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These are the personal stories of Property Wizards clients who have started on their property wealth journey. Using Property Wizards’ wealth strategies, they are creating choices and options on their path to financial freedom. We gratefully acknowledge our clients for sharing their experiences and achievements as a result of our help. You can also create your own success story by utilising our strategies.

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About Property Wizards Created exclusively to serve Perth property investors and home buyers, Property Wizards is an independent, award-winning property consultancy that has helped hundreds of clients to fasttrack their wealth creation through buying, investing and/or developing property in Perth. Property Wizards designs tailored strategies to help you achieve your wealth creation goals through the intelligent buying and developing of property. Our personalised and professional property service covers all aspects of the real estate purchasing process – from finding the right property by applying research and property market know-how, negotiating the best possible price and assisting through to settlement. We also manage the subdivision process if needed and develop your property to gain maximum benefit for you. We take all the stress of buying and developing property away, we save you money and we help to make you independently wealthy at the same time. Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned property investor, Property Wizards provides smarter, faster wealth strategies to set you up financially for the future. We’d love the opportunity to help build your wealth through property. To start the ball rolling, please contact us on (08) 9381-7450 or email and one of our senior property wealth strategists will discuss with you how to build a property portfolio to set you up financially for the future.

INVESTORS Buy & Hold FOR Rezoning



Invest in Property At Property Wizards, we follow a proven step by step approach designed to help you achieve your wealth creation goals through considered, well researched property investment that will outperform the market.

stEP 1 – What arE your rEquIrEmENts? Understanding where you are in your property wealth creation, what you want to achieve and your timeframe to make it happen, is fundamental to developing a strategy that’s right for you. If you’re new to property investments, we’ll explain some of the basic key strategies available to you using simple diagrams and easy to understand language. If you’re an experienced property investor, we review your existing investment portfolio and assess whether an enhanced strategy could be more effective in achieving your property goals.

stEP 3 - ProPErty sEarCh

Once you give us the go ahead, we perform a comprehensive search of properties available for sale. We refine our search down from a total pool, often in excess of 12,000 properties, to just a handful of outstanding properties based on our tough selection criteria in minimal time.

stEP 4 - ProPErty INsPECtIoN

We then investigate the ‘shortlist’ of properties on your behalf and prioritise the best opportunities. We conduct inspections on your behalf, saving you time and money and we guide you through the selection process.

stEP 5 - DuE DIlIgENCE

Due diligence is where the average investor falls short and our expertise cones into play.

We look for ‘potential problems’ or expenses to factor in. We include a range of special conditions in the Contract of Sale that are in your Now that we understand where you are and what you want to achieve, we help you formulate a realistic strategy to help you achieve your goals. favour, not the seller’s.

stEP 2 - DEtErmININg your WEalth CrEatIoN stratEgy

We look at ‘Yield Based Strategies’ where the majority of your investment is in the actual ‘bricks and mortar’: property that offers stronger rental, bigger depreciation, low maintenance and lower capital growth.

stEP 6 – aCCuratE PrICINg

We compare that ‘Capital Growth Strategies’ in more sought after areas, where the majority of the cost of the property is the land value and where the opportunity for capital growth is greater.

stEP 7 aCquIsItIoN stratEgy

We also consider strategies where you can add value to accelerate your growth in property wealth. These include finding rare properties with an extra “twist” that is not known to the general market.

We obtain up to date information about the property, as well as comparable sales data to assist in assessing its true worth, which ensures you’ll never pay too much. Now we’re getting to the pointy end of the process. Once we’re convinced the potential property investment ticks all the boxes for your strategy, and it’s at an attractive price point to begin with, we will then negotiate with the agent on your behalf using all our legal tricks of the trade, to ensure that you obtain the property for the lowest possible price.

Property investment, a way of saving Kellie Hubbard | Terrigal, NSW


y husband and I chose property investment as a way of saving which we see as more secure than shares and a more reliable way of saving, rather than relying on us being disciplined enough to put money into a bank account and not touching it. Having bought our first home, we already had first hand experience of how it can create wealth. We had built considerable equity in our home in Terrigal NSW since its purchase. Once we had owned this for a few years we decided to branch out and buy an investment property to create more wealth and provide us some stability and freedom upon retirement. We did some research and saw that the Perth market was taking off and we decided to look at investing there. I was very comfortable with this as I was born and raised in WA. We had heard a lot about Property Wizards and what they were able to do for investors and we definitely wanted to be a part of that, we spent a lot of time on the phone with them going through our requirements and goals. They were really supportive and discussed our future investment in great detail. This was very comforting, as we were planning on buying this property without seeing it. It was very important that we built up trust and that there was understanding and respect for our requirements. We had all of that and more with

This property had great potential, it was only 15 minutes drive from the city and had all the right facilities and infrastructure around it.

“... it was very important that we built up trust and that there was understanding and respect of our requirements. We had all of that and more with Property Wizards and gave them the green light�

Property Wizards and gave them the green light to look for a property that was in a high growth arema which had proposed R code changes in place that would allow us to subdivide in the future and unlock additional wealth.

the property to free us up financially and sold the property only 12 months later for an increase of 55%, we were so happy, no bank offers you that return. Who knows what it could have grown to in value in the future? It had truly done what we After receiving a few potential properties we had dreamed and really put money back into our were presented with a great property located in pockets. Beckenham, it was in a proposed higher R code Having made the wise decision to invest in that zone and once that was finalized by council, we would have the potential to turn our one unit second property has set my family up so well that site into a block of 4 units. This property had since I gave birth I have been able to stay at home great potential, it was only 15 minutes drive and raise my child. My husband and I have not from the city and had all the right facilities and had to stress about managing financially and I have not had to worry about work. It has been so infrastructure around it. great that I have been able to enjoy motherhood We decided to go ahead and buy this property and raise my child myself without the stress and Property Wizards negotiated the price down or dumping my baby into childcare. Many of for us. This was great, as that alone covered the buying fee for using their services and we didn’t my other friends do not have this luxury and I have to do anything, nor endure any stress about am glad my husband and I made the decision the purchase. This was a property that we would to invest. Property Investment is a smart and be able to subdivide into 4 blocks at a later stage sure way of making money, we recently bought and create a lot of money out of. It all seemed another investment property again and will continue to do so in the future. It is great that it too good to be true. gives you choices and options if ever you come As it turned out our personal situation changed to a crunch time in your life. in the year to come and I fell pregnant with our first child. We decided to sell



I went against what everyone said Andrew Martin | Business Development Manager | 23 | London


started my journey at a really young age. I remember finishing high school and on the following Monday, when all my friends were out partying and celebrating (probably for months to come), I donned a suit and went to a print company to get my first job in sales.

investing and had a pre-approval from ANZ Bank. He was sure they could find me something that would fit both my criteria for strong capital growth and remain within my budget, so I signed up with Property Wizards.

Once I started this job, I saved and saved and saved until I had a bit of money behind me, which I then invested in a property course. All my friends couldn’t believe what I was doing, they were saying ‘you have no money, why are you bothering doing that course? …You’re stupid’.

Within a month the Property Wizards system had found me a fantastic property within the An investment property that more than doubled budget with future value to unlock, that most in less than 3 years. buyers were not aware of. overseas to set up a company, it was a crazy They provided me with a report that qualified time and I had all these people in my ear trying the property, by running it through systems for to look out for me. I was nervous and at times evaluating the hidden value of the property to questioned my decision but in the end I decided show me what its real potential is, not what it that I would trust my instincts and went ahead is priced at in the market, or what real estate with the help of Property Wizards, I purchased agents say. The property was compared to the property. No one said that wealth creation what is on the market and what has been sold was an easy road where everyone agrees with recently in the area that was comparable to mine your decision. and a whole lot more. It was obvious from this My investment property more than doubled information that this property was a great buy. in less than 3 years, this investment property When it came to the crunch of actually buying turned a surprising unexpected bonus, as it was the property, everyone I knew was advising me bought in an area marked for rezoning, which against it, with every objection you can imagine. means that when the new zoning is rolled out They couldn’t believe that I would buy this this property will become a two unit site.. This property through someone I hadn’t met and buy means that its value will increase a whole lot a property I hadn’t seen. As I was only 23 at more as I can have two homes not just one on the time and furthermore I was about to head the block.

For the tight budget, the better growth areas were out, as they were too expensive. So it had to I guess even back then I was doing things quite be a creative way of producing growth through differently to everyone else. “add-value” in a cheaper area.

Regardless of what they said, I went ahead and did the course anyway and I also read up a lot about property investment and started watching the markets. I had narrowed down the kind of investment I wanted – I would go for maximum capital growth I could get on my small budget and because I was on a good income, I could handle the negative cash flow to generate my capital growth. I selected three buyer’s agents to call. I phoned two of the agents and they weren’t interested in me. I then called Trevor at Property Wizards expecting to get rejected again, it didn’t happen. I told him that I had $5000 to start

Only about 5 to 10% of homes in the area fall under the increased zoning and probably only 5 to 10% of those would likely allow for you to retain the front home and not demolish. Around half a percent of homes for sale in the area had this potential to unlock this amount of hidden wealth. There was no premium built into the purchase price for the potential subdivision because it was a few years away and very few buyers knew about it at that time. Therefore it only had the price tag of a single home and was bought at about $15K less than market value. This means I effectively bought two properties for the price of one. It wasn’t the $15K-under bargain-price that would give me the capital growth, it’s the choice of property.

I’ve also done it without compromising my lifestyle or career. I still travel and go out and have fun just like anybody else my age. It was a fantastic decision to use Property Wizards and their systems to ensure I bought the right property to gain maximum growth. Property is their lives not simply a job and that is what made the difference to my experience. I will definitely go with them again when I come back from overseas, I look forward to creating enough wealth through property so that will enable me to, in time to give up working for someone else and follow my passion of working in my own Property Development company.

“I still travel, and go out and have fun just like anybody else my age”

There’s maybe only about a year to go now before the new zoning becomes effective, and I’ll be able to subdivide, more than likely retaining the existing home. I’ll also have choices – for example, I can build on the back or just sell the land and put the money into the mortgage or into another property. I have been in London for about three years and my property is going really well. By using Property Wizards’ expertise I got myself off to an amazing start in investing in my financial future that I never could have done otherwise.

The ability to subdivide and more than likely obtain the existing home has arisen.



A bit of sacrifice gets you Paul Wright | Manager & Rachel Wright | Business Owner | Late 20s | Kelmscott, WA The strategy


ur story begins about eight years ago, when we decided that we wanted to set ourselves up for the future. We worked out the best way to do this and decided that investing in property was the way to go. Rachel and I started by buying our first block of land 8 years ago. We managed to pay that one off in less than 2 years, but not without a lot of sacrifice. In order to pay off the block of land so quickly we lived on only my wage, which as an apprentice at the time was only 20K a year and put all of Rachel’s wages into the mortgage. We also gave up having a home of our own and became house sitters for other people, meaning that we lived a nomadic lifestyle moving from home to home as required and saving on paying rent. This was a huge sacrifice as we couldn’t afford the luxury of setting up our own home with our own things how we like it and have the restful sanctuary that is so important these days.

The sacrifices

Paying off the loan so quickly released some capital to enable us to now build on the block of land. Once we had built our home, once again we had spare capital to purchase our first investment property. After reading a lot about property investing and how it can make us money, I hopped on the internet and the first site I saw was for Property Wizards, this was about 2 years ago now.

Paul and Rachel Wright.

discussed our position and what were hoping to said that we would be best looking for a property Rachel and I called them for a meeting. We achieve; we had a tight budget to invest. They that was going to give us maximum capital

a long way

Property Wizards found us a property vwhich was a corner block in an area where the council was increasing the zoning meaning that potentially this block of land would become a 2 unit site

growth and with our budget we should look in a time, for the best price and sitting on it. suburb where there is planned rezoning. We signed up, confident that they would find us the right property and sat back and waited. It wasn’t very long before Property Wizards found us something. They found a property which was a corner block in an area where the council was increasing the zoning, meaning that potentially this block of land would become a 2 unit site We have had tenants in there the whole time and the rent has gradually gone up with the market increases, recently we had the property revalued and it has gone up $150k in just 2 years. That is without even doing a subdivision and selling off the additional block! That is just from engaging the experts who bought us a brilliant piece of property in the right area, at the right

The rewards

“Rachel and I feel quite setup and secure for the future. It is nice to know that we are able to live the life we want, provide for our children comfortably and retire at a much younger age than the norm.”

Eight years later we really are in a great position, I have been promoted to a manager level at work, my wife is able to be a stay-at-home-mum with the option to work if she chooses. We don’t have to stress about money and our kids get the benefit of always having their parents around.

