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Year 14 Issue 1



! y r t n E or f n e p O Entry Deadline 10th May 2021

Finalists Announced 28th June 2021 Winners Announced at the Gala Awards 29th August 2021 The Star, Sydney The Awards period for all entries is October 2019 – April 2021 – 18 months. This is longer than usual to incorporate pre, during and post Covid times to give all entrants an opportunity of demonstrating their business success in the financial quarter pre-Covid, how they dealt with Covid during restrictions/closures and post Covid coming in to the new year.

THE ABIA CATEGORIES EDUCATOR CATEGORIES Best Industry Educator Individual Best Industry Educator Organisation INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES Beauty Therapist of the Year Salon/Spa Director/Owner of the Year Best Cosmetic Tattooist SPECIALIST CATEGORIES Best Marketing Award Best Customer Care Award Salon Team of the Year Best Salon Training Award Best Business Performance of the Year (non-salon) SALON CATEGORIES Tanning Salon of the Year Best Eco Salon/Spa of the Year Best Salon Design STATE CATEGORIES NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) VIC /TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) VIC /TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Yea (4 Treatment rooms or Less) WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more)

NOMINATED CATEGORIES Hall of Fame Mocha Angels Humanitarian Award VOTED CATEGORY State and National Wholesaler of the Year NEW CATEGORIES FOR 2021 NEW! Best Newcomer Salon of the Year NEW! Sole Operator of the Year (ABN Registered) NEW! Best Educator of the Year (Product/Equipment Company)

AMIA CATEGORIES Bridal/Formal MUA of the Year High Fashion/Editorial MUA of the Year Fantasy MUA of the Year AMIA Make Up Artist of the Year

PRIZES INCLUDE - Beautiful Trophy presented on the ABIA night - Use of the Title of winning category for 12 months - Coveted PR in leading trade magazine Beauty Biz, PR campaign for EVERY winner - Virtual meeting and personalised press releases with Branding and Communication experts Lily Blue Communications




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GLOBAL CERTIFICATIONS • Medical device certification (CE0123) according to MDD and DIN EN ISO 13485 standard • ARTG: 315425

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• Small cartridge head, containing 6 x 32 gauge needles, allows the aesthetician/practitioner to carefully treat all contours of the treatment area • Adjustable speed & needle depth - allows precise control of up to 900 microchannels per second depending on skin density & condition • Patented safety membrane in the disposable cartridge prevents contamination of the handpiece • Engineered and manufactured in Germany

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is proudly c als ru idu

ee • derm av y fr elt

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is proudly c als ru idu


24 A New Approach to Micrneedling For Ultimate Results - Dermapenworld


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10 10 Minutes with Rebecca Miller 12 The Heart & Soul of Beauty Therapy 14 An Inspirational Young Gun – Madison Taubman By Clare Lamberth 16 10 Minutes with April Jones By Clare Lamberth


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26 A Lifelong Passion to be Simply Elegant

28 Moving On, Up & Out! 30 A Cut Above The Rest


32 The Importance of Gut Microbiota In Health & Disease By Chiza Westcarr 34 Choosing the Right Equipment for your Salon By Nancy Abdou 38 Necrotic Tissue – What Is It? What Causes It? How Can We Help It? By Gay Wardle


42 Cosmetic Tattooing By Georgie Westley


44 Incorporating Brow Services Into Lash Services By Joy Crossingham 46 Busting Lash Myths By Otto Mitter 48 Embracing the ‘Isolation Brow’ with RefectoCil 50 Offering Profitable Nail Services In Your Salon By Lauren Burton


56 Therapist, or Therapist By Will Fennell 58 2021: The Year Of Making Business Easier By Elle Wilson 60 Happy New Year By Julie Cross 62 Can Money Buy You Happiness By Lisa Conway 64 You Can’t Fake It Till You Make It By Paul Frasca


66 Leveraging Socials For Growth By Rachel Medlock 68 Make Your Brand Boom By Sarah Garner 69 No Staff No Worries By Kayla McDiamid 70 How To Go From Therapist To CEO By Jessica Kidner 72 Steps To A Successful Business Strategy In 2021 By Tamara Reid 74 Imagine A Place Where People Thing TGIM Instead of TGIF! By Gry Tomte


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Clare Lamberth



Kellie Woodhead


Jess Richmond

CONTRIBUTORS Clare Lamberth Chiza Westcarr Nancy Abdou Gay Wardle Georgie Westley Joy Crossingham Otto Mitter Lauren Burton Will Fennell Elle Wilson Julie Cross Lisa Conway Paul Frasca Rachel Medlock Sarah Garner Kayla McDiamid Jessica Kidner Tamara Reid Gry Tomte


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Editor’s Editor’s Note Congratulations!! You made it through 2020! I hope that whereever you are in your business at this time, that you have taken a moment over the first weeks of 2021 to stop, relax, breath and reflect on all of the amazing things you have accomplished throughout the last year. Especially because you’re standing here right now. I love the freshness of a new year. The bustling to get the kids ready for school, summer holidays by the beach, slower days and the anticipation of what’s to come in the year ahead. What I most love though, and this is my inner Virgo talking now, is the PLANNING! Now whilst I always plan ahead I do like to take a fresh look at the plan as the new year has launched to see if all the ideas, strategies and implementations still align. Don’t worry if it’s February and you still haven’t planned out your year. Be kind to yourself. Planning doesn’t have to be a HUGE undertaking. It can be as easy as adding 10% or 15% to your monthly figures from last year and BAM! you have your entire year’s worth of targets set. It can even be as easy as looking at the key holidays and retail celebrations for the first half of the year Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, EOFY and starting to jot down ideas on what offers you’ll have. Or one of my favourite events to plan every year (apart from Christmas) is our clinic’s Birthday! I mean who doesn’t love cupcakes, facials AND champagne?! From these key milestones you can start to flesh out and shape they direction you’d like to take your business this year. Want to add a new device or product range. Book it in your diary. Even if it’s still a dream and in the planning stages. Writing it down is the first step to actualising your manifestations of success. Want to take a decent holiday this year? Book it in your diary. Be the one that gets in first ahead of your team for once! Haha! Strategising a whole year at once is enough to make any salon owner curl up in a ball. But taking these small steps to break your calendar down. Starting with what you DO know will help to bring shape and often make clearer the unknown and create space for the extra things you can add in later on.

Remember: You can’t eat an elephant in one bite. I use this analogy with my own team when talking about goal setting, for clinic owners and therapists who ask “how the hell do I write all that content for my ABIA submission?!”, for client’s prescriptions and of course PLANNING the year! They only way you can eat an elephant is one bite at a time. One single positive step forward every day and you’ll be amazed at the things you can accomplish. A whole elephant by Christmas in fact! I’ve curated some amazing content and contributors for you this issue to help you start 2021 with a BANG! I hope you get as much out of it as I did reading the incredible insight each of our contributors has to share with you. Lastly, but certainly not least, ABIA entries are now OPEN and we cannot wait to celebrate, hopefully in person, this year’s night of nights and finally introduce you to our incredible team of rising Beauty Squad stars. I’d love to know what your “first bite” for 2021 is? Connect with me on socials at @ beautybizmagazine and @thefacialsita and let me know what small steps you took after reading this to help positively plan and shape your awesome 2021.

Clare xo Clare Lamberth, Editor

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a c c e b e R iller M


Rebecca Miller is a multi-award winning clinic owner, skin whisperer, podcast queen and now powerhouse business mentor with Zing Coaching. We get to know the woman behind the brand and find out how her journey brought her to where she is today.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

“I founded La Bella Medispa in 2009 in my home town of Parkes with a mission: to provide women in my local regional area with the type of treatments and products they could only experience in the city,” says Rebecca. “I wanted to help the women in my community area feel truly confident to have somewhere to go to escape the real world and be nurtured but also have access to the most advanced technology and experienced therapists.”

(through The Zing Project), a speaking partnership with Kerwin Rae’s K2 Elite program, and a charity (The Ripple of Kindness Project).

With this as her driving force, Rebecca along with her team have grown La Bella from a one-woman show to a business that spans multiple locations and having the opportunity to grow and develop over 25 amazing talented therapists and continue to grow from strength to strength. “We’ve experienced our share of challenges in recent years; from droughts to Covid-19, it hasn’t been an easy journey, but I can say, hand on heart, that it has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life the more I grow and expand as a leader so do my businesses and team.”

In recent years, Rebecca has found a way to share her knowledge and partner with the powerhouse team at the Zing Project.

In addition to her salons, Rebecca has an online brand (The Skin Whisperer); a 12-week online skin transformation program (SkinFit 90); a podcast (Living Your Best Life); a coaching program

“I didn’t set out to be juggling so many hats,” she says, “I just ran with the opportunities to create real change and have a lasting life-changing impact on those I have the privilege of working with.” The result has been a fulfilling and rewarding career spanning over 27 years.

“A couple of years ago, I saw Lisa Conway speak at a conference,” Rebecca explains. “I went up to her after the event and said to her… ‘one day I’m going to do what you do!’ And in 2020, I’m proud to say that I signed on with The Zing Project as a Senior ZING Coach. My journey with ZING is just beginning, but I’m so grateful to be aligned with such a powerhouse team, making a real difference to the industry that I love. They say you should surround yourself with people who inspire you to lift your game, and for me, the support and encouragement I’ve received from the team at ZING have inspired me to

make even bigger and bolder moves in 2021. I love ZING because it is a community of amazing coaches whose purpose is to really help the salon owner create their life and salon by design. Still having clinics really gives me the edge because I understand where the salon owners are really at.” As a busy Mum with three kids, two salons, two online businesses, a podcast, and a coaching brand, it has been vitally important for Rebecca to build a solid team around her and to create systems that work. “I have created that with my business partners Jess Galvin and Carla Poole and our teams at La Bella Medispa” “The beauty industry has given so much to me in my 27 years of working with clients and my teams and now it’s my turn to give back. Through ZING, I coach spa, salon, and clinic owners; passing on everything I’ve learned about leadership, building high-performing teams, systems and strategies, marketing planning, and the mindset required to take things to the next level. The transformations of the salon owner are the very thing that lights me up.”


And so, what is the she secret to her success? “Knowing my Why, What, and How, ,y purpose, mission, and values and creating goals and systems around myself. I have taken the time to really inspire my team because with my list of goals, I definitely knew I couldn’t do it on my own.” “I believe that you should be able to step away from your business for a day, a month, or even a year and have things run like clockwork without you. This I see as the biggest issue for most salon owners who are slaves to the treatment room. And to achieve that, you need a clear vision and a pathway to get there. To evolve continuously as a leader and never stop learning.” “The very things that enable a leader to get their business off the ground are often the things that can stifle the growth of that business further down the line. I’m talking long hours, 100% of the customer management, doing your own marketing and all those things that are ‘just quicker if I do them myself’. It can be hard to delegate at first – but if you don’t learn how to delegate, you will be stuck on that hamster wheel forever. Delegation is a key element to building a high performing sustainable business but really inspires the team to be working towards something bigger than themselves. So, how can you set goals for 2021 that will help you take a step back from the day-to-day of your business, empower your team, and create real business growth but also joy and fulfilment? “Laying the foundations in your business starts with the big three: purpose mission and your core business value,” says Rebecca. “Knowing your break-even and then taking the time to create a kick-arse plan. Think BIG, as we are capable of so much more!” “In my clinics, we set clear yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals in our daily huddles. It can seem like a lot, but once you

have the systems in place, you’ll find it’s not only easy but incredibly effective and creates high levels of accountability and autonomous behaviour in your teams. We take a full day away from the salon, we look at our achievement, our lessons learned, strengths weaknesses, and trends of our in the marketplace that could affect our business. We work out our strategic issues that if we solved them, what would the business look like? working on the things that will have the greatest impact on our business right now. How will you know where you’re going if you don’t set your GPS in the right direction? Having clear intentions and a strategic plan really help create a can-do culture. Being outcome focuses has such a positive impact on the business and team as a whole.” Make sure your goals are SMART goals says Rebecca, so that they are measurable, specific, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, as Tony Robbins says, “What gets measured, gets managed”. “Those measurable details are what will guide you moving forward and allow you to see at a glance if you’re on the right track. Regular check-

ins with your team in your one on one meeting and team meeting to see if they need support or additional resources to achieve what they set out to achieve at the start of the quarter. We encourage our team to take ownership of the goals they set both personally and professionally then they have true ownership of their success This planning process is a game-changer if you want to take your business to the next level.” Rebecca is a big believer in having mentors and coaches to help accelerate your business growth and development and says, “It is always something I have adopted and now feel so grateful I can help salon owners create their business and life by design, not by default. Having someone that truly believes in you and sometimes sees the things you do not see, keeps you on track and accountable. If you do not have a coach to support your salon journey I would recommend any business owner get one. You can contact Rebecca via The Zing Project at rebecca-miller/ or at Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1





y t u Bea y! p a r The

Julie Botskor is the 2020 ABIA Beauty Therapist of the Year. With almost 4 decades in the industry, Julie followed her intuition to what was initially a self-improvement course hosted at her local Beauty Therapy School, to what turned out to be a lifelong passion and her dream career. For the last 7 years Julie has resided at Bliss Day Spa in Sydney’s Caringbah, under Spa Owner Daniela Boerma, a clinic she calls her “forever home”.

Find out how Julie’s pursuit of self-improvement has lead her to take home our industry’s top gong and the secrets to her successes.


It was such an honour to receive my award for The Beauty Therapist of The Year. To be completely honest when I heard my name I was in shock! I did not think I would be announced the winner. There are some incredibly talented Therapists, and to think I am one of them makes me feel very humbled and just a little bit chuffed!


I am immensely proud to share that I have been a Beauty therapist for 38 years now. It is a long time I know, but I can honestly say I love my career; always have, always will. It is an easy career to love though. It began not long after leaving school. I was disillusioned with the career I had originally chosen, and I happened to see 12

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

an ad in the local paper for a 12-week self-improvement course at Diana Nolan School of Beauty Therapy. I loved it! As it was part of the full Beauty Therapy Course, I was able to hear what was involved in the full course. Something happened and my heart told me this was it and I had to do this course. I desperately wanted to be a Beauty Therapist. The course was very thorough, and I loved every minute of it. Her school taught the craft extremely well. I was fortunate enough to work for Diana for 2 years after completing my course at her Kareela and Bexley salons. It was an invaluable time for me. I gained great experience in those years. It wasn’t until working in the salon that I realised what the drive was for me in this wonderful career I had chosen. Without question, for me, it’s my clients. I just love to see my clients walking out the door feeling better about themselves. It can even be after an Eyebrow Wax! It really is quite a special thing we get to do.


About three years ago I was on holidays in Fiji. I fainted and broke my ankle. That holiday was cut short and two weeks later I slipped in the shower and fractured my back. Fun times! Honestly, looking back it was such a horrible time for me. I was quite depressed and wasn’t interested in anything much. The thing I worried most about was work. Beauty Therapy is part of who I am and if for some reason I couldn’t do what I’ve always done… well I couldn’t even think about that. I was at Bliss then and my beautiful friend (and boss) Daniela was very understanding. I was able to take my time and ease back in. Eventually I got back to doing all my treatments. I was so incredibly grateful.


There are so many! Where do I start? Diana Nolan taught me so much more than Beauty Therapy. She was a very hard taskmaster but that’s why I had such a great start in my career. She taught me well. I still find myself thinking of things that she said to me all those years ago that have shaped who I am as a therapist. I am continually in awe of so many people in our business now who are so knowledgeable and driven. The educators who I encounter are so full of knowledge and their enthusiasm is contagious! One person who comes to mind is Will Fennell. He is our Biodroga trainer and I am amazed at both his knowledge and passion of the product, and his love for his profession. He is also one of the most compassionate people I know. I just adore him.


There are many treatments I enjoy doing, but the Omnilux LED treatment would have to be one of my favourites. It treats so many skin concerns and if administered properly with the right protocol, the results are nothing short of outstanding. It is also a treatment that has no downtime so is suitable for almost every skin. I also have to mention Electrolysis. It is still the only form of permanent hair removal and to be able to help clients who have sometimes battled with this problem for years is a privilege.


Daniela and I have been friends for many years. I worked for her when she had her first salon in Cronulla. Throughout our friendship over the years we both swore we would work together again. She bought Bliss Day Spa in 2013 and we finally both got our wish. I was there the day we opened and there I shall remain until I’m unable to get up the stairs to the treatment rooms! Working for Daniela is easy. She inspires me each and every day. She is everything a therapist should be. She is driven and knowledgeable. She leads by example and for that reason we at Bliss are constantly learning and keeping up to date with products and treatments. At Bliss we are never idle. We support each other and I am so blessed to work with such beautiful girls. I love them all dearly. I guess I know I’ve always been good at what I do (I’m uncomfortable actually saying that) but at Bliss we are given every opportunity to perfect our craft. Which is pretty special.


Do not hesitate. Just do it. Do not doubt yourself in any way. If you are contemplating this, it means you are passionate, and you are good at what you do. Simple. I think we as Therapists naturally have a giving nature and

we’re not keen on talking about ourselves. I remember thinking that I’m not good enough to win, I’m too old, not knowledgeable enough. I thought of every excuse not to do it, but Daniela and the girls encouraged me, and as I was writing my application, I realised something. I am good enough; I’ve had a vast amount of experience and it will make you realise that you’re good enough too.


It was a funny year last year wasn’t it? It of course would have been wonderful to have our big night, however it wasn’t meant to be. Under the circumstances I think Mocha publishing did a wonderful job. We still got together to enjoy the night and celebrate, and we all had a ball! I think the process of entering is very well done. It’s an involved process but I thoroughly enjoyed it. By entering it encourages you to keep moving forward in your career and enjoy every day of it.


This one is easy. I would love to go to Baden Baden. I have worked with Biodroga products for most of my career. I have always loved the product and the company and to actually see where the product is made would be wonderful, but to work in a Biodroga salon in Germany would be a dream!


If there is one thing for certain in this business, you cannot rest on your laurels. But that’s also the wonderful part of this business. It is ever changing, ever evolving. There is always something to learn but we can also keep perfecting what we already know. It’s just the most interesting, fulfilling and fun career to be in. That’s my plan for this year, to keep learning and to keep getting the best results I possibly can for my beautiful clients! After all at the end of the day that’s who this is all about. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1





Madison Taubman By Clare Lamberth

Gold Coast based Madison Taubman is a formidable young woman, mother, business owner and therapist who’s been through a lot, but knew exactly what she wanted straight out of high school.

Stuck between a rock and hard place, having freshly graduating Dermal Therapies with a new baby, Madison found herself unable to find work, even though she was an experienced Therapist of 8 years. True to form though Madison turned this set back into an opportunity and dived into launching her own business, House of Skin & Beauty. Madison shares with us her story and how she’s become a pro at overcoming hurdles


I’ve always loved interacting with others. I thought I may want to be a Teacher or Nurse as a career choice. I’d always loved anything to do with beauty, so I decided to study my Diploma of Beauty Therapy while at school in Year 10 to Year 12. I knew that with a qualification under my belt straight out of school, if I wanted to go on to study at uni after school, then I’d have a good paying job to support me while at uni. I graduated Year 12 as a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and began working in the Beauty Industry just 2 months later. I wanted to give myself a break from study and not rush straight into Uni after school. I wanted to focus on getting experience in the industry first, but my true passion took over and now 10 years on I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I did go back to study further, 2 years ago in Dermal Therapies, to keep up with the constant changes in the industry and to keep up with current treatment trends.


Believe it or not, it was a Brazilian. I had practiced these plenty of times with friends, but that never prepares you for your very first time you have to do it on an actual paying client. It was such a confronting treatment for a young 17-year-old (me) to do!


Not exactly. I knew I wanted to work with people, and I’ve always had a nurturing side that really loved helping others. I just wasn’t sure how that would manifest as a career pathway. After I started working in the industry though, it became clear this is what I loved and wanted to do.


I love interacting with my clients. I get to meet people from all walks of life. I love learning from them. Learning to really “listen” has been one of the most valuable lessons my clients have taught me. It’s been a valuable tool to have in my work as well.



