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Vol. 5, No. 3 May/June 2012

Rocky Mountain Edition (CO, UT, ID, MT and WY)

AFT, a Premier Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Manufacturer, is Looking for a Few Good Machine Shops


Editors Corner “Despite hurdles, manufacturers in the U.S. and their employees are doing remarkable work.” John Engler, 46th Governor of Michigan What is Landed Cost? Definition: Landed Cost is the total cost of a product once it has arrived at the buyer’s door. This list of components that are needed to determine landed costs include the original cost of the item, all brokerage and logistics fees, complete shipping costs, customs duties, tariffs, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, crating costs, and handling fees. Combine this with the quality of the products shipped, on-time delivery, and value-added engineering, and you have a very complex equation. I met with AFT, a premier metal injection molding (MIM) manufacturing facility to write an article for this issue. A few years ago, one of their long-term clients moved their operations out of country. AFT subsequently lost a significant revenue stream when the non-American operation secured other local, in-country, suppliers. A few years later, this same international entity determined that it was more cost effective to bring their business back to the United States, back to AFT in Colorado. They surmised that the ‘landed cost’ made the products they were previously getting more cost effective with AFT. According to a report published by The Green Economy, 22% of companies have or are in the process of reshoring back to North America and 33% of manufacturers are researching reshoring. There are additionally political factors influencing even international companies’ manufacturing expansion into the United States. In this issue, you will read a recent CNN Money report, which states that “Chinese conglomerates, on a mission to expand their global footprint and avoid ‘anti-dumping’ tariffs, are shifting more of their production to the US.” And this all bodes well for U.S. manufacturing. The Institute for Supply Management recently reported that “its index of US manufacturing activity increased to 54.8 in April, and that readings above 50 indicate expansion.” Let us hope that our next issue depicts readings even higher. On another note, the A2Z Metalworker Magazines can be viewed and read in their entirety on our web site And even better, you can click on the url of every ad in this magazine and go right to the advertisers web site.The magazines are seeing more than 16,000 unique page views each issue! Let’s continue to make 2012 a great year for manufacturing! Until next issue, I wish you the best, and God Bless our Troops!

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May/June 2012

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4'-5" 5'-0" 5'-6" 6'-0" 6'-6" 7'-0" 7'-6" 8'-0" 8'-6" 9'-0" 9'-6" 10'-0" 10'-6" 11'-0" 11'-6" 12'-0" 12'-6" 13'-0" 13'-6" 14'-0" 14'-6" 15'-0" 15'-6" 16'-0" 16'-6" 17'-0" 17'-6" 18'-0" 18'-6"

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May/June 2012

Announcements & Releases Milestones - Har twig Celebrates Teammate Recognition Hartwig is honored, thankful and ready to celebrate success. The below individuals are being recognized for living our mission and helping customers achieve success within the industry. Ron Ehler – Century Club (100 Okuma machines achieved) – Ron has been with Hartwig for more than 17 years in the roles of applications and sales in the St. Louis office. Ron’s passion for helping and caring for his customer base has generated a mutual trust and loyalty that has shown throughout his years at Hartwig. Greg Taylor – Century Club (100 Okuma machines achieved) – Greg works out of the Kansas City office supporting regions in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas. Greg’s desire to help customers for more than 14 years at Hartwig, is just one reason he was able to celebrate this milestone with the Hartwig family. Hartwig Branches (Exceeding Okuma Goals)  Hartwig St. Louis  Hartwig Dallas  Hartwig Kansas City  Hartwig Omaha  Hartwig Oklahoma  Hartwig Mountain States On behalf of the 150+ Hartwig teammates, we would like to say “Congratulations”.Your passion is contagious.

Smith Machinery/Mazak Adds New Factory Service Technician! Smith Machinery is pleased to announce that Ernie Mankin has joined Mazak as a Factory Service Technician. Most of you know Ernie, but for those of you who do not, he has an B.S. Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Weber State University. He has been a service technician since 1995, serving machine shops in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Ernie joins Mr. Dave Jacobs as the second Mazak Factory Service A2Z METALWORKER •


May/June 2012

Technician living here. Ernie and Dave, along with Larry, Steve & Paul of Smith-Neotech create an amazing team of knowledgeable and dedicated people focused to support the many Mazak machines here in this territory. Mazak is recognized as the most innovative builder of CNC machine tools, is a private family-owned business and is unique in having a complete machine tool factory in the U.S., established in 1974. Mazak is also expanding this factory by 200,000 sq.ft., allowing them to build, in the U.S., additional models of machines and more volume, up to 200 machines per month. Please welcome Ernie to the Smith Machinery/Mazak family.

JD Machine Announces New General Manager! JD Machine announces the hiring of Bryan Crowell as general manager. Due to business growth, the 100 person, 33-yearold manufacturing company is making this addition to the management team with hopes of increasing productivity and efficiency and to prepare for future growth. Mr. Crowell brings 25 years of experience in manufacturing, quality and operations. He has experience in defense and automotive industries. He is specifically trained in the methodologies of the Toyota Production System and has managed repeat Shingo Award winning operations.

Attend the RMTMA Meeting and Learn How To Attract, Motivate, and Retain Key Employees! RMTMA Lunch Meeting June 26th - Tuesday - 11:30 AM with Brad Hams, Ownership Thinking Bring all key leaders in your company! Operations, Human Resources and all Management; Guests Welcome!Unleash the Power of your Business and your Employees! More details about attracting employees and unleashing your company’s potential. In this interactive session, Brad Hams will discuss some of the elements of his bestselling book, Ownership Thinking: How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose, and Announcements Continued Page 8

Samuel Aerospace is one of North America’s top ten processors and distributors of metals, operating more than 40 facilities which are strategically located throughout Canada and the United States. Additional facilities maintained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and China extend our reach globally. Our strategically placed processing and service centers allow us to offer on time and JIT delivery services.

Samuel Aerospace alloys are available in a complete range of shapes and sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the commercial and defense aerospace markets. We stock one of the most extensive aluminum inventories in the industry. Our available aerospace aluminum offering includes:

• Sheet & Coil • Plate • Rod & Bar • Tube & Pipe

A variety of AS, ISO and TS standards ensures conformance to customer’s requirements. Primary aerospace service centers are ISO 9000 and AS9100/9120 certified. Samuel Aerospace offers value-added quality processing services including:

• Water-Jet Cutting • Bar and Extrusion Sawing • Aluminum Plate Sawing • First Stage Processing

Our pre-production processing services are all performed to stringent quality standards to your specifications, saving you time and money while ensuring the quality of your end product. We go to great heights to deliver the right product to the correct quality standards, on time, every time. Plus, we offer Stock and Release and Vendor Managed Inventory programs. These programs can help your company eliminate costly inventories and improve cash flow.

To learn more contact your Samuel Aerospace Metals representative or call (877) 565-7050. Everything you need in a metals supplier…quality, reliability and availability.



May/June 2012

Marshall Tool & Supply Opens New Utah Branch Marshall Tool & Supply, the largest independent cutting tool distributor in the Western United States, opens its fourth branch office in Salt Lake City, Utah. The new branch provides customer access to one of the largest inventories of cutting tools, abrasives, work and tool holding products, precision tools and shop supplies, representing over 400 brands. The new Salt Lake City facility will be modeled after successful branches in California, Arizona and Washington with extensive on-hand inventory of leading brands, local metalworking knowledge, complete customer ser vice operations and same day local delivery at all branch location.

Announcements Continued Profit. You will receive practical information and tools to engage your employees in the financial performance of your company, and to move employees from entitlement to earning. This method has been implemented in thousands of companies over the past 20 years, and with dramatic results relative to financial performance, employee retention, and creating organizations that attract the best and the brightest employees. Brad Hams is the founder and President of Ownership Thinking, LLC, a consulting and training organization dedicated to unleashing the potential of its client organizations and creating cultures of accountability, purpose, and profit. Since its creation in 1995, Ownership Thinking has helped thousands of companies to accomplish this. Brad is also an internationally recognized speaker, and the author several articles and a bestselling book. RMTMA will purchase a book for each attendee ... Our gift to you as another tool to support your business success! Contact Sheila Martin-Kowal for more information: A2Z METALWORKER •


May/June 2012

Marshall Tool & Supply began California operations in 1937 and has built its reputation on selection, personalized service and expedient delivery. “Opening our new Salt Lake City branch allows us to serve not only Utah but also neighboring states such as Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and western Colorado” commented Jimmy DeWitt, President of Marshall Tool & Supply. DeWitt adds, “This is a very important investment for our company and Salt Lake City provides an excellent business environment to expand operations and to establish a local presence.” Recognizing the diverse needs of its customers, Marshall Tool & Supply offers an extensive product line with the most popular items stocked at its local branch offices. The company represents over 400 brands with major brands including ISCAR, Micro-100, Ingersoll, Walter-Valenite, Widia-Hanita, Tungaloy, SGS, Techniks and Royal Products. Andrew Benson, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager for ISCAR USA adds “Marshall Tool has represented the ISCAR line for over 30 years and is one of our largest distributors serving western markets. We welcome their recent expansion in the Utah market and look forward to increasing our service level and support as a result.” WIDIA’s Western States Sales Manager, Rick Wolf, comments Announcements Continued Page 10

Over $3.5 Million in Stocked Parts and 8 Parts Coordinators on Hand At Hartwig we have always stayed on the cutting edge of our customer needs. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance items or unscheduled issues that arise, Hartwig is ready to respond quickly with the parts that you need. With over 3.5 Million in stocked parts on hand, our 8 trained and dedicated parts team members are just a

call away.

Hartwig has been exceeding customer expectation for 51 years. Our 149 professionals are ready. Give us a call today!

Hartwig St. Louis 10617 Trenton Ave. St. Louis, MO 63132 (314) 426-5300

Hartwig Kansas City 6110 Deramus Avenue Kansas City, MO 64120 (816) 231-1850

Hartwig Wichita 4959 S. Lulu Court Wichita, KS 67216 (316) 522-5500

Hartwig Tulsa 1913 West Reno St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012 (918) 259-0260

Hartwig Dallas 5234 Bear Creek Court Irving, TX 75061 (972) 790-8200

Hartwig Colorado 8599 Prairie Trail Dr. Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 373-9450

Hartwig Omaha 2210 South 156th Circle Omaha, NE 68130 (402)-758-0800

Hartwig Houston 4727 S. Pinemont, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77041 (713) 749-9600


A2Z METALWORKER • 9 • today May/June 2012 Tomorrow’s manufacturing solutions,

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1582 E. Bramble Ln • Meridian ID 83642 WWW.FADALCNC.COM

Announcements Continued “Marshall Tool is one of WIDIA Products Group premier distributors in the United States and we are pleased and excited to enter the Utah market with Marshall. Together, we will continue to bring the highest class cutting tool technology and support to increase productivity and reduce overall costs for our metal-working customers.” The Utah Branch The Salt Lake City branch is located just south of the Salt Lake City airport and operations are set to open in early June. The company will employ a team of experienced metalworking professionals who will work directly with customers to provide product assistance, increase productivity, plan and fulfill purchase orders and ensure timely delivery. The company is currently looking for metalworking professionals to join its team with plans for continued expansion in its new branch office. The facility will open with over 3,000 square feet of warehouse and office space with local and regional delivery capabilities in Utah and all neighboring states. About Marshall Tool Marshall Tool & Supply Company is a distributor of metalworking cutting tools and related machine shop supplies headquartered in Chatsworth, CA with branch offices in Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA and Salt Lake City, UT. The company began operations in 1937 and is the largest independent distributor of metalworking tools in the western United States. Marshall Tool & Supply stocks a A Z METALWORKER • 2

10 •

May/June 2012

vast inventory of products with over 50,000 SKU’s on hand at its collective locations. The company provides local delivery and ships to any state within the western and rocky mountain region with customer support teams located at each branch location. For more information, contact Marshall Tool & Supply Main Offices at 818-717-1965 or at one of their branch locations.

Faustson Adds Quick-Turn Prototype Cell, New Zeiss CMM Faustson Tool, a worldwide leader in five-axis manufacturing technology, has expanded its capabilities, adding quick-turn prototyping capabilities to its existing line-up of high-precision machining services, as well as a new Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Faustson added these new capabilities in response to industry trends and customer requests that have produced growing demand for these types of services. “We work closely with many of our clients, and know their processes and specifications very well,” said Faustson’s Director of Operations Heidi Hostetter. “They know our parts are ‘dock to stock,’ and that we deliver exceptional quality, so they can trust that our rapid prototype work will meet the same high standards.” Hostetter notes that Faustson was already providing rapid prototyping Announcements Continued Page 12

on Doosan to have it.


Doosan Automation systems turn ordinary gs, 45 slant beds, y-axis motion,machine tools into o


Doosan Gantry Load/Unload Systems

• Exclusive system found only at Doosan • Easy setup, simple programming • Programming’s done, just teach a few pick points • Links multiple machines • Auto M-Code clamp device for machining centers • Stockers for large parts inventory… minimal space • Two 3-jaw grippers for turning centers requirements • Fast and economical • Plug and Play automation communication And they’re from Doosan, with more than 30 years’ experience building tough machines for the toughest jobs. Andtoughest they’re both gh machines for the jobs.available for Puma and Lynx turning centers, and the DNM and Mynx vertical machining centers. Discover greater savings and productivity. Call your Doosan distributor for details.

fice & Engineering Center: 19A Chapin Road Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500

Corporate Office & Engineering Center: 19A Chapin Road Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Tel: 973-618-2500

tern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street k Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: 847-437-1010

Midwestern Technical Center: 1701 F Howard Street Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: 847-437-1010

ern Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTIVITY Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330


Western Technical Center: 488 W. Meats Avenue Orange, CA 92865 Tel: 714-974-1330

Foothills Machinery Sales 6855 West 116th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020 303.466.3777 A2Z METALWORKER •

11 •

May/June 2012

Since 1968

Largest E.D.M. Facility in the West 24



-Wire E.D.M. -Sinker/Plunge E.D.M. -CNC Lathe and Milling -Molded Rubber Products -Diaphram Assemblies -Precision Laser & Water Jet Cutting -Laser Marking 2905 South Potter Drive Tempe, AZ 85282-3138

PH 602-437-8995 FAX 602-431-9480

Announcements Continued services to several customers as part of its standard mix of services, and that adding a dedicated department helps their team be more responsive to a growing volume of projects in this arena. “Ball Aerospace was one of the first to approach us to discuss their need for true five-axis capabilities in a quick-turn environment, and we were happy to respond.” This new service at Faustson Tool allows its customers to augment the capabilities of their in-house development team and improve their competitive position in their respective industries. The experts at Faustson review prototype designs and make suggestions that may make manufacturing faster, easier, and reduce costs, helping to keep new product lines moving forward and reducing time to market. The company’s new Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) provides an upgrade in speed and size for the Faustson quality inspection team. The Zeiss CONTURA G2 Bridge CMM features VAST scanning for form inspections at maximum speed with high-quality results. Its fully articulating probe head is a great match for the complex five-axis mill work Faustson specializes in. Parts can be inspected in a manner similar to the way they are machined, and complex profiles can be easily verified. Ceramic guideways in X and Z, along with air bearings on all axes, provide rigidity and high A2Z METALWORKER •

12 • May/June 2012

stability at high travel speeds. Faustson is a woman-owned and -operated business that serves customers across the nation and internationally. The company holds a number of government contracts, and manufactured the optical substrate for the Kepler space telescope launched in 2009 to find earth-like planets scattered across the galaxy. Faustson is currently performing work related to the United States’ F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter development effort, as well as commercial and military missile-deflection efforts now underway. Plans are underway to provide more services to Europe starting in 2012. Call Faustson at (303) 420-7422 to arrange for a tour of the company’s Arvada, CO facility.

Sandvik Coromant Unveils New California Productivity Center Sandvik Coromant officially unveiled its new California productivity center at a VIP event and ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, April 2 and at an Open House event onTuesday,April 3, located at 6400 Gateway Drive, Cypress, Calif. Announcements Continued Page 14

Achieve more...

One Small Step With one small step, a man became a hero and the impossible became a reality. The same heroic spirit that fueled the space race and placed the first man on the moon still lives within the people who support NASA’s continued pursuit of innovation. Using GF AgieCharmilles HPM 800U machines, NASA experts manufacture the technology that continues to propel science beyond what we think possible. From that first lunar landing to modern space exploration, the heroes behind these accomplishments take small steps every day that amount to giant leaps for mankind. Read more about how GF AgieCharmilles helps NASA achieve more at

To access the GF AgieCharmilles mobile website, download a QR code app and scan this image.

Tel. (800) 282-1336


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We set containers for: • Machine, welding & fab shops • Manufacturing facilities • Demolition projects • One-time clean-ups • Containers: 1 to 60 yards • Flatbed, cargo trailers, rolloffs • Small boxes on wheels • Locking Lids • Leakproof boxes

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Iron & Metals, Inc.

5555 Franklin St. Denver, CO 80216

303•292•5555 1•800•776•7910

Recycling Metals, Conserving Resources, Since 1961 Over 100 guests attended the VIP event, whic h included facility tour s, guest speakers, and a special ribbon cutting ceremony. Sandvik Coromant Global President, Klas Forsström; Sandvik Coromant President of Market Area Americas, John Israelsson; Sandvik Coromant U.S. President, Jamie Price; and Sandvik, Inc. U.S. President, Rick Askin; joined Productivity Center Manager, Robert Page, in cutting the ceremonial ribbon that marked the official opening of the facility. “With several large machine builders and industry partners located close by, the new productivity center will make it easier for our southwest customers to develop their workforce, see cutting tool solutions in action and determine which machines to invest in,” said Robert Page, Training and Productivity Center Manager at the new facility. “We will be able to show customers how to equip their machines to achieve the best productivity and quickest payback.” The event also included a presentation on the importance of innovation, technology and partnership by Jon Finn, Director of Operations at Hartwell Corporation. Greg Jones, Director of Education and Training at the Association of Manufacturing A2Z METALWORKER •

14 •

May/June 2012

Technology/American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association (AMT/AMTDA) was the guest speaker for the evening and presented on the value of education and training in the metalworking industry. Also in attendance was the City of Cypress Mayer, Douglas A. Bailey, and several local dignitaries including: John B. Bahorski, City Manager; Steve Clarke, Redevelopment Project Manager; Ted J. Commerdinger, Director of Community Development; and Todd Seymore, Cypress City Council Member. The full-day Open House event was attended by 150 local manufacturing representatives that were shown live demonstrations on productivity, quality and tool wear techniques. Several breakout sessions took place throughout the day with topics ranging from education to aerospace and CAM solutions. Attendees were also given the opportunity to take a photo with the Sandvik Coromant technical sponsored Joe Gibbs Racing #18 NASCAR racing car that was on display in the Solutions Lab. The facility will serve as an added resource to local customers and distributors, focusing on maximizing productivity and profitability for customers. The 17,051 square foot productivity center houses a well-equipped demo lab featuring the latest in machine tool technology, comfortable classrooms and a number of training and meeting spaces. A full schedule of technical training classes as well as industry association meetings and seminars geared toward manufacturing educators and students will be offered. For more information, go to

1485 SOUTH 300 WEST



We’ve been matching the right machine to the industrial needs since 1927. Experience and professionalism have been our reputation throughout Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. We have a diverse product line with the capability to supply you with the right machine to increase your capabilities and productivity.

THEÊN AMEÊ YOUÊ SEEÉEV ERYWHERE Because behind that name is more than a half century of superior quality and service. It’s a commitment to excellence that’s made Doosan one of the world’s largest, most respected namesÊ inÊ machineÊ tools.Ê WithÊ moreÊ thanÊ 200Ê modelsÊ ofÊ turningÊ centersÊ andÊ machiningÊ centers– each power packed and built for speed, precision, economy and performance – there’s one that’s perfect for you. Call us for a demo and complete information.

TurningÊC enters

HorizontalÊ MachiningÊ Centers

Mitsui Seiki is often described as the maker of “Mother MachinesÓ .Ê ThisÊ isÊ toÊ sayÊ thatÊ ourÊ equipment is used to machine the critical components of other machines. The responsibility to provide the world’s most accurate and rigid machines is not taken lightly at Mitsui Seiki. The profound need for our Mother Machines is increasing as machine tool builders face the same challenges as allÊ otherÊ manufactures:Ê ProduceÊ higherÊ levelsÊ ofÊ preciseÊ componentsÊ more reliably, and more profitably.

Southwestern Industries’ TRAK and ProtoTRAK offer CNC TechnologyÊ forÊ smallÊ lotÊ millingÊ andÊ turning, including bed mills, knee mills and lathes.

Other Fine J.M. Grisley Lines

VerticalÊ MachiningÊ Centers

HorizontalÊ BoringÊ Mills

TORNOS, known for excellence in Swiss-style single-spindle turning centers; multispindle lathes; bar feeders;Ê AlmacÊ machiningÊ centers,Ê andÊ ESCO coil-fed screw machines and a leader in the medical component arena, such as orthopedic implants, fixation devices,Ê instruments,Ê andÊ more.Ê CapacityÊ rangesÊ fromÊ 2Ê toÊ 32 mm. And always backed by TORNOS first-class service andÊ support.

SharpÊ CNCÊ hasÊ aÊ veryÊ completeÊ productÊ lineÊ ofÊ metalÊ cuttingÊ machinesÊ rangingÊ fromÊ verticalÊ andÊ horizontalÊ machiningÊ centers,Ê turningÊ centers,Ê large size flat bed CNC lathes, and high speedÊdrillÊandÊtapÊcenters .

UnitedÊ GrindingÊ isÊ theÊ NorthÊ AmericanÊ armÊ ofÊ Koerber Schleifring, the world leader in grinding machineÊ technologyÊ andÊ support.Ê OurÊ OhioÊ facilityÊ supports cylindrical, surface, and profile grinders, while our Virginia office handles tool grinders and measuringÊ machines.Ê WeÊ offerÊ theÊ premierÊ namesÊ in grinding – Blohm, EWAG, Jung, Mägerle, Mikrosa,Ê Schaudt,Ê StuderÊ andÊ Walter.

pared with April 2011, but overall, the industry’s annual selling rate was 14.4 million -- about even with March’s pace and up from 13.2 million a year earlier.” AFP reports, “Chrysler -- which last month reported its strongest quarterly profit in 13 years -- recorded its 25th straight month of sales gains with a 20 percent rise in April to 141,165 vehicles. It remains far, however, from regaining the number three spot in the US market even as its share grew 1.6 points to 11.6 percent, according to Autodata.”

