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Jumping to next leagues


Recomill will turn sludges to riches

"Utilizing trust" – introducing Prohoc's new CBO


Prohoc Rescue: Safety at seas


What's up, tummy?

Proactor: Advanced site operations in Dresden – part 1



Jakamo: Supplier experience 101

SCOPE is a stakeholder magazine giving insight to the daily business and development of Prohoc

Oy and its personnel. PUBLISHER: Prohoc Oy EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Matti Manner ART DIRECTOR: Jonne-Pekka Stenroos/Staart COVER IMAGE: Nopia PRINTED BY: Printhaus Pori Oy, Finland. Papers and inks used are eco-friendly and produced responsibly.


AIMING TO BE THE MOST VALUED project partner This year has been extraordinary and memorable year for all of us. Uncertainty about the future, the adoption of new ways of working, restrictions on movement and other uncertainties in many levels of

recover, and those will recover, we are strong and

life have required enormous resources. At the same

ready to serve our people and customers better

time, the year has also provided an opportunity to

than ever.

learn additional skills and search for further paths Here in Scope Magazine, you can read among

to innovate.

others about our subsidiary Proactor’s advanced Prohoc’s story began in 1996 and now we move

site operations in Germany and you will meet our

on to chapter three, Prohoc 3.0. In Prohoc 3.0,

new globally experienced Chief Business Officer

our main guiding goals are to create employee

ready to drive our customer value creation. We are

value and customer value and we have updated

also discussing about the supplier experience 101

everything we do to serve these two goals. With the

and about totally renewed Prohoc Rescue lifeboat,

renewal process, we have sharpened our vision to

which is securing maritime safety and rescue

be the most valued project partner in our market.

operations in our seas. We are proud and excited

This is also a time to develop our visual identity. On

that our cooperation with the FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat

the cover of this magazine, you will be greeted by a

Station continues the following years. Doing mean-

brand new Prohoc symbol. This symbol is a remind-

ingful things and making us meaningful for others,

er and a promise that we are always advancing and

is what we focus on striving for. This is what brings

never alone.

us real happiness and makes us be proud of who we are as Prohoc Group.

At Prohoc, we are focused on ensuring the well-being of our employees at work and improved

On behalf of everyone at Prohoc, I would like to wish

our flexibility to meet the needs of the future by

you all a very relaxing holiday season, the opportu-

restructuring our corporate and implementing

nity to spend precious time with your loved ones and

new management model. When the world markets

all the best to year 2021. We are ready, bring it on!

Matti Manner CEO

Sport enthusiast, yachtsman and all-around business engineer Matti is the chief executive officer of Prohoc. After traveling around the globe trying to find world class suppliers he is now navigating Prohoc to become one. • TWITTER: @MattiManner




PEOPLE. PROJECTS. PARTNERSHIPS. A story that began in 1996 has now reached its third chapter. At Prohoc we have created a new group structure with three subsidiaries, but more importantly, we have redefined our purpose.


appiness is what happens when you do meaningful things and make yourself meaningful to others. This is a quote from modern philosopher Frank Martela and it nicely captures our redefined WHY. We believe that successful businesses will become platforms of wellbeing and happiness, offering people, both employees and customers, the ability to fulfill their need for meaningfulness. This is at heart what Prohoc 3.0 is set to offer. It means we further promote a culture where leadership means to serve and where empowering people is the main objective. We promote extraordinary employee and customer experience. The WHAT we do, is great service and project solutions to our customers, but the HOW we do it, focuses on SERVING PEOPLE. “During this extraordinary spring, we set our course to redefine what we are really here for. The course we need to navigate calls for a faster ship with a direct link to adding value, meaning ability to create both Employee and Customer value. Everything we do needs to drive either or both. Our mission is to



and we aim to become THE MOST VALUED PROJECT PARTNER.”, says CEO Matti Manner. The business environment is developing and changing fast. It is under constant transformation.

