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14th Prohoc Stakeholder Magazine Summer 2021




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25 Years of Projects

Tähtipiste Joins Prohoc – More Capability to Serve Industrial Customers


WOIMA & Sumitomo : Dynamic Duo to Conquer the World


Words from Our Longtime Employees and Stakeholders



Key to Successful Delivery is…


Jakamo: Towards Supply Chain Sustainability




Proactor & Industry 5.0

Recomill: Improving the Profitability of Biogas Plants Prohoc 3.0: The Growth Strategy


Wellbeing: Take a Deep Breath

SCOPE is a stakeholder magazine giving insight to the daily business and development of Prohoc

Group and its personnel. PUBLISHER: Prohoc Group EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Matti Manner ART DIRECTOR: Jonne-Pekka Stenroos/Staart PRINTED BY: Printhaus Pori Oy, Finland. Papers and inks used are ecofriendly and produced responsibly.


NEW ERA WITH A FASTER AND stronger ship 25 years in the belt and going stronger than ever. The recent year gave a great opportunity to restart and reinvent. I am proud that our team had the courage and sisu to get the best out of this and now we bring customer value. We will introduce our

we are ready to truly ride this wave.

new subsidiary Tähtipiste and how we can bring a Today, Prohoc is an industrial services provider

comprehensive value proposition to manufacturing

with more than 200 professionals in the team. Our

industry together with Proactor’s services.

business is divided into services for project-driven industry and for the manufacturing industry. We

It has been a privilege to work as a CEO with this

changed our modus operandi when we left the

amazing team with all the great customers. Now I

traditional hierarchical model and began leading

leave this position to a great man and a friend whom

operations through two value creation processes.

I respect a lot. At the same time, I am both happy

Same time we introduced round tables. Strategy

and honored to have Ilkka Palola taking over the

is executed through round tables and transparent

role of CEO, it leaves me truly assured that our ship

communication, which is a significant competitive

is in good hands. With Ilkka, our team will have a

edge ensuring good maneuverability and pace of

true leader and a role model who maintains the day-

development. Now we are living this into reality, and

to-day life of Prohoc well balanced but constantly

it feels great, people are genuinely on these things

developing. I will take the role of Chairman and my


focus will be to lead our growth program.

This 14th Scope magazine will give you some

Now as I step down from the CEO position, it means

highlights over the years, even the reason why the

this will also end my Scope keynote career but since

company was established to begin with. You can

Ilkka will also take over this role, you can be sure

read how our long-term employees and customers

that he will bring all of you readers along on our

describe their feelings and memories about us and

journey. Thank you for all the support and positive

how our new leaders Sari and Samuli define how

feedback over the years. I wish everyone happiness



Sport enthusiast, yachtsman and all-around business engineer Matti is the executive chairman of the board of Prohoc. After traveling around the globe trying to find world class suppliers he is now navigating Prohoc to become one. • TWITTER: @MattiManner


and prosperity for the second half of 2021. Ciao!

2011 Generational change and growth 1.0


THE GROWTH MINDSET with 25 years of experience How it started 4

There is quite an interesting story about the early days of Prohoc Oy. We are living the second half of 1996 and the season for hockey club Vaasan Sport has just started. The young team is eager to put up their best performance, but the club is struggling financially. Someone throws an idea to establish a company where players and other salaried people from the club could work during the days. This could be a way to save the club from a bankruptcy and enable the young players to pursue their dreams. There’s alignment with the local big industrial names ABB and Wärtsilä among others and this setup is seen as a good way to outsource some non-core activities but also show some support for a good cause. So starts cooperation regarding project information services and some other support services. A lot has happened after that, but today when Prohoc group turns 25 years, the grounding values and services are still there. Helping people to reach their full potential and serving customers in a close partnership.

