior cosmetic refurbishing of automobiles for car dealerships, rental car agencies and private individuals. Kate brings a vast knowledge in sales and marketing from her experience of building her own business. Please welcome Kate when she comes by to see you and please help her understand your business model. You can reach Kate at: 912-604-2314


7 • Feb/Mar 2014

Extra Length Miniature Carbide Endmills 3 & 4 Flute - Ball & Square Square-$17.90 uncoated Ball- $18.90 uncoated Dia. LOC OAL 1/32" .250" 2" 3/64" .250" 1-1/2" 3/64" .375" 2" 1/16" .312" 2" 1/16" .500" 2" 5/64" .406" 2" 5/64" .625" 2" 3/32" .500" 2" 3/32" .750" 2"

1-1/2" Length of Flute Dia. LOC OAL Uncoated ALTIN 1/4" 1-1/2"




3/8" 1-1/2"




1/2" 1-1/2"






1/2" 1-1/2" 3-1/2"

Announcements Continued

Long time employees and new owners, President Stan Pelster and Vice President Ralph Southmayd are both Oregon natives. Both started working at Portland Precision over 30 years ago, working their way up through the company from the shop floor to their current positions as Co-owners.

With their backgrounds, both Stan and Ralph fully understand the importance of combining the latest in CNC machining technology, with a stable team of talented machinists. They look forward to taking Portland Precision to the next level, as they plan to purchase this spring, the latest CNC Milling equipment. They also plan to expand in-house training, to meet the ever growing demand of the high tech industries they serve. The company prides themselves on providing 8

Feb/Mar 2014

Square- $21.50 uncoated $23.90 ALTIN Ball- $23.90 uncoated, $25.90 ALTIN Dia. LOC. Reach OAL 1/32" .094" .279"


3/64" .141" .423"


1/16" .186" .500"


5/64" .234" .500"


3/32" .279" .625"


a good home for their employees, reflected in the fact that their employees average 15 plus years each with the company.

Portland Precision Under New Management


Long Reach 4 Flute Carbide Endmills

Portland Precision is one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading manufacturers of precision CNC machined parts, prototypes and assembled components. Specializing in high quality, they maintain strict ISO 9001-2008 standards and are ITAR registered . Their inspection capabilities include their advanced Zeiss Contura G2. Portland Precision specializes in machining a wide variety of materials including your standards like aluminum and stainless steel, as well as your exotic plastics, titanium, tungsten and many more. Portland Precision also offer in-house engineering assistance and complete secondary operations, including metal finishing and assembly. Industries & applications include semiconductor, optical, medical, marine, m i l i t a r y, electronic, aerospace, and many more. For more information contact Portland Precision at:


Full Radius Key Cutters

Carbide Head Steel Shank Key Cutters H ead D ia.


.0625 3/8 .0938 .1250 .0312 .0625 1/2 .0938 .1250 .0312 .0625 5/8 .0938 .1250 .0312 .0625 .0938 3/4 .1250 .1562 .1875 .2500

Edp #

78-1105 78-1110 78-1115 78-1120 78-1130 78-1140 78-1150 78-1160 78-1170 78-1180 78-1190 78-1228 78-1230 78-1240 78-1250 78-1260 78-1265 78-1285

N eck N eck Shank ST D . # D ia. Length D ia.

#204 #304 #404 #305 #405

#406 #506 #606 #806

# of T eeth

Shank Length

P rice





2-3/4 $39.55

.250 .135 .165 .190 .280 .280 .195 .225 .280 .280 .280 .230 .250 .280 .280

1/4 STD. STD. STD. 1/4 1/4 STD. 1/4



$54.86 $42.44 2-3/4 $42.44 $52.79 $55.64 $55.64 2-3/4 $43.27 $45.65 $74.50 $74.50 $71.60 2-3/4 $57.80 $59.30 $59.30 $59.30






HEAD DIA. .500 .625 .750 1.00

HEAD WIDTH 1/16 3/32 1/8 1/16 3/32 1/8 1/16 3/32 1/8 1/16 3/32 1/8

EDP# 1100 1105 1110 1115 1120 1125 1130 1135 1140 1145 1150 1155































Solid Carbide Key Cutters DIA.


1/8" 76-910 3/16" 76-1055 76-1065 76-1135 1/4" 76-1155 76-1159 3/8" 76-1210

CUTTER CUTTER NECK NECK SHAN # OF OAL PRICE WIDTH DIA. DIA. LENGTH K DIA. TEETH .312 .125 .060 1/8 1/8 6 2" $29.90 .312 .187 .094 3/16 3/16 6 2-1/2 $27.90 .0312 .0312 .250 .125 1/4 1/4 6 2-1/2" $29.90 .0625 .0938 .0625 .375 .200 3/8 1/2 8 2-1/2 $45.90

Simultaneous Engineering At Castrol Industrial

We will assist with the design and layout of product storage solutions to meet oil storage regulations

Simultaneous engineering (SIMENG) is the collaboration of engineering partners, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the development of new or modified processes.

We can ensure operational efficiency across your product supply and logistics

At Castrol, we have used our extensive knowledge gained from working with OEMs, machine tool builders and tooling suppliers to focus on simultaneous engineering projects and deliver innovative and technologically advanced solutions that push the boundaries of performance within your operations. We will develop proactive relationships with your engineering and design teams to understand your specific plant and process requirements We will provide research and development in support of your requirements, from new product development through to re-engineering processes or greater levels of standardisation Our responsive technical support will deliver your programme objectives, from project initiation through to start of production and beyond

Management and control of ‘in use’ applications, including our metalworking fluids and lubricants, will ensure they meet your productivity, quality and cost targets We will deliver efficiencies in order to minimise waste discharge and disposal, which helps to meet or exceed your local environmental legislation and targets Our dedicated OEM and engineering teams will liaise with your vendors, understand their requirements, and work with them to provide the appropriate product recommendations We will gain product approvals through working with our customer service laboratory, the equipment vendor and your laboratory to test fluid compatibility and performance We will provide products to the equipment vendor to ensure conformity to the process requirements prior to your sign off and subsequent equipment delivery.

For more info call: 877 641 1600, A2Z METALWORKER NW •


Feb/Mar 2014

Alloy Solutions for Bar & Plate ! Oil & Gas

Fasteners !

Announcements Continued

Mazak to Showcase High-Performance, HighValue 5-Axis Machining at AeroDef New VARIAXIS j-500 5X productively produces accurate aircraft parts in single setups


! Aerospace !

Taming hostile environments on or off the earth. Pound by Pound! A full inventory of Nickel, Cobalt, Stainless, Titanium Alloys including, 718, 625, 321, 347, Alloy X and 6AL4V CA 800.337.3766 CT 800.243.4344 SC 800.243.4344 TX 800.527.4705

O’Neal High-Performance Metals Group!

OIL MIST AND SMOKE IN YOUR SHOP? Low-Cost, Highly Efficient Mist and Smoke Collectors Designed Specifically for the Metalworking Industry 1-800-645-4174

Mazak is a leading supplier to the aerospace and defense industries with hundreds of machine tool configurations to choose from and extensive process engineering expertise. At AeroDef 2014, taking place Feb. 25 – 27 in Long Beach, Calif., the company will demonstrate its new VARIAXIS j-500 5X vertical machining center that offers high-value simultaneous 5-axis and Multi-Tasking capabilities for productively and accurately processing aircraft parts. Visitors to Mazak booth 639 will experience how the VARIAXIS j-500 5X provides cost-effective and efficient single-machine part processing in titanium, hard metals and aluminum via fast, powerful high-rigidity spindles as well as a high-accuracy rotary/tilt table. And through its Multi-Tasking capability, the machine further reduces production lead times, improves machining precision and lowers operating expenses. The VARIAXIS j-500 5X comes standard equipped with a 12,000rpm, 15-hp, CAT-40 milling spindle, with a high-speed 18,000-rpm spindle available as an option. An 18-tool magazine provides fast tool changes to keep spindles in the cut and reduce cycle times. And unlike other vertical machining centers, the VARIAXIS j-500 5X changes tools without having to return its table to the home position, thus further reducing cycle times. An 1,181-ipm rapid traverse rate in the X, Y and Z axes further shortens non-cut times, while the machine’s high-precision rotary/ tilt table provides an A-axis (tilting) rotation of -120 degrees to +30 degrees and a C-axis rotation of ±360 degrees, both in increments as small as 0.0001 degrees. Machine travels measure 13.78” x 21.65” x 20.08” for the X,Y and Z axes, respectively. The machine’s table size is 19.69” in diameter x 15.75” and accommodates workpiece diameters up to 19.69” and heights of 13.78”. An optional two-pallet changer provides simple automation and increased production by allowing workpieces to be loaded and unloaded while the machine spindle works uninterrupted. The user friendly MATRIX 2 control on the VARIAXIS j-500 5X incorporates the latest CNC technology to optimize 5-axis machining and provide extremely fast processing speeds, excellent cornering, superior part surface finishes and reduced cycle times. For more information on Mazak’s products and solutions, visit www. or follow us on Twitter at @MazakCorp and on Facebook at


10 •

Feb/Mar 2014

World’s Largest Solar Thermal Energy Plant Opens in California The much-anticipated Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System just kicked into action in California’s Mojave Desert. The 3,500 acre facility is the world’s largest solar thermal energy plant, and it has the backing of some major players; Google, NRG Energy, BrightSource Energy and Bechtel have all invested in the project, which is constructed on federally-leased public land. The first of Ivanpah’s three towers is now feeding energy into the grid, and once the site is fully operational it will produce 392 megawatts — enough to power 140,000 homes while reducing carbon emissions by 400,000 tons per year.

Temtco is the U.S. leader in high strength plates, parts, and fabrication. We have over 30,000 tons of inventory stocked exclusively for the Heavy Equipment, Mining, Rail and Offshore industries. In addition,Temtco maintains an extensive inventory of metric and many hard-to-find sizes. Temtco has maintained consistency in excellence for very many years and we have earned a great reputation with our customers. We are also your source for any steel cutting or steel fabrication needs requiring precision plasmatic or flame cutting capabilities

For more information Call: 800-644-1933, Ivanpah is comprised of 300,000 sun-tracking mirrors (heliostats), which surround three, 459-foot towers.The sunlight concentrated from these mirrors heats up water contained within the towers to create super-heated steam which then drives turbines on the site to produce power. The first successfully operating unit will sell power to California’s Pacific Gas and Electric, as will Unit 3 when it comes online in the coming months. Unit 2 is also set to come online shortly, and will provide power to Southern California Edison.

New Spindle Sales and Repair Service High Speed - High Torque - High Quality

Construction began on the facility in 2010, and achieved it’s first “flux” in March, a crucial test which proved its readiness to begin commercial operation.Tests this past Tuesday formed Ivanpah’s “first sync” which began feeding power into the grid. As John Upton at Grist points out, the project is not without its critics, noting that some “have questioned why a solar plant that uses water would be built in the desert — instead of one that uses photovoltaic panels,” while others have been upset by displacement of local wildlife—notably 100 endangered desert tortoises. But the Ivanpah plant still constitutes a major milestone, both globally as the world’s largest solar thermal energy plant, and locally for the significant contribution it will make towards California’s renewable energy goal of achieving 3,000 MW of solar generating capacity through public utilities and private ownership.


11 •

Feb/Mar 2014

SALES ENDS 2/28/14 While Supplies Last

Swift Tool Co. Inc.




1/8 #30 #29 #28 #27 #24 5/32 #20 #13 3/16 #11 7/32 “A” “B” 1/4 9/32 “M”



10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

$1.74 $1.74 $1.60 $1.60 $1.75 $1.88 $1.75 $1.88 $2.43 $2.32 $2.47 $2.92 $3.37 $3.59 $3.25 $4.04 $4.78

Aircraft Ext, Taper Length, Taper Shank & XL are also in stock.

Cobalt for tougher materials, 135° split point for greater accuracy.

Applied Ventures Expands Portfolio with Strategic Investments in Advanced Imaging Technology Companies Applied Ventures, LLC, the venture capital arm of Applied Materials, Inc. and a leading corporate venture firm, announced today that it has completed strategic investments in two advanced imaging detection companies: Oncoscope, Inc., a medical optical imaging technology company, and Passport Systems Inc., a provider of advanced cargo scanning systems to identify dangerous and contraband materials.These investments will be used by the companies to further product development and will also provide Applied Ventures with exposure to cutting-edge and potentially disruptive technologies and related new market applications in the advanced imaging space. “Oncoscope’s and Passport Systems’ advanced image-detection capabilities complement Applied Materials’ core expertise in inspection and precision materials engineering,” said Eileen Tanghal, general manager of Applied Ventures. “As a strategic investment fund, we look for opportunities to accelerate and enable new markets through collaboration and open innovation.” Oncoscope’s innovative optical screening technology is currently being developed to assist physicians in more targeted and efficient A2Z METALWORKER NW •

12 •

Feb/Mar 2014




DJB.0625CONCH 1/16 DJB.0635CONCH #52 DJB.0700CONCH #50 DJB.0938CONCH 3/32 DJB.0980CONCH #40 DJB.0984CONCH 2.5MM DJB.1250CONCH 1/8 DJB.1285CONCH #30 DJB.1405CONCH #28 DJB.1520CONCH #24 DJB.1563CONCH 5/32 DJB.1875CONCH 3/16 DJB.1910CONCH #11 DJB.1969CONCH 5 MM DJB.2188CONCH 7/32 DJB.2380CONCH “B” DJB.2500CONCH 1/4


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$1.42 $1.42 $1.42 $1.42 $1.47 $1.85 $1.83 $1.69 $1.86 $2.21 $2.09 $2.50 $3.06 $3.27 $3.19 $3.93 $3.64

examination of a patient’s tissue through guided biopsies. Oncoscope is seeking FDA approval to market its device for detecting precancerous lesions of the esophagus. “We are pleased to be working with Applied Ventures to leverage its extensive technical and business resources as a leading technology company,” said Dr. Perry Genova, president and CEO of Oncoscope. “We believe our distinctive optical screening technology presents significant improvements to today’s existing processes with the potential to help improve cancer detection as we know it.” Passport Systems’ proprietary automated, non-intrusive cargo screening technology uses 3-dimensional imaging detection to quickly analyze the composition of materials and accurately identify the contents of a container, including commercial items, contraband, and other materials. “Applied Materials’ strengths in high-energy implanters and inspection and cost-effective high-volume manufacturing will be instrumental in helping us effectively scale our business for mass-adoption in the sea, air and land cargo inspection markets,” said Passport Systems CEO Robert Ledoux. “The strategic and financial support from Applied Ventures will enable us to provide cost-effective, non-intrusive inspection solutions and to ramp up manufacturing capabilities to meet customer requirements.”



YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE TORNOS ENGINEERED QUALITY Tornos Swiss ST 26 for turned parts up to 25.4 mm. Amazingly affordable Tornos quality. Now it pays to invest in high performance and productivity with the new Swiss ST 26. Two totally independent tool systems provide balanced operations, 7 linear axes, 2 C-axes and conversion to a guide-bush-less machine in only 30 minutes. The Swiss ST 26 is equipped with the most powerful and dynamic spindle and counter spindle ever built for this class of machine, allowing extreme machining capabilities. Choose from three turnkey equipment packs: “Starter”, “Advanced” and “Medical”.

