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Vol. 27, No.3, May / June 2021

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Adams Machinery Owner Richard Short Thanks Its Customers For 30 Years Serving The Industry...

And Now With Day to Day Management By Eugene Hendrix


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YOUR MACHINE TOOL BANK Why Shops Choose Banterra Bank Loan products designed specifically for machine shops World-class deposit products including Treasury Management Industry-leading service with local decisions Bank commitment to Made In USA and Made In Arizona values


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Introducing 3D Import

The Hurco Control has the flexibility you need for the high mix of parts that comes through your shop. Equally powerful for NC and Conversational Programming (with the added bonus of NC/Conversational Merge), the Hurco Control reduces setup time so you can make more chips.

Go from “solid to part” seamlessly. Eliminate extra steps.

Whether you’re a baby boomer, a millennial, or a Gen X-er, time is money. Even though Bob (left) and Charley (right) are from different generations, they are both machinists who appreciate thetool importance of CNC technology that’s designed to make shops more » Integrated CAD/CAM and path simulation Hurco’s 3D Import feature includes 3D productive and more profitable. Check outand their » No need to enter feature dimensions – simply click cut video series. DXF technology that now displays all CAD » Transform Planes created automatically for easy 5-sided geometry, including splines and Z-depths. conversational programming no data entry required

Watch the series at Hurco.com/mygeneration Find out more at HURCO.com/3DImport Double Column

Boring Mills


3-Axis Vertical


Double Column Bridge

Turning Centers

Contact your local distributor to find out which one of our 65+ models powered by WinMax® will make your shop more profitable D&R Machinery (480)-775-6462 dandrmachinery.com

(303) 466-3777 FoothillsMachinery.com Hurco Companies, Inc. | One Technology Way | Indianapolis, IN 46268 | 800.634.2416 | info@hurco.com | HURCO.com | Information may change without notice.

Hurco Companies, Inc. | One Technology Way | Indianapolis, IN 46268 | 800.634.2416 | info@hurco.com | HURCO.com | Machines shown with options. Information may change without notice.

Editors Corner


Optimism is defined as an attitude reflecting a belief or hope that the outcome of some specific endeavor, or outcomes in general, will be positive, favorable, and desirable.

While this past year tested the optimism in even the most fervent ‘glass is half full’ kind of person, it likely was a key differentiator between the success or failure for many businesses and for many individuals. Studies indicate that optimism and pessimism are strongly influenced by environmental factors. One 30-year study found a positive correlation between higher levels of optimism and exceptional longevity, defined as a lifespan exceeding 85 years. Martin Seligman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, did a series of experiments on dogs, which demonstrated what he called learned helplessness. He put dogs in a situation where they got an uncomfortable electric shock they could do nothing about and found that the dogs became so conditioned that even when they were put into a new situation where there was a clear and unambiguous opportunity to escape, they still didn’t do anything. They sat there passive. The dogs had learned to be helpless. Seligman replicated these findings with all kinds of animals. But when it came to people, though his findings were largely similar, there was a real difference. One-third of people Seligman could not make helpless in laboratory, so he began to wonder, what was it about some people that makes them so resilient? To understand why some people could not be made helpless, Seligman started to look at the reasons people gave when they asked themselves the question, why is this bad thing happening? See; when people try to understand why they’re experiencing something painful, they often make a series of unconscious assumptions. Is this permanent or temporary? If you fail an examination, for example, and you think the cause is, I’m stupid, well, stupidity is permanent. It’s not very changeable - whereas if you thought I didn’t study enough, that’s changeable. The second has to do with control, whether you think you have the ability to control the outcome or not. And the third, whether you think of the painful thing in front of you as pervasive - that is something that always seems to happen to you - or if it’s just this once. Pessimists generally believe that bad events are permanent, pervasive and uncontrollable. Seligman wanted to learn whether optimism could be learned and said, “If we think of optimism as a trait, part of the temperament we were born into, it can feel inaccessible to those of us who don’t automatically default to a sunny view of life. But if you break optimism down into its smaller component parts, it feels like there might be more room in there for us all if we need it.” Optimism is an attitude that essentially all people would prefer to have, if given the choice. In the end, if you can help yourself, your team and your family members to increase their level of optimism, it will unquestionably result in a happier, healthier and more productive set of individuals. Go ahead, make sure the glass is half full, especially now as we power into a stronger, healthier economy. In closing, God bless our troops, and may optimism help lead you into a successful 2021! A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

4 • May / June 2021

Linda Daly,Publisher

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high-volume production and unattended operation, the all-new EC-400 is faster, more compact, more rigid, and more capable than ever before. It features a larger work envelope, faster rapids, full 4th-axis pallet indexing, and much better chip management. For extended production and true “lights out” capability, a 6-station pallet pool and high-capacity tool changer are available.

Haas Factory Outlet

A Division of Ellison Machinery Co. LLC

1610 S. Priest Dr., Ste. 101, Tempe, AZ 85281 HaasCNC.com | 480.968.5877 Sales & Service A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 5 • May /June 2021


Cassavant Assembly and Processing (CAP) is a Nadcap Accredited Provider Of NonDestructive Testing, Chemical Processing, And Special Processes To The Aerospace, Military, And Commercial Manufacturing Industries. • State-of-the-art MRP Scheduling System • No Surprises! We Meet Our Commitments NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING •‌ Penetrant Inspection - Post Emulsified and Water Washable ‌• Magnetic Particle Inspection ‌• On Site NDT Level III COATING APPLICATIONS •‌ Painting – Application of Aerospace Primers and Topcoats ‌• Dry Film Lubrication – Application of Solid Film Lubricants per Mil-PRF-46010, AS1701, AS5272

CHEMICAL & CLEANING PROCESSES ‌• Pre-penetrant Etching • Nital Etch ‌• Chemical Conversion Coating ‌• Anodize Types I, II, and III ‌• Passivation ‌• Abrasive Blasting • Ultrasonic Clean

VERIFICATION TESTING •‌ High Humidity ‌• Salt Spray ‌• Copper Sulfate •‌ Wet and Dry Adhesion Tape •‌ Coating Thickness ‌• Visual Inspection • AF Clean 5333/Pressure Test • Flow and Target Test

3725 E ATLANTA AVE, #1, PHOENIX, AZ 85040 PH: 602-441-2881 • https://capphx.com

Announcements & Releases

Haas Factory Outlet-Phoenix Invites Machinists to CNC Training Mill and lathe classes are scheduled every other month. Each course consists of 3 days of hands on instruction led by a Haas Certified Instructor. Students will learn the basics of the Haas control, operation of machines, and Haas programming using G & M codes. Classes are held Monday through Wednesday from 3:30 to 7 pm. Please join us for an upcoming session of the Haas CNC training. We recommend registering as early as possible as class sizes are limited. Mill Training Class — 5/17 - 5/18 Lathe Training Class — 6/21 - 6/23 Training is held at Haas Factory Outlet- Phoenix, a Division of Ellison Machinery, located at 1610 S Priest Drive, Tempe, AZ. To register or for additional information, call 480-968-5877 or visit ellisonaz.com

Grant Helps Prepare Students for Machining Industry GateWay Community College announced today that seven Precision Machining students will receive and benefit from tuition scholarship grants from the Gene Haas Foundation. These grants were made to the Precision Machining program at GateWay Community College-Central City Campus. The scholarship grants provide $500 per student to help them with their A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 6 • May /June 2021

education expenses. The Gene Haas Foundation has been supporting local communities, charities and students for more than 20 years. “This grant helps ease the financial burden of qualified students who are interested in machine operation and maintenance coursework,” said James Smith, lead program instructor for the GateWay program. All students were eligible to apply for the scholarship grant as long as they were currently enrolled in the machining program at the college. The funds may be used for tuition, books, and/or supplies the student is required to purchase, such as personal tooling. “These types of tools are very expensive,” added Smith. “Many companies require their employees to own their tools upon employment and this is a way to help ease the financial burden for the students entering the manufacturing industry.” The Precision Machining program at GateWay Community College has received previous awards from the Gene Haas Foundation. By providing scholarship grants and partnering with the very best CNC training programs in the world, the Gene Haas Foundation has helped expand the availability of high-quality manufacturing technology training worldwide. For information on the program, Announcements Con’t Next Page









MICRO-TRONICS – MORE THAN JUST AN EDM SHOP Announcements & Releases Continued visit gatewaycc.edu/precision-machining or call (602) 238-4350 for enrollment services.

Fourth National Metalworking Reshoring Award Competition Open for Applications Leading manufacturing associations Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), the Reshoring Initiative and AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology are pleased to sponsor the 4th National Metalworking Reshoring Award competition. Companies that have successfully reshored products, parts or tooling made primarily by metalforming, fabricating, casting or machining, including additive manufacturing (AM), are invited to apply. To be eligible for the award, the reshoring must have been done between Jan. 1, 2013, and May 31, 2021, from outside North America to North America. Reshoring includes work that is produced either in-house or outsourced. A complete definition of “reshoring” is available here. Applications must be submitted by June 30, 2021. Visit this link view award details and enter to win. “From 2010 to 2020, more than one million jobs were

announced as coming to the United States from offshore. This is a tremendous achievement, and we seek to motivate and honor the companies that have made reshoring a reality,” says Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. Questions about the National Metalworking Reshoring Award can be directed to Harry Moser at 847-867-1144 or harry.moser@reshorenow.org. For more information on AMT’s efforts on reshoring and supply chain efforts, visit IMTS.com/supplychain. By: Grace Nehls

Infinisys Manufacturing Is Recognized For Perfect (100%) On-Time Delivery and Quality Rating For 2nd Straight Year I nfinisis Manufacturing is proud to have received

notification from one of its key customers, a major aerospace OEM, for a perfect (100%) score for both On-Time Delivery and Quality. The company has been recognized for this distinction 2 years in a row. Admir Ahmetovic, co-founder of the company 14 years ago with partner Branko Jozanov, says, “We employ a start to finish quality control system to control all aspects Announcements Conti Next Page


• 7 • May /June 2021

Announcements & Releases Continued of our operational procedures. Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2008 AS9100C. These standards impact calibration, purchase order review, inspection procedures, in process, and final inspection.” Founded in 2006, Infinisys-Mfg is a fast growing machine shop located in Phoenix and is at the forefront of manufacturing technology. They produce products for the Aerospace, Medical, Defense, Industrial and Commercial industries with the highest precision and always dependably on time. Admir says, “We are constantly expanding and improving our manufacturing capabilities; continually monitoring new equipment and manufacturing techniques to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers.” He adds, “We have added 1-2 machines every year since we started the business, the latest being a Hexagon S Blue 7.10.7 CMM, their latest and greatest technology. Also, he adds, We are currently looking for great, motivated machinists to join their team. “ To learn more about Infinisys Manufacturing, contact them at: 602 276-2276 or via email: Admir@infinisys-mfg.com

One Voice Files Comments with U.S. Senate on Workforce, Apprenticeships On April 9, NTMA and PMA under One Voice filed comments with A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 8 • May /June 2021

the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee in response to their request for input on the following areas as they look at passing National Apprenticeship Act, WIOA, and Higher Education Act bills this year: •

• •

How To Enhance Or Improve Workforce Training In Direct Relation To The Covid-19 Pandemic And Economic Recovery, Including Ways To Address Workforce Needs Of The Health Care And Public Health Sectors; Reforms To Programs Authorized Under The Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Act; Ways To Develop, Modernize, And Diversify The National Apprenticeship System, Including Innovative Approaches Such As Youth Apprenticeship And Pre-Apprenticeship; And Strategies To Encourage Innovation To Address Worker And Industry Needs.

One Voice believes the federal government should take a holistic approach to workforce training to meet the varying needs of employers, and manufacturers specifically. This involves engaging the youth at the earliest possible age, Announcements Continued Page 10






Mazak programmable beam shaping offers enhanced edge quality and speed with users selecting from a range of beam sizes and heat intensity profiles.

Mazak active live camera nesting is a user-friendly solution for an operator to quickly and easily process additional parts on demand, without delay.

Mazak High Performance Air can dramatically reduce monthly operating costs, increase throughput and expand cutting range in particular applications.

The PreviewG control can provide realtime cutting metrics and maintenance data maximizing machine utilization and reducing unexpected down time.

Contact your Mazak representative to learn more or visit: www.mazakoptonics.com ALBUQUERQUE OFFICE

P: 505-345-8389 F: 505-344-7167 E: magnumalb@magnumabq.com


P: 915-856-7900 F: 915-857-4700 E: sales@magnumep.com www.magnumprecisionmachines.com


P: 602-431-8300 F: 602-431-8301 E: sales@magnumaz.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 9 • May /June 2021

Announcements & Releases Continued utilizing the coordinated resources of all stakeholders, and having a committed pathway for career opportunities with incentives for the individual, educators, and employers to promote manufacturing and innovation. A recent survey conducted in January 2021 with 85 respondents averaging 64 employees shows that 86% currently have an open skilled position with 94% reporting challenges recruiting qualified employees, including 48% facing severe challenges. The U.S. House passed a bipartisan National Apprenticeship Act earlier this year, an update to a law not changed since 1937. One Voice is lobbying lawmakers who in the Senate hope to begin moving workforce development legislation through committee in the coming months.

DATRON Dynamics Launches Improved Virtual Demonstration Experience Over the past year, in response to the rapidly changing protocols for traveling, on-site visits, and company tours, DATRON Dynamics has expanded its CNC machine demonstration capabilities to include full virtual visitor demonstrations. While companies are still welcome to visit the DATRON East Coast or West Coast Showrooms for a hands-on demonstration (observing current safety protocols), the DATRON Virtual A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

10 • May / June 2021

Demo provides a custom experience with expert CNC consultants and real-time machining – without the need to travel. Questions About DATRON CNC Milling Machines? DATRON machines dramatically reduce almost every aspect of your machining workflow. If you have questions regarding DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, accessories, or more, please contact us: https://www.datron.com/contact-us/

Mesa Mayor Unveils Plan For Free Community College Tuition Mayor John Giles stressed the importance of educating and expanding the workforce as it “is vital to attract future industry.” “Many of the outstanding corporations and industries Announcements Continued Page 12



We hear a lot about connectivity to funds, accounts, and transactions, but human connections are what sustain you through the ups and downs of your company’s journey. At Alerus, we provide the technology your business needs, but we also get to know your company so we can help you in any business environment.

See how we take business personally at Alerus.com. BAN KI NG




Announcements & Releases Continued who have chosen to move to Mesa shared they did so because of our skilled employees and educational opportunities,” Giles said in the release. He has challenged businesses and philanthropists to match the city of Mesa’s financial promise of $100k. Student funding is awarded through the foundation, made possible by generous contributions of more than 10 businesses, individuals and federal CARES act funding, according to the release. Yavapai College has the same program in Prescott, Ariz.

Four Associations Launch Metalworking Reshoring Award Competition Four leading manufacturing associations have announced the 4th National Metalworking Reshoring Award competition. Companies that have successfully reshored products, parts, or tooling made primarily by metalforming, fabricating, casting or machining, including additive manufacturing, are invited to apply. The Reshoring Initiative, PMA, NTMA, and AMT are sponsoring this competition. To be eligible for the award, the reshoring must have been done between Jan. 1, 2013, and May 31, 2021, from outside A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 12 • May /June 2021

North America to North America. Reshoring includes work that is produced either in-house or outsourced. A complete definition of “reshoring” is available here. Applications must be submitted by June 30. To view award details and enter to win, visit this webpage. “From 2010 to 2020, more than one million jobs were announced as coming to the United States from offshore. This is a tremendous achievement, and we seek to motivate and honor the companies that have made reshoring a reality,” said Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. Questions about the National Metalworking Reshoring Award can be directed to Harry Moser at 847-867-1144 or harry.moser@reshorenow. org. For more information on AMT’s efforts on reshoring and supply chain efforts, visit IMTS.com/ supplychain. The Reshoring Initiative, founded in early 2010, helps manufacturers realize that local production, in some cases, reduces their total cost of ownership of purchased parts and tooling. Announcements Continued Page 14

Backed by Okuma’s Industry-Leading Warranty Program

CALLING ALL MULTITASKERS MORE IS POSSIBLE Okuma’s MULTUS U3000 Multitasking Machine offers an ideal combination of power, speed, and process flexibility. A broad scope of machining functions and the ability to complete tasks in a single setup make this machine simple and efficient for producing a variety of parts. Combining powerful turning and milling capabilities, made possible with Okuma’s OSP-P300 control, equals one thing – increased production capacity. Explore all of the powerful features of the MULTUS U3000, including: • • •

Full 5-axis contouring (available as an option) New compact B-axis spindle 240-degree B-axis range

• • •

Arizona CNC Equipment, LLC 1205 S Park Lane, Suite 2 Tempe, AZ 85281

To learn more, visit: okuma.com/products/multus-u3000

www.arizonacnc.com To inquire, visit: okuma.com/distributors 480-615-6353

30 hp milling motor spindle 12,000 RPM H1 milling spindle Wide range of ATC configurations available (40 to 180 tools)

Okuma. Welcome to open possibilities. • 13 • May /June 2021 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

in the United States. Backed by nearly 1,300 member companies, representing more than $30 billion in sales, NTMA provides an array of benefits to members and the industry including advocacy in Washington, training and education programs and networking events nationwide.

3518 E Wood St, Phoenix, AZ

1981 Gavin Court, Chino Valley, AZ

The Benefits Of Working With P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining




Services Include: Anodize Non-Destructive Testing Chem Film Electroless Nickel Paint (Primer and Topcoat) Passivation Phosphate (Manganese and Zinc) Complex Masking Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Magnetic Particle Inspection Pressure Test Assembly High Humidity Testing Salt Spray Testing Fusion Weld Braze Glass Bead Media Blast Shot Peen Dry Film Lube

Announcements & Releases Continued The Initiative also trains suppliers how to sell against lower-priced offshore competitors. PMA, an inaugural sponsor of the National Reshoring Award, is the full-service trade association representing the North American metalforming industry — the industry that creates precision metal products using stamping, fabricating, spinning, slide forming and roll forming technologies, and other value-added processes. Its nearly 900 member companies also include suppliers of equipment, materials and services to the industry. The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) represents U.S. builders and distributors of manufacturing technology – the advanced machinery, devices and digital equipment that U.S. manufacturing relies on to be productive, innovative, and competitive. NTMA is the voice for the precision manufacturing and tool and die industries A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

14 • May / June 2021

Founded in 1987, Lindel P re c i s i o n C N C M a c h i n i n g merged with Precision 4 Swiss in 2019. Together, P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining is dedicated to providing quality CNC machined parts at competitive prices. Our parts are used in a wide variety of products from medical devices, to laser housings. Our products have even been used for technical defense equipment and complex camera housings in satellites. Many of our orders are custom designed. We utilize our technical support and breadth of experience to provide full support. We work with our customers through every step of the process, from research and development to entire production orders. In addition to our hands-on customer support, Lindel Precision CNC Machining can also manufacture diverse parts in a wide variety of materials. The benefits of working with P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining are endless. We offer quality parts, excellent customer service, Announcements Continued Page 16

Metal Supply | Roll-Off Services | Metal Recycling | Rags

Falcon 9 rocket will launch the crew aboard a Dragon spacecraft later this year. The full crew will be introduced publicly today for the first time from historic Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. D r. P ro c t or, a 5 1- y e a r- o l d entrepreneur, educator, trained pilot and active voice in the space exploration community, was awarded her seat by being selected as the top entrant of an independently judged online business competition that attracted approximately 200 entries.

(602) 267-7208


3322 E Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Announcements & Releases Continued all of our parts are 100% American made, and we accept most major credit cards. We offer an easy-to-use online quote system so our customers can easily plan their next project from the comfort of their keyboard. We have a reputation for quality, on-time delivery, and the ability to handle difficult projects. Let us utilize our 30+ years of experience to deliver the order as required. Call, e-mail, or submit a quote today. P4Swiss / Lindel CNC Machining will provide you the best service available.For more information, visit: https://www.precisioncncmachining. com or call 520-792-3160.

MCCCD Professor Named Among Final Crew Members for World’s First All-Civilian Mission to Space The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) is pleased to announce that South Mountain Community College Professor Dr. Sian Proctor has been named among the final crew members to join Inspiration4, the world’s first all-civilian mission to space. Dr. Proctor joins a four-person crew that will undertake a historic voyage to the stars later this year. Other crew members include Christopher Sembroski and Hayley Arceneaux, under the command of Jared Isaacman. SpaceX’s A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

16 • May / June 2021

Dr. Proctor will serve as the Mission Pilot and back up the commander and support related needs throughout the mission. S e m b ro s k i , a 4 1 - y e a r- o l d aerospace industry employee at Lockheed Martin and United S t a t e s A i r F o rc e v e t e r a n , contributed to a special fundraising campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® that offered an Inspiration4 seat to a lucky donor after receiving nearly 72,000 entries. Since it was first announced in February, the campaign has raised approximately $113M with new support opportunities to come in the near future, including chances to sign up at www.stjude. org/Inspiration4.

Mesa, AZ to Host New SOLO EV U.S. Assembly Facility and Engineering Technical Center ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. “ElectraMeccanica” or the “Company”), a designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles, Announcements Continued Page 18


Online pricing at Milltronics.com/ GetPricing




40 X 20 X 20 IN


46 X 20 IN


10,000 RPM


#40 / BIG PLUS®


20 HP / 75 FT-LBS



We offer customers increased productivity with our innovative concept of a powerful CNC control with an easy-to-use operator interface designed around quality-built machine tools for a global market.

Tool Room Mills

Performance Vertical Machining Centers

Tool Room Combination Lathes

Bridge Mills

Vertical Machining Centers

Extra Power Vertical Machining Centers

White’s Niche Products, LLC Casa Grande, AZ 85130 | Phone: 602-290-9402 | Email: WNP-Sales@earthlink.net www.wnpllc.com | Visit Milltronics.com for product specifications.

Milltronics USA | Waconia, MN | 888.999.1440 | Milltronics.com Machines shown with options. Information may change without notice.

Slant Bed CNC Lathes

We've Moved!! Visit Us At Our New 22,000 sq. ft. Facility!! Now Offering Waterjet Cutting on the Largest Waterjet in Arizona! 240" x 120"

Waterjet - Laser - Press Brake Services 788 W. Illini Str. Phoenix AZ 85041 www.swwj.com



Announcements & Releases Continued today announced that it has selected Mesa, AZ, in the greater Phoenix area, for its U.S. based assembly facility and engineering technical center. Phoenix ranks as the fifth largest city in the U.S. according to 2020 census data, with nearly 1.8 million residents. Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix, ranks 35th nationally. The Company’s selection marks the end of a comprehensive, year-long site search conducted by ElectraMeccanica and its partner, BDO USA’s Site Selection & Incentives Practice (“BDO”). In October of 2020, the Company named Arizona and Tennessee as the two finalist states. The last few months of the selection process involved rigorous proposal reviews and negotiations to select the most well-suited partner. T h e p ro p o s e d f a c i l i t y i n M e s a w i l l s u p p o r t ElectraMeccanica’s strategic plan to meet anticipated demand for their flagship SOLO EV. When fully operational, the facility is expected to create up to 500 new jobs and will be capable of producing up to 20,000 SOLOs per year. Altogether it will feature both a light vehicle assembly plant along with a state-of-the-art engineering technical center, including multiple labs to support A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

18 • May / June 2021

comprehensive research facilities as well as vehicle chassis, battery pack and power electronics testing workshops.

Come Join Landmark Solutions / Bystronic At Their Open House With 10K Fiber Laser And Automation In Production Landmark Solutions is hosting an Open House Event to showcase a Bystonic 10K fiber laser with automation in production. The Open House will feature both Bystronic Laser and Press Brake technology. There will also be multiple Omax waterjet systems in production at this facility. The Open House is scheduled for May 19th in Southern California. Contact Landmark Solutions for event details Announcements Continued Page 20

ISO 9001:2015 | www.qualichem.com

Congratulations to our customer, Weller Racing, and Corry Weller for winning the 2020 Turbo UTV Championship in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Nationals. Corry is now a 17-time Series Champion!



1 Provider of


Metalworking Fluids in the Southwest


1.800.367.9966 customerservice@metalfluids.com

Arizona Applied Engineering

Plastic Injection Molding company and more!

Experience the difference that Arizona Applied Engineering’s commitment to quality will make to your company, with our advanced mold design techniques, equipment and the latest in computer technology.

AAE stands for integrity and quality with over 45 years of business excellence.

From design through delivery, AAE’s experienced team ensures you of maximized profits by taking care of the details and becoming your long-term manufacturing partner. Call today to learn more about all we can do for you! AAE @ 928-772-9887 - TJ or Nick Fisher

Quality Without Compromise Announcements & Releases Continued

Applied Ad_08.20.19.indd 1

and to RSVP. You can reach them at info@landmarksolutionscorp.com Landmark Solutions and its team of Industry Experts brings with it over a 100 years of industry expertise. We pride ourselves on being a professional manufacturing consulting, project management and capital equipment distributor. Based in Orange County, California, Landmark Solutions serves customers throughout North America. Our team members each have decades of expertise in manufacturing so we can help to consult and understand our customers needs. We focus on providing the Best In Class Equipment with Best In Class Support so that we can help our customers produce better quality parts at a lower price point with the most amount of uptime.

Sodick Announces Team Members In Arizona! Dear Valued Customers, We wish to inform you that effective immediately our sales team will represent Sodick directly in Arizona. This change will allow our Arizona customers to benefit from the many advantages of dealing directly with our experienced sales support team. Gary Gustafson, Sodick Regional Manager and Jim Alles our Territory A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 20 • May /June 2021

2781 N. Valley View Drive Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 www.arizonaapplied.com 8/20/2019 10:41:52 AM

Manager will contact you shortly, however if you have any immediate questions or requests please contact them directly via the email or phone numbers listed below. We understand the current pandemic situation has provided challenges for your business and we look forward to supporting you during the recovery. At Sodick we have always placed the utmost importance on customer relationships and this change to direct sales will further enhance our goal. Over the course of 2021 we plan to introduce a number of product innovations and promotions that will potentially benefit your business and future growth, Gary and Jim will provide greater details in the near future. We thank you for your support and look forward to a mutually successful business relationship over the coming years. Contact: Gary Gustafson, 562-242-8946; ggustafson@sodick.com Jim Alles, 714-318-0095; jalles@sodick.com





Cardiologist Sells Medical Device Firm For More Than $300m Dr. Richard Heuser, a Mesa cardiologist who has 30 patents to his name and has started several medical device companies over the years, has sold one of them for more than $300 million. Heuser had co-founded PQ Bypass with James Joye, a cardiologist in California, locating the company headquarters in Fremont, California. Irvine, California-based Endologix LLC purchased the medical device company for more than $300 million, closing the deal on April 13. Heuser and Joye’s proprietary technology received designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a “Breakthrough Device,” offering new treatments for severe peripheral arterial disease, or PAD. The device and technique, which replaces leg bypass surgery, allows the blood vessel to stay open 80% to 90% of the time — an improvement over traditional surgical procedures, Heuser said.


(602) 438-4291


“When we started the company, it was a technique we thought would catch on, but until we did the studies, we didn’t know the long-term results,” Heuser said. “It requires a long-term study — not just a six-month follow-up but a one to two year follow-up. Sure enough, we found it really was a game changer in terms of these procedures. It was something we could have developed on our own on a small scale, but in this case there were companies interested in us who went after us to buy us out.” “We saw deals held up by Covid last spring,” Lupica said. “We had one of those. We saw deals disappear because of Covid last spring. Thankfully, we had none of those. And now there’s pent-up demand. There’s still demand for health-care services and devices.” Heuser said he still has another half dozen interventional cardiology companies, while continuing to practice medicine in Mesa. By Angela Gonzales – Senior Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

21 • May / June 2021

Sandia National Laboratories Seeks Manufacturing Partner For New Medical Device S andia National Laboratories has filed for

patent protection and is seeking potential manufacturing partners for a new mask designed to be reused, potentially reducing the amount of personal protective equipment needed in places like hospitals. The prototype respirators are meant for extended, repeated use.

The mask design — which filters inhaled and exhaled air with a nonproprietary material “stored inside two disc-shaped cases,” according to a release from Sandia labs — is still in testing. Early test results indicate the mask may be able to meet safety standards set by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, which certifies masks as N95. The N95 respirator is the most common type of particulate-filtering mask, filtering at least 95% of airborne particles, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention As part of the project, Sandia is pursuing different types of partnerships, including those to help complete testing and assess production methods. If the research shows the mask meets requirements, Sandia plans to license the design to manufacturers, according to the release. The licensing of the new mask design may provide an opportunity for local manufacturers looking for opportunities to produce PPE. A number of manufacturers, including Albuquerque-based Advanced Business Design, pivoted to making PPE during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused demand to increase. 22 /June 2021 22• •May Jan / Feb 2020


A total of 17 researchers worked on the design, including mechanical engineers, microbiologists, virologists, materials scientists and fabrication experts. The mask can be disassembled for cleaning between uses and is intended to be compatible with autoclaving, which uses steam and heat to kill microbes, according to Sandia. It also includes a resonator, which transmits the wearer’s voice. “We’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t in terms of structure, materials and production methods,” said said Todd Barrick, an engineer on the project, in a statement. “We’ve also learned that Sandia can quickly assemble a team with all the skills needed to develop and test medicalgrade respirators.” By Collin Krabbe – Albuquerque Business First

In Our 5th Decade of Manufacturing in Arizona

Serving the Aerospace/Aircraft, Military, and Commercial Industries Quality System is Certified ISO 9001:20115 and AS9100""D" FULL 5-AXIS CAPABILITIES EQUIPMENT CAPACITIES RANGE UP TO:

 HR-4R HAAS 4-Axis Horizontal Milling Center @ 150” x 66” x 48”  Ikegai VTL CNC Lathe @ Ø 55” Diameter  OKK VP9000-5-Axis Vertical Milling Center Ø 800 mm x 630 mm

Dynamic Machine & Fabrication Corp. 3845 East Winslow Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85040 602-437-0339 Fax: 602-437-8947


Dynamic Machine Congratulates and Thanks 8 Employees For 25+ Years Of Continuous Service!

luncheon and it was a fun congratulatory event! We recognized 8 employees: David Lair – 25 Yrs; Larry Geare – 26 Yrs; Joe Diott – 27 Yrs; Steve White – 28 Yrs; Cary Keith – 29 Yrs; Tom Dwyer – 31 Yrs; Tom Ellsworth – 38 Yrs; and Bill MacDougall – 42 Yrs! All of these senior employees and managers have built onto the foundation of success that our founder Jim Stewart started back in 1967 when the shop first opened. Mr. Stewart’s commitment to making quality precision parts and taking care of customers continues today under the leadership of the Stewart Family – Tom Stewart, Michael Stewart, Mark Stewart and Chuck Sowers. Naturally all our employees contribute to the company’s success and they have an average tenure of 12 years! We always look forward to our junior team members reaching their next milestones of service!

