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The Class of 2008 dedicates the Green Lantern | to Bill Wightman "The Entertainer' musician, composer, master of ceremonies, teacher, friend, and wizard


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Four Year Seniors

Back' Geordie Sousa, Ethan Black, Ryan Bishop, Tyler Erickson, Wilson Land, Raymon Beach, McKenzie Poirier, Pinky Fifield, Joanna DePena, Teandra Clarke loey Goulart, Serena DeGreaffenreidte. Hannah Goodnow, Jon Rice, Rob Simpson, Jon Levine, Brooks Whitehouse. Front: Bryan Bott, Chre HollinÂŤer Tristan Jones, Dave Kaplan, Alex Duane. Ethan Argov, Abbie Plummer, Charlie Willauer, Christina Pagano, Patty Dansereau, Britt Plante, Hillary Creed Lisa Fishman. Madde Fan. Lindsay Webster. Lizie Loehr, Josh Kershaw, Becca O'Connor. Molly Prudden, Katie Holmes, Erin Clayton, Becca'Freyman-Bucchieri, Kiersten Wulff. Kelsey Huges, Morgan Saunders. Not Pictured: Matty Robertson, Jack McKew.


Abbie Plummer

Erin Clayton, Becca Freyman-Bucchieri

Patty Dansereau, Hillary Creed

Becca O'Connor, Lizie Loehr

Joey Goulart, Molly Prudden, Sang Yoon, Teandra Clarke, Serena DeGreaffenreidte, Hannah G o o d n o w

Mollv Barash


Lia Arnzen

Irene Fortuna Gutierrez Muchisisisimas Gracias M a m a , Papa y Bubbulu! I would like to thank m y family for always being there for me, los a m o con todo mi Corazon. You m e a n the world to me. I also want to thank Bill and Betsy Peabody, for being m y family here, and for believing in me. I love you. To Steve and Sarah Wilkins w h o took the time to listen to m e and gave m e an opportunity. I feel so fortunate to have found friends w h o were always there and w h o always supported me. You completed m y experience at Proctor. "Las palabras no son necesarias para expresar lo que sentimos" â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Marcel Marceau




First of I would like to thank m y parents and m y brother Michael for always being there for m e w h e n I needed them the most! I would like to thank Nancy, for being the best advisor! You helped m e with just about everything, I love you! Kristen, thank you for all your support as m y Learning Skills teacher. You have helped m e so much! Irene, Lia, and Olivia, since day one we've been friends and I love you and I don't know what I would do with out you guys. To the Class of '08: W e did it! Thank you Proctor! IF, OS, LA,CH,KT,JG,SDAZ,JA,SL,SR,LM,RO,AH,JH,CC,PF DS, JR,HG,GB,TC I love you I'll Miss you and Good Luck!

Marissa Ray

"Cause these are the days worth living These are the years we're given And these are the moments These are the times Let's make the best out of our lives" ~ The Calling


Josh Kershaw First off and most importantly I would like to thank m y parents for believing in m e and providing everything I needed for m e to succeed, and especially m y little brother Zach for everything he has done for m e the past four years. I would also like to thank two very special people that have helped guide m e since I was a little kid, they are Nancy and Greg Barthol. I would also like to thank Coach Reid, and everything he has done for m e on and off the football field. A n d thanks to all of m y teachers I have had here at Proctor. "It's been a hell of a run"


Hunter Carman I just want to give thanks to all the people that taffected m e and helped m e get through high school, all 5 years of it: to m y m o m and dad, I couldn't have asked for more support; Logan, Greyson and E m m y for the support in your o w n special ways, I love all of you. To the football team, players that have graduated, are graduating and will graduate, you're m y brothers and always will be. Coach, you showed m e what it meant to be a leader but a friend at the same time. Ian, you've taught m e many of life's lessons on and off the lacrosse field, I cannot thank you enough for that. M y dudes, 0, Ray, Charlie, Al, Ryan, Puts, Matt, Chris, Baby, T B and all the others, you're m y dudes and always will be. Everyone else â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A0, TO, C W , T, ZB, M R , iMR, CP, BP and everyone unmentioned â&#x20AC;&#x201D; I love lyou all and I'm always here for ya.


Kate Minister Out-work, out-play, out-hustle



D E A R PROCTOR, may you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp and peace in your heart! (Eskimo proverb)

assÂŤÂŤsr. . M K H ^ H ammnaaaitm. "Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character."- Horace Greeley "Go forth and set the world on fire"- St. Ignatius Loyola "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any h u m a n being can fight; and never stop fighting."- e.e. cummings "g3 = life, bueller, ten points for recovery, look in his eyes, .hes already hurtin, Burn Wall Door, U p yours spiral binding, well Mexican food happens to be m y favorite, N O C R U M B S , brake = hand of god, it's a black vortex of pain, I'll ride your tube, hes m y Korean son ok padre, tae-kwon do-dos attack! do the timmy, loom-a-doom, leggo m y greggo, hows the meth lab, wait what was it like?, Winston and Gomez, checkerboard floor (thanks harryj, cough cough, w e are n o w climbing mount everest, do the fly Michael, Mcsteamy, Mcdreamy and of course Mcsqueamy, torn thumb that looks more like a ..., grrrowl, thanks for the sympathy @ # $ % ! , adopt a D M a c , you were so a klepto, toga toga, tangeroo, edgar cubed, prison., albuquerque.. see I can do it too., snorkel, true story, I have to go water m y electronic chia pet, bejecky in the chair hoof off the table put on your go aheads and clean up your yard sale!, EPU, that's unfortunate, is the Queen Elizabeth 2 docking?, yeaaah weavin, Morgatonium, a legal u-turn illegal u-turn did he really care?, chickens? O n the beach?, its business in the front...and a party in the back, puffers activated puff puff abort abort, satisfies: snickers in Spanish?, but hes like a really hot midget, hang on while I do m y victory dance, because sometimes you just need to eat half a pint of Ben and Jerrys, light firework get away fastly, I can't partake in this activity its too structured, AQUAPLICKIE"- Annie, Morgan and all our compadres



Annie Durkin & Morgan Saunders


Joey Goulart

_ . \i M Molly Prudden M + Dthank you for all that you have done, love you! Joeyyou have always been there for m e , im going to miss u and all the fun w e have together! thanks! Tlhanks for always listening to m e and being there! 1 will really miss you! Serenathanks for always putting a smile on m y face by making m e laugh/always attempting to hurt someone w h o pissed m e off. Hanniethanks for always being a great friend! love u! GraceI'm gonna miss you! Good luck! Sangthanks for being a good friend! Michele thanks for always being a great advisor! I dont k n o w h o w I will manage without you, but dont worry I will still call you with m y problems!! Good luck! finding a better advisee than me!love to all m y friends annabelle, court, kerstin lindsay, phipps, and all m y siblings!


M o m : It's been a crazy four years and I don't know what the would have been like if I didn't have you. Thank you so mudi for staying strong!! W e m a d e it. Swayz: If I didn't have youjn m y Proctor experience I think I would have been a completely different kid. Thank you for being such a great advisor and a great second mother. Molly: Having a friend like you is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 1 a m so grateful to say thai you are m y best friend. Serena. T, Sang, H a n n a h &Teagan: love you all and I a m going to miss you like crazy. You're all the sisters I've never had. Terry, Michael & Kris: The threr of you have been there for m e for four years. Thank you for believing in m e . I will never forget you guys. Grace, Olivia, & Allegra: Keep strong girls. You're only in High School for a little while longer. I'll miss you all like crazy. It has been sued a pleasure to watch the three of you grow. Proctor: Trunk: for making m e the person I a m today. SF, AJ, CP, JF, LK, LW, E M , K H , IFG, M R , L A , L W , KT, J M , JS, JH: You know win you are...Thanks for everything!!!

"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!" The last four years have been some of the best four years of m y life and I have a lot of people to thank for it. M y M o m : who has allowed m e to come to Proctor. Jennifer Freeman: The number one reason why I had these four years. I thank you for always being there for my family and I. I hope you know that all of your hard work has paid off because going to the Middle school was one of the best decisions of m y life. Serena: M y partner in crime thanks for being there for m e the whole four years. Proctor wouldn't have been the same if you weren't here beside me. Molly: what am 1 going to do without you next year?? Your always right hahah. Grace: It's going to be hard to find someone to share m y clothes with. And who is going to convinces m e that I'm doing the right thing even when I'm not. Joey: You're the support 1 always need and that's hard to find even when I'm pissed off at you. Allegra: Switzerland is always a good place to be even if you don't always know what's happening at our table. K G and Marion: You guys have taught m e so much and I miss and love both of you guys. Charles: M y native boii thanks for being one of m y best friends. Lindsay, Sang, Hannah and Teagan: I Love each and everyone one of you guys and m y senior year wouldn't be the same if you guys weren't in it. Dani H: You have been with m e from the beginning and I will never forget the impact you have had on m y life. Marti: I wouldn't know what I would do if I didn't have you looking after m e and being m y m o m . For that I'm greatful. Thanks to m y family and everyone that's been there and supported m e while at Proctor. "A Friend Is Someone Who Will Bail You out of Jail, but true Friend Is the One Sitting next to you Saying 'That Was Bleeping Awesome!' "

Teandra Clarke &

Serena DeGreaffenreidte

M y four years at Proctor have been such a wild ride. I've had m y good and bad times, m y ups and d o w n s , and m y major and points. First of all 1 would like to thank City Kids for providing m e with the opportunity to attend this school. Next I have to thank G o d and m y m o m for giving m e the strength and support that 1 needed w h e n times got rough. I want to thank m y advisor Sarah Mclntyre for all the love and positive words. T h a n k you Sarah for helping m e through this because without you I don't k n o w h o w I would've survived. I don't k n o w h o w I could ever repay you. N o w I have to give m y shout outs. M y first one goes out to m y native boii Charles. I love you Charles and you will always be one of m y best friends. To Teandra, you are one of the loves of m y life. You are m y heart! M o m o baby gurl I love you! Thanks for always being a shoulder for m e to cry on and a person to talk to. Joey Jose! Baby I love you and you k n o w that w h e n 1 pick on you it's love. Sang-a-lang-a ding-dong you'll always be m y right hand baby!!! Grade, baby you is the stuff so keep it real gurl!!! To Lindsey W., Hannie. T-Pain, Allegra, I love yall too!!!! To everyone I mentioned, you guys are m y best friends and I'll never forget you! T h a n k You Proctor for everything you have given m e !

