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We here at Barbershop Magazine and Mocha Publishing want to wish everyone a Happy 2019, we hope that you have all kick started your new year with forward momentum and have hit the ground running! Now that we are here in the year 2019, it is a great time to be alive. We are going to witness some amazing events this year starting with one of the largest and most educational, HairBiz Forum, so please don’t forget to save the date because you do not want to miss out – 28th April 2019. (See inside for details). On the night of HairBiz Forum we also celebrate at the AHIA’s (Australian hair Industry Awards) with this year, 2 categories celebrating barbering – Best Barber of the Year and Best Barber Business of the Year. Both events are being held at the Star Gold Coast and tickets available on our website In this issue we cover a few different style shops and also some of the most remarkable individuals we have come across yet. As they tell you their stories as to how, when and why they decided to become barbers, I urge you to keep an open mind and read intently as you are guaranteed to be inspired. As usual we bring some of the eye capturing collections and features, but do forget the power of business. So have a read through and take notes and we hope it will be as entertaining as it is educational. Happy New Year!

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AUSTIN CITY LIMITS When well-known Adelaide based barber Ashleigh Weller embarked on a US tour to Austin Texas, there was no question as to who he would get to come along for the ride, his good friend and social media guru, Hamish Stewart, also from Adelaide but currently residing in Canada.

What then transpired was a barbering adventure like none other, so we asked the boys to keep a diary of their trip and share with our readers this epic experience in the life of 2 friends! The rest as they say is history!


“This event was one of my biggest accomplishments in my career personally. To be invited to travel and work at one of the biggest music events In Austin, Texas, alongside some of the most humble and passionate barbers/musicians is something that I will never forget. I had no idea who I was going to be working with apart from the Barber Authority crew that we worked with in Nashville TN a few months ago for Country music festival, Harley Davidson and Slumerican flagship store (Yelawolf’s store). I touched down in Austin Texas finally after 33 hours of travel and cancelled flights… let’s just say I was a zombified! I met up with Steve and the team I was going to be working with. When I walked through those doors and saw who was at the table I was in shock. I knew almost everyone at the table, having been inspired by these talented barbers and educators for over 7 years! Some of whom had inspired me to educate all those years ago. After shaking some hands and chatting over some Texan hot wings and Budweiser’s, I knew that this event was going to be unreal. We started at 12 noon at the artist village (a place where artists can get massages, food, showers and chill in an outdoor lounge before and after their shows. Me and my best bud and social media guru, Hamish Stewart, were the first ones at the barbershop. I was so eager to get started - I think 8 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

we were 2 hours early! but that’s how I am and led me to be able to cut the Aussie band “Gang ofYyouths”, “Artic monkeys”, and “The Bahamas” before they got up on stage at midday. As I snipped we chatted about all sorts, great bunch of people with massive stories. The Gibs Grooming and Barber Authority crew Steve Viliot, Matthew Ketchum, Danny Amorim, Charles Shumate and Devin Burt rocked up and boom the barbershops energy was truly alive!. Working alongside these guys was fantastic, sharing stories, passion and education. We all had something to learn from each other as we were all in different places in our careers and from different walks of life. The craziest part was when my best bud Hamish Stewart captured a moment of us teaching each other. As I said, these are the guys I look up to so highly and so it was surreal for me to pass on some techniques of my own onto them, it actually blew my mind. I had to constantly walk out of the shop to take a moment and look at what was going on and where I was. Pinched myself a few times in fact! I learnt a lot about myself and how I’ve grown as a barber and as a person. (If you told me when I was 14 where I would be I would never have believed it). When the day was over we all just sat around well into the early hours having a cigar, sharing laughs, talking life, hair, barbershops and experiences. Truly something I’ll never forget. The first Weekend came to an end and was very hard for all of us to say goodbye to new friends. We all lived together in the (as we all called it) the GIB CRIB so it became family very quickly, but all had other shows and clients to get back home to.

Weekend two of Austin city limits festival came round, where we met more of the GIBS crew and Barber Authority barber Richard B Carnevale JR, J.Harris Gabrielle, Stacie Visser, Danielle Shields, Chad Gabriel And… Mr. GIB himself. Another great team of talented barbers that I’ve been following on youtube and other social media platforms for years and now can call good friends.

“Be present where you are and have a moment to remember where you came from. I believe in manifestation and positive energy has the power to take you anywhere you want to go in your life.”- Ash Weller

After every huge day we would shut up shop at 8pm and head out to watch our new friends on stage. The moment you get escorted through the crowed of over 200,000 plus people to the VIP area (side of stage) was surreal with all of that energy in one place. People high fiving you all the way down to the stage! Made you feel a part of something huge! On my days off I got to meet some cool locals that showed me Austin’s night life, live music and of course their famous BBQ. Got to walk into some barbershops and tattoo parlours, where of course I got a souvenir…. Was a great couple of days! Unfortunately, my tour in Austin, Texas came to an end. My clients back home hounding me for when I was getting back! We all avoided saying goodbye to each other till the last hour before I was driven to the airport by Gwomper, the bass player from badass punk band “Avail”. The family feeling you get with the Gibs Grooming and Barber Authority crew is overwhelming in the best possible way. We all have each other’s backs. All taught each other things about barbering and life. I’m really excited for what’s to come next year in Australia with Gibs Grooming education, where we talk not just about hair, but the journey, about the industry as a whole and how to get where you want to be in life or in your career. Most importantly, I would love to thank the Born Barbers team, if it wasn’t for all of them I would not have the freedom to do what I do, so thank you Josiah, Mitch, Opie, Ben and Hakeem for working hard to keep our clients fresh and to all that continue to show support… I thank you! Till the next the tour!


It had been almost two years since I had seen my good friend and barbershop owner, Ashleigh Weller. I had moved overseas and he had kept working insanely hard and relentlessly pushing his style and shop to new heights. It came to me as no surprise when I received a phone call from him asking if I wanted to come hang and and help him out while he cuts at Austin City Limits, one of the United States biggest and most renowned music festivals. It didn’t take me long to say yes, pack up the van and organise a road trip from Canada to Texas so that I could see my brother again. A few weeks later it had come time and the festival was upon us. It was great to see my friend again but it was even better to see and hear how far he had come in recent years. His shop, Born Barbers in Adelaide had been growing, now boasting 5 barbers and as many chairs, and it even seemed that somehow Ash’s already amazing work had grown. When Ash got invited to Austin it wasn’t to cut hair for just anybody, he was there to cut artists, management, production crew and the elite of the music industry. Not only was the clientele world class but so were the team that he would be working with. Steve Vilot, owner of Barber Authority was the man in charge and he had invited some cont’d on page 10

cont’d from page 09

“I can say that I am proud of my friend, Ash, for getting a very deserving invite into the elite world of barbering, and for him to help bring Australian Barber culture to the rest of the world.” - Hamish Stewart of the best names in the American Barbering world. He seemed to be the go-to man for music festivals and artists, having a clientele that includes among many others, Eminem himself. I had a quick chat to Steve, a quiet, calculated man, about how he selects his crews for such events. His reply was simple, “everybody is here for a reason.” It did not take long for me to understand exactly what this meant. There were six barbers, three chairs, two weekends and a whole lot of talent and crew that needed cuts. Ash was the only international Barber there and he kicked off the first weekend with a cut on Joji, guitarist for Sydney band ‘Gang of Youths’. A picture-perfect fade that showed no signs of jet lag from the world class Barber, only excitement and hunger for more. From there on for the rest of the weekend patrons were rolling through the door, hair was hitting the floor and the barbers were revolving between the three chairs. There was never an empty chair in the small tent but the high demand did not hinder the quality of the cuts at all. It was very clear that no one was there to cut quick to keep the masses happy, every cut took as much time as it needed and every single person left with a smile on their face. The one thing that amazed me the most about the entire weekend was how Steve and his crew managed to make a tent in the back of a music festival feel like a real barbershop. The thing I always loved about Ash’s own shop was how I could go in any time just to hang out and be apart of the barbershop vibes. No ego, no bullshit, just some good chats, good people and good cuts. Going into the event, I thought that the best of the best might be a bit more up themselves and high and mighty about their accomplishments and who they were cutting. In fact it was quite the opposite. They took Ash, and by association, myself into their world and treated us like one of their own. It didn’t take them long to understand why Steve had flown Ash from little Adelaide all the way to Texas. As Ash started putting hair on the floor, I caught a few of the other guys, Matt Ketchum and Devin Burt, masters in their own right, quietly sizing up Ash’s work. They approached him and started to probe on his style, one that marries classic barbering with hair dressing and styling, and Ash doing what he does best obliged and let them in on the secrets of his mastery. It wasn’t all eyes on Ash, as in the room was some of the finest and the group all started sharing secrets, stories and within the first day it felt like family, and a real barber shop. The second day brought another key player in the American Barber industry, none other than Gib himself from Gib’s Grooming Products. It was his products that were shaping all of the cuts that went on throughout the weekend and it was his presence that seemed to bring the whole situation even closer. The professionalism between the barbers and their ever-changing clients was second to none. Some of these people were high profile artists and others were small time stage hands but it didn’t matter to anyone. If you were in the chair you were there to get looked after like any other client. No one received special treatment and everyone got a quality cut. I only had the pleasure of staying for the first weekend and after chatting with Ash it seems that the second weekend, even with an almost completely new line-up of barbers was just as successful. I can say that I am proud of my friend for getting a very deserving invite into the elite world of barbering and for him helping to bring Australian Barber culture to the rest of the world. To me, at least, even though Austin City Limits is about music and arts, Steve, Gib and their carefully selected crews help bring the ever-important art of Barbering into that world and will hopefully continue to do so for years to come.


