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Green Lantern Vol. 57

Proctor Academy Andover, NH 03216

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She walks in Beauty, like the night O f cloudless climes and starry skies; A n d all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes: Thus mellowed to that tender light Which Heaven to gaudy day denies. O n e shade the more, one ray the less, H a d half impaired the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o'er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express, H o w pure, how dear their dwelling-place And on that cheek, and o'er that brow. So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow. But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below. A heart whose love is innocent! -Lord Bvron



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Michael Pyle Jones I would like to thank my parents for their devoted support, it would not have been possible without you. Bruce- you have been a great advisor and a friend. Karl- you have been a great dorm parent and I apreciate many words of wisdom from you. Corky(my brother)- you are a great example of success Allgood- ya'll are a great bunch of guys and I wish you the best in your future. Jerry- thanks for the many great limes, keep playin and I'll be there Zack- fingers, clip, pliers, safley pin, and you bail, what comes next. Use your imagination. Clay-1 guess that fan did not work so well. Keep your confederate money... Al M.- R e m e m b e r when our parents had to drive us on our dates, S L A M , registration oh I lent it. I got two at once 40 points. Al Y.- all I can say at Phil's is Uh-Oh! K G B Evan.-I like that hat. Let's go for a drive. Jonathan- you go to get a hair cut and it turns out a buzz. Amanda- would you stop playing with m y emotions. Carter- R.I.P. The Red Baron no more road trips with him. They were a good time. Jason and Elijah- you two better be careful and slop coming over to m y dorm. T o m y friends in the program(including Chris)don't drink, go to meetings, and ask for help. Keep coming back it works when you work it. Here is a little something you will never know, don't you touch hard liquor just a cup of cold coffee, got to get up in the morning and go. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Grateful Dead Thank you everyone later Michael

Hidenori Takano Finally, m y pretty long(?) high school career is over. Mum and Dad, I finally made it! Thanks for all the encouragement, great support, and understanding m e quite well. I couldn't have done it without you. Aunt and Uncle, Thanks for sharing the great food, the pleasure, and the comfortable place whenever I want it. Don't worry, I won't lose the Japanese spirit and proud of Japanese. P.A, Thanks for teaching me be patient, and never give up till dreams come true. I'll never forget what I've done in this two years. Nashigoren terrol matasapi, Mieayam, Sateayam, Pondok Indah, Perumata Hijau, JIS, Cilandak, Executive Paradise, Stardust (!) , Kota, Perau Seribu, Block M , and awesome friends!! "BANZAI!" for my valuble memories and seize my future by myself today.


-Out of that stream there issued, living sparks, which settled on the flowers on all sides, like rubies set in gold and then as if intoxicated with odors, they again played into the amazing flood; as one spark sank, another spark emerged-Dante-Poiradiso X X X M.J.;L.L.;C.S.;A.D.;L.A.:If the sun and moon should doubt they'd immediately go out-William Blake I Love you. Patti-One of life's most fulfilling moments Occurs in that split second when the familiar is suddenly fransformed into the dazzling aura of the profoundly new-Eduard B.Lindara. Remember;everything that happens is for the best,I miss you and love you forever. Linda&Chrisdt's all in the heart! M o m - Y o u introduced m e to the journey called life and taught m e to be in the lead, thanks, I love you. -Graci, You are the best little bro I.L.U. Maria-I'm glad you are learning to swim. Proctor-It was a journey!! What exactly is so great about the M o n a Lisa?...

MEREDITH ffiNCEflJOHES V.B.- "if only I was a Guy!" I love you Rone, "I'm glad that you're you because when think of you, a smile carries to m y face, and a smile's too good to waste.", " A n d where her trip will carry you is somewhere you can't find." C.S.-my fishhead! I love you and your lingo. Y o u are a very special person, and don't you forget it. Y o u m a k e m y days in N.C. worthwhile! "if I could reach up and hold a star for each time you've m a d e m e smile, an entire evening's sky would be in the palm of m y hand." L.L.-"Where's the lufra?" B.S.?!* I love you! "There's no time to lose I heard her say. Catch your dreams before they slip away." A.D.-Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers! B E D B U G S ! M a n d s , I luf you, don't you ever change,but get the boys under control-Crazy 3 years!! "In this undefined land of life, w e hold but few things dear to us; one shall be m y locket of love for you.. ."


VB-Brandy Takers!, memory drawer in Burbank, yin-yang, saucy at Devo?, N A D A ES A Z A R , Organic Farming, out-of-body experiences, life talks, goonies!, decorating Shakedown, What really happened in the coke machine? "If you didn't care what happened to me, and 1 didn't care for you; we would zig-zag away through the boredom and pain, occasionally glancing up through the rain." -Thank you for having faith in m e and I'll see you in the sky-every time there's an eclipse, ILY. MSJ-Sail Caribbean, Landover?, "I'm sore on not having a boyfriend!". Where is the lufra? road trips suck?-no way!,Thoreau sleepover, Dead at Phish?,Us use a fan?, salmonella, Bo, "Stop staring!", brandy glass at Dulche's, Susan's ultimate snag, Boston Garden Treat, grandmothers, Fitzgerald, "What part of N O S M O K I N G don't you understand?". "When you are dreaming of the person you want to be, don't forget the person you are." ILY Meredith. ASY-where do I begin? bio class, stretching, slopping yawns, "let's go out to dinner and see a movie", close getaways, how many states is it now?, me-a complainer?, how is it down there?, cacky stuff."We're guilty of the same offense, thinking alot about this and this, forgetting the love we braid." Please don't ever have to take your bracelet off and watch out for those B B guns! You've taught m e alot, we've been through alot, take care, Alex-XOXO. CDS-waving camels everyday after lunch, saucy!, Naylor, "Chintzy-St.Patrick- Buddy!", devo, letters to Jeff-"She wants her.. . back!", robo, bar bag stolen, alleycatsgo home! "I know she's got everything she wants, I know she's got everything she needs."- We've had the greatest times. Court, ILY. JS-"If you want to be free, have your way with each day as it's granted to you." I've missed you so much Jon,ILY. PEB- "The time has come now for your awareness to change forever and there's a choice you must make. The only thing you must do is what you feel in your heart is true." Te extrano mas de lo que pensas, Patti y te quiero mucho con todo mi corazon. M L V + A D A - Thank you for always listening, ILY both. LKA-"Close your eyes, look down deep inside. Someone is there for you, someone who cares for you." ILY. AHD-"Photos for Meredith and Amanda!", cat fight, paranoid rebel weekends, the chosen ones. "Toss your coins in the fountain, look for clovers in grassy lawns, search for shooting stars in the night, cross your fingers and dream on." Take care, ILY. SLB-"Eso es knockin on a heaven door!", "Never underestimate the powers of the handicapped!", we didn't need to spray that much perfume, "Luis-mee", "Lo siento!". I wouldn't have made it through Spain without you, ILY. Julianne-You are the greatest sister anyone could ask for, I'll always be here for you, ILY. M o m - "Marmaduke, what is your main malfunction?" I love you so much and it makes m e so happy to have you as m y best friend. "If I could reach up and hold a star for each time you have made m e smile, an entire evening sky would be in the palm of m y hand.", ILY. Dad-You always told m e that everything would work out, I wish I would have listened from the first time you told me, ILY. To RM,WC,HL,LE,CC,AC,NB,HG,and SL.good luck next year,ILY, Thank you to the Youngs for all of your kindness. Chris & Linda-Thank you for four wonderful years, ILY. BB,"I came here thinking I had to box the world, now I know I can dance with it." I couldn't have done it without you, ILY. "All I leave behind me, is only what I've found."

C«KMeO0P$£$CHR£lRE& "Did you know we'll always be taking life less seriously? Tie us up and we'll break free, lock us in we'll find the key. A n d we'll search forever to find s o m e fun, there's a little child in everyone. W e m a y be lost, but then be found, running free in the playground. W h e r e would w e be without our dreams? Lost in this world-or so it seems.Through the fence, follow m e ; up the slide and d o w n the tree. This is h o w it's m e a n t to be, running free."Acoustic Junction •


y y i.




-Well I'mfinallyouttie like John Gotti! yeah! It could not of been possible without m y beautiful, ever so lovely, young looking mother, sounds good huh, but really M o m the only words I have for you is I L U V Y O U infinity X's 2. I owe you a lot, more than the world itself. I know you say I nag you alot and I'm ungrateful, but being at Proctor has really made m e appreciate everything you do for me. N o matter how much I may never show it I love you and will make you proud. I L O V E Y O U around the world and back again m o m m y ! T O M Y P R E V I O U S F R I E N D S A T P R O C T O R , A.W., Kadi your like m y sister love ya, Tony, you dog it was fun while it lasted, E.C. To all m y rommies H.B., A.C., keep infecado alive, W . W , Anik you hell's angel you. Did you get the Harley Davison 35548867 hey, Snake, you got the coolers, and last but not least, Becky I Love Y o u Beckita, club 21 Mesi, if you like m e check yes or no, from bugging out in King to the secret letter in Slocumb, Manny loves you, we've been through alot but when things get tough always hold your head high, if that doesn't work throw on some Mary J. and think of me. You've become one of m y closest friends, keep in touch and stay a cool V. T O the "Girlz-the-Hood", Kim- If you've never been to the reservation don't ever come to the reservation, Nancy, Becky E., Latifa remember Dartmouth and St.Dunstans, Molly, Andrenna, Maggie, Laura, Patty, Veronika, Rachael I love you all. B-Ball, varsity soccer, Chris, Linda and Swayze Thanx. T o the Boyz-n-the-Hood- Max, Elington, Chris P., Juan, Alex 1 and Alex 2, Lewis, Tshaka, Manny and Yveto- Stay Cool. T o all m y Advisors-Yunus, Sarah, Steve & Ellie Davis-I love you all and remember m e in your hearts as I will remember you. Spain '92-"Oh bonita es" E M , CG, LL, MJ, C W , JD, M R and Chric C. the complete stud who swallowed the tounge. Sorry Chris, but she ditched you, even though you have the gift of fluent, clear, perfect Spanish! Laura -Lo siento! Hey Maggie, Evan just decked some guy in Factorial Carter- Que tal? Who's Jose Cuervo? Joel- Y o u were the laugh of the trip. "I'll give you a damn laugh!" Evan & Carter- El Carmen rules! Joel & Christi-fightingin Dulche's. Mike- You're a wreck, but we love you anyway! Maggie & Laura-1 miss chilling out in Niagra playing Spades and getting drunk off of Fanta Limon!, Bar Domingos rules, A G U A D E VALENCIA!, pulling burnouts in front of Pat- what a bugout!, Factoria, Cha-Chi's, Salsa, hanging out in Denia. Espana es de puta madre! Richie- you are the best, I love ya. T o the Parkchester cuties-/ Fine Amazons/ A.K.A. the A.T. crew- Tiff, Kyra, Lelia-1 love you. Grandma, Daddy, Auntie Nikki, and Junior, I love you. Keith, I love you.

Anik Senecal Avard Mom,Dad,Mimi,and Pip:".. .1 saw in their eyes something I was to see in every part of the nation-a burning desire to go,to move,to get under way, any place away from any H E R E . They spoke quietly of how they wanted to go someday,to move about free and unanchored.. ."-John Steinbeck. Thank you for everything! ILY. D A D : R e m e m b e r Montezuma's Castle (HA!), we're two of a kind! M O M : m y love is unconditional. C H R I S : " W e were children in our places with the world beneath our feet and growing up was on our faces I remember yours so sweet" Colorado Bound!? LAURIN/SABI: I love you two very much. C H I A R A : you helped m e to "stay awake" and I will never forget that,I love you pumkinhead,RIDE O N SNAKE!,Don't forget you gotta pay Chachi back for da coola's, blushing berry, too match your leatha mini, tee hee. K A D I A T O U : N.J..Giraffes and Tarradactiles are running across thefield," W h e n your in love",I miss you, you're so funny. J O N N Y B.:"To keep m e from m y selfishness,to keep from m y sorrow, to lend m e on the givingness so I can see a new tomorrow if I ever needed anyone I needed you".I love you from here to China! D A V E F O W L E R : " A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out'TAKE C A R E O F Y O U R S E L F ILY LIV:"Friends are like the w a r m blue sea,they splash laughter in your eyes" S P A N K M E ! B E R T , LEE, M I N D Y , B R O O K S : You're all crazy people.I love you all and when I'm rich and famous I'll take you out to dinner. BEARA:"Today give a stranger one of your smiles, it m a y be the only sunshine they see all day", Winter Bonus Weekend, good luck in Atlanta, ILY. HARRIOTT:"Never even forget how to smile",peeing in the sink, I L Y cheerleader! T.D.:So far all times spent in Vermont,ha! Its been nice. S H E M I K A H : " I a m blue and you are yellow, together w e m a k e green and that's m y favorite color",thanks for keeping m e in line,ILY A T T I T U D E ! whoever I forgot its been nice(Bmce)Good Luck!

mii Ryan J. Whelan

Liv Vogel

Dear Mom and Dad, thanks for supporting me, and being there M o m & Dad-"To get the full amount of joy, you must have somebody to when I needed you. I love you both. A n d also to m y brothers share it with."M.T. It hasn't been easy for any of us, but without all of Pat, Colby and Sean. Mike Koenig, thanks for bringing m e to the calls home and your support and advice, I never would have made Proctor, teaching me, coaching m e and a great friend. I owe you it. I know that you will always be there for me. I love you!! Coral-"The a lot. Wallis and Shannon, you both are and always will be m y best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up."M.T. Y o u best of friends, thanks. The drive through Durham D.V., J.S., are a unique & wonderful person.Never forget that. I love you more!! G.Z. Morton House. The D.O.C J.M., A.W., M.S., K.G., M.G., Ryan-"Everyday is just a little more of time together to be happy, for T.D. Carr House two years. Midnight fatty's. M.R., Meat, D.B., I'm happy even when the times are rough 'cause anytime with you is A.D. Meat, you will always be a great friend. Thanks. Never good enough when we love like w e do."E.B. W e have so many memories forget about Burger King and all the other times. Third floor together.Maine, reggae fest wknd., hikes, & little trees in Vt... I will Carr: 40oz. club. M.W., M.R., T.D. Guys, w e had a great Senior always love you no matter what happens between us. "When you love year. A n d to the people I forgot, thanks for making Proctor what someone all your saved up wishes start coming ouf'E.B. Patti B.-"We it is. Liv, Time will tell h o w this relationship will end. There is love the things we love for what they are."R.F. I missed you this year & so m u c h more to do together. Nothing will change, like you said. will always love you. Maggie- "There are things you can replace and Y o u know how I feel about you and those feelings will never others you may not."G.D. W e have gone through so much together, let's change. I will always be with you, no matter where you go. I love just remember all the good times. ILY!! Anik-'Tf we couldn't laugh, we you more than anything Liv. would all go insane."J.B. I love you & will never forget your sense of humor. Megan- "Maybe nothing lasts forever, not the mountains, not the seas but the times we had together, they will always be with me." Nurse Meg, ILY!! Liz- "Don't look back, look up and around, don't get hung-up, hang ups will get you down."E.B. Cherie, never forge France! ILY! Veronika- W e have a unique understanding of each other. Good luck next year!! Nancy S.- You have always been there for m e when I needed you. Thank you so much. B G , JC, M M , M D , SP, & anybody else that I have failed to mention "Friends eventually forgive & come back together because people need people more than pride."H.P.

