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20 vol-20 Issue- 09 September 2020


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Vol.20 Issue 09, 2020

Digital Postpress.................................................04 World Class ROI with Lithrone.......................08 Industry speaks on govt. directive..............10 Technotrans celbrates 50th year..................16 Canon: Country’s 1st at Replika....................18

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Miyakoshi by Provin..........................................21 Holoflex security for Aadhaar........................28 IBF: 7th JETSCI M in a row................................36

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Contents FROM THE EDITORS’ DESK..............................................................................................................................................................................................................3 Digital Postpress: expanding enhancement opportunities in printing.........................................................................................................................4 World Class ROI with Lithrone GX/G advance series ...........................................................................................................................................................8 OPA takes strong exception to Government directive against printing of diaries, calendars etc. .....................................................................9 Industry speaks on Government’s directive to bodies to stop printing various products.................................................................................. 10 drupa preview: New Digital Platform for knowledge transfer, networking and presentation ......................................................................... 12 KMPA elects new office bearers for 2020-22........................................................................................................................................................................ 12 Save dates for ‘Heidelberg Innovation Week’....................................................................................................................................................................... 13 GoI decides to do away with printed calendars, diaries, cards and similar materials........................................................................................... 13 AGPC Principal receives AICTE Best Teacher........................................................................................................................................................................ 14 Siegwerk India launches customer portal ............................................................................................................................................................................ 14 PackImpressions has a grand 3D virtual show.................................................................................................................................................................... 15 ‘Life In Print’ by Prof. Anjan Kumar Baral................................................................................................................................................................................ 15 technotrans celebrates its 50th anniversary........................................................................................................................................................................ 16 SoulKind: Printed on the Jet Press 750S................................................................................................................................................................................. 17 Canon India installs country’s first VarioPrint i300 at Replika ....................................................................................................................................... 18 Monotech installs JETSCI Colornova at Maa Gayatri Offset Printers ........................................................................................................................... 20 Kodak withdraws from Drupa 2021......................................................................................................................................................................................... 21 Miyakoshi digital inkjet presses in India by Provin Technos........................................................................................................................................... 21 Two of Kodak’s innovative products shine at renowned InterTech Technology Awards .................................................................................... 22 Kodak Continuous Inkjet Technology receives 5 BLI Outstanding Innovation awards ....................................................................................... 23 Ricoh launches DTG printer Ri 2000 ....................................................................................................................................................................................... 23 Idea-Rolmarkem procures third OMET X6 in 5 Years......................................................................................................................................................... 24 Wifac is the new OMET agent in Benelux.............................................................................................................................................................................. 26 BOBST helps Perfect Packaging overcome tooling hurdle............................................................................................................................................. 27 Holoflex security for new high security Aadhaar Cards .................................................................................................................................................. 28 JTAPE installs Mark Andy Digital One to personalize face shields................................................................................................................................ 29 Gwk presents mobile water-cooled tecocw series............................................................................................................................................................ 30 DIC India edifies customers about the ban of toluene based inks for food packaging........................................................................................ 31 Responding to a changed global market.............................................................................................................................................................................. 32 Cosmo Films to set up a new Line for Speciality Polyester (BOPET) Films................................................................................................................. 33 Ulrich orders two MPS flexo presses via videocall.............................................................................................................................................................. 34 Cyngient, Imageworx and MPS form strategic partnership........................................................................................................................................... 35 In a first, MPS remotely installs press at Japanese customer.......................................................................................................................................... 36 Monotech executes 7th JETSCI M series installation at IBF............................................................................................................................................. 36 Macfarlane Labels invests in 10-Colour Nilpeter FA-17.................................................................................................................................................... 37 Samarth Digital to fructify expansion with new Pixeljet Hybrid Printer.................................................................................................................... 38 Printhead expert Xaar reduces yearly plastic consumption by 1.2 tonnes .............................................................................................................. 38 RICOH offers ProcessDirector via subscription pricing option...................................................................................................................................... 39

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September 2020

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FROM THE EDITORS’ DESK Dear Readers, Hot Stamping is one of the favourite choices when it comes to print enhancement in high-end products. Digital print enhancement technologies not only impart flexibility of variability, but also enable lower volumes, faster deliveries and of course quality. Our article – Digital Postpress: expanding enhancement opportunities in printing – deals with some of the top technologies available for modern print enhancement needs. A few days ago we conducted an online survey on the Government’s directive to various bodies to stop printing various products like diaries, calendars etc. Many of our industry stalwarts and people from different walks of the printing industry expressed their views for and against the decision. A selected few views have been published in this issue. The cover story is about Holoflex, the company which has designed and produced the holograms for the new Aadhaar Card which is packed with high security overt and covert features. In an exclusive interview with PRESSIdeas, the company Director, Ajit Kumar Surana talks in detail about the new high security Aadhaar Cards introduced by UIDAI. The 3D virtual Expo, spanning three days, successfully managed to bring together the Global Print & Packaging fraternity, at a time when physical marketing and display of products was just not possible. Over 3.5 million viewed the event built up and over 5,000 delegates participated during the 3 day virtual event. PackImpressions 2020 took place from September 17 to 19, 2020. On the installations front, Monotech Systems installs 7th JETSCI M series in a row to do confidential variable data printing online on IBF’s narrow web offset printing machines. As a part of their expansion from Gurgaon, IBF has invested in their second larger facility of 4000 sqm at Ghiloth, Rajasthan to double up their production capacity from 1 million copies to 2 million copies a day. Monotech Systems has also installed a JETSCI Colornova at Maa Gayatri Offset Printers at Haridwar and a Pixeljet 3218RMO UV Hybrid printer with Varnish at the Pune based wide-format PSP – Samarth Digital. Canon India has installed India’s first VarioPrint i300 at Replika Press. Then we have the Z-fold device installation story about BOBST India – braving lockdown conditions to keep things running at Perfect Packaging. In an interview titled, Responding to a changed global market, Nick Coombes speaks with longtime narrow web specialist Paul Briggs, formerly with Mark Andy and Xeikon, and now with Omet, about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on manufacturers and converters. There are other interesting reads about new launches, technologies, events, awards and more in the inside pages of this PRESSIdeas issue. Enjoy reading.

- Jasvinder Singh, Sub-editor

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Digital Postpress: expanding enhancement opportunities in printing - exploring Postpress options in the fast advancing Digital Arena.

Digital Metal is basically a transfer process,not really hot stamping. It has all the same advantages as digital printing, for example,there is no need to hold a lot of inventory, no waste, and processors can produce to order.

Key Notes : > Hot Stamping – brings many advantages when accomplished using modern digital devices. > Matrix Metallic MX-370MP metal pneumatic hot stamping system can add hot stamping and local UV effects to various papers. > AB Graphic JetFx modular inkjet decoration unit enabling digital cold foiling, glazing, casting and curing effects.


September 2020

Completely digitizing the embellishment of a printed product, not only means our design and production achieve full flexibility, but the innovative use of digital technology enable our designers and marketers to eventually realize opportunities. One of the choicest decoration processes – Hot Stamping – along with other similar effects, brings many advantages when accomplished using modern digital devices as compared to conventional methods. The benefits range from fast deliveries to no minimum order quantity to unlimited variability to enumerate a few. Of the various options available, it is but a matter

the same advantages as digital printing, for example, there is no need to hold a lot of inventory, no waste, and processors can produce to order. Hot stamping foil can also be deinked and reslurried without much preparation. More importantly, since the hot foil paper can overprint, one can attain “deeper” colour if one so desires – by overprinting more than once on the same surface. The variable QR code on the holographic hot stamping label, for example, combines digital security, visual appeal along with public secrecy.

of individual suitability (including RoI) to opt one. Interestingly, there is a whole range of products and technologies available to suit different capital outlays and which have the ability to create packaging decoration as per prevailing market needs.

Matrix Metallic MX-370MP is a metal pneumatic hot stamping system available from Vivid Laminate Technologies from UK. It can add hot stamping and local UV effects to various papers. Matrix is developed using silicone coating rollers to process textured base paper and uncoated paper. It can also be used for laminating and special effects. Richard Marlow, the company’s sales director, said: “Our Matrix system range opens up endless possibilities and gives packaging printers the ability to create truly incredible finishes, thanks to their ability to apply laminating, digital hot stamping And special effects.”

It is a cost-effective, flexible and sustainable choice to integrate the hot stamping process with black toner or inkjet adhesives to achieve a metallic effect. The “Digital Metal” of the German Kurz Group has a series of products which includes stand-alone digital hot stamping machines that use toner hot stamping or inkjet adhesives, as well as in-line hot stamping units that can be combined with digital printing equipment. In fact, Digital Metal is basically a transfer process, not really hot stamping. It has all

Actega Metal Print launched the EcoLeaf metal effect module. It originated from the “metallographic” technology and has been further developed since

pressideas/ commercial printing

also features dust removing and de-curling systems. Together with DDC, it offers an unbeatable digital enhancement option to printers looking to upscale the value of their digital prints for more profits,” says Ajay Nagar, Sr. Manager - PostPress Solutions, TechNova.

its acquisition from Landa in 2017. It can be used in narrow web printing presses and its working principle is to add a layer of ultra-thin metallic pigment on the printed image (from flexo, silk screen or inkjet printing) and then cure it under UV light. Depending on the printing process used, it can produce tactile metal effects, high-resolution decorations or solid metal printing effects. The company’s website claims that EcoLeaf is a new category of metallization for the Graphic Arts which is used to embellish labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging and more and interestingly, by only using the precise amount of metal required, EcoLeaf eliminates the need for Hot- and Cold foil. Duplo, represented in India by TechNova Imaging has the DDC810 model which is capable of Spot UV coating on paper with a thickness ranging from 157gsm-450gsm. A Barcode Reader, automates the entire job management process and ensures


September 2020

zero operator intervention. It uses a robust Kyocera inkjet head architecture that offers industry defining 600dpi resolution, the highest in its category. This results into the finest reproduction detail of UV to add tactile effect on the pre-printed paper. DDC’s unique registration mechanism, patented paper feeding system and component architecture, ensures unmatched productivity with zero print sheet waste. It is compatible with HP ElectroInk and most toner-based machines and even offset sheets. Its compact footprint ensures it fits into the most demanding floor spaces. DDC’s modular foil engine, the DC-XII, does four applications including foiling, lamination, dry coating as well as image coating (spot coating). “The DC XII uses a patented foiling mechanism that sticks on to the toner and comes with an automatic side-to-side flying knife separator system for accurate flush cutting of laminated sheets. The machine