We now own three properties, one which is our family home, the second is 100 % negative geared and costs us nothing at all, if anything we actually made a profit, in last financial year. The third property we bought will cost us nothing at Our portfolio is looking very healthy, having all for the next two years and once that time is accrued a balance of over 1.5 million dollars in up, we will get it revalued and it should continue just 8 years and still being very young, Rachel to pay for itself. and I feel secure and set up for the future. It is We have and will continue to use Buyers’ nice to know that we are able to live the life we Agents and look forward to working with want, provide for our children comfortably and Property Wizards in the future. The expertise, retire at a much younger age than the norm. knowledge and savvy they have, gave us and can Our sacrifice now seems small compared to give you peace of mind that they are going to get the best possible purchase for you and your the rewards we have received and will continue to do so in the years to come. money



“No money ain’t funny” Michael Young | 43 | Survey Pilot | Perth, WA


tool is a long term venture and in time it will always grow in value. I wasn’t looking to cash it out in the foreseeable future, it is long term financial security that I am chasing.

ith the drought biting harder and harder into rural Australia, I found my income was withering as fast as the crops below me. My skills as an aerial agricultural pilot were becoming increasingly less required as the service requirement for irrigation and dry land cropping diminished across Australia. In a classic case of one door closing and another one opening, my skills in the field of low level aviation would be recognized and in demand in the booming field of Airborne Geological Surveys. Fortunately I was able to secure a position with a Perth based operation of a leading global company in Airborne Survey The property is in a potential rezoning area, and I subsequently relocated to West Australia. meaning that when the council finalises the Typical of the mining industry I too work a roster zoning changes my site will be in a position to which is 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off, so over a be subdivided. year I am only home for about 2 or 3 months in work for me and in time I was able to remotely total. secure a property. The property is in a potential I had decided some time back to invest in rezoning area, meaning that when the council property as a means to securing future financial finalises the zoning changes, my site will be in a security whilst also minimizing my present tax position to be subdivided and I can capitalize on burden. Trying to buy property whilst not being natural capital growth. In addition I can unlock in the state, or even the country proved to be additional equity by creating two blocks and difficult. I did what I could when I could but either selling or developing one or both of them. time kept passing and I wasn’t getting anywhere Since I bought the property the train line has with my plan and frankly, I find buying property been completed which will add further value somewhat daunting. to the property. My original brief to Property I enlisted the services of Property Wizards, a leading team of professionals in the field of buyers’ advocate. It did not take too much maths to realise that the cost of their service would be offset by the positive influence they would have on deciding which property would make the best investment for me.

Wizards was for a different investment scenario and I am grateful for the wise insight they were able to bring to the table. I have no doubt their influence will see me better off both in the short and long term.

I bought the property when the market was quite high. However I don’t see this as a While I was away in the field, they did all the detrimental factor, property as an investment

I don’t think you should be too fanatical about investing at the ‘right time’ although certainly better to where you can, I think that it is just important that you invest as early as possible and this can mean that sooner, rather than later, is the good time to invest. Of course working with professionals who buy property by processing it through their systems will ensure that you don’t purchase an underperforming investment and that you achieve a head-start on the rest of the property market with a sound choice of property. I am looking forward to buying my next property very soon and will once again use Property Wizards to do so. I am not passionate about property as such, but I am wise to what it can do for me and how it can create long term financial stability in my life. My property journey has been a bit awkward, my first property lost to fire and I am yet to move out of the rental market. Whilst there are varying approaches to property investment, the key fundamental is that you are in it. The present economic outlook might be filled with uncertainty and although house prices are out of kilter with household wages I cannot help but feel that very soon we will once again see some good investments appearing on the market. There will always be some anguish about entering the property market, but the rewards appear to certainly be worth the sacrifice and effort.

“It’s just a matter of time” Peter & Roslyn Kay


eter and I had been trying to get into the property market for a few years, but were struggling because we are so time poor. Peter works up north with a 2 weeks on 1 week off roster and I also work full time as the Head mistress at a high school. We used to spend all our free time when Peter was home and when I wasn’t working to look for the ‘right property’ that would give us what we required. Being in our 50’s we wanted the right property which would set us up for our retirement and complete our asset portfolio. We would spend hours researching, running to home opens and browsing for properties which left us exhausted. Peter works really long hours when he is away and needs the week off to recuperate, but instead he was having to use all his time on break to look for the property we wanted and went back to work still tired. One day we were with our mortgage broker once again confirming that we were able to buy but not having the time to look, he recommended Property Wizards to us. He said that they were buyer’ s agents who specialized in buying property for people like us who wanted maximum capital growth but didn’t have the time to research, also that they were experts in the market and knew everything there was to know even before it was known to the public. He called Property Wizards and literally within minutes he was in the meeting room with us discussing how he can give us what we need without us having to neither invest any further time nor waste any more money looking for the right property. We signed with him and within a week he had already found a property for us. It was in the south which we had never imagined looking at as we knew nothing about the area, he came to us with a thorough report, with all the information that you could want and more. He had been to the property, researched its price, compared it to other properties on the market...I mean everything you could want was

This property was truly all our dreams come true, located in Beaconsfield, an area we had never even considered before.

sitting there in a report, all we had to do was say Still to this day we have the same fantastic yes or no. tenants in the property, who have been there from the beginning, who look after the place, “...we wanted the right cause us no problems and we have been able to property which would set us up for increase the rent in line with market trends.

our retirement and complete our asset portfolio.” We flicked through the report saw that it was a brilliant buy and submitted an offer. This property was truly all our dreams come true, located in Beaconsfield, an area we had never even considered before. It was minutes from the beach on a large block of land going for $30,000 less than market value, it also had a hidden golden nugget which was that it was in a rezoning area which meant that it had the potential to go from a 1 unit site to a 2 unit site, but wait there’s more! There was another bonus within that bonus and that was that it had the potential once the zoning changes came through to build a 2 storey unit on the back block which would provide uninterrupted views straight to the beach. All for under market value! We couldn’t ask for more and all this happened within one week of meeting Property Wizards.


Now Peter can relax on his breaks from work rather than having to worry about looking for property, because the experts have done the job for us. My only regret is having not found out about The Property Wizards sooner, imagine how much time and energy we could have saved not to mention the fact that we could have bought more property.

We are now in a position where our son has been able to buy a home of his own, Peter and I can have an earlier retirement and enjoy life more. We were able to give our daughter a lovely wedding in Scotland which didn’t come cheap and will also be able to help out our youngest son get into the property market. The future generations will not have a pension so it gives us great peace of mind to know that their future will be financial secure because we were fortunate to have made a good investment in the property market with the expertise of Property Wizards.


INVESTORS Buy & Hold for Development Potential

“Whenever you think you can or you can’t, you are right!” – HENRY FORD Wilbur Tong | 30 | Corporate Finance Manager | Perth, wA


rom the moment I started work I knew that I couldn’t rely on my salary alone to sufficiently create a comfortable position for myself in life. I felt most comfortable with using property as my vehicle for creating wealth and started on the journey shortly after starting work. In the beginning whilst I embarked on my journey, I had to make really large sacrifices in order to get a kickstart at such a young age. I worked as a business analyst by day and waited tables by night to get enough money together to help me with my first purchase and then later assist with the mortgage. Working these long hours also impacted on my social life, but I took a long term approach and I felt it was the right choice for me. When I saw the growth in property value I could see the rewards of my hard labour and sacrifices and saw how much it had paid off. I felt inspired to do more, it is a great feeling to see what you have achieved. Within a few years of starting work full time, I had bought two properties.

A great property secured in a small area where new zoning to a higher density was planned.

I moved to Perth to pursue my career and decided to capitalise on the market over here as Sydney had already peaked and I had ridden the whole cycle. I was keen to jump in and do the same thing over here in Perth.

sites and possibly I could get 6 with some special applications. It meant I had to be patient for a few years while the wheels turned. A valuation completed just recently showed that the value had increased by almost $200,000 in just 2 and a half years.

The only problem is that I didn’t know the Perth market at all, WA takes up one third of With the Property Wizards methods I also Australia and I had no idea where to even start bought another property where I have almost looking for an investment property. I knew I completed the subdivision and I am waiting needed the help of some experts. for the titles to be released, so the value of the property will go up once I have the additional I met with the Property Wizards team and block. discussed my overall strategy which is to create wealth and ensure financial freedom later on in Working with Property Wizards has been a life, I didn’t intend on always working so hard. great learning curve for me, tapping into their It was once I’d seen Property Wizards methods wealth of knowledge and fine tuning my buying and results that I decided on a strategy of buying strategies and processes and implementing their a property that I could subdivide, to create extra systems, has made me a smarter, wiser buyer. value and additional equity. I love what property can do and will continue We secured a great property in a small area to keep buying, creating equity and locking in where they were planning new zoning to a that profit by buying more property, time and higher density. This would mean my property time again. would go from one to 5



“We saw buying property Marcus & Roslyn Jinks | Accountant | UK


arcus and I have made plans to move to Australia in five years time, we have our VISAs approved and just needed to stay in the UK for a little while longer. Even though we weren’t moving immediately, we wanted to get into the property market as quickly as possible as we knew that prices would just keep going up and weren’t sure what the salary transition would be. We decided to start looking for a property which would be our new home or if on the off chance we didn’t move over, it would become an investment property.

marina and near all the facilities tenants look for. Plus it was in our price range. We were sent a load of photos so we could basically see every nook and cranny of the home which is great as it really did give us a great feel for the property.

An added bonus, the block has the potential to be a duplex block.

We were so happy with that, but we got an added bonus with the property, something that we would never had expected nor knew about. The block we bought had the potential to be a duplex block, so we were getting two homes in one if we chose, which would unlock further profits for us in the future.

As the block we bought is a corner block, once the subdivision is completed, we will have two thought we were crazy employing people we had street facing blocks which will give us a better never met in a country we hadn’t been to, to buy sale price than if it had been a rear subdivision. a home for us, nevertheless we went along for Our property was on the market for $399,000, the ride and it all turned out wonderfull. It also which was less than similar single homes without didn’t take me long to get a new job either. the potential to subdivide and we secured Chris and I had about 20 – 25 criteria that any the property for $362,000, that is a saving of property we wanted to purchase had to meet. $37,000. We definitely wanted to buy a property near the Since we owned the property, it has been beach and within close proximity to the city this was important for us, for both lifestyle and leased out and run by a property manager work choices. From research we were aware that recommended by Property Wizards, so once Not long after we signed up with Property buying on the coast close to the city was way out again working with Property Wizards has been Wizards, I was made redundant and Chris and of our budget. The Property Wizards team was beneficial as we didn’t have to go through the I also just found out that we were going to have sure that they could find us something that we whole process of selecting someone we could a child. We panicked and wanted to pull out of would like. trust. buying a property in Australia. We discussed the At the end of the day Chris and I are extremely We ended up buying a lovely home on a corner pros and cons heavily but decided to pursue the purchase anyway, we couldn’t decide if we block in the second suburb back from the beach happy with both our purchase and buying were being mad or wise. Our friends certainly and still quite close to the city, 2km from a experience, as well as the outcomes since. We We looked on the internet to see who was able to help us and came across the concept of buyer’s agencies, people who would run the purchase for us. This was a perfect solution considering we were living in the UK, we also didn’t have time to come over and do it ourselves. Of all the agencies, Property Wizards website had the most information and funnily enough it was the pictures that sold me, they showed exactly what we were looking for, which instilled faith that they could buy our home for us while we remained in the UK.

as a way of saving”

The Jinks family.

saved on the property, satisfied all our criteria, received an added bonus with our block which will give us more financial gains in the future and we have been able to recoup money on the investment while we are in the UK by renting it out, taking a leap of faith in our uncertain situation has worked out extremely well for us, we are so happy with our whole investment experience.


“Since we owned the property it has been leased out and run by a property manager recommended by Property Wizards, so once again working with Property Wizards has been beneficial as we didn’t have to go through the whole process of selecting someone we could trust.”


Push too hard and you can come John & Jenna Bauer | early 30s, | Electrician & Human Resources | QLD I made a decision to leave university. I was dead flat broke and knew there had to be a better way than this. That is how I started attending wealth creation seminars. I started reading everything I could about creating wealth for myself, attending many, many seminars and it wasn’t too long before I permanently put my foot on the path by buying my first property in 2002. After a few years and having bought a few more properties I decided to use some of the equity we had built up. After talking with Trevor Dunkley I was confident that Property Wizards’ methods would find me a wealth-creating property. Property Wizards systems found me a great property in Spearwood which their criteria showed up to be a winner: • It was a very unique site. It had a special 4 unit zoning amongst other properties that were predominantly single residential. • It was in an area near the ocean with a lot of development and a new marina planned so interest in the area would grow fast

This property was sold 12 months after purchase for $560,000 without even doing the available subdivision. That is a $175,000 profit in 1 year.

“The ironic thing is that we bought it for $385,000 off two brothers who were actually real estate agents and had no idea of the gold mine that they were selling.”


y wealth creation journey stemmed from a decision to go back to university to complete year 12 and commence a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems. I got about halfway through my program when I realised that I was going to be in the same position financially, if not worse, after graduating from University, than I would be if I was to continue my trade as an electrician, plus I would have a debt for all the course fees which are very expensive.

