The 10 Most Influential Businesswomen Making a Difference, 2022

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The Most Influential Businesswomen Making a Difference, 2022

Oksana Management Group, Inc | CEO



Gone are those days when the dreams of breaking the barrier or reaching the top step of the corporate ladder were nearly impossible for women. Now women have come a long way from being homemakers and competing with some of the most powerful men in the corporate world. According to research, only less than 40% of all the tech start-ups in the United States have at least one woman member.

Women-led companies have performed at least three times better than companies led by their male counterparts, and now this trend is expanding in start-ups too. As per IDC, the number of women employees in various senior leadership positions increased from 21% to 24% by 2018-2019. Also, reports say, companies with more than 50% of senior leadership roles occupied by women employees are more likely to offer equal pay, higher job satisfaction, and better employee engagement. Additionally, women-led businesses expand much quicker than others, enabling them to grow exponentially.

From leading start-ups to leading global businesses, women have achieved nearly all the milestones that one can think of. However, their journey to become influential businesswomen has never been easy. Most of them have fought against many opposing views and proved their potential against all odds. In this edition of "The 10 Most Influential Businesswomen Making a Difference, 2022," we have listed the top influential businesswomen who have made significant marks in their respective sectors. This list is in no particular order and does not represent any specific sector. Instead, this list strives to recognize women working to create globally known brands through their commitment and hard work.

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Oksana® Kolesnikova Helping the Underprivileged Students Succeed





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Donna Hamlin -

Kelly Bagla -

Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes -

Helping Clients with Their Governance Challenges

Expert in helping turn dreams into reality

Article 19

Jessica Dawson Addressing Economic Damages Na�onwide


Helping Organiza�ons to Manage Confiden�al Data andOp�mize their ROI

Fatima E. Team Mo�va�on During Crises

Cover Story


The Most Influential Businesswomen Making a Difference, 2022

The 10 Most Influen�al Business Women Making a Difference, 2022





nspirational and Visionary! These are the two words that are enough to describe the elegant Russian-born American Oksana Kolesnikova. She is a renowned pianist and composer, educator, and personal mentor to the franchise owners of Oksana® Enrichment Programs. Oksana is the CEO of three companies named Oksana® Management Group, Inc. (OMG, Inc.), Oksana® Enrichment Programs, and Oksana® Foundation. In 2019 Oksana launched franchising opportunities for her scholastic and arts-focused business, which was already successfully operating with multiple instructors and was established in multiple schools in Southern California. Oksana was born in Siberia, Russia, and immigrated to the US during the fall of the Soviet Union in her early teens. Her passion has always been music and she pursued her passion by studying music on scholarship first at Saint Petersburg College, and later at Florida State University. Oksana met her husband, Alex, while attending FSU, and he became Oksana’s music manager and business partner. After her graduation, she embarked on the journey as a performing artist, touring the US and abroad, sharing her music with audiences across the world. Oksana also entertained U.S. troops through MWR in Europe and Asia along with United Nations officials


After moving to LA from Florida, she landed a position as an in-house pianist at the legendary Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills, the place patronized by celebrities, world leaders, and business moguls, people that Oksana used to see only on TV only growing up in Russia. At that point, the new chapter of her life had begun and she started transitioning from being a performing artist to becoming a businesswoman She says, “During my 7-year tenure at the Polo Lounge, I gradually started building my business, first as a piano studio, mainly with my clients who were celebrities, their kids and friends they would refer, and later expanded to opening Oksana School of Music that included not only piano but other instruments such as guitar, singing, violin, drums, etc, the place where I was teaching alongside with the roster of other instructors that I hired and who specialized in their instruments.” Later by 2010, Oksana opened her 1st corporation Oksana Management Group. At this point, Oksana and her company grew to include not only music but also foreign languages and academic tutoring.


Oksana has also recorded eight CDs of original, classical, and popular music and her instructional video for students of piano. Her “Free Floating” CD won the 2010 Best Classical Album of the Year on Over the years, Oksana has collaborated with many international musical artists for recordings, and her original compositions have been chosen by many international artists to record on their CDs. Her CD, “Best of Two Worlds,” evolved from a collaboration with notable fine artist Jim Warren. “Oksanabella,” her YouTube channel featuring her performances, has over 3 million upload views from all over the world.