For some time, I have been running my business working within a hair salon, focusing on Advanced Skin Treatments, but I do offer other services as well. Following a rather abrupt decision from the hair salon owner to change direction, I found myself having to look at my next adventure and am excited to say that I am currently in middle of moving locations to my very own salon. A leap of faith and one I am so ready for! Early on in my career, and for 3 years, I used to commute to Brisbane from the Gold Coast and worked in a place that did mostly waxing. I wanted to focus more on ‘skin’ and advance treatments so I could help my clients achieve better results. It was then that I began studying Dermal Therapy. I was pregnant with our first child whilst studying, a baby son with my partner certainly came sooner than expected but I graduated and had our little bundle of joy two months later. I didn’t want to be out of the industry for too long as it’s always changing, and I wanted a chance to use my new skill set. I tried for Beauty Therapy jobs on the Gold Coast as a new mum, to be closer to home and get more experience in the advance side of beauty, but no one wanted to hire a Mum, as Mums, they said, weren’t as flexible as people without kids. That’s when I decided to open up my sole operated business as it had always been a dream of mine and I could get the flexibility I needed for my son also.


Anything to do with skin! Having dedicated so much of my career to learn as much as I can. I really love sharing this with my clients. I love Skin Needling, Peels, Micros, Facials, LED the most. The results I can help a client achieve with these is so rewarding! Although I specialise in advanced skin treatments, I do offer waxing, tanning and tinting also but I find working with skin is my favourite as it’s so rewarding. I believe as a business owner, I need to have a point of difference which is absolutely by passion and care factor. Money doesn’t drive me. For me


it’s helping my clients and making them feel the very best versions of themselves. I also like to get to know every single client in every aspect to work together with them to give them that service they deserve.


Stressful but rewarding. People said I was crazy to just had given birth to my son and start a new business. I copped a lot of flack from other mothers about going back to work sooner than they thought I should’ve (6.5 months). I really struggled for a while with letting what others thought get me down. I did get over that with help from my incredibly supportive partner and family, and pushed forward because why can’t we women have it all?! I’m young, I have the time and energy. Why not give it a go?! Worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out. My business is still in its early stages but I’m as passionate as ever. I love being a Mum, but I also love being a Dermal / Beauty Therapist too. Sometimes in order to be happy we have to put ourselves first. That’s what I did and I’m a better partner, mother, therapist and person for it.


Back yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then who will?! With bigger risk comes greater reward. Push yourself out of your comfort zone to go for your dreams. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and have your back no matter what.

get your name out there and attract new business. 2. Consistency is key with everything. Clients, marketing, treatments, skincare, EVERYTHING! 3. Be patient.. (Rome wasn’t built in a day)

IF YOU COULD GO BACK & TELL YOUR 5-YEAR YOUNGER SELF ANYTHING WHAT WOULD IT BE? You’re more capable then you know.... you can do anything you set your mind too don’t forget that.


My goal is to build a greater name and brand for myself. Eventually I see myself having team of passionate people working for me that love skin and love helping people just as much as I do.


Bigger and better things. Lots of change and getting myself out of my comfort zone. 2020 start with a bump, as my landlord gave me 2 days’ notice to vacate my sublet space. It was a a big shock and not how I had planned to start the New Year with my business still in its infancy. Luckily, I’ve now secured a beautiful new space of my very own, with room to expand in Surfers Paradise and have so much to look forward to. It was probably a blessing in disguise, and I can’t wait to continue along my chosen path of passion. House of Skin & Beauty 46 Watson Esplanade. Surfers Paradise. Qld.


1. Social media is everything for a new and emerging business. It’s a great platform to Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1




s e n o J l i r p A


By Clare Lamberth

As soon as she left school, April completed a 2-year course to become a therapist and it all began from there. With an incredible history as a beauty therapist that saw her travel the world, finally settling in Australia, from her birthplace of the UK, running successful salons as well as a marketing and web management business, extensive product knowledge through various industry roles and not to mention the editor of Beauty Biz magazine prior to myself, she is currently the General Manager of Medical for Australian Skin Clinics. Using all of her experience to date, April looks after the cosmetic injectable business across the network of clinics in Australia and NZ which includes all aspects relating to cosmetic injecting from educational aspects through to business strategy and marketing. We spoke to this power house of a woman to get an insight on what makes her tick!


I love the immediate impact of cosmetic injectables and that was the initial driver when 16

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

I first began to diversify from the beauty industry into injectables. Also, the variance of the day to day role is great and there is no time to get bored or unmotivated.


There are many greats who I respect and admire in our industry and I am lucky to have been practicing beauty for over 30 years. But I am also constantly in awe and inspired by the young girls who are jumping in, taking the risks and building great businesses with only passion and persistence to fall back on. Business education is

great but you can’t beat passion for really making a successful beauty or injectable business.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE NEWER TO MARKET TREATMENT, WHAT IS IT USED FOR, WHAT’S THE RESULTS AND WHY DO YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH? I am loving Glass Skin at the moment. The Glass Skin Treatment harnesses two powerful injectable techniques: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and botulinium toxin (muscle relaxant) Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a preparation of platelets in concentrated blood plasma with regenerative growth factors used to stimulate

skin healing, collagen production and other important proteins that support the skin. In the Glass Skin treatment the effects of PRP are further enhanced when combined with an intradermal botulinium toxin. The superficially injected toxin targets the muscles which control the pore size: (erector pili muscle).


The beauty of this role is that a lot of it is still strategic so I spend a lot of time in our head office which is on the Gold Coast and a 15 minute drive away from home. I travel to Sydney and Melbourne often but of course that has changed in the last year. I am lucky to work for an amazing company that supports the work life balance which allows me to be there for my family while still enjoying a busy career.


Travel has of course been limited so that has its pros and cons but the biggest impact has been working through clinic closures and re openings and supporting our business owners both financially and emotionally through that. I think we have all realised the power of online meetings and in a short space of time its really made a difference how we communicate, educate and run our business as a brand.


A very understanding employer certainly helps! I have the flexibility to start earlier to fit my work in, work from home when the occasion needs and create my own schedule. This role is very much 24/7 as I deal with aspects such as adverse events in the network and nurse triage calls, but I make sure I balance that out with plenty of time with my ever growing boys. They love to come to my office and print and laminate things lol! The aesthetics industry has gone through some pretty big changes over the last few years. It’s not just muscle relaxant and filler any more is it? The cosmetic industry is very much the tip of the iceberg where we are at at the moment and the industry is multiplying and diversifying at warp speed. The training and education is racing along and suppliers are increasing to meet this demand. In Australia we have 3 brands of muscle relaxant and a handful of dermal filler countries, yet the rest of the world has 20-30 times more. Our TGA is one of the strictest in the world but we will see much more regulation and introduction into our industry over the coming years.


Firstly, to inject, an individual must have a nursing qualification as we are utilising a scheduled drug. It is important then that a nurse trains in and completes a cosmetic injectables course, but the learning does not stop there: within Australian skin clinics all of our nurses follow a medical educational pathway which demands constant training and updates to their skill set both in treatments and best practice areas. Cosmetic nursing is an area you never stop learning and training in.


As we are medically based and regulated by bodies such as AHPRA, Medications Australia and the TGA we have some very strict regulations and protocols in place which are on level with hospitals and medical practices. We are one of the most regulated cosmetic industries in the world which I am very proud of. I would like to see constant nurse education be part of all cosmetic injecting businesses and attention to adverse

events and client care which is something that is of tantamount importance in this industry.


A nurse cannot inject a client in Australia without the direct consent of a doctor and this has to be done either in person or via skype. This constitutes consent and allows a medical script to be produced. If this is not completed it is an illegal injection and a nurse can and will lose their registration because of this. The industry has tightened this dramatically over the last couple of years. A nurse cannot purchase injectable products from a supplier also without a doctors consent.


A trip would be nice, but I don’t think that’s going to be happening anytime soon! We have a number of new clinics opening and an ever-expanding injectable team which is always exciting. This role also allows for trials and experimentation, so its always great to work on projects that are industry firsts and we have a few of those to intro this year..stay tuned! Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1



! k c a B e r ’ e W

AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY INDUSTRY AWARDS 2021 After an interesting 2020, which culminated in the first ever online version of the well-established Australian Beauty Industry Awards, we are proud to announce that the 2021 Awards are Back and we are certain they will be bigger and better than ever!

post Covid coming in to the new year. Reporting on periods where salons may have been closed should be seen as a way of showing judges how you pivoted during this challenging time and have incorporated new activity, dealt with staff, tried new retail options, continued education and more.

The ABIA (Australian Beauty Industry Awards) which also incorporates the AMIA (Australian Make Up Industry Awards) were launched in 2011 to provide the Australian Beauty and Make Up Industry a much needed and often requested benchmark of excellence in business and creative ability on a state by state basis. With 32 categories including the ABIA Australian Salon Business of the Year large and small and the AMIA Make Up Artist of the Year, these awards culminate in an annual gala event in August following the Sydney Beauty Expo. The awards were launched due to industry demand and are judged by an independent panel of judges, media, PR and business specialists.



Each entry will require specific information to be written and uploaded directly into the awards site. Please keep a separate copy of the information uploaded for your records, however you will be able to download all or part of your entry at any time. You are welcome to Start an Entry which gives you access to the actual information required and should you decide not to continue with this entry, you can delete it. You may edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline.


The Awards period for all entries is October 2019 – April 2021 – 18 months. This is longer than usual to incorporate pre, during and post Covid times to give all entrants an opportunity of demonstrating their business success in the financial quarter pre-Covid, how they dealt with Covid during restrictions/closures and


- Entry deadline: 10th May, 2021 at 11PM EST - Finalists announced: 28th June 2021 - Awards gala dinner: 29th August 2021


• An Entry fee of $175 per entry will apply to ABIA • Entry fees are not required until you have completed your entry. • A full list of judges will be published in BEAUTY BIZ magazine and on the ABIA and BEAUTY BIZ Facebook Pages. • The independent panel of 35+ judges is made up of business coaches, trade and consumer media, key independent figures within the industry, educators, architect, Make Up Artists, and non-industry business experts. • The judges will look at all entries in full and give an overall rating score taking into consideration criteria content and attachments. • Rating scores will be added by an independent auditor and from that the highest rated entrants will be named as finalists in each category. • The winner of each category is determined based on the highest score and in the event of a draw a secondary round of judging of finalists will be carried out.


If you have any questions on the entry process, please contact the organisers by email to or call 07 5580 5155

Visit to download all of the information you require and to be directed to the awards entry site.


EDUCATOR CATEGORIES Best Industry Educator Individual Best Industry Educator Organisation INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES Beauty Therapist of the Year Salon/Spa Director/Owner of the Year Best Cosmetic Tattooist NEW! Sole Operator of the Year (ABN Registered) SPECIALIST CATEGORIES Best Marketing Award Best Customer Care Award Salon Team of the Year Best Salon Training Award Best Business Performance of the Year (non-salon) SALON CATEGORIES Tanning Salon of the Year Best Eco Salon/Spa of the Year Best Salon Design NEW! Best Newcomer Salon of the Year STATE CATEGORIES NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) VIC /TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) VIC /TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment rooms or Less) QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatments rooms or more) NOMINATED CATEGORIES Hall of Fame Mocha Angels Humanitarian Award VOTED CATEGORY State and National Wholesaler of the Year


Bridal/Formal Make Up Artist of the Year High Fashion/Editorial Make Up Artist of the Year Fantasy Make Up Artist of the Year AMIA Make Up Artist of the Year

SUSTAINABLE & ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES We aspire to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. We are proud to have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation for our boxes and labels, this means they come from a sustainable and fair trade source. Ink used in printing our packaging is plant based, containing no chemical toxins or poisons. All packaging and bottles are 100% recyclable and consist of aluminum, glass and recyclable plastic.

REAL INGREDIENTS. REAL RESULTS. All of our formulations are created with both the skin and environment in mind, all ingredients are eco-friendly and do not have a negative impact on the microbiome of the skin or the environment. Prologic prides itself on ethical processes, a 100% vegan skin care product that stands behind absolutely no animal testing. We work with suppliers that also believe in being ethical companies. Doing the best by their brand, business, staff and customers.

Image by Monique Forbes @stylist_monique @aboutfacenz

Get results the natural way! | @prologicskincare_aus


Ultraceuticals Skincare is proud to announce the launch of its award-winning, cosmeceutical, high-performance and not tested on animals skincare brand in the United States. Founded in 1998 by cosmetic physician Dr. Geoffrey Heber, Ultraceuticals was created out of a passion for innovation in the cosmeceutical arena and the desire to produce effective skincare for consumers while simultaneously supporting estheticians to deliver the highest level of care. Dr. Heber leads a team of Australian chemists, charged with the goal of formulating potent and effective cosmeceutical skincare that is panel tested and shown to deliver efficacious results. Using a combination of sophisticated, patented delivery systems and potent anti-aging superstars like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids AHAs, each product is developed for optimal efficacy. “Our mission is to empower everyone we touch around the world with real skincare and life-changing results all formulated in our Australian labs,” says Dr. Heber, Founder. “We have been looking forward to launching in the U.S. market for some time now and are excited to finally introduce Ultraceuticals to the U.S. consumer seeking high performance skincare that delivers real visible results.” Under the leadership of Karen Wilkin-Donachie, CEO and beauty industry veteran in the U.S, Ultraceuticals has assembled a team of U.S. distributors nationwide that will carry and distribute the product range in the medi-spa and salon/spa channel of distribution. Ultraceuticals products will also be available direct to consumer via the Ultraceuticals website. “We operate an omnichannel business model which means our relationships are the most important aspect of our business,” says Wilkin-Donachie. “True partnership is the cornerstone of our mission - including our relationship with the consumer, esthetician, and distributors. This truly came to light during Covid-19 when we united to pivot our strategy to address the pandemic.


Australian serum specialists, BOOST LAB, has today launched its eCommerce and distribution partnership with online beauty destination: Adore Beauty. Beauty lovers can now selfselect and purchase BOOST LAB’s targeted range of single focus treatment serums based on their skin concerns, directly from one of Australia’s fastest growing online beauty retailers. Adore Beauty, which recently listed on the ASX as ABY, welcomes the acquisition with Danielle Chee, Senior Category Manager - Skincare & Wellness commenting: “We are pleased to have BOOST LAB join our esteemed family of brands to service our growing database of discerning beauty customers. In recent years, a spotlight has been shone on Australian beauty brands for the unique way in which they uphold quality formulations, function and performance, wrapped up in fun, approachable and attainable ways” says Chee. 20

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

“BOOST LAB maintains this calibre and speaks very much to our core skincare customer that is more ingredients-focused and active skincare-led. We are proud to partner with fellow Australian businesses such as BOOST LAB, supporting us in our journey to reinforce that beauty is attainable for all, judgement-free and entirely individualistic, and most importantly: that everyone has the right to great skin!” she adds. The announcement comes less than six months on market for BOOST LAB, with the brand rapidly powering forward.


Launched by Gabrielle Requena in 2014 when she saw a gap in the market for a non-invasive solution to chest wrinkles and discovered the efficacy of 100% Medical Grade Silicone, Wrinkles Schminkles has been a quiet achiever with a steady upward trajectory. 100% Aussie-owned and selffunded by Requena, the brand is on track to increase growth over 100% for the fourth year running, appearing on TV shopping networks in North America, the UK, Russia in addition to securing a coveted regular spot on TV Shopping in Australia, and now has warehouses and/or distribution in Sydney, NZ, Texas, Canada and London to service the brands expanding global markets which currently includes 40 countries. “We’ve experienced exponential growth here in Australia as well as overseas, but being an Aussie brand, domestic retail continues to be an important focus for us. We had such strong belief in the efficacy of our Silicone Patches, we initially led with the product itself and let the ensuing consumer response drive the business. Given our growth and in response to our retail partners’ feedback, we now recognise the need to refresh the brands positioning with a more contemporary look and feel, while also clearly expressing the credibility and product benefits to the in-store shopper”. The new contemporary clear resealable pouch enables the customer to see the product, better understand the concept and ‘experience the actual product on shelf in addition to a new “storage” card with instructions for optimal use and longevity.


mesoestetic, a world leader of the medical cosmetics and cosmetic medicine industry, continues to grow as a brand and as a company. mesoestetic was born 35 years ago with the concept of creating effective and innovative solutions for professionals in the medical-cosmetic industry. Today, it has developed products and treatments that have become icons of the

RY NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS industry worldwide. Once again, mesoestetic looks to the future and is established as a benchmark trusted by the most exacting professionals and consumers all over the world. The pharmaceutical company continues to build its brand and has introduced the evolution of its visual identity worldwide, associated with a new tagline that covers its core values and positions the company as scientists servicing the world of beauty: ‘the element for skincare experts’. mesoestetic is committed to innovation, building on its strengths. This visual evolution marks the starting point for the company’s new direction, continuing to be a benchmark in the aesthetic industry. “Even in the current socialeconomic context, we continue to grow and are committed to such an exciting project in which we have been working on since June 2019”, Joan Carles Font, founder and executive director of mesoestetic, assures. With the new tagline ‘the element for skincare experts’, mesoestetic is positioned as the essential element for skin care, adding value to the research and medical expertise as the future of beauty. “We exist to provide scientific rigour to the professional cosmetics and cosmetic medicine industry, and to meet the needs of the most exacting professionals and consumers. Therefore, today we redefine our global image, through which we can show the world all that we are”, Fernando González, Marketing Director of mesoestetic, explains. The visual identity of mesoestetic has evolved to connect with its customers and consumers across five continents. This new image will also involve restructuring the portfolio, with the purpose of organising products based on their use and indication. Changes in product packaging will take effect throughout this year starting with new launches and then updating the existing portfolio. As well as introducing the packaging changes, mesoestetic will continue to support medical and aesthetic clinics, by providing new and updated materials to assist in promoting their products and treatments.

Practices certificate to cosmetic manufact¬urers. Since January 12, 2021, the ANSM has created a platform to download the documents necessary to receive this certificate, which reportedly allows all French cosmetic manufacturers to export products to China without being animal tested upon arrival. Most multinational corporations have factories set up in China but the animal testing requirements for other foreign beauty players have kept companies from exporting directly to the country; until now. Often, cruelty-free companies have opted to sell products to Chinese consumers via e-commerce websites. Reportedly, this is because pre- and post-marketing testing requirements in China have not applied to beauty products ordered by consumers through a e-commerce websites if the site itself and fulfilment locations were outside of mainland China, and if the products were sent directly to a consumer in China. “We are delighted with this progress, which rewards several years of efforts made with the Chinese authorities,” said Patrick O’Quin, president the Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté (FEBEA), France has become first country in the, in a statement from the report. “The cosmetic industry is the only one in Europe to have completely banned animal testing and we are happy to continue changing regulations in other parts of the world. This agreement will also allow French cosmetic companies to export more fluidly and quickly to China. This country is now our second-largest trading partner.”



France has become the first country to sign a trade deal with Chine to begin exporting of “ordinary costics’ including shower gels, shampoo and body lotion, without its normal mandatory animal testing. The Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté (FEBEA) in France said that “in order to bypass this criterion, companies worldwide must present a certificate to approved authorities in China that states the company is conforming to Good Manufacturing Practices, in addition to product safety assessments.” Companies that fulfil this criteria for importing “ordinary” cosmetics no longer require animal testing for eye and skin irritation in Chinese laboratories. According to reports, “ordinary” cosmetics make up the majority of personal care products imported into China, versus special cosmetics such as hair and skin coloring products, permanent wave products, sun protection, anti-hair loss and children’s products. Global cosmetic companies and health authorities have attempted to introduce alternatives to animal testing to Chinese authorities, as animal testing has been banned in the EU since 2009. Since June 2014, certain cosmetic products such as shampoos, shower gels and makeup manufactured and marketed in China no longer required animal testing, although domestic special-use products and all imported cosmetic products still mandated it. In France, the Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament, or National Agency for Medicines Safety (ANSM), can issue the Good Manufacturing

The origins of skincare and cosmetics can be traced back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt, and throughout the centuries that have since passed, beauty trends have continued to evolve. From winged eyeliner and beehive hairdos to ultra-thin eyebrows and brown lipstick, some have yo-yoed in and out of the beauty scene over the years, while others remain firmly on the agenda – in fact, false lashes have been en vogue since 1899. The Body Shop analysed online search data from 64 countries and identified the Top Global Beauty Trends. Over half of the biggest global beauty trends focused on hair with search terms ‘short hair styles’, ‘boycut hairstyles’ and ‘microblading’ topping the global list. Other top beauty terms searched included ‘Botox’, ‘eyelash extensions’ & ‘eyebrow threading’. In Australia, the top 10 list also reflected global trends towards shorter haircuts, with the inclusion of ‘eyebrow tinting’, ‘spray tans’ and ‘how to treat cellulite’ for the Beauty & Aesthetics industry. In cosmetics, search term ‘natural makeup’ sees 57k global Google searches per month. Rosy cheeks are bang on trend as well with ‘pink blush’ seeing 95k monthly searches around the world. Meanwhile, ‘bronzer’ is close behind with 93k monthly Google searches worldwide. Eyebrow grooming continues to dominate top searched trend lists worldwide. In fact, ‘eyebrow threading’ receives 312k monthly searches, and eyebrow related beauty searches make up a third of the Top 10 Most-Googled Beauty Trends in the US.