Tornos Technologies US Corporation: Lombard, IL and Bethel, CT;, 630.812.2040


Leading The Way On A New Manufacturing Generation All around the country there are manufacturing jobs that employers are looking to fill, but the problem stems from not enough skilled workers to fill them. So just how many jobs are open? According to, there are more than 600,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs that remain unfilled due to a lack of trained workers. In fact, in the United States, technicians and skilled trades represent two of the top three most difficult job categories for manufacturers to fill. With unemployment still somewhat high in this country, why aren’t people looking at manufacturing as a viable career choice? It starts with perception. I think many people have a negative view toward manufacturing: dirty jobs, tall smoke stacks and hot factories.While at one time that was true, those stereotypes are decades old, and anyone who’s been inside a manufacturing facility knows it’s an environment filled with cutting-edge technology that requires skill and training to work. But that’s part of the problem — people don’t know what it’s like because they’ve never been inside a plant. Those antiquated, negative perceptions are hampering the recruiting efforts of young people into the industry and they need to be changed. But just how do we go about changing that perception and getting young people energized about manufacturing? I’d say let’s start engaging kids inin’ grade school and emphasizing mathematics and sciGE ‘all on aviation deal with China ence — the foundations they’ll need to pursue a career in high-tech At a General flight simulator here, the visibility has been set industries such asElectric manufacturing, packaging, engineering and others. at near zero to mimic thick rain and clouds. But a video console Organizations such as JumPPstart ( and Project Lead near pilot shows a vivid are picture of nearby precise enough to Thethe Way ( helping to pilotmountains these efforts. allow a plane to take off or land despite the conditions. JumPPstart is an initiative between PMMI member companies in The system is one of several highly valuable next-generation Milwaukee and Minneapolis that aims to connect with area high technologies that GE has developed — and that the company has school students to promote careers in the packaging and processing passed along to China as part of a joint venture with the state-owned industries. The goal is to engage students, parents and school adminAviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). istrators to demonstrate career opportunities within the industry. In addition andsecond-largest Minneapolis, the initiativeis will soonfor be nearly AccesstotoMilwaukee the world’s economy critical taking in company. Chicago. Yet this often comes at a cost: the transfer of the any root global

very technologies that leading business officials — including GE chief Launched in 1997, Lead Theheads Way isana non-profit organization panel executive JeffreyProject Immelt, who Obama administration thatondesigns rigorous innovative science, technology, engineering U.S. jobs and and competitiveness — cite as essential to the United andStates’ mathematics curriculums to be“synthetic taught in middle high schools economic future. The vision”and system, for example, across the country. could be worth millions of dollars to airlines, which could significantly We can help. Service matters! reduce costs from weather-related delays. Teachers at participating schools receive extra instruction and become GE, like other companies, must Today, weigh more whichthan technologies should be certified to facilitate the curriculum. 4,700 schools IT Support brought to are jointoffering ventures withLead China to protect them in all 50 states Project Theand Wayhow courses. And the re- from Hardware Sales being stolen or misused. These decisions face virtually any executive Web Design and Hosting sults seem to be paying dividends as, according to its website, students Custom Software Development trying tothese develop a presence in engineering the countryand —technology from the most completing classes are studying sophisticated technology firms, software piracy, to at five to 10 times the average rate which of theirworry peers.about Furthermore, on old-line industrial equipment makers, which have seen knockoffs of average, about 80 percent of participating high school seniors said their up soon after makingordeals with Chinese they planproducts to study pop engineering, technology computer sciences partners. in Under the agreement with AVIC, GE avionics will be on board a new 602.788.8121 | college, compared to the national average of 32 percent. Chinese commercial airliner that is likely to become a rival to aircraft A Z METALWORKER NW • 14 • Feb/Mar 2014 produced by U.S.-based Boeing and Europe’s Airbus. The potential

Feel like a fish out of water?


This issue is front and center of the Education and Workforce Development Committee at PMMI as well. Our mission is to ensure the strength and growth of the packaging and supply chain workforce. The strategies we’re implementing to accomplish this include demonstrating all the career options available within the packaging industry; giving people a way to learn the skills that packaging companies are looking for; and providing programs that can serve membership and their employment challenges. Just as programs like Project Lead The Way target students through high school, we’ve tailored our outreach efforts to include partnerships with both technical schools and traditional fouryear colleges. One area of study that’s gaining traction with college students looking at a career in manufacturing or packaging is mechatronics engineering. Although it’s a relatively new concept, mechatronics is a result of the changing landscape that engineers are facing in the workforce.

Since 1979 3305 Edison Way, Ph: 510-249-1000 Fremont, CA 94538 Fax: 510-249-9265

Largest Inventory in Northern California and Nevada New - Used - Service - Training - Financing - Applications The Ultimate Machining Power



Mechatronics focuses on the design and production of automated equipment and combines mechanical, electrical, systems design, computer and control engineering — elements that nearly all packaging equipment contain. The advantage of studying this career field is SHOWROOM OPEN M-F 8:30-5PM that students gain hands-on experience CALL BOB OR ROB KROHA TODAY: 510-249-1000! with engineering disciplines such as pneumatics, hydraulics, electricity and these kids have even been inside a packaging plant before, knowlthe design and manufacturing process edge like this give them exposure in the real world of packaging. of mechanical parts. Students studying mechatronics can test and receive a PMMI certification in several disciplines within the field, There are many career opportunities with great chances for including pneumatics, electricity, fluid, power and more. advancement just waiting to be filled within the packaging and manufacturing industries. But people need to have the right skills Beyond the classroom, we give students enrolled in a PMMI-related and qualifications to get them. That’s why finding skilled labor is course hands on exposure to the industry by inviting them to PACK major concern with PMMI members. The solution isn’t going EXPO. There, they participate in events like The Amazing Packaging to present itself overnight. We need to continue breaking down Race and PACK Solutions Challenge — both of which test their ennegative stereotypes about the industry and get young people exgineering knowledge while serving as a great networking opportunity. cited about the possibilities. Organizations like Project Lead The Way are proving to be a great resource in getting kids interested Another program we coordinate is called How it’s Packaged, a summer in sciences and technology, and the partnerships PMMI has with tour in which a group of college students tour several PMMI-member post-secondary schools will soon begin closing the skills gap. Now companies in the Midwest and see the process from the inside out. I is the time to be involved in packaging and manufacturing — we like to say we show kids how the Cheerios get inside the box — which just have to package it the right way and get the word out. is something they never even thought about. Since almost none of The Cyklos A300 is the first of a new kind of surface treatment machine that can be installed in a standard mechanical workshop.

Unlike traditional vertical immersion processes, the patented Cyklos solution works by rotating parts, transporting them vapor-free from bath to bath on small carriers, thus guaranteeing superior, uniform quality. Combined with fully automated loading and unloading solutions and ZERO on-site waste discharged, the Cyklos is environmentally friendly and ready to integrate into your facility today. Whether you need surface preparation (degreasing and activation), surface processing (anodizing, plating, phosphating, and deburring), rinsing, or drying, achieve unrivalled levels of quality and see a fast return on investment with a Cyklos solution. Targeting large volume aluminum anodizing, the Cyklos A300 model meets the stringent requirements of today‘s hydraulic actuation components. Learn more about the Cyklos surface processing solutions today. Cyklos SA, Rue Galilée 15, CH - 1400 Yverdon, Tel. +41 (0)24 422 42 60,, Your nearest representation : Tornos Technologies US Corporation: Lombard, IL and Bethel, CT;,, 630.812.2040




15 • Feb/Mar 2014

If You... BEND it PUNCH it FOLD it FORM it

Lockheed, Boeing to support Apache deal with Iraq



Lockheed Martin Corp. and The Boeing Co. will be among the contractors to provide $1.37 billion in services and equipment to support Apache helicopters the Pentagon plans to lease to Iraq. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which manages foreign military sales for the Pentagon, notified Congress of the possible sale. It would include, among other things, missile, radar and laser warning systems; pilot night vision sensors; Hellfire missiles and launchers; global positioning systems; and rocket launchers.



• Specialty Stainless & High Temperature Alloys • In-house leveling, shearing, laser cutting, slitting & edging • Experienced sales staff • Online ordering

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Nickel Alloys: A-286 263 625 718 X750 800 H/HT Alloy X

410 416 430 440 446

Cobalt Alloys: 188 L605 Prodec® Plate: 304/L 316/L

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According to DSCA, the sale provides Iraq with “a critical capability to protect itself from terrorist and conventional threats, allowing the Iraqi Security Forces to begin training on the operation and maintenance of the six leased helicopters, in preparation of their receipt of the new-build aircraft.’’



super carbide tools CO EFFE ST C TOOLITIVE NG




In addition to Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) and Lockheed, the sale would be supported by General Electric Co. and Robertson Fuel Systems LLC. QUALITY...Through Manufacturing Excellence!

i cr o QuIk

Personal elevator to board your jumbo jet patented by Kirkland company



Wealthy travelers needing an elevator ride from the ground to the main deck of their personal Boeing 747-8, can have that need met through a newly patented system from Greenpoint Technologies. The Kirkland company announced it had won a patent for the firstever ground-to-main deck personal 747 elevator.

Unique “3 POINT” Locking/Locating Tooling System Engineered for Maximum Tool Rigidity and Centerline Repeatability within +.0005” from Tool to Tool! Reduce Machine...Setup, Downtime, Tooling Costs, Tooling Inventories while Boosting Productivity! Tools Manufactured with the... Exclusive... MICRO 100 Proprietary Process! PROUDLY MADE IN THE

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Contact your local Authorized Micro 100 Distributor or Sales Representative today for more details!

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“The Aerolift elegantly and securely transports passengers from the ground to the aircraft’s main deck, eliminating reliance on traditional ground-based boarding and deplaning methods,” said Greenpoint President and CEO Scott Goodey in a statement. “In fact, in remote locations it can be a challenge to gain access to an airstairs that can accommodate a plane that size.”

Fahey Machinery Co. Inc. A Proud Accupress Dealer

Accurpress offers a selection of press brake and shear models unparalleled in the industry. We sell into the highest of precision sheet metal shops and the heaviest of fabrication shops throughout all of North America, and have been doing so for almost four decades.




(800) 523-2439


To be sure, the elevator is only available for jumbo jets ordered by the very wealthy, some of them heads of state, who also are Greenpoint’s customers. Greenpoint already has completed yacht-like interiors for several

Fahey Machinery Co. Inc. 17605 SW 65th Ave. Lake Oswego, OR 97035

landed to pick up clients or owners at an airport without the protection of a walkway. “From a security standpoint, the Aerolift is an enormous leap forward,” said Greenpoint Chief Customer Engineer Mike Weisner. “The enclosed carriage descends directly to the tarmac reducing the occupant’s exposure from public view and allows close-quarters boarding of ground transportation.” CONTRACTS General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Poway, Calif., has been awarded a not-to-exceed $117,286,467 undefinitized contract action (0118) for an existing firm-fixed-price contract (FA862010-G-3038) for the MQ-9 Accelerated Extended Range effort which will field 38 MQ-9 Extended Range aircraft. Work will be completed in Poway, Calif., and is expected to be completed by July 7, 2016.

Boeing 747-8s, Boeing’s largest jet. The company also creates wellappointed interiors for other jet conversions, with 737s and 787s being popular options. The Aerolift includes the elevator carriage, a fuselage door, the lifting equipment and significant structural changes to the aircraft. It can carry four people or a person in a wheelchair, and an attendant. It’s also safer, and shielded from weather, if for instance a 747-8

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Poway, Calif., has been awarded a $16,595,766 delivery order (0114) for an existing contract (FA8620-10-G-3038) for Lead-off Hitter AFSOC MQ-9 Software Line which will provide MQ-9 software engineering support for the AFSOC fleet of MQ-9 unmanned aerial systems. Work will be performed in Poway, Calif., and is expected to be completed by Feb. 6, 2015. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

17 •

Feb/Mar 2014

Dell Will Sell MakerBot Printers to Businesses Computer maker Dell will begin bundling MakerBot 3-D printers and scanners for business customers, a sign that demand for 3-D printers is expanding well beyond the early adopter and hobbyist stage. CNet has a report on the deal, announced Monday between Round Rock, Texas-based Dell and MakerBot, which is owned by Stratasys, based in Israel and Eden Prairie, Minn. Dell officials said the printers and scanners would be paired with computers marketed to professional customers such as architects and eng ineer s. Sales will begin in February, with MakerBot equipment going for between $949 and $6,499. This isn’t the first deal Stratasys has made with a big PC maker; it ended a distribution agreement with Hewlett-Packard Co. in 2012. But that was ancient history as far as 3-D printing goes; the segment didn’t really catch fire until later. Stratasys — which makes its own, more expensive line of 3-D printers — bought MakerBot in June 2013. Also Monday, Stratasys announced a new 3-D printer that can create multi-material, multi-colored products.Wired news site has a report on that new effort, which Stratasys is testing with Trek Bicycle in Wisconsin.

Robotic Boeing supplier runs lights out, growing fast

If you’re reading this at 3 a.m., Paul Hogoboom’s Puyallup aerospace factory is running at full bore, milling Boeing aerospace parts out of blocks of aluminum and titanium. But you’d have trouble finding your way around at P&J Machining Inc., because the lights are off and nobody is around. Except for the robots, that is.


18 •

P&J may be the most robotized aerospace supplier in Western Washington, with most of the work done by four robotic metal milling Feb/Mar 2014

systems, which run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hogoboom has just added a fifth, which cost $2.5 million, and will have that running soon, he said. The company generated $24 million in revenues in 2013, and he expects a 20 percent gain this year. What’s important about this automated factory is what it means for the future of aerospace, and in particular for the future of aerospace in Washington.With Boeing actively researching ways to shift to more automated production of its new 777X, P&J may be a harbinger of things to come.

Beaverton company to build currency-mining supercomputers Computer products maker CTL is teaming up with Portland cryptocurrency startup CryptoRig to make the machines needed to create d igital currencies such as Dogecoin, Litecoin and other scrypt coins. Through the new partnership, inked last week, CTL will provide the manufacturing capabilities while CryptoRig builds out its brand and gains market share. It’s all part of CTL’s effort to stay ahead of trends. The company — which for years has made PCs for schools, government agencies and other customers — frequently looks at movements in the market and has gotten into mobile devices and digital signs over the years. Until now, custom-built computers built by CryptoRig were made by the startup’s cofounders. Terms of the partnership were not disclosed but CTL expects manufacturing these types of machines will be a growing business for the Beaverton-based company. Right now, two employees are dedicated to this project and the company has a 60-machine order it is working to fill for CryptoRig, said Erik Stromquist, CTL’s executive vice president and chief operating officer.

The 60 machines on order have a retail value of roughly $180,000. The entire order is for one customer, said CryptoRig co-founder and CEO Justin Porter. CTL expects this opportunity to be at least a $2 million business for the company, Stromquist said. CryptoRig was founded in April 2013 and sells the hardware used to create certain types of digital currency. It has a 1,800-square-foot facility in Vancouver, Wash., that hosts client machines and its own machines, Porter said. On its own machines the company will rent graphics cards to customers who want to create, or mine, digital currencies but who don’t want to invest in buying an entire machine. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

19 •

Feb/Mar 2014

GOT CIMATRON? More than 40 AMBA member companies are using Cimatron CAD/CAM software to increase productivity and shorten delivery times. Learn more at or call 248-596-9700 ext. 237 today.

See What AMBA Members That Use Cimatron Say: “Our efficiency has been increasing incredibly. I know it has impacted our bottom line. We can take on more business, because we are not spending as much time in design. The flow from design to manufacturing is much smoother, shortening our delivery dates, making us more efficient and improving quality.” Kent Smith, President, Diamond Tool & Engineering “Cimatron has really helped us stay ahead of the curve when it comes to creating more sophisticated molds, such as those required for products with blended curves. Without Cimatron in place, designing and producing such goods would be nearly impossible.” Thomas LaMarca, Jr., Owner, L&Z Tool and Engineering “We believe one of the things that sets LS Mold apart from other shops is our Cimatron CAD/CAM capabilities. Cimatron really listened to our needs and it shows in how they implement our requirements in the software. The modeling package is first rate. It particularly shines in electrode creation. Customer support from Cimatron is outstanding.” Jim Dent/David Koning, LS Mold

our partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch will continue to grow this popular financing option.” BofA Merrill and SunPower have worked together since 2009, when BofA Merrill began financing large solar projects SunPower designed and constructed for public agencies in California, including Yolo County and Mendocino Community College. “We are pleased to again team with SunPower to further the availability of renewable energy,” said Todd Karas, head of Renewable Energy Finance at BofA Merrill. “With this investment in residential solar systems, we are expanding our portfolio of solar installations with SunPower beyond commercial and government entities to now include installations in individual homes. This is consistent with our firm’s overall 10-year, $50 billion environmental business initiative to help address climate change, reduce demands on natural resources and advance lower-carbon economic solutions.” In addition to attractive terms and low monthly payments, the SunPower Lease includes one of the solar industry’s only direct-from-manufacturer performance guarantees.

Manufacturer Donates Industrial-Quality Robot To Oregon State University.

SunPower today announced a new program with Bank of America Merrill Lynch Cimetron_CCI.indd 1

SunPower today announced a new program with Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofA Merrill) that will provide financing to support approximately $220 million of residential solar lease projects. The program will assist thousands of homeowners in financing solar power systems through SunPower solar leases, joining approximately 20,000 Americans currently enrolled in the program.

