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The Class of 2002 dedicates the Green Lantern to

"For some of you, the best time of day is on the soccer or football field. For others, it's being in the woods with the log splitter, on the stage, or in the studio. I only truly feel alive when I'm involved with SATs."

Tim Norris W h o inspires and entertains us in his m a n y roles: husband & father, teacher & college counselor, coach for all ages and abilities, raconteur & friend





2002 Green Lantern Staff Fall Editors Jarrett Enck Mariann Monteiro

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Fall Staff Back: Jason Babson, Ian Prichett Front: Jarrett Enck, Kate Howe, Mariann Monteiro, Marley Godwin

Editor (and computer guru) Matt Hayes keeps an eye on colleagues Abby Marsh, Tahanee Dunn and Camille Hankey as they lay out a page.

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Andrew Previdi gets a quick massage from Tahanee Dunn. Marley looks on enviously!

j a s o n Robinson takes a break


Four Year Seniors

Top: Mariann Monteiro, Nick Wilkins, Jon Stoddard, Garrett Thompson, Jed Prescott, J.O. Vernon. Second R o w : Andrew Barban, Leah Jampel, Kayla Hartwell, Sarah Williams, Trey Faccone, Penny Currier, Rebecca Barban, G w e n n Fairall, Tessa Sylvain. Third R o w : Michelle Shaver, Kelly Ryan, Nissa Fowler, Juliet Totten, Justus Zimmerman, Nancy Heyl, Karen Paquette, Amanda Gross, Jarrett Enck. Front: Marcos Lopez, Matt Swan, Jose Hernandez. Not pictured: Merlin Backus, George Bordash, Brad Cabot, Chris Cloutier, Maya Fulton, Ben Hoglund, Jack Jenkins, Pete Johnson, Stevie Martinez, Nate McMurtrie, Ian Prichett, Leila Volinsky, Colleen Watson, Carter Wesdund.

Justin Rathbone, Gavin Kalan, Nick Wilkins, Marcos Lopez, Matt Swan, Trey Faccone, Derrick Harris, Glenn Robichaud, Jose Hernandez, A d a m Gervais, Matt Hedrick

Jason Babson

T o m Robinson, Merideth Leoni, Moriah Cowles, Will Negley, Nate McMurtrie, Eliot Ayers

Jose Hernandez

M o m & Dad: Thanks for all you've done for m e over the past 4 years. Courtney: It's been I 4 long years and here I am back where you were 5 years ago; hard to believe huh? thanks for being the greatest brother no one could take your place in m y life I love you and am greatful for everything you have ever done for me. Family: I love you thanks for always being extremely supportive when I needed you to be. I love You Brenda: It's been great! Between yearbook, the advisee group, and being your daughter you have been someone who has influenced m e a great deal thanks for everythirg! Godwin Family: Thanks for welcoming m e into your home with an open heart and open arms. Giles: Your forever in my heart, mind, and prayers. Zecha: W h a t were you talking about? Are you still right? Jon S: I love you! =o) Jim & Lynn: If it ween't for you I don't know where I d be right now. Thanks! A m y M.: Thanks for always being there if I need to chat KIT! Nick: You and I, we did it 4 years. Anna: Last but not least. I'll miss you and I'll keep in touch tell those kids of yours to stop breaking bones; it's unhealthy. LoL! Proctor: It's been interesting. Everyone I forgot: SORRY! ='o( RIP September 19,1983 - September 16,2001

Mariann Cathryn Monteiro





Kimberly Barrett "WHEN WE LOOK AT A STATUE OF SOMEONE GREAT we think they've got something we don't. W e are trained to think that only a tiny percentage of us have the stuff it takes to be a hero. Not m a n y of us will cure any diseases or slay any dragons, but every but every single one of us, EVERY SINGLE O N E O F US, is called to be a king, a queen, a hero in our ordinary lives. W e don't build statues to worship to exceptional life, w e build them to remind ourselves what is possible in our own." "Time removes the bruises. The jersey removes the sweat. Thank you Mom, Dad, Dabs. I love you.

m »•'




Matt Hedrick


Serving the North Shore for over 25 years 922-9075 Nick Wilkins





i "H





"*" '

Andrew Previdi


^ ^ -- ~~.~~mm*mmWm\



Nate McMurtrie ?^^fcv I can't believe the past four years have gone by as fast as they have. Where to start? Well. I want to thank m y parents for making all of the sacrifices that they've made so that I could come here. I didn't by any means always like being here but I really feel lucky that I have had the chance that many other people never get. M o m , Rob, and Dad, thank you so much. I have learned and grown up so m u c h in the past four years, and I can't thank you enough. Shout outs: Moriah: This past fall was most definitely the best 9 weeks of m y life and you were a huge part of that. You're a special person and I hope that our relationship does not end on June first. Ian: we've been through a lot together, man. Thanks for being a good friend to m e and I hope w e keep in touch. Laurie Z: you've always been there for m e w h e n I needed you and for that I a m greatly in debt to you. Thanks for keeping m e sane for the past four years. Dave. Morgan: you guys have been like second parents to m e , thank you for always looking out for m e . Wyatt, Chris, Frenchy, Brad and the rest of Rulon: W e had a fun year, guys; it was definitely m y best dorm yet. Summerfield oo.ol: Remember Oct. 9, it was along night. And to the rest of m y friends at Proctor, thanks a lot. Later.-NDB


Eliot Ayres

I .1 T l Cl S f ^ V

Fear less, hope more; whine less, breaihe more; lalk less, say more; hale less; love more and ali good things are yours. — S w e d i s h Proverb

j M - U L I T T C Proctor, all the thanks in the world could never express h o w greatful I a m for the past two years. Take care. To m y sisters, Well it looks as though it has only just begun. A lot has changed these past three years and I a m proud of you both. Thanks for being there for m e always. I love you. M o m , I could write pages. You'll never k n o w h o w m u c h I appreciate everything you have done for m e . It wouldn't have been possible without your support. I admire your strength and courage. I couldn't have asked for more. I love you. Dad, our relationship is an ever-changing one. I a m doing m y best to keep you on your toes. I a m sure the next few years will be jfjffjfilB&i £ ^ some of the greatest. Love you. Old M a n (Dave), Well, what can I say? I a m so glad ^ft mmWWw you havi becomt part of oui lives, pari of our family. I could never repay all you j ^ ^ j^H have done for m e . Love you like a dad. Ribbitt.,.Ribbitt. Gram, you're amazing. \ymm^/'m^m^m^m^m%j^9^m Without you I'd be lost in an airport somew here Thanks so m u c h for ever) thing 'jjk. -A 'mWm^^ you have done for m e these past 1 7 years. I k n o w I haven't been the easiest character to deal with. Miller, your such a W A N K E R ! I love you girl, don't ever change. Your a true friend and for that I will always be in debt. Take care of yourself and keep your head up. Craig, you're a best friend and a hell of an accomplice. You have W e all lake different paths in life, bul no matter no idea h o w m u c h the past three years have meant to me.I Love ya. Julie, you where we go, we take a little oicach other everywhere — Tim Mceraw have always been an open ear. I appreciate you listening to m e ramble on about life more than you'll ever know. The D A M N C A N A D I A N , what in the world can I say to a spirit like you. eh? You have been like a piece of h o m e these past two years. Always a smile and a laugh. I had better see you up north sometime soon. Anway, I had better go, I have homework to do. (CODY!). Karen, Ohhh.hh.hhh God. Thanks for the laughs and don't ever change. Good luck with the French man. Mel, you're the coolest. I a m going to miss your sarcastic wit. Good luck Buddy and take care. Katy Orr, PA'01. your words of wisdom are not forgotten. I hope you are doing well. Avery. I admire your personality, take it with you wherever you go. I hope SKIING ( N O T H O C K E Y ) was awesome. M e g a n Manning, It's a great day to be alive. It's all about the mullet man. Take care. Lauxdy. G'day poopy stinky, I a m glad I got to k n o w you. Best of luck chick. You rock. Elsie, don't you just love the name Gretchin? I'll be keeping a look out for your identity. Take care. Macgregor, Your insane. Just behave yourself O.K.? Sutton, Don't ever stop singing. Matchem, you make m e proud to be Canadian! "BURGERS!! ".what's the deal with this munchkin nonsense? It's Timbits all the way. Keep skating. Alison, an advisor, a coach and above all a friend. Thank you for everything. If I could reach up and hold a siar for (very time you mode m e smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of m y hand — Anon


Peter Johnson I would like to thank m y parents for giving m e such a wonderful opportunity to attend Proctor Academy. I'd also like to thank the outstanding teachers of Proctor for teaching m e over the past four years. I especially would like to thank John Schoeller for his guidance in helping m e over the past four years. I would like to thank the school for giving m e the opportunity to travel and study abroad in Spain. W h a t can I's been a fun four years and I'm glad it's over.

Chris Cloutier Dad, M o m , and Tanja: Thank you for giving m e the oppu.rtu.nity to m a k e something of myself. I will never be able to repay you for what you have given m e Gregor: Thank you for being there for m e over the past four years. Y o u gave m e the oppurtuniiy to be a part of something that I value very high in m y heart. I wouldn't change anything about it. Y o u are a true basketball mind. Y o u could go far if you use the greatness inside of you. You have everything figured out and you are an inspiration to m e . Y o u are a true role model

Brandon, Marty, and D o n n y : Y o u are m y

brothers from Other

mothers. W e have had great memories over the years and I hope to have m a n y more. W e will all go our seperate ways, but in m y eyes w e will always be brothers. Stevie: I a m going to miss you so m u c h next year. Y o u were a breath of fresh air every day that w a s bad. Y o u are one strange individual. I have valued the time that w e have been able to spend with you. I hope that you will always keep in touch. G o o d Luck. Shep: Y o u are m y best friend at Proctor. I only got to spend t w o years with you but they were a blast. I wish you had of c o m e to this place the same year. Ethan Lavoie's jumper is so wet. Y o u are going to be a serious p i m p next year. Y o u are going to have the crazy green light and all the ladies. G o o d Luck. Keep in touch and c o m e visit m e next year. Jose: Y o u and Abby Forever!!! Seriously though, you are the m a n . I will miss you. W e went through this place together. W e have a lot of memories, like suffocating Figment with a pillow. Keep in touch and good luck next year. Jack: W e started with orientation and w e will end this trip with graduation. It has been fun. Working in the kitchen with your girl Cara. Y o u have the tools to m a k e it big in this ball g a m e , but you need to keep your head in it. Points aren't everything. Coaches like the little things. Keep a solid head o n your shoulders and you can be something. Derrick: Y o u are the nastiest player in N e w England. N o doubt. Don't ever sell yourself short. Jermaine and Rashaad. Please!!! Get serious. Y o u are so m u c h better than them. It just doesn't m a k e sense t o m e . Stick with it, though. Y o u k n o w what it is all about. That is key. Intelligence on the court will bring you places. G o o d Luck and send m e a schedule. Jed: Y o u are quite a character. W e have gone up through the ranks togehter. F r o m JV superstars to Varsity bench warmers. It has been quite a ride. Y o u are the m a n and m a k e sure you keep in touch. Rigo: Y o u are one of the greatest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting Proctor lost a hero w h e n you drove out of that parking lot at one in the morning. I will forever r e m e m b e r you. I have blessed to k n o w you. Always keep in touch. Brenda: T h a n k y o u for everything you and your family have done for m e over the last four years. Y o u have helped m e m o r e than you will ever k n o w . Thanks for the Red Sox games and Superbowl parties. That Mexican dip is killer, Thanks. Ulises: j S C R U B . Y o u are going to be the s h o w next year. Be confident. O h by the w a y h o w is Talia? Mike: R o n Dayne really sucks. I better see you in the W W F

someday. Missy: N o really, h o w was

Kirby? Merlin: If you were a w o m a n w e would be together tonight. George: Mrs. Robinson is trying to seduce m e . Elizette: Watch out for dugouts! Justus and Crystal: Y o u guys are such a cute couple Coach Ec: I don't care what you say. The Red Sox are great. Forget Bucky Dent; it's a n e w era! Camille: Shut U p ! J R o b : See you on SportsCenter! Terrell O w e n s is sick! Myles M :


W h y don't you just talk to her. Y o u arethe next Stevie Martinez.



Jed Prescott M o m & D a d , I can't thank you enough for all you have given m e . you have made m e the young m a n I am today. I love you both. Line and Tracy, thank you for making m y parents so happy, m y highschool years definately would have had avoid without the two of you. Ashleigh, stay strong, you are m y hero and always remember "I'll dress you up in m y love, all over, all over" Carly and Caitlin, I love you. You two are going to be the coolest if you will just stop whining so much, you two will always be motivation for m e to succeed, Trey, what else can I say man, w e made it. W i n g m a n , what a joke. I was hesitant atfirstwhether I could deal with you for eight straight years but I did. nice pink pants, imagine h o w m a n y more friends I would have had if I didn't associate with you, damn. Have a great time at Heath and Lull, don't overfill and always remember to "squish." Jose, m y back still hurts from the jagged rocks but I will get over it given time. I respect you for all of the improvements you have made, keep faith in what you believe and try to stay out rouble. Stevie, you made m y four years complete, breathing disorder, ha, gotcha. Be safe, stay out of trouble and always remember to change your sheets every two weeks. Jack, stop by for dinner some are always welcome, keep balling and keep in touch. Garrett, I will never forget the fall of ZOO 1, captains forever, have fun, be safe and always remember to recycle! Fight for m y gas and electricity, because you k n o w I will need a large amount of it. Clutes, you are the m a n , a stupid man, but the m a n none the less. Keep working and try to stay out of trouble. All m y 2001 champs, you are the greatest accumulation of athletes I have ever been a part of, m a n did I look out of place. I hope all of your dreams come true, keep in touch. Gregor and A m y , you made m y winters miserable, but what an experience. I will never forget you two. Thanks for being there, even though I didn't need you that much. Keep throwing whistles, and running fourth quarter, because other than that your height puts you at a serious disadvantage in the intimidation factor. To all m y w o m e n , some day you will all realize what you missed. You will figure out that you should have at least acknowledged m y existence because it will be your life I will be saving some day. W h o a m I kidding, I was the one that ignored all of you, because w e all k n o w that you were never on m y level (too bad it was the lower level of an underground building).

Trey Faccone


Firstly, I want to thank m y family. M o m , Dad, Dev, Tanya, Nanu, Gramps, Keith,Gary, Pete, Grama, Pupa, Mike, Melinda, Vanessa(GB). I could not be the m a n I a m today without all of your support and undying effort to push m e to be a better person. I want to specially thank m y parents, I could never have made it without you. You all have been awesome; I love you! To my Bro's: JB- Together we're POISON. KUZ-What can I say, good and bad We've done it all. Jedi- Hopefully w e won't see each other at the Gas Station. Chris- Sunapee Bro's are all the matter. Loofa, Rach, Fred(Val) Laura & Becky- You're m y girls. Dev- You can always come to M E for advice.


miss you tappette. STEVIE- You were always pushin me to do my best. I appreciated you more than you'll ever know. Hopefully we stay in touch. JACKGoodthe luckhelp at W & M . Thanks for pushin me in practice and teachin m e to never back 5 years of High School are over. Thank you Dad, Mom, and Dan for all down from people. TYRELL- Yo, you were a cool dude T. Always rappin, always and support and everything you have taught m e in life. Thank you Amber for I being m y big sister and giving me advice. I always listened because you had been happy. I'm gonna miss that. Keep ballin hard and don't forget about this tall white kid. Good luck. SHEP- haha we had some fun man. Crazy times and Gannett. through everything before. Thank you Proctor for a great 2 years. I am grateful Remember that night Shep? I sure do. 2001 NEPSAC Class B Champions. I have for that opportunity. DERRICK- My brother from another mother. 2 years of being never played for a better team. GREGOR- Tlianks for everything, and all of your roomates. I couldn't have asked for a better roomate. Many great memories in guidance. You have been the best coach, on and off the court, I have ever played Gannett and Fowler. All the lingo we invented, haha I am gonna miss you man. for. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am so glad to have found this I hope we stay in touch. Best of luck to you at YSU and and the NBA. FRENCHY I will never forget you man. Susse ma queu. Esti calisse tabarnac. Next door place. To everyone else, you know who you are. Every one of m y friends, you all know if you are my friend or not, so consider this your 1 5 minutes of fame from neighbors in Gannett, all the fun times we had. I love you bro. You are N H L me. I'm gonna miss everyone. I also wanna say whaddup to all my boys and girls bound, never give up. PHIL NAZ- My other French brother. Crazy legs baby Phillis back home. Lata, ACE. And remember, a broken clock is still right 2 times a day. a Wallace calisse de gros cochon. Haha we had some crazy conversations, I'ma

A d a m "Ace" Gervais

Derrick Harris First off. Dad, M o m , Seante, Uncle Ed, you are the best. Without you

to have a female for a best friend!!! I made a lot of friends while I was

guys, I don't k n o w where I would be right now. Gregor, thanks for doing

here, so I don't have enough space to fit all of you guys in here.. Y O U

all that you could to get m e into this school. You have always been there

K N O W W H O Y O U ARE...Steve Wilkins, I can not express h o w m u c h I

4 m e . Practices, boy were they something else! A m y , you were like m y

appreciate you having m e at your school, what would I have done

M o m away from h o m e and I love you for that. Ace, you are m y dog, even

without Proctor? probably been in trouble back h o m e like the rest of m y

though you was scared of "Da Bridge", you were the best roomate

friends. Phil Hackman, all I wanted was a tape job, preventing an injury

possible and I wish w e were going to school together. Stevie, coolest

is better than getting an injury, right??? To all m y peeps, keep in

h u m a n I know, I can't say enough about you. Dred, you k n o w tha deal.

touch(I'm serious). H O L L A A T Y O U R B O Y

Chicks tried to mess up our friendship, but w e R still tight... .Brenda, you k n o w h o w m u c h I love you. Rigo & Traci, I don't k n o w if I would have made it with out you guys here during m y first year. BASKETBALL

Wc didn't lose the game, we just ran out of time. —

Vince Lombardi

B R O T H E R S , N E W E N G L A N D C H A M P S , what an experience, I loved playing with you guys. W o o d y , everybody was spreading roomers about us even though w e were just best friends, I never knew that it was illegal

Playing your heart out would be deadly, just try your best. —

Derrick Harris


Wyatt Cragan

I would like to thank m y parents first of all, for giving m e the support that I needed. All I have to say to everyone is that I really don't have time to write something about everyone, so I am sorry for not saying what's up. Jerome, first of all, you're ugly, and second of all. I don't know h o w I would have gotten through these three years without you. Kleems, Yeah, that's what I said, kleems, you are m y boy, and w e have had some good times no matter where w e were.I'll miss you kid! Bartle, You're a stud. Nate, Chris, Brad, Stevie. and all the rest of m y boys I'll catch up with ya later. Jack, stay chill. I'll catch up with you later. Frenchy, I don't know what to write but I know that I a m movin' to Canada, or your movin' to the States, You're m y dog son. Everyone else, peace out.

