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TO THE ALMIGHTY SANDWICH BY FRANK SABATINI JR. What fits between two slices of bread? The answer these days is a plethora of fillers and condiments that could stun the palates of those who are sticklers for a simple ham and Swiss on rye. Sandwich making has become such high art that celebrated dishes like mac-n-cheese, Buffalo-style chicken, and combined elements of Thanksgiving dinner have all ended up in the grips of our hands in some form of a sandwich. While refined eaters prefer their sandies neatly contained, others embrace the messier-is-better credo, as seen in a nostalgic sloppy Joe or a towering corned beef sandwich that human jaws can’t wrap around.

The savory French Dip at Jo’s Diner (Food Network/YouTube)

We’ll take them all, plus more. Below is a roundup of classic and creative sandwiches that have won us over—and where to find them in San Diego County.


Jo’s Mission Hills Diner: 807 W. Washington St.; joesdinermissionhills.com This throwback sandwich of thinly sliced roast beef on a French roll receives gourmet treatment in the cool-casual setting that is Jo’s Diner. As spotlighted a few years ago on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, a toasted baguette captures wine-braised short rib, caramelized onions, and melty Gruyere cheese. Au jus comes on the side for dipping. All combined, the essence of a French dip is both elevated and upheld. Rubicon Deli: 4130 La Jolla Village Drive in the UTC area, and 3715 India St., Mission Hills; rubicondeli.com Here it’s called “The Dapper Dipper.” It comes on a choice of breads baked daily.” We’re partial to the blue cheese roll, which sings to Rubicon’s heaping of prime roast beef, tempura onions, and creamy horseradish sauce.

Clayton’s Coffee Shop sells a homey “turkey day” sandwich. (By Frank Sabatini Jr.)

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Clayton’s Coffee Shop: 979 Orange Ave.; Coronado; claytonscoffeeshop.com We love when Thanksgiving dinner is captured between two slices of bread. At this 1940s-style diner, baked turkey teams up with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy in the form of a panini named “turkey day.” It’s available year-round and can be enjoyed at San Diego’s only remaining horseshoe-shaped lunch counter. BFD (Big Front Door): 4075 Park Blvd.; University Heights; bfdsandiego.com By pure coincidence, BFD also slings a sandwich named “turkey day.” Served on a torpedo roll, it flaunts a non-traditional ingredient, which is stuffing accented with candied bacon. We’re game, especially given that the meats are roasted and smoked in-house, and that the eatery has received numerous accolades from local and national media since opening a decade ago.

The grilled beef option at Banh Mi Hoi An (By Frank Sabatini Jr.)


Banh Mi Hoi An: 3145 Rosecrans St.; Point Loma; banhmihoiansd.com Lucky for us these affordable Vietnamese-French sandwiches using crusty baguette are found all over San Diego County. The expertly constructed banh mi at this sunny spot is among our favorites, particularly the one filled with tender, grilled beef. The meat resides in the good company of fresh cilantro, sweet pickles, raw jalapenos, shredded carrots and judicious smears of the house-made mayo. Expect flavors and textures that are are fresh and complex. Saigon Star: 10450 Friars Road; Grantville; (no website) Curly pieces of charred, marinated pork comprise one of Saigon Star’s most lovable banh mi sandwiches. The melt-in-your-mouth baguettes are made by a local Vietnamese bakery, and the veggies that also get tucked inside are super fresh. Located within the Friars Village plaza, the interior greets with a Zen-like vibe complemented by live greenery and other earthy appointments.

Cafe Madeleine’s Croque Madame (By Frank Sabatini Jr.)


Little Frenchie: 1166 Orange Ave., Coronado, littlefrenchiesd.com What is technically a ham and cheese sandwich turns into one of France’s sexiest staples when Swiss or Gruyere cheese unite with the meat and oozy bechamel sauce. Using good brioche bread, the whole thing is broiled until the sandwich turns delectably toasty. Little Frenchie hits all the high notes on its daytime menu with a Croque Madame, which is means it’s topped with a sunny-side egg. Cafe Madeleine: 2850 El Cajon Blvd., North Park, and 2248 30th St., South Park; cafemadeleinesd.com Though famous for its crepes, the Croque Madame (or Monsieur without the egg) at Cafe Madeleine is difficult to resist when visiting either location. The kitchen uses potato bread, which pairs fabulously with the imported French ham and the other components.