• It was mostly land value, which was a key driver of growth. In fact the valuation showed it was 92% land value and 8% house value. • The house was almost a free extra to generate rent, on a purchase of very good growth development land – this was an excellent growth strategy. The ironic thing is that we bought it for $385,000 off two brothers that were actually real estate agents and had no idea of the gold mine that they were selling. The valuer was amazed Property Wizards even found it and rang them to ask “how did we work this one out?” I sold the property 12 months later for $560,000 without even doing the subdivision, That is a $175,000 profit in 1 year. The suburb growth

undone for that year was 25.8% which meant my property would have sold for $484,000 but as I had such a unique property, I sold it for a lot more, making my gains 77% more. My wife and I are definitely property people, we were advised to go into managed funds and shares. This was not such good advice and our experience wasn’t so positive. Because of this, Jenna and I will use any capital growth to reinvest into property and continue to focus on growing our portfolio.

“The valuer was amazed Property Wizards even found it and rang up to ask “how did we work this one out?” Our profits from using the Property Wizards system have absolutely leapfrogged us way ahead in our property wealth. In a short period of time I have been able to grow a portfolio which has peaked at $2.5 million. There is no way that I would have been able to achieve that just by working, be it as an electrician or an IT expert. I am still young and by the time my wife and I retire, we will be able to live on an annual income of around $140 – $200K per annum, that is a comfortable pension.

The Valuation showed: Land $355,000 (92%) House $30,000 (8%) • Unique pedestrian strip • • Rare development site

Jenna and I are planning to have a family soon and it so comforting knowing that we will be able to cope comfortably when we have to cut back to a single wage, as well as the fact that our children are provided for in the future.



“Worth every penny and then some” Neil Provins | Geologist | West Perth, WA


y partner and I have moved often and suffered both the benefits and shortfalls of changing property markets. Living in our own downtown apartment, we debated whether to pursue a beach house as an investment or a home in the Perth suburbs. Logic prevailed and we began investigating opportunities in local suburbs through the newspaper – our long term intent was to provide capital growth returns that could later be used to fulfil the dream of an ideal retirement home. The Perth market at the time was beginning to get hot and it appeared to be the perfect time to get into the market. Like many, we commenced the process by doing our own research, going through the newspapers and visiting home opens. Frustration came quickly, with properties not being as promised or those of interest being already under offer by the time we arrived. It was clear that we lacked the knowledge, versatility and mobility to act quickly as we were both employed and often too preoccupied to be in Within six weeks we had the perfect property in a good growth area, with the potential to retain the right place at the right time. Having immigrated to Australia some years before and experiencing the use of professional services to find the ‘right place’ to rent in Brisbane, I was aware that professional help was available and worth consideration. Investigation into finding this sort of help led me to Property Wizards and we contacted them immediately. We met with Trevor, candidly discussed our needs, desires and limitations. Initially the proposed cost of Property Wizards’ services seemed high but we rationalised and soon saw the benefits far exceeding the shortcomings. We signed up.

the home and subdivide into two street-front lots.

no longer a reality. We decided to advance the dream of securing an upscale location sooner than planned. We sold both our current home at the time and the investment property and got something truly nice. Working with professionals paid off! Because of Property Wizards, we bought the right property. Even though we didn’t complete the subdivision we were able to make a very significant capital gain. The property sold within a week yielding a growth of $145,000 in just over 2 years - a 46% increase. There are few other forms of investment giving returns like that with so little risk.

Within six weeks we had the perfect property in a good growth area, with the potential to retain the home and subdivide into two street-front lots. To our benefit, the professionals found the right property, our outlay of time and frustration was We have since bought a lovely home in a quiet minimised and we were able to secure it. area of West Perth just minutes from the city. This We set about doing the subdivision and were new property is a great asset and the value will partway through the process when circumstances just keep going up. Certainly, it would not have in our life changed. The home we were living in been possible to purchase this lovely home and ended up being in a very noisy environment due to fulfil the dream without the additional capital we new commercial development. Peaceful living was accumulated through the investment property.

We are now getting ready to invest again with the aim of capital growth. We strongly believe that it pays to have expert professionals work with you to have the job done properly. Months could have been wasted looking for the investment property ourselves and we still may not have secured the right property for maximum growth. Once we teamed up with Property Wizards it was all done within six weeks. Property Wizards found the opportunity, ensured we were there early and smoothed the way to securing ownership. Our time was not wasted and the frustrations were gone. At the end of the day my belief is that any short term cost is worth it for the upside of long term gain. Without the aid of Property Wizards, we could have just as easily looked at short term gain resulting in long term pain. Their services really are worth every penny and then some.

INVESTORS Buy & Hold For Investment



“An early start on setting myself up for the future” Andrew Balston | 27 | Geologist | Kalgoorlie, WA


became interested in wealth creation from a very young age. My parents are quite experienced in investing with a mixed portfolio of shares and property so I guess that is where my curiosity began. They were able to share their experiences with me but felt bad about investing. I was really encouraged to invest in shares as it was a good mechanism to start off with. My parents encouraged me to buy my first shares at the age of thirteen with money I had earned doing holiday work instead of wasting it, which was very tempting at the time! I monitored it at the stock markets regularly and calculated how much money I had made. Each time the value of my shares increased, I dreamed about what I would do next. Even at thirteen, my interest in wealth creation was strong.

my wealth. I had read an enormous amount about property and different wealth creation strategies and armed with this knowledge I decided it was time to jump into the property market. I bought my first home in Kalgoorlie in 2004 which was really exciting as I bought something that has appreciated in value rapidly and given my passion for investing an extra boost.

Andrew Bolston bought a property that has rapidly increased in value.

A year later, I decided to use the equity that I created in my home. I got a line of credit so I could do it all again. Perth was doing really well at this point in time and I decided it would be great to get into that market. The only thing I was disadvantaged by was that I live 7 hours from the city. A work colleague had recently bought a property with Property Wizards and recommended I work with them to buy a property in Perth.

I wanted to buy a property which I could just buy and hold and wait for the area to appreciate “I wanted to buy a property which in value. Within 14 days of signing I had that property; a 4 bedroom house on a good sized I could just buy and hold and block in a fast growing suburb. It was a brilliant wait for the area to appreciate in location and had all the right growth factors set in place so I could just sit back and wait for the value. Within 14 days of signing I equity to pool in the property. It was minutes away from several schools and the university, had that property...” sporting centers, the main shopping centre which was getting a massive refurbishment, ovals, the From my early teens I read book after book pools, the new train line and the ocean is only a about investing on the stock market and about few minutes drive away. the property market. I had a lot of questions and I haven’t had it valuated yet, but since I bought a huge curiosity about how to build wealth using the property there has been a lot of development these vehicles. I quickly learned that “knowledge and upgrading and I am sure that I have created is power” so I kept reading and learning. substantial equity which I will use to invest again When I graduated from university I started in the near future. working full time for a mining company in It was great to work with a company that truly Kalgoorlie at the age of 23. While some of my understands the keys to making money through mates were spending their money on cars, bikes property. The investment I made was not about and holidays, I was looking at property to increase buying a pretty house, it was all about the land

The property is in a brilliant location and has all the right growth factors set in place.

and its location, as this is what creates wealth. The home is rented out which gives me income along the way to help with the cost of the investment, but it is the growth where the real income is made. It has been great to get such an early start on setting myself up for the future; I know that by the time I have a family that I will be comfortable enough to enjoy the journey without financial stress. This is not something a lot of people my age can say. I enjoy property investing and what it can do. My goal is really just to have the ability and freedom to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to. I’m not really focused on retirement at this point because I am still quite young. Based on what I have done already I have confidence in using property as a wealth creation vehicle and will be looking to continue investing in property.

5 properties in 5 years Alberto De Grazia | mid 40s | Rigger | NSW


Both properties were in our budget and were a perfect match for our “buy and leave” and capital gains criteria we had given to Trevor.

y wife and I sat down a few years ago and discussed our future.

We have both worked really hard in our lives and agreed that we didn’t want to have to work into our 60s. We set a goal that we would retire comfortably in our mid 50s. This plan meant that we needed to find a way to make this happen as we were well aware that our regular jobs were not going to give us the financial gains to achieve this goal no matter how hard we saved. I didn’t know anything about the share market and felt a lot more comfortable with property investment. I had some experience in property investing from a few years ago when my brother and I bought an apartment in Sydney. We went into the purchase without knowledge of current property market conditions, prices or any other information that may have helped us make a better decision, so in the end we bought a property for which we paid too much and didn’t make the capital gains we had hoped for. To increase my knowledge of investing I started reading the Australian Property Investor Magazine and in one of the magazines I came across the advertisement for Property Wizards. This sounded like a great opportunity; I had heard about the booming WA market and didn’t

The properties could not have been more perfect for our purposes. We had them valued last year and they were valued at $313,000 more, that’s a combined capital growth of more than 60% over two years. My wife and I used the equity of both properties to buy two more properties in Brisbane, which with the knowledge we gained through Property Wizards One of the five properties across three states in we were able to manage on our own. a portfolio now worth around $1.5-2million. Once we have built up further equity in our current properties we are looking at getting two think twice about calling them to speak about or three more to really bolster our retirement their services. This time around I wanted to do fund. In the long run we will look to sell some it right and felt more comfortable working with to pay off any remaining debt and keeping the an expert rather than buying a property on my others for their steady rental income and capital own without any knowledge of the market, I growth. By the time we reach our mid 50s we had the added benefits of being able to learn will be able to borrow against our equity and along the way. cruise around the world for 12-months. This is After speaking with Trevor on the phone, my something we are really looking forward to. wife and I flew to WA to meet with him and So in 5 years we have been able to accumulate inspect some of the properties he had found a property portfolio of 5 properties across three that would give us the capital gains we were states worth around $1.5-2million. looking for. We didn’t settle on a property while By only putting our money into savings and in Perth, but Trevor called us shortly after we got back to Sydney with some options. The options just continuing to work, we would never have were too good to pass on, so rather than just been able to achieve this, not even by the time buying one property, we ended up buying two. we retire.



Setting ourselves up for a great retirement Dene Wood | Art Director for a marketing company | Victoria


y wife and I embarked on a wealth creation journey to ensure that our retirement was financially secure and relaxing. As we didn’t run a business of our own and superannuation is a new thing, we knew that what we had was not going to provide for us and we certainly didn’t want to leave our quality of life later on to chance.

“My wife and I are on our way to having a secure future and our kids are learning about the importance of investment and how it can leap-frog you into financial freedom.” We did some research and a whole lot of learning and started buying a mix of property and shares, the properties we bought in Victoria where we live have done really well. The market there was flattening off in the Eastern states and Perth was on a boom, so we did some more research and decided to go ahead and buy an investment property over there. There was just the small problem with this plan, and that was that we live on the other side of the country, 4 hours flight away from Perth. There was no way we would be able to make a great purchase living in Victoria, and we didn’t want to take time off work and spend money traveling back and forth to make the purchase. Even if you take the time and fly or drive there, you don’t always know the specifics of one area

over another area and even through internet That gave us leverage to invest yet again. research, unless you are really familiar with all It was a great experience working with the areas, you are still not able to see the little Property Wizards as we were comfortable with nuances that an expert’s insight can give. the whole buying process and trusted them to When it came to capitalizing on the Perth make the purchase for us. Still to this day we market I needed to align myself with someone haven’t been to the property, I have only viewed in the market who knew what they were doing it on Google earth, I have even been swimming and had their finger on the pulse and heart of with the dolphins in the beaches nearby and the Perth market. Therefore I had to ensure we didn’t go to view the property which was that this investment was a financially wise only 10 minutes away. At the end of the day it choice which would generate equity and profit is a money making asset and not something my for more future purchases. It was great that I wife and I are emotionally attached to. We have could discuss my investment criteria extensively had tenants in the whole time, which Property and clarify research that I had done in Perth to Wizards also assisted us with and now it basically make sure that I was at ease and comfort with takes care of itself and is just accruing wealth the Property Wizards spending my money and for us. selecting the egg to add to my nest. From the initial research I had done prior to engaging Property Wizards, I chose my area to invest in. After having extensive discussions with the team at Property Wizards we decided not to pursue this area for my purchase, as to get the growth that I desired I would have to purchase a property in a much higher price bracket on the water, anything else was not going to provide me with the value-add that I desired. The team found me a great property located in the next main hub, closer to Perth. This area was going through extensive growth and change, the railway line was due to come through and development was going on everywhere, from the shopping centre revamp to the foreshore makeover. We secured the property for less than my budget and a year later , when I was ready to invest again, I had it valued and in 12 month when the value had increased by a third.

“We have had it tenanted the whole time, which Property Wizards also assisted us with and now it basically takes care of itself and is just accruing wealth for us” My wife and I are on our way to having a secure future and our kids are learning about the importance of investment and how it can leapfrog you financially into freedom. Personally I am not passionate about actually owing the pieces of property, I am just passionate about how it can provide for me financially in the future.

The team at Property Wizards found me a great property located in the next main hub.



It’s about freedom of choice Dominique & Jakes Raubenheimer

All we had to do ourselves was a weekend paint-job and send 20 gnomes to garden gnome heaven so we wouldn’t scare off potential tenants!


aving moved from South Africa, we realized that we would need to build our superannuation to ensure we weren’t reliant on a government pension after retirement. We saw property investment as a forced way of saving.