Boeing says demand for new air planes growing Demand for Boeing Co’s new commercial airplanes is growing, even as the U.S. plane maker faces ongoing challenges in defense spending, Chief Executive Jim McNerney told shareholders last month. The company had anticipated the defense downturn for several years, he said at a shareholders meeting in Chicago. In preparation for cutbacks in U.S. government spending, defense companies have cut jobs, shed nonstrategic units and are making acquisitions in niche growth areas.

China Shifting Manufacturing To US CNN Money reports, “Chinese conglomerates, on a mission to expand their global footprint and avoid ‘anti-dumping’ tariffs, are shifting more of their production to” the US. “More Chinese manufacturers have been launching their own US facilities in the last five years, said Thilo Hanemann, research director at Rhodium Group, a New York-based economic advisory group.”

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace and defense company, is ramping up production of commercial airplanes to meet increased demand from airlines while it faces pressure from defense cutbacks.

Auto Sales Continued At A Strong Pace In April

Boeing’s commercial orders have grown rapidly this year, while production has accelerated on all its commercial planes including the 787 Dreamliner.The new lightweight carbon-composite airplane came to market in 2011 after three years of delays.

The Detroit Free Press reports, “Auto sales continued at a strong pace in April, but some carmakers -- especially Chrysler, Volkswagen and Toyota -- did better than others.” Chrysler’s sales “increased 20% from a year earlier as sales of its midsize Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger soared, along with the full-size Chrysler 300.” The Press notes that “there were three fewer selling days this April com-

Boeing also hopes to win orders for its upcoming 737 MAX, with a new, fuelefficient engine, that will compete with Airbus’ upcoming A320neo.

Hanemann said the “biggest investments are being made by Chinese firms with products that have been slapped with hefty anti-dumping tariffs.”


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May/June 2012

We Know Long Products Improved turnaround on your production cutting orders for bar, tubing or structural shapes. Ryerson high-speed, precision carbide saws deliver close tolerance semi-finished parts in high volumes. Choose rounds, squares, hexes, tubing, angles, channels or tees. Our inventories include a wide range of grades in carbon, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or copper alloys.

Markets Served: • Energy • Mining • Aerospace

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Processed To Fit Your Needs: High Speed In House Cutting To Tight Tolerances +/- .020” on Carbon, Alloy and Stainless +/- .063 on Aluminum

We Know Plate Products Ryerson’s full line of metal products, in combination with our wide variety of processing capabilities, can simplify your manufacturing and procurement. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind component or parts in production quantities, we offer the advantage of one stop shopping to reduce your overall costs and streamline your operations.

Markets Served: • Energy / Oil and Gas • Mining • Aerospace

Grades Stocked: Carbon & Alloy – A36, 516G70, 514, 572G50, AR400 Stainless – All Grades Aluminum – 1100, 6061, 7075, 2024, 7050, CAST TOOL

Processed To Fit Your Needs: • • • • • • • •

Oxy Fuel Cutting – Up to 12” Thick Steel High Definition Plasma Cutting – Up to 3” Thick Carbon and Stainless STD. Plasma Cut Up To 61⁄4” Stainless/Aluminum (Edgestart) Water Jet Cutting Precision Saw Cutting – Up to .005” Cut Tolerance Shearing • Beveling up to 3” Heat Treating • Temper Passing Stress Relieving 6600 Hwy 85, Commerce City, Colorado 80022 303-287-0101 Local | 303-289-7919 Fax 800-332-1857 In State | 800-525-1811 Out Of State

514 W Pickett Circle Suite A, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 801-820-1180 Phone | 801-820-1181 Fax 866-922-0748 Toll Free

Serving Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Montana

Serving Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Utah A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

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GANESH “Bolt-Master” Provides Hugh Production Improvement! Manufacturers looking for “affordable cost reduction” for small parts from fasteners to faucet stems would do well to look into automation like that provided by Ganesh Machinery of Chatsworth, CA. The Ganesh new CNC gang tool Lathe “Bolt-Master” series of machines uses various workhandling solutions such as vibratory bowl feeders or racked parts to automatically feed the lathe spindle without operator assistance. It is always a challenge to do more with less, but controlling costs is critical in the competitive marketplace that we operate in.The shrinking lot sizes are a reality yet each job must be managed to ensure that even the smaller orders net a sustainable profit. Flexibility and quick change-over are key to success in this operating environment. Ganesh has tailored a solution to meet the needs of manufacturers with the “Bolt-Master”. The value priced 3-axis 6,000 RPM 10-HP gang-tooled Ganesh GT-32 CNC Gang Tool Lathe features 1” diameter ballscrews and hydraulic collet actuation; which makes it the strongest, heaviest, and most powerful machine in its class. For CNC machines, the gang-tooled solution is the fastest way to make fasteners there is, with the quickest A2Z METALWORKER •

18 •

May/June 2012

tool-to-tool time available. The Ganesh Cyclone GT-32 features rigid tapping and a bar capacity of 1-3/8”, and offers quick-changeover tool bars and high tool-density solutions. When additional tooling is needed, an 8-station tool turret is available that has the unique ability to mount multiple tools in each tool station. For those machining cross-holes, wire holes, or Nylok slots on their fasteners, the GT-32 features a high-performance C-axis, and both high-speed driven tools and unique servo driven tools are available that can even rigid tap to get the job done in just one handling. A Traub A-32 or 5C collet chuck can be used for workholding and a 5” diameter 3-jaw hydraulic chuck is also available for larger work. Those looking for an accurate high-performance automation will definitely find the Ganesh Cyclone-32 Bolt-Master worth checking out.

Crude Hits High On Manufacturing Report Suggesting Economic Growth Bloomberg News reports crude oil prices “climbed to a five-week high after US manufacturing increased at the fastest pace in 10 months, signaling that economic growth will accelerate in the world’s biggest crude-consuming country.” Crude oil for June delivery gained $1.29, or 1.2 percent, to settle at $106.16 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the highest settlement price since March 27.The AP adds that the Institute for Supply Management said that “its index of US manufacturing activity increased to 54.8 in April, the highest level since June and up from the previous month. Readings above 50 indicate expansion.”

space &Technologies Corp. president and CEO. The survey is managed by WorkplaceDynamics of Exton, Pa., which specializes in employee engagement and retention and runs competitions for leading newspapers across the country. Colorado companies both private and public as well as nonprofits and government agencies with at least 50 employees were eligible to participate. An employee response rate of at least 35 percent at each company was required for inclusion in the survey. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. supports critical missions for national agencies such as the Department of Defense, NASA, NOAA and other U.S. government and commercial entities. The company develops and manufactures spacecraft, advanced instruments and sensors, components, data exploitation systems and RF solutions for strategic, tactical and scientific applications. For more information visit www.ballaerospace. com.

M J R ’s P W 1 2 0 0 G G e a r e d Tu r b o f a n Starts Flight Tests Ball Aerospace Named a Top Workplace Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has been named one of the Denver area’s Top Workplaces by the Denver Post. The 2012 awards recognize the 100 best regional companies to work for based on their strengths in providing an ethical and caring work environment with good leadership and development opportunities for their staff. The Top Workplaces 2012 survey included small, mid-size and large companies. Through the Post’s required survey, employees evaluated their company based on criteria such as work environment, fair pay, workplace diversity, confidence in leadership, work-life balance, ethics, career growth and other factors. Ball Aerospace placed in the top 10 large Colorado companies category, and was the only aerospace company included in the results. “For more than 50 years Ball Aerospace has maintained that its people are the heart of its business success, and we are honored that our employees have voted us a top employer,” said David L Taylor, Ball AeroA2Z METALWORKER •

20 •

May/June 2012

Aviation Daily reported, “Flight tests of the PW1200G geared turbofan for Mitsubishi’s Regional Jet (MRJ) got under way at Mirabel, Canada, on April 30.” The Pratt & Whitney engine was flown on a Boeing 747SP flying testbed. The article noted this engine “enters flight test as Pratt starts the final stages of certification for the 24,000 lb. thrust PW1500G engine for Bombardier’s CSeries.” Meanwhile, the company “expects to run through the initial flight test campaign as planned despite Mitsubishi’s announcement in late April that it has delayed delivery of the first aircraft by up to two years, to the first quarter of 2016.”

Shop Tools, Inc., Colorado’s Largest Independent Distributor, Is Celebrating Over 30 Years In Business!

That hitchhiking gear, known in the industry as a “hosted payload,” may include sensors or other instruments to detect missiles, monitor orbital debris and track troops. The U.S. military may fly more than a dozen hosted payloads during the next decade, said Don Brown, vice president for hosted payloads at Intelsat General, part of closely held Intelsat SA, the world’s largest commercial satellite operator. That would put the potential value of the Air Force contract at almost $1 billion, assuming it flies 12 payloads at a cost of $82.5 million apiece, the service’s price tag for a demonstration program last year.

We Are The ‘PRO’ in Productivity! 7100 Broadway Unit 8B Denver, CO 80221 Ph. 303-375-9190 Fax: 303-375-9198

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Commercial satellite firms may gain from military piggyback plan The U.S. military may spend $1 billion during the next decade to piggyback its communications equipment onto commercial satellites. The Air Force, which plans to ask companies for contract bids as early as September, has heard from “numerous’’ satellite operators and manufacturers interested in the deal, said George Sullivan, a contract specialist for the service. Boeing and Loral Space & Communications expect to compete, company executives said. The Defense Department is estimated to have spent at least $655 million on commercial satellite services in fiscal 2010, up more than sixfold from fiscal 2001. Bandwidth for drone video and other military communications increased sevenfold, to 9.1 gigahertz, in the same period. The Defense Department has been looking for ways to ease stress on its own satellite networks and has increasingly turned to commercial providers for extra bandwidth to handle demands such as drone surveillance and radio communications. “The requirement for bandwidth is insatiable,’’ said Jim Simpson, vice president of business development for Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems, part of the Chicago-based aerospace company. Contract winners would qualify to fly and operate government equipment on commercial spacecraft. A Z METALWORKER • 2

22 •

May/June 2012

The global market for hosted payloads is expected to at least triple to more than $300 million annually in the next decade, with at least $1.8 billion in total revenue during that period, it states. The Pentagon has experimented with hosted payloads. It’s a different approach than the current practice of leasing bandwidth, or capacity, on commercial satellites already in orbit. The military now relies on commercial satellites for about 80 percent of its bandwidth needs, which has soared because of demand from war zones. The Pentagon spent at least $655 million on commercial satellite services in fiscal 2010, up more than sixfold from fiscal 2001, according to estimates compiled by the Defense Information Systems Agency. The amount of bandwidth it purchased increased sevenfold, to 9.1 gigahertz, during the same period, according to the defense agency.


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S Specialty Specia ialt lty Steel Steel S Service, Inc.

“Small Sma l enough en ugh tto care, are La Large enough to serve.” Lar We stock a large variety of the metals you need.

-Tool and Die steels -Alloys and Carbon -Aluminum Plate As well as being the authorized distrubutor of Precision Marshall and Latrobe Steel products.

We offer a variety of services, including:

-Production Cutting -Aluminum Plate Cutting -Cold Sawing - Delivering to Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber counties everyday

334 W. 800 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 Toll Free 1-800-890-5950 Telephone (801) 539-8252 Fax (801) 539-8311 Email 7/14/09

7:59 PM

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CustomÊHeatÊ Treating Cryogenics VibrationalÊ StressÊ Relieving A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

Northrop Grumman and ATK Complete First Flight Hardware for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Backplane Northrop Grumman Corp. and its teammate ATK have completed the construction of the center section of the primary mirror backplane support structure (PMBSS) for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, an important milestone in the telescope’s hardware development. Northrop Grumman is under contract to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. for the design and development of Webb’s sunshield, telescope and spacecraft. “ATK’s completion of the flight backplane is a significant indicator of the major progress the program is making,” said Scott Willoughby, Webb Telescope vice president and program manager, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. “We are moving steadily forward in the march to launch in 2018, thanks to the outstanding efforts of our teammate ATK.” The PMBSS will support the telescope’s beryllium mirrors, instruments, thermal control systems and other elements during ground tests, launch, and most importantly during science operations. The PMBSS holds the 18-segment, 21-foot-diameter primary mirror nearly motionless while the telescope is peering into deep space. The center section backplane is the first completed flight subassembly of the PMBSS and is several months ahead of the current baseline schedule. Measuring approximately 24 by 12 feet and weighing over 500 pounds, the center section of the 2,200-pound primary mirror backplane must meet unprecedented thermal stability requirements. The PMBSS holds the alignment of the telescope’s optics through the rigors of launch and over a wide range of operating temperatures, which reach as cold as -406 degrees Fahrenheit. During science operations, the backplane keeps the 18 primary mirror segments in place with stunning accuracy, forming the single, pristine shape of Webb’s primary mirror. For example, if the mirror were enlarged to span from Los Angeles to New York City, the stable alignment of the PMBSS would be accurate to less than one inch. The center section backplane of Webb’s PMBSS was designed, constructed and tested at ATK facilities in Magna, Utah. ATK manufactured 1,781 composite parts of the center section using lightweight graphite materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. The composite parts were assembled along with 179 metallic fittings that provide precision tolerance interfaces for the other elements of Webb. Successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope is the world’s next-generation space observatory. It will be the most powerful space telescope ever built.Webb will observe the most distant objects in the universe, provide images of the very first galaxies ever formed and study planets around distant stars. The Webb Telescope is a joint project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.



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U.S. companies are poised to sign defense deals totalling $8 billion with India, U.S. Ambassador Nancy Powell said recently at her first public speech since arriving in New Delhi this month. Powell did not specify which companies she was talking about or when the deals would be signed, but embassy officials said she was referring to negotiations that include about a dozen Apache helicopters along with engines for Indian jets. “We are poised to sign an additional $8 billion in direct commercial and foreign military sales,” Powell said. “As we share more common equipment, our bilateral defense ties will become stronger.” India is the world’s largest arms importer and plans to spend close to about $100 billion over the next 10 years to upgrade its largely Soviet-era equipment. U.S. companies including Boeing Co, Lockheed Martin Corp and Raytheon Co are some of the contractors looking to grab a share of India’s planned military spending.

NASA Extends Kepler Mission Through 2016 The Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Kepler Mission for NASA will continue its mission following a program extension through 2016. Ball Aerospace is the mission prime contractor for Kepler, designed to search for Earth-size planets around other stars. Ball Aerospace built the photometer and spacecraft, and managed system integration and test for the NASA Ames Research Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory-led Discovery class mission. Ball is currently managing on-orbit operation of the satellite for NASA Ames. 26


Self Clinch Nuts

Self Clinch Low Profile Panel Fasteners

Haeger Insertion Press

No minimums

U.S., India to sign $8 bln defense deals

A2Z METALWORKER • • May/June 2012 A2Z METALWORKER • • March/Apr

Self Clinch Clip-on Standoffs


The extension will allow Kepler to continue its already successful search, four years past the original end-date of November 2012. The additional observation time means Kepler will be able to determine what fraction of stars host Earth-size planets in our galaxy.The extended mission will also allow Kepler to search for planets in longer period orbits, like Earth, in the habitable zones, the region in the planetary system where liquid water could exist. Kepler has identified more than 2,300 candidate planets and more than 900 are smaller than twice the size of Earth. Of the 46 planet candidates found in the habitable zone, 10 of these candidates are near-Earth-size. “The Kepler mission has proven to be a terrific return on the nation’s investment and the extension will further our scientific understanding of other solar systems in our galaxy,” said Cary Ludtke, vice president and general manager for the Ball Aerospace Civil and Operational Space business unit.


M U LT I S W I S S 6 X 1 4 • Completely numerically controlled • Easy set-up and changeover • 14 linear axes, 7 C axes • Up to 18 tools (3 tools per position) • Exceptional rigidity through guide separation • Unsurpassed shock absorption with hydrostatic

bearings • Thermal regulation of the entire machine • Completely integrated peripheral units • Reduced floor space


Tornos • East 1 Parklawn Dr. Bethel, CT 06801 203.775.4319

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Single spindle

M uA lZtMETALWORKER i s p i n d•l27 e • 2

May/June 2012

Study: Shortage Of Skilled Workers Leaves 10 Million Manufacturing Jobs Unfilled Worldwide 7130 West 117th Avenue, Unit D-4, P.O. Box 1904, Broomfield, CO 80038

Call Jim Daldos Or Virginia Ebert Today 303-466-7342 • Fax 303-465-2117 We Specialize in Structural and Sheet Metal Fabricating Equipment. We Can Provide Engineering and Consultation for Your Individual Needs.





super carbide tools CO EFFE ST C TOOLITIVE NG




QUALITY...Through QUALITY... ALITY Through ALITY... Manufacturing Excellence!

i cr o QuIk



Unique “3 POINT” Locking/Locating Tooling System Engineered for Maximum Tool Rigidity and Centerline Repeatability within +.0005” from Tool to Tool! Reduce Machine...Setup, Downtime, Tooling Costs, Tooling Inventories while Boosting Productivity! Tools Manufactured with the... Exclusive... MICRO 100 Proprietary Process! PROUDLY MADE IN THE

MICRO 100 TOOL CORPORATION 1410 E. Pine Avenue Meridian, ID. 83642




The Chicago Tribune reports, “About 10 million manufacturing jobs cannot be filled worldwide because of a shortage of skilled workers, according to a report released last month by the World Economic Forum and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.” According to the report, “As a result of that gap, companies are delaying or abandoning growth plans, hiring overqualified candidates for certain jobs or importing labor.” The Tribune notes, “Manufacturers in Illinois have developed their own training programs and are partnering with state and local governments, manufacturing associations, high schools and colleges to improve education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which are key to landing jobs in today’s manufacturing sector.”

University of Utah Students Win $100,000 with Quantum DotTechnology Quantum dots might be the next big thing in the electronic industry. Scientists are just starting to understand the uses for these man-made, semiconductor nanocrystals. Quantum dots can emit a wider range of light with less energy than existing materials, so many believe they will be used in future generations of solar panels, televisions, cell phones and related products.

One of the biggest challenges for advancing quantum dots is the manufacturing process. Conventional processes are expensive, require high temperatures and produce low yields. However, researchers at the University of Utah believe they have a solution. They recently formed a startup company called Navillum Nanotechnologies, and their efforts are gaining national attention with help from a team of M.B.A. students from the David Eccles School of Business. The students recently won first place and $100,000 at the regional CU Cleantech New Venture Challenge. The student competition concluded at the University of Colorado in Boulder last month. The student team advances to the national championship, which will be held in June in Washington, D.C. Student teams from six regions will compete for additional prizes and recognition at the prestigious event. Other regional competitions were held at MIT, Cal Tech, the University of Maryland, Clean Energy Trust (Chicago) and Rice University. All the competitions are financed by the U.S. Department of Energy. The prize money for the winning team of David Eccles M.B.A. students Ryan Tucker, Chris Lewis and Ameya Chaudhari will be used by Navillum to refine and increase the scale of its manufacturing process.

Contact your local Authorized Micro 100 Distributor or Sales Representative today for more details!

Max Steinbach Micro 100 Tool Corporation Northwest Sales Manager


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May/June 2012

Phone: Fax: Email:

800-421-8065 208-888-2106 msteinbach@micro

The students started the project through the Pierre and Claudette

Lassonde New Venture Development Center, which is part of the David Eccles School of Business. The Lassonde Center links faculty inventors with graduate students, who write business plans for them. The Energy Commercialization Center also helped mentor the team. The researchers behind Navillum are in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Utah. They are Michael Bartl (associate professor), Jacqueline Siy-Ronquillo (postdoctoral fellow) and Nikko Ronquillo (M.D./ Ph.D. student). Navillum competed against teams from nine states in the CU Cleantech New Venture Challenge. Other finalists were from the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Colorado at Denver and the Maharishi University of Management (Fairfield, Iowa). The Utah team won because of their superior technology and business plan, according to Steve Herschleb, an M.B.A. student in Boulder and program manager of the competition. Quantum dots were first discovered in the 1980s, and researchers are just starting to discover the best ways to use them. They are tiny semiconductors that emit photons when excited. About 4 million of them would fit across the diameter of a penny. The color of light they emit depends on the dot’s size. Small dots produce light toward the blue side of the spectrum; large dots produce light toward the red side.

TCI Machine-Ready Blanks Can Help. Increase throughput by 25% or more with TCI Machine-Ready Blanks. With one P.O., eliminate grinding / squaring operations and outside processing. Use the time you save for more productive use of your CNC equipment – adding to your bottom line. • Ready to load directly into your CNC machining centers • Guaranteed tolerances as close as +/-.0005” dimensionally and as close as .0002” flatness, squareness and parallelism – deburred and cleaned • Aluminum, stainless, alloy steels and more • ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered Call today, or visit us on the Web to Request a quote Good Parts. On Time. Period. and sign up for a FREE Webinar, How to Increase Throughput and Profits, hosted by Modern Machine Shop.

The material has a growing number of applications. Navillum focused on applications related to solar technology and energy efficiency to win the CU Cleantech NewVenture Challenge. Quantum dots can dramatically increase the amount of energy captured by solar panels and decrease the amount of energy needed for displays on cell phones and TVs, according to Navillum. But the cost of quantum dots has been a major challenge to widespread use. Currently, a gram can cost $2,500 to $10,000.The high cost is due to conventional processes, which are inefficient and difficult to scale. This is the gap Navillum hopes to fill. Its process uses lower temperatures and produces less waste than the traditional process. The team hopes it will become an industry standard, helping lower costs and drive broader use. Navillum is well on its way to commercial success. In addi-

Value Added Materials Distributor

(800) 234-5613 • Authorized Distributor MEMBER

ISO 9001 & AS 9100

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tion to the $100,000 from the CU Cleantech New Venture Challenge and potential for more at the national competition, it has received $155,000 in grants from the University of Utah, the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR). Learn more about the regional competition at cucleantech. com/nvc/. Learn about the national competition at HDQug1. Learn about technology commercialization at the University of Utah at Learn about the Lassonde Center at A2Z METALWORKER •

29 •

May/June 2012

AFT Is Looking For A Few Good Machine Shops in The West! ADVANCED FORMING TECHNOLOGY ISO 13485 - Medical

ISO/TS 16949 - Automotive

AS 9100 - Aerospace

for more than 20 years, producing turnkey revolver, pistol and long gun parts. The company’s 105,000 square foot campus houses more than 24 metal injection molding machines, 10 sintering furnaces and 4 de-binding units. AFT’s Battenfeld Injection Molding Machines are equipped with three- and four-axis robotics, to ensure consistent cycle time, and consistent processes. The company additionally maintains a small on-site machine shop to build and maintain tooling.