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Face Halo, the award-winning reusable make-up remover made from HaloTech fibres, have secured a full store roll out into 1246 ULTA stores across the USA as well as placement in the ‘impulse section’ in all stores. The pioneering, sustainable beauty brand launched back in 2017 from Perthbased founder Lizzy Pike. From humble beginnings, to a now successful, global business used by celebrities worldwide (such as Naomi Watts, Chloe Morello and Jess Glynne). Using only water, Face Halo traps and removes makeup for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. Face Halo’s makeup remover is dual-sided and reusable for up to 200 machine washes, replacing up to 500 traditional makeup wipes. The US expansion is expected to grow global Face Halo sales by over 20 per cent and as ULTA will be ranging the full product range, this makes it the largest deal that Face Halo has achieved to date since the brand launched just over 3 years ago. The head-to-toe Face Halo Sustainable System will now be available in over 10,000 stores globally with the brand having also secured further iconic international retail partners in the past 6 months including Douglas Germany, Zalando in the EU, Rite Aid, Kohl’s, The Hut Group - USA, Superdrug, John Lewis Partnership, Cult Beauty - UK and Indigo, Holt Renfrew in Canada. “Whilst Face Halo has achieved international success in the UK and Australia, launching into 1200+ ULTA stores is an extremely exciting prospect. Unlike their British and Australian counterparts, US consumers are only at the start of their sustainability journey, so we are looking forward to changing the American beauty landscape and positioning Face Halo as the frontrunner and champion of the Conscious Beauty movement”. said Co-Founder of Face Halo, Lizzy Pike


of regulation, with Queensland’s being the strictest, our two most populated cities, Sydney and Melbourne, have no regulation at all. However, as CPCA President, Dr Michael Molton points out, even in the states where regulation exists, the actual enforcement of those regulations is often lacking. In Australia, there are a wide range of practitioners performing cosmetic medicine procedures, with different degrees of training and experience, education and understanding and unfortunately, this means there is a wide discrepancy in skill levels and the undertaking of responsibility. Registered healthcare professionals are tightly bound by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) that enforce strict standards of advertising and procedure. Those that are not governed by the same regulations, such as the type of non- medical personnel highlighted in last night’s program, have the freedom to advertise and effectively lure members of the public in a more enticing manner, without having to disclose their level of training and expertise. As with all technology, performing laser treatments in a manner that ensures patient safety involves a steep learning curve. However, at this time, all that’s required is adequate money to purchase the laser device and set-up shop. The CPCA believes this is incubating an environment where untrained operators are in fact, experimenting on unsuspecting members of the public, while they hone their skills. “The patient visits a practitioner in good faith, and they have every right to believe they are being treated by an experienced professional,” said Dr Molton. Moving forward, the CPCA aims to work together with industry bodies in a collaborative manner to lobby for the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) to act quickly on this matter, as national regulation and enforcement of these regulations is well overdue.


After a whirlwind of a year in 2020, we are delighted to announce the Reed Exhibitions are back this year with two beauty events. Beauty Expo Online on the 22-24 March and the physical event Beauty Expo Australia on the 28-29 August. With Beauty Expo helping to shape the future of Australian beauty trends, innovations and product offerings for almost two decades, Reed Exhibitions are excited to bring you even more over the course of this year. With exceptional artists and leaders speaking at one or both of these events, product launches, competitions and more, Stay tuned for more information as it is released.


The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) has long been an avid advocate for patient safety, especially with regards to unregulated laser use in Australia. For many years, the CPCA has been lobbying industry bodies about this very subject with the aim that uniform, national laser regulation be introduced. Currently the regulations governing the use of lasers among states and territories vary significantly, ranging from minimal state regulations to none at all. While, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia have some form 22

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

The new Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council is working hard behind the scenes with a plethora of experienced board members and a plan to exist for the purpose of providing an authentic, ethical, accessible and supportive organisation for the betterment of the professional standards, working practices and unity of the salon, clinic and spa industry. The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council has been established based on a set of values which reflect the relevance and internal behaviours of an industry association, which are:● Listen to members ● Respond to industry needs ● Represent small business with a large voice

RY NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS ● Show fairness, respect & honesty in all that they do. For the last 9 months, the Board has met weekly to understand the needs of the Australian industry and together, build the ABIC as a Not For Profily Association. Beauty Biz will be nringing you an in depth look at the New ABIC in our next issue, but for now, to register interest for more info please visit


Australian cosmeceutical skincare line Dermaenergy has revealed a sleek new look that reflects a growing level of sophistication in their youth-oriented White Label range. Since launching in 2017 to cater to the millennial market, White Label has become synonymous with price-competitive, serious skincare delivered with a light-hearted, tonguein-cheek touch. However, the original formulas – while popular – were not perfect. And this just wasn’t part of the plan for Dermaenergy founder, Sean Abel. Putting his money where his mouth is, Abel went back to skincare school

to obtain his cosmetic chemist qualifications, and he is now involved in the formulation of each product – from inception to delivery. Not satisfied with ‘good enough’, he’s gone back to the drawing board to ensure each of the original Dermaenergy White Label products now deliver the very best results possible at the same wallet-friendly price point. To better reflect the sophistication of the new, improved formulas, Abel also went back to the drawing board on design. The result, released this week, is a more refined, pared-back appearance for Dermaenergy White Label. While some things have changed, the bold colours and sense of fun remain – with the popular product names (Solution From Pollution, Filthy Rich, Shed The Dead et al) here for the long haul. Also new in Dermaenergy White Label world in February is the arrival of the new Cream Clean Cleanse. Formulated with mild, non-ionic surfactants that won’t strip or irritate a fragile complexion, this creamy, dreamy cleanser delivers a gentle yet effective clean for normal-to-dry sensitive skin. Ideal for use on clients post peel, laser or dermabrasion, the luxurious Cream Clean Cleanse soothes with licorice and ginger, while ATP energises and a trio of nourishing oils and mango seed butter hydrate skin and boost natural radiance. Rich in essential fatty acids, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, sweet almond, argan and avocado oils restore moisture and reduce irritation for smooth, soft, supple results. Suited for morning and/or evening use, the Cream Clean Cleanse can be used with or without water to remove makeup, dirt and grime. It’s also the ideal second step in a double cleansing routine for heavy makeup wearers with dry or sensitive skin. Thanks to a fresh look, improved formulas and a new product in the mix, the time is right to introduce, or reintroduce, Dermaenergy White Label to your 1840s clients. Or, for more mature clients with more complex skin conditions and a taste for luxury, look to the premium, highly active Black Label line.

PROFESSIONAL & SELF-TANNING » Natural ingredients » 13 different formulas


» Exclusive powerful bronzers » Cool Ash, Caramel and Violet bases » Free from sulphates and parabens » Organic, 100% Natural DHA and Erythrulose » Aloe Vera, Kakadu Plum and Skin Firming Centella » Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly » Australian Made MADE IN AUSTRALIA | NATURALLOOK.COM.AU | INFO@ARTAV.COM.AU | +61 8 8300 1999 |

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A NEW APPROACH TO MICRONEEDLING FOR ULTIMATE RESULTS Want to achieve the best microneedling results for your patients? Needling the skin with the original and trusted Dermapen™ is only one piece of the puzzle. While it may be beneficial on its own, you won’t see the same dramatic rejuvenation possible when supporting the skin with a synergistic approach. You need to do a few vital things to get the kind of results patients rave about. (Money can’t buy that kind of word-of-mouth marketing for your clinic.) We’re revealing the secrets behind the success of Dermapen Treatments™ so you can enhance your microneedling procedures and grow your business.

Dermapen Treatments: A Synergy of Solutions

Synergy, noun: the interaction of elements that, when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Dermapen Treatments are a holistic solution that encompasses every aspect of the skin’s microneedling journey, backed by rigorous testing and outstanding microneedling results. We’re so proud to be launching our synergy of solutions to the market, representing a new era in microneedling.

What You Can Achieve

A Dermapen Treatment is the answer to your patients’ multiple skin concerns. Want to minimise melasma, target a breakout, and erase crow’s feet? No problem. Perhaps your patient has started to notice some fine lines and unwelcome age spots. Now you can banish them simultaneously for a long-lasting, agedefying radiance. Dermapen Treatments can effectively reduce the appearance of: • Fine lines & wrinkles • Ageing/sun-damaged skin • Acne • Scarring • Stretch marks • Rosacea • Hair loss • Pigmentation • Enlarged pores • Unwanted tattoos What’s more, it’s suitable for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale. Even darker tones, which 24

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

can be at risk of hypopigmentation with other procedures such as laser, can be microneedled effectively. Open your business up to a bigger market segment by helping more people achieve a flawless complexion.

How Dermapen Treatments Work

For years DermapenWorld™ has been endorsed by leading aestheticians and doctors around the world for our superior products and devices. We know skin miracles occur when the right products are used together, in the right order, at the right time. Dermapen Treatments take the guesswork out of microneedling. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at the 4-step journey to sensational skin, without confusion, pain, or risks.

Step 1: Clinical Consultation

Most people choose microneedling because they want to rewrite their skin’s history and achieve a flawless complexion. The last thing you want is to inflict scars, trauma and inflammation. Using cheap solutions could end up costing your practice dearly. As a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider (affectionately known as our ATP) you’ll be trained and fully supported with our soughtafter gold-standard Protocols.

Your patients—and your practice—deserves the very best. And thanks to DermapenWorld Protocols, you’ll be able to perform procedures and talk about the technology with full confidence. Set Your Skin Goals Together There’s nothing more frustrating than having your hard work undone by patients that don’t comply with your advice. The consultation is the perfect moment to get clear with your patients about the roles both of you play in their Dermapen Treatment. What your patients expect from you: • Fully qualified and highly trained. • Provides the very best procedures using an original Dermapen. • Uses the NON-NEGOTIABLES when microneedling—Dp Dermaceuticals™. • Provides a sterile environment. • Provides a personalised prescription of Dp Dermaceuticals for home care. What to expect from your patients: • Follows prescribed microneedling pre- and post-care vigilantly. • Boosts results with synergistic home procedures, such as Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ Light Therapy Masks, 3D Sculptured Sheet Masks and at-home microneedling top-ups using the Dermapen HOME™.

Step 2: Prepare the Skin

Send your patients home with a prescription of the right products to prepare their skin. The way skin is treated before, during, and after microneedling is critical to effectiveness and comfort of a procedure. The Dp Dermaceuticals™ range has every product necessary for you to design custom routines for individual skin concerns. Cleanse & Exfoliate: Our cleansers remove surface impurities such as makeup or environmental residue while the exfoliator gets deeper into the pores, without being harsh or abrasive. Serums: Often gel-like in consistency, serums can reach the deeper layers of skin to promote regeneration.   Correct: Is your client battling acne scars, pigmentation or wrinkles? Help erase their personal skin indications with a corrector. Moisturise: Keep hydration levels topped up while also shielding the skin from environmental impurities. Protect: Offer your patients the most effective level of sun protection for the skin, while camouflaging any blemishes or redness. Our revolutionary product COVER RECOVER™ also contains actives for a comforting and cooling sensation. Masks: Drench skin in intensive and luxurious Hyaluronic Acid or proven brightening actives immediately after a procedure and once a week. Each product contains carefully selected actives at a strength proven to be most effective. Our revolutionary HylaFuse™ Complex encapsulates the actives and delivers them to targeted skin layers—for up to 8 hours after application.

Step 3: Clinical Procedure Dermapen 4 Our Authorised Treatment Providers are the only people authorised to use our world-class professional Dermapens. The Dermapen 4™ is the latest device to hit the market, and it’s unmatched in terms of both microneedling results and comfort.

Meso-Glide Serums Whatever you put on your immediately before or after a procedure will go in. Needling products can irrevocably damage with it, your reputation.

Step 4: The Home Prescription

patient’s skin microneedling in the wrong their skin—and

Your patients will get better results if they support their skin’s journey at home. Be the one to provide them with everything they need so they don’t resort to scouring the Internet for (sometimes misleading) advice.

That’s why we support our ATPs with the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct safe procedures.

Our Starter Kits contain the microneedling aftercare essentials. As the skin undergoes the proliferation phase dryness can occur, so your patients need to understand how to support their skin during this phase to achieve the ultimate transformation.

Hyaluronic Acid and microneedling go handin-hand. But not all HA is created equal; the molecules have to be small enough to penetrate deep into the skin. Our signature HA formulation is called HylaFuse™, and it contains 3 different sized molecules to target 3 levels of the skin. The very smallest molecules travel deep to release potent active ingredients. We have several different Meso-Glide™ serums which must be used while microneedling at home or in a clinic setting. - MG-Collection™, a professionals-only range with 2 products that contain a potent strength of 35 mg/ml of pure HylaFuse Hyaluronic Acid. - HYLA ACTIVE™, our signature HA serum that provides intense hydration and comfort to the skin. - A combination of these formulations with other serums such as BRITE LITE™ or even P.R.P. and Botulinum Toxin. - Any of our other targeted serums that contain HylaFuse.

If patients are reluctant about any pain they might experience, we highly recommend the Dermapen 4. Patients have compared the sensation to that of a light abrasion gliding over the skin. It’s so comfortable that we don’t recommend using any numbing cream.

Microneedling Aftercare Immediately following a Dermapen microneedling procedure, the skin should be instantly cooled, calmed and nourished with one of our Dp Dermaceuticals 3D Sculptured Face Masks. The skin is securely wrapped in moisture while absorbing potent actives through the newly created microchannels. (Patients often tell us this is their favourite part of a Dermapen Treatment.)

This comfort level is extraordinary, considering that the device can create up to 1,920 rejuvenating microchannels per second in the skin. That’s 104% faster than other devices on the market.

Next comes the miracle product COVER RECOVER™ that both covers up any signs of redness and soothes and calms feelings of heat and even protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Add to that a dedicated scar setting, fully automated technology, inbuilt anticontamination management functionality (it stops any backflow of fluid into the device); it’s a clear market leader.

When you follow our Protocols precisely, Dermapen Treatments are considered a “lunchtime” procedure as there’s minimal microneedling downtime. Your patients are free to get on with the rest of their day.

Microneedling at Home The Dermapen HOME is not a replacement for a professional procedure, as it targets the skin’s superficial layer. Instead, it’s a fantastic device for the microneedling enthusiast looking to complement clinical procedures for a nextlevel glow. (Once they see those incredible microneedling results, they’ll never look back!) Dermapen HOME has been proven to visibly support professional procedures in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, problematic skin including acne, open pores, uneven skin texture, and rosacea. Microneedling with Dp Dermceuticals serums at home makes sure those transformational actives are getting to the ideal skin depths for a smooth, radiant complexion.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

It’s no good having a top of the range device if you’re needling in products that are unsterile or unsuitable for infusion. Likewise, using superior creams and serums can only take you so far and won’t protect you from blunt needles, dangerous depths, or an unsterile procedural environment. By adhering to DermapenWorld’s Synergy of Solutions, you can feel confident in achieving ultimate results for your patients and practice. With over 3 million Dermapen Treatments performed worldwide and counting, it’s safe to say more and more people are embracing the DermapenWorld difference. We’re always on the lookout for forwardthinking clinics and aestheticians to join us. Would you like to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider? Visit

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S imply Elegant


With an impressive 34 awards to her name (including ABIA awards), Cherie Tippett of Simply Elegant on Brisbane’s north side, is one inspiring clinic owner. With the business celebrating its 31st birthday, and being under Cherie’s ownership for 18 years, she has turned a lifelong passion for our industry and her entrepreneurial spirit into a multi-award winning Medi Spa boasting over 7 treatments rooms and the latest in anti-aging technologies. Cherie shares her journey in business, the secret to her success and the changes she’s had to make over her 18 years in business to thrive in an ever-changing industry landscape.


I always had a keen interest in Beauty Therapy and after completing year 12, I went on to study. I always wanted to have my own business and I realised early on in my career that building a business based on my passion would be the key motivator to not only launching my business but would also make it easier to push through tough challenges to long-term success. I never altered my career path; it was always going to be working towards my passion of owning my own salon. It took many years of hard work, study, developing my beauty therapy skills, attending small business management courses, till finally I was ready to take the leap into salon ownership Simply Elegant. By surrounding myself with others who share my vision the business has flourished 26

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1





The feeling of being able to nurture my blients and my staff, so that they can achieve their goals. At Simply Elegant it is passion, shared, purpose, and values that hold us true to the course, and creates the group dynamics to maximise the energy and commitment of our team These ideals that are reflected in our “Clients Excellence Policy” to achieve and exceed our client’s expectations in the care, quality, and results of their Simply Elegant experience.

We have had lots of challenges over the years. The most recent was the lockdown in 2020. During this time, it was all the unknown. We took this time to reassess our processes and systems so when we were able to reopen, we could put the new processes in place.

When we purchased Simply Elegant, it only had just 3 treatment rooms. My vision was bigger and we have now grown the salon to 7 treatment rooms, a spray tan room, a manicure room, a makeup room, a locker room along with changing rooms and a pedicure lounge. Simply Elegant consists of 2 areas Simply Elegant and Simply Elegant Gold Class. Simply Elegant Gold Class is for Clients that are wanting a luxury beauty experience.

Our Team of 5 care for our Clients. To ensure our Clients of the absolute best we have a very rigorous recruiting process to evaluate, assess and hire the best therapists available. From their first interview they are made familiar to Our Vision and Passion for the business and our industry. By refining this process over the years, we have been able to develop a team of long-

term, reliable, and expert team of professionals. We value not only their skills but also their willingness to work as a supportive cohesive team


We stock Germaine De Cappuccino, Pevonia and Dermalogica Skincare. A lot of research goes into choosing Skincare for our business. Our clientele puts a lot of trust in us and the skincare must deliver results. The 3 different skincare brands give our clients choice. When choosing our brands there are 3 important things we consider, must deliver results, must be 100%+ markup and ongoing up to date training for our team.


We require more commitment now from our Team. We look for experience, knowledge, commitment and passion.


It is no longer just pampering. Our Clients want results and we need to ensure we deliver. When we first began it was all about 2 hours of pampering and now our Clients are with us for a 30-minute results skin treatment. Majority of our Clients invest in skin treatment programs and are

very diligent with their prescribed home care.


Technology has completely transformed our business with the high performance results provided to our Clients and the massive increase to our revenue. We were very fortunate to align ourselves with The Global Beauty Group. They continually keep us up to date on the consumer trends and cutting-edge technology.


We are very happy with the one location. It is a central and professional location. We can put all of energy into making Simply Elegant the best it can be.


We were very honoured and excited to receive the accolade ABIA Salon of the Year QLD (5 treatment rooms or more) and Best Beauty Salon - GLOBALLY from The World Luxury Spa Awards. These awards honour the best of the best, created to recognise, and commend the most outstanding Beauty Salon for their outstanding efforts The winner presents the highest-quality standards and professionalism setting a benchmark for the industry. These accolades were an amazing achievement for the entire Simply Elegant team. It also confirmed to our existing Clients that they have chosen the right Salon and welcomed a lot of new Clients. It created a different feel and buzz in the Salon. The Simply Elegant Team and Clients are still excited and honoured by these accolades.


2020 ended up a great year for us on many levels including financially. Although It was a very unknown year, it allowed us to stretch and grow. Our planned marketing strategies had to be rejigged and recalibrated to be able to deliver the results we optimum results wanted regardless of the circumstances. One thing we really noted once the support we received from our partners/ suppliers but most importantly the loyalty we received from our valued Clients.

I work very close with our amazing business coach, Caroline Nelson which I have done for many years. Caroline is the best in the business, and we are extremely lucky to have her as part of our Team. Caroline sees things that I don’t see, so I am very sure there will be lots more installed for Simply Elegant. Caroline pushing me beyond my limits. We are in the process of introducing a unique Australian made range. We felt stocking at least one Australian Made skin care range would be a good move, it would save the energy that is used to transport products via planes, trucks, and ships that contributes to global warming and unhealthy air quality. In addition, buying Australian-made means the money stays within and generates more income for the national economy.


Visit to learn more about Cherie and her team.


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MOVING ON, UP & OUT! James Vivian and his skin-obsessed team took the grand leap of faith in the midst of the pandemic to up root the business from it’ current digs to a new home in swanky Melbourne suburb, Toorak.

