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With a charge to be bold and try new things, Proctor students seek challenge, adventure, and discover success. Our mission focuses on the means, not the end, allowing us to weave an integrated support system throughout all we do; a system that the adolescent brain so desperately needs. Our educational model affords endless opportunities for students to expand their identities through an unparalleled breadth of academic, athletic, and art offerings, five term-long off-campus programs, and an invitation to self-advocate and collaborate with peers and teachers throughout the learning process.

Expanding Your Identity Proctor isn’t just a school for athletes. Or artists. Or programmers. Or for students with learning differences. Proctor is a school for students willing to stretch beyond the familiar and eager to live outside the world of stereotypes and high school cliques. Proctor is a school where a college bound hockey player can hang up her skates and spend the fall term sailing from Maine to Puerto Rico on Ocean Classroom. Where a lifelong artist steps foot and falls in love with Proctor’s Woodlands or where a tech-lover can be removed from all technology while studying for ten weeks on Mountain Classroom. The only thing every Proctor student has in common is a sense of adventure and willingness to embrace the unknown.

Why would you design a school’s architecture around a system that stays the same

...when adolescents are designed to change?

Just another face in the crowd? That’s not how it works at Proctor. We believe relationships are at the heart of learning. We promote a culture of individualized learning so that our students have the tools to discover their own path through Proctor. Every student at Proctor has a support system; from advisors to mentors to coaches, we have a faculty dedicated to helping our students develop real world skills IN the real world!

Invaluable. Powerful. Life-Changing. These are just a few of the words used to describe Proctor’s off-campus experiences. At Proctor, we are deeply committed to experiential education and have been integrating these programs into our curriculum since 1972. More than 80% of students spend a term off-campus at some point in their Proctor experience.

Mountain Classroom: 1972 - Present Proctor en Segovia: 1974 - Present Proctor in France: 1974 - 2010 Proctor in Morocco: 1984 - 2012




Ocean Classroom: 1994 - Present Proctor en Costa Rica: 2004 - Present European Art Classroom: 2011 - Present Summer Service Trips: 2013 - Present Guatemala, South East Asia, Rosebud Reservation

Proctor in China 2016 - Present Academic Summer Trip




Balancing Rigor and Support Proctor’s Learning Skills program operates as a wholly integrated academic support system that directly serves one third of the student body while positively impacting every student. Part of Proctor’s DNA as a school since the 1940s, Learning Skills develops positive working relationships with students in 2:1 tutorial meetings that meet four times a week. Utilizing the application of comprehensive academic coaching methods and the direct instruction of executive functioning skills, students are empowered to become strategic, resilient, self-aware problem solvers.

CARE for Self. CARE for Community. As a boarding school, teaching and supporting our students transcends the traditional classroom. We have a responsibility to provide health and wellness education across all facets of a student’s life. We also believe healthy students are active students. At Proctor, health and wellness is not just a choice, it is a lifestyle.

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Follow Your Inner Compass Proctor students are encouraged to follow their hearts as they pursue their passions during the college process. Possessing the self-awareness and confidence to find the right fit, rather than simply the highest ranked option, Proctor graduates consistently demonstrate how to be creative, resilient, and knowledgeable problem solvers who take responsibility for their own learning. Learn more about Proctor’s approach to college counseling online.

No single program will define you.

Proctor is a constellation of people, programs, and sense of place that shifts and evolves over time.

Official School Motto: Live to Learn. Learn to Live.

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