1996 Prohoc Established


How it’s going Today after 25 years in business, Prohoc is a group of companies serving project driven industry and manufacturing industry in Finland and abroad with a team of over

2021 Industrial services introduction and growth 3.0

200 professionals. We work with great companies which are all industry leaders in their respective domains. 80% of our revenues come from the so-called strategic customers and we are happy that we have been able to expand all our key customer accounts lately which is a proof of trust

Scaling-up and how

from our customers. And we are honored that all the main customers from 25 years

We are here to make a dent in the indus-

back are still our very important friends.

trial services world by bringing the best

As we are now on a scale-up strategy, we

employee value in the industry. Our mission

have been expanding our customer service

is to help our people and our customers to

capabilities and developing key customer

reach their full potential. We are helping

accounts in new business areas.

industrial blue-chip customers to drive sustainability and growth with our project and industrial partner services. Our goal is to be the best community for people

2014 Project services introduction and growth 2.0

working in the industrial services segment and the most valued partner for our chosen customers. We are a platform of prosperity and innovation, helping people and companies to reach their full potential. Our ultimate objectives are to be a community of 500 prohocians with highest eNPS and NPS figures in our industry by end of 2024. We are diversifying into new business segments, where EV battery segment is one of the new areas. We are happy to be part of the first mega factory being currently built


10 000+

in Sweden. Core of our strategy lies in the way we work together as a team and how CONTINUES →



we build our company’s culture. We treat


each other with respect and live our values each day. We are a Just Cause -driven team that always puts the team’s success first. We have done a significant change to our management model during the last 12 months when we have left the traditional hierarchical management model and began leading operations through two value creation processes, customer value and employee value. Strategy is executed through round tables and transparent communication, which is being seeing as a major competitive edge ensuring good maneuverability and pace of development. 6

We build and steer according to our Leading Indicators, ie. the best employee experience and the best customer value. Our people will take care of our business once we are facing the moment of truth – bringing value to our customers.



Best community for people in industrial services with highest eNPS Ilkka Palola CEO +358 50 3687533 ilkkapalola



Prohoc Oy appoints Ilkka Palola as the CEO of Prohoc Group starting on 1 July 2021. Matti Manner will become Chairman of the Board of Prohoc Group. Currently Ilkka holds the position of Chief Human Resources Officer and has previously been responsible for Prohoc’s information services business as Head of the Business Unit. Ilkka has a vast experience in the industry, working in sales, key account management and as a senior consultant within the same business segment. As Ilkka becomes the CEO of Prohoc Group, the former CEO Matti Manner will take over the role of Group's Executive Chairman of the Board. In his role as CEO, Ilkka will enable Prohoc’s team to successfully execute strategy by ensuring a good everyday life, living according to group’s values, and staying on the right path towards the group’s vision. Besides running the Board of Directors, as Executive Chairman, Matti Manner will focus on running the group's growth program and working with customers and sales & business development teams.

You have worked for Prohoc for years and have seen the organization evolve. What are your thoughts about leading Prohoc forward as the new CEO? "One of our values is “We are passionate, brave and humble”. I think this describes well my thoughts and feelings today. During the past years, Prohoc has evolved a lot and I think we are ready for a stepping up to the next level. We have been – and we need to be – passionate about everyday professionalism, doing even the smallest things and tasks as well as we can. Making our future growth possible requires hard work and ability to change. We need to be brave enough to challenge the way we work and to adapt to customer needs. I feel privileged and humble to continue the legacy of great family-company culture. Prohoc has always had people – Customers, employees, and partners – in focus. I cannot imagine any other company I would rather work for." What does Prohoc’s mission and vision mean to you? "I think that every company needs to have a just cause, a purpose to exist. We are in a service business in technology domain, where machines, robotics, automation, and technology are maybe too often taking over the headlines. I strongly believe that even the hardware engineering world is about the people: Our Customers are the ones behind the innovations, our supervisors are leading the complex construction works at site and our assemblers and coordinators give their expertise to deliver high quality products and processes. My purpose for being is to lead everyday actions and our team so that we have the best community for our employees, and we are the most valued partner for our Customers."

How would you describe your way to lead? "As leaders we must create a community where all employees feel safe and find their work meaningful. I like to see myself as a coach, who helps employees improve on their strengths and abilities by giving them new tasks to try out and offering them guidance and constructive feedback. I value hard work, diplomacy, teamwork, and good planning, and I hope these are also seen as part of my way to manage the company." The employee wellbeing is one of Prohoc’s most important KPIs. How is the well-being of employees maintained during the growth? "This is one of my favourite topics. I think employee wellbeing does not require any superpowers but rather many everyday actions. It is a combination of good, open company culture, where people share joys and sorrows and care about each other, good everyday leadership, and empowering people with skills in self-leadership. We are all unique, so what works for me, does not necessary work for someone else. I feel that it is important to learn and lead wellbeing on personal level, not just as teams or business units. A high company wellbeing rate of 4.5/5 does not help or comfort the person who is experiencing burn-out or difficult stress. Each of us must play our part in creating the wellbeing at work. We need to make every encounter matter and – if needed – ask for help. I think this is also something, where we are already quite good at. Especially during the ongoing growth period we need to keep going and doing these everyday wellbeing routines: asking our people how they are doing, listen, where they want to succeed and ask how we can help them."