AFT was founded in 1987, and it prides itself on its experience in the MIM industry. Today, the company employs 170 people, with more than 20% of the team holding engineering and metallurgical degrees. The average tenure of the team is 14 years. David Smith, Senior Sales Manager, was part of the start-up team when the company was founded. He says, “MIM technology is very complex. From our inception, we built a team that was highly technical, and one that could interact with our customers’ engineers, supporting design efforts of their products from the onset. Additionally, the fact that our employees remain at the company means that we offer our customers the superior experience that only comes with longevity.” AFT maintains ISO certification and Six Sigma Process Control for the highest level of quality and accuracy. They are AS9100 Rev C-certified for Aerospace Components, ISO 13485-certified for the Medical Components Industry, and ISO/TS 16949-certified for the Automotive Components Industry. In fact, they certified to the AS9100 Rev C just last October, and their auditor says they were the first company he ever certified that attained ‘0’ Findings, and ‘0’ Observations! They additionally have manufactured gun components for industry leaders across the US A2Z METALWORKER •

30 •

May/June 2012

Today, AFT is looking for additional suppliers, particularly those who specialize in high volume 3 and 5-axis machining.The superior metal injection molding (MIM) company has seen nearly 50% growth in its business in the last year and a half, and it needs to add additional suppliers to keep up with rapidly growing orders.

Why Metal Injection Molding (MIM)? AFT’s proprietary MIM technology combines the shape-making capabilities of plastic injection molding with the material flexibility of powder metallurgy. MIM can make complex parts economically in structural metals. It can also allow you to replace an assembly of two or more parts with a single MIM part, further reducing costs. AFT technology permits molding of complex shapes enabling multiple components to be formed into a single unit. Metallurgical properties emerge that are superior to those of conventional metal-forming manufacturing. David says, “Our customers tend to be companies who had existing operations for their products, but are being designed into a corner. These customers typically have parts that are extremely complex in shape and are needed in large volumes (e.g. from 10,000 per year to 1 million per month). In many cases, the MIM technology can save our customers 20-40% off a full machined part price.”

Sintering Debinding Molding Compounding

The first step is compounding: fine metal powder s are mixed with plastic and pelletized - the blend is ~60% metal and 40% plastic -- and this material is then placed in a standard plastic injection molding machine and processed.

After molding, the 2nd step in the process, the part is 20% larger than its final size and ready for the 3rd step, debinding, which uses heat and/or chemicals to remove most of the binders from the part. After debinding, the components are placed in vacuum furnaces for the final operation, sintering, where the remaining binders are removed and the part shrinks 20% to its final size, resulting in a high density, complex-shaped component. Fe, NiFe, SS,F-75,Ti, as well as aerospace grade materials are available. Since AFT compounds its own material, custom materials with specific properties can be produced.

What AFT is Looking for In Machine Shop Suppliers Jed Rust, Operations Manager, says, “We are seeking superior machine shops close to Colorado, who have high speed 3 and 5-axis machining capabilities, are highly automated with robotics, and are equipped to support quantities in the thousands.” He continued, “AFT currently uses local machining companies to finish MIM blanks by drilling, tapping and reaming holes as well as profile machining. Ideally they will be ISO9001 certified. We are also looking for shops that have EDM, drilling, tapping and reaming capabilities in-house.” If you are interested in securing work with AFT, please email your complete machine tool list to Sheryl Blood at

For Potential AFT MIM Customers If you feel that MIM technology may be the right solution for your product, contact AFT today.They offer a 2 day “Hands On” MIM Technology school quarterly. Contact David Smith at for more information.

“AFT has been our supplier since we opened our plant in Mexico. We are the company’s largest plant in the world. Since day 1, we have relied on AFT to make our MIM (Metal Injection Molding) castings. We have other suppliers who are approved, but we almost always use AFT for a number of reasons. Their quality is outstanding, they are almost always on time, and even though they are in the states, and a distance from us, their pricing is very competitive. Our engineers prefer AFT for all of our MIM castings, not just because of their quality and pricing, but also because of their knowledge. They are helping us now with a re-tool project, and they are actually coming to our plant this month to walk our production lines, helping to offer productivity improvement recommendations. AFT is so knowledgeable with regard to MIM casting that they offer training sessions on a regular basis.They know their business inside and out and I would recommend them to anyone.” Purchasing Manager, Leading Consumer Product Customer “We were having quite a bit of trouble finding qualified suppliers for a number of critical, very precise components that are used in our disposal, minimally invasive surgical devices. AFT was recommended to us by a professor at San Diego State. He is also a consultant and he suggested we take our parts to AFT. Today, AFT make superior parts for us. There may be a few other companies that utilize Metal Injection Molding (MIM), but I don’t think there are any companies that can make the parts we need as well as AFT does. The team at AFT is professional, knowledgeable, and very customer oriented.Their reputation in MIM is outstanding. Because of the time it takes to take these parts from inception, to design, to tooling, to manufacture, it is critical you have a supplier you can trust, and who you regularly communicate with. The processes and certifications that AFT has in place is invaluable to us.” CFO, Public Surgical Device Manufacturer A2Z METALWORKER •

31 •

May/June 2012

New & Rebuilt EDMs, NewÊ &Ê RebuiltÊ EDMs,Ê PartsÊ &Ê Service Parts & Service

All New A-Series Wire Cut! • Advanced compact design • Renowned quality and accuracy • Intel PC/Fanuc Post Processor • World’s Fastest AWT <10 seconds • Built-in B Axis (6 Axis continuous) (Opt.)

Chmer Offers:

• Wire EDMs 15 Models • Sinker EDMs 22 Models • EDM Drillers 7 Models “EVERYTHING IN EDM”

EDM Network: Exclusive Distributor of CHMER EDM

1974 Bucktail Lane, Sugar Grove, IL 80554 1-888-289-3367 • / CA • 951 306 4017 •

Autoliv Receives Customer Awards At the Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. (SIA) Supplier Ceremony at Purdue University, Indiana, Autoliv Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, was recognized with the “Excellence in Partnership” award for continued cooperation and commitment to Subaru. At the award ceremony, Motokiyo Nomura, President and CEO of SIA presented Autoliv with the award which recognizes suppliers for excellent cooperation on new design proposals which improve cost, performance and reliability for products supplied to Subaru. This cooperation has led to Autoliv recently being awarded incremental new business on the next generation Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy vehicles, two of the strongest selling models under the Subaru brand. In addition to this, Autoliv recently received yet another award from Toyota. This is in addition to the Toyota Group’s most prestigious award,The Global Contribution Award, that Autoliv received recently in Japan. This time Autoliv received the Excellent Supplier Award for “Value Improvement” from Shigeki Terashi, President & COO of Toyota Motor Manufacturing in North America (TEMA) at the Annual Supplier Business meeting held in Covington, Kentucky. Autoliv was A2Z METALWORKER •

32 •


May/June 2012

30 • Nov/Dec 2007

recognized for exceeding the expectations for cost, weight and product performance improvements. In parallel, Autoliv was recognized with three awards by Toyota in Europe (TME) at their Annual Business meeting which was held at the Toyota technical center in Zaventem, Brussels. At this ceremony Hiroyuki Ochiai, TME Executive Vice President presented Autoliv with the Achievement Award for Cost Improvement as well as two recognition awards for Quality and Project management. This brings the total number of awards that Autoliv has received for its contributions to customers during 2011 to ten. In addition to Toyota and Subaru, the list of customers who have recognized Autoliv with awards for 2011 include BMW, Daimler, Great Wall, First Automotive Works and Volkswagen in China.

Immelt: GE Is Committed To The LongTerm Development Of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles Reuters reports that during an automotive conference in Detroit, General Electric Co. Chief Executive Jeff Immelt said that his company will remain committed to the long-term development of alternative-fuel vehicles despite the fact that people may be disappointed with the slow sales of the vehicles. Immelt also said that he disagreed with the perception that electric vehicles are just novelties and added that the industry needs to do more to solve cost and infrastructure challenges.

Boeing To Supply SLS’ Cryogenic Propulsion Stage The Aerospace Daily & Defense Report reported, “NASA will contract with Boeing for an interim cryogenic propulsion stage to power at least the first two flights of its planned heavy-lift Space Launch System (SLS), based on the company’s Delta Cryogenic Second Stage used on the Delta IV.” According to the article, NASA “picked the Delta unit because it meets most of the requirements for lofting Orion multipurpose crew vehicles in 2017 and 2021 atop a NASA-developed SLS main stage with strap-on boosters.”

GF AgieCharmilles MIKRON HPM 450U Streamlines Five-Axis Machining The latest high-performance MIKRON HPM 450U milling solution from GF AgieCharmilles boasts a new torque rotary/ tilt table for unencumbered, interferencefree five-axis machining and offers highly efficient spindle options well suited for all machining applications from micro to macro. According to Gisbert Ledvon, business development manager for GF AgieCharmilles, the MIKRON HPM 450U is also a powerful solution for universal, automated production as it perfectly combines dynamics and stability. It easily adapts to suit a variety of customer requirements, offering impressive machining from simple drilling to complex five-sided and simultaneous five-axis machining processes. The MIKRON HPM 450U features a sturdy and compact design with a large work envelope. Maximum X-Y traverse paths measure 23.62” and 17.2” respectively, with a Z-axis that provides 17.72” clearance between the table surface and spindle nose. Furthermore, the machine has a fast rotary table speed of 140 rpm and an ample tilting range of -120/+45. Thanks to its various tool magazine sizes, the MIKRON HPM 450U accommodates everything from single-piece production to the mass production of complex workpieces. An internal tool changer, which integrates into the machine’s base, has a storage capacity of up to 60 tools. An external circular magazine increases that capacity to 220

tools. Coupling the external magazine with an optional automatic pallet-changing magazine creates a flexible manufacturing cell capable of unmanned, lights-out production. The latest generation Heidenhain iTNC 530 digital control system makes the MIKRON HPM 450U a user-friendly machining center.The system includes an Ethernet connection for fast CAM data flow, simple dialog-controlled programming as well as parallel programming and free definable sub-programming. GF AgieCharmilles is the North American leading supplier of laser ablation center, wire EDM, CNC and manual diesinking systems and high speed/high performance 3- and 5-axis milling machines. For more information on the company’s products and services, contact Gisbert Ledvon, Tel: 1-800-CTC-1EDM. Gisbert.Ledvon@us.gfac. com, Fax: 847-913-5340, or visit A2Z METALWORKER •

33 •

May/June 2012

801-487-9700 245 West Crossroads Square S. Salt Lake, Utah 84115

NOW NOW ISO ISO 9000...2008 9000...2008 CERTIFIED CERTIFIED Long bar grinding up to 20’ long. (Dia depends on Weight) Some Bar Straightening. (We can supply you with material ground to size or you can have your material sent to us to be ground to size.) Centerless grinding (polish or stock removal) Plunge grinding (Close tolerance and long runs) (Specialize in Production Runs of, pins, shafts, medical parts etc) Angle or surface 144” x 8” x 4”

Through feed grinding up to 5” OD (Length depends on weight) Blanchard grinding 40” swing and 14” under head I.D./O.D. grinding Digital Readout Close Toll. O.D. – 45” L x 12” O.D. I.D. – 9” depth x 10” I.D. Blade Grinding Industrial Machines-12 foot long magnetic beds Surface grinding (12” W / 28” H / 52” L)

We can supply you with material ground to size or you can have your material sent to us to be ground to size.

Lockheed to develop new GMLRS variant for US Army The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin for the development of a new Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) variant with an alternative warhead (AW). Under the three year $79.4m engineering and manufacturing development program contract, the company will refine the developmental system into a producible product and perform type qualification necessary for introducing the new warhead into service.

alternative GMLRS warhead following a live fire testing in February 2012. During the testing, the warhead met performance and mission requirements and also demonstrated its ability to lower technical risk as well as compatibility with current weapon flight characteristics without modifications to the existing GMLRS system. GMLRS is an all-weather, precision-strike artillery rocket capable of providing the warfighter with increased manoeuvrability, and can be fired from the MLRS M270 and M270A1 launchers as well as the high mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS) launcher. Designed for use against both personnel and vehicles, the system can effectively engage moving ground targets with high explosive (HE) grenades.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control business precision fires vice president Scott Arnold said the company is looking forward to work on AW program and provide soldiers and marines with a precision-engagement capability that meets their evolving requirements.

Dow Chemical CEO Sees “Positive Signs” In Manufacturing

The new AW will function as a drop-in replacement for the currently fielded dual-purpose improved conventional munition (DPICM) warhead to eliminate the use of sub-munitions on the battlefield.

The AP reports, “Dow Chemical’s winter doldrums have given way to some spring optimism.” Dow “said volumes improved in every sector and most geographic regions in March, as customers began rebuilding inventories from last year’s low levels. That helped offset sluggish sales in January and February.”

The warhead is expected to be deployed in early 2016, followed by initial operational capability in December 2016. The army has also selected Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) to develop an A2Z METALWORKER •

34 •

May/June 2012

For the first quarter, the company “reported net income of $412 million, or 35 cents per share. That compared with $625 million, or 54 cents per share, during the year-ago quarter.”

IN NEED OF A QUICK FIX? Urgent and rush orders are our specialty! Cold Rolled - Hot Rolled - Tool Steel - Aluminum - Alloy Steel Stainless - Copper - Brass - And Much More!

Any Metal. Cut to Size. Delivered Fast! Tel: 801-972-5911 Fax: 801-972-5912 537 W Pickett Circle, Suite 800, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

 A2Z METALWORKER •

35 •

May/June 2012


Next-Generation a51nx

It’s a one-machine expansion program. The a51nx. It expands the cutting envelope by 14%, boosts spindle torque 19%, and improves rigidity for higher metal-removal rates and reduced vibration. Its 1G linear axis acceleration and one-second 90-degree table indexing significantly reduce non-cut time. The reliability of the a51nx expands on the industry-leading performance of Makino’s 1-Series. Most of all, the a51nx enables you to expand your ability to make lower-cost parts faster. See how at For more information on all Makino products in Arizona, contact David Gundersen at 602-228-0347 or © 2012 Makino

ÊÊ Ê Two Sessions . Two Machines Ê Ê 3676Ê W.Ê CaliforniaÊ Ave. One Truly Impressive Lineup SLC, Utah 84104

a51nx_Revised_Final.indd 1


36 •

May/June 2012

637Ê OsageÊ StreetÊ Denver, CO 80204 Ph: 303.571.4933

Ph: 801.886.2221

June 6, 2012 . Denver, CO

4/9/12 4:47 PM

Moncktons Machine Tool is hosting a seminar focused on improving your

4:47 PM

Two Sessions . Two Machines

One Truly Impressive Lineup June 6, 2012 . Denver, CO

Moncktons Machine Tool is hosting a seminar focused on improving your machining productivity and efficiency. Come learn about and see Makino's two latest machining centers, the a61nx HMC, and the PS95 VMC. The New PS Series: The Productivity of a Makino HMC in a Vertical Platform Makino's new PS series machines will change the standard for vertical machining centers in the production machining arena. In this session, you will learn how to reduce cycle time, increase productivity, improve quality and minimize capital investment through the application of the Makino PS series VMCs.

The Makino a61nx: Your Manufacturing Expansion Program in a Single HMC Learn how the new a61nx horizontal machining center can take your manufacturing applications to the next level of productivity and efficiency. This CNC machine is redefining the boundaries of 40-taper machining by expanding your capability, capacity, productivity and reliability. Expand your ability to make lower-cost parts faster than ever.

Morning Session: 9:00am 10:00am 10:15am 10:30am 11:30am 11:45am 12:00pm

Afternoon Session:

PS95: The Productivity of a Makino HMC in a Vertical Platform PS95 demonstration Break The Makino a61nx: Your Manufacturing Expansion Program in a Single HMC a61nx demonstration Break Lunch

Moncktons Machine Tools 637 Osage Street Denver, CO 80204 (303) 571-4933 See directions on the back.

12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 2:15pm 2:30pm 3:30pm 4:00pm

Lunch PS95: The Productivity of a Makino HMC in a Vertical Platform PS95 demonstration Break The Makino a61nx: Your Manufacturing Expansion Program in a Single HMC a61nx demonstration / Q&A Conclusion

All attendees will be entered to win an


RSVP by June 5, 2012 via email or phone (303) 571-4933 Please be sure to state which session you will be attending. A2Z METALWORKER â&#x20AC;˘

37 â&#x20AC;˘

May/June 2012

Natural Gas Rebounds On Signals Output Is Falling, Demand Increasing The Wall Street Journal reports on the rebound of natural gas prices, which have gained nearly 23% over the last eight trading days. Natural gas for June delivery gained 8.6 cents, or 3.8%, to settle at $2.371 per million British thermal units on the New York Mercantile Exchange last month, the highest level since March 2. According to the Journal, futures are back on the rise after hitting $1.907 per million British thermal units on April 19, the lowest level since September 2001, as natural gas producers appear to be making significant cuts in output and more utilities are shifting to natural gas from coal for power generation. However, the Dow Jones Newswires reports that some traders believe that the market, which has been heavily oversold in recent weeks, may now be over correcting and could fall again.

AGC Aerospace & Defense Announces The Addition Of Hill AeroSystems Inc.To The AGC Composites Group AGC Aerospace & Defense is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hill AeroSystems Inc. Hill, established in 1970, is an industry expert in the design and manufacture of complex metal parts and assemblies and will add key structures capabilities to the AGC Composites Group core competencies and supply chain capabilities. !

385 NORTH 700 WEST NORTH SALT LAKE UTAH 84054 801 294 6390

We’ve been doing business since 1951! • NEW EQUIPMENT Mag, Cincinnati, Fadal, Fryer Machine Systems, Giddings &Lewis, Hermle, Nikon, Fanuc Robodrill, Feeler, Kiwa, Matsuura, Nakamura-Tome, and Others • USED EQUIPMENT • SERVICE • LASER ALIGNMENT • LASER COMPENSATION • WARRANTY WORK • RETROFIT WORK



38 •

May/June 2012

Al Haase, CEO of the AGC Composites Group, said, “This acquisition will enhance the capabilities within our Composites Group by providing high quality metal machining and structures assembly skills, which combined with our composites expertise, will allow us to deliver complex metal and composites assembly structures to our customers. We are pleased that the management team, led by Steve Hill, will remain with the company and will continue to deliver value to our customers.” “From a strategic standpoint, this is the first of many planned acquisitions that our recent partnership with The Edgewater Funds was designed to achieve,” said AGC managing partner Rick Nagel. “Pursuing opportunities such as Hill will continue to play a part of our long-term growth strategy in the aerospace industry.” “This transition was in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders as we are now positioned to leverage the strength and capability of the AGC brand,” stated Steve Hill, president of Hill AeroSystems. “AGC’s management places real value on employees and their families,” said Hill. “That was of primary importance to me as we made the decision to move forward with AGC. I look forward to continuing my leadership role to ensure the continued success of the company as we align ourselves within the AGC Composites Group.” Hill specializes in structural and non-structural metal assemblies that often require complex program management and manufacturing processes. Hill is an approved and reliable source for Aircraft Structural

Fusion Welding in virtually all alloys and is a fully certified AS 9100 C and NADCAP approved company. Specific details regarding the transaction were not disclosed. The assets of Hill were acquired by the AGC Composites Group, and the business will do business as Hill AeroSystems, an AGC Aerospace & Defense Company, going forward. Hill AeroSystems Inc. has been in business since 1970 and is an aerospace parts and assemblies producer with diverse manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Hill AeroSystems specializes in difficult to produce assemblies, has a strong history of committed support of both inside/ outside of production airframes, and serves both Military and Commercial markets.

Sempr ius Named 1 of MIT Technology Review’s 2012 Top 10 Most Impor tant EmergingTechnologies Semprius, Inc., an innovator in high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar modules, announced the inclusion of its solar technology among MIT Technology Review’s 2012 TR10, an annual list of the world’s ten most important emerging technologies. Each year, the editors of MIT’s Technology Review select the 10 emerging technologies with the greatest potential to transform our world.These innovations promise fundamental shifts in areas including energy, health care, computing, and communications. The ultimate criterion is straightforward: is the technology likely to change the world? “Semprius’ technology is promising because it could significantly lower the cost of solar power for utilities,” said Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of Technology Review. “It will

We’ve been passionate about Waterjet for years. At Flow, in 1979, Dr. Mohamed Hashish invented the abrasive waterjet...

...though his passion started well before then.

Today he continues to develop breakthrough waterjet solutions with an equally passionate team of experts at Flow.

Our passion for waterjets, years of experience, and dedication to our customers drives us. Waterjet is our life. Driven by passion. Inspired by you. 800.446.3569

be worth watching this company as it scales up its production in the coming years.” Earning a spot on Technology Review’s prestigious annual list, which also includes Facebook, Intel, Lytro and other world class companies, represents merited and significant recognition of recent success. Semprius delivers a unique, HCPV module design that begins with its proprietary microtransfer printing process. This process enables the company to use the world’s smallest solar cell – approximately the size of a pencil point – to create solar modules with unmatched cost and performance advantages. In January, Semprius set a new world record for photovoltaic module efficiency, reaching 33.9 percent. After developing its module with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Semprius is now ramping up global deployment of demonstration systems while completing construction of a plant in Henderson, N.C. Commercial production at the plant will begin during the second half of 2012. A2Z METALWORKER •

39 •

May/June 2012

RD Machine And Manufacturing What can we make for you?