AB Graphic first launched the JetFx modular inkjet decoration unit in 2018. Enabling digital cold foiling, glazing, casting and curing effects, this unit is now available as an option for Digicon 3 processing lines. It can also be provided on the Digilase 4.0 laser die-cutting line, which can produce “true” digital labels at one time.”Currently, the variable data capacity of varnishing and bronzing is very limited, so JetFx modular inkjet decoration unit from AB Graphic provides great potential for value-added work, and the details provided are excellent; from fine halftones to large solids with a single design, coupled with variable height, can even provide tactile sensation. Nowadays, everyone wants faster turnover and therefore, hot stamping without die and glazing without plate making eliminates another potential obstacle while achieving this goal. It can be used for flexible packaging and pouch packaging as well,” says Ranesh Bajaj of Vinsak who represents AB Graphics in India. Domino has used the UV inkjet K600i printing machine installed on AB Graphic Digicon 3 to demonstrate the application of digital cold foiling and partial glazing. Cold foiling can be coated with a single printing rod at a speed of up to 75m/min, while the double-

pressideas/ commercial printing

It uses JetFx technology to add bronzing, glazing, casting and curing effects. In the smaller format and scale, which is very interesting for even very small quantity label requirements which we even refuse to print, DTM has developed a desktop hot stamping machine to obtain a low-cost technology to make printed products glow. DTM, until as recently as 2019, known as Primera Europe GmbH, has many hot stamping equipment which can add metal or film effects to blank or pre-printed labels produced by inkjet, laser, LED, offset or flexographic printing. They also have a Pro1050 five colour label printer with the unique Fifth Colour option “white”. The Pro1050 takes creativity to a new level for transparent or even coloured label materials.

rod system is used for partial glazing at 50m/ min. “Domino’s K600i continues to enhance the appearance of brand owners’ products as well as add value to their products. This digital decoration technology enables label processors to simplify their manufacturing processes and increase production efficiency so that they can obtain all the benefits of digitalization in the post-press process,” says a Domino representative. The two largest products of independent industrial scale systems are MGI and Scodix. MGI is sold by Konica Minolta, and has both sheet-fed and roll-to-roll machine, which can increase the tactile effect and bronzing effect (when the iFoil module is installed). JetVarnish 3D Web can also be used in conjunction with the Color + CMYK printing module using Konica Minolta toner technology. It can handle media ranging from 50-400 microns, including coated paper, uncoated paper and textured paper, self-adhesive label substrates, white or transparent synthetic materials: PP, PE, POPP and PET, lightweight cardboard and shrink film (PVC, PETG). “One of the popular digital enhancement machines in India, with 19 installations across the Indian subcontinent, we are proud to be the leaders in the field,” says Mr.Vijay Kamath of Konica Minolta.

printed paper, with a format up to B2 + (Scodix Ultra) and up to B1 (Scodix E106). The most extensive machine is the new Ultra 101 & 202. Scodix S, Scodix Ultra and Scodix E106 series printers have various functions and applications. Scodix Sense uses embossed decoration to inject fresh and delicate texture and unparalleled touch into the printed products; Scodix Foil digital foiling system is compatible with cold and hot digital foils; Scodix Spot simulates and is better than screen printing; Scodix VDP/ VDE variable data printing (with barcode) is for personalization; Scodix Metallic achieves metallic effects; Scodix Braille creates high-quality Digital Braille; Scodix Glitter Digital and inkjet to achieve flash powder special effects; Scodix Crystals realizes true 3D flashing special effects through overlay printing, and Scodix Cast&Cure creates 3D holographic images with high visual impact. All the application functions of Scodix can be integrated in a single Scodix digital efficiency printer. “One amongst the popular digital enhancement machines in India, with over 40+ installations across the Indian subcontinent, we are the preferred choice of our customer not only for our excellent quality parameters but also after sales service whenever required,” says Mr.Ajeet Pareek of Monotech Systems.

Scodix is represented in India by Monotech Systems and its Ultra series of digital Enhancement printing presses can add multiple UV & Foil effects to four-colour

For printing companies with HP Indigo narrow-format digital printing presses, the HP GEM system can be operated online to complete post-press processing at one time.

Caslon has been providing products for this market. Tracing its beginnings to the 1720s, the company is still a family owned business with Richard Caslon, its current Managing Director. Caslon sells the FoilTech series of desktop systems, which include some automatic paper feed systems for hot stamping on paper. FT22 and FT22F models can add two hot stamping colours to paper with a thickness of no more than 400gsm at one pass. Intec’s ColorFlare series can be used in conjunction with ColorSplash colour digital printers to add colour bronzing to printed toner and composite films to produce special effects on labels and packaging. It is a compact and environmentally-friendly, dual laminator and foil-flaring device, designed to offer an in-house decorative effects solution for short-run, on demand digital applications, as well as lamination for traditional litho output too. Last year, after the flagship CF1200, the CF350 and CF750 desktops were launched one after another. If the readers find that we have missed any, please feel free to point out and we shall only be too pleased to include the same in our future coverages!

September 2020


World Class ROI with Lithrone GX/G advance series High productivity and print quality achieved through easy operation by means of IoT technologies and self-learning functions. Komori Corporation has developed the Lithrone GX/G advance series, highly advanced Lithrone sheetfed offset presses built to provide customers with a world class ROI (return on investment). Along with the recent tide of rapid changes in the social and economic environment, major changes have been sought in the printing industry. In particular, the demands for production of small lots, high added value products and short turnarounds have become urgent. To meet these demands, printing company management faces one of its most critical issues: to

Strengthened collaboration and optimization between processes as well as high-level automation with presets based on information from high-end systems, thus contributing to productivity improvement throughout the entire printing process.

Key Notes : > Lithrone GX/G advance series – making it possible to attain high productivity and quality by means of easy operation. > Improved suitability for high-speed, long-run printing with unchanged Komorimatic performance. > A dramatic reduction of touchpoints by use of a self-learning function.


September 2020

what extent can productivity in the printing process be raised. Other pressing issues the printing industry faces include responding to the lack of sufficient manpower, changes in work styles, and digitalization the evolution of the smart factory. As a means of solving these issues, Lithrone GX/G advance series presses were developed with top priority given to the following items, making it possible to attain high productivity and quality by means of easy operation. 1.



Major improvements in the high-speed stability of the feeder and delivery, which provide the basic performance of a press. Improved suitability for high-speed, long-run printing, while the performance of Komorimatic, which is a key to high print quality, is unchanged. A dramatic reduction of touchpoints by use of a self-learning function and a new control platform for linkage of high-level printing systems.

enables the smart factory, including MIS, prepress and postpress, and was developed based on Komori’s Connected Automation concept. This realizes strengthened collaboration and optimization between processes as well as high-level automation with presets based on information from highend systems, thus contributing to productivity improvement throughout the entire printing process. The Lithrone GX/G advance presses enable users to obtain a significantly higher ROI than with the conventional Lithrone. Komori believes that it will be the indispensable press for printing company management in this new age.

Lithrone GX/G advance Technologies 1. • • • 2. •


• •

In addition, Komori provides strengthened collaboration with KP-Connect solution cloud, which

Basic performance Feeder and delivery performance has been significantly improved. Stable high-speed printing and high productivity with absolutely minimum losses. Tasks dependent on operator skill minimized by easy operation. Print quality By optimization of the dampening system, the superiority of the minimum-water Komorimatic - dot quality sharpness and stability - is maintained while suitability for high speed/long run printing is improved. Next-generation control system for improved operability and support for Connected Automation New operation screen and operator-friendly operation platform with reduced touchpoints. Linkage with various mechatronics devices that maintain quality from print start-up to the end of the job is centered on KHS-AI, which handles

pressideas/ commercial printing

overall control. Also, an easy-to-view operation screen. Fast feedback control to the press is realized by mechanisms based on the robust, high-precision mechanical structure and high-level closed-loop technologies.

By connection with KP-Connect Pro solution cloud, job data can be sent to the press by direct presets. No need for troublesome input tasks on the press and operating mistakes are eliminated.

Lithrone GX40 advance, Lithrone G40 advance, Lithrone GX40RP advance and Lithrone G37P advance Orders accepted beginning on October 1, 2020. (The lineup of models will be successively expanded.)

OPA takes strong exception to Government directive against printing of diaries, calendars etc. Prof. Kamal Chopra requests the government to withdraw the orders for the relief of crunch affected Small and Micro printers. Responding to the recent circular issued by the Joint Secretary, Government of India under office memorandum No. 7(2)/E. Coord/2020 dated 2 September, 2020, the Offset Printers’ Association, Ludhiana has expressed its concern regarding the impact of the circular on the printers. Expressing his concern on the government’s decision of doing away with many of its printed products, Prof. Kamal Mohan Chopra, General Secretary of the association says, “Around 85% Micro and Small printers of the country have government work (annual feature of diaries and calendars) as a key source of income which is eagerly being awaited by the crunch affected printers.” “With over 250,000 printers of the country already facing the crunch of lockdown, many printers who couldn’t afford are already facing closures. The printers always look forward to New Year and many are dependent only on such work. Already educational institutions aren’t functioning due to the pandemic; these are one of the major source of income for the printers. Printers are facing huge problems due to this forced lockdown. With these orders, the hope of survival for this key industry is dismal,” he explains. Further stressing his point, Prof. Chopra

adds, “The government’s push for digital alternatives to printed products is also impractical since both (products) are rather different and mutually exclusive and at best complimentary. It is proved by the International Journal of Educational Research (58 2013) 61-68) published study that the printed word is more effective than the digital force. For over 51% Indians, only printed word is final as half of the population still isn’t accustomed to the internet. For about 990 million Indian people who are without internet, it is going to be a real difficult time to live without the friendly calendar to keep updated about important yearly dates. Similar are the need for other printed products which are very much part of individual lives.”

“The printed word is democratic as it is accessible by anyone, anytime, anyplace without special readers and associated energy needs. The printed word is real and remains visible even without any energy. The beautifully printed calendars/diaries say and impress much more than the here today gone tomorrow messages on screen. Pixels on screen can’t match ink on paper,” he emphasizes. Prof. Chopra has requested the government to withdraw these orders with immediate effect for the relief of Small and Micro entrepreneurs who are already suffering very badly.