' )

Brooks Whitehouse 20

1 . 1

Dave Kaplan

but my soldiers stay eternal' â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tupac Shakur


Ian Putnam

Charlie Willauer 21

It is finally m y turn to say it... high school is finally over. Coming to boarding school was probably the hardest, yet the best decision I have ever made. Curfews and set meal time m e feel like I was on a leash, but come to think of it; it has only m a d e m e grow as a person. The support from friends and faculty at Proctor is something 1 will never forget. I'v d o w n and cried as I hit the floor. I've gotten past and now, I'm nothing like I was before.. .I'm better. M o m and Dad- you guys have been m y heart through everything. I know wouldn't have gotten here if it weren't for you and I a m more than grateful for all that you have done for me. Things have been difficult for all of us, but there was never a moment I wanted it any other way. Thank you guys for helping m e to grow into ayoung lady and I will always make you proud! I love you, with all m y heart (because that's what I have t haha). Serena, it has been an amazing 2 years with you. I knew from the very first m o m e n t I saw you in your spongebob boxers that you and I were going to get along like no We've shared so m a n y great memories and I know I wouldn't have m a d e it this far without you. You were there through everything, moments of laughter and even moments of t Your support has gotten m e past everything and with you by m y side; I k n o w I can get past anything. You k n o w h o w w e always talk about "those friends that will meet up 20 years now," that's us girl. The things you have taught m e and shared will never be forgotten. W e finally m a d e it. the m o m e n t we've all been waiting for! Don't you forget sangosaurausa kitty cat!! I love you girl. Teandra, m y super model! So m a n y memories that I will never forget. Your smile is worth a million bucks, and you k n o w it!! H A . Thank you so much fo there for me. 1 k n o w h o w m u c h drama I have in m y life and I understand h o w difficult it was for you, but you never gave up and you were always there to support me. The shoulde let m e cry on is simply irreplaceable. Thank you for making m e feel at h o m e and making m e feel like I was a part of something. You're a great g I know everybody can see that. Friends forever... .literally, forever. Joey G, m y divo superstar! You are the most optimistic person I have ever me are always ready to look at both sides of the situation and you constantly try to m a k e every crappy situation into a great time. I appreciate you fo inviting m e over to your house and making m e feel at home. You are full of spunk and energy. We've had our ups and downs through our year, buti the end, w e will always be friends. Your crazy brand label fetish cracks m e up! I hope to have more awesome memories with you. Ahnyunggg kkoki saranghae < 3 M o m o . girl.... we've had out moments. W e have had a heck of a year... I k n o w there were times w h e n I was frustrating to be with w e had our differences, but I appreciate you for always keeping a good smile and being able to deal with everything in such a mature manner. You I colorful clothes and bright smile was actually something that kept m e going through a horrible day. I k n o w that wherever you go, you will alway â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Z be loved and people will appreciate you. I hope to stay in touch and 20 years from now. laugh about everything we've been through. I am probab one of the most complicating and weirdest person you've met hahaha but thanks for sticking around. I love you girly Lindsey.. .you are seriouslv a mother figure to me. Don't you dare laugh! Whenever I felt down, I secretly looked for you. You always had the right answers and you looked everything in a realistic point of view. I appreciate you for listening to all the repetitive drama I went through and always helping m e keep my he up. You are crazy and funny, definitely one of a kind. I wont ever for you! Dani. m y advisory... All those nights you ran over to check up on me. W can I say? I probably would have crawled back into m y old self if it weren't for your support, thank you so much. Kyle, dance with you was one o most exciting moments at Proctor, but more than that, you were the best listener. I was so comfortable to let you in and help m e get past everyth Thank you so much! Thank you Proctor, the experience is unforgettable and indescribable.

Sang Yoon "Life isn't perfect, it isn't perfect i)

you don't know what the struggles for. Falling down isn't fall down if you don't cry when you hit the floor. It's called the pa cause I'm getting past, and I'm nothing like I was before. You ought to see me now."

Kelsey Hughes A special thanks to: m y m o m am! dad for supporting m e ; m y grand parents for always being there: Michael Littman, Terry Stoecker. and Kris Johnson for guiding me T h a n k you.

Taylor Franchi hank you to everyone that stood by m e and tolerated. Thank ou for believing in m e and supporting m e always. M o m and lad especially, I love you. I said it first. Callan, for always stening. I'm making that facerightnow. N & B, for the endless ncouragement and affection. Jane, for helping m e through verything this year, stine: don't ever become a handcuff kind f girl, stay with the duct tape, abigail: respecto el toro. bryn: on't ever wear turtlenecks orrideblind ponies with anyone lse. dave: thanks for not running away ever, try to keep the inks on the walls in the future. MF, CO, H C , PD, EL, HY, BP, F, A M L , K M , JC, M H , G B everyone at SH, spain; yo querrese â&#x20AC;˘or siempre, putas. - - â&#x20AC;&#x201D; f y

Christina Pagano M o m & Dad: I couldn't have done it without you. You've supported m e through the good decisions and the bad ones.. .1 love you Ant: You're the best brother I could've asked for.. .Thanks for being there for m e whenever I need you B P LL H C A P P D LF M F : Four years and we're still alive...I love you all and I'm so happy w e made it through it together TF: Thanks for always putting up with me.. .roomie love A O TO: You two are like sisters to me...I couldn't have finished without you BestBud: Thanks for everything



Jori Rice

Wilson Land I would like to thank m y parents for giving m e the opportunity to be part of Proctor's community, and all that they have done for me. Being able to take advantage of the language program in France was unlike any experience in m y life. Getting to know classmates that I didn't k n o w very well has really strengthened m y love for Proctor. Thank you Becca, Kiersten, Ali, Ashley, Ian, Malcolm, Dave, Jen, and of course Erin. Coming to Proctor was a little uneasy as a freshman, but m y roommate Raymon Beach kept m e in line. Four years of rooming together were the best years of m y life, especially senior year. I know I didn't say this much, but Ray you are truly m y best friend, and will always be. Rulon, 3. Ca$hville to DC.




±M m W' • J&s

Jecca Freyman-Bucchieri*** J


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Erin Clayton 27

Kiersten Wulff I know that I have formed some of the most valuable relationships of m y life during m y four years at Proctor, and for that I a m overwhelmingly lucky. To m y friends w h o are m y teachers, and to m y teachers w h o are m y friends: T H A N K Y O U for your support and your love.

i I

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Henry David Thoreau Listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door: let's go. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; e.e. cummings


Brittaney Plante Thank you m o m & dad for giving m e the opportunity to come to PA and supporting m e through everything. Caitie- You are the best sister in the world and m y best friend, I love you. DP!Thank you for being so supportive and a wonderful advisor. Shirls- You have helped m e so m u c h over the past four years with both academic and life skills I cannot thank you enough, you are the best! Ross&ECJ- Thank you for helping to develop m e into the best runner/ninja on the xc trails. " The Group' know I will have you as friends till the end, more good times than I could ever count. 1 love you all. C W - You make m e laugh everyday, thank you for always being there for me, you are such a great person and I have loved every second spent with you. PEACE & LOVE- b

Abigail Plummer Muchas gracias to: The Fam- Tass + Setti, Alex.Hattie, Andy,( the whole M Fam < 3). The"Group", EL, PD, HC, CO, TF,CP,BP,LF,MF- can you believe we've stayed friends for so long? I love all of you so much, without you I legit would not have survived through this madness. And m u c h love to- H Y ( m y favorite running buddy < 3), M B . B M *SK, M R * . C W , KBJ,TJ,SA,BS,KL,JL*the entire 06 + 07' X C T E A M S < 3. ROSIE Loring- thanks for putting up with m e thru X C and Mountain- love you. HJ and A M - the 2 best advisors in the world, I love you both. PG- the craziest- but best teacher I've ever had-what will you do without the dream team? El Rosso, ECJ, Ale-thanks for coaching m e in the only sport i've ever loved, and teaching m e h o w to become a sweet runner. Jack-for giving m e a ride to school everyday and putting up with m e for so long-much love.AVD,DK,CW, JA,GS, KBJ, BP, RKL,KV-The best and most dysfunctional M T N group ever < 3 ( Kayden + Nelbo love). JP- Thank you for not giving up on m e ever, and putting up with m e always, i love you more than i could ever say. Rand and Alison-my pseudo teenage parents-love u both, a m y loves in DC-especially EJ and RC < 3. Bina-simply put u = soulmate, love you.PEACE O U T Real athletes run, everyone else just plays games


Do what you will, always walk where you like, do as you please: I'll back you up.â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Anon Sometimes me think, what is friend? And then me think, friend is what last chocolate chip cookie is for.â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Cookie Monster


atty Dansereau

> m a n d D a d : Thanks for always supporting m e , and ing m e this opportunity to c o m e to Proctor. I love you th. Laurie Z i m : Thanks for being such a good advisor, d always being there. Basketball T e a m I love you all. M r ehr a n d D e b Brower: Thanks for being m y second parts, and always opening your h o m e s to m e . Lizie, Bridgett, llary, Christina, Abbie, Britt, Court

Hillary Creed Judith & Jimbo- You guys are the best parents on this planet. You never have given up on m e and I want to thank you for every sacrifice you have made for me. You both are crazy but, I LOVE YOU! Haley: Your the best sister I could ask for, I love you! YOU BE G O O D N O W . M A H GIRLS" AP.BP.CO.PD.EL.CP. TF.MF.LF: You have all been there through think and thin. I can't imagine this place without any one of you. I have so many crazy memories that will always be with me.Rebels. I love you guys and will miss you alllBG.keep it real.Iloveeyou. C W & J M : BEST OF TIMES.IDA.STITCH&AUGER: loveeee, you guys have helped m e through it all.DOTCH: You have completely held m e together for these past years. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. 1 will miss you terribly! OC'06:Hands to strike your m o m . BA.GW. < 3 HARVEYYYY. SWAYZE: there's nothing 1 can really do to thank you enough for everything. You know exactly what to say, and when to say it. SO: Thank you for EVERYTHING.Drew- I love you. Will you marry m e ? W E DID IT. PEACE.


Molly Barash "There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn and the dark of night, and if you go no one may follow, that path is for your steps alone.' â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Grateful Dead

Ovr -friends, family A " ^ ^ « * : A*

W §



Addie Fisher


Hannah Goodnow "Home is where the heart is " T H A N K YOU PROCTOR for being m y playground for being m y classroom for being m y home for 13 years for being m y protection ...and for giving m e memories that will be with m e forever I will miss you all: OS,AB,ROBBIE<3,KT,DH,WD | HO.GB, KC,JF,SF, JG,MP,SD,TC,TM,SY,LW,AD,CH LA,IF,KH,AH,TJ, and soo many more!!!