When you contact RD Machine and Manufactur ing as a new supplier, not only will you be pleased with their capabilities and their technology, but also you will undoubtedly find your introduction to Dusty Dastrup, founded and owner, absolutely inspiring. I know I felt this during our interview. Dusty is daring and adventurous. He’s tried everything, his colleagues in the industry say. Aside from the machine shop Dusty opened more than 27 years ago, for a number of years, Dusty was an auto daredevil (like his rival Evel Knievel), traveling throughout the western United States and Canada performing stunts for audiences. Today, Dusty’s part-time job, when he is not running the machine shop, is teaching scuba diving to those looking to certify. And on his holidays, Dusty and his wife travel to exotic islands to dive, and to take exquisite underwater photographs. Dusty first experienced machining during his 8-year tenure in the Navy, where he repaired pumps, valve bodies, and other parts on the small Destroyer he was deployed on. Over the next dozen years, Dusty really learned the machining trade, working at a number of small shops in Southern California, and subsequently in Salt Lake City, Utah. “My last job as an employee was working as a supervisor for a large worldwide mining bit company. (Mining bits are tools for boring into A2Z METALWORKER •

40 •

May/June 2012

rock and earth, used to drill blasting holes and penetrate both soft and hard rock materials.) When they laid off a number of the employees, including me, I decided the next time I got laid off, it would be my choice.” And so, when the layoff occurred at 7 am one morning in 1985, by noon Dusty had his new business, RD Machine and Manufacturing, up and running. RD Machine and Manufacturing launched with the purchase of a lathe and a mill, in Dusty’s 3 car garage, where he ran his race car shop during the evenings and weekends. It was, and remains today, a VeteranOwned small business supplying quality and precision machined and fabricated parts. Today, Dusty’s 2 sons, Richard and Troy, and his son-in-law, David are active in the family business. The company handles all types of metal material including Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Tool Steel and performs the following services for their customers: • Machining, including 5 Axis • Assembly • Welding • Bending • Screw/Swiss Machining Turning • Machined Castings “I will try pretty much anything once”, Dusty said. And when refer-

ring to taking on a new project or part at RD Machine, Dusty says, “If it can be machined by someone, then I can do it also. Maybe slower at first, but I’ll get it right.” Early into business, Dusty was recommended for a start-up company that needed components for valves for natural gas. Dusty says, “The young company only wanted one or two parts at a time, and other machine shops weren’t interested in oddball one-offs. I took the job on.” That company was called Mooney Controls. It was founded in 1984 by Dick Mooney, a mechanical engineer with over 25 years experience in industrial controls and the natural gas industry. The Flowgrid® Regulator he developed is a patented, pilot-operated pressure regulating valve for both gases and liquids, and is now known for its unparalleled high performance, ease of maintenance, low minimum differential, reliability and versatility. M o o n ey C o n t ro l s grew over the next 15+ years, and did so well that in 1998 it was sold to Dresser Industries, a world-class provider of oil field equipment. A year and a half ago, it was again sold to GE Energy, and RD Machine continues to be a valued supplier now to GE. You can imagine those shops that weren’t interested in the start-up entity 20 years ago are kicking themselves today! RD Machine and Manufacturing grew quickly in its early years, thanks in part to Mooney Controls. Within 3 years, Dusty outgrew his garage machine shop, and moved into a 1500 square foot facility, and started purchasing high quality machines, and hiring employees. “I made my first Mazak purchase in 1992 through Clark Smith. I was growing with Mooney Controls, and I needed more advanced machinery. My first Mazak was a V515 Vertical Machining center, and I still have that machine running today”, Dusty said. Initially, when Dusty did his research on premier machines available, he determined that Mazak was the choice for him. “I really liked their controls, because they were conversational.” When asked why Dusty continues to purchase Mazak machines, he said, “Why do I always buy Dodge pick-ups? I like them, and I stick with them. The same is true for the Mazak machines, and today I

own 7 Mazak machines.” But it is not just the Mazak machines sold by Smith Machinery that Dusty appreciates. “Clark Smith and the entire team at Smith Machinery are outstanding. They are absolutely professional, from my sales engineer, Scott Trumble, to the ladies in the office, Dorothy, Mindy and Sue, to owner, Clark Smith. The Smith Machinery team is extremely reputable -- if they tell you they are going to do something, they do it.” He continued, “Scott is amazing. I didn’t know until a few years ago that he was experienced in CNC programming and ran a machine shop before moving into sales. If I need anything, I can call Scott or Clark -- I have their cell phone numbers -- and I get an immediate response. If I have a problem with a machine, I receive immediate support first from Smith Machinery, and then, if needed, by Mazak direct. I have at my disposal an extremely knowledgeable staff that is an extension of my business.” Dusty has visited Mazak’s United States headquarters in Florence, Kentucky on a few occasions. Dusty appreciates that Mazak builds machines here in the United States, and he says, “They are now even exporting machines from the Florence facility to other parts of the world. That’s just outstanding for the United States.” RD Machine and Manufacturing recently purchased the Mazak Integrex i-200. Dusty says it delivers maximum versatility and throughput for complex parts. Integrex is the marriage of a highpowered turning center and a full-function machining center to produce parts in a single setup. Dusty commented, “This 5 axis machine is powerful. We purchased it for a specific complex job. Where the job used to require 5 set-ups on 3 machines, with the Integrex we are using 1 machine and 1 set-up. This is the kind of technology we have to invest in to remain competitive.” Contact RD Machine and Manufacturing, a family run business with over a century of combined experience. You can reach Dusty and his team at 801-977-0447 or visit their website at Smith Machinery is a 50+ year old distributor of a variety of advanced manufacturing technologies. To learn more about Mazak machines, contact Clark Smith and the Smith Machinery Company team at 801263-6403 or visit their website at A2Z METALWORKER •

41 •

May/June 2012

Boeing’s Private Space Taxi to Take Flight by 2016

laser cutting welding forming tube bending

Helping to pave the road for the future of commercial spaceflight, Boeing is hard at work on the research and development of a new space capsule aimed at flying people to the International Space Station.

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Call Today! • 303.420.7422 6803 Joyce Street, Ste A Arvada, CO 80007 A2Z METALWORKER •

42 •

May/June 2012

With NASA’s space shuttle fleet now permanently grounded, aerospace giant Boeing is aiming to fly astronauts to the International Space Station aboard a new private spaceship as early as 2015 or 2016, company officials say. Boeing’s CST-100 capsule (short for Commercial Space Transportation-100) is being designed to ferry astronauts to and from the space station and other destinations in low-Earth orbit.The spacecraft will initially launch from Florida atop United Launch Alliance’s Atlas 5 rocket, but the company is not ruling out other booster options in the future, officials have said. The capsule is being designed as part of a NASA program that supports the development of a new fleet of commercially built spaceships to fill the gap made by the retirement of the shuttle program.

Remington to supply M4 / M4A1 carbines to US Army The US Army Contracting Command (ACC) has awarded a contract to Remington Arms Company for the supply of a maximum of 120,000 M4 / M4A1 carbines to help enhance its capabilities. Under the new indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, the company will initially manufacture and supply 24,000 M4A1 carbines, along with associated equipment to the army. General George Joulwan, Remington board member, former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe and head of Nato Forces, said the carbines production contract is a great opportunity for the company to boost its military and defence product offerings worldwide. Developed from the original AR-15 rifle, the M4 carbine is a gasoperated, air-cooled, magazine-fed, selective fire, shoulder-fired weapon designed to replace the M16 rifles used by most combat units in the US Army. The M4 has a 14.5in barrel, allowing its user to better operate in close quarters combat, and includes selective fire options such as semi-automatic and three-round burst. An improved version of the M4 carbine intended for special operations use, the M4A1 features a fully-automatic fire mode, a flattop M1913-specification rail on top of the receiver and a detachable rail-mounted carrying handle.

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May/June 2012

Factories ‘Reshore’ Work From Business jet forecast:Some ‘Sound ground to Overseas build on’

Top qualiTy cuSTomeR ReviewS foR oveR 3,500 Band SawS is all about great reviews that are 100% customer-generated. This way, you always know what bandsaw is right for you and your business!

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GladhillAssociates Associates International Gladhill International


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Calibrations, Inc.

During worstaviation of the forecast Great Recession, U.S. factory jobs were A new the business predicts delivery of 10,120 busidisappearing at a furious pace. 2007 began, ness jets over the next 10Asyears, from about 2012 14 tomillion 2021,Americans valued at were working in manufacturing. Three years and one frightful recession $257 billion. later, only 11.5 million were. But since 2010, employment has been ticking Shipments are expected to peak in 2016 with 1,354 jets, surpassback up, with companies adding about 400,000 jobs. ing pre-recession record deliveries in 2008. The forecast projects business jet deliveries this year of 736 units.The third annual One reason for at least a small portion of that growth: the return of forecast was doneoverseas. by ZenithExperts Jet, a Montreal-based aviafactory work from say it’s difficult business to accurately tion services firm.of jobs tied to work returning from other countries, measure the number

but some employers say they know it is happening. Reversing A Herd The forecast projects lighta vice jet deliveries of 3,181 with Rubber revenueCo., of Mentality Howard Hauser, president with Hiawatha $19.6 in themanufacturers next 10 years; deliveries of 3,099 medium-size says for billion a long time, followed a herd mentality of sending jets with revenue $57wanted billion;components 3,528 deliveries of large jets, with work offshore. Theyofall produced in low-wage, revenue of $161.9 billion, and 312 deliveries of converted airliners, emerging markets like China. “They were looking at the piece price. worth $18.5like, billion. And it looked ’We’re going to save a lot of money,’” he said. “But the bottom line was they didn’t save nearly as much as they thought. And with the quality they’re justmarket not getting acceptable Cessna Aircraftissues, has the highest shareproduct by unitsthat’s delivered over for the customer.” the forecast period at 26 percent, followed by Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream and Hawker Beechcraft. Now Hiawatha, based outside Minneapolis, is getting those contracts. And Hauser has himself decided has to “reshore” production of the a component that By revenue, Bombardier the biggest share over next 10 years, was being made in China. The move will result in three new hires at his followed by Gulfstream, Dassault, Embraer, Cessna, other manufacplant. He says the part was not difficult to make, but the Chinese factory turers and Hawker Beechcraft. kept botching the job. He says Hiawatha, which makes rubber components for equipment such as printers and pumps, can do it better. Honeywell Aerospace’s forecast released in October a bit more GE ‘all in’ on aviation deal withwas China conservative than Zenith Jet’s. It forecast 10,000 business jetsthe to From Soup To Overtime As business picks up and hiring resumes, Atbea delivered General Electric flight simulator here,2011 the visibility hasworth been set in an 11-year period from to 2021, an employees at Hiawatha are feeling more confident now. But it’s still painful at near zero$230 to mimic thick rain and clouds. But a video console near toestimated recall the recentbillion. tough times when orders dropped off about 40 percent the pilot shows a vivid picture of nearby mountains precise enough to and production hours were slashed. One worker, Richard Beaulieu, says allowrecovery a plane to take or land despite the conditions. the off business even heThe had to make doinwhile working jet justmarket three orhas fouryet daystoa take week.shape, That went though the economy improving, saidlean George Tsopeis, vice president on forsystem nearly a is year. Hisisofmemory that time: “Many, many months, The one severalofhighly valuable next-generation of aZenith and author the you forecast. Tsopeis heads the firm’s and lot of soup,” he says.of“But just buck it up also and get through it.” technologies that GE has developed — and that the company has consultancy practice. passed along to China as part of a joint venture with the state-owned Beaulieu and the other 65 full-timers are back to normal hours now — and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). can even count on some overtime.lag between the return of corporate Typically, there’s a 24-month profits and a business jet recovery. This time, the time for has nearly come Access to the world’s second-largest economy is lag critical The U.S. Looks More Competitive Dan Meckstroth, an economist andglobal this often comes at a cost: the transfer ofwith any the the Manufacturers for Productivity and Innovation, saysGE labor in very technologiesAlliance that leading business officials — including chief the United States is looking more competitive internationally for a number executive Jeffrey who in heads Obama base administration panel One reason mayImmelt, be a change the an customer that’s having an ofonreasons. For one, U.S. wages are still depressed because of the relatively U.S.onjobs and competitiveness — citesaid. as essential to the United effect demand and recovery, Tsopeis slow overall recovery. At theThe same“synthetic time, wages have been risingfor in emerging States’ economic future. vision” system, example, markets. In addition, the skill level of American workers is generally higher. could be worth millions of dollars to airlines, which could significantly A huge segment ofdisruptions customersafter in the medium-size and smaller jet And the supply chain last year’s Japanese disasters reduce costs from weather-related delays.aviation “bull-run” has made market that emerged in the last business effecsome companies skittish about outsourcing to Asia, he said. tively retracted from the market, he said. High net-worth individuals GE, like other companies, must weigh which technologies should be — Meckstroth such as surgeons, successful entrepreneurs — made But it’sCEOs hard toand quantify anyhow job gains from them “reshoring.” brought to jointsays ventures with China and to protect from up a large portion of that market. The number may not be great, but at least the trend line is good, he being stolen or misused. These decisions face virtually any executive said. “I’m not saying there’s a tsunami of production coming back to trying to develop a presence in the country — from the most Here’s is Tsopeis’ outlook for Wichita’s general aviation companies: the United States. It’s a trickle,” Meckstroth said. “But a trickle back is sophisticated technology firms, which worry about software piracy, to better than the tidal wave out.” But at Hiawatha Rubber, Hauser does old-line industrial equipment makers, which have seen knockoffs of not think the future lies indeals bringing back, even if Cessna their products pop of upmanufacturing soon after making withwork Chinese partners. that’s benefiting his company now.installed He for Cessna’s iswith its huge basegreater of customers, Under theadvantage agreement AVIC, GE believes avionics will be productivity on boardwhich a new the sector will come through increased automation. At his factory, more will serve as opportunities salestoasbecome they upgrade Chinese commercial airlinerfor thatmore is likely a rivalor to replace aircraft produced by U.S.-based Boeing and Europe’s Airbus. The potential competition with Boeing, coming at a time when the United States is fighting to maintain its own manufacturing base, has stirred some 4/24/12 2:31 PM American criticism.


their jets, the report said. “This is currency for them,” Tsopeis said. The company also has great product support, he said. Cessna announced new products in October, and there are hints of more to come, he said. Cessna’s recent announcement of a major deal with Aviation Industry Corp. of China (AVIC), which includes co-production rights for the Citation Latitude and Sovereign, bodes well for the company, he said. Besides giving Cessna market share, it could also give it a partner — which includes money and technology — for a new, larger airplane. It’s unknown, however, whether the Chinese will use the partnership as their only vehicle for investing in business aviation. Bombardier Besides Gulfstream, Bombardier was the only business jetmaker to exceed last year’s guidance. There are signs Bombardier may be rethinking its product line strategy, the report said. “When we saw the specs for the (super mid-size) Lear 85, we said, ‘Wow.This is not your father’s Learjet,’ ”Tsopeis said. “This is quite a capable aircraft in terms of performance.” He expects future Learjets to be built in line with the Learjet 85 – a composite aircraft – rather than the Learjet 40XR and 45XR, he said. Hawker Beechcraft Financially troubled Hawker Beechcraft has seen significant and painful cost cutting affect people and products. If the company decides to restructure through a bankruptcy, the upside will be a restoration of “natural program margins to their business aircraft lines,” Tsopeis said. It no longer would be weighted down by the huge costs associated with the programs. “It provides them a new lease on life,”Tsopeis said. Hawker Beechcraft has some “venerable brands within their stable,” he said. “If they were to retreat, I don’t see that as a good thing.” Fixes made to the Hawker 4000 and the Hawker 200 are what the company originally envisioned. And the Hawker 800 platform, which the Hawker 750 and 900 are based on, has been the best-selling midsize model in history. There’s another opportunity there.” Clearing the debt is only one component of fixing what’s ailing the company, he said. Hawker Beechcraft must go through a corporate introspection to make sure its product line can compete and is viable to support a business aviation company, he said. “If they answer yes, we’ll see what incarnation that will be,” he said. “That’s something that only they know.” “In order for HBC to emerge as a viable business aviation going concern, a significant capital injection for product development must accompany the restructuring,” the report said.

High iPad Sales Could Signal even Greater Success for new Solapad Product Domark International Inc. disclosed that Company management believes that the recent increase in iPad sales could be a boon to its wholly-owned subsidiary Solawerks’ new “Solapad” product.The revolutionary new Solapad product is an ever-charging solar and battery system that fits all versions of the Apple iPad. Once an iPad is placed into a Solapad sleeve, there is theoretically no reason to ever plug the iPad into any wall-mounted charger again. Last month, Apple reported selling 11.8 million iPads in their last quarter, which is two and a half times the amount of iPad sales Apple reported for the same quarter a year ago. Domark CEO Michael Franklin traveled to China to oversee the production of the Solapad and make arrangements for capitalizing on the products’ surprising demand. The revolutionary new Solapad is expected to arrive in the hands of US consumers in less than 32 days. Solawerks has also previously announced two other ever-charging products, the “Solafire” for the Amazon Kindle Fire and the “Solacase” for all versions of the Apple iPhone. Both the Solafire and Solacase contain a large, high-efficiency solar panel on their back, plus an additional internal battery to keep the associated unit charged at all times.The Solacase fits all iPhone versions, including the new iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

com, “26% of 268 respondents cited ‘lack of capital to grow’ as their biggest challenge at a time when they need loans to hire more workers, buy new equipment and aggressively market themselves.” Banks “say they’re willing to lend, according to a range of regional and national financial institutions CNNMoney talked to. But they are proceeding with caution, especially with loans to smaller contract manufacturers or ‘machine and job shops.’”

H o n e y we l l B r e a k t h r o u g h M ay Transform The Plastics Industry Bloomberg News reports, “Honeywell International Inc. has discovered a one-step process to convert household natural gas into a plastics raw material.” The new “technology in time could ease a glut of natural gas from US shale drilling; lower the cost of products ranging from soda bottles to paint; and give Honeywell a steady profit stream from licensing the technique in the $150 billion plastics raw-material industry.” The one-step “process would allow companies to make ethylene, the substance from which plastic and other materials are created, from methane, commonly known as natural gas.” Howard Precision Machined Products (JW Howard Inc.)

Howard Precision Machine (JWHoward Inc.) 776 West Honda Park Drive,Parts Bluffdale, Utah 84065 776 West Honda park Drive, Bluffdale, Utah 84065 •

3M To Increase Focus On Aerospace, Energy Industries

Alcoa Fastening Systems Receives Prestigious Airbus Award

The Star Tribune reports, “3M Co.’s first-quarter earnings report last month gave newly minted CEO Inge Thulin the opportunity to publicly sketch out a vision for the Maplewood-based giant that includes increasing its focus on the aerospace and energy industries.” 3M “already has hundreds of aerospace and energy-related products and technologies in filtration, abrasives and adhesives that serve both industries.The increased emphasis is to accelerate 3M’s overall growth in sales, which moved up 2.4 percent to $7.5 billion in the quarter ended March 31.”


Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) received a Bronze Award from Airbus for outstanding performance in its Supplier Quality Improvement Program. Based on selections of Airbus’ top tier suppliers, the award recognizes supplier improvement, quality, on-time delivery and sustainability performance. AFS provides Airbus with fasteners for all of their major programs including the A320, A330, A340, A350, A380 and A400M. “We are honored to receive this award from Airbus,” said Craig Brown, Vice President Global Aerospace Customers and Marketing for AFS. “This recognition shows that our customers appreciate the dedication of our manufacturing operations, as well as that of our quality, engineering, logistics and sales organizations. We strive to be the leader in providing superior operational, technical and quality support to the industry.”

Manufacturers Call On Banks To Do More Lending CNN Money reports, “American manufacturers say business is booming again, but many are complaining that banks aren’t lending them money to ramp up production.” According to a quarterly survey of small to mid-sized manufacturers, conducted last month by MFG. A2Z METALWORKER •

46 •

May/June 2012

The company’s earnings in the quarter rose to $1.13 billion versus with $1.08 billion in the same period last year. Aerospace was recently promoted from being a department to a division. The division’s sales increased by double-digits in the first quarter. “Another new division was formed from oil, gas and mining-related businesses spread throughout the company.”

Manufacturing Grows At Fastest Pace Since June The AP reports, “US manufacturing grew last month at the fastest pace in nearly a year. New orders, production and a measure of employment all rose.” The Institute for Supply Management “says its index of manufacturing activity increased to 54.8 in April. That’s the highest level since June and up from 53.4 the previous month.”

CNN Money reports, “Manufacturers reported that as new orders for their goods rose in April, factories ramped up production at a faster pace.” Manufacturers “also hired more workers, a welcome sign ahead of the government’s jobs report last month.” CNN Money notes, “Gradual improvement in manufacturing has been a bright spot in the economic recovery. Manufacturers added 120,000 jobs in first three months of the year, according to separate data collected by the Labor Department.”

Part Density.

Need we say more?

Ball Aerospace Named a Top Workplace by the Denver Post Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has been named one of the Denver area’s Top Workplaces by the Denver Post. The 2012 awards recognize the 100 best regional companies to work for based on their strengths in providing an ethical and caring work environment with good leadership and development opportunities for their staff. The Top Workplaces 2012 survey included small, mid-size and large companies. Through the Post’s required survey, employees evaluated their company based on criteria such as work environment, fair pay, workplace diversity, confidence in leadership, work-life balance, ethics, career growth and other factors. Ball Aerospace placed in the top 10 large Colorado companies category, and was the only aerospace company included in the results. “For more than 50 years Ball Aerospace has maintained that its people are the heart of its business success, and we are honored that our employees have voted us a top employer,” said David L Taylor, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. president and CEO.