The story of Prohoc started 1996 in Vaasa with unique original purpose to support local hockey club. Over the past 25 years, the company has grown into an international industrial project partner with more than 200 employees and Customers from around the world. We have had the honor of working long-term with numerous leading global companies. We are also grateful that so many of our employees have traveled with us through various stages of the company’s development.


Co-operation with Prohoc started in 1998 Prohoc Board Member 2011–2016 "In 1998, Prohoc contacted us about offering copying services and office resources to our department in Wärtsilä. Couple of years later we started co-operation in resourcing projects at Wärtsilä's construction sites and in 2012 the number of site experts had grown considerably from a few people to a dozen engineers. I recall that in 2012 Prohoc increased their back-office personnel and the total amount of Prohoc employees grew. The amount of Customers started to increase at the same time. My cooperation with Prohoc has been with site services, and Prohoc has always been a reliable partner. The communication between our companies has always been fluent, no matter what the topic is. We have solved all challenges in great cooperation, keeping in mind that competitiveness remains on both parties while meeting the end Customers’ demands. In Wärtsilä site services, the end Customers always determine success. Feedback from the field and other Customers representatives shows how Wärtsilä and Prohoc have been successful together.

Prohoc – Wärtsilä cooperation has been a win-win situation for all parties. Smooth communication and great Customer service have played a vital role in this success already when Martti Manner was in the lead of the company and also under the leadership of Matti Manner. It has been great to see how Prohoc has strived to invest in people and in the wellbeing of the experts. At construction sites the conditions vary a lot, and it is great to see that Prohoc recognizes different needs according to the circumstances and the person him/ herself and reacts to any signals from the field. I think it is crucial to invest in the well-being of employees. In the context of recent developments, it can be expressed that Prohoc has become a global player. Prohoc provides experts to various industrial companies, and the business repertoire has expanded, for example by collaborating with companies like WOIMA. Prohoc can be proud of what it has accomplished and the company’s recent developments in the global world."





Co-operation with Prohoc started in 2000 Prohoc Board Member 2005–2016 "During our cooperation, Prohoc has delivered us more than 10 resources for our business. All these people have worked for us for more than a year, the longest period lasted for more than 15 years. In Uponor (previously KWH) Prohoc’s experts have supported us in sales, Russia business services, automation engineering, technical documentation, and various project/site engineering duties. The projects included district heating pipe factories and plastic pipe factories globally. I am very pleased with our cooperation with Prohoc, it has been successful and fruitful to both parties. Whenever there is a need to get a professional for a project through Prohoc, we have consistently received

the right kind of person. The recruitment process at Prohoc has been very successful and all other matters related to cooperation have gone according to as agreed. Prohoc is a trustworthy, reliable and overall great partner when you are in need for additional resources or other services for your project delivery. There have never been significant challenges in over 15 years and all matters have always been resolved instantly. It is good to see that Prohoc is active and developing new business opportunities. Company’s actions feel dynamic and there seems to be a tremendous spirit among the personnel."

"Company’s actions feel dynamic and there seems to be a tremendous spirit among the personnel" Jari Mylläri says.



~20 TITLE:


Project execution and successful delivery PROHOC IN THREE WORDS

Trusted, empowering, joyful

"From the early years since the mid-90s Prohoc has grown significantly and gained diversity both in people and business areas. This has happened especially during last years with the new company structure. It is great to work for Prohoc because I feel that the company takes good care of the employees and empowers them with a can-do attitude with a focus on work performance as a priority. Prohoc is a happy place to work! There are many memorable moments during my time at Prohoc such as my first visit to headquarters and the job interview, first assignments with Customers, working with colleagues, and company get-together occasions. Power plant projects in the UK were a great start to work with Prohoc and there has been many interesting projects abroad ever since. I expect more good challenges ahead, wherever the projects are, fulfilling expectations and making things happen."