Dynamic Machine is operating in its 5th Decade serving Arizona manufacturing industries. One of our employees recently hit a milestone of 25 Continuous Years of service! Our ownership decided to recognize every employee with 25 or more years of service at a

To learn more about Dynamic Machine and how they can help you with your precision parts, large and small, contact them at: 602437-0339 or visit dynamic-machine.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 23 • May /June 2021

6 / 2 5 / 2 0


Albuquerque Considers Multimillion Dollar Lease With Satellite Company That Says It Will Bring 1,000 Jobs To Town City leaders will consider a crucial part of Mayor Tim Keller’s push to bring Theia Group, an aerospace company with plans to bring 1,000 jobs to town through the proposed Orion Center. The company plans to use satellites to surveil the planet. On April 19, city council is set to hear a proposed lease and development agreement with Theia Group for a 114-acre plot of land near the Albuquerque International Sunport where the development could potentially be built. The development includes a 4.1-million-square-foot assembly building, according to Jonathan Small, a Sunport spokesman. The campus would have manufacturing operations, laboratories, a hotel and amenities, according to a November notification of decision from the city’s Planning Department. The proposed agreement has an initial term of 30 years, with options to extend to 50 years. The anticipated A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 24 • May /June 2021

commencement of the agreement is June 1. Upon commencement, $1 million would be paid to cover rent for the first two years of the lease. Another payment in the same amount for rent during the third and fourth years of the lease would be made in June 2022. Monthly rent payments totaling $1.24 million per year would begin in 2025. Rent will increase at 2% per year for four years and then be set by appraisal, according to the proposed agreement, which also includes certain milestones for Theia Group in order to “ensure expeditious development” of the site. Theia Group must develop about 95 acres by 2029 and all remaining acres by 2031. The city can reclaim any undeveloped parts of the site if it determines the milestones are not met, as well as adjust the cost of rent, the proposed agreement says. Some phases of construction for the Orion Center could be completed by late 2023, according to the city, the same year satellite launches are intended to begin. The company says its satellites will provide real-time imagery of national borders and provide information to first responders, among other things.By Collin Krabbe – Technology reporter , Albuquerque Business First

Your partner for innovative manufacturing Equator™—the versatile gauging system Bring highly repeatable, thermally insensitive and reprogrammable gauging directly to your shop floor. Inspect parts in real time, switching quickly from one part to another, automatically updating tool offsets and compensating for temperature

swings as your production heats up. Equator systems are designed for factory automation and can be easily configured into smart manufacturing cells. Leave your current dedicated gauging system behind and make a dramatic leap forward in manufacturing productivity and control, today.

www.renishaw.com/equator Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL


© 2020 Renishaw plc. All rights reserved.

UACJ Whitehall Selects Flagstaff for New Auto Parts Plant

Equator Half Page 2020.indd 1

UACJ Automotive Whitehall Industries, a leading supplier of precision extruded aluminum automotive components and assemblies, will take over the former Walgreen’s distribution center in Flagstaff for a new plant that will manufacture parts for electric vehicles. The expansion of the company, based in Ludington, MI, is anticipated to bring 120 high-paying jobs to the region over the next year and 350 within 5 years, said Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona President & CEO Gail Jackson. “UACJ Whitehall plans to invest as much as $60 million dollars here,” Jackson said, noting that the average wage at the company will be 60% higher than the County per capita income. vCompany President and COO David Cooper said Flagstaff was selected because it is strategically located to serve UACJ Whitehall’s electric vehicle customers. The company has plants in Ludington, Michigan, Paducah, Kentucky and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. “Northern Arizona makes sense for us because of location, ease of transportation, and an already well-established manufacturing sector within the community. We also look forward to partnering with North Arizona University as our processes are highly automated and technical,” Cooper added. “What a fantastic win this is for Flagstaff and our northern Arizona

2/19/2021 11:50:09 AM

communities,” said Governor Doug Ducey. “Our electric vehicle industry in Arizona is booming – with only further opportunity on the horizon. My thanks goes to UACJ Whitehall for choosing Arizona and to all our regional and state partners for their work.” “This represents a historic investment for Northern Arizona and our entire state,” said Sandra Watson, President & CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “As an industryleading producer of electric vehicle parts, UACJ Whitehall will further bolster Arizona’s reputation as a global hub for electric vehicle manufacturing. We look forward to supporting UACJ Whitehall’s success in our state.” UACJ Whitehall will begin retrofitting a portion of the Walgreen’s building. It is expected to begin operations in April and will start hiring employees in April as well. Whitehall Industries began in 1974 manufacturing precision components for the printing industry. It began aluminum extrusion operations for the auto industry in 2001. In 2016 it was acquired by UACJ Corporation, a Japanese-based aluminum manufacturer. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 25 • May /June 2021


245 West Crossroads Square, S. Salt Lake, Utah 84115


We Specialize in Close Tolerance Precision Grinding and Small Parts Manufacturing Celebrating 28 Years In Business

Grinding Capabilities:

Grinding & Swiss Machining Capabilities:

√ CNC Universal Grinding Capabilities of 5” x 24”

√ OD,ID Centerless Plunge and Thru Feed √ We Have 4 Swiss Turning Centers with (OD Between Centers up to 72” L x OD Swing up to 24”) Diameter capabilities up to 32mm (ID - 9” depth x 10” LD) √ CNC Circular Blade Grinding up to 20” Diameter √ Surface, Angled and Blanchard √ Long Bar Grinding for Screw Machines √ We grind all types of Industrial Blades Announcing AS9100

Revision D


WE’RE GROWING! We Added a 2nd Supertech CNC Universal Grinder, We’ve Hired New Machinists and More!

Announcements Continued

The Pandemic Made has Manufacturing focused on providing excellent customer service, four lessons learned over thefor past year thatDenver will continue capabilities new parts. Precision implementing a system to guarantee a call back to make the greatest impact on the evolving industry: Products continues to upgrade its machining Stronger within 30 minutes. In 2015 KNUTH Machine

capabilities to service our customers.

Which lessons learned are here to stay? Tools service department was acknowledged with ensures business resilience Few industries 1. Adaptability

information, Primrosse the Stevie® Award in the category were Best Customer fully preparedFor formore what they werecontact: aboutAmy to face last One year into the pandemic, the manufacturing industry has at 303-469-1771 or visit their website Service Department of the Year. March. But when the pandemic struck, manufacturersat undergone significant disruption and transformation. For a denverprecisioncncturning.com proved that they could rapidly adapt to stay resilient in sector that works primarily on-site in physical spaces, the the of a crisis. In the previous century, manufacturers of Sales expressed, “Weface are proud workflow and production changes Frank wereFontana, abruptVPand highly answered the call during World War II—prioritizing of our success, believe in our impactful. Leaning on technology, adapting quickly to quality and we will H2 Manufacturing Soluproduction showdemands our appreciation with a 5 year no cost limited warranty on our 15 best-selling machinesof essential items to support the wartime new and supply chain restrictions, and adopting In 2020, the enemy was COVID-19, and the tions over the course of processes—all the next year. This setsmaintaining us apart fromproductivity any other machineefforts. tool brands in contactless safety while essential items were personal protective equipment themanufacturing country.” Please visit www.knuth-usa.com/5yrs for additional details. and essential items to fight COVID-19—were Heidi Hostetter, H2to Manufacturing (PPE). The manufacturing industryCEO was of vital the cause. enormous challenges to overcome. Solutions, is one of eleven women honored for Denver Precision NewShifting Machintheir achievements But after one full year ofProducts responding Announces and adapting to from a specific componentinorbusiness, part tophilanthropy, produce and government at BizWest’s Women of go Disthis crisis, manufacturers have learned a lot about their PPE is a significant change, and one that should not ery Purchases tinction Awards April 18th, 2018. capabilities. Widespread remote work had never been a unrecognized. The engineering capabilities needed to serious consideration, but with this shift came some surprising, lay out a two production line and manufacture something Denver Precision Products upgraded welcomed insights. Steps to reduce contact and prevent new showed resilience that can behonored achieved eleven women being haveby all pieces of equipment at the end of 2017. the The the risks of COVID-19 also improved overall efficiency and modifying existing equipment and material flows. made considerable contributions in leadership, We purchased a Miyano BNA-MSY42 and workforce safety. The need to pivot to manufacture new TheseThrough these pivots to and create new products sprangornew time, philanthropy to the Larimer Weld a Miyano BNA-42S. two machines products, including PPE, opened the door for new partnerships. partnerships that would never have existed otherwise. county communities. This year, nine women replaced our older machines, 1983 Miyano Border closures sparked new exploration in global supply-chain ForBND34S-2. example, one won of our Aerospace clients pivoted to awards for nine different business, govBNC- 34 and 1993 Miyano innovations. These discoveries have led many to re-evaluate create respirators but did not the right distribution ernment, or have philanthropic categories, along Although our older machines were still how new processes, ways of working, and adaptability could system to get them to hospitals and medical facilities. with a “Leading Lady” Award and an “Outholding tolerances of +/-.001, our new determine the direction the industry is headed. By partnering with a healthcare company, they were standing Mentor” Award. Hostetter will be BNA machines can hold tighter tolerances with a CPK of 3.30 for +/-.0005. These two machines able to quickly provide those much-needed supplies to have also increased our productivity for many of our existing parts and have created more As we look toward the future of manufacturing, here are the surrounding hospitals. Announcements Continued Page 10 26 8

2 Z MANUFACTURING • •• May /June A2ZAManufacturing Rocky SW Mountain • Jan / Feb2021 2018



FOR LASER SOLUTIONS Whether you need to mark parts, provide promotional engraving, or cut acrylics and plastics for signage, we have the laser machine and solution to fit your need.



Commercial Signage

Tool and Part Marking

LED Lit Panels

Branded Glassware

Identification Plates

Tumbler Yeti Mugs

Fabricated Parts

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Outdoor Products








INNOVATIVE CUTTING SYSTEMS 425 W. Guadalupe #105 - Gilbert, AZ 85233 We provide solutions in AZ - CO - ID - MT - NV - UT - WY




jeanne@innovativecuttingsystems.com www.innovativecuttingsystems.com


in a permanent remote capacity post-pandemic.

2. Reducing supply chain risk is a top priority - An area of significant change for some manufacturers is the risk in their supply chains. The pandemic shut down manufacturing operations around the world, and the ability to ship products. These disruptions in supply and distribution were seen in almost every manufacturing capacity, and now have organizations looking closely across their supply chains for vulnerabilities. To future-proof against the next crisis, many in the industry are rethinking their sourcing and manufacturing strategies, with a more holistic view of the supply chain. Manufacturers looking to make sweeping changes in this area are relying heavily on data and analytics, to draw the right insights to shape future decision-making when global events occur.

4. Safety took on a new meaning - In response to COVID-19, manufacturers adopted contactless processes of handling equipment and producing products to reduce person-to-person exposure. Many of these new processes were digitized and technology-driven, and not only reduced the safety risks of in-person contact, but also reduced the physical risks that are inherent to manufacturing operations. In addition, many companies requiring on-site workers implemented daily temperature checks and daily COVID-19 testing, with at least one test per week for every worker and an established contact tracing system. The willingness to embrace a different way of thinking, and to challenge the norms of age-old methods, made these adjustments successful. Now, many of the contactless safety protocols that have become staples during the pandemic are likely to remain.

3. Remote work was validated for certain roles While it’s not realistic for the entire staff, manufacturers now acknowledge that some roles can function in a remote capacity. The pandemic forced temporary adoption of work-from-home operations, and while many anticipated some difficulties and were anxious for a return to normal, most were pleasantly surprised by the result. With its proven ability to increase flexibility, reduce cost, and improve efficiency, the industry will continue to evaluate which roles can remain

One year later, many things remain the same. We are still fighting through a pandemic that has resulted in more than half a million lives lost just in the U.S. alone. Businesses are still struggling to recover from closures and economic troubles. But the manufacturing industry is much different. It’s faster, more efficient, more resilient, and most importantly: safer. The pandemic initially created concern for the industry’s future, and with good reason – there hadn’t been this much disruption or economic uncertainty in over 100 years. But manufacturing’s quick pivots and the new process changes have made the industry stronger. By: Eileen Sweeney A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 27 • May /June 2021

√ ISO 9001: 2015 Certified √ ISO 9001: 2015 Certified √√ AS9100 3 Companies Under 1 Roof Revision D Certfied √ Family Run For 35 Years √ Family-Run For 34 Years √ Competitive Pricing √ Competitive Pricing √ 3 Companies - 1 Ownership


Wire/Sinker Small Hole 14 Machines




11 CNC Swiss Screw Machines Up To 32 MM

UP TO 6’ X 12’ 2 Machines



NTC 2500 Watt


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Department of Defense (DoD) Awards will satisfy agency requirements. The recent sled test, conducted with a 103-pound mannequin, is the latest First Light F-35 Helmet Test A Success The Naval Surface Warfare Center,

sign that the JPO can make good on its promise to finish the three design fixes Raytheon Missiles & Defense, Tucson, Arizona, has been awarded a $79,398,158 Crane Division, Crane, Indiana, is by November, allowing the military services to lift restrictions on lightweight cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for Small Diameter Bomb Increment II lot integration the contracting activity. pilots flying the F-35. Last year, Defense News first reported that pilots under and test. This contract effort will deliver all-up round (AUR) test vehicles, perform 136testing; pounds were from flying the fifth-generation aircraft after testers AUR-level assembly, checkout, testing and systems integration andbarred prepare Robertson Fuel Systems, Tempe, discovered an increased risk of neck for production cut-in and fielding for the multiple engineering changes needed, A r i zdamage o n a , towlightweight a s a w a rpilots d e dejecting an from the plane. TheGlobal US Air Force$82,018,990 has also acknowledged an “elevated level including National Security Agency (NSA) cryptographic modernization, firm-fixed-price of risk” for pilots 165 pounds. Positioning System (GPS) military code, mitigation of part obsolescence, andbetween design136 and contract for the procurement of changes evolving from production and/or operations. Work will be performed in crashworthy external fuel systems, The prototype helmet tested weighs about 4.63 pounds, approximately 6 Tucson, Arizona, and is expected to be completed April 1, 2023. This award is the internal auxiliary fuel tank systems ounces lighter than the original Gen III helmet, and is designed to ease some result of a sole-source acquisition. Fiscal 2020 Air Force (USAF) missile procurement and associated sub-components straindevelopment, on smaller pilots’test necks during ejection. funds in the amount of $11,977,567; fiscal 2020 USAF research, to support utility helicopters. Bids and evaluation (RDT&E) funds in the amount of $6,495,714;Although fiscal 2021 Navy (USN) were solicited via the with the test was the first test of the new helmet, theinternet JPO, Lockheed RDT&E funds in the amount of $5,133,243; fiscal 2021 USN weapon procurement one received. Work locations and Martin and seat-maker Martin Baker have conducted at least seven other tests funds in the amount of $2,783,878; and fiscal 2019 Special Defense Acquisition Funds funding will be determined with with the latest version of the seat, which is equipped with two modifications in the amount of $9,021,596 are being obligated at the time of award. Air Force Life each order, with an estimated designed to reduce risk to pilots.The fixes to the ejection seat itself include a The firstManagement test of a new, Center, lightweight F-35Airhelmet successful, Cycle Eglin Forcewas Base, Florida, is the contracting activity completion date of March 31, switch for lightweight pilots that will delay deployment of the main parachute, according to the program office, a promising sign that the Pentagon (FA8672-21-F-6052). 2025. U.S. Army Contracting and a “head support panel,” a fabric panel sewn between the parachute can qualify and implement all three fixes to the jet’s escape system Command, Redstone Arsenal, risers that will protect the pilot’s head from moving backward during the by the end of the year.Scottsdale, Arizona, is awarded an $8,000,000 Dillon Aero Inc., firm-fixed-price, Alabama, is the contracting parachute indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for sustainment partsopening. for currently activity. Recently, at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, Lockheed fielded U.S. Special Operations Command MK44 MOD 3 gun weapon systems. Work Thecompleted program office about another 10 tests planned, use a mix Martin’s F-35 conducted the first test combining three solutions to be will be performed in Scottsdale, Arizona, all and is expected byhas March Raytheon Missileswhich and will Defense, of low-, middleand high-weight mannequins. designed to reduce the risk of neck injury to F-35 pilots during 2026. Fiscal 2021 defense operations and maintenance funding in the amount of Tucson, Arizona, is awarded a ejection, to spokesman Joetime DellaVedova. $10,100according will be obligated at the of awardOnce andthe willfull expire at the end of the current $130,019,155 firm-fixed-price “This initial testwith had promising and the F-35 enterprise is on a path to gamut testing is completed, hopefully by the end of theprocured summer, in accordance fiscal of year. This contract was not competitively 10 U.S. results modification to previouslyqualify the helmet ... by the end of this summer,” DellaVedova Defense two modifications to the the JPO can begin implementing the Code 2304(c)(1) — only one responsible source and no other supplies or services award ed contr a c t Ntold 00024News. “The lighter helmet expected to be fielded by the end of the year is ejection seat and issuing the new Generation III “light” helmet to A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 28 • May /June 2021 in line with the seat timeframe as well.” the fleet, he said. A Z MANUFACTURING SW t 41 t.BZ+VOF 2


20-C-5400 to exercise options for fiscal 2021 for the Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2/2A Guided Missile Round Pack, spare replacement components and recertification. This contract combines purchases for the U.S. government (66%); and the governments of Japan, Turkey and United Arab Emirates (34% combined) under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. Work will be performed in Ottobrunn, Germany (44%); Tucson, Arizona (35%); Rocket Center, West Virginia (9%); Dallas, Texas (2%); Mason, Ohio (2%); Glenrothes, Scotland (1%); Cincinnati, Ohio (1%); Andover, Massachusetts (1%); nd is expected to be completed by March 2024. Fiscal 2021 weapons procurement (Navy) funds in the amount of $84,339,000 (65%); FMS Japan funds in the amount of $41,874,000 (32%); Fiscal 2021 operation and maintenance (Navy) funds in the amount of $1,815,763 (1%); FMS United Arab Emirates funds in the amount of $1,743,369 (1%); and FMS Turkey funds in the amount of $247,023 (1%), will be obligated at the time of award. Funding in the amount of $1,815,763 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Sea Systems, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity. Honeywell International Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, was awarded a $476,065,362 firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of CH-47 aircraft T55 engines, CH47 aircraft T55 engine electronic control units, and CH-47 aircraft T55 engine installation kits. Bids were solicited via the internet with one received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Dec. 31, 2023. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, is the contracting activity (W58RGZ21-D-0027). Raytheon Missiles and Defense,

A full service grind shop with an ever expanding list of services and a staff with decades of experience.

Centerless Grinding

OD Grinding

ID Grinding

Flat Grinding

Profile, Double Disk and Lapping Also Available. Industries we service: Aerospace • Medical Energy • Automotive Defense • Contract Manufacturers

522 E. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85004 602-238-9595 sungrindingusa.com info@sungrindingusa.com

Tucson, Arizona, has been awarded a $518,443,821 firm-fixed-price, incentive contract for Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) Production Lot 34, with priced options for Lots 35 and 36. This basic contract award provides for the production of the Lot 34 AMRAAMs, Captive Air Training Missiles (CATMs), guidance sections, AMRAAM Telemetry System (ATS), initial and field spares, and other production engineering support hardware and activities. Work will be performed in Tucson, Arizona, and is expected to be completed Dec. 31, 2023. fiscal 2020 Air Force research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) funds in the amount of $5,306,972; fiscal 2021 Air Force RDT&E funds in the amount of $3,877,865; fiscal 2020 Navy RDT&E funds in the amount of $2,216,700; Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, is the contracting activity (FA8675-21-C-0034). A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 29 • May /June 2021

THE CNC PROS PLEDGE Any new machine tool investment made with CNC PROS that requires a service call will have a qualified technician onsite within 24-hours of the first request. If CNC PROS misses the first 24-hour window, the customer will receive a $500.00 service credit for every 24-hour window missed.

CNC PROS will also assist our partners to utilize 100% of their machine tool investment technologies as well as provide lifetime training.

Includes Metro Phoenix area. Certain rules and conditions apply. Contact CNC PROS for additional information. • 30 • May /June 2021


Manual Lathes, Tool Room CNC Lathes, Big Bore Lathes, 2-6 Axis CNC Lathes, 7-16 Axis Mill/Turn Centers, Swiss CNC Lathes, Large Capacity VTL’s

Manual Mills, Tool Room CNC Mills, 3-5 Axis CNC Mills, VMC’s, HMC’s, Automation, FMS Systems, Large Capacity HBM’s

3-5 Axis Laser Solutions, Bending Solutions, Workholding, Quick Change Fixtures, Probe Integration, Inspection/Measurement Equipment, Machine Monitoring, Robotic Integration, Saws, Tombstones.



• 31 • May /June 2021

Metzfab Industries

Design, Fabrication, CNC Machining, Waterjet Cutting, Welding & Finishing, Laser Cutting Experienced team, state-of-the-art machinery and technology, precise accuracy.

Our Services CNC Machining Laser Cutting Standard and 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting 3D CAD CAM Design and Assemblies Precision TIG, MIG, ARC Welding & Fixturing Metal Fabrication & Design

We’ve Moved! We’re Moving! 23012 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027



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Precision Sheet Metal Work

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NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Gets Set for Historic First Flight on Another World I n a h a rd s c r a b b l e crater on Mars, a tiny helicopter with a smartphone brain is now days away from attempting the first powered flight on another world. NASA hopes its spindly robot copter, named Ingenuity, will prove that powered flight is possible in the perilously thin Martian air and help usher in a new era of planetary exploration in which drones play a vital role. Ingenuity reached Mars like a stowaway, folded up on the underside of NASA’s Perseverance rover, which landed on the red planet in February after a seven-month, 293-millionmile voyage from Earth. For its maiden flight, the 4-pound, $85 million craft will simply rise about 10 feet above the surface and hover—no higher than the rim of a regulation basketball hoop—before returning to the surface. The whole flight should be over within 90 seconds. The brief excursion—one of five planned for a one-month A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 32 • May /June 2021

Product Manufacturing and Assembly Mobile Fabrication & Welding

period expected — is a short hop by the measures of interplanetary travel. But agency officials said it would be a giant leap for Mars exploration. In the future, they said, autonomous drones like Ingenuity could take to the skies to explore canyons, ice caps and other terrain that is inaccessible to rovers. Should human explorers ever land on Mars, drones could serve as scouts and aerial sensors. NASA’s robotic helicopter will soon attempt the first powered flight on another planet. Ingenuity flies autonomously and has special features to help it stay aloft in the thin Martian atmosphere. Given the lag in communications, NASA won’t learn if Ingenuity’s historic flight was successful for up to eight hours after the attempt The carbon fiber blades are bigger, stiffer and spin faster than would be necessary if Ingenuity were designed for flight on Earth. The drone’s insulated main body packs a navigation camera, a microprocessor like the one used in many smartphones and lithium-ion batteries designed to withstand nighttime temperatures that reach minus 130⁰ F. No conventional aircraft could fly on Mars because the Martian atmosphere is too thin. To enable Ingenuity to fly there, NASA engineers gave it ultra-light, compact parts and rotors capable of generating enough lift to

carry it aloft. Ingenuity’s rotor Lucid Motors blades spin five times faster Prices ItsaCheapest than those of conventional helicopter. EVPrompting Elon

Taunts And The Musk air on Mars is less than 1% asTesla densePrice as air Cuts on Earth, with the density at the surface roughly equivalent to the density at an altitude of about 22 miles (35 km) above Earth. “We are hoping that Ingenuity allows us to expand and open up aerial mobility on Mars,” Lucid Motors Inc. started taking said Bob Balaram, the project’s reservations for chief engineer in at October NASA’s Jet the lowest priced version of its Propulsion Laboratory in upcoming line of luxury electric Southern California. vehicles. The flight of Ingenuity, part of a Tesla Inc.mission quickly responded with broader to seek signs a price cut for its Model S and of past life on the red planet, is Elon Musk tweeted a taunt at the the latest in a flurry of notable Newark company that’s ledbythe Mars moments this year. engineer who designed it. To create the solar-powered Lucid said the base model of the Ingenuity, NASA engineers Lucid Air will cost $77,400 — or took advantage of recent $69,900 after applying the U.S. advances in lithium batteries, federal tax credit. But it won’t be cameras, microprocessors delivered until 2022. The vehicle and computer software— will took be manufactured south of and into account the Phoenix in a plant being built in extreme conditions they knew Casa Grande. the craft would encounter.

The helicopter had to be Musk announced yet a $3,000 price featherweight sturdy cut for the Model S to $71,900, enough to withstand the shake, the day base price rattle andbefore roll of Lucid a rocket launch Announcements 8 disclosure. Thendescent he Continued tweeted that and the violent toPage the it would go even lower after Lucid surface. It also had to be able torevealed survive its theplan. extreme freeze and thaw cycles in deep space “Theon gauntlet and Mars. has been thrown down! The prophecy will be Model pricechanges to “Itfulfilled. isn’t just a Shelicopter; it’s $69,420 tonight!”Musk tweeted also a spacecraft,” said Ben on Wednesday. Pipenberg, an aeromechanical engineer at AeroVironment Despitetheinevitablecomparisons Inc. in Simi Valley, Calif., a with Teslas, Lucid CEO Peter specialty drone and tactical Rawlinsoninsiststhatheisaiming missile company that helped fortheluxuryclassofsuchvehicles design and build Ingenuity. as the S-Class of Mercedes-Benz. “Combining those requirements was the ask challenge. some “People me, howIncan you ways, it’s with like Tesla?” trying Rawlinson to build compete a told tractor to compete a the Business Journalinlast

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month.“Well, of course we can compete. We created it. People say we can’t do better. Of course we Formula One car race.” can. We can certainly do better than what we did 10 years ago.”

One isbig challenge for the Ingenuity teamout was creating a craft capable ofhelp generating Lucid taking apageout ofTesla’s bookbyrolling itsearly moreexpensive modelsto generate lift in the rarefied Martian atmosphere, which is only 1% as dense as Earth’s. The copter cash flow. has four carbon-fiber rotor blades that spin in opposite directions at 2,400 revolutions a minute—roughly five timesoffaster a conventional 4-foot-long The two more expensive versions the Airthan are expected next year.helicopter’s. The Air DreamThe Edition will be first rotors are powered by six motors, each of which took a technician 100 hours working at $169,000, followed by the Air Grand Touring for $139,000. under a microscope to assemble. The pint-size power plants generate so much heat that Ingenuity can flybuyers only 90 seconds before theycan risk a meltdown, project engineers said. The company said willing to wait until 2022 reserve the base model with a $300 deposit. That’sconsiderablycheaperthanthe$1,000depositsthecompanytalkedaboutwhenitunveiledthe Another challenge was giving Ingenuity the ability to fly without human control, which cars last month. is impossible given the 12 minutes it takes radio signals to cover the vast distance from Earth tolevel Mars. To of flythesteadily in the unpredictable gusts ofthan Martian wind, Ingenuity’s The entry model Airwillhave lesshorsepower andless range thehigher-priced versions. mustinstead adjustofthe position of 500 second, Itonboard will run atcomputer 480 horsepower thecopter’s 1,000 horsepower the times DreamaEdition. Thenavigating range of the by using continuously images to chart Allmodel. told, the drone’s base edition will be an EPAupdated projectedground 406 miles, compared to 517itsonpath. the top By Cromwell software runs to about 800,000 lines of code, project engineers said. By Robert Lee Hotz Schubarth – TechFlash Editor, Silicon Valley Business Journal A22Z MANUFACTURING SW ••

29 Dec 2021 2020 33 ••Nov May//June

A Heartfelt Thank You For



Machine tools for the precision metalworking industry are extremely complex pieces of equipment. When you are purchasing a new machine for your business and you are spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, you want to be very confident that you are purchasing the optimal machine for your business. Who better to support your decision in sales and support than a company that is run by Journeyman machinists, individuals who intuitively know and understand what it takes to run a machine? At Adams Machinery, this is just what you get in owner Richard (Dick) Short and General Manager/ Vice President Eugene Hendrix. Adams Machinery is proudly celebrating 30 years under Dick’s ownership. Dick and Eugene extend a sincere thank you to their customers for their years (some, decades) of trust and loyalty, helping to make Adams Machinery what it is today. Dick started in the metal working industry in 1967 as an apprentice building punches and dies for the stamping industry. After his early years as a machinist, Dick moved into sales, selling

The Adams Machinery Service & Sales Team machine tools to shops throughout Michigan. 30 years ago, at the recommendation of a well esteemed colleague in the industry, Dick put together a business plan to purchase Adams Machinery, a machine tool dealer in Arizona. Equipped with his savings plus a strong resume in the industry, Dick’s business plan was approved, and he purchased the company. Dick says, “4 years into business ownership, I was approached by Jim Janus, to pick up the Daewoo line (which is now Doosan). I respected Jim, and at the time nobody carried the line in Arizona.” He continued, “That was 26 years ago, and we proudly still retain this superior machine tool line.” The company carries a few other lines, including United Grinding, Citizen/Cincon, Miyano, and Muratec. Dick says, “We have never been a machine tool ‘supermarket’; rather our philosophy is to represent a few great machine tool lines and to be so well versed in these lines that we can support our customers with the level of sales and service which they deserve.”

Eugene with apprentice Zander Felan A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 34 • May /June 2021

Dick has been integral in the day-to-day business at Adams Machinery for nearly all of his years owning the company, with wife Nancy also full time for 24 years. He says, “I was at the point in my life where I wanted to travel and spend more time with family.” He continued, “2 years ago we brought Eugene into the business to manage daily operations. Eugene was an ideal candidate for Adams Machinery.”

Dick says that the addition of Eugene to the team has been outstanding. “We have such respect for each other, and we haven’t had a heated discussion in the 2 years since Eugene joined the team.” Eugene adds, “When we are having discussions about the business and customers, it’s never personal. We share a common philosophy that what we do must be beneficial to our customers.” Like Dick, Eugene has worked for machine tool builders in the past, so both know the level of support a dealer should expect from its builders. Eugene additionally has experience in machining (he served his Mold & Die apprenticeship in Chicago) and is a degreed Mechanical Engineer. He also has supported customers throughout Arizona in the metal cutting industry for three decades. Eugene was working for Doosan Machine Tools America as a Regional Sales Manager prior to joining Adams Machinery. Eugene says, “It was with Doosan’s blessing that I left the builder to represent Doosan as a dealer with Adams Machinery.” Awards and accolades line the walls at Adams Machinery, where for 26 years of carrying the Doosan line, the company has been awarded for ‘Superior Service’ and ‘Outstanding Sales’. Dick says, “30 years ago, while today, after 26 years of carrying the Doosan line, we are #3 in our market with the Doosan line.” Eugene says, “Doosan has long had a reputation for building outstanding machine tools, but I believe some of the machine tools they have introduced in the last years have facilitated our explosive growth. As an example, Doosan has increased manufacturing on the DNM 4000 machines to keep pace with market demand.” “The DNM 4000 was purposefully developed to be small in size, but not in power,” said Andy McNamara, director of sales at Doosan Machine Tools America. “Manufacturers can now enjoy increased productivity and performance without sacrificing compactness.” He adds, “And thanks to the faster rapid traverse rate, and improved acceleration rates, productivity is off the charts. Add the 12,000 RPM spindle to the mix and you get drastically reduced cycle time.” Eugene says the Doosan DNM 4000 is one of the key machines that helped Adams

Nancy, Dick and Eugene Machinery’s business stay strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is an ideal machine tool for the weapons market, a market that is strong here in Arizona”, he added. Another key technology that Adams Machinery’s customers have embraced in the past years is true 5-axis machining with palletizing. Eugene says, “In 2018, Doosan came out with the DVF Series of 5-axis machining centers, and these are such well-built ‘true 5 axis’ machining centers. These machines have really allowed us to help our customers to machine parts faster and more accurately than their competitors.” “Many dealers have solid machine tools to provide to customers, but I believe service is what differentiates the good from the best”, Dick says. Eugene adds, “If we get a service request call from a customer, our commitment is to respond on the same day and to get a service technician onsite within 24 hours.” Dick and Eugene agree that the superior retention of employees at Adams Machinery helps to perpetuate expert service and sales team members. Dick says, “Over the past decades, we have done our best to support start-up machine shops here in the valley. As they have grown, they have paid us back with continued loyalty.” Eugene and Dick agree that the integrity that they bring to the business is matched by their builders. “We hand selected OEMs that have a reputation for supporting their dealers and end users with integrity and with superior support.” The team at Adams Machinery believes in helping to bring the next generation of workers into the industry. “We started our own Apprenticeship program”, Eugene says, “and we’ve recently brought our first apprentice onboard. We want to do our part in exciting the next generation with our industry.”