“The SunPower Lease program allows customers to have best-in-class, high efficiency solar on their rooftops with highly competitive terms. This, coupled with our unprecedented level of energy assurance, results in more value to the homeowner and increased retained value to SunPower,” said the company’s CFO, Chuck Boynton. “More than 20,000 customers are already experiencing our lease program, and A2Z METALWORKER NW •

20 • Feb/Mar 2014

A Portland-based manufacturing company has given Oregon State University a new $30,000 industrial-quality robot that is expected to give engineering students enhanced training opportunities in the emerging field of robotics.

1/16/13 10:45 AM

Ryan Carpenter, a master’s degree student in mechanical engineering at Oregon State University, operates the new robot that has been donated to OSU.

John Dillon, a vice president of ESCO Corporation, presented the robot to the university Monday. The robot is a Motoman Education Cell, which is a miniature version of a robotic arm used by industrial manufacturers, including ESCO. Dillon said there is a growing demand for graduates who know how to operate industrial robots. “Manufacturing plants are increasingly built around robots,” he said. According to an ESCO press release on the donation, the company manufactures highly engineered parts and replacement products used in mining, construction and oil and gas industry applications. Dillon said that OSU has been a valuable partner to the company, both through past research partnerships and because the company has hired more than 50 OSU engineering graduates over the past 30 years. “Our success is tied directly to the quality of engineers we hire from OSU and other universities,” he said. Sandra Wood, the dean of the college of engineering, said it is beneficial for students to learn on robots that are similar to those used in manufacturing.

DuraVertical 5100


Vertical Machining Center

Horizontal Machining Center

LEGENDARY QUALITY – BUILT IN AMERICA The 200,000 sq. ft. DMG MORI manufacturing facility in Davis, California produces two of their most popular machine tool product lines; the NHX horizontal machining line (400mm to 630mm) and the DuraVertical (20” x 40”) milling machine line.

CONTACT US TODAY TO SCHEDULE A PERSONAL TOUR WASHINGTON - OREGON 19625 62nd Ave S, Suite A109, Kent, WA 98032 Phone: 253.872.1661 | Fax: 253.872.2188

N.CALIFORNIA 2607 7th St, Suite C, Berkeley, CA 94710 Phone: 866.814.7238 | Fax: 510.845.4924

She said the donation of the new robotic arm will fit into the university’s larger goal of developing a robotics center, and developing a faculty with expertise in robotics. Wood added that there is a need for more graduates who have skills with robotics. “There is a lot of student interest in this area,” she said. Ryan Carpenter, who is pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, has been working on developing “grippers” for the new robot as a part of his thesis research. He also works for ESCO. He said that having experience on the robot would enable students to seamlessly transition into a job.


Precision Castparts Announces Acquisition Precision Castparts Corp. has made yet another acquisition. The Portland-based Fortune 500 company purchased California metals recycler SOS Metals Inc. Jay Khetani, head of investor relations for Precision Castparts, confirmed the report and said terms of the deal would not be disclosed. SOS recycles metals such as titanium and aerospace-grade aluminum. Precision Castparts has made 11 acquisitions since April 2012, according to its most recent financial statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The largest was the December 2012 acquisition of Titanium Metals Corp. for $2.9 billion, the largest deal in Oregon in 2012. Precision Castparts makes critical metal components for aerospace, energy and other industrial applications. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

21 • Feb/Mar 2014

TCI’s Three Generations Supporting Their Customers With Exactly What They Want!

Today the Belzer’s business continues its evolution in a building of 105,000 sq. ft.They remain firmly committed to their mission statement, understanding what their customers want and need and then do their very best to provide it.

TCI Precision Metals, Los Angeles, CA has been built and managed by Burt, John, and Ben Belzer for 3 generations supplying “Machine Ready Blanks” to machine shops and OEMs all over the United States. The company strategically saves their customers a lot of money by basically eliminating as many as the first 5 operations of their job travelers.TCI Precision Metals is a company that has proven experience, certified quality and dependable service providing specialty cut and ground-to-size metals and supply chain innovation since 1956. Years ago, after the Great Depression, Burt Belzer had the good fortune to land a job as the youngest person to work at the Belle City Malleable Iron Company in Racine, WI. Burt worked to provide traceability for the origin of every part made in the plant and grew to love metallurgy. When Burt’s Army stint was over he went back to school to obtain a business degree. After graduating and marrying his sweetheart, Gerry, they made a decision to strike out for California where eventually his cousin offered him a job at Pioneer Tool & Engineering as an office manager and he learned the business of melting metal and making cast aluminum tooling plate. Burt later became a salesman for the company and was given a territory around the LA airport and called on the job shops that supported the aircraft industry.

John Belzer, the company’s president, was raised in the business and held the family work ethic very close to his heart. The education John obtained has helped him grow a very lean and progressive business. He began his career in the business while still in high school, working on the shop floor in many areas of the manufacturing facility. After graduating from Colorado College in 1973 with a B.A. in Economics he went to work in the family business and has been president of the company since 1988.

Good Parts On Time Period!

Precision at every operation.

One of TCI Precision Metals’ core values is “to be a Quality Corporate Citizen” which includes “… actively supporting our industry”. John was chairman of the NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association) in 2002 and has led the national Budget and Finance Team for the last 9 years. He also served 6 years as a trustee for the LA/NTMA Training Centers of Southern California. An industry advocate, Mr. Belzer also currently serves as a board member of the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). TCI Precision Metals has been a member of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) since 1976. I interviewed John and asked him for his secret sauce. John said, “We are all about adding value to the customer. We look for every opportunity to save our customers time on their work. Most everyone understands material. Not many understand the Machine-Ready Blank and the value of taking those first 5 to 7 steps of purchasing, outside processing, and prep work out of the equation for the customer and decreasing their throughput time to allow for more capacity on their equipment.”

Early on, Burt teamed up with his friend, Ken Fritch, a tool engineer at Pioneer. They decided they would become an industrial distributor of jig and fixture hardware, calling themselves Tool TCI’s double disk grinding operation removes Components, Inc., while also using their experisurface material from both sides equally, ence from the aluminum cast plate business they relieving material stress and came from. During this time, they created the E-Z providing close tolerance thickness. LOK Threaded Insert, which is still very much John explained, “If you have a router or job traveler in demand today, sold through national distribuin your shop it can have 10 to 20 or more operation channels. They would also begin to provide their customers with precision sawed aluminum tions. We can take as many operations off that job sheet and plate, giving customers exactly what traveler as the customer needs by providing the they needed, with no waste – saving them time material with our buying power, cutting, duplex and money. milling, grinding and/or turning the material to a “perfect” blank 2 sides at a time and stacking as many as 5 to 10 parts at a time thus basically doing 10 to During the 60s and 70s,TCI began to understand that precision sawing wasn’t as “precision” as it In this operation five Machine-Ready Blanks 20 cuts at a time. We also double-disc grind parts are being duplex milled at the same time. and we can group them as well saving the customer needed to be. Always looking to provide what Efficiently producing Blanks in volume is key so much time that their internal capacities can their customers asked for, they increased their to providing good customer value. increase as much as 25% with Precision Machineservices to include Duplex Milling and Blanchard Ready Blanks that are flat, square and parallel. and Double-Disc Grinding. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

22 • Feb/Mar 2014

Each is cleaned, deburred and typically vacuum packaged. These blanks are ready to go straight to the CNC machining center to do the really critical work.”

wrote all the processes and changed many to suit the way the company does business. “The quality manual was 98 pages”, Ben said. “Now it’s down to 30 pages with an additional 30 separate procedures to ensure our processes are repeatable.The goal is to have a fully accessible quality manual “I view this as the next generation raw material”, where the company team can place comments John continued. “Companies that employ Lean in the system to promote process improvement. Manufacturing concepts such as Value Stream We are very process oriented so that we don’t Mapping will eventually see the tremendous value Specialized duplex mills remove material from do things twice and we document what we do of buying and starting on operation 70 instead of two sides at the same time, effeciently producing high quality square cornered Machine-Ready so that the process always runs smooth and is operation 10 – they’ll skip right to the operation Blanks. performed in the same way.” of the manufacturing processes they specialize in. We actually provide the same thing we did 57 years ago with much closer accuracy and a Ben continued, “I recognize that to be a leader in whole lot faster.” our industry, we must stay on the cutting edge of technology, both from the manufacturing and information points of view. My goal is to have all TCI Precision Metals is an ISO 9001:2008 and work instructions and the schedule completely AS9100C certified company and their prestigious paperless to allow management to focus less quality system brings processes to the heart of on the tactical and more on the strategic goals. everything TCI does. The processes at TCI are We’re 80% there, and hope to have full automameticulously monitored by their ERP system Each individual Machine-Ready Blank is tion of information within 2 years.” and everything runs through the facility with exdeburred, cleaned and shrink wrapped before tremely detailed documentation.This allows the being placed in a master shipper. Each job TCI Customer Service Team to monitor custom- follows rigorous quality control in accordance Today representing the third generation of Belzers’ parts in real-time and move the schedules if with TCI Precision Metals’ AS9100 and ISO9001 ers, Ben is working in tandem with his father certifications. necessary to meet customers’ always-changing John as a strategic partner to continue building demands. This didn’t happen overnight. Ben the business. Belzer, Vice President of TCI, was responsible for implementing Epicor Vantage, the ERP softHere’s what some customers say about TCI ware that manages virtually every process that the company does, including accounting, shop “I’ve been working with TCI for about 5 years now floor work flow, to the quoting and time study of and they always give me high tolerance blanks every precision blank that goes through the shop. on time. If have a tight schedule they will always Ben graduated from the University of Illinois in work with me to meet my requirements. They 2004 with a degree Economics and Information Systems and one of his first tasks when he came TCI Machine-Ready Blanks are produced in all are like a partner to our business. I highly recomsizes from very small to large, each to exact mend using TCI for precision blanks.” –Owner to work for the company full time was to lead a customer specifications. of an aerospace machine shop in Phoenix, AZ. team to search for, select and implement the system best suited for TCI. Ben and his team chose Epicor. He said, “I looked at about 6 different “TCI Precision Metals has added capacity to my software companies’ products and Epicor was shop. I literally skip the first 6 operations of the closest fit to the way we run our company and our job traveler and I miss all the headaches too. the data we want to track and grow our business. Working with TCI saves me money and when I It was the best fit for us.” need them to pull me out of a bind on precision blanks they work with me to meet my schedule. Ben basically had to learn every single departI highly recommend TCI.” – Buyer with a mediment and process of the company from engineercal and commercial job shop near Seattle, WA. Examples of TCI Machine-Ready Blanks; each ing to accounting so he could fashion the new one is +/- .0005” dimensionally and as close as

high powered ERP software to run the company .0002” flat, square, and parellel. effectively. This system was up and running For more information on reducing smoothly within 90 days of selection and has material prep time, producing more helped TCI reach world-class status as a valued partner of some of the parts, faster, reducing bottlenecks, and reducing and best machine shops in the US. In 2007, Ben took on the management eliminating scrap, contact TCI: of inside sales, later taking on engineering and production as well. 310-323-5613, or visit: Ben took the quality system as his next big challenge and basically


23 • Feb/Mar 2014

Forklifts, electric motorcycles and NYC ambulances land Drive Oregon cash Drive Oregon, the state-backed group tasked with accelerating Oregon’s electric vehicle adoption, has awarded $85,000 in grants to three companies.

100% Committed to CNC Machine Tool Finance for the Manufacturing Industry!

The latest round brings the three-year-old association’s award total up to $400,000, a figure that it claims has been met by more than $4 million in additional funding.

For immediate assistance, please contact:

Craig de Koning Direct: 415-608-5692 E-mail: Visit our website | © 2014 Quick Turn Financial ® 7918 E McClain Drive | Suite 102 | Scottsdale | AZ | 85260

laser cutting welding forming tube bending

“This was our most competitive grant round yet; our board reviewed seven proposals seeking $300,000. These three approved grants, totaling $85,000, are expected to leverage over $750,000 in matching funds immediately, while accelerating long-term job growth here in Oregon,” said Drive Oregon Executive Director Jeff Allen in a statement. The round of grants was awarded to three parties:

• $40,000 for a partnership between Portland-based startup KersTech Vehicle Systems and Oregon forklift manufacturer NACCO Materials Handling Group to test a new electric motor in forklifts. • $25,000 to support a new product launch by electricmotorcycle maker Brammo Inc.

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• $20,000 for Portland-based Shorepower Technologies to design and build 10 electrification stations for New York City’s ambulance fleet.


Applications for Drive Oregon’s next round of grants are due by February 28. Drive Oregon is funded in part with Oregon State Lottery funds administered by Business Oregon.

Mention Code


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and reCeive

Whatever it takes...

West Serving The West From Theeter Carbon and Alloy Bars up to 26” Diam

Phone: 1.800.811.7466


A record 554 patents for Nike in 2013 Nike Inc. posted all-time highs for earnings and profits in 2013. It also quietly broke another company record: patents. The Washington County footwear and apparel giant received 554 patents in 2013, according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records. That’s a new high. It received 335 in 2012 and 275 in 2011 . Nike’s patent numbers have climbed each year since Mark Parker was named CEO in 2006. A former Nike shoe designer, Parker regularly trumpets the importance of innovation in public remarks and quarterly conference calls. In July, I wrote an in-depth story for the weekly edition about Nike’s patent activity. The company’s recent patents include everything from glasses that can track the flight of a golf ball to numerous shoe technologies. At the time I wrote the story, Nike was on track for 372 patents in 2013. I circled back Monday and checked Nike’s 2013 patent activity. Needless to say, it picked up the pace in the last half of the year. The 554 patents Nike received last year include everything from a dance shoe to a golf bag base.

Fax: 1.909.887.5910

Nike isn’t the only company rushing to the patent office. Patent activity is climbing nationwide as companies race to get the rights to sell new technology. The sporting goods industry is seen as one of the next big frontiers for patent battles because digital technology is invading everything from basketballs to golf clubs. Of course, a patent doesn’t mean a product is headed to market. Supply chain issues, market forces and consumer demand dictate whether a patented invention will hit store shelves. Here are six slideshows I put together in July that show various Nike patents. • 5 Nike inventions that could change footwear manufacturing •

5 wild Nike shoe designs

5 Nike inventions coaches will love

• 5 Nike inventions that will change your workout • 18 Nike inventions that will lower your golf handicap •

5 Nike inventions I can’t wait to try A2Z METALWORKER NW •

25 •

Feb/Mar 2014

APC - 14


CAT - 40 Taper

GAGE PART REGULAR CAPACITY TYPE LENGTH NUMBER PRICE (Inches) 1/8 - 9/16 S 2.46 74330 $389.00 1/8 - 9/16 C 7.05 74312 $570.00 1/8 - 3/4 S 2.48 74702 $389.00 1/8 - 9/16 C 7.05 74312 $570.00

SALE $333.43 $488.57 $333.43 $488.57

CAT - 50 Taper

GAGE PART REGULAR CAPACITY TYPE LENGTH NUMBER PRICE (Inches) APC - 14 1/8 - 9/16 S 3.07 74306 $567.00 APC - 14 1/8 - 9/16 C 6.46 74313 $665.00 APC - 20 1/8 - 3/4 A 3.07 74310 $538.00 MODEL

SALE $486.00 $570.00 $461.14

Pierce County carbon composites plant may GAGE 787 PART REGULAR CAPACITY to meet demand MODEL expandTYPE APC - 14 APC - 20

(Inches) 1/8 - 9/16 1/8 - 3/4


LENGTH NUMBER 3.23 74299 3.23 74329

PRICE $463.00 $463.00

GAGE PART REGULAR CAPACITY TYPE LENGTH NUMBER PRICE (Inches) APC - 14 1/8 - 9/16 S 2.78 74708 $450.00 APC - 20 1/8 - 3/4 A 3.23 74311 $450.00

$396.86 $396.86


$385.71 $385.71

Higher BoeingCAPACITY production, andGAGE more usePART of carbon composites, are REGULAR TYPE Toray Composites (America) Inc. to MODELPierce County-based spurring LENGTH NUMBER PRICE (Inches) takeAPC steps - 20to expand. 1/8 - 3/4 A 3.62 74295 $534.00 $457.71 APC - 20

1/8 - 3/4






The Frederickson-based Toray unit has applied for permits to add a 100,000-square-foot facility to the existing 350,000-square-foot plant, for a fifth production line. This is largely due to demand from increasing production rates of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is now at 10 monthly between Boeing’s Everett and South Carolina plants. Dreamliner production is scheduled to increase to 12 monthly by 2016, and 14 monthly by the end of the decade, according to Boeing spokesman Doug Alder. A2Z METALWORKER NW •







• Exceptional vibration dampening • Unsurpassed gripping torque increases tool life • Increase productivity by cutting more aggressively

APC - 14 APC - 14 APC - 20 APC - 14


Swift Tool Co.