September 2020


pressideas/ commercial printing

Industry speaks on Government’s directive to bodies to stop printing various products PRESSIdeas conducted a survey across the print industry people from various segments to know their opinion on the recent Government of India decision wherein it directs its various ministries, organizations, PSUs etc. to stop printing diaries, calendars, greeting cards and similar materials in a move to push ‘digital’ alternatives as an austerity measure to cut government spending. In the online poll conducted by PRESSIdeas, 80% of the participants voted against the decision and 20% voted it as a right step. Here are the comments from the industry: “We saw it coming. The Print Industry will have to be innovative. Holding on to products that don’t matter in modern times is not very wise.” - Tarun

Chopra, Printer & Color Expert, New Delhi “There are about 2,50,000 printers in India directly employing an estimated 25 lakh people. Many of our fellow printers make their earnings by printing books, calendars, diaries etc. If government departments stop printing such materials, many printing companies could lose their income. This could lead to closure of many printing units resulting in loss of livelihood for many. We also fear that inculcating changes like E-Books in various departments, could spell doom to our industry. It could throw our whole industry out of gear and hence could result in job loss to millions of people ensuing severe strain to the economics of our highly populous country. We must consider the fact that India has the maximum number of printers in the whole world, and so we hereby request the government to promote our print products like calendars, Diaries, books to keep our hugely labour intensive industry alive.” - P.Chander on behalf of MPLA,

Chennai “It’s crazy and reflects short sighted myopic thinking. People in print industry believe if they protest, they may continue to print diaries and calendars. Progress is ongoing. With smart phones why do you need calendars and diaries? Why do we need watches? That too


September 2020

will go. Why newspapers? That too. Look how education changed in this country in 2 months - every kid from lower school to higher studies is on a Digital class. Will it be the same after Covid? I doubt it will reach even 50 percent of the past levels. Can you stop digitization; can you stop progress? Yes. If it’s this govt. it has the skill.” - Fred

Poonawala, Comart Lithographers, Mumbai “It is a threat for the printing industry. More guidelines are expected to come into effect on paper imports too, it is learnt. The rumor mills are doing the rounds unofficially.” - Vinsy Baweja, VIBA Press,

New Delhi “While it’s sad, it was anticipated as well. Large no of people have moved to digital world and hence usage of diaries/calendars have been reduced to a large extent. However, Government and Private sector would find an alternative to the same as these products also helped in sales promotion. I also strongly feel that if one opportunity closes it leads to many more

doors to open; I understand printing industry was beneficiary of unanticipated large volumes printed due to Covid.” - Parag

Shah, Hiteck India, Mumbai “Ban all printing...in one order. We don’t need it anymore....... it’s better... instead of slowly killing... industry after industry. Open liquor stores and food joints, Cricket clubs ... movie theatres...” - Krupakar Rao,

Printer, Vijaywada “I do not know whose bright idea this is which is very disappointing to the printing family. It is actually a draconian law and will kill all the commercial Printers. Lacs of people who are dependent upon printing or are in the family of Printers will suffer due to this. Customers have the calendar and diary handy with them and can refer anytime they want to refer anything; especially the house wives, who always refer the calendar for their day to day accounting. They cannot refer the computer. Let our customers decide whether they want hard copy of the calendar or a digital copy. If you put to vote, the public will definitely ask for

pressideas/ commercial printing

printed hard copy.” - Dev Nair, Kohinoor

Press, Mumbai “One the one hand the Government talks Aathma Nirbhar Bharat and on the other they want to kill the Industries. I feel Government wants to do all at one go. This is the time where industry needs support from the Government but they are acting like our enemies.” - Dayakar Reddy, President

IPAMA & Machinery manufacturer, Telengana “The Government can reduce other avoidable expenses like travelling, extraordinary relief to so called farmers, building statues etc. Printing of diary & calendars is need of every human being. Sorry for such surprising step by GOI.” - Manoj Mehta,

former AIFMP President & Printer “It is really damaging from the Printer’s point of view but socially, in the young generation, it is already obsolete. We need to have the next level innovative styles of printing. I am sure that Printing is a never dying product. There is nothing to worry.” - Rajneesh Manuja, Manooja Print

Pack, Ludhiana “The writing on the wall is getting cemented by the economic downturn. The industry will squeak but I too would avoid areas of expenses that have better alternatives satisfying the corp’s cost control initiatives. Our government is no different, is it? As an industry we should be preparing for this and many other migration. Especially in this case: It’s taken 2 decades for digital printing to be upstaged by digital media. Our predicament is similar to what ‘underprepared’ and ‘unprepared’ biz in Plastic industry face with successive bans on different kinds of single-use plastic. Asbestos industry. DDT too. If we want government to purchase such collateral as diaries and calendar only to save our biz then we must also be ready to

always get classified as “Laghu” businesses. This we are clearly not. And as Associations and Federation we do not comprise of nor represent the “Laghu”. - Prashant,

Independent print enthusiast, Mumbai “Though I know it hurts our industry but as an austerity measure I tick it as an Ok decision.”

- Amit Kapoor, Kapco Press, Himachal Pradesh “Atma Hatya Bharat Ke Printers; it is not Atma Nirbhar Bharat anymore.” - Mahendran,

Pragathi Geeta Press, Hyderabad “It is like maxyh dVk dj “kghn gksuk (cut finger to be a martyr). There are several measures which government can take to reduce expenses & wastage of resources. But, they simply chose the very basic things which can hardly impact on the overall cost.” – Prashant Atre, Arets (India). “One thing we have to understand when Government stops such tenders, printers are going to lose huge quantum of printing works which they used to receive for the last so many years. Now those printers who used to get Government tenders will now lose their jobs. These printers with all infrastructure will be forced to compete in normal market with the existing printers. This will make the market tough for printers. Print orders in commercial segments are slowly coming down. On top of it, if Government printing orders are stopped, it will result in cut throat competition slashing printing rates.” -

Rajesh, Rajshree Industrial Printers & Member KMPA (Kerala) “I am not for it. Whether sponsored, gifted or bought, a diary is required by all.” - Suhas

“From Printers’ point of view, it is a bad one as we lose lot of jobs and many printers who were into commercial and publication were dependent on these jobs. From technological point of view, it had to happen – if not today, tomorrow.” - R Narendra, Ramya Printographcis,

Bengaluru “I don’t think we should evaluate this measure in the context of the printing industry - it not a pro or anti industry measure. This is a cost cutting measure and post Covid we are going to see plenty of these so that precious Government resources can be redirected towards health related projects and basic infrastructure development projects which will stimulate the whole economy.” - Sanjib Barua, Sales & BD

Professional Graphics Arts/ Digital Inkjet Signage & Textiles “It is another step by this government to kill employment. This step will have big impact on every business of printing industry be it machine manufacturers, machine dealers, consumables suppliers and of course tax contribution by printing industry.” - Ashok Bhargava, Printing Industry

Enthusiast “In today’s Digital world & thanks to WFH culture when friendship, relationship, work, FB reminder etc. are available on our fingertips, who cares for hardcopy? Moreover, be environment protector. DAVP is Government publisher… enough Modi face & schemes have been promoted… public bore gks xbZ gSa... (public’s got bored…).” - Mohan KT, Brand/

Product/Event Management Spiritual Counselor

Kulkarni, DKSH, Mumbai

September 2020


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drupa preview: New Digital Platform for knowledge transfer, networking and presentation The drupa preview enables continuous exchange of information until the hybrid trade fair in April 2021, which will combine the on-site event with additional digital content. drupa extends its digital offering: starting in October the online platform drupa preview offers exhibitors and visitors an additional channel for touching base with the sector, discussing trending themes and presenting product portfolios. The portal consists of the content formats “Conference”, “Exhibition” as well as “Networking” and brings the community together. In the “Conference Area” users can find lectures, videos and interviews – providing a preview of drupa 2021. It reflects the agenda in terms of content and the knowledge transfer that drupa stands for. On fixed days and times interested parties can take part in the web sessions free of charge and chat with the speakers. Afterwards the videos will be available on demand. The “Exhibition Space” brings together what visitors can expect to normally see in the exhibition areas – exciting products, innovative companies

and expert input. This means visits to the live event can already be planned at this early stage. In addition, even meetings can already be set up: at the “Networking Plaza”. The networking options allow companies and interested parties to establish live online contact in advance and intensify this contact at the event in April 2021. Thanks to the new digital offering, drupa provides the sector with continuous exchange and knowledge transfer and meaningfully bridges the remaining time until drupa for both visitors and exhibitors.

give those visitors who are unable to travel the possibility to take part in the industry get-together. At the same time, we meet exhibitors’ needs to reach the international community personally. Via the portal the drupa platform therefore unites the global print community in a targeted manner.” The content of drupa preview is free of charge for visitors. After registration content and videos can be accessed at any time. For web sessions, live lectures and Matchmaking there will be a separate (free) registration for a specific day and time. The agenda of live sessions will follow soon.

“We have already been working long and hard on enhancing our digital offering. The pandemic has faced us with new challenges and has ultimately been a catalyst for digitization,” says Sabine Geldermann, Director drupa and Print Technologies, and adds: “With the hybrid drupa we also

KMPA elects new office bearers for 2020-22 The 42nd Annual General Body Meeting of Kerala Master Printers Association was held on Sunday, 23rd August 2020 at KMPA Hall, Kaloor, Kochi. Due to COVID restrictions, the meeting was conducted online, with only the office bearers present at KMPA hall. Prof. Dr. Rajendrakumar Anayath – Vice Chancellor, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology (DCRUST), Haryana – was the Chief Guest. The meeting was presided over by the President Mr. R. Gopakumar. The election of new office bearers for 2020-22 was held during this general body meeting. The list of new office bearers of KMPA are as follows. Mr. D. Manmohan Shenoy (Vidya Offset Printers,Ernakulam) – President; Mr. R. Haridas (Hytek Offset Printers, Ernakulam) – General Secretary; Mr. B. K. Rajan (Business Screens, Ernakulam) – Treasurer ; Mr. Gerard


September 2020

sitting (L to R): B.K. Rajan, D.Manmohan Shenoy, R.Haridas, Gerard T.Chandy standing (L to R): Sony George, Roy Thomas, G.Rajesh, C.K.Shoukathali

T. Chandy (Jerrys Printshop, Ernakulam) – Joint Secretary; Mr. C. K. Shoukathali (Oruma Printers & Publishers Ltd., Thrissur) – Vice President – North; Mr. Rajesh.G (Rajsree Industrial Printer, Aluva) – Vice President –

Central; Mr. Sony George (S & S Associates Offset Printers, Kottayam) – Vice President – East; and Mr. Roy Thomas (Orange Printers Pvt. Ltd., Thiruvananthapuram) – Vice President – South.

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Save dates for ‘Heidelberg Innovation Week’ Five-day online event with product highlights, innovation talks, and one-on-one conversations. Industry people from commercial printing, folding carton and label production will be Heidelberg’s Online guests at Innovation Week 2020 and will experience product innovations from the said segments through the week. Everything at the event is focused on competitiveness. Participants will find out how they can face the challenges of the print media industry and make their company fit for the future – with innovative technologies, new business models and end-to-end solutions to boost performance. The Innovation Week is scheduled from 19 to 23 October and will be a digital event with product presentations, innovation talks, and one-on-one conversations via video chat. It will be an easy and convenient event, and just as it fits into individual schedule. Upon registering once, participants will be able to learn all about Heidelberg new products and innovations. They would also leverage Heidelberg experts’ knowledge by simply discussing any questions directly with the Heidelberg contact in a video chat.

