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Protecting your Data from Cyber Attacks


Making a Difference with a New Outlook We usually picture a CEO as a formally dressed person seated behind the glass doors with limited access or a proficient leader who addresses the employees at conferences or public events. Well, not anymore. The definition of CEOs has surely changed over the years. CEOs today are interested in the growth and development of their employees. They know that the company will grow with the growth of its people. Perhaps, that is why these leaders are known as Inspiring CEOs. Prime View has put together a compilation on of the success of such awe-inspiring CEOs who believe in not only leading the genera on to success but empowering them to redefine success. The issue titled, “THE 20 MOST ADMIRED CEO’S TO WATCH IN 2020”; appreciates the hard work and dedication on of these eminent leaders. Featuring as our cover story is the success story of Gorakh Bhosale, CEO of ZPlusCyberSecure Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Gorakh shares his impressive experience with us highlighting the highs and lows of the business world. The article also focuses on the success strategies and inspiring thoughts of Gorakh that helped him through the challenges. Gorakh is a successful CEO today and is living his dream every day, with contentment. We have also highlighted the professional success of renowned CEOs of varied industries who have climbed the ladder of success despite the challenges. Inclusive are the success stories of Saubhagya Tripathi, CEO of Blue9 Technologies, Kaushik Saraf CEO of Cymatic, Sushant Sharma CEO of Digilook Healthcare, Atulya Joshi Founder and CEO of IoTian Technologies, Sanjay Kulkarni CEO of Sunfire Technologies. Prime View is privileged to provide a platform of recognition to all these great leaders who ignite a flame of passion in every emerging CEO. Thanks you! Prime View Magazine






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16 Saubhagya Tripathi

Kaushik Sharaf

Sushant Sharma





36 Sanjay Kulkarni

Atulya Joshi Founder and CEO.


32 Vinayak Shrivastav CEO

Top 5 CEOs from India, who are leading the 20 business world

The Letter to Leaders



Gorakh Bhosale MD & CEO

Protecting your Data from Cyber Attacks

ZPLUSCYBERSECURE TECHNOLOGIES DEALING WITH THE SECURITY NEEDS COMPREHENSIVELY! ZPlusCyberSecure Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions for virtual, cloud and software-defined data centres. Their award-winning solution portfolio delivers service level assurance for the business-critical application while maximizing IT efficiency. Each Zplus cyber secure Technologies Pvt. Ltd services are customized to suit consumers, small businesses, Government establishments and corporate houses. The company's R&D has focused on computer and network security solutions. They believe in securing customers by providing innovative services, knowledge, and valued security solutions. With a vision to become the most trusted leader in securing the Digital World, ZPlusCyberSecure Technologies has been helping brands reach their optimum potential by liberating their team of 40 highly expert, experienced, co-operative employees with the knowledge of upgraded technology.

THE INCEPTION As marketing that too Digital Marketing is an Innovative and Ever-green field and an essential one for any start-up to grow its business worldwide that too in minimal time, budget and man-power. For Developing and Encouraging the youth for Entrepreneurship a successful direction is to be set, for this Zplus has taken a motive by organizing the workshop and seminar to reduce the technical gap between the Academia and Industrial for the institutional students.

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE PORTFOLIO As per the daily changes or up-gradations in technology Zplus is working in the different fields including Digital marketing, Software Development, Website/ Web Development, Cyber Security, Forensic Investigation. Zplus is working in these service fields as these services utility are mostly in the Business sector, Industrial Sector, IT Sector, MSME Sector, Law sector, Education Sector, Crime branch(Government Sector), Banking Sector. Here are the major services offered by the company: 1. Cyber Security Services. 2. Forensics Investigation. 3. Digital Marketing & Business Development. 4. Software Development & Software Testing. 5. Website Development & Website Testing. 6. CMS &ERP Solutions. 7. Mobile Apps Development & Testing. 8. AMC Audit & Antivirus Services. 9. Industrial Projects Training & Placements. 10. Corporate Services. The Benefits of providing the services in the above-listed service fields are as follows: 1. To make the task easy and in a time effective way. 2. To secure the data in storage or transit. 3. To provide help to solve the critical criminal cases. 4. To reach the target audience easily and in an affordable way.

Zplus team has also decided to start a new helpline facility in Cyber Security & Forensic Investigation Service fields.

SUCCESSFULLY COMPETING WITH OTHER COMPANIES Some of the strategies implemented by Zplus for other companies • Website Development and Android Application development for Cosmo ADDS so as they can go hand in hand with the modern technology • Building Website for Print world and Yash Cargo Packers and Movers so as they can reach their customers in no time and serve them in a qualitative manner

• A Business Development strategy for Relyon Software so that Zplus and Relyon can gain profit mutually MAJOR CHANGES IN THE INDUSTRY

As Today’s business environment requires compaSandip Gadekar nies to undergo multiples changes, the changes can be technical one or the legal government one so it becomes mandatory to every organization to make a hand with these changes to be successful in the market as well to be present in the market before making any Organizational change Zplus keeps focus on these factors So the Zplus team always tries to go along with the current business environment. For managing the organizational change a quickly adaptable change management plan is carried out which is thoroughly discussed with the Zplus team views regarding the change are taken to go or not with the change, all the inputs required and their concurrent outputs are been stated, all the risk factors with their primitive measures to avoid the risk are discussed, a complete change management plan then is implemented. So the Zplus team always tries to go along with the current business environment. For managing the organizational change a quickly adaptable change management plan is carried out which is thoroughly discussed with the Zplus team views regarding the change are taken to go or not with the change, all the inputs required and their concurrent outputs are been stated, all the risk factors with their primitive measures to avoid the risk are discussed, a complete change management plan then is implemented.