Sean Maguire Thanks Mom and Dad. You too Mike + Meghan. To Mike (Random M a n ) P. and Andy (Irrelevant B.) Jones and Tyler (I found a watch) Leeds Craig (Dork) Churchill and Dave (Popsy) Jordan A m y C- the bread lady A m a n with no legs does not trip on a rug. Patrick Roy = Swiss Cheese Tonto

Brian Hug To succeed is a reality, not a dream. For those who are still dreaming, face reality.-Pete M . If you chain yourself with limitation, remember only you have the key.-Shane L. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of knowledge nor a lack of strength. It's lack of will.-Pete F. Thanks M o m s and Dads for everything you have done for me. Thanks for sticking by m e and supporting m e through the tuff times and the happy times. Thanks again M o m s and Dads. I Love You! Tonyia, Thank you for being part of m y life and giving m e the opportunity to be part of your life. We've had a lot of memories together and many more to come. Don't forget " Please Don't Go," "You're M y Brown Eyed Girl," All I Want Is Just One Kiss," and remember "Everything I D o I D o It For You," and June 1st, 1999. I L O V E Y O U ! Thanks Mrs. Simpson and Arty. Scott and Rick thanks for a great time. Good Luck in the future. Thanks for a fun year Proctor Academy. Good Luck Class of "93"

Tyler Leeds W o w four years! Thank you D a d and M o m for giving m e the opportunity to come here, and for sticking by all the mistakes I have made, and especially all the frustration I have caused. Bob L. Where is m y gum! Thanks for helping m e straighten out m y problems. "There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the doors" Jim Morrison "Talking to yourself is a sign of impending mental collapse." "I see said the blind m a n " M.S.O. you were a great roommate for three years. Remember basketball in Morton (freshman year). Basketball in Bruce's office. Matt F- O h M y God! Skiller, too bad I'm graduating, it was a great year. What about Bob C-1 don't know about those soccer skills, better stick with football. Mike W - penalty shot master. Seth W - A skiller at ping pong. Pete FThe Eagles are terrible. Don't hit m e with any more rubber balls. D.J.- Don't drive Bob into early retirement. Mike P- The only person I know with constant energy. Andy J- Patrick Roy, I don't think so. Andy S- H e shoots, H e scores! Good Luck! Amanda- Don't run over anymore frogs with your lawnmower. Thank you for being there through the good times and bad, and for helping m e change. I a m a happy person. Bruce G- Thanks for all the memories. Thanks for helping m e with m y problems. Thank you Proctor, don't think it's been fun, because it hasn't.

Mark St. Onge I would like to thank: M y folks for supporting m e through four years of school and m y teachers for also supporting me. Thanks for all the help Sally Dave "I'm not a hiker I'm a sailor" " N o w for something completely different" -Monty Python. Every day is a vacation here "Happy Happy Joy Joy"-Ren & Stimpy "Life is Short,Play Hard- Reebok A d a m and Zack "I a m relaxed, look at m y shoulders" call m e "Copernicus or Boris" Remember the nights in Spain guys!! H a H a "Gonna miss you Bruce, you Communist" "Hey Eh!!" "I a m Not S T R E S S E D guys!!!"

AW, ZM, SV LOOK, "THE OLD WISE ONE" "I'd have to laugh-1 don't even know about that" A W , Z M , S V " O h he's Fiending another!" Todd do you belive in anarchy "I like anarchy"



Lauren Appel

Stuart Green

Derek, Dekembe, Deriko, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Scrumdiliumtious, Gelatinous, Fleancc, Zwebenflagen, Damnation, . . . H o w the heck are ya'? Well, here we are, the dreaded senior quotes, A A A A A A A A H H H H H ! I feel a cop out coming on N e w York, 'nuff said. Y o u know that I love you and always will, "Four in the morning . ." and all that jazz. W e sure are going to be loads ol' fun in the nursing home! Call m e when you're famous (or at least when you get decent opera tickets!) Always — Laurinia Stubaru — It's gotta be the yeast! The secret of life as defined on the back of a flatbed truck. Great, dont 'ya think? 1 hope to turn on the news some day and find out thai you've done something lo grab the world's attention, you're made for that kind of thing. Y o u are a wonderful guy! Sarah — "I'm a freshman, can't 'ya tell?" Y o u know that I will haunt you with that until the day you die. It was some of the best limes of m y life, you know that. I will always cherish our friendship and Ihe good limes that we had. M y car owes its n a m e lo you, air guilar in ihe rain, Sharky and the bear you gel the general idea. I hope lo b u m p into you some day twenty years from now on lop of some mountain somewhere. Forever ... H e f — I'm sorry, already, I didn't mean to leave you stranded in the rain! Willerbee! — (No, not Wiler-by) Connecticul was a blast, so was everything else. I'll miss you. Trottums! — you wrestling maniac, you! What a wonderful tigger. Tiflala — Y o u are an amazing set of work. Things will be o.k. for you, I know that. I'm going lo miss your smile and everything else. G.V. Soccer & G.V. Hoops — What can I say, you were often m y reason lo get up in the morning. Jin — Y o u are too much. I a m really going lo miss you when we're gone. Calculus has been incredible! Kevin — W c made il to Ihe Big C. together, I will always treasure that. I love you M o m — Simply the best there is. Linda N . — There is really nothing left for m e to say except thank you. Y o u know just what you did for m e and that I will always love you for it. Chris N . — Y o u touched m e in a way that I will always remember. Another friend, another father, another person to love. Pedro — Y o ufilleda part of m e that had been empty for a long time. Three years together, I wish that it had been longer. Y o u have meant so much to me, but you know that. Jason E. — Slickie! Big brother number two - Thank you for everything, I had a wonderful time. Goalies never die — we just break things and bleed a lot.

Lurbo, it's the yeast that's really important, but so are all the other ingredients. Life is a wonderful mixture of flour, salt and sugar. Y o u just happened to be the sugar. Ayize, je veux venir dans ta bouche. Does it really mean that you're allergic to ultraviolate rays when you look al the sun and sneeze? Meyer, hairy baby. You're awesome. It bit me! Pete, your name means "to fart" in trench, but don't take it personally. They didn't even know you existed when they m a d e up the word. Allan, Scumbag Smurf. Pablo. Yeah, man,riding'sspiffy. Jenema the Enema. Short and sweet, like a peluche. Sara B., the world is behind your eyes. Kit, I love you. Y o u arc one of the very few people in this world without a mean bone in their body. W h o will help you run the rolling psychiatric ward? Whose car will I fool around with now? Just watch out. Connie, why hasn't this world produced more people like yourself? Y o u instilled in m e the lust for history, the study of mankind and A L L . Wait a few years and I'll be back with a vengeance and a few good ideas. Caught with a —ildo...

To everyone else — Lee, Tom, Sue, Dougo, Diana, Andris, Heather, Erica, Franco, Eric J., Paul Bunion, Pete, Swayze, Veronika, Lindseroony, Abby, Sam, Jeremy, Dave R „ Kate, Sarah, Jen Putney, and everyone w h o has helped me, I a m grateful. I a m forgetting loo m a n y people, but after all these are only m y senior quotes — it's m y life that really matters. I owe a lot to Proctor and everyone w h o has been a part of m y experience here. Thank you.

The only problem with war is that there's no background music. -A U.S. Marine officer to be

Dog feces are an excellent source of protein. During a heated debate about racism, L.T. said, "Just don't even think about it. If somebody says something racist it'll bounce off you and slick to them." The room suddenly fell silent. Someone else said, "I'm rubber and you're g'ue." "What, are you racist against gays or something?" -L.T.

.. .Certainly il is better lo eat your enemy than to abandon the fruits of victory to crows and ravens. -Cacambo (Voltaire) Compared to war, every venture of human endeavor is inferior. -George S. Pat ton I think not. -Me Retreating?! Hell! We're just advancing in the opposite direction. -A U.S. Marine in Korea

My fair lady, when you are in love, jealous, and whipped by the Inquisition, you are beside yourself -Candide (Voltaire) That's all for today, Mr. Anti-Christ. -Camus


• < t f ~

4 years and they've gone so fast... sarah: m y four year bud, thanks for the (in)sanity and everything else. . ."lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" d-running, r u m runners, alabama getaway, "once in a while you can get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right" "a mountain never seems to have the need to speak"-(i wonder why) a m y pryor: you taught m e what i needed to know about life, religion and faith. . ."i don't question our existance, i just question our modern needs" erika: i always knew we'd find each other and ourselves, i think of you and start to smile. . . stuart: h o w did i end up calling you lou? thanks for j.c.superstar. . .mom: thanks for the wings and the chance to fly "the dreamers w h o gaze while w e battle the waves m a y see us in sunshine or shade" lauren: i have always admired you in spite of our differences. . . liz, m y soul sister: hockey practices, orange-line daytrip, late nights and horses, remember the laughter. . .tony: thanks for the magic and our day in boston. . . "i know i got one thing i got to do.. .Ramble On. . ." "without butterflies the world would soon have too few flowers"

M o m and Dad-I realize I was a day late and a dollar short, but you played your song. . .and I danced Lauren-I had one rule: Never let them see m e cry. Without speaking, you taught m e h o w wrong I was. You're in m y heart and that's forever. Krysta-"What it is, what it was, what it will be, what's for dinner?" Don't forget- laughter is the cure. Jenny- write m y name on the eternal jar of peanut butter and always fill m y head with crazy thoughts. " K E E P M A R I - A N N A H A P P Y " ( B O S T O N G A R D E N 92') Derek- flying is not as impossible as I used to think. J. Salter + H. Parker - Davy — a cold rainy night. " H o w many times must I tell you, dates grow on palm trees!" Raisi- "There is no past or future. Only an endless present, which is time, for that is all w e have" -Vaya C o n Dios m y little Casino T o those I forgot- Keep in mind that less is more

"Holdeth this joy within your heart and take this chance to make a start once free to roam the bountiful earth they hence discovered all her worth and merry all the land would be while the sun approached a darkened sea A n d for the travelers off they be with their song that set us free" — BLUES T R A V E L E R "And the music never stopped" -GD





Steve Sainsbury I would first like to thank Mum and Dad — I couldn't have made it through boarding school without you. Thank you for being you. Ellen-1 won't ever forget the help you gave m e throughout m y years at Proctor. Heide, thanks for the sholder to lean on when I needed it, you've been a great friend throughout it all. I was thinking of doing a term in Morton next year, for old time's sake (not), if it hasn't been razed (Note the college level vocabulary) to the ground yet-then again , it's come this far, maybe they'll squeeze one more year out of it. Ruth- I'll always remember you (see you next year.) Spitz-" little hand says it's time to rock and roll! I a m not a crook !" what is this velvet? " //Orientation- M L , H N , SS, SS, K W , DJ, T K , JG, J W , P H . //Morton- 90/91 H N , M K SS, R W , JJ, JL, A W , M S , M G , K G , SS, CP, B D e V , AS, JT, R B , MSt.O,TL, TD,JMcE, Jh. //"it's all bollocks!" " N o , bad!-Whack! "Look , jerky.I don't need to talk to you!" " W I B B L E , W I B B L E " " F N A A R , F N A A R " -viz // " don't worry , be silly!", " O h Bunnies!"- John Mackinnon // "Eternity in Hell with Bezelbub and all his fiendish instuments of torture would be a picnic compared tofiveminutes with M e and this pencil!" — E Blackadder // "Woah, big m a m a , I feel wierd!"- Bonnie "What exactly is a B I N G E R ??" — Asa Winant // " W h y is it that whenever Ifinda girl friend I realy like, she always becomes best friends with m y girl friend?" — Andrew Rossiter(Bermuda) // Guinness is good for you."- A. Guiness Son & Co.(Dublin) // "Steve would do so much better if only he would apply himself to his full potential." -Every d a m m e d teacher since the first grade. ( Except here of course!) // "Wink, Wink, nudge ,nudge say no more!" " Mornin' Super!" Luxury , pure luxury. Oh, w e used to dream o'livin' in a corridor." "See the loveli laks. The wonderful telefone system. A n d mani interesting furry animals." " A moose once bit m y sister. N o , realli, moose bites can be pretti nasty." -Monty Python

Bill Pearson

I want to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity and beliving in m e even when it it did'nt look good. I owe a lot of thanks to "Shneer" for pointing m e in therightdirection, and to "Tangle" for getting m e ready. W h e n I remember all the good times I've had here I only wish I had more time. DM:Shut up its only eleven days! D S : It's only Natein the bush? JA:You never should of shown m e the secert of the " B " can. BPiYou where two terms too late. T L : Thanks for everything, and I still think you're all the same. JG:I wish you hadn't gone! DT:It's not that you're inferior it's just that w e are all so superior. AP:you're a great friend. The Girls:Copt. Standish!! SB: I L O V E Y O U ! Well it's been great but college will be much better. I can't say I'll miss this place cause lying is aginst the Honor Code

Leta Henrietta Clews " W h e n the sky is blue, and I have nothing else to do, I sometimes wonder if it's true that w h o is what and what is w h o . " W T P Dudley pipping m y hero " T w o roads diverged in a wood, and I â&#x20AC;&#x201D; I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Frost. M T C L S R M you have made all the difference in m y life. "Hello this is m e is that you?" The Coal Train M T C L R M spring '92. B. W E S T ; music, hair, Robin's great cooking, E m m a . CALLIE, I hope M a x and Kimberly will be as happy as I a m to be your friend. I couldn't have made it without you.Char where would I be without a great twin like you, lets keep in touch. AJ orientation is where it all began. M O M I could never have made it without your enthusiasm and positive energy. S W A Y Z E you have been a friend I can always trust. Y o u will never know how much I admire your patience and kindness with me. Thank-you all for a great three years here at Proctor.


Caroline Averell Fisk Mom & Dad- Thank You for all your love and support you have given me. Cassie & Mary Thank Y o u for all the letters and phone calls which always lifted m y spirts. Leta- W h a t can I say? It has been a wonderful three years. I can never thank you enough for everything you have taught m e through the years. I will truly miss you next year. Patty- Thank you for always being there and always willing to lend a helping hand. Patty I could never ask for a better advisor. I would have never made it through this year without you're continued support. I will miss you next year, so keep in touch. Swayz- You're the best dorm parent I could have ever asked for. Also keep working on those brownies one day you'll get them right. Thank you for trusting us and making your dorm a great place to live. Burbank West will always be like a second home. Kitty-1 don't know what to say? I can not begin to thank you enough. I will always think of you as m y second mother. Y o u have alway been there to make m e smile and make m e realize things are really that bad. Steve & Ellie- Thanks for making m e a part of the D.G. and a part of your lives. I will never forget you. Micelle & Marisa- T H E R A M O N Q U E E N S W I L L LIVE F O R E V E R . Becky- It has been a long but fun three years. Don't forget your little talk about life. Sue-, Thanks for being like a little sister and don't worry I won't forget you. Junko-Thanks for making m y junior year so much fun. Y o u are the best roommate. I what to thank all the teachers and staff at Proctor who have made m y years at Proctor a three year I will never forget and I will hold that in m y heart forever. Proctor is a very special and hope it never changes. Glad to have a friend and glad to just be glad to just be me. Free to be you and me. If you hold on for one more daything will go youe way so hold on for one more day. Wilson Phillips The children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they posse inside. Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier let the childer's laughter remind us how w e used to be. W . Houston


Jorge Espinoza

Extreme, Intense, Fast, and Furious BIKE, BIKE, BIKE, GIRLS, ICE C R E A M , GIRLS, BIKE, F O O D , SLEEP, AIR, BIKE, BIKE, AIR, SLEEP, the rest. Moab, National Champs, M o m , Dad, Susan, bike other bike, friends, things, dogs. T E A M YETI, E D D Y

MERKX. I hate cigarettes.



This then is life, Here is what has come to the surface after so many throes H o w curious!How real! Underfoot the divine soil, overhead the sun.