Glenn Robichaud Seulonvcut, ensemble on peut. Thank you to Mom, and Dad. Without them 1 don't know where 1 would be, but one thing's for sure, I wouldn't he where 1 a m today. Mark, you hadd on. W e had lots of fun last year, and I hope to have s o m e m o r e in the future. Joe "said n o " Anderson, r e m e m b e r Canada. I will never forget that trip with you, and Mark. Wyatt m y roomie, even though it was always M Y room, you were always welcome. Quoi enfant? T o the Gannet boys F#S%(fl!* hockey!!!!!! Derrick aaaaahhhhhhh Da t Guy. and A d a m W h o ' s Joe's girl, w e had our fun. and A d a m don't forget what I taught you. Corsiglia "the iadies m a n " . D u d e where's Chris??? Villanova, Canada, or whatever m a n , it was a w e s o m e . Stevie do you r e m e m b e r right outside of Rulon-Miller?? Philippe Ch'taime m o n calise. O n a e u d u fun ensemble a rire des anglais. Hey M e o du Gaz on va on vendre en tabarnak. Hey m e o , sto boute, un char qui parle cstie. Wingren m y first roomie, you look care of m e . of course you did you were old enough to be m y father. N o a h , even though you almost cut m y fingers off, it was hard to see you leave, but i k n o w it was for the best of you. Greg Gagne, LLLLLLiiii iiiiii bbbbb bbbeeeeeeerrrrrrttttttcc eerrrr. The braveheart Speech is still the funniest thing ever. Brenda, your Mexican dip was always something to look forward to. Ian Ryan, keep scratching your head w h e n you're stressed out m a n , it works. Chek. the guy on the couch. Braddy likes to snowboard. Erin likes to snowboard. Always there in a pinch. T i m m y do you want a P # # # ' A d a m suce m o i la blette. Charlie, and Oliver, I'll fight a cop m a n . I don't care m a n I'm crazy. A d a m , and Derrick Heeelllilooooo, w h o is this (Bruno). Babson, you gon' to be sleeping with m y m a n , I don't think so, alright. Jerome, December second that is all I have to say about that. Merlin, you the m a n . Toby. Thanks for everything, you were always there forme. Cole, and Jeff, m y buddies from Vermont, 1 want to chill with you guys later on, and kill s o m e deer. 2minutes, you have helped m e so m u c h , and I k n o w you will invent s o m e kind of crazy car. Carter, the smartest kid I k n o w , who's dat guy?? Corsiglia, tell that "girl" to bake m e s o m e blueberry pancakes. Dave and Morgan m y d o r m parents for t w o years, thanks for everything. T o everybody 1 forgot,sorry but I got to go.



Oliver Schwab

•l/ium:You have been m y greatest mentor and teacher. hank you for everything; you're in front of Jefferson and ILeagan any day. Fo: You're the best! Buddies for life. Mini ILlufiins. Sorry bout that. Jumunjos: you're m y Zebra of ;mbabwe. guava juice, who's winning? Outside your oor. W h o needs parietals? Charlie's (Bum): rude boy, ou're lookin a little goofy, son. Lets thank the lost boys puff harder, and M a m a Pruden for her dank cookies. i-Provence. pronos. Yo did you see that, that was hardcore, cubicle. Frenchy: Hockey. I used to read word p magazan. Just touch it, it's like a hockey stick, ant-eater boy. Hey... stay happy, ca va m o n chien Wycleff: ;,iyfilarry Potter. Oui-d. Bubbles to the dome. Rigo.. in the cubicle, What?. Ce soir, tu alie au pare Jordon? You iorgot to ask the bomb question. Wanna go to Frenchy's room? I'd do the same for a friend. Previdi: Go pound kip. I'll be there in a pinch, Stilo. stu..stu..stutter, this is true. Let m e do the math. Hippiesdon't wear thongs. ; don't have a gambling problem. Tye: Snood. Wanna hear a fatty beat yo. Merls: Back in Compton yo. ivlarcos: RockmyCasbon. pin key and the brain. Noble face, monkey brains. Dave: Run faster you guavas. RastaLil; what up dog. Yeh, I'm all about dropping out of school and hitch-hiking across the world when you're ten. k: Wash that dirty money. Bartle: What is going on. Page: dirty feet? darkroom. Don't tell you know who. yla: Audubon Society. Nancy: good times babes, thanks for junior year, princess bride. JRob: you're the man. ne + Andrew: Its up to apostles like us to keep the Republican flame burning amid the youth of this great nation! Bob: what can I say, we're history nuts. Charles: you're an animal; arc you a fan? Liz: you'll get your revenge on Merls. Tommie E: once you get past that AP barrier, you're not a scary guy at all.

Ashley Jerome The dropper, Rockwell. Irie Heights, Coyote, Jah Roots- thanks for the foiliage-mellow yellow-the famous white volvo—Shane: rastaman vibration, y o u are m y lighthouse and I a m sailboat lost at sea. Dills: m y little star girl. Papa &

your Mum

Thanks for the opportunities. I love you all. Charlie: m y hot rasta love, 6/4/00, Venasque.Tryall, East Chop, h o w those apples? Surf around the world; I'll m e e t y o u in Venice then we'll sail to Jamaica. I love y o u m o r e than you'll ever k n o w . Cragan: Donkey Lips, hey what's up W a l d o ? H e a w o e Wyatt, charlies b u m . Ollie: W h o w a s louder? h o w are the candidates? zebras of Z i m b a b w e . Annabella: "Are you a virgin?" the famous words that started our friendship, thanks for all those winter days chillin and pounding. Y o u are stunning and m y best friend. Prudden: nice thong h u h ? Bearah: In the middle of the night...kinky funky

tunes @ 2 a m ,




nice..."random beat b o x sessions, beautiful's 7

tuck? how's carter Nora: All I can say is orientation. Billy's hot, I get h i m senior yr! bridge in freezing temps., h o w w a s that bubbly? love youBiatch. Lily: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs skirt, m y field hockey queen, sweating like a pig, reggae beats, north shore parties. W - V o g u e - fashion p h e n o m e n o n . Chris: Carr Field spot. Easter tradition @ Jerome's estate. Kayla: Hamilton parties, b u r n

cruise, hottest boyfriends

in school,

cupcakes.Previdi: devo pros. B e n (the d u d e ) : nice s h o w last night m a n . N a n c y : rasta, h o w ya doin' star girl7 Jenkins & P i m p : Jumajoes, thanks for the dance. Liz K: Y o u are so beautiful, don't forget that; m y favorite freshman. Frenchie: hey m a n , thanks.Page: Davis house, Daniels...never m i n d . Y o u have a magnificent heart. M a s : Ibo, African queen Taco: H e y Regis man...tomorrow and today. B.K.,N.P.,T.C.,M.H.,R.D., J.O.,L.T.,W,C, G.G, A.G.W..T.D. peace.


'IioveU2' -Thanks to Tomie, and anony& mous, and m y family for every' ching — Amanda


I'd like to thank m y entire, extended family, and wonderful friends for getting m e where I a m today. Love you all. — Crystal

Crystal Flaherty

Amanda Gross

'I have decided.

/' J^"The road of life is rarely paved.'

" A m a n d a , it's a boy!"

D e m o n Llamas!"

Lily Ellis Family and friends, I love you all! .>*.,» •» •

Masiphilile Dlamini Isihambile iminyaka ngihleli ngaphansi kwesandla senu M a m a no Baba. Sengizo hlanganisa iminyaka eyishumi nesishagalolunye. Sekuyisolesiisikhathisokukhula, kodwaangesabi ngobaningikhulisengendlelaefanele. Ngaphandlekwenu ngifanane mpumputhe, Ngiyabonga kakhulu bo Ndaba, Sihalukhulu. G O G O . G O G O Z I and Mkhul' Bishobi: Rest in Peace always have a special place in m y heart. Zanele: wena njengikunikaisicocosikasikaGOGOuMissIDCf I Don't Care), akekhoofananawe. Mpilo: "Musa ukujahayonke into mesikhathi sayo baqinisile uma besho abazali trust m e take it it from your older sister. Nelani: Weee wena bayokubamba kude lapho kungaziwakhona muntu, Mr South T (you know the rest). Zanele, Mpilo and Nelani: Ngiyanithanda. Mthoko: I LOVE Y O U Anele.Bongekile and Matrics of 2001: Sivela kude nam futhi sisaya kude sohlanga sonke one silimanyana day Bongekile: It was you Bongekile and Faith. (those were the good times) hahaha. Karl: Thank you, Enkosi. Sarah Will: you are heck of a lady don't let them tell you what to do or say. I love you and thank you ever somuch. Steve Wilkins: Masiphilile Nsukezinhle Dlamini (practise makes perfect, y'll get it).Swayze and Alison: Hayibo, D O O D where is m y stick?! Terry and Michael: you have taught m e a lot this and I will never forget you guys I thank You sincerely from the bottom of m y heart. Camille: buka.buka, don't forget that at all times that is your key to unlocking doors, jusl joking I love you like m y sister man Tahanee: Peace and love, watch over the cellulite I am. Jenny: Gayate loko I promise to that into good use. Elizette: keep on being tough. T.Dortch: W h y you dying I promise to keep watch of the T.V. screen for you which ever sport. Teddy: indigenous. Stevie: Hawe ma. Hayibo-no. Lily: It's been great knowing you keep in touch, I'm glad w e shared this space, Yebo Yes!!!!! J- Rock: YA MAN!H! keep passing it . thank you for die weekend of a lifetime ( you know what). Everyone w h o knows m e A N D H A V E F O R G E T T E N T O M E N T I O N you are awesome. O h yeah '!! Mel: you rock; just joshing. Angikhohlwa Langiphuma Khona.

Kayla Hartwell

To the parents- thanks for everything, I owe a substantial portion of everything to you. Dan C. and Matt M . - see you at Nationals this year, and next ye and next.... Instead of X.C,. DS, O T a n d D H , lets jus go for the N C , if you k n o w what I mean. Framing OJs- this gig is over, but w e have the whole tour ahead of us. Catch you at our next show! To the whole PA Cycling Team- Y o u guys are the best friends I have ever had. Thanks for the pull that got m e to the finish! To the rest of m y close friends, preppies and punk rockers alike, (you all k n o w w h o you are), thanks for a great time; you all are the best

Sarah Williams

Andrew Barban To the parents- thanks for everything, I owe a substantial portion of everything to you. D a n C. and Matt M.- see y o u at Nationals this year, and next year and next.... Instead of X.C,. DS, O T and D H , let's just g o for the N C , if y o u k n o w what I m e a n . Framing OJs- this gig is over, but w e have the w h o l e tour ahead of us. Catch y o u at our next s h o w ! T o the whole P A Cycling T e a m - Y o u guys are the best friends I have ever had. Thanks for the pull that got m e to the finish! T o the rest of m y close friends, preppies and p u n k rockers alike, (you all k n o w w h o y o u are), thanks for a great time, you.all are the best. To be afraid is a priceless education. —

Lance Armstrong

I take nothing for granted. I now have only good days or great d —

Lance Armstrong

Gavin Kalan T h a n k y o u all so m u c h for your friendship and support: D a n Bernstein, Brian Liggett, Chris Hedlund, 1 still don't k n o w w h y I'm not in your yearbook... Ben Rosner, Presence Studios Westport. N G W , the Green, w h o m a d e s u m m e r of 2000 rock; Alex Gray, M a r c Cantlin 11, there w h e n it mattered most; Atte P., H e n n a P., Virpi K., A n n u T., Heidi V , Juha R., JanneG., Aiti ja Isd Penttild, ja Kaikki Hyvinkiissd. Vittun Suonii Rokki! Kiitossijaan kaikki(go to Finland!!); Maribel, Garci, Alicia, y todo el m u n d o en Segovia, Karine D., Derek M . A n d finally the preppie kids; M a v Eaton, Leah Jampel, Alia Zecha, A n d r e w Barban, Liz Brier-Rosenfield, Chris Cave, Jon Stoddard, Marcos Lopez, D a n Marsh; and the generous Proctor Faculty: Phil G o o d n o w & H o w a r d Zinn, R o n a n Gould, Steve Wilkins, Charlie Carpenter, Keith Barrett, and Proctor - for m a k i n g high school memorable; Katie + Fred, G r a n d m a Betty, G r a n d m a + C r a n d p a Fine; M o m & Dad, forthe plane tickets, support, and everything they have sacrificed as well as m a n y reasons I don't k n o w yet. 5 schools, 5 years of high school, 21 countries, 12 s h o w s , and I'm just getting started. Umbrella M a n ; This sucks, lets take a cab; Well, that's not A L L w e d o ... ; Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale ... ; Z e frozen is our ally; Grounded!?; Pulling a Liggett; Finland, is that a state? That's great guys; Totally lost; W h a t u p d a w g ! ? Sha riff don't like it... Shackadoja! It's your thing, d o whatchu w a n n a do; H e y , ho, let's go! Oi Oil Oi!

Penny Currier

Barban:what the hell is that? college, probably, because they are fruit loops, where are going to change? turns out m y car was roomier than it first appeared, would you like dance with me? it isn't that bad being separated at birth as long as you get re- united, purp

dresses, Britney spears, fairies, black tee shirts, need i go on? god speed danger boy. Ma so n o w is the time i look for those perfect words to express m y deepest gratitude for you

friendship and find myself completely speechless lost inV sunset in Georgia some place. Machouse girls: who let you

girls out of your boxes? smelly hobos! is that a ghost? ocean he's in the kitchen doing dishes? no, your not aflaghalyard,

no one would have known I pushed him overboard, thank L/K V l ' — 1



y ° u f°r ^ e harnesses, pumpkins, dream pies, falling dow braso, little birdies, candy stealing, no room for me, and

starlit skies, to the poster chil dren of Proctor, i think you know w h o you are, i guess it true, a little change never hur anyone, thanks for the 1

change, to proctor: thankyou for taking a scared, shy littlei freshmen, and giving her the tools and opportunities to make something of herself. Thank you, M u m and Dad.

Rebecca Barban


M o m and Dad -Thank you for everything. Andrew and Kathryn -


Y o u two are wack! Thank you for being the best siblings ever.

love you! Tessa- W h a t can I say to the girl w h o has been m y best

friend since the beginning? W h e n I look back at the four years

we've spent together I'll remember the amazing times w e shared.

From crying under our orientation tarp, Rhode Island, South \"°">t




Carolina (boars!), Quebec, Whoville! Thank you for your friend-

ship. It is something I'll always cherish. Penny- COLLEGE? PROB

ABLY! You're definitely m y "other" twin. You're the best shop

ping buddy, ya know. Our days in Boston are always a blast. Neve

forget orange frootloops, "god speed danger boy" and the

numerous times we've been the "best dressed chicks." I wish you

the best of luck with whatever life brings you, but whatever you

do, never stop whining! Ashley and Sarah- Y o u two are awesome! I'm so glad I got to k n o w you this year; we've had some good

times! G o o d luck to both of you next year - Keep in touch! Nissa-

"Check Star-Star." PoniLeoni- Make sure you keep in touch....let'i bash sometime! Lee and Patty- Thank you for being fun, support

ive and the greatest advisors. All friends and teachers- Thank yol for 4 years I'll never forget.


Tessa Sylvain M O M : Thank You for the love and support!You're always right; thanks for pushing the no 8th grade! M O M O : -my 2nd m o m , I miss having you around every day! S H A U N A : Thanks for all the laughs and fun times! I'll miss you chasing m e around the house. N A N C Y : Thanks for being such an amazing advisor for the past 4 years! GF,LV,BB,PC: Thanks for 4 years of pure F U N and L A U G H S ! I'll miss you! LEILS: Stop, please, everybody, freeze! Nose Bounce! Squeaking doors, N e w Years, floating, boys stalking us at the mall, boars! B A R B A N : m y 1st friend at Proctor, Orientation, RI.SC,Quebec! Birdseed and high quality H20are good for you! GWENNY:Binkies, Halloween, eating dog food! Good uck next year! K A R E N : N O S E ! winter bonus in Canada, cheese curds, oh m y god i just hit m y head! A N N A K:quack quack! HL,CG,KJ: Apple picking and cooking,star watching, laughing, cool chiks on campus! H O L L S ' D o you % $ % like a waterfall1 B E N J A M I N I will never forget everything w e have had together. Thanks for the love and supprt! C W A T C H FAMILY! O C E A N C L A S S R O O M 2000* SPAIN

Karen Paquette Proctor: W o w ! What can I say. Thank you so m u c h for this learning experience and once in a lifetime journey. I will never forget it. M o m & Dad: I truly feel that there are no words that can possibly thank you enough for all you've done. This has been a great personal learning experience for us all. Thank you so m u c h for living it with me. I love you guys so muchlNana Banana & E.L. Grandpa: Thank you. I could never have done this without your support. Mamere & Papere: Merci pour tous ce que vous-avez faites pour moi; je peut jamais vous oublier. Je t'aime beaucoup. Bertrum: Thanks for always being there for me. You are a great friend/ advisor/coach. "You're not going to like this....give m e a hug" Sue Sylvain: You shone a light upon m y struggles and helped m e to master them. I will never forget you. Thanks. Big Al: Alison, Alison, Alison....the hockey dance. "I can't find m y husband or m y dogs....I need to at least find m y dogs", "does m y hair look O K ? " Terry & Michael: W h o would have guessed I would be interested in theatre? Thanks for showing m e whole n e w world. Health Center: Smiles, hugs, drugs...thanks for the late slips & the snacks. France: Liz & Charles, the French Alps, sunburns, water snakes, French guys with scarves and accents!, scuba diving, "excuse m e ma'am, but are these your culottes?" Cigar fish Charles!, Paris, Saki, Cameron Diaz, wine, Gitanes I WILL be back. Mie &Katy: Thanks for being great roommates....laughs, tears, fun....I'll never forget you. Lily S: Thanks for being m y like-minded friend, I'm glad w e got to jam together for our ever elusive assembly performance. Keep in touch. Avery: I will never forget the hockey tournament "beast " was most definitely out there. Melanie: D o r m havoc, hockey with Big Al, HNIB, random news e-mails. "Mind the gap" Good times, w e had fun, w e got frazzled...I'll never forget it. Megan D: Don't forget to stay "frazzle free." Tessa: Cheese curds in Brockville, winter carnival in Ottawa, sleep overs, good times, bad times...growing up. Glad we're still friends. Justus: You hippie...good times in Paris. Nancy, cigars. I'll always sleep with one eye open & one dog barking. Peace. Nancy: Nancee, m o n ami! I'll never forget us in France...Many diggers, Paris, Gregoire, saki. Action shots on the Champs d' Elysee, "excusez moi M a d a m e , est-ce que vous etes Cameron Diaz?" Camels in the park. Jordan O: D a m n ! I don't k n o w what to say w e have been through so much. I love you and I will never forget you no matter where our lives take us! "Small suitcase", "Water snake in the pool", " Trordan tri trove trou! Trordan tras trabs!", "Well What Karen", "Small suitcase ticket please", " Bike adventures", " Broken bed, Stubbed toe, Frazzled mother", "Denise Chinese", "Mr.Pig and Mrs. Pig". " D o I sound like a horse coming d o w n the stairs? N o m y feet" Every phone call at least once " Can you hold on a sec." Keep it real, friend, I love you ( w e should have a sitcom) . PEACE!



^a >

J '





Ete ^k^4J

Sarena Stern I do tt for the joy it brings because i'm a joyful girl because the world owes m e nothing and we owe each other the world — ani di.franco Have you hugged and kissed your kids today? — the a n n e x chixs



Jjm 'Blte&v 3eR\f


^kW •"

r r


Jeff Morneault

I'd like to thank anyone I have ever met w h o has m a d e an impact o n w h o I a m and what I will b e c o m e . Thanks to m y family, m o m you've been m o r e then great. T o m y eco-friends, the footclan lives forever. Mike m y o m b r e , keep living in the sunset section.


T o m , and S w a n y what an awesome w a y to start m y Junior year, thanks for that fall term. A n d m y teachers, Dave, Nelson, John and Sue, I can't thank you guys enough. Proctor; it's been great.

But yield who will to their separation, M y object in living is to unite, M y avocation and m y vocation, As m y two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one, And the work is play for mortal stakes, Is the deed ever really done For heaven and future sokes. —

R o b e r t Frost

Tom Robinson

Cause them guys is a singin'that this train is bound for glory, an'I'm gonna hug her breast till I find out where she's bound. —

W o o d y Guthrie




D A D D Y - h o w does the application of inertia and kinetic energy w o r k in outer space work again?MOM-thank you for this life, for the animals and for being a friend-I love you.MONTY-what's up B? You're m y hero Montipollermo-I know we're far apart but you always amaze me-I love you.BERT C-It wouldn't have even been half as great without you-I love you so much.BERT H-come see m e in Colorado, I'll tell h o w m u c h I love you then.NELSON-you have opened an invisible universe to m y eyes and taught m e h o w to use m y heart wisely-thank you-thank you-thank you. All the Gandi, all the sprigs of tyme, all the afternoons of waxing philosophically. You're the man! Chris,Annie, Abby,Catherine,Tessa, Liz Maintenance, housekeeping, and the kitchen staff- thank you thank you thank you heaps and heaps.