Spreading Knowledge Twelve years after opening the Oksana Management Group, the organization has expanded to provide not only Music (piano, singing, guitar, violin), K-12 All subject Academic Tutoring, Foreign Languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese), but also other popular after school enrichment programs such as Chess, Acting/Drama, Animation, Painting/Drawing, Cooking classes, Financial Literacy for children and teens, Science and more. The organization currently provides its services not only to its private clients but also to schools (private, charter, public), School Districts, Municipalities, and Counties. Oksana Management Group reached such an expansion that it decided to Franchise in 2019 through Oksana Franchising International, dba Oksana Enrichment. Now Oksana Franchises are currently being awarded in 35 states and duplicating its success in different communities across the US, allowing other entrepreneurs to succeed in this industry.

If something doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

It's all About Discovering Passion Oksana was lucky to discover her passions early on, which are music, children, and education. She is so much in love with what she does, that she doesn’t even consider it “work” in a traditional sense. Oksana is consumed by her mission from the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. Oksana lives and breathes the legacy she is creating.



Effects of Covid-19 Like all businesses, Oksana Management Group, Inc was also hit hard by the pandemic. Oksana says, “You see, as a performing artist, for so many years, I have been performing at countless charitable and Fundraiser events, and every time I had a dream to someday create my charitable Foundation. Well, the day has come when we found ourselves in the unprecedented times of this pandemic. The Oksana Foundation 501c3 was born with a mission and the goal of providing educational opportunities to the underprivileged youth completely free of charge.” Since the launch of the Oksana Foundation, the organization has helped countless youth enjoy free classes, especially when it learned that children were locked down during the pandemic faced dealing with its harsh realities. The Foundation’s programs brought them purpose, productiveness, new skill exploration, and prevented them from being bored by doing something creative. Currently, it is bringing additional programs to reach more and more youth across different communities.

Awards and Accolades Oksana thinks her biggest achievement by far is contributing and giving back to the community through her Oksana Foundation and helping youth. Her brand, Oksana School of Music was awarded the Best of Beverly Hills award in 2014. CBS recognized her as the “Woman of the Week” and she was awarded the Best Classical Album award by SoloPiano Radio Station for her CD “Free Floating”. Through her dedication to youth, Oksana has branched into philanthropy with Oksana Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to underprivileged youth. “There are many children who are at a disadvantage and now I can finally give back and help them to succeed in giving them the opportunities and tools to better themselves. I am excited to make a positive change in people’s lives and look forward to doing so for years to come.” “I wouldn’t be where I’m today if it was not driven by my passion for work that I do. But everyone that I met along the way on my exciting and meaningful journey, had a special place in my heart and shaped me into who I am today. Even the naysayers had their place, as I always enjoyed proving them wrong. All I can say is that success is the best revenge!” - She adds. COVER STORY


“We are grateful to all our sponsors and donors who have joined us with this noble cause and showed their support and believe in our mission”.- says Oksana. An Advice When we requested Oksana for her important advice for aspiring entrepreneurs she says, “Never give up in the face of challenges and adversity. Strength and resilience come as the skill you acquire along the way. And with this skill, you can conquer the world! Cheers to all you successful, resilient, and strong female entrepreneurs in the making!”

Tackling Challenges Oksana believes, growing a business, there are just too many challenges that need to undergo. There are just too many to list here. But every challenge that came to her was welcomed because it taught her a better way of doing things, improving her business, adjusting the course, and learning different lessons along the way.

The Road to Future Oksana’s goal is to grow Oksana Foundation and for it to become a globally recognized brand name. Where not only local but international communities and world youth can benefit from her organization’s efforts. She feels blessed to have a great team in place and she does not doubt that Oksana Foundation will achieve its goals and do its part to make the world a better place to live in.