If anyone knows the power of good skincare, it’s James Vivian. In 2004, a facial literally changed his life, inspiring him to swap a career in music for one in Dermal Therapies. Determined to share the feel-good effects of amazing skincare, James launched award-winning mobile dermal therapies clinic, The Travelling Peelsman, in 2010. Arriving at homes and offices in a Mini and armed with his bag of tricks, James quickly earned a loyal following with his holistic approach to skincare, intuitive expertise and genuine commitment to his clients. Word spread and as client numbers grew, The Travelling Peelsman stopped travelling and set up a clinic in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, joined by a carefully selected team of experienced therapists. Dubbed a skincare luminary, James’s dedication, care and innate understanding of the links between skin, mind, body and environment flow through his clinics, making each visit an experience that goes far beyond skincare. A defining driver to the success of James and his team of degree-qualified Therapists is their ability to take time to understand their clients, and their skin, before creating personalised treatment and homecare plans that work with their lifestyle, resources and goals. The James Vivian approach is holistic, proven and commitment to unwavering excellence in customer care, which saw the team take out both the State (Vic, SA, Tas) and National ABIA 2020 Winners of Salon Spa of the Year 4 treatment rooms or less.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

Sustainability is also vital part of daily life, and proudly the team took out the 2019 ABIA for Best Eco Salon of the Year. Now, after more than a decade of delivering tailor-made dermal therapy solutions, James Vivan is on the move. The space, nestled in a cosy corner just off Toorak Village, perfectly fuses James’ passion for serious skincare with his love for interiors, art and entertaining. With eclectic accents of lighting, art and considered touches to remind all of home, we are thrilled to introduce you to the new place great skin now lives. Each of the four treatment rooms have been designed to be overly comforting, generous in size and engulfed in tones intended to calm. For those joining JV for a Dermal Therapy treatment, which may induce some heat or stimulation, soft elements by the likes of Jardan, as well as moody light, will help dismantle any unease. “The lighting throughout is dark and moody, just like me!” Vivian explains. “I had been searching for a new space for over 2 years when the opportunity to take over this particular business was presented.” Formerly known as Code M Skincare and headed up by none other than James’ skin mentor Maria Vovos, the choice was a resounding “Yes!” when approached with the handover. “I had admired and visited what is our new home for nearly 10 years. I willnever forget when I first entered the space and thought I would love to create something like this one day. It was such a simple design and layout; however, every fixture and all materials were selected carefully and are of the highest quality” explained Vivian. “Fast forward 10-years and I am still pinching myself that this is the new home of James Vivian. Though our own furniture, artwork and style we’ve completely changed the mood and aesthetic and put our ‘James Vivian’ stamp on it. There is a smoking lounge, (that is obviously fake!), and clients love to take a photos of themselves having a faux-fag.” “Our clients have really enjoyed getting to know the space also. They comment that whilst our previous space was lovely, this is ’next level’. And to them I say, ‘Only the best for our clients’.” Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1




A CUT ABOVE THE REST Adilla Barbers isn’t your normal hair salon for men. Oh no! Colm and Frankie Flanagan, and their team are bridging the gap between hair and skin with an extensive full-service grooming menu and we asked Colm to walk us through Adilla and how they’re helping meet all their clients’ needs, under one roof.


The inspiration came as I found myself jumping from barber to barber looking for something beyond a great haircut. The opportunities for self-care for men were scarce and a luxury barbershop seemed like a good place to start. Increased stress from an accelerating career in growth marketing coupled with a decrease in my want to have a “night out” left me with few options for an experience I enjoyed. I wasn’t totally comfortable in salons although I had tried a few. Something in between was what I was looking for. And so, an idea was born. What if we could combine the look, feel and quality of a classic barbershop with the beauty services and experience of a salon to ultimately create a space where men can feel confident enough to truly relax. 30

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1


When we opened 3 years ago, we knew we were ahead of the curve in creating a destination for men, so we spent a lot of time educating the market around us. The goal here was to incorporate facials, treatments, skin care and products into our services whilst taking the time to explain the benefits. Although visiting a more traditional salon is fine, men and women do have different skin problems, different needs and require a different frequency of appointments. Salons with colour and extension services have thousands of dollars’ worth of products in-store, so a men’s cut is deemed a dead service in a hair salon because the upsell opportunity and average spend is low. Learning this made me realise why I would feel

less welcomed in a ‘salon’ environment. Other barber shops on the market, at the time, all had a sailor jerry’s feel. We didn’t want a novelty shop, so our designer’s brief was to come up with something that is modern, relaxing and inviting. All of this was considered when creating the aesthetic, theme and well researched menu at Adilla Barbers.


The change has been quite significant, we have completely shifted our business in the last 12 months. For a number of reasons; COVID related and non-COVID related. Non-COVID related; the market has begun to catch up in men’s grooming and ‘self-care’. We have gone from pitching our deluxe services to clients requesting them regularly. This forced us

to push our services even further and to ensure we always offered something different to our clients. Just ask for The Adilla Escape. COVID related; we have seen our traditional ‘busy periods’ dissipate. There is no longer the unmatched desire for a Saturday appointment, it is very much spread across the week quite evenly, for example, revenue difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday dropped by 40% in 2020 vs 2019. Meaning we now have more staff on a Monday -Thursday than we previously ever have. COVID also gave us a unique opportunity to slow down and look at our business and what was working and what wasn’t. We could really go through our services, products, team and figure out where our weaknesses were. We obviously had to minimise the number of people in the shop for most of 2020, which affected our total revenue, but we had time to get creative with our numbers and the results were mind-blowing. We have learned that COVID or not, we are taking a break from the daily grind to comb through our business to this level every quarter and annually to a larger extent. Keeping a close eye on our growth, team happiness, productivity, client feedback loops and spending. Due to our square meterage, we haven’t been able to have our full team capacity since March, optimising our rostering and clients has been important. We have had our biggest month ever post COVID, so I think despite all the closures and restrictions, the demand for our service has actually increased. - Total Revenue dropped by 30% YoY - Gross profit dropped by 30% YoY - Operating costs dropped by 82% - Net profit increased by 2,563% YoY


It’s evolved from men accepting the use of 2-in1 products to having multiple products for hair, skin and body. The current social landscape and gender fluidity movement has also made it hugely and widely acceptable for men to have their nails done, be pampered, massaged, attend skin treatments and more. It’s all about finding that time for yourself. In fact, there are now just over one million Millennial men (34% of Millennial men) who both use skincare products and also buy some type of skincare product in an average six months. The main reason, according to Harvey Research, is that with the metro return to men’s barbers

and facial hair grooming trending, there is a noticeable shift towards manscaping and grooming. The data suggests guys don’t want a suite of products to adopt. We have compiled the high impact services into our menu to ensure its relaxing, memorable and not overwhelming.


A lot of aspects that are team focused, and a lot that are client facing. We take pride in our culture and our approach to internal education. We shut our shops every 6-8 weeks and have a complete team day. The goal here is to share knowledge, feedback and to help each other improve in every aspect of our client service. It’s easy to lose focus or get complacent! As founders, we work for our team, our job is to listen and ensure they are happy, learning, improving and in a position to give our clients a memorable experience every time they visit us. On the client side we have led the market in terms of service. This hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. We named our hero service “The ADILLA Deluxe’ and since then so many barber shops around us have a ‘Deluxe’ service. A form of flattery! We have since upgraded to The ADILLA Escape and have added extra elements that no-one else has, bridging the gap between beauty and barber. Lots of research, testing and investigation goes into our service upgrades. Our team is incredible and very driven. They are always eager to learn and iterate on what we offer our clients. They spend a lot of time perfecting their knowledge in product so they can always customise their client recommendation.


No major travel, home-schooling, working from home, these are just some of the things pushing people to feeling “trapped”. During COVID we ramped up our knowledge on skin care and created the ADILLA escape. A combined professional hair and skin service giving our clients an opportunity to escape, if even for just an hour. The feedback has been so positive it helped us drive and keep focused during the rough spots in 2020. Our retail sales have increased by 20% YOY, as they want to recreate this feeling at home. We have always had skin care products in the shop, however offering these more ‘beauty focused’ services and with many clients now upgrading to

our deluxe and escape packages, our skincare retail has increased noticeably.


For skincare, the most effective things you can do is exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise. We have a signature men’s facial, also incorporated into our escape package. Using a professional steamer, we complete all steps which comes with additional benefits: • Strengthening of the immune system • Stimulating of white blood cells • Prevent infections • Destroy fungi, bacteria and viruses The steamer allows us to deep cleanse the skin, teamed with an exfoliator is also removes dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, bacteria and has the benefits list above. We also do a facial massage with oil and finish with a cold towel to close the pores and remove excess product. We also add V76 SPF moisturiser. SPF is one of the most effective anti-aging products you can use, and most people, specifically men, don’t use one daily and in Australia, we need it.

DO YOU HAVE SEPARATE TREATMENT ROOMS FOR FACIALS ETC OR DO YOU INCORPORATE THEM INTO YOUR BARBER SERVICES? At the moment we incorporate them into our services at the chair. We aren’t sure the market is quite ready for separate treatment rooms, but it is absolutely something that we are looking forward to seeing in the future. We don’t think it’s too far away.


Equality! On the whole men have thicker skin, larger pores and are more prone to oil and blackheads. There is absolutely an equal need for skin care and skin care services for men as there is for women. It is becoming more socially acceptable every single day for men to have beauty treatments, and the younger generations coming through are bragging about it all over social media. We believe this will continue to grow and normalise over time giving men an opportunity to escape for more than just “a haircut”. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1






In the past decade or so, there has been an explosion of literature published about the gut microbiota and its connection to both health and disease. As more research has become available, it is very apparent just how important the trillions of microbes that live inside of us are. WHAT IS GUT MICROBIOTA?

Made up of bacteria predominantly, as well as fungi, viruses, and archaea, the gut microbiota is found scattered along the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract. These microbes are pH dependent, with the largest colonies, mainly bacteria, found in the large colon. The microbiota is largely responsible for the critical functions of the body’s digestive system. It also educates our immune system, up to 80% of which resides in the gut lining, making it a huge influence on the body’s immune health. The microbiota aids digestion and the absorption of nutrients, hormone regulation, protection from pathogenic microbes, the synthesis of vitamins, and the elimination of toxic compounds. It is responsible for our mental wellbeing, communicating as it does with the brain, through the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), which are important for concentration, mood and motivation. It also controls bowel function, and influences weight gain and weight loss. Importantly to Skin Therapists, the microbiota is linked to skin health. This relationship is referred to as the gutskin axis. It is hardly news anymore that the link between 32

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

gut and skin health is a strong one. We see time and again the impact of poor gut health on skin health. The frustration that many skin therapists have experienced over the years, attempting to address skin concerns with topical skincare and in-clinic treatments only, has led to a growing interest in an inside-out or holistic approach. The recognition that diet, good or bad is reflected in skin health, has led many Skin Therapists to begin working alongside a naturopath or nutritionist, or to hit the books once more, enrolling to study nutrition, nutritional medicine or naturopathy themselves. Where skin therapists have furthered their study and gained an insight into the gut-skin link, it is not unusual for their skin consultation forms to include in-depth questions about diet and lifestyle. This allows them to gain a greater understanding of their client and the possible drivers linked to the presenting concern.


There is irrefutable evidence that a highly processed, Western-style diet, devoid of fibre and high in sodium, inflammatory fats and sugar, adversely impacts the gut microbiota, depleting microbial numbers and diversity. Potentially disease-causing microbes become dominant,

and responsible for gut permeability, causing enterocytes, the cells that line the gut, to pull apart, allowing inflammatory molecules to pass into the blood stream, travelling around the body. Poor gut health is reflected in the skin, and is associated with inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and reactive skin.


Apart from poor dietary choices, ongoing stress impacts numerous body systems including the digestive system and skin health. In a healthy gut, tight junctions found between enterocytes provide a barrier, protecting the body from harmful food-related bacteria. Stress can weaken these tight junctions, making the intestinal barrier permeable, and allowing gut bacteria and inflammatory molecules to enter the body via the bloodstream. We live in a perpetual state of stress. No matter the cause, the impact of stress on the body is the same. Bi-directional communication occurs between the gut and the brain, or the enteric and central nervous systems. This is referred to as the gut-brain axis, and links both the emotional and cognitive centres of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. The gut microbiota plays an

POOR GUT HEALTH IS REFLECTED IN THE SKIN, AND IS ASSOCIATED WITH INFLAMMATORY SKIN CONDITIONS SUCH AS ACNE, ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, ROSACEA AND REACTIVE SKIN. important role in this interaction. It communicates via endocrine and immune pathways, via microbial metabolites such as short chain fatty acids, but more directly via vagus nerve signalling. The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve originating in the brain stem and innervating the gut. It communicates information from the gut to the brain using neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA, which play a key role in stress regulation. Stress although considered a mental state, physically affects the gut and its residents. A study found that high levels of stress affect gut microbial diversity. Beneficial bacteria deplete, and potentially pathogenic bacteria increase in number. Anxiety and mood disorders are associated with changes in gut microbial diversity. Stress affects digestion by slowing down the absorption of nutrients. It is also linked to inflammatory skin condition such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and reactive skin. In order to improve inflammatory skin conditions, try removing or cut back significantly on proinflammatory foods such as cake, sugary biscuits, bread, rice, pasta, dairy, chocolate, ice cream, junk food, soft drinks, and alcohol. Introduce a wide variety of fruit and vegetables that are fibre-rich. Referred to as prebiotics, they are insoluble and after digestion occurs, they make their way through the digestive tract to the large colon, where they are broken down and fermented. Fibre provides energy for the enterocytes, and also have an anti-inflammatory systemic action. Strengthen the gut wall with collagen-rich broths and foods rich in zinc and l-glutamine. Look at introducing supplements. These days, supplementation has become increasingly popular mainly because many people in the population tend not to have a varied enough diet. This means that they are most likely not receiving adequate nutrition. In an increasing number of skin clinics, supplements, mainly food grade, sit alongside home care products on well-stocked shelves. Some common supplements include l-glutamine, an amino acid known to restore the mucous lining and the tight junctions between enterocytes. Zinc, a mineral with numerous benefits, that may restore the gut lining.

Collagen in the form of powders, drinks and even cookies that may restore the gut lining. Herbal teas are also stocked, that may help with digestion, and calm the nervous system. Fermented beverages are also popular. Containing strains of beneficial bacteria that may support good gut function. In my line of work as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Dermal Clinician, I see a lot of women between the ages of 28-65 who use alcohol as their coping mechanism. Many of these ladies drink every single day. Many of them suffer from high stress levels, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflamed skin, and gut issues. Instead of alcohol, I encourage my clients to add a fermented elixir to sparkling water, served in a champagne flute or wine glass. This makes it possible for them to swap out alcohol during the week, limiting their drinking to the weekend.


Effective strategies for reducing stress responses include engaging in regular exercise such as walking, maintaining a social support network, meditation, and incorporating breath work which stimulates the healthy function of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve plays an important role in the autonomic nervous system, ‘our rest and digest’ system. It acts to counterbalance the sympathetic nervous system, and the fight or flight response, creating instead a relaxation response. Healthy, glowing skin reflects a calm mind and healthy gut, with a thriving, diverse population of beneficial microbes cohabiting within us. Diet and lifestyle both play equally important roles in gut health, and in skin health too. You can contact Chiza at

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“If you were going to open up a clinic, what devices would you buy?” That’s the question that I am constantly being asked. Having owned 15 highly successful locations across Melbourne, training for several key manufacturers and being in the industry for nearly 20 years, has allowed me to have insight as to what devices a business must consider in order to be successful and stand out from their competitors. However before divulging into those devices, you need to ask your self “what is my business trying to achieve? Is the focus hair removal or skin”? Skin rejuvenation is what will make you stand out from most of the competitors and large franchise chains, since their focus is on hair removal, which is a saturated market. To give you the edge, high client retention rates and satisfaction as well as loyalty, the focus needs to be on skin: scar, stretchmark and wrinkle reduction, pigmentation and vascular treatment, melasma, acne and rosacea management and maintaining your clients youth and skin laxity via collagen induction. So if you are wanting to extend your treatment menu, offer more results driven services whilst keeping both your clients and team happy then here are the must have devices and why:


IPL is an amazing technology since it delivers a broad-band of light, this means you can choose various wavelengths, depending on your clients needs and skin condition. All manufacturers will have a wavelength from 510nm to 560nm to treat epidermal pigmentation such as sun spots, freckles or solar lentigos, these can be eradicated within 2-4 treatments, giving your clients a clear complexion, very quickly. Down time can be anywhere from 7 to 28 days, depending on where you are treating in the body. There are some limitations on what type of pigment you can treat, dermal pigmentation such as melasma and PIH should not be treated with IPL, since this may stimulate the melanocyte and 34

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

cause a rebound effect. Additionally you cannot treat Fitzpatrick skin types 5 and 6. Utilising the same wavelength, 510nm to 560nm, various vascular conditions can be treated such telangiectasia, spider nevi, angiomas, as well as rosacea management. When utilising the correct technique and fluences, vascular treatment with IPL is highly successful, taking only about 4 treatments, with rosacea requiring more treatments and long-term maintenance. Again darker Fitzpatrick are not suitable for this treatment, due to the absorption by the competing melanin in the skin. The 580/590nm wavelength is one of the most underutilised wavelengths, yet the results are extraordinary – especially when combined with epiblading, micro-needling and RF in the same treatment. Reaching approximately 2mm to 3mm deep, depending on the pulse duration selected, this wavelength is brilliant at

stimulating fibroblasts, which in turn synthesise collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Treatment with 580/590nm will help with scar revision, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, open pores and an overall skin plumping and rejuvenating effect.


Micro-needling is a fantastic way to either induce collagen or help with inflammatory skin conditions such as melasma or rosacea. When using micro-needling to induce collagen, we create tiny micro-wounds to pierce the blood vessels and cause pin-point bleeding to stimulate fibroblasts, as well as growth factors, in particular transformative growth factors (collagen and elastin production), interleukin 10 (pigment inhibiting) and cytokines (cellular signalling). These brilliant effects will hep with any skin type or condition that needs remodelling, restoring, regeneration or rejuvenating, on any Fitzpatrick skin type.

On the other hand when performed in a less intense manner, by not causing pin-point bleeding and only just achieving minor erythema, microneedling instigates angiogenesis, which will help with rosacea or dermal pigmentation, as shallow needling inhibits the formation of pigmentation, as well as regulating the functionality of the melanocyte. When clients prepare their skin with active serums, such as Retinaldehyde, Vitamin C and Niacinamide, the effects of shallow needling, intensify immensely.

much more popular these days and have an excellent return on investment, with unbelievable results seen in 2-3 treatments for skin tightening, scar revision, stretch mark reduction to name a few, on the face and the body. Depending on the pen, most pens are multifunctional and can also treat other skin conditions such as skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia, pigmented and vascular lesions as well as dot-less plasma treatments and permeating tips used to enhance product absorption.


Plasma Fibroblast works by causing a superficial, fractionated wound that causes collagen fibres to shrink (like saggy jeans in a hot dryer) whilst the transference of heat within the skin, causes fibroblasts to be stimulated – so it’s a two pronged approach. The precision in which the energy is delivered, means it can be used on delicate areas such as the eye lids without inter-ocular eye shields, unlike IPL or laser. Since Plasma Fibroblast is a soft tissue ablator, it can only be used on Fitzpatrick skin types 1-4. Down time can be anywhere from 5-30 days, depending where in the face or body is being treated.

LED has been around for over 40 years, where NASA used LED’s to grow plants in space (be sure to put your plant under an LED to actually see the effect it has!). Different wavelengths have different effects on individualised cells and tissues and stimulate metabolic function via the light frequencies. All Fitzpatrick skin types tolerate LED well, with no side effects since it is a non-thermal treatment. There are various wavelengths, but the most popular colours are red and blue: Blue LED at 415-425nm is scientifically and clinically proven to kill the P. acnes bacteria that causes mild-to-moderate acne. Porphyrin is produced in acne, when treated with blue LED it produces singlet oxygen, which interferes with the chemical metabolic reaction of acne and eventually kills P. acnes. All Fitzpatirck skin types tolerate blue LED, with varying doses and exposure. Red LED, 633nm, is responsible for stimulating ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is cellular energy in the mitochondria. By the time we have reached age 60, ATP levels have reduced to 50% - which means slower wound healing, reduced levels of collagen and elastin synthesis, thus results are mediocre. By recharging the skin cells energy levels (ATP), results are enhanced and wound healing is much quicker. Prepping the skin for 2 weeks prior, 3 treatments a week with LED, ensures the skin is in top condition and results are the best they can be.


