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psychology POPULAR 04/2014

Tips to improve your life


Simona Rich


to a happier life

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5 Goal-Setting Apps 6 Web links

In this Issue

TIPS FOR A BETTER LIFE Attraction 12 Famous and Laws of Attraction Feng Shui 18 TheValue of Metal Life Coach 22 How to deal with procrastination in a few easy steps Q&A 26 Readers questions


Cover story: Simona Rich

Staying Young 28 Resist The Force Of Aging Stress Management 31 Stress, Who is to Blame?

LOVE AND HAPPINESS Happiness 39 Hiding Behind the Mask of Happiness and Success Improve Your Marriage 42 One Shoe Over the Fence Relationship 46 Do You Have a Happy Sex Life?


15 B ad Habits

When Are Bad Habits Helpful?

35 D ating

And Which Bouquet Will Make Her Heart Sway?

Finance 54 How to avoid debts Job 58 How to ace your job interview Success 61 Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Be a Prison For Your Achievements!

SELF DEVELOPMENT Psychology 70 Are You Under Mind Control? Why Not? Self Confidence 73 Ten Tips to Increase Your Self Confidence

50 C areer Tips

Career advice that you should never listen


April 2014

65 Personal Development

The Dangers of Following Some Personal Development Gurus

Self Determination 76 The Powers of a Positive Attitude Self Improvement 79 How To Make Better Decisions 8 Must-Have Tips

psychology POPULAR

From the Editor Welcome to the new edition of Popular Psychology Magazine.


s always, in this edition we are presenting new apps, websites and books. I hope you

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In this issue, we present Simon Rich and her interesting spiritual journey. Read about her exciting life, you may find inspiration and ideas for your life. Since this issue with us is Dan Dias. He will answer all your questions about life, career, entrepreneurship, psychology, self-esteem and related issues. If you have any questions, feel


free to send it to, and Dan will respond

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to everyone. The most interesting questions will be published

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Neboysha Dolovacki Editor

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April 2014

Apps reviews

Goal-Setting Apps

Way of Life - The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker Way of Life is the habit-building app. You can try the app for free. For $4.99 you can unlock it to add an unlimited number of items (up from a limit of three). Simply add items to your “journal” and every day the app will ask you “yes” or “no”. Local notifications are used to remind you. Some items are bad habits and for those it is better to mark no. You can also set up personalized entries that you mark whether yes or no is good. By creating this journal you can really focus in on what you need to work on. The trend tab allows you to see a graph of how you are doing. The setup guide is very helpful in getting up and running. Way of Life is an essential app for anyone struggling getting on the right track.

GoalsOnTrack GoalsOnTrack is a goal tracking, task management, and time management service positioned as tool for SMART goal setting. Unlike the simpler tools above, GoalsOnTrack lets you add a lot of details about your goals, including categories, deadlines, and motivational photos that can be played in a slideshow to help you “subconsciously find ways to achieve your goals.” GoalsOnTrack has an integrated calendar and journal for creating an action plan, as well as an offline planner for printing. Membership is $68 per year, and although the site is designed a bit like a Web infomercial, GoalsOnTrack is BBB accredited and offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Habit List - Create good habits, break bad ones, build a better you Habit List is a great app if you’re looking for something that does a little bit of everything and looks good while doing it. It utilizes the powerful “streaking” method so that you can stay motivated to reach that goal. Scheduling is flexible, allowing you to choose between specific days, non-specific days, and intervals. This app also includes reminders, graphs, font options, passcode locks, and more! Available for: iOS and Android Customer Ratings: Price: $2.99 Download: iTunes

Available for: iOS and Android Customer Ratings: Price: $68 per year Download: iTunes • Google play

Available for: iOS Customer Ratings: Price: $4.99 Download: iTunes


April 2014

Web reviews

Web links




Lifetick is an application designed to help users set and manage their personal and professional goals. The site allows users to register for themselves or to register as a coach in order to help others achieve their goals in life. Users of Lifetick are given a quick and easy way to enter goals, core values, and tasks, both recurring and one-time and track their completion and stay motivated via email reminders. Lifetick utilizes S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting methodology to ensure that users are making the best decisions for themselves going forward.