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1/8 - 9/16

26 • Feb/Mar 2014

APC - 14 APC - 14 APC - 20

(Inches) 1/8 - 9/16 1/8 - 9/16 1/8 - 3/4

LENGTH NUMBER 3.07 74306 6.46 74313 3.07 74310


PRICE $567.00 $665.00 $538.00


BT - 30 Taper

GAGE PART REGULAR CAPACITY TYPE LENGTH NUMBER PRICE (Inches) APC - 14 1/8 - 9/16 S 3.23 74299 $463.00 APC - 20 1/8 - 3/4 A 3.23 74329 $463.00 MODEL

$486.00 $570.00 $461.14

SALE $396.86 $396.86

BT - 40 Taper

GAGE PART REGULAR CAPACITY TYPE LENGTH NUMBER PRICE (Inches) APC - 14 1/8 - 9/16 S 2.78 74708 $450.00 APC - 20 1/8 - 3/4 A 3.23 74311 $450.00 MODEL

HSK - 63, Forms A & F

GAGE PART REGULAR CAPACITY TYPE LENGTH NUMBER PRICE (Inches) APC - 20 1/8 - 3/4 A 3.62 74295 $534.00 APC - 20 1/8 - 3/4 A 3.62 74221 $603.00 MODEL

SALE $385.71 $385.71

SALE $457.71 $516.86

Toray Vice President Dennis Frett hopes for permit approvals from Pierce County this month, and approval from Toray Industries Inc. in Tokyo after that. Completion of the fifth production line would take about two years, he said, and would add about 100 people to the company’s current 500-person payroll in Washington. “We’ll be looking at close to 600 when this expansion is done,” Frett said. The company makes what’s called “pre-preg,” short for pre-impregnated. This refers to carbon fiber cloth, or tape, which has been impregnated with resin and a catalyst and delivered ready to be fabricated into an aircraft part or some other product. Because the material is already impregnated with a resin and catalyst, which starts the curing process as soon as it’s made, the material is quickly frozen to stop the curing process for shipping. It’s then defrosted at the fabrication site, made into a part, and finally cured in an autoclave. Whether or not the Fredrickson Toray plant would make pre-preg for the carbon fiber wings of Boeing’s planned 777X is unknown, starting with the fact Boeing has not yet determined whether Toray, or a competitor, will make the carbon fiber for the wing.


A Strong Connection Stainless steel and special alloys designed for the Aerospace Fastener market are in stock at Ulbrich of California

Alloys: > A286 1 > 302,

Iron Nickel


321, 17-7 PH

> Waspaloy 2 ,

> Strip,

annealed and tempered (.001 to .125 in gauges)

> Titanium

> Round

Inconel 3 625 and 718, Monel 3

1 2 3

and Titanium alloys

Trademark of Allegheny Companies Trademark of United Technologies Corporation Trademark of Special Metals Corporation group of companies

wire (.040 to .375 in diameters)

> Flat

and shaped wire

Oregon Iron Works lands $400M Navy contract; ‘significant’ hiring expected It’s been three years since Oregon Iron Works was selected by the military’s Special Operations Command to build a prototype for a stealth boat that could ferry Navy Seals and other personnel in combat. On Monday, the Clackamas-based company found out it will be building many more. As the Oregonian reports, Oregon Iron Works has been awarded a contract to build watercraft for the U.S. Department of Defense’s Combatant Craft Medium Mark One building program. Few details were released, but company President CoreyYraguen told the Oregonian the win would mean a “significant number” of new jobs . The previously announced contract ceiling is $400 million, with $17.5 million awarded in the first phase. The contract, including all options, will run through December 2021. describes the new watercraft as a “utilitarian go-towar craft,” with a primary mission of “insertion/extraction of Special Operations Forces in medium threat environments.”


Military Land Vehicle Electronics (Vetronics) Market Valued at $3.3Bn in 2014 A new research report published today has revealed that the global market for military land vehicle electronics will be worth just over $3.3Bn in 2014. The new report the Military Land Vehicle Electronics (Vetronics) Market 2014-2024: Communications, Computing, Sensors & Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) provides an in-depth breakdown of the sources of growth and areas of contraction in the military land vehicle electronics market, including detailed ten-year budget forecasts for the 15 highest spending countries The report identifies the top 15 companies worldwide and details their product offerings, market share and recent contracts signed. The lead defence analyst for the report commented: “Our research has indicated that spending on military land vehicle electronics is likely to peak in 2014, with a major contraction in market value expected to hit in 2015, as spending on US vehicles returning from Afghanistan ends. The following years will see some volatility in the market, but we nonetheless expect global spending on vetronics to see a solid upward trend over the next ten years.” The report also contains a breakdown of the military vehicle electronics market into 5 key submarkets: Command, Control & Communications Systems, Sensor Systems, Remote Weapon Stations, Computer, Power & Control Systems, & Vehicle Protection Systems. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

27 • Feb/Mar 2014

Contracting Machining Shop Cuts Delivery Time by 60% with 5 Axis Machines and CNC Programming Software At Bob Lewis Machine Co., Inc. president Jeff Lewis explains: “We take on work that others will not do.” The company substantially improved its capabilities a few years ago by purchasing two five-axis CNC machines. The CNC programming software used at the time was not able to fully access the capabilities of the machines. Bob Lewis Machine Co. purchased Delcam’s FeatureCAM CNC programming software and has found that it makes it easy to program even the most complicated parts for machining on both 5- and 3-axis machines. By taking full advantage of the 5-axis machines, the company is now able to reduce the number of setups required to machine complex aerospace parts from 10-12 to 2. This is because both the part and tool can be moved so that the tool can access the part from nearly any angle. “The combination of FeatureCAM and our 5-axis machines has reduced the delivery time on a typical challenging part for the aerospace industry by about 60%,” Jeff Lewis added. Bob Lewis founded the company in 1975 in his garage in Torrance, California with a Bridgeport mill, chucker and three drill presses. He got his big break with a supplier approval from AirResearch. Over the years, the company has added more equipment and moved to larger facilities up to its current 10,000 square foot facility in Gardena, California. A comprehensive CNC programming department was added to support the growing number of CNC machining centers. Bob Lewis retired in 2001 and Jeff Lewis took over management of the company.

discovered that the CNC programming software it has been using could not generate code that worked on the machine. “I spoke to a friend in the area that owns several 5-axis machines and he strongly recommended FeatureCAM,” Jeff Lewis said. “He told me that by automating many aspects of the programming process it simplifies the job and makes it go faster. He also said that FeatureCAM provides excellent technical support.” The company now has six networked computers running FeatureCAM which are used to generate programs for all 16 of its CNC machine centers. With the new software, Bob Lewis Machine programmers can access every capability of the 5-axis machines to drill holes at angles, machine surfaces at compound angles, machine canted features, etc. The company now saves substantial amounts of time and money that was previously spent building fixtures and changing the part from one fixture to another. Relationships between different features can now be held much more closely than in the past by machining them in the same setup. Example of new programming capabilities Marcelo Hermosillo, Operations Manager for Bob Lewis Machine, provides a very complex part as an example of the how the company’s capabilities have been expanded by the new machines and new software. The part has features oriented at many different angles including compound angles. The customer provided a STEP file with the part geometry along with a blueprint. “I imported the geometry into FeatureCAM,” Hermosillo said. “When a STEP or other neutral file is created, it strips out the intelligence of the native CAD file, converting feature definitions in a meaningful jumble of geometric entities. FeatureCAM automatically reconstructed the intelligence of the original CAD file by recognizing features such as holes, counterbores, bosses, chamfers, fillets, etc.” Hermosillo then reviewed the list of features identified by the software and made several changes such as merging, splitting, adding or deleting features. The end result was that he didn’t have to

Move to 5-axis machining A major milestone was the company’s purchase of two 5 axis CNC machining centers which feature a large work envelop with access to five sides of the part for complete machining in one or two setups. The company’s SNK Nissin Max 4101i-P40 offers a rigid 17 inch trunnion table design that provides ample swing area for machining larger parts. Its Fadal VMC 4020 is designed with flame hardened integrated box way construction, Steinmeyer ETA+ dual mounted ball screws and spindle speeds ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 RPM. When the company took delivery on the Nissin machine, it A2Z METALWORKER NW •

28 • Feb/Mar 2014

For the next pass he selected a ¼ inch high speed steel square end mill and again used rest machining to identify the areas that could be safely machined by this tool among the stock that was remaining. Hermosillo used two different sizes of ball nose end mills for semi-finishing and finishing the part and also used several drills and taps. The fourth and fifth axes of the machine were used to position the workpiece at the proper angle for machining during semi-finishing and finishing. Five sides of the workpiece, all except the one butted up to the machine table, were machined in the first setup. The sixth side of the workpiece was machined in a second setup. Simulation ensures program accuracy

deal with each individual surface but could program a much smaller number of features instead. Roughing the part Hermosillo defined the 8 inch by 8 inch by 12 inch workpiece and set up a roughing operation to quickly remove large volumes of metal from the workpiece. He used a C-axis roughing strategy in which the x, y, z and c axis are used to position the tool and workpiece for machining. He selected a 1 inch carbide insert end mill for the initial roughing pass. FeatureCAM recommended feeds and speeds for this and each subsequent operation based on its knowledge database. Hermosillo accepted some of these recommendations and modified others. He invoked FeatureCAM’s rest machining capability to determine all areas of the part that could be safely machined by this tool without gouging. Rather than tracing the entire outline of the part, FeatureCAM defined the toolpath so that it rapid traversed around areas that did not require machining in order to reduce cycle time. With a 1/8 inch depth of cut and 60% stepover the initial roughing operation took about 2 hours.

After Hermosillo had developed a program that completely machined the part, he viewed each machining operation on the computer to make sure that the part was produced to specifications, looking for areas to reduce cycle time and making sure there were no collisions. FeatureCAM originally estimated that the part would take 20 hours to machine. Hermosillo was able to reduce the machining time to about 18 hours by making several changes to the CNC program such as increasing cutting speed and depth of cut in several areas. “Using conventional three axis machining methods it would have taken two months to produce the CNC program and machine six parts as required by the order. Instead he programmed the part in four days and the company machined the six parts in another 14 days. The result was that the company was able to deliver the order to the customer in only 3 weeks. “Our use of FeatureCAM and five-axis machining has substantially increased the capabilities of our company,” Jeff Lewis said. By reducing the number of setups from 8 to 10 to 2 on the typical complex aerospace part, we dramatically reduce the amount of time required to make the part. FeatureCAM provides a major contribution by making the machines perform to their full capacity while also reducing programming time. We could not be happier with the service and support we are receiving from Delcam. When Marcelo had issues in dealing with a part he contacted FeatureCAM and they responded quickly and showed him a new way to tackle the problem that he had never seen before.”

For more information on Delcam and FeatureCAM’s advanced feature-based and knowledgebased technologies that enable you to program your machine tools in the shortest possible time. Call: 877-DELCAM 1 (335-2261)


29 • Feb/Mar 2014

Growing Number Of Large Solar Plants Coming Online. The Washington Post (1/17, Bernstein) reports on the growing number of “utility-sized solar plants” coming online across the nation, noting that there are “232 under construction, in testing or granted permits, many in the Southwest and California, according to the Edison Electric Institute, which represents utilities.” However, experts say that while “the largest plants are helping utilities meet state requirements for renewable energy, the appetite for them may be waning.”

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30 • Feb/Mar 2014

As solar development moves into its next phase, particularly in the East, there are likely to be “smaller projects located closer to cities.”The Post notes that the boost was set in motion by California’s renewable energy standard and a “federal investment tax credit available for renewable energy projects and later by Energy Department loan guarantees and incentives in the federal economic stimulus package.” The article says that the resulting growth in solar power in the West “is plainly visible,” with Fong Wan, senior vice president for energy procurement at Pacific Gas and Electric, saying that his utility “will provide about 11 percent of its power from solar by 2020, up from zero a decade earlier.”

GE aircraft leasing arm buying 40 Boeing 737s Boeing Co. said GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), the commercial aircraft leasing and financing arm of General Electric, has ordered 40 737 airplanes worth $3.9 billion at list prices. The order for 20 737 Max8 8s and 20 737-800s was previously attributed to an unidentified customer on Boeing’s orders and deliveries website. In a statement, Boeing (NYSE: BA) said GECAS has ordered 638 airplanes, which includes 737s, 747s, 757s, 767s, 777s and 787s. GECAS has taken delivery of 459 of the airplanes.

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• 45 • May/June 2013


31 • Feb/Mar 2014

dividuals seeking to enter into or advance in jobs in the industry. In 2013, NIMS issued 13,888 industry-recognized credentials, representing a 58.8% increase from 2012. “These numbers show that manufacturing employers are increasingly in need of skilled talent, and individuals are seeking to validate their skills and differentiate themselves in the hiring pool through industryrecognized and standards-based credentials,” said Jim Wall, Executive Director, NIMS. “As manufacturing becomes more complex, technology-driven and innovative, companies, workers, and students need to keep up with evolving industry standards and job requirements.” More than 6,000 metalworking companies and major industry trade associations have invested more than $7.5 million in private funds to develop NIMS standards and credentials that prepare and advance the industry’s workforce, and continue to upgrade and maintain the standards as the industry changes. “As a contract manufacturer of customized 1974 Bucktail Lane • Sugar Grove, IL 80554 parts, we market the skills and abilities of 1-888-289-3367 • our employees to potential customers,” said Greg Chambers, Director of Corporate Compliance, Oberg Industries, Inc. in National Industry Organization Announces Freeport, PA. “We prefer that our current Record Number of Certifications Pursued for workforce and the individuals we hire have NIMS credentials, because it Metalworking Jobs tells us-and our customers-that they can perform to industry standards and have an edge in the highly competitive marketplace.”

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), the metalworking industry’s premier standards and workforce certification body, announced that it awarded a record number of credentials last year to inA2Z METALWORKER NW •

32 • Feb/Mar 2014

NIMS has developed skills standards ranging from entry-level to masterlevel that cover the breadth of metalworking operations, including metalforming and machining. NIMS certifies individuals’ skills against these national standards via credentials that companies can use to recruit, hire, place, and promote individual workers.Training programs, such as those at community and technical colleges, incorporate the credentials as performance or completion measures of academic coursework in metalforming or machining programs.


• 31 •

May/June r2013

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“As an employer, it is important to know the capabilities of a candidateespecially when you are relying on them to add to the value of your business and your customers’ businesses,” said Jamie Price, President, Sandvik Coromant USA. “NIMS Certifications are the easiest way for a candidate to show his or her area of expertise. That credential on your resume shows that you can be trusted with a business’ production and processes.” “Building and accessing a high-caliber workforce is a top priority for Haas Automation, which is why we work to provide students with a relevant, high-tech and hands-on educational experience, so that they can become work-ready CNC machinists, programmers, and engineers for today’s industrial employers,” said Bob Skodzinsky, Haas Technical Education Center Network program director, Haas Automation. “Using NIMS’ standards and credentials in our programs guarantees that the students are receiving relevant and quality training, and ensures that they will be competitive the second they apply for a job in the industry.” Other efforts that are helping to better connect individuals with the skills they need to access in-demand jobs in the metalworking industry include the Competency-Based Apprenticeship System, developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor. For more information about NIMS standards and credentials, visit About the National Institute for Metalworking Skills The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) was formed in 1995 by the metalworking trade associations to develop and maintain a globally competitive American workforce. NIMS sets skills standards for the industry, certifies individual skills against the standards, and accredits training programs that meet NIMS quality requirements. Visit

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33 • Feb/Mar 2014

AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo Free Manufacturing Expo

Seattle (Bellevue), WA Meydenbauer Center April 9-10, 2014

See the latest cutting-edge technology at Washington’s only contract manufacturing show

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34 • Feb/Mar 2014

Seattle startup gets $1.7M investment to build cheap wave power system Reverse magnetostriction has been around since the mid-1800s, but you’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it. You have likely heard it, though. Magnetostriction is responsible for the buzzing sound you hear when you’re near power station transformers. Basically, it’s what happens when metal alloys like iron change shape in a changing magnetic field. Now, a small Seattle startup has figured out a way to apply reverse magnetostriction to cheap iron-based metal alloys to generate electricity.The process is driven by the ener gy from ocean waves. And the devices have the added benefit of not having moving parts.