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Lots of lobster meat at this Encinitas hot spot (Lobster West)



The Sandwich Spot: 2790 Loker Avenue West; Carlsbad; thesandwichspot.com

Surf Rider Pizza: 8381 La Mesa Blvd.; La Mesa; surfriderpizza.com

Turkey-bacon-avocado sandwiches are a dime a dozen and sell like wild throughout Southern California. But when they’re made with generous layers of house-sliced breast meat, smoky bacon, ultra-fresh avocado, cream cheese, and something called “bomb sauce,” you’ve entered into a higher realm. It’s called “The Masters.” The company is headquartered in Sacramento, and this is its new and only San Diego County location, which is tucked oddly away in a commercial park.

Most of us don’t expect to find outstanding veggie sandwiches at neighborhood pizzerias. But “The Harvest” construct at Surf Rider in La Mesa Village is a winner. It starts out with a coveted 12-inch Amaroso roll imported from Philadelphia, and then proceeds to a mix of grilled onions, zucchini, artichokes and Roma tomatoes. Pesto sauce is the fitting condiment for what turns out to be a highly filling meal.


Milton’s: 2660 Via De La Valle; Del Mar; miltonsdeli.com There’s a reason why the “Reuben, Reuben, Reuben!” is a best seller at Milton’s. The sandwich comes with what seems like a pound of thinly sliced corned beef—similar to Reubens found in Jewish delis throughout New York City. Made with rye bread, the meat is cloaked traditionally in house sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. For a small up charge, we highly recommend the extra-lean corned beef, which punches down the calorie intake a slight notch. Cheers Deli & Liquor: 6983 Navajo Road; San Carlos; goldencheers.com The deli inside this unassuming liquor store is a gem, and it cranks out a most commendable Reuben on marbled rye. The corned beef is lean and sliced to a fluffy thinness. A layer of finely shredded sauerkraut practically dissolves into the melted Swiss cheese. And the judicious smear of 1000 Island dressing imparts that coveted tinge of sweetness. Hob Nob Hill: 2271 First Ave.; Bankers Hill; hobnobhill.com From a kitchen that has been around since 1944, the Reuben at Hob Nob Hill is consistently crispy and outstanding. It adheres to the classic ingredients while providing a respectable amount of lean corned beef within. Note: The restaurant was given an interior refresh last year, although it still maintains an authentic air of nostalgia.


Nicky Rottens: 100 Orange Ave.; Coronado; nickyrottensoncoronado.com We combed San Diego County for the kind of Sloppy Joes our moms used to make generations ago. And it wasn’t easy finding one. But we scored at Coronado’s popular burger joint, Nicky Rottens. The kitchen uses its own seasoning blend to charge up the ground beef, and we welcome the decadent addition of cheddar tucked into the bun.

Black Market Bakery: 4686 30th St.; North Park; blackmarketbakery.com Lemon-rosemary bread sets the stage for “The Hitman” at this hip and welcoming bakery. It’s a grilled sandwich that packs in a mix of brie cheese, tender artichokes, red onions, and sun-dried tomato spread. It’s filling enough to postpone eating that decadent “walnut mudslide” cookie you also purchased.


Havana Grill: 5450 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.; Clairemont; havanagrillrestaurants.com Smoked ham and roasted pork result in a double whammy of meat when sinking your choppers into the classic Cubano sandwich here. Pickles, a smear of mustard, and white cheese seal the deal, which is exactly why we come to this haven of Cuban cuisine. It’s also nice to know the kitchen uses grass-fed meats and non-GMO cooking oils in all of its dishes. Tamarindo Del Mar: 1555 Camino Del Mar; Del Mar; tamarindodelmar.com Looking for a Mexican spin on your Cubano? Here, the creation comprises carnitas, pork belly and jalapeno bacon as the main proteins. The meats join forces with jack cheese, cabbage, mustard and mayo, resulting in a belt-busting sandwich that shouldn’t be ignored.


Lobster West: 765 S. Coast Highway; Encinitas; lobsterwest.com Yes, the lobster roll is technically a sandwich. And in a perfect world, there’s enough lobster tucked inside the oblong-shaped roll to tumble out as you chomp into it. Such is the case at Lobster West. And even more so if you pay several bucks extra for “the boss” version,”which buys you 50 percent more lobster meat. Pete’s Seafood and Sandwich: 3382 30 th St.; North Park; bostonpetes.com Chunky claw and knuckle meat imported from Maine occupy these rolls, which are buttered and grilled to order. The lobster meat is dressed lightly in mayo and without celery as some New Englanders might prefer. But the goal is to allow the delicate sweetness of the lobster to shine through. And it does.