The project scene includes investments in renewable energy and at the same time industrial assets without viable future as they are, will be dismantled or modified for a new service. New technologies bring in new requirements and the traditional way of industrial project execution might not be anymore the most feasible approach. Prohoc provides a fresh and innovative option as an efficient, flexible, and agile project partner. Due to our independent position from any manufacturer, engineering, or construction contractor, we are capable to provide unique and lean, customer and case specific project solutions. We will combine our and our partners highest competences and utilize decades of experience, that we have gained together with our customers. We aim for becoming the most valued project partner. Our services can be rapidly modified and adjusted to provide the most suitable solution to our customers' needs. We are open and excited to review and implement the most feasible service for each customer and project. We always deliver what we promise, but never compromise safety. The value delivered today is important, but the value delivered tomorrow is even more important. Ultimately our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. CONTINUES ≥





“In our recent customer survey, we received invaluable feedback on future expectations of our customers. It is great to see that the new services we have been building for a while are really sought after by our customers. These include total site management services, remotely operated project and site services, and becoming more globally operating partner.”, says CBO Samuli Kyttälä. Employees’ well-being is a key to satisfied customers and company wealth. Based on multiple surveys, including UN studies, Heskett et al, value is created by satisfied, loyal and productive employees. Employee satisfaction - and employee value - is a result of high-quality support services and company practices that support the employees and enable them to deliver premium service to our customers. This is what Prohoc 3.0 is delivering. “We feel that we have really found our WHY. VALUE IS CREATED Building a team of well-being employees brings BY FOCUSING ON the best out of company and our services, and more importantly, it generates a company culPEOPLE FIRST ture that we can all be proud of.” says CEO STRATEGY WHERE Matti Manner. MANAGEMENT’S MAIN Prohoc has measured the employee value building blocks for years. Employee net proRESPONSIBILITY IS moter score (eNPS) is the most important KPI TO SERVE THE VALUE of the company and keeps steadily increasing CREATORS. floating currently in +55 which is already a good result. However, the target level is even higher, and company aims to bypass level of +60 by 2022. “You usually get what you measure. In addition to eNPS, we measure work ability, stress level, feedback, work conditions and many other KPI’s on quarterly basis.” says CHRO Ilkka Palola. “Measures generate actions. All deviations are handled with a similar process as we manage customer feedback. It is out most important to help our people to balanced work life and to be successful in their daily tasks.” says Ilkka. How can you improve the employee value? Work life surveys scanning the service business emphasize the same factors that Prohoc employees have stated: Good leadership, common vision, ability to develop yourself as a human and as a professional, and motivating work opportunities. It is living that meaningfulness into a reality, every day and project by project. We welcome our partners to build this with us - together!


Capsulizing empowerment Every business leader, thinking consumer and sighted tradesperson is familiar with the idea of logo: a simple identifier of something abstruse. Logo is a face of an intangible entity, like a business organization or your favorite death metal band. Good logo has personality and is distinguishable. And after time, something abstract can become concrete: an ownable, valuable asset. Symbol of trust and shared prosperity. Cool mark to perfect your otherwise average sweatshirt. Prohoc is an organization of steady fundaments and adaptable mindset. With the most ambitious workout for future-proofed business strategy, it became clear that we need to show the change. You're now facing the most streamlined and focused version Prohoc. Prohoc's symbol is a reminder and a promise: that we're always advancing and never alone. We work for sustainable future and we reach our goals through co-operation. We define success by people's wellbeing. Empowering means growing together. Let's symbolize that.





Prohoc is on a verge of expanding the service portfolio and utilizing new kind of business and project opportunities. In order to get there we are receiving a helping hand: Prohoc is proud to present Samuli Kyttälä, the new Chief Business Officer. Samuli has extensive background in project business internationally and he is responsible for Prohoc’s Project Business.




I was born in Espoo in 1973. I followed my parents on their professional path and graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 2000. I studied product development, manufacturing and industrial economics. I live in Porvoo with my wife and three sons.


My passion is ice hockey. Even though I don’t play much myself, I enjoy cheering Porvoo Hunters (Suomi-sarja) and K-Espoo (Mestis). I also enjoy jogging; I try to do that at least a couple of times a week. Most of our leisure time we spend at our summer cottage in Loviisa.