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Oscilla Power, an eight-person operation with a small space on Lake Union, has spent the last four years demonstrating that its concept, which would be attached to ocean buoys, would be a cost-effective way to generate energy from waves.


“It’s been four years, but we only started with an idea. I’m pretty proud of being able to go from idea to core enabling technology in a matter of four years,� said Rahul Shendure, co-founder and CEO of Oscilla Power.



It’s amazing what can be accomplished over a cup of coffee.

TCI Delivers Daily Throughout the West

Shendure worked closely with metallurgist Balky Nair to develop and test the technology, and now the company is about to deploy a demonstration buoy at a test site on the New Hampshire coast.

The system is aimed at utility-size projects, Shendure said, and the idea is to prove it can compete with other green energy systems like solar and wind power in both power generation and cost effectiveness.

In June, Oscilla will deploy its 4-meter by 4-meter buoy in New Hampshire, which should generate about 50 watts of power – not much, but enough to demonstrate that the concept works. “Then it will be about scaling up the systems,� Shendure said. “Our intention is to deploy a commercially relevant scale system.�


35 • Feb/Mar 2014

NextGen Tops US Transportation Issues for 2014 Call: 877-885-1059 Email: From small to large water jet cutting, Marzee is your value added Supplier for fast efficient water jet machining.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) implementation of the next generation air transportation system NextGen is among the top transportation management challenges for the federal 2014 fiscal year, according to a new report. The Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), which issued the report, believes the FAA needs to address the following key challenges: identifying and addressing the underlying causes of cost increases and schedule delays; integrating new Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) routes at the nation’s busiest airports; and further developing and implementing consolidation and modernization plans.

Global Hawk Completes First Canadian Civil Flight

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Northrop Grumman’s Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) performed its first flight within Canadian civil airspace, a mission to collect environmental data in the Canadian Arctic. The flight was part of a collaborative project between Northrop Grumman and the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. Researchers equipped the aircraft with an Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAVSAR) and a high-resolution camera to conduct ground mapping and visual observation of Arctic ice caps during a 21-hour flight.

Rockwell Collins Acquires ARINC For $1.4B NewS, ReviewS aNd aRticleS aBout BaNd Saw BladeS aNd PaRtS At, we want to provide our readers with information, advice and news about band saw blades. What’s the right part for your band saw, which band saw machine is the right choice for you and where do you find the best prices for it? Having this information at hand when deciding to make a purchase or just scoping the market is key to your satisfaction.

BaNd Saw BladeS aRe ouR SPecialty Our team is constantly researching and writing articles that are aimed at bringing you one step closer to knowing your band saw machine. We are looking to grow into a community that leaves its mark on the band saw industry, and for that we invite you, our readers to contribute actively for the development Comment! Write! Develop! Critique! Be critiqued! We offer you the opportunity to leave your own mark on the band saw blades industry. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

36 • Feb/Mar 2014

Rockwell Collins has completed its $1.4 billion acquisition of ARINC, the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based aviation and defense electronics manufacturer said. Annapolis, Md.-based ARINC, provider of aviation information management services, was acquired from asset management firm the Carlyle Group. Rockwell Collins originally announced the purchase as an agreement in August 2013. The company is looking to expand its aviation electronics business more into the commercial segment, with ARINC’s ground-based navigational networks, and increase its in-flight entertainment offerings.

Jetblue Airways Has Launched A First The New York-based airline is rolling the new service out on three Airbus A320s initially, with plans to expand Fly-Fi across its entire commercial fleet by 2015. During the initial “Beta period,” passengers can use a free, basic web browsing service called “Simply Surf ” onboard Fly-Fi equipped aircraft through June 2014, JetBlue said. A more advanced live video streaming high-bandwidth service, Fly-Fi Plus, is also offered for $9 per hour during this period. The connectivity (Ka band) and TV antennas (Ku band) are installed 245 West Crossroads Square, S. Salt Lake, Utah 84115 If You Have Something To Send Out For Bid Give Us A Call!

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TSUGAMI SWISS MACHINE NEW TO SUPERIOR! 5 Cutting Axes, Rear Ejection, has threading capabilities, and .560 OD capabilities This Will Make Superior Very Competitive On Those Parts That Need Cut To Length, Machined, And Then OD Ground To Size Or Finish! under a single Continued composite radome unit at the crown of the aircraft, Announcements while other Ka connectivity components are installed in the aircraft electronics bay and throughout the cabin.

Aerospace Sales Projected at $232B for 2014 Military spending cuts offset the increase in sales for commercial aircraft leading to a slight reduction in overall aerospace sales for 2013, however demand is expected to increase leading to an overall gain in 2014, according to the year-end forecast released by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). The forecast projects a less than 1 percent drop in overall aerospace sales to $220 billion for 2013, down from $222 billion in 2012. However AIA is projecting a 5 percent increase to $232 billion in 2014, with the uptick coming mostly from strong civil aircraft sales growth. Civil aircraft sales were projected to rise 7.7 percent to $67 billion this year from 2012, according to the report, but those gains are offset by a drop in military aircraft sales, as well as declines in missile, space and other aerospace sectors. “Significantly, a nearly $5 billion increase in civil aircraft sales was offset by a nearly four billion decrease in military aircraft sales, and a $2 billion decline in civil and defense space sales,” said Marion Blakey, president and CEO of AIA, referring to aircraft spending in 2013. “We believe strong civil aircraft sales growth and an uptick in the space

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sector will contribute to a total of roughly $232 billion in sales next year,” Blakey said. Rockwell Collins Gets New VP, 4 Contracts at Singapore Airshow Rockwell Collins has had a busy week so far in Singapore, announcing a new vice president for its Asia Pacific division along with several commercial and military avionics equipage contracts. On the commercial side, Singapore-based SilkAir, the regional subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, selected the GLU-925 Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR), Automatic Detection Finder (ADF), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME),VOR short-range radio navigation system and HF/ VHF radios and the new MultiScan ThreatTrack weather radar for its a fleet of 23 Next-Generation Boeing 737s. Australian carrier Qantas Airways selected a similar avionics package for its fleet of 737s, and Malaysia’s AirAsia, for a fleet of 36 new Airbus A320s. L-3 Mission Integration, a subcontractor for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN), selected Rockwell Collins’ Flight2 avionics system, to provide upgraded primary flight displays, flight management system and surveillance systems for ROKN’s fleet of P-3Cs. Additionally, James Walker, a former commanding officer with the Royal Australian Air Force, was appointed vice president and managing director of Rockwell Collins’ Asia Pacific division. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

37 • Feb/Mar 2014

“The significance of that kickoff is that we’re expanding the capability of the C-130 enterprise into the commercial arena. That opens up a different market to us,” said Jack Crisler, vice president of business development for Lockheed’s air mobility, special operations and maritime programs. Crisler told Reuters that Lockheed hoped to land an initial order for the new LM-100J aircraft this summer but declined to provide more details. He said the turboprop plane, aircraft would be priced in the mid-$60million range.

LMI Machinery Inc. 970 Industrial Drive, Tukwila, WA 98188

Lockheed, the Pentagon’s No. 1 supplier, is looking to adjacent markets and foreign orders for its weapons to offset weaker U.S. and European defense spending. Lockheed said it built more than 100 L-100s from 1964 to 1992, and many of those commercial and government customers were now starting to look for replacement aircraft. Other plane-makers, including Brazil’s Embraer, are also eyeing potential sales of large cargo planes. “The LM-100J is ... a modern answer to the existing, multi-tasked L-100 airlift fleet,” George Shultz, vice president and general manager of Lockheed’s C-130 programs. “Our customers and legacy L-100 operators tell us that the best replacement for an L-100 is an advanced version of the same aircraft.”

Lockheed launches civil version of C-130J military transport plane Lockheed Martin Corp launched the civil variant of its C-130J Super Hercules military transport plane, the LM100J, saying it expected to sell about 75 of the planes to mining and energy companies, and other commercial and government customers in coming years.

Crisler said the plane would give civil operators the technology, reliability and capabilities of the popular C-130J Super Hercules, which can operate from short, unprepared airfields without ground support equipment, and allows quick loading and unloading of equipment at the height of a truck.

Lockheed said it had asked the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to certify the LM-100J, which will mirror the fourengine C-130J military workhorse, but without military avionics and communications equipment. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

38 • Feb/Mar 2014

He said the plane was ideally suited for use by oil and gas operators and mining companies, which needed to deliver generators and other heavy equipment to austere locations around the world. The plane can also be used for aerial spray, firefighting, medical evaluations, humanitarian aid and VIP transport, Lockheed said.

Autodesk Completes Acquisition of Delcam Autodesk, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Delcam, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Autodesk announced its intent to acquire Delcam on November 7, 2013 for £20.75 per share or approximately £172.5 million (~USD $286 Million), using non-U.S.-based cash. Delcam will operate as a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Autodesk, with no significant changes planned for Delcam’s business. “Autodesk brings to Delcam increased financial strength, unparalleled expertise in design, and a long history of making technology accessible to broad audiences. Through sharing our technology and expertise, this transaction will transform industries and improve how the world is designed and made,” said Clive Martell, Delcam chief executive officer. “By maintaining the basic structure of Delcam’s business, Autodesk is reflecting its trust in and respect for Delcam’s solutions, leadership and organization, and we are excited to come together and further the vision, development and implementation of technology for digital manufacturing.” Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, Delcam’s range of design, manufacturing and inspection software provides automated CADCAM solutions for a variety of industries, ranging from aerospace and automotive to toys and sports equipment. The company has more than 30 offices worldwide and approximately 700 employees. “The acquisition of Delcam is an important step in Autodesk’s continued expansion into manufacturing and fabrication and beyond our roots in design. Together with Delcam we look forward to accelerating the development of a more comprehensive Digital Prototyping solution and delivering a better manufacturing experience,” said Buzz Kross, senior vice president for Design, Lifecycle and Simulation products. “We welcome the Delcam employees, customers, partners and community to Autodesk.” This transaction is expected to have no impact on Autodesk’s guidance issued on November 26, 2013. Autodesk expects this transaction to be dilutive to its

GAAP earnings in fiscal 2015 and accretive to its non-GAAP earnings in fiscal 2016*. The company will provide more details about the impact of the transaction on its fourth quarter conference call, currently scheduled for February 26, 2014. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyonefrom design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges. For more information visit www. or follow @autodesk. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

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4 Flute Single End Ball

2 & 4 Flute Single End Square (2 Flute uncoated) Dia. 1/16" 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1"

LOC 3/16" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 13/16" 1" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2" 1-1/2"

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13/16" 2-1/2"






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New Research Finds Solar Jobs Growing Quickly Across Surprising Mix of States

families being able to take advantage of cleaner and cheaper renewable electricity.”

WASHINGTON, The solar industry experienced record-breaking job growth across the U.S. last year, according to The Solar Foundation (TSF), an independent 501(c)(3) research and education nonprofit. TSF today released new state-specific numbers that show major solar job gains in both traditional and burgeoning markets.

HyperSolar Reaches Significant Milestone in Achieving Low Cost Solar Powered Hydrogen Production HyperSolar, the developer of a breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and any source of water, today announced that its artificial photosynthesis technology is now capable of producing 1.2 volt open circuit voltage for use in direct solar hydrogen production.This achievement represents another 10% increase over the previous 1.1 volt reached late last year, a significant step towards truly renewable low cost hydrogen.

California and Arizona continued to lead the way as the top two states for solar employment, with 47,223 and 8,558 jobs, respectively. The New England region is home to over 25,000 solar jobs, representing nearly 20 percent of the total US solar workforce despite not being among the sunniest regions. Southern states now employ over 22,000 solar workers, and 18 Southern, Midwestern and Mountain states doubled their solar jobs since TSF last reported these figures. Statistics on all 50 states can “We now see a path to production of hydrogen through immersion of be found on TSF’s interactive map, available at low cost semiconductor materials in water,” stated Tim Young. “Our “Our state solar jobs research this year clearly shows that solar energy approach uses only one type of inexpensive semiconducting material can be harnessed anywhere, and that growth rates are not necessarily and reduces manufacturing complexity. Use of low cost materials with associated with geography, total amount of sunshine, or political party,” an industrial scaleable process and may even make it a viable approach for fabricating low-cost photovoltaic modules for other applications said Andrea Luecke, Executive Director and President of TSF. beyond water splitting.”

“Sunrun added 45 percent more jobs since the beginning of 2013 and our thriving ecosystem of partners employs more than 3,000 people across “With the recent announcements of Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and other the country,” said Lynn Jurich, Chief Executive Officer of Sunrun. “The major auto manufacturers to begin shipping hydrogen fuel cell cars next home solar market continues to be the fastest growing segment of the year, there will be increased demand in the near future for clean hydrosolar industry with 50 percent growth since last year. As the industry gen,” continued Mr.Young. “We believe our technology can address two grows, more jobs will be added to our economy, which means more serious drawbacks impeding major adoption of hydrogen automobiles: A2Z METALWORKER NW •

40 • Feb/Mar 2014

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.5 0 0 .7 5 0 .5 0 0 .7 5 0 1.0 0 .3 7 5 .5 0 0

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S ha nk x OA L

Ultimate Boring Tools P ric e

M in. B o re

1/ 8 "x 2 " $ 19 .9 0


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3 / 16 "x 2 - 1/ 2 "

$ 2 0 .9 0


.0 0 7

1/ 4 "x 2 - 1/ 2 "

$ 2 2 .9 0


First, the lack of hydrogen production infrastructure near the point of distribution or the fueling stations is addressed by our solar hydrogen production process. Second, hydrogen is currently produced from a fossil fuel -- natural gas -- in a process that releases substantial amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

Solar Energy In California Picking Up Slack On Reduced Hydroelectric Production.



M ax D epth

1335 1340 1345 1350 1355 1360 1365 1370 1375 1380 1385 1390 1395 1400 1410 1415 1420 1425

.500 .750 1.00 1.25 .500 .750 1.00 1.25 1.50 .500 .750 1.00 1.25 1.50 .750 1.00 1.25 1.50

R adius

Shank x OA L

P rice


1/4"x 21/2"



5/16"x 21/2"



3/8"x 2-1/2"



1/2"x 3"


on how this technology might be used in zero gravity — how we might ultimately manufacture in space,” said LaNetra Tate, the advancedmanufacturing principal investigator for a program at the directorate.

Export rule changes expected on electronics, satellites

The White House this year is likely to unveil changes to rules governing exports of chemicals, electronics and satellites, a move long awaited by Reports that the drought in California “is having a dire impact” on hydro- U.S. manufacturers eager to capitalize on foreign sales. A federal interelectric production, but on the other hand “the abundance of sunshine agency working group already has changed rules for more than half has been ideal for solar power.” According to the chair of California Energy Consumption, Robert Weisenmiller, “we are not concerned the 21 categories of products on the U.S. munitions list and expects to about blackouts or outages” because “we are much less dependent on release updates later this year hydropower now than we were in the 1940s. In just the last year, we’ve added more than 1,000 megawatts of solar alone.” The report points out that the Energy Information Agency has statistics showing that the average share of hydroelectric electricity in terms of California’s energy usage, at 15 percent, covers up the wide variance year to year in production. EIA data show that 1992 was “a low water year,” where “hydro accounted for just 11 percent of the state’s electricity ... while in 1995 it accounted for 28 percent.”

NASA pushes the envelope with 3-D printing NASA’s Space Technology Mission Direc­torate has launched several initiatives for 3-D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. “With additive manufacturing, we have an opportu­nity to push the envelope

Rockwell Collins Acquires ARINC For $1.4B

Rockwell Collins has completed its $1.4 billion acquisition of ARINC, the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based aviation and defense electronics manufacturer said. Annapolis, Md.-based ARINC, provider of aviation information management services, was acquired from asset management firm the Carlyle Group. Rockwell Collins originally announced the purchase as an agreement in August 2013. The company is looking to expand its aviation electronics business more into the commercial segment, with ARINC’s ground-based navigational networks, and increase its in-flight entertainment offerings A2Z METALWORKER NW •

41 • Feb/Mar 2014

Just last week SMH heard another customer’s tale of bad tooling, bad parts, with a new product nearly a year behind schedule – and it happens all too often.