Colleen Watson & Kelly Ryan

Thanks to all the people w h o shared the good moments and the bad with us


Jon Stoddard

gut tUlLOJl <=,ta VJ0& -H\\Z WOTAil^O

fifhti) For Aar COinas... k e a i l W fcoo-tSj KV-iO.0£.^tit (^ q. Sauikiq laascx. eAiioas. . ^toptcS h> ff-'s obVfauS,. f°sa.i© <W/7 ones 6'ML C/S- HtJs cr^pX* - Fa^ci^-P JviOKiia,, ("fe Silicon c&>jLeri<x. f < V P o k >J<~f coL-feiper (OL.

4- -(p aJZi? £Jnim& Wi'tS

-<flxr W(((ia>v<s

Garrett Thompson mom, pop, and durete: words cant begin to convey my appreciation and love to you, so i'll just say thanks and i love y'all.the merzi, howe, eaton clan: diddo on the appreciation and love bit. mary: thanks for always settin m e straight, lil merzis: its been fun, i'll miss you guys, andrew: m y other half, thanks for always bein there, i'll never forget you and our hayforts. ilove you bud. travis: we had the best times, it ain't over yet. love you man, stay pimpin. the trio: youre the brothers i never had or wanted, thanks for the laughs, the talks, and the fast cars, good luck with border patrol, even you mr lopez? see you in the future, fellas, prichett: you're a sketchy cat, thanks for stickin around for four years, i still owe you some beatings from freshman year, so watch your back, stevie and cuervo: kajeta, cabrones, ustedes eranlos muchachosmas locos, so bueno amigos para la vida, amigos. the NL crew: party on, gentlemen, save m e some drinks, jed: it was a fun 8 years in the game, keep killin those defenseless baby seal pups, any dogs in tha house? goodnow: thanks for the support and the punches, and for laughing at m y jokes. Justus and aaron: c'etait des bons temps dans les pares et les bars, e'etait amusant, hack on. to the teachers and coaches who helped: thanks, to those who didn't: thanks, to the rest of you, play nice, e'est la vie.


Marcos Lopez M o m you have always been there for m e and I love you m o r e than words can say, your the best! D a d thank you for all you have given and thought m e , you've been a w e s o m e . Tata, Tania, and M i m i I couldn't





...funnier....more dysfunctional

controlling sis-

ters. But I love you guys Pigeon Stoddard and C l u m p y T h o m p s o n you t w o have been there for m e through everything, I love you guys. Imri stay alive. Jordan I k n o w we'll meet again. S w a n y you always m a d e m e smile in S.C. adios. Nicola you're the best, I'm going to miss you. Brenda thanks for taking S w a n y and m e

you 're a brave and w o n -

derful person, don't forget "the R e g d o g g " he always liked m e better than Matt. Dale thanks for showing m e the South. Terry and Michael you guys always m a d e m e feel like I was part of something special; it's been great acting with you. Brian, D a v e P, B o b L.,and Laurie Z you guys are the best teachers I have ever had a chance to w o r k with. Thank y o u Proctor for a great three years.


Ashley Besbris "Life is great. The sun hits the sides of the valleys. The valleys take in the sun like a baby's first breath. As w e hike, w e turn in and out of the sun and go over passes or enter shaded mountainsides. As the day progresses the wind picks up to a slight breeze. The clouds that have formed will often cover the sun and create this unwanted shade, that covers us n o w . The sun stays high for a long time, once it starts to go d o w n , the high peaks engulf the light, and darkness immediately sets in. Temperatures drop and every breath becomes visible. W e turn to our sleeping bags and go to sleep to wake up to the same pattern which glorifies each day." This is an excerpt from a journal that I kept while I was in Nepal, the most enchanting place on this earth.

Ted Horwitz

Ian Ryan "You can get it if you really want", Jimi Cliff " What a long strange trip it's been", The Grateful Dead. R C Real quick, Greg Shamaha, "Pollen"- you are the Dankist friend in Spain. The m a n on the couch get off m y % # * @ . For all the beautiful hikes in the Proctor woods. To m y Gulick house mates, Ethan, Eddie and Dave: you guys saved m e from hell. To all the funny chair lift rides with the snowboard team. Thanks to all the teachers for putting their time into m e . Nelson and watershed: you guys rock. Thanks m o m , dad and family for all the support. Brenda, you are the best advisor. Nancy, Giles, Erin, Ashley, Greg B., Frenchy, T i m m y , Taco, Brad, m y roommate Chris and all the people I didn't mention, thanks for being such good friends. "What was once an ocean is n o w just a bucket full of rain", AJct. Peace Y'all.

Brad Frey '


George Bordash W o w , it's been four years already,

guess that m e a n s I have to start thank

ing the people that sent m e here, so

thank y o u Merrill, M o m , Dad, Granny

and Grandpa; without your funding I couldn't have spent m y time here F r o m there I w o u l d like to thank mi teachers,


H o u s t o n , John

Pendleton, Janet, Laurie (second

m o m ) , T i m and Liz and Charles Clerc Y o u guys were amazing, I've neve:

been able to connect with teachers astrongly as I did with all of you Special thanks to the M o - T o w n crew. Bob, Brad, Carter, Justus, Tumem>

and Merls - y o u guys keep this place fun. Ocean Classroom " C " Watchstill standing proud, thank you for the best experience of m y life. Lindz

and Hogie, thanks for watching out for m e . France group, feeling the Jamaican beats yet Clouts? Stop talking about m y mother, Wyatt.

Barban, Jake.

Cherkis and Mat - keep cycling alive, good luck thi

spring. Liz Harrison and Dougie, it's possible tha:

neither of y o u will read this, but hey, w h y not tham you guys too. Words of mine to the Proctor community... The only true definition of self lies in the choices you make; make your own choices, believe in them, and take ad :aae of every opportunity you are given, it will change you, â&#x20AC;˘.

Thank you friends and family

Jeremiah Vernon A witty saying proves nothing. —Voltaire

"Somewhere between the throw off and the touchdown is the reason w e play frisbee"

Justus Zimmerman —Peace—


First off I would like to thank Pop for giving me the opportunity to attend Proctor. Thank you M o m and Dad for sticking it out, and showing m e the right way(and waking m e up). Grandma, Grandpa and Gig, you guys were always there for me, I love you. Mikey and Maggie I love you and wish you all the luck through school and the rest of your lives. DIDI you are the greatest. Marfie, I could always talk to you about everything. I love all m y cousins very much. O B X was always the highlight of m y summers. Brad, Tim and Thy, you guys were awesome roomies. Carter, Tumenas and Ben Bartle are m y heroes. Mo-Town 4 life! BLAP! TIMMY! "BreakinStuff Steve Thomas, you are awesome, thanx for keeping m e company in CT and FLA. M D B-ball rules, Duke Sux! Go Ravens SB Champs, '01! D M B , Phish. BH, Dispatch and O. A.R.! Thank you also to everyone I forgot, because I am awesome at forgetting!

Dan Tumenas "A man is not finished when he's defeated; he's finished when he quits," —

Richard N i x o n

"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?" —

George W . Bush

"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a m a n on fire, and he'll be w a r m for the rest of his life —

Terry Pratchett

"Men never do evil so completely or cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction." —

Blaise Pascal

"I believe there is something out there watching over us. Unfortunately, it's the government." —

W o o d y Allen

Bobby Dunbar I'm never speaking up again It only hurts m e I'd rather be a mystery Than she desert m e — John M a y e r



"Live the life you love" "Nature is not a place where you go to relax. If you want nature to embrace you, you have to put yourself out, you've got to work hard for its rewards, and you must live it." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Nejc Zaplotnik

"Do what fears you most, and fear itself will surely disappear." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;


Carter Westlund

Thank you to m y teachers, coaches, friends, and parents. 37

Meredith Donaldson We were inseparable during those maple shaded breezy s u m m e r days. Riding our gentle and overweight ponies, we escaped into an enchanted world of innocence. W e galloped through the luscious grass as it swayed, like a restless sea. The sound of the horses grazing and the rhythm of the cricket's chirp, accompanied our joy.

erything turns into something else and slips away. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; e e cummings

Robin Bartlett

live, a lot. unleash yourself upon the world and go! go now! and fly free in the frowning face of convention. giggle, no, laugh, no, howl as if you've never grown

up. understand that this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it! take it all in, yes, every last rose and every single breath, and by all means what ever you do

Grace Kumetat if if you can keep your head when ail about you Ait losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all m e n doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or, being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to broken, And stoop and build'em up with woraout tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breath a word about your loss;. If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on";

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings - nor lose the c o m m o n touch; If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; If all m e n count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute W i t h sixty seconds'worth of distance run Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'll be a M a n m y son! â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

R u d y a r d Kipling

While he w h o questioned w h y theflowerfell Caught hold of God and saved his soul from hell

Melanie McNamara

"I'm sorry it's ended, It's sad but it's true. Honey, It's been a lovely cruise. - J i m m y Buffettt

Thank you so much to my family for all their support and love over the years. Without you, I w o u l d have never been able to have this great experience. I have learned very important lessons and have had a lot of fun m y two years at Proctor. After 5 years I'm finally out of HS' Phoebs- Thanks for being a great friend for m e , w e had shared a lot of hilarious m o m e n t s . Y o u def need to get rid of the crabs! You've got chanal affing! Oops, n o r o o m ' The nice picture of us after our makeover spread around campus. Dressing u p as hicks. W a t c h out for tacks! W a r m nights laying o n the field with our music. Teeny-bopper magazines, didn't y o u propose to m e in that section? R e m e m b e r w h e n y o u took that hard-core digger w h e n w e were playing lax? I can't quite put m y H A N D on what 1 want. E n o u g h of Princess Leia! Getting harassed by the V e r m o n t cab driver. A n d of course, the Buffett concert! Great time. We'll have to do it again. Phoebs, I will miss you m o r e than y o u k n o w , and I will always r e m e m b e r you! Karen- Even though you're Canadien I still love ya! Y o u are hilarious, alwrays r e m e m b e r that. W e had s o m e good times in M a c k house last year! Mie's translator- too m u c h fun with that thing. I had fun at your house, I didn't k n o w they had parties in Canada though. We'll have to d o it again. I will miss ya m a n ! LindsAlthoughl have'nt seen m u c h of you because of France and Spain y o u have been a good friend to m e . Y o u are an amazing hockey player, although you are also Canadien! I will have to chill with y o u this s u m m e r in Maine, or m a y b e g o to your small island. 1 have enjoyed being o n the hockey team with you and spending time with you. I will miss you' Grace- Thanks for not sitting with m e o n the bus in 8th grade! W e have been friends for a long time n o w , and have been through a lot. R e m e m b e r hockey together in Pittsford? I m glad w e both ended u p at Proctor. I will miss you next year in college, but I will always see y o u in Roch! Serena- Y o u rock m y teenage party world, and so does Buffett! That w a s m a d fun! I will miss y o u next year! M y k i n - Spain w o u l d never have been the same without you! I m so glad w e both went! So m a n y memories! N O P A S A N A D A ! Small hats. Y u m , pig's feet. Diego. Falling rocks. If ya gotta 'fro, ya need to maintain it! M y Spanish song I sang for you. Dance parties in the classroom. R e m e m b e r - the walls are thin! Y o u helped m a k e Spain an a w e s o m e experience for m e . I will miss y o u and your sense of h u m o r next year, and good luck! Thanks to all m y friends w h o m a d e Proctor a good place to be. Alison - Thanks for being a great coach and s o m e o n e I can always talk toTTl miss you. L.C, N.M., C.W., M.D., J.B.. M X , J.T.. K.F., L.K., P.C., SS. and everyone else!

You will make all kinds of mistakes, but as long as you are generous and [rue and also fierce you cannot hurt the world or even seriously distress her. She was made to be wooed and won by youth. ~ W i n s t o n Churchill Sometimes you get shown the lighl in the strongest of places if you look at it right."



Leah Jampel You're growing up and rain sort ol remains on the branches oi a tree That will someday rule the earth. and that's good that there's rain it clears the month oJ your sorry rainbow expressions

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. — Andy Warhol!

Those w h o are easliy shocked, should be shocked more often. — Mae West

ble Attempt the impossibl in order to improve your work. — Bette Davis Thanks to m y family Proctor, and all m y friends!

n "Dream as if you will live forever; live as if you will die tomorrow," — J a m e s Dean ank you Proctor for providing m e with a second chance, it turns out has been a successful three years. All m y teachers have been underfill and 1 have learned a great deal. I want to especially thank im, Chris, Kathy, and Swayz for always helping m e to achieve with dless support. Daddy: Thank you for always supporting m e and lieving in me. I appreciate all you have done in always being there r me. You gave m e the strength to keep going and to never give up, ink you. I love you very much. M o m m y : You are one of m y best ends. Thank you for your support and encouragement to just try m e st, it has meant a lot. I love you very much. Jay: Good luck next year school, remember to always work hard and do pays off in e end. I love you. Kaih: You are like a mother to me. Thank you for that you have for Jay and me; w e both love you very much. Goober: e have had some fun times, so many that this whole page would be led. I think that w e will both agree this past summer was very nny...Iknow w e will always keep in touch and plan our days around ting. Lyndsay: I wish you were here this past year, I missed you so uch! I missed those all-nighters and our Friday rituals to Sonsie. Pete: ,m glad we are good friends and I hope w e always will be. Sandra: jod luck next year, and hang in thi W e have had some pretty nny times and I hope w e stay in uch... you are always welcome to m e visit me.Good luck next year to ly, Megan M, Jayo, Mas, Caroline, lie, Derrick, Nancy H, Karen, Phoebe, el and Serena.

"No bird soars loo high if he soars with his o w n wings." —

William Blake "For mine is a generation that circles the globe in search of something w e haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite, and never outstay your welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience, and if it hurts, you k n o w what? It Was probably Worth it." — T h e Beach

Jose Hernandez I have to start by thanking m y parents for giving m e the courage that it took to succeed everyday at Proctor. Without you guys 1 am nobody. Thank you, Kelley, for opening m y eyes and also the door of opportunities, which was Proctor Academy. I will always remember you and never will forget all the diings you did for me. Thank you very much and all the others from Boy's Club, they know w h o they are. Antonia. Anlgemx. Samuel, Papi, Chelo. Yesi. Minga. Guelo, 1 love you and Gracias por todos sus apollos. Mami, tu siempre tuviste conmigo y siempre m e diste impiracion para seguir adelante. M y life at Proctor wasn't easy but there were many people that never let m e down. They were always there when 1 needed them. They helped m e a lot, especially Sarah Wilkins. 1 will never forget you because you always were there for me. You were m y teacher but also m y mother at Proctor. You can't imagine how much I appreciate everything you did for me. I love you forever. Thank you, Gregor, for everything you did for m e at Proctor and outside of Proctor. I really enjoy being around you. Thanks for putting the basketball team in pain. I will miss those moments. Il was painful but it paid off at the end. I love you Gregor and also Cope, Nelson. Amy. Thankyou very much, everybody at Proctor Academy. One love to all the girls, you know w h o you are,To m y guys, I will always love you: The Whole Basketball Team, )ack, Derrick, Tyrell, Alex, Adam, Ulises. Victor, Stevie, Dave. Teddy. Jed, Chris, Jake, and Check, I love y'all. Stevie and A, thank you for everything I will always love you and you too Jack. Do your stuff in college and also in the future.


Stevie Martinez M o m m y - thanks for being a mother, a teacher, but most importantly a friend. I won't lei you d o w n ma, I love you with all m y m y heart, you m y n(tf #Sa.Ellena and William- para los mejores abuelos en el m u n d o . Ustedes hicieron todos por m i y ahora voy hacer todo por ustedes. L o a m o mucho.Roberto-I love you dogg, you m y little brother remember thai you ever need anything don't think twice to come and ask me. Remember Roberto go with your heart not the words of others. 1 love the rest of m y family-I love you all. Steve Kelley- to the first person to ever believe in m e , Kelley you were the father I never had. You showed m e that the sky was m y limit, you always told m e that hard work pays off, you right, Kelley, it does and I ain't gonna stop working. I got nothing but for love you.To the rest of the L B C family- you represented for m e n o w I'm gonna represent for you To all m y boy's back h o m e - Piru, Kiko, Luis, Levy, T o m m y , Darnell. JC, Ruben, Carlos G and the rest of the crew, Thanks for being more then friends, thanks for being m y brothers, I'nii do m y thing for y'all. Jose + Jack-we came together, w e leave together, we're brothers for ever; I love you both.Tugboat- You k n o w what you gotta do, give her everything you didn't have. Peace out, m y brother from another mother. D-Nice-one word,respect, that's what I got for you. Thanks for the late night shooting. I love you D. Victor + Beldugo- m) two little brothers, take advantage of this opportunity, represent for your families, for Lawton and yourselves. I love the both of you. Ibettasee the both of you playing D-l AceYou ever need anything call m e . I love you. 5-10-8 3.Tony- don't waste talent, you're too smart and too good of a kid. Hold it d o w n for your fam and yourself. I love you dogg. Sarah Wilkins-" cause you're the best there is;" thanks for being a teacher, a friend and a mother. Sarah, I love you with all m y heart, I don't k n o w if I'll ever be able to pay you back but I promise I'll make you proud. Gregor-you m y pops G. I promise to hold it d o w n for you, m gonna make you proud. Amy,Cope,Nelson you guys are lucky to have G as a husband and a father, G I k n o w you k n o w your lucky to have those three. I love you guys.Rigo + Traci-God blessed m e with Rigo at the age of nine and then he blessed the whole school with the both of you. You guys will always be in m y heart. Rigo, I love you more thin life. I gonna handle for you. Jake-D-I 2,do your thing make your parents proud. Omar-Hove you Omar, be the best student and the best soccer player you can be. and remember you the big rude boy. I'm the little rude boy, together w e the rude boyz. Groman-bye babe. Chance-stay out of trouble and be a leader. Teddy-thanks for helping m e with those papers. Shut all the doubters up for real for real. A.P.- Only white boy in America with hops. I'll pick you up in the Ferrari. I got m a d love 4 u. Clouts-friends 4 ever. I'll seey< on SportsCenter.Jed-your heart is made of gold . God bless you Jed I love u.Garrett-tl for everything,friends 4 ever.Trey-take care,friends 4ever. Chek-1 love u baby, yo betta hit that. Camile, Abby, Jenny, Masi, Tahanee- take care girls,I hope all your dr( c o m e true.Zetta-my little sister, w e had a lot of fun, I love you Zetta. Flip-I love you Fella. Philless.J-Rob-Golden fingers, see you in the NFL. Mike-call m e when yt drafted by the Colts. Frenchie-I love u; don't cheat on me. L-Boogs-thanks for all the! you m y * ! @ # S 4-life.Liz-I love you wifie. T o anybody I missed- Have a fun life. finally to all m y friends- thanks, it was fun. and I'm out.


r /

Rob Wasserman "You're killin' m e smallz" "Don't think, just do" Don't hesitate to try something new; you only live once" "What's up, kid?"