"IT IS PLEASANT TO DO YOUR JOB WHEN THE WORK ENVIRONMENT IS GOOD IN BOTH AREAS WITH THE CUSTOMER AS WELL AS WITHIN YOUR TEAM." "It has been great to work in this trustworthy company together with such a professional team and knowledgeable, flexible people. I have seen the company develop from generation to generation. Eyes of the management are always looking ahead to the future. Adjusting, adapting, and developing within the changing environment, for example with the WOIMA cooperation. If you are seeking for variety in projects and challenges - Prohoc is the place to be. At the moment I am working on a large construction project and I hope we will get to successfully finalize this project by 2022. All the projects during the years have been interesting, diverse, and memorable in their own way. There has been many challenging situations, even some natural disasters. I am pleased that I have been able to collaborate with top experts to solve all challenges from so many different Customers. It is pleasant to do your job when the work environment is good in both areas with the Customer as well as within your team. I am delighted that I have had a chance to collaborate with local people from all over the world creating lifelong friendships with some of them. Whilst assigned to long projects abroad, I highlight that it is extremely important to take care of your health and family back at home."



~15 TITLE:

Electrical Section Manager RESPONSIBILITIES:

Site and section manager duties. Creating a good working relationship with the Customer and guaranteeing good results PROHOC IN THREE WORDS

Smart, reliable, stable





We bring value to our Customers’ business by delivering our service with high quality and skilled expertise. We are delighted to present our new Lead, Customer Delivery Sari Priz who runs Prohoc's Project Delivery activities to ensure that we do what we promise! BACKGROUND

"I am originally from Helsinki area. I joined Wärtsilä and worked there almost 15 years. I started as a sales support engineer for Customers in Finland. Then extending the experience as a Sales Manager and Agreement Sales Manager in Americas serving both power and marine Customers. The latest position in Wärtsilä was as a Senior Innovation Manager creating and developing new agreement concepts and solutions for Marine Customers."


"I am a strong supporter of a teamwork. We can achieve great things only by working together. I believe that two heads is always better than one and including other people into development work and innovation is a key factor. Change usually takes time to go through, to me personally as well. Constantly going forward - even if the steps are small - they need to be taken to achieve the goals."


"Previous colleagues recommended Prohoc as a great company. The final decision was made based on the company base-values to create both Customer and employee value. Now within the team I see the values are present in all company operations every day."




Senior Business Innovation Manager, Marine, Performance Services Senior Contract Development Manager, Oil& Gas

"It is crucial to understand the Customer and their business and especially how it lands into deliverables. You must understand how to deliver the most Customer value and build the capability to deliver it."


Sales Manager, 4-Stroke Sales, Americas, 4-stroke Engine Services

"We always need to be close with the Customers to gain the understanding. Meeting Customer expectations means to build the portfolio, competence and network with matching partners and resources and being able to deliver it when needed."

Sales Support Manager, Sales Support, 4-stroke, South America


Agreement Sales Manager, Americas Energy Agreement Sales

Supervisor, Wärtsilä Global Logistics Services, Parts Order Coordination Parts Order Support Coordinator Warranty Coordinator, Customer Assistance Center Sales Support Engineer, Network Finland

"Delivery teams are the ones who work at Customer sites with high responsibilities. Being close to the team, having good communication and building trust between the project sites and all the supporting functions is crucially important. It is also important to ensure every person’s professionalism is utilized correctly and to develop the professionalisms further. This enables the current and future success of our people. This show is not about me; it is about them and letting them shine." 13

GLASTECH OY 2004–2006

Invoicing and Sales Assistant TELIA FINLAND OY & DNA FINLAND OY 1999–2004

Invoicing Specialist



"The key role is to be a long-term partner and enable the Customer success in their business. You must have ability to sense the Customer needs and have a passion to find the right solutions to fulfill them."


"Success is achieving the agreed results that are set together with the Customer."


"My daughters, they are open minded and really represent the values of the new generation. I have learnt a great deal from them. Professionally, I have had a pleasure to meet and know great leaders as my managers with encouragement, coaching and possibilities to grow professionally and as a person."


"Working now in Prohoc for a couple months I have met great people who are working with passion and welcoming the new Prohocians is great. I hope to still meet more Customers and our suppliers in the future, hopefully soon also face to face."