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The 10 Most Influen�al Business Women Making a Difference, 2022

Donna Hamlin BoardWise | CEO

Helping Clients with Their Governance Challenges 15


Meet Dr. Donna Hamlin, the CEO of BoardWise, who had a goal and followed a path to reach it. The oldest amongst seven children, she became a ‘little mom’ at the tender age of 11 when her mother fell ill for five years. Someone had to take care of the home and children, while Donna’s father worked two jobs to pay for all of them and hospital and medical costs. After coming back from school, Donna used to clean, wash clothes, prepare dinner and made sure her siblings did their homework. After she turned 16, Donna’s father explained to her that he had dreams for her to go to college but had no way to pay for school. So, she worked three jobs in the last two years of high school, saved some money for college, and secured a student loan to cover her education. She completed her B.A, M.S. and Ph.D. before she turned 26, all while working full-time. Soon, she developed her interest in business and organizations and built a career in human resources and marketing. With the benefit of two special mentors, opportunities opened to build her competencies. Spanning time, working in more than 50 countries with executives, teams, and boards of companies across industries and cultures continues to teach Donna every day. She is grateful for the amazing adventures, experiences, learning, and friends made over time. Before her role at BoardWise, Donna founded Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., where she developed a successful track record in strategic change management, and human performance management, serving clients from Fortune 500 global enterprises to start-up companies in more than 30 countries.

Unique Offerings BoardWise serves both board directors and management teams. Donna’s management consulting firm, Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., started in 1982 and will be 40 years old on April 30, 2022. The organization expanded with governance services in 2010 by creating Boardwise as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Donna recognized many clients were struggling with governance issues and many regulatory changes happening all across the planet. Helping both management and boards, the brand promise is; “Fresh Solutions to manage and govern well.” 16

Currently, the organization aims to look at the imminent challenges with creativity and wisdom to find uniquely better ways to resolve issues or take advantage of opportunities for long-term value. The company has received awards for its proprietary tool, Cascade®, which determines the most powerful message strategy for company brands and product positioning. It has never failed a client in the last 40 years. BoardWise also received an award for its psychometric tool - Board Bona Fide® - which determines both one’s orientation to problem-solving and board 16

readiness. This helps improve board group dynamics, which is the key variable for board effectiveness. Leadership Principles


Donna has four leadership principles: Creativity: Donna believes creativity is all about combining unrelated ideas to create a useful solution or direction. The word useful is key. If the combination is not useful, it is just original.

She says, “While building creative capability in organizations, leaders need to understand and institute practices that increase it.”


. .

Wisdom: It is the ability to know what is true or right based on the collection of one’s knowledge. According to Donna, intelligence and wisdom are two sides of a similar coin, namely our mental ability to succeed and live in the world. Intelligence is an individual's capacity to store information while wisdom is more practical knowledge gained through experience and knowledge beyond one’s personal experience. Wisdom helps one to exercise good judgment, based on a deep ability to discern the inner qualities and relationships among factors. Encouragement: One of the most vital parts of leadership is to encourage others. It takes two qualities; believing in yourself and showing your belief in others. When people are sure about your intentions and confidence in them, you inspire them to do their best. We before I: Donna believes, thinking from “We” is more potent than “I”. Leaders who think with and about “Us” create inclusion, engagement, and more high-quality ideation and solutions to challenges. The world is complex and needs many “We” teams to take on the challenges we face. Lead team with a vow: Together, we will be undaunted by the challenge and solve it.”

nation-states to adjudicate when governance practices differ across countries. If your business has operations in multiple regions, there is no one “right answer” for setting a governance standard for a company. While there is talk of bringing parties together on this topic, the pace is slow. BoardWise advocates to build a think tank coalition to research, evaluate and share global results to truly make informed improvements in governance.

Picture of the Future Under Donna’s leadership, BoardWise’s work includes global research on best practices in governance and leadership, providing independent evaluations of boards with recommendations for improvement. Lastly, the organization also works to educate and certify candidates for board roles to arm them for success. Donna believes that Boardwise’s future outlook is tied to;


. .

Director Pipeline Development: According to Donna, more talent is needed for board roles shortly. The organization is expanding its board certification offerings to help increase the pipeline of board-ready professionals. Best Practices: Governance practices across the planet differ considerably. BoardWise aims to offer more board evaluations to expand the value of its research insights with more boards. Transformation: Inventing breakthroughs by staying current on changes happening daily while seeing well into the future at the same time.

