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6. Edition 2012 9,95 € 13.95 $

6. edition 2012

Sun & Summer Read about: • Summer

Tomatoes & Tarts • Lathyrus & Birds • Decorating in Ocean Colors Houmarksvej 92, Kondrup · 8920 Randers · Denmark •

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The Next Issue comes out on August 1, 2012 Remember that from now on we will come out 12 Times a Year. We will come out on the first Weekday of Every Month. wn f its O o s s a l C S e rsi nin athe U g for Dealle We are lookinL i f e s t y


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you also enthus iast ic about the style? If so, the now you have a n unique opportun ity to be a part the Jeanne d’Arc of family and sel l our products. • Designed and manufactured in Europe • Day-to-day del ivery of products • Exciting new products consta ntly • Sole agency in a given territory • One fixed low shipping price Visit our new hom epage and fill out an application for becoming a dealer. You can also contact us by sending an e-m ail to Kristian at kristian@jeann, or cal ling +4536 932010 Monday through Friday bet ween 09.00 and 14.00.







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Jeanne d’Arc Living

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n 2012 5. Editio 9,95 € 13.95 $

L i fe st yl e i n a C l as s o f it s Own

4. Edition 201 2 9,95 € 13,95 $


French Passion Jeanne d’Arc Livin lected s e W s onderful Lupine ✳ Negg s a s & Summery Li l Gr u f lacs e Ko c L ldEsk, ål & Sprout a B r A G T s C I Houmarksvej 92, Kondrup - 892 0 Randers - Dan mark

SA ly R DIY articles with FE e ve own MO & FIL dLo r u o y e S Be ad R s & I ✳ Ma k Butterflies A s n U L CH e F d r L In a sp ir U in G g Homes & O S es &

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Perfect Petunias

Dear Reader, Do you also sometimes feel guilty for spending too much time and, perhaps, too much money as well on decorating your home? We’ve felt that way plenty of times. But now we’ve decided that this is our hobby. A hobby takes time and costs money! It’s the same with all other hobbies – and this is even one that others can enjoy, too. When you have this passion, you can sit for hours, browsing the internet and reading books and magazines. Drive for days or weeks – if only we could – visiting markets and stores. Not necessarily because there’s anything we need – there rarely is, but just because it’s fun. Other times, we’re on the hunt for a specific item or that perfect piece of furniture that just seems to be “missing.” When you’ve spent a lot of time and have FINALLY found it, the joy is almost indescribable! Or if we suddenly come across something that we didn’t even know existed but that’s just right! We just love the process and truly enjoy surrounding ourselves with beautiful things that create a nice atmosphere. A new arrangement can bring joy for a long time every time you walk by it. Naturally, we move things around quite a bit around here. That’s a given with all the pictures that we take. But still, it just makes us HAPPY! – whether it’s here at the office or in each of our private homes. A small bouquet or just a single stem in the bathroom or the office – probably something that many people wouldn’t even notice. Other times, it’s just an indescribable urge to move things around that comes over us. The joy is just as great. There’s nothing like change – that’s a fact. We hope this magazine will give you lots of inspiration for this, whether it’s in your home or in your garden. Happy reading!

Lonnie & Vivian

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Here you can get an idea of life behind the scenes at Jeanne d’Arc Living.

contents Side 4. The Little House Side 18. The Scent of Summer Side 30. Fly Away Little Bird Side 42. Wonderful Summer Tomatoes Side 51. Behind the Blue Doors Side 58. We Love Stories Side 61. Nature’s Fragrant Treasures Side 67. Kristian Mikaelsen, Jeanne d’Arc Living


Nr. 6 - 2012 Published by Jeanne d’Arc Living


Chief Editors: Vivian Christensen Mail: Lonnie Würtz Jensen Mail:

Graphics & Layout: Lonnie Würtz Jensen, Helle Routhe & Tina Hald

Editorial Office: Jeanne d’Arc Living ApS Houmarksvej 92, Kondrup 8920 Randers NV, Denmark Tlf: +45 36932010 Mail: Blog:

Photography & Styling: Lonnie Würtz Jensen & Dorte Palsgaard

Flower Arrangers: Susanne Sølvsten & Lonnie Würtz Jensen

Food, Text & Styling: Vivian Christensen & Susanne Sølvsten Handymen: Ole Sørensen & Jan Rasmussen

Side 68. A Life in White Side 84. Games with Tradition Side 88. Wonderful Præstebakkegård Side 100. Summery Tarts Side 108. Live with the Colors of the Ocean Side 118. The Most Beautiful Garden in Holland Side 130. Dansk Idyl i Hellerup

Translation to Swedish, English, Dutch & German: Translation into Norwegian: Janne Loga Sandberg,

The editorial office disclaims all liability for possible errors just as it is not liable for errors in recipes, instructions or the like. Since the magazine is old in many countries throughout the world, the editorial office cannot be held liable for any local or national rules and laws in the given countries. The reader must consult with the local authorities. Articles and pictures in The Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine may not be used in sales activities without further permission. Lending and renting of The Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine for profit is in no way permitted. The editorial office waives all responsibility for material, articles and objects, which are submitted without invitation.

mos jul

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Photography: Anneke Gambon. Text: Susanne. Information: Marijke Kingma.


Little House


The Little House

You arrive at Marijke Kingma’s little house by way of a hidden path. Imagine yourself in a whole other world - almost as if in a fairytale. A secret idyll of intricate nooks creates a sanctuary of green. The house is located in the strikingly beautiful area around the town of Bergen in Holland. The ocean is just 3 miles away and the woods are practically in the backyard. Ten years ago, Marijke’s dream came true. Together with her dog and her cat, she moved into the small house by the ocean with the extraordinary garden. She has always been fascinated with the ocean. As a child, she would spend vacations by the ocean and loved the rich nature of the coast. The extensive 

The Little House


beaches that are forever changing, the ocean sounds and amazing smells inspire her, giving her inner peace and making her happy. Marijke is a real outdoor-woman. She designed the garden herself, and each plant has been carefully selected and planted by her. Over the past ten years, her garden has transformed into a romantic oasis filled with apple and plum trees, berry shrubs, flowers and herbs, which are frequently used in the cooking. Gardening and cooking are her favorite pastimes. She happily makes apple



The Little House


The Little House


Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 6 (2012) Sun & Summer  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 6 (2012) Sun & Summer" Download full version from: Apple App Store: http...

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 6 (2012) Sun & Summer  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 6 (2012) Sun & Summer" Download full version from: Apple App Store: http...