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San Diego County Housing Report: NOV 16. 2021

November Housing Heat Wave With an astonishingly limited supply of available homes to purchase matched up with blistering hot demand due to record low mortgage Rates, the overall housing market in San Diego County is insanely hot Hot November Housing

With an Expected Market Time of only 23 days, the San Diego County housing market is hotter than it has ever been for this time of the year. Everyone put on their favorite pair of shorts, grabbed their flip flops, applied sunscreen, and enjoyed the usual summer activities of sunny Southern California. From the beach, to the pool, to mountain hikes, there is plenty to do when the temperature eclipses 90 degrees. Yet, it is not the middle of summer. It is a heatwave in the middle of November, just a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving. Occasionally, Mother Nature cooks up summer weather at this time of year. Housing has been dealing with an unrelenting heat wave of its own since last year. After coming out of the COVID lockdown protocols, the inventory dropped, demand soared, and housing reached record breaking temperatures from July through the end of 2020. It never cooled. In fact, the 30-day Expected Market Time reached in December (the time between hammering in the FOR-SALE sign to opening escrow) was the hottest level of the year for San Diego County. In 2021, temperatures climbed to levels never seen before, housing grew hotter, and the market time dove to 19 days on April 1st, the hottest reading since tracking began in 2012. Today’s 23-day Expected Market Time is the lowest for mid-November by far, and not much different

Page 6 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

than April. The heat wave is intense and will continue through the end of 2021, setting up a remarkably hot start to 2022, much hotter than this year’s start. The Expected Market Time is the speed of the market, the lower the number, the faster homes are being placed into escrow. Anything below 60-days is considered a Hot Seller’s Market where there are plenty of showings, multiple offers, sellers call the shots, and home values are on the rise. A new level emerged to adequately describe this year’s heat wave, more intense than the record temperatures reached last year. Anything below 40days is considered an Insane Seller’s Market. That is a market with a flood of showings, an overwhelming number of multiple offers, sellers get just about everything their hearts desire in calling the shots, and home values soar. Yes, despite all the news about flattening median sales prices (not an accurate gauge of home values anyway) and buyers less willing to enter bidding wars, home values are still on the rise today, in the middle of November just days before the start to the Holiday Market. The beginning of the Holiday Market is at the end of this week, the start to the Thanksgiving recess for schools. That is when housing shifts from the Autumn Market when both the inventory and demand slowly but surely drop at a very similar pace, to the Holiday Market when both the supply of homes available to purchase and buyer demand plunge.

Today’s supply of available homes to purchase is at 2,243, the lowest level for this time of year since tracking began in 2012. It is hard to imagine that the inventory will “plunge” from here, but it will most likely drop below 1,800 homes by year’s end. The fewest number of homes come on the market in the month of December, 57% fewer compared to the peak month of May (5year average from 2015 through 2019, prior to the pandemic). The second fewest occurs in November, 38% fewer than May. Also, many unsuccessful sellers throw in the towel during the holidays and opt to wait until next year to try again. It is hard to believe, but 39% of the active inventory, 870 homes, have been on the market for more than a month. These are the sellers most apt to throw in the proverbial towel. During the holidays, many buyers who have written offer after offer for months to no avail will place their home searching efforts on hold so that they can enjoy the festivities of the season. Yet, there will still be plenty of buyers willing and able to participate in the housing market fueled by the promise of cashing in on today’s historically low interest rate environment. Unfortunately, with such a limited inventory, the number of potential escrows will drop. Demand, a measure of recent new escrow activity, will plunge to its lowest level of the year upon ringing in the New Year.

A drop in demand does not mean that there will not be a ton of showings, multiple offers, and homes selling for at or above their asking prices. It means that there will be fewer buyers in the marketplace who are competing against each other for far fewer available homes to purchase. There are disproportionately more buyers than there are homes to purchase. Today’s Insane Seller’s Market is not going anywhere. Rather, it is setting up an extremely hot market to start 2022. It will be an Insane Seller’s Market from January 1st on. Last year there were 2,556 homes available on January 1. Upon celebrating the coming New Year, there will be less than 1,800 homes, 30% fewer than the start to this year. Match a record low supply with overabundant demand juiced by low mortgage rates, and housing will remain hot through the spring of 2022. Copyright 2021 - Steven Thomas, Reports On Housing - All Rights Reserved. This report may not be reproduced in whole or part without express written permission by author.

Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 7

THE GREAT TRAVEL COMEBACK How a Bespoke Mediterranean Voyage Turned the Tables on Covid BY JEFF LAVENDER | PHOTOS BY RORY LAVENDER

As a world traveler deprived of exploration, I had finally gotten my feet wet this summer on an Alaskan cruise with Silversea. After 18 months, I felt alive to be moving again — by air, and by sea. That trip awakened my spirit to untapped opportunities, and a world begging to be trusted by people who had given up hope. I had hope . . . and a glass of champagne in hand when I chose my next Silversea cruise, this time across the Atlantic. Eight days in Italy from Rome to Venice seemed like something my soul, and tastebuds, needed. It was just over a month later when I found myself seated in Row 5 aboard a United Airlines 787 enroute to London. My wife and I had accrued a ridiculous number of points and airmiles. They were like abandoned little children, begging for their chance to prove themselves worthy in the friendly skies. And they did, albeit with an awkward stage of puberty we had yet to accept. Masks, documentation, protocols — this rigid level of bureaucracy had become the norm in travel. Although we both had been vaccinated, prior to boarding the international flight, we still had to present a negative PCR test result, now considered the gold standard for detecting COVID-19. We also had to upload passenger locater forms to the various countries where we would be visiting. These first-world hiccups did represent a couple more steps in the pretravel checklist, but they were far from difficult. Plus, the benefits of being able to experience the world again far outweighed the hassle. Back in my youth, I had worked in the reservations and technology teams for Pan Am, a once-glamourous airline known as the pioneer of modern air travel, offering luxurious flights, plenty of leg room, and pillbox hats to boot. Now here I was, nearly 40 years later, enjoying First Class with lieflat seats, deluxe bedding, an outstanding entertainment system, and reasonable cuisine. The mask situation and the level of enforcement during the flights, truthfully, varied a bit based on the crew. One flight was “high enforcement,” another “casual” and a third “practically non-

Page 8 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

existent.” I took the requirement seriously, although I did find myself taking a little bit longer to sip my wine. On arrival at London Heathrow airport, we were processed quickly through immigration. We had our Passenger Declaration Forms on hand and the necessary confirmations for our onward journey to Florence. We easily made the transfer to Gatwick airport and boarded our connecting flight to Italy. Arrival was, as I might describe, “very Italian”— a little more disorganized with longer wait times and fewer immigration staff. Regardless of this casual pace, health protocols were followed, and we were still able to grab our rental car from Avis in a reasonable amount of time. We drove 30-miles south to Villa Le Barone, an elegant Renaissance villa midway between Florence and Siena. Set in the unspoiled countryside of the Chianti region, the historic patrician home was surrounded by the rolling hills of Tuscany, backdropped by vineyards, olive groves, and cypress trees. Our hosts, the Count and Countess (informally known as Corzo and Jacqueline), made our stay feel as though we had been friends for eons. We had countless experiences at our fingertips, from Italian lessons and hot air balloon rides to Tuscan picnics and painting workshops. Big surprise: We chose to simply eat and drink, reaping the benefits of the wine harvest so we could partake in the bounty. What we learned, is that Tuscan people worship their bread — and after bathing it in olive oil and sprinkling it with salt — I too have been converted. It was heavenly, dipped in rich sauces made from roasted game like deer, pheasant, wild boar, rabbit, and duck. The chicken liver pâté crostini had me on repeat, taking small bites while toasting bold reds to nothing in particular other than the freedom of leaving home. While I indulged more than I engaged, I was groomed and ready for our next culinary escapade, aboard Silversea. From the 16th century hotel,

we drove to Civitavecchia, just north of Rome to embark in the next leg of our journey. We felt like the cruising elite aboard Silver Moon, Silversea’s newest ship in a fleet of 10, ranging in size from 51–304 suites. Without compromising small-ship intimacy, this newest vessel had all-suite accommodations, and the new Sea and Land Taste (SALT) program. Going far beyond standard cuisine, this experience allows chefs to guide guests into an immersive gastronomic experience based on the destination in which they are visiting. Included in the cruise fare were transfers, suites, butler service, entertainment, excursions, gratuities, meals, beverages, and airfare. The personalized service was unparalleled, with nearly one crew member for every guest. No joke, I claimed 16 of the guests after inviting some of my closest friends to join us for a sweet sailing reunion. In addition to my own familiar “crew,” we were joined by passengers coming primarily from America and Britain. For the next week, we would soak in the best of the Mediterranean. But first, I needed champagne, not only my personal trademark, but Silversea’s as well. As we pushed out to sea, we held our glasses high as the Italian coastline disappeared in our rearview mirror. This practice of departure became our tradition, either standing at the stern or the bow of the ship, depending on if we were saying hello or goodbye to another destination. I looked around me and felt part of something much bigger. Being reconnected in community was something I had previously taken for granted. Now, to be finally reunited with friends, old and new, gave me my anchor after months of the pandemic-driven isolation. Travel did that. It ignited a mutual passion for exploration and brought all of us together in a land far from home. It had the power to erase 18 months of separation, reward us for taking risks, and strengthen our relationships as we drifted through foreign waters. From port to port, we grew closer through our shared curiosity and intrigue for the world. Unlike my previous cruise with Silversea — heavily focused on pampering and rest —this time I immersed myself in local culture by joining shore excursions. We booked the Amalfi coastal drive, soaking in views of towering bluffs, fishing villages, and manicured gardens framed