Teagan Morin ty will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed all be no man's doing but my own. I am the force: I can 'ar any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. v choice: my responsibility: win or lose, only I hold the y to my destiny."â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Elaine Maxwell "There are no coincidences in life" â&#x20AC;&#x201D; J o a n O'Neill

Marko Radovic Travis Curley


Danny Allen

Chris MacArthur



JL$ryan O O I I


Thanks M o m , Dad, and Jonathan for helping m e get through m y four years at Proctor. Also thank you Brian Kellogg for being a great teacher, advisor, and friend to m e for the three years you were at Proctor with me, I missed having you around this year.

Geordie Sousa

Ryan Bishop


Ethan Argov Thanks to m y advisor Ross Young for everything you have done.Thanks to Drew Donaldson for having m e in T-House!!! Best dorm on campus.Thanks to M o m and H for all the great advice and never giving up on me. Thanks to M y Dad and Xan for hanging in there with m e through the tough times. Thanks to Ben and Yoni for keeping m e laughing and happy no matter what.


McKenzie Poirier I, first and foremost, want to thank G o d for bringing m e to where I a m today. M y family also because they have pushed m e to where I a m today and with all the things I have asked for they gave to m e . Proctor has done a lot for m e through the years and have brought m e places that I would have never thought I would have gone. M y love for field hockey has been able to get m e into college and be able to get somewhere in life. I want to say thanks to m y ride or die girls Joanna, Steph, Angelica, Addie, and Kate. Love you girls till the end and I will always be here for you guys through thick and thin, p

Joanna de Pena A Little Something-Something: **4 year Senior BABY!!!** I want to give the biggest thanks to Proctor for giving m e this opportunity of being here. I wouldn't want m y 4 years of high school any other way, and I'm glad I repeated the 8th grade to have a better future. I was hesitant coming to Proctor but I'm happy that I followed through. This is the best experience I ever had ever and the respect and love have for this school will never be forgotten. **ShoUt-Outz** Gregor Makechnie- Thank You for everything, Im going to miss your humor "How'ya doin" (Spanish accent) your the m a n Gregor you made it possible and no matter h o w many times i say "thank you" it wont ever compare to the meaning.. .Stay up gangsta! Alejandra- Been your advisy for 4 years and i want to thank you for supporting m e good times and bad and convincing m e to do Cross Country when i really didn't want to do it haha, but it paid off, Your a great Advisor, mother, and friend, God bless you... Stay in touch im going to miss you... Noreen Fifield- This w o m a n is "the man," she's like a super-mom A.K.A all in one. I dont know what I would have done without her. If you dont believe m e ask m y 7 other sisters I have on the basketball court, this w o m a n has power. She's always there for m e if anything goes wrong and she has never turned her back on m e or anyone elses. She's the perfect role model as mother and a female figure... I have so much respect for her and i will always be her Dominican daughter = ) I love you coach!!!!To m y mother w h o has been through it all with m e and supported m e with anything and never let m e down* 'Doughboy m y older brother w h o barley complained when I needed rides from and to Proctor = ) **My father, Even though he's disabled and will never know everythin; that I have accomplished, I want him to know that "Daddy's Little girl" made it **Gabby m y niece... m y twin love you all day,Ashley Rivera m y other half *19*. Jelly the coolest roomate ever...Remember that night w h e n i told you that popcorn's need 4 minutes to cook and by the time w e got it the whole dorm was smokey and the smell didn't leave the dorm for like 3 days w e couldn't stop laughing A N D T H E Y STILL K N E W IT W A S US!! w e was trying be all slick = X...McKenzie m y favorite white girl A.K.A ride or die =)...Stephanie Pascual "Mi Colita"...Kate Minister m y Dominican sister LOL... Serena "Been threw it all for 4 years homie" and i know i still owe you some Spanish chicken = ) ...Teandra the Bahama m a m a . Sang-a-LanG the most Gangsta-est Korean i have ever met.

Tyler Erickson Over the last 4 years I have been a student, a brother, a a church attendee, a teacher, an athlete, a traveler, an artist, a giver, a taker, a chef, a designer, an entrepreneur, and so much more. Going to Proctor Academy really allowed m e to take the plunge into m y inner most desires and take every opportunity I could to expand m y horizons and try n e w things. If I could describe m y Proctor experience in as few words as possible they would be "a rewarding rollercoaster." Every year had it ups and downs and twists and turns, but w h e n it was all over I still considered it to have been a good choice. Proctor allowed m e to have an incredible high school career and meet some amazing people. Having said that, there are a few people 1 would like to thank. M y grandfather and grandmother, thank you for believing in m e and supporting m e the whole way. My m o m and dad, I k n o w you both love m e very m u c h no matter what and always encouraged m e , even though I was a pain sometimes, you both were there to provide guidance and show m e the w a y through m y faith. M y amazing girlfriend Heather, you have always been there to support m e and listen to m e and talk to m e , no matter what the circumstances, I don't know what I would do without you, I love you. To m y best friends at Proctor, Chris and Ryan, you guys got m e through my four years in one piece and for that I o w e you eternally, (Technoids '07!) Bish and Rob, you guys could always make m e laugh. And of course, all m y teachers, for without them I would not have learned a thing in high school. (Anyone I forgot, I'm sorry don't hate me.) Though I a m moving on to college and a new life, I k n o w I will never leave m y experiences behind and will always remember, Proctor Academy.


"Learn to live, live to learn". The best that I can do to show how much I appreciate Proctor Academy, is to thank all the people that I have grown to love. First I have to Thank you M O M and DAD, you were Ihe ones that first introduced m e t this amazing place and you were the ones that have stood by my side, through the good and the bad. and shown m e the way. Charlie, and Faye, you were the ones that I meet next, you ladies sent m e the packet telling m e all about Proctor. Dia I can remember m y interview, I was so nervous and l am so glad that you chose to let m e in and for that l am truly grat ful, thank you so much, I am really going to miss randomly visiting you in your office and the PT room. Nancy you were an amazing advisor and have always helped m e with everything and anything and leaving is going to be very hard, Karl you were the best soccer coach a kid could ever ask for, I am really going to miss playing for you and this wonderful team (MP1T), LB or LA, you have been a great coach, I wish you had been here for, four years, but two is better than nothing. I am really going to miss playing for you and Thank you for everything. DP, I loved wildlife, and I just want to thank yo for giving m e the chance to go on Ocean, and for being an amazing teacher and person. Sarah W. 1 just want to thank you for being a great teacher and introducing me to lax. Dougo you are a great math teacher, and I am really going to miss you cheering us on at our soccer games thank you for everything. Coach Megan, you are and always have been someone that I could count on. thank you for always being there. Overall I would like to thank Proctor Academy, because this place hold some great memories and leaving is the one thing that 1 wish couldn't happen. Proctor, Faculty, and Students, I thank yo all so much for being the way you are and I will never forget what you have done for me!

Kaitlin "Pinky" Fifield

Corinne Cline It took m e five years to finish high school and there are a lot of memories! I a m obviously sharing the page with the person I've had the craziest m o m e n t s with.. . R R M S , Grissom, Dino, CSI.. .the list goes on and on and, well, on. W e seem to always find the hilarious in everything. I want to thank m y parents, especially m y m o m . She has always been there for m e - even w h e n I w a s pulled out of Holderness, to all the times I haven't tested and everything in between. I only hope I can m a k e it up to her one day. I hope by at least graduating I m a k e her proud. M y dad w a s the one w h o taught m e h o w to change the tires on the car - the correct w a y - and h o w to drive the tractor.. .1 will use those skills for the rest of m y life. M y sister is such a loser and I love her to death. She will always be m y very best friend...There are so m a n y people to thank and to reminisce with: Katie (my sexy buttercup), Lauren (PEACE SIGN!!!), Allison (PETRIE Sophie (OMG...guess what? That's gonna suck!), Janie, Laura, Marissa, Alex Tuckerman, Ben, Hobbles, ECJ, Drew, Dave Maddie. Sue, M e g a n Karl (I bleed G R E E N LB, PAGVS...If 1 didn't put you in, that doesn't m e a n I will forget all the amazing times w e had love you all and will miss you! Please m a k e sure m y sister survives!


Kayla Johnson

I can't express h o w m u c h I truly appreciate those w h o helped guide m e through the past four years. M o m , Dad, I don't know h o w you managed to put up with m e at certain times, but I'm truly glad you did. Tiffany, you're m y best friend and best friends means, well best friends means... friends forever. I know that w e can manage to get through anything and everything that comes our way. Jasmine, m y sister, m y other half. You know m e better than I know myself, I would be so lost without you. You're coming with m e Jazzy. Christy, Travis, Dennis, Tyler, Sammi, Greg, Gramma, Dani, everyone at Trailhead, you are all amazing and I'm so grateful to have each one of you in m v life.


Justine Hewitt

Lisa Mullan




"don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

"if you're not living life on the edge you 're taking up too much space'

Lauren Knollmeyer Felisa Jimenez



Harry Merck

"The grass is not, in fact, greener on the other side of the fence...The grass is greenest where it is watered. W h e n crossing over fences, carry water with you and tend the grass wherever you m a y be." - Robert Fulehum,

Nancy Schoeller Sue Eslick T o m Eslick



,**. *=


Senior Baby Pictures

Lia Arnzen

A * V • E-.a



Ryan Bishop

Molly Prudden

ach Frumkin

-----r^ -: V

•M^ y


Jr^^V. • •^Lm\


ML *•--<




) ', •

) mily Byrd

Patricia Dansereau

z -

Jess Hamilton

ang Yoon

srinne Cline

Hugh Shackleton

Brooks Whitehouse and Ian Putnam


Teandra Clarke


Serena DeGreaffenreidte

Ian Putnam

Britt Plante


Tyler Erickson

Dennis Silvio

iersten Wulff


Senior Superlatives Best Dressed Joey Goulart & Molly Prudden Best Hair Bryan Bott & Irene Gutierrez Best Smile Becca O'Connor & Hunter Carman Best Eyes Lizie Loehr & Brooks Whitehouse ^^^^ Most Likely to Succeed Jk Morgan Saunders M ^^^k & Tristan Jones X Most Likely to be Seen on E S P N Pinky Fifield & James Cormier Most Likely to be Returned by, Kidnappers Jori Rice Likely to be Googled the Most | Al Milley & Kelsey Hughes Most Likely to be Asked for an ID Katie Holmes & Joey Goulart Least Likely to be Asked for an ID Chelsea Stevens & Josh Mays ESPN-bound Pinky Fifield Returned: Jori Rice