(Mount Isa) and bought our own home there. Being a mining city, we were not sure about the long term growth and we sold that property when we moved to Perth – still making a 50% profit! We also bought our first investment property in Queensland, which we still own. As We had first lived in Queensland soon as we arrived in Perth, we set about

looking for another investment property. As we were new to the area and not familiar with the suburbs and growth potentials, we needed some support. We found Property Wizards and immediately felt comfortable with them as they were very efficient, professional and easy to talk to.

We told them what we were looking for and they set about and did everything, all we had to do was sign up and wait. It was fantastic as they know the Perth market inside and out, so we knew our investments and future were in good hands. It wasn’t long before Property Wizards came back to us with a great property. From here everything happened at the speed of light. It was close to a new railway station which was due to open in a couple of years and it was also close to the beach, shopping centre and all other facilities which attract tenants. All the odds were stacked in favour of great capital growth.

The property

heaven so we wouldn’t scare off potential tenants! our portfolio and aim to reach 10, which will enable us to sell a few later and be debt-free. The property has done really well. It was Jakes wants to ‘retire’ by the time he is 55 and tenanted within 3 days of settlement and we have have the freedom to do as he pleases – being had the same tenants since we purchased it. The property renovations or just traveling and having value had increased dramatically so we used the the choice of working or not. We do plan ahead equity in this home to purchase our next home but our motto is ”subject to change” which keeps in the coastal suburb of Mindarie, which we now the whole experience exciting! rent out as furnished short term accommodation. We love the whole journey of property The first investment property has increased investment and we do things a bit differently. 70% in value in just over three years, which is Usually we look at what 95% of the population fantastic! are doing, then we do it a different way. We bought our investment property with Trevor “We would honestly recommend before we bought a home to live in. We also even though we own properties, we see the services of Trevor and Liz at rent our tenants as business partners and like to look Property Wizards. Take the next after them. But they in return look after us by maintaining the property beautifully. So property step and allow them to take you investment is fun and our passion and will also provide a future of choice and comfort for us.

We went down and inspected the property. We instantly saw the potential and called Trevor as we walked out the front door and said that this was it. He immediately had the offer ready to go, complete with clauses to protect us, which we on your own journey.” submitted and before the first home open even occurred on the weekend the property was ours We have had to make a few sacrifices along the at about $10,000 below market value. Bang, bang, way in order to have our investment properties, bang! – we were impressed. but we have just changed our mindset and the The background checks showed that there way we look at things. were unapproved structures on the property and We still believe in enjoying life, but prioritising. because of our protective clauses, we were able to get the seller to get council approval before we Rather than seeing it as a sacrifice, we see it as part of the journey and making choices now settled. which would give us greater freedom in future. All we had to do ourselves, was a weekend We currently have 3 investment properties in paint-job and send 20 gnomes to garden gnome


But investing is not just about financial gains. We have learnt a lot along the way and encourage others in our life to do the same and take control of their own futures today. We also strongly believe in giving back to others who are less fortunate as this is the only way of attracting good fortune. We would honestly recommend the services of Trevor and Liz at Property Wizards. Take the next step and allow them to take you on your own journey.


“It’s never too late to start” Doreen Fenn | 56 | Registered Nurse | Duncraig, WA a safe way to work towards my goal and invest time I bought something that I could go and see as well as physically touch, this time it was in my future. for real. The property is located in a fantastic I set about investing in my goal, as I didn’t position, central to everything you could need, know anything about real estate I thought I plus the area is getting made over and revamped would be safe with a large well known company. everywhere. WestPoint made everything sound so easy; I was We snapped it up and I have had it tenanted the pleased to become the owner of a 3 bedroom apartment in the CBD, with so much going whole time. The property would have grown at for it. All I had to do was sit back and wait least $100,000 since I bought it, which made me for 6 months whilst renovations were being a very happy customer. I am looking forward to completed. After this they would contact me making my next purchase - there is no way that with the go-ahead to sign tenants up and my I would do it without Property Wizards by my first investment property was done, so, so easy. side. Before I knew it I was matched up with a well located 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in a good area and within my budget.

Unfortunately the plan didn’t roll out like this, one year later and I had a battle on my hands when WestPoint went under and I along with many other unfortunates lost many thousands am originally from South Africa and after of dollars, thankful I didn’t loose as much as spending time in London and Saudi others who lost everything, but I still lost a Arabia I arrived in Perth in 2000, bought significant amount of money. a home and settled into my new life in Australia. Did I trust real estate agents? No……. But I still had to do something. I knew that if I wanted to live comfortably after I ceased working, I would have to do That’s when I was introduced to Trevor and something about creating a retirement fund. I his team. I was very concerned about trusting needed to create some wealth relatively quickly anyone again with my money and future, but in in order to feel secure in the years to come a very short period of time I felt total trust with and not be reliant on a pension. Furthermore the Property Wizards team. I enjoyed receiving I didn’t have any superannuation as a back up. the constant personal attention focused on finding me the perfect property within my I knew that I would have to implement a plan specifications and budget. quickly as I was already in my 50’s and didn’t want to have to keep working for another 10 Before I knew it I was matched up with a years or more. I was advised by many people well located 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house around me that property investment would be in a good area and within my budget. This


“It isn’t just about them buying you a property, when you work with this team, you become part of their family and journey with them on the path of property investment, wealth creation and financial freedom.” My relationship with Property Wizards is ongoing, it isn’t just about them buying you a property, when you work with this team, you become part of their family and journey with them on the path of property investment, wealth creation and financial freedom. It is not just a business, it is a passion and this has made all the difference to my journey.

The answer is Property Wizards Fiona and Ian Kealley | Teacher and Forester | Regional manager | Kalgoorlie, WA


hen we first decided to buy a property in Perth we were faced with a lot of questions. How do we do this from KalgoorlieBoulder, 7 hours drive away? How would we be able to negotiate and liaise with the different agencies and businesses who are involved with purchasing a house plus manage our home, our jobs, our weekends and more importantly, maintain our sanity! Fiona Kealley.

Our great investment property.

Of course the answer was Liz and Trevor from Property Wizards.

follow-up with the selling agents very reassuring for us as buyers.

We had no idea that such a thing as buyers’ agents existed and found them through the REIWA website. It’s so logical - people readily pay Seller Agent fees, so why not engage a professional to buy for you?

“We haven’t had a single regret. From the first contact until handing over the keys, Trevor and Liz guided us through every step.”

We haven’t had a single regret. From the first contact until handing over the keys, Trevor and Liz guided us through every step and liaised with all parties on confident that our interests were well our behalf. looked after. We especially found their They were representing us and we felt property inspection checklist and the


Regular communication kept us so well informed and their professional and friendly manner made it so easy. They even dropped by for a visit once the house was ours! We now have a great investment property in Kardinya, close to Murdoch Uni for our son and a reasonable distance from our daughter’s workplace. We thoroughly recommend Property Wizards! Just pick up the phone and call!


“We achieved our goal 3 years Dale Gatherum-Goss | Victoria | Retired by 43


y wife and I knew from our twenties that we wanted to retire early and would only be able to achieve this goal if we were to take charge of the process ourselves and find a way to create the wealth required to achieve our goal. It wasn’t until our late 20s that we really started to do anything about it and it wasn’t till our early 30s that we actually started getting quite serious with the array of wealth creation concepts around. It was at this stage that we set an incentive and goal of retiring by the time we turned 45.

“What makes it different buying property with Property Wizards is the strategic process behind buying the property.”

along the way with our goal of retiring by the age of 45. I picked up an API Magazine and saw the ad for Property Wizards and three other like companies. I called them all. The first two never called me back and the third one I didn’t care for. Property Wizards followed right up and called back the next day to make sure that we had everything we needed, they were very comforting and reassuring. Their professionalism came through in every interaction. Property Wizards found this property - minutes away from beautiful beaches, a foreshore which was being upgraded with lots of new shops, cafes and restaurants.

In the heated market it did take us a little longer to find a home under the parameters we wanted (about 2 months instead of a few weeks) but Property Wizards communicated right up-front all of these details. We had clear expectations and we were happy with this as it was important that we bought the right property, at the right price, to ensure that it would be a wealth creating asset in the years to come.

We threw ourselves into this mission and read a lot about different wealth creation strategies as well as attending some weekend seminar, through this process we found that property was predominantly the strategy used by people who Property Wizards moulded their search around had successfully created a lot of wealth, enough our criteria of a buy-and-hold in a high growth In order to achieve this goal we had to make too be able to do as they choose and this is the area and bought us a fabulous property in a great a few sacrifices for the next few years, we chose freedom that we desired; to do as we choose, area at just the right time. to live moderately, minimizing the purchase of retire early and live a luxurious life. We bought in an area that is armed with an unnecessary items, expensive dinners and those After a few years of investing, we decided to array of equity building economic drivers which coffees that seem to add up to a lot of money. capitalize on the growth in the Perth market. almost 100% guaranteed the future growth of a We were financially conscious about where our When we began looking for properties in Perth, property bought in this area. money went rather than frittering it away and we were unsure where to buy. It was important we bought what was needed and minimized the for us to buy a property in an area that was going We bought this property minutes away from waste. to give us a lot of capital growth and help us beautiful beaches, a foreshore which was being

earlier than our plan” upgraded with lots of new shops, cafes and restaurants; the main shopping centre was also being given a complete makeover. The train line was due to start running in the next few years with 2 train stations in the area and there is still a lot more development planned. The area was and still is just exploding. We had the property evaluated a year after we purchased it and that value had gone up over $100,000 in a year, that is like getting a 3rd really good annual salary without actually doing any extra work, we were so very happy with this and the crazy thing we haven’t even been to the property, still to this day. We relied on the Property Wizards and their systems for finding us the right property which they did. What makes it different buying property with Property Wizards is the strategic process behind buying the property, we could have bought without using the agency and the property would probably have done well but it would not have been an educated choice. In just over 10 years my wife and I have achieved our primary goal, we set a target of retiring by the age of 45 - I retired at 43 and my wife retired at 42. We are living what we consider the good life. We travel every year, we have actually just been to London, Paris and Spain as well as taking smaller trips around Australia, but more so than anything we have lots of time on our hands and no real obligations. We are able to live our lives as planned, we are able to take time to enjoy ourselves and do as we please. Our portfolio of soon to be 10 properties as well as shares and cash allow us to live totally of the income they generate.

Dale Gatherum-Goss and his wife. Both retired by 43.

“Property Wizards moulded their search around our criteria of a buy-and-hold in a high growth area and bought us a fabulous property in a great area at just the right time.”



“I sold my property to help me have a year off work” Karen Muddell | Fitness Professional | Sydney, NSW


y work keeps me busy but I understand how important it is to have access to opportunity when required and my story is about just that.

and I decided on a unit. I bought a modernised one-bedroom unit in North Perth on Russell Street. The unit was super close to everything and walking distance to the city, plus it was a brilliant suburb for capital growth because of its location and lifestyle appeal. There were already tenants in the property so I didn’t have to worry about losing income while trying to locate new ones. I secured the unit at a great price.

I have a few investments and one property was in Perth. I had been watching the market for some time, reviewing what was happening and looking for an area where I would buy. I decided that I would invest in the West Coast. The market hadn’t peaked like it had in Sydney I found myself in a personal situation so I knew I would be able to get a good property at a reasonable price and obtain good growth where I wanted to take a year off work from the corporate world to set up business of my in the next few years. own as a fitness professional. In order to do Working in the corporate world in Sydney this comfortably without any financial stress I means there is one thing that I definitely can’t decided to sell the property in North Perth. I buy which is my time. I knew that I would sold the property for a third more and this has have to work with someone if I was to buy a allowed me to live very comfortably since I left property in Perth. I didn’t have the time nor the work. funds to be flying back and forth and staying in Having the property grow and work so hard hotels in order to make a successful purchase especially in a hot market. I contacted Property for me while I continued to live life would have been wonderful, however it would have been Wizards. challenging to manage the investment costs My budget was limited so Property Wizards on a monthly basis whilst trying to start up a

business at the same time. Because of this I decided to pursue a different path in life I had options available to give me the freedom to do this.

“I used Property Wizards to ensure that I bought a property with all the right money making factors (which) has helped me to take time off work to establish my own business.” I was able to sell my property in Perth and even though I had only owned it for a short time, I was still able to make a nice profit which has helped me to take time off work to establish my own business. The success came from using Property Wizards systems to ensure that I brought a property with all the right money making factors.

“Wealth Creation = Property Investment = Filthy Rich” Robert Jenkins | 44 | English Lecturer | Fremantle, WA


drivers in place for long term capital growth. It is also rented out, so I have a regular rental income that offsets part of my loan repayments.

bout 6 years ago I started my wealth creation journey. I was in my late 30s and realised that I didn’t really have much to show for all the years I had been working. I had no savings, no property, no real assets and I didn’t see how continuing to just rely on my job would get me much further in life. I was looking for ways to turn this all around. I wanted to be filthy rich, I wanted to establish charitable organisations that will get kids off the street and into half-way homes, fund indigenous schools, I also wanted a few things for myself like a nice car, nice house and 2 overseas trips a year. In order to achieve all this I knew that I would have to push myself out of my comfort zone.