Part Number: G12146D221M

Learn more at 1(858)-505-0432

Ball Aerospace, founded in 1956, continues to benefit from its status as a subsidiary of Ball Corporation. For 132 years Ball Corporation has been known as a successful and innovative company focused on its people. This leadership has profoundly influenced the culture of Ball Aerospace. The survey is managed by WorkplaceDynamics of Exton, Pa., which specializes in employee engagement and retention and runs competitions for leading newspapers across the country. Colorado companies both private and public as well as nonprofits and government agencies with at least 50 employees were eligible to participate. An employee response rate of at least 35 percent at each company was required for inclusion in the survey. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. supports critical missions for national agencies such as the Department of Defense, NASA, NOAA and other U.S. government and commercial entities. The company develops and manufactures spacecraft, advanced instruments and sensors, components, data exploitation systems and RF solutions for strategic, tactical and scientific applications. For more information visit A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012


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Upcyclatron: The ECoReP Machine Funded Senior Design Project; University of Colorado Denver Team Members: C. Ross Cohlmia,Devin Eldridge, Warren Linn, Brian Lopez,Tom Serra,C. Garrett Simonsen

Abstract: The purpose of this project was to design and manufacture an efficient semiautomated manufacturing process to create a multi-use material from used plastic bags. The manufacturing machine, called The Upcyclatron consists of a hopper and feed system, conveyor system, heating and compression system, and material collection system. Various metal forming techniques were utilized to manufacture the machine including MIG and TIG welding in fabrication of the frame and supporting members, conversational programming and computer automated manufacturing (CAM), along with manual machining in lathe and milling operations.


Business Management Systems Consulting

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“When Bretta told me that ISO shouldn’t be treated as “Rocket Science” I started listening. She was able to back it up with explanations we could understand. The difference we found with Bretta over other consultants we have talked to is that she herself has gone through the pain of ISO internally when working in quality departments. She is the President of her own company and is a certified auditor.”

George G. Crouch, Advotech Company A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

Jet Processing is now Premier Precision Group

The Upcyclatron compresses and melts polyethylene bags creating a material called ECoReP (Extruded Compressed Recycled Plastic), with possible uses of thermal or acoustic insulation, padding, water/weather proofing and many additional applications. The process eliminates the energy-intensive intermediate processing required by conventional recycling. The process works as follows: a pneumatic press forces bags fed from two hoppers onto two hightemperature parallel conveyor belts. The belts then draw the material over a set of heated platens with a working surface temperature of 450°F melting a tough shell around the material approximately 4 mm thick. A heated wire slicer is used to sever and seal the ECoReP as it is extruded from the machine. Digital and analog controls as well as adjustability in the machine allow the Upcyclatron to create a material with variable, repeatable properties. The Upcyclatron project seeks to prove the concept of recycling plastic bags in a single, semi-automated process capable of creating a finished product with minimal energy.The process is fully scalable and economically viable, capable of full integration into the existing recycling infrastructure. We’re Not Just A Nationwide Staffing Firm. We’re A Nationwide Staffing Firm Specializing in Manufacturing. That’s All We Do. Period. • CNC Programmers • Press Operators • CNC Machinists • Assemblers • Manual Machinists • Quality Control Inspectors • Maintenance Mechanics • MIG/TIG/Stick Welders

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Proudly Serving Precision Manufacturing With Fuels, Lubricants For 36 Years!

s Fors r o t u b i r Dist for

If you purchase lubricants, cutting oils and coolants, cleaners, or MIL Spec products for your precision manufacturing business, whether you are located in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Denver, Albuquerque, or El Paso chances are that you are very familiar with Canyon State Oil. And though they were purchased by a much larger entity, Maxum Petroleum, in September of 2006, you may still refer to them as Maxum/Canyon State Oil. Maxum Petroleum, headquartered in Greenwich, CT, today is one of the largest independent energy logistics companies in the United States based on gallons of refined fuel and lubricants sold.The company continues to successfully grow its business through strategic acquisitions, and between 2004 and 2011, they made 14 distinct add-on acquisitions. Today, the company distributes more than 1 billion gallons of diesel and more than 50 million gallons of lubricants per year. It services 48 states through its 57 distribution facilities located from coast to coast with 1100 plus employees.

they have retained since the performance award program began. Rod Burgett,Vice President & General Manager of the company and 19-year tenured employee, says, “During the economic downturn, we weathered through business as most companies

Tom Arndt Sr. founded Canyon State Oil 36 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona with only 3 employees. Over the course of the first decade, Canyon State Oil expanded with branch operations all over Arizona. Then in decades two and three, the company performance was so strong it was able to move into Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. At the time of the Canyon State Oil sale to Maxum Petroleum, the company had distribution in 5 states and over 250 employees. While Maxum Petroleum serves a very diverse customer base including agriculture, automotive, commercial and industrial, mining, transportation, and industrial manufacturing, each acquisition within the company targets specific industry segments based upon their geography in the nation. Canyon State Oil built its business on a few industry segments, with manufacturing and aerospace being one of their core industries. And they have done it well, as evidenced by their Gold Supplier Status at the Boeing Company -- which 50

A2Z METALWORKER • • May/June 2012 A2Z METALWORKER • • May/June



did. Now, with business improving, and with the financial backing of our parent company, Maxum Petroleum, we are poised to grow our business, and we are particularly focused on the manufacturing and aerospace business segments in the West. We are taking some very positive steps to demonstrate our commitment to the industry, from broadening our offers, to adding new competencies, to adding resources across the entire territory we service.” Mike Bates, General Manager of Engineering Services and 22-year tenured employee, says, “There are so many reasons why I am proud to

be an employee of Maxum Petroleum. While we offer a comprehensive breadth of products, from coolants and cutting fluids, cleaners, and specialty products, MIL-Spec for our aerospace and defense customers, we also offer so much more than you will find in the typical energy logistics (petroleum supplier) company.” Here is a partial listing of Maxum Petroleum’s services and capabilities: • Lubrication Engineers on staff (In fact, Mike is a Tribology Engineer. For those unfamiliar with the term, as I was, Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear. Tribology is a branch of mechanical engineering. • 24 Hour Technical Assistance • Plant Lubrication Surveys • Complete chemical management programs • Onsite recycling of your lubricants • Environmental Consulting Services • Laboratory Analysis of lubricants, cutting fluids, and cleaners • Industrial Engineering Services Program • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) • Onsite Filtration • Waste Stream Mitigation • Just in Time Inventory management • Superior Knowledgeable Staff - The company’s employee turnover rate is exceptionally low, and the staff of Maxum Petroleum’s Canyon State Oil acquisition has decades of experience in the petroleum industry.

“I have been working with Maxum for 2 years now, but my team has been using them for more than a decade now. We purchase lubricants, oils and mobile materials from them. We always go out to competitive bid, and Maxum is very competitive in their pricing. But perhaps one of the most important factors in my supplier selection is the company’s customer service and responsiveness. Maxum is outstanding on this; they are a top rated Gold Supplier. It is extremely difficult to maintain Gold status year after year (you have to be outstanding in quality and delivery), and Maxum has done this. Another key attribute is a suppliers’ knowledge of their industry. I was looking for a new material -- for mobile transmissions, and Maxum helped us to understand this new spec, and offered alternatives that I was able to recommend back to our engineering team. The team at Maxum is knowledgeable, customer focused, and I would recommend them to anyone.” Purchasing,Tier 1 Aerospace Manufacturer (Editors Note:This customer searched the company database during the interview and found 0 “dings’ for quality and on-time delivery) “I took over the maintenance department fo r my c ompa ny 10 year s ago. While we we r e u s i n g C a ny o n State (now Maxum) at the time, shortly after I came on, I moved all of our cutting fluids over to them. Initially, the big move to them was based upon pricing and customer support. You just don’t get the customer support like Maxum provides. They also supply superior products, including Castrol and Shell Oil. But what made them a strategic supplier to us was their technical knowledge-they are experts on cutting fluids. We get some strange oils that get spec’d into our requirements, especially for automotive. The team at Maxum knows the specs, and they often recommend other comparable, more competitively priced products. We are learning and growing with Maxum as a key partner/supplier.” Maintenance Manager, Large Automotive Components Manufacturer

I encourage you to contact the Maxum Petroleum team for your lubricant and fluids requirements. Exper ience and Industry Knowledge, Superior Customer Ser vice, Outstanding Products, Environmentally and Safety Conscientious.

“We’ve been using Canyon State Oil (now Maxum) for more than a dozen years now. My account, Honeywell, changes processes and materials at times.When this happens, I call Stan from Maxum, and he almost always has the answers to my questions, or he gets back to me with the answer. The team at Maxum is extremely knowledgeable. We primarily use their Castrol water based coolants and Castrol cutting oil. Maxum (Canyon State Oil) has been a preferred supplier to my account, Honeywell, for years now. Whenever I have the chance, I recommend Maxum.”

Call them at 602-278-8877 or visit their website at

Facilities Management Company, Contractor for Honeywell A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

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How to get the best rates in machine tool financing

“Any owner in today’s climate needs the strength and support of a strong business organization.” Ron Overton, Overton Industries

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Go Ahead - Like Us Online! Vol. 1, No. 4 Aug/Sept 2011

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Northern California, Oregon and Washington Edition

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CM Manufacturing, a Montana-based Job Shop, Expands

Now that manufacturing technology orders are off to their best start since 1998, many companies want to invest in their business again. Financing can be an integral part of the equation. Financing can generally be broken into two scenarios. “Application Only” financing and underwriting with “Full Documentation”. “Application Only” financing is quick and easy. Companies with good credit will have a relatively easy time getting financed for transactions up to $350,000 (sometimes up to $500,000) and they will benefit from today’s low interest rates and strong tax incentives. If the transaction is over $350,000 or doesn’t qualify under “Application Only” guidelines, your lender will ask you for financial statements or other back up information. Dealing with a lender that specializes in machine tools will simplify the process, drastically lower the amount of information required and provide you with much faster answers. You can greatly increase your odds of success by knowing your credit profile and working to correct any issues and to improve it before you get started. Most lenders check the following credit reports when applying for commercial credit. - A satisfactory PayNet business credit report - A satisfactory Dunn and Bradstreet business credit report - A satisfactory personal credit report (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) What are satisfactory scores? This can vary based on the size of the transaction; but in most cases, it usually boils down to paying your contracts and obligations on time and making sure they are being reported correctly. Personal credit scores (FICO or BEACON scores) show your history of payments on personal revolving and term debts and these scores are often; but not always, included in the credit file depending on the size and structure of the company. A Dunn and Bradstreet report gives a lender a benchmark and overview of who your company is; they show how timely your company pays on open accounts plus they show public filings such as liens, judgments, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, and records filed with the Secretary of State where your company resides. A PayNet report shows how timely your payments are being made on existing commercial term debt like loans and leases and they also issue a risk factor rating.

Its Capabilities with The Mazak Integrex®

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May/June 2012

The licensed technologies offer novel approaches for reading the sequence of bases, or letters, in a single DNA molecule as it is

Strong credit ratings in all of these areas can often facilitate financing up to $500,000 at fantastic interest rates with very little paperwork. Weak credit can greatly impact the kind of rates and terms you receive on your equipment financing. If you think that your credit may have suffered over the last few

years, avoid last minute surprises by requesting a copy of your business and personal credit reports. Many times, with a little correspondence and effort you can improve your scores and improve your odds of financing at the best interest rates available. The companies listed below can give you advice on how to improve your credit profile. Business Credit Reports Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B)-Request a copy of your D&B report by calling (800)234-3867. You can verify your company and ownership information is reported correctly. It is also important for you to know your companies D&B Paydex® score. Paydex® scores reflect how promptly customers pay on trade credit and a score below 60 can impact the type of financing you qualify for. PayNet Inc.- Customers can request a copy of their PayNet report by calling (866)825-3400. Personal Credit Reports Individuals can request their free annual credit reports at All personal credit information in the US is reported through Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. If you see information incorrectly reported on your personal credit, send correspondence to all three national credit bureaus. The other part of the equation is dealing with a reputable lender who specializes in machine tools and who understands the unique needs of manufacturing companies. Since 1995 Intech Funding has been financing manufacturing equipment and ranks among the top lenders for machine tools nationally. As a specialist, Intech can offer better rates than most banks and “generalist” finance companies. Dealing with someone who understands your business saves you time and money. For more information on financing your next machine, call Intech Funding Corp. at (800) 553-9208 or Email us:

Manufacturing Jobs Returning To The US MinnPost reports, “Call it ‘re-shoring’ or ‘rebalancing’ or just ‘revenge,’ but the dynamics of global labor, transportation and productivity costs

that eviscerated American manufacturing over the past decade have begun to shift again. Over the past few years, some key American manufacturers have either brought jobs back to the US from Asia and Latin America, or have made important decisions not to relocate them in the first place.” Caterpillar, for example, is building a $120 million plant to make giant earthmovers in Victoria, Texas, including some models that were previously built in Japan and shipped back to North American customers. General Electric reversed a decision to build a new ‘green’ refrigerator plant in Asia and decided instead to invest $93 million in refurbishing a plant in Bloomington, Indiana, saving 700 jobs. A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

revenue in the industrial segment but operating profit remained flat.”

Honeywell May Have New Low-Emissions Engine Upgrade In Next Few Years UTAHÊ METALÊ WORKS

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AtÊ UtahÊ MetalÊ Works,Ê recyclingÊ industrial-relatedÊ scrapÊ metalÊ is one of the things we do best. You simply won’t find more knowledgeable,Ê capableÊ partnersÊ forÊ yourÊ scrapÊ handlingÊ andÊ recycling efforts anywhere. We are known in the industry for our honestyÊ andÊ integrity,Ê andÊ youÊ canÊ beÊ sureÊ youÊ areÊ alwaysÊ gettingÊ aÊ competitiveÊ returnÊ alongÊ withÊ superiorÊ service.Ê WeÊ makeÊ itÊ easyÊ forÊ youÊ toÊ cashÊ inÊ onÊ non-ferrousÊ metalsÊ from:

Industrial/ManufacturingÊ Scrap • Punchings • Solids of any metals • Turnings and borings

• Skeleton plate • Machine Shop/Fabricator • Solids of any size or type

Aircraft/HighÊ TemperatureÊ AlloyÊ Scrap Stainless,Ê titanium,Ê Inconel,Ê Hastelloy,Ê Monel,Ê cupronickel,Ê aluminum;state-of-the-artÊ metalÊ analysisÊ conductedÊ onÊ site; MixedÊ orÊ contaminatedÊ itemsÊ areÊ acceptedÊ andÊ sorted EasyÊ AccessÊ ToÊ I80,Ê I15,Ê andÊ I215 DetailedÊ DirectionsÊ OnÊ OurÊ Website 805 West Everett Ave • Salt Lake City, UT 84116

General Electric: Manufacturing Operations Are Rebounding The New York Times reports, “General Electric, with the fallout from the financial crisis receding, is finally starting to look like what it is - the” largest industrial company in the US. “Since the credit crisis hit, General Electric’s industrial business has been overshadowed by the travails, sell-offs and gradual recovery of the company’s big finance arm, GE Capital. Earnings growth was defined as GE Capital pulling itself off the mat and shedding bad loans and troubled subsidiaries, while the company’s industrial businesses were generally posting sluggish results as customers put off major investments.” However, “the wheel is turning at GE, and its first-quarter financial results last month point to the transition.” The AP reported, “The industrial and financial giant said its primary manufacturing operation has rebounded after posting weak results following the global recession. Operating profit at its industrial businesses, which include transportation, healthcare and energy infrastructure, rose by 10 percent on a 14 percent gain in revenue.” That is “an improvement from 2011, when GE was able to grow A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

Flight International reported, “Honeywell says a second generation lowemissions upgrade for the HT7000series engines could be available as a retrofit option within a ‘couple of years’ if planned durability tests on the company’s Tech7000 technology demonstrator engine prove the product is ready.” The SABER 2 upgrade “combines changes to the combustor, fuel nozzles and fuel scheduling to reduce nitrous oxide emissions beyond the 25% cut provided by today’s SABER 1 technology in all new HTF-family engines, including the HTF7250G for the Gulfstream G280 and the HTF7500E for the Embraer Legacy 450 and 500.” Officials are also working on the next set of upgrades that could be “more radical.”

A d d i t i v e M a nu f a c t u r i n g To Become $3.7 Billion Industry By 2015 The Dayton (OH) Daily News reported additive manufacturing “is expected to become a $3.7 billion global industry by 2015, more than doubling its current $1.7 billion value, according to Wohlers Associates, an independent consulting firm. Industry growth is expected to surpass $6.5 billion by 2019.” Additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing, “is the process of creating solid objects from a digital file by printing thin layers of material one on top of another. It is almost the opposite of conventional machining, which sculpts or shapes objects by removing material.”



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WATER-JET CUTTING Providing...Tighter Tolerances / Minimal Machining Table Capacity of 120” Wide x 360” Long Up to 6” Thick Cutting Capacity



Up to 5/8” thk Stainless & 1 1/4” thk Carbon Table Capacity of 120” Wide x 390” Long

Up to 6” Thickness Table Capacity of 132” Wide x 564” Long

Available Products...

STAINLESS: 304H, 304L, 316L, 317L, 321, 347, 904L, 2205, 2507, 254-SMO, LDX 2101 CARBON: A35, W44, 514, 516-70, 572-50, 588, API-2H-G50 ALUMINUM: 5086, 5454, 6061, 7075, 7050, 2024

Range of Sizes... THK: 3/16” to 6” WIDTH: 48” to 120” LENGTHS: 96” to 528”

Value Added Services...


1-888-726-6385 A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

Crossword by Myles Mellor

Crossword By Myles Mellor



1 Main support for a die on a press 5 Shaping machine



10 Abrasion




10 11









12 It cuts sheet metal 13 Form by pouring

20 21


14 Steeler's state 15 Job completion estimate, for short

23 25



16 Roman 4 17 Unused materials



8 Extra wide shoe fitting 9 ____ing software for profile cutting and punching machines


24 26



31 32


18 Remain 19 Charge 20 Economy, abbr. 21 Informally, off the ____ 23 Wharton degree 24 ____ air: air at normal atmospheric pressure 27 ___ machining, where material is cut away using computerized equipment 28 Process to form metal plates to a specific curve or radius (2 words)

7 Carve into a material 11 Eco-friendly color 13 Make fine adjustments to an instrument 14 Segment 19 Containing iron 21 Repeated sequence of events 22 A side of a many sided object 25 Raise

31 Tech department

26 Toothed wheel

32 Shape by forcing through an opening

29 Top

33 Return to earlier value

30 Allow

Down 1 Cutting equipment 2 Reduces 3 Put in position 4 Energy unit 5 Continuous loop of sandpaper 6 Word indicating thickness

Go To to check your Answers! A2Z METALWORKER â&#x20AC;˘

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May/June 2012

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Equipment and Services

Troy R. Kattenhorn, CMTSE Sales Manager 6855 West 116th Ave 0 Broomfield, CO 80020 303-466-3777 o Pax 303-466-19790 Cell: 303-437-6357 Email: 0

Tornos US 840 Parkview Boulevard Lombard, IL 60148 Phone 630 812 2040 Fax 630 812 2039

ACCESSORIES AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 ByteboxÊ ___________ 888-Bytebox DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ ____ 480-816-6300 FuchsÊ Machinery______ 303-744-1205 Abrasive Products FuchsÊ Machinery______ 303-744-1205 ShopÊ Tools,Ê Inc.Ê ______ 303-375-9190 Ballscrews FadalÊ CNCÊ _________ 208-855-9426 Bandsaw Blades EcholsÊ SawÊ &Ê SupplyÊ ___ 602-278-3918 RoentgenÊ USAÊ _______ 847-787-0135

Barfeeder Accessories Trusty-CookÊ ________ 877-240-2462 Boring Bars AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 MicroÊ 100Ê _________ 208-888-7310 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê _______ 248-528-5960 Chucks MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê _______ 248-528-5960 Cleanroom ByteboxÊ ___________ 888-Bytebox ShopÊ Tools,Ê Inc.Ê ______ 303-375-9190

ROBERT SERRANO Regional Sales Manager West California Office Phone 951 695 0342 951 695 0346 Fax Mobile 951 240 0818 E-Mail

CNC Lathe Accessories Trusty-CookÊ ________ 877-240-2462 CNC Spindle Liners Trusty-CookÊ ________ 877-240-2462 Coolant Systems AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 DCMÊ TechÊ Ê _________ 800-533-5339 EbbcoÊ IncÊ _________ 800-809-3901 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205 Hangsterfer’sÊ _______ 800-433-LUBE MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 Qualichem,Ê Inc.Ê ______ 480-320-0308

SStarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 Cutting Fluids & Oils AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 CastrolÊ ___________ 800-894-7773 ChristensenÊ OilÊ ______ 800-654-0438 EcholsÊ SawÊ &Ê SupplyÊ ___ 602-278-3918 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205 Hangsterfer’sÊ _______ 800-433-LUBE MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 Qualichem,Ê Inc.Ê ______ 480-320-0308 StarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 Cutting Tools AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195


A2Z METALWORKER •2 • May/June 2012 • May/June A Z METALWORKER •


Protective Computer Enclosures for the Industrial Environment

Doug Klein, ASQ CQE 5730 E. Leith Lane Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480-626-8131 Fax 480-626-2101 888-bytebox

An ISO 9001 Company

Jeff Klimowicz  Senior Sales Engineer  Southwest Region: AZ, UT, NV, CO, ID  All Products Proudly Made in the USA  

EcholsÊ SawÊ &Ê SupplyÊ Supply ___ 602-278-3918 FuchsÊ Machinery_______ 303-744-120 MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 MicroÊ 100Ê _________ 208-888-7310 SandvikÊ __________ 801-362-3618 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê _______ 248-528-5960 ShopÊ Tools,Ê Inc.Ê ______ 303-375-9190 Drills SandvikÊ __________ 801-362-3618 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê _______ 248-528-5960 Dust Collectors, Filtration Equip. BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 ByteboxÊ ___________ 888-Bytebox CastrolÊ Ê __________ 800-894-7773 ChristensenÊ OilÊ ______ 800-654-0438 DCMÊ TechÊ Ê _________ 800-533-5339 A2Z METALWORKER •