Goal-Buddy combines two proven strategies for seeing your goals through to completion: tracking goals with a set action plan and having an accountability partner to check in with about the status of your goals. When you check off each action item that you have entered in, you can see the progress you’ve made toward your goal in terms of a bar and percentage. Choose to share your goals with the public, your goal budy, or just yourself. Additionally, you can track your progress towards a habit you would like to form, keep track of tasks, and track various lists.

Goalmigo is an easy to use online goal tracking tool. If you need support to keep you motivated, Goalmigo lets you add supporters. Think of the site as a social networking goal tracker. Once you set your goal, you set a completion date and regular reminders. Reminders can be set up for daily, weekly or monthly. For longer goals, there is a milestone feature, which lets you track when you reach a pivotal point in your goal.

We all have goals and aspirations, but utilizing the S.M.A.R.T. methodology (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely), Lifetick provides the means for users to organize their lives in meaningful and effective ways in order to maximize their chance of success with whatever goals they may set for themselves.

This program offers a lot for free between tracking goals, finding accountability partners, and developing new habits, Goal-Buddy has you covered.


April 2014

You can get really detailed with the breakdown of your goal - list actions, dates, and motivational information that will help you to reach your goal.

One of the best features of Goalmigo is the ability to add notes. As you work through your goal, you can add notes to remind you of how you completed a certain portion for help in future goals. If multiple people are working towards the same goal, the notes section is perfect for letting each other know what you have done towards the goal. The interface itself is very clean and professional. To help support the site, ads are displayed unobtrusively.

Simona Rich


to a happier life 7

April 2014



his story is about my journey – I hope it will inspire, empower and inform you, as these are my intentions behind everything I write. My life a few years back During my school years I was a below average student. When I got my first job at the age of 16 things changed. The job was horrible: I had to work 12 hours a day (the Lithuanian way:)) in a brightly lit huge supermarket and the music that was played was repeated over and over again. On top of that, my manager was the most psychotic person I’ve ever met. She shouted at every employee in front


April 2014

of customers and people under her management quit their jobs frequently there. Because of this torture I experienced, I realized that if I stayed average in school, I would stay average in all areas of my life. I already envisioned myself working for such a manager for the rest of my life. That was enough of a kick in the ass to change my situation.

MY FIRST BOLD STEP From the age of 16 I started studying extra hard to become the best student, at least in English. I knew that the quickest way to change my life was to score the best grade in the English state exam and get a scholarship to study abroad.

In a remote Nepali mountain village

I saw this as my only way out since I was from a poor family so there weren’t many options open. I stayed at home all the time and did all I could to excel in English. I listened to the BBC radio, read only English books and tried thinking in English only. I had no social time after school. When I naturally started thinking in English and dreaming about England, I knew I would make it. I scored 100% in the English state exam – nobody else got this percentage. I also got a scholarship to study in England. My dream came

true, and I finally felt free and full of hope. After the enrollment I flew to the UK to study tourism. My mom had to borrow money to buy me a flight ticket. She was the only person at the airport, saying goodbye to me, with eyes filled with tears. I promised to myself to repay the flight ticket money, and all my mom had to spend for me throughout years. That was a big motivation, and it pushed me to quickly find a job whilst other students were partying before the start of their studies. In a few years’ time I repaid my mother for all her investment in my happiness.

Cover story Quite a lot of students had to eventually fly back to their countries because they weren’t able to find jobs after days of partying – the vacancies were gone. That taught me the importance of being early, being first and doing exactly the opposite of what the majority does. I started working as a receptionist in a game arcade which I liked, but managers kept asking me to do overtime work which I couldn’t because of studies. One day, a week after refusing to do overtime work, I got a letter saying that I was made redundant.

In South Indian saree

Great. I had two choices now. I could either feel sorry for myself and be angry about the unfairness of the situation or I could think how I could turn this around. Fortunately, I chose the latter option. My job search started again. By this time I had discontinued my studies because the subject was dry and boring. I realized that in the UK degrees don’t matter as much as in Lithuania. It didn’t make sense to study for 4 years and then get a job at a pay lower than someone who started at the age of 18 and made their way to the top. Finally, I found a job as a waitress in one


April 2014

Even with this new understanding about being stuck I was scared to change a thing because I got very comfortable with my life.

restaurant in a shopping center. The pay was basic, but I earned good tips. However, it scared me to see so many people working there for years and being afraid to change a thing in their lives. When I would talk about quitting job, employees would remind me about the difficult job situation in England and that I may not get any job at all.

secretary. That didn’t last long since the university never took off and eventually had to close. Shortly I started to work for a market research company. My position involved calling businesses to conduct all kinds of surveys. That was the worst job I’ve ever had, but I kept working there because it provided good money and I could choose my own hours.