“I will be living an affluent lifestyle doing what I want, when I please and helping people who are less fortunate in life.” I did some research into wealth creation and completed quite a few home study courses and seminars with various experts in this field to help me develop a good skill set and knowledge base to move forward in achieving my dream. When I felt ready I jumped into the property market. I had been doing some research about buying property when I came across Property Wizards in a property investment magazine. I thought that it would be a smart strategic move to work with experts

3x1 near the ocean and it has all the right growth drivers in place for long term capital growth.

in the field whom I wanted to use as my vehicle to wealth creation and to enable me to increase my knowledge. I decided to work with Property Wizards after reviewing their website and the depth of content available, they knew what they were talking about. I was also able to sit with one of the property advisers and have many in-depth conversations about investment. It was nice to talk and learn from people who knew what they were talking about. My investment criteria meant I needed a property that could provide me with capital growth. Property Wizards’ systems soon found me a property which I bought at the peak of the market. I recently had it valued and it had increased in value by 10%, even though the market has softened, which confirms that it was very well priced when I bought it and is definitely the right property. It’s a 3x1 near the ocean and it has all the right growth


In the meantime, with the equity pooled in this investment property and the knowledge I gained from Property Wizards, I was able to purchase more capital growth property and this has brought my portfolio up to three wealth creating assets, which puts me well and truly on track to becoming “filthy rich”. Once my latest property has finalised I will be looking at buying again, this time it is my time to buy a home of my own in a place where I really want to live, which is in Fremantle. I will be able to move out of my current tiny apartment which I am renting – It will be nice to have some space and independence of my own. My wealth creation journey isn’t without sacrifice, but I know that it is a sacrifice that will be well worth it in time. Purchasing these properties has meant I have had financial limitations on the lifestyle I can lead, as once I have serviced the loans on a monthly basis, not much is left for my personal use. However, I have taken a longer term approach and know that in the end, once I have attained my goal of becoming wealthy by building an admirable property portfolio, I will be living an affluent lifestyle doing what I want, when I please and helping people who are less fortunate in life.


Flexibility to do what we want Simon De Marchi and Suzie Pismiris | Flight attendants | Clovelly, NSW | Aged 45 & 43

“Both Suzie and I knew that this property put us on the road to financial freedom and we plan to use the equity in 3 to 5 years to invest again.” in WA. As I was gathering information on the forum about buyer’s agents I noticed that Property Wizards kept coming up in the online discussion and all the comments were positive. This property paved the road to financial freedom. Simon De Marchi and Suzie Pismiris. This is what gave us the confidence to approach uzie and I both work in the airline Property Wizards. was under market value. The deal was done after industry as flight attendants and are When Suzie and I used Property Wizards phone discussions while I was at hospital with always out of the country. When I was left we were buying at the peak of the market. my ill mother and Suzie about to fly to Italy. with only $60,000 after my first marriage, I Since both of us are mostly overseas it was a When Suzie went to inspect the property after knew I had to do something. Suzie and I, challenge to get us together to discuss any settlement she was surprised to find the block both in our early 40s, undertook to invest in the property market. Our primary goal properties which were suitable for our strategy. was way bigger than she had first thought and was to pay our existing mortgage down to In the time between finding the right property was closer to the beach as well. a comfortable level. We knew property was and both Suzie and I getting to a fax somewhere Both Suzie and I knew that this property put for us as it was a more stable long term in the world on our travels to sign an offer, us on the road to financial freedom and we investment. Because we both were very the best properties were being snapped up by plan to use the equity in 3 to 5 years’ time to time poor and out of the country all the other buyers. We decided to put all our faith in invest again. Because we are both employed by time, it was very difficult to understand and Property Wizards by signing a blank offer, while a major airline, we don’t have guaranteed job research the current market. What made me knowing that the conditions in our offer were security and it’s so good to have the security get the motivation, were the stories in API there for our protection which made it easier for us to do this. This would secure a great property of our property investments. It has put us on magazine. track to being able to choose to work or not, without missing out. having enough money and flexibility to do what I was using an online property investing forum to gather information on buyer’s agents The property that Property Wizards found we want.




Buying a Home to live in we’ll also find many “silent sales” before they come on the Our methodical, step by step approach to buying homes has proven to be hugely successful for our clients. We market, which often represent exceptional value for money understand that a home is a very personal choice and not all and huge capital growth potential. your criteria can be explained by logic - it must feel right too. During this phase we get to know exactly what you like and don’t like, because this is your home and not just an So we work with not only what we call ‘hard criteria’ such investment property. Even though a real estate agent may be as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the suburb you’d like to live in and so on, but also ‘soft criteria’ that include very nice towards you, remember they work for the seller, not quality, style, spaciousness, street appeal and the like, that the buyer. It’s required of them by law! can also influence a final decision when buying a home. To assist with the process, we may ask you to send us examples of homes you like the look of so we can get a clear idea of what feels right for you. At the same time, we want to ensure your home stacks up as a great investment so you can benefit from good capital growth should you wish to sell your home. By acting as an independent purchaser, and holding steadfast to a set of agreed criteria, we effectively remove the possibility of making a wrong decision based on impulse or sheer frustration and which you might regret down the line. Instead, we’re applying the unrivalled knowledge that we’ve accumulated over years to give clients a decided advantage at all stages of the buying process.

stEP 1 - WE EstaBlIsh your rEquIrEmENts

During our initial free consultation we’ll discuss the type of property, the choice of suburb and any other pertinent considerations you may have, such as proximity to schools, shopping, transport, leisure activities and infrastructure.

stEP 2 - ProPErty sEarCh

Once you give us the go ahead, we’ll commence a comprehensive search of properties available for sale within your agreed criteria. Not only do we have access to every listed property available, our networking skills means

stEP 3 - a shortlIst

We then investigate a ‘shortlist’ of properties on your behalf and prioritise the best opportunities. When we view a property, we take many digital photos to send to you that show the good and the bad in order for you to get a real feel for the property. This step saves time and money, as we guide you through the selection process.

stEP 4 - DuE DIlIgENCE

This is where our experience really comes into play. If you are keen to proceed, we evaluate and assess the property in more detail. We look for ‘potential problems’ or expenses to factor in. We also include a range of protective conditions in the Contract of Sale that are in your favour, not the seller’s.

stEP 5 – aCCuratE PrICINg

We obtain up-to-date information about the property as well as comparable sales data to assist in assessing its true worth, which ensures you’ll never pay too much.

stEP 6 – aCquIsItIoN stratEgy

Now we’re getting to the pointy end of the process. Once you’re happy this is the right property, plus we’re convinced it ticks all the boxes for your home buying strategy and it’s at an attractive price point to begin with, we negotiate with the agent on your behalf, using all our legal tricks of the trade to ensure that you obtain the property for the lowest possible price.

“There’s No Place Like Home” Brian and Sally PICKERING | UK


Brian and Sally wanted to move back to Perth where their two daughters were born.

fter many years of living in the UK, my taken a lot longer as I don’t know the market at wife Sally and I decided to move back all. home to Perth where two of our daughters The home has a huge verandah overlooking the were born. garden and the train line is not too far away. Warmer weather is good for Sally, my wife who We bought the property for $580,000, originally has Multiple Sclerosis, leaving her wheelchair it was on the market for $625,000 so Property bound and myself as her primary carer. Wizards saved us nearly $50,000 of the market So looking for a property that was wheelchair price. friendly from the UK was going to prove a very difficult task. The two scenarios that allowed us to look, were going to be difficult and expensive. “ is so nice knowing that when Either I leave Sally in the UK with, I’m not sure who to care for her 24/7, to come to Australia to we get on the plane we will have spend weeks, maybe months looking for a new no worries or concerns upon home, or we both had to fly over here together which was going to be difficult, expensive and our arrival, the transition will be draining. This prompted me to get onto the Internet to start looking for properties, at least get some ground research done.

The home has a huge verandah overlooking the garden, and the train line is not too far away....

That is when I came across the advert for Property Wizards, from the advert I saw that they were buyer’s agents, this sounded like the answers to my prayers. I called and had a chat with Trevor and told him my situation, although it was a difficult brief he was sure that he could help us, so we signed up and waited. It was great because they knew exactly what we were after and set about doing all the work for us. It took about 3 months to find the perfect property, which had everything we needed from the space to the accessibility for a wheelchair, even down to lots of trees and shade for Sally to enjoy the outdoors.

stress-free as Property Wizards has done all the work already.”

We will be arriving in Perth soon and we are looking forward to seeing our new home and starting our new life there. It is so nice knowing that when we get on the plane we will have no worries or concerns upon our arrival. The transition will be stress free as Property Wizards has done all the work already.

We have also been fortunate enough to have had tenants in our property for most of the time since our purchase, allowing us to earn off our investment as well. We have not had the property valued since we purchased it, but I am sure it has increased in value therefore not only being the perfect home for our needs, but also providing us There is no way that I could have managed to with a great financial asset for the future. achieve this, it would have been very expensive for me and I’m sure it would have ...and shady trees for Sally to spend time enjoying the outdoors.


Property Wizards found our home in the suburb we wanted Mary & Emmanuel Chanda | 40s | University Lecturer and Professor | Kalgoorlie, WA


urrently my husband and I live in Kalgoorlie, he is a professor and lecturer at the Western Australia School of Mines and in the near future we will be moving to Perth. As we knew we would be moving in a few years, we decided to sell our family home and get ready for our move to Perth by buying a property there. My husband and I knew which suburb we wanted to move our family too, which made the idea of moving easier. Atwell is a nice position, close to Perth without being in the city, the train line was planned to extend through there in the next few years and it was also central to schools, shops and Emmanuel Chanda. other amenities. We thought it would be a wise “I cannot imagine how we move to buy sooner rather than later so we could buy where we wanted, in a good position where would have succeeded in the we would get nice capital growth in the years to come and we also weren’t sure how long it would purchase of the “perfect home” take to find the perfect home. I had a look on the internet to see who could help us as we knew that it would be impossible to buy from up here when the market was hot and we wouldn’t be able to get to home opens etc. The fact that we weren’t experts in buying property and had limited knowledge of the Perth market added to our dilemma. We came across Property Wizards’ website as well as another buyer’s agency. We emailed them both, the other one didn’t respond but Property Wizards got into contact with us immediately.

without Property Wizards’ responsiveness and guidance through the whole process.”

Trevor found us the perfect property almost as soon as we had signed up, unfortunately this was not to be as we were outbid by $5,000 and lost it. The funny thing about this is that Trevor was the one who was completely devastated, we had to console him, it was like he had just lost his perfect home. That was when we really knew that We talked on the phone and went through our Property Wizards took their business seriously situation and what we wanted. We had the right and to heart; we were sold on their service. budget and the home had to be a 4x2 with a nice Two days after we missed out on that property, back yard and located in the suburb of Atwell. We signed up with Property Wizards and they another home, a few doors down in the same were off and running. They were in contact with street came onto the market, this was even better us all the time, telling us what they were looking and nicer than the first. Property Wizards had at, what they had viewed, why certain properties steely determination to make sure that we did not weren’t suitable and what was next on the agenda. lose out on this property. We secured the house We were constantly informed, so much so that it within 2 weeks of signing up with Property felt like we had been doing the research without Wizards, in the area we wanted, within our budget all the hard work as we had that much information and $8000 under the market price, this was a nice on the search process. added bonus for us.

This house was secured within 2 weeks of signing up with Property Wizards, in the area wanted, within budget and $8000 under the market price.

As we weren’t planning on moving for a few years yet, we needed to be able to rent the property out. We were in luck again as the sellers wanted to be able to stay for at least 18 months, so we have had it rented out the whole time, providing us with extra income. It was close to the shopping centre, schools and everything that we wanted. So all in all a fantastic experience, the amount of information was fantastic and made it so much easier and comfortable buying it without seeing the property. The first time my husband and I did see the property was once it had settled and we were handed the keys. We had the property valuated about a year ago and the value had increased by over $150,000 in just a few years, this is such a bonus. I cannot imagine how we would have succeeded in the purchase of the “perfect home” without Property Wizard’s responsiveness and guidance throughout the whole process. We bought the right property in the right area and experienced great capital growth. The process went so smooth for us that we will continue to purchase more investment properties and add to the security of our retirement.

It was ensured we chose a unit which had good views as opposed to getting a view of a road.

“I decided to work with a buyer’s agency to make sure that my first property purchase was as hassle-free as possible, and that I wouldn’t be caught out by any nasty surprises.”

Property Wizards helped me to leave the nest Michael Vermaes | 28 | Systems Administrator | Burswood, WA


t the age of 28, I decided it was finally time to stop living with my parents. My parent’s home is 45 minutes away from my job as a systems administrator in the city. I had been working full time for a while and commuting long distances to work which was also very time consuming. I decided it was time to move out and find a nest of my own, I wanted to enter the property market to get a home closer to the city as well as to gain a financial asset that will create wealth in the future. I knew I needed to do it then as property prices were getting higher and higher and I wanted to buy my own place while it was still financially possible. As a longer term investment strategy, I also felt safe putting my money into property.