WALT WHITMAN Thanks to everyone here and abroad for a great two years in beautiful Proctor Valley, m y love to all of the librarians and the entire nursing staff. Goodbye to everyone that I've met or even said hi to and of course to the family office in Minnesota and Eugene and everyone else involved vaya con dios or just go !!!!!!!!!!!!TEAM YETI/FAT C I T Y CYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


L. Ryan Bowse WoW


I a m really glad that I decided to dofiveyears of high school M y thanks goes out to all the people who have shaped m y life in any way. Bruce G.- Guppy sends her regards. Varsity Baseball could never been better!!! Thanks for everthing. Karl M.- Y o u have taught m e to do everthing that I do, to do it with PRIDE. Varisty Boys Soccer Intensity Mike K.- D a m n right I a m !!! Beth C.-Thanks for everthing. N o one could want another advisor. Josh H.- Bonus 91, Happy Birthday!!! Get your wife off m y whamo. W e have been through a lot but there is certainly more to come. Ben Y.-1 really like this shirt, I really like it. Popcorn The Holderness game got ugly Pat W.- Yes I would. H o w is Brook and Mrs.D ? France winter "92" Dead cats, L.T. Gateau de fruit Morton 91-92 D.O.C D.J.-vou havefirstshower. D o you play poker? Yes I would. 3.14 22/7 Sexual healing Ben Y.-1 really like this shirt I really do. Popcorn That was a classic!! Varsity Baseball. The Holderness game got ugly. Pat W.-Yes I would. H o w are Brook and Ms.D? Jin H.-"I got lots of mails" GeorgeE- Bike+Fast=George T o m D.-Cfeative M a n Willow-Are those m y jeans? Shammoll! I know deep down you liked m y quices. Thanks for being there. Scott M.- Are you awake today San,Dave,Dan,E,Tim,HPBTBAK,Rew,I would never trade you guys for . anything. "Hey umpire why don't you pull down your pants!!!!" Cape 92 could not get any beter. Joe K.-Spazi W h y don't you go and do some work Caroline- G O T O C L A S S Joel P.- nice boxers Thank you Rents I love you all and you too Emily!! I Rinear T.Âť"It had to be you" Henry Conick Jr. Eye Rake. I only speek the truth i when I a m in cars. -Hefer- Would you like to borrow some more of m y clothes? . S T O P LAUGHING!!!! 3 sauesse. j "times m a y change and so will people but theses memories will never" M e

[) Scott Mitcherling Thanks P.A. for 4 great years. Thanks M o m + D a d for letting m e have this experience. Jim, Tracey thanks for being there. Captain Lax93' I Weekends at NEC,Lax:LRChamps, Fall Spain91'.Winter M n t Gannett/Rulon BBChamps, Dave F."From the fields to the hallways you've been great,Thanks", "Hey T o m , W h e n your IN shoot it" M.R.86" J-houseflyingTarzan" JG.E.'Tim N . robs our $/4 sq." M.R."First times for everything" "Hey Rick Billy's spot" s D.J."Keep on plugging",K.G."NEC, you look like the crunchy type". "Hey Lebo, if you were him wouldn't you" "Nembutol numbs it all but I prefer Alcohol"-clash "Bowse, you'rerightH.. wouldn't want your s... flavors." A.H./B.P "Water skiing/Sleep on water" B.F./T.M/B.R "Beach Police". M.D./B.D."Weekends at Amy's apartment." That's all, F a m out of here. Ya!!

"I learned to keep going, even in bad times....I learned that there are no free lunches. A n d I learned about the values of hard work. In the end, you've got to be productive."-Lee Iacocca


Before anything, I would like to thank m y m o m because she has always been there for m e and m y sist Janet. Thanks for driving us back and forth. Then like to thank all the people w h o helped m e to be a better person along the way. Steve, Kelly, Moureer Karen K.,Bert, Steve D., Charlene, Charlie, Miche Finally I'd like to send a big up to the boyz from Lawrence-Chris, Jaun, Alex V., Alex C. and Elingtori "• and another big up to Kim, Marisa, Becky G., Becky E., Shemikah B., Yveto, James, Manny, and the whol community of Proctor.

Maximo Barrera Mom,Dad,Ed,Rob-1 love you guys! Dave & AliceThank you for giving us Proctor;Sally, C. Norris, SwayzI.O.U.;Orientation- the chipmunk exterminators; '90-'91 Swinging Johnsons= Shan D e Man,M.S. K.S. D.L. "It's Mike" Chris C.-I'll never forget you,truth is I'm aJ»>' iloset U 2 fan; Desmond & Vogel-1 miss you "Heart 'alpatations" pregnant raccoon; Freak;"Get a hair cut!!" [-'92 Morton= Archie,Pat,C.C; Dick B.-heart's in the ight place, n o w get your mind out of the gutter; M.L.S..E. S.V. W.P. Max,"E" & the nose; Abreus- m y second iamily; Rose & John- time to blow the candle out; "Eleo, I can hear what they're saying!" Girls at the H.C.- acute cronic conversationalist, love ya'; passionate researching *fraLovejoy;Pilla- "I like to walk in the woods and see •hat Mother Nature is wearing" F.O.; Vulpes; Wildlife :o. #1; J.V. Lax= undefeated; N.R.-the chimney's on !£!!; " T " for Todd;"Deep thoughts"; M.L.S.- be good boys, I want to see all of you graduate; " W h e n Native tericans would take leave of each other, they wouldn't ay goodbye because goodbyes werefinal.They wou lply turn and just walk away"-Tom Brown

Timothy E. Stillman 20

M o m and Dad: Thank you so much, I love both of you so much I can't even say. Lynne: thank you for putting up with m e I could not have done it without you! Jay, Olsen, Lewis and Brown: m y friends, m y brothers, m y comrades in arms, I can't even say how I feel about you. See ya around. Carter: never take your boots off! " W h e n the last rose of summer pricks m y finger and the harsh sun chills m e to the bone when I can't tell the song from the singer and I can't tell m y pillow from a stone, I will walk alone." G.D.

Walk your street and I'll walk mine, and should we meet would you spare m e some time. Cause you should see m y world and meet m y kind before you judge our m i n d s . B A C H M A N T U R N E R O V E R D R I V E Good breeding consists in concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of the other person.MARK T W A I N . All people have their frailties, and whoever looks for for a friend without imperfections will neverfindwhat they seek.ROBERT L O U I S S T E V E N S O N . Numbutol n u m b it all but I prefer alcohol-THE C L A S H Happiness isn't something you expierience, it's something to remember.OSCAR L E V A N T . If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest.SYRUS-MASIMS To everyone w h o has helped m e and been there for m e these last couple of years-Thanx- Grandma, I did it, thanx for all you've ever done- You're the best m o m a grandson could ever wish for!! I love you. Mom.Dad- It's all uphill from here. Thanx for the support. Mike Ryan- Moose Club Meeting, Wednesday, be true or be straight. M a x B."Who the hell wrote that on the wall?" Mitch-First time for everything-Billy S P O T ! A L W A Y S A BLAST.BYost'Tt's Nataaasha, not Natasha.", "Super fowl '92- Bills r O.K. Skins rule." Scott L.- If you were him wouldn't you? Thanx for helping m e out and for being a pal.-Never change!! Veronika- thanks for putting a smile to m y face every day. Nunca cambies sonrie y el m u n d o sera tuyo!! Dave Fowler-You've been an inspiration to keep m e going here and in m y future. Thank you- Orientation '91 it was an never forget you: Never Change Chops!!! To all those I haven't included; you're included.


Sean Witters

I'm glad I stayed. Doug-What's up d'flaps, I'm not the devil, fighting off crowds in the den with the Prophet, Spring tour 92' with Buddy. I'm calling a reuben. Dining out at 2 a m on St. Patties in Philliy, Eyes jams forever, Gibber-Jobart, escape to the green mountains (1st republic/14th state. Vermont willriseagain) beware the funky chicken and the beast in m y back-woods (koolo, koolo) SecondfloorGannett survivors, Where did that card come from? I swear it's 4:30 am, Justy and Philthanks for the sanity? Corky-thanks for being the world's greatest roadie/soundman (Roadie-crack), stay crazy but no more Franklins boogieing. Jason-sling your guitar as low as possible and play really loud, keep your head in the clouds and keep reaching for the ground. Mike-11, Ben-thanks for playing bass gitirrr. Look up in the sky it's V - M a n Shiraz- thanks for the jazz. H.H.S. sucks but thanks for remembering m e after I disappeared. Thanks to Andy, Evans and A.J. m y bandmates from Bennington, Connie-thanks for everything. Keith thanks for all your help and support. Thanks to Cindy, Doc, Dave, Nancy B., Ellen, Derek, Eva and Bob. Most of all thanks m o m , dad and Molly-1 love you. Thanks for getting m e here and standing by me. WBiMmtmL^t W h o can unlearn all the facts that I've learned as I sat in their chairs and m y synapses burned. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ~ ^



Lookin' for the secret, searchin' for the sound.


Forgetting why, remembering how. -E.E. Cummings Let the sound inside you come out. -John Scofield Time waits impatiently, rushing through itself. -Old W o o d Prophet

Chris Lynch Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity to go to Proctor and for all of the support during difficult times. Thanks, David Pilla for helping m e find interests that gave m e a better attitude towards school. Eva and Derek, thanks for putting up with m e for three years. Thank you Swayze, Bert H , Eleo, K.& C. Norris, Doc, and the rest of the faculty for all of the support that has made m y four years succesful. Yukio-you are going to live. AP, SY, A M , M G , T M , RR- T O G E T H E R ; lets go for aridein a boat. O w , that's a large, hard rock. Hi Scott, we're just hashbrowns. Alex, John, I survived. Alex- watch it with that log. Alex, look at your m o m . Shannon, put the gun down! Mac, what is your hair doing. Joel. C A L M D O W N ! ! Corky, isn't it to bad, no more freshman/sophmore discipline conditioning. Uh, Tuck, were leaving. Let's rid of some of these lights around here. Summerfield major league. H E Y DAVIS, L I G H T S O U T ! Look who's coming up the road. Mark W.- G o buy a punching bag and go back to your farm.

Alex Perkins First of all, Mom and Dad, I cannot thank you enough. Not only for giving m e one chance, but for also giving m e a second one. Freshman Year- W e might have been stupid, but we did have fun. Lynch's room CL, JS, and T D , asleep Lysol, popcorn and drooling, sorry about that T o m . M a y 5th, 1990, D E , JS, SY, CL, Hash Browns with Scott Lebo. . .Woops!! Sophomore Year-1 almost made it to thanksgiving. Doug FL, we tried, thank you very much for the appeal and everything afterwards. Alex S., thank you, you've really been terrific. Junior Year- Camping with Shannon M G , CL, I can't believe we were in a boat. Mac, sorry about the stick incident. C.L.-around the dorm naked in 4 inches of snow, what were you thinking? Joel- Y o u are a crazy goon. Corky, hang in there, it is going to be hard without m e to supply you with your, "Beat Downs," but I think you will get by. Bert FL, thank you very much for all you have done for me, Kayaking has been the one thing I consistently enjoyed while at Proctor. Senior Year- Camping A M , C C , R R , and T M , "Together! !",A.M.- Master of the boot and rally. Chris Lynch or should I say, "mad peeper," "please don't be sad, if it was a straight mind you had, we wouldn't have known you all these years. "-Traffic Cindy B., thank you very much for all your help and kindness. Y o u have been great. Proctor has definately had its ups and downs for me, but overall, it has been worth it.

Blue Wheeler

"The sky is the limit only if you have no imagin It's over I feel old. M a c house-window fun. MLS-fan fun. Carr major fun. C.C, J.B, R.B, Comando missions across carr field (hope we never go to war) Boston trips, Hotels, Grave yard gang (reunion) SPAIN! C.S. T.M. J.F. A.D. M.G. H.L. M.J. L.A. S.L. C.L. A.C. Thank you and the ones I forgot I'll never forget you, for making Proctor fun. Mike K. 3 years of pure advisee fun. Thank you, you did a great job. Andris Z. Thanks for always being there when I needed you most. The one thing I promised to teach you was how not to embarrass yourself(hopeless). M a y Dr. Ruth live in you forever. Let's road trip some time. I'll never forget you keep in touch. Clay C. I can't explain, you're the best roomate/friend ever. Southerner by nature, northerner at heart. Toot, toot, bluie, brassie, What fun toys we played with. If only you haden't gone out to dinner. R E X B. Red light, guess that tune, harp jams. Jim B. in the trees and all sorts of good times. Keep being yourself. W e like it. Jon B. You're a great guy. I'll visi A L You're awesome, that's all there is to say. I love you guys, we've split, but we'll always be together. M O M + D A D I've never really told you how much I appreciate all that you do. I owe you everything for giving m e this opportunity. I've lived and I've learned and I can never thank you enough. . . Chelsie I could never ask more of a sister. I love you all.

Alexander Binns Maclnnes M o m and Dad- The last Maclnnes boy out of boarding school. Y o u did a great job with all three of us.-Thanks. I Love Y o u T i m - D o you like Chemistry? N o w thats F U N N Y ! Alex, we're having pancakes tomorrow. "This is a good story about us if it doesn't end. That's the kind of story I like best. G o o d nighto' buddy. "-Calvin T.M,C.L,A.P,R.R,- Marsell. . .what a pleasant surprise. C o m e on over and join us.-Adder Pond'92 Begin-"What makes m e so funny?"-Joe Pesci Clay-Alex is it funny?'s six o'clock, wake up. W e have to water the plants,clean our room, and go jogging. "Times been between us, a means to an end. God it's good to be here walkin' together m y friend." Stevie Ray Vaughan Tuck- "The best thing about it is that instead of having to go h o m e after the party with all the fun suddenly over, w e get to start another party. I like that." - Winnie the Pooh

Rex Brewka THANK YOU DAD & MOM, I LOVE YOU!!!! J.B.-WelU'm going to sleep.. .Oh? W a k e up Jon, 4th quarter! B.W.-If you starch those, you'd probably F L Y ! C.C.- N.F.A.,This is not a laughing matter! Great aim, but next time not the groin! The fuses and the fire truck had to be the most creative. A.Z.-Ear guitar man. Delilah Jones went to meet her god. A.Mc.-You pronounce that Algar? H a n k Williams Jr. speaks the truth! A h no Rex, H e sells tennis apparel. (I was not aware of that) C.C.& J.B-We have our o w n Terrapin(but I swear w e keep missing the Lady w/ the fan!) The Graveyard Gang:B.W.,J.B.,C.C.,R.B. -Guys don't m o v e its a deer, oh nevermind its just Mike looking for his friends. -The walk that lasted forever!(Oh well, its over now, can't wait for Spain!!)

Jon Blair "I've been waiting so long to be where I'm going." -Eric Clapton Granny-Thanks for making Proctor possible and therefore bringing forth m a n y great memories; Mom+Dad-Thanks for always being on the other side of the telephone line. I love you; Rob-I miss you, I love you, and I thank you for beginning m y path; George-I love you and will always be there for you. Be yourself and don't get confused;

K.B.'s-It's like smellin' bacon in the mornin'!; Rex-Are you going to be Alex- Yuker bobby for Alex!; Rex+Clay-Gas run with P A F D ; Blue-Hey Blue, this guy wants to know if he can have a ride to C T ; Al,Ken,MarkThree entres at the cabin; Anik-Thanx for being m y buddy. I love you and always wear a smile; BIue,Rex,Clay-It was simply another evening stroll in the graveyard until. . .; Sullivan- Everything wiU be okay, 'cause you're at Procter. Just keep your chin up, tiger, and you'll pull through; Spain!-No more is needed to be said; Reece- Don't ever lose your smile because there is no excuse for a long "humpf'; Mark,Al,Ken,Evan- D o what makes you feel good but find a place to draw the line. Thanx for all the smiles and here's to the m a n y more; Tuck-You are m y only equal in procrastination. "Nothing ever ends if it leaves a memory. - Thanx to everyone for helping m e form fantastic memories!



Matthew C. Nilson A Spirit With A Vision Is A Dream With A Mission-Rush 5 schools in one year-gotta be a record- $10000 case V B A D CL.20grand and one and half years later hopefully I'll make it.Mom and Dad words can't express how I feel for you both, you're the greatest! C B G Happy Jouth of Fuly,Indoor Hammered Lacrosse W O W ! E M everything is going a hundred m p h but we are standing still. The Great ConversationC O O U W h a t a summer, C A N Y O U IMAGINE!A1 Y E A H B O O , want some syrup with that mustard? T D get your arm off m y shoulder. Veronika, through good times and bad times you have always been there, you mean more to m e than anyone, I love you more than you will ever know. M J W h e n are you leaving? Sorry if you thought I was rude-I was. M G K G See you at a Dead Show! Where is Big Red when you need it? Karl, thanks for everything, you're the best! The m a n who follows the crowd will usually get no futher than the crowd. The m a n who walks alone is likely tofindhimself in places no one has ever seen. The band is fantastic that is really what I think, by the way which one's Pink? Pink Floyd-of course. 26

T o m Dodge Four years and it could not have happened without your support. Thanks m o m and dad. M.L.S. 89-90 C.L., A.P.,J.S., "Get that damn cat off m y face!" Chris Lynch- N o matter what you say you're still a wreck! D.O.C.- M . G , K.G., J.J., A.W., M.S., R.W., R.B. D.R.I.A. Ryan Bowse- "I can't pee!" Thoreau, Spring 91-92 Kendrick â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Matt N.- "I needed something to lean on! Awuka wuka wuka." Carter G - "Where the hell are we going?" Evan Myers- " B U L L M O O S E . Ahhh man." 154 in one night. Alex Y.- "I want F O O D ! " Carr 92-93. Ryan W., Mark W., Mike R.- 40 oz Club. M.R.- "Yes, Mike, both of them." Maggie J.- "Thanks for the dollar." Ryan W."Late nights, bad movies, good weiser. Whatever happened that weekend?" Steve V.- "Get that grin off your face." Chris J."A carton? That's a long bikeride."Brian P."S.N., here we come." A d a m H - Watch out for them stop signs. Karl and Chris N. thanks for your support.