T 14

wo megatrends – sustainability and digitalization – are shaping the manufacturing industry more and sooner than we think. The business environment is changing rapidly. The politics and regulations are evolving and consumers are already calling for sustainability in the whole supply chain and soon will also the Customers of the manufacturing industry. Besides, there will soon be a financial payback for sustainability initiatives that makes business case estimations easier. Digitalization will be the key enabler for supply chain sustainability transformation in manufacturing companies by providing visibility, concrete use cases, and manageability for supplier base compliance, development & innovation initiatives, and operative processes in terms of sustainability. Manufacturing companies’ sustainability is highly dependent on their supply chain’s sustainability and a significant share of their environmental and social impact is coming from the supply chain. New sustainability-related competencies and capabilities must be built-in procurement organizations. Therefore, the focus of work should be changed from operative manual work towards strategic and development-oriented work. Companies should invest systematically and holistically in supply chain sustainability. They should start concrete initiatives on supply chain-related, for instance, to greenhouse gas (GHG) (e.g. carbon footprint reduction), pollutions, equality, human rights, diversity & inclusion, working conditions, health & safety, training, and new technologies & innovations. It is time to see sustainability as a highly value-adding key business driver and a vital part of an excellent supplier experience. Early adopters can achieve significant competitive advantages on the market by moving towards supply chain sustainability transformation. It is better to act just now than wait some more years to lose market share and become obsolete. The more sustainable your supply chain is, the more profitable you will be in the future.

Get started with supply chain sustainability transformation: • THINK HOLISTICALLY – Consider strategic and operative viewpoints: supplier compliance, sustainability innovation, and operative sustainability. • INCLUDE ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL ASPECTS – Involve both environmental and social sustainability impacts. • SET TARGETS & DEFINE KPIS – Set concrete targets and define appropriate KPIs to follow-up on the progress. • USE DIGITAL TOOLS – Utilize a digital supplier experience platform to enable the sustainability transformation and building concrete use cases. • BUILD NEW COMPETENCIES & CAPABILITIES – Eliminate manual work where possible and build new sustainability-related competencies and capabilities in your organization. • COLLABORATE WITH SUPPLIERS – Work together with the suppliers at strategic and operative levels to achieve great results in different sectors. • REMEMBER THE SCALE – Focus on the biggest sustainability impact of different areas. • AVOID GREENWASHING – Do not tinker around for only looking good, but focus on honestly impactful and meaningful things.



DRIVING INDUSTRY 5.0 At Proactor we are on a journey to challenge the status quo in the world of hardware engineering and manufacturing. Our approach is people-first and we claim that the next industrial revolution will see us humans rising again as the prime movers of innovation and productivity.


ombining creativity and robotic process automation it will be us, humans, working alongside with robots, using technology to leverage the human capital and capabilities – not the other way around. Key factors are: • Resiliency – both in operations and as an important individual skill. • Sustainability – moving from a linear economy into a fully circular with respect to the boundaries of our planet and beyond. In the era of VUCA business environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), resilient and agile operations, building multidiscipline capability and modern team sports-like culture are the key elements of Proactor’s way to success. Now the focus is on building a comprehensive value proposition and a lighthouse case as the key partner in Wärtsilä’s manufacturing ecosystem. Our primary target for 2025 is that we have changed the way how the industry deals with capacity and capability management. Following key results will lead to this outcome: • Proactor has the best employee experience in the industry • Our Customers perform well above their peers • We are well known for our operational excellence capability • We have helped our Customers to enter into the world of industry 5.0



Today, Proactor is a team of 47 high-performing and committed employees and the operations have been steadily growing with a strong track record in delivery reliability, quality, and safety aspects. Proactor operates in a close partnership with Wärtsilä and delivers managed services including engine assembly, engine module subassembly and engine final assembly and finishing. All the services are provided with fixed pricing to drive the productivity and continuous improvement. Proactor is now accountable ensuring that every Wärtsilä generating set and main engine manufactured in Vaasa is lifted on time and in quality for transportation to the final Customer destination. Proactor has added genuine flexibility to the production floors with multi-skilled personnel. Assemblers are working and moving across different departments, depending on the production load. Versatile assembly activities have been seen also rewarding from the assemblers’ point of view, while it has benefitted all sides by adding flexibility to the assembly operations.


We are also developing a new lean MES system together with Wärtsilä and FliQ. The ongoing production digitalization pilot is conducted within engine finishing activities, where Proactor has developed and tested a

new operational model for: 1. Integration of work planning 2. Work execution reporting (using tablet & mobile applications) 3. Production progress monitoring The goal is to increase the efficiency and quality of the engine finishing activities by enabling comprehensive production data collection and utilization, decreasing the number of deviations and making the production status more visual and transparent for all stakeholders.