Athletic Taylor Beasley, T-shirt ornament Zach


Most Athletic Pinky Fifield & Taylor Beasley Most Ambitious Thayer Maclay & Christina Pagano Quietest Al Milley & Annie Durkin Most Gulliable Hannah Goodnow & Wilson Land First to Marry Charlie Willauer & Britt Plante Most Likely to be Seen on a T-Shirt Zach Frumkin & Hillary Creed Most Opinionated Serena DeGreaffenreidte & Malcom Gardner Changed the Most While at Proctor Brooks Whitehouse & Lindsay Webster Most Likely to Become Famous Matt Robertson & Teagan Morin Most Likely to Marry a Supermodel Taylor Franchi & Dennis Silvio Frumkin

Most Likely to Work at Proctor Geordie Sousa & Justine Hewitt Most Likely to get Lost in a Mall Sam Payson & Kayla Johnson

Unlucky Josh Kershaw

Worst luck Josh Kershaw & Abbie Plummer Most Artistic Hugh Shackleton & Lisa Fishman Funniest Nick Clemens & Patty Dansereau

3uddy Ian Putnam

Most Flirtatious

Jack McKew & Sang Yoon & Ryan Bishop Most Cynical Rachel O'Hara & Ian Putnam Best Buddies \Brooks Whitehouse, Dave Kaplan, Charlie Willauer, Ian Matt Robertson & Jack McKew Molly Prudden & Joey Goulart

Teandra Clarke & Serena DeGreaffendreite Christina Pagano, Hillary Creed, Patty Dansereau, Liz Court O'Brien, Taylor Franchi, Abbie Plummer & Britt

Buddies Serena DeGreaffenreidte, Teandra Clarke

Hardest Worker Rob Simpson & Vika Mykolenko Most likely to Become a Billionaire Zach Dwyer & Becca Freyman-Bucchieri Most Likely to Marry a Billionaire Teandra Clarke & Ethan Argov Artistic Lisa Fishman


Siblings & Legacies

Back: Thomas Slothower-Miner, Jackson Bicknell, Chris Hollinger, Alex Duane, Tristan Jones, Everett Jones, E m m a Jones, Caroline Pond, Allegra Zimmerman, Laurie Zimmerman, Will Whipple, Lizie Loehr, Pinky Fifield, Hillary Creed, Henry Smith, Bobby Veasey, Ryan Bishop, David Cox, Ebby Gerry, Rob Simpson, Paddy Stratton, Thomas Jenkins, Andrew Landers, Charlie Willauer, Brooks Whitehouse, Spencer Wood, Dylan Evans, James Cormier, Josh McPhee, Jon Levine, Ted Mastin, Will Humphrey, Al Milley. Middle: Jill Sinnott, Greg Sinnott, Hannah Carlson, Steph Pascual, Angelica Pascual, Caleigh Erickson, Lily M sill, Mansfield Middleton, Kersten Middleton, Corinne Cline, Meredith Cline. Madison Koenig, Morgan Prudden, Teagan Morin, Molly Prudden, Joey Goulart, Hannah Goodnow, Olivia Shure, Haley Peters, Jessica Lee, Canon Brownell, Ian O'Connor, Ali Mitchell, Rob Baxter, Caroline Wheeler, Becca O'Connor, Crystal Willliams, Oliver Munsill, Ashley Ward, Erin Clayton, Kate H o m a n , Kayla Dansereau, Eliza Perry. Patty Dansereau, Kate Minister, Lindsey Allenby, Sam Payson. Kneeling: Maddie Schiess, Kelsey Hughes, Serena DeGreaffenreidte, A m a n d a Will, Sophie Viandier, Grace Beah, Hannah Johnson

Michele Koenig, Madison Koenig


Hannah Goodnow, Phil G o o d n o w

Caleigh Erickson, Tyler Erickson

Jlivia Shure, Allegra Z i m m e r m a n

Jaguar Sasmito, Pinky Fifield, Hunter Fifield


Eric Viandier 62

Molly Prudden and Grace Beah enjoying the Zox concert

Sox Win!! arry Merck, Hillary Creed, Patty Pond, Lindsey Allenby, Brenda Godwin, Jon Felteau, Brooks Whitehou

Evelyn Lewis '32 at her 75th Reunion

Class of 2009

Annie O'Byrne, Spencer Wood, Rosie Loring, Chris Ruez, Andrew Mason 64

iza Perry, Stephanie Pascual, Angelica Pascual

Andrew Mason


Class of 2010

Ben Bartoldus, Orlando Aponte, Amir Tarif, Grace Beah

Haakon Oyen, Graydon Pleasants, S a m Peele


Katie Lehman, Kersten Middleton, Maggie Shine, Veronica Dunlop


Will Willsea, Nick Libby, Spencer Schwenk, Griffin Carew '11

; Jennings, Caroline Wheeler, Hannah Carlson, Megan Phippen, Zoe Von Zweck

Grace Beah, Thomas Jennings, Nick Mugglestone, Oliver Munsill


Class of 2011

Garrett Pierce, Ca leigh Erickson, Sam Johnson, Connor Herlitz, Linsday Hoar

Mike Ansara 68

Piper Tompkins, Morgan Prudden

Sophie Viandier, Story Southworth, Piper Tompkins, Maggie Hull Monica Kaplan, Morgan Pnudder Madison Koenig, Taylor Warden, Maddie Schiess, Meredith Cline, Kali Stevens

Jameron Lucus, Canon Brownell. Maddie Cryan, Lily Munsill, Ian O'Connor, Alii Mitchell, Megan Subsick, :helsea Ogwuru, Simome Songue, Francesca Howe

Canon Brownell


Dorms & Day Students

Day Students Top row: Kate H o m a n , Joey Goulart, Hannah Goodnow, Annie Durkin, Morgan Saunders, Caroline Pond, E m m a Jones, Chris Hollinger, Tyler Erickson, Ryan Bishop, Paddy Stratton, Corinne Kline, Pinky Fifield, Hunter Fifield, Nate Fifer, Ben Bartoldus, Charlie Willauer, Josh McPhee, Ryan Clayton, Geoff Bonewald, Tuckerman Ferris, Josh Bennett, DJ Blanchflower. Middle row: Mike Hemingway, Spencer Wood, Will Henriques, Ben Berton, Taylor Warden, Meredith Cline, Story Southworth, John Howard, Caleigh Erickson, S a m Johnson, Hannah Johnson, Haley Peters, Tim Meehan, Becca O'Connor, Kiersten Wulff, Katie Holmes, Colin Nevins, Sophie Viandier, Katie Lehman, Caroline Wheeler, Lindsay Hoar, Sayre Limburg, Kali Stevens, Sarah Cotrill, Maddie Schiess, Sooki Vercelotti. Front row: Connor Herlitz, Ian O'Connor, Jessy Lee, Canon Brownell, Madison Koenig, Kayla Dansereau, Hannah Frantz, Jenny Galligan, Abbie Webb, Crystal Williams, Bridget Gilroy, Lizie Loehr, Abbie Plummer, Patty Dansereau

Morton (RJ.P.)

^<mi,L ' 70

TA.AV *-;V

Gannett Back: Zach Dwyer, Alex Smith, Shawn Unis, Will Lasher, Alex Hill, A d a m Bloomstone, Chubbs Bryson, Amir Tarif, Seth Richardson, Graydon Pleasants, Cody Sienkiewicz. T o m Morgan, Molly Morgan. Front: Mike Curtis, Haakon Oyen, Martin Aguilar, Will trask, Clark Wallach, Kenny Lee, Andrew Freedberg, Oliver Munsill, Reed Von Gal

MLS Back: Ben Rulli, Greg Moores, Dylan Evans, Matt Williams, Andrew Orosz, Jon Levine, Mansfield Middleton, Tyler Swertfager, Lindsey Allenby, Scott Allenby. Middle: Derek Tankersley, Jonathan Felteau, Jake Adick, Dave Kaplan, Harris Williams, Brooks Whitehouse. Front: Ripley Harrington, Louis Morin, Griffin Carew, Johnathan Grimmel

I Rulon-Miller Clockwise from bottom left: Will Compton, Wilson Land, Danny Allen, Ryan Holt, Robbie Little, Simon M c N a m e e , Zach Frish, Sam Peele, Geordie Sousa, Chris MacArthur, Raymon Beach, Fraser Bliss


Ives -



Back: Simone Songue, Caitlin Miller, Lily Munsill, Ben Berton, Bev Berton. Middle: A m a n d a Will, Kerstin Middleton, Glenna Ledoux, Jess Hamilton, Lia Arnzen, Jazz Isbester. Front: Molly Prudden, Eva Berton, Chelsea Ogwuru, Ali Mitchell, Chris Hollinger.

Burbank East Back: Kyle Tremblay, Mark Tremblay, Alex Bergsma. Gardner Kelley, Tyler Reardon. Middle: Mike Ansara, Mark W o o , Evan Gaskin, Eric Moores, Thayer Maclay. Front: Stephen Sample, Chris Dale, Will Whipple, T o m m y Slothower-Miner.

Burbank West Back: Elliot Hays, Andrew Landers, Niels Davis, Peter Wade, Aaron Thomas. Front: Tucker Danell, Scott Cohen, David Cho, Riggs Raymond, Andrew Friedman, Calder Pegden. Not Pictured: Ethan Black.


^owler Back: Vika Mykolenko, Christina Dotchin, Taylor Franchi, Hillary Creed, Christina Pagano. Front: Rachel O'Hara, Serena DeGreaffenreidte, Allison Jacob, Paulina Jaime, Felisa Jimenez, Sophie Florian, Sang Yoon, Courtney O'Brien.

Godwin Back: Malcolm Gardner, James Cormier, Ian Putnam Front: Sydney Godwin, Zach Frumkin, Charlie Willauer, Schilling Godwin, Matt Robertson

Farm Back: Megan Phippen, Elise Duperey, Emily White. Front: Trilbey Smith, Francesca Howe, Teandra Clarke, Kate St. Clair.


Thoreau Standing: Dutchess Donaldson, Drew Donaldson, Alex Bertrand, Rob Baxter, Johnny Sowles, Nick Libby, Ethan Argov. Sitting: Connor Toomey, David Cox, Will Humphrey, Bobby Veasey, Andrew Orosz, Tyler McKenzie

Carriage Back: Alan Mclntyre, Dave Harrison, Olivia Shure, Rob Serafin, Thomas Jennings, Will Willsea, Henry Palmer, Charlie Stern. Middle: Sarah Mclntyre, Kristen Turpin. Front: Molly Barash, Lisa Fishman, Alex Duane, Kate Lowell, Saam Aiken

King Back: Arisa Kim, Jillian Sinnott, Madde Fan, Julia Starkey. Middle: Trish Austin, Angelica Pascual, Joanna DePena, Britt Plante, Piper Tompkins, Morgan Prudden. Front: Dani Lejnieks, Bruce Lejnieks


Gulick Back: Maggie Shine, Addie Fisher, Emily Byrd, Court Summers, Veronica Dunlop, Lindsay Webster, Alissa Walker, Lisa Mullan. Front: Annie Weisberg, Trenny Smith, Linsley Truesdale. Not pictured: SaraLee Locke, Nikki Fernandez, McKenzie Poirier


WZZ^&y%® *..-* •S-'A T£*\ :*t v-Jj$(F<

MacKenzie Back: Sarah Frick, Janelle Garcelon, Megan Subsick, Zoe Von Zweck, Deven Lovejoy, Lauren Matthews, Miso Park. Middle: Megan Hardie, Lucy Nystrom. Sabrina Stedman, Monica Kaplan, Maggie Hull. Front: Stephanie Pascual, Kate Minister.