Akash Danane

CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION IN THE WORKSPACE Zplus organizes various Events which include both Corporate Events & month-end functions so the communication and sharing of ideas between the employees grow. Zplus arranges grooming sessions so that its employees will be always on front-foot for handling any professional client and arrange travel tours for employee refreshments.

CREATING LONG TERM CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS As Zplus is customer satisfaction focused organization it takes countless efforts for maintaining good relations with its customer for listing a short following are the focused points; • Provide reliable Services • Try to understand what actually the requirement of the customer is

• Create an achievable plan for obtaining customer requirements, yes of-course discussing with our customer

• Proper Planning for the profit gaining

Output • Always try to be innovative in our work

• Be Time oriented; also try to keep your customer time-oriented

• Be communicative with your Client ROAD MAP In the next 5 years, Zplus is planning to open a new branch in Germany and the USA and to make 1000+ digital startups.

Suraj Sonavane

Gorakh Bhosale shared, “As Zplus in its next 5 years will be setting its official branches in the US and London it will be profitable to Zplus as well as to the Indian Economic growth.” His Perception for Zplus in the next 5 years is to start international projects and also to develop Zplus own Security Software and Mobile Antivirus Applications.

GUIDING FORCE Gorakh Bhosale With a strong background in MCM, DCM, PGDCS, CEH, ITIL, ISO:27001, Gorakh holds over 15 years experience in renowned IT Company as Cyber Security Expert. Besides, he is interested in Social Awareness for Cyber Security and Fictional Representation (Drama)

Sandip Gadekar A Technical Background with Bachelors in Information Technology, Sandip has been working for more than 6 years experience. He has a keen interest in Travelling, R&D in Technical Up-gradations and Social work.

Suraj Sonawane Suraj did Bachelors in Commerce and holds 6 years experience in Digital Marketing. He is a vivid traveller with interest in reading Technical Blogs.

Akash Danane Ranjeet Jagtap

A young Entrepreneur with intellectual visionary, Akash holds Bachelor’s in Computer Applications and short but commendable experience of 6 months in Digital marketing a traveller and a sports person

Ranjeet Jagtap Ranjeet holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer and has 3 years experience in Information System. He is a vivid traveller with interest in reading Technical Blogs.

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Digital Media and User Experience is hot among businesses in the last few years after our Prime Minister gifted a mission of digital India in 2016 which made more people realize the need to absorb digital marketing and other IT services in their business layout. Present-day, every small, medium and large business are surfing on the digital wave to reach new heights. For those who are yet to explore the power and changing face of digital media and user experiences, BLUE 9 TECHNOLOGIES is there to support you. Holistic in its approach, Blue 9 Technologies was incepted in 2015 with a solitary mission to modernize IT, optimize data architectures, and make everything secure, scalable and orchestrated across public, private and hybrid clouds. One of the pioneered digital service providers. Blue9 Technologies' extensive partner network helps drive collaboration and leverage technology independence. The company has established 8 strategic partners: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, HCL, IBM, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware. Blue9 Technologies has successfully guided the largest enterprises and government agencies through successful change cycles.

were over-glorified but when he stepped into the shoes of an entrepreneur, how much there is to the glories.

Saubhagya Tripathi CEO THE TECHNOCRAT WHO CEMENTED THE VISION Saubhagya Tripathi is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a technocrat with a passion for helping businesses grow, scale and take their performance to the next level. He strives to make a difference by inspiring people and giving them the support they need to take care of them and to understand who and what is important to them. With 138 employees worldwide, the company’s deep experience gives it a clear and confident vision to help clients navigate the future.


The imagination of the journey was far much easier than the journey itself. Saubhagya always felt that startup's stories

He stepped into the startup ecosystem when he was 19 year. And in this ecosystem, no one believes a 19-year-old kid with a handful of people in his team. But things took a drastic turn when Blue9 Technologies was awarded and recognized as COMPANY OF THE YEAR, in Application Development from a reputed business magazine. In a short period, they outnumbered other big IT industry players in terms of revenue generation and closed that financial year with a whopping $1.34 M annual revenue.

“Throughout my SHORT journey so far, I have realized that great advice comes along seldom and you should embrace it rather than having your walls up so high that you cannot fathom criticism. Constructive criticism is what will help you challenge yourself, your ideas and eventually lead to better processes. I have thought about giving up many times but that lasts for a few hours and then I am back on my bull riding through the corporate ring. Whatever highs and lows it brings, I love it,� arrows Saubhagya. 16

We will soon launch our in-house digital solutions, in collaboration with IBM Watson. We are also looking to extend our operations to Canada and Finland by the end of 2020. We strive to support a culture of performance, matched with integrity.

cannot fathom criticism. Constructive criticism is what will help you challenge yourself, your ideas and eventually lead to better processes. I have thought about giving up many times but that lasts for a few hours and then I am back on my bull riding through the corporate ring. Whatever highs and lows it brings, I love it,” arrows Saubhagya. SERVICE PORTFOLIO Blue9 Technologies helps customers across the entire enterprise technology stack with differentiated industry solutions:

• • • • • • • • •

Technology Consultation Workplace & Mobility Security Cloud & Platform Services Enterprise & Cloud Applications Application Development Analytics CRM & ERP Solutions Automation of Operations E-Com merce Management


Many Businesses and Industries still use primitive, outdated technology leading to poor quality and low productivity. They do not have adequate funds, skills or resources to engage in research and development to develop new technologies. Leveraging the unique use of technology to turn out

the best results for clients makes Blue 9 Technologies stand out in the industry. “We bring our clients' automated workflow, collaboration, and machine learning integrations to connect business processes on a secure Cloud Content Management platform. We are well synchronized with all the updated practices in technology and leave no stone unturned when it comes to matching the upcoming demands and standards of connectivity, analytics, and experience,” states Saubhagya.