During my master’s studies I received an opportunity to work as a trainee and write my master’s thesis at Neste, later Neste Jacobs. Working in different types of customer projects with different customers was very interesting and provided continuously new challenges to learn and to grow on. I got opportunities to work and live abroad, meet people and professionals from many different cultures and learn from them.


I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work in organizations and companies led by innovative and courageous leaders. They have had skills to motivate and encourage people to shine and to operate as a winning team towards mutual success. I appreciate the leaders’ capability to receive and utilize feedback. 9



I believe in a few cornerstones of leadership, such as trust, honesty and fairness. Effective communication is the key to success. A good leader is also capable of receiving feedback and taking corrective actions and making changes to improve and develop him/herself.


Prohoc has an excellent reputation as a trustworthy project partner in industrial projects. I know we have a lot of potential to generate and deliver customer value via wide scope of project services. We have also great basis to develop services and business further with our customers towards longterm partnerships keeping the focus on Customers’ ultimate needs and common success. CONTINUES ≥




I am a business-oriented leader with high customer focus. I have also learned to utilize company strategy as a basis of doing business. I believe in continuous co-operation and communication (internally and with the customers). A good leader leads the willingness to win together.


Great first weeks at Prohoc! We have very talented people and I really feel Prohoc is a team! I have had the opportunity to participate in Prohoc’s strategy review and future planning, and I am looking forward to working accordingly and getting in touch more with our customers. We have a great future ahead of us!


The biggest business challenges today are global. It might not be possible to execute the work or deliver the services anymore the way we used to. We need to be flexible, innovative and agile to find new ways of working, utilize new technologies and/or tools etc. I can see this as one of our strengths at Prohoc.





I am used to operating based on the strategy. We need to prepare it well, via communication throughout the organization and with customers and stakeholders leading to manageable implementation. Then we will set the multilevel goals (short and long term) accordingly and execute.

I am motivated when I see results and concrete outcomes. Doing things with a purpose, co-operation and working together as a team are the basis for motivating environment.

Utilizing resources, including time, efficiently and avoiding unnecessary activities, that are not supporting our core tasks.

The first weeks at Prohoc have been very exciting, I have met nice and enthusiastic people who made me feel very welcome to the company. We have met some customers via Teams-meetings; I hope we can also meet face-to-face soon. When co-working together we can develop and secure the best service option for the project’s needs!

Samuli Kyttälä WÄRTSILÄ 2017–2020

Senior Business Innovation Manager, Performance Services Senior Business Development Manager, Oil & Gas Services NESTE ENGINEERING, NESTE JACOBS 1999–2017

NESTE TA2020 (Major Turnaround), Head of Investment Project Portfolio VP, Project Deliveries / Middle East VP, Sales and BD / Middle East VP, Head of Project Management (PM, PC, Procurement, CM, project ICT) Project Manager / Finland, Austria Engineering Manager / Finland, Austria Head of Equipment Engineering Rotating Equipment Engineer Layout and Piping Engineer


Advanced PROJECT PROCEDURES & SITE OPERATIONS Wärtsilä needed its eight W31SG flagship engines to be partly dismantled for transportation purposes and assembled back at site in Dresden in Germany for important power plant delivery. Proactor provides the needed project management flexibility and assembly capability to perform the work.


roactor plans the site LIVE works together with the Wärtsilä’s project delivery organization. At the same time, we act as an important link in project delivery by solving challenges while making customer operations more efficient. “One important goal during this project is to create advanced project procedures that optimizes the customer operations in these special projects where end-to-end delivery is required.” says Teemu Rinne, Proactor Project Manager and Development Manager. The mechanical assemblers are very focused on being involved with the whole endto-end project scope. The planning of the site operations were already performed proactively by the Proactor project team on the domestic side to secure that all operations at the site

Proactor project site team in Dresden: Arto Mäkelä, Pyry Pohjola and Valtteri Koski (missing from the picture: Jarmo Antila and Jani Pentinmäki)

Proactor’s services include fixed cost manufacturing services, product industrialization services and various project management, DFMA and manufacturing improvement services. Proactor is currently working with Wärtsilä in close partnership. The scope includes the delivery of engine type W20, engine modules for Vaasa-based engine types W20/W31/W32/W34 and most finishing activities after test run. Furthermore, special project deliveries, that require project management capabilities, have been a big part of the early co-operation with Wärtsilä.