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Reshoring occurs now on a regular basis. Still an alarming number of companies want to put their new programs in jeopardy without understanding TCO: transportation, warehousing more stock than needed, downtime due to quality issues, and ultimately, the cost of retooling.

Proximity, reliability and support are paramount during product development and launch. And more U. S. suppliers are tooling up, improving throughput, and bring work back home! Whether you need, Machining, Casting, Molding, or Precision Stamping, or any manufacturing service, let the SMH Inc. proven suppliers help you get your next component to the assembly line or product to market. We’ll do it right, and on time, with peerless follow-on support.

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42 • Feb/Mar 2014

NASA’s Student Launch Challenge Looking For Next Generation Of Engineers

VMi Series

Students from several universities are taking part in a NASA event by designing and launching innovative rockets.

General Purpose / Machining Centers.

NASA said its Student Launch Challenge will include 26 colleges and universities from 16 states and Puerto Rico.The event, being held May 15 – 17 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Tooele County, Utah, is another way the space agency is gearing up the next generation of engineers. “This new engineering competition ties participating students’ work to NASA’s pursuit of new, more demanding missions,” William Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for human exploration and operations, said in a statement. “Giving these students exposure to building and launching model rockets to 20,000 feet allows them to recognize the challenges in pushing new limits.”

A 40" machine unlike any other in the industry.

During the challenge, student teams will be asked to go through rigorous launch readiness reviews before launching their rockets. NASA said the challenge was inspired by the space agency’s mission to build, test and fly the new Space Launch System, which is the agency’s next flagship rocket.

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A2Z_Metalworker_NW-ROSCO-VM-Ad.indd 2

Students will be required to build their vehicles with a parachute-based recovery system and provide three payloads capable of delivering data that could help shape future NASA missions. One mandatory payload for all students to equip their rockets with is a landing hazard detection system, which will include a camera and customized software to transmit real-time information about surface conditions. Teams will be able to select the other two payload systems on the rocket from a list of options that support NASA spacecraft development strategies. Some of these payloads include studying how liquids move in microgravity and studying the environmental effects of supersonic flight on vehicle paints and coatings.

The students will be required to predict the maximum flight altitude of their vehicle based on the research needs of their payloads. According to the rules, no rockets are allowed to fly higher than 20,000 feet.The team that comes closest to this altitude without breaching the threshold will receive the altitude award. Last year, students were asked to keep their rockets below 5,280 feet, or 1 mile.

2/13/2014 4:45:51 PM

NASA will be judging teams on a successful launch and payload development, as well as thoroughness of supporting documentation. The winning team will receive a $5,000 prize, which is being offered by ATK Aerospace Group of Promontory, Utah. Last year, students from Aerospace Club of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN took home the top prize for this challenge. Alabama A&M University in Huntsville took home the Altitude Award for coming the closest to the 1-mile mark without going over. A2Z METALWORKER NW •

43 • Feb/Mar 2014

Boeing Pact Wins Cost Controls

The union didn’t release an official vote tally, but Wilson Ferguson, the president of a local union branch and one of the leaders opposing the contract, said the offer was approved by a margin of “around 600” votes out of roughly 23,900 cast.

Boeing Co.‘s contract deal with its largest union cements a key portion of its effort to aggressively control costs and avoid disruptions for one of its most important new jetliners in years.

Boeing says the ultracompetitive world of selling jetliners requires it to cut the cost of developing and building the 777X. “The airplanes we are selling today are at significant relative price discounts compared to those in the past,” Alan May, Boeing vice president of human resources for the commercial unit, wrote in a letter to machinists ahead of the vote.

The 51%-to-49% ratification vote on the eight-year deal late Friday reflected a deep divide within the machinists union over a contract that includes deep concessions on health-care costs and retirement benefits. In November, union members rejected 2-to-1 a contract offer that also required significant union concessions on the wage structure. Boeing dropped that wage requirement in the offer approved Friday.

Boeing, when it built its 787 Dreamliner, largely relied on suppliers to design and assemble portions of the jet to reduce its costs for the fuel-efficient jet. But the 787 had billions of dollars in cost overruns and design and manufacturing issues, as well as a 3½-year delay in delivery.

Approval of the contract, which will take effect in 2016, came with a promise from Boeing to assemble its planned 777X jetliner and its carbon-fiber composite wings in unionized facilities in Washington state. The deal thus ends Boeing’s nationwide search for a home for the 777X, which is due to start delivery in 2020.

For its 777X the company has adopted a different strategy. Boeing will still rely heavily on the global supply chain that builds its 777 today, but it will manufacture and design more of the jet itself.

Boeing had begun searching for alternate locations after its first contract offer was rejected in November. Twenty-two states offered 54 sites for Boeing to evaluate in hopes of winning high-value aerospace jobs.

The 777X is a continuation of the hugely profitable long-range 777 jet currently assembled at the company’s Everett, Wash., site. That jet is a central source of profits for Boeing’s commercial unit, with the largest and most popular model selling for $320 million before discounts. Rival Airbus Group EADSY -1.05% NV has taken direct aim at Boeing’s 777 market share, winning orders for its A350 jet from once stalwart Boeing customers like Japan Airlines Co. 9201. TO +0.39%

The international union’s leaders didn’t specifically call for approval in Friday’s vote. But the local district of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which represents more than 32,000 workers at Boeing’s commercial unit, vehemently opposed the latest offer. “Our members have spoken…this is the course we will take,” said Jim Bearden, administrative assistant to Tom Wroblewski, the Machinist union’s district president, who was simultaneously informing the members of the close result.

Since the 777X was officially launched in November, Boeing has won 280 orders and commitments for the jet from five customers.

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44 • Feb/Mar 2014

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In its push to shave costs, Boeing secured $8.7 billion in tax incentives from Washington state, a 16-year extension of sweeteners first passed in 2003 for the Dreamliner that was set to expire in 2024. The package is the largest of its kind in U.S. history. Boeing employs more than 82,000 workers in the state, including an estimated 12,100 full-time employees building the 777. “I don’t think you can overstate its ramifications,” said Gov. Jay Inslee of winning the 777X. He led the legislative push in November to pass the package, though he said he wished that competition between states wasn’t necessary. “It’ll be a wonderful day when all the states can agree they won’t have to compete with one another in any incentive program, but that’s not the real world right now.” Boeing has pressed suppliers for savings as well. Its Partnering for Success program, born from the escalating costs for its 787, has extended across both sides of its defense and commercial units. For example, last year Héroux-Devtek Inc. won a contract to supply landing gear for the 777 and 777X starting in 2017. The deal was a major victory for the Canadian parts supplier, which won the work over United Technologies Corp. UTX -0.28% , which had been the 777’s sole landing-gear supplier since the 1990s. Industry officials say UTC, which has been at odds with Boeing’s pursuit of supply-chain savings, wouldn’t agree to Boeing’s renegotiated deal. “HDI was selected for this work based on their capability and their commitment to address market requirements for affordability,” said a Boeing spokesman, adding that the selection was consistent with the company’s cost-reduction initiatives. The spokesman declined to discuss specifics of the contracts with UTC. UTC didn’t respond to requests for comment. The production of the 777X in Washington state avoids a potentially risky expansion outside the company’s traditional jetliner manufacturing base. Analysts had warned that establishing factories with a workforce less experienced in building jets threatened the 2020

delivery date at a time when Boeing’s credibility has been strained by delays for the 787 Dreamliner. Boeing opened a new nonunion facility in 2011 to assemble some 787s in South Carolina, but that site has struggled to accelerate production.Today it delivers a small fraction of the 635 to 645 total jets the company had expected to build in 2013. Ratification of the contract promises Boeing labor peace with its machinists for a decade and follows decades of bruising relations with the unionized workers that assemble its jets. The company also won deep concessions in 2013 in a four-year deal with its engineers and technical workers, shifting new hires to a defined contribution 401(k) but preserving the defined pension for existing employees. The most controversial concessions in the machinists’ contract are the changes to retirement benefits. The agreement preserves pension accruals through October 2016, at which point Boeing would move the workforce to a defined-contribution plan. The plan would raise and cap the basic benefit pension at $95 per year of service each month, and would become available for employees over 58, instead of 60, starting in October 2016. Under its new 401(k)-style plan, Boeing will contribute 10% of eligible pay in each of the first two years of the contract, and 6% and 4% in the following two years, respectively, and 4% for the remaining years to machinists hired before the contract’s proposed ratification. Employees hired after Jan. 3 will receive 4% a year. Boeing is also trying to keep wage growth in check, offering a costof-living increase and a 1% general wage increase every other year of the eight-year deal.The revised offer preserves the seniority structure that “zooms” workers to the top of their pay grade after six years with the company. The ratification will also provide the machinists an immediate $10,000 signing bonus, with an additional $5,000 to follow in 2020, midway through the contract.

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45 • Feb/Mar 2014

Tesla foreign sales outlook bumps stock to record high




Tesla Motors shares hit a record high on Monday following an announcement that Model S sedans purchased in China may qualify for higher-than-expected subsidies.

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46 • Feb/Mar 2014

Its stoc k ros e 5. 4 percent to $196.56 a f t e r China’s finance ministry confirmed that incentives for Tesla’s car will be higher in 2014 than initially announced. The country is trying to contain worsening air pollution, Bloomberg reported. Expectations that Tesla can post favorable sales in China and across Europe also contributed to the stock’s rise. The electric-car maker, which will begin selling the car for about $121,000 in China next month, will see subsidies cut by 5 percent this year versus the previous 10 percent target. In 2015, subsidies for the car will be cut only 10 percent, instead of 20 percent, according to Bloomberg. Palo Alto, Calif.-based Tesla Motors Inc., which delivered 25,000 of its cars in 2012 and 2013, is set to release fourth-quarter financials on Feb. 19. Data compiled by Bloomberg show most analysts estimate Tesla will post a profit of 18 cents per share, excluding some costs. Investors will also be looking for updates on its upcoming Model X crossover SUV.

It’s Electric! Tesla Stock Soars to All-Time High Any doubts investors had about Tesla Motors appear to be in the rear view mirror. Company shares ended yesterday at nearly $197, a new high. Tesla staged a comeback since last autumn when a series of car fires sent its share price down sharply. CEO Leon Musk argued fires were far less likely to happen in Teslas than in conventional gas powered autos. Tesla is still a relatively small player in the auto industry with fewer than 7,000 vehicle sales last quarter. But the company’s book value of more than $22 billion reflects a very positive view Wall Street has about the its potential.

our tool life’s been extended “ up to 23 percent, Which has loWered tool costs by roughly 15 percent. and our productivity has increased around 25 percent.

We’ve seen noticeable differences in tool life and loWer tooling costs.

extended tool life and “reduced tool breakage have decreased our overall tool costs by 30 percent.

For people who make what matters, tool life is critical. Which is why these companies chose Makino. They appreciate how Makino’s comprehensive approach to machine design extends their tool life. But mostly, they’re thrilled with how Makino has helped their cost per part and improved their efficiency and profitability. Read their stories and watch their videos and cutting demonstrations at

85-10356 MWM Claims_Tool_Life_A2ZMW-NWedit_FebMar.indd 1


47 • Feb/Mar 2014 1/28/14 11:17 AM

From Bothell to Mars — local spaceflight industry reaches far Steve Wilhelm Without a 100-person General Dynamics team, working in Bothell and Moses Lake, NASA’s rover Curiosity wouldn’t be exploring the surface of Mars looking for evidence of life.

General Dynamics is just one of the innovative companies that are making Washington state a national leader in what’s being called the “new space” industry: replacing NASA’s sole proprietorship with a host of private sector companies. We found out about Washington’s General Dynamics operations after we published, on Friday, a multi-part story entitled “Taking Off,” about the fast-growing outer space industry in Washington. General Dynamics director of business development Brian McDermott emailed us, pointing out that his company also is an outer space leader here and employs 100 people. Here’s a link to the core story, but only subscribers can read the five sidebars about leading companies and space investors in the area. Overall, the state’s outer space industry employs at least 1,000 people and harnesses many skills, from composites materials to electronics, many of which have been born out of Boeing and its suppliers in the region. NASA still is the largest single entity in outer space work, and funded Curiosity and the upcoming Orion deep-space capsule, another project for which General Dynamics is developing parachute mortars. But the breadth of private-sector outer space activities in Washington is wide. We interviewed top executives of some of the state’s most innovative companies and found out that for many of them, 2014 is the year their products will take significant steps. Taking off: Region’s spaceflight industry ready to blast into top tier Steve Wilhelm

That’s because the Washington state team built the “parachute mortars” that ejected Curiosity’s 51-foot-diameter parachute into Mars’ thin atmosphere.


48 • Feb/Mar 2014

Washington state has moved into the top ranks of the United States’ fast-growing spaceflight industry, as the federal government’s role shrinks and entrepreneurs rush in.

With its combination of aerospace skills, software smarts and investors with big imaginations and bank accounts to match, the region is becoming a leader in the space sector, competing with California, Nevada and others. “I think it’s one of the hotbeds of commercial space development,” said James Muncy, principal for space consultancy PoliSpace, in Alexandria, Va. Several outer-space companies in the region are hiring engineers and lofting payloads into the heavens, or will in coming months.

Warn Industries has an immediate opening for a “Quality Engineer Level I or II”, which they hope to fill before the end of February.

Joe Landon recently relocated the Space Angels Network from California to Bellevue, where it channels money from wealthy investors into a growing list of local companies that build rockets and satellites. Here Landon is surrounded by artifacts at the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

— Tukwila-based Andrews Space plans to launch a pair of Scout micro-satellites this year, each the size of a picnic cooler but packed with electronics.

To apply for this job and submit your resume go to www.warn. com. This position is also posted at the SME Portland Chapter’s website under the ‘Job Postings’Tab at, ( Home/ ). Warn Industries currently has several other manufacturing and engineering positions open, which can be viewed at, ( Current Career Opportunities at Warn Industries ). For information or details about this announcement, contact or Cell Phone #( 503 ) – 998 – 1539 — Bothell-based Tethers Unlimited is building its first propulsion systems and late last year orbited a device to pull defunct satellites out of orbit.

— Sister company Spaceflight Services, which piggybacks small satellites onto others’ launches, plans to orbit four satellites in 2014 and is expanding its offices.

— Blue Origin, funded by Jeff Bezos, successfully tested last year what it hopes will be a game-changing hydrogen-fueled engine, and this year may attempt a flight of its New Shepard suborbital spacecraft. The Kent-based company is hiring heavily.

— Planetary Resources this year will launch its first satellite, a device that will take in-orbit “selfies” for its crowd-funding donors. The Bellevue company also is moving to a larger facility.

— Aerojet Rocketdyne in Redmond built the guidance motors for Orbital Science’s first cargo flight to the International Space Station, which docked there Jan. 11. The company also is hiring.