“When you learn, teach. When you get, give”. - Maya Angelou

I first met JAKE PUTAN, in a bar, in a hotel, in Brisbane where we were all staying for Hair Biz Forum last year. Being the organiser I was having a quiet night before the big day and noticed Jake sitting quietly, eating some dinner, no doubt contemplating the big day ahead, where he would be on stage with the rest of the Wahl Artistic and Education Team. We invited him to join us, of course, and through our conversation, I was personally so taken with this young, dedicated, humble, human being, which made me want to watch him from a distance over the past 12 months and with pride see how his career is continuing to flourish. To be honest, it really couldn’t happen to a nicer person! So, let’s get the back story on this rising talent! In school JAKE PUTAN wanted to be an engineer, or at least he thought he did. He studied physics, extension maths and engineering studies thinking he was going to “design the next Sydney Harbour bridge!” However, all through school he ended up covering his books in a heap of drawings rather than taking notes. Needless to say he finished school without the ATAR he needed for engineering, which may have been a blessing in disguise for all of us who admire him now in the Barbering Industry. “The designs in my books were being transferred to mine and my friend’s hair with my Dad’s full sized clippers,” says Jake. “ I was 15 when I started doing these horrendous haircuts and began an apprenticeship when I was 18 at Nik’s Cutting Edge, in my small home town of Taree. I completed my 3 years and moved to the other side of the country to work at a barbershop called Notorious Cuts in Karratha, then moved home and started working for myself 5 months later.” Jake also worked in Newcastle at Urban Empire and began teaching the

Barbering Certificate III at the TAFE in Tighes Hill one day each week. He moved to Sydney in 2017 starting at Mister Chop Shop then moved to Adilla Barbers, before taking 7 weeks off and now, 10 years after he first started cutting at home, at the ripe old age of 25, he has just moved to his current workplace and dream job at Edwards and Co, Sydney. We spoke to Jake about his experiences so far and how he has managed to pack so much into the beginning of what looks like a long and successful career


In early 2009 I began cutting my own hair at 15 years old as a means to have my head covered in designs, inspired by my passion for art and the zigzags my dad used to shave into my hair as a kid. This slowly progressed into cutting all of my friends and friends of friends’ hair especially as there weren’t many people doing ‘tracks’ at the time. I finished my HSC and 12 months later still didn’t have a job, I ended up handing out over 40 resumes due to my mum constantly pushing me to stop wasting time doing nothing at home. All of those resumes went ignored except for one which was the opportunity to start an apprenticeship in 2012 at Nik’s Cutting Edge. My OCD and endless boredom always pushed me to never settle for less and constantly strive to do more. I entered all sorts of competitions to challenge myself and build exposure wherever I could. I have been very lucky to be involved in different types of film work, editorial shoots, magazine features in GQ and InStyle, educating around the country, having a clientele of people I used to watch on TV and being able to know and work with the most kind and interesting people that would give the shirt off their back any day of the week, all of which I could never have believed as little as 5 years ago. I will honestly 13 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

say I’m nowhere near the best barber but I have simply put myself in all of the situations that scared me most, as Joseph Campbell once said “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.


I love the way we get to express ourselves through the medium that is hair. I love being able to build relationships with clients and create a look that is tailored to their whole personality, lifestyle and facial structure, helping people look their best and maintaining that image is a cool job to have. My clients also help me learn and grow as a person, everybody can help everybody.


I look up to anyone that does their own thing whether they work for themselves or for someone else. It inspires me when people say no to conventional methods and do something entirely different, just because, that’s art.


I think it’s a no brainer that the more you learn the more adaptable you become and you are then able to offer something of higher value. It is an investment that always returns tenfold. We need to raise the standard as an industry through education, as the saying goes - it takes a village.


I hate seeing people suffer in their work, I want people to enjoy what they do. Through education I’m able to share a message about my own experiences as well as the techniques I’ve found to cont’d over page

cont’d from page 13

make it easier for myself every day. Seeing others make positive changes not only in their skill level but also in their work life is extremely rewarding.

that retains so many staff as Edwards and Co have done.


This will always sound biased but I’m not here to prove a point. Being a part of the WAHL Education & Artistic Team is the greatest thing that has happened in my career to date. It’s a recognition for the hours we’ve put in to our craft. A platform to share a message and offer inspiration to everyone else that is in this industry as we’ve all started in the same place. Working alongside an amazing team and brand that all get along so well and support one another, it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. Last year I was able to travel to multiple states and meet tonnes of people all through education, sharing tips and tricks that people have previously shared with me, it’s a constant cycle and I think this quote by Maya Angelou fits quite well here - “When you learn, teach. When you get, give”.

Hair Biz Forum was daunting I’ll admit, my biggest class I’d presented in front of was probably 15 people. Hair Biz was over 500! However, being able to share the stage with the master and fellow W.E.A.T. member Lance Liufau was the most incredible experience. I remember the first Hair Expo I attended in 2012, I saw a guy on stage for WAHL demonstrating hair art and I was so inspired to make that a goal of mine. Last year getting that spot, on stage at Hair Expo for WAHL was amazing, it was NONSTOP, up at 5:30 each day getting ready then on stage all day, no breaks and not getting a chance to really sit down until 11pm. But to be involved in an opportunity I had previously only ever dreamt of was so surreal and I’ll never forget it.


I’ve worked at 7 other shops in my career, which understandably some people may see as not being loyal or being ungrateful, but I see them as important stepping stones. Each one has taught me great lessons, but I believe there’s always a time to move on once we’re ready to progress. I learnt another lesson that I was never going to enjoy full time work, as I’m sure most people could relate. And so, I took some time out to just reset and think about what I actually wanted. Growing the education is a big focus, but I needed time to work on it, so I decided I would only work 3 days a week. I also thought about the hugely competitive market we work in and considered the idea of getting away from being a barber in a barbershop, narrowing down that market by merging a men’s grooming experience into a predominantly women’s salon that could actually help me grow by becoming an individual again. So, when the opportunity came to do that with the biggest salon movement in Australia I had to take it.


Anyone that knows me on a personal level would be able to tell you how much more happier I am since starting here.To be a part of a hugely inspiring environment that really looks after me, working with some of Australia’s most talented and creative long hair stylists. In our salon alone we have close to 40 staff and I would describe it as a welloiled machine. It feels like one huge family. From my experience, the business has been well thought out to provide the staff with unbelievable opportunities and incentives. There’s a lot to be said about a company



I’ve always used WAHL. Before I even began working with the team, people in my education classes would always ask if I was sponsored by WAHL because I genuinely spoke about the tools as if I was getting a commission on them. As an artist I love to create so much variety all the time, and WAHL has a specific clipper for every purpose so it just makes sense I would love their tools so much.


I love the extreme versatility of the WAHL cordless Magic Clip, there are a certain few techniques I’ve played with that give this tool a huge edge above anything else.


I really don’t have a preference at this stage, I hear a lot of mixed responses from different people, so I think it comes down to personal preference for the client and ultimately your advice on what’s really going to work for their hair.


Our industry is still one of the lowest paid trades in Australia. Something I speak on a lot during education sessions is about increasing our value and our prices to allow us all to be paid what we really deserve. I definitely want to change that by encouraging people to build the value of the service they provide so they can charge more for their work. I love seeing people make money.


14 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” - Joseph Campbell SOME FUN Favourite holiday destination? Greek islands or New Zealand! Can you cook and if so what’s your best dish? I feel like I’ve helped fund the entire Uber Eats corporation, so much so that I must be close to being paid royalties! Dog or Cat person? I’ve had both and as friendly as dogs can be, I have to say… cats don’t smell. Worst fashion moment? Everyday! I get a nice outfit ready and find bleach stains on everything I own.. and I don’t even colour hair! Most rewarding moment? I got out of an Uber arriving at a hotel in Brisbane last year for HairBiz Forum and there was a guy about to cross the road who saw me getting out of the car and yelled out “Jake!?” - we spoke for a minute and he was a barber who follows my Instagram who was on his way to dinner with his partner. That small recognition I received - this kid from Taree who started cutting hair for fun and never expected to be known by anyone was just a great reminder that we all have the power to inspire those around us and make a difference in so many lives. A sentence that sums you up! How can you expect to do something nobody else has ever done when all you do is watch what everybody else does.


Look Good, Feel Good, Smell Good….Naturally! Marrakesh began as a small family business, operated by the Wachs family out of their home office, in California, USA, and has now evolved into an internationally recognized company which consumers trust to deliver high-end beauty products. In 1996, Kevin and Mare Wachs started creating quality natural personal care products and now Earthly Body, the manufacturer of Marrakesh Hair Care is a respected family owned company. As the demand grew larger for their products, Kevin and Mare expanded their brand to not only include skin care but hair care as well. In July 2013, they moved to a 50,000 square foot, solar powered facility in Chatsworth, CA. Marrakesh Hair Care cares about the environment, the people, and doing the right thing always! As a result, Marrakesh hair care products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, leaving the harsh, damaging ingredients out to provide gorgeous, healthy looking hair. All products feature Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy to significantly improve the look and feel of hair. Marrakesh Oil Hair Styling Elixir is one of the most sought after Argan Oil products on the market today, and the only hair product formulated with Argan and Hemp Seed Oil for added strength, protection, and shine.

CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT “The commitment to our planet’s sustainability has long been crucial to our brand. We are cruelty-free certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Our products do not include dyes, petroleum, parabens, or sulfates. Furthermore, we have transformed our headquarters into a fully solar-powered facility. We believe that all aspects of our organization must reflect eco-friendly values” says Cofounder and President, Kevin Wachs. Every one of our products are proudly made in the USA!

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24 Hours Of Cutting BY LANCE LIUFAU

What started like a normal day of work in the barbershop turned out to be a sad day after receiving the news that one of our clients had committed suicide, what is even more sad is that this was not the first time we had received news like this.

In fact just over a year earlier a young man who had just completed high school went down the same road. This did not sit right with me, so I started thinking about ways that we could contribute to helping the cause. That cause being, Men’s Mental Health. I then thought of an idea that I have had in my head for a long time, which was to try and cut hair for 24 hours; I just didn’t have any reason to do it. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and it is for a great cause as well. So I went home that day and presented the idea to my wife, looking for validation and support and she couldn’t have given me better words to motivate me to take action, those words were “WELL DON’T JUST TALK ABOUT IT, DO IT”. The month of November was approaching which is also known as Movember. So, I thought to myself, I would use the month of November to advertise and promote the event, to gain the attention of not only the public but also the barbering industry. I then posted a short video on Facebook and Instagram of myself speaking about the cause and the event that I wanted to put together. I also opened it up to any barber/stylist that wanted to get involved to help out wherever they can. After posting the video, the messages started flooding in almost immediately. I was so overwhelmed by the response that I wasn’t really expecting it or ready for it, so I had to come up with a plan of how things were going to run on the spot. I stopped for a moment and thought about how quickly the responses were coming in, I also thought about why this was happening so quickly. My answer to that is simple; everyone has been affected by this in one way or another and if they haven’t, they at least know someone who has. I knew at that point that this was going to be something great, so I got in contact with an amazing organisation called ACFC (A Chance For Change) so that we could collaborate and donate all proceeds to them to assist them in helping the cause. ACFC speak with many large groups of boys and men across the country, from sports teams to work places, making them aware of Mental Heath issues and how they can go about seeking help if they feel the need to. I also started a GoFundMe account for the event for those that could not make it on the day but wanted to donate. As a male dominated industry and also a large percentage of our clientele being men, we have the perfect opportunity, as barbers, to speak out about Men’s Mental Health. We also had a couple of barbershops in other cities wanting to do the same as they saw this was a good way to give back to the community that supports us on a daily basis. As the month of November past quickly, the names of barbers/stylists were collected. We had musicians offer their services, also food was brough to help keep all those that were working hard, cutting hair throughout the 24 hours. When the day came, which was the Sunday 25th November 2018, our day started at 6am and when I turned up at The Loft Barbershop, where the event was being hosted, there were already barbers waiting and eager to get in there and help. We had about 25 barbers come through the shop to lend a helping hand and I cannot thank all of you enough for banding together as an industry, but more importantly as human beings, to help our fellow man in their times of need. I want to thank those that shared their stories, as I know it is not an easy thing to do, but you did it anyway. I especially want to give a massive thank you to Lachy Price and Anthony Tai for enduring the entire 24 hours with me, which I did not ask them to do but they stuck by me. That was a great support and helped keep me motivated for the duration of the event. So at 6am Monday 26th November 2018 we ended the event over some much needed breakfast. The event went so well that I am considering making it an annual event. The cause is something that I hold close to my heart, as I know many people that have suffered from Mental Health and I wish that everyone has a serious look at those around them and simply ask them if they are ok? @barbershopmag @lance_topshelfbarber