What, when, where, and who: You decide.

logistics and robot-assisted postpress.

Participants put together their own agenda to suit their interests: from 24 September, they can choose from the program the product presentations they would not want to miss and the topics they would like to hear more about in an innovation talk with Heidelberg. They can look forward to a host of innovations, among other things fully automated print production, including plate

Online registration opens on September 24. Interested people can tell Heidelberg what they are most interested in and which topics they would like to know more about. What questions would they like to ask Heidelberg? They can submit their interests at the company website.

GoI decides to do away with printed calendars, diaries, cards and similar materials The Government of India has instructed all Ministries/ Departments/ Autonomous Bodies and other organs of the Government to stop printing various printed materials including wall and desktop calendars, diaries, greeting cards and similar materials. The decision comes close on heels of the recent report of disastrous fall of 23.9 % in the first quarter (April-June 2020) GDP of the current year. It is largely being seen as an austerity measure by the government in wake of current not-soencouraging economic conditions, chiefly due to prolonged COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

diaries and greeting cards by ministries, departments, public sector undertakings and public sector banks will prove a further jolt to the printing industry which is already feeling

the brunt of sluggish demand due to slower market activities, especially since the spread of the coronavirus.

“The printing of coffee table books is also banned and appropriate use of E-books is encouraged. Therefore, all concerned are directed to make efforts to adopt innovative means to use digital or online methods for the above activities,” the notification further says. Cessation of physical printing of calendars,

September 2020


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AGPC Principal receives AICTE Best Teacher Principal and HOD Printing Technology of Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College, Sivakasi Dr. M.Nandakumar awarded National Level Best Teacher Award. Dr. M. Nandakumar, Ph.D., Principal and Head of the Department – Printing Technology, Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College, Sivakasi has been awarded the National Level AICTE Visvesvaraya Best Teacher Award by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi. Education Minister Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank honoured the Best Teachers of Technical Institutes in an online award ceremony that took place on 15th September, 2020. The criteria for the selection of the award include: adoption of innovative teachinglearning practices, academic performances, publication in research journals, funds received from government for institute development, contributions to the community development activities, students development & welfare activities, etc. Dr. M. Nandakumar is the 8th person holding the Ph.D. in printing field and the first & the only person serving in Polytechnic College with Ph.D. qualification in printing. His research works are published in five renowned international journals and seven international and national conferences. Having experience of more than 25 years with specialization in prepress, digital and offset printing, he has authored many books on topics including Digital and Non-

Dr. M. Nandakumar, Principal & HOD-Printing Technology being awarded National Level AICTE Visvesvaraya Best Teacher Award

impact Printing, Designing Software, Print Production, Desk Top Publishing etc., for the students of diploma in printing technology. He is the convener for the revision of Diploma in Printing syllabus for Tamilnadu State. He is also the coordinator for National Level Common Syllabus Committee for Printing Technology, All India Federation of Master Printers, New Delhi and State Facilitator for State Project Coordination Unit, Canada India Institutional Cooperation Project (CIICP), Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE), Chennai. He is also the recipient of Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam “Best Polytechnic Teacher Award” by Indian Society for Technical

Education, New Delhi in 2013, “Outstanding Academician Award” (Saveetha Excellence Award) by Saveetha engineering College, Chennai and “U.P Government National Award for Outstanding work done in specified areas of Engineering and Technology – Interaction with Industry” by Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi in 2019. This is the first-ever award instituted by AICTE for honouring the Engineering & Technology teachers on national level. Of the twelve teachers who got selected from all over India, three were from Tamilnadu and Dr. M. Nandakumar was the only teacher of Printing Technology selected from Polytechnic College for the National level award.

Siegwerk India launches customer portal Launches online ordering platform for fully online purchases. Siegwerk India has launched an online ordering platform, to provide a contactless order management facility that covers payments.

The portal to be available 24/7, 365 days will ensure a seamless order management service to customers. Based on the successful German and Chinese models, it will be bringing world-class e-commerce experience to customers and help reduce the dependency of manual procedures and paperwork while ensuring visibility for efficient management of customers’ supply chain. While the customer portal in Germany was launched in 2018, the Chinese portal got implemented in the year 2019. Siegwerk plans similar customer portals in Turkey,


September 2020

Netherlands, the US, France and Malaysia later this year. Ashish Pradhan, President, Siegwerk India and Greater China, said the Siegwerk Customer portal is a crucial part of the company’s digital strategy.

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PackImpressions has a grand 3D virtual show The eagerly awaited Global Virtual Print & Packaging Expo PackImpressions 2020 concludes with flying colours. The 3D virtual Expo spanning three days (September 17-19, 2020), successfully managed to bring together the Global Print & Packaging fraternity, at a time when physical marketing and display of products was just not possible. Over 3.5 million viewed the event built up and over 5,000 delegates participated during the 3 day virtual event. Leading global OEM Brands like Komori, Kodak, MPS, Muller Martini, The Printers Supply Company, DKSH and AIPL displayed their products and services in their virtual booths, and visitors from 30+ countries made it a point to connect, network and explore possibilities. The Australian Institute of Packaging, Printpack Indonesia, The Sri Lankan Association of Printers and Press Ideas all contributed to the success of the show.

The power pack knowledge sessions including keynote and panel discussions from the leaders of the global industry, touched upon the topics of great relevance in the current scenario and how the future strategies should be adopted. Experiences and success stories were interwoven into the content for a lifetime experience which the audience got. John Gleason, a globally recognized packaging design guru; Tim Klappe – MD APAC, MPS Systems; K.Ramakrishna – MD South Asia, Kantar World Panel; Ravi Kiran – CEO specialist solutions Starcom Media Vest Group Asia; Lloyd Mathias an Adviser and Business Strategist are some of the names driving the knowledge sessions. To add value to the expo, a virtual training program on “Building an Agile World Class

Manufacturing Plant” was conducted by Randy Phares – President, Dr Box Consulting and a leading global packaging consultant. PackImpressions, for certain, has set a benchmark with its 1st edition of the show and the Print & Packaging fraternity can now look forward to the 2nd edition to be announced shortly. “I thank you all speakers, exhibitors and attendees who took part in the 1st edition and would like to assure everyone that next version is going to be more engaging and content rich,” says a jubilant Atul Maheshwari while expressing his gratitude at the success of the expo.

‘Life In Print’ by Prof. Anjan Kumar Baral A Biography of a Printer, depicting life and times of Prof. Kamal Chopra from the pen of Prof. (Dr.) Anjan Kumar Baral. Anjan Kumar Baral has penned the biography of renowned Printing Industry personality, Professor Kamal Mohan Chopra. The biography titled “Life in Print – Biography of Professor Kamal Mohan Chopra” depicting life and times of Prof. Chopra was released by Prof. Brij Kishore Kuthiala, a noteable name in Indian Mass Communication field. The writer of the book, Professor Anjan Kumar Baral is a senior faculty of the Department of Printing Technology of Hisar based Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology. The biography is his third book. The book was released online on Zoom app commemorating the North Zone grand finale, fourth edition of Print Olympiad 2020. While addressing the congregation on the occasion Prof. Kuthiala, the chairman of the Haryana State Higher Education Council (HSHEC) reminded the past and present technological changes in printing sector and the need for bringing the industry to the

realm of academics to train and produce skilled professionals in the field of printing technology. Incidentally, Professor Kuthiala took up the challenges and worked in this direction for the first time in Asia in the early 1990s with the help of Kamal Chopra, the protagonist of the book. Prof. Baral is the recipient of the prestigious, “Education Award of Excellence”, 2018, U.S.A., the first Asian personality to have received such honour, which is popularly known as the Oscar award in Printing Technology, besides receiving “Award of Excellence” from AIFMP and “Print Ratna” from LPA, Lucknow. The biography by Anjan Kumar Baral was prompted by the relentless efforts of Kamal Chopra and his contribution in the development of Indian printing technology. Prof. Chopra has contributed immensely to bring Indian printing industry on the global map in recent times. Within a short period of time he, from a humble beginning with a small printing press, rose to become

president of All India Federation of Master Printers. Apart from being a print industry household name, Prof. Chopra has successfully carried out various responsibilities as a printer, a teacher, researcher, innovator, writer, motivational speaker and also event manager. Eminent and renounced printing personalities both from India and abroad graced the book release function with their presence.

September 2020


technotrans celebrates its 50th anniversary A new book tells the story of the international group that began its journey from a garage company. The technotrans group, with its headquarters in Sassenberg, celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 1, 2020. Having started out as a family-run business in a garage in the Westphalian province, technotrans is now one of the world’s leading solution providers in the area of liquid management. The company is represented at 18 locations in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. technotrans owes this success in particular to its high level of technological know-how and the continuous development of new industries and markets. Just in time for the anniversary, Heinz Harling, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and technotrans veteran, tells the story of the company and the people involved in it in his factual and entertaining book “Everything flows”. “Future needs a strong foundation and history, as Heinz Harling aptly writes, is the foundation on which every company stands. That is why we are now paying tribute to the successes of the past, while at the same time keeping a firm eye on the challenges that lie ahead,” says Michael Finger, Spokesman of the Board of Management of technotrans SE.

The Sassenberg-based solution provider achieved a breakthrough with dampening solution circulators and cooling and temperature control systems for the printing industry.

Key Notes : > October 1st, 2020 marks 50th anniversary of technotrans SE. > Development from garage company to an international technology group. > Heinz Harling publishes book on company history.


September 2020

On October 1, 1970 Franz Böhnensieker founded the company Böhnensieker Maschinen Konstruktionsbüro (BMK) together with his wife Josy in a garage in Harsewinkel, East Westphalia, and thus laid the foundations for what would later become technotrans SE. Over the next 50 years, technotrans has evolved, driven by a successful management buy-out, into an internationally active, listed group of companies with seven production locations and more than 1,400 employees. The Sassenbergbased solution provider achieved a breakthrough with dampening solution circulators and cooling and temperature control systems for the printing industry. Today, technotrans is a growth company that operates successfully in numerous other sectors - including the plastics processing industry, the laser and machine tool industry, e-mobility, and the medical and scanner technology. “We are proud of our successes, which we owe to customers, employees, partners and founders alike. In order to continue to write the history of our company, technotrans will continue to build up its expertise and position in the market,” emphasises Finger.