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Mobile: 480‐320‐0308 

StarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 EDM Materials & Supplies BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 CastrolÊ Castrol ___________ 800-894-7773 ChristensenÊ OilÊ Oil ______ 800-654-0438 DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ Sales ____ 480-816-6300 Network _______ 480-836-1782 EDMÊ NetworkÊ EDMÊ Perform.Ê Access.Ê ___ 800-336-2946 GlobalÊ EDMÊ Ê SupplyÊ ____ 480-836-8330 StarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 EDM: Dielectric Systems /Filtration DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ ____ 480-816-6300 EbbcoÊ IncÊ _________ 800-809-3901 End Mills MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 MicroÊ 100Ê _________ 208-888-7310 SandvikÊ __________ 801-362-3618 Electronics FadalÊ CNCÊ _________ 208-855-9426 Fasteners SelfÊ ClinchÊ DirectÊ ____ 801-746-2689 Filtration Equipment DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ ____ 480-816-6300

EbbcoÊ IncÊ _________ 800-809-3901 Fixtures/Fixturing 5thÊ AxisÊ FixturesÊ______ 858-505-0432 Gaging FuchsÊ Machinery______ 303-744-1205 ShopÊ Tools,Ê Inc.Ê ______ 303-375-9190 Knives: Replacement SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ _____ 801-487-9700 Laser Accessories CastrolÊ ___________ 800-894-7773 ChristensenÊ OilÊ ______ 800-654-0438 Laser Marking Equipment TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 Liquid Penetrant TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 801-397-2202 TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 602-269-7868 Lubricants / Systems BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 CastrolÊ ___________ 800-894-7773 ChristensenÊ OilÊ ______ 800-654-0438 Hangsterfer’sÊ _______ 800-433-LUBE MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 Qualichem,Ê Inc.Ê ______ 480-320-0308

StarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 Machine Tool Cool. Filtration BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 CastrolÊ ___________ 800-894-7773 ChristensenÊ OilÊ ______ 800-654-0438 Hangsterfer’sÊ _______ 800-433-LUBE MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 StarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 Motors FadalÊ CNCÊ _________ 208-855-9426 Parts Washing Equipment BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 StarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 Revolvers FadalÊ CNCÊ _________ 208-855-9426 Saws EcholsÊ SawÊ &Ê SupplyÊ ___ 602-278-3918

A 922-1674

65 South Cottonwood Street (300 W) 6577 Salt Lake City, Utah 84107 Sa

Gage-Lab Products G

Put Annda

Dimensional Gaging Specialists

Tim Zimmerman

phone (801)716-2972 fax

(8 (801)716-2975

c cell

(8 (801)918-8798


Solvents /Degreasing Agents BlaserÊ ___________ 801-722-4095 CastrolÊ ___________ 800-894-7773 Hangsterfer’sÊ _______ 800-433-LUBE StarÊ MetalÊ FluidsÊ _____ 800-367-9966 Spindles FadalÊ CNCÊ _________ 208-855-9426 GMNÊ USAÊ _________ 800-686-1679 SetcoÊ SpindlesÊ &Ê SlidesÊ __ 866-362-0699 Thread Mills MicroÊ 100Ê _________ 208-888-7310 SandvikÊ __________ 801-362-3618 Tooling Systems AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 SecoÊ ToolsÊ Inc.Ê _______ 248-528-5960 FuchsÊ Machinery______ 303-744-1205 MicroÊ 100Ê _________ 208-888-7310 A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

SandvikÊ __________ 801-362-3618 Vices and Vice Jaws 5thÊ AxisÊ FixturesÊ______ 858-505-0432 DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ _____ 480-816-6300 Waycovers FadalÊ CNCÊ _________ 208-855-9426 Work Holding 5thÊ AxisÊ FixturesÊ______ 858-505-0432 AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 CALIBRATION SERVICES AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê___ 303-469-6161 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ SalesÊ _ 480-948-1871 TotalÊ Qual.Ê Syst.Ê ______ 480-377-6422 GRINDING Grinding Filtration EbbcoÊ IncÊ _________800--809-3901

Grinding Machines DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ _ 303-571-4933 TriadÊ MachineÊ ______ 303-424-0268 Aircraft brake rotor DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 Grinders, Rotary Silicon & Quartz DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 Manual Lathes & Mills AME,Ê Inc.Ê ________ 303-922-9266 Pedestals for Grinders MidacoÊ__________ 847-593-8420 Sawing Machines AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205

JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ _ 303-571-4933 RockyÊ MountainÊ SawÊ BladesÊ_303-761-3000Ê Saw Replacement Parts RockyÊ MountainÊ SawÊ BladesÊ_303-761-3000 Ê Tool Grinders Punch & Die DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 Ê INSPECTION EQUIP AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê___ 303-469-6161 GageÊ LabÊ ProductsÊ_____ 801-716-2972 KlontechÊ Indust.Ê SalesÊ ___ 480-948-1871 OGPÊ Ê ___________ 480-889-9056 TotalÊ Qual.Ê Syst.Ê ______ 480-377-6422 CMM Probes DatumÊ InspectionÊ _____ 602-997-1340 GageÊ LabÊ ProductsÊ_____ 801-716-2972 A2Z METALWORKER •

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11042 N. 24th Ave. Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85029






Innovative solutions for all 3, 4, and 5 axis machines.

Mathew Evans Director of Sales and Marketing

7140 Engineer Rd. San Diego, CA 92111

Automatic Barfeeds of all Types


Inspection ____ 602-997-1340 DatumÊ InspectionÊ Products_____ 801-716-2972 GageÊ LabÊ ProductsÊ Sales 480-948-1871 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ SalesÊ

KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ SalesÊ Sales _ 480-948-1871 OGPÊ ___________ 480-889-9056 TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 Coordinate Measuring Mach. AdvancedÊ CoordinateÊ TechÊ_ 623-780-4137 DatumÊ InspectionÊ _____ 602-997-1340 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ SalesÊ _ 480-948-1871 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ _ 303-571-4933 OGPÊ ___________ 480-889-9056 TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 Fire Suppression Systems FiretraceÊ IntlÊ ________ 480-544-4450 Gauging Equipment AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê __ 303-469-6161 GageÊ LabÊ ProductsÊ_____ 801-716-2972 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ SalesÊ 480-948-1871 OGPÊ ___________ 480-889-9056 TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 Low Temp Instrumentation HighÊ PrecisionÊ DevicesÊ _ 303-447-2558 Metrology Instruments AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê __ 303-469-6161 A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

OGPÊ Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê __________ 480-889-9056 Inc. _ 480-377-6422 TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê Optical Comparators AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê __ 303-469-6161 DatumÊ InspectionÊ ____ 602-997-1340 GageÊ LabÊ ProductsÊ_____ 801-716-2972 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ SalesÊ 480-948-1871 OGPÊ ___________ 480-889-9056 TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 Particle Inspection Mach DCMÊ TechÊ Ê ________ 800-533-5339 Video Measuring Systems AdvancedÊ CoordinateÊ TechÊ ___ 623-780-4137 GageÊ LabÊ ProductsÊ_____ 801-716-2972 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ SalesÊ 480-948-1871 TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 HARDWARE HorizonÊ CarbideÊ ToolÊ __480-968-0957 MetalÊ SupermarketsÊ __ 801-972-2441 UtahÊ MetalÊ Works,Ê Inc.Ê _ 801-364-5679 METALS & MATERIALS AZÊ ToolÊ SteelÊ LLCÊ ____ 480-784-1600 CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______800-811-7466 EricksonÊ MetalsÊ _____877-543-6061 MetalÊ SupermarketsÊ __ 801-972-2441


Tornos US 840 Parkview Boulevard Lombard, IL 60148 Phone 630 812 2040 Fax 630 812 2039

RyersonÊ _________303-227-6310 Samuel,Ê SonÊ &Ê Co.Ê __ 303-422-8282 WesternÊ StatesÊ MetalsÊ _801-978-0562 Alloys: Corrosion Resistant HaynesÊ IntlÊ Ê ________ 713-937-7597 Alloys: High Temperature HaynesÊ IntlÊ ________ 713-937-7597 Alloys: Nichel & Cobalt HaynesÊ IntlÊ ________ 713-937-7597 Brass CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______ 800-811-7466 RyersonÊ __________ 303-227-6310 Bronze CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______ 800-811-7466 Carbon CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______ 800-811-7466 RyersonÊ __________ 303-227-6310 Metals: Bar & Plate AZÊ ToolÊ SteelÊ LLCÊ _____ 480-784-1600 CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______ 800-811-7466 RyersonÊ __________ 303-227-6310 Mold Steel AZÊ ToolÊ SteelÊ LLCÊ _____ 480-784-1600

ROBERT SERRANO Regional Sales Manager West California Office Phone 951 695 0342 951 695 0346 Fax Mobile 951 240 0818 E-Mail

Nickel Alloys AZÊ ToolÊ SteelÊ LLCÊ _____480-784-1600 MarzeeÊ Inc.Ê _______602-269-5801 RyersonÊ _________303-227-6310 Ê Plate-Precision Saw Cut EricksonÊ MetalsÊ _____877-543-6061 Pre-Honed Tube WesternÊ StatesÊ MetalsÊ _801-978-0562 Rubber MarzeeÊ Inc.________602-269-5801 Sheet Metal SelfÊ ClinchÊ DirectÊ ____ 801-746-2689 Stainless Steel AZÊ ToolÊ SteelÊ LLCÊ ____ 480-784-1600 CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______ 800-811-7466 MetalÊ SupermarketsÊ __ 801-972-2441 RyersonÊ _________303-227-6310 Samuel,Ê SonÊ &Ê CO.Ê ___ 303-422-8282 Steel AZÊ ToolÊ SteelÊ LLCÊ_______480-784-1600 CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______ 800-811-7466 MarzeeÊ __________ 602-269-5801 MetalÊ SupermarketsÊ___801-972-2441 A2Z METALWORKER •

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0 6 1


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VP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 10530 E. 59th Street Indianapolis, IN 46236 ph317.823.6821 / 877.240.2462 cell317.946.1235 / home317.823.8615 fax317.823.6822

Ryerson __________303-227-6310 RyersonÊ 303-227-6310 Samuel,Ê SonÊ &Ê CO.Ê ___ 303-422-8282 Titanium Tube & Pipe HaynesÊ IntlÊ ________713-937-7597 Washers LeeSpringÊ ________480-539-5704 METAL DISTRIBUTORS EricksonÊ MetalsÊ _____ 877-543-6061 CoastalÊ MetalsÊ ______ 800-811-7466 HaynesÊ IntlÊ Ê ________713-937-7597 MetalÊ SupermarketsÊ __ 801-972-2441 RyersonÊ __________303-227-6310 Samuel,Ê SonÊ &Ê CO.Ê ___ 303-422-8282 WesternÊ StatesÊ MetalsÊ _ 801-978-0562 NEW MACHINERY CHIP CUTTING CNC Drilling/Tapping MethodsÊ WestÊ ______ 602-437-2220 CNC Mills ActionÊ MachineÊ _____ 303-532-2900 AME,Ê Inc.Ê ________ 303-922-9266 FoothillsÊ MachineryÊ ___ 303-466-3777 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205 HartwigÊ Inc.Ê _______ 303-373-9450 J.M.Ê GrisleyÊ _______ 801-486-7519 KingÊ MachineÊ ______ 208-345-9600 MethodsÊ WestÊ ______ 602-437-2220 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ _ 303-571-4933 SmithÊ MachineryÊ CoÊ ___801-263-6403 ToddÊ MachineryÊ ______801-294-6390 TornosÊ USAÊ ________951-695-0342 TriadÊ MachineÊ _______303-424-0268 CNC Lathes ActionÊ MachineÊ _____ 303-532-2900 AME,Ê Inc.Ê ________ 303-922-9266 FoothillsÊ MachineryÊ ___ 303-466-3777 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ _____303-744-1205 J.M.Ê GrisleyÊ _____ Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê Ê 801-486-7519 HartwigÊ Inc.Ê ________303-373-9450 KingÊ MachineÊ ______ 208-345-9600 MethodsÊ WestÊ ______ 602-437-2220 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ __303-571-4933 MuratecÊ _________ 949-466-8255 SmithÊ MachineryÊ CoÊ ___801-263-6403 ToddÊ MachineryÊ ______801-294-6390 TriadÊ MachineÊ _______303-424-0268

CNC Swiss Turn Machines AME,Ê Inc.Ê ________ 303-922-9266 MethodsÊ WestÊ ______ 602-437-2220 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ _ 303-571-4933 MuratecÊ ________ 949-466-8255 TornosÊ USAÊ ______ 951-695-0342 TriadÊ MachineÊ ______ 303-424-0268 EDM Machines ActionÊ MachineÊ _____ 303-532-2900 AME,Ê Inc.Ê ________ 303-922-9266 DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ ____ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ______ 480-836-1782 MethodsÊ WestÊ ______ 602-437-2220 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ _ 303-571-4933 SmithÊ MachineryÊ CoÊ __ 801-263-6403 ToddÊ MachineryÊ _____ 801-294-6390 TriadÊ MachineÊ ______ 303-424-0268 EDM Tooling Systems DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ ____ 480-816-6300 EDMÊ NetworkÊ ______ 480-836-1782 EDMÊ Perform.Ê Access.Ê ___ 800-336-2946 GlobalÊ EDMÊ Ê SupplyÊ___ 480-836-8330 End Mills HelicalÊ SolutionsÊ ____ 866-543-5422 NEW MACHINERY FABRICATION PrecisionFabÊ Inc.Ê ____303-779-9180 Band Saws AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ _ 303-466-7342 KingÊ MachineÊ ______ 208-345-9600 MarshallÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 602-269-6295 Band Saw Blades EcholsÊ SawÊ &Ê SupplyÊ ___ 602-278-3918 Bar Feeders EdgeÊ TechnologiesÊ _____ 562-597-7824 Trusty-CookÊ ________ 877-240-2462 Cold Saws FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ _ 303-466-7342 CNC Punching Centers FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205 PrecisionFabÊ Inc.Ê ____303-779-9180 S&SÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 602-368-8542 Iron Workers AITÊ _____________ 800-321-3195 FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ _ 303-466-7342 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 S&SÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 602-368-8542

Laser Cutters ActionÊ MachineÊ _____ 303-532-2900 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205 MoncktonsÊ MachÊ ToolsÊ _ 303-571-4933 MuratecÊ ________ 949-466-8255 PrecisionFabÊ Inc.Ê ____303-779-9180 S&SÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 602-368-8542 SidleyÊ DiamondÊ ToolÊ __ 800-544-9070 TriadÊ MachineÊ ______ 303-424-0268 Pipe & Tube Benders/Notchers FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ _ 303-466-7342 S&SÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 602-368-8542 Plasma/Gas CuttingSystems MuratecÊ ________ 949-466-8255 Plate Rolls FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ _ 303-466-7342 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 Press Brakes FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ _ 303-466-7342 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 KingÊ MachineÊ ______ 208-345-9600 PrecisionFabÊ Inc.Ê ____303-779-9180 S&SÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 602-368-8542 Shearing Machines ActionÊ MachineÊ _____ 303-532-2900 FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ _ 303-466-7342 FuchsÊ MachineryÊ ____ 303-744-1205Ê JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ 800-952-0151 KingÊ MachineÊ ______ 208-345-9600 S&SÊ MachineryÊ SalesÊ __ 602-368-8542 Turret Press MuratecÊ ________ 949-466-8255 PrecisionFabÊ Inc.Ê ____303-779-9180 Welding Equipment RockyÊ MountainÊ SawÊ BladesÊ 303-761-3000 OTHER ACCESSORIES Fire Extinguishing Systems FiretraceÊ IntlÊ _______ 480-544-4450 Fire Suppression Systems FiretraceÊ IntlÊ _______ 480-544-4450 Tooling Systems DesertÊ EDMÊ SalesÊ _____ 480-816-6300 USAÊ EDMÊ SupplyÊ _____ 480-836-8330

AuomaticDoorOpenerSystems Automatic MidacoÊ__________ 847-593-8420 ManualRotaryPalletSystems MidacoÊ__________ 847-593-8420 RoboticPartLoadingSystems MidacoÊ__________ 847-593-8420 PROG. SYSTEMS Factory Automation/Logistics MuratecÊ ________ 949-466-8255 CAD/CAMSoftware, CAD AME,Ê Inc.Ê ________ 303-922-9266 FeatureÊ CamÊ ______ 602-502-9654 PROTOTYPE MACHINERY APEXÊ CADÊ ProdÊ_______970-314-9772 3DÊ PartsÊ ToÊ GoÊ_______801-380-7935 R apid Prototyping APEXÊ CADÊ ProdÊ________970-314-9772 R apid Manufac turing APEXÊ CADÊ ProdÊ________970-314-9772 RECYCLING Recyclable Metals IronÊ &Ê Metals,Ê IncÊ ____ 303-292-5555 UtahÊ MetalÊ Works,Ê Inc.Ê __801-364-5679 Scrap Metal Recycling IronÊ &Ê Metals,Ê IncÊ ____ 303-292-5555 UtahÊ MetalÊ Works,Ê Inc.Ê __801-364-5679 REPAIR PARTS Belts AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ SupplyÊ 815-943-9111 Bearings(Precision) AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ SupplyÊ 815-943-9111 Metric O -Rings AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ SupplyÊ 815-943-9111 Switches (Proximity, Limit) AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ SupplyÊ 815-943-9111 Valves (Hydraulic, Pneumatic) AllÊ WorldÊ MachineryÊ SupplyÊ 815-943-9111 ROBOTIC EQUIPMENT IntegratedÊ SystemsÊ IncÊ _ 928-649-9600

SERVICES Consultant, ISO PALLET SYSTEMS BMSCÊ __________ 602-445-9400 AutomaticPalletSystems MEPÊ ___________ 801-863-7001 MidacoÊ__________ 847-593-8420 SustainingÊ EdgeÊ SolutionsÊ _ 888-572-9642 A2Z METALWORKER •

61 •


In TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 602-269-7868 Calibration Services AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê __ 303-469-6161 Industrial ____480-948-1871 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ Calibration __ 801-466-1700 WesternÊ StatesÊ CalibrationÊ Machine Repair/Servicing Tools__800-952-0151 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ Tools__Ê WesternÊ StatesÊ CalibrationÊ 801-466-1700 Diversified Metal ServicesÊ__Ê 801-972-6093 MAG Particle Calibration: Repair & Certify KlontechÊ MeasureÊ SolÊ___Ê 480-626-8131 WesternÊ StatesÊ CalibrationÊ __ 801-466-1700 TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 801-397-2202 Rigging TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 602-269-7868 Calibration Services IRHÊ Ê ____________801-972-5581 Process Improvement/ Audit AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê __ 303-469-6161 Spindle Rebuilding BMSCÊ Ê _____________ 602-445-9400 KlontechÊ IndustrialÊ ____480-948-1871 GMNÊ USAÊ _________ 800-686-1679 SustainingÊ EdgeÊ SolutionsÊ _ 888-572-9642 WesternÊ StatesÊ CalibrationÊ __ 801-466-1700 Setco-PopeÊ SpindlesÊ_____866-362-0699 X-Ray Calibration Training Certified Inspection ServiceÊ _602-267-0661 Staffing WesternÊ StatesÊ CalibrationÊ __ 801-466-1700 Semiray____________602-275-1917 ResourceÊ MfgÊ________801-265-1999 Contract Inspection AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê __ 303-469-6161 TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 801-397-2202 Statistical Process Control KlontechÊ MeasureÊ SolÊ__ 480-626-8131 TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 602-269-7868 TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. SHOP FLOOR AUTOMATotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 BMSCÊ Ê _____________ 602-445-9400 TION Contract Programming Hardware: USB TotalÊ QualityÊ SystemsÊ Inc.Ê _ 480-377-6422 GladhillÊ AssociatesÊ ______719-495-8045 MEPÊ Ê ____________801-863-7001 ByteboxÊ ___________ 888-Bytebox Education Ogden-WeberÊ Ê TechÊ CollegeÊ 801-395-3795 OrionÊ RegistrarÊ Ê _______303-645-4017 ShopÊ FloorÊ AutomationsÊ ___ 877-611-5825 SustainingÊ EdgeÊ SolutionsÊ _ 888-572-9642 Scheduling Engineering Services ISO Registrar ShopÊ FloorÊ AutomationsÊ ___ 877-611-5825 AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê __ 303-469-6161 OrionÊ RegistrarÊ Ê _______303-645-4017 Serial Port First Article Inspection Lean Manufacturing AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê ____303-469-6161 MEPÊ Ê ____________ 801-863-7001 ByteboxÊ ___________ 888-Bytebox DatumÊ InspectionÊ _____ 602-997-1340 SustainingÊ EdgeÊ SolutionsÊ _ 888-572-9642 ShopÊ FloorÊ AutomationsÊ ___ 877-611-5825Ê Software:CNC Networking WesternÊ StatesÊ CalibrationÊ __ 801-466-1700 Machine Tool Rebuilding ByteboxÊ ___________ 888-Bytebox Heavyhaul EDMÊ NetworkÊ ______ 480-836-1782 ShopÊ FloorÊ AutomationsÊ ___ 877-611-5825 IRHÊ Ê Ê ___________801-972-5581 Process Improvement RS232 Cabling Injection Molding BMSCÊ Ê _____________ 602-445-9400 SustainingÊ EdgeÊ SolutionsÊ __ 888-572-9642 ShopÊ FloorÊ AutomationsÊ ___ 877-611-5825 3DÊ PartsÊ ToÊ GoÊ _____ 801-380-7935 Rapid Prototyping Inspection Services Transportation AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê ____303-469-6161 3DÊ PartsÊ ToÊ GoÊ _____ 801-380-7935 IRHÊ Ê ____________801-972-5581 Virtual CNC DatumÊ InspectionÊ _____ 602-997-1340 Reverse Engineering TeamÊ IndustrialÊ ServicesÊ __ 801-397-2202 AdvancedÊ Coord.Ê TechÊ Ê__Ê _303-469-6161 ShopÊ FloorÊ AutomationsÊ ___ 877-611-5825