by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Others in our group chose to visit the famous archaeological site of Pompeii, or experience the Sorrento countryside with a farm tour. Other tour excursions included sightseeing at the Ruins of Herculanum, and a jetfoil boat ride to Capri and Positano. By day we explored and by night we sailed, waking up to a new world of discovery in Sicily. This cultural powerhouse on the periphery of Europe wowed us with its street-lined lemon trees and rich pasta dishes oozing with ricotta and cream. Grand piazzas came alive with colorful markets dotted with stone fountains and sculptures, outdone only by the site of baroque church domes and 12th-century cathedrals. We curved our way around the island to the honey-colored town of Siracusa. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was like a time warp, with its Piazza Duomo where we sipped Sicilian wine and imagined life as a spectator in the Roman Amphitheatre. We felt like royalty, hearing the pop of our champagne at Grand Hotel Timeo. This newly opened Belmond Hotel is set in the heart of Taormina, famous for its hilltop views near Mount Etna volcano. It was here that I discovered that not all olive oils are created equal. I couldn’t get enough of the golden elixir, so much so, that I ordered an entire case to take home. Back aboard Silver Moon, we kept the culinary experience in motion by joining the S.A.L.T. immersion experience with master chefs. They guided us through several recipes, including how to make flaky spanakopita. When I didn’t think the trip could get any better, we landed in Croatia. The country moved me, with its tranquil waters of the Adriatic, and the daunting fortresses of Dubrovnik. Its medieval flavor has lured production teams for films like Star Wars, Robin Hood, Game of Thrones and other Hollywood blockbusters seeking architectural splendor. Towering above the patchwork waters were terracotta roofs and church spires, dwarfing the romantic eateries where couples share bites of gnocchi bathed in truffle sauce. If that didn’t get me, the pristine beaches and roaming peacocks sure did. Okay, so I’m guilty of booking yet another trip. Blame it on magical Dubrovnik where I

plan to rent a villa and go big with exquisite wines, private chefs, catamarans, and a coastal tour by Ferrari. While nothing is yet set it stone, my latest Mediterranean voyage whet my appetite rather than satisfied my hunger. Each day surpassed the one before, feeding me enriching cultural experiences with Silver Moon and shore excursions to sweeten the deal. Now, I wanted more. Venice delivered on all fronts, serving as the Italian bookend with its labyrinth of waterways. While gondoliers serenaded lovers in the distance, we took in sights of Renaissance and Gothic palaces and the Campanile bell tower. From Piazza San Marco, I snapped photographs of St. Mark’s Basilica and watched as pigeons peppered the red-tiled sky. Then, I closed my eyes and exhaled. It was a breath of gratitude, one that made me smile when no one was watching. Something big had happened on this journey. Seven days at sea, combined with pre-andpost trips in Tuscany and Venice, left me with protocol amnesia. I had forgotten about Covid tests, vaccine cards, and the mask requirements. The few additional steps I had to go through to get here were in fact, the new normal, and possibly here to stay. Those steps were in place for a reason. What I couldn’t change or alter, I could learn to accept. I could adapt my mindset and embrace the experience without fear or hesitation. I could ignore the voices that whispered, “just wait awhile,” or “the world is falling apart,” and instead cross the promising threshold to the next border before me. One thing is for sure: As the world reopens, travel will never be the same. None of us will. We’ve all changed, adapted, and evolved in one way or another — and frankly we will continue to do so because of a pandemic that rocked our world. Over the past 18 months, too many people have been left wounded, bruised, or divided, whether in the form of finances, relationships, or health. The one thing protocols, guidelines, and pandemics can’t take away, are our memories. Interestingly enough, travel taught me that. Based in San Diego, Jeff Lavender is President of Travel Concierge by Jeff Lavender. For more info, visit www.tc.jefflavender.com.

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HOLIDAYActivity Ideas!

1 2 3 4 5

Make Gingerbread Houses

If you have the time and initiative, skip the pre-fab houses from the supermarket and make your own

Holiday Lights Tour

Walk or drive to the best-lit houses in town and let everyone decide which houses are their favorites.

Holiday Movie Night

Gather round with a bowl of air-popped popcorn or pistachios and select your favorite holiday movie for a night that’s sure to please the whole family.