Blue9 Technologies strives to create a young, fun-loving, open yet professional and hard-working office environment. The company believes in working as a team and allows its employees to be as comfortable as possible to get the best possible outcome.

“We have comfortable working hours, employee feedback system so we can improvise the work environment more efficiently; team building activities are organized every Friday. We are not just a company...we are a family”, Saubhagya further adds. 17


Blue9 Technologies strives to create a young, fun-loving, open yet professional and hard-working office environment. The company believes in working as a team and allows its employees to be as comfortable as possible to get the best possible outcome.

“We have comfortable working hours, employee feedback system so we can improvise the work environment more efficiently; team building activities are organized every Friday. We are not just a company...we are a family”, Saubhagya further adds.


“Honesty and deep care about clients’ business help us to create long term relationship. Invest a part of yourself with your clients...and believe me they will never leave you; what motivates me is to see people chasing and accomplishing their dreams...and when there is part/contribution of my firm in their success, no one is happier than me”, Saubhagya Tripathi shares.


• Company Of The Year 2017 • 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch • ZEE Business Leaders & Summit Award • Company Of The Year • DIPP Recognized by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry • Keynote speaker at IIT Roorkee • Judge at a startup Event at IIT Roorkee • Keynote Speaker at IIM Rohtak • Nominated by FORBES 30 under 30, 2020 for Enterprise Technology • Currently as a Mentor with Startup India


The global information technology industry is on pace to reach $5 trillion in 2019, according to the research consultancy IDC. Economies, jobs, and personal lives are becoming more connected, more automated, and more digital. Waves of innovation build over time, powering the technology growth engine that appears to be on the cusp of another major leap forward. Blue9 Technologies has the ability to lead digital transformations for clients by modernizing and integrating their mainstream IT, and by deploying digital solutions at scale for a successful digital future.


CrescoHR Pvt.Ltd.

India’s leading and fastest growing HR Consulting firm

Services to IT and Non IT Sectors :• • • •

Staffing Recrutiment HR Consulting Training & Development

CrescoHR Pvt Ltd 2nd Floor, 'B' Wing, Office No. 5, Destination Center, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar Pune - 411 013 (India)

Tele : +91 8087311666 Mobile : +91 7756900666, +91 7756800666 E-mail : Website :

In the last few years, many business people from India have emerged as a business leader and are getting great accomplishments. They have amazed the entire world with their success and are creating their marks. From Google to Microsoft, Indian businessmen are on top positions. Though, it is not possible to describe about all of them in a single article so, here, we listed the top 5 energetic and excellent CEOs from India who are leading the business world.

5 CEOs from India, who are renowned name and making country proud: Satya Nadella (Microsoft) Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft. He was appointed as CEO on 4 February 2014. In 1992, he joined Microsoft and quickly became known within the company as a leader. In academic, Nadella holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering in electronics and communication from Manipal Institute of Technology and did his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and an MBA from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business

Sundar Pichai (Google) Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google Inc. He had born in Tamil Nadu and his actual name is Pichai Sundarajan. In 2004, he joined the company and led the rollout of chrome and oversaw some of its key applications including Gmail and Maps. Earlier, he was positioned as Product Chief and came into his current role on August 10, 2015, as part of a restructuring process which made Alphabet Inc. Pichai did engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, West Bengal.


 Â? Â? Â? Â?  ­ ­ Rajeev Suri (Nokia) Rajeev Suri is the CEO of Nokia; he got this position in May 2014. Before this, he was the CEO of Nokia Solutions and Networks since 2009 and held various positions in Nokia since 1995. Suri became the CEO of Nokia when the sale of Nokia’s phone division to Microsoft Mobile was completed. Rajeev holds Bachelor degree in Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology and worked for multinational corporations in Nigeria and India, before joining Nokia.

Indra Nooyi (Pepsico) This list is incomplete without mentioning the name of Indra Nooyi. She is a reputed and famous name in India; she is ranked among the World’s 100 most powerful women. Indra is to be the first independent female director of the ICC Board and the 2nd most powerful woman on the Fortune list 2015. Presently, she is an Indian American business executive, working as the Chairman of Pepsico. Indra began her career with the position of product manager at Johnson and Johnson and there after she moved on to Pepsico. She had born in Tamilnadu, India. Nooyi did her graduation in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from the University of Madras and Masters in Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management.