Carter Gray

Kendrick Williamson

Soph.year, M.L.S. Kaboom, Steve Rich, where did you go? Doug & Sue- when the walls came tumbling down. Thoreau '91'92 wow! What happened to the red baron- ask the chief. S u m m e r '92 Matt, Evan, one of m y better summers, you could see it on me. Spain '92- what a blast. Before that Jamaica, dragon you're the best! Al's and ours happy birthday. Evan- E N J O Y I N ' T H E RIDE!! Watch the ground it moves alot. A P P L E ? ever seen I Love Y o u To Death. Santana & Phish, whoa. BIG R E D . "it gets them everytime"(c.g., e.m.) This summer blah- all that needs to be said. Hadley "If I could save time in a bottle, first thing I would like to do is save every day until eternity passes away just spend them with you."- Jim Croce. Alex- Yeah Boo you ring ding- those aren't stars those are trees. Thoreau, how did we ever do it! Keep peeking out and I will be right next to you. Garbo, Kenny- good luck in everything you do. Happy trails! Jon- keep laughing I'll be there to laugh along-best of luck! Matt- There is a humorous side to every point, so don't fret, keep smiling. Remember m y words of wisdom- Happy Jorth of Fuly! Good summer too short, let's go to work, no way! Lindsay- soph-sen year twice as nice. Better on both our parts, good luck next year don't give up, o.k. pumpkin! Y o u know it's a good thing when you dress the same. Love from your pooh bear! Kendrick- 2 years and five weeks, you sell out! Hope you did it for the right reasons, thanks for everything and mostly for being a great friend. M a n y more years in Jamica, p.s. would you call that, a wood chuck or a little doggie? Thanks Dad and Mom,you have given m e everything I ever wanted and more, I might not express it but I do appreciate it. Love Carter "So many roads to ease m y soul." Jerry Garcia -,-,

Clayton Simmons


•••-, *



Well M o m aim D a d I guess you thought I would never do this but it looks like I'm going to. Dad, around m e you are just a father. I love being with you. If w e go stare at a wall we'll be happy, just your presence is all I need.-Mom, you took m y hand and walked me through "I'll make it alone n o w whether you like it or not, but from time to time I'll turn around and shout H E L P M E M O T H E R ! " Cyntbia thanks for the late night calls keeping m e strait- Europe a true bonding experience-I love you and thanks for everythingPROCTOR-'it's like being in the eye of a hurricane. You'd wake up in a concert and think,wow, h o w did I get here?-Clay, from Mexico to the wall behind your house to the road trip you've been there. We've been best friends for 6 yrs. and hopefully 6 more-you have been like a brother to m e & some of the best days I've found I've found with you.-AJ, I think w e have spent half our time here in the woods, but guess it's better than the graveyard-"you have to stop laughing it's only 10:30". W u c k when w e had nothing better to do we'd sit and roll out all our problems. Ev are ya hot",no I'm just trying to figure out why that d a m m apple is on that box". Laura ?The Courts family, you've been m t h o m e away from home, ya'll are the greatest- T H A N K S - W e l l "nothing to tell n o w let the words be yours I'm done with mine"-G.D.

Clay Courts Three years has gone*Fast, I guess it is an honor to end the Courts era at P.A. C.M.-will the P.A.F.D. survive without us? D.H.-in spite of what you hear I do, I a m a good boy.C.S. -from milkduds to "da chica",I think that I have experienced it all with you.J.B.,R.B.,B.W.,"One more Saturday Night".We always ended up in Carr H. with the red light on! H o w about them steakems? C.S.,A.Z.,-Dr. Ruth, do you guys see all those gophers? W h a t a hike that was on the ski hill. A.Z.,A.P.-The Frostbite.the beginning of our racing career.A.Z.-"Why don't w e get " " and " ".B.W.-Cabinclub, Mobby, Yogi Bear's Park, those were the biggest ballons that I ever saw! Carr road,I thought that guy would never stop calling his cat. R.B.,J.B.-How about w e go on a ride in the firetruck,did w e see the entire faculty?R.B.-I think that my ribs are still sore from laughing for 2 min. at the den."Oh,Hadley".Let's go check the fuses! J.B.-lst. show,Charlotte N.C.,exploding lifesavers,on the football field.R.T.-Someday I will make it to Ber. Thank you for being there when I needed you.A.M.-Mr. movie trivia man,do you want to go and check the fuses with Rex and I? I sure a m going to miss all of you guys! M o m and Dad , I love you both very much,thanks for all the support. Only four more years to go! Thanks to Lida and all w h o made m y time at P.A. so enjoyable, "Lida".

Willow Rheault

Rinear Thatcher

^^-r^^^ "Open up your mind, and let your fantasies unwind." "Tilt your head back, look out into the darkness, and wait." " M a y peace and groovy love be with you." Rinokie -"Walkin' in the wild west, with your wild west friend" Roomie, Let's get full hot, Sunday afternoons B D A '91 '93, ILU ME-L.R.Bowse"Whenever I see your smiling face I have to smile, too, because I love you." Shamoo, Who's sucking who? Sorry about your ball!!! Fay Jellows-How's your head? Math Stud!! Jorge-MTCLRM and France!!Together?? Beara-Olympic bound. The bitching will never end. Joel-Winter Bonus '91 thanx.Ben-Pat-HIDY H O B O Y S A d a m H.-You're the best little brother. Dave P.Thanx for everything. Even if you did leave me, I'll remember you forever. Karl- Thanx for all the chats, they always helped somehow. Tennis is a blast. ILU.

"Somehow I knew that I'd look back back on m y years and laugh, but I never knew I'd look back on m y laughter and cry." Ives '91-'93- "One and one we're havin' some fun", Munchie night- Mindy cooked? O h No! Mindv and Brooks, thanks for every thing. Bert- Want some Black? Jimmy- "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun." Even though you are still a pain in m y butt I love you tons. Bruce- Dad!- Thanks for always takin' care of me. "If you do something you'll regret in the morning, sleep late! LorraineM o m ! I still think Marc is adopted! Rich "Life is a question . .. Living is the answer." ILY Rachel - Spring '92??!! What were w e thinking? I don't want to go to studyhall! Lets go to the lake! T H E W I N D O W "Friend I'll remember you." Clay- Winter '93, Spring Break '93 (If you ever get there!) Gremlin- Spring Break, that one S U N D A Y in '91, J.V. Tennis, mudslides, Graduation weekend '92 and R U S H B R A D L Y ! ! "Yesterday brought a beginning, tomorrow will bring an end, though somewhere in the middle we became friends!"- "Are driving through a cloud?" — "We've been through a lot, hopefully we'll go through more!" — "Years m a y come and years may go, here's one thing I know: You'll always be m y special friend!" ILY — S E X P O T . Nate- "It m a y be that that we have all lived before and died, and this is hell" S M I L E ILY. Ryan . .. Bowse- L.? "Want a black-n-coke?" 3 squeezes, Tee-hee, Heffer? Crazy W o m e n ? " D o you have any W E E D S ? " "Piglet slid up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh!", he whispered. "Yes Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure you were still there." D.J.- One more year! "Normal isn't the same as average. Nobody's normal" Perch. Spruce. Culprit, and Gertrude- Let's get Full Hott! I made it! "I will laugh for the sake of crying, I will cry for the sake of not saying goodbye."


Jin Hayashida

Brady Miller

First of all, I would like to thank m y parents for the opportunity they gave m e to succeed at Proctor. I couldn't have done it without all of your love and support. Also, I would like to thank all m y family and especially m y sister w h o helped m e all the time when I needed help, thanks, and I love you all. T w o years at PA, Three long years at Proctor now seem so short. it's been alright. B C and JC, you are the best dormparents, I miss Scott, thanks for the advising. Linda, I'm not you. C N , I don't know what to say, as m y teacher, coach and looking fowards to college Eng. advisor, everything even the little tiny things you've done to me, that was exactly what I needed, thanks. Y o u are the best. M K , The Fairmont will miss Proctor almost as much as it "Nobody makes fun of m y country" L N , "Don't worry I a m still will be missed. Winter M T C L R M will be awesome! awake" K N , Pre-cal? " N o problem!!" thanks for everything. D H , Alex, golf in October will be G R I M ! Dano (The everything was great, thanks. D M and E M , I couldn't have done C o m m a n d o ) Gold River. B L A K A F U F F , you're not it without all your help, thanks for everything. Japanese is the hardest language. JT, Y P , SD, T N , D H , B U , L U , K M , BB, AL, funny, stop tootin'tuna! PJ, Cuffs(I know the real B H , and B G , thanks all. Gannett third floor, " W e are all bunch of story Dave, don't worry)I smell another camping crazy people" CS,"Back in the home, Buffalo. .." D S , T V in trip! Heffe'(Cripple mix keep mixin') Freeman, A Slocumb. Waiting for a bus at South Station, you're a crazy little American kid. B M , A P Physics, JV Lax, Pre-cal, etc, we had a Vatoess, vats Haponeeng! Brad, good luck with your hell of two years here, didn't we? JK, "What are we doing this art! W e need a K F C in N L . Y o u guys will have fun weekend?"!?!? BP, third floor Gannett, we had a good time. Lax, next year. Heffernan, Pfann, good luck in life, and I a m still better than you. D H , "It's too easy for me, I'm a Japanese!" R B , watch your "American Potatoes Fart" LA, "A with your fine cars! Nails and Teroux, Have fun in goat is not tied to the inside of a shed!!" N T , "The hardest Nastar the lounge. Jin Hayapete, PreCal, Physics, Jv course" M F , "The master" you are the greatest, "Holderness!" Lax'92, some good, some bad. L G Good luck in Good luck, next year. JS, Y o u are the biggest stud. JD, A H , K G , field hockey, and your next 3 years. James, good JY, G E , CC, D D , G E , DJ, H T , S M , R T , and W R , thanks all and best of luck to you. luck with the movies. P W , you'll still have m y "Do not take life for granted, for what you put into it is what youstanding invitation into the lounge. get out of it"

P.E. "The old megablast" Hill, Houth 'A Pain; "Houfin' ona Blunt!" D S , we found your hot lunch. . . H m m

"The first days are the hardest days, don't worry any more, 'cause Thypress when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door" PS, B P + Grateful Dead

Cameron F. Spitzmiller Thanks PROCTOR for everything I've received over these two years. I would like to thank m y grandfather for providing m e with almost everything I have. Thank you so m u c h and I love you. M o m - T h a n k you for putting up with all that you have. We've been through a lot together and this is just one more step in m y life. Dad-Thanks for all the support through the years, it has meant a lot. Chris-Thanks for being a great brother and always trying to help m e in one way or another. Peter and Lindsay-I love you both more than you'll ever know. You've been a very special part of m y life. Thanks for all the joy I've recieved from watching you two grow up. T o all m y friends here at Proctor w h o are leaving with me: stay cool and keep in touch. W e m a d e it!To all those w h o have more to go. . .good luck.Patrice-We have accomplished so much. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks. Smulligan-We had a great time in Slocumb.Thanks for being a good friend."Watch out for those HIVs."Sainsbury-It's all bullocks. T o all m y friends at home(Pinhead,Dober,FFFay, and the rest of the town)-Thanks for staying great friends with so m u c h distance between us. "If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch."Thanks to Nichols. Will-you've been a great friend to m e , Thanx. P.J.,Vern,and everyone else I can't fit on this page. Thanks and keep in touch."Shoot for the moon, 'cause if you miss you're still among the stars."

Dan Smulligan Mom, Jer, Gerard, I made it! Thank you for all your sacrifices, M o m . Mike, thanks a lot, I couldn't have lone it without you. Bradar, O-Schlitz, long live the Fairmont, together with the orchist w e brought the mountain down. Weber, Spring break 92 "could I lave a glass of water please, and..." Keep an eye on ;uffs for me. Dave.. .bearing!? Freeman, Bradley, reff, Chris,etc.. .Long live Billy D. Maguire, you iidn't apply to S M L , n o w I have no roommate. Hug, what happened to m y cookie! Marty, how's the dub? Andy, m a y Patrick be with you. Craig.. .tell ler m y name's not sneeze. Pat, good luck with sega. 3am, how's your babysitter. H.T. I'm clueless. Well : gotta go. 'And a new day will dawn for those w h o stand long, \nd the forests will echo with laughter." Led Zeppelin

7: Z

Adam Heffernan

Brian Pfann



Four years seems to take forever, but after they're gone they don seem quite so long. First and most importantly, I would like to thank m y parents for the opportunities they have given me. I als thank Proctor for making the last two years possible. Connie, Lo Dougo- you are the best teachers I have ever had. Proctor isn't a place, it's people like you. B.P.- Always remember that you can never be too pissed to fall asleep!! S.M.- Learn h o w to waterski. Concord High Football 1992- $50 well spent. M.R.- "Turn it on hot,.. ." Yes, I'll make m y car into a bed. C.L.- Beware of hitchhikers. L.A.- Can I borrow a piece of paper? S.T.- The whit mountains are overrated. J.D.- Stay hyper, I wish I had your enthusiasm. G.M.- Thanks for saving m y life! Only one more year. T.D. and S.M.- Aren't N L P D car searches fun? Maybe I should stop twice next time. M.W.- W E W O N ! M.T.-1 still wonder if you made the right choice. Sorry to all the friends I forgot, I think you know w h o you are.



M o m and D a d thanks everything.! know it was hard sending m e away to school,but it was worth it.Thank you for ail the love and support over the years-I won't forget it. Proctor get an IDENTITY,Dave Belanger -"I'm not going to eat your baby".Sean Webber "put some clothes on".Sam Thompson-leam h o w to drive oh sam remember you love Devon vhat a looker.(HA-HA) Y o u three guys made m y Proctor experience something to laugh about.The four of us were best of friends and I won't forget the times we've had. Marshall,if it wasn't for you Mountain classroom would have been a disaster. W e had some great limes making fun of people and indulging in B E E R N U T S andfightingover w h o was jetter,Dennis or Montana. Wynne-you've been the closest friend I've ever had and one of the few people I've ever been able to trust. Without you at Proctor I would have been miserable.I don't think you'll ever inow h o w m u c h I love you and h o w much you mean to me. Fritz,your the most naturally burnt kid I've ever met.We've had awesome B M X and M X I N G times,and I hope you keep in touch — that goes for you too,George. Springbreak 92 — Drew.Dave and Chris — that was the balls!!! After that I gained 15 pounds,Chris you earned the nickname C.B and Abe. Drew you flipped the R M , and you could lave put a tap on all of our guts. Wynne, Josh, Sean and Dave-New York City, what a blast! Y o u all changed m y views about city life. I especially liked the hard hat. Sean and Wynne. Powatan bashing-we'll have to do it igain, except this time let's try to be sober. Hey Lynch you wanna box? Brad, tha South is truly the greatest place on earth, so don't forget it and make sure not to wear too many sheets. 'these colors don't run, never have and never will." Weiser and Soco I couldn't have done it without you. Pat and K Poo-Poo, what a perfect love couple. Eleo, Thanks, you made m e laugh ind you were great to joke around with. *A D e m o n to some an angel to others" — (Pin head) i 'Wasted forever on speed bikes and and booze "-(Cemmy)

Mike Ryan Thank you M o m and Dad. Y o u have done so much for me, and all I can do to pay you back is be the best person that I can be. Thank you for your love, support, and for putting up with me. I L O V E Y O U G U Y S ! Thankyou Proctor, and all of the teachers, coaches, and staff. Varsity Football, '92 is our year. R.W. All the talks and illegal stuff we did! M . W . The south will never rise again! S.M. Remember those two jerks in J house. B.P. That was a huge beeramid! A.H. Can you make your bed into a van for me, Please? T.D. Both of them? S.V., C.J. & B u m p , that weekend really stunk. V.B. m y four year plan. P.C. Weight Watchers! J.D. & S.Y. The Giants Game! R.K. Y o u are the greatest friend I'll ever have. Take care and good luck with whats her name. Bro's and sis, I've finally made it. Spain '92 mucho marcha! To The 40 Club, and The Gunners, I wish life was like a beer commercial. See ya Proctor! Remember, in your room at 11:00!