Make Ornaments

Homemade ornaments from the kids are a sweet memory you can pull out year after year, and they cost next to nothing.

Donate Used Toys

Before the kids get new toys, have them go through their playthings and pick out a few gently-used items to give to a child who could use the comfort of a new toy.

Page 10 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

6 7 8 25 9 10

Send Holiday Cards to Soldiers Overseas

Send a bit of holiday joy to a soldier stationed overseas by having your kids make a few holiday cards.

Paper Snowflakes

Paper, scissors and some strategic folds and cuts are all that are required for the beautiful creations that will soon grace your windows or walls.

Advent Calendar

An inexpensive advent calendar will give your kids something to look forward to everyday in the countdown to Christmas.

Holiday Books From The Library

Save money and have fun taking the family to the library to pick out a pile of holiday books that can be read over and over again before being returned to the library.

Go Caroling

Similarly, those who cannot easily get out would love to have visitors bring them a bit of holiday cheer in the way of music. Ask your kids what carols they’ve learned and print out the lyrics for a few songs before heading to your local hospital or nursing home. You’ll bring joy to many hearts and stay warm inside at the same time!

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Featured Listing!

1812-14 Linwood Street San Diego, CA 92103 Duplex, each unit is 2 BED | 1 BATH | 1,182 SF | Lot size 4,833 SF | $1,695,000

REALTOR® | DRE# 01075249

Page 12 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN; this just could be the opportunity you’ve been awaiting! This cool, Art Deco beauty is ideal for the discerning owner-occupant desirous of rental income in highly sought-after Mission Hills location, complete with sweeping views of the bay, airport, and downtown! Plus added potential to add an ADU on the lush, oversize lot. Both units enjoy gleaming hardwood floors, fireplaces, vintage bathroom tile, laundry rooms, tray ceilings, and access to the beautiful rear yard.

Get your Zen on while relaxing in the outdoor garden area with its lush lawn, multiple fruit trees, and paver-enhanced covered patio. This prime location boasts easy access to freeways, the coast, downtown, the airport and Old Town. Add the dual-car garage with bonus storage and this pretty picture is complete! Projected income for each unit is $3,500 per month.

kengina.com Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 13

Gina’s Classic Eggnog Ingredients

6 Large Eggs, Separated 3/4 C Superfine Sugar 2 C Whole Milk 3 C Heavy Cream, Plus More for Garnish


Beat yolks in a very large bowl until thick and pale. Slowly beat in sugar. Whisk in milk and 2 cups cream. Mix in bourbon, rum and cognac. Cover and refrigerate for up to one day. Just before serving, beat whites until stiff peaks form. Fold whites into eggnog. Whisk remaining one cup cream until stiff peaks form, and fold into eggnog. Alternatively, you can fold half of the whipped cream into eggnog and top with remaining half. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Enjoy!

Page 14 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

1/2 C Bourbon 1/4 C Dark Rum 1/4 C Cognac Freshly Grated Nutmeg for Sprinkling

BOTTOMS UP! THREE KINDS OF BEVERAGES FOR THREE KINDS OF PARTIES Tis the season to raise a glass to family, friends and future. But with so many parties, social gatherings and other festive occasions, how can you possibly be ready for all of them? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Holiday Tea

(12 servings) INGREDIENTS: • 12 c. water • 12 whole allspice • 3 cinnamon sticks • 2 tsp. whole cloves • 12 tea bags (unflavored or complementary, e.g., orange or cinnamon) • 1 c. sugar • 1 c. cranberry juice • ½ c. orange juice • ¼ c. lemon juice • 12 orange slices DIRECTIONS:  Pour water, allspice, cinnamon and cloves into pot and bring to a boil.  Remove from heat, add tea bags and steep for 5 minutes.  Use strainer to remove all contents from water.  Add juices and sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved.  Serve hot, garnished with orange slice.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

INGREDIENTS: • 6 half-ounce pieces of your favorite chocolate • 2 tsp. of your favorite hot cocoa mix • 1 ½ tbsp. sugar • 1 ½ cups milk • 3 cups ice • whipped cream • chocolate shavings DIRECTIONS:  Chop chocolate into small pieces and melt in double boiler.  Add cocoa mix and sugar, stirring constantly until blended. Remove from heat.  Slowly add ½ c. milk, stir until smooth, then cool to room temperature.  Pour chocolate mixture, remaining milk and ice into blender and blend on high until smooth.  Serve in large glass, and garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Champagne Punch

(20 servings) INGREDIENTS: • 1 12-oz. can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed • 1 12-oz. can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed • 1 12-oz. can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed • 1 2-liter bottle ginger ale, chilled • 1 2-liter bottle champagne, chilled * DIRECTIONS:  Mix juice concentrates in large punch bowl.  Add ginger ale and champagne. Stir gently.  Chill with frozen plastic ice cubes. (Regular ice waters it down.)  Garnish with floating orange, lemon and lime slices. * For non-alcoholic beverages, omit champagne and double ginger ale.



Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 15

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Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 17

The Manhattan

2604 5th Avenue Unit 901 2 BD | 2.5 Bath | 3,995 SF | $4,459,000

Sophisticated, Exuberant, Inspiring! Welcome to The Manhattan, THE Penthouse masterpiece channeling the essence of a coveted urban existence. Soaring walls of glass in the main living spaces embrace the sky and inclusively capture the idyllic surrounding beauty of Bankers Hill. Almost 4000sf of urban interior perfection transitions seamlessly into what is perhaps the grandest outdoor living offering of 3 massive terraces in San Diego highrise living. Formal and informal entertainment and gathering spaces, dual Primary Suites that have no peer, and views stretching 270 degrees over some of San Diego’s most pristine vistas. Page 18 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

kengina.com Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 19

The Tower

2604 5th Avenue | Unit 802

2 Bed + Office | 2.5 Bath | 2,287 SF | $2,755,000 Introducing The Tower Residence. A truly regal offering befitting the stately and timeless architecture of the California Tower. The elevation and corner exposure project sit down views from San Diego’s majestic mountains and Balboa Park’s Prado complex; to stunning harbor and Point Loma sunsets! Featuring a Chef’s dream kitchen and some of the largest walkout terraces in all of Bankers Hill, this floorplan caters to exceptional flexibility for enhancements and customization. Page 20 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

kengina.com Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 21

Introducing: ICON

2604 5th Avenue unit 904

2 BD | 2.5 BA | 3,995 SF | Monthly HOA $1,429.66 | $5,195,000 A sweeping expanse of stunning harbor vistas awaits you; welcome to 41West’s marquee penthouse, The Icon! Whether you are taking in the soaring views towards distant jetliners or enjoying magnificent ships as they grace the harbor, the moments are undeniably magical. Western sunsets and the ultimate SoCal lifestyle flourish with almost 4000 square feet of luxury. Enjoy expansive terraces, walls of glass, and a spectacular kitchen with grand extended island—this penthouse is befitting its pedigree as the Crème de la Crème. The primary suite is a home unto itself, featuring a warm lounge space, 3 wardrobes, wet-bar with versatile fitness area, private outdoor terrace, and a brilliant bath complete with heated floors and a dry sauna! Luxury wrapped in casual elegance without peer, The Icon! Page 22 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 23

NEW RESTAURANT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Wolf in the Woods is our take on classic and modern New Mexican aesthetics. By blending Native American, European, and Hispanic cultures, we have created a style uniquely beautiful in itself. Our interior is inspired by the legendary folklore and arts of native New Mexico. Long considered very special geographical energy vortex on planet earth. Its rich heritage captured the hearts and imaginations of artists, visionaries and free thinkers drawn to its culture, inspiring desert landscapes and breathtaking sunsets for centuries. Our hope is to convert a little of that magic within these intimate walls nighty, offering passionately Old and New world wines and inspired small plates. We are led by our owner Johnny Rivera, a native-born local restaurateur. Our mission at Wolf in the Woods is to infuse heart and soul into everything we do in our intimate space. Being a part of this neighborhood is special, we want to bring a European feel to every “Cheers!” each night we are open. Reservations accepted for Tuesday – Saturdays If you’d like to make a reservation, please call on Tuesday or Wednesday between noon and 3:00pm: 619-234-2597 We do not accept reservations for parties over six guests. Our staff is fully vaccinated and we ask the same from our guests. Given the small space of our interior this is best for all. Thank you. thewolfinthewoods.com

Page 24 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

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What People are Saying

“Andy and his team were ablet o get us into the home we watned and in such a better position for our future (and potentially growing) family. I HIGHLY recomment The Wilt Group and home everyone reading this will call Andy and team for a starter conversation. You’ll be glad you did!” - Amanda S. “We are so grateful that a friend referred us to Andy and his amazing team of mortgage superheroes! As first time buyers, we knew we had a lot to learn and some hurdles to jump through. No matter what the issue was at hand, Andy and his team were always supportive, profession and on top of things. We will be recommending them to others to use. Keep up the amazing work everyone!” - Amber A.

We look forward to working with you. Call us today.

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MEET OUR team OF professionals Andy Wilt

Branch Manager & Senior Loan Officer. Lending since 1997. Unique perspective & experience allows him to provide sound advice & guidance throughout the loan process.