Shantanu Narayen(Adobe) Shantanu Narayen is an Indian American business executive. In the year 1988, he joined Adobe as a senior vice-president of worldwide product research and then was promoted to the position of Executive Vice President. In November 2007, he finally appointed to his current position. Narayen did his bachelors from the University College of Engineering, Osmania University in India and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and also an MS from Bowling Green State University. This was our list of trailblazers of business from India. These CEOs from India are not only famous for their position or success, but they are getting fame also for their contribution towards the future generation. 21

Incorporated in 2017, Cymatic is enhancing the learning of the student by offering advanced technological solutions in Bihar. It is committed to transforming India’s GenNext into educated and competent individuals, with a strong character, thereby generating a real wealth of the nation. Cymatic is the pioneer organization for introducing “Interactive Virtual Classroom” and “Peer Learning uses Synchronization” in India. Their products have enabled thousands of students across the state to take classes from most qualified professionals around the globe with futuristic solutions. Cymatic is only Edtech Company so far in this region to be recognized by Govt of India, Govt of Bihar as well as the Govt of Jharkhand, Right now laying their operations from Software Technology Park of India, under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.





Started in 2017, the team spent 7 months to build the MVP then tried running 3 centers with a total of 250 students across 2 districts of Bihar, India. The main objective was to provide such services to the government and other schools as there are 1 million teacher vacancies across primary and secondary schools in India. They tried this for two years and failed in doing so. In 2019, Kaushik switched his business model for b2c from b2b and Integrated 4 Learning Modules i.e. Lecture, Content, Test and 24*7 Doubt Assistance and created a new MVP in 6 months as there was a market demand for online learning in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India and we never turned back – stated Kaushik.


A skimpy summary of Kaushik’s life inspired by Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship! Further Kaushik Shared, “It all began at a very early age, pertaining to my natural inclination towards the simple fact ‘The Why(s)'?" why there is a gap between rich and poor so widely while on the other hand, middle-class families being the employee class getting sandwiched between all interests of mankind?”, “Why is not education, skills and other fundamentals available to all humans equally?”, “If nature is serving us equally with her resources, being absolutely free and accessible to all? Being the most intelligent creatures of our ecosystem, with all the advances of science and literature over centuries, why are we lagging behind due to these irrational problems? “Why are the assets so fallaciously distributed between us while the universe chooses to nurture us equally?" The indignation to such observations and inclination for the art of critical thinking, questioning and hence, the passion for entrepreneurship has perpetually imbibed in me.” “When I was in Bachelor of Engineering, I rationalized my path, even more, to discover myself as a socially impact. It all started, when I started selling self-designed T-shirts for the college fashion in the campus of BIT Mesra, Ranchi, and soon after we started mixing business with Technology and created a health centric 22

databased technology to enable real time data flow of the human body, but as I was only in my second year of college, I failed.

But after passing out from college I was constantly in the hunt for solving something that could bring peace within me. Somehow I got a PPO from a MNC, but gave up just after 7 months, to participate again into one start-up idea in Delhi. Later, even I don't know why I switched back to Bihar for a contract based consultant offer; it was madness - everyone said. Eventually I Met peoples who were also in hunt for entrepreneurship. We sat together at CCD Gandhi maidan, and it all got started. Everyone said it was madness - Startup in Bihar,Education Technology, lot said - you are going to fail and it would be big this time and will lose everything, are you insane? If you desperately want to do such crazy things why not trying this thing in Delhi or somewhere else,” he added.



E-learning with contents is not new in India; online learning portals such as Byju, Toppr, and Vedantu have had them for a while now. What is unique about Cymatic is that it actually provides curriculum-based learning as it makes us a digital school itself that take care of every learning activities in addition to the web-based learning that others support. Our platform is built to support schools based courses with personalized touch rather than for individuals to casually learn topics online. They have kept the group size of 10-20 students per group so that each student get personal touch attention of teachers plus also get benefitted by the small group dynamics.


Creativity is an extension of human selves, and to nurture that we need to first acknowledge that there is a box, only then we will be able to think outside the box. It’s the daily paradox that we encounter in workplaces; Cymatic provides employees that creative space where he/she can exercise innovation. Feedback, feedback, and feedback… The only strategy to build a long-time customer relationship is to ensure that there is a proper feedback mechanism to engage with the customer, and you are acting on them. Word of mouth is also the best tool for marketing, and they will talk about you when you are listening to them. • • • • • •


Indian Achiever Award- Most promising Start-up 2020 CIO Review- 20 Most Promising Edtech Startup in India 2019 Ranked among top 5 startups from Bihar IIM Calcutta: Top 200 startups in India among 60,000 start-ups 2018 Recognition: Government of Bihar, Government of Jharkhand, Government of West Bengal, Government of India Graduate Entrepreneur from VenturePark



Being an entrepreneur is all about being able to manage and engage with diverse perspectives, and every now and then you will be presented with opportunity cost principle, and the law of diminishing marginal utility; it’s literally everywhere. The one who is able to deal with these two principles in the most uncertain times, go through and succeed, and also how do you define success plays a major role, and that is where having a clear vision becomes an essential part of the journey.


The last two years turned out to be a major milestone for the healthcare sector. These years were marked by multiple noteworthy developments- Pradhan Mantri jan Arogya Yojana, Mission Indradhanush, Ayushman Bharat, AI, and advanced medical treatments have all seen a boom. In the near future, India is expected to become one of the most preferred healthcare destinations with the line blurring between tech and health.



A noteworthy name in the healthcare segment is that of Sushant Sharma- CEO & Founder- Digilooks Healthcare. As the CEO, Sushant has been spearheading the organization since inception, taking it to its present glory. Sushant Sharma is a well-established name in the health industry as a promoter of an excellent healthcare platform, and his vision is to provide online and offline Healthcare services to the Educational Institutions regardless of Tier1, 2, 3 cities.