For the same reason I was in the property market to begin with (I wanted to make sure I ‘got it right’), I spent a long time researching the buyer’s agents offering services in Perth. Property Wizards is the most well known and has a great reputation on the internet and amongst the people I’ve spoken to. The fact that all the costs were made known to me upfront was another important factor in me choosing Property Wizards to help with my property search.

As I refined my requirements over the course of the search, Property Wizards kept me updated with new prospects. Once we had narrowed them down to a few likely candidates, I would go with them to visit the properties and was able to learn a lot about the different things to look After reading a lot of information in books and for in a property. on the internet, and purchasing several real estate Working with Property Wizards helped to investing home study courses, I realized that eliminate a lot of the stress by allowing me to there were still ‘blind spots’ in my knowledge of not feel pressured by the real estate agent to the whole process. I also didn’t have the time to make an offer on the spot. go to a lot of home opens on the weekend, only to become extremely frustrated and disappointed I worked with Property Wizards to place an when I missed out to the more experienced offer on a fantastic place in Burswood, we were investors (this happened to me several times able to negotiate and get our offer accepted even before I went to see Property Wizards). I decided though another prospective buyer already had an to work with a buyer’s agency to make sure that offer on the place. The my first property purchase was as hassle-free g r e a t as possible and that I wouldn’t be caught out by any nasty surprises.

thing about purchasing this home is that there is a limited supply of 2x1’s in Burswood which meant that for property value increase I had something unique. We ensured we chose a unit which had good views as opposed to getting a view of a road. The property is also very close to the train line, less than 10 minutes to the city and my work, as well as shops and my friends. The unit was tenanted on a fixed lease when I purchased it. However, when the tenant vacated (3 months after settlement), my property manager confirmed to me that I could increase the rent by 30%. While I always intended to make the unit my home, it was reassuring to know that if I wanted to rent it out, the potential rental income was even higher than I had anticipated, without any work on my part. I feel great that I have already entered the property market before the age of 30 and I now have something that grows in value while I sleep. I look forward to investing more in the future and will definitely work with Property Wizards, implementing their strategies and systems to ensure that the next buy is as easy and educated as this one.


“ It was so perfect, nestled on the side of a hill with city views the whole way across the house and a lovely verandah on the other side of the house perfect for lazy afternoons and entertaining friends.”

“We got our dream home” Narelle Morrison & Louise Jackson


y partner and I were living near the city in Rivervale in a 3x1 on two busy streets. It wasn’t our ideal living situation, too much hustle and bustle for us and there was never a place to go and really chill out. Ideally my dream was always to live where I was raised, which is in the hills east of the city. After living in this home for a few years, we ended up getting some really undesirable tenants living in the rental property next door, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Louise and I decided it was time to move. After deciding to move, we thought it would be ideal to find our dream home where we could settle forever, a place where we could grow old there together. I have been through the house hunting process before and found it a stressful, emotional ride. There had to be a better way, then I remembered Trevor. I met Trevor Dunkley before in my line of work as a trainer for mortgage brokers. After seeing one of his market presentations, I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism as well as his property buying processes. Trevor came to our house and sat with us for half a day to talk about what we wanted – as individuals and as a couple – to make sure that he helped us buy a property that would be a dream home to both of us. I thought this was really great that he put so much effort and time into something that was important to us, it made

us feel really good about working with him. He also coached us through the process of doing the inspection and how to keep our “cards close to our chest”. This was great advice, as I am a very emotional person and I learnt how that can give the real estate agents an upper hand in the negotiations. My partner and I learned from Trevor how to be the perfect inspectors on the properties we were viewing.

fell in love with it, both of us. It was so perfect, nestled on the side of a hill with city views the whole way across the house and a lovely verandah on the other side of the house, perfect for lazy afternoons and entertaining friends. It was really hard to keep stone faces during inspection and the second we got down the road we called Trevor excitedly to start the buying process.

The home was priced slightly above our budget. It had started at $499,000, going up to the $500,000’s and when the offer fell through it went back to $499,000 which was the true value of the property. This was still too high for us. Property Wizards worked with our budget and used all the possible factors to negotiate a price we could afford including the fact that the owners had left to live abroad. We ended up purchasing it for $30,000 below asking price The Property Wizards processes and systems and within our budget, we couldn’t have been were a great help to us as it saved us from buying happier. a dud property that looked good on the surface, We now are so happy living in our dream but once it was put through the Property Wizards home, the ambience is absolutely perfect. I have systems it came up with lots of problems. The also now been able to the rat race of the city and outcome was that it would never increase a secure a job 10 minutes down the road which cent more in value than it was priced at and if I now get to on my scooter. Louise and I are anything, it would probably decrease in value ecstatic that our dreams have come through. over time. The best part of all is since we purchased the The ideal property that we found was totally property 3 years ago, it has increased significantly our dream home as it was near my childhood in value. Not too bad if you consider we made neighbourhood. Unfortunately it was already money living out our dream. We are looking under offer, but as it turned out the offer ended forward to working with Property Wizards in up falling through. We went to check it out and the year to come to get an investment property.

“...this was really great that he put so much effort and time into something that was important to us, it made us feel so good about working with him.”

“Smart Investing = Great Retirement” Brian & Cynthia Starcevich | Padbury, WA


rian and I went to see our financial advisor who informed us that we needed to buy an investment property for tax benefits. He recommended Property Wizards to us who we went to see. We signed up with them immediately, our brief was for them to find us something that would give us maximum capital growth that we could buy and hold for the long term. Brian and I are baby boomers and very aware that the current government pension would not be sufficient for us to have a good lifestyle upon retirement. We don’t want to have to count our pennies, “I don’t mind counting dollars, but I don’t want to have to worry In today’s market the property, which is situated on a block of land that is over 700sqm in size, would be valued at a growth of around $100,000. about counting the cents”.

“We signed up with Property Wizards and within a few days their system found a great property for us. Within 4 days of signing up we signed the offer and acceptance, and within two months we already owned the property.” In order to ensure a comfortable retirement with financial freedom, Brian and I have been focusing on buying property. We signed up with Property Wizards and within a few days their system found a great

property for us. Within 4 days of signing up we 100 thousand dollars and that is in a seller’s signed the offer and acceptance and within two market. We are looking forward to the next months we already owned the property. property market growth phase to see the value increase, especially with all the development It was a very fast process and definitely worth the money, as we didn’t have to spend days and that is occurring in the area at the moment. The weeks scouring the paper and internet looking area is really progressing, this can only mean good things for us. for the right property. My husband and I want to keep investing The property is very central to schools, shops, railway line and the beach. We have had a tenant in property and look forward to being able in the property for over 2 years which has been to retire within the next 5 years. This is our great. Less than 3 months after settlement the primary goal as well as having a comfortable property had already gone up about $50,000 in retirement where we don’t have to worry about money. Working with Property Wizards was a value. beneficial experience, it was great having the That is incredible growth, just for buying at systems there to find the right property for the right time in the right place. growth. It eliminated stress, especially at the In today’s market the property, which is time we bought, we had a lot on our plate and situated on a block of land that is over 700sqm would have struggled to find out for ourselves in size, would be valued at a growth of around how to achieve what we did.


Laughing all the way to the Sean Win ShWe | 24 | Accountant, Bentley, WA


bought my first home with my partner at the age of 22, it is really young but I knew we had to buy sooner rather than later and that property prices were just going to keep going up. I finished my degree when I was 21 and started working in Accountancy, my partner and I focused on saving so that we had a decent deposit for our first home. It was important to me that we did the investing right the first time, I didn’t want to learn any unnecessary hard lessons. I employed a number of different tactics to ensure that I didn’t end up in a bad situation, as I had read about in various books and articles.

“It was very comforting working with Property Wizards as we knew that there was someone out there looking after US and representing OUR needs, rather than the interest of the seller. This Sean Win Shwe and his partner bought their first property at the age of 22. relieved a great deal of stress needs, rather than the interest of the seller. manage the whole time. I also had a good deposit whilst going through the process.” This relieved a great deal of stress whilst going which meant that I only had to borrow 80% of through the process.

I did a lot of research about buying property and then looked for someone to help me. I looked at all the buyer’s advisers in Perth, but I truly felt that Property Wizards really knew what they were talking about. The content of their web site alone made me feel comfortable, but then I was able to sit with my Property Wizards advisers and have all my questions answered (and I did have a lot). It was great that they were patient in answering every question, as this not only made me feel comfortable with the buying process, but allowed me to increase my knowledge as well.

Within two weeks of signing up with Property Wizards we found a brilliant home that not only fitted within our criteria, but exceeded our expectations as well. I didn’t think that we would afford something so nice in the area we liked, within our budget in today’s market. We paid $40,000 less than what it was on the market for and it was Property Wizards’ knowledge of market prices and negotiation that enabled us to get the price down so much.

the purchase price, which made it possible for me to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

Even though it cost me to work with professionals to find my property, my First Homebuyers Grant went towards the Property Wizards cost and it was offset by the savings I gained by purchasing the right house at the right price, as they did all the negotiating and research for me.

The other advantage I obtained from working with the Property Wizards is that I was able to tap into the abundance of information the To ensure that I was going to remain Property Wizards team has built up to increase comfortable with the purchase of my new home, my own knowledge of investing and strategies It was very comforting working with Property I did a sensitivity analysis so I was aware how my for finding the right property. Wizards as we knew that there was someone out mortgage payments would change in different I was free to ask questions enabling me to there looking after US and representing OUR scenarios to ensure that I would be able to


“We doubled our investment”

Phil & Leanne Jefferys | Business Consultants early 30s | Melbourne, VIC


n 2003, Leanne and I decided to buy a home and set about researching the market in order to make our first investment. We spent about 18 months looking for a property. We wanted to buy in a particular location, in or around West Leederville where there was the kind of space we were looking for and because we were working within a price range – properties that fit with all of this didn’t come up for sale very often. It was an intense time for buyers – the market was very competitive, therefore there was no time to waste a moment on a deal.

Within two weeks of working with Property Wizards we had a brilliant home.

learn more about how the professionals do their job, ensuring that I would continue to grow as an investor myself in the future. I had to witness a lot of my friends do terribly in the current market as they hadn’t done any risk planning. Some paid too much for their homes, as they bought without professional knowledge as well as borrowing 100% of the purchase price. I am very happy with the steps I have taken in purchasing my home, as I have been in a position to ride out the property cycle due to smart planning. The value of my home has increased in value and the price may have fluctuated with the market, but I am comfortable with this, as I know that in the long term prices only ever go up in the property market. In the short term I did have to make some sacrifices and initially I had a few more costs with the purchase of my home using a buyer’s agent, but I am 100% certain that this is the best way to go. My partner and I are still very young and ready to invest again, by doing it the right way I can and will avoid costly mistakes and will continue to grow my portfolio in the years to come, eventually placing me in a very comfortable financial position in life.

It was at this point that we contacted Property Wizards. We wanted to have someone on our side with the benefit of their wealth of property knowledge and experience, and to learn from seasoned investors.

“Within a week of signing up with Property Wizards, we found the house we wanted to buy in West Leederville and in no time at all the property was ours.” Within a week of signing up with Property Wizards, we found a house we wanted to buy in West Leederville and it no time at all the property was ours. A huge advantage for us in working with Property Wizards was that we had their knowledge and experience immediately at hand which helped us to make the right investment decision. Knowing all the processes, they moved very quickly to secure the property for us. Property Wizards also put the property through all their systems and checks, which guided us through the processes that followed the sale and the lead up to settlement. We bought our house at a great price and we estimate it has more than doubled in value since we bought it 3 years ago. Leanne and I have now been living in Melbourne for the last few years and the house has been perfect as a rental property. On top of this, we have a house to move into in a suburb we love when we return to Perth, We’ll also be able to work with Property Wizards to use the equity we’ve built in the years we’ve been away, to leverage off and buy an investment property. Property has been a great wealth creation tool for us and the gains that we made by buying the right property, have certainly helped to set up future investing.