Plasma Fibroblast treatments are becoming


RF is also becoming a very popular treatment for rejuvenation, collage induction, skin laxity and body contouring. RF heats up the dermis between 39-41 degrees to denature collagen, whilst shrinking the collagen fibres and also stimulating fibroblasts. At 42-46 degrees, it causes lipolysis, which is great for contouring areas on the body, whilst reducing skin sag. The results are incredible, with high client satisfaction, especially since there is no down time and can be performed on all skin types, including Fitzpatrick skin type 6. We used in conjunction with epiblading and needling – the results are amplified: epiblading ensures the skin is exfoliated and hydrated for better RF penetration, whilst performing RF prior to needling causes vasodilation, to achieve better clinical end point and further fibroblast synthesis, along with more growth factors and cytokines.


epiblading is just more than ‘shaving the face” – yes it does superficially get rid of vellus hair and gently exfoliates the skin, but can and should be used with other treatments, serums and enzymes for superior outcomes and results and can be used on all Fitzpatrick skin types. For those with problematic hair, epiblading can be used with IPL or laser hair reduction in the one treatment to permanently reduce dark hairs, otherwise it can be used with a hair retardant such as the Skindividual HairHalt serum. Epiblading increases the depth of penetration of RF, by hydrating the skin, whilst combining with the 580/590nm IPL wavelength also ensures all of the light is being penetrated to the dermis without obstruction of debris on the epidermal layer. Epiblading can also be used with needling to also cause vasodilation for better pinpoint bleeding, in addition to keeping needles super sharp which means and less bruising. Even if you were to purchase one of these devices at a time, you are on the right path to a successful business, that is renowned for performing results driven skin treatments. On a final note, when purchasing a device, ensure you are buying from a reputable company that has been around for at least 5 years and provides excellent training and technical support. Also check that the device has an ARTG number and listed on the TGA to ensure your insurer covers you. For more advice, book in a one hour consultation with Nancy to ensure you are making the right purchase for your business or a personalised coaching session for you and your team, to get the most out of your existing devices or to learn how to effectively and safely combine modalities. Mention Beauty Biz for a 20% reduction on your session. Contact Nina on 0476 880 311 to make your booking.

Also called epidermal levelling or dermaplaning, Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1







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ATP infused skincare


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Skin tissue that has died is known as necrotic tissue or necrosis of the tissue. Necrotic tissue can be anything from acute to chronic depending on the surrounding tissue, skin health and overall wellness of the individual. The circulatory systems also have impact as well as internal and topical nutrition. WHAT IS IT? Necrotic tissue varies and is affected by the consistency of the wound and the adherence wound bed. As tissue dies, the wound changes in colour. This happens as necrosis increases with severity. Initially the tissue colour will be a whitish/grey and as the consistency increases the colour will change to light brown or yellow with a final change to dark brown / black. The colour becomes darker, the longer the necrosis continues and increases in severity. In the early stages the tissue may have a high-water content and become mucoid, as it becomes more consistent and progresses it becomes dry and has a stringy, clumpy appearance. As it advances, it becomes very dry and hard with a leathery appearance and feel. The consistency is related to the wound retaining moisture in the wound bed. As the wound is exposed to air, the necrotic debris dehydrates, hence it becomes leathery, dry and hard. The level of tissue death can occur in both epidermal and dermal tissue as well as advancing to subcutaneous and muscle tissue. When there is necrosis to subcutaneous, the fat tissue dies and there is a stringy, yellow slough formed, whereas necrosis to muscle causes muscle degeneration and the tissue becomes thicker and tenacious. Fat and dermal necrosis and the formation of slough may be compounded by infection from previous contamination of normal skin bacteria. What is slough? The colour is yellow to very light brown, it is a thin mucous consistency and at times may appear stringy. Where there is full thickness destruction to tissue, eschar is formed. Eschar may be soft or hard and is a dark brown to black colour and is more adherent than slough. When debris such as eschar is embedded in the wound it is referred to as adherence. As moisture in a wound decreases and the level of damage increases, necrotic tissue becomes more adherent to the wound bed. A wound will take a long time to heal if there is necrotic tissue as it becomes a medium for bacterial 38

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

growth as well add to this, the barrier function is severely impaired. With necrosis you have prolonged inflammation, therefore, you will not have granulation over the wound site therefore the wound does not heal.

WHAT CAN BE DONE? Depending on the severity of the wound and amount of necrotic tissue will give way to the treatment protocols. Most of the time eschar needs to be removed daily where possible, this is done by debriding and removing the eschar. There are a number of debridement techniques, and they will depend on the severity and the amount of necrotic tissue. Debridement requires a high level of skill so to not create further damage to the wound. Mechanical debridement involves the use of force to remove the eschar. The most common types of mechanical debridement would be a wet to dry gauze dressing, whirlpool action to remove the tissue and wound irrigation. Wet and dry gauze are the most common of the three. Wound irrigation would be using a syringe filled with a solution to flush the necrotic tissue, this is also a good way to remove bacteria from the wound site. It is the same with the whirlpool action only this

tends to soften the eschar more so. In conjunction with the above techniques they also use enzymes or chemicals which degrade the eschar. Enzymes will not work on dry, hardened eschar hence they work well with the irrigation technique. They seem to take a little longer to get the results. The third option is to use a sharp instrument to cut and remove the necrotic tissue from the wound site. This technique seems to work faster with wound healing. All of these techniques must be performed in a very clean environment so as to not allow further bacteria growth in the wound. The reason for removing necrotic tissue is so that the wound will eventually heal with hopefully less scar tissue. It is important that we stay in scope of practice and all removal techniques are conducted by a person that is trained and skilled to do so. One important factor to remember is the as soon as the wound bed is clean, the faster the healing process will happen.

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When I was asked to write a topic on cosmetic tattoo so many thoughts ran through my head on what I can write about. But what kept alarming in my head was the need to talk about the amount of people presenting in my clinic Distinctive Features in Melbourne with very unsatisfactory brow work the technicians coming in to be ‘retrained’ after being sucked into an expensive course with no career outcome they were promised. One of the main comments I hear from the client is “I didn’t want to wait that long to see you, I wanted it now” and of course, the client ends up in my clinic a few days later beside themselves with anxiety and in need of emergency removal. In some cases, their brows are not even bad, they are just not educated enough on what to expect during the process. This is the main issue that arises, simply lack of consultation from the technician themselves. So of course, we end up just filling the gaps of consultation with them and send them on their way with full understanding of what’s going on at the stage of healing they are at. I think with my 20 years of experience, and when I say experience, I mean I’ve experienced EVERY type of client there is. So I’ve learnt a way of telling everything, no sugar coating, no softly speaking in a ‘non-confident’ way, I tell them the absolute worst that can happen, I tell them everything to expect from darkening, crusting, pain, scabs, fading, itching and pre care, after care. Basically, they get everything in writing upon making the booking, then verbally in the consultation then they get it in writing again when they leave. My moto ‘Get them prepared for the worst, and anything else better than that is amazing!’ I guess I’ve learnt this from the years of doing clients and realising the gaps in my own consultation that lead me to sleepless nights and constant phone calls, texting and emails from clients not understanding the process. Clients messaging me saying their brows are falling off or freaking out that there’s a gap in one brow and why cant they get it fixed straight away? I began to realise that every skin is so different and that my consultation needed to change to reflect this. 42

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

Georgie Westley 2020 ABIA COsmetic Tattooist of the Year

The most important things to tell cover with your clients during a consultation or if you are thinking of having it done is this… · Your brows are measured to your natural bone structure, if your face is small your brows should be small and in balance with the natural structure. We don’t do anything thicker, lower or longer than the measurement, but we can go smaller as I know we can add to it later and this will help you adjust to your new brow shape. · Fashion brows will go out of fashion, always stick with balance even if its slightly smaller than you expect. · Large false lashes give the illusion of a bigger eye, if you elongate and thicken the tattoo according to the illusion, when the lashes are removed the brow length and thickness will age your appearance. · Brow tattoo changes over time. Some go grey and some go orange, this is normal and means you are ready for a touch up. · To explain that there’s no guarantees on time span as every skin metabolises pigment differently. You can’t tell everyone their brows will last 2 years as some will last 10 months some 18 months and some 3 years.. but they start to change from the day they are done so one client’s perception of ‘brows fading’ can be totally different to another. · Skin type and conditions, genetics and tattoo technique all play a huge part in one’s

end result (research this before choosing your technique). · Microblading is a stepping stone treatment and can only be done a few times before it blurs, blends and becomes more blocky.. In fact, it actually becomes less natural than ombre brows in the long run and can’t be done successfully on an oily and/or sun damaged skin. · If you have a strong brow muscle on one side, you will never get even balance. Your brows are attached to skin which is attached to muscle. Your muscle movement is out of our control. Injectables are the only way to fix a ‘rogue’ brow. · Treat your brows like an open wound for the first week, ANYTHING that can have bacteria must not touch the brows this can lead to infection. E.g Fingers, nails, Makeup, pillowcase, fringe, hair, sweat.. · Your brows will create a rollercoaster of emotions during the process, from crazy dark and thick brows on day 1 to peeling, shrinking and disappearing on day 5 to the colour coming back around day 10-14 then the refresh to fix any shape and colour inconsistencies around the 6 week mark and then that needs to heal also. It’s a long process that is not complete until a month after the touch up appointment. · My two favourite sayings I tell my clients are.. TRUST THE PROCESS and BROWS ARE SISTERS NOT TWINS!... Distant cousins are a problem though (insert a giggle here) In the more unfortunate case that the clients brows have actually been as they say ‘botched’ , depending on the stage of healing they are at we can do emergency removal which in many cases will remove at least half the colour of not more. But this is only up to the 48-hour mark. After that the skin has closed and the colour has started to set in. So now we must wait 6 weeks to start the removal and/ or correction process. We can’t enter or open the skin during the immune response healing time or we risk of hypertrophic or even A-Trophic scarring. Depending on the extent of the brow job, some brows can take up to 2 years to fix (you can only imagine how much time

and money this will cost). Removals are usually 6 weeks apart and depending on the type of pigment or ink that was used either saline or laser removal options will be done and sometimes even a mixture at both at different intervals is required. This process is painful, time consuming and expensive. And never ends with a perfect result but more an improved quality of life. It is unlikely you can just ‘go over’ a bad brow tattoo with a new tattoo to improve it, the only way to cover something is to make it darker and more concentrated than what’s there. In most cases this will only make matters worse. One of the issues we are facing at the moment is the lack of regulation in the PMU industry. There is no minimum legal standard to become a tattooist or even a trainer in cosmetic tattoo so any man and his dog can learn this from an online course, be given a kit and certificate and away they go! Never having tattooed a real face with a trainer there to help and guide them. Now I’m not saying online courses are a total no go, I even have written my own one for this topic of corrections and removals myself. But I highly recommend if you are looking to enter the industry of cosmetic tattoo, leave the online courses until you have done a proper hand on course first. And if you have no prior experience in brow design and makeup or beauty then this needs to be covered initially so you have prior knowledge and understanding of face shapes, skin, brow design and colour. In conclusion, it only makes sense to choose your artist wisely and if you are wanting to learn, chose your trainer wisely, research them, find out their experience and qualifications, check out their work and lastly ALWAYS learn how to remove and correct even your own work. Georgie Westley is Director and Educator at Distinctive Features Cosmetic Tattoo & Beauty. Visit to learn more about Georgie, her courses and her work.

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1





It’s no industry secret that lash and brow services go hand in hand. Nothing complements a fresh set of handmade volume lashes like the perfect pair of bespoke brows. And when you’re scrolling through Instagram, looking at lash photos for inspiration, how often do you flick past a beautifully-blended cat eye closeup simply because the brow wasn’t even brushed into position? Brows frame the face, but more importantly for lash stylists, they complete the look. Even a tweeze and subtle brow tint can give your lash photos that extra wow factor, which is exactly what you need to stand out on your socials. We all know that more impactful photos lead to more engagement, which in turn, can lead to more conversions. Adding brow services to your lash bookings also gives you the added bonus of a higher hourly income, plus the prospect of converting your lash clients to repeat brow clients, too! But the question is, how do we get our lash clients to start trusting us with their beloved brows? Brows are personal, and they’re important: most clients know that it’s not worth the risk of messing them up, and so they’ll be reluctant to trust someone new with them. If their brows are messed up, they have to wear them on their face for at least 2-4 weeks! Ok, that’s great Joy, you might say, but I’m booked all day. I can’t go adding in services here and there; I don’t have time! Many lash and brow services can be performed in the same booking slot, or, if you time it right, only add about ten minutes onto the service time. Here are some of the ways I make it work for me in salon – speed lashing not required! Go Gently Your client may not usually have their brows done, or they may think that their brows look completely fine as they are. It’s important to start slowly with these clients, because if you go straight in with a dark brown henna, it might scare them off and then they’re unlikely to let you near their brows ever again. Start by offering them a brow tint and tidy when they are already laying down, relaxing while you work your lash magic. Compliment their brows, or gush about your own handiwork. “I’m loving this set today, Jessica. You know what would take it to the next level? We could just pop a brow tint on while I’m fanning off your lashes, and it would really make them pop. Would you like to give it a try? It’s only an extra $x.” Already relaxed and hopefully vibing her lashes before she’s even seen them, Jessica will likely say yes. All you need to do is mix up some tint when you’ve finished applying your extensions, 44

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

and then pop it on the brows, and leave it on while you fan off and remove the eyepads and tapes. That will be plenty of time for the tint to process. This is a double win: you get extra dollars in your hour, and your after photos are going to look so much better! This is the best upgrade option when you’re booked back to back, as it takes only an extra minute or two to mix, apply and remove the tint. Solve Their Problem A tried-and-true sales tactic you may already know is problem solving. You need to find out what your client’s problem is, and solve it. These days, most of us lead busy lives, and it can be hard for us to get to multiple different locations to attend our beauty appointments. You can easily use this to your advantage. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve pulled out my phone to take my before photos, and my client has said embarrassedly, “Oh, don’t look at my brows; I’m due to get them done.” This is a cue. Don’t just reply with a little compliment or tell them not to worry about it. The best way to respond is, “I can fix that for you while you’re here, Jessica. I can pop the henna on now, and then wax and tidy once I’m finished your lashes. It will only take an extra ten minutes or so.” You could also tell Jessica your price, but that’s irrelevant by this stage: Jessica has just made and attended a brow appointment without even getting off the lash bed! Mix up the henna first, and then while you are waiting for it to be ready to apply, put on your eyepads and tape and prep the lashes and brows. Then you can apply the henna. You can leave it on for the whole duration of the refill appointment for a dramatic stain, or remove it halfway through. Once you’re done lashing, you can wax and tweeze if needed. While this is probably best utilised when you have a small gap between clients, it’s a great and easy way to upgrade your client to a multiple service booking. When you’re rebooking your client for her next refill in three weeks’ time, it’s even easier to say, “And will I add brows on too?” Utilise Every Spare Moment One of my favourite services to upgrade is a lash lift. Lash lifts are fun and easy to do, but there is definitely a bit of sitting around and waiting for solutions to process, especially with the slower, keratin-based lift solutions. The good news is, many keratin-based lash lift products are also safe to use on brows, for

lamination. You’ll likely get multiple applications out of a sachet (at least enough for a lift and a lamination!), so why not offer it to your client as an upgrade? The best time to do this is when you’re applying the lashes to the shield. “Hey Jessica, have you ever had your brows laminated? I think your brows would be really perfect for it.” “No? What’s that?” “It’s like a lash lift, but for your brows. We can set the hairs into the position that you want them, so it’s much less maintenance when you get ready in the morning.” (This bit is important, because as we know, lash lift clients are all about the low maintenance.) “I’ll have enough solution left over from your lash lift if you’d like to give it a try today? It will only take an extra few minutes.” It’s very easy to time the brow lamination processing times with the lash processing times: brows generally have shorter times, so you can apply the solution to the lashes first, then the brows, and process them at the same time. I challenge you to give it a try! Just like addon selling retail items, or upgrading classics to hybrid, your clients are often waiting for you to offer, and rely on your expertise to guide them. Not confident in brows? Pop on over to to check out our new 4-Day Ultimate Brow Mastery Course, and keep an eye on our socials for updates and special offers.

The Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Experts Define and enhance eyes with Hairwell. Richly intense, creamier and longer-lasting eyelash and eyebrow tints made in Germany. Non-drip formulas deliver superior, precise results which last 4-6 weeks. Cost-efficient and salon-proven. 5 shades for every skin and hair tone.

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One of the most common myths that I see all the time in Facebook groups and from speaking to people at events, exhibitions and in training is “The product doesn’t work”. Technicians experience having a problem and underwhelming results with a lash lift and the first port of call is generally that the product does not work. The technician will say “I did a lash lift and the results just weren’t there. It must be the batch, because I have not changed anything in the way that I’m applying”. This topic is something that has always intrigued me, I have been doing research on this phenomenon and collecting screenshots, data and evidence for many years and I literally have hundreds upon hundreds of people saying that the lash lift did not work on their clients which is happening with multiple brands in the industry. I could literally name 10 brands off the top of my head that I see this happening with. Why would this be the case? This happens with a lot of various products in the beauty industry, nail industry, hair industry. I have seen people struggling to have consistent results on a variety of their clients with nail products, adhesives, skin care and hair products. On the flip side, I have evidence of hundreds of people in forums saying that they have never had an issue with the same product that the technician is having an issue with. Could it really be the case that so many brands have inconsistent production in making such a simple formula? Permanent wave lotions are not a complex formula to produce. In all honesty when you are making a big batch of product the measurements should be exactly the same every time when producing the batch. If the quantities are not the same when putting together the formula it will of course not perform or emulsify correctly or be stable. These brands invest millions of dollars into their companies and brands, why would they jeopardise their product by not mixing the batch correctly each time? Brands also have to survive, and customer satisfaction is always the top priority. When you buy a bottle of coke or lemonade from certain brands, they are always the same right? When you buy shampoo from a certain brand it is usually the same correct? Why would permanent wave lotions be any different? Well, the reality is it’s highly unlikely that the formulas will change, but the variable is the individual. The human body changes throughout our life time and often more than you think. Our hair texture can change a few times a year due 46

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

to lifestyle and hormonal changes and due to our diet and supplementary intake. It is important to note that many companies have a very strict policy and production process when they are making products. Stability testing also takes place after a batch is produced to ensure that it works. Literally 50 to 100 applications need to be performed on clients with the microbial stability reports required to come back with an all-clear result, before that batch is released for sale to the market. The chances of a bad batch are extremely low. You also have to look at the brand and the history of the brand, have they been in business for a long time? If so, then obviously their products work right? Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to maintain customers and have repeat business. No brand can survive if they do not have repeat business. If YOUR lift is not working, then you need to look at these factors: 1. Has the client’s hair texture changed at all? Have they changed their diet at all? Are they on any particular nutrients or supplements? Are they going through any hormonal changes? Are they using growth serums? These factors can play a huge role in how the texture changes with eyelashes, it can mean the difference between having to leave a lotion on to process for another minute or two or even reducing the lotion time by a minute or two if their hair texture has become thinner. 2. Was the lotion placement consistent enough? Was it placed from the base of the lashes to high

enough on the lashes? Was it left on long enough for that hair texture? Was the environment warm or cool? If the lift has been a little underwhelming but there has been some lift, it usually means that they just need to leave the lotion to process for a little longer. Adjust the lotion placement and apply it from the base of the lash to higher up the lash and ensure that the lotion placement is thick and consistent all the way across the lashes. Most brands say it is safe to re-lift the lashes on the same appointment time if required, however you will need to check your brand guidelines if you ever need to make any adjustments for your clients. Interestingly, COVID has seen an increase in clients using various home-care products and lash growth serums and mascaras. This is something to also consider as it may change the texture of your client’s lashes, when they come back to have a treatment they may be more resistant than usual. Resistant lashes are not always thick lashes either, I have worked on plenty of clients over the years that look like they have thin hair texture, but the lashes are resistant to permanent wave lotions. It really is a case of readjusting the application and nine times out of ten this is going to resolve the issue. Otto Mitter is a qualified Cosmetic Chemist, Make Up Artist, and multi award winning educator and assessor in the Beauty Industry and multi certified eyelash extensions educator, competition judge, Lash Masters Alumni and Managing Director of Ex-Import Pty Ltd.

























