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COACH FOR COLLEGE Summer Service Program

Princeton Varsity Club Coach for College The Princeton Varsity Club has partnered with Coach for College, a service learning program that brings together US student-athletes and Vietnamese university students to teach academics, sports and life skills at summer camps to disadvantaged children in rural Vietnam. Since 2013, the PVC and Coach for College have helped send nearly 30 Princeton student-athletes to rural areas in Vietnam to help foster relationships and educate young children.

Kat Gebert ’15 & Isaac Serwanga ’ 13, first Princeton student-athlete participants in summer 2013.

Sarah Mendenhall ’17 (soccer) Mekong Delta Region, South Vietnam “My experience in Vietnam was eye-opening. You had to work hard every day and you live like an average Vietnamese from

Vi Thuy. This is an experience I would recommend and think everyone should have in their lives, as you get to see how people outside of America live. I became so thankful for things that I took for granted at home and will always remember the people I met on my trip and how they lived.�

Max Schwegman ’18 (track & field) Hau Giang Province, Vietnam “I have really come to a deeper understanding of myself and my values as a result of my participation in Coach for College. I feel more aware of what’s going on in the world around me, and I have learned how to cautiously but charismatically embrace and learn the ways of another culture — which I consider to be invaluable.”

Allison Glossinger ’19 (track & field) Mekong Delta Region, South Vietnam “I woke up for a typical day at 5am to run, then headed to breakfast after showering. We loaded on the buses at 7am to teach the 7th grade morning session and returned at our guest house for a 2 hour break for lunch. It is common in Vietnam to nap around noontime, so we always enjoyed a little bit of time to relax before we headed to our afternoon session with the 6th graders. After 6th grade, we returned home to eat and lesson plan for the next day.”

Allie Klimkiewicz ’19 (track & field) Mekong Delta Region, South Vietnam “Participating in Coach for College has made me more aware of the many privileges in both opportunity and circumstance we have living in America. However, this opportunity has also made me appreciate the beauty of other cultures that are such a contrast to America.�

Tyler Sullivan ’18 (swimming & diving) Hau Giang Province, Vietnam “The kids were amazing – incredibly enthusiastic, funny and highly driven. Seeing their faces light up as we began each new class, I learned so much about approaching every day in a positive and respectful way. I will take their enthusiasm for the “little things” in life and do my best to apply it to life at Princeton and beyond.”

Carly Bonnet ’19 (track & field) Hau Giang Province, Vietnam “I was so excited to have the opportunity to represent Princeton University, spend time with beautiful people, and make a difference in doing things that I love. I’m so grateful to the Princeton Varsity Club for making this possible for me.”

Claire Collins ’19 (rowing) Hau Giang Province, Vietnam “I learned how communication is not always a barrier for understanding someone or forming relationships and friendships with others. I also got to see our culture from a different perspective, being the minority and hearing the stereotypes and perceptions of the kids. Finally, it was refreshing and important to see how simple life can be. People want to be happy and it is helpful to stay in the moment.”

Princeton University Past Participants Danielle Allen ’16 • Softball Devon Block-Funkhouser ’20 • Women’s Track & Field Carly Bonnet ’19 • Women’s Track & Field Sydney Cheong ’18 • Women’s Water Polo Claire Collins ’19 • Women’s Open Rowing Maia Craver ’18 • Women’s Track & Field Katharina Gerbert ’15 • Women’s Lightweight Rowing Allison Glossinger ’19 • Women’s Track & Field Morgan Hallock ’17 • Women’s Water Polo Allison Harvey ’20 • Softball Kira Ivarsson ’18 • Women’s Rowing Delaney Johnson ’17 • Women’s Swimming & Diving Allie Klimkiewicz ’19 • Women’s Cross Country

Jordan Laster ’17 • Wrestling Cara Mattaliano ’17 • Women’s Volleyball Jaimie McDonnell ’16 • Women’s Ice Hockey Sarah Mendenhall ’17 • Women’s Soccer Molly Milligan ’20 • Women’s Open Rowing Quinn Parker ’18 • Women’s Track & Field Lexi Quirk ’18 • Field Hockey Stephen Rossettie ’17 • Men’s Track & Field Danielle Sawrelle ’17 • Women’s Lightweight Rowing Max Schwegman ’18 • Men’s Track & Field Ellen Scott-Young ’20 • Women’s Track & Field Isaac Serwanga ’13 • Football, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Track & Field Tyler Sullivan ’18 • Men’s Swimming & Diving Bryant Switzer ’17 • Men’s Track & Field Carlotta von Gierke ’20 • Field Hockey


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