Two years passed in the same employment and only then did I realize that I was stuck. I think what awoke me was the death of one employee. She got nowhere in her life. She had an average job and lived in an average home alone.

In around a week’s time I found another job as a small university’s

She died alone and was discovered only after a week, since she had

Despite the discouragements, as soon as I saved enough money to survive without a job for several months, I decided to quit.

Cover story only a few friends. That’s the sad part of living in England – some people are very lonely and when they die nobody knows or cares about. Even with this new understanding about being stuck I was scared to change a thing because I got very comfortable with my life. My life wasn’t nice (in fact, when I think about it, it was far below “nice”), but I felt secure. I had constant income, a warm home and I could afford to travel once in a while.

HOW I TURNED MY LIFE AROUND As soon as I came to the UK I also got stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere. I was with a person that was completely opposite to who I was and our love vanished as fast as it started. That time was really tough on me but I just couldn’t find the courage to leave after years of being together. What kept me with him was his stability, and I think what kept him with me was my impulsive nature. That’s how almost three years in the UK passed – with a boyfriend I didn’t love and in a market research job I hated. It seemed that my life would always stay the same.


April 2014

But that wasn’t meant to be…

I love riding scooter!

I remember vividly the day my life changed.

When I entered the bookshop, one book caught my eye. I knew I had to buy it, so I did. It was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

It was a cold, humid, dark gray day, as most days in England are. I finished my call center work and was walking to the bookshop. Going home didn’t seem that inviting because the person that was at home was the one I wanted to see the least. Whilst walking, a thought came into my mind: “Is that all life can offer me?” It was a strange thought – I never had such a thought before. It awakened something in me, something that I sensed was very important, yet I couldn’t understand what.

This thought stayed in my mind all the time while I was walking to the bookshop.

It made me addicted to self help books and started a real change in my life.

After starting many different businesses I finally discovered that I loved sharing my life experiences with people through writing.

After reading many self-help books and attending different seminars, I began to gradually turn my life around. I started the habit of positive thinking, I visualized my ideal life and made colorful vision boards to saturate my mind with. I used NLP, inner coaching and positive affirmations to rewire my brain for it to

Cover story start functioning on a higher level. I dealt with my limiting beliefs and closed my mind to the damaging suggestions of other people. In less than a year I completely got rid of fear, split up with my partner, quit my job, started experimenting with self employment and started to really enjoy my life. After starting many different businesses I finally discovered that I loved sharing my life experiences with people through writing. That’s how this self improvement blog was born.

MY LIFE NOW I just recently moved to London to rest from my travels in Asia. I lived in South India for three years, with frequent travels all around India and neighboring countries. In South India I met my partner, and it’s been three years we’ve been together. I wrote about our break-up and how we got back together. I’m not sure about the future of our relationship since it involves two people, so you never know. I enjoy our time together, but I’m not attached, and the


April 2014

relationship with my self is what’s most important.

peace and happiness for the rest of the day.

The house I rented in South India was 3 minutes from the ocean where I enjoyed beautiful, jungle-like nature. It was a total dream come true, and exactly what I visualized in the past.

I absolutely loved my stay in India, but an urge within me grew to come back to London to share what I learnt from my travels and growth. So I’m back in London to run some events and to rest from travels.