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• 35 • May /June 2021

Hear from Some Of Adams Machinery’s Customers! “Adams Machinery has great products and outstanding knowledge, both in their sales and service departments. Paul Czaplicki gets high marks from me. We’ve been purchasing Doosan machines from Adams for the past 5 or 6 years. We have a number of Doosan lathes, and we have a couple of horizontals, 1 with a pallet stacker. Paul and the Adams Machinery team do what they say they will do - I can always count on this.” Mike, Owner, Manufacturer of force transducers and force calibration systems “I will say anonymously that my interactions have always been positive with Adams Machinery.The quality, value, and service we receive has always been above par.” Anonymous “We made a decision that we had to add some capabilities that our competitors didn’t have. We were doing turning and milling of parts up to 25” and wanted to expand the size of parts we could make, adding to our ability to support the large aircraft and oil and gas industries. We contacted some machine dealers, and I really liked the Doosan Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL). I had worked on Doosan machines many years ago and knew they were good solid machines. We brought the first Doosan VTL in about 3 years ago, and then went after some new business. It’s worked out so well for us, expanding our capabilities, that we ordered our 2nd VTL from Adams Machinery. What sold me on Adams Machinery after the first purchase was the service we received. When we were nearly out of warranty on the first machine, it went down. It turns out it was a bad spring inside the machine, but it meant the machine had to be taken apart. For 2 weeks, we had a service technician from Doosan here, and Adams Machinery had one of their service guys here each day. Adams Machinery and Doosan’s support during this trying time was nothing short of extraordinary. It really solidified my relationship with them. Paul Czaplicki is our representative from Adams Machinery. He is so personable, knowledgeable, and just a great representative for the company.” Kevin, General Manager Precision Machine Shop in Phoenix “I started working with Dick at Adams Machinery nearly 2 decades ago, when I was working at another shop. When my partner and I opened our new machine shop 14 years ago, we went to Dick and Paul for our first Doosan (at the time Daewoo) machine. Back then, we met with a few other machine tool dealers, but selected Adams Machinery. We come back to Adams Machinery all the time because of their outstanding service and the relationships we have built with them. Business has been good for us, with double digit growth nearly every year since we’ve been in business, and we buy 1-2 new machines each year. 90% of our machines are Doosan’s that we get from Adams Machinery. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 36 • May /June 2021

Your Adams Machinery Service Team Adams Machinery is one of our top suppliers and we continue to appreciate their outstanding products and service.” Admir, Co-Owner Precision Machine Shop “We have purchased over 20 Machines from Adams Machinery over the last 8 years. Every transaction goes very smoothly from order to delivery and set up. They always do a great job of explaining the product and options, and when to expect delivery and installation. I couldn’t be happier for the Team at Adams to be celebrating such a wonderful milestone. Congratulations and may the next 30 years be as successful for everyone involved.” Jay, Owner Precision machine shop “Even though Paul had been calling on us for several years, we didn’t give him the time of day until a couple of years ago. We were having trouble getting service from our current machine tool dealer, and as we are growing (we now have 24 machines), machine downtime becomes more and more painful. Paul and Adams were so professional and they helped make me feel comfortable that they could provide the level of service we need. We purchased our first Doosan from Adams Machinery in July of 2020, our 2nd at the end of 2020, and we just took delivery of our 3rd Doosan weeks ago. The Doosan machines are great machines, the installation and training Adams provides has been outstanding, and Paul is both extremely knowledgable and professional. I highly recommend Adams Machinery.” Kevin, Production Manager, Prescott machine shop To learn more about how Adams Machinery can help you with your machine tool needs, contact them at 480-968-3711, email: info@ adamsmachineryaz.com or visit their website at www.adamsmachineryaz.com


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SPECIALTY TURN PRODUCTS 3020 South Park Drive ,Tempe, AZ sales@stp-az.com • Tel: 602-426-9340

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High Precision Swiss Lathe Machining 24x7 New State-of-the-art 12,500 square foot facility ISO 9001: 2015 & AS9100D Certified Our CNC Swiss screw machines can run lights out 24 x 7 Subsidiary of Whitley Machine Industrial Production Returns to Growth After February’s Storms Subside The Federal Reserve reported that industrial production in March rose 1.4%, returning to growth after an unseasonably stormy February knocked it down 2.6%. The report shows total industrial production rose 2.5% at an annualized rate during the first quarter of 2021 despite the losses endured in February by manufacturing, mining, and utilities companies. The industrial production gauge includes productivity in three sectors: manufacturing, mining, and utilities. Manufacturing production (which excludes mining and utilities output) rose 2.7% in March after falling 3.7% the month before. Mining production improved 2.7%, while utility output fell 11.4% thanks to unseasonably warm March temperatures. Manufacturing output rose 1.9% at an annualized rate. Capacity utilization in manufacturing rose by 1.9 points, also reversing February losses. Almost all market groups saw improvements in March, despite lingering challenges. The Federal Reserve’s index for other manufacturing, which includes publishing and logging, remained the same, but durable goods and nondurable goods indexes rose 3.0% and 2.6%, respectively. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

38 • May / June 2021

Motor vehicles and parts production, which fell 10% in February, rose 2.8% in March but remained depressed by a persistent shortage of semiconductors. Most durable goods indexes rose between 2% to 3%. In nondurable manufacturing, the index for the chemicals industry rose 4.1%, and petroleum and coal products rose 5.7%, although neither sector has fully recovered from severe weather damage—the Federal Reserve noted that some chemicals factories remain offline thanks to damage sustained from February’s winter storms. Most nondurable goods indexes rose between 0.9% and 3.0%. If Feb ruary was notable for its storminess, March was notable for its heat. The unseasonably warm month coincided with a roughly 10% drop in consumer energy products, and the 11.4% drop in utilities utilization was the largest recorded in the history of the index’s 48-year history.

ProLift Rigging Company Expands Into The Phoenix Market ProLift Rigging Company is proud to announce that it recently expanded into Arizona with its new 75,000 square foot climate-controlled facility, with an additional 45,000 square feet of outdoor space. With the addition of ProLift Rigging’s Arizona location, the company now has 10 locations throughout the country with over 350,000 square feet of warehousing storage. Mike White, Arizona Branch Manager, says, “We opened our Arizona office during the Pandemic. Though this was a risky proposition, we found the demand for our services to be higher than ever.” He adds that ProLift Rigging got its start more than a decade ago and is renowned for its support of Data Centers, who have extremely large equipment that needs to be stored and moved. The Arizona management team is pictured in front of the TwinLift. Mike says, “We can offer capabilities you won’t find with many rigging companies with our TWINLIFT Rigging System. It offers superior lift and mobilization capabilities, and with 90 degrees of rear wheels it provides flexibility in congested areas. It is perfect for use in situations with tight overhead clearance.” Salesperson for the company Mike Vella says, “We have some of the best equipment to support our customers’ moves. For example, our Versa-Lift is a unique forklift in which the frame extends in order to achieve greater capacities and is equipped with a removable hydraulic boom. The Versa-Lift was designed specifically for moving heavy machinery smoothly and safely on solid surfaces for riggers. ProLift Rigging was formed in 2010 out of a small, local rigging outfit

in Lynchburg, VA. While maintaining a strong local presence, ProLift has grown to be a national full-service rigging and transport organization. Through our local approach, paired with our fullservice rigging capabilities and industry experts, they can service a wide variety of customers across various industries. Through their experienced project management, engineering, qualified rigging superintendents, operated crane and rigging services, specialized lifting and hauling equipment, and strategic warehouse locations; ProLift ensures you are successful in any situation. To learn more about how ProLift can help you with your moving, crating, and storage needs, and for project management for extensive moves, contact them at 480.267.1556 or visit proliftrigging.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

39 • May / June 2021

We specialize in: • Custom Metal Stamping • Precision Sheet Metal • Laser Cutting • Press Brake Forming • Deep Draw Stamping • Mig & Tig Welding • CNC Machining • Wire EDM • Tube Bending • 5 Axis Laser Cutting • Wire Forming • Spot welding • Mechanical Assembly • Engineering Assistance MORE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE


Locations in AZ, NC, TX, FL, WI, MN Arizona Facility: 1310 N. Hobson Street Gilbert, AZ 85233 (480) 892-7800 Email: wricoazjb@wrico-net.com

U.S.’s Long Drought in Worker Productivity Could Be Ending After a decadelong drought, worker

productivity might be about to accelerate thanks to pandemicinduced technological adoption, which could lift economic growth and wages in coming years while staving off inflation pressure.

Forced to operate with less contact between customers and workers, companies plowed money into technology, automation and videoconferencing software. Consumers have had to embrace digital services such as electronic commerce and telemedicine, and many find they like it. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 40 • May /June 2021

“The pandemic shocked older people into using technology and has shocked the economy in general into adopting technology,” said Constance Hunter, chief economist at KPMG. “We’re going to see continued investment in productivityenhancing technology because the pandemic really made it so clear that we need to have this digital backbone.” Business investment rose 17% in computer equipment, 6% in software, and 1% in research and development, even as GDP fell 2.4% in the fourth quarter from the same period a year earlier. Investment in automation and technology accelerated to 7% year-over-year growth in the third quarter of 2020 from 5% growth in the same period a year earlier, according to a McKinsey Global Institute analysis of 4,000 U.S. companies’ financials. Those gains could spread. About 75% of respondents to a survey of North American and European companies expected to speed up investment in new technology in 2020-24, higher than the 55% who said they increased such spending in 2014-19. This is enabling companies to raise productivity, which is defined as output per hour worked. Stronger productivity growth is key to the economy’s long-term success. Economic growth depends on the number of workers and how much they produce. Without productivity growth, economic growth must rely on more workers, which might be hard to achieve since the workforce is aging and the pandemic pushed millions of Americans out of the labor force. Higher productivity growth should also put more money into people’s pockets because wages are tied to how much workers produce. That would enable companies to raise wages without raising prices, damping inflation pressure. Wage growth was tepid for many years after the financial crisis, only breaking

above 3% in 2018. Productivity growth tends to move in multiyear trends, reflecting shifts in the structure of the economy. Excluding farms and government, it grew 2.8% a year from 1949 until the oil shock of 1973, then slowed to 1.4% from 1974 to 1995, sped up to 3% from 1996 to 2005 with the spread of computers and the internet, then slowed again, to 1.4% between 2006 and 2019. Last year it accelerated to 2.4% in the fourth quarter of 2020 from the same period a year earlier, although that was because the coronavirus triggered steep job losses in lower-wage sectors that tend to be less productive. Robert Gordon, a professor at Northwestern University who has studied productivity and living standards during the past century, said productivity growth slowed after 2005 because the payoff from computers faded and new inventions such as smartphones and tablets didn’t revolutionize business operations. In 2015 he had predicted productivity growth of only 1.5% a year over the next 25 years. Recent developments have made him more optimistic, and he expects annual productivity growth of about 1.8% this decade. A shift toward e-commerce should push up productivity by eliminating workers needed in bricks-and-mortar stores, Mr. Gordon said. Videoconferencing should also help, though the public-transit sector could offset some of the gains because buses and rail transit will carry fewer riders, he said. Some economists predict the increase in infrastructure investment that

President Biden proposed could also boost productivity growth. Source: WSJ

New Fire Sprinkler Company Comes to Mohave County Construction is underway and soon a new and growing company will be coming to Mohave County. Shambaugh & Sons is utilizing an existing building until the completion of its 84,000 square ft. fabrication facility. Progressive Pipe Fabricators, a division of Shambaugh, will fabricate and deliver over 20,000 individual sprinkler pipe per week. The building will be located on Historic Route 66 in Kingman. County Economic Development Director Tami Ursenbach says she is thrilled the company chose Mohave County: “It’s wonderful that 60 new jobs will become available. Companies are becoming more aware of what our county offers and we’re truly excited by the arrival of Progressive Pipe Fabricators, a Shambaugh & Sons division.” A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 41 • May /June 2021

Northrop Grumman, Raytheon Team Up With Next-Gen Missile Defense Contract Two of the leading defense contractors in Arizona are teaming up on a $3.9 billion contract with the U.S. government for rapid development of a modernized interceptor that can take on the most complex long-range ballistic threats. Northrop Grumman as lead along with Raytheon Technologies were awarded the contract for the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Next Generation Interceptor (NGI) program, which is part of the agency’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense System (GMD). The two contractors already provide various parts of the GMD system, and the latest contract is intended to develop and flight test an interceptor on an accelerated schedule with maximized innovation, the MDA said. The new interceptor program comes on the heels of the MDA’s first technical assessment of homeland defenses since initial system operations began in 2004, according to Vice Adm. Jon Hill, director of the MDA. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 42 • May /June 2021

“By planning to carry two vendors through technology development, MDA will maximize the benefits of competition to deliver the most effective and reliable homeland defense missile to the warfighter as soon as possible,” Hill said in a statement. “Once fielded, this new homeland defense interceptor will be capable of defeating expected threat advances into the 2030s and beyond.” The MDA said it will uphold “fly before you buy” principles “to ensure the overall system and components have been rigorously flight-tested prior to making any procurement decisions.” While the program will be headquartered in Alabama, major operations will take place at Northrop Grumman’s Chandler facilities, as well as in Tucson, where Raytheon’s Missiles & Defense division is headquartered. Some operations will also happen in Magna, Utah. Raytheon Vice President of Strategic Missile Defense Bryan Rosselli said the collaborative effort brings together next-generation technologies.“This team is building on unmatched experience, accounting for all 47 prior U.S. exo-atmospheric intercepts,” Rosselli said in a statement.

Precision Die & Stamping, Inc. 1704 West 10Th St • Tempe, AZ 85281 Ph: 480-967-2038 • F: 480-829-0838 • www.PrecisionDie.com

Automotive • Semiconductor • Lockset Hardware • Power Tools • Lawn & Garden Equipment • Aerospace

Since 1964, Precision Die & Stamping has maintained a philosophy that expertly designed tooling and dedication to customer service are number one priorities. This type of expertise and dedication has fostered a reputation of excellence in the tooling and stamping industry. Located in Tempe, Arizona, our 100,000 Sq. Ft. Facility contains state of the art equipment , with production capabilities ranging from simple geometries to complex forms with intricate details. Precision enjoys a world-class reputation supplying a variety of OEMs, managing their inventory levels, and making certain product quality and timely delivery are NEVER compromised. The Northrop-Raytheon award has a period of performance through 2029. The contract includes a $2.62 billion base period with $1.3 billion in options and will run from March 2021 until May 2026. The initial program funding limitation for both contracts combined is $1,600,000,000 through fiscal 2022, the Defense Department said. By Jeff Gifford – Digital Editor, Phoenix Business Journal

Chandler Based Compound Photonics Partners with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Manufacture World’s First Monolithic Microdisplay for Real-Time AR Compound Photonics and GLOBALFOUNDRIES are partnering to manufacture IntelliPix, the world’s first monolithic microdisplay that provides backplane design options to enable microLED or Liquid Crystal on Silicon. IntelliPix enables a real-time holographic consumer AR

experience by enabling lighter, more power-efficient AR glasses Through the industry-leading partnership, CP and GF are kicking off development of a series of cuttingedge custom solutions on GF’s 22FDX platform to enable IntelliPix’s flexible architecture that provides a software-defined and scalable feature set. The overall advancement in IntelliPix supports up to 100 times faster modulation while consuming 4 to 12 times less system power across the video pipeline, compared to CP’s previous platforms. By intelligently focusing only on changing pixels, IntelliPix is directed to pixels that are active, while conserving power in inactive pixel regions, resulting in high image quality and brightness, while significantly lowering the overall display subsystem power (OnDemand Pixels™). By leveraging the highperformance, ultra-low power, and broad feature integration capability of GF’s 22FDX platform, CP is able to deliver IntelliPix’s smart pixel digital backplane integrated with its proprietary real-time video pipeline at high frame rates and low latency all in one single chip with no compromises in display area, cost or power consumption to meet the critical requirements for widespread consumer AR. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 43 • May /June 2021

The team’s design is built on decades of experience in key combat programs and user feedback. It includes a chassis produced by Textron Systems and a nextgeneration transmission by Allison Transmissions, both made in the U.S. “The future battlefield calls for a digitally connected fighting vehicle that can outpace the enemy,” said Pat McCormack, a former Bradley master gunner for the Army and now a capability analyst at Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a Raytheon Technologies business. Bradley fighting vehicles traditionally have a threesoldier crew: a commander, gunner and a driver. The new OMFV will have two soldiers and an AI-powered virtual third crew member to help the humans on board think, decide and act faster.


Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) is an EEO/AA institution and an equal opportunity employer of protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. A lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in the career and technical education programs of the college. The Maricopa Community Colleges do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities. For Title IX/504 concerns, call the following number to reach the appointed coordinator: (480) 731-8499. For additional information, as well as a listing of all coordinators within the Maricopa College system, https://www.maricopa.edu/non-discrimination

Coming Soon: A Smart Combat Vehicle Raytheon Technologies and American Rheinmetall Vehicles will use artificial intelligence to operate the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle with two soldiers and a third virtual crew member. It looks like a fighting vehicle. But it’s a lot more than that. Raytheon Technologies and American Rheinmetall Vehicles are developing an infantry fighting vehicle that can conduct close-combat operations, survive modern threats like antitank guided missiles and cyber attacks, and use artificial intelligence to help the crew make split-second decisions. If there’s a crew at all, that is; it can also be operated remotely . The vehicle, Rheinmetall’s Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, will be the foundation for the industry team’s proposed design to the U.S. Army for its Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle, which will replace the aging Bradley fleet. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 44 • May /June 2021

Modern automation will allow a two-person crew to maneuver across the battlefield and watch for threats. When the system finds a threat, it will classify it and assign it a priority, after which soldiers can decide whether and how to engage. This reduces their cognitive load and number of simultaneous demands. The vehicle will be similar to a sophisticated semi-autonomous car, with computers and algorithms doing lots of analysis but people making the final decisions. The Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a next-generation, tracked, armored fighting vehicle designed to address the critical challenges of the future battlefield. The Lynx team is using digital engineering to build detailed, accurate computer models to ensure new capabilities like aided target recognition, or ATR, are compatible with the vehicle. It allows them to connect multiple points of model data into one database, also called a single source of truth. The team will install ATR or other technologies virtually to iterate and assess impacts on the entire system. This reduces integration efforts and risk before manufacturing physical prototypes or installing hardware. A computerized testbed allows them to create the vehicle virtually — testing it on different terrains and modeling combat simulations — and then export the digital model to build a physical version. That’s only the beginning. The team will look to install other automated programs on the OMFV, where artificial intelligence will help spread the workload. As part of the assessment, the team will examine how effectively AI assumes a portion of a crew member’s tasks. Artificial intelligence is driving a revolution in the way

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integrated systems and support their competitiveness around the world.”

“Designing and testing virtually in a digital environment is revolutionizing our rapid learning,” Kremer said. “

Through the new RFP, CESMII will expand its Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs), a network of individuals and organizations from industry, government, and academia. SMICs allow manufacturers of all sizes to benefit from the network’s manufacturing assets and competencies and to create testbeds.

The results are dramatic; we can give our front-line warfighters advanced capabilities that allow them to face whatever challenges the future fight entails.”The Army plans to have its Bradley replacement in the field in 2028.

DOE Announces Smart Manufacturing RFP, Selects 14 Clean Energy Projects The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a new request for proposals (RFP) and $1.36 million in selections for projects that will accelerate the adoption of Smart Manufacturing practices. These initiatives support efforts to spur innovation, create a highly skilled Smart Manufacturing workforce and reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing sector. DOE’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), which supports advances in smart sensors and digital process controls, will manage these projects. “Smart Manufacturing will make the American manufacturing sector more productive, more energy-efficient, and more competitive on a global scale,” said assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy Kelly Speakes-Backman. “DOE’s investments in Smart Manufacturing will accelerate the adoption of these technologies and processes, helping companies to create new,

The RFP makes up to $1 million in funding available, to be matched by cost-share funding. CESMII also selected 14 new research and development projects from a previous RFP issued last year. These projects will apply Smart Manufacturing solutions to realworld manufacturing process and operation challenges, improving energy productivity, performance, quality and efficiency. Source: Control Design A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 45 • May /June 2021

Servin manu g Arizona fac over 2 turers for 5 yea rs

rial t s u Ind g yclin s c e R alist i c e Sp

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GE Aviation is Using Additive Manufacturing to Change How Aircraft 50,000 And Still Strong: Collins Aerospace’s Military Engines areDelivered Manufactured

Communications Legacy Continues With Arc-210 Airborne Radio

While the tiny town of Cameri may not look like one of the most beautiful cities and villages to dot the Italian landscape (even a local business owner said it was not the prettiest), some would beg to differ. Three Collins celebrated a years ago, Avio Aero, which designs, manufactures, and Aerospace maintains systemsrecently and components for both civil monumental milestone with the delivery of the and military aviation, opened the most advanced additive manufacturing factory in Europe on the edge of 50,000th ARC-210 software-defined airborne town, and since then, they have received a steady flow of visitors: not tourists, but engineers, executives, and radio Air Systems Air additive manufacturing professionals. Not long aftertotheNaval company opened theCommand factory, they(NAVAIR) were acquired (PMA-209), key customer of by GE Aviation, which is using the technologyCombat on-site toElectronics change how aircraft enginesaare manufactured. the program since it began in 1990. GE is focusing efforts on driving AM, after a disappointing Q4 2016. This certainly seems to be a smart approach; Dario Mantegazza, an Avio Aero The manufacturing said it best, when he described 3D delivery engineer, of the 50,000th radio continues a 30+ printing as having “no limits to complexity.” GE Aviation has facilities in Germany and Sweden, whereand they year relationship between Collins Aerospace acquired majority stakes in Arcam and in Concept Laser last year. The company has a factory in Auburn, the U.S. Navy on the ARC-210 program — a model for government-industry teaming. Alabama, and which also owns AMcontinued pioneer Morris Technologies, located in southwest Ohio. But Joyce says for the This radio, has to evolve with the needs of the Navy, is standard little Italian town of Cameri, and Avio Aero, are an important part of GE’s overall AM business strategy and multi-band, multi-mode communications and plays a key role in allowing joint and will be “at the center of the growth of our additive ecosystem.” coalition forces to communicate in various theaters of operations worldwide. The plant in Cameri is special, because it uses twenty Arcam-developed AM machines, which fuse together The Collins Aerospace ARC-210 radio wasgun the first tactical airborne embed layers of titanium aluminide (TiAI) using an electron to accelerate an electron beam.radio TiAI isto 50% lighter encryption and modem operation to support satellite communications in tactical than nickel-based alloys, and is being used in the Cameri plant to 3D print blades for the GE9X jet aircraft. engine’s The ARC-210 radios have transmitted millions of critical messages in the air and at sea, low-pressure turbine. mission after mission. Now available in its sixth iteration, the ARC-210 RT-2036 brings The are able to additively manufacture blades thatas arewell fouras times thicker thannext-generation ones created with theengineers latest encryption and anti-jam technologies, integrating anetworking laser-poweredwaveforms 3D printer, which is good, considering the GE9X is the largest jet engine ever built;and the that include the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) Second Generation Anti-jam Tactical UHF Radio for NATO (SATURN). A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 28 • March / Apr 2017 2


• 46 • May /June 2021

diameter of the turbine The ARC-210 radio itself has isthe over 80 inches. widest frequency range of any tactical airborne radio and This electron beamused technique includes those by iscivil so fast it’s even competing with for first responders, allowing casting, which is the standard way communications interoperability to manufacture TiAI parts. The by military and national guard team is also to use the same aircraft in able emergencies such machine to change the part shape as hurricane relief and fighting and print different blades at the wildfires. The latest generation same time. ARC-210 now also includes L-Band frequency capability for Aerospace Industry tactical networking.

Sets $146B Expor t

“As the market Record In leader 2016 in airborne communications, Collins Aerospace remainsandcommitted The U.S. aerospace defense t industry o b r i nset g i na gnewt orecord m o r r for o w ’s technology to the warfighter inter national sales in 2016, today,” said $146 Ryan billion Bunge, invice deliver ing president general manager, exports, theand Aerospace Industries Communication, Navigation Association announced. and Guidance Solutions. “We’re hit this Exportsproud for theto sector havedelivery been milestone, continuing our on an upward swing for a while, legacy of providing our military increasing by 52 percent over and nations reliable the allied past five years. with Compared communications when it matters to 2015, companies were able most.” to sell an additional $3 billion in products to international As the most widely customers in 2016, AIAfielded data airborne shows. radio in the world, the ARC-210 is operating on more Unsurprisingly, civil aerospace than 200 platform variants sales made up majority of the worldwide inthe over 50 countries. $146ARC-210 billion total,iswith defense The part of the productsAerospace’s comprising about 15 Collins TruNet™ percent of sales, AIA stated. The networked communications U.S. military aerospace sector family of products, which shipped about $16 billion includes airborne and worth ground of products to foreignnetworking militaries radios, advanced in 2016 — a 5 percent increaseand waveforms, applications, from 2015. Non-aerospace support and services. military companies fared even better, exportsaalmost Collinsincreasing Aerospace, unit of 9 % from $5.6 billion to $6.1 Raytheon Technologies Corp., isbillion. a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent 34b a l sEurope o l u t i o nimpor s f oted r t habout e glo percent of US aerospace and aerospace and defense defense exports last year, making industry. Collins Aerospace it thethe industry’s largest regional has extensive capabilities, ccustomer. o m p re hHowever, e n s i v esales p oto r t the folio Middle East are rapidly growing, and broad expertise to solve increasing bytoughest 22 percentchallenges over the customers’ past year. and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market.


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Albuquerque Manufacturer’s Incentives Could Top $20 Million

3,000+ Waterjet Parts Are Just a Click Away We are an authorized distributor of genuine OEM parts from Flow, H2O Jet and KMT. From cutting heads, on/off valves, and orifices to ROCTEC nozzles and more, most parts are in stock, and ordering is fast and easy. Order online at store.barton.com or call (800) 741-7756 to speak with a parts expert. FREE SHIPPING EVERY DAY on orders of $300 or more at store.barton.com Any reference to the original manufacturer is for identification purposes only.

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Bernalillo County Commissioners unanimously approved up to $22 million in industrial revenue bonds to help American Gypsum Co.’s modernization efforts at its Albuquerque plant. The infrastructure upgrades will require the company to retrain its employees to operate the new equipment, but will not result in any layoffs, according to county documents. The company employs 80 full-time staff at its 55-acre plant at 4600 Paseo Del Norte NE, county documents show. According to a financial analysis Bernalillo County received, employee salaries at the facility range from $44,287 to $123,000. An industrial revenue bond allows a company to invest money to create or expand through construction or additional manufacturing equipment. In exchange, a local government body agrees to help the company pay for the investment, often by reducing its property and gross receipts taxes. The total dollar amount of an IRB refers to what a company expects to invest, not what it would be given in tax breaks. For this project, Bernalillo County will construct and install the facility improvements. American Gypsum will pay the amount of the improvements back to the county. The agreement between Bernalillo County and American Gypsum says the company must operate its Albuquerque facility for at least 10 years, but the investment and improvements called for mean the facility could function into 2070, according to Albuquerque Journal reporting that cited county documents. American Gypsum will also be required to file a report by April 30 of each year that outlines the number of full-time employees at the facility, as well as job classifications and salaries, according to the agreement. The agreement contains provisions to levy a financial penalty should the company employ fewer than 80 people as of April 30, 2024, according to county documents. American Gypsum began operations in Albuquerque in 1985, according to county documents. It produces more than 430 million square feet of drywall Based in Dallas, Texas, American Gypsum is the fifthlargest producer of gypsum drywall in North America. It operates four plants that can produce nearly four billion square feet of drywall each year. In addition to the Albuquerque facility, American Gypsum operates production facilities in Bernalillo; Duke, Oklahoma; Gypsum, Colorado; and Georgetown, South Carolina.By Chris Keller – Albuquerque Business First


• 48 • May /June 2021

New Mexico


25 years of partnership with Doosan 215 S. Rockford Drive, #101 Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-968-3711 Website: adamsmachineryaz.com Email: info@adamsmachineryaz.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

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OUR CAPABILITIES Semiray a Division of Mistras Group www.semirayinc.com www.mistrasgroup.com OVER 26 PRIME APPROVALS


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Electric Vehicle Battery Recycler Plans Gilbert Facility, Creating 50 Jobs Ontario, Canada-based Li-Cycle Corp., a lithiumion electric vehicle battery recycler, is building a facility in Gilbert which will effectively d o u b l e t h e c o m p a n y ’s recycling capacity. Once completed, the facility will be able to process 10,000 metric tons (22.04 million pounds) of batteries and battery manufacturing scrap per year. The facility will be able to process full electric vehicle battery packs without dismantling. The facility, called Spoke 3, will be the company’s third, adding to locations in Rochester, New York and Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The company has plans to create 20 “spoke” facilities globally in the next five years. “Once completed, our newest Spoke facility will add significant recycling capacity to Li-Cycle, strategically expanding the geographic footprint of our closed-loop solution for recycling lithium-ion battery materials,” Tim Johnston, co-founder and executive chairman of Li-Cycle, said in a statement. “Our Arizona Spoke will have two 5,000 tonne processing lines, effectively A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 50 • May /June 2021

doubling our total recycling capacity in North America. It will also be engineered to directly process full electric vehicle packs without any dismantling.” A spokesman for the Arizona Commerce Authority said Li-Cycle has not submitted any applications for state incentives, but the company could be eligible for up to $387,000 from the quality jobs tax credit, which offers $9,000 of Arizona income or premium tax credits over a three-year period for each new, quality job created. Engineering and design of the facility is expected to begin this quarter, and the facility is planned to be operational in the first quarter of 2022. Hiring for the plant will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021. Li-Cycle’s facilities convert batteries and battery manufacturing scrap into a product called “black mass” which is a powder containing metals like lithium, cobalt and nickel. The black mass is processed to create battery grade materials, like lithium carbonate, cobalt sulphate and nickel sulphate, according to the company. Li-Cycle’s battery supply customers include some of the largest automakers, including Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, General Motors and Kia.