Dapper and Doll Style

Dapper and Doll style parlour is a modern barbershop and full service ladies salon in the thriving CBD of Parramatta. Hidden in a 1890s heritage listed Victorian terrace in a boutique side street, minutes from the station and from corporate offices. The building is called the Wentworth Atelier, a collaboration with adjoining bespoke tailor, Tailor & Co and the famous Circa espresso, all of which is centred around the pursuit of excellence in craft, Atelier, literally meaning, a place of craftsmanship. The mission behind Dapper and Doll is focussed on the ultimate client experience via merging the best of both the barbering and hairdressing worlds. Hairdressers and barbers journeys are vastly different, their philosophies, education and habits are as polar as science is to art. But, we were determined to change this. George Makram, owner of dapper and doll himself has previously enjoyed the service attentiveness and education he received at some of the country’s best salons. After growing his beard he was in need of a shift to a barber, but has always felt disappointed with the experience he received at a barbershop but felt at odds as his salon could not execute crisp fades or beard shaping, let alone hot towel shaves which he enjoys. The Hairdressing industry has always had a focus on education, whether it’s around colour, texture, shape and skin, each hairdresser going through the hairdressing courses and apprenticeships learn these topics in detail both theoretically and in practice. The way they understand long hair, their scissor work and their experience with colour benefits the clients not only in their overall look but also how they get educated along the process. George also noticed the strong focus on professionalism and customer service in the hairdressing ethos. Though he tries to avoid painting all barbershops with the same brush, he says, “Barbershops could do well to learn a lot of these traits from the hairdressing industry”. Cross training of both crafts is encouraged and unisex service mentality is applied as much as possible. Gents enter the ladies room for washes or for colour and keratin consults and ladies with shorter hair or prefer a barber chair easily feel at ease in the barber room. Dapper and Doll prides itself on the end-to-end guest experience, from the booking procedure to after the service. A focus is place on appointment only services where the barber takes their time in consulting for the right look and the right product to education on how to recreate the salon look at home. This guest experience is further extended by the craft food and beverages available by adjacent circa espresso offered to our clients and the tailoring and grooming packages in collaboration with Tailor and Co. This “whole of experience” vision meant a customer can come for breakfast at circa, get a haircut and shave with a single origin espresso or house made kombucha delivered to their chair and step right into the tailor for a final suit fitting. This is our vision and we hope you stop by some time. Instagram: @dapperanddollstyle 21 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

Seven & One Studio

Having followed Todd Page and his barbershop Seven & One Studio for quite some time now I felt it was time to reach out and see what Todd and Seven & One Studio was all about. Todd got into barbering by complete coincidence, one day deciding to have a go at cutting a mates hair and from that very first experience, something hit home for Todd in a way of being intrigued. So much so Todd felt the need to do it again. Before Todd knew it he had more friends asking him to cut their hair, at that point the journey began. He then went on to find an apprenticeship and it was full steam ahead. Six years on now, Todd has opened his very own shop. Located on the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach, Todd opened his shop called Seven & One Studio, Todd prides himself in a number of things about Seven & One Studio that he says sets them apart from other shops. “The Décor and Aesthetic of the shop, the attention to detail we have, our extensive knowledge of hair and great customer service. Having only been open for seven months, they are off to a flying start. Todd is also a great believer in education, in order to help those that are trying to become barbers and even to those that are wanting to up skill. Having already hosted a couple of workshops they are looking to hold more in 2019. We asked Todd who inspires him to be a better barber and he gave us a couple of names and speaks very highly of them as well. “One of my biggest inspirations is my boy Adam Lacey (@adamlaceyy), I’ve been cutting beside him for years now, his work ethic & dedication to Barbering itself despite everything is admirable. We vibe off each other, he keeps me inspired day in & day out to be on my A game (he always is). Also the man who gave me my start in the game, Lee Power (@barbers_ suck). He’s the purest example of not giving a s*#t about what people think & staying true to yourself; since the day I met him he’s been the same—he’s a true pioneer & visionary (in my opinion)”. One thing that Todd is big on is having Passion in what you do and down at Seven & One they are definitely not short of passion, in fact Todd states that his absolute favourite thing about being a barber is “Making people look and feel good…(as cliché as that sounds)”. As Todd and his team down at Seven & One Studio continue their journey, they do so in a way, which is unique, combining both the traditional attributes of barbering along with a modern day twist. We wish them all the success for the near and distant future. TODD PAGE SEVEN & ONE STUDIO Instagram: @toddxpvge @sevenandonestudio

22 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

(03) 9555 1533 | | | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia

Lost Boys Barbershop

“Lost Boys Barbershop wanted to bring back the traditional barbering industry qualities whilst adding a fresh modern-day touch�

24 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

Lost Boys Barbershop has all the bones of a traditional barbershop but with a modern/industrial design, giving it a point of difference from many barbershops on the Gold Coast. Founded by three mates who felt there was a gap in the barbering industry on the Gold Coast, Lost Boys Barbershop wanted to bring back the traditional barbering industry qualities whilst adding a fresh modern-day touch. Their aim was to not only showcase the best barbers in Australia to the Gold Coast but also to create a fun, relaxed vibe, where people could not only come in for a cut and a beer but also just hang out. To open their doors, a lot of hard work and manhours were put in to making the shop what it is today. Majority of the fit-out was done by the owners and coming from non-construction backgrounds, they had to learn all things from polishing concrete floors, plastering and painting! Fast-forward to today; they now have 10 staff, a Lost Boys Barbershop Apparel label and a second location inside Grandad Jacks Gin and Whisky distillery in Miami, allowing them to conveniently serve their southern Gold Coast Clientele. Lost Boys have kept the talent at home with all barbers being locals. In addition to regular fulltime barbers, they do “guest spots” where a highly recognised barber (from anywhere in the country) will come and work at Lost Boys and showcase their talent! To ensure they are always at the top of their game and improving the industry, they also host “Look and Learns” every couple of months. Fellow barbers will pay to come and watch a senior barber cutting hair on various models, showcasing their talent and different techniques. The most recent feature was American barber Shane Nesbitt who is part of the Uppercut Deluxe team and owner of Shane’s Barbershop and Shave Parlour, San Mateo CA. The Ferry Road Brickworks location is amongst one of the fastest growing social hubs of the Gold Coast and these guys have certainly come a long way since opening their doors back in July 2017. With no intentions of slowing down, and eyes on a third location in the near future, the Lost Boys are without doubt finding success from hard work and passion. These are ones to watch! Located in the heart of the Brickworks Centre Ferry Road, Southport, QLD Instagram: @lostboysbarbershop_

From ConstructioN to Clipping


26 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

For the past 16 years I have been a carpenter and worked mainly in high-rise construction. A few years ago I went on a trip to the United States with a few close mates. One thing I really wanted to do was go to an authentic old school barbershop. This was before I even knew I wanted to be a barber or what barbering really was. We found one right in the middle of Brooklyn and I decided that that was the one I wanted to see. I loved it from the second I stepped into the shop! The atmosphere, the banter and the smell. Just a group of guys yelling and debating across chairs, about who was better, Jordan or Bryant. After getting my very first fade there I knew that all I wanted was to go home and learn how to fade! I started in my bathroom like a lot of self-taught barbers. My brothers and mates were always happy to be my guinea pigs. I watched endless YouTube videos and did workshops at night and on Sundays to learn everything I could. Plus my wife is a hairdresser, which was a huge bonus to help me with my scissor work. Doing an apprenticeship just wasn’t an option for me as I already had a full time job and family to support. After my wife opened her own hair salon in 2016, I decided that I also wanted to make the transition into the hair industry at some stage. I worked from 7:00am to 3:30pm in construction everyday then I would travel to my wife’s salon and cut my mates hair from 5 pm to 9pm. I did this for about 6 months before my mates started becoming clients. Not long after, word of mouth got around and it really took off. I was getting text messages from random people who’s mates had got a cut from me wanting to book an appointment. I thought to myself “wow I could really make a living out of this” It got to the stage where I was booked out 1-2 weeks in advance and I was turning people away. It was then that I knew, I had to make the decision, stay in construction full time or open a barbershop, I couldn’t keep doing both. I found an empty shop in Doreen which was being used as a storage room by a builder. It was the perfect shop for someone just starting out. I worked, I cut hair and renovated all in the same day. Some days I was finishing renovations at 1am and had to be up at 5 am for work. It wasn’t easy but I got it done. I set the shop up with 3 chairs, as it’s all the room I had. I thought I would be able to work by myself for 6 months without having to hire another barber. I was very wrong. 2 weeks into opening Doreen I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t keep up with the demand. I needed help. That’s where I found Jay. With ten years experience under his belt, the guy is just a wizard behind the chair. He just loves what he does! It shows in his work! We’ve been open for just a little over 3 months now and it has exceeded all my expectations. Every week is new faces and returning clients. There are days where we have gone back to back from 10am to 8pm! But I love it! Very soon we will be on the look out for another full time barber to join the Ziba Barber team. I love meeting new people and hearing a new story with every client that sits in my chair. That’s the best part about being a barber. People invite you into their lives and almost ask you for your opinion and want advice on day-to-day things. Transitioning from carpentry to barbering wasn’t easy but it was by far the best decision I made for my family and me. The barber scene here in Melbourne is great. It’s full of amazing barbers who also support other barbers! I want Ziba Barbers, Doreen, to be a place where people can drop in and say hello and have a chat at any time they like, a place where they feel like it’s their own too, a place where getting a hair cut is no longer a chore but something they look forward to. And I think it’s very quickly become that! Instagram: @ziba_barbers 27 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

The Light found in Darkness

I discovered my gift in the most hostile environment at the very darkest and lowest point of my life. It all started in 2013 at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Brisbane. One day in the yard I noticed this guy with an ugly haircut that stood out. I introduced myself and then we got to talking, after some time he asked me if I could fix his hair. I had little experience with the clippers, but I agreed to do it out of pity. I managed to get access to some used and abused Remington’s, so I start going for it.

experience a bit. But the first question he asked me was, do you believe in God?

The moment I finished, he looked at his reflection in the window, and the joyful reaction on his face was beyond rewarding. To make someone smile from a simple haircut in such a gloomy atmosphere lit a new purpose within me. I can tell you at that moment I realised; my desire for the love of Barbering had just come to life.