I would often sit in a bamboo cafe sipping spiced Indian chai and looking at the ocean. When it was monsoon in South India, I would stay in my favorite sea-side restaurant curled up in a soft chair reading some self-help book and then have some hot rice and almond curry. I did yoga each morning on my house rooftop (except when it was raining) overlooking numerous coconut trees. Yoga filled me with

I enjoy the stability here. I needed it after trips to Indian cities, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand (where I was robbed, by the way). I’m renting a house with two lovely Chinese sisters living upstairs (they’re house owners). The house is in a quiet and neat neighborhood, so it’s perfect for my writing. My productivity tripled since the move. India taught me that happiness is hidden in simplicity. I’m continuing this tradition

in London. My life is very simple – I have very few social interactions; I stay at home a lot; I write, write, write because sharing my experiences with the world fills me with happiness. Everyone should do more of what makes them happy. I’m not rich by the modern definition of this word, although my name is Simona Rich (I changed my surname). I don’t own anything I can’t buy outright. My life is very simple. This simplicity fills me with peace and happiness. Free yourself from the world’s complexities to uncover the bare bones of what makes you happy. That’s a recipe for success. If you want to know more about Simona, go to

Law of Attraction

Famous and Laws of Attraction By Marczuke

Everyone wants to be famous in any way possible. There can be many ways to become famous. But the best way which has worked worldwide, is the laws of attraction.


he idea behind this is recreating your thoughts and your experiences. Then you have to turn these into your vibration. Then the law of attraction will make sure that these experiences of people achieve to your dream. Law of attraction is such an important thing to become famous. You must have the passion in what you do to become famous. Attraction alone cannot make one famous. You must


April 2014

make failures as a step to achieve your success. You must turn them into positive vibrations. The desire to achieve success will make you famous. You have to believe in yourself to achieve great success in your life. You must motivate yourself during your failures. You must bring positive vibrations into yourself to override the failures in your life. You must make the laws of attraction as an op-

tion to become famous. You must believe in your ability and not your luck. You must have different strategies to achieve success in whatever you do. You should never allow failures to make you lose hope of your dreams. You must first believe in yourself to achieve greater heights in your life. You must first think that whatever you do is possible. You must believe that it can happen. You must believe that you can succeed in whatever you do.

Law of Attraction

He has a very clear idea of how to take things forward and to achieve them things. Will Smith says “Make a choice of what you want, who you want to be and how you are going to do it. The universe will get out of your way“. This was an inspirational quote that made the personality of Will Smith go to even more great heights. It is not just the words that made him to say it, but the fire within to be someone big in the world and make millions better, stronger and happier. The quality was just phenomenal from the words put out by Will Smith. He also insists not to let people who offer small things and control much of your emotions and feelings. He believes that ignoring the negative force around you can make you feel the right positive charge that is within yourself. He also adds, to not chase the people and to be yourself and to work hard on what you do, he believes that the right people of your life will stay back.

OPRAH WINFREY About the law for attraction, Oprah says “Surround yourself only with people who can take higher”. This is absolutely true; you should always have the right force to move you on towards your goal. Without good people surrounding you, it’s not going to be the right ride for you to take. She also says, “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”. It is 100% right, it takes time for you to become the person you want to be, but when you believe, you’re right away the person it takes. It is hard to practice it, but once you know it, the right times starts to tick in.


April 2014

one by one. You must put your hundred percent efforts in whatever you do. You must first visualize your goals. You must believe that you can do anything. What do popular celebrities have to say about the law of attraction?


By Yne Van De Mergel, via Wikimedia Commons


must believe in what you do. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So you must put positive energy to get positive results. You cannot change anything within a second. You have to go step by step. You cannot change the laws of the universe. You must achieve your goals

In an interview she said that, she knew that she was going to be famous even before anyone ever knew her. That is the confidence that should fill you in. It is hard to digest and walk through the road of broken dreams, but that’s not what you should think about. It is always in thinking about how to accommodate yourself on the top of this world. It’s about admitting the fact that you’ve got the things that can make you grow and make you cherish about who you want to be and how you want to look in front of the people who have looked you in a lower prospective.


By Ian Smith from London, England (Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons

You should inspire others in whatever you do. You must not follow the footsteps of others. You must create your own path. Positive and negative thinking causes different results in you. You can do whatever you want

if you have the capacity to make anything possible. You must have the mind set to accept both success and failures. You must have positive thinking, positive belief and visualizations to achieve greater success in your life. Many have become popular by using the laws of attraction. You Vanessa Lua, via Wikimedia Commons

You must first create in your mind that you are famous.