Develop a property WatCh your WEalth groWINg BrICK By BrICK, roW By roW

Developing a property is becoming more and more popular for property investors. It’s another way to create your own wealth through property, along with excellent tax advantages – and you don’t need to be a millionaire or existing property developer to do it. You do of course need to know what you’re doing, otherwise you could lose money. At Property Wizards Developments, our expert team guides and manages your property development project from the initial planning stage right through to completion. We act as a trusted partner and take care of every detail for you, including the development assessment, hiring professional designers, builders and contractors and liaising with Councils for building approval. In fact, you don’t need to lift a finger – just sit back and watch your wealth being built brick by brick, row by row.

finding a ProPerty for you to develoP

If you don’t already have a development site, Property Wizards can help you find the right site to suit your strategy, goals and budget. Wherever possible, our clients aim to hold onto their development properties in order build their portfolio. We apply our skill, knowledge and due diligence to building your wealth, in the same professional way we would if we were buying a long term investment for capital growth and rental return.

stEP 1 – INItIal mEEtINg

Understanding where you are in your property wealth creation, what you want to achieve and your timeframe to make it happen,

is fundamental to developing a strategy that’s right for you. If you’re new to property investing or developing, we’ll explain some of the key basic strategies available to you using simple diagrams and easy to understand language. If you’re an experienced property investor or developer, we review your existing investment portfolio and assess whether an enhanced strategy could be more effective in achieving your property goals.

stEP 2 - DEtErmININg your DEvEloPmENt WEalth stratEgy Once we understand where you are and what you want to achieve with your property development, we help you formulate a realistic strategy to help you achieve your goals. We look at the available development strategies and which of these will suit your time horizon, your budget and your objectives. We look at buying to develop immediately compared to buying to develop later as well as the various options to achieve the best possible results and the different ways to do this, compared with buying to develop later and the best ways to do that. We also consider strategies where you can stretch your budget by staging the development, enabling you to become a developer with

a smaller budget than you may have thought possible. Step 3 – Property Development Search

Once you give us the go ahead, the first step is to send you for finance assessment, so that we can ensure the development we find for you is one you can afford, according to the strategy we have set out with you.

We undertake a comprehensive search of properties available for sale. We quickly refine our search down from a total pool, often in excess of 12,000 properties, to just a handful of outstanding properties with excellent development potential based on our tough selection criteria.

Step 4 - Property Inspection.

We investigate a ‘shortlist’ of properties and prioritise the best opportunities for development. We inspect on your behalf, looking for ‘potential problems’ or expenses to factor in when assessing the merits of one development site over the next. This saves you time and money as we guide you through the selection process. We also explore further using government authorities, planning policies, our paid subscription data, our contacts in the market and our detailed experience in selecting development sites.

Step 5 - Due Diligence

This is where our experience really comes into play. If you are keen to proceed, we will evaluate and assess the development site in more detail. We will also include a range of conditions in the Contract of Sale that are in your favour, not the seller’s, to ensure the property can be developed the way we envisage.

Step 6 – Accurate Pricing

We obtain up to date information about the development site as well as comparable sales data to assist in assessing its true worth, which ensures you’ll never pay too much.

Step 7 - Acquisition Strategy

Once we’re convinced the property development site ticks all the boxes for your strategy, and it’s at an attractive price point to begin with, we negotiate with the agent or owner on your behalf, using all our legal tricks of the trade, to ensure that you obtain the development site for the lowest possible price. At this stage, after the offer is accepted, we arrange a Survey and Design Report by Property Wizards Developments, to determine what the optimum development will be from a range of options including villas, townhouses, apartments, retaining the home, or demolishing the existing home completely, and starting afresh.

DEVELOPERS Subdivision

A young group of friends with a common goal! Alpesh Shah, Jay and Saloni | Under 30 | Safari Developments Through the Property Wizards systems we formed our strategy of creating our own capital growth through property with the potential for subdivision so we could “churn and burn� them. Buy the properties, subdivide as quickly as possible and sell off one, if not all the blocks to We are currently in the process of subdividing create capital to start again.

and at this point in time are planning on keeping


Property Wizards systems soon found us a great the front home. property in High Wycombe at the right price which could be subdivided while keeping the existing home. It hadn’t even hit the market yet when the team provided us with a comprehensive report covering all aspects of the property as well as research on the area and other comparable properties which were both on the market and had recently sold.

hese young guys (Jay (25), Alpesh (28) and Saloni (under 30) had a vision to work together to pursue a passion for property development and wealth creation. They created the company, Safari Developments (inspired by their Kenyan origin), with a future hope of being property developers. They all have full time jobs but came on We secured the property for $25,000 under its board to manage the initial purchases and market value before it even hit the market and other buyers could have snapped it up. There is subdivisions. no way we could have known or achieved what the Property Wizards methods did, without Jay relays the story: Teaming up with Property Wizards seemed like the knowledge and access to information their a natural step to take as I am new to property systems provide. investing and even though my partners already We are currently in the process of subdividing have existing property portfolios, we needed a and at this point in time are planning on keeping helping hand to make this happen. the front home, which had just been completely

renovated before we bought it and selling the back block or depending on market conditions we might sell both. It is just great that we have the options open to us. We also have a tenant in the front property, which helps create an additional income on the asset while we are in the process of subdividing. Working with Property Wizards was such an educating experience and being new to the industry, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge in a very short period of time. We are looking forward to our next purchase sometime next year and adding to our portfolio.

The home had been completely renovated before we bought it.



“You are never totally ready, opportunity, a decision W

hen I was employed as an Office Manager for Property Wizards - a buyer’s agency, part of my job was to put together and manage deals for the buyer’s advisers and their clients. As I was in a central position within the office, I was constantly listening to the adviser’s conversations about the latest bargain property find, or a brilliant property that was set to make a lot of money for the buyer. I was also privy to conversations of previous clients and heard how well they had done from the properties that we had bought for them. I could see that this was the perfect way of making money fast, but there was no way that I was open to the idea of having to sacrifice my lifestyle to invest in property.

Michelle Head | 28 | Recruitment Consultant | Shenton Park, WA

I decided to go ahead and purchase this home. It was even way under my budget and we bought it under market value.

couldn’t believe how I didn’t see the benefits of getting into the market.

I am in my late 20s and I have lived a good As the months passed, all my objections were life, I have travelled and partied pretty hard and overcome and I made the decision to invest. I as a result I accumulated a fair bit of debt and organised pre-approval on a loan and waited, I have nothing but good memories to show for it. didn’t know if anything would happen as I only had a small budget. Although I saw the buyer’s agents in the office buying properties for themselves and One day in the office one of the advisers found their clients and doing really well out of it, I a great property, but it was way below the price never invested. The whole team were constantly bracket for all of his current clients and it was a badgering me about buying property; they brilliant piece of property that had the ability to

it’s just about an and taking action” “I decided to go ahead and purchase this home. It was even way under my budget and we bought it under market value. I wasn’t even going to go and have a look I just trusted the advisers that much.”

My plan was to do the subdivision straight away and have everything completed in 12 months to sell immediately...

retain the home and subdivide thus creating an extra street front block. None of the agents had a client wanting this specific investment and as they all hate to see a good deal go by, he jokingly asked if I wanted to buy it. I decided to go ahead and purchase this house. It was even way under my budget and we bought it under market value. I wasn’t even going to go

We are buying a vehicle to create wealth, not an asset to sit on our shelves and look at. My plan was to do the subdivision straight away and have everything completed in 12 months to sell immediately and make a tidy profit. The subdivision is almost complete and I have spent about $30,000 on the subdivision. I bought at the peak of the market, but because of our conservative estimates and because I added my own value, not relying on market growth, I didn’t have to worry.

In the current flat market I stand to make and have a look, I just trusted the advisers that potentially $20,000-30,000 profit. The best thing of all is that I was still able to party and much. enjoy myself while subdividing and increasing Eventually I went down to have a look which my wealth. was a great learning experience. I remember By gaining the knowledge from Property walking around and commenting how pretty the Wizards and investing in a property with potential house was, which is how I would have made a profits, I now look at property differently. If I decision, whereas the Property Wizards adviser hadn’t worked for Property Wizards, I definitely had to firmly advise me that we were looking at wouldn’t have invested. The profits I make are an asset and its potential not how pretty it was going to help me fund another overseas trip and or wasn’t. This was my greatest first lesson in I won’t have any more debt. I am keen to invest property investment. Property Wizards taught again, as it provides a nice little windfall for me to take all of the emotions out of buying. whatever I want to do with minimal risk.



Building wealth around Adrian Amaladoss & Nicoleen Simon | Business Professionals | 30s | Singapore


ome years ago my wife and I decided we needed to be proactive about our future and take a path that would create a financially secure future for when we retire. We decided to use property investment as the tool for working towards this goal, as it seems a strategy which has created a lot of wealth for many people. We already had a few properties in Asia and wanted to branch out into other markets that were growing at a fast rate. A friend found an article about buyer’s agents in Australia which seemed perfect for us, as A perfect block that could be subdivided. they would be able to do everything for us and because we had no knowledge of the market at we wanted and our strategy was to buy and hold. all. We wanted to buy property that had medium to We contacted a couple of buyer’s advisers long-term potential of around 5 -10 years. and Property Wizards stood out with their Armed with knowledge gained from our knowledge of the industry as well as the market. meeting with Property Wizards’ we could refine We decided to come to Perth on a business our property plans. We realised that we would holiday, having made the decision to invest in need to completely recalibrate our ideas for our Perth. Not only was the market in Perth doing investment property, as we wouldn’t be able well, but it was quite close to Singapore. We to get what we wanted in the kind of areas we made arrangements to meet with Property wanted with the budget we had at the time. Wizards during our trip. This is where the Property Wizards’ strategies We had certain ideas in our mind about what saved us. We were able to not only find a solution

to our budget constraint, but it provided us with a whole new investment strategy, which has ever since formed the foundation of our personal property investment strategy ever since. Based on our new knowledge and strategy, we decided on buying in a growing area where infrastructure was increasing to drive the 5-10 year growth we desired to achieve. Also to invest in a property with the potential for higher density zoning. This way we could create wealth not only through natural market growth, but through higher growth because of the potential to subdivide into two. In addition we had the option of subdividing it ourselves and creating two properties, resulting in us gaining another block of land for a very cheap price. A perfect house came up which was on a really large block in a growing area and the block had the potential to be subdivided now, not wait for future changes in the future. All this was within our budget, which was fantastic. What is so great about my story, is how the Property Wizards systems looked after us. Something came up during the due diligence checks. It turned out that the fence line for the property was not in the correct position, and the neighbours had been utilizing 90sqm of land

the world $25,000 Compensation and we can still subdivide when we want to The yellow triangle on the left shows the piece of land that the seller thought he owned but the neighbours had taken it over!

The survey drawing shows how the land can be subdivided and the yellow traingle shows the part that the neighbours took over.

“...something came up during the due diligence checks. It turned out that the fence line for the property was not in the correct position, and the neighbours had been utilizing 90sqm of land that actually belonged to my property for the last 18 years� strategies as the cornerstone of all our future investing. We will not look at buying a property now which does not have the potential to fasttrack our capital growth. This is a great result for This has been a great experience for us. We us as it will enable us to reach our financial goals In the end we were able to get compensation learnt a great deal about property investing faster as now we are even smarter investors than from the seller at settlement, for a portion of from Property Wizards and we now use their we were before meeting Property Wizards. that actually belonged to my property for the past 18 years and had no intention of giving it back. The listing agent wanted to ignore it and not address the problem, but we were protected by our Property Wizards purchase conditions.

the total purchase price, which was great for us. We are still able to subdivide the land in the future which is a real bonus that made the deal even sweeter.



Strategy unncovered for Andre Sauer | 40 | Business Owner


couldn’t afford to leave our future to time and sit down with the Property Wizards chance, I have a wife and three children. I team and chatted about investment and wealth needed to ensure that our future was going creation. to be financially secure and comfortable. Knowing the way the Australian economy was going, I knew there was no way I could take the risk of relying on a pension or even our superannuation. This was the entrance into wealth creation for me and my family, it was a necessary means to an end. I bought my first property in 1998 and my next one in 2004, it was easier back then as it was before the big boom. These properties have done really well for me and they have grown more than I could have ever anticipated. It is of late that things needed to change.

Due to investing in property Andre Sauer is very certain of his family’s’ future.

“It was through Property Wizards that I uncovered my strategy for creating wealth, even in a flat market. Property investment can be done in any part of the cycle, it is simply about having the right strategy for the cycle in question, to capitalise on it.”

The property market in Perth had already peaked and I realised that if I wanted to keep It was through Property Wizards that I growing my property portfolio, I would need to uncovered my strategy for creating wealth, change my strategy somewhat. even in a flat market. Property investment can be done in any part of the cycle, it is simply Upon my return from working in Malaysia I about having the right strategy for the cycle in contacted Property Wizards. I followed their question, to capitalise on it. success stories over the years, but had never It was also through Property Wizards that done anything with them. I decided to make the

making wealth I first learned about buying sub-divisible properties and making money in a flat market. I had heard of it before, but never thought this was something for me, as I wasn’t sure about all the steps involved in the process. The Property Wizards team explained it all to me and I immediately got excited about the opportunities out there. The idea is that you buy a property which has the ability to be subdivided and turn it into two separate properties, which enables you to sell off the one block and retain the other, resulting in making a profit in a flat market without growth. This was great for me to learn about, as nothing I have read – and I have read a lot – has ever made it so clear in such easy steps. It is a strategy that Property Wizards has been using and teaching for quite some time to help their clients create additional wealth. Using this strategy we bought a property that had only been on the market a few weeks and the owners had spent a lot of money on it. They put in new carpets, blinds, kitchen, bathroom, landscaping, painted, redid the roof, new front door, new sliding door, and had the window frames redone.

is my first, it is all a learning curve, but I know at the end I have many options of what to do with property, ie I can sell the back block and keep the front, build on the back and sell both, or keep the back and claim depreciation. There are so many options, it just depends on what I want to do next with my investment. The whole process can be done in a few months. I estimated that in a few months I will earn about $30 - $40,000 once all costs have been deducted, not a bad return for a few months work. If I can do 4 of these a year, it is an extra $120 – 160,000 on top Andrew’s Forrestfield property. The property had been given a complete of my regular income. I can’t imagine anything facelift and it was able to be divided up else giving me returns of this calibre. immediately. Part of the Property Wizards Property Investing is such a fascinating hobby system is to do market research in the area to and one that I am extremely passionate about. ensure that the property price is good value Being able to work with experts such as Property and that as a subdivision, it can make money Wizards will ensure that all my investing in the – that eliminates most properties. The market future is 100% the best and most up-to-date research for this property showed that other strategy in the market as well as for the current properties of similar standard in the area which property cycle. weren’t zoned for subdivision, had sold at the As a result of investing in property, I am very same price as mine, therefore I basically got an certain of my family’s future and know that my extra block for free. retirement will be 100% enjoyable and stress I am currently doing the subdivision and as it free, as I will have no financial concerns.