Johnson Back: JJ Rice, Dayton Slye, Marissa Ray, Irene Gutierrez, Bridget Daly, Kat Copeland, Aubrey Leblanc. Front: Maddie Cryan, Haley Gerber, Grace Beah, Eliza Perry, Mel Spears, Ale Young.


Carr Back: Spencer Corkran, Walker Mates, Connor Salema, Hunter Carman, Pete Arnold, Kelley Emery, Eli Zalesnik Front: Zandy Bard, Travis Curley, Chris Blueggel, Marco Radovic, Jori Rice. Nick Mugglestone, Noah Dow, Nick Clemens, Ryan Ruddock, Sam Payson

Summerfield Standing: Jeremy Gardner, Ben Herman, Garrett Pierce, Will Cudahy, Jaguar Sasmito, Ebby Gerry, Greg Duperey, Isaac Levenson, Dennis Silvio, Al Milley, Wilson Berry, Cameron Lucas. Front: Josh Norris, Sam Zankow

Davis Standing: Andrew Mason, Taylor Beasley, Josh Mays, Henry Smith, Connor Systrom, Greg Sinnott, Spencer Schwenk, Bud Hallock, Alex Cloud-Russell. Front: Nate Fifer, Chris Ruez, Teddy Suehsdorf


Leadership v

safes v*!.'<

Dorm Peer Leaders Standing: Kenny Lee, Robert Baxter, Thayer Maclay, Chris Hollinger, Lia Arnzen, Annie O'Byrne, Joey Goulart, Molly Prudden, Trenny Smith, Jaguar Sasmito, Dave Kaplan, Ethan Argov. Sitting: Kat Copeland, Niki Fernandez, Rosie Loring, Blair Southworth, Chelsea Stevens, Joanna DePena, Steph Pascual, Irene Guitierrez, Caroline Pond, Kiersten Wulff, Alex Duane, Teandra Clarke, Hunter Carman, Geordie Sousa, Front: Ethan Black

Proctor Environmental Action (PEA)

,, ,,. Saam -x, Aiken. -,,,,. .,Thomas , i. „.-.Lisa •-•Fish - • .-.iman, Tim Meehan, Paddy Stratton, Caroline Pond, Annie Durkin, Morgan Saunders, Olivia Shur Standing: Jennings, George Dyment. Front: Dani Lejnieks, Kate "Lowell, Alex Duane, Jessy Lee, Hannah Yarowsky, Rob Serafin, Alan Mclntyre, Henry Palmer, T o m Morgan, IT-: J. _ _ iiT..ii:r C ~^V. J,-. Wi-inHior Datt\7 P n n H Kiersten Wulff. Sophie Viandier, Patty Pond


Back: Marco Radovic, Charlie Willauer, Martin Aguilan, Travis Curlie, Matt Williams, Chelsea Ogwuru, Simone Songue, Alex Cloud-Russell, Nick Mugglestone, Louis Morin, Miso Park, Sophie Viandier, Vika Mylolenko, Jackson Bicknell. Front: Haakon Oyen, Serena DeGreaffenreidte, Johnna Fieldman, Sang Yoon, Grace Beah, Arisa Kim, Patty Dansereau, Taylor Beasley, Julia Starkey, Sophie Florian, Chelsea Stevens, Teandra Clarke, Lisa Mullan, Paulina Jaime, Irene Gutierrez, Kate Minister.

International Intercultural Interactivit

'.3* '^:'v--ÂŁ.yi7 Standing: Joanna DePena, Sang Yoon, Teagan Mornin, Simone Songue, Serena DeGreaffenreidte. Sitting: Nick Clemens, Teandra Clarke, Molly Prudden, Irene Gutierrez, Joey Goulart, Allegra Zimmerman, Chelsea Ogwuru, Grace Beah




Mark Tremblay, Tom Morgan, Jane Barban, Sarah Wil T o m Eslick, Nancy Schoeller, Pete Southworth In cart: Laurie Zimmerman

Social Science Standing: Ben Rulli, Ted Mastin, Karl Methven, Lynne Kenney. Sitting: Lindsey Allenby, Phil Goodnow, Brenda Godwin, Brooks Bicknell

Language Ross Young, Ale Young, Stacey Viandier, Eric Viandier, Erik Cole-Johnson, Dani Lejnieks


Art Standing: Greg Allen, Michael Littman, Robin Asbury, Kris Johnson. Sitting: Patrice Martin, Terry Stoecker, Kyle Tremblay Not pictured: Everett Jones

Technology Anna Hanlon, Jim Cox, Brenda Godwin, Susan Currier, Seth Currier, Morgan Salathe

Library Wendy McLeod, Judy Preston, Marie Montivirdi


College Counseling Sandy Nelson, Sue Rochon, Mike Koenig Michele Koenig

Business Office IJSfi Stephanie Boutin, SaraLee Locke, Maureen Gautreau, Rachel MacDuffie, Milly Macdonald, Donald Macdonald

Mathematics Standing: Chuck Reid, Josh Norris, George Emeny, Matt MacKenzie, Bev Berton, Mike Koenig. Kneeling: Patty Pond, Sarah Whitehead, Sue Rochon


Science Back: Sue Houston, Megan Hardie, Alan Mclntyre Front: Dougo Houston, Sarah Mclntyre, Ian Hamlet, Dave Pilla, Eric Viandier. Not pictured: Mike Walsh

Athletics Jake Johnson. Phil Hackmann, Kathy Noble, Chris Young, Becky Walsh

Security Star Towne, Josh Adams


| Housekeeping Back: Helga Menger, Brenda Jurta, Lynda Underhill, Diane Benson. Front: Marissa Carter, Deb Parkman, Jane Walker, Cindy LaBrie, Audrey Ford, Candi Adams. Not pictured: Elaine Rondeau

Maintenance Top: Lynn George, Ken Guarnieri. Standing: Paul Meyerhoefer. Kurt Meier, Paul Trumbull-Nelson, Will Ames, Jeff Sweeney, Gary Peters, Todd Goings, Jeff Sweet, Danny Newton, Garry George. Not pictured: Roger Leach, Bob Day


Food Service Art Makechnie, Don Page, Barbara Major, Elfriede Rayno, Kevin Farrington, Nate Mazur, Edna Petets


Learning Skills m Standing: Lauren Cole-Johnson, Kristen Nesbitt, Ellen Yenawine, Jen Fletcher, Dale Milne, Rick Browner, Kathy Bianchi, Kathy Ordway, Scott Allenby, Shirley Felong. Sitting: Ingrid Cole-Johnson, Lynn Cox, W e n d y McLeod. Not pictured: Drew Donaldson

Health Center Katharine Nevins, Lisa Scarry, Lorraine Roberts, Lori Stratton, Carolyn Canto

Child Care Karen Farrington, Liz Currier, Kathy Ellis, Sue Rasweiler, Julie Barry, A m y Rheaume, Sarah Semler. Not pictured: Karen Sanborn


Administration J

Standing: Karl Methven, JoAnn Hicks, Marti Adams, Mike Henriques, Leslie Hackmann, Drew Donaldson. Sitting: Donna Jonas, Anne Swayze

Student Activities Dave Kenney, Marti Adams

Counseling Liz Green


Bookstore Alex Estin, Lida Beaudoin

Admission ,

Susan Eslick, Diane Fowler, Chris Bartlett, Faye O k m a , Christina Dotchin, Charlie Durell, Gregor Makechnie

Development Bonnie Fletcher, Jessica Bailey, Keith Barrett, Kim Hurlbutt, Sarah Smith, Bonny Morris, Greg Samaha, Alex Estin, Chuck Will



y . '";•:


Spencer Wood, Josh Mays, Eric Moores 89


Chelsea Ogwuru, Maddie Cryan, Veronica Dunlop, Megan Hardie, Maggie Shine, Megan Subsick, JilMan Sinnott, Story Southworth, Lindsay Hoar, Patty Pond 90

Casey and Josh Norris


y - | sm Xc* • •



Caleigh Erickson, Britt Dawber

Cameron Lucas

Chelsea Ogwuru

Maddie Shiess, Sophie Viandier

Mike Ansara


Sophie Florian


Ocean Classroom

Justine Hewitt. Leah Croteau, John McNamee. Cole Shea


Back: Alice Daly, Danny Loehr, Cole Shea, John Arnold, Rosemary Sullivan, Erin Daigle, Taylor Berns Front: Alison Brown, Duncan Sullivan, Frances Deamer-Phillips, Justine Hewitt, Alex Ronn, Lizzie Hunt, Kayleigh Lutz, Annie Wagner, Annabelle Gray, Walker Doubleday, Leah Croteau, John McNamee


Annie Wagner, Annabelle Gray, John Arnold, Duncan Sullivan. Danny Loehr, Justine Hewitt', Leah Croteau, John McNamee, Cole Shea

Alison Brown, Annie Wagner



Charles Bush. Tucker Pearson, Spencer Harkins, Kayla Johnson, C a m webster, Nick Aiken, Derek Mansell, Erik Major, Bert Carvalho

--v. r~ Bert Carvalho, Lee Carvalho

Erik Major, Charles Bush

Tucker Pearson, Spencer harkins, Erik Major. Bert Carvalho, Nick Aiken, C a m Webster 94

Charles Bush, Kayla Johnson, C a m Webster, Nick Aiken, Spencer H kins, Erik Major, Tucker Pearson, Bert Carvalho

European Classroom

Andrew Cantella, Austin Kolb, Jeremy Niles, Emily Mitchell

Andrew Cantella

Hugh Shackleton

. . â&#x20AC;&#x17E; - ~" -': X -s?