In addition to the services provided in Vaasa, Proactor has been actively supporting Wärtsilä in multiple project sites. A team of experienced Proactorians have been erecting and commissioning a power plant in Germany. Cooperation with the Wärtsilä Energy Business colleagues has been seamless during the project. "I am very satisfied with the cooperation we have. Proactor has been able to provide flexible solutions to our needs and their personnel are experienced and motivated." says Stefan Slotte, Wärtsilä Project Manager, Gasmotoren Heizkraftwerk Reick project. Proactor is also supporting Wärtsilä with power plant project in Guyana and helping Wärtsilä Services in other special projects in Finland.



Smart Maintenance Capabilities for industrial Customers In March 2021 a new phase started in Prohoc’s industrial smart manufacturing services. Prohoc

Tähtipiste Oy — Smart Factory partner

Oy and Tähtipiste Oy agreed on a corporate acquisition where Tähtipiste became a subsidiary

Smart maintenance and factory services

in the growing Prohoc Group.

Production development and related digital solutions Industrial project services Founded 2009 Employees 20 Tähtipiste’s business combines strong industrial productivity expertise with the physical and digital management of the operations. Tähtipiste utilizes a digital platform designed for industrial use, the maintBox to deliver smart factory and smart maintenance services.

Veli-Jussi Koskela CEO, TÄHTIPISTE OY +358 50 3691412



Tähtipiste fits seamlessly to operate alongside Proactor, another Prohoc subsidiary and provider of Customer-tailored and smart manufacturing services. Prohoc Group now has the capabilities to offer comprehensive manufacturing industry partner services. These combine Smart Factory services to drive the new industry 5.0 paradigm with digital transformation in the manufacturing context. Prohoc’s offering now also include capability to offer installation and plant relocation projects to Customers. Spring of 2021 has been interesting and fast-paced time for Tähtipiste. Meeting Customers and developing new value-adding services with Prohoc has kept the CEO Veli-Jussi Koskela busy. "Integration into Prohoc’s organization naturally requires some attention at this early stage, but mostly we’ve been busy developing new services and meeting Customers to present our joint offering. Our people and our Customers have given extremely positive feedback and outlook for this new journey. It will be a lot of fun to grow together and redeem our promise to both our people and the Customers," says Veli-Jussi. Prohoc’s vision is to be the most valued partner in the industry. New subsidiary and a complete service offering to the manufacturing industry brings a lot of opportunities to strengthen the key customer accounts and new opportunities for Prohoc talents. Prohoc's Matti Manner describes that the expanded range of services has aroused widespread interest among various stakeholders. Matti recognizes many promising possibilities ahead in the short and long term. "It is clear there is a broad need for Smart Factory services. We bring a very pragmatic approach to factory services and help our Customers to drive digital transformation in their processes. Our Customers will see a fast track to industry 5.0 with the help of our team. I’m super happy to join forces with Tähtipiste," says Matti.



he wasteWOIMA® power plant is a unique solution to address the challenges of growing waste and environmental issues. The plant utilizes robust grate combustion technology to safely treat a wide range of solid waste streams in compliance with the most stringent environmental standards. Since January 2021, after signing the cooperation agreement, WOIMA Finland Oy and Sumitomo SHI FW Energia Oy (SFW) have been actively scouting the waste-to-energy markets across the globe and developing an offering to meet the demand for this rapidly expanding segment. The feedback has been unilaterally positive; the modular, scalable and easy-to-deploy power plant solution has been welcomed by consultants, investors, power utilities and waste management companies as the perfect solution for decentralized energy from waste. They also appreciate that the modular system design allows WOIMA to offer "tailored" solu-

tions, incorporating the latest trends, with the shortest delivery times in the market without any project-specific design and engineering work. It is merely a question of selecting the right pre-designed features from the extensive options list. The plan to combine SFW’s renowned expertise in power technology, project execution, and global reach with WOIMA’s innovative plant design is already yielding dividends in the target segments. WOIMA and SFW are working with some of the largest players in the waste management and power generation segments, as well as supporting well-funded project developers in completely new markets. In this short period of time, WOIMA has truly become a global player, supported by SFW every step of the way. Combining the innovation and development resources at WOIMA and SFW allows us to be a front-runner with the mega-trends of digitalization, decentralization and decar-

bonization. The high level automation of the wasteWOIMA® power plant allows it to be remotely controlled. The WOIMA concept is especially suitable for small and medium-size cities and regions to treat waste locally where it is generated and produce energy where it is needed. It also supports the universal pledge of carbon neutrality in power generation by replacing fossil fuels with local waste fuels. In addition to the base market of generating base-load energy from municipal solid waste (MSW), the wasteWOIMA® plant also offers an attractive business model in several niche markets. An interim solution for turning an existing landfill into energy, utilizing industrial side streams on-site for industry’s own power needs and powering water treatment or desalination plants in potable water production are just a few examples.