Sushant Sharma

When he entered the industry school’s had no awareness that whether preventive health exists and why should they invest in getting health-related services to the students that parents should take care of. But his constant approach of integrating Technology with the offline services made him different from hospitals or clinics who were trying to exploit this territory by taking the students data in lieu of eye wash. In academics, Sushant has done an MBA from the University of Wales, the UK in Marketing and International Business and there he conceived this idea of Digital Health for Students from NHS (National Health Services, UK). After that, he came back to India and started three Pre-schools and was running them successfully. But he always wanted to develop this brand and thereby he developed the concept of Digilooks Healthcare and initially sold this concept to the parents of high Schools, where he got a fabulous response. Then he sold his schools and invested his capital in developing this brand.


DigiLooks HealthCare is a renowned digital healthcare platform; it stores, organizes and retrieves health records in an easy and organized way under the secure and guarded shelter of cloud services. The platform is designed as per the important prerequisite of the healthcare industry. The data and communication tools are grounded on knowledge explanations which, gives you an all-inclusive platform of advanced ‘cognize-to-manage’ online health care data profile. The company is driving Healthcare initiative in Schools/Educational Institutions where it assists people to adhere to CBSE and Education board guidelines of health check-up and medical records digitization. They deliver a countless set of features to the students/ parents through website and Mobile App for ease. Today, Digilooks has satisfied clients from the past 2-3 years like Arwachin International School, Nehru International School, etc. and serving more than 60,000 students across Delhi NCR, Jammu, Meerut, Sonepat, Panipat, Pathankot, and Palwal. 26


• Digilooks Healthcare Programme for the • • • • • • •

School Preventive Medical Check-up camps in School Premises Printed Health Report card of each student with Comprehensive health & growth information Online Platform to manage/store Students Health & Medical Records Online School Platform Student Counseling & Stress relieving Sessions Insurance Cover for each student Health Awareness Seminars/ Workshops & Much More

We believe in cross-selling and upselling whereby we have a tie-up with certain book distributors in lieu of commissions and selling their products by our platform and they do the same for us.


The healthcare market of India is endless with a lot of opportunities to integrate more technology in the digital health space. But providing quality services all the time, hiring a quality team, dedicated salesforce is some major issues.Digilooks Healthcare provides Healthcare Services to Educational Institutions with the help of Technology to create an ecosystem where Students' health can be measured in the best possible way. “We believe in cross-selling and upselling whereby we have a tie-up with certain book distributors in lieu of commissions and selling their products by our platform and they do the same for us,” states Sushant.


“We always proactively support the Industry changes by identifying the need for the same from industry experts themselves,” asserts Sushant. “When we visit Schools and meet coordinators, Principals or decision-makers then we try to act upon the suggestions being given by them for betterment and growth of our services and products. We are also building AI (Artificial Intelligence) for predictive analysis of Health Data. As it is better to ask people from the ecosystem and then solve their problem,” he exemplifies.


Digilooks Healthcare believes in introducing a sense of ownership in each and every employee in the department so if anything goes wrong it's his call and he or she is answerable for the same. At the same time, they feel that they have decision-making ability.CEO is directly accessible for any idea to be discussed, so anybody can directly call, email, or pop-inside his room to discuss their thought process. The management treats staff not as an employee but as Partners


Digilooks Healthcare strives to provide a touch point to its customers where anything can be resolved within no time. It also provides an online platform to its clients where they can upload any issues and they directly get resolved by the operations team.

• • • •


A registered STARTUP under DIPP Start-up India An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2011 Registered company Funded by a bunch of Serial Investors covered by different Newspapers and Magazines Awarded and recognized by various business magazines and Media channel


IOTIAN TECHNOLOGIES UNLOCKS HUGE POTENTIAL OF IOT BY ENABLING COMPANIES TO ADAPT IT IN A PRACTICAL AND MEANINGFUL WAY One of the prominent tech companies, IoTian Technologies has brought some remarkable innovations in the industry. With the initiation of its journey back in 2016, the company has been enhancing the efficiency of traffic operation with a broader picture of making cities future-ready under the leadership of Atulya Joshi, Founder and CEO. Headquartered in Bangalore, IoTian Technologies focuses on Media, Urban mobility, Industrial and Smart City, which makes them a perfect partner for various businesses across verticals.

Atulya Joshi Founder and CEO.


An intuitive and thought leader, Atulya Joshi is the founder of IoTian. He holds over 24+ years of expertise in various aspects of embedded development, such as chipsets, platform software, middleware, device drivers, and frameworks. Atulya has acquired a rich treasure of Technical & Sales expertise, which he has put to good use in IoTian Technologies. He is also associated with industry associations - NASSCOM, TiE, IESA, FICCI, CII and JETRO, he is also part of various startup groups in India. Atulya has established connections with many leads in India, Japan, Germany and in the US.


Atulya started IoTian Technologies with a vision to Make in India happen with a technical edge. Facilitator and builder of technology management and product development teams, he is a specialist with both start-up and scaled growth areas. Proven networking skills, building fruitful partnerships with a number of clients from Japan, the US and India while delivering business with bottom-line growth. Atulya has been able to grow IoTian Tech single-handedly from a 5 member group to a double-digit team. Atulya’s team comprises a dedicated team with deep domain knowledge, industry expertise, skilled personnel and support from its partners. The team primarily works on the AI domain, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Solutions. Focused on achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, in the last couple of years, the team has been working on an ambitious growth plan adopting newer technologies on its journey. The team now has customers in India, Japan and in the US.