Tyrell Dortch M O M + DAD-the relationship that w e have is something that I will always hold tight. Both of you have always given m e words of wisdom, and the love that you gave was always from the heart. There are some things that are permanent scars in m y life, but you have helped with the healing procces. AMANIYA+JATIRArny two little sisters, you have had a major part in w h o I a m today. I k n o w you guys look up to m e , so I k n o w I have the responsibility to lead by example so w h e n you follow m y foot steps in the right path.MAKAYLA-you have turned m e from a boy to a man. I have the privileged to be living life for you right now. Y o u have made m e realize that in any situation there can be a positive outcome. I have come to realize that every action I take can reflect upon your future. There is no such thing as failing in life, only succesful living. The love that I have for you is unconditional and incomparable to anybody or anything.ILL WILL-you don't have to be the most positive figure in somebody's life to be a major influence. I k n o w the trails and tribulations have made it hard for us to have the best relationship, but the love is always there. Things have changed from the long 7 years of waiting patiently for your "new life" but the but the approach is that you are here now. O N E LOVE. G R E G O R + A M Y - y o u guys have the title of being m y 2nd parents. Your doors have always been open to m e for any conversation and for advice. G, you have taught m e that hard work and determination are important in any task you are trying to accomplish. Thank you for all of the support and guidance.PROCTOR-As a whole this place has shown m e a different view on life. There have been a number of people here w h o have contributed to helping m e mature and get ready for college life.STEVIE-Showed m e love since the (1st day).Love you always for spitting the truth .JOSE-If I had your jumpshot I'd declare myself eligible for the league.ULISESPotential and talent to be the T R U T H on the courts.VICTOR-The most mature freshman ever, your a m a n child. Keep balling.ACE-Stay black and keep it moving. CHEK-You're m y m a n dog, one of the best one two punches in the secondary.JACKStraight up the most dominating player I've played with keep the head from gravity.MIKE-Keep running like this year and DI looks legitimate.ALEX+TEDDYHopefully w e will be getting fitted for ring sizes with you guys help.CASPER.GRO.COBBS-Summerfield will never be the same.J-ROB-Keep your head up and your shoulder in place.FLIP-really got to connect with you on a different level, I'm still better in hockey.CAMILLE-You have always thought like a n * @ @ # . T A H A N E E - G o o d looking for understanding m y mentality, and h o w I think. Let people keep speculating and think what they want.RUTH+MASI-One is from D C the other from Africa,both keep it real.DA BRIDGE-The physical setting of Andover is different then Cambridge, but the mentality stayed the same.DHB-Cuz w e came here together and n o w we're eavmg together. From the cafeteria at Rindge to the dining hall at Proctor. Y O U A R E T H E T R U T H O N T H E C O U R T S . S W E E T L O U - W h e n all of the speculation and gossip was coming out you knew da deal. Always kept it real w h e n others two-faced, reasons you are the godfather.To all m y other guys back home, you k n o w da deal: either you're FRIEND O R FOE. PORTLIFE 44 I rep da bridge but I scream da P-O-R-T.


Jack Jenkins

Teddy Ligon




Jason Babson

Matt Swan vlom and Dad: Y o u have always been there for m e . {ou push m e to be the best and do the best that I can. fou are m y role models in life. Y o u have s h o w n m e ,o m u c h and I can't begin to thank you. I love you o m u c h . Thank you for everything that you have :ver done for m e and given up for m e so that I could ollow m y dreams. I would not be the person I a m oday if I did not have you two to guide m e through ife. I love you, M o m and Dad. Kate and Carrie: Y o u w o have helped m e out so m u c h . Y o u girls have ieen there for m e w h e n ever I have needed you. Y o u iave helped m e g r o w and you have supported m e in ountless ways. Y o u are the best. I'm so glad that I iave you two in m y life. I would not be where I a m .ow in life without m y two kickass sisters. I love ou and thank you t w o so m u c h . Jenny: I love you. 'ou are everything I have ever wanted in a girl and lore. Y o u are so special to m e . Y o u are m o r e then ist m y girlfriend, you are m y best friend. I love you lore then anything or anyone in this world. I have lways loved you. Thank you so m u c h for putting p with m e . Y o u m e a n the world to m e . I'll love you lways and forever. "To conquor is to live." "Life is just a stream I go fishing in." "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all."


Abby Marsh I would like to start by thanking m y family, w h o I could not have done any of this without. M o m + Dad I love you so much. I can't believe I a m finally done. I appreciate all that you have done for m e and I k n o w it has not been easy for you. Thank you so m u c h for giving m e the opportunity to realize m y dreams. Holly, I have watched you take these steps before m e and I have looked up to you with total admiration. You are m y inspiration. Even though w e fight I love you with all m y heart. Camille, You are one of the strongest individuals I have ever met. I love you. I don't have to say goodbye because w e have a friendship that will last forever. Stevie, you are like m y brother. I have become so close to you and I don't k n o w where I would be without you. Jose you have meant so m u c h to me. I love you. Elizette you have a good head on your shoulders. Keep doing what you got to do. Jenny, girl you have put m e through a lot of s*** but I still have love. All your efforts will some day be appreciated by those w h o matter most to you. Jessica stay strong, you have one more year left. I love you m y little homie. Ulises + Victor you are two fine young men, w h e n you grow up give m e a call. To KS, JU, L M , m y girls back h o m e you have been there for m e forever I love you like sisters. Las Chicas forever! To m y other friends I love you too! Esp. A M . To m y advisor Swayz you have been the best advisor ever. Thank you so m u c h for all your effort , I k n o w I a m a pain but w e managed. If I missed anyone I a m sorry. I love ya'll, PEACE O U T !

Nora Fairbank

Gaelen Wells

Leila Volinsky

Chicken McNuggels

M o m and Scotty: Thanks for always being there w h e n I needed you! So m a n y great memories that I will always take with me... y o u have taught m e so m u c h and I a m forever grateful for all that you have given m e . I love you both1 D a d and A n d y : There is so m u c h that you have had to deal with. Thanks for always listening to what I had to say! I'm so thankful for what you have done for and given m e ! I love you! Becca, Cicely, and Sarah: I a m so glad to have such great sisters like you... getting closer to you in the last couple years has been so meaningful to me!! I love being able to vent and get advice from you guys... Bee- I'll never forget our crazy road trips! Cice- Sorry for this summer... I hope s o m e off your Martha Stewartness will someday rub off on m e . Sarah: T o o bad w e never really get to spend any time together!!! I'll never forget your torture though 1 Holly:Good times!! T h e times at m y house with Gwenny... the times at your house (Rob and Cam)... and of course that night in the car roaming N e w London. Thanks for giving m e something to talk about... w e have to get together and rock da house!! Love ya tons!! G w e n n : 4 years of stories!! I will never forget orientation or N e w Years Eve(I don't think Kenzie's toy will either) or all those times at m y house!! I always think of y o u w h e n I a m driving cause y o u k n o w y o u are tailgatmg if G w e n n can read the license plate. Love ya tons!! Tessa: I k n o w things got kinda crazy this past year, but k n o w that I will always keep you close to m y heart!! I definitely have s o m e good stories, as well!! That dinner at your house with T o m (door hinge) Going to Dartmouth with Rebecca, bocce o n the beach in the s n o w , and all other things w e did! I hope y o u will stay in touch. I love you like m y sister!! I will always r e m e m b e r what you taught m e about life, love and friendship! Katie a n d Calla: G o o d time being r o o m m a t e s with y o u t w o crazy girls!! Katie= throwing shoes at the wall, " O h , yeah that's, m y computer., it beeps." and w h o can forget all the rest!! Calla: the couch-o-love, running through the blizzard in our both taught m e so m u c h about roommates, but especially that I should try to live on m y o w n in college...Thanks for the good times!! Dylan: W h y didn't w e find each other sooner 7 Y o u are so incredibly wonderful! Dinner at m y house...steamy windows..playing with ice at the lake house. All that good stuff..I love y o u so m u c h and look forward to so m a n y m o r e great memories!! "A failure is not always a mistake. It may simply be the best you can do under (he circumstances. The real misiake is lo stop trying." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; B.F. Skinn

"luu ]\ Inendship

M o m + D a d Thank you so m u c h for all the help and support for the last 4 years. They were rough, and you helped m e pull through. Thank you. Chelsea- M y lost friend. Y o u will always be in m y heart, and I'll see you w h e n I get there. Maile- Ich Liebe Dich. Always thinking of you. Eva, Annie, SarahY o u were always there for m e w h e n I had a bad day. Y o u guys are awesome. Benny-Boy- M y big brother, always there to keep m e happy. You're awesome, even though I don't say it enough. Ocean Classroom 2001 "Hands UP!" "If you're walking on thin ice, you mighl as well dance." - U n k n o w n "To avoid critasm, don't do anything, say anything, or be anything." - A n o n . "You have ihe world at your feet, try not to trip over it." - U n k n o w n "Shared sorrow is have sorrow, shared joy is double joy." -Swedish Proverb

doni L_5

Michelle Shaver Mom - You're my hero. I could never express m) gratitude for everything you've done for me. I love you.Thank you for your continuous love and sacrifice.Uncle Mike - Your encouragement and love throughout m y life has meant everything to me, especially the last four years. You've always been there with advice. Pushing m e to do the challenging things, but letting m e make m y o w n decisions. You've helped make m e the person I am. I love you bunches' Susie & Mike - It's been a pretty short four years, huh' Thanks for the h o m e w o r k tutorials over the phone. As well as, the nagging to do the things I need to do. i promise I will try to take Chem. in the spring. You've been a hard act to follow. Joel & Brian - M y baby boys' We're pretty lucky to have such a great family. I'll be around for you guys, too. I love you both to pieces Lee C. - I o w e you big! Y o u supported everything I ever did at Proctor, no questions asked. I know I've said this before, but you are an inspiration and the best advisor anyone could ask for. Thank you. Steve & Brooks - Thank you for the help and support France changed m y life. Dan - What can I say? We've had a lot of good times: "Apparently...", "0M people!", PC's, Road trips, Bonus, & more, but we continue to make it through the bad.. Pack up the car for S u m m e r 2002. Ditto. "Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting. - Karl Wallenda


Joe Gordon

Justin Rathbone 49

Alex Plaisted

Jarrett Enck m o m and dad: thanks for everything; i love you guys, aj: alright! finally! torn: park farther away, al: dun, dun dun dun... dylan: cs dude, come on... drew: i can't list everything so i'll just say. your m o m . others: dude, enck, dude... big bag of little donuts... mo-reetz-goebul... what does everybody want??

William Waters Negley First to m y parents- You have made the m a n I a m today. Through the good times and bad you supported m e with unwavering love and care. You have allowed m e to sail free and because of that I found a true course. Jam & Suz- "The Kids," have grown up. You are the best younger siblings I could ask for, I love you guys. Em, Nancy, Syd: Ya'll have always kept m e grounded, thank you for that. Love ya. To Papa Grande: You have taught m e h o w to be a true gentleman, thank you. P.A.- Swayze, thank you so m u c h for your support during m y time here, I can't express what it means to me. Bob and Brenda- M y allies in a war fought daily, thank you for allowing Nate and m e to spend half your classes arguing politics. Phil-1 guess you're not that liberal I heard so m u c h about; thank you for being such an amazing influence. Ocean Classroom- W e journeyed together through unimaginable hardships only to come out one amazingly better group of m e n and w o m e n . I k n o w I will never forget you and our amazing experience. PA-You changed m y life and the way I see the world. You have given m e a gift I could never repay. Thank you.

Siblings & Legacies

Standing: Sarah W o o d , Anna W o o d , Britney Mortenson, Chris Cave, Trey Faccone, Merlin Backus, Justus Zimmerman, J.O. Vernon, Lucia Cushman, Arly Vernon, Christine Frazier, Katie Jurta, Chloe Rochon, Ashley Sutton. Kneeling: Anthony Montivirdi, Jenny Bedard, Tim Norris, George Bordash, Andrew Barban, Kathryn Barban, Rebecca Barban, Ashley Besbris


Senior Superlatives Most Likely to Cure Cancer Jed Prescott and Tessa Sylvain

Most Ambitious Carter Westlund and Nissa Fowler Most Athletic Kelly Ryan and Glenn Robichaud

Best Smile A d a m Gervais and Masiphilile Dlamini

Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Freshman Juliet Totten and Jarrett Enck

Best Eyes Abby Marsh and Andrew Previdi

Most Likely to Become a Proctor Teacher Justus Z i m m e r m a n and Rebecca Barban

Best Dancer Penny Currier and Garrett Thompson

Most Energetic Megan Manning and Matt Swan

Friendliest Karen Paquette and Sarena Stern

Most Likely to Marry a Supermodel Marcos Lopez and Megan Donovan

Most Environmentally Aware Maya Fulton and Jeff Morneault

Most Likely to be Famous Leah Jampel and Jon Stoddard

Most Politically Aware William Negley and Ollie Schwab

Most Flirtatious Sarah Williams and Stevie Martinez

Best Dressed Merlin Backus and Ashley Jerome

Most Likely to Skip Graduation Ian Prichett and Liz Brier-Rosenfield

Funniest Jed Prescott and Nancy Heyl

Most Likely to Marry Each Other Avery Cushman and Ben Hoglund

Most Likely to be Seen on ESPN Jack Jenkins and Derrick Harris

Perpetually on Restriction: John Krebs and Nora Fairbank Most Likely to Have Been Seperated at Birth Stevie Martinez and Jose Hernandez Most Original Maya Fulton and Gavin Kalan

Andrew Previdi

Nissa Fowler

T o m Robinson

Leila Volinsky

Trey Faccone

Senior Baby Pictures

Nancy Heyl

Meredith Donaldson

Megan Manning

Lindsay H u m e (middle)

William Negley

Rebecca & Andrew Barban

| 1






â&#x20AC;˘Mi> Ashley Besbris

Michelle Shaver

Melanie M c N a



Liz Brier-Rosenfield

Meredith Leoni

Rob Wassermen


Class of 2003

Joe Zeitler


Kevin McCarthy

Mike Baptiste, Philippe Nazair, Jason Robinson

Trevor Cross






'ie'Hutchens. Jenna Teti

Anna Klepper

*- SS Mill*

it Hlir* ^^B....

Katie F r o m m


Class of 2004

Slade Patterson


Julia Marans, Zoe Hammerschlag

Lucia Cushman, Nora McElroy. Phoebe Dwight. Alexa Allen

Alby Sears


Class of 2005

Alex Felton, Ian McElroy


Bruce Hart, s ' miear, Myles McLeod, Hadley Meenan, Alex Felton, Margaret Evans, Ian McElroy. Taylor Sullivan, Jake Mazonson, Dan Feutz,

Sam Trachy

Will French


Day Students & Dorms

Day Students



Back: Sam Thomas, Philippe Nazair. Stevie Martinez, Chek Wingo. Front: Chris Corsiglia. Kelly Ryan, Leah Jampel, Sarena Stern, Juliet Totten Glenn Robichaud, James Tautkus, Tim Frazier, Brad Frey, Chris Koch. Sleeping: Ian Ryan.


Carr Standing: Sam Cotton, Dylan Reno, Jarrett Enck, Will Hutton, Alex Plaisted, Tim DeYoung, Miguel de Braganca, Cory Cook. O n sofa: M o Goebel, Chapman Brown, Mike Trujillo, Nick Blatt, Rob Wasserman, Matt Swan, John Krebs. Front: Dan Parkinson. Not pictured: Teddy Ligon Dorm Leaders: Alex Plaisted, Matt Swan

King Clockwise from far left: Catherine Roberts, Calla Staszko, Abby Marsh, Ashley Sutton, Jessica Passoff, Kelby McManus, Allison Tucker, Ashley Matchem

M.L.S. Back: Sam Swasey, Steven Vauaghn-Copeland, Sam Sloanejeff Perez, Joe Lloyd, Dan Cherkis, Alex Felton, Phil Hackmann. Front: Ulises Veras, Sean O'Connell, Ben Fairbank, Dan Feutz, Sam Trachy, Lynne Heuber, Guinness Hueber Dorm Leader: Jose Hernandez



Standing: M a n n y Prabhu, O m a r Reid, Jake Fitzpatrick, Andrew Groman, Jake Grossman-Crist, John Falcey. Sitting: Jon Siegal, Chance Cobb, Nate Klein, Mike Sterrett, Nick Spaulding. Front: Haiki Liesegang, Patrice Martin, John Simermeyer Dorm Leader: Manny Prabhu

Burbank East Standing: Brittany Besbris, Janique Robillard, Maggie Evans, Tahanee Dunn, Camille Hankey, Britney Mortenson, Lucia Cushman, Dola Neill, Sam Neill, Masiphilile Dlamini Sitting: Hadley Meenan, Christine Frazier, Erica Schlachter Front: Nora Fairbank Dorm Leaders: Masiphilile Dlamini, Nora Fairbank

Burbank West Standing: Lauren Thomas, Sarah Mclntyre, Eva Whitney, Carolina Gonzalez, Zoe Hammerschlag, Alan Mclntyre, Shiva Mclntyre. Sitting: Alice Hunsaker, Hee Sung Lim, Nora McElroy, I A m y Coughlin, Shannon Keane. Sprawling: Meredith Miller Dorm Leaders: Nora McElroy, Lauren Thomas


Carriage Back: Al Sand, Jeff Morneault, Maya Fulton, Aaron Schlosser, Peter Herzeele. Front: Marc Miranti, Liz Brier-Rosenfield, Annie Bailey, Ashley Besbris, Abby Levigne, Grace Kumetat, Josh Goldbach

Morton Back: Carter Westlund, Jake Hessler, Joe Zeitler, Gaelen Wells, Ben Bartle. Middle: Andy Donaldson, Slade Patterson, Bobby Dunbar, Taylor Sullivan. Albie Sears. Brad Cabot. Front: Matt Carpenter, Horton Lytle, Megan Lytle, Pat Baldwin. Dorm Leaders: Brad Cabot, Carter Westlund

Summerfield Jake Mazonson, Hunter Hagenbuch, Ben Evans, Dan Cullen, Tyrell Dortch, Kyle Chumas, Tyler Maynard. A m y Makechnie, Christian Young, Gregor Makechnie, Victor G o m e z , Andrew Bordash, O w e n Coursin. Dorm Leader: Tyrell Dortch


Ives Back: Celine Gatabazi, Sarah Whitehead, Ruth Aladejobi, Holly Blanchard, Ashley Jerome, Sarah Williams, Avery Cushman Front: Alie Muckenfuss, Nancy Heyl, Kate H o w e , Robin Barlett, Alexa Allen Dorm Leaders: Sarah Williams, Avery Cushman

Johnson Erik Cole-Johnson, Jackson Tufts, Tony G o m e z , Chase Goodrich, Elliot Rossbach, Eli Persky, Lauren Cole-Johnson

Davis Standingjen Hill.Elsie Eustis,Oliva Emerson, Lily Ellis, Erin Mortenson, Julie Newbold,Tracy MacGregor, Caroline Leonard. Sitting: Nancy Coxe, Lindsay H u m e , Larkin Williams Dorm Leaders: Lily Ellis, Larkin Williams


MacKenzie Top: Adi Gilo, Lee Carvalho, Terry Stoecker Middle: Lucia Cushman, Phoebe Dwight, Penny Currier, Rebecca Barban, Sandra Ha, G w e n n Fairall, Nicola Muirhead, Sarah Jordan, Karen Paquette. Front: Annie Arthur Dormn Leaders: Penny Currier, Megan Donovan

Farm Standing: Yuji Naito, Luke Backus, Brian Kellogg, Rob Beach. Sitting: Whit Ellis, Ethan Vandermark, Josh Wallin, John Fowler. Dorm Leader: Whit Ellis

Thoreau Standing: Drew Graham, John Pellett, Bryan Cook, Freddie Jennings, Jesse Dann, Matt Swansberg. Sitting: Joe Gordon, Dan Risotti, Matt Hedrick, Rob Ferber, Justin Rathbone


Gannett Back: Andrew Previdi, Mike Baptiste, Jack Jenkins, Cole Burnham, Marcos Lopez, Gavin Kalan, Jon Stoddard, Jeff Grace. Middle: Matt MacKenzie, Annie MacKenzie, Cole Taustin, Andrew Dana, Matt Grant, Sam Yazwinski. Front: Jason Walker, Chris Peterson, A d a m Scherr, Havoc MacKenzie, A d a m Gimbel. D o r m Leaders: Morcos Lopez, Jon Stoddard

Fowler Back: Bruce Hart, Jamie Stone, T o m Eccleston, Ian Prichett, Jason Robinson, Ian McElroy, Karl Methven Middle: Derrick Harris, A d a m "Ace" Gervais; Front: Sid Joshi, Jeff Steer D o r m Leaders: Derrick Harris, A d a m Gervais


Serving the Community Student Leadership

School Leader Stevie Martinez, Assistant School Leader Carter Weslund, Nissa Fowler, Maya Fulton, Liz Brier-Rosenfield

Peer Outreach

Standing: Justus Zimmerman, Liz Brier-Rosenfield, Joe Zeitler, Avery Cushman, Ben Hoglund,Megan D< Grace Kumetat. Kneeling: R o b m Asbury. Jose Hernandez, Sarah Williams, Colleen Watson, George Bordash


Proctor Environmental Action

Nelson Lebo, Grace Kumetat, Maya Fulton, Nissa Fowler

Proctor Academy Fire Department

ÂŤ. Sidd Joshi, Bryan Cook, Jesse Dann. AlSand, Greg O'Brien, Matt Carpenter, Liz Brier-Rosenfield (Chief). Lauren Thomas



Standing: Tahanee Dunn, Chek Wingo, Jenny Bedard, Sam Neill, John Simermeyer Kneeling: Liz Brier-Rosenfield, Elizette Vazquez, Jose Hernandez, Lauren Thomas

Proctor Mountaineering Club

Clockwise from left: George Bordash, T o m Robinson, Gaelen Wells, Brad Cabot, Brooks Bicknell, Justus Zimmerman


Faculty & Staff


Learning Skills Standing: Dale Milne, Kathy Bianchi, Debra Nesbitt, Kristin Nesbitt, Kathy Ordway, Jen Fletcher, Donna Jonas, Rick Browner, Ellen Yenawine, Lynn Cox, Ted Mastin, Lauren Cole-Johnson. Sitting: Dola Neill, Shirley Felong, W e n d y McLeod Not pictured: Sarah Wilkins, Michael Littman, Matt Mackenzie. David Spear.