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DavisÊ AppliedÊ TechÊ College__Ê801-593-2483 CNC/Conventional Machining DavisÊ AppliedÊ TechÊ College__Ê801-593-2483 Machining Software DavisÊ AppliedÊ TechÊ College__Ê801-593-2483 USED MACHINERY EDMÊ NetworkÊ ________480-836-1782 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ Tools__Ê800-952-0151 KingÊ MachineÊ ______ 208-345-9600 K.D.Ê CapitalÊ Equipment___Ê480-922-1674 MethodsÊ WestÊ________602-437-2220 PrecisionFabÊ Inc.Ê ____303-779-9180 S&SÊ MachineryÊ Sales____Ê602-368-8542 WATERJET CUTTING ActionÊ MachineÊ_______303-532-2900 FabricatingÊ EquipÊ SalesÊ __303-466-7342 FLOWÊ Intl.Ê__________909-620-5707 GlobalÊ EDMÊ Ê Supply____Ê480-836-8330 JorgensenÊ MachineÊ ToolsÊ__800-952-0151 KingÊ MachineÊ ______ 208-345-9600 OMAXÊ Corp_________800-838-0343 TriadÊ MachineÊ ______ 303-424-0268 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers EbbcoÊ IncÊ ______ 800--809-3901

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CAD/CAM Training

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TOOLING Arc Cutting Tools HelicalÊ SolutionsÊ______866-543-5422 TRAINING

PLATING Gold Plating ForesightÊ FinishingÊ ____ 480-921-0000



P May/June 2012

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes 800-677-8881

CUTTING Bandsaw Cutting EcholsÊ SawÊ &Ê Supply SupplyÊ ____ 602-278-3918 Mark Erickson ● General Manager 763-717-6303 Plastic ImageTek ImageTekÊ __________ 303-806-8111 Prec. ec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 SpecialtyÊ SteelÊ ServicesÊ __ 801-539-8252 DESIGN/ CAD/CAM Bar-SÊ MachineÊ ________ 928-636-2115 Turning: Automatic MatrixÊ MachineÊ ______ 480-966-4451 H&Ê SÊ MachineÊ ________ 801-755-7627 COATING DIE CASTING Coating: Liquid WatkinsÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ __ 303-295-9603 CollinsÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-275-3117 DIES PilkingtonÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ 801-972-2146 AbleÊ MachiningÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-268-6766 Coating: Nickel/ Teflon/ Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ _____ 602-437-8995 Chrome EDM CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ ___623-581-2648 CollinsÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-275-3117 EDM: Dialectric Systems /Filtration LAÊ SpecialtiesÊ _______ 602-269-7612 EbbcoÊ IncÊ __________ 586-716-5151 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ ___623-581-2648 EDM: Drilling Small Hole CollinsÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-275-3117 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.______801-253-1929 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ _____ 602-437-8995 COLD SPRAY AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ ___480-892-9595 MicropulseÊ WestÊ ______ 480-966-2300 ● Complex Stampings ● On Time Delivery ● Quality Assurance

ASSEMBLIES Bar-SÊ MachineÊ ________ 928-636-2115 DaytonÊ RogersÊ _______ 763-717-6303 Prescott’s ManufacturingÊ __ 719-482-5826 RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ _ 208-442-1999 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ __ 303-791-7550 WasatchÊ LaserÊ Processing__Ê801-972-3500 Welded Assemblies Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ PrecisionÊ 303-280-2778 BENDING JQÊ EnterprisesÊ_________801-975-0777 Mandrel Bending BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê_______801-253-1929 BRAZING PrecisionÊ CastingÊ RepairÊ __ 801-972-2345 BROACHING PonderosaÊ IndÊ________303-298-1801

COMPOSITES S.A.Ê CompositesÊ Composites _______ 970-776-3877

● Difficult Assemblies ●Contract Mfg. ●Design Assistance

EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) InnovativeÊ Precision____ 801-334-6317 MaverickÊ MoldÊ &Ê MachineÊ 970-535-4604 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ _____ 602-437-8995 MicropulseÊ WestÊ ______ 480-966-2300 NuclearÊ FilterÊ TechÊ ___ 303-384-9785 Prec. Mach’d ProductsÊ ___ 970-482-7676 EDM: Wire AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ __435-752-0934 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ __719-520-5404 ForemasterÊ ToolÊ ______801-737--0265 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ ____ 801-334-6317 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ _____ 602-437-8995 MicropulseÊ WestÊ ______ 480-966-2300 NuclearÊ FilterÊ TechÊ ___ 303-384-9785 ParamountÊ MachineÊ ___ 801-282-2755 H&RÊ PrecisionÊ ________801-975-7400 63 • May/June 2012 63 •July/Aug 2011



Kelly Martinez Machine Shop Lifetime Products, Inc. P.O. Box 160010, Freeport Center, Bldg D-11 Clearfield, UT 84016 T: 801.726.5312 F: 801.728.1979 email:

JetÊ Processing ProcessingÊ _______ 623-869-6749 LAÊ SpecialtiesÊ _______ 602-269-7612 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-276-4120 OperoseÊ ManufacturingÊ __ 303-833-5967 PhoenixÊ HeatÊ TreatingÊ __ 602-258-7751 Precision Mach’d ProdÊ___ 970-482-7676 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ _____801-487-9700 De-Rusting Glass Bead Clean CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ ___623-581-2648 Hand Deburring: Precision H&RÊ PrecisionÊ _______ 801-975-7400 Liquid Painting IndustrialexÊ ______ 303-456-6847 MPIÊ InternationalÊ _____ 956-631-6880 Passivation CertifiedÊ InspectionÊ Service___602-267-0661 A2Z METALWORKER •

64 •

May/June 2012

CoatingÊ Technologies TechnologiesÊ ___623-581-2648 MPIÊ InternationalÊ _____ 956-631-6880 JetÊ ProcessingÊ ____ 623-869-6749x117 Aluminum (Medium & Large) METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-276-4120 AeroÊ TechÊ _______ 801-292-0493 Powder Coating FOUNDRY ArizonaÊ FinishingÊ _____602-438-4443 MayÊ FoundryÊ &Ê MachineÊ 801-531-8931 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 StateÊ BrassÊ FoundryÊ &Ê Mach.Ê 801-467-9461 IndustrialexÊ ______ 303-456-6847 GAS NITRIDING LAÊ SpecialtiesÊ _______ 602-269-7612 BlanchardÊ MetalsÊ Proc.Ê __801-972-5590 MPIÊ InternationalÊ _____ 956-631-6880 GEAR CUTTING PilkingtonÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ 801-972-2146 Delltronics,Ê IncÊ_______ 303-789-2661 Silk Screening PonderosaÊ IndÊ _______ 303-298-1801 ArizonaÊ FinishingÊ _____602-438-4443 ReataÊ EngineeringÊ &Ê Mach.Ê 303-936-1350 IndustrialexÊ ______ 303-456-6847 SpecialtyÊ SteelÊ SvcsÊ ___ 801-539-8252 Potting/Encapsulation Gear Hobbing IndustrialexÊ ______ 303-456-6847 PonderosaÊ IndÊ _______ 303-298-1801 GRINDING Wet Paint/CARC MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969

ChemResearchÊ_______ 602-253-4175 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 Diversified Metal ServicesÊ _ 801-972-6093 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 GMNÊ USAÊ ________ 800-686-1679 Prec. Mach’d ProductsÊ ____970-482-7676 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288 RonÊ GrobÊ Co.Ê _______970-667-5320 SteelÊ ServicesÊ GrindingÊ __ 800-662-0126 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ _____ 801487-9700 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ __ 303-791-7550 Grinding, Blanchard Diversified Metal ServicesÊ _ 801-972-6093 SteelÊ ServicesÊ GrindingÊ __ 800-662-0126 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ _____ 801487-9700 Grinding, Centerless RonÊ GrobÊ Co.Ê _______970-667-5320

5 0 3 6 9 76 8 0 6 0 50

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Image Tek Business Card 2011 (Neil Daley: President) 3.5” Wide by 2” High

Grinding: OD AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ _____602-437-8995 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288 RonÊ GrobÊ Co.Ê _______970-667-5320 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ _____ 801487-9700 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ __ 303-791-7550 Grinding: Surface ChemResearchÊ_______ 602-253-4175 SuperiorÊ GrindingÊ _____ 801487-9700 GALVANIZING JordanÊ RiverÊ GalvanizingÊ _801-282-9375 ELECTROPOLISHING CollinsÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-275-3117 ENGINEERING/DESIGN AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 NuclearÊ FilterÊ Tech_____303-384-9785 Graphite Services Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ _____602-437-8995

EMJDÊ Corporation_____303-761-5236 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 FalconÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ __ 801-298-5064 GroupÊ MfgÊ ServÊ ______480-966-3952 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 623-582-4776 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 KustomÊ KonceptsÊ _____ 307-472-0818 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ PrecisionÊ 303-280-2778 WMCÊ MachiningÊ _____ 801-978-1388 Fabrication: Non-Metal WescoÊ LaserÊ Mchg.Ê ____ 303-765-5916 Fabrication: Plastic ImageTekÊ _________ 303-806-8111 Fabrication: SheetMetal ArrowÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ ProdÊ 303-427-6419 AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969 CygnetÊ ___________ 818-240-7574 D&BÊ PrecisionÊ ProductsÊ __ 719-473-3699 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 Fabrication: Enclosures FalconÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ __ 801-298-5064 DenverÊ MachineÊ ShopÊ ___303-295-6000 KustomÊ KonceptsÊ _____ 307-472-0818 EMJDÊ Corporation_____303-761-5236 FalconÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ __ 801-298-5064 FABRICATION Fabrication: GroupÊ MfgÊ ServÊ ______480-966-3952 AeroÊ TechÊ _______ 801-292-0493 Medium & Large ArrowÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ ProdÊ 303-427-6419 ArrowÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ ProdÊ 303-427-6419 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 623-582-4776 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ Machine __435-752-0934 435-752-0934 CygnetÊ ___________ 818-240-7574 D&BÊ PrecisionÊ ProductsÊ __ 719-473-3699 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 DaytonÊ RogersÊ ______ 763-717-6303 EMJDÊ Corporation_____303-761-5236 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 623-582-4776 KustomÊ KonceptsÊ _____ 307-472-0818 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ Ê _435-755-0500 Custom Auto/Truck/Bike H&Ê SÊ MachineÊ ______ 801-755-7627 Fabrication: Filament Winding S.A.Ê CompositesÊ ______ 970-776-3877 Fabrication: Composites S.A.Ê CompositesÊ ______ 970-776-3877

KustomÊ KonceptsÊ _____ 307-472-0818 LaserÊ ConceptsÊ Inc.Ê ____ 801-280-7723 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288 RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ PrecisionÊ 303-280-2778 WMCÊ MachiningÊ _____ 801-978-1388 WricoÊ ___________ 480-892-7800 Fabrication: Steel EMJDÊ CorpÊ _______303-761-5236 FalconÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ __ 801-298-5064 Precision Electronic Sheet Metal D&BÊ PrecisionÊ ProductsÊ __ 719-473-3699 FINISHING ArizonaÊ FinishingÊ _____602-438-4443 CoatingÊ TechnologiesÊ ___623-581-2648 CollinsÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-275-3117 Galvanizing: Hot Dip JordanÊ RiverÊ GalvanizingÊ _801-282-9375 Galvanizing: Zinc JordanÊ RiverÊ GalvanizingÊ _801-282-9375 Passivation GoldÊ TechÊ IndustriesÊ ____ 480-968-1930 65 • May/June 2012 65 •July/Aug 2011


A Veteran-Owned Small Business

Shawn Carlin

Polishing GoldÊ TechÊ IndustriesÊ____ 480-968-1930 Selective Coatings ImageTekÊ __________303-806-8111 FORMING D&BÊ PrecisionÊ ProductsÊ __ 719-473-3699 WasatchÊ LaserÊ ProcessingÊ _801-972-3500 HEAT TREATING BlanchardÊ MetalsÊ Proc.Ê __801-972-5590 PhoenixÊ HeatÊ TreatingÊ __ 602-258-7751 PilkingtonÊ MetalÊ Finishing__801-972-2146 ReataÊ EngineeringÊ &Ê Mach.Ê 303-936-1350 TemperatureÊ ProcessingÊ __ 303-772-0250 Custom TemperatureÊ ProcessingÊ __ 303-772-0250 Cryogenics TemperatureÊ ProcessingÊ __ 303-772-0250 Aluminum TemperatureÊ ProcessingÊ __ 303-772-0250 Nitriding TemperatureÊ ProcessingÊ __ 303-772-0250 Vibrational Stress TestingTemperatureÊ ProcessingÊ __ 303-772-0250 INSPECTION Inspection, First Article KlontechÊ MeasureÊ SolÊ ___ 480-626-8131 Inspection Services KlontechÊ MeasureÊ SolÊ ___ 480-626-8131 MicropulseÊ WestÊ ______480-966-2300 SustainingÊ EdgeÊ SolutionsÊ_888-572-9642 A2Z METALWORKER •

66 •

May/June 2012

IRON STITCHING PrecisionÊ CastingÊ Repair__801-972-2345 LASER CUTTING Laser Cutting ArrowÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ ProdÊ 303-427-6419 EMJDÊ Corporation_____303-761-5236 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 623-582-4776 KustomÊ KonceptsÊ _____ 307-472-0818 LaserÊ ConceptsÊ Inc.Ê ____ 801-280-7723 RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 WasatchÊ LaserÊ ProcessingÊ _801-972-3500 WescoÊ LaserÊ Mchg.Ê ____ 303-765-5916 WricoÊ ___________480-892-7800 Laser Cutting: Non-Metal WescoÊ LaserÊ Mchg.Ê ____ 303-765-5916 Laser Cutting: Pipe&Tube WasatchÊ LaserÊ ProcessingÊ _801-972-3500 WescoÊ LaserÊ Mchg.Ê ____ 303-765-5916 EMI/RFI Shielding IndustrialexÊ ______ 303-456-6847 Laminating WescoÊ LaserÊ Mchg.___303-765-5916 Laser Engraving 4Ê AxisÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê ___ 303-295-1544 Laser Marking 4Ê AxisÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê ___ 303-295-1544 LINE BORING WMCÊ MachiningÊ _____ 801-978-1388

LINE TOOLING RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ Machine _ 208-442-1999 MACHINING AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê Inc. _303-485-5256 AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê Eng. _ 801-973-0494 ApexÊ EngineeringÊ Engineering ____ 435-713-0072 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê Inc. _____ 801-253-1929 CMÊ ManufacturingÊ ___ 406-543-4450 D&BÊ PrecisionÊ ProductsÊ __ 719-473-3699 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 H&RÊ PrecisionÊ _______ 801-975-7400 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ _435-755-0500 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 R&HÊ MachineÊ Ê _______801-621-7922 RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MFgÊ ___ 801-977-0447 RadtechÊ _________ 303-789-4247 RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ 208-442-1999 SkydandeeÊ MfgÊ _____ 801-774-8031 St.Ê VrainÊ _________ 303-702-1529 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ ___303-791-7550 WMCÊ MachiningÊ _____ 801-978-1388 Machining: 3D AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 MicropulseÊ WestÊ ______480-966-2300 Machining: 5 Axis 4Ê AxisÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê ___303-295-1544 5thÊ AxisÊ Fixtures______ 858-505-0432 AccutechÊ MachineÊ _____ 801-975-1117 AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969 Cling’s ManufacturingÊ ___ 480-968-1778 FaustsonÊ __________303-420-7422 NuclearÊ FilterÊ TechÊ ___ 303-384-9785 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 S.A.Ê CompositesÊ _______ 970-776-3877 St.Ê VrainÊ _________ 303-702-1529 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ 303-791-7550

Machining: Aerospace AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969 H&RÊ PrecisionÊ _______ 801-975-7400 CMÊ ManufacturingÊ ___ 406-543-4450 MatrixÊ MachineÊ ____ 480-966-4451 LewisÊ AerospaceÊ ____ 877-254-2024 MatrixÊ MachineÊ ____ 480-966-4451 MicropulseÊ WestÊ ______480-966-2300 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____ 602-437-8995 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ _435-755-0500 NuclearÊ FilterÊ TechÊ ___ 303-384-9785 ParamountÊ MachineÊ ___801-282-2755 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 PinnacleÊ PrecisionÊ ___435-563-2722 PonderosaÊ IndÊ _______ 303-298-1801 Precision Mach’d ProductsÊ 970-482-7676 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288 Prescott’s MfgÊ _______ 719-482-5826 QuickÊ TurnÊ PrecisionÊ____801-334-6800 RadtechÊ _________ 303-789-4247 ReataÊ EngineeringÊ &Ê Mach.Ê 303-936-1350 RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MFgÊ ___ 801-977-0447 SkydandeeÊ MfgÊ _____ 801-774-8031 St.Ê VrainÊ _________ 303-702-1529 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ 303-791-7550 WhiteÊ RockÊ Inc.Ê _____ 435-750-6414 Machining: CNC 4Ê AxisÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê ___303-295-1544 AbleÊ MachiningÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-268-6766 ApexÊ EngineeringÊ ____ 435-713-0072

AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 AccutechÊ MachineÊ _____ 801-975-1117 AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-973-0494 ApexÊ EngineeringÊ ____ 435-713-0072 Bar-SÊ MachineÊ______ 928-636-2115 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê _____ 801-253-1929 Cling’s ManufacturingÊ _ 480-968-1778 CMÊ ManufacturingÊ ___ 406-543-4450 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ __ 303-762-0550 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 DMSI___________801-972-6093 FaustsonÊ_________ 303-420-7422 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 ForemasterÊ ToolÊ____ 801-737--0265 H&RÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 801-975-7400 H&Ê SÊ MachineÊ ______ 801-755-7627 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ __ 801-334-6317 L.A.R.Ê ManufacturingÊ __ 801-280-3505 LeadingÊ EdgeÊ MachineÊ _ 435-563-9425 Ê MaverickÊ MoldÊ &Ê MachineÊ 970-535-4604 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____ 602-437-8995 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 OperoseÊ ManufacturingÊ __ 303-833-5967 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 PinnacleÊ PrecisionÊ ___435-563-2722 Premac Precision Mach’gÊ 719-784-9434 R&HÊ MachineÊ Ê _______801-621-7922 RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MfgÊ ___ 801-977-0447 ReataÊ Eng.&Ê MachÊ ___ 303-936-1350 RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ 208-442-1999 St.Ê VrainÊ _________ 303-702-1529 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ 303-791-7550 ToolÊ DesignÊ ______ 801-231-4404 WMCÊ MachiningÊ_____ 801-978-1388 Machining: Contract AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-973-0494 ParamountÊ MachineÊ ___801-282-2755 RadtechÊ _________ 303-789-4247 SkydandeeÊ MfgÊ _____ 801-774-8031

St. Vrain Manufacturing, Inc.

3762 Imperial St. Unit A Frederick, CO 80516

ÿ Precision Machining Solutions for Industryÿ

Robert Bergstrom President

819 So. Lincoln Street P. O. Box 1066 Longmont, CO 80502 Website:

Phone: (303) 702-1529 x 103 Fax: (303) 702-1534 Email: RFQ Email:

Machining: DoD CMÊ ManufacturingÊ ___ 406-543-4450 Machining: Laser AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 FaustsonÊ_________ 303-420-7422 ForemasterÊ ToolÊ _____ 801-737--0265 GeromeÊ MfgÊ_______520-622-8402 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ __ 801-334-6317 L.A.R.Ê ManufacturingÊ __ 801-280-3505 LewisÊ AerospaceÊ ____ 877-254-2024 MatrixÊ MachineÊ _____ 480-966-4451 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 ParamountÊ MachineÊ __ 801-282-2755 ReataÊ EngineeringÊ &Ê MachÊ 303-936-1350 RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MfgÊ ___ 801-977-0447 WhiteÊ RockÊ Inc.Ê _____ 435-750-6414 Machining:Medical AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 PinnacleÊ PrecisionÊ ___435-563-2722 Prescott’s MfgÊ _______ 719-482-5826 Machining: Milling AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-973-0494 Cling’s ManufacturingÊ ___ 480-968-1778 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 MountainÊ ViewÊ Machine__435-755-0500 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 PonderosaÊ IndÊ _______ 303-298-1801 Prec. Mach’d Products__970-482-7676 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288

RonÊ GrobÊ Co.Ê Co. _______970-667-5320 970-667-5320 ToolÊ DesignÊ ______ 801-231-4404

RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MfgÊ Mfg ___ 801-977-0447 ReataÊ EngineeringÊ &Ê MachÊ 303-936-1350 RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ _ 208-442-1999 Machining: Mobile Field ToolÊ DesignÊ ______ 801-231-4404 Service WhiteÊ RockÊ Inc.Ê _____ 435-750-6414 WMCÊ MachiningÊ _____ 801-978-1388 Machining: Prototype Machining: Mold Base 4Ê AxisÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê ___303-295-1544 MaverickÊ MoldÊ &Ê MachineÊ __970-535-4604 AbleÊ MachiningÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-268-6766 AccutechÊ MachineÊ _____801-975-11174 Machining: Mold Making R&HÊ MachineÊ Ê _______801-621-7922 AdvancedÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê _303-485-5256 AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-973-0494 Machining: Plastic ImageTekÊ _________ 303-806-8111 ApexÊ EngineeringÊ ____ 435-713-0072 Bar-SÊ MachineÊ______ 928-636-2115 Machining: Production BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê _____ 801-253-1929 AbleÊ MachiningÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-268-6766 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _435-752-0934 ApexÊ EngineeringÊ ____ 435-713-0072 Cling’s ManufacturingÊ _ 480-968-1778 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê _____ 801-253-1929 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 CMÊ ManufacturingÊ ___ 406-543-4450 FaustsonÊ __________303-420-7422 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 FaustsonÊ_________ 303-420-7422 ForemasterÊ ToolÊ _____ 801-737--0265 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 H&RÊ PrecisionÊ _______ 801-975-7400 H&RÊ PrecisionÊ _______ 801-975-7400 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ __ 801-334-6317 InnovativeÊ PrecisionÊ __ 801-334-6317 L.A.R.Ê ManufacturingÊ __ 801-280-3505 L.A.R.Ê ManufacturingÊ __ 801-280-3505 LeadingÊ EdgeÊ MachineÊ _ 435-563-9425 NewportÊ ToolÊ _______801-295-7411 LewisÊ AerospaceÊ_____ 877-254-2024 ParamountÊ MachineÊ __ 801-282-2755 MicropulseÊ WestÊ _____ 480-966-2300 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ 435-755-0500 PonderosaÊ IndÊ _______ 303-298-1801 Premac Precision Mach’gÊ 719-784-9434 NewportÊ ToolÊ _______801-295-7411 Prescott’s MfgÊ ______ 719-482-5826 NuclearÊ FilterÊ TechÊ ___ 303-384-9785 R&HÊ MachineÊ Ê _______801-621-7922 Premac Precision Mach’gÊ 719-784-9434 RadtechÊ _________ 303-789-4247 QuickÊ TurnÊ PrecisionÊ __ 801-334-6800 A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