• On the awards and achievements front, IoTian Technologies has won the following awards, and still counting:


• “Top 5 High Potential Product” - Jury • •

ChoiceAward at NASSCOM Product Conclave Award 2017, Bangalore The Nokia Best Innovation Award, 2016, NASSCOM CoE-IoT award for the top 25 startups, India. IoTian Technologies’ Chief of R&D & founder of wireless controls platform - Mr Sudhir Brahma has won the “Thought leadership award” at the 2016 IOT-India Congress, and Best Innovation Award at the 2016 Nokia Technology Day.

"IoTian Technologies is focussed on Media, Urban Mobility, Industrial and Smart City. It has the best-in-standard AI-based Image and Video processing algorithms. Computer vision is another area that IoTian Technologies expertise in"


Mr Atulya shared, “At, STMicroelectronics in 2004, I had hired best in class engineers to drive the Symbian and Linux Smartphone development. Linux became Android and many engineers went on to become subject matter experts and excelled in life.” “Similarly, in Accenture, in 2012 I took a decision to move to the India Business group and worked in the sales team. The knowledge I gained there has helped me in building this startup, “IoTian Technologies”, he further added.


With the emergence of advanced data analytics and development of wireless networking technologies and reduction in the cost of connected devices, IoTian Technologies focuses on connecting embedded devices efficiently and reliably from low-end to high-end systems while perfectly supporting the infrastructure needs. Trailblazing on this front, IoTian Tech has devised a robust embedded device – Video Monitoring System. The device is a Wi-Fi-based video Monitoring System, which leverages best-in-standard IoT capabilities and AI, thereby delivering real-time video analytics for complete transparency and informed decision making. IoTian has the best-in-standard AI-based Image/Video processing algorithms with complete customization based on requirements.Proving its worth in many of the smart city projects, IoTian has been improving the efficiency of traffic operation with an aim to make cities future-ready. IoTian provides an efficient, reliable and self-adaptive traffic control system with AI algorithms for effectively managing traffic congestion. Computer Vision is another area where IoTian is focussed and is designing a platform to serve its customers for India and overseas.


“One good part is we foresee the changes and start to adapt it very early. One example is while developing our “Smart Video” IoT product and it’s showcasing to our clients we saw about the need for Video Analytics growing in 2017. . We quickly changed our strategy and added engineering team for Video Analytics & Computer Vision. This change has brought us a tremendous lead over our competition and Revenue, asserted Atulya Joshi. 29


Though the benefits of IoT combined with AI and ML will outweigh the threats against the opportunities, a major challenge that IoTian Tech foresee is selecting, customizing and implementing new technologies. As security continues to be a major concern today, IoTian Tech. perfectly befits this situation with its best-in-standard, embedded devices, and AI solutions.


Though there are no set ways or one way to achieve a perfect team, here’re a few points that IoTian Technologies firmly believes in: • Setting a telescopic vision for the team with specific and realistic goals • For long term benefits, at the start of the year, support the team to reflect/analyse and subsequently plan out corrective measures that are likely to matter. At the regular intervals-every quarter, follow up with a reality check in the true sense. • Upgrading the skills-set of the team members- interpersonal skills in addition to technical skills, which is the most valuable and important investment for any team. • Experience with knowledge and new ideas/thoughts go hand-in-hand; as such, create opportunities for better engagement within a team. Create an atmosphere of belongingness through quality conversation or regular activities. • It is important to willingly grip the moment when action is needed and to say words of encouragement or directness when they are needed.


Every IoT implementation by IoTian Tech is distinct in its own way, depending on business requirements, expected outcomes, levels of IoT and data skills, and technology infrastructure maturity. In all cases, however, the team focuses on five essential requirements for ensuring a successful IoT & AI implementation, with minimal cost and minimal delay.



OCH is an emerging start-up company which seeks to provide a futuristic approach to online shopping, uses its AI video platform in meta tagging for live sporting events, live shows and librarybased content for streaming platforms. The features include auto detection of any object, person, emotion, location, scene and activity in real-time, inside any video content. Aspects of a future in any business could be decided based on the following factors:

Competition: Competition is an inevitable

part of the business. It helps the company to push its limits and create new milestones. If we take competition positively then it can prove to be an effective tool in growing and improving your business. If there is competition in the market it means there are varied options available for the consumer and if your product appeals to a consumer it signifies that your consumer is happy with the quality of your products and services.

Ethics: This is the most integral part of any

business. Ethics reflects the principles and values as the base on which a business foundation is built on. Business ethics helps a company to attract employees, customers and investors.

Following business ethics helps a company in building a relationship of trust between the employees and management. A set of guidelines or ethics helps a company in building up a good reputation which can be helpful for them in various ways such as:

■ It helps in getting support from customers and

other companies ■ It helps in getting investors to help your business grow ■ It helps in getting recognition in the industry Example of a good business leader behaviour would involve: Spending a little time on self-analysis which will direct some of our key personnel decisions daily. Three questions which you should ask yourself: can be helpful for them in various ways such as:

1. Where are we heading?

Every company wants to have a crystal-clear idea in their mind regarding (i) Where they are headed in their business? (ii) What are going to be their steps forward for growth of their business? (iii) Have a transparent insight of your company and its performance in the long term. 32

are only as good “asYou your surrounding company - choose them wisely!