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l i C o t c e f e R W ith

If there’s one thing we learnt in 2020, it’s to always remain adaptable in the most unusual of circumstances. The beauty community has learnt to be more resilient as the effects of COVID 19 continue to affect the industry at large. We’ve had to change everything from check-ins systems and cleaning protocols to treatment times and offerings. We’ve also seen clients’ beauty priorities change to fit with the ‘new normal’. The increasingly normalised ‘Zoom’ digital communication lifestyle as well as the introduction of mandatory masks and has resulted in women reassessing their beauty needs and focusing on facial treatments more than ever. It’s no surprise that lash and brow styling including tinting, lash lifting and lamination are among the most talked about treatments this year and for good reason. These treatments are cost effective for salons and provide the client with long lasting, on-trend lash and brow looks with no downtime and minimal maintenance. The highly defined ‘hollywood’ brow that was once famous has now been forgotten about as we are now embracing our fuller ‘isolation’ brows. During lockdowns most therapists encouraged their clients not to DIY their brows at home for

obvious reasons. As a result, women have starting to embrace the extra brow hair growth and gone for a ‘grown out’ more natural look than before. We’re asking our brow artists for more volume and texture and are gravitating towards treatments that maintain unruly hairs. Previously therapists would shape and style brows using different forms of hair removal. Now the most effective and profitable way for salons to achieve the current fuller brow look for their clients is with tint and lamination. The RefectoCil Natural Brown no.3 still stands as the number one best selling tint worldwide and is often described as “the perfect brown”. Whilst this universal tone suits most complexions, it can be easily blended with three other RefectoCil shades to customise the colour for each individual. Laminating the brows (straightening the brow hair using a chemical solution) will further enhance the fullness of the brow to create a fluffy, brushed up look and lasts up to 6 weeks. Brow lamination can be achieved safely by following the instructions in the RefectoCil Lash Lift kit (check first for the RefectoCil Brow lamination sticker). It’s important to remember there’s a fine line between full, natural brows and unruly brows! After a significant uptake in aftercare products last year, we’re seeing that customers are willing

to invest more in maintenance products if it helps to prolong the results. Another benefit of using such products is reducing damage to the hair caused by regular perming or colouring. RefectoCil offers three aftercare solutions; Styling Gel to protect and style lashes and brows daily, Care Balm to intensively condition hairs overnight and Lash & Brow Booster to promote hair growth by up to 56% in 10 weeks. Thanks to the colour locking ingredient D-Panthenol, tint longevity is prolonged and hair is conditioned overtime by using Styling Gel & Care Balm regularly. In conjunction with aftercare, brow artists will tell you that the secret to a long-lasting brow is in the preparation. RefectoCil offers a full range of ancillary products to compliment the 8 tint shades. Key products include RefectoCil Micellar Eye Makeup Remover to rid the eye area of makeup and oils and Skin Protection Cream nourish and protect the eye area from unwanted skin staining. The synergies between preparation products and tint are crucial in ensuring longevity in lash and brow styling and in turn, customer retention. The RefectoCil Basic Starter Kit incorporates 6 core tint shades and all accessories necessary for professional quality tinting including the hands free Browista Palette and Tool Kit with two precise brushes. To discuss product and tailored training programmes, please call RefectoCil Australia directly. +61 2 7200 8452 | sales@refectocil-australia. |


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

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e h t get k o o l l i C o t c e Ref Frame eyes flawlessly using the RefectoCil Basic Starter Kit. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned lash and brow artist, this complete kit includes all products and tools needed to master classic and on-trend styles. The RefectoCil Basic Starter Kit features 6 best-selling RefectoCil colours, tint accessories and Style Book to guide your creative mixing and blending. For product and training enquiries, contact RefectoCil Australia directly. +61 2 7200 8452




With so many nail salons in Australia, some of which are offering nails at such a low price, how do you compete? The answer, you don’t! When you get a job, it’s to earn a living, right? If you start a business, the intention is to again, make a living, and a comfortable profit, right? But if your focus is on undercutting other salons in your area, you are not only hurting yourself financially and mentally with not charging your worth. But this also leads to cheapening of the industry as a whole, harming us all in the long run. Which has happened to a degree, with the rise of “cheaper” shopping centre nail bars, we refer to the vast majority of these types of salons as non-standard salons (NSS), as they do not practice correct salon policies and practices which can include not using products that are adequately designed for the nails due to them being inexpensive and even in some cases the “technicians” not being qualified in nails at all. This is not race-related, as there are plenty of NSS around that are not in shopping centres. A lot of people will use these salons for convenience of being able to walk in (but can end up waiting an hour) or for the price, thinking they are getting a better deal, when in fact, the added the little extras, i.e. shape, length, gel colour, gel top coat, works out not that much cheaper. I am yet to meet a client who has had a good and consistent experience at these places. It is essential, to look at what salons in your area are charging as a guideline because depending on your demographic prices will differ. But don’t try to compete with them, your circumstances and theirs will be different. If you focus on undercutting and competing with other salons, I can guarantee that this will cause you unnecessary stress, if not immediately, definitely over time and lead to a loss of passion for your work, as you are continually working to not make much by charging $60 or less for a set of nails but then taking 2 hours or more to do them. A nail bar down the road might be charging anything between $10-$30 cheaper than you, and seem really busy, but bear in mind that the salon must work twice as hard to earn the same figures as someone who is charging the going rate. As the old saying goes, work smarter, not harder. 50

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

When setting your pricing, you must keep several things in mind, including your business running costs, rent, insurances, utility bills (electricity, water, phone, website, marketing). Then you have stock upkeep, cleaning products, general expenses. You also have to ensure you are paying yourself at least the minimum an hourly rate, and your staff too if you have them. You also have to ensure you have money aside to bringing in new products, continue with upskilling, education, and training, It is vital that you keep yourself and staff up to date with training, it keeps you and your business, more proficient and keeps your salon standing out as the must-go-to place. If you wish to expand the business and grow, you need to have the money to aid you in growing your business. These are all things to factor in when creating your treatment pricing. Next step is to figure out treatment costs for the salon/technician; we need to figure out how many applications can be expected from each product we use; any reputable brand should be able to provide you with a cost and application breakdown of their products, this is how you find out how much it costs you per treatment. As an

example, a 15ml bottle of gel polish costs $25.00 per bottle we can get anything between 25-30 applications, we take the $25.00 and divide that by 25, giving us $1.00 peruse. Every time we use a layer of that gel polish colour we know it costs us $1.00. We then do this sum with every product we use in a treatment process. It can take a little time, but it is something worth knowing when it comes to your business. Nails can be a profitable service if priced correctly with Australian beauty standards. The minimum hourly rate for a nail technician in Australia, as per Fair Work is $21.92 per hour, going up to $34.62 per hour or more, depending upon experience. Factor in how long treatments take for the technician to complete if you are doing nail art charge more, it is more time, and it is a bespoke service. In an ideal world, a nail salon or nail technician should be charging a minimum $1 a minute for their time alone, then adding other costs into those prices. Lauren is the Gelish Master Educator & Head of Education at Hand and Nail Harmony Australia, distributors of Gelish Gel Polish. Visit to learn more.

Gelish® and Morgan Taylor® are proud to introduce the Out In The Open collection. Sometimes a clean slate is exactly what’s needed to break into a new outlook. The Out In The Open collection is all about embracing color in a way that gives us a fresh outlook on new beginnings!





KEEP IT SIMPLE AAB FASHION - 2 Ardena Crt, Bentleigh East VIC 3165 P: + 61 3 9575 0600 F: + 61 3 9575 0699 W:



Beauty SHOP GINGER & ME SKIN CHILL GLOBES Ginger & Me Skin Chill Globes elevate holistic skin and mind health by transforming your skin routine from chore to chill! Allow yourself the time to indulge fully in the cool sensation of genuinely caring for you with a relaxing facial massage that encourages skin and mind healing. Easy at-home lymphatic drainage massage therapy for a brighter, more refined, and revitalised complexion.

HYDROMERSE Hydromerse skin recovery system is a revolutionary new way to hydrate, cool, refresh & soothe even the most sensitive skin types. Its powerful hydrating formulation penetrates deeply into the skin, and with ingredients which instantly repair, restore, cool, soothe and hydrate the skin. Hydromerse calms the appearance of redness, evensout skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles making it especially ideal for use after aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, or when you simply want an instant hydration boost for your skin. Hydromerse Skin Recovery System contains no nasties. It’s colour-free, fragrance free, ethoxylate/ parabens & sulphate free.

NEW SUMMER KISS ULTRA DARK BRONZING LOTION BY NATURAL LOOK. A body self-tanner formulated to deliver an instant bronzing effect, hydrating and nourishing the skin with Certified Organic DHA and Centella, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. • 2 hr Rapid Tan • Streak-Free • Centella + DHA + Vitamin E

EGCG LIPOSOMES BY DERMAVIDUALS EGCG Liposomes has potent antiinflammatory & anti-ageing properties, as well as being a free radical blocker. Derived from the soothing properties of camellia sinensis, it’s extremely effective in treating irritated, reddened, and cracked skin. By modulating the protein kinase inhibitor p57, EGCG Liposomes is able to control and promote keratin and filaggrin formation in your skin.

NEW BRAND! FLORABIOME BY CHIZA WESTCARR Calm is the first product offering from Florabiome by Chiza Westcarr - a biofermented elixir packed full of antioxidant-rich goji and acai berries and stressmodulating ashwagandha, rhodiola, passionflower and lemon balm. It can be enjoyed by everyone. Swapping your favourite tipple for a delicious glass of Calm may restore wellbeing, replacing ‘fight or flight’ with a calming ‘rest and digest’ response. Calm contains prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. Your gut will thank you.

GOODBYE WRINKLES Goodbye Wrinkles is the world’s largest range of anti-wrinkle silicone sleep masks, which are re-usable up to 30 times. The extensive range includes mouth, eyes, forehead, cheeks, frown masks as well as masks to help reduce scarring, and stretch marks. Goodbye Wrinkles have also recently added the unique Mummy Tummy Lift Mask to their range, which is proving to be extra popular with not only mums but mums-to-be wanting to help prevent stretch marks. Since the launch of private labelling in April 2020, the Goodbye Wrinkles silicone masks are now private labelled by over 100 salons and clinics around Australia. Private labelling allows the business owner to create their own brand of anti-wrinkle masks, and also gives them the opportunity to maximise profit by naming their own price.

YOUNGBLOOD CLEAN LUXURY SKINCARE Pioneers in the clean beauty space, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is now focusing on the first step in beautiful skin – high performing, clean Luxury Skincare. This collection of effective and luxurious skincare products is designed to complement their beloved mineral cosmetics range with 6 standout formulas. • Nourishing Cleansing Oil – new • Daily Enzyme Exfoliant Crème – new • Advanced Refining Serum with 5% Lactic Acid – new • Radiance Renewal Treatment Glow Serum – new • Eye Impact Revitalizing Eye Treatment – same formula, new packaging • Micellar Water with Colloidal Silver – same formula, new packaging

GINGER & ME 7-DAY FOOT PEEL No more excuses for unsightly, dry, scaly, calloused feet this summer or ever! GINGER & ME 7-Day Foot Peel is designed to leave you with soft, smooth, beautiful feet in just 7 days! Fruit Acids help to gently remove dead skin cells allowing dead skin to peel away and results to be visible in as little as 3-4 days with the full treatment complete within 7-9 days. Pain free, safe, and convenient, this incredible treatment allows you to care for and maintain your feet in the comfort of your own home.

ULTRADERM CLEANSER & SKIN POLISH DUOS Ultraderm’s philosophy is to provide specialist skincare with great value. Ultraderm believe that effective cleansing and exfoliating are the first steps in achieving radiant skin. To celebrate the start of the New Year with happy healthy skin Ultraderm have paired their best-selling Cleansers + Exfoliant together with an eco-sustainable facial chamois for the freshest skin start to 2021.

JOIKEN TATTOO BED A tattoo chair is more than a piece of furniture that sits in your salon, it’s an investment into your business and over all craft so it makes sense to choose one that will stand the test of time. This tattoo chair is packed with features that will bring ease into your life and comfort to your customers.

IMAGE SKINCARE I PRO MICRODERM EXFOLIATOR This exfoliating treatment provides physical, enzymatic and acid exfoliation in a unique gel form. Formulated with bamboo powder and rose quartz micro-crystals to provide the ultimate physical exfoliation. Fruit extracts with enzymatic activity and natural AHAs exfoliate the skin to feel soft and smooth and a menthol derivative provides a clean cooling sensation. Naturally-derived Alpha (AHA) and Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHA) amplify client exfoliation, prepping the skin for the next step in their professional treatment. • Accelerates removal of dead skin with physical, enzymatic and chemical exfoliation • Retexturizes, helps improve the appearance of sun damage and diminishes the look of lines • Leaves skin soft, smooth and radiant.

MESOESTETIC ULTIMATE MICROPEEL mesoestetic ultimate micropeel is a micro-exfoliating treatment that provides a smooth renewing action on the skin surface, helping remove dead skin for a more refined texture. It helps smooth out imperfections, instantly enhancing skin radiance and luminosity. The combination of AHAs with an enzyme exfoliant provides a weekly exfoliating, renewing action on the skin surface to reveal a smoother, more supple and brighter complexion.


Which tweezers have their own cult? Rubis Tweezers, where compromise is not an option! Precise edges, perfect closing of tips and an arm tension which yields lightly resilient resistance. Only the highest quality surgical steel. Unrivalled Swiss precision.


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Tweezerman Tweezers are world renown for perfectly aligned tips which grab every hair, every time. Awardwinning precision meets superior, calibrated tension for comfort and control. Best in class in the beauty industry.


Optimise bench space with BeautyPRO 450cc Wax Genie Wax Heater. This lightweight, portable wax heater heats all types of hair removal products, sugar or wax-based. Exceptionally easy-to-use, and of course, a super quick heat-up!


Powered by exclusive Optic Chroma Complex, Apraise Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints fuse colour pigment technology with a rich cream base. Long-lasting and radiant colour which visibly transforms each eyelash and brow hair. Up to 40 applications per tube.


Hairwell, the eyelash and eyebrow tint experts. Made in Germany, Hairwell Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints are more pigmented, creamier and longer-lasting. Non-drip formula allows for precise application with superior results lasting 4-6 weeks. FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL DATELINE IMPORTS P/L ON (02) 9666 3611 OR VISIT DATELINECITY.COM


Ok, I am going to be totally honest with you here and not pretend that I love every blessed moment of my chosen career...... So, I will come clean.... Yes, there are some days I wish to stab my clients with (sterilised) tweezers. Not actually kill them as such. No, no, no! I’d never pull off an orange jumpsuit in prison, just perhaps hurt them enough, so they’d at least stop talking.

Does this make me a bad person, or even worse, a bad skin therapist?

Here are some points she gave me that help her keep a healthy therapist /client relationship balance in her life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so blessed to have clients I call family and I love nearly every single moment with them, it’s just sometimes in the mornings I hardly have the energy to apply deodorant under both arms, without then having to spend the day listening to the unique “personal” challenges, that each of our clients are facing in their day to days shenanigans.

Peta; “Lead with kindness, ask questions about skin first, but then if the client wants to open up about their private life, listen, but don’t pry and never (ever) give advice.

I love being challenged with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, lines, wrinkles, sensitivities. These tests of my professional expertise are why I went to Beauty School and not what I am talking about - these challenges are why I do what I do, and I wouldn’t change it for the world! It’s more the other side of our profession when we slip from being skin therapists into being more “budget” mental therapists. Maybe they did teach us this particular forte at college? I just must have been doing pedicure training and missed the class at school on how to advise your client on whether to keep the lover she is sleeping with behind her husband’s back? So, can we be good skin therapists and balance it all. One that treats skin, is empathetic, but is able to keep their clients at a healthy distance? I myself have always had trouble with this one. I once advised a client to divorce her douchebag husband. Let’s just say it all ended badly, for all parties. But mostly me. It is surprising just how far a 100kg muscle man can throw a 65kg twinkie. Admitting that I am not so good at it myself and to make sure I don’t ever go to prison for stabbing a client, I asked my business partner Peta Friend, who without doubt is the best skin therapist I know, who somehow perfectly balances professionalism with the warmth of a client/friend relationship, for some advice. 56

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

Will; “But what if they won’t shut up”? Peta; “I am always really firm, I never reply with any questions. I just listen and then lead the conversation back to their skin. Will; “What about invitations to weddings and birthdays”? Peta; “Depends on how good the food and champagne is! This one I decide client by client. You need to remember for a lot of my clients I have been a big part of their wedding preparation and they want me to be a part of their special day. Mostly I am very proud to be there with them”! I really love this advice. Remember we are skin therapists, not psychologists and I think that there needs to be a very firm wall between therapists and clients when it comes to their personal lives. But never discount that what we do is an incredibly personal service. Our clients often adore us and think of us as family. Sometimes we just need to use our common sense, listen to them, show them our appreciation and love, but remember they are clients, and you are their skin therapist. Set boundaries and stick to them. Give them good skin, leave their personalise lives to them and that will have them coming back for more! Will Fennell is an international trainer for BIODROGA @biodroga_aus




Ready to make 2021 the year running your beauty business becomes easier? I hear you! So, let me tell you how to begin... I personally am a little tired of the idea that business is hard. It isn’t business that’s hard. We make it hard and ironically, it can make us feel good. We even believe that there is some kind of virtue in ‘doing it hard’. Believe me beautiful, there isn’t. Our lack of clarity and our lack of ability to be laser-focused is what makes everything harder. It ignites our emotional body, makes our head fuzzy and leaves us feeling overwhelmed. For some of us, the shiny objects, lack of leadership skills, inability to define our one true desire for our business or take the time to ask ourselves the most important question (I will reveal this below) is what causes the chaos or “hardship”. The chaos that you will eventually arrive at if you just dive in and start “doing”. Is there right and wrong in business? There is. It took me years to admit this. If we want to do it easier, there is a way. When I wanted it easy, I started to listen, to be more vigilant about what makes business easy. My emotional body wasn’t needed or triggered. My overwhelm subsided. Human beings are awesome at making messes they then have to clean up. Sometimes it’s possible and other times, it isn’t. This is why the stats that show how many businesses fail within 5 years of opening are extremely high. Let me share with you a secret… Successful business doesn’t have the tiniest element of luck in it. It’s all about planning, strategy and moving forward with clarity. So now think about your business in 2021... Do you want the same old struggles or to continue believing that business is hard? Do you LIKE business to be hard? Of course not! In this article, I am offering you ONE solution that is essential to you streamlining your business this year; making it easier. I will then go on and share with you how 58

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

my TrueBrow™ salon owners use this solution and most importantly, why. Over the last 36 years in the industry, I have picked up a few tricks. In the last 20 years alone, I have mentored and strategised the businesses of thousands upon thousands of business owners. The majority of them, I could even go as far as to say about 99% of them, had no idea how to answer when I asked them one of the most essential questions an entrepreneur must know to ensure clarity. Clarity for their values, their messaging, their marketing, their furniture, their email campaigns, their promotions and so on. It’s like the laying of the foundation. The question… “What business model is your beauty business using?” Their answer... “I don’t know, Elle?” And there it is... BINGO! Even just acknowledging the fact that their businesses weren’t operating according to a purposefully chosen business model was like a lightbulb moment… Finally, they could clearly see where a foundational decision HAD to be made to move forward and that in itself, begins to make business easier. I want you to take a look at the definition of these two precious words: business model. A business model is a framework to understand, design and test your business idea. It provides a systematic way to identify how you can profitably generate revenue while creating value for your clients. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still challenges, hiccups and this first step isn’t the cure to all life’s pain, but selecting a business model will stabilize you, align you with your deepest business desire and most importantly, it will give you clarity in moving forward in 2021. Remember, the opposite to clarity is overwhelm, frustration, depletion, confusion and we don’t want that.

There are many business models a beauty business can use to grow, such as a membership program, the influencer model, the referral model, the nurture model; these are just a simple few. But there is one specific business model we offer and support our TrueBrow™ community to implement. And, the most successful of our students are the ones that follow through without a moment’s hesitation. They operate using the “Expert/SkilledBased Model” because it is the one business model that eliminates so much extra work and offers the greatest rewards with the lowest outgoings. This business model requires absolutely no paid advertising for the salon owner, eliminating the need to understand or use Facebook/Instagram paid marketing, let alone stay up to date with it. It requires no discounting or price cuts. It eliminates the competition and the best part, this business model can be used for absolutely ANY beauty service - that’s right! It’s not brow specific. So, what is your next step in beginning to make running your beauty business easier? It’s easy! Start with a solid foundation. Choose a business model that makes your heart sing and that you know your strengths are aligned with. You have so much to continue learning when you take on the role of entrepreneur, don’t add to this by choosing a business model that isn’t aligned with your greatest strengths and one that makes everything harder. Your business is a reflection of you. Decide for clarity and say good-bye to chaos! If you need support selecting your business model, I am always available to bounce ideas around with. Elle Wilson - Brows and Business Guru

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BLOG spot HAPPY NEW YEAR! By Julie Cross

Here we are well into 2021 already. I woke up this morning and as I lay there reflecting on this New Year on our expectations and on what I wanted to share with you around this, and, well it got me thinking about ‘waking up’.