Social Science Standing: Anne Swayze, Bert Hinkley, T o m Eccleston. Bob Livingston, Karl methven. Sitting: Brooks Bicknell, Brenda Godwin, Phil Goodnow, Dola Neill. Not pictured: Meredith Gibbons

Mathematics Back row: Sue Rochon, John Schoeller, K.C. Lawler, Matt MacKenzie, Sarah Whitehead, Steve Wilkins, Toby Gibbons. Front: Bert Carvalho, Lee Carvalho, Dougo Houston Not pictured: Mike Koenig


Food Service Barbara Major, Edna Peters, Elfreida Rayno, Art Makechnie, Sue Hoyt, Linda Shampney, Ed Barkowski, Kevin Farrington

Maintenance Standing: "Jason Jenkins," Stuart W a d e , Dan Wiltshire, Paul Meyerhoefer, Greg Wheeler, Lynn George, Bob Day, Garry George, Todd Goings, Gary Peters, Billy Kerton. Sitting: Kurt Meier, Jeff Sweet, Will Ames, Bill Matulevich, Kenny Wheeler

Athletics Clockwise from top left: Jacob Johnson, Toby Gibbons, Phil Hackmann, Bev Eccleston


World Language

5 â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

Eric Viandier, Janet Linn, Jennifer Flemming, Gregor Makechnie, Erik Cole-Johnson, Jennifer Hill

Science Standing: Dave Pilla, Everett Jones, Brian Kellogg with Aiden, A m y Makechnie, Doc Hand, Heide Johnson, Dale Milne. Sitting: Lynne Hueber, Sarah Mclntyre, Phil Hackmann, Sue Houston, Nelson Lebo

English Standing: T o m Eslick, Ryan Flynn, Peter Southworth, Jane Barban, John Pendleton, Tim Norris. Sitting: Sarah Will, Alison Mastin, Nancy Schoeller, Laurie Z i m m e r m a n


Art Standing: Michael Littman, Greg Allen, Patrice Martin Sitting: Brooks Bicknell, Robin Asbury, Dani Hinkley, Terry Stoecker, Everett Jones

Development *Mi Cathy Chandler, Sara Locke, Greg Samaha, Bonny Morris, Chuck Will, Keith Barrett, Kate Smith, Louise Moses, Sebastian Moses, Maggie Moses. Not pictured: Jay Goulart

Alex Estin, I ida Beaudoin

1/ l Judy Preson, Marie Montivirdi



Business Office Standing: Prudy Veysey, Donald Macdonald Sitting: Kathleen H o w e , Donna Jefferson Not pictured: Maureen Gautreau

College Counselors Clockwise from top left: Ellen Yenawine, Kristen Nesbitt, Tim Norris, Sandy Nelson. Not pictured: Mike Koenig

Technology & EA.I.S. Standing: Anna Hanlon, Sue Currier, David Langtry, Brenda Godwin, Morgan Salathe. Sitting: Jim Cox, Jason Walker


Child Ca e Karen Farrington, Sarah Fox, Sue Rasweiler-Comrii Christy Young, Anne Bassage, Lawre G o o d n o w . Not pictured: Star Bickford

Student Activities Marti A d a m s , Bert Hinkley, Dani Hinkley, Laurie Zimmerman, Anne Swayze

Health Center Far left, clockwise from top left: Katharine Nevins, Lisa Scarry, Carolyn Dansereau, Gail Piche, Lorraine Roberts, June Enck Near left: Counselor Elizabeth Green


Maxwell Savage Clockwise from top left: Steve Wilkins, JoAnn Hicks, Anne Swayze, Bert Carvalho, Jeanne Barrett, Nance Barrett, Peter Southworth, Karl Methven. Not pictured: Nancy Schoeller

Admission Diane Fowler, Faye O k m a , Charlie Durell, Chris Bartlett, Sue Eslick, Michele Koenig

Housekeeping Back: Deb Charles, Elsie Sanborn. Diane Benson, Jane Walker, Candy Adams, Diana Ford, LyndaUnderhill, Audrey Ford. Front: Elaine Rondeau, Sharon Pilkenton, Anne Meier. W a n d a Langlois




m**. 'y


% ^ ^

PATJ ^•JSs> El

K? ;




t^ivi x&t\r \Jfry Vil-





Jon Stoddard, Andrew Barban, Garrett Thompson, Justus Zimmerman, Gavin Kalan

Garrett Thompson, Jason Robinson

_aurel Fitzpatrick, Jen Hill

I •_•



Stt* **•

Ben Hoglund, Jason Babson

Maya Fulton


Orientation: September 5-9,2001

Standing: Morgan Salathe. Shannon Keane. Celine Gatabazi, Jessica passoff, Whitney Springbom. Kneeling: Erica Schlachter. E m m a Freeberg, Brittany Besbris. K C Lawler 84

Sarah Jordan, Julie Newbold, Caroline Leonard, Elsie Eus

Kathryn Barban


..' ; '$' •» : Jj. '


' 4

£z;i "i


Jd^M ) « W M K

Hilary G o o d n o w , U

Chris Koch

m^9 w&Z^



Chrissy Morell, Lily Slay

Carter Westlund

'•••:.. r>

&m> <J&M-

A d a m Gimbel, Victor G o m e z , Paul Kim, Matt Carpenter

Adi Gilo, s'arah Will, Allison Tucker. Lee Carvalho, Jeffie Wilkins, K i m Barrett, Natalie Sarles, Lily Slay, Chrissy Morell

Alex Plaisted, Rob Beach

Standing: Celine Gatabazi, Erica Schlachter, Jessica Passoff, Whitney Springborn. Shannon Keane, Brittany Besbris, E m m a Freeberg. Kneeling: Morgan Salathe, K C Lawler, Lynne Hueber


Toys for Tots Fun Walk

Jay Goulart. Sandra Fairbank, Nora Fairbank, Brian Jerome. Ashley Jerome Malcolm Swasey. Steve Wilkins


Fun Walk coordinators Bob Livingston (far left, standing) and D front row) with Bravo Company and the Varsity Girls' Soccer Te


Marti Adams, Alex Estin, Nany Schoeller


Ocean Classroom

Jason Tracy-


Pete Benoit

Back: MacLean Tiffany, Dave Shepherd, Jenny Bedard, Elizette Vazquez, Matt Moravec. Front: Karine Dumont, Mel McNamara, Mykin Johnson

Dave Shepherd, Karine Dumont, Matt Moravec, Mykin Johnson, Jenny Bedard, Mel Mcnamara, Jenna Teti



Standing: A d a m Goldberg. Sean Leavitt, Ollie Schwab.Colleen Wats< .n, Charlie Kleeman, Greg O'Brien. Charles Clerc, George Bordash, Wyatt Cragan, Chris Cloutier. Merlin Backus, Liz Clerc


Chris Cloutier, Merlin Backus, Wyatt Cragan

Fall Play: TWeifth Night

Lauren Tliomas, Gaelen Wells, Crystal Flaherty

Juliet Totten





H ,. ~rm 1 WmmW


T» n


wBBpfa'- iiafev ^Bj \ & i

PF 1


^H ,^|.

^jB •


i ™**^^l«d


Nancy Heyl, J.O. Vernon, Annie Arthur

Nicola Muirhead, Jon Stoddard, Leah Jampel, Kyler Taustin, Adi Gilo

Juliet Totten, Deb Vernon,Hallie Schiess, Nora McElroy, Lauren Thomas, Gaelen Wells, A m y Coughlin 91


Varsity Girls' Standing: Ted Mastin, James "Doc" Hand, Nora Fairbank, Chrissie Morrell, Carolina Gonzalez, Catherine Roberts, Anna W o o d , Phoebe Dwight, Erin Mortenson, Ashley Besbris, Mary Will, Katie Fromm, Lindsay H u m e , Meredith Gibbons, Larkin Williams. Kneeling: Ashley Sutton, Britney Mortenson, Meredith Miller, Missy Tillotson, Megan Manning, Tahanee nun Eva Whitney, Chloe Rochon, Liz BrierRosenfield

Liz Brier-Rosenfie

Erin Mortenson

Nora Fairbank


Varsity Boys' Soccer


Standing: Sarah Williams. Phil Goodnow, Dan Cherkis, Jake Fitzpatrick, Ben Evans, Justin Rathbone, Nick Wilkins, Chase Goodrich, Nick Blatt, Tim DeYoung, Brad Frey, Chrstian Young, Gregor Makechnie, Stevie Martinez Sitting: Omar Reid, Andrew Groman, Jeff Perez, Chance Cobb, Glenn Robchaud, Matt Hedrick, Nate Klein, Adam Minton

*i^^ \




i mmf^ ,


^W- ^-Mz9-mmi

WmAi F A ^ '


C " m\& IpH

HtzT *


fc fr

Captains: Glenn Robchaud, Chance Cobb



Justin Rathhon


D a n Cherkis

O m a r Reid


Varsity Field Hockey Standing: Alison Mastin, Deb Vernon, Megan Donovan, Nancy Coxe, Olivia Emerson, Lucia Cushman, Julie Newbold, Alice Hunsaker, Arly Vernon, Calla Stazko, Anne Swayze. Kneeling: Masiphilile Dlamini, Christine Frazier, Ashley Jerome, Lily Ellis, Avery Cushman. Laurel Fitzpatrick, Abby Marsh. Captains: Ashley Jerome, Lily Ellis, Avery Cushman

\very Cushman, Arly Vernon

Nancy Coxe

Alice Hunsaker


Varsity Football Top row; Ian Ryan, Rob Wasserman, Zach O k m a , Trevor Cross, Joe Gordon, Chapman Brown, James Tautkus. Second row: T o m Eccleston, David Flemming, Sam Neill, Cole Burnham. Chek Wingo, John Simermeyer, Jeff Morneault, Tyrell Dortch, Chris Corsiglia, Matt Hayes, Jack Jenkins, A d a m Gervais, John Schoeller. Sitting: Tony Gomez, Hunter Hagenbuch, William Hutton. Slade Patterson, Jed Prescott, Garrett Thompson, Philippe Nazair, Mike Baptiste, Kevin McCarthy. Front: Dave Shay, Andrew Previdi, Art Baker, Jeff Grace, Cory Cook, Pete Johnson, Jon Stoddard, Giles Welch, Tim Frazier.

Joe Gordon


Jeff Morneault

Jed Prescott

Cross Country Standing: Jen Hill, Jamie Stone, Aaron Schlosser, Chris Koch, M o Goebel, Mike Trujillo. Kneeling: Jessica Passoff, Patrick Graham, Dylan Reno, Trey Faccone, Kelly Ryan, Becky Barker, KyleChumas Captains: Trey Faccone, Kayla Hartwell

Dan " T w

Kyle C h u m a



Dance Back: Penny Currier, Rebecca Barban, Matt Swan, Eddie Lucas, Leila Volinsky, Hollis Blanchard, Tessa Sylvain, Hee Sung Lim, Celine Gatabazi, Katie Jurta, Nicola Muirhead, Natalie Sarles, Sophie Klepper, Kaedi Butterfield,Danielle Smith. Front: Juliet Totten, Whitney Springborn, G w e n n Fairall

Drama Tech Clockwise from top right: A m y Coughlin, Gavin Kalan, Adi Gilo, Leah Jampel, Meredith Donaldson, Annie Arthur, Sarah Semlear, Al Sand, Marc Miranti, Fred Jennings, Lily Slay.


Cedric Stevens. Carrie Hutchens, Je


Toph M a y o

JV Boys Soccer Standing: Paul Kim, Chris Peterson, Matt Carpenter, Chris Jones, Jesse Dan, Jackson Tufts, Matt Johnson, Ethan Vandermark, Peter Southworth Kneeling: Heiko Liesegang, M a x Cohen, Tyler Maynard, Alex Felton, O w e n Coursin, Alejendro Taylor-Escribano, Ben Fairbank Sitting: Yuji Naito, Dan Risotti, Miles Freeman, Dan Fuetz

JV Girls' Soccer Standing: Sue Rochon,Alie Muckenfuss, Julia Marans, Brittany Besbris, Zoe Hammerschlag, Kelby McManus, Stephanie Williams, Caroline Leonard, Elsie Eustis, Sarah Whitehead Kneeling: Nora McElroy, Alison Tucker, Erica Schlachter, Michelle Shaver, Tracy MacGregor, Hadley Meenan, Shannon Keane, Lauren Thomas Front: Margaret Evans

3rds Soccer Standing: John Pendleton, Andrew Bordash, Nick Spaulding, Bryan Cook, Jake Mazonson, Ian McElroy, Steven Vaughan-Copeland, Mike Smith, Greg Allen. Kneeling: Kyler Taustin, Jamie Thompson, Myles McLeod, Adam Fitzpatrick, Luke Backus, Anthony Montivirdi, Sam Sloan, Sid Joshi, Jesse Smith, Matt Johnson, Rob Farber, Taylor Sullivan, Manny Prabhu. Front Jake Grossman-Crist


Rock Climbing Back: Matt Gorevan, Annie Bailey, Grace Kumetat, Brad Cabot, Dougo Houston. Front: K C Lawler, Gaelan Wells, Justus Zimmerman, Amanda Gross

Woods Team Standing: Greg Stetson, Chris Spencer, Eli Persky, Ben Bartle, M a x Bachynskyi, Teddy Ligon, Will French, John Krebs, Matt Swansburg, Elliot Rossbach, Andrew Barban, Jake Hessler, Lynne Hueber. Kneeling: Dave Pilla, Sam Cotton, Greg Barner, Jeff Casazza, Sam Swasey, Geoff O s m u n

Elbow Pond Back: Matt MacKenzie, Annie MacKenzie, Jon Falcey, Matt Grant, Mike Kaulbach, Josh Goldbach, Bobby Dunbar, Nissa Fowler, Pat Baldwin Front: Page Taliaferro, Ruth Aladejobi, Janiqie Robillard, Joe Zeitler with Havoc MacKenzie, John Fowler


Kayaking Back: Cole Taustin, Nissa Fowler, Robin Bartlett, Josh Wallin, Dan Cullen, Sarena Stern, Maya Fulton Front: Bert Hinkley,Eric Viandier, Jack Emerson, JO Vernon, Miguel deBraganca


JV Field Hockey Standing: Sarah Mclntyre, Kim Barrett, Abby Lavigne, Ariel Stephens-Ladd, E m m a Freeberg, Jeffie Wilkins, Hilary Goodnow, Alex Estin. Kneeling: Ashley Matchem. Kathryn Barban, Sarah Jordan,Hallie Schiess, Anna Klepper, Kim Ganley, Alexa Allen


JV Football Standing: Ryan Flynn, Pete Herzeelle, Will Hutton, Jeff Steer,Ulises Veras, Sean O'Connell, Cory Cooke, Zach O k m a , Alby Sears, Hunter Hagenbuch, Tony Gomez, John J. Schoeller . Kneeling: Dan Parkinson, Andrew Dana, Jeremy Sweet, A d a m Gimbel, Art Baker, Beach, Phil, Victor G o m e z , Charlie Cloutier



A ."V „ *



yk v:

The Framing OJ's (and friends) :Miguel de Braganca, Andrew Barban, Sam Trachy, Chris Back: Nancy Heyl,Carter Westlund, Chris Koch. Middle: "Santa" Martinez, Cave, Leah Jampel, Larkin Williams, Gavin Kalan, Lily Slay Nate McMurtrie, Tim Frazier, Brad Frey, Sam Thomas. Front: Marcos Lopez, Chris Corsiglia 103

Mountain Classroom

Sarena Stern, Eva Whitney, Beck)" Barker, Nick Wilkins, Garrett Thompson, Jon Stoddard, Sam Cotton, LeiJa Volinsky, Ian Ryan. Annie .Arthur 104

Garrett Thompson, Jon Stoddard, Sam Cotton, Annie Arthur, Ian Ryan, Nick Wilkins, Eva Whitney


Nora Fairbank, Maya Fulton, G w e n n Fairall, Aaron Schlosser, Anne Bailey, Jeff Morneault

Nora Fairbank, Maya Fulton, G w e n n Fairall, Jeff Morneault, Anne Bailey, Aaron Schlosser


Sarah Will. Mariann Monteiro. Tessa Sylvain. Robin Bartlett, Mary Will, Penny Currier. Alice Hunsaker. Holly Blanchard. .Anna Klepper, Karine Dumont Green, Jason Babson


Alice Hunsaker, Karine D u m o n t Green, Anna Klepper, Mariann Monteiro^ Holly Blanchard, Tessa Sylvain, Mary Will

3 Shows & a Couch

Couch Tech: Sean, Nissa , Sanz, Greg, Page

W i n t e r Plays

The Laramie Project

Couch directors Justus Zimmerman, Nancy Heyl


A m y Coughlin, Nancy Schoeller





^LW _^! •• • wM

*' HI

%Mmtt mmm vmt *


'^H mmmm

mmmW w\% WW -'•'•-

..... a. # J 3 Shows St a Couch Cast Back: Karen Paquette, Nancy Heyl. Seated: Marcos Lopez, Charlie Kleeman, Justus Z i m m e r m a n , Gaelen Wells. Front: Lily Slay

. d


H %.^.x - ft \ *st* [pzf.