will run as smooth as possible. For example, the handheld tools and special tools were identified and ordered together with the customer. In late October, Proactor team was ready to face the challenge abroad. Proactor site operations in Dresden include installation of generators and engines onto common base frame and assembly of the turbochargers. Proactor also supported the definition and planning of the QA tools and procedures which are used to comply with customers' requirements. OHS regulations and practices are an integral part of project planning and all safety measures are high on the agenda throughout the project also from the end customers' point of view. This project is a great example of the value Prohoc as a group can bring by combining its decades of experience from sites around the world to Proactor's advanced manufacturing services.

In the next episode of SCOPE Magazine you can find broader story and comments from the project organization about the project. STAY TUNED!



WHAT IS SUPPLIER EXPERIENCE and why should every executive care about it?


Jarl Matti Anttila

Timo Rossi

Anssi Uitto





ost of the executives are already familiar with the concepts of Customer Experience, Employee Experience and User Experience. There is no doubt that they all are significantly important for companies’ success. But how many have ever heard or thought about Supplier Experience? And why should every executive care about the Supplier Experience?


Today in a manufacturing context, the products are produced in global and complex supply chains. Companies are very depended on the performance of their procurement and suppliers in many ways, for instance: • Costs – purchases from suppliers can cover up to 80 % of the company’s cost structure • Quality – suppliers play a key role in fulfilling the quality of the deliveries to the end-customer • Shortages and delays in suppliers’ deliveries can cause serious problems • Technology – suppliers are developing and delivering crucial technologies that are difficult to substitute The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how vulnerable companies can be when suppliers cannot deliver the essential components on-time, or at all. Therefore, it is important to think about why your suppliers would serve you over other companies generally, and especially, in a state of emergency. Customer companies, especially the purchasers, need to solve the challenge of how they could improve their relationship

with suppliers and become their preferred customer. This should not only be on the agenda of procurement but rather prioritized by the whole company management – because the end-customer will see the outcome of poor supplier experience. Even so, the importance of suppliers for a company’s overall performance is often overlooked, or if not totally forgotten. Many supply-chain-related problems could be avoided by taking a holistic view in managing and developing supplier relations bi-directionally both at the operational and strategic levels. According to our research in the manufacturing industry, the typical topics causing problems in customer-supplier-relations are: • Lack of strategic cooperation i.e. common targets and open governance • Manual time-consuming processes and non-existent operational transparency • Poor cross-organizational communication and interaction • Silo-type of thinking in value chains


For solving these problems and improving the company’s overall performance it is essential to recognize the value of the suppliers. We want to take this in the loop by introducing the concept of Supplier Experience. It is holistic by its nature and approaches customer-supplier relations from the viewpoints presented in the picture beside.


Supplier Experience (SX)


FUTURE VISIBILITY AND OPEN GOVERNANCE Openly communicated compliance requirements and commonly agreed goals and business ethics increase the trust and reciprocal behav-


ior. Strategic collaboration enhance suppliers involvement for future development, joint learning and proactive readiness to use new technology.


OPERATIONS & AUTOMATION Automating and standardizing the core supply chain processes


enable white-collar professionals to increase the performance in effectivity, productivity and quality. Suppliers should have a pleasant environment to affect the end-to-end operational excellence.


NEW TECHNOLOGY New technology enables new working practices. Networked


business environment has put lots of development pressure for technology. New technology should allow transparent information sharing, seamless data transfer and overall interaction between customers and





COLLABORATION & INTERACTION Business relationships in manufacturing ecosystem are complex and require a lot of dialogue between people. Enabling an ongoing and transparent interaction between companies leads to increased speed and responsiveness.


MANUFACTURING ECOSYSTEM Being part of the manufacturing ecosystem enables companies to connect rapidly with each other and scale the benefit of the collaboration.