T h e Va l l e y h a s b e c o m e a popular location for electric vehicle manufacturing. Recently, ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. announced it was establishing its assembly plant in Mesa, and both Nikola Corp. and Lucid Motors are creating manufacturing operations in Pinal County. By Corina Vanek Phoenix Business Journal

Intel contributed $3.89 billion to Arizona’s GDP, report finds Intel contributed an excess of $3.89 billion to Arizona’s economy in 2019, according to a new report that measured the company’s economic impact on several Western states. Intel Corp. has its most significant direct economic impacts in Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico. All told, the company directly contributed $25.9 billion to the U.S. economy in 2019. The report, which was researched by a third-party, found that Intel’s 52,000 employees contributed to more than $102 billion in both direct and indirect GDP impact on the total U.S. economy in 2019. “While I am proud of the role Intel plays in fueling U.S. economic growth and development, I know there is more we can do,” Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said in a statement. “We are committed to doing our part to ensure the U.S. continues to be the leader in semiconductor manufacturing. As we continue to invest in and strengthen the U.S. economy, I know Intel’s best days are ahead of us.” Intel is a cornerstone of the Arizona semiconductor manufacturing industry after originally setting up a factory in Chandler in 1980. The Chandler facility, known as the Ocotillo Campus, is the company’s largest manufacturing site in the world and it is set to grow even more with the addition of two new



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ABS METALLURGICAL PROCESSORS INC. 4313 EAST MAGNOLIA STREET, PHOENIX, AZ 602-437-3008 • ABSHeatTreat.com fabs announced last month. The new fabs will cost $20 billion to build and will bring an estimated 3,000 more jobs to Arizona, in addition to the more than 12,000 Intel employees in the state now. The report also found that Intel supports an additional 58,600 indirect jobs, from suppliers or other ancillary chip companies that have grown alongside the chipmaking giant. Intel’s indirect economic impact was more $8.6 billion statewide in 2019. The pandemic induced a global shortage of computer chips which may not subside until next year. In light of the current supply crunch, American legislators have made calls to build up chip-making capacity to avoid future shortages and reduce dependency on international suppliers.Sen. Mark Kelly previously told the Business Journal that there is still room to grow the semiconductor industry in Arizona. “This is critical for our national security. But it’s also a great opportunity for our state as a leader in this industry already, to just double down on Arizona being a real hub for manufacturing of these critical components that go into so many things that we rely on every single day.” By Andy Blye – Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 51 • May /June 2021

‘Made In America’ Medford Knives Use ‘Made In America’ Haas Machine Tools In Their Manufacturing

“Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.” Aristotle Courage to be audacious, which by definition is showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. “Growing a business is like embarking on a new frontier, and it clearly requires over and over again the courage to be audacious. That and leadership”, says founder/owner of Medford Knives Greg Medford. Greg Medford is a patriot. He served our country as a Marine Machine Gunner shortly after graduating from High School, and his office is like a museum, adorned with many artifacts of American History. Once Greg completed his tour overseas with the Marines, he came back to the states to open a school for Martial Arts. When the recession lasting from December 2007 to June 2009 came upon us, Greg says that enrollment at his Martial Arts school plummeted – “it was a non-essential expense that many couldn’t then afford.” Greg made the decision that whatever business endeavor he would undertake going forward would be, to the extent possible, recession proof. It is not entirely surprising that he landed on knife manufacturing, because “people want weapons, they are primordial, and unlike guns, knives don’t have federal licensing, nor are they subject to the controversial politics of gun control. As a former Marine, I wanted to make a product that would help protect people, particularly those serving our country overseas.” Once Greg made the decision to launch a manufacturing business, his start up was actually quite remarkable. “I made the decision to launch Medford Knives on a Sunday, bought a grinder on Tuesday, and secured a 1200 square foot space for the business that Friday.” Greg moved the tools from his airport hangar to the shop (among his talents, Greg holds a commercial pilot’s license and is an FAA flight instructor), and at a friend’s recommendation he flew to Missouri to learn the trade of knife grinding. Greg says, “The instructor taught a weekly class for $50 per student, and his class typically had 10 students. I asked him if I could pay him $500 for the whole week for private instruction.” In the week, Greg not only learned how to grind knives (he was a natural at it, per his instructor); he also received training on Metallurgy through his knowledgeable teacher. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 52 • May /June 2021

“Our Medford knives are the Porsche of the knife industry”, Greg says. “While Porsches are by no means the lowest priced performance car in the market, they are luxury automobiles after all, over the life of the Porsche, they are one of the best valued performance cars. In fact, a study I read says that 82% of all Porsches purchased in the US are still on the road today. Medford knives are priced similarly; not the least expensive performance knife, but with exceptional quality, they are an outstanding value over the life of the knife.” Greg is an adamant believer in buying American made products. “I tell my kids, both teenagers, “Don’t buy things that will wind up in a garage sale. Buyer fewer items and buy items that will last you for many years and that you will value.” When Greg made the decision to start up a machine shop to manufacture the Medford knives internally, his natural choice for a machine tool was the Haas, with the first machine being a Haas Mini mill. “It is a beautiful thing that solidly built, extremely widely used machines

are designed and manufactured in the United States”, he says. Chris Hansen, Sales Engineer for Ellison Machinery, distributor for the Haas Machines, says, “The Medford knives are a premier line, made with Titanium, and they actually require aerospace equivalent tolerances of .0005. Our Haas Mini Mills are the industry standard for compact machining centers, and it was an ideal first machine for Medford Knives as they began manufacturing their own products.” Over the years, Greg and the Medford team have continued to invest in Haas machine tools for their manufacturing, with 10 Haas machines on the floor today. Greg says, “This is my perspective on machines – the most important criterion for selecting your new machine is how it will be serviced. Once a year when a machine breaks, you want a human to answer the phone and you want your supplier to be extremely responsive to your need to get the machine back up and running.” He added, “With Ellison Machinery, I call Chris when I have an issue, and he helps to get my machine up and running quickly. Chris is an attentive, very professional supplier to us. He does what he says he will do. On top of this, Patrick Ellison, owner of Ellison Machinery, will show up or call to ensure that every one of our Haas machines are making the precision parts we need for our production of Medford Knives.” Medford’s latest Haas acquisition is the HAAS EC-400 pallet pool 4 Axis Horizontal Machining Center. “It’s a bit of a firecracker”, Greg says, adding, “This Haas horizontal machining center will do what 4 mills can do today with our flexible fixturing.” Further, at Medford Knives, the team is taking advantage of unattended machining to maximize their productivity. Medford also has 2 new HAAS VF-2SS mills on order for their growing business. Chris adds, “Medford has caught the image of the flexibility that can be achieved with a horizontal pallet change machine. It allows Medford to keep multiple setups staged and ready to go with 100 tools in the library they have the ultimate “flex” manufacturing cell.” In its 10 years as an entity, Medford Knives has grown exponentially year over year. The company has a strong distribution network, with nearly 200 resellers throughout the world (50 outside of the US). Medford Knives isn’t resting on its laurels, as the expression goes. In fact, the company is planning for the launch of a new product line for next January. The product will be manufactured and sold through a separate company, called American Service Knife (ASK). Greg said the new company will compete head-to-head with Victorinox. Victorinox may not be a household name but ‘Swiss Army Knives’ is, and Victorinox is the company that invented and

manufactures Swiss Army Knives. “This new line will grow our business substantially, and it will offer lower price points than our current products.” Medford Knives are some of the most exquisite USA designed and manufacturing knives you can purchase. You won’t find the craftsmanship that goes into these knives on many others in the industry. To order your own Medford Knife, visit: MedfordKnife.com Working at Medford Knives isn’t your typical machinist job, and ‘just average’ doesn’t cut it. In fact, there is a stringent interview process that happens prior to a new team member being hired. Greg says, “We meet with the candidate twice. In the first interview, I help them understand that their job here for the next year or more is to do nothing but learn. I ask them to write a letter telling me why they want to join the company. I only hear back from 1 of 4 with this requirement. Once a team member comes on board, we have a higher than industry average likelihood that they will stay (our rate is 1:2 retention where in the industry it is closer to 1:6). It takes 18 months where you are an apprentice, and then another couple of years where you are in Journeyman training, and you become an expert knife maker after about 5 years.” Those up to the challenge and interest in joining a rapidly growing knife manufacturer, are encouraged to apply. Haas Automation is the largest machine tool builder in the United States, and one of the largest builders of CNC machines in the world. They manufacture a complete line of CNC vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, turning centers, 5-axis machining centers, and rotary products, as well as a wide selection of fully integrated automation solutions, including automatic parts loaders, palletpool systems, and 6-axis robot systems. To learn more about the USA designed and manufactured Haas machines, as well as Ellison Machinery’s other fine machine lines, contact Haas Factory Outlet / HFO130, a Division of Ellison Machinery Company, at (480) 968-5877. www.ellisonaz.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 53 • May /June 2021

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up the job in—the hourproduct or baseboard thefirst EMIB so after arriving in the facility. offers increased bandwidth which Usually if it takes longer than run can make tech such as laptops most of the current frontline faster, according to Intel.

employees become frustrated because Optane they havememory their own and Intel’s job to do and want move for storage technology, to designed on to a new person. They data centers and personalgousers, to also the manager, who is busy is being developed in Rio themselves, and let them know Rancho. The technology behind that we need a new employee Optane, called 3D XPoint, was and the cycle all starts again. being jointly developed by Intel How can we change this cycle?

and Micron Technology Inc. But with Micron now exiting from 3D This is a big reason that I took XPoint, Intel may need a place to up Lean and wanted to learn produce it. how to bring the concepts to the floor to help everyone from

Tulsa Office 10404 E 55th Pl #G Tulsa, OK 74146 info@isiworld.net Phone: 918.906.5226

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AsWhat Hiring Levels Off Intel Rio Rancho, Company is the Cost of At Not Training All Employees? Official Points To New Mexico As ‘Innovation Hub’ Written by Jason Haines

In an interview with Business First,

“The mediocre teacher tells. The goodofficials teacher explains. The superior confirmed that after adding teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” -William Arthur more than 500 employees in Ward 2019, Intel hired 82 people at the Rio Rancho

A couple weeks ago I was asked the question of plant why companies seem toof think that last year. don’t The period slowed training is important and don’t typically do enough training for all of their employees. hiring came during unprecedented I didn’t have a good answer at that time because I have heard many different economic interruption due answers to the about why training is so lax in many places. However, one of the big things that I always Covid-19 pandemic and followed two hear from leadership is they can’t keep, or find, good employees, and the new people expansions announced in the couple of never seem to pick up their jobs quickly. Another question that I get is how long should years prior. Intel is preparing to ramp we wait on the employee to pick up the job before moving on to a new person? My up operations in Phoenix, and recently announced plans for two new factories in answer for this is always the same, and I will answer later in this writing. But first, I just Chandler, Arizona. The $20 billion investment is expected to create 3,000 high-tech want to say before we really get started is that most people, (I always say 95% but that jobs, according to Intel. is my number not a researched number) come to work to do a great job because they are trying to do well and also provide for their families.

But whereas Phoenix is the company’s “U.S. manufacturing powerhouse,” Communications Manager Linda Qian said during the interview, Mexico serves So, why is training so important to all companies but never seems to New be that important to as an “innovation hub.” Several technologies are being developed in Rio Rancho, anyone? When we walk into any company, and as leaders, we always hear the same thing including one that the companyEither had previously in anto undisclosed when we are training employees. it is I don’tbeen think developing this one is going make it, or location. this one is a real good one. In my early years I was guilty of these sayings myself. But how do we judge whether someone is good enough or not to make it in our organization?

That technology is called the Iembedded multi-die interconnect or small One of the strongest ways that have seen this judgment is whether bridge, the person picks connectors for computer chips to enable more scalability. Compared with an older A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 56 • Mar /Apr 2021 design used to bring together chips — in which they are placed atop an electronic 2


• 54 • May /June 2021

Capital spending Intel in New the frontline to thefor leadership Mexico topped $290 of our company. The million whole last year, and the company says it has idea behind Lean and training invested more than $16 a l l e m p l o y e e s i s h e l p f ubillion l to support its only operations because it not provides here since 1980. 2004, theshows Sandoval coaching butInLean also County Commission employees that they are approved cared aabout. $16 billion revenue This in industrial turn provides bond for Intel, Business for less employee turnoverFirst and helpsIntel thehas organization reported. had a significant train it’s future economic impactleaders on Rioand Rancho, ambassadors of number the company. creating a large of jobs. In 2019, Intel made 509 local hires, Why is it important toreport build with according to its annual future leaders and ambassadors Sandoval County for that year. Its for your organization? When New Mexico employment stands leaders start1,800, to help buildabout at more than up from and train the future of the 1,200 in 2018. company, they find those that they will carry the torch Average annual total compensation of the company in the future. for Intel New Mexico employees These frontline employees stood at more than $145,000 as of will feel appreciated by the the end of 2020, including salary, company and provide input benefits and bonuses. when it is needed. They will also be more apt to sell the Many firms faced big hits to company to others outside business last year due tothat the impact the company. Whether is of the Covid-19 pandemic selling the product or selling and resulting restrictions. But Intel it to people to come and says itwork experienced growth there, they revenue will be great during the period ambassadors thatand, will according work to reporting The Wall Street hard for thefrom organization. Journal, is betting on an increase Showing appreciation and in chip demand that some think training employees will go will continue pastin the pandemic. a long way helping your On its most recent annual report, the organization.

company posted an 8% increase W hrevenue e t h e r in i t 2020 i s f r compared o n t l i n e to in the previous year.By Collin Krabbe – Albuquerque Business First

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Honeywell Wins Major Contract To Provide Engines For Army Chinook Helicopters Phoenix-based Honeywell Aerospace will continue to be a key player in the U.S. Army’s CH-47 Chinook program after winning a new four-year, $476 million contract for new production and spare engines for the helicopters. The indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract means Honeywell will provide T55-GA714A engines for Boeing’s Philadelphia production line, which supplies the Army and foreign partner nations. The contract will also provide spares for the Army’s existing Chinook fleet.

critical heavy-lift mission, and we take this mission seriously. We are very proud to continue our strong relationship with PEO Aviation, the U.S. Army and our warfighter.” The company last year opened its new Center of Excellence facility near its Honeywell A e ro s p a c e h e a d q u a r t e r s , dedicated to manufacture and repair of the T55 turboshaft engines, and also last year it won a five-year contract for repairing and overhauling the engines for the CH-47 helicopter fleet. The facility delivers up to 20 engines per month, the company said. The company also last year entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with the Army to work on its upgraded T55-GA714C engine for the heavy-lift, twin engine CH-47F Chinook, which is more powerful and fuel efficient than the current T55, and it is designed to be incorporated into the current version of the engine during overhauls. That program is currently in its first phase, with demonstrations expected to begin in 2022. The CH-47F Chinook helicopter hauls troops and cargo for the Army. The T55 engine was introduced in 1955, and Honeywell has been making improvements on it since 1961, increasing its horsepower by 133% and decreasing its fuel consumption.

“Supporting the U.S. Army Chinook Program is a bedrock principle for Honeywell Aerospace,” Honeywell Aerospace Vice President of Defense Aftermarket Steven Williams said in a statement.

Hybrid-electric generator In a separate announcement this week, Honeywell said it is developing a power source for hybrid-electric aircraft.

“Our mission is manufacturing, maintaining, and modernizing T55 engines for the

The company said its


• 56 • May /June 2021

1-megawatt generator, which weighs about the same as a motor scooter, will be able to run on both aviation biofuel and conventional jet fuel and diesel. It is designed to be combined with and add power to Honeywell’s HGT1700 auxiliary power unit, which is currently flown on Airbus A350 XWB aircraft. “There is an inherent need for electric and hybrid-electric power as the urban air mobility segment takes shape and unmanned aerial vehicles enter service,” said Stephane Fymat, vice president and general manager for Honeywell Aerospace’s Unmanned Aerial Systems and Urban Air Mobility, in a statement. “Our turbogenerators provide a safe, lightweight package to serve these burgeoning segments, and we’re designing our solutions to meet the unique needs of customers developing aerial vehicles of the future.” Recently, Honeywell was one of 463 businesses named to Fast Company magazine’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. The list recognizes businesses that have stood up to the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and brought innovations in the midst of those challenges. Honeywell was named No. 4 in the enterprise category for its launch of what the magazine called “what may be the most powerful quantum computer in the world.” “It is an honor to be recognized as one the world’s most innovative companies. While 2020 was a challenging year, it was also a remarkable one for Honeywell,” said Darius Adamczyk, chairman and chief executive officer of Honeywell, in a statement. “We mobilized quickly to create solutions the world needed to get back to work, play, life and travel as quickly and safely as possible. At Honeywell, innovation is in our DNA and is part of our 100-year heritage of shaping the future.” By Jeff Gifford – Digital Editor, Phoenix Business Journal

New NMSU Initiative To Spotlight Development Opportunities Along Border With Mexico Economic development along New Mexico’s southern border region stands as one of the state’s biggest opportunities to bring manufacturers here. New Mexico State University’s College of Business plans a formal approach to promoting business expansion and development in this region, according to a news release. Longtime NMSU economics professor Christopher Erickson will spearhead the Center for Border Economic

Development, or C-BED, the news release said. He heads NMSU’s Department of Economics, Applied Statistics and International Business. “C-BED will identify impediments to border business expansion and economic development and bring to bear the resources of NMSU to help overcome those impediments,” Erickson said in a prepared statement. “In our conversations with private businesses and organizations, we identified a need for economic analysis and data along this region.” The center remains in its early stages, but Erickson’s overarching goal is to further economic development in Doña Ana, Luna and Hidalgo counties, commonly known as the Borderplex. International trade has expanded, but it hasn’t led to an increase in employment and growth along the Borderplex, Erickson said in the news release. For example, overall trade at the Santa Teresa Port of Entry totaled more than $30 billion in 2019 — a 17.4% increase — but gross domestic product lags in other key border areas across southern New Mexico, he said. Lucinda Vargas, a former Federal Reserve economist and postdoc researcher, will help launch the center, the new release said.By Chris Keller – Managing Editor, Albuquerque Business First A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 57 • May /June 2021

65,000 sq. ft. corrective leveling (in-house coil processing) precision sheet sales press brake forming shear processing laser cutting plasma cutting turret punching


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The Workday Grew Almost 80 Minutes Longer In 2020 — But Workers Were 200% More Productive It’s not just your imagination —

the workday got longer last year. By January 2021, the typical professional was working almost 80 more minutes a day than they did a year before, according to a new study from Prodoscore Inc., which offers software that tracks workers’ productivity. The increased work time had a big benefit for companies — over the same period, workers’ productivity jumped nearly 200%. But employers need to be wary of employee burnout from all the extra hours, Crisantos Hajibrahim, Prodoscore’s chief product officer, said in a statement. “This research and analysis underscores why business leaders need to prepare to embrace flexibility in the workplace,” Hajibrahim said. In January 2020, the typical white-collar workday started at 8:24 a.m. and ended at 5:31 p.m., according to Prodoscore’s data. A year later, that day was more likely to last from 7:46 a.m. to 6:12 p.m., Prodoscore found. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 58 • May /June 2021

The company gleaned its data by scrutinizing 7,000 employee records, looking in particular at workers’ use of cloud-based applications, such as those included in Microsoft and Google’s productivity suites. What are employees doing during that now 10-hour workday? More than two hours of it they spend in meetings, Prodoscore found. That adds up to 24 full days worth of meetings per year. While that sounds like a lot, it’s actually less than the typical employee spent in meetings in 2019. Then, the average professional spent more than three hours a day in the conference room. Perhaps in part due to that drop in meeting time, professional employees were more productive in each month of 2020 than they were in the year-prior month, Prodoscore found. The biggest productivity jump actually took place in March 2020 — the same month that widespread coronavirus lockdowns began in the U.S. That month, white-collar workers were 207.6% more productive than they had been in March 2019. Some months saw a much smaller increase in productivity year-over-year. Employees were only 4.7% more productive in November 2020 than they were in the same month in 2019. But the typical Thanksgiving slowdown may have limited the gains that month, Prodoscore said.By Allison Levitsky – Tech Industry Reporter, Silicon Valley Business Journal


Up to 25% Off CNC CMM Packages With Renishaw PH20 5-Axis Touch Probe or SP25M Scanning Probe

1 CNC CMM Packages Include:

CRYSTA-Apex S 500/700/900

 A2LA Accredited calibration using NIST traceable artifacts  Installation  Training  Computer and Workstation  MCOSMOS Software  PH20 5-Axis Touch Probe or SP25M Scanning Probe  2 Year Warranty  5 Years Unlimited Software Phone Support No Software Maintenance Agreement!  No annual fees  Complete support  Eligible for software upgrades

The higher accuracy specification of the CRYSTA-Apex S gives it more than double the effective measuring range in terms of accuracy-guarantee capability. 9206 9106 9166 Axis 544 574 776 7106 [9108] [9168] [9208] X 19.68” 27.55” 35.43” Y 15.74” 27.55” 39.36” 62.99” 78.73” Z 15.74” 23.62” 23.62”[31.49”]

CRYSTA-APEX EX 500T/700T/900T The CRYSTA-Apex EX T is the same in terms of measuring range and accuracy as the CRYSTA-Apex S only configured with the dedicated PH20 probe system. Axis X Y Z

544 574 776 7106 9106 9166 9206 19.68” 27.55” 35.43” 15.74” 27.55” 39.36” 62.99” 78.73” 15.74” 23.62” 23.62”[31.49”]


The SP25M is comprised of two sensors in a single housing. Users can switch between a choice of five scanning modules (styli with lengths from 20 mm to 400 mm) enabling configuration by the user to precisely match the application’s needs. The TM25-20 adaptor module is compatible with Renishaw's TP20 range of probe modules. With the mix of scanning modules and TP20 modules, measurement performance wis optimized, ensuring high accuracy and productivity. Accuracy starting at: (1.7 + 3L/1000) μm


The PH20's infinite positioning guarantees optimal feature access, minimizing stylus changes. The 5-axis simultaneous motion allows larger parts to be measured on the CMM by minizising the space required around the part for head rotation. The PH20 automatically aligns itself with the part co-ordinate system, avoiding stylus collisions. Accuracy starting at: (2.2 + 3L/1000) μm


Available in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Nevada from: Ellison Machinery Company 1610 S Priest Dr., #101 Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-968-5335 / www.EllisonAZ.com

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C-86300 C-86300 Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze CC-36000 Free Brass Nickle Aluminum Bronze romium Nickle Nickle Silicon Silicon C-63020 romium C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze C-86300 Mangunese Bronze C-67500Manganese ManganeseBronze Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze C-89835Lead LeadFree FreeBronze Bronze C-86300 Mangunese Bronze C-67500 C-89835 C-89835 LeadFree Free Bronze C-89835 Lead Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-64200 Silicon Silicon Aluminum Aluminum Bronze Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-64200 C-93200(SAE660) (SAE660)Bronze Bronze Copper C-93200 Copper C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-95510 Nickel Aluminum C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze C-86300 Mangunese Bronze C-95510 Nickel Aluminum C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-86300 Mangunese Bronze SAE841 C-95400 Aluminum Bronze SAE841 Oilite -65500 Silicon Silicon Bronze Bronze Oilite CC-65500 C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze ining Brass C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze C-95510Nickle NickleAlumninum AlumninumBronze Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-89835 Lead Free Bronze C-95510 Bronze Bronze C-67500 Manganese Manganese Bronze Bronze C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze Service C-93200Cast CastBronze Bronze Your One Stop Service Center SAE841Oilite Oilite C-95510 Nickle Alumninum BronzeCenter C-67500 C-93200 (SAE660) Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-93200 Your One Stop SAE841 C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-95400Aluminum AluminumBronze Bronze SAE841 Oilite C-95400 SAE841 Oilite SAE841Powder PowderMetal MetalBearings Bearings SAE841 Oilite SAE841 Oilite C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze SAE841 C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-95510 Nickle Alumninum Bronze C-93200Cast CastBronze Bronze C-93200 SAE841 Oilite CustomMachined MachinedBushings Bushings SAE841 Oilite C-86300SAE841 Mangunese Bronze Oilite Custom SAE841 Oilite SAE841Powder PowderMetal MetalBearings Bearings C-86300 Mangunese Bronze Chrome Plated Bars SAE841 Chrome Plated Bars CustomMachined MachinedBushings Bushings Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Custom 75K-100K- -Induction Induction Hardened 75K-100K Hardened C-89835 LeadFree Free Bronze Grooves (in-house) C-89835 Lead Bronze SpecialOil OilGrooves Grooves(in-house) (in-house) YourSpecial OneOil Stop Service Center Center Special Standard&&Metric MetricSizes Sizes Your One Stop Service Standard C-93200 Cast Cast Bronze Bronze C-93200 C-93200(SAE660) (SAE660) Bronze CuttotoLength Length C-93200 Bronze Cut SAE841 Powder Powder Metal Metal Bearings Bearings SAE841 C-93200 Cast Cast Bronze Bronze C-95400Center AluminumBronze Bronze C-93200 C-95400 Aluminum C-93200 Cast Bronze Your One One75K-100K Stop Service Service Custom Machined Bushings Stop Custom Machined Bushings SAE841 Powder Powder Metal Bearings Bearings 75K-100K InductionCenter Hardened Chrome Plated Plated Bars BarsYour SAE841 Metal --Cylinder Induction Hardened Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Bronze Chrome Pre-Honed Tubing C-95510 NickleAlumninum Alumninum Bronze C-95510 Nickle Bearings Custom Machined Bushings Special Oil Grooves (in-house) (in-house) SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Custom Machined Bushings 75K-100K--Induction InductionHardened Hardened Special Oil Grooves 75K-100K Standard Metric Sizes Standard andMetric Metric Sizes CutTo To Length Standard &&Sizes Metric Sizes Standard and Cut Length C-93200Cast CastBronze Bronze Special Oil Oil Grooves Grooves (in-house) C-93200 (in-house) Standard&&Metric MetricSizes Sizes ast Bronze Special C-93200 Cast Bronze Bronze SAE841 Oilite Standard C-93200 Cast SAE841 Oilite Custom Machined Bushings Cutto toLength Length SAE841Powder PowderMetal MetalBearings Bearings GrayIron IronClass Class40 40 Chrome PlatedHardened Bars Cut SAE841 Gray Cutto toLength Length Chrome Plated Bars 75k-100k Induction Hardened Cut SAE841 Powder Powder Metal Metal Bearings 75k-100k Induction wder Metal BearingsSAE841 Bearings CustomMachined MachinedBushings BushingsDuctile DuctileIron Iron Custom 75K-100K- -Induction InductionHardened Hardened 75K-100K Special OilMachined Grooves (in-house) Custom Machined Bushings Stainless Steel Custom Bushings Stainless Steel 65-45-12••80-55-06 80-55-06 Special OilGrooves Grooves(in-house) (in-house) Standard & Metric Sizes 75K-100K Hardened 65-45-12 Special Oil Standard & Metric Sizes Standard & Metric Sizes 75K-100K --Induction Hardened Standard &Induction Metric Sizes achined NEW C-93200Bushings Cast Bronze Special Oil Grooves 75K-100K Induction Hardened NEW -Centrifugally 75K-100K Induction Hardened Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Solids Tubes••Plates Plates Gray (in-house) Gray Iron Class ClassTubing 40 Pre-Honed Cylinder Solids ••Tubes Special Oil Grooves (in-house) Iron 40 CuttotoLength Length Standard Metric Sizes Tubes Cast Tubes Cut Standard &&Metric Sizes Centrifugally Cast Cut to Length Bearings Cut to Length Grooves (in-house) SAE841 Powder Metal Bearings Standardand andMetric MetricSizes CutTo ToLength Length Standard Standard Metric Sizes Standard &&Metric Sizes 300 - 400 Series Ductile IronSizesCut Cutto to Length300 Ductile Iron Cut Length Standard and MetricSizes Sizes CutTo ToLength Length- 400 Series Bushings Standard and Metric Custom Machined 75K-100K Induction Hardened Gray Iron Iron Class 40 40 Bushings 75K-100K --Induction Gray Class CutHardened toCut Length Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Cut to Length 65-45-12 •• 80-55-06 80-55-06 Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing 65-45-12 Ductile Iron (in-house) Ductile Special OilIron Grooves (in-house) Standard &Aluminum MetricSizes Sizes 6061-T6511 Standardand andMetric Metric SizesCut CutTo To Length Standard &Aluminum Metric Sizes Length IronIron Class 40 40 StainlessSolids Steel Class 40 Class Solids Tubes••Plates Plates Standard Stainless Steel 65-45-12Gray 80-55-06 •• Tubes 6061-T6511 65-45-12 ••Gray 80-55-06

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Tubes • • Solid Solid • •Wear WearPlate Plate Tubes “Retail sales are up, up, and and sectors sectors such such as as transportation, transportation, logistics, logistics, “Retail sales are warehousing, and construction are performing extremely well,” Arora warehousing, and construction are performing extremely well,” Arora Q2 Update to 2021 Economic Outlook Equipment Finance Industry added. “Right now, business owners are confident in the future of their added. “Right now, business owners are confident in the future of their Forecasts 11.2% Expansion in Equipment and Confidence Higher February firms.August Augustisistypically typicallyaaslow slowmonth monthfor forloan loanvolume, volume,but butthat thatwasn’t wasn’t firms. Software Investment 5.7% GDP the case this this year.” the case year.” The Equipment Leasing Growth & Financeand Foundation (the

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C-89835 LeadFree Free Bronze at Business loan approval rates rose at regional regional and community community banks C-89835 Lead Bronze Business rates rose and banks asas Indexloan for approval the Equipment Finance Industry (MCI-EFI). The C-93200(SAE660) (SAE660)Bronze Bronze C-93200 C-95400 Aluminum Bronze C-95400 Aluminum Bronze well. Small banks granted 49.8 percent of the funding requests they index reports a qualitative assessment of both the prevailing well. granted 49.8 percent of the funding requests they C-95510Nickle NickleAlumninum Alumninum Bronze rising quickly and the end of WithSmall U.S.banks vaccination rates C-95510 Bronze SAE841 Oilite expectations SAE841 Oilite business conditions and for the the future as received in August, August, up one-tenth one-tenth from July. July. ItIt represents represents the highest highest received in up from the pandemic in sight, equipment and software investment reported by key executives from the $900 billion equipment figure for small small banks since since November 2014. figure for banks 2014. growth is expected toNovember be robust this year as businesses

SAMEsector. DAY SHIPPING SHIPPING finance Overall, confidence in the equipment finance SAME DAY

invest toisStop adapt to Center aCenter post-pandemic normal. Annual Your One Stop Service Your One Service market 64.4, an from index of 59.6. Institutional lenders —increase pension fundsthe andJanuary insurance companies — lenders — pension funds and insurance companies — SAME DAY DAY SHIPPING SHIPPING Institutional SAME equipment and software investment growth of 11.2 percent SHIPPING SAME DAY SHIPPING remained unchanged at an Index record 64.9 percent, up one-tenth of remained unchanged at an Index record 64.9 percent, up one-tenth of Bronze Chrome Plated Bars Plated Bars isChrome forecast forHardened 2021. Annual U.S. GDP growth forMCI-EFI 2021 is Your One One Stop Service Service Center Center Your Stop When asked about the outlook for the future, Brushings Bronze 75K-100K -Induction Induction SAME DAY SHIPPING 75K-100K Hardened SAME DAY SHIPPING Bushings a percent from July’s figure. SAME DAY SHIPPING a percent Standard from&&July’s figure. Bronze DAY SHIPPING Bushings Bronze BronzeBushings SAME DAY SHIPPING Metric Sizes Metric Sizes forecast at 5.7 percent, according the Q2 update to the surveyStandard respondent Brad Peterson,toCEO, Channel Partners DAY SHIPPING SAME DAY SHIPPING YourSAME One Stop Service Center CuttotoLength Length Bushings Your Your One Stop Service Center Cut Bushings SAME DAY SHIPPING One Stop Service Center DAY SHIPPING One Stop Service Center Chrome Plated Bars Chrome Plated Bars Your One One Stop Service Center Your Stop Service Center Bushings 2021 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook Capital, said, “Although we believe the 2021 PPP program SAME DAY SHIPPING SHIPPING Loan approval rates among among alternative alternative lenders lenders rose rose to to 56.6 56.6 percent, percent, Loan approval rates Chrome Plated Bars Chrome Plated Bars Cast Iron Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Cylinder Tubing Your One One Stop Service Center CenterPre-Honed Your Stop Service will suppress capital needs for a short&period of time among released by the Equipment Leasing Finance Foundation. Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length Cast Iron Chrome Plated Bars Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length Chrome Plated Bars Plated Bars one-tenth of of aa percent percent higher higher than than inin the theprevious previousmonth. month. Chrome Plated Bars one-tenth Bronze