"OH-OH"-Robert Fulgrum "You've got to go through helJ before you get to heaven"-Steve MiJJer. Freshman Year;Shemikah-"Are you awake?" I'm glad we went through all we did. Sophomore year;Mac House-long days and nights on thefield.Clay's walk up window service. CHRISTI-You ski goddess you. Sophomore spring was a big mistake, I didn't know what a great friend I was missing. Thanks for always listening. Thanks for all th fun times. Adventures in underwearland twinkies your c+c. "He who laughs, lasts"-Robert Fulgrum. Junior Year;JESS(chipmunk)-you A B C from H, the Doinkster, Bonus weekend and Erica, need I say more? The Dr.Pepper bottle, purple cheeks, doggie survives. Someday you will learn float. I'll miss you. Mt.Classroom-I wiJI never forget any of you guys, I l you all! Jay-The peacemaker, thanks for always being there. Good Luck! Ryan+Scotty-thanks for getting m e through chem class with all the laughs! The Livingstons-thanks for all you have done for m e and for teaching me the meaning of "shop til you drop". I love you, don't lose touch. Connieyou give the best hugs, thanks for all of them. Dad-thanks for always being there right when I need you. Please don't underestimate your children's love for you. M o m - Y o u are m y best friend and the perfect m o m m y . Thank you for always being so understanding. Joel-I love you too. " N o w that I am grown up, I sometimes wish that I didn't know now, what I didn't know then"-Lucy? KS,TO,AS,JS,SL,EP I haven't forgotten you and I never will. love you. "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane."-Jimmy Buffett

Heather Brackett

Christi W o o d Most things said about everybody are untrue.-Unknown S U P E R S O P H M O R E S , ORIENTATION-Golden Shovel Queen/Butt Crack/Air Dry, M A C H O U S E W / T H E B E U F S - R M . C C C S , B W , T M , H B , S T A R T O F T H R E E Y E A R C R U S H - R B , BBWEST-top vs bottom, Leta thanks for the good times, breaking mirrors and learning all the gossip from the phone outside our d o o r . X - C O U N T R Y SKIING- Heather-Bradley lake runs long walks through the woods, skiing down blackwater on x-country skis, ultimate frisbee and football with the guys(Sam and Shannon),zootsuits, Spring Break Bandidos with the Clays, K I N G HOUSE-Dee,WNTR-Joel: lots of laughs, twinkies, white washing. Spring EspanaHard but good times/Denia- bonfire and long talks on the beach w/JD/hikes to campo w/CC/ M.Ryan thanks for the corruption/AugiJa, Sangria, Agua de Valencia.Mucha Mancha!Fall in Farm- HB,RC,CH,JC,ST,EWH T H A N K S . Heather-thanks for everything these past three years. We've had some great talks and you have a really good outlook on life. G o o d luck. S T E P H / A N N / B O B - m y family in Andover. You've done so much for m e and I don't know how to repay you. Steph-I have missed you in our Advisee group. Y o u are a good listener and friend. R Y A N B.- Catch in front of Morton, throwing pebbles at your window, thanks for the laughs. You're probably the nicest guy here. Don't change. E L L E N - Y o u brought up m y confidence in learning again. That's a big accomplishment. SWAYZE-the invisible, busy, yet always there for me, advisor. C o m e out to Star Island some time and take a break from all the hard work you do for this place. C H R I S & L I N D A / T I M N O R R I S / K 1 T T Y / P E T E A N D A L E X - Y o u haven't been forgotten. M O M & D A D - t h a n k s for dealing with m y rollercoaster moods and calls home. This decision was a good one. P R O C T O R - t h e chance to go abroad,not having to track teachers.and getting the goals I had gone to high school wanting but wouldn't have accomplished unless I repeated and came here. Thanks for the second chance.5 years in high school is a long time. "The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot of gold at the end of it because the rainbow is now and the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected."

j -=3R &

m ' •

••% 'T


f ^ ^ i

V~***jt '


All change is not growth, ail movement is not jorward-Etten Glasgow M o m aruf DadrThank you, thank you, thank. you, thank you. I could write a whole yearbook ahoutyou's. . .ILU 2>Bones: m o m is stilt asking where all the towels wentl owe you m y life ILU J-Binf and L-Misten" L I G H T IT "(The everlasting joke), Jail Bait posse forever, I L U Sara Breast-in-your-hand: your poster is stiff on my wold, Beans Beans the magical fruit. . . Isis: Let's go dig some clams! ILU. JazzyiTo my one anif only godsister-I love you. Mimy.-My second mother, I can ted you anything I L U Ro&iiul think w e have a perfect understanding of eachother. ILU. T H E R E S T O F Y O U NINJAS: "Wont some crock?" Jtdia and Angela: the only room mates I ever had. ILU. Matty: the studdmuffin of my life. M a w You're the meanest person I ever met1 ILU. Nagle Bagle:"Can I borrow your bike!" Rosita:"Te quiero" " M Y N A M E IS ABBE. . .GET IT S T R A I G H T " I'm still trying to figure out if it's a oCessing or a burden to be your twin sister. "Like a virgin?" come off it Rose!! B; How's Reiner? Davis '92 I love ya'll, don't get yourselves in too much trouble. Boeme: Have fun with Theima this summer. ILU. A . M I miss our talks. ILU. Ayize: tfiis year wasn't the same without you. ILU. Stasha: Fuzzy ducky at the Mid T o w n Hotef. You're the only one left Issa: Keep up your style. ILU. E.P., Y.P., CD., N.B., S.D., L.R., K.K., T.E.: Y o u may be faculty but I still love you. J.H.: I don't know what I woidd do without you. There's too much to write down, "}o ho coke and a bottle of rum" ILU. J.W.: Whassa happenin' hot stuff ILU. E V E R Y O N E ELSE:You were too important to put in here. " A n d what is a weed! A flam whose virtues have not yet been discovered." Emerson


m o m , thanks for everything including the pressure and the pain, and I a m sorry for all thosetimesbut I guess I kind-of turned out ok proctor, it's been. . .interesting and educational patrice, ur the of advisors and sorry 4 all the troublcu better miss me! Spain '92 thanks 4 the majoT 6ut I stiff htv you. pat- i guess i turned out alright in the end.thanx. scott,we ali go through it babe,uiv ya. mark,smue! aw-u have no idea how much i hate u and ur mouth sometimes,well we had fun, beware of cap-ped men always, eli, thanx for helping me make the right decisions when i needed you. u have a special place in my heart te quiero. court, did we pound? "i just realized how pretty segovia is." los molinos best of the blances,what a deal! those steps and then florida, what a Cittfe piece of heaven and i got that piece, i bxv u, dont change for anyone no matter what they say. abbe'ur the most insane, wierd unrelated sister i ever had but i liiv u anyway, of all people u shared the majority of my pain here and at home.SSSS,how true 4 '92. "u have beautiful eyes" and how about them ghost stories? we're gonna rock the square this summa! tatooed women rule the world and "i'm a woman." charfene, thanks for the chance and the opportunities,uu.mindy and &rooks,see y a in espana to those closest to m y heart in '92, pat,shan,dimitri,jason w .,cakki,alex,sue,chandlerthough we may never meet again i Cuv u forever. cait,words don't work, chicks beat sheffy with bats,what a night, girls!jen,we'(lgo to espana juntos,te quiero,mist,how right can jimmy buffet beJLuv ya! amy,uuvuivhivyou,the weather we dance in,rain,snow, topless,the immaculate collection! todd,first, longest, greatest, don't change,i htv u. and michael the best directors ever.reece,uu,ruth, issa, kurt, Jessie, enjoy it while it Casts and tive it up. drama, my life! derek and eva,{ove you forever! josft,thanks.(auren h-ilu. jess andsara, all my children! bob and Cinda, thanks for everything ifu. ronan, i love you for everything, you helped me through all those times. to ad of you who i Cuv or hate, or 6oth, you know why and D O N ' T F O R G E T M E ! "you thought i was strange well just look at m e now!" violent femmes

SAFE SEX IS HOT SEX USE A CONDOM EVERY TIME! "Give it up, do as I say,give it up, let me have my way" "Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another"-DITA

â&#x20AC;˘"When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in anyway. A n d now these days are gone, I'm not so self-assured, n o w I've changed m y mind, I've opened up the doors."-Lennon 90/91- Sarge & Patti- "Maybe you had to m u c h to fast"- J.G & R.H. 11/11/90- ueker, 11/11/91-yeah boo! Winter bonus- "we are going the wrong way" 91/92-wow,carter-"How many times in a row?"Thanx for all the good times hurricane-R.I.P; Parents weekend at Nilson'sthose w h o were there knows what it means. Boston Garden 9/21/91; bonus weekend-" W a s that a cop or was that a truck? Pretty crazy drive eh?Winter-"Smoke if you got em!"-Dark Helmet; "I have to go to the bathroom, uh... or go to bed"S a m m y M.; Dougo & Sue- Thanx for the good times, "Fooled you!"- Dark Helmet; Jamaica-" Did anybody ever find out about that" It could not have gotten any better than it was. Garbo/Jon/Ken/Tom/Kendrick- thanx for making m y spring a lot of fun when I thought it was going to be lame.-Alex; CarterBuffet on the trains, "If we all wern't crazy than we would all be insane"-J.B. Senior year-Clay-Thanx for being so generous;Wucky-Keep it aJive! Maggie-'Tn need of the shelter of someone's arms, there you were, I need someone to understand m y ups and downs and there you were."-Holland/Dozier-Evan Sullivan-"I may not have the world to give to you, but maybe I have a tune or two"-J.G. W e have been through a lot together. From many amazing shows to a lot of crazy weekends. I know we will not lose contact so this is not good-bye. Thanx for being w h o you are.Wasn't 12/31/91 just the best show?-Alex M y planet of hair, thanx for listening.90-91 Phish shows, got anything else for m e to bonk?-Ev Bo-Thanx for giving m e a good example of how to get through high school, you did a good job. M o m & Dad- I realize that you just want m e to grow up making good judgement calls and I respect you for that. Thanx for all of your help, I love you very much. Katherine- I'll always be here, remember. Reid- A m I still the dumper? thanx for watching out for m e and keeping m y priorities straight. T o all m y parents- Thanx for being there through good and bad times. I've turned out allright,haven't I? I love you all. T o all our buds over the years- Kenny, Carter, Matt, Kendrick, Garbo, Blair, Clay, wuck dogger, Sullivan, those who have graduated over the years, and those we spaced but didn't mean to- thanx for making Proctor such a good time, because the base to a good time is good friends to share it with. Tosh- Even though we have not been together for the past four years we have still been able to maintain our friendship. W e both know all that we have been through. Thanx for being there. Ev says hello Well, O n e of us has gotten kicked out already, I hope that I can make it. "Comes a time when the blind m a n takes your hand and says, don't you see?"-J.G. & R.H

Alex Y o u n g

Evan Myers

Mark Garbarini Thanks Mom, Dad, Amy, Sally and the Browns. Cold winters in N e w Hampshire would have been unbearable without your support. Y o u gave m e opportunities that most people dream about, sorry I was such a stubborn kid. Ken, friends like you don't come along that often, so keep in touch. M y h o m e is yours. T o everyone else that I shared m y Proctor days with have a positive life style, fall in Love, live every day to its fullest and come back for reunions. Be Nice and remember that those w h o hesitate are lost.

Ken Glazer To the rents: I cannot begin to thank you for all you've done. Your love, support and direction will lead m e to success. Thanks for the opportunities to expand m y knowledge."I love you more than words can Tell" — Garcia

Morton House 90'-91' - The DOC. JM, MS, AW, TD, RW, MG. Spain Fall 91' -MG,JB,JW,WJ,SM,AM,TO,MG — What a Party!!! M G — "Are these the good cops or the bad ones? I think W e lost a chess piece, that's the least of our worries." Cakki - Y o u kept m e smilin when when life got hard, thanks for all the times. 3rd Floor Carr Winter 91" — What a booming night!!! Proctor Football — Have faith and the sun will shine on your backdoor someday Evan,Al,Carter,Kendrick — Y o u guys are awesomekeep it green.Tom D. -From Morton to Carr, I knew you'd always be a great friend. MJ,VB,AD,LA,CS — Thanks for the smiles Jon B. and Justin W . — A great pair of guys Rick — All the times we've had, you're truly the kindest bro of em' all. Mindy — I'll always love you for what you are, simple and sweet, but with a heart of gold. Garbo — O h The times w e have had. Spain, the Garden and all those other shows. I couldn't of done it without you. You're the best friend anyone could have. — T o all the others w h o made m y Proctor experience such a rage. Thanks. "Season's change and roses die, we'll see summer come again." — Weir


Ifistwould like to thank God,because G o d alone is source of all knowledge and life. I look to G o d and his son,Jesus Christ for inspiration,happiness,and love. Thank you, M o m you have always been a source of moral and emotional support and I love you for that. Thanks to m y family,and friends of m y family w h o have been both role models and examples for m e m y entire life. Thanks to all the English and History teachers w h o have taught m e h o w to write papers.Thanks to all Math,Computer,and Science teachers w h o have taught m e deductive reasoning.Thanks to all the students w h o have spent years trying to teach m e " c o m m o n sense." O h , a general note,I a m not Tshaka Barrows nor do I bear any resemblance to Tshaka Barrows.SD:No. Y o u did not teach m e h o w to play football,but you taught m e something worth a lot more,"the game of life."WoC:Do not settle for any type of're too beautiful (inside and outside)to be vexed by male arrogance.MoCRespect the Queen.You are an endangered species and you need her support to help you succeed in your stuggle for life.Dj:Concentrate and remember your lines.BP:No matter what you think or are told in the future,I a m the greatest player that has ever stepped on the court.CM:Get rid of your computers and calculators and go to club 21! T o the rest of the world, start to live! A n individual has not truly started living until they can rise above their narrow confines and involve themselves in the individualistic concerns of all humanity!


D a n Spengler

I would like to thank m y parents for making this all possible. M y teachers for helping m e through the three years here at Proctor. Nate R. had a blast. To the Bush! Sliding across the V. soccerfieldwith a bike. M T C L R â&#x20AC;&#x201D; J.F. did you know m y uncle is 45 years, it's a Jet,it's a mouse,it's R a n d o m man. T.O. I tan Red. T.P. Can I swing from here to the cable. B.P. Where did Nate go. I think he clocked. Look there goes Bill's front tire. S.J. Look here comes George again... and again. T.N. I'm looking for a small but large college. B.P. Get him off me. Heather B. thanks for being a good friend and helping m e through the hard times. N.R. Just trust m e and get the bike. Did you know your back tire is warped? Don't worry I know the way to M T C R M . T.P. "I get it but I just don't understand. Y O Spaz. "Turn on your headlights and sound your horn people get in the way." Beep Beep. Monty Python. A . G I told you, A m y never says Hi. Bet you I can hit River Rat. B.P. G o stomp Will's ball. B.L I'm just attracted to the pond. D a m n pond ate m y ball again. B.P. Your down swing is like a leer Jet. You're doing 40,000 in a 25 mph zone.

[ made it Donna! Thanks for everything-you showed me the light. Sue E. if I can't see your face I will always remember your smile. Thanks for all the laughs and the support ILY. JC history notes under the wall -think positive and smile once in a while. W C ski team was the best — That's it pack it iip.Yip — Yip — Yip. SW-go on girl — F H — Whateva — S A — D S stories. I'm so glad you came here. Fearless 4-some JG-SK-MP ILY Guys! SK-I'm Domin to ya live — If ya know what I mean boy. Let's get some action going-Neeeva Eeeeva — J G — cvl where are you goin — Red Coats — Hi There — 2 points - Dr. Pepper-MP-Frog stories-Science room who farted? L M — so do you want another — motor cycle ride-Germany was the best Egal — ILY. Swayze W H A T E V A — Folks lets focus. D-ster luv is 2 week 2 define just h o w much u mean 2 me! U R m y summer love in the spring, fall and winter. So good on paper, so romantic so bewildering. Ralph rules!! ILY. M o m , D a d and Carl I can't thank you enough — you'll never know h o w much you mean to m e ILY — All. Dad-"winning isn't everything it's the only thing !" " M Y H E A V E N W I L L B E A B I G

HEAVEN A N D I WILL W A L K T H R O U G H THE FRONT DOOR" — Peter Gabriel — Goodbye Proctor

Anneke Van Loan

I made it!! Andi: Summer of 1991. Bad Company concert. Beaver out the window! Oops. "Officer, it was the hill." Sigma Phi Epsilon and the wonderful Kwiki. You're such a great friend. I love you!! Erica: Bonus Weekend at m y house. Getting stuck in m y driveway. Having a strange guy push us back up into m y driveway. Trips to Keene State College. Weehoo!! Winter term's nightly rituals with the Doctor Pepper bottle. I miss you! I love you!!!! Heather B.: I will never forget thefirsttime I met you. Popping blisters. Bonus Weekend was a lot of fun. Our bouncing episodes. The A.B.C.F.H.!!! Brown notebooks. I'll never forgive you for Pete!! 1992 - Everything out the window, twice. Y o u finally got the leaf joke! I'm so proud of you. Christi's Adventures in underwear land. Christi's C and C. I loved it. Sarah W.: Fieldhockey was interesting. D.P.: "Jess, six chances to win!!!!" Anni: U.S. History notes under the wall to Jake, Clem and Beej. Deutschland was one to remember! Beej: We've been through a lot together but you have to know that I'll always love you. M o m and Dad thank you for all of your love and support. I love you. Special thanx to Connie and Patty, you made m y stay at Proctor wonderful.

