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Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine



1ST Edition 2012 9,95 €

Winter Time Exciting and Inspiring Homes Winter Food: Pancakes and Food with Liquorice Ideas for the most Delightful Decorations for Winter Things you can make yourself: Beautiful Boxes, Homemade Footstools

Focus: Lovely Living Rooms

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Dear Reader,

I came out into the yard one morning in January last year just as it was starting to get light. It was a clear and frosty morning. The only thing I could hear was the sound of the snow crunching under my boots and a few drips from the roofs….icicles slowly melting…otherwise it was COMPLETELY quite. The morning mist lay heavily over the fields a couple metres above the ground. a large star hanging from the dusky sky with a few pink clouds caught my eye. The untouched snowcovered landscape was simply SO BeautiFul. it was almost like an enchanting moment from a fairytale. I gave myself time to stand there for a few minutes and simply enjoy it. I can almost sense the feeling of the cold and fresh morning air just thinking about it. Such moments pass by so quickly…often without thinking about it. Take a moment and enjoy them and let them enter into your memory. as i am writing this, i do not know what this winter will bring, but I hope there will be lots of enchanting moments in 2012. It is with pride and joy that we here in 2012 bid welcome to a new “Jeanne d’arc living magazine” – completely free of advertisements and with a new layout. Of course we hold onto the style – the French/nordic country style. it is a lifestyle, which we will never get tired of and which is constantly evolving. in this first issue this year we focus on decorating the living room. The living room is probably one of the home’s most important rooms, where we spend many hours. Small living rooms in particular can be difficult to arrange. We will give you lots of tips, ideas and hopefully inspiration. You can also see how much of a difference changing the textiles in the living room can make. On the food side we have experimented with liquorice…..a brand new world for us here at the magazine, but what a world!

Happy reading! Lonnie and Vivian

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Flaming Katy

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The Raw and the Rustic

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Jeanne d’arc living

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Perfect Pancakes

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Beautiful Buttons

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Supreme Succulents

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new & Old in a Beautiful mix

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the Stylist’s Favourites

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Lovely Living Rooms

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a charming and cosy den

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lonnie Würtz Jensen

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Historic Radio Cards

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Industrial Comfort

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One Living Room, Three Possibilities


The Beauty of Boxes

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Page 124. Finding the Fairest Rose Page 132. The House in Badhusviken Page 142.

a cool Footstool

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Photo, Text & Styling: Jeanne d’Arc Living,


Flaming Katy

One of the most popular and best known potted plants is Flaming Katy, with the latin name Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana. This plant is easy to keep, has moderate needs and is simple to care for. You can put Flaming Katy anywhere. It can withstand a southfacing window sill with lots of sunshine, but it does just as well in a shady spot in the living room. If you are not especially good with flowers, Flaming Katy is the indoor flower for you.



This plant has undergone a rapid development over the years. From being only available with a single red bloom, it has progressed today to a riot of colours spanning everything from burnt orange, red, yellow, delicate white, rose and cream to pink and violet. In addition to the many colours, today there are also new kinds with double blooms. These are extremely elegant and when in flower, will bloom with flowers, which look like tiny little rose buds.


Flaming Katy




Flaming Katy

Apart from being an indoor plant, Flaming Katy also has other and less known uses. As soon as there is no longer any risk of night frost, this plant is very well suited for planting out directly into flower beds, basins and pots. If planted outside, one can experience how the leaves acquire a “sun tan” in order to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. This will give them a light reddish tinge, which complements the flowers beautifully. These flowers keep well and not just as plants. Flaming Katy also has great longevity when used as cut flowers in decorations. We have used the flowers both in bouquets and wreaths and they will remain in full flower for several weeks long after the other flowers in a decoration have wilted. You can bed out your Flaming Katy in alternative kinds of plant containers such as a pretty old coffee pot, a drinking glass or in a box. Let a couple of blossoms float in a bowl of water and you will perceive them in a new way. They will be absolutely lovely, like little roses.

Flaming Katy


Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 1 (2012) Winter Time  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 1 (2012) Winter Time" Download full version from: Apple App Store: https...

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 1 (2012) Winter Time  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 1 (2012) Winter Time" Download full version from: Apple App Store: https...