Bronze Bronze Bushings Bronze Bronze

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Gray Iron Iron Class Class40 40 Gray Ductile CastIronIron 65-45-12• 80-55-06 Solids Tubes • Plates Ductile•Iron Iron Ductile wder Metal Bearings Solids •• Tubes Tubes Plates Iron Solids •• Plates Ductile Iron


Ductile Iron Iron 80-55-06 Ductile 65-45-12 • 80-55-06 65-45-12 •• 80-55-06 80-55-06 65-45-12 Gray Iron Class Class 40 Solids Tubes Plates Gray Iron 40 • Tubes •• Plates Solids •• Tubes Tubes ••Plates Plates st Bronze Solids


Bronze Bronze Bushings Bushings

Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Pre-Honed Tubing ChromeCylinder Plated Bars Bars Chrome Plated

SMBs, we're expecting a positive rebound from a year’s worth

of pent-up pandemic demand.Chair Our post-pandemic portfolio SAME DAY SHIPPING Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Scott Thacker, Foundation Executive Alternative lenders have have becomeaasource sourceof ofand quickChief capital.When Whensmall small Alternative lenders become quick capital. NEW NEW

Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing One Stop Service Center CenterCentrifugally Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Your One Stop Service ADDITIONAL Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing looks fantastic and we expect the strongsaid, performance to Centrifugally Cast TubesConsulting Cast Tubes Officer of Ivory Corporation, “Finally, we

ADDITIONAL Cutto toLength Length Round Cut RoundBar Bar- -Up UpTo To12” 12” Centrifugally CastStainless Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Standard Metric Sizes Cut to Length StandardSizes andMetric Metric Sizesto CutLength ToLength Length Standard &&400 Metric Cut Standard and Sizes Cut To Rectangles,Squares Squaresand andPlates Plates Rectangles, Steel Stainless Steel Tubing 300--400 Series Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing MATERIALS 300 Series Stainless Steel Stainless Steel NEW NEWStandard NEW and Metric Sizes Cut To Length Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Standard and Metric Sizes Cut To Length Available Upon Request Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Available Upon Request Cylinder Tubing Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing

business owners, alternative lenders couldthis approve riskier loans via 300- -400 400Series Series business owners, alternative lenders could approve loans via 300 continue through 2022. Welight believe is theriskier time to invest are beginning to see the at the end of the tunnel. innovations in fintech, which give them more flexibility than the banks innovations in fintech, which give them more flexibility than the banks in SMB marketplace opportunities.” Aluminum 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 The widespread availability vaccinations offers hope to adjust adjust rates covenants on the theofdeals. deals. This includes includes an ability ability to to rates covenants on This an to Round Bar-and -and UpTo To12” 12” Round Bar Up Rectangles, Squaresand andPlates Plates Rectangles, Squares that economic activity will soon return to pre-pandemic accept non-conventional sources of collateral, collateral, such such asas real real estate estate and and accept non-conventional sources of February 2021 Survey Results: levels, or beyond. outstanding invoices (h/t Forbes). Forbes). The overall MCI-EFI is 64.4, an increase from the January outstanding invoices (h/t

AluminumStainless 6061-T6511 Stainless Steel Plated Bars Aluminum 6061-T6511 Depac Metal Free AntiSeize Seize Steel Steel Chrome Plated Bars Depac Metal Free 300--400 400 SeriesAnti 300 Series 65-45-12 •• 80-55-06 80-55-06 65-45-12 Standard andMetric Metric SizesCut Cut ToLength Length and Sizes To NEW Standard NEW Solids •• Tubes Tubes •• Plates Plates Solids 75K-100K--Induction Induction Hardened 75K-100K Hardened Centrifugally Cast Tubes ADDITIONAL Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes Centrifugally Cast Tubes MATERIALS Aluminum 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Standard & Metric Sizes Standard & Metric Sizes ADDITIONAL 300--400 400Series Series 300 ADDITIONAL Stainless Steel 300-400 Series 300-400 Series Aluminum 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Cutto to Length Cut Length ADDITIONAL Steel NEW Depac MATERIALS MATERIALS DepacStainless Metal Free Free Anti Seize Metal Anti Seize RoundBar Bar--Up UpTo To12” 12” Round Tubes NEW Centrifugally Cast Tubes MATERIALS s • Tubes • Plates 798 W W 1700 1700 SS SLC, SLC, UT UT 84104 84104 798 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Rectangles, Squares andPlates Plates Aluminum 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 Rectangles, Squares and Aluminum 6061-T6511 Upon Request Request Cast Tubes Available Upon Centrifugally Cast Tubes ADDITIONAL 300Round 400 Series 300 --400 Series Available Upon Request MATERIALS Toll-Free: (800) (800) 378-0562 378-0562 Available Upon Request Toll-Free: Round Bar Up To 12” Bar Up To 12” Depac Metal Free Anti Seize Depac Metal Free Anti Seize Pre-Honed Cylinder Tubing Round Bar--Up Upto to12” 12” Tubing 300--400 400Series Series Round Bar 300 Available Request Local: (801) (801) 978-0562 978-0562 Upon Local: Rectangles,Squares Squaresand andPlates Plates Rectangles, 798W W1700 1700SS SLC, SLC,UT UT84104 84104 798 Depac Metal Metal Free Free Anti Anti Seize Seize Standard and andMetric MetricSizes SizesCut CutRectangles, ToLength Length Standard To on MATERIALS Available Request Rectangles, Squaresand andPlates Plates Depac Squares Fax: (801) (801) 978-0623 978-0623UponToll-Free: Fax: (800)378-0562 378-0562 Toll-Free: (800) of 59.6. Canbe beindex usedatathigh highpressures pressures andtemperatures temperatures Can used and 798 W1700 1700SFree SFree SLC,UT UT 84104 798 W SLC, 84104 www.westernstatesmetals.com Local: (801) 978-0562 www.westernstatesmetals.com Depac Metal Anti Seize Depac Metal Anti Seize (801) 978-0562 Available UponLocal: Request 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 from -60°F up to2500°F 2500°F efforts, along with trillions of dollars in from -60°F up to Aluminum 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 The robust stimulus Can beused usedat at(800) highpressures pressures andtemperatures temperatures Can be high and Fax: (801) 978-0623 Fax: 978-0623 ADDITIONAL Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 798UT W 1700 1700 SLC, UT 84104 84104 Toll-Free: 378-0562 798 W SS (801) SLC, UT 798 W 1700 S, SLC, 84104 Depac Metal Free Anti Seize DepacDepac Metal Free Anti Seize Free Anti Seize Depac Metal Free Anti Round Bar Up To 12”Seize Round Bar Up To 12” RoundMetal Bar---Up To 12” Round Bar To 12” Credit unions unions approved approved 40.2 40.2 percent percent of of loan loan applications applications inin August, August, Credit from -60°Fup upto to2500°F 2500°F from -60°F www.westernstatesmetals.com www.westernstatesmetals.com

wder Metal Bearings ADDITIONAL ast Iron chined Bushings

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RoundBar Bar--Up UpTo To12” 12” Round 798W W1700 1700 SLC, UT 84104 798 SS SLC, UT 84104 Rectangles,Squares Squaresand andPlates Plates Rectangles, Toll-Free:(800) (800)378-0562 378-0562 Toll-Free:

Iron Class(in-house) 40 Grooves 06 le 6 Iron Available Upon Request 5-12 • 80-55-06 ates

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DDITIONAL Stainless Steel Can Canbe beused usedat athigh highpressure pressureand and Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 NEW MATERIALS ATERIALS temps from-60 -60ooFFup upto to2500 2500ooFF from Centrifugally Casttemps Tubes Can beused used atSquares high pressures and temperatures Can be at high pressures and temperatures Local: (801) 978-0562 Rectangles, and Plates Rectangles, Squares and Plates Local: (801) 978-0562 Rectangles, Squares and Plates Rectangles, Squares and Plates

Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 798 W W 1700 1700 SLC, UT 84104 84104 798 SS SLC, UT

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300--400 400Series Series 300 www.westernstatesmetals.com www.westernstatesmetals.com

Fax: (801) (801) 978-0623 978-0623 Fax: Fax: (801) 978-0623 www.westernstatesmetals.com www.westernstatesmetals.com MetalFree Free Anti Anti Seize DepacMetal Metal Free Free AntiSeize Seize Depac Anti Seize

84104 798 W 1700 S SLC, UTwww.westernstatesmetals.com 84104 6061-T6511 Aluminum 6061-T6511 DDITIONAL 378-0562 Toll-Free: (800) 378-0562 Rocky Mountain Mountain • 38 • Sept Sept // Oct Oct 2018 2018 A Z Manufacturing Rocky Local: (801) 978-0562 ATERIALS www.westernstatesmetals.com www.westernstatesmetals.com

798 W 1700 1700 SS SLC, SLC, UT UT 84104 84104 Toll-Free: (800) (800) 378-0562 378-0562 Toll-Free:


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from from-60°F -60°Fup upto to2500°F 2500°F Tempe, AZ • 480.967.2501


Local: (801) 978-0562 Fax: (801) 978-0623

www.westernstatesmetals.com www.westernstatesmetals.com

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60 2021 60••Mar May/Apr /June 2021


pent-up demand,topoint to a wave of spending this over summer • When assess business conditions the slight dropasked of one-tenth one-tenth of aatheir percent from July July and and aa large large drop drop aa slight drop of of percent from and fall.four All months, indicators point 2021 being a bannersaid year for next 46.2% ofto executives responding they from their all-time all-time high high of 57.9 57.9 percent percent inMarch March 2012. By Anthony from their of in 2012. By Anthony believe business conditions will improve over next four equipment and software investment, and thethe equipment Noto Reporter, New York Business Business Journal Noto –– Reporter, New York Journal months, up from in January. 46.2% business finance industry is33.3% poised to benefit frombelieve that expected conditions will remain the same over the next four months, economic activity.”

a decrease from 59.3% the previous month. 7.7% believe business conditions will worsen, a slight increase from 7.4% Highlights from the Q2 update to the 2021 Outlook include: in January.

12/21/18 12/21/18 10:14 10:14AM AM

• •The42.3% equipment software investment growth forecast of theand survey respondents believe demand for of leases 11.2 percent benefited from a 21 percent surge in will Q4 and loans to fund capital expenditures (capex) 2020, which provided strong jumping-off pointinfor 2021. increase over the next afour months, up from 33.3% January. • 53.9% The U.S. economy expanded at 4.3 percent (revised) believe demand will “remain the same” during the annualized rate in Q4 as athe nation from struggled same four-month time2020 period, decrease 59.3% with the previous month. 3.9% demandAlthough will decline, surging COVID-19 casesbelieve and deaths. thedown labor from 7.4% in January. market recovery is still far from complete and the K-shaped recovery has left millions of consumers in a precarious • 23.1%the of overall the respondents expect to capital position, balance of risks more is on access the upside. to fund equipment acquisitions over the next four months, • The U.S. manufacturing sector continued to improve up from 18.5% in January. 76.9% of executives indicate they in early 2021 due to strong demand for both consumer expect the “same” access to capital to fund business, a and business goods. Underlying demand remains strong, decrease from 81.5% last month. None expect “less” access although supply chain backlogs should be monitored and to capital, unchanged from the previous month. rising input prices could become an increasingly significant concern inasked, the months • When 38.5% ahead. of the executives report they expect • toMain Street managed to the weather themonths, winter up months hire more employees over next four from and the third wave of the pandemic, without 25.9% in January. 61.5% expect no although change innot headcount over the next four months, decrease from 66.7% last significant difficulty. Further afederal relief and stimulus month. None expect hire fewerrole employees, down from efforts have played antooutsized in the survival and 7.4% in January. longer-term viability of many businesses. Warmer weather, rising vaccination rates, and the relaxation of pandemic• operating None of therestrictions leadership evaluate the that current U.S.are economy era offer hope there better as “excellent,” unchanged from the previous month. 76.9% days ahead. of the leadership evaluate the current U.S. economy as “fair,” • The Federal Reserve again confirmed its commitment down from 77.8% in January. 23.1% evaluate it as “poor,” up to keeping interest rates at zero until at least 2023. The

Fed also ended a pandemicera capital requirement relief measure that could cause turmoil in bond markets. • Headwinds to keep an eye on include the potential for higher inflation, the ongoing labor market recovery, and the emergence of new virus strains that could reduce the effectiveness of existing vaccines. The Foundation-Keybridge U.S. Equipment & Software Investment Momentum Monitor, which is released in conjunction with the Economic Outlook, tracks 12 equipment and software investment verticals. In addition, the Momentum Monitor Sector Matrix provides a customized data visualization of current values of each of the 12 verticals based on recent momentum and historical strength. Nine verticals are showing signs of accelerating investment after the pandemicfueled collapse, and three other verticals are showing signs of peaking, although investment growth should remain healthy in the near term. Over the next three to six months, year over year: • Agriculture machinery investment growth should remain robust. • Construction machinery investment growth could return to positive territory, though recent movement suggests that upside potential is limited. • Materials handling equipment investment growth should remain in positive territory. • All other industrial equipment investment growth should return to positive territory. •

Medical equipment


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investment growth should be strong. • Mining and oilfield machinery investment growth appears to have bottomed out and should improve despite this month’s decline. • Aircraft investment growth should continue to improve. • Ships and boats investment growth should be modest.

02/16/10 A2Z Metalworker • Railroad equipment investment growth should return to positive territory. 1/3 page square - 5 3/8 x 5 3/8" • Trucks investment growth should return to positive territory. • Computers investment growth should remain strong. • Software investment growth should accelerate. The full report of the Momentum Monitor is now available at https://www.leasefoundation. org/industry-resources/momentum-monitor/. The Foundation produces the Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook report in partnership with economic and public policy consulting firm Keybridge Research. The annual economic forecast provides the U.S. macroeconomic outlook, credit market conditions, and key economic indicators. The Q2 report is the first update to the 2021 Economic Outlook and will be followed by two more quarterly updates before the publication of the 2022 Economic Outlook in December. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 61 • May /June 2021

8125 N 23rd Ave STE 204 Phoenix AZ 85021 602-595-2227 www.onsite-tech.com We Solve Technology Problems. Whether you have an IT Department or not we can assist. We specialize in supporting Manufacturing companies and are Experts in DFARS NIST compliance. One big difference that sets us apart from other IT companies is that we are ITAR and NIST Compliant. All of our Solutions are geared toward following NIST Framework as well as being ITAR compliant. We understand Our MFG Clients needs and challenges. We work with everything from ERP software and simple accounting systems like QuickBooks as well as able to support older equipment with Serial port DNC transfers.

Here are a few Reasons to Choose Onsite Technical Services to Support Your Computer Network We Support Both On-Premise and Cloud Solutions. In most cases we find that a Hybrid Cloud approach is the most economical way for a business to use technology. We Help you Solve Your Business Problems We have full time Technicians and Engineers on Staff providing Support. Our contracts are simple. We won’t nickel and dime you. We are one of the few Elite Microsoft Partners In the Country that can Provide Software as a Service to our clients. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Intel To Invest $20b In Arizona Expansion, Add 3,000 Jobs Intel Corp. announced plans to invest $20 billion to build two new semiconductor factories at its Chandler campus. CEO Pat Gelsinger said the expansion will allow Intel to become a major provider of foundry capacity in the U.S. and Europe to serve customers globally. The new chip factories, known in the industry as fabs, are expected to create over 3,000 permanent high-tech, high-wage jobs; over 3,000 construction jobs; and approximately 15,000 local long-term jobs, according to Intel. Planning and construction activities are expected to begin immediately, according to Santa Clara, California-based Intel.“Intel is proud to expand our U.S. manufacturing presence with two new factories in Arizona,” said Keyvan Esfarjani, Intel senior A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 62 • May /June 2021

vice president in manufacturing and operations. “For more than 40 years, Arizona has been vital to Intel’s ability to create the world-changing technology we all depend on. This new investment will advance the innovation we’ve helped create in Arizona and increase U.S. semiconductor manufacturing capacity.” The two new fabs will be located at Intel’s existing Chandler site, known as the Ocotillo campus, bringing the total to six fabs at the site. This news comes just months after Intel announced in October that its long-awaited $7 billion expansion in Chandler was operational, making the southeast Valley semiconductor fabrication factory the chipmaker’s largest in the U.S. “Intel’s announcement is a great example of the benefits that come from investing in domestic semiconductor manufacturing capabilities,” Raimondo said in a statement. “We can create jobs, strengthen our national security as well as the security and resiliency of our supply chains. And we welcome additional announcements on U.S. manufacturing commitments by other firms as well.” Intel currently employees more than 12,000 people in Arizona and the company estimates it generates >$8 billion in economic impact in the Valley each year. Unlike other companies in the space, Intel is an Integrated D e s i g n M a n u f a c t u r e r, meaning it both designs and manufacturers computer chips. Competitors like AMD and Nvidia only design, while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Samsung are contract manufacturers that do not design chips.By Andy Blye – Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal

ASU Will Lead Effort To Upskill, Reskill Workforce Through $8m Grant The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded Arizona State University an $8 million grant to lead an innovative workforce development partnership to help train workers for high-paying, high-demand jobs in advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity and information technology The One Workforce grant will help address a critical skills shortage in the U.S. by establishing the Arizona Workforce Training Accelerator Partnership for Next Generation Jobs (AZNext). The program, which will be led by ASU and its many partners, is designed to train at least 2,000 participants, with a goal of achieving industry-recognized credentials and permanent job placement over the next four years. The grant was a collaboration of ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and several external partners, including Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona Technology Council, Arizona@Work, Infosys and Pipeline AZ. The partnership leverages the state’s educational and employment resources to create the workforce of the future. For years, Arizona has been prioritizing jobs in advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity and IT. The state ranks second in the U.S. when it comes to creating jobs in those emerging sectors, and has filled more than 350,000 related positions since 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Through this new partnership, ASU will help close the skills gap faster and help employers reach new, diverse talent. The Polytechnic campus in Mesa, which is home to some of the engineering school’s top programs, will be the hub for advanced manufacturing education where project-based curriculum and hands-on learning are already taking shape with top industry employers like Honeywell Aerospace, Pilgrim Aerospace, PADT, Siemens, Raytheon Missiles & Defense and TPI Composites. “The Polytechnic campus is poised to lead the effort in advanced manufacturing including additive manufacturing, robotics and automation and new battery technologies,” said Tom Sugar, co-principal investigator of the grant. “As an associate dean for Barrett, The Honors College (at the Polytechnic campus]), we are always finding ways to enhance the education of our engineering scholars.” v“Today’s and tomorrow’s technicians and engineers need the background and software skills necessary to digitalize product design while increasing manufacturability and quality through field support and workforce development,” said Gerald Deren, vice president of Siemens Digital Industries Software — an AZNext partner.

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Boom’s internal studies suggest a demand many as 1,800 What Phoenix And for 2 asOther  commercial supersonic aircraft by 2035. But aviation analyst Rich‑   Contenders For Samsung’s $17b ard Aboulafia, who follows the three supersonic startupsChip closely, questions whether any Plant of them will raise enough money to reach Offer market. “That $6 billion for Boom to reach certification is an honest, good‑faith number, but$17 I think they will have a lot ofplant troublewill securing Samsung’s potential billion chipmaking bring  it,” he says. Even with investments and preorders, it’s impossible to historic investment to whichever city is chosen by the predict whether that interest will persist or if the plane will meet technology giant. its performance goals, he says. Three U.S. markets — Phoenix, Austin and upstate New Then are the environmental concerns. The newfor generation York —there were identified as potential landing spots its latest ELECTROLESS NICKEL - MID AND HIGH PHOS. of supersonic aircraft could burn five to sevenwere timesfirst as much fuel production facility in January, when plans reported. ELECTROLESS NICKEL - TEFLON as conventional jets, exceeding their CO2 emission limits by 70is BRIGHTSamsung NICKEL Korea, where Electronics Co. is headquartered, BLACK OXIDEto a study the International Council on Clean percent, according also being considered. PASSIVATION Transportation released in July 2018. To be fair, the report used CHEMFILM – CLEAR AND YELLOW consumption gleaned investments from publicly in available data Atfuel‑ stake: one of PLATING theestimates largest foreign U.S. history, COPPER on Boom’s airliner, which hasn’t even flown yet. Scholl argues that with the potential of at least 1,800 jobs being created, CHROME PLATING the report underestimated the fuel burn of conventional jets while 24KT GOLD PLATING according to documents filed by Samsung in January in overestimating that of supersonic ones. He believes Boom’s airplane GLASSBEADING/ALUMINUM OXIDE the Austin area. Samsung is expected to make its decision ULTRASONIC CLEANING will be at least as efficient in cost per available seat‑mile—a by this PRE summer —BAKE and the company could even buy com‑ land & POST mon fuel‑economy metric in the airline industry—as conventional in Arizona at an auction scheduled for late April — with STRESS RELIEVE business‑class service. starting construction possibly later this year and the plant NICKEL/CHROME STRIPPING  becoming operational by mid-2023.  Still, supersonic travel remains glamorous, and carriers might see that as a way of attracting affluent customers. “If airlines or business‑jet Samsung reportedly wants to build smaller, three-nanometer providers want to differentiate themselves, supersonic sure will do chips at its  next plant — a new product line for the company      it,” Aboulafia says. Source: Popular Science    — which could be used in electronics, aviation and defense 

 



A Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain • 37in • May / June 2019 applications. Bloomberg reported January that this 2


• 46 • Jan / Feb 2015 64 • May /June 2021

could win the company more 3investment Phoenix Businesses Make ‘Forbes’ BestAmerican Small clients and better compete with industry leader Taiwan Companies List

Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., otherwise known as The business publication listed announced Grand Canyonplans Education Inc.,its as own the TSMC, which has already to build seventh smallincompany, while Cavco huge best factory the Phoenix area.Industries Inc. came in at No. 13 and Inventure Foods Inc. was 33rd. Samsung employs 20,000 people in the United States, Forbes ranked the 100 best small thatahad been publicly spread among 46 states. It companies already has massive factory traded for at least a year, generated annual revenue between million in Austin, where two fabrication facilities, or fabs,$5produce and $1 billion, and had a stock priceroughly no lower3,000 than $5people a share. The semiconductors and employ (plus rankings wereof based on earningsThe growth, sales growth thousands contractors). company doesand notreturn have on any equity in the past year and over five years. Stock performance over the existing facilities in upstate New York but it does have two last year also Electronics was factored into the ranking. Samsung America operations in the New York City area. Samsung does not have any existing facilities From Oct. 1, 2013, to Oct. 1, 2014, Grand Canyon’s sales were $641 in Arizona. million. The for-profit Christian university posted sales growth of 28 percent earnings per share growth of 54 percent over the past Here’sand how the investment would break down: roughly five years. $11.4 billion would go toward equipment and machinery, whilebrought construction of the 7-million-square-foot facility Cavco in $539 million for the year ended Oct. 1. The factorywould cost about $5.6 billion, according to an incentives built home manufacturer reported earnings per share growth of 88 application Texas. percent over theinpast five years, but only a 4 percent increase in return on equity for that period. Each of the three states have their own ways of courting major economic development deals, and each has Inventure posted $253 million in sales for the past year. The specialty their own pros and cons that could drive Samsung to food marketer and manufacturer posted 14 percent sales growth, 19 their market. Samsung identified the following criteria percent growth in earnings per share and a 12 percent return on equity as important: access to talent, existing semiconductor over the past five years.Source: Phoenix Business Journal manufacturing ecosystem, speed to market and strong public-private partnerships.

CPI Fell 0.3% In November, “The Most Since “The single-most December 2008important thing inside site selection is

understanding the workforce,” said Tom Stringer, New York-based managing director selection Bloomberg News reports, “The cost ofand livingsite in the U.S. felland in incentives forsixBDO LLP. “Everything else November byservice the mostleader in almost years,USA depressed by falling energy — buildings, estate, taxes, everything prices that signal real inflation will stay belowincentives the Federal — Reserve’s goal else is a cost to obtain that talent. It’s a balancing act heading into 2015. The consumer-price index dropped 0.3 percent” of cost and availability and how you get that workforce. in November, “the most since December 2008,” according to a report That automatically mean, by any stretch of the released by the US Labordoesn’t Department. imagination, that the most incentives wins. In fact, that is very rare.”News adds, “The median forecast of 84 economists Bloomberg surveyed by Bloomberg called for a 0.1 percent fall.” Ahead of this multibillion-dollar decision, as well as the awarding any reports, large incentives packages, Business The Business of Insider “‘Core’ inflation, which the excludes the Journals in Phoenix, Austin and Buffalo researched the more volatile cost of food and gas, rose by 0.1% in November, inadvantages and disadvantages of rose the 1.3% sites year-on-year, considered line with expectations. Headline inflation frontrunners for Samsung, and asked experts to weigh just below expectations, while core inflation rose 1.7%, also justin on the search. below expectations.” Sources in Arizona have pointed to a 1,100-acre site in

Fed SignalsThat It Is In No HurryTo Raise Rates Goodyear and a 915-acre site in Queen Creek as the

likely spots for Samsung in the area. The sites, which are The AP reports that the Federal Reserve said that it will be “patient” managed by the Arizona State Land Department, are both when it comes to deciding when to increase rates. At a news conference, scheduled to be sold at auction April 21. The Goodyear Fed Chair JanetYellen “said she foresaw no rate hike in the first quarter site is priced with a minimum bid of $127.7 million and of 2015.” the Queen Creek site is priced at a minimum bid of $86.13 million. Yellen added that the “strength of U.S. economic data and the level of inflation, not a calendar date, will dictate when it raises rates.” Both sites were recently rezoned to allow employment uses.

When courting Nike for a manufacturing plant that never opened but was expected to create 500 jobs, the city of Goodyear offered a reimbursement of $3,923 per qualified employee. If the same formula were to apply, Samsung’s 1,800-employee headcount could qualify for $7.06 million in job-creation incentives from the city. Goodyear also offered to waive 75% of nonexpedited plan review and permit fees and 100% of expedited portion of plan review fees for Nike.

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The site in Queen Creek was also designated a foreign trade zone, with the same property tax benefits as the Goodyear site. Municipal incentives would be in addition to incentives from the state of Arizona. The Arizona Commerce Authority, which oversees the state’s business incentives, has a variety of credits and funds available to help close deals. Arizona’s quality jobs tax credit offers up to $9,000 in income or premium tax credits over a three-year period for each quality new job created. In Samsung’s case, the company would be eligible for $16.2 million by creating 1,800 jobs. The Arizona qualified facilities tax credit is generally the lesser of 10% of the qualifying capital investment at the facility or $20,000 per net new full-time job. The lesser of those two, $20,000 per full-time job Samsung would create, would yield $36 million. The Arizona Competes Fund, a discretionary, deal-closing fund from the ACA, has more flexibility in determining the size of any grant being offered. To date, the largest grant from the Arizona Competes Fund has been $5 million, but Samsung’s capital investment would be exponentially larger than any of the previous grant recipients. Arizona Competes Fund grant information for TSMC, which is planning a $35 billion investment in Phoenix, has not yet been made public. “Arizona as a whole has a great business climate,” said Jay Garner, president and founder of Garner Economics and founding member of the Site Selectors Guild. He is not involved in the Samsung deal. The Phoenix area has seen semiconductor manufacturing grow exponentially in the past year. TSMC bought 1,128 acres in North Phoenix in December and plans to build a plant that sources have confirmed will be worth about $35 billion. Intel Corp., which already had a large presence in the area, announced plans to invest $20 billion to increase manufacturing capacity at its campus in Chandler, a suburb east of Phoenix. Garner said the clustering of semiconductor manufacturing in Phoenix could be both a benefit and deterrent to Samsung, depending how close the company wants to be to competitors. By Corina Vanek, Kathryn Hardison, James Fink – American City Business Journals

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Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Survey of Economic Activity: Monthly Leasing and Finance Index The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) Monthly Leasing and Finance Index (MLFI-25), which reports economic activity from 25 companies representing a cross section of the $900 billion equipment finance sector, showed their overall new business volume for March was $9.3 billion, up 4 percent year-over-year from new business volume in March 2020. Volume was up 26 percent month-to-month from $7.4 billion in February. Year-to-date, cumulative new business volume was down 1 percent compared to 2020. Receivables over 30 days were 1.9 percent, down from 2.1 percent the previous month and down from 2.6 percent in the same period in 2020. Charge-offs were 0.43 percent, down from 0.55 percent the previous month and down from 0.55 percent in the year-earlier period. Credit approvals totaled 77 percent, up from 75.8 percent in February. Total headcount for equipment finance companies was down 15.2 percent year-overyear, a decrease due to significant downsizing at an MLFI reporting company. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 66 • May /June 2021

Separately, the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation’s Monthly Confidence Index (MCI-EFI) in April is an all-time high of 76.1, and an increase from the March index of 67.7. Approval to funding continues to lag a bit as the supply chain stretches, especially when there are multiple and/or foreign vendors involved. Overall, continuing into second quarter, there seems to be continued growth and strength across all of our markets, which encompass small, middle, corporate and governmental.” About ELFA’s MLFI-25 The MLFI-25 is the only index that reflects capex, or the volume of commercial equipment financed in the U.S. The MLFI-25 is released globally at 8 a.m. Eastern time from Washington, D.C., each month on the day before the U.S. Department of Commerce releases the durable goods report. The MLFI-25 is a financial indicator that complements the durable goods report and other economic indexes, including the Institute for Supply Management Index, which reports economic activity in the manufacturing sector. Together with the MLFI-25 these reports provide a complete view of the status of productive assets in the U.S. economy: equipment produced, acquired and financed. The MLFI-25 is a time series that reflects two years of business activity for the 25 companies currently participating in the survey. The latest MLFI-25, including methodology and participants, is available at www.elfaonline.org/Data/MLFI/.

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Sciences Corp. The new technology measures DNA in the blood to identify any cancer DNA, said Dr. Jeffrey Trent, founder and medical director of TGen. “It’s particularly useful for early detection of recurrence Gladhill Associates International of cancer,” Trent said. “This is a monitoring test that can Gladhill Associates International

identify early that something is coming back, even before Training - Consulting - Auditing TRAINING - CONSULTING - AUDITING you can see it with conventional scanning like X-ray or

On-Line — Public — Customized Lead Exemplar Global On-Line/ Public Certifi ed Lead even a CT scan.” ISO 9001/14001 RABQSA Certified Online/ Auditor Auditor Courses Courses

Public Auditor Courses ISO 9001 - ISO 14001Lead - AS 9100 - ISO 22000 While he wouldn’t disclose financial terms of the exclusive 18001 licensing agreement, Trent said it will allow the nonprofit Public -OHSAS In-House/Customized Courses Additional On-Line Training Courses research group to invest in new technologies for the future. AS9100 RABQSA & AS9110 RABQSA

Internal Audits - Human Factors - Corrective/Preventative Accredited Lead Auditor Action - Process Mapping - Management Overviews - Six Sigma Documentation Implementation And *ISO 9001 /*ISO 14001Much / *ISO More

Deals like this are helping to put Phoenix on the map when it comes to its efforts to grow its bioscience hub — 9100 an effort that began in 2002 when Trent decided to leave *ISO/TS 16949 /*OHSAS 18001 & the National Institutes of Health to come back home and For More Information Our Website/Call/E-Mail Us: *ISO Visit 17025 Internal Auditing start TGen. (* Denotes On-Line and Public Courses Available)


Christine Mackay, economic development director for the city of Phoenix, was part of a huge group back then focused on building a biosciences hub in Phoenix.