Future visibility and open governance


Commonly agreed targets and openly communicated compliance governance are vital parts of successful Supplier Experience. It increases trust between the business parties and ensures a fruitful ground for healthy business collaboration and value creation for the end-customer. Supply Chain Governance and Security was one of the eight topics Gartner reported in their Top Supply Chain Technology Trends in 2020. Most importantly, future visibility means the parties of a relationship share the same accurate information concerning the expectations. The future visibility in the business relation strengthens the psychological linkage with the supplier. It effects on supplier’s involvement in the future development and how the supplier will behave towards the customer, especially, in challenging circumstances. When there's trust in the business relationship, the supplier is more willing to adopt proactively new operation models and digital solutions that will benefit the end-customer’s needs as well.

Operational transparency and automation Today, a lot of time is wasted in business relations, for instance, in searching information, creating reports, waiting for someone to send you some critical information, typing the same information multiple times manually to different systems of different companies. The common challenge is how to share and manage information and to collaborate between companies. There is a huge potential to improve the white-collar productivity of a value chain by reducing manual work and ensuring that the needed information is easily available whenever and wherever. The automation of information processes, standardizing the manual supply chain processes, allowing fast information availability and real-time reporting should be on the agenda of all manufacturing companies. It will lead to improved delivery performance including increased effectiveness, productivity and quality from the end-cus-

tomer’s perspective. Automation of a supply chain activity greatly streamlines routine supply chain processes and decreases costs generated. When people do not need to spend time in manual routine work they can do something that really creates customer value. It releases significantly personnel’s time to work with more value-added activities, such as development, relationship management, learning, and optimization. Furthermore, this type of work is usually much more pleasant for employees than manual routine work. Certainly, transparent information sharing and automated processes between customers and suppliers strengthen competitive advantage in the competition of value chains.

New technology Technological development has faced new requirements during the latest years. New technology should enable new working practices for people. Especially the software and cloud services have moved towards a design based on human/technology intertwinement approach. Customer should provide their suppliers a delightful environment to serve them in technological perspective as well. In general, new technology should allow business partners a transparent information sharing in real-time, seamless data transfer by automation and context-based overall interaction between customer’s and supplier’s personnel. A negative experience using rigid and complex digital tools does not serve the mutual goal achievement in a business relationship.

Excellent collaboration and interaction In a manufacturing context, the customer-supplier relationships are not faceless organization-level entities. The business relationships are complex and require a lot of dialogue between the professionals both in customer and supplier side. Therefore, interaction is the core of daily working. Purchasers are responsible for establishing and maintaining supplier relationships, while they

also need to respond to the needs of multiple parties within their own organization. Ongoing context-based interaction has become a necessity for successful delivery management. It includes such practices as common value creation, co-development, supplier involvement in R&D, joint learning, and especially joint problem-solving and decision making. Excellent collaboration and interaction between companies enhance speed, flexibility, responsiveness and productivity of the relationship and in the whole value chain towards to the end customer.

Manufacturing ecosystem Being part of a growing manufacturing ecosystem enables companies to connect with each other smoothly, rapidly and securely, on a global scale. Possibility to connect with companies existing already in the manufacturing ecosystem instead of several traditional hierarchic silo-types of value chains improves the connectivity and standardizes processes, IT systems and ways of working in supplier-customer-relations. Besides, it reduces the complexity of the value chain and will certainly benefit the end-customer as well. How to improve connectivity capability, not only on the personal level but also on the organizational level, is a key question for manufacturing companies in the near future.


It is possible to take a huge leap at the company level to fulfil the end-customer’s demands by focusing on the Supplier Experience. This should not only be in the procurement’s interest as it requires strong commitment and understanding of the top management in the company. By taking a holistic view to the management of supplier experience both at the operative and strategic level, the company can become their suppliers’ preferred customer and achieve remarkable benefits regarding delivery performance, quality, responsiveness, costs and technological development.



The hydrochar is an important class of solid materials obtainable from biomass. Hydrochar has numerous applications, such as • POWER GENERATION re-

placing virgin bio-based or fossil fuels. • ADSORPTION OF ORGANIC AND INORGANIC POLLUTANTS, as well as heavy

metals in environmental remediation. • NUTRIENT RETENTION, in

particular phosphorus and nitrogen, as soil conditioner. • CARBON SEQUESTRATION

through emission reduction and carbon retention. • NANOSTRUCTURED MATERIALS PRECURSOR for

chemical industry.

