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Creating iPad and iPhone Magazine app using PressPad


This presentation shows 5 steps required to publish your Magazine app using PressPad

Sign-up First issue Article content

Preview on your iPad

Order your app


1. Register for PressPad Visit and click Sign Up button or go directly to registration.

2. Create first magazine Click New Magazine Issue button, choose name, cover and style for your magazine.

5/13 Hint: you can change style later in the settings.


3. Article type Choose article type. We are adding new article types all the time.


3. Article layout Select layout and click Choose. You can always change that later.


3. Article content

Title Author Lead Content

Next article

Photos, videos


4. Preview Click Show Preview button on article page and see it in your browser right away.


4. Preview on your iPad You can already preview this issue on your iPad. Download PressPad app from the App Store and sign-in using same email address as before on our website. Next click Download button and that’s it!

5. Order your app At this point you are ready to order your dedicated Magazine app. Click Publish button and fill all necessary information for your app.


That’s it! We will submit your app to the App Store and take care of all Apple-related stuff. Once your app is accepted, you will have an option to publish your first issue right away.

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Contact: Paul Nowak, PressPad CEO or

Tutorial: Create iPad and iPhone Magazine app using PressPad  

We have put together this 2 minute presentation taking you from sign-up to your dedicated Magazine app in the App Store. See more at http://...