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Peaceful Christmas • Follow our big project:

Sleepin g Beauty

• Make your own filled chocolates and Christmas treats. • Wrap your presents beautifully in 3 different styles. • Decorate for Christmas – indoors and outdoors. Visit


Happy December Days… On a December day, I’m going to… Leave on my pajamas, forget all about make - up and drink hot choc olate with marshmallows all day. Light a f ire in the f ireplac e and spend hours looking at the crackling f ire, holding hands with my dar ling and smiling at the dogs lying by my feet. Talk to a gir lfr iend or my sister all night, c ontemplating life… Make Christmas dec oration items with some young children and tell them the stor y of The Lit tle Match Gir l. Bake c ookies for the seniors in our family who baked for me for the f irst 45 years of my life. Go for a walk in the morning darkness here at our meadow, enjoy the peac e and quiet, and watch the light break through. That ’s what Happy Dec ember Days mean to me….


Dear Reader

This is the last edition of the magazine this year. Time flies – and that surprises us year after year, particularly towards the end of the year when the days are short and we’ve got so many things to do and so little time. That’s when we resort to the easiest solutions now and again. In December, we’ve got to prioritize and realize that we just don’t have time for everything. And we’ve got to accept that managing just half of it is also good enough. Some things just have to be done, but the rest of the time it’s up to us to decide what we’d like to do. Follow your heart’s desire: do whatever you fancy the most and with the people you love. That makes your heart sing. We hope that this Christmas edition will inspire you to do whatever you love about Christmas. In any case, this edition offers you lots of different articles about wonderful homes decorated for Christmas, confections, decorations and homemade Christmas decoration items. We’ve included some advanced DIY projects for those of you who like to spend lots of time on these things, and easy projects for those of you who are always short of time around Christmas. As always, we wish you lots of fun reading the magazine and not least merry Christmas and a happy new year! We’re looking forward to showing you what

Lonnie & Vivian

the Jeanne D’Arc Living team has to offer you in 2017.

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Lonnie Würtz Jensen

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Helle Routhe


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4. Evocative Christmas spirit made simple


12. Christmas treasures – create the style


14. Christmas delicacies


20. Christmas with the perfect contrast


28. The column for you


30. When history counts


40. A nice welcome, dear guest


46. Fantastic Christmas cribs


52. JDL clothing


54. Delicate copper


58. Brocante ON A BUDGET


64. A Christmas fairy tale


78. The most beautiful Christmas presents – in 3 different styles


90. Vintage Paint


92. White Christmas - with a touch of green

Page 102. Natural brocanteries Page 110. Flirting with chocolate Page 118. Treasures with charm – be creative Page 120. Artificial Christmas trees – rare and original ones Page 124. Artificial Christmas trees – DIY: transform new trees Page 128. Christmas in the name of the rose Page 134. Soulful Yarn Page 136. PROJECT: Sleeping Beauty


6 Photos & t e x t : An n e k e G a mb o n . Ed i t e d b y : C a mi l l a & L o n n i e .

Evocative Christ mas spirit made simple



You feel it straight away – the Christmas spirit that greets you through antique Christmas decoration items, beautiful curiosities and lots of fir. It’s obvious that the people living in this home cherish this festive season and all its traditions. We’ve visited Antje’s beautiful home before and this time we’re here to marvel at the special Christmas atmosphere. Antje is very talented at decorating her house for Christmas in the most wonderful, simple way. She finds her decoration items on markets and whatever she doesn’t keep for her home she sells in her web shop: Antje is very good at furnishing, always managing to make a few items look much statelier by highlighting them in the right way. She’s got a big collection of small, handmade angels from Germany. Dating back to around 1880-1920, they’re called “flying angels” because they seem to be flying around the Christmas tree.


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