Certified Online Training! 719-495-9021 1-719-495-8045 623-939-4412 1-623-939-4412

brodish@gladhillassociates.com At the time, she was told by many people across the Human Factors - Corrective/Preventive Action admin@gladhillassociates.com country to not waste her time because a small town such Process Mapping - Six Sigma - Implementation as Phoenix was never going to be able to compete with Documentation - Management Overviews the big dogs. Phoenix Bioscience Hub Has $3b In ISO/AS Software Modules

Projects And 7000 New Jobs In The Today, Phoenix is among the top 10 emerging life science For more information call: 623.939.4412 clusters, according to a report issued by CBRE Group Inc. Works or visit: www.gladhillassociates.com in October.

medical schools are expanding.

The bioscience sector in Phoenix is heating up and the world is taking notice, as exclusive licensing agreements are forged, lab space is being built and

Before the Great Recession, construction was always the leading sector in job creation in Phoenix and across the state, Mackay said. “After the recession ended, construction is no longer leading our new job creation,” Mackay said. Manufacturing is No. 1, health care and biosciences are No. 3 and construction is No. 4, she said.

Construction is underway or about to begin in Phoenix on bioscience health facilities with a capital value of more than $3 billion, according to data compiled by Phoenix Community and Economic Development. More than 7,000 new bioscience health care jobs will be created in Phoenix during this time.

“Those knowledge-economy jobs are now driving that growth, and construction is supporting the growth, as opposed to leading the growth,” Mackay said. “What that’s doing is creating a sustainable, more recession-proof economy. We’re proving that here through the pandemic.” Medical school fuels growth

Come Visit Us At IMTS Booth #N-7151 The Translational Genomics Research Institute just forged a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for its proprietary technology that uses a blood test to catch tumors even before X-rays and CT scans. TGen, an affiliate of the City of Hope, now has a deal with Madison, Wisconsin-based Exact

Sharon Harper, chairman and CEO of Plaza Cos., who has served on the TGen board and other health foundation boards, has been instrumental in revitalizing the midtown Phoenix area, where Creighton University School of Medicine is building a $100 million campus next to St.

44 • 68•• July May/ Aug2014 /June 2021


75 W Baseline Rd, Suite #53 • Gilbert, AZ 85233 480-775-6462 • DandRMachinery.com

Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and 800 yards away from Banner Health’s Phoenix headquarters. “The world’s view has escalated tremendously in terms of the quality and people coming to receive the services,” Harper said, adding that Creighton is the largest Catholic medical school in the country. Creighton is a “tremendous asset” to the growing health sector in midtown Phoenix, Mackay said. Medical students tend to grow roots in the areas where they complete their residency training programs, she said. “Having Creighton here to complement Mayo Medical School and University of Arizona Medical School is just enhancing those residents who stay here who ultimately become world-class doctors that set up shop in Phoenix,” Mackay said. “We have become a destination medicine location, bringing medical tourists from around the world who want their procedures done in Phoenix at Mayo Clinic, Barrow Neurological Institute, Valleywise Burn Center and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. These are world-class assets that sometimes I think because we’re here we take for granted what we really have in our own backyard.” Adding Creighton into the mix is another tremendous asset for the area, she said.“They are globally recognized for the medical students that come out of their university,” she said. Two miles away, the $77 million, 226,000-square-foot Wexford Science + Technology building on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus will provide space to attract researchers

and bioscience firms to the Phoenix Biomedical Campus in downtown Phoenix. Also on that campus are the three state universities and TGen’s headquarters. With those companies comes more high-tech, high-paying jobs in the science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, areas. “The more STEM jobs we have here, the less brain drain we have,” Mackay said. Ten years ago, Phoenix was No. 2 — right behind Texas — for losing college graduates to STEM jobs in other parts of the country, Mackay said.“Now we are not even in the top 10,” she said. “We all worked diligently to create a place those graduating students can stay. They are finding the jobs they want here. Brain drain is gone. It’s not even part of our vernacular anymore. We don’t even worry about it anymore.” By Angela Gonzales – Phoenix Business Journal A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 69 • May /June 2021

Combined with the global transportation gridlock and increasing tariffs, there are very few industrial companies who went unscathed. Even those deemed ‘essential’ experienced wage increases (hazard pay) to encourage employees to leave the safety of their homes and face potential exposure to COVID at the plants. Ongoing revenue variability amplified existing liquidity issues putting small- and mid-sized enterprises at risk. Supply chain disruption was also a material factor impacting margins in many industrial companies throughout 2020. Key subassemblies were anything but ‘just-in-time,’ wreaking havoc on the rest of the assembly process, resulting in a domino effect on the balance of the entire operation. Key suppliers took advantage of the situation, raising prices to all but the largest of customers. As a result, management limited their focus to solving short term problems, unknowingly impacting margins in the near-to-medium term.

Unlocking Growth Through Financing The industrials sector is broad and diverse, covering a wide range of manufacturing

and assembly capabilities. While the sector is poised for recovery and growth coming out of the pandemic, there are many obstacles and barriers that need to be addressed in order to achieve and sustain this desired growth. Companies looking to grow will likely need capital to do so.

Below, we take a closer look at the challenges the industrials sector faces and how those may impact their ability to raise capital. In these unprecedented times, having the right financing partner who understands what a company has been through can help unlock growth and promote innovation. When the pandemic set in a year ago, global economies came to a screeching halt and demand for most industrial goods and services stagnated. Most industrial companies saw their order volume fall and even if they were fortunate enough to have backlog to fulfill, keeping plants open during the early days of the pandemic was a challenge. A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 70 • May /June 2021

There is a developing level of optimism in the fight against COVID as more vaccinations are administered and case counts subside. However, the lingering effects of the pandemic on the industrials sector continue with total industrials production figures on the decline. This brings up a concerning question for many companies who are seeking to raise capital in the wake of the pandemic. Will my bank lender be able to see through my company’s pandemic performance or will we be severely penalized in the credit review process? It is important for companies to think “outside the box” for creative and flexible funding sources. ” Many companies have used the pandemic to diversify their supply chain, vertically integrate production, enter into

volume purchase commitments to lock in supply and prices and/or made overtures towards M&A transactions with competitors. All are done in an effort to capitalize on the disruption of 2020 and facilitate revenue stability and possibly growth. Each of these strategic actions requires capital now or sometime in the near future. As management looks to the next phase of the business, they need to understand the factors that shape performance and facilitate growth. A crucial component in creating this trajectory can be finding the right lending partner who will grow with you and work to understand the intricacies driving your business and sector. While somewhat intuitive, in selecting a new capital partner there are a number of questions to ask: •

• •

Is this the type of lender who has the willingness and ability to support my company through good times and bad or will they pressure a refinancing at the first sign of under-performance? Does the lender have the product offering to best align with my needs and asset mix (ABL lines, term loans, equipment finance, etc.) or will they push me into a credit product that best fits their needs? Is the lender experienced in my particular sector or are they willing to invest the time to educate themselves to fully understand what drives the business and industry? Does the lender have the capital base to scale with the company as it grows either organically or through acquisition?

When seeking a new lender, management must self-assess to evaluate what attributes the company possesses that make it an attractive candidate to appeal to prospective lenders. Below are several factors that any capable lender will consider when performing a credit evaluation of an industrial business, particularly coming out of the pandemic: • • • • •

How was the company impacted by the pandemic and how did they respond? If the company was affected by COVID, were the impacts short term in nature do they reflect a permanent shift in the cost structure? Has the pandemic altered the competitive landscape of the business or the sector in general? Does the company have multiple sources/channels in their supply chain should one become unavailable? Does the company have operational optionality to be able to flex work force or facility location to respond to future disruptions in supply chains, labor force or volume or pricing variability?

How has the outlook changed as a result of COVID and what has the company done to adjust, if anything?

Whether we want to believe it or not, all companies are vulnerable to disruption. This can be in the form of a malware attack, extreme weather, labor strikes, raw material price spikes and, of course, a pandemic. Other than the obvious profit and cash flow trends, one major indicator that we look for as a lender is a company’s operational flexibility and optionality. We ask ourselves, “Does this borrower have the ability to adjust operationally to avoid meaningful disruption or margin compression?”Those that embrace this operating thesis essentially possess a protective hedge against unforeseen vulnerabilities, such as the pandemic, and thrive when others are struggling to survive. Financial solutions for successful industrials need to be tailored to your individual company needs. Lenders have the ability to address challenges head on and can help remove barriers to success by unlocking capital vital to expansion and growth through a deep understanding of your business. Solutions that can be implemented include creative asset-based lending solutions, cash-flow term loans and equipment specific financing, all of which can be tailored to meet the capital demands of today and the liquidity needs of tomorrow. By: John Felix, Managing Director of White Oak Global Advisors A2Z MANUFACTURING SW

• 71 • May /June 2021


72 • May / June 2021

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• Purchase/Resale-Individual Machines/Entire Plants President • Auctions • Certified Appraisal 1610 S. Priest Drive,Services Suite 101 • Asset repossession and disposition services. Tempe, AZ 85281 • Finance - trivas@ellisonaz.com leases, loans - working capital lines www.ellisonaz.com


T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 trivas@ellisonaz.com www.ellisonaz.com

7918 E. MCCLAIN DR., STE 101, SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85260


T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 trivas@ellisonaz.com www.ellisonaz.com


T 480.968.5335 F 480.247.4408

M 480.298.9782

1610 S. Priest Drive, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85281 trivas@ellisonaz.com www.ellisonaz.com

Mike Mills , Manager Arizona Office Cell: 480.694.9919 Email: Mike@Machineryresources.com Machinery Bought & Sold • Auctioneers

Methods West_________ 602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivity__ 505-415-2004 TSM Machinery________ 602-233-3757 White’s Niche Products____ 602-290-9402 CNC Drill/ Tapping Machines Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Haas Factory Outlet______ 480-968-5811 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach____505-345-8389 Methods West_________ 602-437-2220 CNC Punching Centers Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales_______ 480-545-0275 CNC Swiss Turn Machines Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711

Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Methods West_________ 602-437-2220 MMT, A Div of Productivity__ 505-415-2004 North-South Machinery____ 602-391-4696 EDM EBM Polishing Machines Sodick_____________ 714-318-0095 EDM Machines Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Desert Machine Sales_____ 623-826-1025 EDM Network__________480-836-1782 Makino____________ 602-228-0347 Methods West_________ 602-437-2220


73 • May / June 2021

8622 N. 78th Avenue Peoria, Arizona 85345

Office (623) 773-1787 Fax (623) 773-9882 www.geigerelectric.com

AMERICAN TOOLS & METALS INC. Cutting Tools, Lubricants & Abrasives

Arizona and Las Vegas, NV

MANNY LOPEZ O: 520-622-3082 • C: 520-975-3078 PO Box 26508 • Tucson, AZ 85726 947 S. 48th St, #125 • Tempe, AZ 85281 AmericanToolsandMetals.com

Create your future Industrial Electric Inc______623-582-5204 GRINDING Sodick, Inc. Grinding Filtration Jim Alles Ebbco Inc____________800-809-3901 Grinding Machines ACC Machinery_________602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 Manual Lathes & Mills Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 DCM Tech___________ 800-533-5339 DMG Mori___________ 480-276-7019 Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Haas Factory Outlet______ 480-968-5877 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 MMT, A Div of Productivity__ 505-415-2004 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 Moore Tool & Equipment___ 602-455-8904 North-South Machinery____ 602-391-4696 TSM Machinery________ 602-233-3757 Grinding Machines, OD/ID Sawing Machines Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 Haas Factory Outlet_______480-968-5877 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 Echols Saw & Supply______602-278-3918 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales_______ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 Moore Tool & Equipment___ 602-455-8904 Grinding Machines, Rotary Surface Echols Saw & Supply______602-278-3918 DCM Tech___________ 800-533-5339 Swiss Screw Machines Grinding Machines, Tool D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Schenk Intertech_________949-360-1512 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Tapping Machines Honing Machines ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Magnum Precision Mach___ 505-345-8389 MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT Magnetic Drills/Cutters Automation & Controls ACC Machinery_________602-258-7330 Acieta______________402-650-8132 445 Capricorn Street Brea, CA 92821

North South Machinery 2412 W Huntington Drive Tempe, AZ 85282 northsouthmachinery.com

Jim Swartzbaugh

Jim Swartzbaugh Mobile: 562.755.3690 800.460.9014 js@northsouthmachinery.com


North-South Machinery____ 602-391-4696 TSM Machinery________ 602-233-3757 Sodick_____________ 714-318-0095 EDM Filtration Desert Machine Sales_____ 623-826-1025 Ebbco Inc___________ 800-809-3901 Sodick_____________ 714-318-0095 EDM: Dielectric Systems/Filtration Ebbco Inc___________ 800-809-3901 Sodick_____________ 714-318-0095 ELECTRICAL Equip Hookup & Disconnect Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 Industrial Electric Inc_____ 623-582-5204 Lighting Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 Industrial Electric Inc_____ 623-582-5204 Relocation: Electrical Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 Industrial Electric Inc_____ 623-582-5204 Service Upgrades Geiger Electric Co_______ 623-773-1787 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

74 • May / June 2021

Territory Sales Manager

Cell Phone



(714) 318-0095 (847) 310-9000

Datron_____________ 480-826-3689 Delta Technology_______ 480-867-6320 DMG Mori___________ 480-276-7019 FABRICATION CNC Punching Centers ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 S&S Machinery Sales_____ 602-368-8542 Fiber Lasers Bystronic Inc___________213-309-1694 Gantry Systems, CNC ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Iron Workers ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 Magnum Precision Mach___ 602-431-8300 Mesa Mach Sales_______ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment___ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales_____ 602-368-8542 Laser Cutting/Proc. Center ACC Machinery________ 602-258-7330 Bystronic Inc___________213-309-1694 Mesa Mach Sales_______ 480-545-0275

Haas Factory Outlet A Division of Ellison Machinery Company

patrick ellison

Sales Director

president 1610 s. priest Dr., suite 101 tempe, arizona 85281 Telephone: Cell: Fax: Email:

480-968-5877 480-298-9782 480-968-0522 pellison@ellisonaz.com



Edge, FMB, Lemca, LNS, MTA, SMW/ ATS

Sales Associate CELL: 602-361-3232 PH: 480-775-6462 FAX: 480-775-6540

75 W. Baseline Rd., Ste. 53 Gilbert, AZ 85233 EMAIL: erik@dandrmachinery.com

AMERICAN TOOLS & METALS INC. Cutting Tools, Lubricants & Abrasives WALTER PENA

Email/Skype jd.wogoman@datron.com

O: 480-689-5493 • C: 480-622-9348 PO Box 26508 • Tucson, AZ 85726 947 S. 48th St, #125 • Tempe, AZ 85281 AmericanToolsandMetals.com

S&S Machinery Sales______ 602-368-8542 Plasma/Gas Cutting Systems ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Mesa Mach Sales________ 480-545-0275 Pipe & Tube Benders/Notchers ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Moore Tool & Equipment____ 602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales______ 602-368-8542 Power Tools Copper State Bolt & Nut_____ 800-603-6887 Press Brakes ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 Magnum Precision Mach____ 505-345-8389 Mesa Mach Sales________ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment____ 602-455-8904 Revolution Machine Tools____ 385-355-0316

S&S Machinery Sales______602-368-8542 Punch Presses Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Shearing Machines ACC Machinery_________602-258-7330 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Bystronic Inc___________ 213-309-1694 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 S&S Machinery Sales______602-368-8542 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc____________ 800-809-3901 WaterJet Cutting Systems D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Desert Machine Sales______623-826-1025 North-South Machinery_____ 602-391-4696 OMAX Corp.___________800-838-0343 Welding Equipment ACC Machinery_________602-258-7330

METAL FINISHING EQUIPMENT Anodizing, Plating, Passivation Equipment Americhem Engineering_____602-437-1188 INSPECTION EQUIP 3D Measurement Systems Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______800-327-9735 Coordinate Measuring Mach. Advanced Coordinate Tech___480-921-3370 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Renishaw____________847-286-9953 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Total Quality Systems______480-377-6422 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______800-327-9735 Gauging Equipment Advanced Coordinate Tech___480-921-3370 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335

Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration_____ 480-820-0506 Magnetic Particle (NDT) Machines DCM Tech___________ 800-533-5339 Metrology Instruments Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Renishaw____________ 847-286-9953 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration_____ 480-820-0506 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______ 800-327-9735 Optical Comparators Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 75

A2Z MANUFACTURING SW • • May / June 2021 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW • Sept / Oct 2020


Division of Curran Manufacturing Corporation

200 Oser Avenue Hauppauge, NY 11788 U.S.A.


1-631-273-1010 1-800-645-4174 Fax: 1-631-273-1066 1-800-424-2082



Renishaw____________ 847-286-9953 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Zeiss Ind. Metrology_______ 800-327-9735 Rapid Optical Inspection Mesa Mach Sales________ 480-545-0275 Moore Tool & Equipment____ 602-455-8904 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 Repair & Certification Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Total Quality Systems______ 480-377-6422 Washington Calibration_____ 480-820-0506 Video Measuring Systems Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Mitutoyo America________ 480-294-7631 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 WaterJet: Filtration/Chillers Ebbco Inc____________ 800-809-3901 USED MACHINERY ACC Machinery_________ 602-258-7330 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782

Stellar Industrial_________ 800-562-8258 Band Saw/ Blades D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Echols Saw & Supply______ 602-278-3918 Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-6295 Overdrive Tech__________ 715-379-8399 Starrett______________ 949-348-1213 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Bar Feeders Don Loveless Tel: 800-686-1679 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 181 Business Park Dr. Fax: 860-409-2552 Bristol, CT. 06010 Email: dloveless@gmnusa.com BC Barfeeds___________ 562-243-4659 www.gmnusa.com D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Edge Technologies_______ 951-440-1574 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 Bellows Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Blast Abrasives Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 Clamping K D Capital____________ 480-922-1674 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 Kyocera Cutting Tools______480-244-4758 Methods West__________602-437-2220 Cabinets, Custom SCHUNK_____________919-452-4535 Moore Tool & Equipment____602-455-8904 CNC Lathe Accessories S&S Machinery Sales______602-368-8542 Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Chip Conveyors TSM Machinery_________ 602-233-3757 Von Ruden Manufacturing__ 763-682-0322 Hennig_______________909-420-5796 ACCESSORIES CNC Collet Chucks Chip Management Abrasives Royal Products_________ 800-645-4174 Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Collet Fixtures Copper State Bolt & Nut_____800-603-6887 Ellison Machinery_________480-968-5335 Royal Products_________ 800-645-4174 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Coolant Shields Overdrive Tech__________ 715-379-8399 Chip Removal Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Coolant Systems Stellar Industrial_________800-562-8258 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Ebbco Inc___________ 800-809-3901 Adhesives Chuck Jaws MP Systems__________ 909-282-7463 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966 Stellar Industrial_________800-562-8258 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Coolant Systems: Chillers Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 MP Systems__________ 909-282-7463 Aerospace Components Chucks Cutting Tools ATF Aerospace__________ 480-218-0918 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 Air Blast Cabinets, Blast Rooms Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Cutting Tools Consultants____602-277-1342 Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Datron_____________ 480-826-3689 Air Distribution Systems Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-6295 Kyocera Cutting Tools______480-244-4758 Richard Amy Regional Sales Manager

BARTON INTERNATIONAL cell 951.551.2685 sales 800.741.7756 ramy@barton.com www.barton.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

76 • May / June 2021

Jeff Klimowicz Regional Sales Manager 480.320.0308 mobile jklimowicz@qualichem.com qualichem.com ISO 9001:2015 | All products proudly made in the USA.

Overdrive Tech__________715-379-8399 S.L. Fusco____________602-276-0077 Von Ruden Manufacturing__ 763-682-0322 Digital Readout Units Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Lone Arrow___________480-507-8074 Magnum Precision Mach____602-431-8300 Draw Tubes & Bars Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 Enclosures fo Machine Tools Hennig_____________ 909-420-5796 Fasteners Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 Filtration Equip. Ebbco Inc____________800-809-3901 Qualichem, Inc._________480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids________800-367-9966 EDM Tooling Systems EDM Network__________480-836-1782 EDM Performance _______800-336-2946 Filtermist Mist Collectors Royal Products__________ 800-645-4174 Gaskets Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 Grippers SCHUNK_____________919-452-4535

Guard & Vacuum Pedestals For Grinders

Robot Accessories SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator Royal Products__________ 800-645-4174 Sealants S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Stellar Industrial_________ 800-562-8258

Wipers Spindles Hennig______________909-420-5796 GMN USA____________ 800-686-1679 Work Holding

Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 Static Tool Holders Live Centers SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Royal Products__________ 800-645-4174 Von Ruden Manufacturing___ 763-682-0322 Live Tool Holders Tooling Columns SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Von Ruden Manufacturing___ 763-682-0322 Stevens Engineering_______ 602-272-6766 Vibratory Equipment Lubricants / Systems Overdrive Tech__________ 715-379-8399 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 Vises and Vise Jaws Star Metal Fluids________ 800-367-9966 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Machine Tool Accessories Von Ruden Manufacturing___ 763-682-0322 Stevens Engineering_______ 602-272-6766 Waterjet Abrasives New Way Covers & Repair Hennig_______________909-420-5796 Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 Pallet Systems Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Waterjet Accessories Arizona CNC Equip_______480-615-6353 D & R Machinery________ 480-775-6462 Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300 Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 Parts Washing Equipment Waterjet Bricks/Hoppers D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 ______ 800-741-7756 Barton International Qualichem, Inc_________ 480-320-0308 S.L. Fusco____________ 602-276-0077 Waterjet Replacement Parts Star Metal Fluids________ 800-367-9966 Arizona CNC Equip_______480-615-6353 Barton International ______ 800-741-7756 R8 Quick-Change Tool System Royal Products__________ 800-645-4174 GMA Garnet___________ 882-243-9300

Ellison Machinery_______ 480-968-5335 Kurt Manufacturing_______763-574-8320 Overdrive Tech__________715-379-8399 Stevens Engineering_______602-272-6766 CONSUMMABLES Cutting Fluids & Oils (Coolants) Echols Saw & Supply______602-278-3918 Marshall Tool & Supply____ 602-269-6295 Overdrive Tech__________715-379-8399 Pioneer Distributing Co.____ 602-278-2693 S.L. Fusco____________602-276-0077 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966

EDM Materials & Supplies Adams Machinery________480-968-3711 D & R Machinery_______ 480-775-6462 EDM Network__________480-836-1782 EDM Performance acc’s____ 800-336-2946 Qualichem Inc_________ 480-320-0308 Single Source Technologies__ 602-686-0895 Star Metal Fluids_______ 800-367-9966 Garnet Barton International ______800-741-7756 GMA Garnet___________882-243-9300 Impression Materials Roydent_____________ 480-607-1876


77 • May / June 2021

Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc. Since 1946


Fluid Power / Mechanical / Tool Products ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Brandon Anderson President

MOBILE: 612.251.0868 E-MAIL: brandon@vonruden.com

DIRECT: 763.682.0322 PHONE: 763.682.3122 FAX: 763.682.3954

1008 First Street NE - PO Box 699 - Buffalo, MN 55313 USA Made in USA


Driven Tooling for the Machine Tool Industry

Made in USA

Ron Muenchow rmuenchow@upmet.com Mobile 619.871.0002 | Toll Free 888.282.3292 14941 East Northam Street, La Mirada, CA 90638 www.upmet.com

Machine Tool Cool. Filtration D & R Machinery________480-775-6462 Qualichem, Inc_________480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids________800-367-9966 Mounting Brackets Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 Solvents & Degreasing Agents Qualichem, Inc_________480-320-0308 Star Metal Fluids________800-367-9966 Spindle Liners Lucy’s Machine Company____323-587-6162 HARDWARE MATERIAL Alloys: High Temperature Aerodyne Alloys_________860-289-3820 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Alloys: Specialty Aerodyne Alloys_________860-289-3820 Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Sierra Alloys TSI_________800-423-1897 Aluminum Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________602-688-8003 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___505-345-0959 Ind. Metal Supply________602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Tube Service Company_____602-267-9865 Aluminum Extrusions Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918

Bralco Metals Albuquerque___ 505-345-0959 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Armor:Commercial Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Armor:Military Grade Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Bar: Large Diameter Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___ 505-345-0959 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 TW Metals____________ 800-203-8000 Brass Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___ 505-345-0959 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Bronze Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Carbon Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 Coastal Metals__________ 800-811-7466 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Cast Iron Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562

Michael Morace Sales Engineer – Arizona Cell: 602-513-6754 Toll Free: 888-554-8394 Fax: 888-554-8392 mmorace@tungaloyamerica.com

Tungaloy America, Inc.

3726 N. Ventura Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 www.tungaloy.com/us

Castings Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Chrome Rod Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Copper Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________602-688-8003 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Drill Rod Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Extrusions TW Metals____________800-203-8000 Lead Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Material Sales Jacquet West__________ 310-684-4370 Titanium Laube Titanium___805-388-1050x124 TW Metals____________800-203-8000 Metals Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200

Patti Robison General Manager

120 E. Corporate Place Ste #12 Chandler, AZ 85225 www,portplastics.com probison@portplastics.com


78 • May / June 2021

p. 480.813.6118 w. 800.395.7378 f. 480.813.6183 c. 602.228.5598

AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_________ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Davis Salvage Co________ 602-267-7208 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Jacquet West___________ 310-684-4370 Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Laube Titanium____805-388-1050x124 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Sierra Alloys TSI_________ 800-423-1897 Tube Service Company_____ 602-267-9865 TW Metals____________ 800-203-8000 Western States Metals______ 801-978-0562 Metals-Bar & Plate Apache Steel Company_____ 602-323-2200 AZ Metals____________ 602-688-8003 AZ Tool & Steel_________ 480-784-1600 Bralco Metals Phoenix______ 602-252-1918 Bralco Metals Albuquerque___ 505-345-0959 Coast Aluminum_________ 877-977-6061 Davis Salvage Co________ 602-267-7208 Ind. Metal Supply________ 602-454-1500 Jacquet West__________ 310-684-4370 Kloeckner Metals________ 480-389-2883 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Plastics- Acrylic/PVC, Tubing, Nylon, Many Others Port Plastics____________480-813-6118

Sean Arsenault

Account Manager Vero Software Part of Hexagon

The World’s #1 Manufacturing Solutions Provider • Production Milling • 4/5 Axis Milling

sean.arsenault@verosoftware.com www.verosoftware.com

Edward Merkle

General Manager

602-978-3130 1-800-689-8665


ttctime2@gmail.com www.ttcroundcutters.com 21640 N 19th Ave, # C-103,Phoenix, AZ 85027

Titanium Laube Titanium___805-388-1050x124 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Nickel Alloys Jacquet West__________ 310-684-4370 Stainless Steel Jacquet West___________ 310-684-4370 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Sierra Alloys TSI_________800-423-1897 Tool Steel Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Davis Salvage Co________602-267-7208

• Production Turning • Multi-Axis Mill/Turn

T: +1 866-675-6551 x5432 M: +1 602-359-2530 F: +1 866-200-7791

LRW Cutting Tools_______ 602-269-1775 Magnum Precision Mach____ 602-431-8300 Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-629 Clamping & Gripping Kyocera Cutting Tools_____ 480-244-4758 SCHUNK____________ 919-452-4535 Cutting Tools B&T Tool & Engineering____ 602-267-1481 Cutting Tools Consultants___ 602-277-1342 Horizon Carbide________ 480-968-0957 Kyocera Cutting Tools_____ 480-244-4758 LRW Cutting Tools_______ 602-269-1775 The Tool Crib Inc._______ 602-978-3130 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Cutting Tools: Custom B&T Tool & Engineering_____ 602-267-1481 Horizon Carbide_________ 480-968-0957 LRW Cutting Tools________ 602-269-1775 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810

Drills Cutting Tools Consultants____ 602-277-1342 LRW Cutting Tools_______ 602-269-1775 Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-6295 Moore Tool & Equipment____ 602-455-8904 The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 Titanium & Hastelloy Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Laube Titanium____805-388-1050x124 End Mills Sierra Alloys TSI_________800-423-1897 Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Tubing & Pipe Cutting Tools Consultants ____ 602-277-1342 Apache Steel Company_____602-323-2200 LRW Cutting Tools________ 602-269-1775 AZ Metals____________602-688-8003 Marshall Tool & Supply_____ 602-269-6295 Ind. Metal Supply________602-454-1500 The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 Samuel, Son & Co________ 602-721-0176 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Tube Service Company_____602-267-9865 Fixtures INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Boring Bars Form Tools Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-6295 Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 602-277-1342 Cutting Tools Consultants____ Carbide Cutting Tools Consultants___ 602-277-1342 Horizon Carbide_________ 480-968-0957 Horizon Carbide_________480-968-0957 LRW Cutting Tools________ 602-269-1775

Inserts, Indexable Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Horizon Carbide_________480-968-0957 Kyocera Cutting Tools______480-244-4758 Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-6295 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Inserts, PCD/CBN Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Horizon Carbide_________480-968-0957 Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-6295 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Key Cutters The Tool Crib Inc.________ 602-978-3130 Reamers & Drills, PCD Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Marshall Tool & Supply_____602-269-6295 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Precision Toolholding Products SCHUNK_____________ 919-452-4535 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Von Ruden Manufacturing___ 763-682-0322 Thread Mills Coast Aluminum Sales_____ 480-797-5162 Horizon Carbide_________480-968-0957 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Tooling Columns/ Tombstones Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Stevens Engineering_______ 602-272-6766 Tooling Systems Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Tungaloy America________ 310-415-4810 Von Ruden Manufacturing___763-682-0322 PALLET SYSTEMS Manual & Automatic Pallet Systems Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 PRODUCTS Safety Glasses Midaco Corporation_______847-593-8420 ROBOTICS Acieta______________402-650-8132



Director of Business Operations

p. 602.269.1775 f. 602.269.0542 1735 N. 28th Ave #1 Phoenix, AZ 85009

chris@lrwtool.com www.lrwtool.com toll free 877.845.7940

Delta Technology_______ 480-867-6320 Part Loading Systems Midaco Corporation______ 847-593-8420 CAD/CAM Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Autodesk_____________877 335 2261 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)_____480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117 Vero Software__________602-359-2530 Software, Inv. Control Autodesk_____________877 335 2261 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)_____480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117 Software, NC Programming Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Autodesk_____________877 335 2261 Datron_____________ 480-826-3689 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)____ 480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117

Cutting Tools made in the U.S.A. since 1964

w w w. t h i n b i t . c o m A2Z MANUFACTURING SW • A2ZWCBG2019.indd 1

12/6/2018 10:33:33 AM

79 • May / June 2021

PO Box 42981 • Phoenix, AZ 85080


108 N. 40th St. Phoenix 1245 E. Buckeye Rd.



Production and Design Technology and Precision Machining Education Experts info@gatewaycc.edu Phoenix, AZ 85034 602-286-8050






maricopaskillcenter.com/machining gatewaycc.edu/industrial

   

Software, Servicing Autodesk_____________ 877 335 2261 Feature Cam___________602-502-9654 MLC CAD (MasterCAM)____ 480-696-6056 MLC CAD (SolidWorks)_____480-696-6056 Turul Engineering________ 480-420-7117 SERVICES Automation & Controls Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____ 602-272-4571 Banks Alerus Bank & Trust_______ 480-905-2414 Western Banks__________ 480-917-4243 Business Consulting Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 BMSC______________480-445-9400 Quick Turn Financial_______ 480-385-1220 Calibration Services Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Arizona CNC Equip_ _____ 480-615-6353 Field Calibrations_______ 480-756-8828 Klontech Industrial Sales____ 480-948-1871 Washington Calibration_____480-820-0506 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

80 • May / June 2021

Calibration: Repair & Certify Advanced Coordinate Tech___ 480-921-3370 Field Calibrations_______ 480-756-8828 Washington Calibration____ 480-820-0506 Commercial General Contractor KLM Realty___________ 602-723-3508 Consulting Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 BMSC______________ 480-445-9400 Elevate Consulting_________480-577-2113 GoYellowbird.com________ 480-229-2272 Quality Training Consultants__ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions____ 888-572-9642 Consulting:Business Improvement Elevate Consulting_________480-577-2113 GoYellowbird.com________ 480-229-2272 Contract Inspection Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131 Contract Programming Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131 CNC Training Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Gateway Community College__ 602-286-8050 Crates/Pallets Beau’s Crates__________ 480-966-3630

Craters & Freighters_______480-966-9929 Crating Technology_______602-528-3628 Crating Onsite Beau’s Crates__________480-966-3630 Craters & Freighters_______480-966-9929 Design Services Fast DMS_____________ 424-FAST-DMS Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Metalcraft Inc.________480-967-4889 Engineering Services Advanced Coord. Tech _____ 623-780-4137 FAA Repair/ Overhaul Galaxy International______ 623-882-2783 FAA Repair / APUs Galaxy International______ 623-882-2783 FAA Repair/ Aircraft Components Galaxy International______ 623-882-2783 Facility Safety Hennig_____________909-420-5796 Financial Services Alerus Bank & Trust________480-905-2414 Banterra Bank__________ 480-770-0007 Droeg Financial Services____ 480-345-6575 Western Banks___________480-917-4243 HazMat Pachaging & Shipping Craters & Freighters_______ 480-966-9929 Heavyhaul Hunter Machine Moving_____ 602-246-8783 IRH ______________ 800-334-2409 Insurance Services NFP Property & Casualty____ 480-458-6052 ISO9001 Certification KALOS Certifications_______ 480-486-8007 ISO/AS9100 Consulting Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 BMSC______________ 480-445-9400

Quality Training Consultants_ 928-284-0856 Sustaining Edge Solutions____888-572-9642 ISO9001 Lead Auditor Training KALOS Certifications______ 480-486-8007 IT/ Network Specialists Onsite Technical Services___ 602-595-2227 IT/ Software Support Services Onsite Technical Services___ 602-595-2227 Leasing and Financing Alerus Bank & Trust_______480-905-2414 Banterra Bank_________ 480-770-0007 KLM Realty__________ 602-723-3508 Western Banks__________480-917-4243 Lean Consulting Arizona MEP___________602-845-1200 BMSC _____________ 480-445-9400 Elevate Consulting________ 480-577-2113 Industrial Solutions______ 480-327-8949 Sustaining Edge Solutions____888-572-9642 Machinery Installation C&M Rigging_________ 602-253-8200 Hunter Machine Moving_____602-246-8783 IRH________________800-334-2409

Lean Green Belt Training Discover new ways to help your business


•  Reduce Lead Times by 80% •  Reduce Work In Process (WIP) up to 90% •  Reduce used Floor Space by 75% •  Improve Quality by 90%


Designed for professionals with little to no experience with Lean Thinking. This immersive fourday course provides the tools and skills to build the foundation of critical Lean concepts and techniques, that will strengthen your organizations bottom line.