2. Who’s going with you?

It’s important to look for people who are interested in your goal and vision as much as you are. A company is always looking for high potential employees, people who have been willing to participate in new projects or responsibilities, those who take up the charge during crisis and likewise. One must brief their employees about the significant part of their personal business goals, the company’s goals, and how it will come true. How? List the employees you’d like to talk to and set up a meeting with each one of them.

(ii) Ensuring smooth functioning of your business (iii) This one is the most difficult one which is growing your business and taking steps for the growth of the company to larger extent

3. How will you get there?

Once you have a running business then comes the growth part in which you must ensure that you are clear regarding objectives, strategies and actions plans which will pave the growth path for your company. Growing your business for it to reach and attract a number of customers are one of the most important and tedious parts for a business organisation because this is the part when you must know your target audience, understand your organisation’s financial situation as well as gathering support from investors. These are pivotal steps for growth as they are going to decide the future of your company. If you manage to fill out all the points correctly then it will help you to ensure a bright future for your company as well as your employees.

How to get your business going?

A company can achieve so much more when there is a solid support system and employees whom you can trust and rely on. No matter how capable you are, if you are alone you might not achieve what a great team can. Treat your employees right and they will make your dream their own!

Employees of your company are the ones who has the potential to take your company on a higher level, hence it is necessary to keep them motivated and hungry for growth. For this, a company employee’s growth holds more value than skill-specific training which is why a business leader should encourage his/her people to take the lead. Involvement of mentors and coaches, both inside and outside the company will ensure that your employees receive input from varied resources. Basically, there are three steps in a business cycle: (i) Starting a Business


Sunfire Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a trusted technology partner, came into existence in 2008 to provide excellent IT solutions. The foundation of the firm was laid by Sanjay Kulkarni CEO, Managing Director & Founder of the firm. An industry veteran and technocrat, Sanjay holds over 32 years of expertise in different industry verticals. Moreover, he served in senior roles at reputed and successful companies. Sanjay did his graduation from Fergusson College, Pune. As the CEO, he is spearheading Sunfire’s growth and taking it on altitude.


Sunfire Technology is a unique initiative to enable the industries and businesses to use their full Information Technology potential in a significant way.


“Business is all about people & the values they offer. As a CEO, I cherish spending my time building an eco-system that empowers my people to innovate, experiment & motivate each other. To ensure my customers’ success, I prefer practicing Sunfire’s core values -Integrity, Customer Service, Accountability, Teamwork & Innovation as an everyday agenda,” asserted Sanjay while talking about his role in the company. Sunfire Solution Portfolio consists of various technology verticals like Virtualization, Storage, Computing, Networking, and Security. With their domain knowledge and expertise on every technology solution offerings, they have built their solution portfolio to offer various services like IT Infrastructure Consulting, IT Infrastructure Management, and Information Security Consulting to cater to every need of their customer. Having headquartered in IT hub Pune, India, the company serves customers across Mumbai as well. Present-day, Sunfire is serving over 300+ satisfied customers across the country with its commitment towards customer satisfaction and help them to achieve their business goals to contribute to their organization growth.


Well, it all started with a humble beginning. As a first-generation entrepreneur with limited resources, we started by providing primary IT components to our customers. Although starting & running a business is never a bed of roses, we made our decisions with the gathered industrial experience & by listening to our guts! So, while managing Sales, Deliveries, Customer Relations & other business gamut, the focus has always been on understanding customer needs & fulfilling the commitments in the best possible practice. 36


In this competitive market, the Sunfire team distinctively try to keep up with the cutting-edge technologies & imbibe innovation as a business practice. Consequently, they are recognized for their expertise in Software-Defined Datacenter, Hybrid Cloud, Application Modernization, Digital Workplace, Enterprise Mobile Solution, Information Management, Enterprise Networking & Security, Intellectual Property Management, and Containerization & Microservices; as their key offerings.


Further, Sanjay Kulkarni added, “From the Professional Services aspect, we have built our expertise in Planning, Designing, Deploying & operationalizing the technologies. IT Business Transformational Projects coupled with Professional Services is also one of our fortes.”


Keeping up with the trending technology changes isn’t always easy. Channelizing efforts towards skill refining & development, retention & re-skilling resources could be consuming. However, these changing landscapes have also provided great opportunities, especially for companies like Sunfire; it is invested in thriving on upcoming & disruptive technologies. Sunfire Technologies also aims at excelling in providing consulting & advisory services to myriad industry verticals.


The company culture has always promoted all the employees, including the leadership teams to personally invest in learning and gathering technical know-hows; while motivating each other. Not only does this foster creativity & innovation but it enables Sunfire to be at par with the shifting IT landscapes. Sunfire’s policies like -Train-the-Trainer programs, Rewards & Recognitions and open platforms to experiment & present creative and innovative minds, also empowers to fuel passionate minds.