Everything flows: A book about the company history The technotrans history is available in printed form for the first time in the anniversary year: Heinz Harling is the author of the almost novelistic book about the history of the technology company, which was published in July and by no means only sheds light on the successful sides of the development. Harling has accompanied technotrans in a variety of roles for more than 40 years - from Sales Manager and Managing Director to Chairman of the Board of Management and Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The company history entitled “Everything flows” is an eventful story of the path from a garage business in the Münsterland region to an international company, which above all looks at the people behind this development. technotrans is celebrating the occasion with typical Westphalian modesty - partly in view of the current circumstances. Due to the Corona pandemic, there will be no major anniversary celebration for employees this year. However, every employee received the company chronicle as a gift. “We wanted to give all employees a piece of history, some of which they helped write,” explains Harling. The book is also available to the public for purchase in bookshops and online: Heinz Harling, Everything flows - History and stories of a company, ISBN978-3-00-065682-8. technotrans is a technology company and leading systems supplier of industrial applications in the area of fluid management. The core skills of the Group of companies comprise technological solutions for cooling and temperature control, filtration, handling, measuring and metering. technotrans technology is used in the printing industry, plastics processing industry, laser and machine tool industry as well as in other markets such as medical and scanner technology, and electric mobility. The business model comprises two reporting segments: in the Technology segment, the products and systems are developed and built at production plants in Germany, the USA and China. Through the Services segment, the technotrans Group supplements its range of products with a comprehensive range of services such as installation and maintenance, repairs, parts and Technical Documentation. With 18 locations, technotrans has a presence in all important major markets worldwide.

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SoulKind: Printed on the Jet Press 750S A new, independent magazine celebrating tales of human endeavour, exploration & resilience. “I want to look into your soul” said photographer Chris Boulton as he stared down the camera lens at his subject; 70-year-old adventurer David Lemon. The photo, part of a shoot for new independent magazine, SoulKind, was ultimately to grace the cover, and Boulton’s instinctive phrase, in the moment, was to spark the idea for the magazine’s title. Produced with support from Fujifilm, and printed on the Jet Press 750S, SoulKind is the brainchild of Chris Boulton, an experienced Cheltenham-based photographer and Jamie Rudd, a creative director and brand consultant. “We wanted to do something purely for the love of it,” says Jamie. “Something not diluted by committee or by commercial concerns. Chris and I have only known each other for a few years, but we have a lot in common and we’d both long-loved the idea of creating a high-quality magazine to express some of our ideas and creativity. Our challenge had been trying to find our niche – a focus to theme the magazine around. In the end it was a tragedy that gave the pair that focus they’d been searching for. “In July 2018 I was involved in a life-changing car accident,” says Jamie. “It almost cost me my life, and as I started out on the long, hard road to recovery, it crystallised in my mind what I wanted our project to be about: tales of human endeavour and exploration, but closer to my heart – resilience. Finding out how endeavours, no matter how big or small can make us feel alive again. How exploration can enable us to experience everything our wonderful planet has to offer, and how, with the right mindset, we can be resilient and overcome trauma to thrive again.” So Jamie and Chris began approaching, photographing and interviewing inspirational people from different walks of life, from adventurers and explorers to endurance athletes. Why, and how, do they do what they do? What drives them? What inspires them?

In the magazine’s first issue, eleven interviewees open up and talk about what they’ve achieved, and the mindset that took them there. Individuals who have tested their own mental and physical limits, not just once, but over and over again. David Lemon walked the Zambezi, alone, from source to sea, aged over 60. Lucy Shepard, not yet 30, has completed countless polar expeditions and extreme alpine treks. Endurance athlete Sean Conway ran, swam and cycled around the entire coast of mainland Britain and set a new world record time cycling across Europe from Portugal to Russia. Eleven names. Eleven lives. Hundreds of extraordinary adventures.

And why a magazine? “News is cheaper, more up-to-date and more accessible online,” says Chris. “So print needs to be about much more than mere information. Print is for those important stories you want people to reflect on. The photographs and the words are equally important elements and quality print brings them together in a tangible way and makes reading an immersive experience that can’t be replicated on a screen. I used to run a print business myself and I’ve followed developments in digital print technology in recent years with great interest. It is these advancements that make a magazine like ours – which is produced in relatively short runs at exceptionally high quality – possible. Fujifilm’s Jet Press 750S is one of the best examples out there of a new kind of press that can deliver ultra-high quality print in run lengths ideal for our magazine – and we’re delighted that Fujifilm shares our vision and is supporting us in getting this first issue published.”

“As humans, we need to be inspired – we thrive on stories of courage, perseverance and overcoming impossible odds. When we agreed, in late 2019, to help support SoulKind launch its first issue, we couldn’t have known what a different place the world would be now. But the current situation means we need stories like this more than ever. Ten years ago, this magazine could not have been made. You could have printed something ultra-high quality in large volumes, or compromised the quality to print shorter runs more flexibly in response to demand, but you could not have both. Digital print technology, and more specifically the Jet Press 750S, has made this kind of highquality, short-run creative content possible, and Fujifilm is proud to have been at the forefront of that seismic technological shift.” SoulKind is printed on the Fujifilm Jet Press 750S at Emmerson Press in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Issue one is available now.

Graham Leeson, Head of Communications and Sales Enablement, Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA explains why Fujifilm is supporting the project:

September 2020


digital printing

Canon India installs country’s first VarioPrint i300 at Replika Replika Press invests in the future of inkjet with VarioPrint i300 sheetfed inkjet solution. Canon India has installed the country’s first VarioPrint i300 at Replika Press. The sheetfed inkjet solution by Canon is a B3 colour digital printer. With this installation, Replika Press, once again leads the industry from the front by investing in this latest technology solution that is at the forefront of inkjet technology investment in the book printing market. Replika Press Pvt. Ltd., with three generation in the trade, is one of India’s most reputed and leading print service providers specializing in book printing, highend commercial print production, digital printing and

Canon VarioPrint i300 is a highly productive inkjet engine which is capable of printing full color B3 Size sheets with superior near offset quality on both uncoated and offset coated papers. Its unique aqueous based inks produce sharp and vivid print quality which surpasses any other inkjet system in this space.

in packaging. Replika have always been one of the early adopters of technology and has an impressive array of digital printing solutions. Now, with the addition of the VarioPrint i300 Replika has strongly shown its commitment to bringing to their customers the benefits of digital & inkjet in one unique printing solution. Speaking on the installation, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Innovation and customer delight remains integral to every offering we bring forth at Canon. Staying true to this commitment, we have been addressing diverse market expectations of the professional printing industry through our product portfolio. As one

of the frontrunners in the print industry, we consider it our responsibility to introduce innovative and futuristic offerings, further promoting the growth of the professional printing segment in India. With the first installation of our latest marvel VarioPrint i300 in the country, we aim to further strengthen our foothold in the print industry and achieve new milestones. We are proud to be instrumental in empowering publishers with innovations that will help their productivity goals and be future-ready in these unprecedented times as well.” Speaking on the addition, Mr. Bhuvnesh Seth, Managing Director, Replika Press Pvt. Ltd. said, “We have always invested in future ready technologies and solutions, and for us & our customers the future is digital inkjet. The VarioPrint i300 brings to us the ability to enhance our book publishing offerings and also enables us to explore new markets outside of that industry. The solution is well-equipped to meet the advancing prerequisites of publishers, empowering higher & faster production volumes on majority of offset stock as well as uncoated media without compromising on quality. We have always trusted Canon as our technology partner to bring such cutting edge solutions for our customers and our association with Canon India for almost a decade is a testimony to our faith.”

Key Notes : > VarioPrint i300 Replika customers get benefits of digital & inkjet from one unique printing solution. > Brings to Replika the ability to enhance their book publishing offerings and enable explore new markets outside of that industry. > Can increase productivity by printing more than 4Mn to 6 Mn A4 images in a month.


September 2020

Left to Right - Mr. Sanandan Seth, Director Replika Press, Mr. Bhuvnesh Seth, Managing Director, Replika Press, Mr. Puneet Datta, Senior Director, Canon India & Mr. Vikaran Seth, Director, Replika Press

pressideas/ digital

The book publishing segment has witnessed a slew of challenges with regards to the evolving market demands. Combining new inkjet innovation and high-speed sheetfed color, Canon has introduced VarioPrint i300 to meet the evolving demands of the publishing industry. Expressing his views Mr. Puneet Datta, Senior Director, Canon India said, “Replika Press has been one of our trusted partners in the country, having multiple digital printing solutions installed. We are proud to state that Replika depends 100% on Canon for all their digital printing requirements. We are pleased to continue our association with them and play a critical role in their vision for supporting the publishing industry. As pioneers of inkjet technology, we have fostered the growth of the publishing industry, by offering innovative solutions across the globe. Bolstering our footprint in India, our first installation of VarioPrint i300 is a testament of our commitment to delighting our customers and is extremely strategic to us for our growth in publishing segment.” He further adds, “The VarioPrint i300 series has by now become the benchmark within this category for the whole industry with more than 250 installs globally and users are so impressed with the technology that more than 20% of the customer base has invested in an additional device. Customers can get a good return on investment by shifting more of their offset volumes to sheet-fed inkjet printing solutions, benefiting from reduced wastage and shorter time to produce & ship. The VarioPrint i300 series is helping customers change the economics of digital

print production by transforming blank sheets into growth of revenues & profits.” Canon VarioPrint i300 is a highly productive inkjet engine which is capable of printing full color B3 Size sheets with superior near offset quality on both uncoated and offset coated papers. With the VarioPrint i300 series, one can increase productivity by printing more than 4Mn to 6 Mn A4 images in a month and witness unparalleled uptime of more than 90%. Its unique aqueous based inks produce sharp and vivid print quality which surpasses any other inkjet system in this space. Key Features of VarioPrint i300: • Extreme Application Flexibility True application flexibility opens up extensive and profitable business opportunities for high quality, across wide range printing from transactional to book printing. • Innovation with Proven Technology Innovative inkjet system incorporates

a range of proven Canon technologies for excellent printing on a broad set of media offers unrivalled quality, productivity and sustainability. Maximum End-to-end Productivity End-to-end automated workflow, intuitive operation interface, optional inline finishing options and robust reliability combined to deliver uninterrupted production with impressive speeds. Quality Assured from Start to Finish Optimized print quality at perceived 1 200 x 1 200dpi via inkjet drop size control with print head nozzle monitoring and automatic failure compensation to ensure quality result every time. Versatile and Flexible Media Handling Excellent result on wide range of media including woodfree, inkjet treated, offset uncoated and offset coated stocks; standard sheets, tabs and NCR media are supported as well.