So I’m working for free, with no income at all. I had to sell whatever I could in my house just to get by. It was a struggle but the love for Barbering kept me going. A month passes and the boss slips me a couple hundred for sweeping and showing up. It meant so much to me. I pressed on even harder to earn a chair in the shop.

Word got around and the other inmates would come asking me for a haircut, and I’d charge them Kit Kats and other various food items. In my sleep I would dream of clipper combing techniques and apply them fresh the very next morning, and it would work exactly the way I saw in my dreams. God was revealing things to me in my sleep. After I had served a year in prison I was finally released and had transformed into a whole different person, but the real blessing I got was that I had gained a good thing out of a bad situation …And that was my passion for this craft.

Fana taught me the fundamentals of Barbering, I had good people around me at Lole’s Barbershop, I worked alongside Lorenzo Savea aka Razor Rose as he would fill in on some days at the shop and I would study some of his techniques. He was the nicest then and still is today in my opinion.

Shortly after that, I landed a job forklifting and I wasn’t content with it at all. The money was good but the job itself really drained my spirit. So I remembered the feeling I got cutting hair and then my passion started to slowly burn within me again. I was soon fed up and made a decision; I decided to quit warehousing altogether.

Fast forward to 2018, Gods plan for my career took me out of my comfort zone and placed me into Culture Kings Barbershop, under the Leadership of Jessie Iese aka Gifted Hands, where he encouraged me and taught me (just from observing him) to be warm, welcoming and more professional as a Barber, which I definitely took on-board.

So now I’m unemployed and I have a desire to work in a barbershop. But what do I do now? I searched online on how to become a barber. All I saw were pricey courses that I couldn’t afford. But my hunger for Barbering didn’t allow me to be discouraged; I knew there had to be a way. I was living in Springfield at the time and here I am cutting all the bros hair in the shed at Tiber Crescent. Then one of them tells me about Lole’s Barbershop that had just opened. I looked it up on Facebook and I see this slick Samoan character, Fana Lole, so I added him as a friend. In the next couple days he accepted my friend request and I messaged him instantly. I still have that message in my inbox to this day. I asked him if he could help me get a foot into the industry, I exaggerated my

I looked up and laughed with excitement, I knew in my heart God had opened the door. One day later I had an interview and then a couple of days after that I’m in a Barbershop, proudly clinging to the broom. My dream had just become a reality.

Well, a year goes by and I am now second in charge of Lole’s Barbershop. We get invited to showcase our craft at the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo in 2016… and here I am, an introvert on stage alongside my mentor doing what we love, in front of an audience of professionals in the industry.

2019, I am now Manager of Culture Kings Barbershop in Brisbane and if I can encourage anybody reading this, I say this, Jump! If you have a desire to do something you love, do it. Whatever brings hope to someone else and inspires him or her, that is your calling. God has a plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11) And ALL things work together for good (Romans 8:28) I’m Tyrone Ketu, and this is my Story. Instagram: @_instadash_

29 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

Fascinated By Fades BY JOSH SMITH

30 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

The first time I ever picked up a pair of clippers was at the age of 17; little did I know this would be the start of my journey into barbering. I was always fascinated by fades so I would cut my own hair whilst I was in high school. At the age of 20 I was at a friend’s birthday where I spoke with someone who had just started an apprenticeship in hairdressing. The way he had described the vibe and fulfilment he gets from working in a barbershop and cutting hair was enough to inspire me into taking my interest with barbering further.

About 2 weeks later I quit my job working in the sales industry and applied for an apprenticeship at all the hair salons and barbershops I could. Before even getting a job as a Barber, I had never stepped foot into an actual barbershop, so unfortunately, I never heard back from a single shop I had applied for. I then found a barbershop on Facebook that seemed fitting for me, so I sent the shop a message saying that I was looking to get into the industry. I was both excited and nervous when I got a response saying, “Awesome! come in for an interview.” The very next day I went to the Barbershop for the interview, where the owner of the barbershop started to ask things like, “have you used a cut throat razor, scissors, or clippers before?” I told him I had a pair of Remington clippers that I would cut my own hair with, and the owner and the barber he had working for him started laughing, and said “well you got to start somewhere” – which indeed they were right. Part of the interview was for me to give the barber a fade, which at this time I had zero experience in doing. I picked up the clippers and did as best I could, also with the guidance of the barber as I went along. After about an hour I had finished the haircut (which wasn’t a very good one) and the owner turned around and said “that’s not too bad, would you like to come in and start with some training tomorrow?” and I guess you could say it all began here. As 2 weeks went by, I spent my time sweeping up hair and observing as many cuts as I could that the other barber were doing. About 3 weeks into the job, I had my first official client come in. I was not supposed to be cutting hair so early into the job, but the client was waiting for a haircut and had three people in front of him in the line, so he asked me if I was able to give him a haircut. Due to the circumstances, I got nervous and said let me just check with my boss. My boss said if I felt comfortable to give it a go then go for it, just make sure to charge the client half price, as I was still learning. I gave the haircut my all and didn’t want to let the customer down and once I had finished his haircut he was so happy with it that he offered to pay full price. From that moment on I had some more confidence in what I was doing.

After doing this haircut and getting this kind of response from the client, my boss then said if I was comfortable then I could ask if clients would let me cut there hair for a lower price, to which I was more than happy to do as part of my training. As my confidence grew, every night I went home I would look up YouTube videos on cutting hair, fades, shaves – the lot. I was also extremely lucky to work with a barber who put his own time and effort into teaching me what he knows, which to this day I am super grateful for. I also had been following Lance Liufau (the Top Shelf Barber) on Instagram, someone I had so much inspiration from and to this day is still someone I idolise. About two months into the job I started to notice previous clients return to the shop requesting for me to cut their hair. At this stage of my career I was happy to simply be cutting hair and didn’t see myself progressing as quick as what was about to come. 6 months into my journey someone came into the shop with a flyer about a barber competition in Perth, WA. It looked exciting and I also thought I could meet more people from the industry by going to spectate and hopefully learn something more. What ended up happening was my friends convincing me to enter the competition as a barber and give it a go. I used everything I had learnt up to that point to my advantage, and was able to achieve third place in the men’s senior urban haircut comp. I couldn’t believe what I had achieved in such a short period of time, but I had also realised that I was passionate about barbering, and my love for the craft just started growing even more. A year down the track the competition returned to Perth, so I wanted to enter and see what I was able to achieve this time. I ended up with first place in the men’s senior urban haircut and second place in the beard category. I couldn’t believe what I had achieved when they had called out my name, and from that moment on I knew barbering was what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Since then I have worked in one other barbershop and now 5 years on I’m renting my own space in a shop and working for myself, I couldn’t be happier. I love my craft and always will, Barbering for me isn’t just a job, it’s my passion. Instagram: @joshsmith_barber

31 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

Exposure or Compensation BY LANCE LIUFAU

As a barber/barbershop, in order to gain new clients we must learn ways to market ourselves whether that is through ads in the newspaper, handing out flyers or in this day and age we have social media. So, when you think about it we are our own business within a business. We are the talent, the marketing and advertising team, the consultant and we must continue those relationships with our clients after the haircut is done as well. Over the years that I have been barbering, I have had the privilege of working in some amazing places and shops and every single one of them had their own ways of advertising, but only a couple of them used opportunities to cut celebrities hair, to gain exposure for not only their barbershop, but also their barbers and the talent that they had. In the beginning it was great to be able to do something different outside of the barbershop and also have the chance to be in the same room as some of the most talented people in their respected field, whether it be sports, music or television. On this side of the world the most common celebrities that we would come across were of course footy players, as that is the most popular sport in the southern hemisphere. One thing that did not cross my mind in the very beginning was to charge these people as I felt it was an honour to just be in the same room and potentially gain images for social media promotion. But as time went on and the more jobs of this nature we did, the more I started to realise that the time being invested did not have the same value in return. For those that have experienced hotel/house calls for celebrities will know that even if you were to only be asked to do one haircut, that one haircut has the potential to consume half of your day if not more. Now having been through a lot of these

situations, as much as it was still an exciting and fun thing to do, I started to weigh up what was really at stake. So if a celebrity was to need a barber and I got the call up in the middle of the day, usually that means to drop everything and go. So now you’ve spent the last half of your day out of the shop which is approximately 4-5 hours, now think of the revenue that could have been made within that time and replace it with a photo that may or may not happen. It was this that I was not comfortable with because at the end of the day, my children cannot eat a photo. So I thought to myself, I wonder if any of my friends out there who do the same type of work, charge for their time. The response was nothing short of amazing, I will keep these friends names anonymous but I will give parts of their responses. One explained that if they were to get called out, they immediately charge three times what they would make in an hour at their shop, also if their were multiple haircuts needed, they would negotiate another price. One also explained that certain celebrities, would not be willing to pay the price that was given and did not appreciate the time and effort that was put into their work, which is nothing short of amazing I might add. I also heard from one salon (a beauty salon in fact) who were happy to do all the beauty treatments for the ‘WAGS’ (wifes and girlfriends) of some pretty prominent footy and cricket teams but in return they signed an actual contract for their husbands and/ 32 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

or boyfriends to attend at least 1 or 2 charity and promotional events this salon owner did through the year, so she could at least get exposure and return value from the ‘freebies’ she was giving… food for thought! This leads me to my next point, because I have also experienced this a few times now, where I have given my price and they have turned it down in order to get someone that is willing to do it for exposure, in other words “FREE”. So my question goes out to the industry, do we charge for our services because we know what we are worth, or do we continue to offer our services for free in order to gain more followers? Now I know there are a couple of defining factors and variations to these answers but I at least wanted to spark the conversation about this particular subject. Because if the decision was, to start charging what we are worth, I feel that we as a whole would have to go down the same road because there will always be that barber that will be willing to jump in there for a bit of exposure. Hope you enjoyed this read and I hope you take some time to think about what it is that you are worth, not only to celebrities but also to yourselves and within your own shop. @barbershopmag @lance_topshelfbarber


with Children

Working with children is something that I have spoken about before but every now and then I come across a new approach when it comes to not only cutting a child’s hair but also being able to communicate with them. Let me share with you an experience I had not to long ago, I was in the barbershop doing the day to day work flow as usual, when two mothers came in the shop each holding a toddler. Obviously they are wanting to get their hair cut, and it just so happened they both were able to be served at the same time, now I noticed immediately that both barbers approach were very different. One was talkative and energetic when trying to gain the attention of the child so that they would listen and be still, the other was the total opposite. Who do you think had the better-behaved child client? Of course it was the one that went the extra mile in trying to entertain the child as well as perform the service. Not only did the other toddler move but they also kicked and screamed the entire haircut. Speaking of going the extra mile, I was sent a link the other day through Facebook about a barbershop called City Cuts in Kutztown, Pennsylvania US. It was an article about how they work with children that lack confidence when it comes to speaking in public, particularly those that struggled with reading and did not feel at all comfortable reading out loud or in public. So what this barbershop does for these kids is offer them a couple of bucks to read to him as they cut their hair. They are apart of a program called the Books By Kids Program and as

they are performing their services, they are also helping these kids pronounce words that they don’t quite understand and discuss with them the meanings of the word as well. Now I know that this is not something that you do for all your child clients, but it is awesome to hear of stories just like this one, where a barbershop shows that their duty of care matters to them. Where they put clients needs before their own and are willing to lend a helping hand while doing what we love, which is to cut hair. So can you just imagine the confidence boost that this barbershop is giving these child clients, on the outward appearance as well as on the inside. So I want to put a challenge out there to all of our readers, that challenge is to try and look for an opportunity this coming week where you can offer more than just a cut. Try and lift someone up this week from the inside out, that can be with a simple compliment or even just asking someone if they are ok can sometimes be the opening for them to speak with you about topics that might be of a sensitive nature but they just need to get it out and you listening to them might be all they need. 34 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1





Barbers Chair

Barbers Chair

Barbers Chair

Barbers Chair


With MR FIERZE Finding the right suit or jacket for an upcoming event can be rather daunting, even more so if your budget doesn’t stretch very far. That’s where Mr. Fierze comes in to play, offering a variety of high end label suits and jackets for hire, you can look your best without breaking the bank.