Senior Leaders ▪ Middle Managers ▪ Front Line Leaders ▪ Process Experts ▪

General Contractors Kenneth McIntyre, Sr. ROC 213527 ~ ROC 213528

Rigging C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 Hunter Machine Moving____ 602-246-8783 IRH_______________ 800-334-2409 ProLift Rigging_________480-267-1556 Safety Training GoYellowbird.com_______ 480-229-2272 Schools, Custom Training Arizona MEP___________ 602-845-1200 AZPMAP_____________ 602-723-8191 Ellison Machinery________480-968-5335 Gateway Community College__602-286-8050 Michelle Tinsley



Group 1: February 03-04 & 10-11 Group 2: February 05-06 & 12-13 Jackie Lord Group 3: February FOUNDING PRINCIPAL 17-20 *Breakfast and Lunch provided daily

Hampton Inn & Suites CNC and Conventional Since 1987 Specializing in Haas Machines Phoenix Chandler Fashion Center Tel: +1 480.577.2113 Phoenix, AZ Email: jackielord@elevateconsulting.llc

Fred Blouch • 602-518-6590


ATLASMachineToolRepair@gmail.com Enroll Now at 480-327-8949 or www.isiworld.net Presented By:

Clients we’ve helped:

Schools, Machining & Machine Retrofitting/CNC Training Gateway Community College__602-286-8050 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 “ API Services___________ 757-223-4157 Shipping Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Craters & Freighters_______480-966-9929 Bears Fix All___________ 480-238-3408 Transportation Contract Programming C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 IRH ______________ 800-334-2409 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Transportation: Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131 Air/Freight/Ground CNC Training C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 IRH ______________ 800-334-2409 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 Working Capital, Credit Lines Gateway Community College__ 602-286-8050 Banterra Bank__________480-770-0007 Engineering Services Western Banks__________ 480-917-4243 Advanced Coord. Tech _____ 623-780-4137 RECYCLING Fast DMS_____________ 424-FAST-DMS Barry Metals___________ 602-484-7186 Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____ 602-272-4571 Consolidated Resources Inc.___ 623-931-5009 Maint/Repair Services Davis Salvage Co________602-267-7208 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 REPAIR/DESIGN Advanced Precision _______ 602-525-0156 Bar Feeder Repair Edge Technologies________ 951-440-1574 Arizona CNC Equip_______ 480-615-6353 Atlas Machine Tool Repair____ 602-518-6590 Machine Tool Rebuilding Advanced Precision _______ 602-525-0156 Bears Fix All___________ 480-238-3408 API Services___________ 757-223-4157 DM Machine Repair_______ 480-709-1450 Adams Machinery________ 480-968-3711 D & R Machinery________ 480-775-6462 Bears Fix All___________480-238-3408 DM Machine Repair_______ 480-709-1450 Ellison Machinery________ 480-968-5335 EDM Network__________ 480-836-1782 The Werks C&C, Inc_______ 602-569-1809

Prev. Maint Programs Adams Machinery_______ 480-968-3711 Advanced Precision ______ 602-525-0156 API Services__________ 757-223-4157 Arizona CNC Equip______ 480-615-6353 Atlas Machine Tool Repair____602-518-6590 DM Machine Repair______480-709-1450 D & R Machinery_______480-775-6462 Ellison Machinery_______480-968-5335 The Werks C&C, Inc______602-569-1809

Industrial Solutions allowed us to find the potential in ourselves to become problem solvers. The training provided by ISI allowed employees of all experience levels to be empowered and knowledgeable regarding waste reduction and ways to share valuable input from different perspectives. We plan to build upon the foundation they provided and have true enthusiasm regarding the prospective gains to be realized.”

goyellowbird.com ProLift Rigging_________ 480-267-1556 Machinery Moving C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 Hunter Machine Moving_____ 602-246-8783 IRH________________ 800-334-2409 ProLift Rigging_________ 480-267-1556 Machinery Storage C&M Rigging__________602-253-8200 Hunter Machine Moving_____ 602-246-8783 IRH________________ 800-334-2409 ProLift Rigging_________ 480-267-1556 Procurement Fast DMS_____________ 424-FAST-DMS Public Relations New Angle Media________ 602-295-1813 Marketing/ Web Design New Angle Media________ 602-295-1813 Real Estate, Commercial KLM Realty___________602-723-3508 Reverse Engineering BMSC______________ 480-445-9400 Klontech Measure Sol______ 480-626-8131 Metalcraft Inc._________480-967-4889 Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____ 602-272-4571

M. Rollins Corporate HR Manager Benefits, Training & Dev. Hopkins Mfg. Corp.

Repair -Hydraulic Advanced Precision ______ 602-525-0156 The Werks C&C, Inc______602-569-1809 Repair - Portable Advanced Precision ______ 602-525-0156 The Werks C&C, Inc______ 602-569-1809 Repair /Maintenace Robots Acieta______________402-650-8132

Spindle Rebuilding GMN USA___________ 800-686-1679 Testing, Metallurgical Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____602-272-4571 Tool Repair, Coating, Treatment Cutting Tools Consultants_ 602-277-1342 SERVICES/MARKETING/DESIGN Photography 602-790-3160 Takashi Sato___________ The Werks C&C, Inc_______ 602-569-1809 White’s Niche Products_____ 602-290-9402 A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 81 • May / June 2021 2

Buyer’s Guide & Card Gallery Processes 21622 North 14th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027-2806 www.axiantech.com 623-580-0800

Danyelle Vigari Customer Service

Direct: 623-889-0725 Cell: 623-418- 1831 sales@axiantech.com

Moore Tool & Die________602-909-6697 Western Cast Parts_______ 480-250-9764 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 Castings: Prototype Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 AATC ______________ 602-268-1467 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Western Cast Parts_______ 480-250-9764 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Castings: Production AATC ______________ 602-268-1467 Clean Room Assembly Jan’s Inc._____________480-833-7305 Western Cast Parts_______ 480-250-9764 L&W Fluid____________602-323-2560 COATING

ADDITIVE MFG / 3 D PRINTING AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Faustson_____________303-420-7422 Jaguar Precision Machine____505-242-6545 ASSEMBLY AAE_______________928-772-9887 Abrams Airborne Mfg______ 520-887-1727 ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222 CAP ______________602-464-9629 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 GHT Services___________480-396-1800 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325 JD Machine___________801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 MAKstride____________928-460-6054

Fixtures: Assembly Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 AUTOMATION SYSTEMS Delta Technology________480-867-6320 BAR CODING

Sensing Solutions Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Thermo Couples Cleveland Electric Labs_____480-967-2501 Bending: CNC AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Brazing: Aluminum Dip Abrams Airborne Mfg______520-887-1727 Bolts Metallizing - CWST____ 602-244-2432

Arizona Finishing________602-438-4443

Bolts Metallizing - CWST_____602-244-2432 CAP ______________602-464-9629 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Chromatic Over Zinc Diecast Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311

Coating: Chem Film CAP______________602-464-9629 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 Frontier Group__________928-636-0130 Gold Tech Industries_____ _480-968-1930 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Coating: Black Oxide Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 The Metal Man________ 800-448-9448 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Coating: Dry Film Lube

BROACHING Air Gear_____________602-275-7996 Coating Technologies______623-242-9575 Apache Gear, Inc________623-934-7144 Coating: Cerakote Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 CASTINGS AATC ______________ 602-268-1467 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 WESTERN CAST PARTS LLC Steve Whisel

Field Sales & Engineering

4024 E. Casitas Del Rio Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85050 Phone: (480) 284-6618 Cell: (480) 250-9764 Email: swcastings@cox.net A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

82 • May / June 2021

CNC Router Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300 Die Cutting

Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Coating: Liquid Collins Metal Finishing____ 602-275-3117 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Pilkington Metal Finishing__ 801-972-2146 Coating: Nickel/Teflon Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Coating: NP3 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 Coating:Zinc & Mag.Phos. Chemetall____________ 714-739-2821 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Coating:Passivation CAP ______________602-464-9629 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130

Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Laser Big O Metals_ _ _________ 480-477-9182 EDM PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Desert Precision Mfg______ 520-887-4433 EDM: Drilling Small Hole Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 F&B Manufacturing_______ 602-512-5237 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 Powder Coating Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 Fine Line Laser Cutting_____ 602-863-3196 LAYKE, Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300 Plasma Cutting Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Milco _______________714-373-0098 Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Marzee_____________ 602-269-5801 Quality Mold___________ 480-892-5480 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Sun Tech______________480-921-1665 Tube Laser Cutting Phoenix Fab & Design_____480-590-5058 Tube Service Company_____ 602-267-9865 EDM: Ram-Type (Sinking) AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 _ ____801-972-2146 Pilkington Metal Finishing_ Turret Punching ANEWCO______________520-751-1222 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Blaze Precision_________ 480-584-5227 COIL PROCESSING DIE CASTING EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 TVT Die Casting_________ 800-280-2278 Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422 CUTTING Die Casting/Aluminum & Zinc Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300 Echols Saw & Supply______ 602-278-3918 TVT Die Casting_________ 800-280-2278 Milco _______________714-373-0098 Southwest Waterjet-Laser____ 480-306-7748 DIES Quality Mold___________ 480-892-5480 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Sun Tech______________480-921-1665 The Metal Man_________ 800-448-9448 Precision Die & Stamp’g____ 480-967-2038 EDM: Dialectric Systems Bandsaw Cutting Wissota Tool & Die_______ 480-507-3484 /Filtration Echols Saw & Supply______602-278-3918 Wrico______________ 480-892-7800 Ebbco Inc_____________800-809-3901


83 • May / June 2021

Caleb T. Kratz

Simulation Product Specialist Southwest Territory Manager

MOBILE: 713-252-2784



Autodesk, Inc. Houston, TX 77459 www.autodesk.com


Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

Patrick H. Stewart II President

EDM: Wire 3D Machine LLC_________ 480-239-8254 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Auer Precision__________ 480-834-4637 Blaze Precision_________ 480-584-5227 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 Faustson_____________ 303-420-7422 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____ 480-503-1283 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 Milco ______________ 714-373-0098 Powill Manufacturing______ 623-780-4100 Quality Mold__________480-892-5480 Sun Tech_____________ 480-921-1665 Thompson Machine_______ 505-823-1453 Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 Wrico______________480-892-7800



(480) 316-2893 (480) 477-9182 WWW.BIGOMETALS.COM LINPRYOR@BIGOMETALS.COM 50 S. 43RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85009


84 • May / June 2021

21631 N. 3rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027 p (623) 492 9400 x215 f (623) 492 9071 pstewart@stewartmfg.com www.stewartmfg.com

ENGINEERING/ PROGRAMMING K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575 FABRICATION: SHEET METAL A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_ 623-377-2191 Abrams Airborne Mfg______ 520-887-1727 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329 Aero Tech____________ 801-292-0493 Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497 ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 AZMF Precision__________602-476-7477 BEL Machining__________ 480-445-9881 BID Machine, Inc________ 480-892-7304 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 Creedbilt Inc___________ 623-939-8119 Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 Desert Precision Mfg______ 520-887-4433 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication__ 602-437-0339 Fine Line Fabricating______ 602-863-3506 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____ 480-503-1283 Group Manufacturing Serv___ 480-966-3952 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575


A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly




3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Fa



Lynch Brothers Mfg_____ 602-267-7575 Magnum Companies_____ 602.272.3600 Metzfab___________ 602- 539-9591 Moore Tool & Die_______ 602-909-6697 Nelson Engineering______602-273-7114 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 RM Garrison Machining____ 623-582-6544 Scriven Precision________ 480-961-9775 Stewart Precision Mfg_____ 623-492-9400 TMM Precision ________ 800-448-9448 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Weiser Engineering______ 303-280-2778 Whitley Machine_______ 602-323-5550 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Aluminum (Medium & Large) Aero Tech___________ 801-292-0493 Fabrication: Custom Metal AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Allfab Engineering______ 602-437-0497 Fine Line Fabricating_____ 602-863-3506 K-2 Mfg____________ 602-455-9575 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Fabrication: Medium & Large A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 Abrams Airborne Mfg______520-887-1727 ANEWCO____________ 520-751-1222 BEL Machining__________480-445-9881 Big O Metals___________480-477-9182 Continental Machining____ 800-777-2483 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339


Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Fa




Craig Roth President/C.O.O.

Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc.

A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly SPRINGS- STAMPINGS- MACH INED PARTS- WASHER S -WIR E FORMSFORMED TUB ING-ASSEMBLIES

3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777


A Fa



Fine Line Fabricating______ 602-863-3506 Craig Roth President/C.O.O. Fry Fabrications__________602-454-0701 Spring & Manufacturing602-863-3506 Co.,Inc. Fine Line Fabricating______ A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly 3325 East Wier Avenue Fry Fabrications__________602-454-0701 Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Phone: (602)243-4329 Jan’s Inc._____________ 480-833-7305 Cell: (602)370-5777 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 Craig Roth Magnum Companies______ 602.272.3600 President/C.O.O. Metzfab_____________ 602- 539-9591 Spring & Manufacturing Co.,Inc. Precise Metal Products_____ 602-272-2625 A Complete Manufacturing Facility for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly 3325 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Precision Metalworks______ 602-455-9575 Phone: (602)243-4329 Cell: (602)370-5777 RM Garrison Machiing___623-582-6544 Stewart Precision Mfg______ 623-492-9400 TMM Precision _________ 800-448-9448 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 Fabrication: Steel Magnum Companies______ 602.272.3600 FINISHING Arizona Finishing________ 602-438-4443 AZMF Precision__________ 602-476-7477 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 EPSI______________714-256-8950




A Fa







A Fa


ISO 9001:2008/AS9100C

Mike Sniegowski Precision Grinding for the Aerospace Industry since 1998 2821 W. Willetta Phone: (602) 353-8088

Phoenix, AZ 85009



Gun Finishing Louie’s Gun Finishing_____ 602-257-0530 Passivation CAP _____________ 602-464-9629 Coating Technologies____ _623-242-9575


CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 Louie’s Black Oxide_______ 602-257-0530 Paragon Machining & Design_ 480-635-9163 Frontier Group_________ 928-636-0130 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 FOUNDRY PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____602-275-1917 AATC______________ 602-268-1467 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 GASKETS Polishing TVT Die Casting_________ 800-280-2278 Systems Integrators______ 623-434-3136 EPSI______________714-256-8950 Abrasive Blasting GEAR CUTTING Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 RM Garrison Machining____ 623-582-6544 Air Gear____________ 602-275-7996 Sand Blasting Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Apache Gear, Inc_______ 623-934-7144 STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231 A2Z Sandblasting_______ 602-716-5566 GRINDING Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 Dry Film Lubrication Bolts Metallizing - CWST_____602-244-2432 Masic Industries________ 503-232-9109 Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Auer Precision_________ 480-834-4637 CAP ______________ 602-464-9629 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 STP Performance Coating LLC__602-276-1231 Blue Streak Grinding_____ 602-353-8088 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Shot Peen CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 Electro-Polishing PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 East Valley Precision______ 480-288-6601 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 Stripping GMN USA___________ 800-686-1679 Glass Bead Clean Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 Grindworks___________623-582-5767 A2Z Sandblasting________ 602-716-5566 FIXTURES JWB Manufacturing______ 480-967-4600 Coating Technologies______ 623-242-9575 Blaze Precision________ 480-584-5227 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Lone Arrow___________ 480-507-8074 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Exactitude Precision_______602-316-6957 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600

Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing______623-780-4100 Ron Grob____________970-667-5320 Shaw Precision_________480-785-4925 Steel Services Grinding_____800-662-0126 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Sun Grinding__________602-238-9595 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Wissota Tool & Die_______480-507-3484 Grinding, Blanchard Steel Services Grinding ____800-662-0126 Sun Grinding__________602-238-9595 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Grinding: Centerless (OD) Blue Streak Grinding_____ 602-353-8088 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339


1138 W Watkins St, Phoenix, AZ 85007 vmw1909@valleymachineworks.com www.valleymachineworks.com

sales@abrams.com A2Z MANUFACTURING •

85 • May / June 2021

4045 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 267-7575 office (602) 909-5239 cell wayne@lynchbros.com

  

              FAA CRS AI0R143N - EASA.145.4079


 

      

Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Ron Grob____________ 970-667-5320 Shaw Precision_________ 480-785-4925 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Grinding, CNC/Contour Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Powill Manufacturing__ ___623-780-4100 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Grinding… Cylindrical Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 Grinding… Double Disc Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Grinding…Gear/Spline Air Gear_____________ 602-275-7996 Grinding: ID/OD Air Gear_____________ 602-275-7996 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335


86 • May / June 2021

Copper State Bolt & Nut____ 800-603-6887 F&B Manufacturing______ 602-512-5237 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 Heat Treating/NADCAP ABS Metallurgical_______602-437-3008 Bolts Metallizing - CWST____602-244-2432 Ron Grob____________ 970-667-5320 Large Capacity Drop Bottom Oven/ Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Aluminum Heat Treating Lynch Brothers Mfg_______ 602-267-7575 Grinding:Mattison Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 Grinding: Surface HONING/LAPPING

Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Quality Mold___________ 480-892-5480 Sun Grinding__________ 602-238-9595 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Grinding: Tool & Cutter CTE________________ 800-783-2400 Superior Grinding________ 888-487-9701 Gun Drilling Powill Manufacturing_____ 623-780-4100 HEAT TREATING ABS Metallurgical________602-437-3008 Bolts Metallizing - CWST_____602-244-2432 Controlled Thermal Tech’y____ 602-272-3714 Phoenix Heat Treating_____ 602-258-7751 Heat Treating ABS Metallurgical________602-437-3008 Bolts Metallizing - CWST_____602-244-2432

Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 LAYKE, Inc.____________ 602-272-2654 National Grinding & Mfg____ 602-588-2869 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Paramount Honing & Machine_ 480-577-9774 Phoenix Grinding________ 602-437-8401 Powill Manufacturing_____623-780-4100 HYDRO FORMING F&B Manufacturing_______ 602-512-5237 Precision Aerospace_______ 602-352-8658

Chris Torres - Vice President Andy Severyn - President 6503 W Frye Rd #6 Chandler, AZ 85226 www.shawprecision.com

Grinding & Threading Rolling

Office: 480-785-4925 Chris - Cell: 602-349-7921 Email: chris@shawsgrinding.com chris@shawprecision.com Andy - Cell: 602-903-7930 Email: andy@shawprecision.com

Inspection, First Article Klontech Measure Sol______480-626-8131 Total Quality Systems_____ 480-377-6422 Inspection Services

Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 East Valley Precision_______480-288-6601 Klontech Measure Sol______480-626-8131 Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____602-272-4571 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Sustaining Edge Solutions___ 888-572-9642 IDENTIFICATION Total Quality Systems_____ 480-377-6422 Labels & Bar Code Inspection Services, Welding EPSI______________714-256-8950 Metals Eng & Testing Lab.____602-272-4571 Leach Laser___________ 602-254-1141 ISO9000 / AS9100 Cert. Mobile PartMarking Leach Laser___________ 602-254-1141 BMSC_____________480-445-9400

Tool / PartMarking (Laser) Frontier Group__________ 928-636-0130 Leach Laser___________ 602-254-1141 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 TechMark____________480-820--9444 Silk Screen Arizona Finishing_______ 602-438-4443 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 INSPECTION Calibration Field Calibrations_______ 480-756-8828


Precision Honing Specialists  480.577.9774

 info@paramounthoning.com

771 N Golden Key St Ste A, Gilbert, AZ 85233


L&W Machine Co_______ 602-323-2560 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 Lynch Brothers Mfg______ 602-267-7575 Matrix Machine_________480-966-4451 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Osborn Products________ 623-587-0335 Powill Manufacturing_____ 623-780-4100 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Pro Precision_________ 602-353-0022 Service & Sales________ 480-968-9084 Southwest Swiss Precision __ 602-438-4670 ANEWCO____________ 520-751-1222 Specialty Turn Products____ 602-426-9340 MACHINING Machining: 3D ATF Aerospace__________ 480-218-0918 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 3D Machine LLC_________480-239-8254 Avtek Industries________ 602-485-4005 Uni-Tek_____________602-272-2601 Cassavant Machining______602-437-4005 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Machining: Contract Challenger Aerospace______480-894-0802 Backerworks Mfg_______ 505-342-2943 Aero Design & Mfg______ 602-437-8080 L&W Machine Co_______ 602-323-2560 Cassavant Machining_____ 602-437-4005 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____602-243-4329 MAKstride____________928-460-6054 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Continental Machining____ 800-777-2483 Avtek Industries________ 602-485-4005 Pro Precision__________602-353-0022 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 East Valley Precision_______480-288-6601 Evans Precision Machining__ 623-581-6200 Machining: 5 Axis Evans Precision Machining__ 623-581-6200 Flex-Pro_____________623-581-0551 Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 Gibbs Precision Machine____480-753-1166 GHT Services__________ 480-396-1800 ANEWCO_____________520-751-1222 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 Gibbs Precision Machine____480-753-1166 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____480-503-1283 Cassavant Machining______602-437-4005 Infinisys_____________602-276-2276 Group Mfg Serv.________ 480-966-3952 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Jaguar Precision Machine___ 505-242-6545 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 Evans Precision Machining___623-581-6200 JB’s Precision_________ 623-581-9088 Infinisys_____________602-276-2276 F&B Manufacturing_______602-512-5237 JD Machine__________ 801-782-4403 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 Faustson_____________303-420-7422 KLK Ind._____________602-267-1331 JD Machine__________ 801-782-4403

Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 Industrial Tool Die & Eng____520-745-8771 Jaguar Precision Machine___ 505-242-6545 JDB Ltd____________ 602-992-9627 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Gladhill Assoc__________623-939-4412 Specialty Turn Products____ 602-426-9340 Sustaining Edge Solutions____888-572-9642 T-N Machining_________ 602-278-8665 Quality Training Consultants__928-284-0856 Tech Five Machining______ 480-699-4856 Process Improvement/ Audit Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 BMSC_____________480-445-9400 Machining: Aerospace Quality Training Consultants__928-284-0856 AATC______________602-268-1467 Sustaining Edge Solutions____888-572-9642 Abrams Airborne Mfg______520-887-1727

JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 P4 Swiss/Lindel_________ 520-792-3160 RM Garrison Machining___623-582-6544 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 T-N Machining__________ 602-278-8665 TVT Die Casting_________800-280-2278 Wrico______________480-892-7800 Machining: CNC 3D Machine LLC_________480-239-8254 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 Abrams Airborne Mfg______ 520-887-1727 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 ANEWCO_____________ 520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 ATF Aerospace__________ 480-218-0918 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 BEL Machining__________ 480-445-9881 BID Machine, Inc________480-892-7304 Blaze Precision_________ 480-584-5227 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483


87 • May / June 2021

Osborn Products_________623-587-0335 P4 Swiss/Lindel_________520-792-3160 Paragon Machining & Design__480-635-9163 Phoenix Fab & Design____ 480-590-5058 Powill Manufacturing______623-780-4100 Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 RM Garrison Machining __623-582-6544 RMSS_____________ 623-780-5904 Ron Grob____________970-667-5320 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 East Valley Precision_______480-288-6601 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Evans Precision Machining__ 623-581-6200 T-N Machining__________602-278-8665 Faustson____________ 303-420-7422 Tech Five Machining_______480-699-4856 Flex-Pro_____________623-581-0551 Uni-Tek_____________602-272-2601 GHT Services__________ 480-396-1800 Val-Tech Mfg___________480-966-7376 Gibbs Precision Machine____480-753-1166 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 HK Machining_________ 602-278-6704 Machining: Industrial & Repair Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 BEL Machining__________480-445-9881 HPMP______________801-619-9850 Machining: Large Infinisys_____________602-276-2276 Alpha Machine_________602-437-0322 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 ATF Aerospace__________ 480-218-0918 Jaguar Precision Machine___ 505-242-6545 JB’s Precision_________ 623-581-9088 Backerworks Mfg________505-342-2943 JD Machine__________ 801-782-4403 Continental Machining_____800-777-2483 JDB Ltd._____________602-992-9627 Empire Precision Mach.____ 480-633-4580 Jemelco, Inc.__________ 480-804-9541 F&B Manufacturing_______602-512-5237 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 HK Machining__________602-278-6704 L&W Machine Co_______ 602-323-2560 K-zell Metals, Inc.________602-232-5882 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331

East Valley Precision_______ 480-288-6601 Exactitude Precision_______ 602-316-6957 Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Genesis Precision________602-687-9600 GHT Services___________480-396-1800 Gibbs Precision Machine____ 480-753-1166 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325 Infinisys_____________ 602-276-2276 Jaguar Precision Machine____505-242-6545 JD Machine___________801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 Jemelco, Inc.___________480-804-9541 L&W Machine Co________602-323-2560 MAKstride____________928-460-6054 Metalcraft Inc.__________480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 P4 Swiss/Lindel_________ 520-792-3160 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Phoenix Fab & Design_____480-590-5058 RMSS ______________623-780-5904 Ron Grob____________970-667-5320 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 Stewart Precision Mfg______623-492-9400

Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 T-N Machining__________602-278-8665 Uni-Tek_____________ 602-272-2601 Machining: Milling 3D Machine LLC_________480-239-8254 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Machining: Milling - Long Part Avtek Industries_________602-485-4005 K-zell Metals, Inc.________602-232-5882 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477

MAKstride___________ 928-460-6054 Matrix Machine_________480-966-4451 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Metzfab____________ 602- 539-9591 Micropulse West________ 480-966-2300 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 ATF Aerospace__________ 480-218-0918 Machining: MultiSwiss Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 Challenger Aerospace______480-894-0802 Specialty Turn Products_____602-426-9340 A2Z MANUFACTURING SW •

88 • May / June 2021

Machining Plastic Blaze Precision________ 480-584-5227 East Valley Precision_______480-288-6601 JDB Ltd_____________602-992-9627 Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Machining Precision 3D Machine LLC__ ______480-239-8254 AAE______________ 928-772-9887 AATC ______________602-268-1467 Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 Abrams Airborne Mfg______520-887-1727 Alpha Machine________ 602-437-0322 ANEWCO_____________520-751-1222 Arizona Wire & Tool_______480-813-1002 ATEC Engineering________480-569-3337 Auer Precision__________480-834-4637 Avtek Industries________ 602-485-4005 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Backerworks Mfg_______ 505-342-2943 BID Machine, Inc_______ 480-892-7304 Cassavant Machining_____ 602-437-4005 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___480-967-2501 Continental Machining____ 800-777-2483 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Evans Precision Mach’g____ 623-581-6200 Faustson____________ 303-420-7422

CNC MACHINE SHOP - DESIGN - SOLID MODELS - PRINTS 2225 W. Mountain View Suite #4 Phoenix, Az 85021

Jon Schaeffer Office: Mobile: E-Mail: Web:


602-687-9600 602-881-1055 jon@genesisprecisionaz.com www.genesisprecisionaz.com

Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Genesis Precision________602-687-9600 Gibbs Precision Machine____ 480-753-1166 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____520-889-8325 HK Machining__________ 602-278-6704 HPMP______________ 801-619-9850 Jaguar Precision Machine____505-242-6545 JB’s Precision__________623-581-9088 JD Machine___________801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 Jemelco, Inc.___________480-804-9541 JWB Manufacturing_______480-967-4600 LAYKE, Inc.____________602-272-2654 Lynch Brothers Mfg_______602-267-7575 Matrix Machine_________ 480-966-4451 Micropulse West_________480-966-2300 Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 P4 Swiss/Lindel_________ 520-792-3160 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Powill Mfg____________ 623-780-4100 Precision Aerospace_______602-352-8658 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 RM Garrison Mach’ing____623-582-6544 RMSS_____________623-780-5904 Service & Sales_________480-968-9084 Southwest Swiss Precision ___602-438-4670 Specialty Turn Products_____602-426-9340 StarRex Precision________480-834-6344