Firstly, how grateful I am to be waking up to another day and another year. Let’s just start there and be grateful for that. Sometimes we really need to go back to the foundations and scaffold up from there and a ‘New Year’ is always a good time to check in on the foundations to make sure they are strong. Now that may be the foundation of our business, our personal and professional development, or our mental and emotional health. So, to start with just being grateful you ‘woke up’ today in 2021, isn’t that a good feeling! And then I was reflecting on all of the ‘chatter’ I was hearing about the year that was and the year that will be, you know what I mean, you hear things like this, ‘Good riddance to 2020’ or ‘2021 better be better’ or ‘This had better be MY year’ or ‘I can’t do another one like that’ etc etc. And of course, much of this is habitual banter that we throw around at the beginning and the end of years depending on how we feel about what ‘life delivered’. But I would suggest we wake up to the power of that chatter and remember that what we say can influence our day and our year, and 2021 will just be the year it will be, and we will be the ones who decide the attitude with which we deal with the days we have and each day is indeed a gift. Let’s wake up to that! But, in reflection I have also noticed people are ‘awake’ to the many gifts that they discovered in 2020 in and around the pandemic and in and around their own personal struggle and pain... and when we are ‘awake’ we know and accept that some struggle and pain is always a part of life... and while we should always acknowledge our painful moments, give them space and honour them, let us also be ‘awake’ in the knowledge that life is not out to get us and we are not under personal attack from life, and let us remember and be ‘awake’ to the knowledge that what we focus on expands. So, 2020, thanks for ‘waking us up’ and reminding us that physical health is where it is all starts, after all if we do not have life itself, what do we have? Thanks for waking us up and reminding us that it is not JUST economic health that is important. Thanks for waking us up and reminding us that we should not be relying on travel far and wide to make us happy, but instead we can travel deep within. Thank you for waking us up to the notion that we should always be saving something for a rainy day, because life never promised us sunny days every day and we need the rain, even if to just appreciate the sun and enjoy the rainbows. Thanks also for reminding us that in the times that are hard, times that are overcast and dark for us, well there are others that may be having 60

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

their sunny days... and they deserve those too, and our sunny days will come again. Many people were woken up to what is really important in life and have been reminded that so often it is the simplest of things that make us happy... and suddenly the yearning was not for the overseas holiday to make us happy, but instead it was just to be able to hug our family... nice to wake up to that. And as we sneak into 2021, let us stay awake, let us remember the gifts of 2020, and I for one will not be putting any pressure on 2021 to ‘provide me’ with the year that I think I deserve, instead I will stay awake to knowing that any day we get to be still here and able to feel and live life, to make choices about how we deal with what we are dealt, to be awake to really doing life’s journey with all of its joy, laughter pain and wonder, to just have life itself... well let me remember to always stay awake in gratitude for that. You are also invited to wake up to knowing the difference you make in the work you do. You are on the front line and we have all been woken up to the knowledge that it is people like you making a significant difference in our communities. Going about your jobs every day, affecting people with your positive and vibrant energy… lifting peoples spirits when they are down, well that is also highly contagious and that really makes a difference in this world, especially the world we have at the moment. But there is more, in this time of being physically distanced you still have the power to touch, don’t play small on that, wake up to the power of that, humans need touch, people will be craving it, the stage is set, it is your time to shine. So, 2021, you are welcome. Come on in and do what you do, I know you will bring some wonderful moments, some challenging moments, some joyful moments, some moments that may bring us to our knees and others that will have us punching the air in delight... and we will do our best to live our best life and honour you with the gratitude that comes firstly from just having life itself, and let us always be awake to the fact that we can’t always control what happens to us but we can choose how we respond! I want to be ‘awake’ and feel it all, grow some more, give some more and be some more... I am awake, and I am excited! How about you? Sparkle on!


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3 Easy Steps

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Everyone says that money doesn’t buy happiness. Lies! I tell ya … lies!! Let me explain how money does buy happiness, especially if you own a beauty business and have a couple of kidlets. The fact is money pays for everything. Your holidays, your home, your kids’ education just to name a few. These are the things that give us a platform to enjoy a happiness experience. Now you can have happiness in a tent, a one-bedroom apartment or a 60 square home too you don’t have to be high end to enjoy happiness, happiness is for the most part, a mindset. The one thing you do need for happiness is to have the freedom to choose where you spend your time and if Coaching salons has taught me anything it’s that time is a challenge for every salon owner I’ve ever met. It’s the no 1 pain point of salon owners everywhere. Lack of time is very frustrating and it’s the same for both rural and city both entry level beauty, a spa or as I say heavy duty beauty they would all welcome more time. In the early days of owning a salon we start out doing everything and that’s usually unavoidable. You are building and we don’t have the financial resources, so you become a do er that’s where you do everything. Now for most us there is never a written plan to swap over to become a who er. That’s when you change from “I need to get it done “to “who can I get to do it for me?” That’s when the magic happens, and you will begin to free up your time. The first step to finding more time is to know what your hourly earning rate is in the clinic. What can you earn per hour working on clients? Not knowing that and respecting your skill set is where most of us go wrong. I suggest you list all the tasks you do for a week at home and at work. For this exercise I’ll use home as the example but at work the process is exactly the same. Track yourself and be honest about all the chores you do from collecting kids and all the other kid activities, cooking meals and making lunches, walking the dog, changing beds, loads of washing, mowing the lawn, washing the car, the list goes on. Then I want you to see where you can outsource ten hours. You see most career women need a good old-fashioned fifties housewife. Too often I see women especially mums doing everything, they often don’t even think about outsourcing or if they do, they get the guilts about it. Here’s a fact… your kids don’t see quality time as you are doing chores and they are on the iPad. Your time with them should be other things too. Ask them what they think would be quality time, you might be surprised at the answer. When my kids where 8 – 10 I started taking them on a Sunday morning for a latte, we polished up a bit and we went to a wine bar that served coffee. We all sat and poured over the newspapers and chatted about the topics we saw, social events, the sport results, the gossip columns etc. It was a great little tradition we 62

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

developed; my hope was for them to be interested in current affairs. For less than $30 they drank hot chocolate from a fancy cup and I explained things like politics, law and religious beliefs amongst other things. Kids grow up fast and, if you are lucky, they will leave home. I didn’t want their only memories of me to be doing chores or working at the salon. I believe every salon owner deserve a part time wife, it will be the best investment you ever make, and it will buy you happiness. It might be a housekeeper that cooks a lasagne and makes a pot of soup every week while minding the kids. The aim is for you to find $300 a week somewhere and to re purpose it so you can buy yourself same happiness. Maybe you park 8 blocks away for free parking and walk to work every day? Maybe you bring your lunch from home saving $20 a day. Maybe you stop buying clothes for a bit or eating out. Maybe you sell things you no longer want, clothes, pot plants, vases, gym equipment you never use. Every one of us has hundreds of dollars’ worth of things we don’t use or don’t need that we could sell online. Imagine this … you come home after spending the day in the salon and the house smells of home cooking the kids are bathed the readers are read and everyone is in their PJs and excited to see you. That money definitely bought you happiness. That one day that you stay late and work servicing your high-end clients could return you three times what you paid the home maker and so it makes sense to re consider your choices. You may not have any kids; you might use your $300 to have your garden maintained, your ironing done and the window’s cleaned along with your dog walked. It’s up to you but I do know that your beauty girls do way too many $30 an hour jobs. You could be earning between $150 - $200 per hour in the clinic and paying someone else the $30 an hour. Food for thought… my belief is you deserve it. For more salon wisdom, email me at au, visit my website, find my video tips on YouTube or read my latest book Your Salon Retail: the no-nonsense, nohype guide to kick-arse retail in your salon business. www.

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FULL COVERAGE NAIL ENHANCEMENTS A self contained and fully transportable business opportunity. GO30 nails, nail extensions with the natural look. Increase your cash flow — in salon — or on the move. Give customers the best looking set of nails in the shortest time. SPECIAL SECURING ADHESIVES TO OUTLAST ALL OTHERS.

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It’s fair to say that we’re in an industry where it’s easy to get caught up in the magic - the beauty biz sells the hope of transformation, self-improvement and inclusivity, and on the most part, it really delivers. But given all that’s happened in the last 12 months and the growing number of conscious consumers, I’ve started thinking about how we ‘sell sustainability’ in our businesses… and do we deliver? Let’s agree that the ‘green-washing’ movement has (finally!) moved out. When eco was introduced to the mainstream, it was kind of a trend; a label spruiking ‘natural’, which was enough to propel your business into the ethical category and satisfy the new eco-consumer. But there was rarely an actual eco-impact in that bottle; it was full of empty promises. We’ve come a long way since then, though. Young Aussies are living the consequences from past actions and now they actually care about what’s behind the label - they’re passionate, informed and armed with the power of a dollar they won’t give up easily. I’m normally a big fan of ‘fake it til you make it’ (words to live by when you’re trying to get a start-up taken seriously), but when it comes to adding sustainability practices or statements into your business, this MO needs to go in the bin. And with the help of the recent Junkee Media 2020 Youth Research report, I’m going to show you why. FACT: 70% of young people really give a sh*t about Sustainability and the Environment Second only to mental health, and coming in above gender equality. It’s one of the big, profound issues of our time, and we can no longer pretend it’s just the hippies who care. FACT: 89% are taking environmental action in their own lives They’re reducing the amount of fast fashion they buy, actively avoiding single-use products, increasing their reusables collection and even reducing their meat consumption - the youth market is not just aware they now have environmental choices, they’re making them. You know what else? 51% said their environmental actions had not changed because of COVID-19. I think Junkee summed it up best: “It’s a passion so deep that not even a global pandemic could stop them.” FACT: 79% are willing to sacrifice chemical-based beauty treatments to help the environment You can only work with what you have available to you, I completely understand. But are you researching your suppliers’ sustainability practices like a young Aussie is researching yours? It’s true that the beauty industry has a long way to go to provide more sustainable product options (it’s a single-use wasteland!), but there are incredible companies out there innovating and offering solutions - even if they’re small ones for now. Think biodegradable, compostable, recycled, recyclable, machinewashable, FSC certified (for paper products), and certified organic.


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

FACT: 56% say the most important quality in a brand is acting ethically/ with integrity (and 33% say it’s giving back to the community) Now that I’ve put the hard word on about your product choices, I’m sorry to say, but stocking eco-friendly treatments is just not enough anymore. 56% need you to prove you’re acting with integrity - that’s more than half. And I should point out that it was the third-highest on a list of 19 options, beaten only by “has good quality products” and “is environmentally-friendly” (see above facts 1, 2 and 3). This is where faking it won’t just hurt your client’s feelings, it could eventually really hurt your bottom line. Offering a trend-based ‘green’ statement, whacking up a social media post claiming your virtual support for a cause, or introducing a practice you can’t explain end-to-end is eventually going to catch you out. Believing what you’re implementing and understanding it start to finish, creating a staff culture that accepts and advocates this, and visibly acting upon these practices in full view of your clients is the only way to satisfy (and grow!) this important segment in your business. At Sustainable Salons, we’re passionate about helping our salon members successfully introduce sustainable practices through an awesome induction, ongoing education and transparency, fun and meaningful engagement opportunities, and a super simple recycling and community benefits system that your clients can actually touch and feel, and see you do. And nothing is more real than that. Keen to join the movement? Find out more at!

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Are you ready to up your digital game in 2021? Of course, you are! Happy New Year! Like most of us, I’m sure the start of 2021 is a fresh start (and a big thank you, next to 2020). Day one of a twelve new chapters, the beginning of some big changes and the year you take control of how your business is showing up online. If we haven’t met before, hello! I’m Rach, the Head Honcho behind do you even social? We’ll get to know each other over the next year as I join the Beauty Biz squad as your social and digital expert. Kicking off our time together, I’m sharing ways you can up your digital game in 2021 and why achieving transformative results online doesn’t need to be an intimidating experience. Ready, set, let’s get digital!


The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to ensure you’ve got all of the basics covered on social media. Basics such as ensuring your profile picture fits in the Instagram circle, updating your bio to remove any Christmas gift pack promotions and updating your cover photo to include a showstopping first impression of your business are often overlooked updates that take one minute or less to correct. Whilst you’re ticking off all the basics, don’t forget to double-check that your contact information is correct, call to action buttons are working and that your link in bio sends people exactly where they need to go.


If you’re not already using hashtags on Instagram, you’re missing out on a tonne of opportunities to connect with potential new followers (and ultimately, new customers). For 66

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

those already using hashtags, 2021 is your year to optimise your strategy to welcome more of the right people to your posts. Every Instagram post allows thirty hashtags, and every Instagram story allows ten. This is up to thirty new opportunities to create connections online. As a result, it’s important to really consider the hashtags you’re using on social media and whether they’re putting your posts in front not just your ideal customer but people that can actually engage, visit and spend money in your business. For example, if you’re still using hashtags like #skincare #facial and #beauty, you’re automatically competing with over 60-million other posts. Truly! These incredibly high-density hashtags may be popular but because of that, they’re ultra-competitive. They also lack the specificity required to put your post in front of paying customers. This is where location and demographic-based hashtags come into play. Next time you’re putting together your post’s

hashtags, consider your location and your ideal customer. Changing #facial to something more specific to your location like #melbournefacial or #toorakfacial, makes it a lot easier for potential customers to find you. These hashtags take the density from million to thousands (or even hundreds) and exude quality over quantity vibes. When it comes to demographic-based hashtags, consider what your ideal customer does when they’re not visiting your business. Are they career-driven women that would connect with hashtags like #businesschicks or #ladystartup? Are they mums dreaming of some me-time that would respond to #mumsofmelbourne? Perhaps they’re on the ‘gram looking for a solution to their new year’s resolution like #melbournebodycontouring! In addition to covering your location and what’s actually going on in the photo (think #enzymetherapy), don’t forget to consider what characteristics your ideal customer possesses so you can become part of their fabulous lifestyle.


You might roll your eyes at me in a moment but 2021 is the year to put a face behind the name and reap the engagement benefits. Getting in front of the camera for Facebook and Instagram Stories, Reels and IGTV sessions are all ways that video is celebrated on social media. It goes without saying that our audience consistently responds better to content that features ourselves or members of a team because it humanises the brand they’re following. I want you to take a look at the content you’re scheduling on social media and ask yourself “could this be a video?”. Content such as educating about a new skincare product, describing your latest skin treatment or even introducing a new team member are all ways that you could switch a regular post out for a video and start creating meaningful emotional connections. The best part? This content can be recycled! If you’ve produced a brilliant new in-treatment IGTV video (shared across to Facebook of course), make the most of it by including it in your next e-newsletter or as part of a blog post. Six months down the track, you can repost that video to your socials and re-introduce it to the new followers you have gained along the way. Video will always be one of the heroes of social media so now is the time to embrace it.

of the content you’re producing on your website and also the keywords you’re using to spread the word.

content you’ve already produced and repurposes it as an informative, educative and value-adding hub.

When kicking off SEO efforts, consider what people are searching online to find a business like yours. Just like the exercise we did for hashtags, think about your location, services and the problem you are solving for your clients. Searches for a business like yours could include Melbourne Skin Clinic, LED Facials Brisbane or even Fat Freezing Sydney. Including a keyword or two in your blog posts helps boost those SEO juices.


Like everything in the digital marketing world, SEO is a marathon and not a sprint, but it will pay off over time! In addition to boosting your page rankings, blogs can be recycled into e-newsletter features, social media posts (at least 4 to be exact!) and as educational resources that you can refer to during your client’s treatment journeys.


Instagram Guides arrived on the scene towards the end of 2020 and I know you’re going to love them as much as I do. Designed to share our must-know places, products and posts, Instagram Guides make educating our audiences seamless and ultra-engaging.

Jumping off social media for a moment and moving to your website, a blog is another brilliant way to be showcasing your expertise online. It’s time to showcase your incredible knowledge through informing and engaging blog posts.

Instagram Guides maximise content that already exists so there’s no need to panic about needing to produce more posts each month! A platform for you to compile must-know info on specific skin concerns, retail brands, services or even how to perform at-home treatments, Instagram Guides house your existing posts and group them into dedicated themes and topics.

Not only are blog posts another value-adding resource for your clients, but your website’s going to love them too! Regularly adding quality content like blogs to our website puts us in the good books of Google. How? Through SEO. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the dark art of getting your website on the front page of Google. It takes into consideration the quality

So, why use Instagram Guides? It’s simple! There’s something for everyone. It’s a space for new clients to visit when they’re ready to tackle a skin concern, for the skincare novice that’s looking for a professional brand and the existing client that wants to up their self-care Sunday game. Instagram Guides celebrates the amazing


Now, it wouldn’t be social media without a few spanners in the works! Facebook has kicked off 2021 with the announcement of some significant changes coming our way. In true Facebook style, the rollout of their new additions will be a slow and sporadic process so get ready for your page to appear differently overnight. Whilst what we’re sharing on Facebook won’t necessarily change, how our audience engages with it will. Facebook is removing all page likes and instead, moving to followers. This will require a switch in your language when asking your clients to connect with you online. For us admins, our user permissions are being altered and we’re gaining some new call-toaction focussed insights! From a customer point of view, our bio will be front and centre (so make sure it’s updated) and they’ll have the ability to ask us questions in a public forum. Ready for a year of nailing your digital game? I know I am! Let’s connect on socials and ride the wave together.

Rachel Medlock is the Founder & Creative Director at do you even social?, a creative digital agency with a twist. Learn more about Rachel and her digital fairy godmother skills at Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1





Your brand is so much more than your logo, it’s the essence of who your business is, what it stands for and what your customers love about you. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that standing out from the crowd and showing up for our customers is absolutely crucial. From the way we present our business online to the touchpoints throughout our customer experience, every inch of your brand journey needs to ooze authenticity. So, how are you setting yourself apart in 2021? It needs to begin with your brand. Today, we’re drawing your attention to 3 key elements of your visual identity that with a little love, attention and a strategically placed colours and font [we couldn’t help ourselves], your brand is set to bloom its way into the new year and beyond.


Are you communicating directly with your dream clientele or just sending messages out into the universe and hoping for the best? If option B was your answer, then you need to keep reading. In 2021, we want you to be so clear on your target audience that when your dream customers (they are the ones that leave you feeling incredible) engage with your touchpoints, it feels like a note from a long-lost friend. When working on your branding goals for the new year, ask yourself the following questions: ● What am I helping my client achieve? ● What feelings does my current brand evoke at first glance? ● What story do my current brand colours and fonts tell? ● Why do my existing clients choose my product or service over somebody else’s? ● What makes my branding different from the others in my industry? Knowing exactly which rocks to look under to find that dream audience, understanding what lights them up and also what they love about your brand is incredibly valuable insight. Use these details to start deciphering ways that your brand can attract more of the right people and channel your valuable energy into touchpoints that deliver results. This may see you tweaking your tone of voice, updating your colour and font choice or reviewing your logo. Whatever changes you make, ensure you update your branding style guidelines too.


This year, we have seen an *explosion* of consumer interest in shopping local and supporting small business, not too mention the bucket loads of online sales. Consumers, more 68

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

than ever, want to know the story behind the brand and the unique points of difference just as much as the product or service offered. They want to connect with your business as thought they were connecting with a new friend. They want to experience your brand for it’s unique point of view, difference and all that you make them feel. Now is the perfect time to review and refresh your branding touchpoints to ensure that at every stage of your customer journey, you’re creating those meaningful connections that your dream audience craves. Tap into your brand values and look for ways that you can be interacting with your customer more, creating conversation, showcasing your brand’s why. For our hair, beauty and wellness petals, this could be refreshing your in-person experience with client welcome gifts or a glow up of your printed treatment menu. Online, it could be injecting more of your brand’s style into your social media content or boosting your reviews and recommendations to provide social proof that align with your brand values and ooze authenticity. For many, this isn’t a case of reinventing the wheel, rather adding some extra air into them, helping them move into 2021 at a much smoother pace. Clarity, consistency and commitment to your brand If defining your audience and touchpoints is leaving you unclear, the start of 2021 is a brilliant time to start making those power moves and set some serious branding goals for your business. Beginning with clarity, it’s time to get crystal clear on your brand’s values, mission and who your touchpoints are intentionally speaking to. Once you’re clear on what your brand is, you’re able to start crafting ideas and strategies around how to share it with the world. If what you’re visioning doesn’t align with what you’re working with, it’s time to do a branding audit to see what’s working, what’s missing and what’s not quite right. Designed for the blooms who want to know how to fix the leaky holes in a ship, our branding audit is the best place to start for your road map to getting your Brow Brand Game Strong.