Jessica Callahan


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Joy Fellows

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' SNIVW3H NOIliaVUl AW SN3IA AW Nl SV3S 3H1 • SCKaQ IfldDNOHAV dO AllinO 38 ION S)IOOa iO N3Z00 0H3H ' ^03 9NI1IVAA N339 3AVH 3M Sti3QV31 30 N0llVd3N3O 3Hi 3dV 3M

Steve Valenti

Five years of high school and it's finally over. M o m and Dan, thanks for all the support I couldn't have made it without you. Mike and Michele, thanks for the opportunity. See ya. 1". m

Christopher Jennings

Steve- W h a t are w e doing here? W e did a great job making the best of it. Seniors: You've made it fun, and good luck in the future. M o m and Dad: H o w long has it been? Thanks for everything; I can't even think of where to start. The difference in the possible and the impossible lies in a persons determination. The best is yet to come. 41

Adam Christopher Hawk Jensen I never thought I'dfinish.. .So, Jorge what is a bungus hole anyway.. .Steve I. you're such a wicked good friend, see ya in M N . . .Lars! let's blow out of this state.. .Hey Andre, join a real sport!.. .Ha!.. Orientation w/ Bob, Pete, Mat, Mike, and Jesus (Seth) I think you're a great group of guys and I'm glad you came to this institution.. .S.I.I still want to go out with K.H. . .Hey Nate! Boo! H a got you again!..Latifa thanx for keeping m e from going crazy here. . .Oh that test was a..piece of cake..Mom. . .Dad, I swear I'll never run into another cop again.. .at least not this year. . .Ha!. Just kiddin'.. .No! they're not knitting needles! They're crossed swords!!..M&D,Nate,Weza-I can't believe I m a d e it!..I love all of you guys!.. By the way,fickis not a bad word.. .Later.. .A.C.H.J. "Five in one, one infive,no one here gets out alive" -Jim Morrison.. .Football Rules w/ S.I.,B.C.,P.F. "I get by with a little help from m y friends." -Beatles "The more I talk to people the more I like m y dog." -Mark Twain A n d n o w that all is said and done "excuse m e while I kiss the sky!!!" -Jimmi Hendrix

Nathan Grillo-Whitehorne D a m m its been 3 years... 3 years. Just after coming here I soon "discovered that this rock thing was true, Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil, Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet, all of a sudden I found myself in love with the whirl so there was only one thing I could do was ding a ding dang m y dang a long ling long" Ministry. M o m and Dad-thanks for all the support I couldn't have done it with out you. Cam-don't worry you will grow up,you have chosen the right path stick with it. John-you are rockin' now, thanks for your support. Brad-great times on Thoreaudrama tech-bosstones-"Ruoffy Roarh Riceream". Matt-chill wizardsimultanious combustion-RHCP's show-bosstones. Ben-who picked up the plant?-ed and the boats groupy-"He could talk the balls off a rhinocerous"Primus. Freeman where is the brakin pad-don't be stupid"Ricity Rax". Suger, D r u m m e r , Ryan-"you smell that, you smell that? n a p a w m son, nothing else smells like that. I love the smell of n a p o w m in the morning. . .that smell, you know that gasoline smell, it smells likelike victory" Apoclipse Now-I didn't know you played the drums-how's the nose-bosstones-get out of m y 2 foot space. Sherlock-seen any good shows latly? N o w for all the rest of you-go to sleep at eleven and always-"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"- The Godfather

Dad & M o m - m a i m yuu 101 everyinmg yuu nave given me. I love you two a lot. D O U M O A R I G A T O U . These 2years at PA were my best experience in my life. Eva, thank you for giving me a lot of support and advice. Sue, you were the best advisor! Lee, if you were not my Math teacher, I wouldn't love Math that much. Nancy, I couldn't make it without your understanding and help in English class. Burbank West's the best, Swayze! JV Lacrosse I loved it, Jane. HN,TN,CN,DM,-Thank you for all your support. Bea-what can I say? Okite, mesuinu? Renny, it was great knowing you. You made my life easier! Helping my history, "Drive carefully, please. 1 don't want to die yet," staying in Boston & watching a late movie, "Chinese doll, Japanese," shopping with my m o m (she was not my sister, really), missing school bus, being homeless, "you know nothing." I can't wait you're coming to Japan!!! P.S. Have you been woooed, lately? Trina be koolChucky is yours! J,E,S,E,R, etc.. .you got them all. Don't break anyone's heart and you're back. Okaasan, not Okama, okay? "what I've got you've got to get it put it in you" Trina & Bea, don't forget a perfume. Rat will be Grendel's friend to the end... KF-I miss you. Chinese food, driving Camry... Stay cool, you're the nicest guy that 1 know. JR-You're in the brain class! AJ-Visit me next time you come to Japan. "Ice cream ga tabetai." JG-Are you coming back? Don't ask your boyfriend to send a boxer shorts, never! Chisai-AT- "Anata wa kawaii." CA-I wished we could be roommates but how's Spain? DS-Remember our secret expression for **** & #####? EK/BN/ST/K1 -You guys're Jo! LS-You may wear my Cabotine. I love your hair! SJ/DJ/AN-"Junk yard./ Bio. class's fun! Huh? I'll beat you someday./ Play in the field, play in the yard, play in the field & yard. Nick-You dropped History class! Drive carefully. KT,MM-You guys scared me so badly the other night... K M - W e saw a Junco bird at your house! YK/TU-It has been 15years/ 12years since we met. I love you guys. Good luck in school. K1,MM,NU,MK-Thank you for your support and Calpico. You guys're great! Birthday party at Bamboo'92, standing by the gate at Shibuya st. and talking forever. "5 more minutes, 10 more minutes..." TH-We're dead in winter.. .but not anymore! I miss you. YM,JH,HT,YI,EI,MI-Good luck in America. Rich-I love you & Java-Jive. Dressing up for dinner, Tokyo tower with Jeff, "NICK!" dog sitting... CF,LC,NM-It's nice knowing you. DN,SF,NY,AJ,TE,RT-I always miss you all a lot. Thanks for being on my side all the time. Don't change. Again, thanks everyone. Keep in touch and don't forget that I love you guys!

Junko Yamada T o all m y Proctor friends(where-ever you are): JADE,rm 7,playing pool,"all stupid people must be smacked" "top 40 lover""table jumping""rolling refrigerator""slowpoke Rodriguez-he pack a gun" Annoying Man"Ijust want to be loved is that so wrong?""You don't have to yell"Big Red addict "I'm the baby!"S.P "do you believe that Satan controls the lives of each and every one of us?""That's O K I was A C T I N G ! " " D o not taunt H A P P Y F U N BALLP'Deep thoughts. D o you remember when you jumped off the building., that was really cool.Grumpy old m a n hurricane hairdryers. Varsity suntanning i.e dance class.FREE D R I N K S ! F R E E D R I N K S ! Rose, I love you more than anything else, Y o u asked. Cause Tigger's are wonderful things, O h no mr. bill!! I miss you France. It happened in Toronto. Flip is crazy. She is trying to kill us. S M I'm on Peer Outreach I can help. Matt, S M I L E , you must smile all the time. Obsession, take a survey, Todd m y little bro, life wouldn't be the same without you, stay in mine. Flu shots, B.R for U , Trina, combat rolls, S D D , cowabunga dude, the lilac tree attacked me. dancing in the junkyard. Chris&Linda I got the rep- meanest fullback in the Lakes Region. Yes, Yunus, I forgive you for giving m e a black eye and a fat lip. Karen the only girl w h o would come on mountain classroom with m e , then you left m e there. Girls JV B-ball I had fun and you have tons of potential I a m glad you chose m e , I'm honored. Diversity Group I love you guys, Steve, Bert you were a great advisor, thank you. Chuck I would have taken you,pizza man. Don't be scared. Y o u have to learn French so I can talk to you. Cutie Tshaka, I'm not crazy, Max,Kim,Junko(There is a bird named after you),Amanda, Devon, Tigger,Christian,(Jones) Zach, Abbe, Emily, Lindsay, Alex,(I'll read your palm, I a m a gypsy)Bea, Trina, James,BeckyG&E, Mikah, Nancy Chris(Jones), M y brothers Mike and Tony, and m y M o m and Dad, I love you, Shannon H , best friends always. Jessica, some birthday party, Angie, Roy. I Love All of Y o u (even the ones I didn't have the space to mention) "The wheel has come full circle" King Lear


Chris Chamberlin

I would like to thank every one who has helped me over the past few years, but I only have half a page. M o m , Dad thanks for the opportunities. A.R.C. thanks for all the talks. T o m y teachers, mentors, tormentors, gurus, and most of all to m y friends, thanks. Peter, thanks for keeping m e in reality. Eva, I don't know how to put it, thanks for everything. Jen B., I do know it, I do love it, but I don't use it. T i m S. W h a t can I sa but our paths have always crossed. Stu 'You get any Tupperware?' Pete E. Y o u put m e in your story? I am the medium, society is m y artist, I a m a work in progress, but I a m taking on a shape of m y own. I'm not what you expected, I'm not what I expected, But who expected bumblebees to fly? Annon. Love Chris. (P.S. For those of you staying, a little advice; don't screw up, don't get caught screwing up, and be in your rooms by 11:00....)

Coya Artichoker Davis-Burbank West T.L.H.-Trina B-Jones. What's up? Okay, here's the scoop! N A D House.I.P. LP. keep laughing and thanx for keeping m e laughing. P.S.Don't be Anal Retentive. B.P.- H o w do you say your name? PaDat-A. Can you feel your face now? Keep playing bball and yes I'll always be the ! Take care. K.T.- M y b-ball hero. The few, the good, the skins. Someday, show m e a few more pictures. Take care. A.B.- Thanks for all the talks by the green lamp and talks in general. Don't waste your time putting the letters back on the page. There's a lot more, but not enough space. See ya around. P.S. Stop that foolish gayness. Mindy-thank you for being so supportive. You're the best!! Junko- M y crazy roommate.I'U miss you. R.G., A.J., J.R., A.T., L.C., C.F., M.M., S.N., D.S., A.J., Thanks for making life interesting. Thanks, m o m , for all the love and support. Thanks D a d and Lynette for all the love and support. "Resist much, obey little." Walt Whitman


I know I m a d e the right decision by coming to Proctor. I wouldn't trade this experience, not for money, not for anything. M a m i , I love you and I'm glad I listened to u. N o w thefinalstep is here. I'll do it for both of us. Steve Kelly, and everyone from the Boy's Club I'm glad you helped m e and got m e this far. Bert, I only have two things to say: thanks and I love you! Steve(coach) thanks for helping m e and trying to show m e h o w to deal with people. Jason (Woody) u are a man, stay black! Max,firstLawrence High, and n o w Proctor. W e really did it this time! Don't change. I love you for w h o u are, and what u do. Eleo y Casilda, gracias por todo. Lo quiero muchisimo. T o the Lawrence boys, Alex C. u're the mack, Pepe ur attitude will take you far, andfinallym y room mate Alex V. don't change, keep pitching and stay loyal.("Manny, if it wasn't for your breath we probably would have gotten along!")Are you naked? Y o Zach, H o w u gonna kick it if Ned comes in? Lon the phone, hurry up it's Angela! Keep working hard and thanks for being there for me. Rose, Que pasa tia? Spain was the best. Dealphonso (what's his name?) was okay, but I would have been better. Rose, keep working hard, u're really talented. Let's keep in touch. Basketball, how sweet it was! Lakes region couldn't deal with the Lawrence boys. Thanks to all m y basketball team mates for letting the seasons be so good. T o all the Proctor girls: you need to chill. T o m y real girls, Becky G. you'll always be with me. Rachel, if I was to pick m y favorite person, it would be out of m y mother, Michael Jordan, or you. Veronika, u're so different that sometimes it gets in the way. But w e almost had it. Clara, keep being nice. "I'm glad we did it!" Charlene, I'll always remember you and all you did for me. T o anyone I forgot I love u too, but probably not as much.

Elington Rosario

Alex V e


JUNIORS m asm?.



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L. to R.: Sean Maguire, Adam Jen Tim Norris, Seth Waleryszak, Nate Huber, Mike Woo, Bob Culver, Pete Feinzig, Matt Falby, Ben Kirkby, Mike Segerson, Nelson Lebo

ack L. to R.: Chris Rowe, B u m p Lanigan, Scott Micherling, James arret. Front: Andrew Sandoe, Alex Vega, Matt Falby, Pete Feinzig


A .A. ^ S\ M. Josh Walden and Lorna Macdonald

Tam Luu and Miles Welch



ete Southworth, Bert Carvalho

T o m Eslick

lancy Schoeller, Heide Fisher, Patty Pond, Nelson Lebo, T o m slick, Lee Carvalho, Sarah Will

Emily White Hat

)avid Fowler

^im Stillman, Michael Ryan, Willow Rheault, Lewis terry

Karl Methven

ITsIsTIS!^ L j l ^ , I'-SOJ

r-Q_\p o v ^ X ^ -

Clara Costafreda

Sarah Leith


(r»cvcx _sAja^>s>

••i ••« ••• i n •i« i n


Cassie Heaton

Coco O'Brien

H i t n •«» i n ••• . i . • • •«- • • i*

K i m Traversie, Christian Perez, Tshaka Barrows

Bea Patadal, Jen Boehme, Abby Landry

-V i I ° 1 '-•••'


- -\W"



Hob /:-•! • /!tT*"' T


,.iitr* ': M "V


Tim Stillman, Sarah Bayles, Matt Begin, Lindsey Schust, Derek Mansell Reece Carter


Mike Parenteau

Sarah Buhrmaster



Ui Tetler, K i m Traversie

Jessica Callahan

C a m Spitzmiller, Robin Asbury


The Diary

Anne Frank

1 C C i l ! Tim Stillman, Brad Simpson, Nate GrilloWhitehorne, Terry Stoecker, Chris Chamberlin, Jon Goneau, Kurt Knowles, Jason Griffith L i g h t i n g : Michael Littman, Peter Elwell, Sue Decker, Emily Kalina

Ruth Woodbury, Diana Schoeller, Chris Grinnan, Jen Boehme, Lorna Macdonald, Jon Goneau, Lewis Berry

Lewis Berry, Jen Boehme, Lorna Macdonald, Josh Walden

Lewis Berry, Chris Chamberlin, Sarah Preston

C a s t : chris Chamberland, Josh Walden, Sarah Preston, Jon Goneau, Chris Grinnan, Ruth Woodbury, Lorna MacDonald, Diana Schoeller, Jen Boehme, Lewis Berry



Jen Boehme, Lewis Berry, Chris Grinnan, Diana Schoeller, Lorna MacDondald, Josh Walden

Lewis Berry, Jen Boehme, Chris Grinnan, Ruth Woodbur

Chris Grinnan, Ruth Woodbury, Lewis Berry, Jen Boehme, Diana Schoeller, Lorna MacDonald, Josh Walden

Jen Boehme, Chris Grinnan, Lewis Berry, Chris Chamberland, Ruth Woodbury

%of^ ^ && ^ a /Yio^rt f i O i Q c r n G S S

Sarah Taylor, Reece Carter, Christi W o o d , Jessica Callahan, Heather Brackett, Emily White Hat, Stacey Platte-Viandier.

Blue Wheeler, Mike Ryan, Rex Brewka, Andris Zobs, Joe Kahle, Clay Courts

Lindsey Schust, Todd Casselman, Skip Summers


James Freidburg, John Proctor, Tucker Dutcher, Greg Carpenter.