The latest Prohoc subsidiary – RECOMILL Oy – is making waves in a new and fast-growing business segment with an innovative solution, HydroThermal Carbonization (HTC), transforming wet biomasses into various valuable bio-based products. The technology itself is not new, it was developed by the Nobel Prize winning German chemist Friedrich Bergius already in 1913. The RECOMILL innovation lies in the pre-engineering and pre-fabrication of the modular HTC solutions enabling scalability, replicability, fast project delivery and low lifecycle costs.



traditionally used dyes.




The thermo-chemical HTC process is attractive due The social demand for the RECOMILLHTC solution to its simplicity, and energy and CO2 containment is clear. Rising global population and aspirational efficiency. It imitates, within a few hours, the brown higher living standards have driven a step change in coal formation process which takes place in nature resource utilization and pollution generation across over 50,000 to 50 million years creatthe biosphere. Low-cost scalable teching a coal-like product, a.k.a. hydrochar. nologies for renewable power generaHydrochars are carbon-rich solids protion, environmental remediation and climate change mitigation are thereduced at low temperature (130-250°C) PROCESS IS fore urgently sought. Emphasis is put and high pressure (3-40 bar). They posATTRACTIVE sess unique physico-chemical properon “zero waste economy” and “wasteties, notably high surface area and poto-value concepts” that exploit the DUE TO ITS abundant but underutilized waste and rosity, as well as rich surface chemistry. by-products. The organic sludges are One of the major advantages of HTC SIMPLICITY & a major headache worldwide. Over 50 over other technologies is its capability billion tons of sludges are generated evto convert wet biomass into solid prodEFFICIENCY ucts. There is no need for energy-intenery year, compared to a mere 2.5 billion sive drying before and/or during the protons of municipal solid waste. The sheer cess, as HTC uses water as the reaction volume of the sludges is over-whelming; they would fill Finland’s largest lake (Saimaa) with medium. High water content raw substrates such as enough spilling over to top up Finland’s deepest lake animal manures, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, aqua culture and algal residues (Päijänne) every single year! can be used as feedstocks for the HTC process. 16


The old saying “seeing is believing” still rings true with technology not yet proven in the field. Confirming the technical and financial feasibility of one’s solution is always challenging with a power point. Which is why RECOMILL is building a mobile HTC plant enabling industrial-scale on-site testing of the customer’s feedstocks. With a capacity of 1,200 tpa., or 150 kg/h, the plant is a perfect fit for small-scale biogas plants, small wastewater treatment plants and medium-sized livestock farms. The test results are also directly applicable to the larger-scale RECOMILLHTC plant delivered within six months.

Contact us and book your test slot now: info @

Would you tell us a little about your background?



Future powerhouse

I am Anton Mattsson and I started in October as the new Project Engineer at WOIMA. I am 28 years old and I have lived all my life in Vaasa. I am a so called Swedish-speaking Finn, but I am completely bilingual from birth from my mother’s side. I consider myself as a team player and I have always enjoyed team sports, to my past hobbies have included basketball and American football. I studied Mechanical and Production Engineering, specialized in Operating and Energy Technology, at Novia University of Applied Sciences. After I graduated, I started as a Project Manager at a local pipe welding company. During my time in this company, I was involved in various pipe prefabrication projects for powerplants e.g. into Caribbean and in other special deliveries for customers.

What is your role in WOIMA? My role in WOIMA will be to further strengthen WOIMA’s capabilities to deliver projects. I support the project manager with tasks during the different projects and I have a key role with RECOMILL’s projects. Now as my first project I am working with the construction of a wastewater treatment facility. My main tasks are to make project schedules, for overall project delivery, component deliveries, and installation. For the moment, I develop the process between design and purchasing to installation, so that everyone has their own roles and responsibilities during the project and knows what is expected from them. In short, I am a problem solver that ties all the stakeholders together to supply the customer.