1 ^


(The Laramie ProjWPCaSt i_ Top: Slade Patterson, NoraMcSroy, Hallie Schiess, HilaryGoodnow, LizBrier-Rbsenfield. Middle: Matt Hayes, Chris Bardett, Brad Cabot, James Tautkus, Julie Newbold, Nancy Schoeller, Grace Kumetat, Dave Pilla. Seated: Cadrerine Roberts, Crystal Flaherty, Lauren Thomas. Arly Vernon, Deb Vemon, A m y Coughlin, Jolm Pellett. Front: Nelson Lebo, Kyler Taustin, Ryan Flynn, Jamie Thompson 107

Semi Formal: February 23,2002

Marcos Lopez, Nora McElroy

Carolina Gonzalez, Ruth Aladejobi

PI "

Jayo Vernon, Tim Frazier





• yJlJ»-

• c*



) 11 Ay


Ci ^ r*

Moriah Cowles, Sarah Williams, Erin Mortenson, Nancy Coxe


Ulises Veras, Jose Hernandez, Chris Cloutier, A d a m "Ace" Gervais

Spirit Week: February 16-23,2002 Celaferatina Arts & Athletics

Tim Norris and Lynne Hueber as Tim Norris

Athletic Director Toby Gibbons, Art Department Chair Robin Asbury


I 10

Varsity Girls Bert Hinkley, Avery Cushman, Page Jones, Lucia Cushman, Drew Donaldson

ge Jones

Lucia Cushman

Avery Cushman


Varsity Boys' Alpine

Standing: Bert Hinkley, Pete Benoit. Luke Feinb Rob Wasserman, Pete Johnson, Drew Donaldson Kneeling: Tim Frazier, Dylan Reno

Luke Feinberg Rob Wasserman


Pete Benoit

Wrestling Back: Brian Kellogg, Lily Slay, Mike Baptiste, Gaelen Wells, M a n n y Prabhu, Matt Grant, Nelson Lebo, Front: Josh Goldbach, Jeff Perez, M a x Bachynskyi, Jon Falcey

Jeff Perez

Josh Goldbach

Manny Prabhu


Snowboard Racing

Jim Cox, A d a m Minton, Trevor Cross, Sean Leavitt, Toph Mayo, Moriah Cowles, Tim DeYoung, Brad Cabot, Grace Kumetat, Josh Wallin, Chris Mayo

Moriah Cowles

Tim DeYoung

Sean Leavitt


L ^^X

1XV:. J\

X2* w>

- â&#x20AC;˘ I

1 -*?> ^ H

Moriah Cowles, Sean Leavitt, Toph Mayo

^L'AJI Jmti i A r \



1 \wr^ *3mW

(pruxrg) a

[ 4 j| Trevor Cross


>k^ z

5l A d a m Minton

Toph Mayo

Freestyle Snowboard Back: Nate Klein, Cory Cooke, Matt Gorevan, Elliot Rossbach, Brad Frey, Alejandro TaylorEscribano, Ethan Vandermark, Geoff O s m u n , Jeff Casazza. Front: Elsie Eustis, David Kenney, Dave Shay, Britney Mortenson

David Kenney

ILeiko Liesegan

Dan Fuetz

Varsity Boys' Basketball Standing: Merlin Backus, Gregor Makechnie, Chek Wingo, Jed Prescott, Alex Plaisted, A d a m Gervais, Teddy Ligon, Tyrell Dortch, Derrick Harris, Ulises Veras, Katie Talkington. Front: Jose Hernandez, Chris Cloutier, Stevie Martinez, David Shepherd, Victor Gomez, Jake Fitzpatrick Captains: Tyrell Dortch, Derrick Harris, Stevie Martinez


A d a m "Ace" Gervais


Jose Hernandez

Varsity Girls' Basketball Standing: Ruth Aladejobi, Katie Jurta, Carolina Gonzalez, Jenny Bedard, Danielle Smith, E m m a Freeberg, A m y Coughlin, Phoebe Dwight, Chloe Rochon. Kneeling: Chrissy Morell. Kim Ganley, Missy Tillotson, Elizette Vazquez, Laurel Fitzpatrick, Abby Lavigne Not pictured: Coach Megan Lytle

E m m a Freeber

Katie Jurta



j, tzm* i i w 9 $ f % t 1§r

Varsity Boys' Hockey Standing: Toby Gibbons, Greg Barner, Justin Rathbone, Chris Koch, Mike Starrett, Jayo Vernon, Chris Corsiglia, Rory Wilkie, Zach Zimmerman, Phil Nazair, Karl Methven. Kneeling: Jeff Grace, Chase Goodrich, Glenn Robichaud, Matt Swan, Cole Burnham, Albie Sears, Matt Hedrick Captains: Glenn Robichaud, Cole Burnham

MH ... ....


••• m


ustin Rathbone

Phil Nazair, Greg Barner


Cole Burnham

Jayo Vernon


Varsity Girls' Hockey Standing: Alison Mastin, Sarah Jordan, Regina Wilson, Ashley Sutton, Tracy MacGregor, Ashley Matchem, Meredith Miller, Mike Koenig. Kneeling: Shannon Keane, Karen Paquette, Melanie McNamara, Lindsay H u m e , Arly Vernon Captains:Lindsay Hume, Melanie McNamara, Karen Paquette

Ashley Matchem

Karen Paquette

Lindsay H u m e


X C Skiing Back: Erik Cole-Johnson, Dan Cherkis, Justus Zimmerman, Kelly Ryan, Matt Williams, Mike Trujillo, George Bordash, Carter Wesdund, Ted Horwitz, Nora McElroy, Mat Moravec, Ashley Besbris, Page Taliaferro, Marc Maranti, Jesse Dann, Crystal Flaherty, Greg Allen

Captains: Carter Westlund, Kelly Ryan, Dan Tumen

Ted Horwitz


Justus Z i m m e r m a n

Dan Cherkis

Ski Jumping Tim Norris, Luke Backus, Greg O'Brien, Nissa Fowler, Chris Jones, Mike Kaulbach, Kyler Taustin

Skimeister Chris Jones ponders his options

Andrew Donaldson, Tim Norris, Chris Jones. Kyler Taustin

Tim Norris rakes the landing area


Eastern Skiing Standing: Morgan Salathe, Tyler Maynard, Sam Thomas, John Krebs, Rob Kiely, Ben Hoglund, James Tautkus, Charlie Kleeman, David Salathe, Kneeling:Erica Schlachter, Colleen Watson, Sarah W o o d , Meredith Leoni, Anna W o o d , Sarah Lauridsen, Megan Manning. Not pictured: Dan Cullen

David Salathe, Pete Lauridsen

MeredithLeoni.MegMannmg, Colleen Watson

James Tautkus


Ben Hoglund


Sarah Lauridsen

Liz Manning, Megan Manning

JV Boys' Basketball Standing: Ryan Flynn, Masiphilile Dlamini, Eli Persky, Bobby Dunbar, Christian Young, Steven VaughanCopeland, Chance Cobb, Ben Evans,Zack O k m a , Sam Sloane, O m a r Reid. Kneeling: Yuji Naito, M a x Cohen, Sidd Joshi, Andrew groman, Myles McLeod, Tony Gomez, A d a m Fitzpatrick, Kyle Chumas, Ben Fairbank

JV Girls' Basketball Standing: SueRochon, Ruth Aladejobi, Carolina Gonzalez, Margaret Evans, Abby Levigne, Nicola Muirhead, K.C. Lawler. Kneeling: A m y Coughlin, Alexa Allen, Danielle Smith

Pin R o o m Jessica Passoff, Kelby McManus, Greg Stetson, Michelle Shaver, Jacob Johnson


Ceramics Top row: Zoe Hammerschlag, Amanda Gross, Julia Newbold. Middle: Alison Tucker, Patrice Martin, Crissy Morell Larkin Williams. Front: Jamie Stone, A d a m Gimbel, Taylor Sullivan

:j0mm^--''*j^m .'.'

Technoids Eliot Ayres, Liz Kern

Yearbook - ..'A 'Wt->

Camille Hankey, Matt Hayes. Abby Marsh, Jason Robinson, Tahanee D u n n

'"fB ^^^A^jl^/—^H

1 ^^"' '*


m H 4•

L 124


1 - 1^^ 1


Jazz Rock Chris Cave, Miguel de Braganca, Andrew Barban, Sam Trachy, Gavin Kalan

Children'sTheater Standing: Michael Littman, Terry Stoecker, Adi Gilo, Nancy Heyl, Leah Jampel, Liz Brier-Rosenfield. Sitting: Kirstina Rasmussen, Marcos Lopez, John Pellett

Dance Hilary G o o d n o w , Catherine Roberts, Barbara Winslow, Rebecca Barban, Celine Gatabazi, Hee Sung Lim, Kathryn Barban, Emily Welch, Stephanie Williams, Hallie Schiess, Sophie Klepper


Devo Skiing

Natalie Sarles, Sarah Fritschle, Jen Flemming, Jamie Thompson, Sam Yazwinski, Anthony Montivirdi, Jesse Smith, A d a m Wolf, Ashley Jerome, Andrew Previdi Sam Swasey, Whit Ellis. Not pictured: Lily Ellis, A d a m Scherr

JV Boys' Hockey Back: Doug Houston, John Simermeyer, Jason Tracy, Bryan Cook, Matt Carpenter, Sam Neill, Pete Maggio, Wyatt Cragan, Phil Goodnow. Front: Myles Freeman, Charlie Cloutier, Jeff Steer, Dan Risotti, Slade Patterson

J V Alpine Bert Hinkley, Luke Backus, William Negley, Rob Beach, M o Goebel, Calla Staszko, Jeffie Wilkins, Lynne Hueber, MacLean Tiffany, Drew Donaldson




Training Snowboard Standing: Ian McElroy, Kayla Hartwell, A d a m Goldberg, Cory Cooke, Pete Herzeelle, Jake Hessler, Dan Feutz, Matt Johnson, Pat Baldwin, Andrew Bordash, Bruce Hart, Hadley Meenan, Joe Lloyd, Ariel Stephens-Ladd, Jake Mazonson, Kneeling: Katie F r o m m , John Strazza, Blair Weathers, Al Sand, Mike Smith

Ski Patrol Back: Cedric Stevens, Jack Williams, Cole Taustin, Sanz Morosani, Dan Parkinson, Chris "Big D o g " Sanborn. Front: Nick Spaulding, Jarrett Enck, Alex Felton, Drew Fritschle, Sean O'Connell


Devo Snowboard

Back: Sandra Ha, Kaedi Butterfield, Jeremy Sweet, Hunter Hagenbuch. Brittany Besbris, Dola Neill, Christine Frazier. Front: A d a m Wolf

Sarah Semlear, Jackson Tufts, David Langtry, Jenna Teti, O w e n Coursm. Not pictured: Ali Muckenfuss, Matt Gorevan J 27

Dear Moriah, I smile to myself often when I think about you out in the world. I think about all the people you wil touch in a day, that will get "it," this thing you have. I get it u>hen I m utith you. Whether we're canoeing Otter Creek, camping in the Adirondacks. painting in Paris, or even cracking butternuts on the old stump in the cellar: this feeling that life just doesn't get any better than this. I loue you sooooo much, Dad

T>ea* ")%oxi<x£ r¥ottt daen one put into cuoidi. aomet&iny cvondi could ttevei &e$in to expie&i. /4U o£ (6ii iave.friide.platitude, fay, excitement, o£ you aft-ieadiny yowt winyi,, and Atefifeina out into t6e cwnlcl. 1 Aave neve* &wnvn anyone uUt/i 4ue/l an ofren 6e<znt, and an incnedi&le aente. o( fuatiee. ~76e inteynitq you &ave i& lentan&altte. "tyou 6ave 6een and continue to- &e one a£ my yri&ateit teacAeia. Since you cvene ue*y youny, t&aie little 6and& o£ youm 6ave &een &u&y vKa&iny &iea4wie4. tfo* £antilu and fiiiendi. "fyou one a ii^At in, t6i& uto>ild, and it & a move &eauti£ul fi&ace (tecauze o£ cfou. It ii. <uce£. an 6ono>i to utalii t£i& fuztd. atitA1 you. "We evie frmevet ipiate^ul to &ave you in out liuea,.tyouone 4uc& a tvi&e old <ioul, Tftonuy. (lent frMotv yaun. &ea*t, it ivill yuide you utell. 1 love cfou alunaya., THont


A^^9tW^fW^ elp us to be the always hopeful Gardeners of the spirit | Who know that without datkness Toothing comes to birth (jJLStA

As without light Nothing flowers. M a y Sarton

i world. W e care so proud of 400. oure sitting on top ofr .the fou have jotning much to c«n offer the u world. Xyo for it. I stop ove c< x-o:.\••• , I |om, LW and j lead •

awf^ £%a? cfzooz



you want.

B u t , if y o u t r y ,


cy DC C7)

>* CZ


help from

Love Mom & Dad Andrew

c n u

your friends



You get by


with a little

The Brits


Thank you




DC i_



All you need is love



^he C^Lmbei â&#x20AC;˘/\ mountain climbing exploration H^ook us to these distant peaks TOheie no one's evei been before. YOas It m\j imagination? cZ>id 3 feel this mountain move? ^id 3 heai it snore? -Skd S'dvcistcln

Jarrett, we are so proud that you are our son and brother â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Love, Mom & Dad A.J. and Phoebe


LAKE5 REGION OB/GYN 96 High Street • Laconia, MM 03246


(603) 524-9197

(603) 524-9142

Congratulations to the Class of 2002 Inland Underwriters Insurance Agency Park Plaza 85 Manchester Street Post Office Box 2456 Concord, N H 03301


Ian, You've crossed many oceans, climbed many ridges.The peaks are in sight! We're very proud of you. Love, M o m , Dad, Zach Jazz, Winston, Buddah & S a m m y

Congratulations, Mando!!

Eliot Morgan Ayres

You did a great job and we wish you the best in the future.

Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations on graduation Proctor 2 0 0 2 You are the best!!

p Jarrett Enck % SB

G -

W e are all so proud of you.



Love, Meryl, Ursie, M o m & Dad

1-ZUIfZ tig

Nora Fairbank S SeeyouatJake's//

Congiratu/at/ons to the Class of 2002 134

rtttdi o*u-esi. â&#x20AC;&#x17E; \

Megâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; W h e r e have the years gone? W e are so very proud of you. Enjoy your

Congratulations to the Class of 2 0 0 2

next journey and remember to have fun. tove, Mom, Dad, Jay and Duffy

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estate/trust planning

\ retirement plans


deferred compensation plans employee benefit consultants

group insurance plans key-man insurance plans

SUMNER RULON-MILLER III 57 1211 Park Avenue New York, New York 10128 Tel: 212-831 -7987 FAX: 212-831 -7994 executive financial p l a n n i n g



Nancy Hemingway Heyl D a w n points, and another day prepares for heat and silence. Out at sea the d a w n wind wrinkles and slides. I a m here or there, or elsewhere. In m y beginning. T.S. Eliot 136

Congratulations Nancy! W e love you bugdust. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo With special thanks to Laurie, Terry , Michael, Chris, Dale and Steve.


Congratulations Andrew & Rebecca! We're so proud of you both. Mom, Dad & Kathryn


ÂŤ". .

^k* to t

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Megan with lots of love, M o m , Dad and Beth Trey, You've made us proud from the very beginning always happy, loving, smart and a little funny looking! (My little Turtlehead!) You've grown to become strong and brave and have integrity and commitment. (Not perfect by any means - "Dad, by accident I did....") Life ahead is full of adventure: love and joy yet also hardships and dangerous territories. You have what it takes to succeed and really make a difference in this world. Remember to work hard, do the right thing, laugh out loud, love passionately and give back however you can. Remember your roots and what has shaped you - your family, your friends, your schools, your teachers, your town, and of course your country. Remember family bonds are the strongest w e will always be here to support, comfort and love you. Enjoy and cherish the journey - it goes by much too fast!

Love always: Dad, M o m , Devon, Tanya, Nanu, Gramps, Gramma, Papa, Grammie, Melinda, John, Mike, Tyler, Keith and Gary.

A y yen /a»*v tkc eagle Ply, it i/ n«rfv Vi«if i n m io- fyrrea** yeur tving^. We are all jc yretv^y eP yeti.ll yen. ^

it, "li'l -»venk*y"...

"W*eve1 yen. Urtk* te tKe -ftteetu' anii all th* family











BRAD CABOT AND THE CLASS OF 2002 from Mum, Dad, Nina, Gingi, & Heather

PROCTOR ACADEMY CLASS OF 2002 AND INDIVIDUALS OF THE PROCTOR COMMUNITY Here are some quotes I have collected over the years. You can't make a place for yourself under the sun if you keep sitting in the shade of the family tree. Every accomplishment, great or small, starts with the right decision, "I'll try." Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but what you should have accomplished with your ability. Successful m e n follow the same advise they prescribe to others. Seldom does the one who really needs advice ask for it. No matter whether your on the road or in an argument, when you begin to see red, S T O P ! The people who know the least always argue the most Before borrowing money from a friend decide which you need more. A child becomes an adult when she/he stops asking a parent for an allowance and requests a loan. A budget is a plan by which you worry about expenditure B E F O R E you make them- instead of afterwards. Choice, not chance, determines our destiny A college does not give you knowledge, it shows you where it is. Conscience is something inside that bothers you when nothing else does. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of it. Conversation is an exercise of the mind; gossip is merely the exercise of the tongue. The roots of happiness grows in the deepest soil of service. Leisure originally meant an opportunity to do something. It has come to mean the opportunity to do nothing. A lie is the cowards way of keeping out of trouble Happiness is the conviction that w e are loved in spite of ourselves. Happiness is a healthy mental attitude, a grateful spirit, a clear conscience and a heart full of love By yielding to temptation one m a y lose in a moment what it took a lifetime to gain. Ability will enable a m a n to get to the top, but it takes character to keep him there Lite has more questions than answers. Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the blows in life. A wise man learns from the experiences of others. An ordinary m a n learns by this own experiences. A fool learns by nobody's experience. If you dont enjoy what you have, how could you be happier with more?





Wmmf .tm\

S a nvfl

nt f a .

DearestMeredith^l H^^djSFl^r Congratulations on your high school graduation. I couldn't be more proud of your accomplishments, and the person | you are. his is an important step on the journey to adulthood, and I look forward to sharing the future successes. With deepest affection, Dad


Horses have been in the family for centuries; from the Calvary, to breeding welsh and thoroughbreds. fox hunting, eventing, showing and having fun. Yes you are expected to ride as soon as you can sit.










J 47

en together since Halloween 1996? Rob!!!!


'And yes, she has become offegafage. More imyortantfy she is heautijuf for atfsfie is both in and out.

'Meredith 1 am so very proud of you! Oceans of Cove, Mother


Ian — Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad and Maris

H m m m . . . I wonder what I should do with this silly old magic frog?

LIFE MAS SIMPLE wm O r a m nraaHooo ®MZ HMHHH1330...

us mrnn mm mum aimas wmn


Congratulations Lin... Love Mom, Dave & Family 152

Congratulations Justin! Love, Mom, Dad & Kyla

Good luck to you, Matt! W e are very proud of you. Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.

Love, Mom & Dad

W e love you, the girls

Congratulations Carter, On A Job Well Done! All Our Love,

t>a<i* M o M < Lane



Robert: Good luck, success, and continued happiness in all your travels. A n d please, don't forget to call h o m e often! Love, M o m , Dad, Marc, and Kati



Sarah in ike days ahead... we delyht btycu. Lave, Dad and Wick





Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. W h e n you d o a thing, d o it with all your might.... Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your objective. Ralph W a l d o Emerson


.004. Uou_i

•V •"Worn


Definition of a Successful Life True happiness consists not in the multitude Of friends, but in their worth and choice. Ben lonson

To laugh often and much; T o win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; T o earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; T o appreciate beauty, to find the best in T o leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; T o k n o w even one life has breathed^asier • because you have lived. Ralph W a l d o Emerson



Larkin, w e love you just the way you are. M o m , Dad, Tiffany, Ben


Way, to- yo- BoMy! We aAe ha pAoud. JdcudL you <P^iactaA,. UtiJtA and ZPPiiAiey,, tfocmJkA, (oA youA UujopoAi


; GAP/ "** y#u did ii, Bob-.tyou'tveon tap, o£ the


</ea Bo&!£cw*,, May, 6c / M e

Aw&bxwne Ba&l

you aAe ouA, famAJPune.

Way, to- aa Uq, couiin

We Coue you


Je c\ueAjerrva!L mucha queAido- nleta.

Way, to- hang, in theAe BoMy,! 161


We're looking up to you, Willi! Lots of love from all of us


I eat rri}' peas with honey. I've done it all m y life. It makes the peas taste funny, But it keeps them on m y knife! â&#x20AC;&#x201D;


I do not see w h y I should e'er turn back, Or those should not set forth upon m y track To overtake me, w h o should miss m e here And long to know if I still held them dear. They would not find me changed from him they knew Only more sure of all I thought was true. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

Robert Frost


1 9 r


im ^

CONGRATULATIONS, PROCTOR CLASS OF 2002! Heigh, my hearts! Cheerily, cheerily, my hearts! Take in the topsail! Tend to the master's whistle! Blow till thou burst thy wind, if room enough!

Congratulations, Li\ly!

— The Tempest

TommyM a y your journey find good sailing, be it rough or fair, and a safe homeward return. Love, M o m , Dad, Elizabeth and Rebecca

XO Love. M o m • Angela • Rosie • Whit • )ack • Gaucho + Family

Congratulations, Ben!!

You are on your way We are very proud of you. Love, M o m , Dad & Laura

Special thanks to Sarah Wilkins for guiding Ben in all the right directions.