Tim Stillman

Joel Davis, Craig Churchill




Becky Ellis

Liv Vogel, Leah Brouard

2151 I

Amanda Davison

Lindsay Allen, Krysta Montiverdi, Andrea Cafritz

Varsity Soccer Back L. to R. : Linda Noll, Reece Carter, Krysta Montiverdi, Lauren Appel, Latifa Boyce, A m a n d a Davison, Chris Noll, Middle: Becky Ellis, Christi W o o d , Shemikah Burton, Leah Brouard, Liv Vogel, Diana Schoeller, Front: Laura Ladd, Lindsay Allen, Veronika Beyhaut, Andrea Cafritz, Abbigail Landry, Jeanne Gosselin. •.


. . .


T o m Dodge

Matt Falby

Rvan Bowse

Varsity Soccer Back L. to R: Yunus Peer, Jason Eslick, Clay Simmons, Tuck Meyer, James Sterrett, T o m Dodge, Alex Maclnnes, Nate Theroux, Karl Methven. Middle: Nate Huber, Matt Nilson, Dave McBrier, Matt Falby. Andrew Sandoe. Seth Waleryszak, Michael W o o . Front: Carter Gray, Evan Myers. Jin Hayashida, D.J. Hanlon. Scott Mitcherling, Ryan Bowse.


Tuck Meyer, Jin Hayashida, Nate Huber

Stephanie Ball

Meredith Jones

Anneke Van Loan

Field Hockey Back L. to R.: Sue Houston, Stacey Platte-Viandier, Sarah Buhrmaster, Coco O'Brien, Molly Fisk, Stephanie Ball, Lindsay Grow, Heather Talkington, Patty Pond, Anne Swayze. Middle: Kelcey Loomer, Clara Costafreda, Sandy Jordan, Sarah Walton, Casey Biuso, A m y Noonan, Becca Newhall. Front: Emily Kalina, Ali Tetler, Meredith Jones, Anneke Van Loan, Jessica Callahan, Junko Yamada.



Bob Culver

Bob Culver

Andy Jones, Ken Glazer, Jay Fellows

Peter Feinzig

Football Back L. to R.: Tom Percy, Steve Davis, Trevor Cook, Tskaka Barrows, Benjamin Yost, Peter Feinzig, Andy Jones, Yveto Eliacin, Manuel Davis, Greg Linton, Scott Lebo. Middle: Karyn Ames, Bob Culver, Mike Parentau, Pat Whelan, Dave Jordan, Rob Holland, Brandon Barker, Jon Mack, Ben Kirkby, Caroline Galyean. Front: Adam Jensen, Brian Pfann, Sean Maguire, Mark Wyatt, Adam Heffernan, Mike Ryan, Joel Davis, Ryan Whelan, Ricardo Reynoso, Ken Glazer, Jay Fellows.


Mike Freeman, C a m Spitzmiller and M a x Barrera

Mike Freeman

Harriott Lumpkin

C a m Spitzmiller

Cross Country Standing L. to R.:Robin Asbury, Kevin Lee, C a m Spitzmiller, M a x Barrera, George Espinoza, Mike Freeman, Brooks Bicknell and Guinness. Middle R.: E m m a , Eiji Iwadate, Meg Krug, Geoff Mclean, Emily White Hat, David Lottman, Jane Rose. Front L. to R. Kenzie Iseman, Harriott Lumpkin, Anik Avard


JV Soccer L. to R.: Lisa Giampaolo, Coral Vogel, Sarah Taylor, Mariah Sylvain, Charlotte Long, Sarah Woods, Laura Shakun, Sue Eslick. Middle: Sarah Preston, Julie Parenteau, Katrina Roski, Bea Patadel, Devon DeMerrit, Cassie Heaton, Ruth Woodbury, Issa Van Dyk. Front: Annarose Jenisch, A m a n d a Mclntire, Lorna Macdonald, Bonnie Arsenault, Calleen Mark.

Jazz Rock L. to R.: Keith Barrett, Graham Street, Sean Witters, John Corckran, Ben Murphy, Ryan Doyle. Middle: Josh Walden, Lindsey Schust. Front: Lewis Berry, Stasha Tomic, Devon Spaght.

JV Soccer Back L. to R.: Jim Cox, Elijah Odell, Charles Diaz, Todd Kroll, Matt Melkonian, Simon Candmann, James Hanify, Jason Begin, Chris Grinnan. Middle: Steve Sainsbury, Tucker Dutcher, Tyler Leeds, Jed Seigle, Nicholas St. John-Rheault, Joerg Sterkal, Jon Coolidge. Front: Jake Abendroth, Jonathan Whitney, Chris Rodgers, Zack Denver, Jesse Hawkins, James Friedberg.

Rock Climbing Jumble: Scott Pond, Sherlock Terry, Sarah ^ Tader, Joseph Kahle, Gabriel Noard, Colin Paul, Tim Prior, Christopher Rowe, Heide Novado, Louise Eckersley, Lauren Heuwetter.

.... . ... ...

GOLF Back L. to R.: D a n Smulligan, Brady Miller. Front: Seth Currier, Jason Harkins, Andrew Gabriel, William Flender, Willy Loring, Bill Pearson, Bob Livingston, D a n Spangler, Mike Koenig.


(Right Photo) Back L. to R.: Willow Rheault, Rinear Thatcher, Scott Nagle. Front: Bruce Goings, Becky Gomez.

FITNESS (Left Photo) Back L. to R.: Nancy Begin, Eric Holekamp. Middle: Juan Perez, K i m Traversie, Nancy Schoeller. Front: Nancy Davis, Alex Vega, Brian Hug.

WOODSFOLKS Back L. to R.: John Huge, Matt Flanders, Todd Casselman, Peter Elwell. Front: Marcelle Wieland, Sara McRedmond, Eleo Abreu, Jen Boehme, Miles Welch.



L. to R.: Bert Hinkley, Chris Lynch, Blue Wheeler, Rex Brewka, Brian Hamor, Sarah Leith, Jonathan Blair, Clay Courts, Alexander Perkins, Dougc Houston. Middle: Andris Zobs

Training Room L. to R.: Julie Bradsteet, Sandy Morgrage, Richard Bellefeuille, A d a m Foster



JV Football


SUKPLU SflLÂŁ Back L. to R.: John Schoeller, Trever Cook, Mike Segerson, Matt Norcross, Greg Linton, Dave Johnson, Andrew Cline, Matt Begin, Nelson Lebo. Middle: Craig Churchill, Lon Packer, Josh Krueger, Zach Johnson, Manuel Davis, T i m Nash, Kris Sanborn, Alex Corbitt. Front: Ethan Gutierrez, James Beaudoin, Greg Mickle, Rothea Chhay, Nathan Nagy, Makoto Sakuma, Jesse Anthony, Zander D a m p .

Horseback Riding

Back L. to R.: Jessica Burnham, Callie Fisk, Sue Decker, William Wertenbaker, Kit Norris. FrontStuart Green


BACK-David Jordan, Marty Healy, Matt Carvalho, Mike Parenteau, Steve McNeil, Amaliya Jurta, Lauren Heuwetter, Greg Mickle, Kris Sanborn, Nate Nagy, Matt Begin. 2nd- Sarah Trott, Brian Hamor, Todd Kroll, Nate Theroux, A d a m Jenson, Mariah Sylvain, Krysta Montivirdi, Casey Biuso, A d a m Heffernan Josh Walden, Julie Parenteau, Sarah Preston, Seth Currier. 3rd- Sarah Walton, Geoff McLean, Brian Pfann, Anneke Van Loan, Jessica Callahan, Jen Boehme, A m y Noonan, Abby Landry, Annarose Jenisch, Diana Schoeller, Lindsey Schust, Jane Rose, Jon Coolidge, J D Whitney, James Beaudoin, Chris Lyon, Henry Haeberle, Doug Titilah. F R O N T - Nate Huber, Ian Gillespie, Lorna Macdonald, Kelcey Loomer, Stu Green, Sarah M c R e d m o n d

DENBERG Ben Yost, Eunice Denberg, Pat Whelan

FARM HOUSE BACK-Cassie Heaton, Heather Brackett, Stacy Platte-Viandier, Emily White Hat. FRONT-Reece Carter, Christi Wood, Sarah Taylor, Jessica Callahan, Eric Viandier

GULICK Rick Reynoso, Scott Mitcherling, Brian Hug, John Mack, Trevor Cook, Stasha Tomic, Will Webb, Pete Feinzig, Scott Lebo. FRONT-Jessie Hawkins

IVES Leah Brouard, Kenzie Iseman, Devon DeMerritt, Anik Avard, Liv Vogel, Willow Rheault, Stephanie Ball, Hilary Gardner, Mindy Bicknell, Veronika Beyhaut. FRONT-Emily Brooks, Rinear Thatcher, Brooks Bicknell

CARRIAGE Karl Methven, Matt Flanders, Mike Jones, Graham Street, Mike Segerson, D o c Hand, Zach Denver, Rob Holland

BURBANK WEST Robin Asbury, Leta Clews, K i m Traversie, Becky Ellis, Caroline Galyean, Callie Fisk, Sarah Buhrmaster, Junko Yamada, Bea Patadel, Trina Lone Hill, Emily Kalina.

BURBANK EAST Back L. to R.-Mark Garbarini, Sarah Bayles, Sarah Woods, Charlotte Long, Scott Pond. FRONT-Ali Tetler, M e g Krug, Jeannie Goslin, Becca Newhall, Bonnie Arsenault, Coral Vogel, Sarah Tabor


Dani Hinkley, Heidi Fisher, Latifa Boyce, Co O'Brien

SUMMERFIELD Gordon Bassett, Chris Rowe, Makoto Sakuma, Corky Corkran, Chris Lynch, Alex Perkins, Chris Grinnan, Sean Witters, Chris Rogers, Derek Mansell, Eva Mansell

RULON MILLER BACK L. to R.: Clay Simmons, Jon Huge, Eric Holekamp, Carter Gray. F R O N T : Ryan Doyle, Tyler Leeds, Steve Valenti, Alex Young, Evan Myers, Tuck Meyer, Chris Jennings

MORTON L. to R.: Ben Krikby, James Bellizia, Sherlock Terry, Eric Langerdal, Willy Loring, Bob Culver, Matt Falby, Seth Waleryszak, Eric Johnson, Yveto Eliacin, Gabriel Noard, Jason Griffith, A d a m Foster.

KING L. to R.: Calleen Mark, Natasha Beadleston, Maggie Jones, Lindsay Allen, Amanda Davison, Shemikah Burton, Becky Gomez, Molly Fisk. U P F R O N T Andrea Cafritz

JOHNSON L. to R.: TREE-Joel Davis, Dave McBrier, David Lottman, D a n Smulligan, G R O U N D - S t e v e Sainsbury, Marcelle Wieland, Andy Jones, Pete Southworth, Charles Diaz, James Hanify, Kevin Lee, Jay Lytle, Craig Churchill, James Ravenel

MAC HOUSE B A C K R: Jim Cox, Max Barrera, Simon Landmann, Todd Casselman, Andy Klein. F R O N T : James Caldwell, Skip Summers, Brandon Barker, Zander Damp, Chris Chamberlin, Juan Perez, Jesse Anthony, Matt Melkonian.

DAVIS B A C K L. to R: Yunus Peer, Laura Shakun, Devon Spaght. MIDDLE: Louise Eckersley, Sarah Leith, Laura Ladd, Clara Costafreda, Katrina Roski, Harriott Lumpkin. SITTING: Lindsay Grow, Abbe Borden.

GANNETT B A C K L. to R: Dan Spengler, Miles Welch, Bill Pearson. MIDDLE: Christian Perez, Greg Linton, Andrew Gabriel, Cameron Spitzmiller, Tshaka Barrows, Alex Colon, Heide Novado, Tim Nash. F R O N T : Josh Kreeger, Jin Hayashida, Ryan Bowse, D.J. Hanlon, Hidenori Takano.


THOREAU Back L. to R.: Sean Venus, Sean Maguire, Matt Norcross, Doug Houston, Ben Murphy. Front L. to R. Geoff McLean, Mike Freeman, Brad Simpson, Colin Paul, Mike W o o , B u m p Lanigan

M.L.S. John Proctor, Biff Proctor, Axel Proctor, James Sterrett, Trevor Cook, Skipper Gentry, Lon Packer, Joe Kahle, Elington Rosario, Scott Nagle, Pete Elwell, T o m Lytle, Rothea Chhay, Eugene Proctor, Alex Corbit, Dave Johnson, Tim Stillman, Nelson Lebo, Will Flender

CARR L. to R.:Andrew Sandoe, James Freidberg, Jed Seigle, Greg Carpenter, Mike Ryan, John Butters


Honor Society

Ken Glazer, A d a m Heffernan, Lauren Appel, Christi Wood.

Student Council

L. to R.: Round Rabbit, A d a m Heffernan, ????, Harriot Lumpkin, Steve McNeil, Confused Moose, Tim Prior, Lindsay Grow, Tim Stillman, Josh Walden, Reece Carter, Shemikah Burton, Lauren Appel, Diana Schoeller, Joe Kahle, Amaliya Jurta, Stuart Green Winnett Cunningham, Lost Lion.


Back L. to R.: Devon DeMeritt, T o m Lytle, Coco O'Brien, Reece Carter, Harriott Lumpkin, Nelson Lebo, Dave Johnson. Front L. to R.: Ben Daume, Steve McNeil.

Peer Outreach

Henry Haeberle, Stuart Green, Jen Boehme, Sarah Trott, Harriott Lumpkin, Diana Schoeller, Lauren Appel.


Fire Department

Back L. to R.: Tim Nash, Thomas Lytle, Ryan Bowse, Karl Methven, D.J. Hanlon, Emily White Hat Front: Andy Gabriel, Caroline Galyean, A d a m Foster, Andrew Sandoe


Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, and Sarah!


Diversity Group

Back L. to R.: Ellie Davis, Bea Patadal, Laura Shakun, Bert Hinkley, Bernie Williams, Trina Lone Hill, Yveto Eliacin, K i m Traversie, Alex Vega, Tshaka Barrows, Issa Van Dyk, Steve Davis. Sitting: Rothea Chhay, Juan Perez, Chuck Davis, James McEwan, Elington Rosario, Latifah Boyce, M a x Barrera, Becky Gomez, Manny Davis, Chris Perez, Shemikah Burton, Korrina Davis.

Health Group


Robin Asbury, Caroline Pond, Patty Pond, Jim Cox




Peer Theatre An AIDS Awareness Production rnV^W



m '••W. JM

^Lw >«^-^fV"il

mk%A ykw

K i



\ P J k *«T




•HI*kr' ^*^H

Back L. to R.: Jason Eslick, Lauren Appel. Front: Jen Boehme, Chris Grinnan, Shemikah Burton, Chris Chamberlin.


Corky Corckran

C a m Spitzmiller and Yveto Eliacin

Krysta Montivirdi, Nancy Davis, Becky Ellis, and Karyn A m e s


Dave Fowler

Diana Schoeller and Ali Tetler

Patrice Martin and C a m Spitzmiller



^> I-i I i /

ÂŁ,_ I

Sally Caterine, Eric Langendal

L. to R.: Lee Carvalho, Sarah Trott, Krysta Montivirdi, Kelcey Loomer.

Mountain Classroom L. to R.: Jon Blair, Jesse Hawkins, Liv Vogel, Mark Garbarini, Christi W o o d , Ed Gillette, Chris Lynch, Scott Mitcherling, Steve Thomas, Joann Jaramillo, Brady Miller, Veronika Beyhaut, Alex Young.

Tom Dodge, Adam Jensen, Jessie Taber, David Lottmann

Back: T i m Prior, T i m Stillman, Jin Hayashida, Heather Brackett, Sarah Trott. Front: Natasha Beadleston, Ryan Bowse.


m •>-< m m y ,;,

Todd Cassleman, Jon Huge

Emily Kalina

mm m

Hilary Gardner, Natasha Beadleston, Laura Ladd

Mike Jones


- /

> .$ A T a m Luu


Zachary Denver

Amaliya Jurta and Jane Rose

Brad Simpson

Sarah Leith 86


H T o m Jekanowski

Maintenance:Bobby Dunlap, Lynn George, Gary Cassidy

Charlene Doran

A d a m Jensen

Mindy Bicknell

Terry Marcoplos

Billy Kerton

S k i P a t r O l l B a c k R.: Bill Pearson, Peter Elwell, Eric Viandier, Graham Street, Stasha Tomic, Jon Mack, Kat Roski, Matt Falby, A d a m Foster. Sitting: Chris Chamberlin, Heide Novado


Zach Millar

Matt Norcross

Snow Boarding Back L. to R.: Jim Cox, Zach Millar, Scott Venus, Alex Corbit, Sean Venus, John Mack, Mike Freeman, Chris Lyon. Front L. to R.: Matt Norcross, Brian Hamor, Sherlock Terry, James McEwan.