Andrew Cantella, Austin Kolb

Brian Lee

Andrew Cantella



Fall Play: 'Ton Can't Take it With You

Glenna Ledoux. Cameron Lucas, Haley Peters

Lindsay Webster, Jessy Lee

Jessy Lee,, Joey Goulart, Saam Aiken

rr 11 1 m '1

yUm^S i MM

\* ZM


~ ** l WmW^

i^S i t • B *¥• 1

i fc M U T P H - I' A JA<

C^Tt H


lii M^B—> F 1 "B^ •.'** * T IKSa^ir'"' 1 ItV * V 3 E ^ ^ ^ _ | | I *

Clockwise from topright:Canon Brownell, Morgan Saunders, Lindsay Webster, Seth Richardson, Olivia Shure, Graydon Pleasants, Jessy Lee, Will Henriques 96

Saam Aiken, Kelsey Hughes

Fall Performances

ate H o m a n

Will Willsea

Clockwise from back left: Johnna Fieldman, Teandra Clarke, Jill Sinnott, Teagan Morin, Irene Gutierrez 97





Cross Country Back row: Hannah Yarowsky, Lizie Loehr, Ben Bartoldus, Hunter Fifield, Zandy Bard, Travis Curley, Bud Hallock, Saam Aiken, Tristan Jones, Derric Tankersley, Will Cudahy, Sabrina Stedman, Kayla Dansereau, Ross Young, Erik Cole-Johnson. Front: Caitlin Miller, Becca O'Connor, Crystal Williams, Jojo de Pena, Ben Berton, John Felteau, Ale Young, Britt Plante, Abbie Plummer

%:iXyi . <'Âť

Captain: Britt Plante

Bud Hallock

John Felteau

Tristan Jones

Zandy Bard

# Saam Aiken

Britt Plante

Lizie Loehr

Abbie Plummer

Crystal Williams


Varsity Soccer Back: Ian Hamlet, Nick Clemens, Walker Mates, Geoff Bonewald, Wilson land, Thayer MaClay, Marko Radovic, Macolm Gardner, Robbie Little, Tyler Reardon, Fraser Bliss, Ryan Ruddock, Phil Goodnow. Front: Ben Herman, Chris MacArthur, Alex Duane, Loui Morin, Tyler Erickson, Alex Hill, Zach Dwyer, Johnny Sowles, Andrew Orosz, Will Compton

Captains: Alex Hill, Will Compton.


Alex Hill


Walker Mates

Andrew Orosz, Chris MacArthur. Ryan Ruddock, Fraser Bliss, Walker Mates

Varsity Soccer Back: Blair Southworth, Corinne Cline, Bridget Gilroy, Trilbey Smith, Sarah Cottrill, Lisa Mullan. Middle: Karl Methven, Erin Clayton, Pinky Fifield, Trenny Smith, Linsley Truesdale, Eliza Perry, Patty Dansereau, Story Southworth. Vika Mykolenko Lindsey Allenby. Front: Glenna Ledoux, Maggie Shine, Addie Fisher, Emily White, Court Summers, Hannah Frantz, Ashley Ward Captains: Trenny Smith, Pinky Fifield.





Vika Mykolenko

Erin Clayton

Trenny Smith

Pinky Fifield

Vika Mykolenko

Linsley Truesdale, Blair Southworth


Field Hockey Standing: Kathy Noble, Niki Fernandez, Sarah Frick, Annie Weisburg, Christina Pagano, Taylre O'Byrne, Mel Spears, Kate Minister, Stephanie Pascual, Anne O'Byrne, Lynne Kenney. Kneeling: Molly Prudden, Chelsea Stevens, M a c Poirier, Hillary Creed, Lisa Fishman, Courtney O'Brien. Captains: Hillary Creed, McKenzie Poirier

Mel Spears


Niki Fernandez

Taylre O'Byrne

Football Back: Sam Peele, Paul Jeppesen, Chris Blueggel, Tucker Danell, Tyler Swertfager, Spencer Wood, Bobby Veasey, Zach Frumkin, Alex Smith, Connor Salema, Mark Woo. Middle: Ray Kershaw, Chuck Reid, Charles Bryson, Steve Sample, Tom SlowtherMiner, Will Lasher, Josh Bennett, Will Trask, Greg Duperey, Haakon Oyen, Andrew Mason, Charlie Willauer, Taylor Beasley, Josh Kershaw, James Cormier, Ray Beach, Chris Ruez, Orlando Aponte, Eric Moores, Sam Zamkow, Amir Tarif, Matt Williams, Griffin Carew, Simon McNamee, Chad Hemingway. Front: Mike Hemingway, Jori Rice, Nate Fifer, Josh Mays, Harris Williams, Brooks Whitehouse, Ryan Holt, Gardner Kelley, Martin Aguilar, Aaron Thomas, Gregor Makechnie.

Captains: Taylor Beasley, James Cormier, Hunte Carman, Josh Kershaw.

JJX~? ^&&i*. &l

Josh Mays, Taylor Beasley

Raymon Beach


Mountain Biking Mountain Biking Joe Vercellotti. Spencer Corkran, Josh McPhee, Josh Norris, Cody Sienkiewicz, Tuckerman Ferris, Mike Ansara, Robert Simpson, George Dyment, Nick Mugglestone, Taylor Warden, Chris Dale, Jeremy Gardner, Geordie Sousa, Nelson Lebo Captain: Robert Simpson

,7 <4 ÂŁjj

f St




Mike Ansara

Josh MacPhee

( -r : -

z Rob Simpson


Tuckerman Ferris

Rob Simpson

Rock Climbing Up the tree: Eli Zaleznik, Sam Payson, Greg Sinnott, Kate Lowell, Kelly Emery. O n the ground: Tim Meehan, Alex Bergsma, George Emeny, Kiersten Wulff, Johnathan Grimmel, Sue Houston, Sue Houston, Tom Morgan, Thomas Jennings

Drama Top: Joey Goulart, Marissa Ray, Olivia Shure, Allegra Zimmerman. Middle: Alex Bergsma, Cameron Lucus, Veronica Dunlop, Laura Figa. Front: Graydon Pleasants, Canon Bucknell, Jessica Lee, Janelle Garcelon, Megan Subsick, Jake Adick, Haley Peters, Michael Littman, Seth Richardson

Drama Tech Top: Terry Stoecker. Middle: Hannah Carlson, Rob Serafin, Sayre Limburg Front: A m a n d a WilLArisa Kim, Caroline Wheeler, Peter Wade, Harry Merck, Shawn Unis

Thirds Soccer Standing: Dave Salathe, Colin Nevins, A d a m Bloomstone, Niels Davis, Calder Pegdan, Reed von Gal, Henry Palmer, Andrew Friedman, Clark Wallach, Andrew Landers, Garrett Pierce. Seated: Will Whipple, Will Henriques, Scott Cohen, Ian O'Connor, Mansfield Middleton, Henry Smith, Charles Raymond, Connor Herlitz, Ebby Gerry, Drew Freedberg, Evan Gaskin Captains: Charles Raymond, Andrew Landers

JV Girls' Soccer Standing: Sarah Whitehead, Mike Curtis, Kristen Turpin, Madison Koenig, Kerstin Middleton, Morgan Prudden, Simon Songue, Piper Tompkins, Lily Munsin, Lauren Matthews, Chelsea Ogwuru, Sophie Viandier, Zoe Von Zweck, Felisa Jimenez, Meredith Cline, Morgan Saunders, Lucy Nystrom, Jazz Isbester, Bev Berton. Kneeling: Maddie Schiess, Caleigh Erickson, Julia Starkey, Brit Dawber, Kali Stevens, Caroline Pond, Cate St.Clair, Ali Jacobs, Monica Kaplan Captains: Kali Stevens, Morgan Saunders



Eric Viandier, Lia Arnzen, Chris Holinger, Rob Baxter, Noah Dow, Wilson Berrry, Molly Barash, Pete Arnold, Ethan Black, D J Blanchflower

Community Service Back: Alan Mclntyre, Teddy Suehsdorf. Front: Charlie Stern, Zach Frish, Alyssa Walker, Connor Toomey, Danny Allen

JV Field Hockey Standing: Kate Smith, Lindsay Hoar, Abbie Webb, Hannah Johnson, Megan Phippen, Bridget Daly, Dayton Slye, Maddie Cryan, Trish Austin. Kneeling: Jennifer Galligan, Annie Durkin, Angelica Pascual, Katie Lehmann, Paulina Jaime, Maggie Hull, Francesca H o w e


Captains: Annie Durkin, Jennifer Galligan


Woods Team Ethan Argov, Alexander Milley, Matt MacKenzie, Greg Allen, Dave Pilla, Dave Cox, Dave Kaplan, Connor Systrom, Dylan Evans, Rachel O'Hara

.. _

",'. ,.ia*,'-'1,:'''/.\': •'. ••J-lX; '-.~Z:f>- ,:ir Z_

Riding Taylor Franchi, E m m a Jones. Kate Homan, Allison Mitchell, Miso Park.

Dance Back: Kyle Tremblay, Grace Beah, Johnna Fieldman, Sophie Florian, Jillian Sinnott. Middle: Teagan Morin, Sang Yoon, Kelsey Hughes, Irene Gutierrez. Front: Hannah Goodnow, Teandra Clark, Serena DeGreaffenreidte, Becca Freyman-Bucchieri.


Pin Room Jake Johnson, Jaguar Sasmito, Kat Copeland, Haley Gerber

Yearbook Dennis Silvio, Matt Robertson, Jack McKew, Ian Putnam, Ryan Bishop, Bryan Bott

Technoids Standing: Anna Hanlon, Katie Holmes, Madde Fan Sitting: Paddy Stratton




"ir; „73*< #





• - ,

<v: «fr





*; y.-

ft J^*'J*.M'Âąyi^%jtfL Geordie Sousa, Lucy MacNaught, Brooks Bicknell, Alex Duane, Chris Hague Michele Koenig

Kyle Tremblay, Orlando Aponte

Hays Prize Speaking finalists Rob Serafin, Caroline Wheeler, Neils Davis, Sarah Cottrell Madison Koenig, Will Whipple (first place], Orlando Apponte (second place], Dayton Slye, Saam Aiken (first place]



Marissa Ray, Kat Copeland, Irene Gutierrez, Olivia Shure. Madde Fan. Kristen Turpin

!T >1J

B^ v

Marissa Ray, Kristen Turpin, M a d d e Fan, Irene Gutierrez, Hunter Carman, Lia Arnzen. Kat Copeland, Charlie Willauer, Olivia Shure, Britt Plante


Hunter Carman (left)

Lia Arnzen


Jaguar Sasmito, Corrine Cline, Judith Rice

Paddy Stratton, Noah D o w

Jazz Isbester, Noah D o w


Mountain Classroom

Kayden Will, Tim Meehan, Andrew Orosz, Felisa Jimenez, Ben Rulli, Adam Patridge


Tim Meehan

Winter Play: Our Town

Graydon Pleasants Haley Peters

Nancy Schoeller

Kelsey Hughes, Graydon Pleasants Terry Stoecker, Sophie Viandier, Graydon


. "':'^BM


B \ ^^

£ 1 5 t-Wft'



WMY'' JE '"


Caroline Pond, Nancy Schoeller. Cameron Lucas, Johnathan Grimmel, Terry Director: Morgan Saunders Stoecker, Scott Cohen, Dave Pilla, Megan Subsick, Sam Payson, Rachel O'Hara

Ell Zaleznik, John M c N a m e e , Graydon Pleasants, S a m Payson

Winter Carnival

Henry Smith

Johnny Sowles

M a x Ettenborough

^91 W<&'


m\ ~~


• ")*'* 1 | V^.