49 • Feb/Mar 2014

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Collets & Chucks Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc_____303-990-6190 Royal Products_____________ 631-273-1010 Abrasive Systems S.L. Fusco San Leandro__________510-895-9000 Edge Technologies___________ 562-243-4659 Seco Tools Inc._____________ 503-267-4805 CNC Lathe Accessories S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez_________ 310-868-1010 Bar Feeder Accessories Trusty-Cook_______________ 877-240-2462 S.L. Fusco National City__________619-477-7733 Trusty-Cook_______________ 877-240-2462 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._____ 763-682--3122 Air Cleaning Guns Bar Feeder Repair CNC Spindle Liners Royal Products______________ 631-273-1010 Edge Technologies___________ 562-243-4659 Trusty-Cook_______________ 877-240-2462 Auto-Bar Feed Systems Boring Bars/Tools Computer Enclosures-Protective Western Machine Center_________ 408-955-1000 Almar Tools, Inc.____________ 503-680-9716 Byte Box_________________ 888-bytebox Ballscrews Coolant Systems Micro 100_______________ 208-888-7310 C & M Precision Spindle, Inc.________503-691-0955 Seco Tools Inc._____________ 503-267-4805 DCM Tech _______________ 800-533-5339 Band Saws/Saw Blades Swift Tool Co, Inc.____________ 800-562-0900 Swift Tool Co, Inc.____________ 800-562-0900 Cutting Fluids & Oils Bandsaw Tech______________562--419-7675 CarbideTools Castrol_________________ 800-894-7773 Roentgen USA______________ 760--900-1110 Almar Tools, Inc.____________ 503-680-9716 Hangsterfer’s______________ 316-640-2462 S.L. Fusco San Leandro__________510-895-9000 Horizon Carbide____________ 480-335-7688 Hangsterfer’s______________ 760-580-1357 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez_________ 310-868-1010 Micro 100_______________ 208-888-7310 S.L. Fusco San Leandro_________ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco National City__________619-477-7733 S.L. Fusco San Leandro_________ 510-895-9000 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez_________310-868-1010 SawBlade.com_____________ 800--240-2932 S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez________ 310-868-1010 S.L. Fusco National City_________ 619-477-7733 S.L. Fusco National City_________ 619-477-7733 Swift Tool Co, Inc.____________ 800-562-0900 Band Saw Replacement Parts Bandsaw Tech______________562--419-7675 Swift Tool Co, Inc.____________ 800-562-0900 CuttingTools Almar Tools, Inc.____________ 503-680-9716 Chemicals: Ultrasonic Band Saw Repair ACCESSORIES

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Feb/Mar 2014

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“Work with passion, sell with conviction, support with dedication.” • Brass & copper tubes

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Seco Tools Inc._____________503-267-4805 DCM Tech ______________ 800-533-5339 Desert EDM Sales ___________ 480-816-6300 Swift Tool Co, Inc.____________800-562-0900 S.L. Fusco San Leandro________ 510-895-9000 Jaws S.L. Fusco R. Dominguez________310-868-1010 EDM Network_____________ 480-836-1782 EDM Performance___________ 800-336-2946 Desert EDM Sales ___________480-816-6300 S.L. Fusco National City_________619-477-7733 EDM Materials & Supplies

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Optical Mouse-Silicone Based Byte Box________________ 888-bytebox PartsWashing Equipment Ebbco Inc________________800-809-3901 DCM Tech ______________ 800-533-5339 Precision Bearings C & M Precision Spindle, Inc._______503-691-0955 Saw Blades & Replacement Parts Rocky Mountain Saw Blades_____ 303--761-3000 Roentgen USA_____________760--900-1110 SawBlade.com____________ 800--240-2932 Solvents & Degreasing Agents DCM Tech ______________ 800-533-5339 Solvents:Vapor degreasing Petroferm Inc._____________317-371-8899 Solvents:HandWipe Petroferm Inc._____________317-371-8899 Solvents: Mil PRF 680 Petroferm Inc._____________317-371-8899 Spindles Setco-Pope Spindles__________ 866-362-0699


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EDM Machines4

Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc_____303-990-6190 Desert EDM Sales ___________ 480-816-6300 Ellison Technologies____________206-669-3578 EDM Network_____________ 480-836-1782


Chevalier USA_____________ 562-903-1929 UsedWire EDM Machines Desert EDM Sales ___________ 480-816-6300 EDM Network_____________ 480-836-1782 NEW MACHINERY

Jorgensen Machine Tools________ 800-952-0151

Selway Machine Tool__________ 425-931-1680

Ganesh Machinery____________888-542-6374 North-South Machinery_________ 253-333-2439 Gosiger__________________937-586-5067 EDM Service LMI Machinery Inc.____________866-437-7315 Desert EDM Sales ___________ 480-816-6300 Machine Toolworks____________800-426-2052 EDM Network_____________ 480-836-1782 North-South Machinery__________253-333-2439 EDMTooling Systems North Western Machinery________ 206-583-2333

3 , 4, & 5 Axis CNC Mills

Performance Machine Tools________510-249-1000 Desert EDM Sales ___________ 480-816-6300

Innovative Tool Sales__________ 714-780-0730

Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc____ 303-990-6190

Starrag Group______________859-534-5201 EDM Network_____________ 480-836-1782

Jorgenson Machine Tools________ 801-214-7309

North Western Machinery________ 206-583-2333 Performance Machine Tools_______ 510-249-1000 Rosco Precision Machinery_______ 206-818-6813 Selway Machine Tool___________503-314-3165


54 • Feb/Mar 2014

FABRICATION Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031

Band & Cut Off Saws DW Machinery Sales__________ 425-827-6931

North Western Machinery________ 206-583-2333 Jorgensen Machine Tools_________800-952-0151 CNC Knife Cutting with Registration


ACS/MultiCamNW____________360-318-7534 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 CNCTurret Punches

Rolling Machines

Nesting Software SigmaNEST________________513-595-2022 Software, Solid Modeling Delcam Software_____________877-DELCAM1

DW Machinery Sales___________425-827-6931 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 Shop Floor________________ 877-611-5825 Sanders/Finishing Muratec________________ 949-466-8255 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY DW Machinery Sales__________ 425-827-6931 Drill Lines Hexatron Engineering________801-363-8010 Shearing Machines Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 Santa Cruz Electronics________831-479-5444 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 Cold Saws/Saws REPAIR DW Machinery Sales___________425-827-6931 Jorgensen Machine Tools_______ _800-952-0151 Bandsaw Tech______________562--419-7675 Sign & Graphic Cutting Solutions Fahey Machinery Co., Inc._______ _503-620-9031 ROBOTICS ACS/MultiCamNW___________ 360-318-7534 Hardware Insertion Ellison Technologies____________206-669-3578 Telescribe Scribe Markers Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 LMI Machinery Inc.____________866-437-7315 Telesis__________________510-413-1771 IronWorkers Robotic Part Loading Systems Tooling Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 Midaco Corporation____________847-593-8420 Jorgensen Machine Tools_________800-952-0151 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 ROUTERS Tube Bending Laser Cutting Rosco Precision Machinery________ 206-818-6813 ACS/MultiCamNW____________360-318-7534 DW Machinery Sales__________ 425-827-6931 UID Marking Systems SERVICES DW Machinery Sales___________425-827-6931 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 Telesis__________________510-413-1771 Welding Equipment Laser Marking

AS9100 Registration ABS Quality Evaluations__________702-371-7591

Telesis__________________ 510-413-1771 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades______ 303-761-3000 Great Western Registrar__________ 623-580-1881 PALLET SYSTEMS Gap AnalysisTraining Metal Marking Systems

Management SystemsTraining ABS Quality Evaluations_________ 702-371-7591 BMSC__________________602-445-9400 Gladhill Associates___________ 719-239-9830 Sustaining Edge Solutions________888-572-9642 Supply Chain Assessments ABS Quality Evaluations_________ 702-371-7591 Gladhill Associates___________ 719-239-9830 Sustaining Edge Solutions________888-572-9642 SIX SIGMATRAINING Sustaining Edge Solutions________888-572-9642 SOFTWARE CAD CAM Machining Cimatron_________ 248-596-9700 ext. 237 Delcam______________ 877-335-2261 Mechanical Design Cimatron_________ 248-596-9700 ext. 237 Delcam______________ 877-335-2261 SPINDLES & SLIDES Spindle Rebuilding/Repair C & M Precision Spindle, Inc._______ 503-691-0955 GMN USA LLC_____________ 800-686-1679 Setco _________________ 714-222-6523 Spindle Sales New C & M Precision Spindle, Inc._______ 503-691-0955 GMN USA LLC_____________ 800-686-1679

Kwik Mark Inc_____________ 815-363-8268

Manual & Automatic Pallet Systems

ABS Quality Evaluations__________702-371-7591

Setco _________________ 714-222-6523

Magnetic Drills/Cutters

Midaco Corporation___________847-593-8420

Financial Services


Innovative Tool Sales__________ 714-780-0730

Manual Lift Off Pallet

Muratec________________ 949-466-8255



Midaco Corporation___________847-593-8420

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031

Manual Rotory Pallet Systems

Intech Funding______________800-553-9208 Quick Turn Financial___________415-608-5692 U.S. Bank Equipment___________206-948-0022 ISO Consulting/Registration

Midaco Corporation___________847-593-8420 ABS Quality Evaluations__________702-371-7591 Telesis__________________ 510-413-1771 PRECISIONTOOLHOLDING PRODUCTS Gladhill Associates____________719-239-9830 Pinstamp

Plasma/Gas CuttingTools/Systems


ACS/MultiCamNW____________360-318-7534 Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._____ 763-682--3122 DW Machinery Sales___________425-827-6931 Rosco Precision Machinery_______ 206-818-6813

Tooling Systems

Great Western Registrar__________ 623-580-1881 Lean ConsultingTraining ABS Quality Evaluations__________702-371-7591

Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc._____ 763-682--3122 Gladhill Associates____________719-239-9830

Plate Bending & Rolls


Lambie Engineering___________ 509-868-3100

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031

Factory Automation/Logistics

ISO / AS9100 Certification

Jorgensen Machine Tools_________800-952-0151 Muratec________________949-466-8255 ABS Quality Evaluations__________702-371-7591 Presses

CAD/CAM Software, CAD

BMSC__________________ 602-445-9400

DW Machinery Sales___________425-827-6931 Automatics & Machinery Co., Inc____ 303-990-6190 Gladhill Associates____________719-239-9830 Press Brakes DW Machinery Sales__________ 425-827-6931

Delcam Software____________ 877-DELCAM1 Sustaining Edge Solutions_________888-572-9642 MRP Software

MachineTool Rebuilding

Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 SigmaTEK_______________ 513-595-2022 EDM Network______________480-836-1782

EDM Network__ ___________480-836-1782 Jorgensen Machine Tools________ 800-952-0151 K.D. Capital Equipt___________ 480-922-1674 Machine Tools Northwest________206-650-8999 North Western Machinery________ 206-583-2333 Performance Machine Tools_______ 510-249-1000 WATERJET CUTTING ACS/MultiCamNW___________ 360-318-7534 Fahey Machinery Co., Inc.________ 503-620-9031 Flow International___________ 909-620-5707 Jorgensen Machine Tools________ 800-952-0151 Machine Toolworks___________ 800-426-2052 Waterjet Abrasives GMA Garnet Group___________209-6-63-9931 Waterjet Replacement Parts EDM Performance___________800-336-2946 Waterjet Pumps Flow International___________ 909-620-5707 Bar Feeder Repair Edge Technologies___________ 562-243-4659 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

55 • Feb/Mar 2014

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes RWE

Innol/ative Tool !!iales Manufacturers Representatives

Custom Mechanical Design

Randall J. Wilson Industrial Products 755 East Debra Lane Anaheim. CA 92805



ITS Office, (714) 780-0730

Advanced Engineering Analysis

Weld Shop: [7 I 4) 533- 1690


[714] 780-0735


(714) 51 2-73 I 4

Richard D. Widdle, PhD, PE Mechanical Engineer / Principal 425-281-3180 PO Box 1793 Duvall WA 98019 CAGE Code: 64GH7 NAICS Codes: 541330, 541420

MarZee I nc. 2345 N. 34th Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85009 Home of 5 Omax Waterjets 80” x 240” Cutting Envelope Virtually Zero Taper Available Fast Quoting & Turn Arounds Prototype to Production

The Manufacturers’ secret weapon

602-269-5801 602-269-5810 1-877-885-1059 FAX



DIE CASTING Turning: Automatic Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 Matrix Machine__________ 480-966-4451 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Matrix Machine__________ 480-966-4451 TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278 CASTING Prescott’s MFG __________ 719-659-0262 DIES Investment Casting-Precision BENDING Tool & Dies Dolphin Investment Castings___ 602-272-6747 Mandrel Micropulse West Inc.________ 480-966-2300 CHEMICAL ETCHING Aeroform, Inc. ____________360-403-1919 Plastic Injection Molding______ 509-531-2634 Buyken Metal Products______ 206-947-9122 PMA Photometals_________ 480-773-3239 EDGING GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 COATING United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 EDM Laser Cutting Services, Inc_________ 503-612-8311 Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714 EDM: Dialectric Systems BONDING Coating: Black Oxide /Filtration Diffusion Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Ebbco Inc______________586-716-5151 Matrix Machine__________ 480-966-4451 BRAZING

Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Layke Inc._____________ 602-272-2654

Precision Casting Repair______ 801-972-2345

Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/Chrome


Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648

Ponderosa Ind____ _______303-298-1801

EDM: Drilling Small Hole

Coating: Dry Film Lube

Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos.

EDM: Wire EDM Express____________ 800-780-7075 Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______ 714-373-0098 Metal Products Company_____ 800-345-2069 Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300 Jet Processing_________ 623-869-6749x117 Plastic Injection Molding______ 509-531-2634 ELECTRO MECHANICAL Sub-Assembly Builds Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 ENGINEERING/DESIGN Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525

EDM Express____________ 800-780-7075 Hexatron Engineering_______ 801-363-8010 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking)

Lambie Engineering________ 509-868-3100

Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300 Mohawk Metal __________ 541-556-6095

Specialty Steel Services______ 801-539-8252 Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______ 714-373-0098 RWE, PLLC_____________ 425-281-3180 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

56 • Feb/Mar 2014

FABRICATION Fabrication: Sheet Metal Aeroform, Inc. ___________ 360-403-1919 Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 Buyken Metal Products______ 206-947-9122 Cygnet Stamping & Fab______ 818-240-7574 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Metalcraft Industries________ 888-280-7080 Mohawk Metal __________ 541-556-6095 Mountain View Machine______ 435-755-0500 QUAL-FAB, Inc.____________206-762-2117 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Fabrication: Custom Metal Buyken Metal Products______ 206-947-9122 Cygnet Stamping & Fab______ 818-240-7574 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Group Mfg Serv__________ 480-966-3952

SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226

Galvanizing: Hot Dip

Hand Forgings

Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 TMM Precision ____________800-448-9448 Aluminum Precision________ 714-227-2098 Weiser/Mile High Precision____303-280-2778 Glass Bead Clean Titanium

Wrico_______________480-892-7800 Byington Steel Treating, Inc._____408-727-6630 Aluminum Precision________ 714-227-2098 Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication: Coating Technologies________623-581-2648 GLASS/OPTICAL Medium & Large Gold Tech Industries_________ 480-968-1930 Prescott’s MFG __________ 719-659-0262 Aeroform, Inc. ___________ 360-403-1919 GK Machine_____________ 503-678-5525 Buyken Metal Products______ 206-947-9122 GRINDING Liquid Painting GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Aero Tech MFG____________ 801-891-2740 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 Group Mfg Serv__________480-966-3952 MPI International__________956-631-6880 EDM Express____________ 800-780-7075 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Passivation Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Coating Technologies________623-581-2648 Mountain View Machine______435-755-0500 Metalcraft Industries________888-280-7080 Gold Tech Industries_________ 480-968-1930 Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320 QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Polishing Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Arizona Hard Chrome________ 602-278-8671 TCI Precision Metals________ 800-234-5613 Solid Form Fabrication_______ 503-435-1400 Powder Coating Weiser/Mile High Precision____303-280-2778 Grinding, Blanchard Aero Tech MFG____________ 801-891-2740 Diversified Metal Services_____ 801-972-6093 FASTENERS/HARDWARE Sandblasting Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700 Self Clinch_____________ 801-746-2689 Byington Steel Treating, Inc._____408-727-6630 TCI Precision Metals________ 800-234-5613 FINISHING Silk Screening

Grinding, Centerless Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Arizona Finishing_________602-438-4443 Arizona Finishing__________602-438-4443 Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671 FORGINGS Coating Technologies_______ 623-581-2648 Grinding, Double Disc Metalcraft Industries________ 888-280-7080 Aluminum QUAL-FAB, Inc.____________206-762-2117 Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 Aluminum Precision_________ 714-227-2098 TCI Precision Metals________ 800-234-5613 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

57 •Feb/Mar 2014


57 •

Feb/Mar 2014

Darrin J. Caschette President

888-280-7080 |

ISO 9001:2008

Shawn Carlin

Marjorie Langton President

J&M Machine, LLC 1703 NE 43rd Street Renton, WA 98056 Phone: 425-204-0848 Fax: 425-204-0850 Email:



Doug Mielenz Sales Manager Cell 541.556.6095 Toll-free 1.855.JIT.SHOP (548.7467)

Grinding: OD

Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/

Laser Cutting: Micro

Matrix Machine__________ 480-966-4451

Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671


Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776

Metalcraft Industries________ 888-280-7080

Laser Cutting: 3D Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320 MET-TEK Heat Treating_______503-519-9864 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700 HONING E-Coat Grinding: Surface Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 MPI International_________ 956-631-6880 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 HYDRAULIC REPAIR EMI/RFI Shielding Superior Grinding_________ 801-487-9700 Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671 IndustrialEX____________ 303-456-6847 TCI Precision Metals________ 800-234-5613 INJECTION MOLDS Laser Engraving Grinding: Tool & Cutter Plastic Injection Molding______ 509-531-2634 PMA Photometals_________ 480-773-3239 Almar Tools, Inc.__________503-680-9716 INJECTION MOLDING Laser Marking Superior Grinding_________888-487-9701 Plastic Injection Molding______ 509-531-2634 PMA Photometals_________ 480-773-3239 HEAT TREATING Prescott’s MFG __________ 719-659-0262 Precision Etched Parts Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 INSTALLATION PMA Photometals_________ 480-773-3239 Controlled Thermal Tech______602-272-3714 Mohawk Metal __________ 541-556-6095 LEVELING MET-TEK Heat Treating______503-519-9864 LASER CUTTING United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292 Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751 Laser Cutting MACHINING Cryogenics Buyken Metal Products______ 206-947-9122 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Phoenix Heat Treating_______ 602-258-7751 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 Heat Treating/ISO/AS9100