Ron Berg Senior Loan Officer & Sales Manager. Lending since 2001. Dedicated to finding the best fit solution for each borrower & well versed in down-payment assistance programs.

Dulce O’Neal Senior Loan Processor. With experience since 2005, she is essential in setting up loans for a smooth process. She reviews the file prior to submitting the loan package to underwriting, then follows it through funding and closing.

Leah Bentley Business Development Manager. With real estate experience since 2009 and customer service experience since 1995, she supports with client relations and loan coordination.

LO Licensing: Andy AZ LO – 0911694 CA – DOC168690 NV – 56215 NMLS 168690 4312 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107 RON – CA DBO974839 NV- 49743 NMLS 974839 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #222, San Diego CA 92111 Company Licensing: AZ BK – 0904164 CA-FLL603L266/RMLA4130661 Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation Under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act NV-4200 NMLS – 6274 Equal Housing Lender www. peoplesmortgage.com/privacy-policy Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 27

“We Are All In This Together!” This holiday season, please consider a locally owned business for your gift purchases. Every dollar that’s spent locally helps drive our economy, and helps keep our businesses thriving.


Page 28 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

Lewis Fay Gift Concierge is our main focus that whereby we help customers remotely shop and put together gift bundles on budget, wrap and deliver. Our gift Selections revolve around entertaining. Essentials for elevated everyday living. Lewis Fay is an employee owned company. A collective of sorts and these are the businesses that are helping pay the rent. Oliver & Rose Cooking Classes featuring local chefs, meal prep kits and subscription boxes. Design Inplace Award winning kitchen design, interior design, rugs, lighting and furniture. TammySpencerDesigns Local artisan jewelry that evokes the feeling of traveling. Snake Oil Cocktail. Local handcrafted Mixers fir mocktails and Cocktails. Life’s Concierge A service for all of life’s tasks, business and otherwise. MHYC- Community Gatherings A Local Community Club resource for connecting people through Art and Education. Book clubs, Cooking, Health and Wellness. Women-Owned Collective

1620 West Lewis St. | San Diego | 619.298.7983 www.lewisfay.com Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021 | Page 29

Holiday Events in San Diego The Holiday Market At Petco Park


The Holiday Market at Petco Park is returning for a second year at Petco Park! The popular market will be bigger and better this year with even more food, beverage and artisan vendors. The Holiday Market in Gallagher Square is a fun night for the whole family and will feature local and European artisan shops, magical lighting displays, seasonal food and beverage, Santa and other holiday characters!

San Diego Bay Parade of Lights

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2021 | 5PM- 7PM

Join us for the 50th anniversary of the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, a holiday boat parade that will dazzle and entertain Bayfront crowds during the evenings of December 12 and 19 at 5 p.m. Participants in San Diego’s long-standing tradition will decorate their boat to fit this year’s theme, “The 12 Days of Christmas.” The San Diego Bay Parade of Lights brings more than 100,000 San Diego residents and visitors to the shores of San Diego Bay each year. The procession of approximately 80 lavishly decorated boats has become one of the most iconic events in the region.

Sea World’s Christmas Celebration THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23RD, 2021

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration. Over 100 acres of beautifully decorated park, including a towering sea-themed Christmas tree and a holiday music-activated tunnel of lights. Through Jan 2. Visit website for tickets. Interstate 5, exit SeaWorld Dr. www.seaworldsandiego.com

San Diego Zoo Jungle Bells


This year’s Jungle Bells brings the return of Aurora—a magical and spectacular experience with lights, 3D projections, and music. Also enjoy traditional lighting displays, musical performances and entertainment, visits with Santa (through December 25), tasty holiday treats, and much more. ‘Tis the season to celebrate— join us for holiday cheer!

Page 30 | Mission Hills Magazine | December 2021

Sell your home faster and for more money with home improvement services. Exclusive to our clients, Compass Concierge fronts the cost of services to prepare your home for market, from staging to cosmetic improvements and more.

Rules & exclusions apply. Home must qualify under Compass Concierge guidelines. Upfront cost will be repaid out of the proceeds of the sale.


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Exciting announcement! We wish to thank all of you for supporting and embracing our popular Mission Hills Historical Calendar over the past 15 years and for making it a huge success! We are in the process of making it even better, with a new direction, which will focus on the most interesting vintage photos we’ve collected from the San Diego History Center Library and from neighborhood residents. The new format will showcase ‘then and now’ photos of properties in Mission Hills. We will miss providing you with a 2022 calendar but excited to roll out our new calendar in December of 2022 for 2023; stay tuned!

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