Branding in 2021 and beyond is SO much more than a logo and a colour but these elements are still some of the most important features of your visual strategy. If you’re not already working with a style guide, this is a fantastic starting point to help you bring more consistency into your branding. Know the features that make your brand bloom and stick to them. Now is the time to stop using that colour that doesn’t align with your message, that font that’s hard difficult to read and the tone of voice that is the total opposite to your beautiful energy. We know we sound like we’ve got our bossy pants on but someone’s gotta say it right?! 2021 is the year for every inch of your business to exude your beautiful brand. By kicking off this year with a solid review of what you’ve done, where you’re headed and how to get there, every corner you turn, every touchpoint you create and every customer experience you embrace can see your brand bloom. Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director of Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your growing hair, beauty or wellness business turn heads for all the right reasons. Visit Digital Bloom’s website or contact Sarah at




It’s been a roller coaster 12 months for every business owner all over the world. One positive to come out of the last year is our industry has DEFINITELY grown from strength to strength and the power of connectivity and the zest of business owners helping one another has been tremendous throughout our industry. We now know we can not only survive during a pandemic but for many in our industry our business’s have never been busier! Our clients and customers cannot travel or spend their hard-earned dollars overseas let alone interstate. Guests are spending more with us than ever before - it’s incredible to see! With this wonderful success boom in our industry comes many challenges - some positive & some negative. One negative we are seeing on a lot of the online forums is the staff shortage in our industry. Many of our therapists have opened home business’ or left our industry completely pre covid. With this current industry boom, we have more guests than ever before but we are left with a skills shortage with every second business is currently looking to hire qualified and experienced staff. So, what else can you do if you are in this fabulous position of being ‘fully booked’ & now turning customers away I believe it’s time to start looking at services that don’t need a therapist, how we can make revenue on our unused areas in our business and invest in equipment. This is exactly what I am looking at in my business right now. have two successful Medi Spas in regional NSW. There is no one qualified on the

radar for us to employ and we are 3 hours away from a major city. Not even our local TAFE will recommend students which makes it incredibly tough. With this in mind I believe our answer is to look for treatments and experiences that require no therapists as such, but ones where we can train a professional to assist in the business or bring in a new apprentice or retail trainee.

SOME TREATMENTS THAT I BELIEVE WE COULD ALL BE LOOKING AT IF OUR BUSINESS MODELS PERMIT ARE:Relaxation massage lounges There is fabulous options for massage chairs now, they recline, you can perform a facial in them, they can play music, they can blow oxygen at you, you can even add a TV but I also see that it saves our therapists hands and if you want to keep staff happy, often it’s less massage on a day to day basis. An LED light facial lounge A consultation can be held on the first visit with a qualified practitioner with a complete LED recommendation treatment plan for home & in the clinic, documented with the guest arriving each follow up visit and looked after by the trained receptionist . After the initial consultation your front desk team will be able to set up the client each visit and assist with application of SPF / creams. I would recommend a regular check in / phone call to ensure your customers are happy during their program by the qualified professional to ensure the guests results are on track but your guest is relaxing in the massage chair under the LED & you aren’t turning customers away! Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening treatment whilst your guests

relax in the massage lounge. Teeth whitening is still very popular in many clinics but again I always recommend regular checkups as teeth sensitivity can happen often & use reputable brands. Meditation lounges Companies like Ginger & Me have mastered this with wellness & mindfulness a must for our stressed clientele. It’s a great way to include this in your clinic as another added bonus. Again, utilising your massage chair + adding on mindfulness experiences means you can keep adding more dollars to your business without a therapist. Infrared saunas: The health benefits of infrared saunas is endless. These are an excellent wellness option that again only needs an operator to turn on & off & clean between. Excellent for clients on detox programs who may also be using your LED lounge for skin clearing / healing. Many customers are having fat cavitation too & thus could be a great way to cross promote with other nearby clinics to help each other’s guests. You can have a whole new ‘massage experience lounge service menu’ the choices are endless add a face mask, add a foot spa treatment... the choice is yours. Let your business continue to boom by adding in treatments that don’t require a qualified expert but instead let your companies train your front desk team / trainees in how to operate and recommend home care recommendations. We all need to start thinking outside the square a little to keep innovating our business’ in tough staffing times. Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1






Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

Without a doubt, the number one question I get in my inbox is “How do I make the jump from therapist to CEO? ” After a little bit of probing I usually find out what they are really asking is “How do I reduce my hours so I have more freedom and still earn an income? ” Many of us go into business for ourselves because we see the potential to make more money and the sound of being our own boss is freeing. However, soon enough we find ourselves stuck in the rut of being at the mercy of our clients, working extra hours just to make them happy and burning out managing every little task it takes to run a business. Let’s not forget all the time we spend on social media trying to build an online presence to ensure we have some sort of marketing platform. Your dream of working for yourself can quickly turn into a full-time job with no benefits. There comes a time when you realise your business has a lot of potential and you start to dream of ways you can grow it. However, the fear of stepping into the role of a CEO scares most people. Trying to figure out where to start or being afraid of making a wrong move can paralyse even the most confident business owner. It would be easy if there was a step-by-step formula showing you how to grow before you make any moves, but I think the magic happens when you start making mindset shifts and find the courage to make those bold changes inside your business. So, how do you start growing a service-based business which relies on you, to run more like your dream business. A business where you become the leader and start building an asset with a stream of income. The answer is building a team of staff. With a service-based business you need someone to perform a service and if you are doing all the clients yourself, you only have a fixed amount of hours that you can give. To increase the amount of hours available we need more of you. Employing staff is the only way to still service your clients and reduce your time away from the physical part of your business. This will also allow you time to build the business from the inside, provide more flexibility in your day whilst still earning an income. The idea of passing your clients on to other people might scare you to your core - after all you have worked so hard to build those clients. Handing even one person over to a staff member seems impossible. To add insult to injury your clients tell you “I won’t go to someone else” and we tell ourselves “no one can do it as good as me”. These are what I call limiting beliefs, they are holding you and many other people back from growing in the beauty business. They hold you back from growing your income and stop you from having freedom to do the other things you want in life.

If you are done with the burn out and being tied to your business then it’s time to start to move the needle towards growing your business into something that works for you not the other way around. Any good business expert will tell you systems and procedures are the keys to freedom and growing your business but there are also a few other key areas to focus on before you get to that point.


You can’t plan for the next stage unless you know where you want to go and what you want for your life and your business. Once you know the destination you can work backwards to plan out the path. This doesn’t mean you must stick to this plan; once you start making moves towards your dream some things may not feel right or fit with your idea. This is ok, you can adapt and change along the way! In fact I believe you need to start moving towards an idea before it really becomes clear what you actually want. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Start with how you want to spend most of your days. Do you want to get up early and focus on self-care.How many hours a day do you want to work? What kind of tasks do you love doing? What do you want to learn? What kind of income do you want? Are you going to be traveling or would you prefer to to stay home with your kids while they get ready for school. Knowing these things will help you work out how your business needs to run around you. Then it opens the path to what your role will be inside the business going forward. You will start to see what moves you need to make now and over the next 12 months to move you closer.


Your Mindset is really a continuous journey to level up ‘you’ at every stage of business and life. Your mindset can hold your back from greatness. A growth mindset is one that continually looks for opportunity to grow and learn from experiences. You need to understand that you are the only one that can drive your business forward by making CEO decisions - even just small ones move you in the right direction. Working with a coach, reading books on how to develop self belief and trust in your decisions will help you on your journey. I found this one of the keys to success with managing staff and understanding how I needed to support the team.

times people hire staff and then realise they’re not charging enough to cover the wages let alone the costs of actually opening the doors. Sit down with a spreadsheet and keep track of every expense you have in your business over the next 3 months to find what it really costs to keep your doors open and then start to work out how much per hour you need to be making to achieve a healthy profit.


Now you have perfected your skill, it’s time to step into the role of mentoring your staff. I believe any good beauty business needs to have a mentoring program for all new staff. Even when you hire the most experienced therapist or tech you will need an induction process into YOUR business. Moving you from business owner to mentor. Your staff will elevate your brand and your service. This also ties in with mindset and how you view your role inside the business. Too many times I see business owners get frustrated with having to “train staff” after they hire them. I see this as a fact of business and an investment into your future. You need staff to work for you and they need training. Removing this negative view on hiring will allow for more freedom and give you peace of mind that your clients will be looked after just the way you want.


Once you have your services perfected, marketing your business is going to be your main focus. This is a task that, once set up, can run pretty automatically with a few tweaks and adjustments every month. Being the CEO of your beauty business means shifting your focus from doing the service to telling people about your business. You will set up processes and systems to ensure your business has a consistent flow of new and returning customers. I have developed my own system which I used to grow and maintain my own multiple 6- figure business which I ran from home. Understand that growing a business relies on a few key areas - average client spend, returning clients and new clients. Setting up a strong customer journey which starts the moment they see your business until after they leave is the key to reducing costs of advertising and growing the returning rate of your customers on autopilot.


Look at your profit margins and pricing now before you start hiring. When you grow a business you will also amplify anything that loses you money or costs you time. Setting yourself up for success starts with looking at your numbers. You need to understand what your expenses are, what staff will cost and what profit you need left over. Many

Jessica Kidner is a retired salon owner & business coach Helping beauty salon owners make the transition into the CEO. Founder of Instagram @jessica_kidner_beautyceo

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1




STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS STRATEGY IN 2021 By Tamara Reid - Founding Director, Beaute Industrie

We saw it. We lived it. We survived it. It’s time to forget about the mess of 2020 and welcome 2021 in total control of your business. While seeing the word ‘strategy’ might make your head spin thinking about all the technical terms that come to mind and numbers you need to crunch, when it comes down to it, strategy is simply reflecting on what you’re currently doing and asking yourself ‘what is working?’ and ‘what is not working’ before launching into a plan to strategically solve the latter. Across the following steps we have pieced together the five most important things beauty business owners need to know and work on, in order to boost your business in today’s industry landscape. Whether you’ve been in business for 5 minutes or 5 years, these elements of business are always essential to put energy into and 72

Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

should frequently be the centre of your attention when sitting down and building the scaffolding to your strategy.


In the professional beauty industry, (one which employs 90% female teams) leadership and management are something business owners should be prioritising as a personal skill for development to gain the most trust and connection with their teams. Everyone in the industry has experienced negative qualities of management and positive experiences with leadership, however when it

comes our turn to try our hand at the two, selfawareness doesn’t always prevail - even though we may have the best intentions at the time, often we are too close to the situation to take a step back and see the story for what it really is. Separate to management, Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done, because they genuinely want to do it. People who lead are generally seen to have three common attributes: · They inspire others to share their vision. · They motivate others to act on that vision. · They encourage others and help them overcome obstacles in pursuit of that vision. Communication, delegation, accountability and flexibility are traits of a great leader.

Spend 30 minutes developing a self-assessment sheet in which you can hand out to your team, with hopes of gathering feedback and critique on your leadership skills. If you find areas of the assessment which are sticky for, focus more time implementing them into your strategy moving forward.


Getting your head around your business’ financials can often seem daunting and perhaps even a little overwhelming! Being comfortable with your business financials and types of figures you should be tracking throughout the day, week, month or year will actually have you feeling more empowered than ever! Understanding the numbers through the use of helpful and easy to navigate tools that clearly show the financial health of your business will help you better plan, prepare and can even assist in creating more profit! We suggest taking a look at the following financials: - knowing your break even figure hourly, daily, weekly and monthly - knowing how to read a profit and loss statement - knowing the difference between your product margin and mark-up - understanding a balance sheet - tracking key performance indicators - knowing your net cash position - knowing how to manage your cash flow When it comes to your figures on the other hand, keeping an eye on metrics like: - your average client spend - your retail vs service percentage - your labour percentage - rebooking rate If numbers aren’t your thing, book 90 minutes into your strategy session dedicated to your book keeper or accountant and let them guide you through this process. Stock up on coffee and be ready to feel empowered by your numbers, proving they’re no more than a detailed story about what is happening in your business. Remember: this story is yours – you can change the ending at any time!


With the increased number of services we are providing, complete with add-ons and upgrades, combined with the fast employee turnover rates consistency in the beauty industry is something that’s hard to come by. A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies should be learnt adopted by the entire team within an organisation. Policies business owners should have available and within close reach include: - Leave forms - Incident reports - Opening/Closing checklists - Uniform and presentation standards - Employee code of conduct - Consultation records - Service menu - Treatment protocols As well as other miscellaneous documentation on machinery and software.


Allocate 60 minutes into your Strategy Session dedicated to the purpose of reviewing your brand. Ask yourself questions around the consistency it shows, the time in which it speaks to your current clients and the messaging it says to potential clients. If you find the consistency, tone and messaging is not quite aligned to your ultimate branding vision, time to call in the branding gurus and seek some further help.

Procedures on the other hand are detailed documents which walk through tasks and treatments step-by-step.

Contradictory to what many business owners in the beauty industry think, a successful marketing campaign does not always require thousands of dollars of investment. Traditional advertising methods can be costly and hard to measure and with the accessibility of social and digital media, beauty businesses have never had greater access to cost-effective and trackable marketing tools to ensure you’re getting the return you’re investing.

Between induction, onboarding, skills and professional development training that therapists have to undertake, directions and details can get a little hazy - it’s for this reason your procedures are an essential asset to every business. While it may seem trivial to have detailed procedures for every task someone has to repeat again, it allows business owners freedom away from the business, and allows therapists autonomy to find out answers for themselves and allows for consistency. Procedures may detail: - Treatments - Machinery operations - Troubleshooting - EFT and cash transactions - Gift voucher and product sales - Laundry and Washing methods - Cleaning and close of business Use 30 minutes of your allocated Strategy Session to run through the aforementioned checklist of documents. Tick off those that you do have and those that you don’t, set aside or delegate time to others to help create them. These will free you from being shackled to your business and will empower your teams to make decisions on their own.


Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides the team with direction and motivation, and makes attracting new clients easier. So what exactly is a brand? The short answer is: everything. A brand represents the sum of people’s perception of a business’s customer service, reputation, advertising and logo. When all of these parts of the business are working well together, the overall brand is healthy, recognisable and naturally clients want to be experience it. One of the major components of a brand is a logo because, as the “face” of a business - it’s what people instantly recognise. A professional logo design is simple enough to be memorable, but a brand is much more than just a logo. Just as people are more likely to purchase from a business that appears polished and legitimate, clients need to feel comfortable before committing to a package of services or routine of products. To ensure strength in your brand consistency is key across your website, service menu, interior, uniforms and social media.


Marketing is the study and management of relationships that take place between client and business. It is the human process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying client needs and wants through carefully considered offers, promotions and sales.

Simple ways you may like to market include: - Contributing and interacting with your local community - Networking and attending events - Asking for client referrals Beauty business owners are often trying to seek new clients, we call these cold clients. Hot clients on the other hand are clients who already visit your space which is why we want to aim our marketing campaigns at our warm clients. Warm clients may be friends, family or colleagues of your current clients. Because your current clients already know, like and trust you, they’re more likely to tell their inner circle about your business and services. Warm marketing could include: - Bring a friend incentives - Loyalty cards - Buy one, Gift one vouchers and the list goes on! When used correctly, marketing can generate the following traction for a business: - New client generation - Brand awareness - Public relations exposure - Reward and recognition - Strong team culture - Attraction of your perfect client Organise a 12-month calendar for your Strategy Session and start to map out the hallmark dates, add in your product brand activations and then see where the gaps are and create activations around these gaps. Aim to have approximate either to 10 campaigns per year and ensure your campaigns match your marketing collateral and further communicate these campaigns with your team so that they can communicate them with your clients. Dedicating an entire day to your Strategy Session will help give you the time and space to plan, implement and action your new strategy. For ultimate success, check in with yourself every quarter and revisit the strategy to see how you are tracking along for the year. For more information on Tamara and Beauté Industry visit Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1





I mean, having a business where people WANT to rock up to work - rather than looking for the nearest exit on a Friday night? Sound like utopia? Well, I believe it doesn’t have to be. Once upon a time, I had a pretty big bunch of wilted flowers in my business. To put it nicely. And it all came to a head when someone stirred the pot - and boom! I was left with half the team... All in a matter of a couple of weeks. It was one of the most terrifying, upsetting - but ultimately incredibly rewarding, things that ever happened to me. You see, for me it was the catalyst I needed to change my own view on leadership, what I wanted for my business and for my team - and just a general shift in how I showed up to work.

doing a very good job as a leader. After all, it’s our job to lead these lives that have been entrusted to us. It’s a privilege and a responsibility. And I had failed miserably. Because I never put much thought into things like Values and Purpose. I mean, they’re just words on a page for big biz right? Hmmm...maybe not! Reflecting back, we were well and truly falling into the TGIF category. The reason I thought this reflection was apt today is that now, after COVID has ripped through many states and left a lot of businesses devastated. Many, like myself, losing fantastic staff members simply due to circumstances not in our control.

Now, this actually hadn’t occurred to me before because we were a hugely successful business and made plenty of money. I really felt we were on a good roll!

And on the flip side, many are finding out what some of their teams are REALLY like when the shit hits the fan! “Why should I work when I get job keeper?”

On the flip side though - it was a rotten place to work. Like, I even really disliked walking into my own business. No “thank god it’s Monday” there!

Ring a bell??

So, I thought “this is the time! I only have half the team left, let’s start making some changes now”. It still took a good year and a half before we had completely turned things around. But it was well worth the wait. A year or so later I had a 1-1 with one of my beautiful former therapists (who I still speak to and is a true asset to another very lucky business). I’ll never forget what she said: “I used to sit in my car not wanting to come in until the last minute. And now I love coming to work”.

Some clinic owners have had team members refusing to help, not show up for shifts - even stealing from them! Well, now is as good a time as any to start fresh! So, who are you as a business? What do you stand for? What don’t you stand for? Do you have your dream team? Or a team that kills the dream? Have you been recruiting for “anyone” - or that “special someone”?

I mean. MY HEART!

From my own experience I can tell you, you don’t get many opportunities to make these big shifts. So, if you have one now - take it!

I never knew how close I had come to lose this magnificent star of a therapist. Due to me not

I spent over 6 months with half a team, and we still experienced growth, made a good profit, and


Beauty Biz Year 14 Issue 1

turned the culture around a the same time. Even though it’s tempting to work more hours on the floor to get people through the doors and make some quick cash, I highly recommend stepping back a little. Taking a few days to breathe. And assess the situation from afar. Take the space and time to assess - or re assess - your vision, values and purpose. Do you have your dream team? And I mean warts and all - they’ll never be perfect. None of us are. But do you have the kind of people who’ve got your back, who are fully aligned with your values - and who works because they truly love what they do - FOR YOU? If you do, then you’ve got a TGIM business. If you don’t, this is your time to shine! And if you’re in the situation like so many I’ve talked to - you have your dream but post COVID, not enough of them, and you’re are working 80 hours on the floor in your business because you’ve lost a big part of your team. And “everybody wants to see you - and only you can do what you do” - then it’s time to step aside and rethink. Because how will you ever have any free time to grow your business, train and nurture your team and have a life - if all you do is work on clients? Instead, think about blocking some time off (I know it sounds scary to say no to clients - and money!!) and spend some quality time duplicating yourself. Take the time to nurture and grow your team so they can step up and shine brighter than you! This my friends, is the road to freedom - and a business where you and your team love Mondays!

Professional Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

Bold Brows & Luscious Lashes

Make an Impact! Vibrant pigment with Optic Chroma Complex Technology Lengthens the appearance of lashes Defines brows Colour lasts up to 8 weeks Larger 20ml tube provides up to 40 applications

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Permanent Adhesive Film 150

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Yes 2/0; PMS Cool Gray 10 C + PMS 2532 C + Overall Gloss UV July 10, 2020 2:51 PM

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PMS Cool Gray 10 C

PMS 2532 C





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