“Strategy Jane Bennett | Mum-at-Home | South Fremantle, WA

The Bennett family.


he Bennetts are a typical hard working, time-poor couple. What made them different is that they wanted change and formulated a strategy to achieve it. They decided to sell their family business which sucked a lot of time and energy from them and become full time investors. To arrive at this decision they had to look at all the alternatives of how they can make money and live a comfortable life which will give them financial and personal freedom to spend their money and time how they choose. As Jane has a passion for property investment, she had already done a lot of ground work and knew that to gain maximum capital growth for a quick influx of wealth, they would need to go for quick value-add properties which had the option of being subdivided, as well as needing some renovations. The existing house was great for renovating and the back of the block big enough for the subdivision.

is the key” scenario in the way that one of the other agents to be rented out as well when completed. Applying this strategy meant that we could make found the property in our preferred suburb. At the moment we are in the accumulation more money, as the prices of the homes would phase of investing, having just finished This property was perfect and we moved be lower and we could renovate at a much lower cost as my husband is quite handy and can do quickly on it and bought it for a great price, consolidating. At the moment we have our a lot of the renovation himself. We would also considering the median property price for the family home and this investment property, have the added bonus of subdividing the land suburb at the time was $35,000 more than we but I will continue to buy even when I don’t paid for our property. The existing house was need to, because that is just the way I am. Our and making money off both blocks. great for renovating and the back of the block next step is to use the equity in our investment We started looking for properties, but were was big enough for the subdivision. Already property as well as our primary residence in unable to find any in our price range and the median property price is currently $65,000 South Fremantle, to purchase another property decided to use a buyer’s agent. We looked on more than what we bought ours for. in which to live while we renovate our South which listed three buyers Fremantle property, we want to make it the agents for Perth, all of which we contacted. “Property Wizards helped us perfect home we have always dreamed of. I had specific criteria in choosing our buyers’ Without the equity, we would have had to rent agent and these were; kick off towards our goal of living a house and pay off somebody else’ mortgage, rather than living in one of our own homes. • Who got back to us the fastest


• Who would come and see us, as we are timepoor • Who could move the fastest in getting the ball rolling Our Property Wizards adviser came to meet with us in our home within days of my enquiry and assured us that there were properties out there in our price range which were subdividable. Property Wizards started our search straight away. We did not get the firts two properties, but as the saying goes…..third time lucky. The whole process was really quick, even though we had signed with one adviser, when working with Property Wizards you have the benefit of all the agents working for you, as they are constantly scouring for new properties, especially subdivisions. We benefited from this

off our property investments

Property Wizards helped us kick off towards our goal of living off our property investments 5-10 years time, helping us to spend more spend more quality time with our in quality time with our children and do the things we really enjoy in life. I love being able to be a children and do the things we full-time mum to our three children and love having them at home with me rather than really enjoy in life.” having to send them to day care if I had to We have not had our property professionally work. valued yet, but estimate that we could sell the front home on its own for more than we paid Property investment has given us the freedom for the entire property and we could sell the of choice we never had before, or would ever land at the back for an extra $150,000. Taking have had, had we continued working in the into account the $30,000 we have spent on the family business. Now we look forward to property to date, we would have capital growth acquiring 10 – 20 properties over the next 5-10 of 44% so far. We are intending to hold onto years, engaging in renovations, subdivisions and the property however, renting out the front buying new properties to create a diversified house and building a house on the back block and profitable portfolio.

in 5-10 years time, helping us



DEVELOPERS Property Development

Building Wealth - Creating Freedom Linda Iannantuoni | small business owner | Charlie Iannantuoni | partner in a company

This property showed up as a potential goldmine for our development.

We built three homes, each worth more than the original property.

harlie and I have been involved in property for a while, but weren’t getting the same results as another couple in our family. They were getting amazing results with their buying strategy, with one of them being a buyer’s agent with Property Wizards and the other a finance broker. They have been encouraging us to invest more in property for some time so we decided to change our strategy. In the past we had always bought a property, moved in, renovated and then sold and done it all over again. As you can imagine the process is quite slow and as a result we were missing out on building up significant wealth like our investor family members were doing.

property as a vehicle to create ample wealth so that Charlie and I can not only live well but can look forward to a comfortable and enjoyable retirement, as by the time that occurs I doubt there will be much of a government pension, if one at all.


Again it was presented poorly. On the positive side, it did have an old house with a terrific tenant who remained whilst we went through development procedures with council. We also had rent during this time, which helped to pay the loan. In short, we purchased this property and triplex sites are now selling at about $160,000 more, or about $200,000 more if subdivided. We’ve built 3 homes on the subdivided land, each also worth more than the original property. Since we started our intensive property wealth creation journey 5 years ago, we achieved some great things. We created wealth that we wouldn’t have dreamed of, we had a great overseas holiday as a result of one property purchase and have increased our financial wealth significantly, and been able to help other friends and family members to do the same, which is a great feeling. Currently we are in a fortunate position that by collating the proceeds by after selling off some of our properties, we are able to build our dream home in an exclusive part of the beautiful suburb of Mt Lawley and live in it 100% mortgage free. Smart property investment has enabled us this amazing and fantastic outcome. With our lack of knowledge and confidence in the stocks and share market, we would never have achieved this through superannuation or the stock market.

As we were teaming up with experienced investors, when we joined up with Property Wizards, we wanted to start off straight away with property development. Their system found us a 1012sqm 4 unit site that had been sitting unnoticed on the market for about 5 months and was about $50,000 less than other similar properties. Everybody probably thought something was wrong with it. The real estate agent said just to pick up the keys if you want to We set about investing in property a little view the property, didn’t even take us there and I Using the Property Wizards systems to identify differently, we changed our strategy so we were am sure this put off buyers even though it was a and secure sound and cost effective land deals, able to buy a lot more property by involving our fabulous deal just sitting there hidden away. perfect for our strategy, has built us more wealth family and close friends. We formed joint ventures The Property Wizards systems cut through all than we could possibly have achieved by working and drew up agreements to protect all parties and that and established it as a potential goldmine for started to pool our money. This enabled us to our development. We’ve since built 4 homes on in our chosen careers. buy better quality properties and land and invest the site, each of which is worth more than the I am definitely planning on retiring early in order more frequently than if Charlie and I were to do original site. Even without us developing it, the to do voluntary work, especially with endangered it on our own. Using this strategy we could amass subdivided land alone would be worth $200,000 animals both in Australian and abroad. Charlie more wealth in a shorter period of time. more, a significant increase in value in just 3 years. and I will always invest in property, it has become an enjoyable hobby now and something we do as Charlie and I are not big believers in The second property found with Property a family. superannuation and only have the basic Wizards systems was a 3-unit site in a quiet street. superannuation. We also have played in stocks and shares but believe the best wealth is created through real estate. That is why we have decided to be proactive about our retirement by using



Renovating Renovating is a proven way to substantially increase the value of a property. You may choose renovation as a strategy on its own, or in combination with a buy and hold strategy or a plan to build wealth through development. Of course, there’s more to renovation than knocking down a couple of walls and adding a coat of paint. For example, will your renovation be in keeping with the age and style of the home? Do you need Council approval for the type of renovations you’re considering? Have you considered the risk of over-capitalising and not seeing the returns? And most important of all, are you spending your renovation Dollars on the right things? Our wealth of experience means we will be advising from a potential investment perspective, which is independent and can ensure you don’t make a costly mistake. Everything is handled for you: finding tradespeople and ensuring they turn up when agreed, checking on their work and making sure it’s done in a reasonable timeframe so that you can have it tenanted sooner, or ready to put on the market for sale. Your renovation can be done more quickly because it’s done by professionals working full time – it doesn’t have to wait until you can get time off your busy schedule. It’s also cost effective because of bulk buying, wholesale prices and the lower trade labour rates we and our suppliers enjoy.



“Ugly duckling turned swan increased my wealth” Travis Stead | 51 | Leederville, Business Owner (Name changed at client’s request)


grew up in New Zealand and completed a building apprenticeship there. Upon completion I decided to travel the world, which I did for quite some time. I had a great time living in London and traveling all around Europe. When I felt I had had enough and it was time to leave, rather than go back to New Zealand, I decided to meet up with some of my Australian friends in Melbourne. Melbourne was great but not quite right for me. I kept hearing about Perth and how great it was and as it turned out, some of my travel friends I met in Europe actually resided in Perth. I decided to go to Perth. It’s now 20 years later and I still haven’t left. Once I decided that I was going to make Perth my new home, I knew it was time to buy a house by the time I was thirty. Buying my first home was also as a result of knowing that I needed to set myself up for the future, even back then I knew that I never wanted to be reliant on the government pension to sustain life after retirement and superannuation wasn’t compulsory back then, therefore no one really bothered. Having a background in building, I decided to use this as a vehicle to ensure that my fear of growing old and having nothing, was eliminated. I would create wealth in a comfortable / familiar environment. I have a passion for renovations and have led a nomadic lifestyle moving from place to place buying, renovating and then moving on, but I love the challenge and seeing the results, also the regular change fits well with me. I came across Property Wizards a few years

ago and it has been fantastic find for me. Using their systems and processes I have already bought 2 properties and will continue to buy more. It has been great having them work with me on my goal, as they keep me focused and ensure that all the research is in place to make sure I get a good deal. I can easily get emotionally caught up with the property and don’t look at all the nitty gritty details. Working with Property Wizards and learning how they buy property now ensures that I get value for money and take advantage of any loopholes in the systems. I am like a kid in a toystore, I just want to buy everything.

“Property investment helped me increase my wealth and the Property Wizards system of buying has accelerated it exponentially” The first property that the Property Wizards systems uncovered was 10km from the CBD, close to shops, parks and schools. The home needed renovation badly, just what I wanted. It was actually on the market for $25,000 under value and within 24 hours I bought the property for another $10,000 less. This property had something more than those I’d done before. It was sub dividable, creating a two unit site and retaining the home and leaving room for a very big gain in value after renovation and subdivision.

wall to open up the lounge and dining area, installing a new ceiling, renovating the kitchen and expanding the bench space. The pink bathroom made way for an all-new white one, fresh carpet was laid in the bedrooms, new wardrobes and cupboards built-in, roof tiles replaced and a new patio built. From there, the block was subdivided after the pool was removed and retaining walls and fences put in. After renovation and subdivision the property had way more than doubled in value. The front home was worth more than $100,000 over what I’d paid for the whole property and the back block was worth another $230,000. The second property I bought produced two street-front blocks. Currently I am giving this property extensive renovations, which I can do at a minimal cost as I do it myself and it is no burden as I love spending my time renovating my properties - I get a real buzz out of it. Property investment helped me increase my wealth and the Property Wizards system of buying has accelerated it exponentially. I am now 51 and know that when I choose to retire, I will be able to live very comfortably. There is no way that I would have been able to achieve growth like I have if I had continued with a normal superannuation fund and I certainly wouldn’t be sitting very as comfortable as I am upon retirement.

Property investment has provided me with a very comfortable lifestyle and when I choose The renovation included removing a feature to, I’ll have a relaxing, enjoyable retirement.

Old kitchen.

Old bathroom.

Old living room.

Renovated living room.

New kitchen.

New bathroom.


Whether you are a beginning investor, a seasoned pro or a home buyer, please contact us for information to help you build a property portfolio to set you up financially for the future.

Property Wizards Smarter, Faster Wealth Strategies Tel (08) 9381-7450 Fax (08) 9381-7490 121 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco Perth WA 6008 P O Box 256 Subiaco, WA 6904 Australia • Property Wealth Strategists • Licensed Property Buyer’s Agents • Property Developments • Property Investment Education • Renovations • Subdivisions • Licensed Real Estate Agents • Member REIWA International Tel +618 9381-7450 Fax +618 9381-7490 Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensee T/C 50550 Property Wizards Pty Ltd atf The Streets Ahead Unit Trust ABN 61 772 441 085

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