Metal Products Company_____ 800-345-2069

Precision Tech___________ 801-285-7288 Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630

Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Central Valley Machine______ 435-752-0934 Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751 Metal Products Company_____800-345-2069 EDM Express____________ 800-780-7075 Mohawk Metal __________ 541-556-6095 Faustson______________ 303-420-7422 Byington Steel Treating______408-727-6630 United Performance Metals____888-282-3292 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Heat Treating/Aerospace

Phoenix Heat Treating_______602-258-7751 Wrico_______________480-892-7800 Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 A Z METALWORKER NW • 58 • Feb/Mar 2014 2

Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320 St. Vrain______________ 303-702-1529 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Machining: 5-Axis St. Vrain______________ 303-702-1529 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Machining: Aerospace Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Bar-S Machine, Inc. _________928-636-2115 Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 Layke Inc._____________ 602-272-2654 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 St. Vrain______________ 303-702-1529 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Teton Machine ___________ 208-642-9344 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 A2Z METALWORKER NW

• 58 • Feb/Mar 2014

Rebecca Prentice Business Manager

Scott FerguSon

Marketing & Sales Manager (503) 625.2821

Custom Metal Fab 503-788-5701

treSke.coM ISO 9001:2008 | AS9100C (2013) | ITAR

Machining: Swiss Matrix Machine__________ 480-966-4451 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Metalcraft Industries________ 888-280-7080 Bar-S Machine, Inc. _________928-636-2115 Metal Products Company_____ 800-345-2069 Teton Machine ___________208-642-9344 Machining: Turning Central Valley Machine______ 435-752-0934 Micropulse West, Inc._______ 480-966-2300 Machining: Proto-R & D

Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 IInnovative Precision_________801-334-6317 Teton Machine ___________ 208-642-9344 Matrix Machine__________ 480-966-4451 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Prescott’s MFG __________ 719-659-0262 Machining: Large Ron Grob Co____________ 970-667-5320 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Machining: Laser

Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 Metalcraft Industries________ 888-280-7080 Metal Products Company_____ 800-345-2069

QUAL-FAB, Inc.___________ 206-762-2117 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 Bar-S Machine, Inc. ________ 928-636-2115 Teton Machine ___________ 208-642-9344 EDM Express____________ 800-780-7075 Treske Precision Machining ____ 503-625-2821 Faustson______________ 303-420-7422 TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Turnkey Product Services Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 Layke Inc._____________602-272-2654 METAL POLISHING Metalcraft Industries________888-280-7080 Commercial Polishing Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226 Metal Polishing By Timothy____ 503-253-5294 Teton Machine ___________208-642-9344 Custom Airplane to Marine Polishing

TVT Die Casting__________ 800-280-2278 IInnovative Precision_________801-334-6317 Machining: CNC Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Machining: Medical Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 Machining: Turning Large Bar-S Machine, Inc. _________928-636-2115 Prescott’s MFG __________ 719-659-0262 Valley Machine Shop, Inc._____ 425-207-5951 Central Valley Machine______ 435-752-0934 Teton Machine ___________ 208-642-9344 MANUFACTURING VALUE ADDED EDM Express____________ 800-780-7075 Contract Manufacturing Machining: Production Faustson______________ 303-420-7422 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Aeroform, Inc. ___________ 360-403-1919 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 IInnovative Precision_________801-334-6317 Alpha Precision Machining, Inc. __ 253-395-7381 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 IInnovative Precision_________801-334-6317 Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525

Metal Polishing By Timothy____ 503-253-5294 Personal Collectables Polishing Metal Polishing By Timothy____ 503-253-5294 Production Polishing Metal Polishing By Timothy____ 503-253-5294 METALIZING Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714 MOLDING: RUBBER

Molds: Plastic Injection Larkin Precision Machine_____ 831-438-2700 Prescott’s MFG __________ 719-659-0262 Group Mfg Serv__________480-966-3952 Plastic Injection Molding______ 509-531-2634 Layke Inc._____________ 602-272-2654 Teton Machine ___________ 208-642-9344 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 SMH Inc LLC____________ 360-341-2226


• 59 • Feb/Mar 2014



“QUALITY METAL STAMPINGS” JED BROWN 155 Schulz Road Central Point, OR 97502

541-664-6743 Fax 541-664-6769

Precision Investment Castings Since 1972 MICHAEL BUTLER Manager Ext. 3335 Phone:Sales 602-272-6747

602-272-6747 3335 ISOPhone: 9001, PED DirectiveExt. 97/23/EC ISO 9001, PED Directive 97/23/EC

Silver Plating Group Manufacturing Serv_____ 480-966-3952 EPSI________________714-519-9423 Mohawk Metal ____________541-556-6095 Gold Tech ____________ 480-968-1930 Pacific Tool, Inc_____________425-882-1970 QUAL-FAB, Inc._____________ 206-762-2117 PLAZMA CUTTING RECYCLING MATERIALS Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, Plastics, PRECISION FORMING Stainless Steel, Steel, Tin Anodizing Aeroform, Inc. __________360-403-1919 Micro Metals Northwest _______ 503-972-4564 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 Cygnet Stamping & Fab_______818-240-7574 SANDBLASTING Pacific Tool, Inc___________ 425-882-1970 Bright Tin Byington Steel Treating, Inc._____ 408-727-6630 Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 QUAL-FAB, Inc.____________206-762-2117 SHEARING SpringWorks Utah__________801-298-0113 Mohawk Metal ____________541-556-6095 Chrome/Nickel/Palladium Font Verdana size 9 (I dropped in this cell Wrico_______________ 480-892-7800 EPSI_________________714-519-9423 because the “Precision Investment Castings”United Performance Metals____ _888-282-3292 on the logo is notPRINTING very clear. SIGNAGE Gold Tech _____________ 480-968-1930 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._________714-373-0098 UV LED Printing Precision Investment Castings Since 1972 Copper SINTERING Stratavision Industries_______ 951-272-5700 Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 Western Sintering___________509-375-3096 PROCESSING: METAL Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 SLITTING Acid Pickle United Performance Metals____ _888-282-3292 Embrittlement Relief MPI International_________ 956-631-6880 SOFTWARE EPSI_________________714-519-9423 Font Verdana Size 9 G & G Custom Metal Fab____ 503-931-7069

Our company logo

MOLDS STEEL Aero Tech MFG___________ 801-891-2740 Arizona Finishing_________602-438-4443 Jet Processing________ 623-869-6749x117 Milco Wire EDM,, Inc._______714-373-0098 Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 PAINTING Precision Industrial Painting____602-256-0260 Intricate Masking Precision Industrial Painting____602-256-0260 PC BOARDS Surface Mount & Thru Hole Cascade Systems Technology___503-640-5733 PLASTIC MACHINING Portland Precision Manufacturing_ 503-708-7212 PLASTIC MOLDING Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634 SMH Inc LLC____________360-341-2226 Mold Making Plastic Injection Molding______509-531-2634

Electroless Nickel Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Gold EPSI_________________714-519-9423 Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 Gold Tech _____________ 480-968-1930 Hard Chrome Arizona Hard Chrome_______ 602-278-8671 Nickel


Gold Tech Industries________ 480-968-1930 ChemResearch___________ 602-253-4175 Foresight Finishing________ 480-772-0387 EPSI________________ 714-519-9423 GTin / Zinc Plate Foresight Finishing________480-772-0387 EPSI_________________714-519-9423 Gold Tech _____________480-968-1930 Gold Tech _____________ 480-968-1930 A2Z METALWORKER NW •

60 •Feb/Mar 2014


Machining Delcam________________877-335-2261 LA Specialties____________602-269-7612 Mechanical Design MPI International_________ 956-631-6880 Delcam________________877-335-2261 ISO 9001, PED Directive 97/23/EC Chem-Film Conversion • 29 • SPLINES Precision Industrial Painting____ 602-256-0260 Specialty Steel Services________801-539-8252 Dry Lube SPRINGS Precision Industrial Painting____ 602-256-0260 SpringWorks Utah___________ 801-298-0113 STAMPING PRECISION Plating Alodine Cygnet Stamping & Fab________ 818-240-7574 MPI International_________ 956-631-6880 JP Tool_________________541-664-6743 Phosphate Metal Products Company______ 800-345-2069 MPI International_________ 956-631-6880 Metalcraft Industries_________ 888-280-7080 PROTOTYPES Pacific Metal Stampings________661-257-7656 Cascade Systems Technology___ 503-640-5733 Precision Die & Stamping_______480-967-2038 PUNCHING SpringWorks Utah___________ 801-298-0113 Cygnet Stamping & Fab_______818-240-7574 Weiser/Mile High Prec._______ 303-280-2778 MICHAEL BUTLER Sales Manager Phone: 602-272-6747 Ext. 3335


Sept/Oct 2013

Stamping: Aerospace JP Tool_______________541-664-6743 Pacific Metal Stampings______661-257-7656 Stamping: Bending JP Tool_______________541-664-6743 Pacific Metal Stampings______661-257-7656 Stamping:Design JP Tool_______________541-664-6743 Pacific Metal Stampings______661-257-7656 SpringWorks Utah_________ 801-298-0113 Weiser/Mile High Prec._____ 303-280-2778 Stamping:Flat Forming JP Tool_______________541-664-6743 Metalcraft Industries_______ 888-280-7080 SpringWorks Utah_________ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Light JP Tool_______________541-664-6743

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Cascade Systems Technology___503-640-5733 SWISS SCREW MACHINING. Ron Grob Co____________970-667-5320 TESTING Testing: Corrosion, Product Stress, Vibration Cascade TEK____________888-835-9250 Testing: Non-Destructive Noranco Jet Processing ______ 623-869-6749 THERMAL SPRAY Controlled Thermal Tech _____ 602-272-3714 TOOL & DIE DESIGN Metal Products Company_____800-345-2069 Wrico_______________480-892-7800 TOOL Cutting & Grinding Powerhaus Precision________480-225-8845


TOOLING Industrial Machine Svcs______503-240-0878 JP Tool_______________ 541-664-6743 Lambie Engineering________ 509-868-3100 Mountain View Machine______435-755-0500 RyansDovetails.com________ 253-876-9981

Precision Die & Stamping____ 480-967-2038


Stamping: Short Run

CUTTING FAB ACygnet Stamping & Fab_____ 818-240-7574 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776

Metalcraft Industries_______ 888-280-7080 Pacific Metal Stampings______661-257-7656 SpringWorks Utah_________ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Production/

JP Tool_______________541-664-6743 Pacific Metal Stampings______661-257-7656

WATERJET CUTTING Aeroform, Inc. ___________ 360-403-1919 Marzee Inc.____________ 602-269-5801 Milco Waterjet___________ 714-373-0098 United Performance Metals___ _888-282-3292 WELDING Custom Metal Fabrication_____ 503-788-5701 Cygnet Stamping & Fab______ 818-240-7574 G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Mountain View Machine______435-755-0500 Weiser/Mile High Prec.______ 303-280-2778 Weld Metal Works_________ 503-788-5701 Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Welding: Precision G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878 Weiser/Mile High Prec.______ 303280-2778 Welding: MIG-TIG G & G Custom Metal Fab_____ 503-931-7069 GK Machine____________ 503-678-5525 Howell Precision__________ 623-582-4776 Industrial Machine Svcs______ 503-240-0878

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maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the RIght LIne of PRoducts • Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants

the technoLogy inside

• Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

discover why only castrol Industrial has the technoLogy InsIde.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

S.L. Fusco’s three locations: 2102 Adams Avenue 1966 Via Arado San Leandro, CA 94577 Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 1 510 895 9000 1 310 868 1010 Serving Northern California Serving Southern California & Northern Nevada

2530 Southport Way, Ste. D National City, CA 91950 1 619 477 7733 Serving Southern California 2


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We’ve got flex appeal

A2Z Metalworker NW A2Z Metalworker NW P.O. Box93295 33857 P.O. Box Portland, OR85070 97292 Phoenix, AZ


M42 Band Saw Blade Prices

Discounts for ordering 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 blades. WIDTH 4'-6" 5'-0" 5'-6" 6'-0" 6'-6" 7'-0" 7'-6" 8'-0" 8'-6" 9'-0" 9'-6" 10'-0" 10'-6" 11'-0" 11'-6" 12'-0" 12'-6" 13'-0" 13'-6" 14'-0" 14'-6" 15'-0" 15'-6" 16'-0" 16'-6" 17'-0" 17'-6" 18'-0" 18'-6" 19'-0" 19'-6" 20'-0" 20'-6" 21'-0" 21'-6" 22'-0" 22’-6” 23’-0”

1/2” 16.08 17.15 18.23 19.30 20.37 21.44 22.51 23.58 24.65 25.73 26.80 27.87 28.94 30.01 31.08 32.15 33.23 34.30 35.37 36.44 37.51 38.58 39.65 40.73 41.80 42.87 43.94 45.01 46.08 47.15 48.23 49.30 50.37 51.44 52.51 53.58 54.65 55.73

3/4" 17.75 19.01 20.27 21.53 22.78 24.04 25.30 26.55 27.81 29.07 30.33 31.58 32.84 34.10 35.35 36.61 37.87 39.13 40.38 41.64 42.90 44.15 45.41 46.67 47.93 49.18 50.44 51.70 52.95 54.21 55.47 56.73 57.98 59.24 60.50 61.75 63.01 64.27

1" 18.65 20.01 21.37 22.73 24.08 25.44 26.80 28.15 29.51 30.87 32.23 33.58 34.94 36.30 37.65 39.01 40.37 41.73 43.08 44.44 45.80 47.15 48.51 49.87 51.23 52.58 53.94 55.30 56.65 58.01 59.37 60.73 62.08 63.44 64.80 66.15 67.51 68.87

1-1/4" 20.67 22.25 23.83 25.41 26.99 28.58 30.16 31.74 33.32 34.90 36.48 38.06 39.64 41.22 42.80 44.39 45.97 47.55 49.13 50.71 52.29 53.87 55.45 57.03 58.62 60.20 61.78 63.36 64.94 66.52 68.10 69.68 71.26 72.85 74.43 76.01 77.59 79.17

WIDTH 15’-6” 16’-0” 16’-6” 17’-0” 17’-6” 18’-0” 18’-6” 19'-0" 19'-6" 20'-0" 20'-6" 21'-0" 21'-6" 22'-0" 22'-6" 23'-0" 23'-6" 24'-0" 24'-6" 25'-0" 25'-6" 26'-0" 26'-6" 27'-0" 27'-6" 28'-0" 28'-6" 29'-0" 29'-6" 30'-0" 30’-6” 31’-0” 31'-6" 32'-0" 32'-6" 33'-0" 33'-6" 34'-0"

1-1/2" 68.79 70.78 72.77 74.75 76.74 78.73 80.72 82.71 84.70 86.68 88.67 90.66 92.65 94.64 96.63 98.62 100.60 102.59 104.58 106.57 108.56 110.55 112.53 114.52 116.51 118.50 120.49 122.48 124.46 126.45 128.44 130.43 132.42 134.41 136.39 138.38 140.37 142.36

2" 86.20 88.74 91.29 93.83 96.38 98.92 101.46 104.01 106.55 109.10 111.64 114.19 116.73 119.28 121.82 124.36 126.91 129.45 132.00 134.54 137.09 139.63 142.18 144.72 147.26 149.81 152.35 154.90 157.44 159.99 162.53 165.08 167.62 170.16 172.71 175.25 177.80 180.34

2-5/8" 117.67 121.14 124.62 128.09 131.56 135.03 138.50 141.97 145.45 148.92 152.39 155.86 159.33 162.80 166.28 169.75 173.22 176.69 180.16 183.63 187.11 190.58 194.05 197.52 200.99 204.47 207.94 211.41 214.88 218.35 221.82 225.30 228.77 232.24 235.71 239.18 242.65 246.13

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NW Edition A2Z Metalworker Feb Mar 2014  

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