Improving the Profitability of Biogas Plants




ocieties are moving towards a carbon-neutral future. EU has set the target for climate neutrality by 2050 and some countries have even more aggressive targets, like Finland by 2035. Anaerobic digestion (AD), i.e. biogas plants play an important role in this green transition. They convert different biomasses to biogas that replaces fossil fuels in transportation, power generation and industrial use. Biogas plants also offer an additional benefit of reduced waste landfilling. Unfortunately, AD also has one significant downside. Once the biogas has been extracted out of the feedstock, there is approximately 80% of the original mass still left over as digestate. This surplus material is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and thus has significant value, but tightening local and global regulation is limiting its end-use and

disposal as agriculture fertilizer. This is where the Hydro-Thermal Carbonization (HTC) process steps in. The nutrients are concentrated in the end-products; "hydro-char" or biocoal and liquid filtrate, improving their usability for different soils and plants. Nutrients are a significant part of food production as well as part of many other everyday products. Fortunately, the resource-intensive mineral fertilizers can be replaced by recycled fertilizers, produced from different waste and side flows, such as digestate. The recycling of nutrients will enable recirculation of materials back to societal use, as well as capturing most of their energy and nutrient potential. At the same time, the negative environmental impacts of producing mineral fertilizers can be reduced, also minimizing the release of mineral phosphorus into environment. The concept of circularity links different value

Learn more and order your free pre-feasibility study:

chains to each other, as material and energy flows are inherently tied together. Thus far biogas plants have built their business models on waste gate fees and biogas sales revenue. HTC adds two new dimensions to the puzzle. Firstly, in some cases the hydro-char and filtrate can be used directly as fertilizers, or they have value as raw materials for more concentrated fertilizer production. Secondly, the hydro-char captures all the carbon in the digestate releasing it slowly for plant use and not into the atmosphere. This may prove a surprisingly valuable carbon capture method in the future, making HTC the game-changer in producing biogas from the less profitable waste fractions.


Growth Strategy IS ON THE WAY!


Samuli Kyttälä CBO +358 50 5686974

I have been privileged to be part of the implementation of Prohoc 3.0 growth strategy by leading project services business now over half a year. Our mission to enable people to shine in the world of projects combined with our vision to be the most valuable project partner requires us to listen to the Customers every day and carefully evaluate the global trends in the market. We trust that by empowering our people, the Customer and the project will shine as well, whether the Customer is an investor, EPC services provider, technology developer or alike. CONTINUES →


At the end of last year, after a very chal-

the time spent with our Customers to review

lenging year and still in the middle of the

the requirements, plan the winning solution

global pandemic, we were setting targets

and succeed together!

and action plan for this year. We wanted to be optimistic, but of course at the same time

During the first half of this year, we have

realistic. We agreed there are many things

reached the goals set and recognized the

where our possibility to impact is limited,

positive impact of our operation model. Our

but there are also many things that we can

business volume has been above the expec-

do. We can continuously develop our way of

tations, even if our set targets for the year

working; we can do our best every day!

are demanding and some of the projects we expected to be started and mobilized have


We agreed to evaluate our operations in

been postponed. We have put a lot of effort

the project services. Our baseline was the

into communicating with the Customers.

Customer and Customer value we want to

We have delivered the services to our

generate and deliver. We have now clarified

long-term partners and had new openings

our business model and re-structured the

including important frame agreements with

operation and roles within it to ensure the

some new Customers. These are essential

best possible Customer service, utilize fully

for business continuity in partner-based

the competence and capacity.

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Traceability Collaboration Reuse





he complexity in large capital projects is constantly increasing. There is always various stakeholders involved during the project and changes will take place during the lifecycle. Ability to maintain traceability of information is essential. When the bidding contractor receives the Invitation to Tender - The material to be read and handled can be enormous, in large industrial projects from 3,000 pages to 10,000 pages. At the same time, the timeframe for tendering is getting ever-shorter, the average time for bidding being only from 2 weeks to 3 months. Deadlines that are too tight may often lead to working in rush and missing out the Customer requirements. One cannot manage the scope of the work, if you have not been able to clarify all requirements. Prohoc has identified that there is an increasing need to have an efficient and systematic way of working for handling the bid & tender part of the project (Data, Process steps, Collaboration, Interdependences). To meet that demand, Prohoc has set-up a service together with Taipuva Consulting to support the Customers with Requirements Management in tendering phase. The service can be extended to cover also the Requirements Management in the Project execution phase, where the additional benefits can be utilized.