September 2020


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Monotech installs JETSCI Colornova at Maa Gayatri Offset Printers The Haridwar printer to answer the surge in demand for short run jobs and quick turn around time with their latest Digital Label Production Press. Monotech Systems has delivered a JETSCI Colornovo UV inkjet Label production press to Maa Gayatri Offset Printer, a sister concern of The Hindustan Offset, Haridwar. The press is equipped with CMYK+ W UV inkjet having inter Color LED pinning, Chill Drum UV curing, Corona, Web Cleaner, Spot Registered Flexo, Cold Foil/Lamination, 27 inches semi/full rotary die-cut, Slitting & Dual Rewind, Advanced Color Management & RIP solution for fast ripping, as well as quick accurate Color Matching and Reproduction. It can print and deliver the finished ready to dispatch label roll at high speeds of 50 m/ min and best quality output at 600 x 600 dpi. “Due to the economic slowdown, it is the best time to invest in digital label printing, we have done extensive sampling and evaluation on the digital machine before we zeroed down to Colornovo. JETSCI Global’s Colornovo is the right fit for our production environment as it is excellently configured. Now we can finish the job in minimum time due to high-end configuration & inline features. Flexibility to use any standard flexo media with UV inkjet is a great advantage. Due to the COVID-19 situation and other factors, there is a huge surge in demand of short/ medium runs and as well of the quickest turn-around time,” Gulshan Bhatia & Pradeep Bhatia of The Hindustan Offset Printers, Haridwar. “ We can see the surge in demand for short runs and quick turn arounds in Label printing, and Digital is the best way to cater


September 2020

those demands economically and effectively, developed keeping in mind the future, Colornovo is the best fit to most label printers and proven to be the great value and returns for their investments, recently JETSCI Global have launched different models and configurations for Digital UV inkjet Label printing and have the best upgrade on-field features enabling label printers to choose their start point in digital and can upgrade easily on the field to any higher configuration. We congratulate and extend our thanks to Mr. Bhatia for choosing Colornovo as their first step in digital label printing,” Jimit Mittal, President, JETSCI Global.

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Kodak withdraws from Drupa 2021 Cites uncertain COVID-19 pandemic times, health and safety of employees and customers as the key reasons for the decision. In another blow to the leading Print Industry event, drupa, another major player, Kodak has decided to withdraw from the upcoming 2021 edition. “Kodak’s commitment to the safety of our employees and customers during the COVID19 pandemic is paramount. The continued concerns and impacts of the pandemic make it difficult for us to commit resources for such an event in these uncertain times,” said Jim Continenza,

Executive Chairman, Eastman Kodak Company. “Kodak will continue to invest in the print industry, doubling down on digital print and delivering the products our customers need to drive productivity and growth as the industry evolves,” he added.

Miyakoshi digital inkjet presses in India by Provin Technos Provin Technos, the India distributor of Miyakoshi, recently announced the India launch of Miyakoshi’s MJP digital inkjet press series. The MJP13LXV is Miyakoshi’s LED-UV digital inkjet press that meets the need of the label market, and is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for excellent quality ultra-short runs while reducing startup time and wastage. The MJP 20E/EX is a duplex water-based inkjet press meant for transactional printing while the MJP 20/30 IXS targets commercial printing. The MJP 30 AXF is a water-based inkjet press for flexible packaging. The MJP models cater to different market segments ranging from short-run label printing to short-run flexible packaging. Miyakoshi is an OEM partner for many big players in the digital printing world. However, it introduced the MJP series under its own brand name in the year 2004, which is now being introduced in the Indian market through its exclusive representative, Provin Technos.

in industrial high-speed inkjet printers is the ability to transport the media precisely, and in conjunction with the most advanced high-resolution print head technologies, the system is designed to dance together to create the most precise droplet placement over the media resulting in high quality prints. Some of the competitors are not able to achieve this and must resort to outsourcing the unwind-rewind, but Miyakoshi has superior control which they developed from several decades of building thousands of offset presses. Furthermore, we are capable of offering our own in-line processing, thus, the customers can benefit from the singlesource procurement as well as troubleshooting.” The market share of Miyakoshi inkjet presses in DPS segment worldwide is roughly around 40% including OEM manufacturing and more

than 300 Systems have been installed and running (in terms of print towers, more than 500 systems) worldwide.

The roll-to-roll high speed presses featuring piezoelectric DOD system come equipped with options of various finishing possibilities like sheeting, slitting, embossing and hot foiling etc. Akshay Kaushal, executive director sales, Provin Technos said: “Miyakoshi’s technology know-how dates back to when the company grew in manufacturing offset presses for business forms. One of the key parameters

September 2020


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Two of Kodak’s innovative products shine at renowned InterTech Technology Awards Uteco Sapphire EVO M press and PROSPER QD Packaging and FOA scoop two prestigious 2020 InterTech Technology Awards. Kodak has received two InterTech Technology Awards for the Uteco Sapphire EVO M digital web press powered by KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology and for KODAK PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and Film Optimizer Agent (FOA). The InterTech Technology Awards, sponsored by Printing United Alliance, honours innovative technologies which in the view of an independent panel of judges are expected to have a major impact on the graphic communications and related industries. The Sapphire EVO M is the first high-speed

production inkjet press for flexible packaging print, creating high-quality imagery using water-based inks on substrates ranging from paper to film. The press provides low running costs and high productivity with consistent, exceptional print quality that rivals flexography. PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and Film Optimizer Agent are based on Kodak’s decades of experience in the development of inks and consumables for continuous inkjet technology. These winning fluids are revolutionary in enabling high speed, high quality and low consumable costs on films and plastics. James Workman, Vice President, Technology and Research, PRINTING United Alliance, revealed that the judging panel emphasized the disruptive potential of the Sapphire EVO M Press, which lets flexible packaging printers migrate jobs from traditional printing processes to digital and allows brand owners to implement new, creative concepts and business building campaigns on packaging. Regarding KODAK PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and FOA, he said panel members were particularly impressed by the chemical breakthroughs that let Kodak’s inkjet


September 2020

technology print at fast speeds, even on nonporous packaging substrates. “Our goal each year is to spotlight technologies which shape the future,” said Workman. “These two Kodak technologies clearly met the award criteria and deserve to be recognized.” “We at Kodak see this double victory as recognition for our long-term experience and expertise in the fields of chemistry, materials and digital printing technologies”, said Randy Vandagriff, Senior Vice President, Print, Eastman Kodak Company. “The two solutions which won the InterTech Technology Awards will help continuous inkjet become firmly established in digital packaging and product decoration production and enable printers to meet the ever-changing needs of these global markets.”

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Kodak Continuous Inkjet Technology receives 5 BLI Outstanding Innovation awards Kodak’s groundbreaking KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press, KODAK PROSPER Plus Imprinting Systems, KODAK PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and FOA and two Uteco Group Sapphire EVO presses win at the awards. Kodak is thrilled to have won a total of five Buyers Lab (BLI) Outstanding Innovationawards in Production Print from Keypoint Intelligence. These coveted awards were conferred to Kodak for the following products and technologies, all of which are related to the company’s unique high-speed continuous inkjet technology: • KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press • KODAK PROSPER Plus Imprinting Systems • KODAK PROSPER QD Packaging Inks and Film Optimizer Agent (FOA) Kodak shares two more awards with its partner the Uteco Group: • Uteco Sapphire EVO M Press powered by KODAK STREAM Inkjet Technology • Uteco Sapphire EVO W Press powered byKODAK ULTRASTREAM Inkjet Technology

A Keypoint Intelligence judging panel of experienced experts assessed the products and solutions submitted with respect to quality, productivity, connectivity, workflow, media range as well as productivity and environmental impact. One particularly important question concerned the impact the product is likely to have on the targeted industry segment or product class. “We at Kodak regard this quintet of awards as a phenomenal success and proof of Kodak’s leadership in inkjet innovation,” commented Randy Vandagriff, Senior Vice

President, Print, Eastman Kodak Company. “These five awards including the two shared with Uteco, our industry partner, provide customers expanded digital solutions to grow their business in new applications which will fundamentally transform digital commercial and packaging printing.”

Ricoh launches DTG printer Ri 2000 Productivity breakthrough with Ricoh’s next generation Direct-to-Garment technology. To answer the needs of modern garment decorator, Ricoh has responded with a solution that offers heightened productivity, top-class operation and ease of use. The company has launched its Ri 2000 Direct to Garment (DTG) printer. The next generation system supports the production of promotional and personalised goods locally. The Ricoh Ri 2000 prints 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution on a wide range of garments, from traditional t-shirts or tote bags to an extended application range of canvas shoes, baseball caps or long sleeve shirts. It also supports the production of textile face masks and safety vests via the flexibility of the quickchange magnetic platen mechanism and the automatic table height adjustment that easily switches between garment types. “The new generation of DTG printer represents Ricoh’s continued commitment to deliver industry leading inkjet solutions,

empowering our customers to grow their business,” said Graham Kennedy, Director Industrial Printing, Ricoh Europe. “Working closely with early adopters in the continuously growing DTG market during product development, Ricoh customers can now enjoy the benefits of a DTG turnkey solution. The Ri 2000 meets the needs of innovative digital print providers, custom apparel online retailers, as well as traditional businesses offering added value by printing on garments. It joins Ricoh’s DTG portfolio that already includes the Ri 100 and Ri 1000 devices as the production flagship.” The Ri 2000 presents high productivity and efficiency standards which are enabled by integrating hardware and advanced software end-to-end. Key features include: •

Enabling colour consistency, automation of production workflows and creation of white layers for printing on

dark garments with ColorGATE’s Textile Production server. Continuously monitoring ink supply, temperature and humidity levels, reducing human interaction whenever required. Intuitively guiding the operator with a 7-inch colour touchscreen display providing maintenance alerts, for all tasks that are not automated. Simplifying maintenance with automated cleaning and an innovative head cleaning jig that eliminates the need to manually maintain print head nozzles.

The Ricoh Ri 2000 will be available in EMEA from November onwards. To see it live, customers can book their (virtual) demo through local Ricoh representative.

September 2020


Idea-Rolmarkem procures third OMET X6 in 5 Years Massimiliano Bacchieri and Cristian Bacchieri share Idea Rolmarkem’s success story.

In this exciting interview, Massimiliano Bacchieri, the second generation visionary along with his brother, Cristian Bacchieri share their success story of how Idea Rolmarkem grew to become one of the market leaders in Italy for the supply of labels and packaging materials. This is the story of how Mario and Silvana, parents of Massimiliano and Cristain founded the company in 70’s and lead it to its current success following the strategy of innovation, intuition and strong R&D. Also read why Idea chose OMET as its growth partner since 2014 and have no invested in their 3rd machine in a span of 5 years!