^^T /

lan O'Connor, Grace Beah, Molly Prudden, Teandra Clarke 116

Orlando Aponte


Cross Country Ross Young. Sophie Viandier, Jackson Bicknell, Meredith Cline. David Murphy, Emma Jones, Caroline Pond, Ripley Harrington, Erik Cole-Johnson

E m m a Jones Murphy

Ripley Harrington

Eastern Skiing Alex Bertrand, Geordie Sousa, Geoff Bonewald, John Arnold, Will Humphrey, Will Willsea, Sarah Cottrill, Katie Lehmann, Mansfield Middleton, Kerstin Middleton, Bridget Gilroy, Erin Daigle, Robert Baxter, Hillary Creed, Peter Arnold, Will Henriques, Tyler McKenzie, Louis Morin, Ben Berton, Tuckerman Ferris, Fraser Bliss, Andrew Osarczuk

Erin Daigle

Geordie Sousa

Sarah Cottrill

Will Humphrey

Bridget Gilroy

Varsity Boys' Hockey !f > A?A^'? trs

Back: Zachary Frish, Nick Libby, Mike Walsh, Jon Felteau, Danny Allen, Dennis Silvio, Ryan Ruddock, Matt Robertson, Connor Toomey, Will Compton, Jack McKew, Ebby Gerry, Mike Curtis. Front: Reilly, Walsh, Conor Systrom, Andrew Mason, Shawn Unis, Robbie Little, Chris MacArthur, Charles Stern, Al Milley, Rob Simpson Captains: Al Milley, Robbie Little, Dennis Silvio


Robbie Little

Al Milley. Rob Simpson 120

Shawn Unis

Matt Robertson

Andrew Mason

Ryan Ruddock

Varsity Girls' Hockey Standing: Dougo Houston, Elyse Duperey, Christina Pagano, Caitlin Miller, Linsley Truesdale, Lisa Mullan, McKenzie Poirier, Emily White, Courtney O'Brien, Christina Dotchin, Annie O'Byrne. Kneeling: Mel Spears, Emily Byrd, Nikki Fernandez, Brit Dawber, Trilbey Smith. Chelsea Stevens Captains: Christina Pagano, Chelsea Stevens

Mckenzie Poirier

Emily White

Varsity Boys' Basketball Gregor Makechnie, Orlando Aponte, 3en Bertoldus, Taylor Beasley, Nick Aiken, Amir Tarif, Matt Williams, Marko Radovic, Travis Curley, James Cormier, Zandy Bard, Scott Allenby Captains: James Cormier, Matt Williams

Amir Tarif


Ben Bartoldus

Marko Radovic

Varsity Girls' Basketball M e g a n Hardie, Stephanie Pascual, Angelica Pascual, Kaitlin Fifield, Eliza Perry, Kate Minister, Patty Dansereau, Kayla Dansereau, Joanna de Pena Captains: Kaitlin Fifield, Joanna dePeha

L Kate Minister

Angelica Pascual

Angelica Pascual, Kaitlin Fifield


Freestyle Skiing Standing: Sabrina Stedman, Niels Davis, Bobby Veasey, Spencer Wood, Andrew Cantella, David Cox, Calder Pegden, Ethan Black, Thayer Maclay, Ben Herman, Gardner Kelley, Spencer Harkins, Ryan Holt, Canon Brownell, Kneeling: Hannah Frantz, Maggie Shine, Abbie Webb, Garrett Pierce, Courtney Summers, Taylor Berns, Trenny Smith, Sooki Vercellotti, Johnny Sowles

â&#x20AC;˘ *ymm>k*i>i

Andrew Cantella

Niels Davis

Johnny Sowles, Spencer Harkins

Competitive Snowboarding

Top: Martin Aguilar, Lizey Loehr, Max Ettenborou Greg Moores, Kate Homan, Chris Ruez, Lucy Nystrom, Ashley Ward, Eric Moores, Danny Loehr, Annie Wagner, Tyler Reardon, Henry Palmer, Matt Lohan. Middle: Duncan Sullivan, T o m m y Slothower-Miner, Justine Hewitt, Kali Stevens, Hannah Goodnow, Molly Barash, Walker Males. Front: Alyssa Walker, Walker Doubleday, John Logan Dave Kenney, Jim Cox

Danny Loehr


Tyler Reardon

Eric Moores

Greg Moores

Alpine Skiing Standing: Josh Norris, Chris Dale Riggs Raymond, Wilson Berry, Evan Gaskin Dylan Evans, Spencer Schwenk, Chris Blueggel Will Trask, Jori Rice, Spencer Corkran Peter Wade, Bev Berton. Kneeling: Peter W a d e Frances Deamer-Phillips, Madison Koenig Rosie Sullivan, Rachel O'Hara, DJ Blanchflower, Sam Zankow


Jori Rice

Madison Koenig


Dylan Evans

Rachel O'Hara

Rosie Sullivan

Wilson Berry

Children's Theatre Standing: Kris Johnson, Madi Cryan, Ian O'Connor, Janelle Garcelon, Michael Littman, Kelsey Hughes, Megan Subsick, Morgan Saunders, Kyle Tremblay. Kneeling: Terry Stoecker, Haley Peters, Cameron Lucas, Jessy Lee, Francesca Howe, Eli Zaleznik.

Back: Haley Peters, Hannah Johnson, Eli Zaleznik, Kelsey Kelsey Hughes, Eli Zaleznik Hughes, Cameron Lucas, Madi Cryan, Francesca Howe. Kneeling: Janelle Garcelon, Megan Subsick, Lindsay Webster, Ian O'Connor

Megan Subsick

JV Hockey

Standing: Alex Cloud-Russell, ' ylor Warden, Elliott Hays-Wehle, Tucker Danell. 1 i Hallock, Josh McPhet Kneeling: Josh Kershaw, Mark W o o , Alex Bergsma, Clark Wallach, C a m Webster, Andrew Freedberg. Captains: Drew Freedberg, Josh Kershaw, Chubbs Bryson (not pictured]

Ski Jumping

S ^

f 0

Tim Norris, Tucker Pearson, Ethan Black, Mike Ansara, Will Henriques


JV Basketball

Standing: Mark Tremblay, David Cho, Oliver Munsill, Hunter Fifield, Jeremy Niles, Malcom Gardner, Griffin Carew. Wilson Land, Will Cudahy, Ben Rulli. Kneeling: Teddy Suehdorf, Alex Ronn, John Howard, Aaron Thomas, Derric Tankersley. Captain: Hunter Fifield



^ Ski Patrol

ck u Back: Sam Zamkow, Graydon Pleasants, Sam Peele, \A Larry Ballin, John M c N a m e e , Mike Ansara. ,p,t. Front: Leah Croteau, Will Whipple, Johnna Fieldman skin, [â&#x20AC;˘

Intermediate Snowboarding

Standing: Andrew Friedman, Hugh Shackleton, Tyler Swartfager, Lauren Knollmeyer, Ethan Argov, Zach Dwyer, Becca O'Connor, Erik Major, Annie MacKenzie, Rob Serafin, Ted Mastin, Alison Brown, Sam Johnson, Connor Herlitz. Front: Jillian Sinnott, Hannah Carlson, Piper Tompkins, Julia Starkey, Ashley Ward

rfBand/Recording g ttft-

Standing: Seth Richardson, Bill Wightman, Sam Payson, Thomas Jennings, Colin Nevins. Sitting: Kiersten Wulff, Arisa Kim, Deven Lovejoy


Beginner Snowboard

Monica Kaplan, Emily Mitchell, Kayla Johnson, Veronica Dunlop, Paulina Jaime, Sarah Logan, Sophie Florian, Teagan Morin. Front: Lisa Fishman, Molly Flam

JsX ~~*z,.^

Ceramics Back: Story Southworth, Kenny Lee, Alex Hill, Addie Fisher. Front: Patrice Martin, Allison Jacob, Megan Phippen, Morgan Prudden, Maggie Hull, Kayleigh Lutz, Lizzie Hunt

Pin Room Jake Johnson, Ellie Morley, Jess Hamilton, Nate Fifet, PaulJeppeson


JV Basketball Standing: Trish Austin, Dayton Slye, Chelsea Ogruwu, Bridget Daly, Lily Munsill, Rosie Loring, Simone Songue, Grace Beah, Serena DeGreaffenreidte, Haley Gerber, Lindsey Allenby. Kneeling: Miso Park, Caleigh Erickson, A m a n d a Will, Jenny Galligan, Alice Daly, Crystal Williams, Teandra Clarke, Lindsay Hoar

Captains: Crystal Williams, Alice Daly, Jenny Galll

Yoga Becca Freyman-Bucchieri, Taylor Franchi, Kristen Nesbitt, Sarah Frick, Zoe Von Zweck






(Jig. /J+u&auLeA.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!! Robert, Always maintain your drive and determination for the things you love and want in life. You Have Always M a d e Us Proud!

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell

&o*tynatcdatco*i<i to- t&e

&Ui& <tj 200% 132

Love Always, M o m , Dad, & Brett

Congratulations Pete, eLove You! -Mom, Dad, John and Bobcat

Tofindwhat you seek in the road of life, LLT ^ e kesl: proverb of all is that which says:

Leave no stone unturned." -Edward Bulwer Lvtton

Marissa, ongratulations! W e are so very proud, or you. It seems like yesterday we held you in our arms and wished the world ror you. N o w is the time to take the next step in lire s journey with the knowledge you ve gained. G o with an open mind hut hold onto your values and rememher that we are always here ror you.