Mr. Fierze founder, Joel Anthony, aged 30, was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Joel comes from a heavy fashion and beauty background having worked across Perth Fashion Week, hair salons (AVEDA based), organiser of fashion events and most recently finishing up his role as Head of Marketing for TONI&GUY Australia. We had a chat to Mr. Fierze founder Joel Anthony to find out what inspired it, and what plans are for the future. How did the idea of Mr. Fierze come about? Having worked in the fashion & beauty industry and attending numerous events over the years, I found it hard to keep up with the demand of attending multiple events without burning a hole in my wallet to purchase a new outfit every single time. Not only that, me being me, I liked pieces that were unique and different, which lead me to buy an outfit only to have them sitting in my closet after 1 wear. I thought surely there must be a better way to do this! At the time, I had a close friend in Perth who owned a womenswear designer rental store and had constant conversations with her on how it all worked in the background. As we all know rental with womenswear is very popular and with that I started to study the hire market. I sought to see what was out there for men in terms of

designer suit hiring. The offerings were not designer based, and they were stale looking! So I decided to give it a crack and see if there was indeed a gap in the market for a men’s designer hire concept. I had a fashion designer best friend that I discussed the idea with and together we went around town and scoured for 20 suits that I could start hiring out. Little did I know that fast forward a year later I’d grow from 20 to 150 suits, stock a whole range of accessories, boast a whole showroom within my house, and have a loyal set of male clientele. Design rental has been very popular in womenswear, why do you think it remained such an untapped market for men? I think simply because of the stigma that men don’t care as much about fashion and designer labels as women. There’s that traditional notion that men usually rustle up something last minute from their closets for an event. To be honest it was also a big concern of mine on whether men could be bothered enough to set an appointment, and plan their outfit in advance to hire, but that notion was completely shattered from the moment I started Mr. Fierze. Granted so many men are still last minute beings, I work with that element. The other big factor is the fit and tailoring. With women’s dresses you can get away with not tailoring the hems of the garments, 36 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

but with suiting you just cannot get away with bad fits and long/ short hems on the sleeves and pants. Hence I am very careful with the suits I bring into store, and also offer hemming services to make sure looks like it was made for them. Whilst men prove to be avid consumers of fashion, they’re also renowned for being last minute in their fashion choices at the best of times. How does Mr. Fierze navigate this challenge? Oh very last minute indeed! BUT I pride myself in growing with the demands and meeting needs. I knew that meeting these last-minute appointments would be crucial to my business and so I work with that. I have an overnight turn around with my hires. In fact I have men that have come in to see me only a few hours before their event just because their suit didn’t fit anymore or they just left it too late. I do what I can to accommodate my client’s needs as much as I can, and that’s why they come back. You began with 20 suits in the living room, to a year later with a luxurious showroom. Tell us about how you went about creating this vision and expanded so rapidly and with such success? I have always had a vision in my head from the moment I started. I can already see what my showroom would look like

in 5 years time. Can I share what that would look like? Nah not yet – why spoil the surprises haha! In terms of growth, yes we’ve grown pretty quickly within the year because I have grown organically through meeting the demands of my clients. Really studying their behaviours to see what was being hired, what was not, and also what clients were asking for etc. I didn’t go purchasing a bulk of items hoping that it would be hired out. I stocked up on things mostly after receiving a few requests and knowing that a demand needed to be met. This is honestly the best way to grow your business, really understanding the behaviour of your clients and reading what they’re after or not. Not only that, I used to be the Head of Marketing for TONI&GUY Australia – so marketing and PR is in my blood. My small business mayg seem like a small venture, but the marketing and PR that backs it is pretty extensive from social media advertising, Google ads, unique business partnerships, media dressing, influencer alignments, and more! What do you think sets Mr. Fierze apart from its competitors/others on the market? Well first off, we are still the only designer suit hire business in Sydney and Australia. That could have possibly changed now as I know there were talks of other men’s hire businesses starting up. This only motivates me to stay one step ahead. My key differences within the designer hire space is my designer labels, the style of the pieces I stock, the element of it being different but not too out there as to scare gents away and also the one-on-one styling experience that comes with the hire. Unlike a normal retail store, my clients don’t come in and flick through the racks picking an outfit out. I operate Mr. Fierze like a showroom, so the moment a client enters they are invited to sit on our lounge and talk about the event they were attending and what look they intend to achieve. They are then styled to the nines and given a few options based on the consultation. This is not what makes our experience ‘luxury’ in the hire space. On top of this, I make it a point for Mr. Fierze to shoot its own seasonal campaigns and lookbooks so as to set us apart from the other stores. I

believe that our imagery and content all sets the tone of the brand, and being in a very visual industry and age, clients come to me because we are so edgy in our visuals. I work with some pretty sick talents in that arena to ensure my imagery, content and brand representations are always on point and reflecting the trends of the future. To top this off, as I mentioned before coming from a marketing and PR background I am always creating and marketing something new with the business. A crucial component of suit styling for men is the fit and tailoring. Can this still be achieved with design rental? Yes I did a lot of research prior to starting out on how I would offer men the best fit even though it was rental. I went to a number of hire places prior to opening that let me walk out of the store with no alteration option and I knew I didn’t want to replicate that. So, I have put in place temporary hemming solutions for the jacket sleeves and pants. Apart from that I am also very selective with my suit fits – they’re not too slim but also not standard fit, giving a broad range of body types a good fit! What is the process involved when it comes to hiring a rental with Mr. Fierze? Can you break that down/give an outline for our readers – i.e. what can they expect? My tagline sums it up – ‘FIT. WEAR. RETURN – IT’S THAT SIMPLE’. I make the whole process as seamless as possible. A client sets up a time to come in and I allocate a whole 45 minute slot to them. As mentioned above, unlike other hire places that are set up like a retail store, we are set up like a showroom. So you don’t come in and flick through the racks on your own – you sit down on our beautiful chesterfield couch and you tell us what event you are attending and the look that you envision achieving. We then give you a few styling options. We style you up to the nines so that you don’t have to worry about what pairing up accessories. This is the fun bit because gents loosen up during this process to try on suits they would never have normally tried on. This element here is quite crucial and this is why our 37 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

clients love our service, they don’t have to worry about pairing looks together. They are styled in a few looks to the nines, and they merely have to select the option they want. When they attend their events, they are so proud to wear the look out like as if they put it together themselves. After the fitting, we then reserve the outfit. One day before the event you pick up at the door, and you return it the day after. Dry cleaning and alterations all taken care of by us within the price! So it’s so simple! The best part is once our client has been in and tried a few different suits, they remember the various outfits and message me direct on my mobile to have various suits reserved for different events. It becomes even easier with the direct access to me and the sizing records/ profile card we have of each client. How can you assist the hair/barber industry with your service? Because I am from a hair industry background, I know so many hairdressers that attend events, award galas and more! So, they are always contacting me for outfits and to be dressed for their various appearances etc. Also, as I alluded to above Mr. Fierze might see an entry into the barbering arena shortly too – so watch this space! What are the plans for Mr. Fierze in the future? I started from my house a year ago, and now the space has outgrown my whole living room! We will be opening our first store within the coming months, and it will be a beautiful space for you to come and unwind, have a play with fashion, style, tailoring and HIRE! Eventually I would love to release our own line of Mr. Fierze suits that you can still hire or purchase. We will also eventually delve into the made-to-measure arena as we already get asked all the time if we could produce suits for our loyal clients. Mr. Fierze has big plans to eventually evolve into a one-stop shop that encompasses the best of fashion, grooming, barbering, and more! So watch this space!

A Conversation with Celebrity Master Barber, Filmmaker and Actor

Lewis T. Powell Before becoming an actor, director, producer, filmmaker, and screenwriter, Lewis T. Powell was already known in the entertainment circles, as one of the most respected celebrity master barbers in town. Powell’s clients “graced by his tools” include 50 Cent, OutKast (Andre 3000, Big Boi), Dwayne Wade, John Singleton, Chris Paul, Master P, David Koechner, and Rockmond Dunbar.

in Source, BBL, Billboard, Vibe and Impact Magazine for his various accomplishments.

