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TECHNICAL NO. 32, 2011

Magical Lustre Symposium. Tuğrul Emre Feyzoğlu describes the international exchange.

7 Fire, Ice and Clay. Chris Garcia discusses a ceramics residency in Iceland. 12 A Discussion of Flameware. George J Chechopoulos explains Flameware clay body and glaze formulation.

19 Looking Forward/Looking Back. Rich Briggs discusses American woodfired ceramics.

24 A Substitute for Gerstley Borate. Jonathan Kaplan and Jeff Zamek collaborate on their research.

30 And So On. Sue Gardiner describes the repetition in the work of Emily Siddell. 34 Sleeping Beauty. Christian Marche details the obstacles encountered on the way to a successful public installation

39 Slip Trailing. Duygu Kahraman offers a reflection of S Sibel Sevim’s art world. 43 The Symposium of Ceramic Art. W Lowell Baker tells of his experiences in Camaguey, Cuba.

48 Grand Tour of European Porcelain. Anna Calluori Holcombe explores the major European porcelain centres.

56 A Pictorial Perspective. Elaine Olafson Henry provides a tour of the new ceramics facilities at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (cover story).

60 John Conrad. Jack Hachigian PhD describes Conrad’s search for the Black Pearl, a saturated metallic glaze.

64 Pottery Skills in Thomastown, Ireland. Eleanor Flegg talks with Gus Mabelson about the Ceramics Skills and Design Course.

70 Soil Turning into Pigeon Houses (Boranhane). F Evren Dasdag and Nursen Isik give an example from Diyarbakir.

74 The Ceramic Artist and His Clay. Chris Echeta discusses the relationship of form explanation.

79 Cotton-Blended Ceramics. Tuğrul Emre Feyzoğlu discusses the work of Mehmet Kutlu.

82 The First European Woodfire Conference. Markus Böhm reviews the experience of being an organiser.

86 Catching Colour in the Nooks and Crannies. Frank James Fisher discusses his glazing techniques.

89 The Place of Ceramics Today. Dr Isah Bolaji Kashim researches the potential for ceramics in Nigeria.

95 The Figurative Association Symposium. Stephanie Stuefer describes the event at Arrowmont.

99 A Potential for Paperclay Water Filters: Part I. Rosette Gault gives an

artist’s view of ceramic design and engineering for a sustainable world. 103 Production of Clay Vessels. Ali, Vincent Egwu discusses traditional pottery production by the women of Afikpo and Ishiagu in Southeastern Nigeria. 110 Hand Thrown: East Asian Wedged Coil Technique. A Book Review by Janet Mansfield. 109 A Potter’s Tale in South Africa. A book review by Janet Mansfield. 110 Australia’s Mount Gibraltar. Steve Harrison describes the tenmoku on the edge of town.


Ole Lislerud

(Professor, Oslo National Academy of the Arts) Detail of Tile Installation at the Oslo Court Building Photo by Bjørgli&Bergersen

Ceramics: Art and Perception - Ceramics TECHNICAL Issue #32  
Ceramics: Art and Perception - Ceramics TECHNICAL Issue #32  

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