Some key principles that Sunfire follows to ensure strategic endurance: ● Do your homework right - ensure enough time is invested in analyzing & planning to enable seamless project execution ● Focus on practical & timely deliverables, to avoid over commitment. ● Offer innovative/ agile yet sustainable business models (A few projects where we implemented these approaches- OpEx & Pay Per Use, financial modelling of larger investments, optimized TCO and achieve an effective ROI helps bring value to our relationships with customers). ● Partnering with customers. 37


Sunfire Technologies recently celebrated 12 years of organizational success! While Sunfire’s relentless efforts have always been customer-centric, they also believe in educating the customer, sharing the right practices & keeping it transparent. They only allow themselves into an engagement, when they can assure timely deliverables & customer satisfaction without quality compromises. Although at times this commitment may seem challenging, collectively they make it possible. ● ● ● ● ● ●


2020: Commvault: Competitive Win Award 2019: VMware: Best Regional Partner Award A special feature in CIO Review magazine- Helping Customers Accelerate Their Digital Transfor mation Journey 2018: NetApp: Growth Partner of the Year TrendMicro: Best Partner Commercial Business Nutanix: Best Order in Education Sector


Currently, Sunfire is looking forwards towards indulging in technical engagements & business partnering opportunities focused on delivering specific value propositions to customers. The futuristic focus would be on technical agility- adopting result-oriented technologies, opting for faster value realization and ROI based investment decisions.


The Letter to Leaders As a pioneer you might approach yourself-“I agreed to accept this?” The appropriate response is yes and numerous are happy you did. As a director or building main you have the ability, want and manner to lead others. You acknowledged this test and obligation as a hireling pioneer and your errand won’t be for the swoon of heart. You will require conviction, strength and above all pledge to yourself as well as other people to be successful.So what is being a pioneer and all the more significantly, what do compelling pioneers do any other way? John Buchan states, “The assignment of initiative isn’t to place significance into individuals, however to evoke it, for the enormity is there as of now.” If transformational-genuinely viable administration is to happen it is through building up the authority in you and of people around you. Really powerful pioneers instinctually and purposefully experience their convictions – through their activities. A considerable lot of your activities as a pioneer will be illogical to institutional preparing, practices, and conviction structures inside your association. Your capacity as a pioneer to perceive and explore through difficulties will be the contrast between foundational versus situational change. Customary ways to deal with persistent change starts with the attitude of how would they address the issue inside the current institutional structures. From the beginning this approach will yield common outcomes when the normal outcomes are a long way from run of the mill. As transformational pioneers, you should be anything other than regular. Change endeavors should be drawn closer with a crisp arrangement of eyes open to all potential outcomes for genuinely impactful and supportable outcomes to happen. As a pioneer you should have the right stuff to foresee and withstand the institutional protection from secure existing conditions that will definitely will happen. As a transformational pioneer you should have the fearlessness to surrender positional expert and endow authority in others. This distributive initiative approach comes through strengthening, coordinated effort and shared responsibility as the standard and desire for all. Each individual in your association has intrinsic and learned administration aptitudes. Administrators and building principals must have an intense familiarity with every individual’s abilities and use them for the advantage of the association. On the off chance that you comprehend what institutional boundaries are set up that demonstration against organizing these endeavors you will be more fruitful in separating them. In doing as such you will make a culture enabled to go out on a limb and bolster creative ways to deal with settle the intricate issues your school or area may confront. We are altogether conceived with natural interest however after some time institutional norming limits our senses. 40

Pioneers can’t contradict institutional practice but instead, discover approaches to change the conviction structures that characterize the way of life and supports interest. Be True to Yourself A pioneer is a man who others normally incline toward and through this association, enhance the initiative and efficiency of others towards finishing the association’s objectives. A pioneer must have full consciousness of your staffs’ qualities, constraints and you should have the bravery to perceive your qualities and shortcomings too. There is almost certainly that you will be tried professionally and by and by on each choice and move you make. You should be clear and predictable in your embraced and authorized convictions on what is best for the association and how you expect to move the association towards the course you look for. Remain consistent with your own and expert feelings and you will discover others will put resources into you and your authority. Put People over Processes No association will be fruitful until the point when the pioneer encompasses the association with skilled and submitted representatives. Human capital is the most imperative resource for any effective and reasonable association. This is additionally the most troublesome region confronting capable pioneers yet completely essential to progress or disappointment. Individuals trump forms. As a pioneer you are coordinated through arrangements, statutes and desires to take after specific procedures. Procedures are imperative They give an unmistakable “guide” for others to take after to guarantee proficiency of activities. Plainly comprehended and identifiable procedures empowers every individual in your association the capacity to work all the more productively. As a pioneer you will discover circumstances where procedures may knock up against what is best for your work force. At the point when this happens you should will and ready to survey these obstructions and change them. Keep in mind forget your work force will be relied upon to complete the procedures and your duty is to guarantee they have each opportunity to be effective. In the event that methods or approaches go about as obstructions to use your association’s human capital-change them. Have a Plan When others put stock in your feelings and promise to the association they have to know you have an arrangement. Be particular with regards to the objectives of the association, forms for coordinated effort, have a distributive authority structure as a top priority. Recognize and expressly lay out the means to execute the arrangement. When this is expert your staff can picture activity. Be predictable. Try not to misjudge consistency with firmness. Others will put resources into you when they feel persuaded you are predictable in your conviction structure and way to deal with complex issues. Transformational pioneers insert ceaseless criticism forms and the adaptability to turn when essential. In the event that your activities are conflicting it will make an increased domain of tension constraining or dispensing with others to put resources into your heading and authority. Impart and after that Communicate Again Correspondence is the way to moving every one of the parts working in synchronized mold. A pioneer imparts conviction, reason and responsibility each moment of consistently through activities, basic leadership and the average correspondence mediums. Most importantly, pioneers comprehend listening is the most essential factor of being a powerful communicator. The message is more vital than the medium. As a pioneer you should be available to include from others, process that information and roll out the improvements important to guarantee achievement. 41

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