Stewart Precision Mfg______ 623-492-9400 Sun Tech_____________ 480-921-1665 Tech Five Machining_______ 480699-4856 Uni-Tek_____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg___________ 480-966-7376 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Weiser Engineering_______ 303-280-2778 480-507-3484 Wissota Tool &SHOP Die_______ CNC MACHINE - DESIGN - SOLID MODELS - PRINTS 2225 W. Mountain View Suite #4 Phoenix, Az 85021 Machining: Production Yvonne Schaeffer AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 Office: 602-687-9600 Mobile: 602-430-8652 E-Mail: yvonne@genesisprecisionaz.com __________ 480-396-1800 GHTWeb:Services_ www.genesisprecisionaz.com JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 MAKstride____________ 928-460-6054 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 StarRex Precision________ 480-834-6344 T-N Machining__________ 602-278-8665 Tech Five Machining_______ 480699-4856 Machining: Prototype AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 AATC______________602-268-1467 Accutech_____________ 801-975-1117 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 ATF Aerospace__________ 480-218-0918 Backerworks Mfg________ 505-342-2943 BID Machine, Inc________ 480-892-7304 Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 Evans Precision_________ 623-581-6200 Exactitude Precision_______ 602-316-6957 Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 GHT Services___________ 480-396-1800 Gibbs Precision Machine____ 480-753-1166 Infinisys_____________ 602-276-2276 Jaguar Precision Machine____ 505-242-6545 5371 ____________ 480-833-7305 Jan’s Inc._Avery Jemelco, Inc.___________ 480-804-9541 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co________ 602-323-2560 MAKstride____________ 928-460-6054 Metalcraft Inc.__________ 480-967-4889 Micropulse West_________ 480-966-2300

Jeff Rozell - President Phone: 602-269-8788 Fax: 602-269-0103 3731 E La Salle St. Phoenix, AZ 85040 CNC PRECISION MACHINING PROTOTYPE • PRODUCTION

Rich Schwab

Sr. Sales Representative

(General Manager)

361 South 52nd Street • Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-967-2501 • Fax: 480-967-2530 rschwab@cel-atg.com Cell: 480-375-1437


Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Phoenix Fab & Design_____480-590-5058 Pro Precision_________ 602-353-00220 RM Garrison Machining_____ 623-582-6544 RMSS ____________ 623-780-5904 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 StarRex Precision________480-834-6344 Stewart Precision Mfg______ 623-492-9400 T-N Machining__________ 602-278-8665 Tech Five Machining_______ 480699-4856 Uni-Tek_____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg___________ 480-966-7376 Wissota Tool & Die_______ 480-507-3484 Machining: Quick Turn Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Gibbs Precision Machine____ 480-753-1166 Genesis Precision________ 602-687-9600 HK Machining__________ 602-278-6704 Jemelco, Inc.___________ 480-804-9541 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 RMSS_____________ 623-780-5904 Machining: Semiconductor East Valley Precision_______ 480-288-6601 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 L&W Machine Co________ 602-323-2560 Machining: Swiss Cassavant Machining______ 602-437-4005 P4 Swiss/Lindel_________ 520-792-3160 Pacific Swiss & Mfg_______ 503-557-9407 RMG Machining_________ 623-582-6544 Southwest Swiss Precision ___ 602-438-4670

ISO/IEC 17025

Specialty Turn Products_____ 602-426-9340 StarRex Precision________ 480-834-6344 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Mach: Turning CNC 3D Machine LLC_ _______480-239-8254 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Avtek Industries_________ 602-485-4005 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 BEL Machining__________ 480-445-9881 Cassavant Machining______ 602-437-4005 Cleveland Electric Labs____ 480-967-2501 Continental Machining_____ 800-777-2483 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication__ 602-437-0339 East Valley Precision_______ 480-288-6601 Exactitude Precision_______ 602-316-6957 Flex-Pro_____________ 623-581-0551 Genesis Precision________ 602-687-9600 GHT Services___________ 480-396-1800 Hi-Tech Machining & Eng____ 520-889-8325 JD Machine___________ 801-782-4403 JDB Ltd._____________ 602-992-9627 Jemelco, Inc.___________ 480-804-9541 Metzfab_____________ 602- 539-9591 Morsch Machine_________ 480-961-7673 Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 P4 Swiss/Lindel_________ 520-792-3160 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Phoenix Fab & Design_____ 480-590-5058 Precision Metalworks______ 602-455-9575 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

89 • May / June 2021

RM Garrison Mach’ing_ __623-582-6544 RMSS _____________ 623-780-5904 Ron Grob___________ 970-667-5320 StarRex Precision_______ 480-834-6344 Select Machining_______ 602-881-5845 Stewart Precision Mfg_____ 623-492-9400 Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 Val-Tech Mfg__________ 480-966-7376 Metalcraft Inc._________ 480-967-4889 Morsch Machine_________480-961-7673 Uni-Tek____________ 602-272-2601 Machining: Turning: Automatic American Prec. Machine____ 602-269-6298 AzMark____________ 480-926-8969 Challenger Aerospace_____ 480-894-0802 Evans Precision Mach’g____ 623-581-6200 HPMP______________801-619-9850 JB’s Precision Ind_______ 623-581-9088 LAYKE, Inc.___________ 602-272-2654 Matrix Machine_________480-966-4451 Paragon Machining & Design_ 480-635-9163 RMSS _____________ 623-780-5904 StarRex Precision_______ 480-834-6344 Stewart Precision Mfg_____ 623-492-9400 Weiser Engineering______ 303-280-2778 Machining: Ultra-Precision Auer Precision_________ 480-834-4637 Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing_ 503-557-9407 Southwest Swiss Precision __ 602-438-4670 MACHINING: LASER Laser Cutting Allfab Engineering______ 602-437-0497 A Z MANUFACTURING • 2

90 • May / June 2021

AZMF Precision_________602-476-7477 Big O Metals__________ 480-477-9182 EDM Tech___________ 602-278-6666 F&B Manufacturing______ 602-512-5237 Fine Line Laser Cutting____ 602-863-3196 K-2 Manufacturing______ 602-455-9575 K-zell Metals, Inc._______ 602-232-5882 KLK Ind._____________602-267-1331 M3 (Modern Metal Masters)_ 623-233-7932 Marusiak LLC_________ 480-318-8883 Precise Metal Products____ 602-272-2625 Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 Southwest Waterjet-Laser___ 480-306-7748 The Metal Man________ 800-448-9448 TMM Precision ________ 800-448-9448 Tube Service Company____ 602-267-9865 Wal-Tek Industries________623-587-4611 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Weiser Engineering______ 303-280-2778 Laser Engraving & Etching Leach Laser___________602-254-1141 Marusiak LLC_________ 480-318-8883 Paragon Machining & Design_ 480-635-9163 Perfection Ind Finishing____ 520-434-9090 TechMark___________ 480-820--9444 Laser Marking Leach Laser___________602-254-1141 Marusiak LLC_________ 480-318-8883 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 TechMark___________ 480-820--9444 Thread Rolling Ron Grob___________ 970-667-5320 MANUFACTURING AAE______________ 928-772-9887 Abrams Airborne Mfg_____ 520-887-1727 Aero Tech___________ 801-292-0493 Creedbilt Inc___________623-939-8119 Exactitude Precision_______602-316-6957

Hi-Tech Machining & Eng___ 520-889-8325 Group Manufacturing Serv__ 480-966-3952 K-2 Mfg_____________602-455-9575 KLK Ind._____________ 602-267-1331 Metzfab____________ 602- 539-9591 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 RM Garrison Mach’ing___623-582-6544 RMSS_____________623-780-5904 Scriven Precision_________ 480-961-9775 Systems Integrators_______ 623-434-3136 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Manufacturing: Electrode Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 Mfg: PhotoChemical Aero Tech____________801-292-0493 Etching Fabrication Turnkey Product Services Aero Tech____________801-292-0493 METAL FORMING Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497 AZMF Precision__________ 602-476-747 Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Desert Precision Mfg______520-887-4433 K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 TMM Precision _________800-448-9448 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 METAL RESTORATION Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 METAL STAMPING High Production Precision Stamping Precision Die & Stamping____ 480-967-2038 Thompson Machine_______ 505-823-1453 MOLDS AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 Molds: Construction AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 JWB Manufacturing_______ 480-967-4600 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400

Quality Mold__________480-892-5480 Molds: Plastic Injection AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 Quality Mold__________480-892-5480 Molds: Steel Aero Tech___________801-292-0493 MoldWORX___________480-668-8400 OUTGASING Systems Integrators______ 623-434-3136 PAINTING Arizona Finishing_______602-438-4443 CAP ______________602-464-9629 Capital Metal Finishing____ 520-884-7473 Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 CRC Surface Technologies___602-288-0394 Frontier Group_________ 928-636-0130 PAS Technologies_______ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 Painting& Blast Booths STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231 Phosphate Coating Technologies_____ 623-242-9575 Wet Paint/CARC Perfection Industrial Finishing_520-434-9090 Frontier Group_________ 928-636-0130 Sandblast/Automated Capital Metal Finishing____ 520-884-7473 STP Performance Coating LLC_ 602-276-1231

Screenprinting & Pad Printing Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 STP Performance Coating LLC__ 602-276-1231 PLASMA CUTTING Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Marzee_____________602-269-5801 PLATING Capital Metal Finishing_____520-884-7473 ChemResearch__________ 602-253-4175 Coating Technologies______623-242-9575 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 E.P.S.I.______________714-256-8950 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Precision Metalworks______602-455-9575 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Anodizing AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 CAP_______________602-464-9629 Capital Metal Finishing_____520-884-7473 Chemetall____________ 714-739-2821 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 CRC Surface Technologies___ 602-288-0394 Frontier Group__________928-636-0130 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600

Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Pilkington Metal Finishing___ 801-972-2146 Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Bright Nickel Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Bright Tin Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Copper Capital Metal Finishing_____520-884-7473 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 Foresight Finishing_______480-921-0000 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 PAS Technologies________602-744-2600 Electroless Nickel Capital Metal Finishing_____520-884-7473 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Embrittlement Relief E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Gold E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Nickel/ Chrome/Palladium Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Silver Plating Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 CRC Surface Technologies____602-288-0394 E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 Foresight Finishing_______ 480-921-0000 PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 Zinc Plate Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473

Cody Hukill O: 602-539-9591

C: 602-320-8360

E: sales@metzfab.com W: metzfabindustries.com A: 23012 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Laser Marking Laser Engraving Laser Cutting Waterjet Cutting

T.J. Fisher Owner/ President

SINTERING Western Sintering________509-375-3096

SPINNING: Metal Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 SPLINES 623-934-7144 Apache Gear, Inc________ Collins Metal Finishing_____ 602-275-3117 E.P.S.I.______________ 714-256-8950 SPRAY: METAL, PLASMA Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 Empire Precision Mach._____480-633-4580

2781 N Valley View Dr. tj@arizonaarchery.com Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 928-772-9887 ArizonaArchery.com 928-772-6287 fax

PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600 Perfection Industrial Finishing_ 520-434-9090 Sav-On Plating__________ 602-252-4311 POLISHING Capital Metal Finishing_____ 520-884-7473 Masic Industries_________ 503-232-9109 PRODUCTION Challenger Aerospace______480-894-0802 Louie’s Black Oxide_______602-257-0530 PRODUCTS Industrial Thermocouples Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 PUNCHING Big O Metals___________ 480-477-9182 Desert Precision Mfg______520-887-4433 Fry Fabrications_________ 602-454-0701 Group Manufacturing Serv___480-966-3952 K-2 Manufacturing_______ 602-455-9575 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Precision Metalworks______ 602-455-9575 Weiser Engineering_______303-280-2778

SPRINGS Custom Springs Compression/Extension/ Assembly/Torsion Ace Wire Spring & Form Co.___ 412-458-4831 Flat and Wire Springs Ace Wire Spring & Form Co.___ 412-458-4831 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____602-243-4329 Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 SPRINGWORKS Utah______ 801-298-0113 STAMPING A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____602-243-4329 Auer Precision__________ 480-834-4637 Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 Gilbert Metal Stamping_____480-503-1283 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 Precision Die & Stamping____480-967-2038 Scriven Precision_________ 480-961-9775

Systems Integrators_______623-434-3136 Thompson Machine_______505-823-1453 SAW CUTTING Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 A2Z MANUFACTURING •

91 • May / June 2021


E.D.M. Specialists Precision Machining


& ENG.

Since 1980

1930 St, #13 1930 E. E 3rd3rd St., #13 Tempe, 85281 Tempe, AZ AZ 85281


(480) 921-1665 480-921-1665 (480) 215-7144 Cell:Cell: 480-215-7144 suntech@suntecheng.net RSHud1@gmail.com

TOOLING EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666

Testing: Non-Dest/ Pressure CAP ______________ 602-464-9629 Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 Chemetall____________ 714-739-2821 Newport Tool__________ 801-295-7411 FutureWeld___________ 602-437-2426 Paragon Machining & Design__ 480-635-9163 Pilkington Metal Finishing___801-972-2146 Western Sintering________ 509-375-3096 Wrico_____________480-892-7800 Precision Metal Forming A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Desert Precision Mfg______520-887-4433 K-2 Mfg_____________602-455-9575 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 SPRINGWORKS Utah______ 801-298-0113 Thompson Machine_______505-823-1453 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Stamping: Aerospace A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 Dayton Lamina_________ 248-489-9122 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Stamping: Deep Draw Thompson Machine_______505-823-1453 Stamping Design SPRINGS WORKS Utah_____ 801-298-0113 Stamping Flat Forming SPRINGS WORKS Utah_____ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Precision A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_623-377-2191 SPRINGS WORKS Utah_____ 801-298-0113 Stamping: Progressive Die & Tooling

PAS Technologies________ 602-744-2600

Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 TUBING Semiray, A Div of Mistras____ 602-275-1917 Precision Aerospace_______602-352-8658 Assembly Formed Tubing Testing: Turbine Instrumentation Service & Sales_________ 480-968-9084 RM Garrison Machining_____623-582-6544 Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 Southwest Waterjet-Laser____ 480-306-7748 Formed Tubing AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329 Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 THERMAL SPRAY Waterjet, 5-Axis Bolts Metallizing - CWST___602-244-2432 Tube Bending /Fabrication 480-306-7748 Southwest Waterjet-Laser____ Controlled Thermal Tech’y____ 602-272-3714 A1 Precision Metal & Aerospace_ 623-377-2191 Waterjet, Multi head Empire Precision Mach._____480-633-4580 K-zell Metals, Inc.________ 602-232-5882 Service & Sales_________ 480-968-9084 Whitley Machine________602-323-5550 THREADING Waterjet, High Press. Cutting Tube Laser Cutting/ Fabrication Thread Grinding Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 Blue Streak Grinding______ 602-353-8088 Wal-Tek Industries________ 623-587-4611 Marzee_____________ 602-269-5801 Grindworks___________ 623-582-5767 WATERJET CUTTING WASHERS Osborn Products_________ 623-587-0335 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322 AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329 ThreadRolling AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 Shaw Precision_________ 480-785-4925 Creedbilt Inc___________ 623-939-8119 WIRE FORMS East Valley Precision_______ 480-288-6601 Ace Wire Spring & Form Co.___ 412-458-4831 TOOL & DIE AERO Spring & Mfg Co_____ 602-243-4329 3D Machine LLC_________ 480-239-8254 EDM Tech____________ 602-278-6666 Moore Tool & Die________ 602-909-6697 AAE_______________ 928-772-9887 Flow International _______ 800-446-3569 SPRINGWORKS Utah______ 801-298-0113 Arizona Wire & Tool_______ 480-813-1002 Jan’s Inc._____________ 480-833-7305 WELDING Gilbert Metal Stamping_____ 480-503-1283 M3 (Modern Metal Masters)__ 623-233-7932 Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497 Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 MAKstride____________ 928-460-6054 Thompson Machine_______ 505-823-1453 Marusiak LLC__________ 480-318-8883 Alpha Machine_________ 602-437-0322

Whitley Machine________ 602-323-5550 Marzee_____________ 602-269-5801 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Wissota Tool & Die_______ 480-507-3484 Metzfab_____________ 602- 539-9591 AzMark_____________ 480-926-8969 Moore Tool & Die________ 480-622-1705 Wrico______________480-892-7800 Milco ______________ 714-373-0098 AZMF Precision_________ 602-476-7477 A Z MANUFACTURING • 92 • May / June 2021 2


35+ years of quality & service!


Brandon Metzger


O: 602-539-9591

INFO@ATECENGAZ.COM (480) 569-3337

C: 602-618-2841

E: sales@metzfab.com W: metzfabindustries.com A: 23012 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Wire Springs ● Flat Springs ● Wire Products www.springworksutah.com sales@springworksutah.com (801) 298-0113 2261 S. 1560 W. ● Woods Cross ● UT 84087

RM Garrison MACHINING 1138 W Watkins St, Phoenix, AZ 85007 623-582-6544 - sales@rmgmachining.com www.rmgmachining.com

BEL Machining_________ 480-445-9881 Continental Machining_____800-777-2483 BID Machine, Inc_______ 480-892-7304 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Bolts Metallizing - CWST____ 602-244-2432 Empire Precision Mach._____480-633-4580 Continental Machining____ 800-777-2483 Magnum Companies______602.272.3600 Desert Precision Mfg_____ 520-887-4433 RM Garrison___________623-582-6544 Valley Machine Works______ 602-254-4173 Empire Precision Mach.____ 480-633-4580 Consultation F&B Manufacturing______ 602-512-5237 Precise Metal Products_____602-272-2625 Group Mfg. Serv________ 480-966-3952 Weiser/Mile High Precision___303-280-2778 Jan’s Inc.____________ 480-833-7305 Welding: Enclosures K-2 Manufacturing______ 602-455-9575 Allfab Engineering_______602-437-0497 K-zell Metals, Inc._______ 602-232-5882 Welding: Design Lynch Brothers Mfg______ 602-267-7575 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Magnum Companies_____ 602.272.3600 Welding: Heli-Arc

Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 Precision Aerospace_______602-352-8658 Precision Metalworks_____ 602-455-9575 Welding: Laser Cleveland Electric Lab (CEL)___ 480-967-2501 Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 RM Garrison__________ 623-582-6544 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 Welding: Mig Scriven Precision________ 480-961-9775 Allfab Engineering 602-437-0497 Val-Tech Mfg__________ 480-966-7376 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Valley Machine Works_____ 602-254-4173 Backerworks Mfg_____ 505-342-2943 Weiser/Mile High Precision__ 303-280-2778 Continental Machining___800-777-2483 Wrico_____________ 480-892-7800 Cutting Edge Mfg_______ 480-609-7233 FutureWeld___________602-437-2426 Welding: Aerospace Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 Backerworks Mfg_______ 505-342-2943 K-2 Mfg_____________602-455-9575 Dynamic Machine & Fabrication_ 602-437-0339 Quality Mold___________480-892-5480 K-2 Manufacturing______ 602-455-9575 EDM Tech____________602-278-6666 Lynch Brothers Mfg______ 602-267-7575 RM Garrison___________623-582-6544 Precision Aerospace______ 602-352-8658 Valley Machine Works______ 602-254-4173 Welding: Alum. Med & Lg Welding: Orbital Alpha Machine________ 602-437-0322 L&W Fluid____________602-323-2560

Welding: Precision ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Welding: Spot Lynch Brothers Mfg_______ 602-267-7575 Nelson Engineering_______ 602-273-7114 Welding: Tig Allfab Engineering_______ 602-437-0497 ATEC Engineering________ 480-569-3337 Backerworks Mfg______ 505-342-2943 Continental Machining___ 800-777-2483 Cutting Edge Mfg_______ 480-609-7233 FutureWeld__________ 602-437-2426 Jan’s Inc.___________ 480-833-7305 K-2 Mfg____________ 602-455-9575 Quality Mold__________ 480-892-5480 EDM Tech___________ 602-278-6666 L&W Fluid___________ 602-323-2560

RM Garrison___________623-582-6544 Valley Machine Works______602-254-4173 LATE BREAKING CARD ADDITION Calibration/Repair Quality Measurement Services_ 970-413-2438 Metrology Quality Measurement Services_ 970-413-2438 Consulting Services Quality Measurement Services_ 970-413-2438

CELEBRATING 27 YEARS IN THE SOUTHWEST! Your Business Card Here In The Buyers Guide. Vol. 9, No. 6 Nov / Dec 2016

Rocky Mountain Edition (CO, UT, ID, MT and WY)

Maddie Dahl: Helping To Create A Pipeline of Talent For Precision Manufacturing in Utah


Reach More than 27,800 if You Get Into Our 3 Editions! And Just $260 (Per Region) For The Whole Year. 602-412-7696 Don’t Wait. Call Today! a2zmanufacturing.com A2Z MANUFACTURING SW•

93 • May / June 2021

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Mori.........................................................73 Adams Mach...................1,34-36,49.,73,96 Dynamic Machine.........................................23 Advanced Precision...................................80 East Valley Precision......................................89 Aero Spring & Mfg.....................................84 Ebbco Inc...............................................74 Aero Tech.......................................................89 Echols Saw & Supply.......................... 73 Air Gear..........................................................86 Edge Technologies.............................. 76 Alerus...............................................................11 EDM Network................................47,77 AllFab Engineering.....................................85 EDM Perform Access........................78 Alpha Machine.............................................91 EDM Tech.............................................84 American Aerospace 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Faustson.................................................82 Arizona Wire & Tool.................... .............93 Field Calibrations................................79 ATEC Engineering......................................93 Fine Line Fabricating Inc.................. 85 ATF Aerospace............................................88 Fine Line Laser Cutting......................91 Atlas Machine Tool Repair.......................81 Flex-Pro.............................................70,89 Auer Precision...............................................85 Foresight Finishing.............................92 AutoDesk.......................................................84 Freedom Fabricating..........................54 Autoline..........................................................58 Frontier Group................................11,91 Avtek................................................................88 Galaxy International...........................80 Axian Technology......................................82 Gateway Community College....44,80 Ayers Gear & Machining..........................71 Geiger Electric Inc...............................74 AZ Metals................................................56,76 Genesis Precision.................................89 AZMARK (Imaginetics)..........................91 GHT Services LLC..............................82 AZMF Precision.........................................92 Gibbs Precision Machine..................90 B&T Tool & Engineering........................79 Gilbert Metal Stamping.....................82 Backerworks Mfg.......................................89 Gladhill Assoc.................................68,87 Banterra Bank............................2,47,81 GMN USA............................................ 76 Barton International ...........................48,76 Grindworks........................................... 83 BC Barfeeds...................................................75 Group Manufacturing.......................84 Bears Fix All...................................................81 Hennig.................................................... 76 Beau’s Crates.................................................80 Hi-Tech Machining & Welding......84 BEL Machining...........................................84 HK Machining.....................................88 BID Machine, Inc.......................................84 Horizon Carbide..................................82 Big O Metals...........................................58,84 Hunter Machine Moving.............24,80 Blaze Precision..............................................83 Hurco.........................................................3 Blue Streak Grinding...........................45,85 ICS Laser Solutions..............................27 BMSC........................................................45,83 Ind. Metal Supply...........................63,78 Bolts Metallizing-CWST..........................83 Ind.Tool Die...........................................87 Bralco Metals..........................................76,77 Industrial Electric Inc.........................74 Bystronic Inc................................................74 Industrial Solutions..............................81 C&M Rigging.........................................42,81 Infinisys.............................................83,87 Capital Metal Finishing.............................91 Interlink.................................................. 66 Cassavant CAP.........................................6,93 IPE Aerospace.................................61,90 Cassavant Machining...............................90 IPG......................................................... .86 Challenger Aerospace................................87 IRH..........................................................82 ChemResearch.............................................87 ISI World...........................................54,81 CIS....................................................................82 ITDE........................................................87 Cleveland Electric Labs......................60,89 J&W Manufacturing..........................89 CNC Pros..............................30-31,73,75,77 J B’s Prec Ind............................. ............87 Coast Aluminum.................................22,77 Jacquet West..........................................78 Coastal Metals........................................12,78 Jaguar Precision Machine.................90 Coating Tech........................................ 73,83 Jan’s Inc...................................................88 Collins Metal Finishing.............................83 JD Machine............................................82 Consolidated Resources....................46,80 JDB Ltd...................................................86 Continental Machining............................88 Jemelco Inc.............................................80 Controlled Thermal...................................86 K D Capital............................................ 73 CopperState Nut & Bolt............................75 K-2 Manufacturing..............................91 Craters & Feighters...............................37,80 K-Zell Metals, Inc................................92 A Z MANUFACTURING SW • 94 • May / June 2021 2

KALOS Certifications.........................81 KLK Inc...................................................88 Kloeckner Metals................................. 77 Klontech Metrology............................73 Kremer Precision.....................................8 KTR Machine........................................74 Kurt Manufacturing Co......................78 Kyocera....................................................76 L&W Machine Co............................... 87 Landmark Solutions............................55 LAUBE Technology............................. 77 Layke Inc.................................................83 Leach Laser............................................ 87 Lone Arrow............................................76 Louie’s Black Oxide.........................84,86 LRW Cutting Tools..............................79 Lucy’s Machine Company.................76 Lynch Brothers......................................86 M3 Metals...............................................93 Machinery Resources..........................73 Magnum Prec..........................9,73-75,95 Makino....................................................73 MAKstride.............................................83 Marshall Tool & Supply......................79 Marusiak LLC........................................91 MarZee.........................................41,85,92 Mario Pinto............................................80 Matrix Machine...............................82,83 Matsuura.................................................73 Medford Knives..............................52-53 Mesa Machinery..............................65,75 Metalcraft Inc........................................ 87 Metals Eng & Testing Labs................83 Methods West..............................3,74,75 Metzfab.........................................32,91,93 Micropulse West...................................82 Midaco Corp.........................................83 Milco........................................................83 Mistras (Semiray)............................50,83 Mitutoyo............................................59,75 MLC CAD Systems.............................80 MoldWORX...........................................91 Moore Tool & Die................................84 Moore Tool & Equip...........................75 Morsch Machine..................................82 MP Systems............................................76 NAI Horizon.........................................63 National Grinding & Mfg..................85 Nelson Engineering....................... 63,84 New Angle Media.................................81 Newport Tool........................................93 NFP Property & Casualty..................80 North-South .........................21,73,74,76 Onsite Technical Services.............62, 81 Osborn Products.............................83,85 Overdrive Tech......................................74 P4 Swiss Lindel...................................... 87 Paragon Machining & Design..........89 Paramount Honing Machine............ 87 PAS (Standard Aero)..........................92 Perfection Industrial Finishing.........90 Phoenix Fab & Design........................ 87 Phoenix Grinding................................83 Phoenix Heat Treat..............................86 Pilkington Metal Finishing................92 Pioneer Distributing Co.....................83 Port Plastics............................................78 Powill Mfg..............................................86 PPE Engineering..................................93 Precision Aerospace.............................93 Precision Die & Stamping............ 43,82 Productivity, MMT.........................33,73 ProLift Rigging.................................39,81 Qualichem, Inc........................................77

Quality Improvement Consulting..........81 Quality Measurement Services................93 Quality Mold...........................................85 R&D Gage.................................................26 Renishaw..............................................25,75 RMG Machining...............................10,85 RMSS............................. ............................90 Ron Grob..................................................86 Royal Products...................................48,76 S.L. Fusco...................................................75 Samuel, Son & CO..................................78 Sav-On Plating........................................90 Schenk Intertech.....................................74 SCHUNK.................................................79 Scriven Precision Fab............................82 Select Machining....................................88 Service & Sales........................................92 Shaw Precision........................................86 Single Source Technologies........... 73,77 Sodick........................................................74 Southwest Swiss Prec.............................88 SW Waterjet & Laser..........................18,91 Specialty Turn Products (STP).......38,90 SPRINGWORKS Utah........................93 Standard Aero...................................85,92 Starrett.......................................................76 StarRex Precision....................................88 Star Metal Fluids.........................19,76-80 Steel Services Grind’g......................65,83 Stellar Industrial......................................75 Stevens Engineering..............................77 Stewart Precision Manufacturing.............84 Sun Grinding............................... 29,78,85 Sun Tech....................................................92 Superior Grinding............................26,86 Sustaining Edge Solutions....................79 Systems Integrators......................................83 TMM Precision.................................82,85 T-N Machining.......................................88 T.S.M. Mach. ...........................................73 Takashi Sato..............................................88 Tech Five Machining.............................87 TechMark..................................................85 The Metal Man..................................82,85 The Tool Crib Inc....................................79 The Werks C&C......................................78 Thinbit.................................................15,79 Thompson Machine..............................84 Total Quality Sys.....................................77 Tube Service.............................................77 Tungaloy America..................................78 Turul Engineering..................................81 TVT Die Casting..............................64,85 TW Metals...............................................77 United Performance........................71,78 U S Shop Tools........................................76 Uni-Tek.....................................................87 Val-Tech Mfg...........................................84 Valley Machine Works..........................85 Vero Software...........................................79 VonRuden...........................................78,80 Wal-Tek Industries.................................92 Washington Calibration.......................74 Weiser/Mile High Precision................85 Western Cast Parts.................................82 Western Sintering Co............................93 Western State Bank................................79 Western States Metal........................60,80 White’s Niche Products...................17,75 Whitley Machine ........................28,85 Wissota Tool & Die................................92 Wrico....................................................40,84 Yellowbird.com........................................81 Zeiss Metrology......................................74


High Performance | Small Footprint | Best Value Introducing the NEW

VC-Ez and QT-Ez Series

QT-Ez 10MY

VC-Ez 20

Designed and built in Kentucky, the VC-Ez and QT-Ez Series are the new workhorses from Mazak. - VC-Ez 20 – Rigid C-frame vertical machining center with standard 25 hp, 12,000 rpm milling spindle and 30-tool ATC - QT-Ez Turning Centers – 8", 10" and 12" chucks with four models: 2-axis, milling (M), Y-axis (MY) and second spindle (MSY) for DONE IN ONE® capability - Ez Series machines feature the all-new MAZATROL SmoothEz CNC with 15" touch screen, EIA/ISO G-code and easy-to-use MAZATROL conversational programming - Easy to transport, rig, install, operate and service

Advance your shop’s capabilities with Mazak performance, versatility and reliability.


Get approved today with Mazak’s flexible financing plans. Learn more at MazakUSA.com/Financing

#MakeitEz | MazakUSA.com/Ez | (859) 342-1700

5-AXIS. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY. Make the leap with the DVF Series.

There’s no better 5-axis starting point than Doosan’s DVF Series. These machines were born for complex work, whether it’s small medical parts or large aerospace components. The right 5-axis machine is an immediate difference-maker. With the DVF 5000, 6500, 8000 and 8000T (with added turning function), you’ll be set. Single setups, more accuracy and added shop capability are all a lock. Let’s get started.


Proudly Representing Doosan Machine Tools for over 26 Years!!

215 S. Rockford Dr., #101 Tempe, AZ 8528 * 480-968-3711 Bus. 480-968-5351 Fax Email: info@adamsmachineryaz.com Website: www.adamsmachineryaz.com Follow us on Instagram: @adamsmachinery

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