Lewis, known as “Lew” to his friends is celebrating his 15th year in Hollywood, and his groundbreaking film, ‘Padlock Men’ continues to net attention and accolades. He graduated from Howard University, on a writing scholarship with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Management and has studied at UCLA taking the Feature Film Development class under former Paula Wagner’s Paramount-based company executive Sebastian Twardosz. Powell as an actor has been training over the years starting in college with various teachers and techniques in Washington DC from Howard University’s Theater department to the Los Angeles area; training with Ivan Markota / Van Marr Academy, Judith Weston, Actors Comedy Studio, AIDA - Australian Actors Institute and the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Achieving over 25 plus broadcast television & film acting credits from a recurring guest star role as Officer Norman on NBCʼs CSI:Las Vegas to appearing on shows Dexter, Bones, MOM, ER and director Martin Weisz, Sony released film Squatters. He also has several national and international commercials under his belt from clients such as Nike, Subaru, Quickbooks, Modelo beer and more. Lewis has produced, directed and produced several feature films, shorts, and music videos. His last feature film was acquired by Vanguard Cinema a mockumentary entitled How 2 Build A Rapper:The JP Mclean Story which featured artist and producers such as Big Boi of OutKast, Jazze Pha, Zukhan Bey, Badboys Chucky Thompson and more. Powell’s most noticeable music

Currently, his award-winning Short Film ‘PADLOCK MEN’ which he wrote, directed, produced, starred, is making its way around the film festival circuit nationally and internationally with 27 ‘Official Selections,’ 2 of which were Oscar qualifying to the project to date has a total of 16 wins and nominations. Lewis is known for his roles in the films, ‘Kings’ starring Halle Berry and Daniel Craig, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Squatters, starring Richard Dreyfuss and Gabriella Wilde, to name a few.

video produced starred comedians ‘Pierre’ and Oscar award winner Mo’Nique. His entertainment career initially began in music as a musician and artist; producing and releasing albums under his independent record company Col’Beast Entertainment working with various artists such as E-40, Too Short, Scarface, Born Jamericans Edley Shine, B-Legit and Nonchalant. He was listed in The Source’s Independence Day Celebration of Hip Hop’s Nat’l Underground Artists. The single release “How We Do” featuring Nonchalant stayed on the Billboard charts for over 18 weeks, peaking at #2 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. His music has been placed on the hit shows from America’s Next Top Model, Sean “Puffy” Combs’ Making the Band, to 50 Cents’ ‘Making Of” as well as several other film and television shows. He has also been featured 38 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

He continues to appear in films, as well as earning notice as a writer, producer, and director. We had a conversation with Lew about his diverse history and career


I’m a native of Washington, DC and became a Master Barber by family trade. My father has been a barber for 47 years, along with 17 barbers in my extended family. I started off as a sweeper at my family’s barbershop at age 5. I became known in the entertainment circles, as a celebrity master barber. I’ve probably cut the hair of over 50 celebrities like 50 Cent, Wale, OutKast (Big Boi, Andre 3000), John Singleton, Chris Paul, Soulja Boy, Master P, and David Koechner.


“I believe, if you aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way, it is all those little steps that make the journey complete.”


Growing up in the barbershop gives you a chance to experience men from various walks of life. You see them at some of their most vulnerable times and most intimate times, especially when sharing their life experiences to you. It’s something to be said about learning through other people’s experiences, while you’re gaining traction through your own.


I received a writing scholarship to Howard University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management and administration. I’ve always enjoyed writing and acting. I appreciate the creative process behind storytelling.


I’ve been very fortunate in Hollywood to have been in front of the camera acting with 25 credits/roles in television and films, and still counting. (smiles)


I’ve always enjoyed doing different things from writing to sharing authentic stories and the creative process behind it. I would say my true passion is a storyteller. Whether I am acting, writing or directing, it is all storytelling. I enjoy most sharing great stories.


Padlock Men is one of my featured projects. It’s a three episode limited series. I shot a proof of concept, which is available on Amazon Prime.

39 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1


It started in 2014. I woke up from my sleep one morning and saw this vivid picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy. It was like these series of pictures around 5 o’clock in the morning came to me and I started vividly speaking the narrative out loud. I had been waiting on an idea to come to me that I really wanted to work on. I knew I wanted to step into another level with my career. I wanted to tell stories of power through my writing that came from the perspective of black people and be unapologetic about it. Fast forward two years later, I shot the proof of concept. I am currently shopping a development and creative producer partnership for Padlock Men. I am receiving a lot of interest, so stay tuned.


He wasn’t a perfect man, but his perfection was in his imperfection. And, in that growth process, that we all share, he was an honest man to be able to allow himself to be true and organic for other people to grow along with him. And, that’s the type of work I want to put out. I want to put work out in the most honest way possible. Lew is quick to say, “The journey is the experience and the experience is the journey.” “I believe, if you aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way, it is all those little steps that make the journey complete.” “Sometimes, it just takes a little longer to get to your destination, but if you make sure to enjoy the journey, eventually, you will get there.” Stay tuned to Lewis T. Powell by following him on social media at: Twitter: @LewisTPowell IG: @LewisTPowell

THE GIFT OF Self Esteem


“An individual truly stands taller when they have received a fresh haircut”. As hair professionals, we know the impact a fresh new cut can have on a person’s self esteem but in communities that are in need, this can be an unaffordable luxury. Using your talents and skills to build the selfesteem of another individual is a beautiful way to give pride to another human being and sometimes the most amazing thing we can do for ourselves is to share our skills and abilities with another person. This is the mission of one very special organisation. Short, Back & Sidewalks is a project that offers haircuts to those in need. Free of charge. Free of judgement. Committed to boosting self-confidence and creating connection through cutting hair, open listening and conversation in casual environments that meet people where they are, the project assists people experiencing homelessness or the effects of poverty, distress, sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune or helplessness. And they need our help. Originating in Perth, the project is now ramping up operations by offering their services to people in need in NSW, Short, Back & Sidewalks are looking for barbers and hairdressers to join the project. In a stroke of pure genius, they are teaming up with Orange Sky Landry who provide free laundry, showers and conversation, and together, they are helping people living rough to enhance selfconfidence and provide opportunities to break the cycle of homelessness or disadvantage. Hair Biz Editor, Kym Krey spent time with the organisation’s founder, Craig Hollywood, to learn more about this incredible initiative.


Thank you so very much, it’s awesome to see the charity growing and being able to help more and more people as time goes on. I started Short Back & Sidewalks in early 2015 in Perth WA. I’d previously volunteered at soup kitchens around the city and noticed a requirement for assistance in areas that wouldn’t necessarily be 40 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

easily available, such as grooming etc. The idea to provide free haircuts was not only to give people an opportunity to freshen up, but also to provide some positive human connection as well.


Giving another person a free haircut seems simple on the surface, but we’ve learned it’s a lot more complicated. From the beginning, we’ve trialled various approaches to how we operate and now feel we have the right formula of connecting with service providers and taking our barbers to spaces where our clients are most comfortable. Getting the project off the ground would not have been possible had it not been for the input of a stream of different members of the local community. Whether it was lawyers providing much needed assistance with the complications of setting up a Not-forprofit, WA politicians, local businesses, web companies, media outlets, members of the public, not to mention our team of amazing barbers and hairdressers.


We are the only Not-for-profit in Australia that regularly gives free haircuts to members of the community experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and we can see the difference that this simple act can make to another person’s day. What have you learned about the issue of homelessness and those experiencing it through your conversations at these events? It’s obviously very complex. I would say the biggest thing we’ve learned is that no matter what age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or cultural background you represent, homelessness is something that can affect you. A lot of our barbers regularly have conversations with clients who have previously been part of very successful businesses, who now, for one reason or another, are living on the streets and seeking access to services such as ours.


Now we’ve been able to establish working relationships with service providers such as Rough Edges, St. Barts House, The Salvation Army, RUAH, Uniting Care West, Kensington Street Transitional Accommodation, Ngulla Mia, Passages and Orange Sky Laundry, it’s become a fairly well oiled process that involves us making the service provider aware we’re going to be at their venue at a certain time, giving them the opportunity get to the word out to clients and then turning up with our team of barbers or hairdressers ready to roll!


We’ve crossed paths with the Orange Sky team a fair bit over the years both in Perth and Sydney, so it was only a natural thing to join forces. For a client to be able to wash their clothes, get a free haircut and then have a shower all in the space of an hour, is a real one stop shop for them and very exciting for us to be able to provide. In Sydney we meet with them on the last Friday of every month and we’re always blown away by the community they’ve created for people in that space. Regardless of whether or not people are getting a shower, haircut or using their washing machines, it’s somewhere people can meet for a chat, and that’s something we think is very important.


We had a client called Ian in Perth who used to use our hair cutting services regularly when he was staying at St. Barts House, which is a temporary transitional accommodation for people who are actively trying to restructure their lives. Ian also got involved with another local charity called On My Feet, who organise 41 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

running groups offering the chance for improved mental and physical health whilst cultivating positive social connections within a supportive running community. We found out that Ian got pretty seriously into running and as a result completed the Perth City To Surf event. He was then asked to go to Melbourne to take part in their marathon. Ian has since been given employment and now works as a driver delivering food for people on the streets, plus he’s recently moved into permanent accommodation as well.


The most rewarding thing would be to hear someone say thank you for what we do and when they explain just how good they feel after getting a fresh new cut.


Any barber or hairdresser can help by donating a few hours a month and joining our team in either Perth or Sydney. The best way would be to email craig@ or send a message via our Instagram which is @short_ back_and_sidewalks.

Crooning witH Panasonic

A few years back Paul Dudfield was watching an old movie and saw how important barbers were back in the day. He then started to search the pretty limited internet, as it was back then, and found a barber school in Auckland which was about 3 hours from his home town. The rest as they say is HISTORY! Fast forward to today and Paul, who has now been barbering for almost 15 years, owns Crooners Barbershop and employs 4 staff members. “Crooners came about as I always loved the really old-style barbershop, explains Paul. “Just like back in the days of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc. I wanted a name which represented that era and Crooners came to me when I was brainstorming.” “In 5-10 years time, I hope to still have the shop I have now, being one the locals and others who travel, still love coming too as well as help my team reach their goals and dreams.” Also as an avid fan of the Panasonic Clipper Paul says he would love to share with other barbers how this one tool has helped his business, potentially open another shop and is keen to train other hungry barbers. With some great goals already achieved, we spoke to Paul about his business, his fav tools of the trade and what he offers at Crooners.

HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE DESIGN FOR THE SHOP? I travelled around different parts of the world visiting different barbershops and found many great

shops. I took parts of each shop I really liked and added my own twist. I always liked the old wooden look so I talked with a good friend of mine who is a builder. We found a great spot for a shop and it all began. We sourced out some old recycled timber and to break up the timber we added a vintage brick on the other walls. It was really a case of adding things as we were building it. We painted the ceiling black and added some old black and white pictures around the bulk head. I had the design in my head so trying to put everything together was very hard because if it was not perfect, it would not have worked. Luckily enough with hard work from a bunch of friends and myself we managed to get it looking just how I had hoped. Along the way we have added memorabilia, old posters, prize fighting belts etc and every week I am finding something else to make the shop look even better. With the help of my incredible team of barbers the sky’s the limit.

adult customers would like a cold beer. Revel were a new brewery at the time and we both thought we could help each other out. It has been great working with these guys.


With our Shaves, we make sure the customer is relaxed, beginning the process of shaving using hot towels to soften the skin and open the pores. And then using the best Shaving products we will give the customer a great relaxing close shave. Proceeded by the post shave treatment to make sure the skin

I approached these guys before I had even started building the shop to see if they would be interested in having their beer in the shop, if any 42 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1


We look after some high profile sports players such as Quade Cooper who plays Rugby union. He plays for Melbourne now but most of his career was with the QLD Reds and also played for the Australian Wallabies. Also, from the Brisbane Broncos rugby league team I have Jordan Kahu and Alex Glenn who also represent the Kiwis Team. Many of the young development squad who will be stars of the future also pop in. We also look after QLD rugby union team players, the twins Ruan Smith and JP Smith.