Tackling Challenges The challenge for governance is how to evolve and improve at a global level. Nothing sits above the 17


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” - Neale Donald Walsch

Jessica Dawson TD&P Consul�ng | Chief Execu�ve Officer

Addressing Economic Damages Nationwide

Root causes


eet Jessica Dawson, the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Majority Owner of TD&P Consulting, Inc., a DC Metropolitan Area-based URAC-Certified litigation support firm specializing in high exposure catastrophic personal injury cases. Ms. Dawson was promoted from Operations Administrator to Chief Executive Officer in 2019 for her visionary and strategic leadership. As the leader of TD&P, Ms. Dawson has successfully established the firm as a leader 19

amongst healthcare consulting firms offering expert services and litigation support. The firm’s expertise lies in its deep knowledge of the intersection between healthcare regulation, market pricing, reimbursement, evidence-based medicine, and medical causation. TD&P Consulting has been involved in several ground-breaking personal injury cases changing the discussion on the admissibility of paid rates and insurance coverage.

The Steadfast Leader Ms. Dawson is highly regarded among her peers in the business community for successfully increasing TD&P’s national and international profile. Peers describe her as an insightful entrepreneur with a clear understanding of business and the tools needed for success. 19

The 10 Most Influen�al Business Women Making a Difference, 2022

In her role, Dawson has developed new Small andMs. Micro-Businesses

strategies for sales management, new business development, product development, distribution channel management, and customer service. She has focused the company’s growth strategy on business partnerships, online marketing, customer service and the application of emerging technologies such as AI to the company’s growing list business tools.

Helping Clients with Great Services In Ms. Dawson’s word, “TD&P’s focus is always on the client’s needs and case objectives.… It takes the time to dissect the case facts whether they involve evidence questions about medical causation or pricing, and we work with our clients to get those facts right.” TD&P’s services cover, but are not limited to: • Regulatory and compliance assessments, • Market pricing and reimbursement analyses, • Evidence-based medical causation analysis, and • Physician life care plan critiques.

Check out her latest podcast interview with Marketing for Justice with Founder, Dan Brian, on the topic of referrals Controlling the Situation For Ms. Dawson, being TD&P’s key person was initially challenging. But studying the business and recognizing the utility of creating an environment where physicians, regulatory and compliance professionals, and economists can successfully work with one another coupled with an understanding of the client’s needs has enabled Ms. Dawson to move smoothly through many of those early challenges and kept TD&P’s clients coming back.


Failures and Accomplishments Ms. Dawson always says, ‘Trust but verify.” She believes, trusting without verification was a mistake she made early in her career. As a more seasoned professional, she understands that having verifiable processes in place create the results clients trust and is a vital element to success. Ms. Dawson’s greatest accomplishment has been her ability to build a strong team capable of carrying TD&P forward during its nearly 14-year journey.

Mission, Vision & Future Roadmap Ms. Dawson’s ability to maintain a “Grounded Flo” through every season in her life has propelled her success. It is that ability, which pushes her to continue achieving her professional and personal goals. Ms. Dawson maintains that “As you go through life, your experiences turn into lessons and you must harness those lessons into actionable goals” She also adds, “Doing so, builds your character, prevents repetitive mistakes, and forces you to continue challenging yourself.” When it comes to the future of TD&P, Ms. Dawson says, “We plan to expand our brand as an elite consulting firm offering top tier expert witness services in medical causation and pricing analysis in the litigation support arena. More to come in the next couple of months.” Jessica Dawson TD&P Consulting, Inc. Chief Executive Officer 240 - 670 -7982


The dream to ‘be one’s own boss’ rarely includes an attorney. Lawyers are typically found in conjunction with nightmares. For this reason alone, so many business start-ups, start off on the wrong foot. With a small chunk of change in their pocket and a desire for betterment or independence, many individuals will start a business endeavor ‘half-cocked.’ Most businesses need a business attorney to help them operate efficiently and stay beyond reproach. Kelly Bagla, Esq., the founder/CEO of Bagla Law Firm, APC, is one such business attorney who has dedicated her law practice to helping entrepreneurs get their proper footing and putting them on the path to success. 23