With Love, M o m , Dad, and Mil? i?e

CHw#Âť >

J9r Waif to jo, Lia! Love, Mom, Dad, Emme, Jennie & Ross 134

CONGRATULATIONS IAN AND THE CLASS OF 2008! "Walk towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you" — WaltWhiman




At>opt the p^ce of nature: her secret is patience. R.W. Emeri

J The journey of A iUous*r\i> miles begtvis with one step




Ethan W c love \\ou bvmcVtes! M o w AMb D A O M A W A AMD PAPA NAMA AMb BwcV All Xiour AWMts, wncJcs. AMb cousins m Connecticut AMb RJiobc ISIAMO

T w o rOAbs btvcrgcb m A woob. AMb I1 took tne otic less trAvckb bw,. A M b tJlAt VlAS m A b e All the btiffcrCMCC Robert Frost


R e m e m b e r what is most important It's not having everything go right, It's facing whatever goes wrong. It's not being without fear, It's having the determination ^ to go on in spite of it. Remember every day ends and brings a n e w tomorrow full of exciting things. Love what you do, D o the best you can, A n d always remember h o w m u c h you are loved. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Vickie Worsham

We are so proud of our Queen Bee Love, M u m m y and Dad


We\come to Colorado's Besi ÂŤ^\Hvq;sity Experience


In your o w n inimitable style...

always with a good friend,

and ready for a new adventure.

You've done a great job! W e all love you a lot!

M o m , Dad, Ashley, Coco, Danny, Suki & Oliver 138

Hillary 2 0 0 8


. , , „ , .„ Mom, Dad, Haley, Chris, Debbie, Matt, W e see things and ask, why? . u ., J „ ., v . n n b 3 Courtney, Heather, Emily, Kate, Grace, You dream things and ask,"why not?" Chris, Jenn and baby LoLo TTT xl

You go girl! "We all love you!"


M y Wish I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow, And each road leads you where you want to go, And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you. And if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window, If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile. But more than anything, more than anything, M y wish, for you, is that this life becomes all you want it to, Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, You never need to carry more than you can hold. And while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you know that somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is m y wish. I hope you never look back, but ya never forget, All the ones w h o love you, in the place you left, I hope you always forgive, and you never regret, And you help somebody every chance you get. Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake, And you always give more than you take. But more than anything, yeah, and more than anything. M y wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to. Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small. You never need to carry more than you can hold, And while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you k n o w that somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is m y wish. This is m y wish I hope you know that somebody loves you M a y all your dreams stay big â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Rascal Flats

W e love you, M o m , Dad & Jessica

Our wish for you, Brooks Is that your life becomes all that You want it to be... Your dreams stay big, your Worries stay small... Show the world the warmth of your smile, Always give more than you take... And always know somebody loves you... Mom, Gordon, Tim, Henry


* 15 f s Fragile and floating the days of cur youth— sarrbastles built vpxi smiles, hugs, laughter and tears.

Hi •;




Eriarte are angels heart skipping access cur lives, lighting cur jcurn^ through tre^ears.


Jack, iou are blessed to have shared your journey with such a acQcrfal cast of frierrfe— cried with than, laughed with than, struggled and succeeded with than. Tte/ have filler! your irarory box with treasures to

Oa^nabLilHtiaTS to the Class cf 20081 141


Proctor Community!

Congratulations Hannah' 111 Love, M o m , Dad, Hilary and Jonathan!

Life gets better every day. It is largely a result of a firm commitment to make it so. Joy is there for the taking. Take joy! Tasha Tudor



Believe in yourselt D o what you love Inspire others

r Al/11J

Take chances Lherish ramily and rreinds

(VlfKrvd-altOllS, 1 &Uk-\

Nourish your kind and passionate soul W e are blessed to have you in our lives. M' ^*T 1 X_<vr\, Gi^sfail ÂŤw J Giwi/i/ With much love, M o m and Dad 142

â&#x20AC;˘*>*" "

w a y to stay focused, Harry!

Congratulations! We are so proud of you. Love from, M o m , Peter, Willy, Sam, Peter, Polly, Tom and Nellie

See you at

Andover â&#x20AC;˘ N e w London Newbury â&#x20AC;˘ Lebanon 143

Jessica, You have been ajoy since birth. You have grown. The further growth is something we all can't wait to: So now it'syour turn to head out,yes...out there were dreams come true... DREAM BELIEVE Because we believe in you. We loveyou, Mom, Nat, Charlie, Charlotte and Steve


Zach, you always stand out in a crowd! Congratulations, you m a d e it! Love, Mom, Dad and Jessica


Congratulations and a safe and nappy lije! XOXO,

Alta and Dad




^joni, Z?LK AIAA "JAIU

The Height of Your Achievement Will Equal the Depth of Your Conviction 146

$f TAP*

PtlAtnrVhL^ ^ L L U j j ^HlLtj ) T E F F )

3| Vk^GUzZ ^/ZZUz^tz^



axA axiL

3|SSA^ A^K^A^ K ^ 3 'i^i^^D 32








i^E /kt /kcS & ^A>^V'. \joe L O V E u)oM,oTe^ iH A"ldKs


K \ & L t ^ jfl-MfiiJ'W> ffltf


Congratulations, R o b !

4 <3 "l^ebecca l_yp T K e avv\az\v\Q advenlure continues TTKank you fof all tt\e OM

3 ° Y V / Jstia, and your friends Kave ska red.. S?^?, M o '

Dad, Ziggy, "Tigged, Rosie, Bootsie and All

C W FRJ^AJDS Vippee And


<3 <3 «

Are advisee for all seasons

EMen: tyou have Been thete fox me dince my fvcat day tax, Coving and duppoxtiny me. 1£au have helpe aceamptish moxe than 3 earn imagined paaiSie. taught me ta how to twin my. thought* info wwds, when thing* get tough, and dtnite when ati 3 wa id fxoum.!Jhe one thing, yxm nevex taught me id h gaedayefodomeone 3 love, ia 3 wilt not. My qu ina ii not a gwdfrye, But instead the Beginning chapter in owe life-Long, ftiendship. £oue, 3iate

"When you leave here, don'tforget why you ca

-Adlai Stevenson

Congratulations Corinne... and the Class of 2008! With much love...Mum, Dad & Meredith


m '

A-"AC "--4jir'




Vr £ ^r^ 5<? proud of you and your accomplishments! Love Mom, Dad, and Chris




A S^SjWBBlj l,j.-,-l




¥ **• ft*



r \

Jo oweffia&tyQitl, 9*inky,! We axe so pwoud of you! She Wwdd is a hette* place, with you in it. Just xemem&ex, tDoxie's infamous WWlds... "Just keep swimming,, just keep swimming"



£aite you Sla&y, Jiemma <£ $)t

h - yw


Congratulations Christina! W e are so proud of you. Love, M o m , Dad & Anthony

'Believe yon can and yon 're halfway there. -Theodore Roosevelt

ERIN Words can't express how blessed we are to have a daughter like you. Your confidence, poise, and qyace ave gifts that will serve you well throughout your life. W e love you so very much!! Dad, M o m & Ryan / can do everything through Him who gives me strength." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Philippians 4:13


"Twenty years from n o w you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did do.

So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Mark Twain

John McNamee Born in New York. Raised in Spain, Belgium, Singapore, Texas and California. Discovered a home at Proctor. We are so proud of you; our congratulations and love travel with you always. Dad, M o m , & Bailey


Nicky we're so proud of how far you've come!

Best wishes to you and all the Proctor grads with your future endeavors with love from Mom, Dad, Mike & Joey


Congratulations, Zach! W e are so proud of the young m a n you have become. Believe in yourself; w e do! Love, Mom, Dad, Kim, Jackie & Chewy


"You're not the boss of me!"

True, but we love you just the way you are!



Love and hugs, Papacito and Mahmoo life insurance plans

A life insurance trusts

estate/trust planning

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retirement plans

/ \ deferred compensation plans

group insurance plans

employee benefit consultants key-man insurance plans

S U M N E R RULON-MILLER III '57 1211 Park Avenue New York, New York 10128 Tel: 212-831 -7987 FAX: 212-831 -7994 executive financial planning


Frances, Can there possibly be a more extraordinary girl? We love you, M o m and Dad

Frances, My little sister and m y best friend Congratulations! Love, C a m


Charlie — you are one of a kind and that is w h y w e love you! CONGRATULATIONS on your success at Proctor! And this is just the beginning. W h e n you think back on your four years here — w e hope you feel you've had the time of your life. You are the best son and brother anyone could ever have! Love, Dad & Mom, Cory and Peterman

The definition of success: to laugh much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affections of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal false friends; to appreciate bea to find the best in others; to giv one's self; to leave the world a little better, whether by a heal child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm, and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived — this is to have succeeded. — Ralph Waldo Emerson




Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth

And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet, knowing way leads onto way I doubted if I should ever come back

And took the other as just as fair And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear Though as for that, the passing there Had worn them really about the same

1 shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two wads diverged in a wood And I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference — Robert Frost


QxmjgHattd4xtien^ OlvL


Mom, %)ad Matt <£ Qnantp

0UM, 04 200? Inland Underwriters Insurance Agency Park Plaza 85 Manchester Street Post Office Box 2456 Concord, N H 03301

CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN W e are so proud of you! Love, Dad, M o m & Chris


Health, Happiness, Community, Success and Love...

C o«*g



JORI Mazel Tov!

^ * *>b Well Po1^ All our love, Mom and Dad


CONGRATULATIONS KIERSTEN Every day lias been a gfirt.

Love, M o m & Dad

W e Love You So Much. Mom, Dad & Vienna

Congratulations Cole!

Keep the wind in your sail!


Alex, shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

5/7 Congratulations! W e are very proud of you.


"On lire's vast ocean diversely we sail, Reason the card, tut passion is the gale. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Alexander Pope

Christopher...ta-da! We love you - Mom and -SS ^ÂŁ/%A

H^SS ......



^ i

i-y ;.—


Much iaue, Mama, {Papa, 3<jlot S. £awia

Qangxatuiatious ta owe sweet and compassionate dauahtw. We ioxse you and one so vety, pwud of, you. Matte faith in yxtweseifi.



Three cheers for the Proctor graduates from all of us at Bluewater Farm!

"BlueMtw ^ w Lakeside Lodge & Cottages

Bluewater Farm Lakeside Lodge & Cottages Year round lodge and seasonal cottages all on the shore of Bradley Lake in Andover, N e w Hampshire. A special place for reunions, retreats and large gatherings of any kind. P O Box 5 Andover, N H 03216 603.735.5159 Happily owned and operated by Deb Brower and her team

Congratulations, Chelsea

Congratulations Coco W e are so proud or you!

xoxo Lots or love, M o m , Dad, Catharine, Lindsay & Kelsey

To a wonderful daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece, friend, student athlete and all-around girl. Well done! With m u c h love and pride from your family

2008 Green Lantern  

Proctor Academy's 2008 yearbook in digital form.

2008 Green Lantern  

Proctor Academy's 2008 yearbook in digital form.