“Everything we do is done with pride and care. We respect the art, so no service is rushed as we want to make sure all of our clients leave the shop happy”. doesn’t get irritated at all again using our best products. We prefer to use Depot men’s Grooming products for our shaves. As beards have come back in trend, we have also honed our beard sculpting skills. Creating the shape of beard our clients are after is paramount as well as the use of razors to keep the line work clean. Our Groomsmen and wedding packages are basically that we organise a time for the Groomsmen party to come in and deliver any barber service they like. Whether it’s just a haircut for some or a haircut and shave for others… all with a complimentary beverage.


It’s imperative to work with good quality brands, not only as a barber but as a business owner. I pride myself on my work ethic so I have always done plenty of research to ensure myself and my staff are using top quality brands and products.


I first came across the Panasonic when I was working in a barbershop in Germany. While travelling around Europe perfecting my craft, I noticed that the majority of barbers and hairdressers were using the Panasonics as their main clipper. Once I used one for myself there was no going back. I knew this was a premium quality tool I had to have. I am extremely pleased to see that Panasonic was making its way to be well known in the AU/NZ market.


The design of the Panasonic is great. The X-taper blades are super sharp and the clipper itself is very easy to hold in the hand and is extremely lightweight which makes our job much easier and faster


The Panasonic is definitely the smoothest and sharpest cut out of all the clippers I have used. With 10,000 strokes per minute (Conventional Rotary Motor is only 6000 strokes per minute) Panasonics high speed linear motor provides smooth, constant cutting and doesn’t lag through thick or wet hair – it maintains constant speed and power until the battery needs recharging. The Panasonic sits in a handy little dock on our stations to charge and store when not in use. Customers are constantly telling me how they feel the difference. Also, the guards are a lot smoother on the head making for a much more comfortable experience for the client.


I always recommend the Panasonic clipper to any barber or hairdresser. They make the haircuts a lot easier also saving time. Also, with the guards being so easy on the head it helps with kids who don’t like clippers used on them. I have 43 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1






parents that will drive from suburbs away to come to our shop purely because the kids much prefer the comfort of the Panasonic.


We love how easy the clipper makes our job and how the end result is always great. They have been designed very well and Panasonic is defiantly a brand name that can be trusted and relied upon.


I get inspired by other barbers who have passion. Just from watching people work on videos or seeing photos of great cuts makes me want to go and do my own and inspire others. I would also love to teach and educate up and coming barbers and hopefully inspire them. Instagram @Croonersbarbershop Facebook Crooners barbershop Twitter Crooners barbershop


nutdust was started, with some friends, in Scotland in February 2017. After spending months investing in research, design and development of an all-natural, talc free, anti-chaffing, antibacterial, high quality product, ‘nutdust’ was brought to market.

“What a find! It has been a hot and humid Summer, the landing gear has been very uncomfortable. I scored a supply of nutdust for Christmas from my other half. It has done a fabulous job of keeping things fresh down there, while maintaining a most satisfying highland scent throughout the day! I also extended the nutdust utility down to my inner thighs, tackling that painful chafing that followed a big walk. Great stuff, go get some!” - Matt, Sydney “I’ve been using nutdust for a few weeks and in addition to being innovative and fun, its great to use. The powder is silky smooth and smells good. I will be using in the future and it is definitely on my gift list!” - Jim, CEO Seating Direct, Brisbane “Cheers James for the service. Being a builder this stuff is great for me, keeps me dry and comfy. Have started using it at footy as well, have found it good for both before and after the game. Started to pass it onto the lads in the change room, creating a good laugh but the boys are liking it... looking forward to trying barenuts when it is available :)” - Dan, Sydney “I’ve been using nutdust clansman for about 4 weeks and its fantastic. The fragrance and texture is great and in the heat we’ve been getting in Sydney, it works a treat with everything down below kept fresh. I really appreciate the effort you have made to use natural ingredients and deliver a product that really performs, nice job!” - Dave, Sydney

Specifically developed for the men of Scotland allowing them to feel fresh under their kilts, without the health concerns associated with talc and all whilst not smelling like a baby or your granny.

“It was a no brainer for us, when you consider both the heat and humidity of the Australian climate. It instantly provides an ideal market for nutdust to be both needed and loved by Australian men,” says James Corner

nutdust was launched and within a matter of months the brand was stocked in over 50 independent retailers. Several overseas retailers, also now stockists, took interest, even though the brand had not been promoted outside of Scotland!

“Over the past 12 months we have spent considerable time in researching, designing, developing and further expanding the nutdust range. Our product selection and development has seen us focus on 2 new complimentary and exciting products, specially developed for men’s special grooming needs. Barenuts (arriving soon), a gentle pubic hair removal cream that will simplify many a man’s life, and smooth nuts, an age defying, anti-wrinkle moisturiser that can provide an alternative to scrotox; which continues to grow in popularity.“

The journey that started with trying to find a simple solution to a real problem for kilt wearers, followed by months of research and consultation with medical specialists, natural remedy practioners, chemists, cosmetic testers and regulatory bodies, finally provided a product that would take the brand beyond the realm of kilt wearing. Today, customers use nutdust on a daily basis. Athletes ranging from cyclists, runners, footballers to hill walkers, gym enthusiast and yogi’s, as well as businessmen in their suits, to tradies on the job site, to your ‘man aboot town’, they are all loving their nutdust! This innovative brand has already enjoyed great media coverage and the word will certainly spread as the men’s grooming industry continues to grow. What’s next? Success and exposure has led the brand to make the decision to bring the nutdust range to the Australian shores where the originators now live. 44 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

The product range also increases the opportunity for men to check themselves for the lumps and bumps associated with testicular cancer. “We passionately support and aim to increase awareness of men’s health issues. And we hope our products will enable men to more freely talk about self-care and men’s health concerns.” Owners of nutcare James and Julie, are certainly doing something with this new inclusion to the expanding manscaping industry… but you have probably figured that out already. | Telephone: 1300 988 949


essential grooming for men An ancient legend from the highlands of Scotland, nutdust is made from only natural ingredients. The nutdust botanical extracts will purify the skin and help eliminate unwanted bacteria. The natural base powder is free from talc and carcinogenic impacts. nutdust is a genuine alternative to creams that will keep you dry and comfortable. Currently retailing in over 60 stores across Scotland, nutdust has just landed in Australia. nutdust will support your clients grooming needs, you make them look good, we make them feel fresh, join the revolution in men’s grooming! Telephone 1300 988 949 | Email:

Order before 31st March, 2019 and receive 10% of your order

Jim Shaw

HAIR: JIM SHAW USING AMERICAN CREW, UK Photographer: Tony Le-Britton Make-Up: Roseanna Velin Styling: Bernard Connolly

Welcome back, Kotter BY Melissa McAuley

Hair: Melissa McAuley

@mel_sagehairandbeautylounge Salon: Sage Hair and Beauty Lounge @sagehairandbeautylounge Photographer: Victor Low Makeup artist: Felicia Yong Stylist: Jessica Chan

This was my first big shoot and I wanted to really pay homage to the 70’s. The styles, the sharp looks, the way they really make men’s hair look elegant. I remember when I was younger, watching a lot of the TV shows that were from the late 70’s and how I thought the hair was really cool. I wanted to create something that was my version of that amazing era.

Barberland at Hair Expo 2019 GET YOUR FIX OF SKILLS, TRENDS AND INSPIRATION AT HAIR EXPO AUSTRALIA 2019 Hair Expo Australia has announced that its dedicated barbering education offering will return to the 2019 event in Sydney, following its huge success at last year’s Melbourne show. The professional event for the hair industry is back in Sydney this year at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour, held over the Queen’s Birthday weekend from 8-10 June. Barbers can check out the newest offerings from big brands in haircare and grooming including Andis, Excellent Edges, Wahl and Zen Master; as well as independent brands like The Groomed Man Co., and new gender-neutral brand, ANTI Collective.

LESSONS FROM LEADING EXPERTS IN MEN’S HAIR Local favourite Jules Tognini and his Lil’ Off the Top education team will demonstrate tailormade cuts that enhance the personality of your client in his Barberland session, ‘Dudes’. A finalist for Hair Expo’s Men’s Hairdresser/Barber of the Year Award in 2018, Jules’ session at Hair Expo 2018 was a hit and he’s set to bring the same energy and fun to his unique version of men’s hair education in Sydney. South Australia’s The Barbery Artistic Team, including Johnny Georgiou, Anthony Staltari and Donny De Sanctis, will be showing why they’re running some of the leading barbershops in the country in ‘SWITCH’. The team will take the audience through an unplugged and intimate presentation of men’s high-end finishing techniques and fashion-forward looks. For those who want to master their fading technique, Andis educator and Kings Domain barber Jordan Tabakman will take you through everything you need to know about executing a flawless fade. Jordan will show how to approach a faded haircut; when to execute a low, medium or a high fade, and how to blend seamlessly. There are plenty more Barberland sessions in the mix that will be rolled out over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out! Tickets for Hair Expo Australia, including the dedicated Barberland education pass, will go on sale in early March 2019. Head to to pre-register and get set for the Festival of Hair in Sydney!

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Credits: Uros Mikic

Book your Barberland Pass for Hair Expo A full day of Barbering Education (5 sessions!) + 3 day Expo entry

Join 9,000+ hairdressers and barbers Discover over 200 products and brands


More information at

FUNDING AVAILABLE TO GET QUALIFIED IN BARBERING Become qualified in the nationally recognised qualification – Certificate III in Barbering SHB30516 under the Trade Skills Assessment and Gap Training (TSAGT) Program thanks to a Queensland Government initiative.

The program funds trade skills assessments and subsequent gap training for priority trade qualifications only. (TSAGT) Program gives eligible Queenslanders with substantial industry experience the opportunity to complete a priority trade qualification. Brisbane School of Barbering are pleased to be a supplier under the program enabling eligible applicants to apply for RPL and Gap training. The program involves Brisbane School of Barbering assessing the skills of experienced individuals who can demonstrate substantial competency in Barbering. To be eligible applicants must be RPL’d in a minimum of 60% of the qualification. BSB will then provide gap training for up to 40 per cent of the remaining competencies to complete the trade qualification. In addition to supporting Queenslanders to achieve a priority trade qualification, the program aims to minimise current and potential trade skills shortages as well as supporting individual career advancement within industries. To learn more about the program, its aims and participant eligibility, please contact Brisbane School of Barbering. General Manager Tina Palazzotto said “Being awarded this contract and being able to deliver its outcomes is a great opportunity for those skilled members of the barbering community who have honed their skills over many years without any formal recognition. Eligible applicants can be recognised for the years of industry work they have undertaken and given the opportunity to get qualified via skills assessment and gap training”. Eligibility for the program requires you to be an Australian citizen living in Queensland or a New Zealand citizen permanently living in Queensland and those on Humanitarian Visas or temporary visas awaiting permanent residency. You must be over 21 and not have a trade qualification in a similar industry. Qld Government will fund the RPL and Gap training with students only required to pay a student co-contribution fee towards the gap training. With a window of opportunity closing in September 2019 it is an ideal time to apply as there are limited spaces on the program. For more information contact Ph: 07 3229 2999

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GET QUALIFIED AT BRISBANE SCHOOL OF BARBERING Trade Skills Assessment and Gap Training (TSAGT) Program (Queensland Government funding available to eligible participants)

& Apprentice training program (on campus/in shop). Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Pathway and Certificate III Vocational Training Programs. 3229-2999

Brisbane School of Barbering is a division of Academies Australasia Hair & Beauty - RTO 32488

4 Hot Digital To Do’s for your shop in 2019 BY ESTELLE OLIVERI

This year, give your Digital Presence the KICK it needs! The 4 focused areas below are Hairpin Digital’s top To Do tips for 2019. Get this right EARLY in the year, and by December 2019, you will notice a difference in your digital efforts. Don’t let another year pass you by! Focus on what WORKS digitally and remove all the ‘noise’ around you.