Kelly is a multi-degreed lawyer, who began her Kelly a multi-degreed lawyer, who began compaher careerisworking with a Fortune-500 bio-tech career working with aShe Fortune-500 ny in Silicon Valley. later joinedbio-tech the SancompaDiego ny in Silicon Valley. She later joined the San Diego based, international law firm, Baker McKenzie based, international Baker McKenzie LLP; and during herlaw timefirm, there, she advised both LLP; and during her time there, she advised both international and domestic clients on corporate and international and domestic clients on corporate and securities Law. securities Law. Currently, Kelly and her associates serve as general Currently, and her Bagla associates counsel forKelly their clients. Lawserve Firm as is ageneral counsel for their clients. Bagla Law Firm is afirm business formation and asset protection law business formation and asset protection law and provides business law advice and supportfirm to and provides business law advice and support entrepreneurs worldwide. Bagla Law Firm hasto won entrepreneurs worldwide. Bagla Law Firm has many prestigious awards for its innovation and won many prestigious awards for its innovation cutting-edge approach to law, including butand not cutting-edge approach to law, including but not limited to: Legal Awards for Best International limited to: Legal Awards for Best International M&A Law Firm USA and Corporate Attorney of M&A Law Firm USA CorporateInternational; Attorney of the Year, California, byand Acquisition the Year, Hall California, by-Acquisition International; Business of Fame 3 consecutive years for 23

The 10 Most Influen�al Business Women Making a Difference, 2022

business legal services; and winner of Business Legal Professional of the Year USA by Corporate Live Wire. Kelly takes her personal life just as seriously as she takes her clients’ workMind, Body, and Spirit. In the 2010 natural bodybuilding competition, Kelly was named ‘Ms. Southern California’ where she won her professional bodybuilding card. She can be found ‘grabbing life by the pearls’ early before dawn. “Before most people roll out of bed, morning run, daily meditation, early morning workouts, and healthy intake means healthy output” Kelly states. Kelly’s unique hours allow her to serve the wide ranging, far stretching, clientele base that she alone caters to. Located in Egypt and want an early morning zoom? She’s got you. Lunch conference in Anaheim, California? Kelly’s there. Quickly touching base with an Aussie Corp.? Kelly’s on it… She stays available to clients in a variety of different time zones.

Early Life: Growing up the youngest (and favourite) of seven children, Kelly got the special privilege of seeing ingenuity in action from a young age. Kelly’s father, a factory worker for most of her childhood, scrimped, saved, and strategized for years. Ultimately, he bought the very company he had workedfor, for so many years, and ‘became his own boss’ as the very first business owner in her family. This passion for betterment, and follow-thru on growth as an individual, were some of the base principles on which Kelly was brought up. Kelly’s father had not only successfully climbed the corporate ladder, from worker to owner, but he managed it all while maintaining the support and loyalty of those who he employed. Having worked side-by-side with the men and women who were the backbone of his establishment, gave her father a unique position amongst the leaders she had witnessed prior. From that point forward, Kelly knew that she wanted to doanything in her power to be a part of helping others get that same opportunity, to have such a truly empowering transformative journey. 24

Don’t just ‘Trust your Gut’… Trust an EXPERT!!

Doing Things with Great Skill:

“Takes one to know one.” Hollow words to an untrained ear. The only way to fully understand that transformative journey Kelly had been witness to in her father, was to ‘walk a mile in his shoes.’ It takes an entrepreneur to help an entrepreneur, and from inventing a plush toy (Eardorables™), to developing an online do-it-yourself entrepreneur’s legal packet designed to allow any individual the proper tools to start their very own business both safely and securely (, all the way around to more than a dozen other businesses including starting and running one of the most recognized Law Firms in San Diego, Kelly knows exactly how complicated start-ups can be.

Bagla Law Firm has zero intentions to diversify its offerings, in an effort to ‘appeal’ to new clientele. We do ‘a handful of things with expert level skill’ Kelly says. Having been through the start-up, growth, and sale of business many times over at this point, Kelly takes that two decades worth of knowledge and experience, and fine tunes every business endeavour with the best possible outcome allowed her clients. She makes sure provisions are made for all of the little hiccups and pitfalls that an unexperienced entrepreneur wouldn’t be privy to. Bagla Law Firm’s target audience is entrepreneurs who come from different walks of life 24

(Just like Kelly); and those who are serious about business formation and asset protection. Bagla Law Firm is the best name in the business for individuals who are ready and willing to go out and ‘grab life by the pearls!’ Kelly’s level of real-life experience, and length of reigning at the top, sets Bagla Law Firm apart on such a higher level when it comes to who you want on your team... Otherwise that ‘American Dream’ can become a nightmare.