Way to Go, Ted! There was a young man from Massachusetts W h o sometimes found schooling a nuisance. He wished there'd be a day, When someone would say, He could bike for the grades that he gets.

But at Proctor he would steer through each class He worked hard and did successfully pass. He spun those wheels so muddy, Through each bike path of study, And made Proctor his own Tour de France.




mf d

Sarah \ j Congratulations! W e are so proud of you. Love, Mom & Cole


Congratulations, Matt W e are so proud of you and all you've accomplished. Remember these bits of wisdom. "All that wander are not lost." "Dare to soar."

Strength and honor Love, Dad and M o m Kate and Carrie ("The ox is slow but the Earth is patient.




4 ^^^^mw*mm^-.

PI 1 u.



- u. W x

'i-m •



•****, i_] L

Garrett Austin Thompson Class of 2002

LoVe ya, Mom and Pop


Congratulations Ashley and The Class of 2002 W e are so proud of you Ashley darlin' and know that you will follow your heart and continue to amaze us with your spirit and grace. All our love always, M o m m y and Papa

The true character of a person comes not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

Dear Ash, You are the best big sister in the whole world. I love you and will take care of Nikki for you. Always, Dills

Congrats Little Star Girl. a m more proud of you than you know. I love you. Your big bro, Shane


2002 Green Lantern Index A Adams, Candy Adams, Marti Aladejobi, Ruth

81 80,87

Allen, Greg

68,100,117,108,123 61,68,101, 123 78, 99, 120

Ames, Will Arthur, Annie

76 69, 87, 91, 98,104

Allen, Alexa

Asbury, Robin Ayres, Eliot

71,78,109 7,11,55,88, 124

B Babson, Jason Bachynskyi, M a x Backus, Luke Backus, Merlin Bailey, Annie Baker, Art Baldwin, Pat Baptiste, Mike Barban, Andrew Barban, Jane Barban, Kathryn Barban, Rebecca Barker, Becky Barkowski, Ed

4, 7, 45, 83, 106 100,113 69, 99, 121, 126 5,34,53,57,90,116 67, 100, 105 96 67, 100, 127 59,70,96,113 5,21,53,56,83,100,103, 125 77 53,62,84,101, 125 5, 6, 22, 53, 56, 69, 98,103, 108, 125 97, 104

Barlett, Robin Barner, Greg

76 68 100,118

Barrett, Barrett, Barrett, Barrett,

81 78 8, 85, 101 81

Jeanne Keith Kim Nance

Bartle, Ben Bartlett, Chris Bartlett, Robin Bassage, Anne Beach, Rob Beaudoin, James Beaudoin, Lida Bedard, Jenny Benoit, Pete Benson, Diane Besbris, Ashley Besbris, Brittany Bianchi, Kathy Bickford, Star Bicknell, Brooks Blanchard, Holly Blatt, Nick

100 81, 107 7,38,57,101,106 80 69, 85, 126 84 78 53,73,89,117 88, 112 81 32, 53, 56, 67, 93, 120 66, 84, 85, 99, 127 75 80 73, 75, 78 58, 68, 98, 106 65,94

Bordash, A n d r e w Bordash, George

67,99, 127

Brier-Rosenfield, Liz

30,57,67,71,72,73,86, 93, 107, 109, 125 65, 96

Brown, Chapman Browner, Rick Burnham, Cole Butterfield, Kaedi

5,34,53,55,71, 73,90,12U

75 51,55,70,96,118 98, 127


"Congratulations, Chris! It has been a pleasure to be your advisor and friend. You have grown immensely in the past four years. 1 a m anxious to hear about your successes in college. - Gregor"

"Chris, when I think of the day you were born and that little face poking out, it m a k e s m e w a r m all over. I hope you'll continue to c o m e over so I can give you lessons on how to get the answers right on Jeopardy and Millionaire! And, of course, I will always need your help on sports, pop culture and rock music. Your so darn "Chris, now it's my turn." smart! Love, Nana"

Dana, A n d r e w Dann, Jesse Dansereau, Carolyn Day, Bob de Bragant^a, Miguel DeYoung, Tim Dlamini, Masiphilile Donaldson, D r e w Donaldson, Meredith Donovan, M e g a n

Cabot, Brad


Carpenter, Matt

114 67, 72, 85, 99, 126 75,81,87

Dortch, Tyrell Dunbar, Bob

70 69, 72, 99, 120 80 76 65, 125, 101, 103 52,57,65,94, 114 6,19,66,95, 123 67, 111, 112,126 38, 55, 98 41, 56, 71, 95 43,67,96,116

Dunbar, Bobby Dunn, Tahanee

36 57, 67, 100, 123 4,59,66,73,93,124

69, 75, 85 100, 115 53,88,103, 125

Durell, Charlie Dwight, Phoebe

81 61,69,93,117

78 81 65, 94, 120 67, 97, 123


Charles, Deb Cherkis, D a n C h u m a s , Kyle Clerc, Charles Clerc, Elizabeth

90, 103 4, 90, 103

Cloutier, Charlie Cloutier, Chris

60, 126 5, 13,54,90, 108,109,116 66, 94, 123 99, 123 68, 77, 120 68, 75, 85 69,72,99,126 65,96,115, 127 59,64,96,103,118 65, 100, 104 66,91,98, 107,117,

Ellis, Whit Emerson, Jack Emerson, Olivia

Carvalho, Bert Carvalho, Lee Casazza, Jeff Cave, Chris Chandler, Cathy

Cobb, Chance Cohen, M a x Cole-Johnson, Erik Cole-Johnson, Lauren Cook, Bryan Cooke, Cory Corsiglia, Chris Cotton, S a m Coughlin, A m y Coursin, Owen Cowles, Moriah Cox, Jim Cox, Lynn Coxe, Nancy Cragan, Wyatt Cross, Trevor Cullen, Dan Currier, Penny Currier, Sue Cushman, Avery Cushman, Lucia

123 67, 99, 127 7,25,55,108, 114 4,79,114 75 68, 95, 108 16, 90, 126 59, 96,114 67, 101, 122 5,22,69,98, 106 79 27,55,68,71,95,111 53,61,66,69,95,107, 111

"Krickels, from the minute you were bom, you have told the world the way it was going to be...that cute little boy who asked why, why, why.. You always knew so much... nevertoshytotell us your opinions... (and opinions, you do have}.. .Those opinions have made you who you are today. Don't ever give up on your dreams! You are the best and so precious to me (your almost perfect- republican - Red Sox) Don'tgive up your love and knowledge of sports - ESPN would be lucky to have you! I am so proud of you and allthatyou have accomplished. I LOVEYOU, M O M '

'Chris, we are so proud of you. Nana would be too'. Love Daddy & Tanja"


"Chris, I have learned a lot of" things from you -1 need earplugs, your driver whines to much, don't throw water at you, don't scuff up your shoes, don't get your hands dirty, I play basketball better than you, don't talk politics...Now what have you learned from m e ? Love Papa " 'Chris, my favorite nephew, out of all the joke gifts you've given me the blow up party sheep was the best, but one question why was it ! -1 will get even! Next year your mine! Uncle Toby'

Eccleston, Bev Eccleston, T o m Ellis, Lily

Enck, Jarrett Enck, June Eslick, Sue Eslick, T o m Estin, Alex Eustis, Elsie Evans, Ben Evans, Margaret

76 70, 75, 96 19,68,95, 126 69, 126 101 68,95 4, 5, 50, 55, 65, 127 80 81 77 78,87,101,109 60,68,84,99, 115 67,94, 123 62, 63, 66, 99, 123

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French, Will

99, 126 63, 100

Frey, Brad Fritschle, Sarah

33,56,64,94,103,115 126

F r o m m , Katie

59, 89, 93, 127 99

Fuetz, Dan Fulton, M a y a

5,28,67,71,72,83, 101, 105


G Ganley, K i m


Gatabazi, Celine

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Gautreau, Maureen George, Garry

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Jeff Perez Jefferson, Donna Jenkins, Jack

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Jenkins, Jason Jennings, Fred

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69,85,91,98,125 70, 85, 124 4, 75, 79 65,97,126


Jampel, Leah

Jerome, Ashley Johnson, Heide Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Matt Johnson, Mykin

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MacKenzie, Matt Maggio, Pete Major, Barbara

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Makechnie, A m y Makechnie, Art Makechnie, Gregor

67,77 76,87 67,77,94, 116

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Manning, M e g a n

6, 25, 55, 86, 93, 122


Mansell, Derek Marans, Julia Maranti, Marc


Marsh, Abby Martin, Patrice Martinez, Stevie

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Johnson, Pete Jonas, Donna Jones, Chris Jones, Everett

G o m e z , Victor Gonzalez, Carolina G o o d n o w , Hilary G o o d n o w , Lawre G o o d n o w , Phil Goodrich, Chase Gordon, Joe Gorevan, Matt

67,85,108,116 66,93,108,117,123 85, 101, 107, 125

Jones, Page Jordan, Sarah Joshi, Sid

99, 121 77,78 88,111 62,69,84,101,109,119 70, 72, 99, 123


Jurta, Katie

53,98, 117

75, 94, 126 68,94,118 7, 49, 69, 96 100,115,127


Goulart, Jay Grace, Jeff Graham, D r e w Graham, Patrick Grant, Matt Green, Elizabeth Green, Karine D u m o n t Groman, A n d r e w Gross, A m a n d a Grossman-Crist, Jake

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Kaulbach, Mike Keane, Shannon Kellogg, Brian Kenney, David Kern, Liz Kerton, Billy Kim,Paul Kleeman, Charlie Klein, Nate Klepper, Anna Klepper, Sophie Koch, Chris Koenig, Michele Koenig, Mike

H Ha, Sandra Hackmann, Phil Hagenbuch, Hunter Hammerschlag, Zoe Hand, James "Doc" Hankey, Camille Hanlon, A n n a Harris, Derrick Hart, Bruce Hartwell, Kavla Hayes, Matt Hedrick, Matt Hernandez, Jose


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81 68, 83, 77, 87, 97 75,80,84,101,111,112,126 78,80 5, 6, 27, 55, 71, 83, 122 32, 120 75, 100, 126

77 4, 7, 12, 68

79 76 77, 85, 100, 109, 126 12,55,68,93,119

Kalan, Gavin

Krebs, John Kumetat, Grace

6, 7, 21, 54, 70, 83, 98,103, 109,125 100, 121 66,84,85,99,119 69,77,113

115 124 76 85,99 90, 103, 107, 122 66,94,115 59, 101, 106 63, 98, 125 64, 85, 97, 103, 118

81 75,79, 119 52, 55, 65, 100, 122 39,67,71,72,100, 107, 109,114

L Langlois, W a n d a Langtry, David Lauridsen, Sarah


Lavigne, A b b y Lawler, K C Leavitt, Sean Lebo, Nelson Leonard, Caroline Leoni, Meredith Levigne, Abby Liesegang, Heiko Ligon, Teddy Lim, Hee Sung Linn, Janet Littman, Michael Livingston, Bob


Lloyd, Joe Locke, Sara Lopez, Marcos Lucas, Eddie Lytle, Horton Lytle, M e g a n

79, 127

122 75, 84, 85,100,123 90,103, 114 72,77,107,113 60, 84, 99 7, 48, 57, 88, 122 67, 123 66,99 44,65,100,116 66, 98,125

77 75, 78, 125 75,86 65, 127

78 5,6,31,70,103,107,108,125

98 67 67, 117


66, 95, 106

MacArthur, Colin Macdonald, Donald

104 79

59,98 65,96

MacGregor, Tracy MacKenzie, Annie

68,83,99,119 4, 70, 100 70, 100

MacKenzie, Havoc



Mastin, Alison Mastin, Ted Matchem, Ashley Matulevich, Bill



120 66, 124 5,42,64,71,94,103,116 77,95,119 75,93 65, 101, 119


Maynard, Tyler Mayo, Chris

67, 99, 122

Mayo, Toph Mazonson, Jake McCarthy, Kevin

58,98,114 63, 67, 99, 127

McElroy, Ian McElroy, Nora Mclntyre, Alan Mclntyre, Sarah McLeod, Myles McLeod, W e n d y M c M a n u s , Kelby McMurtrie, Nate M c N a m a r a , Melanie Meenan, Hadley Meier, A n n e Meier, Kurt Methven, Karl Meyerhoefer, Paul Miller, Meredith Milne, Dale Minton, A d a m Miranti, Marc Monteiro, Mariann Montivirdi, Anthony Montivirdi, Marie Moravec, Mat Morell, Chrissy Morneault, Jeff Morosani, Sanz Morris, Bonny Mortenson, Britney Mortenson, Erin Moses, Louise Muckenfuss, Alie Muirhead, Nicola


58,96 62, 63, 70, 84, 99, 127 61, 66, 91, 99,107,108,120

66 66, 77, 101 63, 99, 123

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81 76 70,75,81, 118

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Neill, S a m Nelson, Sandy Nesbitt, Debra Nesbitt, Kristen

58, 66, 73, 96, 126

Nevins, Katharine Newbold, Julie


Norris, Tim

79 75 75,79 68, 84, 95,107, 124 2,53,77,79,109, 121

o O'Brien, Greg O'Connell, Sean O k m a , Faye O k m a , Zack Ordway, Kathy O s m u n , Geoff

72, 90, 107, 121 65, 107, 127

81 96, 123

75 100, 115

Smith, Mike Southworth, Peter

99, 127 77,81,99

Weathers, Blair Welch, Emilv

5,23,69,83,107,119 65, 83, 127 65, 84, 85, 97, 123 60, 67, 96, 107, 126 69, 107, 125 77,99 61,113

Spaulding, Nick Spear, David Spencer, Chris Springborn, Whitney Starrett, Mike Staszko, Calla Steer, Jeff

66, 99, 127

Welch, Giles Wells, Gaelen

Persky, Eli Peters, Edna Peters, Gary Peterson, Chris

68,100,123 76

Stephens-Ladd, Ariel Stern, Sarena Stetson, Greg

Piche, Gail Pilkenton, Sharon


Paquette, Karen Parkinson, D a n Passoff, Jessica Patterson, Slade Pellett, John Pendleton, John Perez,Jeff

Pilla, Dave Plaisted, Alex Prabhu, M a n n y Prescott, Jed Preston, Judy Previdi, Andrew Prichett, Ian

Rasmussen, Kirstina Rasweiler-Comrie, Sue Rathbone, Justin Rayno, Elfreida Reid, O m a r Reno, Dylan Riddering, Marijke Risotti, Dan Roberts, Catherine Roberts, Lorraine Robichaud, Glenn Robillard, Janique Robinson, Jason Robinson, T o m Rochon, Chloe Rochon, Sue Rondeau, Elaine Rossbach, Elliot Ryan, Ian Ryan, Kelly

76 70,99 81 4, 77, 100, 107 7,50,65,85, 116 66,99,113 5,7,14,86,96,116 78,87 4,10, 54, 70, 96, 126 4, 5, 10, 56, 70, 106

Stevens, Cedric Stoddard, Jon Stoecker, Terry Stone, Jamie Strazza, John Sullivan, Taylor Sutton, Ashley Swan, Matt

Sand, Al Sarles, Natalie Scarry, Lisa Scherr, A d a m Schiess, Hallie Schlachter, Erica Schlosser, Aaron Schoeller, Jolin Schoeller, Nancy Schwab, Oliver Sears, Albie Semlear, Sarah Shampney, Linda Shaver, Michelle Shay, Dave Shepherd, Dave Siegal, Jon Simermeyer, John Slay, Lily Sloane, S a m Smith, Danielle Smith, Jesse Smith, Kate

84, 85, 98 66,118 65, 95,126 70, 126 101, 127 24,64,87,101,104 100, 123 98, 127 5,6,30,70,83,91,96,104 69,78, 125 70,97, 124

127 63, 67, 99, 124 53,65,93,119 5, 6, 7, 45, 57, 65, 98, 103,

118 Swansburg, Matt Swasey, S a m Swayze, A n n e

69,100 65, 100, 126 75, 80, 81, 95

125 80 6,49,57,69,94, 118

Sweet, Jeff Sweet, Jeremy Sylvain, Tessa

76 127

76 66, 94, 123 65,97, 112 104


69,99,126 65, 93, 107, 125 80 6,16,57,64,94,118 66,100 4, 59, 70, 83, 124 7, 26, 54, 73 53,93, 117 75, 99, 123 81 68,100, 115 33, 64, 96, 104 5, 29, 57, 64, 97, 120

Taliaferro, Page Talkington, Katie Taustin, Cole

6,122 4, 79, 84, 85, 122 78 81 127 67, 72, 98, 107, 127 85, 98, 126 80 70, 126 91, 101, 107, 125 66,84,85,99,122 67, 97, 105 75,96 77, 81, 87, 107 17,90 61,67, 118 63, 98, 127 76 5,48,56,99,123 96, 115 89,116 66 66, 73, 96, 126 85,98, 103, 107, 113 65, 99, 123 62,63,98,117,123 99, 126 78

5, 6, 23, 56, 98, 106

61, 100, 107, 120

Thomas, S a m Thompson, Garrett Thompson, Jamie Tiffany, MacLean Tillotson, Missy Totten, Juliet

113 5,37,67,71,85,103, 120

Westlund, Carter Wheeler, Greg

76 76

Wheeler, Kenny Whitehead, Sarah

68, 75, 99

Whitney, Eva

66, 93, 104

Wilkie, Rory Wilkins, Jeffie Wilkins, Nick

85,101, 126 5, 6, 7, 9, 56, 94, 104



Wilkins, Sarah Wilkins, Steve Will, Chuck Will, Mary

75, 81, 86

78 93, 106 77, 85, 106 111,127

Will, Sarah Williams, Jack

24, 57, 68, 93, 103, 124

Williams, Larkin Williams, Matt Williams, Sarah Williams, Stephanie Wilson, Regina

120 5,20,68,71,94,108 99,125

119 76

Wiltshire, Dan Wingo, Chek Winslow, Barbara Wolf, A d a m Wood, Anna W o o d , Sarah


125 126,127 53,61,93, 122 53, 88, 122


70, 101, 127 91,99, 107, 121 Taustin, Kyler 59, 64, 96, 107, 122 Tautkus, James Taylor-Escribano, Alejandrc 99,115 59, 89, 98, 127 Teti, Jenna 60, 66, 72, 73, 91, 99, 107 Thomas, Lauren

Trachy, S a m Tracy,Jason Salathe, David Salathe, Morgan Samaha, Greg Sanborn, Elsie Sanborn, Chris

75 100

127 88, 125 59, 86, 96 47,67,73,91, 100, 107,


70, 126 75, 79 67,80,94,123

Yazwinski, S a m Yenawine, Ellen Young, Christian


64, 103, 122 5,31,57,83,96,104 63, 99, 107, 126

Zeitler, Joe Z i m m e r m a n , Justus

58, 67, 71, 100, 109 5,35,53,71,73,83,87, 100, 107, 109, 120

89, 126 93,117 5, 41, 57, 64, 87, 91, 98,

Z i m m e r m a n , Laurie Z i m m e r m a n , Zach


107, 109 63, 65, 84, 103, 108, 125

Trujillo, Mike Tucker, Allison Tufts, Jackson

88, 65, 65, 68,

Tumenas, D a n


126 97, 120 84, 85, 99, 124 99, 127




. mmJ ttmi^*t£i^^MZ\ *


W -*&KmW ™

u Underhill, Lynda

V Vandermark, Ethan Vaughan-Copeland, Steve Vazquez, Elizette

69,99,115 65,99,123 73,89, 108, 117

Veras, Ulises Vernon, Arly Vernon, Deb Vernon, Jeremiah

65, 108, 116 53,61,95,107,119

Veysey, Prudy Viandier, Eric Volinsky, Leila

61, 91, 95, 107 5,35,53,56,91, 101,108, 118 79 77, 101 5, 47, 54, 98,104

W W a d e , Stuart Walker, Jane Walker, Jason

76 81 70,79

Walhnjosh Wasserman, Rob Watson, Colleen

69,101, 114 43,57,65,96,112 5, 29, 56, 71, 90, 109, 122

G o confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined. —

Henry David Thoreau

The future is yours, Tim Love, M o m and Dad


Eliot Ayres 1 37 Fairhaven Road Concord, M A 01742

Jarrett Enck 238 Pleasant Street Laconia, NH03246

Peter Johnson 1 8 Cilleyville Road Andover, N H 03216

Ian Ryan 5 7 Osborn Road Litchfield, CT 06 7-

Jason Babson 7 Groton Drive Concord, N H 03 301-864-0

William Faccone 89 Knights Hill Road N e w London. N H 032 57

Gavin Kalan 72 Goodhill Road Weston, CT 06883

Kelly Ryan P.O. Box 306 Potter Valley, C '