James McEwan

Back L. to R.: Zach Denver, Jesse Anthony, Craig Churchill, Jason Harkins :!•*•• 4

£1 §,

Pat Whelan

»•"" . [ "*""*<"**.,§



Ryan Whelan

Sean Maguire, Jason Harkins

Varisty Hockey

Back Row L. to R.: Marty Healey, Matt Nilson, David Jordan, Jason Harkins. Middle R o w L. to R.: Mike Koenig, Pat Whelan, Zach Denver, Jesse Anthony, B u m p Lanigan, Craig Churchill, Brian Hug, Karl Methven, Jen Boehme. Front R o w R.: Dan Smulligan, Sean Maguire, Ryan Whelan, Gregg Carpenter, Andy Jones.



L* r« ii ^ H





5 * ^i

%te* * * -

Hilary Gardner

Rachel M c K e e , Sarah Leith

Diana Schoeller, Sarah Leith

Sarah Leith, Rachel M c K e e

Varsity Hockey Back L. to R.: Sarah Walton, Clara Costafreda, Sandy Jorden, Becca Newhall, Kelcey Lommer, Steph Ball. Middle L. to R.: Linda Noll, Devon DeMeritt, Abbe Borden, Coral Vogel, Julie Parenteau, Diana Schoellor, Coco O'Brien, Emily Kalina, Jason Eslick. Front L. to R.: Hilary Gardner, Laura Ladd, A m y Noonan, Sarah Leith, Ali Telter.



Geoff M c L e a n

Joel Davis

T i m Prior

James Sterrett


Back L. to R.: Nelson Lebo, Miles Welch, Eiji Iwadate, Corcky Corckran, Joel Davis, Tim Stillman, James Sterrett, Matt Flanders, Scott Pond. Middle L. to R.: Dan Turissini, Nate Grillo, Josh Kreeger, Tim Prior, Jed Seigle, Ed Rose, Brad Simpson. Front R.: Ethan Gutierrez, Hide Takano, Sarah McRedmond, James Friedberg, Matt Carvalho.


Michael Segerson, Juan Perez and M a x Barrera

Christian Perez, M a x Barrera and Elington Rosario

M a x Barrera, Michael Ryan and Juan Perez

Juan Perez and M a x Barrera

Varsity Basketball Back L. to R.: Andrew Sandoe, Christian Perez, Cameron Spitzmiller, Maximo Barrera, Eligton Rosario, Michael Segerson, Yveto Eliacin, Jason Smith. Front: Juan Perez, Lon Packer, Michael Ryan, Alex Vega, Alex Colon.


Molly Fisk, Latifa Boyce, Lauren Appel, K i m Traversie

Lauren Appel, Molly Fisk, Latifa Boyce

1 \ "## flttmji 1

Trina Lone Hill, Bea Patadal, K i m Traversie

Latifa Boyce, Trina Lone Hill, Lauren Heuwetter, K i m Traversie

' ^1J •• 'fijf 1 it r


<^c£> •


> KI

Varsity Basketball Back L to R: Kim Traversie, Bea Patadal, Shemikah Burton, Lauren Appel, Trina Lone Hill, Anne Swayze. Front: Molly Fisk, Lauren Heuwetter, Meg Krug.

IH • » -'--'3'



Greg Linton

Greg Mickle

Jacob Abendroth

Stephen McNeil

Ski Jumping James Ravenel, Greg Linton, Jason Griffith, Jonathan Whitney, Jacob Abendroth, Greg Mickle, Stephen McNeil, Tim Norris.



Henry Haeberle

Harriott Lumpkin

Joe Kahle

Cross Country Skiing

Back L. to R.: Peter Southworth Henry Haeberle, Ben Murphy, Harriott Lumpkin, David Johnson, Will Webb, Joe Kahle, Sarah Woods, Patty Pond. Front: Will Flender, James Bellizia, Alex Perkins, Jane Rose, Sarah Preston.


Matthew Nilson

T o m Dodge

Varsity Alpine Back L. to R.: Garry George, Chris Rogers, David McBrier, Adam Heffernan, Nate Theroux, Jonathan Whitney, Ben Kirkby, Eric Johnson. Front: Nate Nagy, Rob Holland, Jin Hayashida.


Captains: Rob Holland and A d a m Heffernan

Jacob Abendroth

Captains: Winnett Cunningham and Anneke Van Loan

Andrea Cafritz

Winnett Cunningham

Varsity Alpine

L. to R.: Andrea Cafritz, Jea Gosselin, Sarah Buhrmaster, Anneke Van Loan, Winnett Cunningham, Reece Carter, Chris Noll.


JV Alpine Back L. to R.: Tucker Ducher, Todd Saunders, Jay Lytle, Andy Kline, Mike Jones, Ben Daume, Tuck Meyer, Greg Linton, Chris Jennings, James Ravenel, Pete Feinzig. Front L. to R.: Dave McBrier, Jason Griffith, Dave Lattman, Matt Melkonian, Bob Culver, Mike Woo.

JV Hockey

Back L. to R.: Dougo Houston, Bra Barker, Rick Reynoso, Seth Currier, Matt Begin, Ryan Doyle, Chris Norris. Front L. R.: Mike Parenteau, Zander Damp, Chris Sanborn, Adam Weber, Kevin Lee.

Easterns Back L. to R.: Garry George, Sarah Buhrmaster, Jeanne Gosselin, Nate Theroux, Anneke Van Loan, Winnett Cunningham, Chris Rogers, Eric Johnson. Front L. to R.: Nate Nagy, Rob Holland.

Pin R o o m L. to R.: Todd Casselman, Casey Biuso, Bruce Goings, Chris Hecht, Todd Kroll.

JV Basketball Back L. to R.: John Coolidge, Andy Gabriel, Tshaka Barrows, Thomas Lytle, Ian Gillespie, Rothea Chhay. Front L. to R.: Willy Loring, Nick St.John-Rheault, D.J. Hanlon, Mark St.Onge, James Beaudoin.

JV Basketball

Back L. to R.: Amaliya Jurta, Caroline Galyean, Sara Bayles, Lindsey Schust, Krysta Montivirdi, Charlotte Long, Suzanna Rasweiler. Front: Coya Artichoker, Annarose Jenisch, Becky Ellis, Nancy Davis Karyn Ames, Abby Landry.

Training Room L. to R.: Ryan Bowse, Marc Wysocki, Pat Desmond, Brian Gibbons, Dr. Barnard (Famous Heart Surgeon) Dick Bellefeuille.


JV Alpine Cassie Heaton, Joanna Swanson, Mariah Sylvain, Lindsay Grow, Chris Noll


Devo R.: Stuart Green, Josh Brown, Issa Van Dyk, Robin Asbury, Charles Diaz, Callie Fisk, Laura Shakun, Skipper Gentry. R.: Jessie Taber, Jon Huge, Doug Titilah, Makoto Sakuma, Sue Houston, Sarah Taylor, Lorna Macdonald, Joerg Sterkel, Paula Townsend, Eric Langendal. R.: Callie Fisk, Doc Hand, Doug Titilah, Issa Van Dyk, Jonathan Huge, Jessie Taber, Paula Townsend, Charles Diaz, Leta Clews. R.: John Butters, Leah Brouard, James Caldwell, Chris Grinnan, Eric Holekamp, Dani Hinkley, Jon Huge, Leta Clews, Gabe Noard.


Faculty and Staff

Back L. to R.: Patty Pond, Kit Norris, Bert Carvalho, Dougo Houston, Scott Lebo. Front: Lee Carvalho, Mike Koenig, John Schoeller. 103

L. to R.: Lois Sperman, Lorraine Roberts, Lisa Uhrin, Kitty Kidder, Lisa Gagne, Patty Oxford


L. to R.: Dolly Smith, Ella Phelps, Nancy Davis, W a n d a Langlois, Sharon Becker, Jane Walker, Charle Smith, W a n d a Walker, Ann Meier, Lynda Underhill.


Back L. to R.: Derek Mansell, Scott Pond, Doc Hand, Sue Houston, Jim Cox, Nelson Lebo. Front L. to R.; Anne Swayze, Dani Hinkley, Marcelle Wieland, Marcelle Wielan, Heide Novado.

Back L. to R.; Nancy Begin, Keith Barrett, Terry Stoecker, Everett Jones. Front L. to R.: Brooks Bicknell, Charlene Doran, Eva Mansell, Dani Hinkley, Patrice Martin.





Back L. to R.: Steve Davis, Mary PeUerin, Nance Barrett, Lida Beaudoin, Gerri Giampaolo, David Fowler. Middle L. to R.: Sharon Nagy, Pat Goneau, Cathy Chandler, Sandra Goings. Front L. to R.: Ber Carvalho, Donald Macdonald, Bill Harrington, Tim Norris.

Back R.: Norma Laro, Sue Hoyt, Debra Charles, Edna Peters. Front L. to R.: Art Makechnie Ed Barkowski, Matilda Swett, Elfrieda Rayno, Tracey Tripp, Linda Shampney.


L. to R.: Greg Samaha, Beth Cahill, Bruce Begin, Fran Bloom, Brenda Godwin, Elaine Ford, Louise Macdonald, Knox Turner.

L. to R.: Bernie Williams, Eleo Abreu, Eric Viandier, Stacey Platte-Viandier.

Back L. to R.: Dale Milne, Sue Currier, Sally Caterine, Shirley Felong, Charlene Doran, Ellen Miller, Cathy Whelan. Front L. to R.: Cindy Benson, June Branscom, Kathy Bianchi, Donna Jonas.


0) 0


5 in 5 o


L. to R.: Sue Eslick, Bert Hinkley, Connie Appel, Karl Methven, A n n Livingston.

I L. to R.: Judy Preston, Gracia Snyder, Marie Montivirdi.



Back L. to R.: T o m Eslick, Tim Norris, Chris Noll, Peter Southworth, Jason Eslick. Front L. to R.: Sar Will, Linda Noll, Suzy Norris, Nancy Schoeller.

L. to R. U p the Stairs: Jeff Connor, Doug Hentz, Brian Underhill, Roy Meier, Gary Peters, Bill George Kurt Meier, Larry Shedd, Will Ames, Garry George.


Congratulations Jorge!

Keep on going!

Inland Underwriters Insurance Agency, Inc. Park Plaza 85 Manchester Street Post Office Box 1253 Concord, N e w Hampshire 03301



. . .TO BE A G O O D TEACHER, FIRST BE A G O O D STUDENT.... . . .take out the garbage without having to be told.... . . .WISE IS THE PERSON W H O TRIES M A N Y DIFFEREN THINGS, MAKES MISTAKES, A N D LEARNS F R O M

THEM.... . . .compliment 3 people every day.... . . .DO NICE THINGS FOR PEOPLE W H O WILL NEVER FIND OUT.... . . .learn to listen, opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.... Sarah, You're a doll!

Balio Sunapee ^^^rSavinh ^2*\ Y O U R

Andover Bradford 735-5772 9.18-2277

, r r Wank / / Established 1668 \J|^ C O M M U N I T Y B A N K

Granlrnm Guild Ixbanon New London Newport Sunapee 863-5MX] M3-142H JUK.2566 526-6933 K,, 1.5772 763-2511

Deposits arc Insuredb\ the Fctlcrol Deposit Insurance Corpora/ion.

Congratulations on a great Freshman year. Love, M o m and Dad 112



Congratulations To

Chris And his class of 93! Bonnie, Dennis, Timothy and Elizabeth Megan Lynch.


It has been quite a ride. W e wouldn't have missed it for the world. Y o u have taken us to places where we have never been. Y o u have taught us lessons we have never learned. Y o u have shown us feelings we have never felt. Y o u changed our lives and made them what we had only dreamed. H o w do we say thank you for such a gift? W e love you. M o m and Dad

Congratulations to Alex and the Proctor Academy Class of 1993 WELCH MARINE SURVEYING George C. Welch, C M S 21 Boardman Avenue Manchester, M A 01944 (508) 526-1037


Moisture Meter & Ultrasonic Testing


Andris! Your strength and courage inspires everyone you know. You are amazing! Congratulations! We love you very much, Mom, ]ay, Sadie, Dad, Inta, Gram, Gramp, Joyce, Win, G.G.G., Monica, Scott, Brie, and Bear.

A L t >C I The years have passed too fast! Remember that we look forward to your homecomings with eagerness and joy. We love you, Alex, and we are immensely proud of you! Mom and Dad

--<J WAY TO GO, ALEX! Love, Bo



Congratulations Lauren! Love, M o m and Kevin






Congratulations Mark!

PATRONS Mr.& Mrs. Phillip C. Long

W e are very proud of you Love, Mom, Dad Heather & Lizzy Travel Network COMPLETE TRAVEL AHRANGPMENTS

Anders Langendal BOATBUILDEK

(516) 477-1550 Hanff's Boatyard, Sterling Street, Greenport, N Y 11944 Mail: P.O. Box 606, Shelter Island Heights, NY 11965

W E DO IT ALL! BUSINESS â&#x20AC;&#x201D; LEISURE 26 Years Experience DAILY & LAST MINUTE TICKET DELIVERY International & Domestic At the Lake Sunapee Trading Post P.O. Box 500, Newbury, N H 03255 (603) 763-2800 Fax # (603) 763-5937

1-800-626-1567 W e are a member of American Youth Hostel Membership Cards Available One of our agents is a PA Parent

Liv/ Congratulation Darting! You know what to dol Do it/ Love Tour Mont; DcuC, ami CoraC 119

"This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset, eternal d a w n and gloaming, on sea and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls. As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I'll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I'll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can." -John MuirCongratulations Mark! With love, Dad, M o m , A m y , Sally and the cats!



"There is nothing wrong with America that can not be cured by what is right with America" William Jefferson Clinton Inaugural Address January 20, 1993

We Are Proud Of Yo 121

Jordan and Gfroerer Attorneys at Law Four Park Street Concord, N.H. 03301 A Full Service Law Office (603)228-1151 Telecopier (603) 224-2686

Including: Acquisitions Administrative L a w Business Transactions C o m p l e x Commercial Litigation Financing Documentation

Michael G. Gfroerer David William Jordan Roy Weddleton

Exeter Orthopaedics







V1 f

SPORTS MEDICINE TREATMENT • Comprehensive Examination • X-rays • Physical Therapy Modalities • Orthotics and Bracing • Prevention and Conditioning


19 H A M P T O N R O A D EXETER, N H 03833


Please call our office for an appointmenl at 778-8187. One of our doctors is always on call at Exeter Hospital at 778-7311.






Congratulations, Tom We're proud of you! Love, M o m , Dad, Kristen & Ben


"Let today embrace the past with rememberance and the future with longing/' -Kahil Gibran

\bJKi2_ coj^e. y Š o V e ex

Even at the age of nine, Willow had some important things to say.

Now that she's ready to move on, we can't wait for her n pronouncements, like, " M y Fellow Americans" or. . . Lots of love from happy and proud parents.


SkyRanch is a small, unique development located in the heart of the Carefree foothills resort community ... just minutes from the elegant shops and galleries of Phoenix and Scottsdale. Designed as an aviation country club, it's a place where pilots can

combine their pastime with luxury living. I've personally supervised every stage of its evolution to ensure that the final product mirrors the dream. H o m e sites are clustered a golf cart's journey from your aircraft hangar. Each award-winning residence

8502 E. Care Creek Rd P.O. Box 2266 Carefree, AZ 85377 (602) 488-2444 or 1-800-235-9466

reflects the Carefree traditon of casual elegance. Moreover, I think you'll find them to be among the area's best home values. Exercise to your heart's content in our community pool. Or exercise your option to join the exclusive SkyRanch Flight

Association and benefit from equity-building opportunities in one of the nation's premier private airports. I extend m y personal invitation to come see this fresh new perspective on country club living. Or call today for a personal tour. (602) 488-2444

A project of Woods Development Corporation


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I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; And because I cannot do everthing I will not refuse to do something that I can do. Edward Everett Hale

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Thoughtful Wood Design Eugene,Oregon

ABEL MAIL handbuiht chests and saivhorses our specialty

GREEN VALLEY CO. builders of fine homes


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1993 Green Lantern  

Proctor Academy's 1993 yearbook in digital form.

1993 Green Lantern  

Proctor Academy's 1993 yearbook in digital form.