Jim exclaims about the fact how he believed in himself before starting his successful career in acting. He says,” I’ve always believed in magic, way to Mullholland drive and to sit there and shout in joy that everyone wants to work with me, I’m a really good actor and I have got all the offers on great movies”. He insists the fact that the achievement will lie within the fact of belief. Only, its belief that can make you a big thing in this world, always hope for a better life, when you have the talent within. It is about waiting at the desperate times and not letting the fire within to be exhausted, but to burn with more fumes. It is about taking the right chance and making it worthier when you have nothing to lose and believing that you have everything to win the world. It is not about giving up easily whenever life pushes you to the end; it is about turning back and starting to fight against it.

Famous People Quotes Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go Oscar Wilde


April 2014

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed. Albert Einstein

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi

Q&A Are you worried about your career, or are you an entrepreneur seeking guidance? Do you have psychological or social problems, or self-confidence issues?

Dan Dias can help you. Dan Dias has over 15 years experience in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is also a body-language expert, entrepreneur and co-founder of two Internet startups.


What is the single greatest piece of career advice you’ve ever received?


What do you do when you are good at something but not good enough?

Find and follow your passion, your ‘bliss’. Whatever you decide to do in life, do it with certainty. Don’t ever settle for less or second best, true realisation comes only for those with passion and love for their careers. Always listen to your inner self, if it feels right, then most certainly you are doing well, and accomplishment will come eventually. Never give up your dreams, sometimes things do not happen the way we want them to, but we should never see this as a failure, but rather as a learning process, and finally, it should be enjoyable. If it is not enjoyable, and isn’t putting a smile on your face, chances are that you are in the wrong direction.

Telling yourself you are not good enough at something is not just wrong, it is akin to “self-bullying”. When something is not going well, or is not as good as you expected, take a deep breath and a step back, look at the situation without judging it, without negative thoughts. And only then, ask yourself, what is missing here, what could I do to make this better? Which aspect of my work do I need to pay most attention to? Basically, by identifying our weakness, we are immediately getting better at what we do. Improvement happens when we accept that something needs to be done, and we do it with confidence. But be easy on yourself, there is not such a thing as perfection, we are only humans, and we always will find rooms for improvements in our lives.

You have a question? Send your questions on, and Dan will answer you. 26

April 2014


Share your experience! Have you ever read a self-help book, article or blog? Have you tried to apply these tips to your life? Whether it was successful? Share your experiences, good or bad, with readers from around the world! Help others with your life story.

The best articles will be published in our magazine! SEND US YOUR STORY!

Read the detailed instructions and rules of use on our website


Books reviews FR


! EE

Seth David Chernoff

Find True Fulfillment and Lasting Happiness, Overcome Your Fear Of Death, Learn How to Fully Experience Life, Reconnect with Your Inner Truth, and Discover Your True Purpose. Seth David Chernoff is an award-winning author, two-time cancer survivor, marketing professional, and founder of multiple companies. His work has been featured previously in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Popular Mechanics, Business Week, USA Today, on radio stations around the country, and ABC and PBS TV. Number of pages: 45 Average Customer Review: Free Kindle Edition: Amazon 

! EE

Arnold Bennett



Philosophers have explained space. They have not explained time. It is the inexplicable raw material of everything. With it, all is possible; without it, nothing. The supply of time is truly a daily miracle, an affair genuinely astonishing when one examines it. You wake up in the morning, and lo! your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of your life! It is yours. It is the most precious of possessions. A highly singular commodity, showered upon you! Arnold Bennett was an English writer born in Hanley, Staffordshire in 1867. He is best known as a novelist, but he also worked in other fields. One of his most popular non-fiction works, which is still read to this day, is the self-help book How to Live on 24 Hours a Day. Number of pages: 64 Average Customer Review: Free Kindle Edition: Amazon 


April 2014


How To Get More Done in a Multitasking World

Michael E. Reese This book contains steps and strategies on how to effectively manage your time and accomplish more even if most of your resources are limited. This compendium consists of sixteen chapters. Time management is clearly defined in the first chapters: the working principles, the basic techniques, and why it is important. Prioritization is likewise defined, and the basic tips on how to do it effectively are enumerated and explained. Also, the reasons why people procrastinate are explained so that readers will know how to avoid it. Productivity levels can also be improved by following simple steps. You will learn throughout the chapters that no matter what kind of profession or walk of life you belong to, time management is a very important concept. Number of pages: 112 Average Customer Review: Kindle Edition: $4.99 

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