R&HÊ MachineÊ Ê _______801-621-7922 NewportÊ ToolÊ _______801-295-7411 RadtechÊ _________ 303-789-4247 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MfgÊ ___ 801-977-0447 PinnacleÊ PrecisionÊ ___435-563-2722 RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ _ 208-442-1999 PonderosaÊ IndÊ _______ 303-298-1801 SkydandeeÊ MfgÊ _____ 801-774-8031 PrecisionÊ MachinedÊ Prod.Ê _ 970-482-7676 S.A.Ê CompositesÊ _______970-776-3877 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288 St.Ê VrainÊ _________ 303-702-1529 RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ _ 208-442-1999 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ 303-791-7550 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ __303-791-7550 ToolÊ DesignÊ ______ 801-231-4404 ToolÊ DesignÊ ______ 801-231-4404 Machining: Precision 4Ê AxisÊ MachiningÊ Inc.Ê __ 303-295-1544 AbleÊ MachiningÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-268-6766 AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-973-0494 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê _____ 801-253-1929 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _435-752-0934 CMÊ ManufacturingÊ ___ 406-543-4450 FocusedÊ onÊ MachiningÊ __ 303-922-3076 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 H&RÊ PrecisionÊ _______ 801-975-7400 A2Z METALWORKER •

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May/June 2012

Machining: R & D AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-973-0494 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____ 602-437-8995 PetersonÊ MachiningÊ ____303-449-5755 Premac Precision Mach’gÊ 719-784-9434 Prescott’s MfgÊ ______ 719-482-5826 ReataÊ EngineeringÊ &Ê Mach.Ê 303-936-1350 SuperiorÊ MetalÊ ProductsÊ __ 303-791-7550 WasatchÊ LaserÊ ProcessingÊ _801-972-3500 WhiteÊ RockÊ Inc.Ê _____ 435-750-6414

Robotic CNC WMCÊ MachiningÊ _____ 801-978-1388 DMSIÊ___________ 801-972-6093 Machining: Swiss Routering CNC Bar-SÊ MachineÊ______ 928-636-2115 DMSIÊ___________ 801-972-6093 PinnacleÊ PrecisionÊ ___435-563-2722 Small Part RonÊ GrobÊ Co.Ê _______970-667-5320 PinnacleÊ PrecisionÊ ___435-563-2722 WhiteÊ RockÊ ________ 435-750-6414 Turnkey Product Services AeroÊ TechÊ ________ 801-292-0493 Machining: Turning L.A.R.Ê ManufacturingÊ __ 801-280-3505 AmericanÊ MachineÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-973-0494 AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ __480-892-9595 ApexÊ EngineeringÊ ____ 435-713-0072 METAL INJECTION AzMarkÊ __________480-926-8969 MOLDING (MIM) Bar-SÊ MachineÊ______ 928-636-2115 AFTÊ ____________ 303-833-6112 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.Ê _____ 801-253-1929 METAL STAMPING FaustsonÊ_________ 303-420-7422 Hi-Production Precision H&RÊ PrecisionÊ _______ 801-975-7400 Stamping LeadingÊ EdgeÊ MachineÊ __ 435-563-9425 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ __ 435-755-0500 PrecisionÊ DieÊ &Ê StampingÊ _480-967-2038 METALIZING OperoseÊ ManufacturingÊ __ 303-833-5967 Prec Mach’d ProductsÊ ___ 970-482-7676 AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ __480-892-9595 Premac Precision Mach’gÊ 719-784-9434 MOLDING: RUBBER QuickÊ TurnÊ PrecisionÊ __801-334-6800 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____ 602-437-8995 RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MfgÊ Mfg ___ 801-977-0447 MOLDING: ARC ToolÊ DesignÊ Design ______ 801-231-4404 WatkinsÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ _303-295-9603 WescoÊ LaserÊ MchgÊ Mchg _____ 303-765-5916 MOLDS Machining: Ultra-Precision ColoradoÊ ToolÊ DesignÊ IncÊ 720-218-5246 PinnacleÊ PrecisionÊ Precision ___435-563-2722 LifetimeÊ ProductsÊ ____ 801-728-1260 WhiteÊ RockÊ Inc.Ê Inc. _____ 435-750-6414 MaverickÊ MoldÊ &Ê MachineÊ 970-535-4604 Prescott’s ManufacturingÊ 719-482-5826 Machining: Waterjet Molds: Blow ColoradoÊ WaterjetÊ ___970-532-5404 LifetimeÊ ProductsÊ ____ 801-728-1260 QuickÊ TurnÊ PrecisionÊ __801-334-6800 MANUFACTURING Molds: Plastic Injection GroupÊ MfgÊ ServÊ _____480-966-3952 LifetimeÊ ProductsÊ _____801-728-1260 Prescott’s ManufacturingÊ 719-482-5826 MaverickÊ MoldÊ &Ê MachineÊ 970-535-4604 RDÊ MachineÊ &Ê MfgÊ ___ 801-977-0447 Micro-Tronics,Ê IncÊ ____ 602-437-8995 Composites WatkinsÊ ToolÊ &Ê SupplyÊ _ 303-295-9603 S.A.Ê CompositesÊ ______ 970-776-3877 Molds: DieCast Design Contract ColoradoÊ ToolÊ DesignÊ IncÊ _ 720-218-5246 ApexÊ EngineeringÊ ____ 435-713-0072 Manufacturing: Electrode Wire-TechÊ ________ 480-966-1591 Production AeroÊ TechÊ ________ 801-292-0493 BKÊ MachineÊ Inc.______801-253-1929 CentralÊ ValleyÊ MachineÊ _435-752-0934 EMJDÊ Corporation_____303-761-5236 L.A.R.Ê ManufacturingÊ __ 801-280-3505 LaserÊ ConceptsÊ Inc.Ê ___ 801-280-7723 Prescott’s ManufacturingÊ 719-482-5826

Molds: Injection Design ColoradoÊ ToolÊ DesignÊ IncÊ _ 720-218-5246

Molds: Trim Die Design ColoradoÊ ToolÊ DesignÊ IncÊ _ 720-218-5246 Molds Steel DMSIÊ___________ 801-972-6093 AeroÊ TechÊ ________ 801-292-0493 ArizonaÊ FinishingÊ ____602-438-4443 ChemResearchÊ _____ 602-253-4175


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Specializing in laser welding, precision welding and microwelding of dies, molds and other tooling.

JetÊ ProcessingÊ Processing ___ 623-869-6749x117 Mil Spec Painting IndustrialexÊ ______ 303-456-6847 PAINTING RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 PARTS: MISC. LifetimeÊ ProductsÊ _____801-728-1260 PLATING CollinsÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-275-3117 GoldÊ TechÊ IndustriesÊ __ 480-968-1930 METCOÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ _ 602-276-4120 BlanchardÊ MetalsÊ Proc.Ê _ 801-972-5590 ChemResearchÊ _____ 602-253-4175 LAÊ SpecialtiesÊ ______ 602-269-7612 Anodizing BlanchardÊ MetalsÊ Proc.Ê __801-972-5590 ChemResearchÊ_______ 602-253-4175 CollinsÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 602-275-3117 JetÊ ProcessingÊ ____ 623-869-6749x117 PilkingtonÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ 801-972-2146 Gold/Silver Plate GoldÊ TechÊ IndustriesÊ __ 480-968-1930 Nickel/Chrome GoldÊ TechÊ IndustriesÊ __ 480-968-1930 Tin Plate GoldÊ TechÊ IndustriesÊ __ 480-968-1930 POLISHING GoldÊ TechÊ IndustriesÊ __ 480-968-1930 LAÊ SpecialtiesÊ ______ 602-269-7612 PRECISION FORMING RichardsÊ Fab________801-409-0392 WricoÊ ___________480-892-7800 PRINTING Custom Screen ImageTekÊ _________303-806-8111 PROCESSING: METAL Chemical LAÊ SpecialtiesÊ _______ 602-269-7612 PUNCHING GroupÊ ManufacturingÊ ServÊ 480-966-3952 REPAIR Bearing Surface DenverÊ MachineÊ ShopÊ ___303-295-6000 Hydraulic Cylinder DenverÊ MachineÊ ShopÊ ___303-295-6000

ROLL FORMING Products _____801-728-1260 LifetimeÊ ProductsÊ Rolling: thread Co. _______970-667-5320 RonÊ GrobÊ Co.Ê ROUTERING, CNC West ______480-966-2300 MicropulseÊ WestÊ SAW CUTTING Diversified Metal ServicesÊ _ 801-972-6093 SHOT PEENING BlanchardÊ MetalsÊ Proc.Ê __801-972-5590 SPINNING: METAL MetalÊ SpinningÊ SolutionsÊ _ 480-899-0939 SPLINES SpecialtyÊ SteelÊ ServicesÊ _ 801-539-8252 SPRAY:METAL,PLASMA AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ ___480-892-9595 SPRINGS Flat & Wire SPRINGÊ WORKSÊ UtahÊ ___ 801-298-0113 STAMPING CygnetÊ ___________ 818-240-7574 DaytonÊ RogersÊ ______ 763-717-6303 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 FrontierÊ MetalÊ StampingÊ _ 303-458-5129 LifetimeÊ ProductsÊ _____801-728-1260 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ __ 661-257-7656 PrecisionÊ DieÊ &Ê StampingÊ _480-967-2038 RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.Ê 303280-2778 Stamping:Aerospace FrontierÊ MetalÊ StampingÊ _ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ __ 661-257-7656 PrecisionÊ DieÊ &Ê StampingÊ _480-967-2038 Stamping:Assembly FrontierÊ MetalÊ StampingÊ _ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Bending Pacific Metal StampingsÊ __ 661-257-7656 Stamping:Design FrontierÊ MetalÊ StampingÊ _ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ __ 661-257-7656 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.Ê 303280-2778 Stamping:Flat Forming SPRINGÊ WORKSÊ UtahÊ ___ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Light CygnetÊ ___________ 818-240-7574 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ __ 661-257-7656 SPRINGÊ WORKSÊ UtahÊ ___ 801-298-0113 Stamping:Precision CygnetÊ ___________ 818-240-7574

ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 FrontierÊ MetalÊ StampingÊ _ 303-458-5129 Pacific Metal StampingsÊ __ 661-257-7656 PrecisionÊ DieÊ &Ê StampingÊ _480-967-2038 Stamping:Prototype FrontierÊ MetalÊ StampingÊ _ 303-458-5129 Stamping:Short Run CygnetÊ ___________ 818-240-7574 SWISS SCREW MCHG. HowardÊ PMPÊ Ê _______ 801-808-4106 LewisÊ AerospaceÊ ____ 877-254-2024 Screwing: Lead RonÊ GrobÊ Co.Ê _______970-667-5320 TAPPING LaserÊ ConceptsÊ Inc.Ê ____ 801-280-7723 TEST FIXTURES RiegertÊ PrecisionÊ MachineÊ _ 208-442-1999 TESTING Testing: Non-Destructive BlanchardÊ MetalsÊ Proc.Ê __801-972-5590 JetÊ ProcessingÊ ____ 623-869-6749x117 PilkingtonÊ MetalÊ FinishingÊ __ 801-972-2146 THERMAL SPRAY AccuwrightÊ IndustriesÊ ___480-892-9595 TOOL & DIE ForemasterÊ ToolÊ _____ 801-737--0265 NewportÊ ToolÊ _______801-295-7411 WricoÊ ___________480-892-7800 TOOLING FrontierÊ MetalÊ StampingÊ _ 303-458-5129 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ _435-755-0500 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288 TUBE FORMING Cling’s ManufacturingÊ ___ 480-968-1778 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 623-582-4776 Formed Tubing Cling’s ManufacturingÊ ___ 480-968-1778 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 623-582-4776

QuickÊ TurnÊ PrecisionÊ____801-334-6800 WELDING AbleÊ MachiningÊ &Ê Eng.Ê _ 801-268-6766 ArrowÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ ProdÊ __ 303-427-6419 D&BÊ PrecisionÊ ProductsÊ __ 719-473-3699 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 DaytonÊ RogersÊ ______ 763-717-6303 DenverÊ MachineÊ ShopÊ ___303-295-6000 H&Ê SÊ MachineÊ ______ 801-755-7627 JQÊ EnterprisesÊ _______ 801-975-0777 KustomÊ KonceptsÊ _____ 307-472-0818 LaserÊ ConceptsÊ Inc.Ê ____ 801-280-7723 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ _435-755-0500 PrecisionÊ CastingÊ RepairÊ _801-972-2345 PrecisionÊ TechÊ _______801-285-7288 QuickÊ TurnÊ PrecisionÊ____801-334-6800 RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 WasatchÊ LaserÊ ProcessingÊ _801-972-3500 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.Ê 303280-2778 Weldtech,Ê IncÊ _____303-828-WELD Welding: Aluminum Medium & Large MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 SkylineÊ ProductsÊ _______719-392-9046 RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 Welding: Dies/Molds Weldtech,Ê IncÊ _____303-828-WELD Welding: Laser NuclearÊ FilterÊ TechÊ ___ 303-384-9785 Welding: Micro Weldtech,Ê IncÊ _____303-828-WELD Welding: Orbital RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 Welding: Precision ArrowÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ ProdÊ __ 303-427-6419 D&BÊ PrecisionÊ ProductsÊ __ 719-473-3699 DavisÊ ManufacturingÊ ___303-762-0550 ExcaliburÊ ManufacturingÊ _719-520-5404 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 RichardsÊ FabÊ _____ 801-409-0392 Weiser/MileÊ HighÊ Prec.Ê 303280-2778 Weldtech,Ê IncÊ _____303-828-WELD Welding: TIG ArrowÊ SheetÊ MetalÊ ProdÊ __ 303-427-6419 MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ__ 435-755-0500Ê

Tube Bending /Fabrication Cling’s ManufacturingÊ ___ 480-968-1778 HowellÊ PrecisionÊ ______ 623-582-4776 WATERJET CUTTING ColoradoÊ WaterjetÊ __ 970-532-5404 Diversified Metal ServicesÊ _ 801-972-6093 JQÊ EnterprisesÊ _______ 801-975-0777 LeadingÊ EdgeÊ MachineÊ __435-563-9425 MarzeeÊ Inc.Ê ______ 602-269-5801 MicroMetalsÊ ________ 719-593-8367 WIRE FORMING MountainÊ ViewÊ MachineÊ _435-755-0500 SPRINGÊ WORKSÊ UtahÊ ___ 801-298-0113

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May/June 2012

L.A.R. Manufacturing...63 Laser Concepts...66 Leading Edge Machine...66 Lewis Aerospace...63 Lifetime Products, Inc...64 Marshall Tool...33,59 Marzee...47,65 Matrix Machine Inc...64,65 Maverick Mold & Machine...63 May Foundry & Machine...63 MEP...59 Metal Processing Intl...68 Metal Spinning...64 Metal Supermarkets...35,59 Metco Metal Finishing...68 Methods ...57 Micro-Tronics Inc..12,63 Micro 100...28,58 MicroMetals..64 Micropulse West ...63 Midaco..48,60 Monckton Mach...2,36,37,57 Mountain View...63 Muratec...59 Newport Tool...67 NFT..68 Ogden-WeberTech College...59 OGP...58 Omax...57 Operose Manufacturing...67 Orion Registrar...59 Pacific Metal Stampings...69 Paramount Machine...64 Peterson Machining...67 Phoenix Heat Treating...66 Pilkington Metal Finishing...65 Pinnacle Precision..67 Ponderosa Industries...66 Precision Casting Repair...63 Precision Die & Stamping...69 PrecisionFab Inc...60 Precision Mach’d Products...68 Precision Tech...67 Premac Machining...68 Premier Precision...66 Prescott’s Mfg...20,63 Prime Axis Machine...16 ProSalez...62 Qualichem...58 Quick Turn Precision...68 R&H Machine...66

RD Machine...40-41,68 Radtech..67 Reata Eng. & Machine...65 ResourceMfg...49,64 Richards Fab...64 Riegert Precision Machine...63 RMTMA...52 Rocky Mountain Saw Blades...60 Roentgen USA...60 Ron Grob CO....65 Ryerson...17,59,60 SA Composites...63 S&S Machinery...58 Samuel Son & CO..7,55,60 Sandvik...57,44 Seco Tools Inc...58 Self Clinch Direct...26,59 Setco Spindles & Slides...58 Shop Floor Automations...59 Shop Tools, Inc..22,58 Skydandee Mfg...63 Smith Machinery Co..40-41,57,71 Specialty Steel Serv....24,64 SPRING WORKS Utah...68 St. Vrain Manufacturing...67 Star Metal Fluids...3,57,58,59 State Brass Foundry & Machine...64 Superior Grinding..34,65 Superior Metal Products...68 Sustaining Edge Solutions...58 TCI Precision Metals...29 Team Industrial Services..57,59 Temp Processing...24,64 Todd Machinery...38,57 Tool Design...64 Total Quality Systems...58 Tornos...27,57,60 Triad Machinery...58 Trusty Cook...25,61 Universal Laser Systems...45 Utah Metal Works, Inc...54,60 Wasatch Laser Forming...67 Watkins Tool & Supply...62 Weiser/Mile High Precision...69 Weldtech, Inc...69 Wesco Laser Machining...65 Western States Calibration...61 Western States Metals...59 White Rock Inc...66 WMC Machining...67 Wrico Stamping...65 ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

Echols Saw and Supply...57 4 Axis Machining, Inc...65 Edge Technologies...60 5th Axis Fixtures...47,60 Able Machine & Engineering...68 EDM Network...32,59 EDM Performance Accessories...59 Accutech Machine Inc...65 EMJD Corp....65 Accuwright Ind....67 Erickson Metals...57 Action Machine....57 Advanced Machining Inc...66 Excalibur Manufacturing..64 Fabricating Equipment Sales..28,59 Aero Tech Mfg...64 Fadal CNC...10,58 AFT...1,30-31,68 Falcon Sheet Metal...67 AgieCharmilles...13 Faustson...42,64 AIT...43,59 AllWorld Machinery Supply...8,58 Firetrace...61 Flow Intl...39,57 AME, Inc...58 Focused On Machining...68 Apex CAD Products...60 Foothills Machinery..11,57 APEX Engineering...66 Foremaster Tool...67 Arizona Finishing...66 Foresight Finishing...62 AZ Tool Steel...63 Frontier Metal Stamping...68 Arrow Sheet Metal...65 Fuchs Machinery...57,59 AZMark Aerospace...63 Gage Lab Products...59 Bar-S Machine, Inc...64 Ganesh Machinery...19 Bemsco...64 Gladhill Assoc...44,57 BK Machine Inc...69 Global EDM Supply...58 Blanchard Metals Proc...64 GMN USA...58 Blaser Swisslube...58 Gold Tech Industries...63 BMSC...48,63 Group Manufacturing...64 Bytebox...58 Canyon State Oil ...50-51,57,58,72 H&R Precision...64 HAAS Automation...2,57 Castrol ...59,60,72 Hartwig...9,57 Central Valley Machine...66 Haynes Intl...60 ChemResearch...65 Helical...59 Chevalier...21 Horizon Carbide...59 Christensen Oil...72 Howell Precision...42,65 Cling’s Manufacturing...66 HPMP....46,68 CM Manufacturing...67 Image Tek...65 Coastal Metals...18,60 Industrialex...63 Coating Technologies...53,65 Industrial Heat Treat Co...65 Collins Metal Finishing...65 Colorado Tool Design, Inc...66 Innovative Precision...63 Intech Funding Corp...23 Colorado Waterjet...66 IRH...60 Cygnet Stamping...65 Iron & Metals, Inc...14,60 D&B Precision Products...64 Datum Inspection Services...60 J.M. Grisley...15,57 Davis Applied Tech College...59 Jet Processing...67 Jordan River Galvanizing...67 Davis Manufacturing...67 Jorgensen Machine Tools ...57,60 Dayton Rogers...63 JQ Enterprises...68 DCM Tech...38,57 K.D. Capital Equipment...59 Delltronics...64 King Machine...19,57,60 Denver Machine Shop...64 Klontech Industrial..58,59 Desert EDM Sales...60 Kustom Koncepts...64 DMSI...63 L.A. Specialties...64 Ebbco Inc...58

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 9001: 2008 Certified


A2ZÊ Metalworker P.Ê O.Ê BoxÊ 93295 Phoenix,Ê AZÊ 85070

maximize productivity and reduce costs with the power of castroL high performance products It’s what’s on the InsIde that counts … Inside every Castrol drum is cutting edge technology that is proven to impact process efficiency and operating costs. Offering a wide range of products to meet your application needs, we provide the maximum performance benefits you seek, accompanied by world-class service and technical expertise. Castrol’s line is broad enough to cross all applications, yet refined enough to fulfill the intricate needs of the specialty markets we serve.

the RIght lIne of PRoducts

the technoLogy inside

• Cutting & Grinding • High Performance Lubricants • Greases • Deformation • Cleaners • Corrosion Preventatives • Chain Oils

discover why only castrol Industrial has the technology InsIde. Castrol Industrial North America Inc. l 150 West Warrenville Rd. 603-1E l Naperville, IL 60563 l l

Christensen Oil Provo, UT 1 800 654 0438 2 A Z METALWORKER • 72 • May/June 2012 Serving Utah & Idaho

Maxum Petroleum 1 800 894 7773 Serving Colorado

A2Z Metalworker May-June Edition Rocky Mountains 2012  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! A2Z’s focus is getting the peop...

A2Z Metalworker May-June Edition Rocky Mountains 2012  

The A2Z Metalworker Regional Manufacturing Magazines are a business development tool for U.S. Manufacturing! A2Z’s focus is getting the peop...