Reviews on Google are the highest form of credibility your business can attain in the digital world. In 2018, we at Hairpin Digital noticed an increase in salons becoming more active in attaining Google Reviews, however we have a long way to go! This year, become more proactive on Google and learn how many reviews your business has compared to your competitors in your local area. If you’ve got more than 100 recommendations on your Facebook Business Page, then you can acquire at least 25 reviews on Google. For clients to write your business a Google Review they are required to have a Gmail account. Chances are that a good portion of your existing clients already have a Gmail account. Work hard at this one! Make Google Reviews your primary focus in early 2019. Build and build on your reviews on this platform and you will start to see direct results from this in the second half of the year. Set yourself a goal, if you currently have 4-10 reviews on your Google listing page, aim for 50 reviews.


After a client leaves your shop, do you have a digital survey form they can fill out? Depending on which online booking system you have, digital survey forms can be sent via SMS or emailed to clients after their shop visit. Digital surveys are a great way to funnel your greatest fans toward writing you a review at your chosen online review site (go for Google!) or allow you to address issues before someone writes a negative review online. You can setup a survey easily on the platform Survey Monkey (www. If you need some help getting your survey set up, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you get it going.


2018 was the year that businesses were introduced to the notion of “Chatbots”. If you actively read social media forums, attend workshops or follow social media

gurus, Facebook Chatbots would have surfaced as a hot topic. Chances are you’ve already engaged with one through your personal Facebook messenger app. However, if you were living under a digital rock in 2018, Facebook Messenger Chatbots allow you to ‘chat’ with potential clients via an automated conversation that you pre-programmed, allowing you to get on with what you do best in your business. Facebook Messenger Chatbots are setup within third party platforms and connect to your Facebook Business account. It can be setup yourself, or you can get a Digital Marketing agency to setup a more complex version for you. The ultimate benefit of setting up a Facebook Messenger Chatbot is having your own “digital concierge” or receptionist who can answer commonly asked questions from potential clients and funnel new and existing clients through to your online booking system. If you haven’t already joined the Facebook Messenger Chatbot bandwagon, why not? What is holding you back from this fantastic digital marketing tool? Add this to your MUST HAVE list for 2019.


Let’s face it, organic reach is DEAD. Posting regularly to Facebook and Instagram does three things - 1. Posts are presented (initially) to less than 1% of your existing clients telling them that your business is still active. 2. Posts show new 54 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

potential clients who seek your business page that your business is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. 3. Posts uploaded show potential and existing clients the quality of work and products available in your shop. Sadly, since 2013 organic reach of posts has declined rapidly. If you want your business to be found on social platforms and reach new people, the option is to advertise. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is NOT BOOSTING posts. This is not a recommended strategy - and only puts your hard-earned cash in the social giants’ fat wallets. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is quite cheap compared to other marketing channels. In 2019, if you want to stand out in the crowd in social media - set aside an advertising budget for the entire year - a minimum of $2000 or approx. $165 a month (that’s less than $40 a week!). Start your advertising on the right foot in 2019. Either learn how to advertise properly or get in touch- we’d love to help you! Estelle Oliveri, is the director of HAIRPIN DIGITAL – Affordable, effective digital marketing solutions for businesses focused in Hair and Beauty. Join Hairpin Digital’s Facebook Group – SALON SOCIAL MEDIA GROUP and keep up with the latest with every social media for salons and barbershops. Hairpin Digital is aligned with Geoffrey Herberg Education.

New Arrival

Havana Barber Chair

The Havana Barber Chair is the perfect touch of Old meets New, Comfort meets Style. This Traditional Style Barber Chair can conform to any finish, adding as a striking piece to any Barber Shop Features: • Upholstery available in Olive, Black or Tan • Disc Hydraulic • Reclining Backrest • Adjustable Footrest

For further information or for your nearest JOIKEN distributor call 02 8781 0123 or email:

Which barber software is right for my business? BY RYAN BAKER

According to a recent survey, the male grooming sector continues to grow from strength to strength. Since 2012, beauty and personal care launches specifically targeted at men have increased globally by more than 70%! STEP 1 - WHAT DO YOU NEED?


Some barber software solutions only do simple scheduling, while others have tons of bells and whistles you probably won’t use (but will still pay for). Most businesses need something in the middle that combines a flexible calendar with simple, yet powerful business tools like visual reporting and marketing. Jot down a list of your software needs and compare it to what’s on offer.

“The service is great, friendly, and the system is easy to use, and a good price for the quality!” - Martijn Houweling, Toon’s Barber Shop, Amsterdam

The right barber software will simplify your life and make running your business a breeze. It will run on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, no matter where you are, and be easy for both staff and clients to use.


Not all software will run on all devices, so it’s important you take this into account when looking at your options. Ask yourself: • Will my existing equipment (computer, barcode scanner, etc.) work with the new software I choose? • Is there an iPhone or Android app? Can we access the appointment calendar and other business information on our phones? • Will it work with my other business software like Afterpay, Xero, or Mailchimp?

Talk to others in the industry to get an idea of what’s already working for people. Read reviews, check social media accounts, and get an idea of how the company behind the barber software interacts with its users. Do they release features often? Is their customer support helpful and accessible?

The best way to see if a piece of software is right for your business though, is to just give it a go. If there’s a free trial available, test out the software and get your staff’s opinions too. Ryan Baker is the CEO and co-founder of Timely Salon and Spa Software. Timely runs your whole business, from any of your devices. Easily manage your calendar, clients, staff, stock, reporting & more! Timely’s cloudbased software has all the time-saving tools you need to do better business. Timely is secure, reliable, and our friendly support team are always here to help.

56 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

Been using Timely since day one its amazing. Bloody everything you’ve ever wanted - customer retention, data, and it makes everything clear. — Jonathan Cannizzaro, Valiant Barbers

Say yes, and we’ll take care of the rest. Talk to us on (03) 8518 4957, or visit to get started.

Running or Starting a SHOP in 2019? Here’s why you should ditch cash! BY BEN PFISTERER

So you’ve decided to either venture out on your own and start a barbershop this year or you are already in business for yourself. Along with any monetary success you might achieve, being in business for yourself comes with great personal rewards. The hairdressing, barber and beauty industry is in good health it seems. Industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualised 0.8% over the five years through 2018-19, to $6.5 billion, with new markets, a growing population, an increasing trend of male grooming, and projected increases in household discretionary income having all aided the sector’s growth.* When you ask any small business owner what their number one business challenge is, you’re likely to get the same answer nine times out of ten: getting paid. This makes choosing a point-of-sale system, and the types of payments you are going to accept, some of the most important business decisions you will make. Australia is rapidly heading towards being a cashless society and the sooner businesses ditch cash, the better off they’ll be. Here are three reasons why this makes sense.


A 2018 report released by Square highlights that 81 per cent of Australians now prefer cashless forms of payment, and one in three are actually card-only shoppers who no longer carry any cash at all**. This consumer preference for card payments does not come as a surprise when you consider that the average Aussie is only carrying around $50 in their wallet at any moment. Even the recent removal of ATM fees by our big banks hasn’t seemed to sway consumers back towards cash, with the same research revealing 2.5 million Australians reported they hadn’t withdrawn money in at least four weeks, and a further 2.3 million stating they couldn’t remember the last time they even visited an ATM.


One of the biggest myths that needs to be debunked in the business world is the very real cost of accepting cash payments. The time it takes business owners and staff to have cash ready for trading, prepare daily tills, handle cash transactions, reconcile books and deposit cash each day, can quickly add up. In 2018, SMBs were wasting an average of 216 hours per year (that’s almost 29 working days) handling, counting and banking cash**. That’s a huge cost when we consider that the minimum wage for an Australian worker is just over $18, so we could say that managing cash is costing the Australian SMB sector a minimum of $8.7 billion in annual staff wages. This is a cost that SMB owners could instead be using to hire more staff, serve their customers better, diversify their product and service offering, or even invest in an integrated digital payments system that will refine their business processes and boost their bottom line. Just like renting a business space or hiring employees, payments are a normal operational cost that should be accounted for — and that includes cash too. Many people think of cash as being cheaper and easier because there’s effectively no direct charge to them to accept it, therefore it must be free. This is simply not true, the fact is that cash has a very real cost to every business owner.


There are many benefits to gain from accepting cards or digital payments in your business, including speed of use; no double-handling; no recording errors; seamless integration to your banking and accounting software; plus a great record of 58 Barber Shop Year 8 Issue 1

customer data. These are all advantages that you lose when you’re dealing with cash. For example, cash is anonymous, which is useful in some contexts but not when it comes to capturing all valuable customer data, such as spending habits or preferences that enable business owners to provide an improved or personalised purchase experience. Sure, if you’re using a decent point-of-sale system you can still record cash spending and hope that it’s manually entered correctly by your employees, but what about the customer profile? If gathering customer insights is important for your business, as it is many, then accepting cash becomes useless to you because it doesn’t generate this type of information without you manually chasing it. The fact is that digital payments are now a simpler, faster, safer and more intelligent way to pay and get paid. It won’t be long until we are saying farewell to cash for good. My advice is to make sure you’re ahead of the curve when that happens. Ben Pfisterer, is the Australian Country Manager and Head of APAC for Square. Square, Inc. (NYSE:SQ) creates tools that help sellers start, run, and grow their businesses. Square enables sellers to accept card payments and also provides reporting and analytics, next-day settlement, and dispute management. Square’s free point-of-sale software and other business services help sellers manage inventory, locations, and employees; engage customers; and grow sales. Square was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland, and the UK. References * **

DON’T LOSE FACE Discover what real men want.

A high performance hair and grooming range created by hairdressers and barbers for bold, modern looks. For more information and to become A BED HEAD FOR MEN stockist contact: NSW & SA: 02 9871 9210 | QLD, VIC, WA & TAS: 1800 251 215 or email: WWW.BEDHEAD.COM

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