She expresses, “I feel incredibly blessed… But remember: It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happy by dumb luck or happenstance. Success comes from many many years of hard work. I have thriving businesses. I get to use those businesses as a platform to help people all over the world, every single day. All the while, I get to do this being surrounded by my fur babies, in an office where I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into making the life I have created for myself today. This is such a Good Life! And the greatest of accomplishments. Anyone can have this. I can show you how.”

Onward & Upward: When asked about the future, Kelly quips, “Big things are coming. We’re aiming for the moon, and we won’t settle for anything less than the stars.” With its entry into various new industry outlets, the law firm is likely to continue on an upward trend this year. As far as the circumstances surrounding current events, Kelly is overly confident in the finely crafted, strong and powerful businesswoman that she has developed in to. Her morals, ethics, and values, lay securely intact, and Kelly’s uncompromising integrity allows her a sense of clarity and calm, when faced with the stressors of our current environment. 25


When the question of what color is comes to your mind, millions of definitions arise, Color psychology is one of the most important sciences that started gain presence in the corporate world since late 1980’s. I founded my company in 2008 to simply the understanding of Color Theory and how to use it to our advantage in our day to day lives. The Gracious F is the leading color solutions consultancy in GCC, dedicated to assisting people and organizations in benefitting through the power of Color Science and Psychology, based in Dubai, it has assisted a variety of individuals and businesses and holds a Portfolio of national and international organizations. Successfully combining color psychology in all spectrums of individual re-branding and self-development, to businesses that are looking to enhance their awareness and strategy through color solutions in branding & marketing, Luxury Retail training, PR, Workshops, or residential and corporate interior design. My core values are focused around ,Empowering women to be educated and to be their best self individually and professionally, serve the community and support local and youth talent, Learning every day, developing and helping my team to grow and exceed in their individual and professional lives. Color psychology does not only help organizations in increasing their revenues, but also their teams Strengths and weaknesses, the color theory allows us to understand core personality of individuals, through the four-color groups which are used for personality profiling. With the know-how of which personality group your team members belong to, leaders can communicate with their team in their language and use their personality know how tools to enhance their productivity and efficiency. The knowledge of which color personality groups my teams belong to has been a crucial benefit for me as a leader and entrepreneurs to be able to take care of their mental wellbeing and motivation, during these difficult times with a uncertainty within all their surroundings. Mostly all companies and leaders are currently facing lack of motivation, anxiety, depression, and There are tips which I would like share with all entrepreneurs in how to focus on team wellbeing and motivation 1. Use of the primary psychology on daily bases to create balance, red for Strength, Yellow for creativity, Blue for focus and Green for Balance 2. Train your team to take one hour per day to do something that makes them happy for themselves 3. Cleary communicate your expectations as a leader in these difficult times and give them more realistic goals to achieve during this time to avoid mental exhaustion 4. Take advantage as leaders to take this time in re-structuring departments that need more attention, research within your industry, and find new ways of achieving revenues in the new era.



The 10 Most Influen�al Business Women Making a Difference, 2022

5. When it comes to working remotely, this challenge for employee and for the employer, have certain colours around your desk space or whenever you are sitting to work from to maintain efficiency and motivation. Main three colors are: Red, Yellow & Blue.

ABOUT AUTHOR Fatima Al Shirawi is an Emirati founder and entrepreneur of The Gracious F Colour Consulting Company.Fatima Al Shirawi is an Emirati founder and entrepreneur of The Gracious F Colour Consulting Company. With a Passion for Travel, education and giving back to the community.

Education BA in Sociology and Marketing from George Washington University, DC Short course in Fashion Design from Polimoda Institute in Florence , BA in – Fashion design from London College of Fashion Certified Colour Consultant from the Colour Affects Institute.