Merlin Backus Box 84 Westfield, VT 0 5874

Eleanor Fairbank 11 Devereaux Street Arlington. M A 02174

John Krebs 320 El Portal Avenue Hillsborough, CA 94010-6825

Oliver Schwab 3 Rainbow Road Marblehead, M A 01945

Jonathan & RebeccaBarban P.O. Box 1438 N e w London. N H 032 57

Crystal Flaherty 363 Depot Street Andover. N H 03216

Grace Kumetat 55 Oak Lane Rochester, N Y 14610

Michelle Shaver P.O. Box 36 Andover, N H 03216

Kimberly Barrett P.O. Box 363 Andover, N H 03216

Nissa Fowler 334 Washington Street Dover, N H 03820

Meredith Leoni 1 14 Reservoir Drive Weare, N H 03 281

Sarena Stern P.O. Box 458 Shelburne. VT 05482

Robin Bardett RR #1 - Box 208 Blue Hill, M E 04614

Bradley Frey 140 Cedar Ridge Drive Cornwall. VT 05753

Teddy Ligon 26 Monument Street West Medford, M A 02155

Jonathan Stoddard 3 2 Tan Oak Circle San Rafael. CA 94903

Ashley Besbris P.O. Box 251 West Dover, VT 0 53 56

Maya Fulton Box 502 Snowmass, C O 81654

Marcos Lopez 155 N Harbor Drive #703 Chicago, IL 60601-7318

Matthew Swan 93 Sea Spray Reach Yarmouth, M E 04096

George Bordash Box 59 Jackson. N H 03846

Adam Gervais 7 Oakridge Drive Chelsea, M E 04330

Megan Manning P.O. Box 810 N e w London, N H 03257

Tessa Sylvain 176 Baptist Hill Road Canterbury, N H 03224

Elizabeth Brier-Rosenfield 1 32 Fairview Road Penn Valley. PA 19072

Joseph Gordon 5 Hansen Avenue Burlington. M A 01803

Abby Marsh 707 Barrett's Mill Road Concord. M A 01742

Garrett Thompson 10524 Knollwood Drive Monassas, VA 20111-2834

Coleman Burnham 3697 Route 30 Cornwall, VT 05 7 53

Jeffrey Grace 144 South Main Street Waterbury, VT 0567 6

Stephen Martinez 9 Hazel Place Lawrence. M A 01841

Daniel Tumenas P.OBoxl02 Cummington, M A 01026

Bradford Cabot 130 Marsh Street Belmont, M A 02478

Amanda Gross P.O. Box 238 Andover, N H 03216

Nathaniel McMurtrie 1 56 East Main Street Yarmouth, M E 04096

Juliet Totten 6800 Tolchester Road Rock Hall, M D 21661

Christopher Cloutier P.O. Box 386 Andover, N H 03216

Derrick Harris 3 Jefferson Park #29 Cambridge. M A 02140

Melanie McNamara 77 7 Aliens Creek Road Rochester, N Y 14618

Jeremiah Vernon 6 5 Pingree Road N e w London, N H 03257

Moriah Cowles 248 Orchard Road Shelburne VT 05482

Kayla Hartwell P.O. Box 131 East Andover, N H 03231

Mariann Monteiro 2 5 Tolland Path North Dartmouth, M A 02747

Leila Volinsky P.O. Box 279 Newbury, N H 0325 5

Wyatt Cragan 321 Rutland Street Carlisle, M A 01 74 I

Matthew Hedrick 37 Benton Road Hooksett, N H 03 106

Jeffrey Morneault 1303 Carpers Farm Way Vienna, VA 22182

Robert Wasserman 49 Yale Street Winchester, M A 01890

Penelope Currier 450 Kingsbury Avenue Bradford, M A 01835

Jose Hernandez 318 Market Street #2 Lawrence, M A 01843-15 29

William Negley 1 27 Thelma Drive SanAntonioTX 78212

Colleen Watson 2362 Glen Echo Farm Charlottesville, VA 2291 1

Avery Cushman P.O. Box 621 Williamstown, M A 01267

Nancy Heyl 139 Elm Street Norwich, VT 0505 5

Karen Paquette 209 Susan Avenue Cornwall, O N T K6J 2C6 Canada

Gaelen Wells 1 746 River Drive Morehead City, N C 28557

Timothy DeYoung 75 Lopez Avenue San Francisco, CA 941 16

Benjamin Hoglund 1 5 Knights Hill Road N e w London, N H 03 257

Alexander Plaisted 48 Adella Avenue West Newton, M A 02465

Carter Westlund RR # I - Box 1 00 Londonderry, VT 05148

Masiphilile Dlamini 1 7 John Geekie Glenmore 4001Durban, Kwazufu Natal South Africa

Theodore Horwitz 63 Ledgewood Road Framingham, M A 01701

Gerald Prescott P.O. Box 2639 N e w London. N H

Nicholas Wilkins 55 Cross Hill Road Wilmot,NH 03287

Kate Howe POBox 67 9 Intervale, N H 03845

Andrew Previdi 107 Rumstick Road Barrington, RI 02806

Larkin Williams 4005 Oak Park Circle Atlanta, GA 30324

Megan Donovan 2 Burnham Road Wenham. M A 01984-1905

Lindsay Hume 30 Shear Water Drive Glenmore Park, Sydney 2745 N S W Australia

Ian Prichett 19 Bridgeview Drive Jamestown, RI 02835-1810

Sarah Williams 8545 Franklin Avenue Los Angeles. CA 90069

Tyrell Dortch 10 Magazine Street Apt. #507 Cambridge. M A 02139

Leah Jampel Box 180 Vineyard Haven, M A 02568

Justin Rathbone 1 20 Robinson Parkway Burlington, VT 05401

Justus Zimmerman P.O. Box 309 Andover. N H 03216

Robert Dunbar 3A Deltoid Court Hunt Valley, M D 21030

Jack Jenkins 52 Fenwood Road #1 Boston, M A 021 15-6128

Glenn Robichaud Box 4182 - Station B Tracadie-Sheila N B E1X 1G4 Canada

W'illiamina Ellis 198 Topsfield Road Ipswich, MA01938

Ashley Jerome 76 Topsfield Road , M A 01984

Thomas Robinson 48 Everett Street Concord, M A 01742

Meredith Donaldson P.O. Box.488 Unionville. PA 19375



Spring Supplement 2002

Spring Supplement Staff Editor Jarrett Enck

Staff Chris Cloutier Tyrell Dortch Derrick Harris Nora Fairbank Camille Hankey Matt Hayes Jack Jenkins Abby Marsh David Shepherd

Top: Marley Godwin, Yearbook mascot, takes a break. Right: Jack Jenkins uses "the best hands in America" to lay out


Faculty Advisor Brenda Godwin

Photography Brooks Bicknell Annie MacKenzie Patrice Martin Dale Milne Derek Mansell Al Neill Dave Pilla Tessa Sylvain Liz Clerc

2002-03 editor-elect Matt Hayes and Tyrell Dortch selecting pictures for the Supplement


Yearbook & Friends: Matt Hayes, Stevie Martinez. Derrick Harris. David Shepherd. Chris Cloutier



Meredith Gibbons, Liz Brier-Rosenfield, Heide Johnson


Nick Derby, JD O'Tootle, Andrew Previdi, M a x Eaton, Graham Waterston

Bobby Dunbar, Gaelen Wells, D a n T Zimmerman

ter Westlund, Brad Cabot, Justus


Above: Acrylic on plywood by Moriah Cowles Right: Acrylic on canvas by Penelope ( f l H T

Luke Feinberg, Garretl T h m

Stoddard, Matt Swan. Jackson Tufts

Marcos Lopez


Project Period: March 20 - March 24

Anna W o o d , Mykin Jolrnson, Lily Slay, Everett Jones, D Sam Thomas. Erin Mortenson, Maragaret Evans


TiiTTFrazieT Moriah Cowles, Lucia Cushman, Jeremy Sweet, Ph.. Ryan Flynn


GlennRobichaud, Jason Robinson, Stevie Martinez

Back: Sarah Will, Abby Lavigne. Deb Vernon, Greg O'Brien. Stephanie Williams. Holly Blanchard. Front: Emily Welch, Laurel Fitzpatrick, Katie Jurta

k .


Ashley Besbris, Ted Horwitz, D r e w Graham, Dan Cherkis, Rob Ferber, Jake Hessler, Matt Moravec, Sean Leavitt, Andrew Barban, Pat Baldwin, Brooks Bicknell, Jake Grossman-Crist, Margaret Evans, Brittany Besbris, Matt Williams, Andrew Bordash, Erica Schlachter, Tim Norris. Bert Carvalho

Jake Grossman-Crist

Ted Horwitz, Rob Ferber, Pat Baldwin, Matt Williams

Varsity Boys Lacrosse Top row: Charlie KJeeman, Zach Zimmerman, Trevor Cross, Slade Patterson, Myles Freeman, Tim Frazier, Jeremy Sweet. Middle row: Chris Bartlett, Albie Sears, Brad Frey, Sam Cotton, Chris Koch, Chris Corsiglia, Rory Wilkie, John Simermeyer, Chance Cobb, James Tautkus. Peter Southworth. Front: Sam Thomas, Wyatt Cragan, Ben Hoglund, Jayo Vernon, Cole Burnham, Nick Wilkins. Trey Faccone, Andrew Previdi, Chapman Brown Captains: Jayo Vernon, Cole Burnham


= 'z^m

r. ^.8B-j

• 11 J John Simermeyer, Wyatt Cragan —

Cole Burnham

Chris Corsiglia, Chance Cobl

Jayo Vernon

Sam Thomas

Varsity Girls' Lacrosse Back: Karl Methven, A m a n d a Gross, Lindsay H u m e , Katie F r o m m , Katie Jurta, Megan Donovan, Masiphilile Dlamini, Elsie Eustis, Lucia Cushman. Front: Liz Kern, Melanie McNamara, Tessa Sylvain, Alexa Allen, Meredith Miller, Mary Will, Chrissy Morell, Page Jones, Sarah Mclntyre, Sarah Whitehead.Kneeling: Missy Tillotson, Avery Cushman, Lily Ellis, Colleen Watson, Arly Vernon. Captains: Lily Ellis, Avery Cushman, Colleen Watson

ge Jones

Lucia Cushman, Katie Jurta

Masiphilile Dlamini


Varsity Boys' Tennis Standing: Ted Mastin, Elliot Rossbach, Jed Prescott, Jake Fitzpatrick, John Krebs. Kneeling: Cole Taustin, Ollie Schwab, Eliot Ayres. Not pictured: Nate McMurtrie Captains: Jed Prescott, Jake Pitzpatrick

Ollie Schwab


Cole Taustin

ohn Krebs

Elliot Rossbach

Varsity Girls' Tennis Megan Manning, Jessica Passoff, Holly Blanchard, G w e n n Fairall, Sarah Lauridsen, Sandra Ha, Meredith Leoni, Becky Barker, Jill Firstbrook. Captains: Megan Manning, Gwenn Fairall

Holly Blanchard

Meredith Leoni

G w e n n Fairall


Baseball Sstanding: Elizette Vazquez. Zack O k m a , Christian Young, Mike Kaulbach, Phil Nazair, Chek Wingo, Mike Sterrett, Toby Gibbons. Kneeling: Jason Babson, A d a m Gervais, Jose Hernandez, Rob Wsserman, Jeff Grace

Jose Hernandez


Jeff Grace

Phil Nazair

Softball Standing: Chris Norris, Nicola Muirhead. Ashley Sutton, Natalie Sarles, Erin Mortenson, Anna W o o d , Jenny Bedard, Dani Hinkley. Kneeling: Alison Tucker, Kim Ganley, Sarah W o o d , Tracy MacGregor, Regina Wilson, Abby Lavigne. Captains: Jenny Bedard, Sarah Wood

Abby Lavigne Regina


Photography Standing: Eva Whitney, Nora McElroy, Patrice Martin, Matt Swansberg, Jeff Casazza, A m y Coughlin Sitting: Teddy Ligon

Pin R o o m Michelle Shaver, Jake Johnson, Jason Robinson, Stevie Martinez


Michelle Favor. Justin Rathbone, Kim Barrett. Kinley. Phil Hackman, Justin Pill



Marco Abreu, .Anna Hanlon, Dan Cullen, Jesse Smith

Dance Standing: D a n Parkinson, Kathryn Barban, Moritz Goebel, Sarah Turner. Sitting: Hallie Schiess, Mike Baptiste, Hilary G o o d n o w

Woods Team Standing: John Schoeller, Jackson Tufts, Pete Johnson, Jeff Morneault, Garrett Thompson, Aaron Schlosser, Luke Feinberg, Matt MacKenzie Kneeling: Dave Pilla, Kyle Chumas, Tyler Maynard, Ian Ryan. Not pictured: Matt Swan

Kayaking Page Taliaferro, Sarena Stern, Nissa Fowler, Annie Bailey, Josh Wallin, Bert Hinkley

Horseback Riding Kyler Taustin, Anna Klepper, Meredith Donaldson Sophie Klepper, Jeffie Wilkins, Sue Houston, Jamie Thompson, Hee Sung Lim

Drama Tech Mariann Monteiro, Terry Stoecker, Tony Gomez, Marc Miranti, Freddie Jennings, Kelcey Loomer, Michael Littman, Sanz Morasani. Not pictured: Adi Gilo, Jamie Stone

JV Baseball Standing: Sam Swasey, Charlie Cloutier, Eli Persky, Victor Gomez. Sam Sloane, Alex Felton, JJ Schoeller. Kneeling: Andrew Dana, Dylan Reno, Yuji Naito, Myles McLeod, O m a r Reid


JV Boys'Tennis Standing: John Pendleton, Sean O'Connell, Toph Mayo, Carter Westlund, Bruce Hart, Pete Benoit. Kneeling: A d a m Minton. Sid Joshi, A d a m Goldberg, Nick Spaulding


JV Girls'Tennis Danielle Smith, Rebecca Barban, Sarah Williams, Grace Kumetat, Annie Arthur, Olivia Emerson. Penny Currier, Moriah Cowles, E m m a Freeberg, David Salathe

Thirds Tennis Lynne Hueber, Guinness Hueber. Paul Kim, Anthony Montivirdi, Deb Vernon, Sam Yazwinski, Ariel Stephens-Ladd. M a x Bachynskyi, Gavin Kalan, Greg Stetson


JV Boys' Lacrosse Standing: Mike Koenig, Christian Peterson, Chase Goodrich, Chris Cave, Marcos Lopez, Kevin McCarthy, Joe Lloyd, Whit Ellis, A d a m Scherr, Drew Donaldson. Kneeling: Dan Feutz, Dan Risotti, A d a m Gimbel, Ethan Vandermark, Dave Shay, A d a m Wolfe, Cedric Stevens, Pete Maggio

JV Girls' Lacrosse Standing: Chloe Rochon, Laurel Fitzpatrick, Carolina Gonzalez, Jen Hill, Calla Staszko, Kelby McManus, Sephanie Williams, Britney Mortenson, Ashley Matchem, Kaedi Butterfield, Alex Estin. Kneeling: Sarah Will, Ruth Aladejobi,Hadley Meenan, Shannon Keane, Sarah Jordan, Mykin Johnson, Phoebe Dwight, Christine Frazier

Thirds Lacrosse Back: M a x Cohen, Jesse Dann, Greg O'Brien, Bryan Cook, Rob Beach, MacLean Tiffany, Jake Mazonson, Josh Goldbach, Matt Johnson. Front: Nelson Lebo, Matt Wiiliams, Matt Gorevan, Pete Herzeelle, Corey Cooke, Matt Grant, Luke Backus, Sam Trachy, Ian McElroy, Mike Trujillo, David Kenney

' aff*jFuMt»ic J N w(mmmtilimmjSim' '' art-"''• J P M U MSI T ; i

»/ iM



1 EJl^HV

*iB,, Jrl*

1 l^ir-rMp^ III •


J^H 1

g 1 » -*a >e *




Mountain Classroom

Gaele*n Wells. Justus Zimmerman, Bobby Dunbar, Brad Cabot, Leah Jampel, Jason Tracy

George Bordash



A7////]T\\\\\\\^ ulie Newbold. Larkin Williams. Karen Paquette, Catherine Roberts, Lauren Thomas, slancv Heyl. Nate Klein. Ben Evans, Matt Hedrick

Lauren Thomas, Karen Paquette, Ben Evans, Nancy Heyl, Julie Newbold, Larkin Williams, Nate Klein, Catherine Roberts, Matt Hedrick

William Negley

Brooks Bicknell. Jen Hill, Kelly Ryan, David Spear, Mike Smith, Al Sand, Willia Negley, Thaddeus Bicknell. Liz Brier-Rosenfield, Karine D u m o n t Green, Ashley Jerome, Kayla Kartwell, Tim DeYoung, Nancy Coxe, Ben Bartle 21

Proctor's Earth Day: M a y 2,2002

Julia Marans, Gwenn Fairall, .Annie .Arthur, Emily Welch

Hee Sung Lim, Hilar^Goodnov^C armen Benson

Gwenn Fairall

West Side Story: M a y 24 & 25,2002

Mary Will. Sarah W o o d , Ashley Besbris, E m m a Freeberg, G w e n n Fairall. Sam Trachy, Phil G o o d n o w , Kinley Viandier Sam Trachy, Christine Frazier. Top: Jeffie Wilkins, Sarah Fritschle. Kathryn Barban, Marc Miranti, Tim Frazier, Annie Arthur

Kyler Taustin, Elizette Vazquez


Spring Formal: May 4,2002

A n n a Klepper, Sarah FritschJe. Tessa Sylvain, Hallie Schiess, Kaedi Butterfield

Andrew Bordash, Pat Baldwin, Rob Ferber, Stephanie Williams, Margaret Evans, Erica Schlachter, Drew Graham

Chaperones! Standing: Ellen Yenawine, Gardner Yenawin. , Slnrle) Felong Peter Southworth Dani Hinkley, Lynne Hueber, Ted Mastin, Brenda Godwin, Morgan Salathe, Nancy Schoeller, Anne Swayze, Drew Donaldson. Kneeling: Brian Kellogg, Jolin Schoeller





1 ;7 §


School Leader elect Aaron Schlosser

Pete Johnson

Alison M.





1 < A- "

if /


Jayo Vernon, Moritz Goebel

Annie Bailey, Page Taliaferro


Melanie McNamara, Megan Donovan

Kyle Chumas

Mike Sterrett


John Krebs, Gavin Kalan, Jeff Morneault, G w e n n Fairall

Grace Kumetat, Moriah Cowles, Meredi

, Sarena Stern


Senior Dinner: May 31,2002


Commencement: June 1,2002

The Monteiros:Billy, Mariann, Courtney '97, Paula

Essayist Tyrell Dortch

Katie Williams, Sarah Williams, Speaker Paul Williams, Cole Williams'99


National Honor Society: Carter Westlund. Nissa Fowler. Tessa Sylvain. Amanda National Art Honor Society: Kayla Hartwell Liz Brier-Ros. ifield A 1 T Gross, Megan Manning. Merlin Backus. Garrett Thompson: Not pictured: Larkin Penny Currier, Meredith Donaldson Moriah Cowles Wâ&#x201E;˘ Z ' e S Y!^01â&#x201E;˘ v uwics . jareua stern, barah Williams Williams T o m Robinson 30

2002 Green Latern  

Proctor Academy's 2002 yearbook in digital form.