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Vintage love

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Visit the most beautiful garden. Flowers at harvest time. Make the most delicious late summer dishes. Create the style with brocante on a budget. Renovate your garden furniture.




When autumn comes By Linda Eder

When autumn c omes and leaves obey I think of you When spring was new and fall was miles away And when I close my eyes I see you and I don' t feel the chill When autumn c omes it 's summer still When autumn c omes and wild geese f ly I wonder do you see them too across the restless sk y And does October c atch you dreaming of Central Park in June Or is love lost beneath the frost of autumn's moon Summers by the sea when the sun would linger till the moon was high Days of you and me under neath a shelter ing sk y Did we move too fast for the glow of love to last When autumn c omes and summer goes I will remember through November what September knows That nothing lasts forever and summer love moves on So when the leaves begin to change I f ind it sad but never strange That you are all I c an rec all when autumn c omes


Dear Reader

Here at our latitude, the summer is coming to an end. This is a very special time of the year for us, and we enjoy the last long, warm summer days and their special atmosphere. Knowing that it’s over soon, we’re really taking in the last intensive smells in the garden and enjoying the beautiful flowers before their colors start to fade. But most of all we’re enjoying the nice, warm days, each other ’s company and all the good times we share. In this summer edition of our magazine, we’d like to highlight one particular article – “A world of beauty” – which takes us to Luc’s enchanting garden full of beautiful figurines. This garden really makes us think of “fading beauty” in the most charming way. Not many of us have the possibility of living in such a marvelous place but we’re showing it to you anyway for you to delight in the pictures and enjoy them with us. The thing is, you see – we all need to day-dream now and again. Perhaps the pictures will inspire you to go out and look at such places and enjoy them for just a day, or you might come up with ideas on how to change things in your own home. Very often, this is how we get our ideas here at the editorial office: inspired by something that we see in our everyday life, our thoughts begin to do their thing and soon we’ve come up with ideas of how to implement something similar in our own home or how to inspire you, dear reader of this magazine. Many funny articles have been created like that. We hope that the articles in this edition will nourish your dreams, inspire you to enjoy outdoor life just a little bit longer, and keep the summer spirit alive. Enjoy reading!

Lonnie & Vivian

magazine No. 8 · 2016 Published by Jeanne d’Arc Living

Lonnie Würtz Jensen

Cover photo: Lonnie Würtz Jensen.

Vivian Christensen

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4 A touch of pink

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P ho to s & te x t: C or i n e ho ge B a v el -J an se n . E d it e d b y: Ri kke V.

A touch of pink


Melanie has always loved living amongst old furniture and beautiful things. Her love for all things French started in a coffee house where she saw a great book on interior design French style. She fell in love with the style then and there, and she’s been hunting for French treasures ever since.

The family lives on the first floor of an old farm that used to be a restaurant. The farm even had an illegal distillery in the cellar below the restaurant. Some ten years ago, the entire farm was renovated and turned into 11 apartments.

Melanie loves interior design and tones of pink are definitely her favorite colors. You find the most amazing, small drops of these color tones everywhere, and the light, airy furnishings underline the beautiful things in the nicest way possible.

Ideas in the living room:

If you’ve got some special items that you want to put on display, you can do like Melanie and keep your walls, ceilings and perhaps your floors in the same light color to create a calm backdrop in your interior design. That makes it much easier to add a color tone that you can use as a red thread throughout your home.


Melanie is a passionate collector and you can see some of her beautiful gems here in the living room. Big and small dressmaker ’s dummies, dolls, bridal wreaths and angel wings – it ’s safe to say that Melanie is a true Francophile.

If you’re in love with this lifestyle, you tend to build up small collections of various things. Melanie has several tips for you to follow. She’s got quite a large collection of angel wings but instead of displaying them all together as a big, dominant collection in the living room, she’s chosen to create smaller groups of wings for several rooms in the apartment. Make groups of items that fit to each other. As they all have different materials, color tones and patina, it all looks very beautiful and vivid.

If you’ve got collections of small items, it ’s a good idea to display them all together instead of spreading them out throughout your home. You can display your collections in various places, and bridal wreaths, upholstered boxes or other collections look great in a small group in the living room but you might also want to place another group of items in the bedroom or in the dining area.



Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 8 (2016) Vintage love  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 8 (2016) Vintage love" Download full version from: Apple App Store: http...

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine - ISSUE 8 (2016) Vintage love  

This is a free sample of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine issue "ISSUE 8 (2016) Vintage love" Download full version from: Apple App Store: http...