Fatima E. Al Shirawi ( founder) 28


Fatima E. Al Shirawi ( founder)

Helping Organizations to Manage Confidential Data and Optimize their ROI


ofthread was founded with the intent to provide a unique technology platform that mitigates the operational, financial, ethical, and reputational risks organizations are facing due to the exponential growth of networks. It is an information technology company providing industry-agnostic, environment-agnostic, and platform-agnostic software that enables organizations to manage highly confidential data within their networks, environments, and devices more securely

Currently, Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes is serving as the CEO of Softhread Inc. In addition to her medical and business degrees, she holds several certifications, such as Bioethics from Harvard, Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy from MIT Sloan, Blockchain Technology and Business Innovation from MIT Sloan, Finance from Harvard Business School Period, Negotiation from Harvard Law School , Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Patient Safety Officer by the International Board Federation of Safety Managers, and Master Black Belt in Lean and Six Sigma Management. She is a Faculty Member of the WBAF Business School-Division of Entrepreneurship and teaches the Executive MBA Business Technology Course at the University of Miami, Harvard Business School Period. Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes has extensive leadership experience, such as being a Founder and CEO of The Science, Entrepreneurship, and Investments Institute, Founder & CEO of Revexpo Consulting, and 31

currently serving as a Country Director for WBAF USA, Senator of WBAF. Additionally, she is an active member of the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum, acting as the Chief Innovation Officer for Government Blockchain Association and a board advisor for Partners in Digital Health Institute. Most recently she served as President of Detect Genomix, Chief Quality and Safety Officer Chief and Innovation Officer for MEDNAX, Chief Quality and Safety Officer, and Chief of Compliance for the University of Miami UHealth System.

Preserving Confidentiality Softhread uses Chios™, which is a patent-pending blockchain and AI-enabled platform that preserves confidentiality and optimizes network security while enhancing operational efficiency. Through its decentralized system that empowers state-of-the-art interoperability, Softhread builds scalable enterprise solutions that are highly customizable, industry-agnostic, cloud-enabled, and cloud-independent, and optimize the ROI of data management. Chios™ has been specifically designed for the confidential computing and compliance requirements of highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, life sciences, insurance, and government technology domains. Our existing projects and ongoing relationships with several technology companies have demonstrated our capabilities within life sciences and healthcare, space industry, web 3.0, and smart cities cybersecurity. 31

The 10 Most Influen�al Business Women Making a Difference, 2022

The Globally Recognized Leader When asked about the key factors that influenced Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes’ decision to be an author, she said, “The decision to publish was suggested to me by several colleagues after I received numerous global awards and being named a global thought leader for a variety of technology-related topics.” Multiple publishers also recognized the value of sharing her broad expertise in a variety of domains including digital ethics, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and smart cities deployment with a much wider audience. Most of her articles or books target key decision-makers, legislators, business leaders, and academicians. She hopes that they serve as a call to action and contribute to a change in paradigm for the global business ecosystem.

Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes Softhread | CEO “Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly”

- Napoleon Bonaparte



Helping Clients with Enterprise Solutions According to Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes, Softhread is offering Chios™, which is an industry-agnostic platform offering a full portfolio of enterprise solutions that enhance privacy, confidentiality, and security of data management across IoT networks. Softhread’s completed pilots span across life-sciences, healthcare, gov tech, supply chain, and its upcoming projects will revolve around smart cities, precision health, space tech, and insurance industries. Also, as the Founder of Institute SEI-a Think Tank with a vision to be the main catalyst for scientific and digitally driven entrepreneurship, as well as to promote sustainable economic growth, she has collaborated with other global, not-for-profit organizations that are aligned with the UN SDG 2030 Agenda and promotion of social entrepreneurship.


Adapting to the Changing Market is Key Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes believes global business leaders who wish to gain a competitive advantage in this digital era must be prepared to engage in a continuous digital and business transformation journey. Additionally, being able to dynamically adapt to various economic demands and offer solutions that cover multiple industries will be a coveted feature in this highly globalized and hyper-connected world. She also says, “I have always emphasized the need for integrity, life-long learning, aiming for excellence, demonstrating resilience, embracing an abundance mindset, and designing a customized pathway to success that uniquely suits each individual’s passion, expertise, or skill sets.”