Prohoc and Taipuva digitalize the contractor's tendering process by bringing the Invitation to Tender documents into a centralized digital environment for the data-driven cross-domain Requirements Management. We create a semi-automatic requirements recognition system, bring the requirements into a database, create automatic deviation lists and communication roundtrips with the Customer. • Digitize the Invitation to Tender documents • Document management • Requirements management • System hosting/management • Solutions development • Training • Consulting with Requirements Management According to a research, every euro put in to requirement management returns 20 euros in form of avoided extraordinary project costs (~1:20 ratio). We want to help our Customers to achieve full control over the bid & tender process, improving the chances of claiming valid cost and time impacts accrued from imminent changes.

The needed processes are in one tool, truly connected – enabling the following without any compromise: • Traceability • Collaboration • Information reuse • Full history and audit trail • The status and integrity of all data at a given time point • Reports and views of all interconnected data and its history

Contact Samuli to learn more how our Requirement Management Services can help your business to thrive:



Breathing in breathing out, — there’s a lot to know about



.S. Marine officer Jake’s vehicle drove over an explosive device in Afghanistan, he looked down to see his legs almost completely severed below the knee. At that moment, he remembered a breathing exercise he had learned in a book for young officers. Thanks to that exercise, he was able to stay calm enough to check on his men, give orders to call for help, tourniquet his own legs, and remember to prop them up before falling unconscious. Later, he was told that had he not done so, he would not have survived. If a simple breathing exercise could help Jake under such extreme duress, similar techniques can certainly help the rest of us with our more common workplace stresses. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the anxiety that many of us feel and studies show that this stress is interfering with our ability to do our best work. With the right breathing exercises you can learn to handle your stress and manage negative emotions. Research shows that different emotions are associated with different forms of breathing, and so changing how we breathe can change how we feel. For example, when you feel joy, your breathing will be regular, deep and slow. If you feel anxious or angry, your breathing will be irregular, short, fast, and shallow. When you follow breathing patterns associated with different emotions, you will begin to feel those corresponding emotions. Stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention—certain breathing techniques can make life better. But where do you start? • A growing number of studies show that breathing techniques are effective against anxiety and insomnia. • These techniques influence both physiological factors (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (by diverting attention from thoughts). • Because these techniques are safe and easy to use, scientific validation might result in their being more frequently recommended and practiced. What is the best time to apply slow-breathing techniques? One is during occasional episodes of stress—for example, before taking an exam, competing in a sporting event or even attending a routine meeting at work. Other studies suggest that you should do it every day.

"Changing how we breathe can change how we feel"

5 easy tips for exercising your breathing THINK PLEASANT THOUGHTS WHILE BREATHING

With each breath, think soothing thoughts ("I am inhaling calm"). With each exhalation, imagine that you are expelling your fears and worries ("I am exhaling stress"). STAND UP

Posture is important for breathing: hold yourself straight, without stiffness, shoulders back, sitting or standing. This body posture facilitates the free play of the respiratory muscles (of the diaphragm and between the ribs). Good posture enables your body to breathe properly on its own.


Simply observe your respiratory movement: be aware of each inhalation and exhalation. Focus on the sensations you feel as air passes through your nose and throat or on the movements of your chest and belly. When you feel your thoughts drift (which is natural), redirect your attention to your breath.


Breathe "through your stomach" as much as possible: start by inflating your belly by inhaling, as if to fill it with air, then swell your chest; as you exhale, first "empty" your stomach, then your chest. This type of breathing is easier to observe and test while lying down, with one hand on your stomach.



Near the end of each inhalation, pause briefly while mentally counting "1, 2, 3" and holding the air before exhaling. This counting while not breathing can also be done after exhaling or between each inhalation or exhalation. It is often recommended for anxious patients to calm anxiety attacks because it induces a beneficial slowing of the breathing rate. You may want to try several different relaxation techniques to see which one works best for you and stick to the routine, practice every day for 10-20 minutes.


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