Tell us about the history of Idea / Rolmarkem brand After establishing our relationship with OMET in 2014, we installed our first OMET X6 in 2015. We followed this with another expansion in 2018 and now the third machine has been installed in 2020. These 3 machines make the most sophisticated production department of our company.

Key Notes : > Found a partner with OMET in 2014 for flexographic solutions. > OMET at IdeaRolmarkem helped them grow business in the beauty care, pharmaceuticals and food sectors. > The partnership along with X6 capabilities allowed them to present themselves as an innovative, reliable and a highperformance partner.


September 2020

Mario Baccheiri, my father, founded the company Rolmarkem SNC in 1978 while working in the selfadhesive industry. Growth came very fast considering my parents are extremely versatile and innovative people. They quickly established relationships within the industry and started producing printing machines and engineered various innovative letterpress and Flexo solutions in collaboration with leading technical experts of the industry. Growth continued and in the subsequent years the company started producing self-adhesive materials by applying adhesive to different kind of substrates such as paper, films etc. This led to the expansion of the company into production and export of self-

adhesive materials. As the company was growing rapidly under various divisions, the family decided to consolidate all business activities under a new company and identity, Idea-Rolmarkem SRL, retaining the iconic Rolmarkem brand for its success and brand recall in the industry.

What are some of the key choices you made, which you attribute to your success today? We had established a diverse understanding of the label sector, from machines to materials, which allowed us to probe several aspects of the label and packaging sectors, deeply understanding limits and advantages of each one of them. Over time we took strategic decisions to focus our operations to high profit and growth-oriented sectors and allocated the necessary financial, technical and R&D resources for the same. For the flexographic solutions we were fortunate enough to find a partner with OMET in 2014, which has allowed us to achieve, together with our historical experience and know how, the quality and safety parameters we require in our printing presses. Together with the R&D at OMET we are continuously pursuing new innovations and improvements which also adds to the success factor of the company.

What was the main motivation to partner with OMET? Our company has established strong business

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relationships with leading brand owners in the market to whom we supply variety of labels and packaging solutions. These customers are constantly seeking superior quality, performance and innovations which are quite different from the standard selfadhesive solutions. Hence, we needed to find a partner who could give us a variety of solutions to come together on a single press along with quick development of innovative ideas, time delivery and reliable after sales support. We found OMET to be outstanding in all these parameters which helped us grow our business in the beauty care, pharmaceuticals and food sectors along with them.

Tell us, how you built your competitive advantage? Our biggest advantage has been our attention to the minute details of print quality and our commitment in research in the world of prepress, its allied equipment, applications and support as this is a fastevolving technology. Additionally, we also focus on giving a great service experience to our customers especially during emergency situations and campaigns. We would like to add that our partnership with OMET and the capabilities provided by the X6 technology allowed us to present ourselves as an innovative, reliable and a high-performance partner.

How many installations do you have from OMET? After establishing our relationship with OMET in 2014, we installed our first OMET X6 in 2015. We followed this with another expansion in 2018 and now the third machine has been installed in 2020. These 3 machines make the most sophisticated production department of our company.

Bacchieri brothers, Massimiliano and Cristian, together with their father Mario (in between).

Speaking about food, what all market sectors are you present in? Food and Beauty Care are the largest percentage. We also work with chemical and pharmaceuticals industries

Idea-Rolmarkem has always stood out for its commitment to R&D. Can you tell us more about this? We continue to focus and pay attention to develop new offerings and solutions to our customers and hence our R&D efforts are spread across the areas of new productbased solutions, product application, raw materials, software solutions and process automation for remote production planning and control. Our commitment to

development has been instilled in the culture of the company since inception. In year 2005 we became MIUR laboratory and now we are broadening our horizons to offer our partners our new vision of IDEA 4.0

Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted the markets across the globe, how do you foresee the future of the market from hereon. There is no uncertainty in the fact that the pandemic has slowed down, if not stopped many industries across Europe and the globe. This slowdown is likely to continue in the near future as we see negative trends for industrial growth. But every adversity also brings new opportunities. It is time to have confidence in your vision, team and management and focus on this new

What are the current improvements you are making in the shop floor? We are introducing low migration inks to both our flexographic and letter press machines which are still in production. We are also increasing our attention to safety and hygiene as regulations in this area are becoming more stringent and we want to ensure the highest standards to our employees and customers. In October this year, we will also take the BRC Certificate (an international certification that meets an English standard in the field of hygiene and health in food packaging and beyond).

September 2020


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restart which the pandemic has forced. If we look at the current trends, the decrease in expenditure in the restaurant sector has led to an increase in the production of the packaged food, a sector in which Idea has operated since inception as we are in the heart of the Food valley of Italy, in Vicofertile (Parma). Even hygiene and personal care along with beauty products are showing signs of recovery now and we are optimistic towards a new beginning and a better recovery with the opening of the country and the world.

It is believed that the business suffers growth, when it transfers from one generation to another. How did you deal with this? Me and Cristian both are two strong-minded brothers. We understand and give space to each other and have a healthy way to exchange our ideas, views and even debate. We both are committed to the direction of the company and we believe it’s the right one. Our parents believed in the growth plan we proposed, participated and approved our choices and have embraced our philosophy for the future. Our market today, have positively responded to our ideas and philosophy and this assures our belief that we are headed in the right direction. We as a family believe that if our vision is clear and agreed upon, there is nothing that can stop us from being together and growing together.

Some label printed by Idea Srl, awarded in 2018 with the’ FTA Europe Award.

What do you see as the current market trends in the label and packaging industry? Sustainability and recyclability are surely two main trends we see growing in the near future. We are investing in R&D on new substrates and applications, new inks and waste optimization techniques to ensure our company is at par with the standards. It is for this reason we opted for UV-LED

drying technology on our second X6 machine in 2018 to remain committed to our environmental-friendly philosophy. We believe we are the first label company in Italy to have invested in a label machine with full UV-LED technology, thanks to our collaboration with OMET. Our third OMET installed in 2020 has also arrived with UV LED technology, which we believe is going to be the upcoming trend in the near future.

Wifac is the new OMET agent in Benelux OMET has signed partnership with Wifac B.V., new exclusive agent for Belgium area, Netherlands and Luxemburg for all their printing machines range. Wifac serves the narrow-band printing market and printers providing machines, consumables, spare parts, consultancy and technical support. Wifac Group has been operating for over 100 years as flexible player and experienced partner in the press and graphic chain. Besides OMET’s complete printing lines, its offered solutions range from finishing products to inks and other consumables, layout software, workflow, 24x7 technical


September 2020

support and numerous practical training courses. OMET presence in Benelux is already well established with different important installations realized over the years – says Paolo Grasso, Head of Sales fro OMET Printing Business Unit – but we want to grow further and for this reason we choose to work together with a professional and technically skilled partner that will be able to carry

to the converters the international know-how developed by OMET and to bring a qualified technical assistance. The cooperation with Wifac will be extremely beneficial for all the printers and the converters of this area.”

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BOBST helps Perfect Packaging overcome tooling hurdle BOBST helps to keep the EXPERTFOLD folder-gluer running at Prefect Packaging, which has been producing packaging for essential supplies during COVID-19.

Packaging manufacturers throughout India are trying to navigate the challenge of keeping the supply chain running and meet the growing demand for both medical items and consumer products during the COVID-19 crisis. Mumbai-based Prefect Packaging has been producing packaging solutions for essential supplies during the lockdown from its plant in Vasai. Established in 1986, the company specialises in pharma and FMCG packaging. Amongst its printing and converting equipment, the company operates a BOBST EXPERTFOLD folder-gluer. Shortly before India went into lockdown on 24th March, the company received an additional fitting – a Z-fold device for their machine. This is an essential attachment needed for manufacturing time-sensitive pharmaceutical orders. While the tool itself was delivered on time, the installation proved to be a bigger challenge due to the travel restrictions imposed by the strict lockdown. According to BOBST Services Head, Mr

Sameer Joshi, BOBST has engineers based in Mumbai, but a specific process specialist was required for this particular job and no travel was permitted during the period of the lockdown. “Like our customers, it was our turn to do our part to provide support during the pandemic,” said Mr Joshi. At this point, Prefect Packaging’s Managing Director, Jamal Agwan took decisive action. He applied for the required permit from the police for BOBST’s Mumbai-based engineer to travel to the plant – 30km away from his location. “Mr Agwan also instantly arranged for a car to pick up our engineer to ferry him to the plant,” explained Mr Joshi. Once the engineer was at the plant in Vasai, a video call was arranged with process specialist who took him through the entire installation – step-by-step. “After a six-hour consultation between the two, the tool was successfully installed on the BOBST EXPERTFOLD,” said Mr Joshi. “For us, the fact that the BOBST team duly adhered to the nationwide lockdown rules, but still

found a way to work around it and assist our customer to ensure timely production, was most satisfying.” During the COVID-19 crisis, it is especially critical for Prefect Packaging that its business is fully operational, and any machine downtime is avoided, so it can continue to provide its essential services. “We adhere strictly to the guidelines issued for companies that are operating during the lockdown,” said Mr Agwan. “However, when a machine needs a part, or minor servicing, it is vital that you are dealing with a company that will provide all the support you need, exactly when you need it. For us, BOBST is that company.” He added, “When we opted for the BOBST EXPERTFOLD, we knew that it was the perfect fit for us. We also knew that we would receive the best possible service after the machine was installed and we sure did!”

September 2020


Holoflex security for new high security Aadhaar Cards The company Director, Ajit Kumar Surana talks in detail about the new high security Aadhaar Cards introduced by UIDAI. Indian hologram expert Holoflex has designed and produced the high-security Hologram and supplies the solution to UIDAI selected card manufacturers. Holoflex’s success story is a 29 year long journey (since 1991) of triumphs and challenges. One thing that has stood the test of time is the company’s grit and determination to offer products that are globally competitive on technical and commercial requirements.

“The replacement is optional. Though the existing cards will still remain valid, for a small amount (Rs. 50) one may opt for a convenient and highly secure Aadhaar Card.

Key Notes : > Holoflex has designed and produced the new Aadhaar Card which is packed with high security attributes. > Apart from QR Code and Hologram, it incorporates Micro Text, Ghost Image, Guilloche Pattern along with both issue as well as print dates. > The design elements are simple for identification by a common man but complex for a counterfeiter.