Why WOIMA interested you as an employer? PERSONAL MOTTO

"If this were easy then everyone would do this" HOBBIES

Gym and jogging

WOIMA was completely new company for me but the company concept instantly caught my interest. The goal to make our planet a cleaner place and at the same time supply the greatly increasing energy demand is amazing. The ability to grow as a project engineer / project manager with a company that has also a hunger for growth seemed appealing. My new colleagues are great, both at WOIMA and Prohoc, and the amount of knowledge and experience they


have is remarkable. I am looking forward to growing as a

Pork tenderloin with pepper sauce and cream potatoes

project engineer and be involved in the growth of WOIMA. This is an important and demanding role, but I know I am up to the task.



PROHOC PROMOTES SAFETY AT SEAS The FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station supports the authorities in rescue missions in the Northern Quark in Finland. The Station's operation area includes more than 5,500 islands, a sheltered archipelago, the open sea, and numerous rocks. Prohoc has been in a close cooperation with the FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station since 2014. The recently signed 5-year contract extension enables continuity to the rescue operations.



Sami Kotajärvi (left), Niclas Hagnäs, and Timo Nuotio at practice.


he Quark is one of the most demanding geographical areas in the world to sail due to constant changes in the seascape. Every year, the boats of FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station bring about 100 people from the archipelago to safety. The Station provides services, not only to citizens but also to various authorities, such as the coast guard, the fire department and the health care district. During one weekend in the summer, the rescue crew can be involved in a search and rescue operation, ambulance service and firefighting. In 1993 Mikko Lehtimäki saw Finnish Life-Boat Institution’s boat in the harbor, stepped in, and has been part of the institution ever since. Today, Mikko operates as a head trainer and spokesperson at FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station, and he is also an author of a book about developing bridge resource management work for fast lifeboats. The Finnish Life-Boat Instution organizes nationwide training and the book is part of the training material. Currently, Vaasa’s team consists of around 30 volunteers with varied duties. Mikko emphasizes that everyone’s primary role is to be part of the team and none of the crew is superior to another member. “Everyone has their own task, but they must be capable of proper teamwork. Otherwise, we will not succeed in our demanding rescue missions.” CONTINUES ≥







“The refurbishment of a traditional English lifeboat was an excellent opportunity. Our team did a tremendous job of renovating the boat, and the new Prohoc Rescue has been built to meet the user’s requirements. It has always been important to me that the crew have the best possible tools at sea," says Hannu Haka, one of the volunteers.

As a company, Prohoc wants to carry social responsibility that benefits the whole society. Prohoc’s roots are in the beautiful archipelago, it comes natural for the company to support volunteering activities such as FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station. The parties have had extensive cooperation in the form of numerous activities and events over the years. One of the key elements of cooperation is the Prohoc Rescue lifeboat. Prohoc desires to support FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station so that the volunteers can focus on their vital duty to help seafarers and people in the archipelago in case of an emergency. “It is an honor for us to support socially valuable maritime rescue activities. The volunteers are doing a fantastic job”, Prohoc CEO Matti Manner tells. When discussing the characteristics of successful cooperation, Mikko says effective partnership is measured in years and without reliable partners, they would not be able to carry out their mission at the sea. Especially in uncertain times, it is important that companies are willing to support the work of voluntary organizations. Partners are more than just companies for them. “Prohoc, in a way, is a member of our rescue team, who performs its own task, commits to values, and shares our collective goal. We are delighted our lifeboat is named Prohoc Rescue because we know the company completely supports us.”


Prohoc Rescue participates in a broad range of missions as it is capable for marine rescue, first aid, and firefighting operations. Prohoc Rescue is an operative pair of Wärtsilä Rescue, a moder-


ately larger lifeboat. Over the past 1,5 years, Prohoc Rescue has gone through a complete reforming process and now the boat shines like a brand new one. The volunteer repair team worked around 2500 man-hours and installed a new hull structure, console, electricity, deck and navigation electronics. All key ergonomic solutions were also redesigned to meet the crew’s needs. The renovation was not a straightforward task, but it was worth it. “Building a lifeboat is a demanding job and not everyone is capable of it. However, our volunteer team is professional and the result is impressive”, Mikko praises the repair team. The boat has already participated in several missions, and all the solutions have worked well. The first phase of Prohoc Rescue deployment is now behind, and the entire rescue crew has been trained to operate it. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team has worked twice as hard to make sure that everything will go as smoothly as possible. Season 2020 was a success to FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station and now the crew is waiting for the next season. “We have handled almost 50 tasks so far, and 72 people have been rescued. We also saved one person from probable death. I am pleased with our team’s efforts”, describes Mikko this season.


1897 Finnish Life-Boat Institution founded - Quite a fog. Can you see a thing? - Yeah. With these state-of-theart equipment I can see anything possible.

60 rescue stations in Finland's sea and lake areas 5500 islands in the FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station operation area 30 Volunteers in FLBI Vaasa Lifeboat Station


50 tasks 72 people rescued 1 person saved from probable death





Gut feeling M


ultiple studies in the past two decades have demonstrated links between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental health, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, skin conditions and even cancer. At one time, our digestive system was considered a relatively “simple” body system, comprised essentially of one long tube for our food to pass through, be absorbed and then excreted. Many facets of modern life such as high stress levels, too little sleep, eating processed and high-sugar foods can all damage our gut

microbiome. This in turn may affect other aspects of our health, such as the brain, heart, immune system, skin, weight, hormone levels, ability to absorb nutrients, and even the development of cancer. There are a number of ways an unhealthy gut might manifest itself: Skin irritation, upset stomach, unintentional weight changes, bad sleep and constant fatigue, autoimmune conditions or food intolerances. Here's six things you can do to enhance your gut health:

1. Rest and sleep enough

3. Drink enough water

Not getting enough or sufficient quality of

Drinking plenty of water has been shown

5. Make sure the food you eat is right for you

sleep can have serious impacts on your

to have a beneficial effect on the mucosal

If you have symptoms such as cramping,

gut health, which can in turn contribute to

lining of the intestines, as well as on the

bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rashes,

more sleep issues. Try to prioritize getting

balance of good bacteria in the gut. Staying

nausea, fatigue, and acid reflux, you may be

at least 7–8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

hydrated is a simple way to promote a

suffering from a food intolerance. You can

every night.

healthy gut.

try eliminating common trigger foods to see if your symptoms improve. If you are able to

2. Try not to stress Chronic high levels of stress are hard on your whole body, including your gut. Some ways to lower stress may include meditation, walking, getting a massage, spending time with friends or family, diffusing essential oils and decreasing caffeine.

4. Add prebiotics or probiotics to your diet Adding a prebiotic or probiotic supplement

identify a food or foods that are contributing to your symptoms, you may see a positive change in your digestive health by changing your eating habits.

to your diet may be a great way to improve your gut health. Prebiotics provide “food” meant to promote the growth of beneficial

6. Make your diet better

bacteria in the gut, while probiotics are

Reducing the amount of processed,

live good bacteria. People with bacterial

high-sugar, and high-fat foods that you eat

overgrowth, such as SIBO, should not take

can contribute to better gut health. Addi-

probiotics and it is important to remember

tionally, eating plenty of plant-based foods

that not all probiotic supplements are high

and lean protein can positively affect your

quality or will actually provide benefit. It

gut. A diet high in fiber has been shown to

is best to consult your healthcare provider

contribute tremendously to a healthy gut

when choosing a probiotic or prebiotic sup-


plement to ensure the best health benefit.


Foods that are good for the good gut feeling Diet and gut health are closely linked. Avoiding processed foods, high-fat foods, and foods high in refined sugars is extremely important in maintaining a healthy microbiome, as these foods destroy good bacteria and promote growth of damaging bacteria. There are a number of foods you can eat that actively promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, contributing to your overall health. FERMENTED FOODS

Fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, tempeh, miso, and kefir are great dietary sources of probiotics. While the quality of these foods may vary, their benefits on the gut microbiome are well studied. HIGH-FIBER FOODS

High-fiber foods such as legumes, beans, peas, oats, bananas, berries, asparagus, and leeks have shown a positive impact on gut health in numerous studies. FOODS THAT CONTAIN COLLAGEN

Collagen-rich foods such as bone broth and salmon may be beneficial to overall health and gut health specifically. Many of these benefits are anecdotal conclusions and further research should be done. You could also try to boost your body’s own collagen production through foods. Try adding a variety of foods, like mushrooms, good dairy, or certain meats.

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