September 2020

code, laser numbering, track and trace etc. “We have invested in state of the art flexo printing machine from Omet srl, Italy and have two more presses of different make to cater the entire spectrum of customer requirements,” informs Ajit. They are a one-stop solution provider with services ranging from concept to delivery and all is done in house. Key product and solutions that Holoflex offers to a wide spectrum of customers include:

All through these three decades Holoflex has


Holograms – self adhesive and hot stamp type

executed several prestigious hologram projects. “We have had the honour of supplying holograms for the Commonwealth Games whose tickets were printed by India Security Press, Nasik,” remembers Ajit Kumar Surana,Director, Holoflex Limited.

b) c)

“The application of the hologram on the entry tickets had to be done in house as ISP did not have the equipment to hot stamp the hologram. We were allowed to get our equipment into the ISP to convert the job within their premises. This was the first instance in ISP’s 200 year old history where an outsider was allowed to get their equipment into the ISP premises.

e) f) g)

Labels – self adhesive and wet glue High Security labels with special tamper evident features Multimax which is a special label designed for energy meters and extremely resistant to tampering even by chemicals and heat Shrink Sleeves & Shrink Labels Scratch and win coupons Track and Trace

We also won the global tender to supply the holograms for the Non Judicial stamp paper for Andhra Pradesh government at the height of the Telgi scam controversy. Among the corporate, we have done holograms for the entire music industry through Indian Music Industry, the apex organisation in India for music industry – all the music cassettes and CD’s sold in those days carried our hologram. When mobile phones arrived in India, there were huge quantities of smuggled counterfeit phones in India. Holoflex designed and produced a common hologram across the entire mobile phone industry in those days to protect and identify the genuine handsets. Holoflex even progressed to be Nokia’s vendor for holographic seals to several of their factories outside India too,” he adds. Today Holoflex is not just a holograms supplier but has expanded its horizons to offer labels including high security labels designed using their security designing software and other features like printing QR


Behind the scene - design and production of the latest Aadhaar Card “The brief from UIDAI was that the design elements have to be very simple for identification by a common man but very secure against counterfeit attempts,” says Ajit, giving details about the recent Aadhaar Cards project. Several design iterations happened and the designers were asked to think out of the box. Normally a customer wants lots of features whether or not they are aesthetically appealing. But UIDAI was refreshingly different as they wanted highest security with minimum number of features without compromising on the aesthetics. We are proud that our designers were able to achieve that to the UIDAI’s satisfaction”. He further adds, “The testing parameters of the hologram are similar to that of Rupay payment card holograms which is also benchmarked on the Mastercard and Visa holograms.”

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Obviously, the technological requirements were a huge responsibility here. “Our hologram is the primary visible security feature for and we had to ensure that the output is of the very highest quality,” says Ajit. It was of utmost importance that the holograms work flawlessly on the card producers’ stamping machines. Holoflex ensured that they review and fine tune various raw materials and processes beforehand. “We also went to the extent of modifying and replacing some critical machine parts in order to improve process efficiency,” informs Ajit. Creating a hologram is an intricate process involving a very high level of technological expertise. We first need to create a master hologram and then printing plates from that. And then there are several other processes and specialised coatings to achieve the highest quality standard to meet the stringent requirements, moreso in cases such as unique citizen’s identity like the Aadhaar Cards by the UIDAI. The challenges posed by the hologram were a pleasant experience, says Ajit. Sharing his experience while working on the design, he says, “The design was a challenge as well

as a pleasure – as the size of the hologram limited what we could do. Besides, it had to be designed to withstand heat and pressure for image transfer at the card manufacturers’ end.” Speaking about the security features that make the new card tamper proof, Ajit emphasises, “Each of the security features listed above including the hologram makes the card secure. Our hologram serves as the visual authenticator, and besides that there are a host of other security printing features that are printed by the card producer. The QR code is also what makes it unique. The various features are in harmony and complement each other and thus make the card very secure.”

Cost and time implications It is a nationwide project involving every citizen. Interested card owners can get their cards replaced with the latest high security one at a nominal rate. “We congratulate UIDIA on managing to keep the cost of the card very affordable at a nominal rate of Rs 50. All Indian residents can get a card that is secure and very convenient to carry in a wallet,” says Ajit. The Aadhaar card owner will benefit by way of possessing a National

ID card that is secure, pocket friendly and enables visual authentication tools like hologram and security printing. The card holds some key confidential information as well. Moreover, the security features like gulloche patter and ghost image etc. will prove strong deterrent against counterfeiting. “I am very proud that our country now has a state-of-the-art, highly secure identity card for its citizens,” concludes Ajit. Counterfeiting and imitation is a global menace for brands as well as customers and authorities. It is extremely important for all brand owners to ensure that their products are secure and they have a strong connect with their consumer for their genuine products and a visual indicator is used for their consumers to identify the genuine product. “I would strongly urge all the readers to check the authenticity of the products they buy and consume. The brand owner should take all precautions that their own products are protected from the menace of duplication and the consumer should also be demanding such authentication features,” recommends Ajit.

JTAPE installs Mark Andy Digital One to personalize face shields One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of masking products for commercial applications has invested in Mark Andy Digital One press to print personalized face shields and extend their PPE product range. The face shields were designed after many hours of field testing and user feedback. A 60 x 300mm image is printed directly onto the clear section of the visor, with user instruction QR code, the CE certification mark that confirms the product meets the regulatory requirements for PPE use in the EU, and Face Shield FDA Product Listing for approved use in the USA. Customers can choose from one of JTAPE’s bespoke

designs or provide their own design or logo to promote their brand. JTAPE employs over 40 people, manufacturing and producing 50 individually designed products to worldwide markets as diverse as automotive, marine, aerospace, construction, industrial, rail, trade and creative sectors. JTAPE is recognized for its innovation and is an award winner at home, in Asia, and in the USA. With the dramatic effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many of its traditional markets, JTAPE turned its hand and expertise to a range of new PPE and safety products for medical, business and personal use. But with limited previous printing experience the company was looking for a solution for its short run work that forms a significant part of its business portfolio. Speaking for JTAPE, Jevons commented: “We were looking for a simple, quick and practical solution that offered a high print

quality to match that of our face shields and other products. Mark Andy was able to supply and install the Digital One press straightaway and we were in production the same day.” Currently, JTAPE is producing Face Shields, Face Masks, Hazard Tape, Distancing Stickers and Clear Surface Protection Film and supplying to customers in a variety of industries all over the world. Mark Andy Sales Manager Paul Macdonald said: “We were delighted to be able to assist JTAPE at such short notice and our Digital One is an ideal machine for their specific application – it’s easy to use and produces high quality print from its toner-based engine. This installation typifies the broad appeal that we have tapped into with our range of digital technology.” As a mark of courtesy for supplying the Digital One so quickly, JTAPE has supplied Mark Andy with specially branded face shields for the company’s employees to wear when onsite and in customers’ premises.

September 2020


Gwk presents mobile water-cooled tecocw series Cold water without unwanted waste heat in the production area.

Gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH presents its mobile water-cooled tecocw series. The innovative cw units are connected to the machine cooling system just like a temperature control unit. As a result, there will be no warm exhaust air in the production area as would be the case with air-cooled compact refrigeration units. Unlike traditional cooling units, a cw unit can be used to produce cold water with a temperature of 0°C without the need for adding an anti-freeze agent to the water. Cold water is often required for individual units only and not for all production machines so that a central refrigeration system and the associated extensive pipe system would not be worthwhile. In these cases, users tend to rely on refrigeration units which are mobile, air-cooled and compact. The disadvantage of this method is the additional heat generated in the production area by the exhaust air of the refrigeration units. This is particularly annoying during the warmer seasons. With the cw series, gwk now offers a compact alternative solution with a high level of performance.

Mobile refrigeration units can generate annoying heat too with their exhaust air. With the cw series, gwk now offers a compact alternative solution with a high level of performance.

Key Notes : > The tecocw series cools water without any glycol down to 0°C. > No warm exhaust air thanks to a connection to the machine cooling system. > Quick service thanks to well-established components.


September 2020

Direct connection with the cooling system The mobile units are equipped with the proven control system as well as other well-established and reliable components of the teco c series made by gwk. As a result, in the event of problems, the user benefits from a quick and trouble-free service thanks to standardised spare parts.

high water temperature of 25°C cannot be readily produced with traditional units.

Perfect refrigeration capacity and pump output for plastics-processing applications The pump output is specifically adapted to the requirements of plastics-processing applications with flow rates of 60 l/min max. and pump pressure values of 3.5 or 5.8 bar max. The refrigeration capacity up to 4 kW or 10 kW is optimised for the production machinery. The tecocw units have an optimised refrigeration circuit with very small fill quantities so that they are exempt from any regular statutory leak tests. The water-cooled version does not have a fan and, therefore, it is particularly quiet. gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, with its headquarters in Meinerzhagen, is part of the technotrans group and a system supplier of cooling, temperature control and water supply systems for the plastics-processing industry. The solutions cover the entire production process from cooling and temperature control up to the water treatment phase. The product portfolio includes temperature control systems, temperature control units and refrigeration units, among other things. In addition, gwk offers solutions for the dynamic temperature control of mould inserts and for mould cleaning.

The most important difference is the temperature range. While teco c series units supply warm water, the tecocw unit supplies cold water. All of the units are equipped with a leak stop function and mould draining function. The users can connect the units to the production machine via serial interfaces.

Water temperature between 0°C and 25°C without glycol Unlike traditional cooling units, a gwkcw unit can be used to produce cold water with a temperature as low as 0°C without the need for adding an anti-freeze agent, e.g. glycol, to the water. Even a comparably It looks like a normal temperature control unit but it is actually a cooling unit for temperatures from 0°C to 25°C.

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DIC India edifies customers about the ban of toluene based inks for food packaging By leveraging its unique digital program, DIC Konnect, the company is seamlessly reaching out to its customers and helping them to adopt new methods of printing. Due to an increase in packaged food consumption, awareness and demand for quality products, India has seen a rise in sustainable packaging in the Food & Beverage industry. Thus, in a move towards ensuring a safe packaging environment in the country, BIS (The Bureau of Indian Standards) recently prohibited the use of toluene-based inks for food packaging applications under a revision of its IS15495 regulation. Global printing technology and allied solutions provider DIC India has taken a step further in raising the awareness of customers across Indian subcontinent about the recent toluene ban announced by BIS for food packaging. The need for revision regarding toluenebased inks came into existence due to the various harmful effects the chemical has on human body and environment. As per the new regulation, BIS has also laid down other standard guidelines for printing inks for use on food packaging for printers and converters. Furthermore, since the food industry mainly uses printing inks for external packaging, immediate food wrapping, as a printed wrapper or insert and disposables, BIS has defined certain norms under each of these categories.

proximity with the customers via this platform and has been constantly supporting them. “BIS toluene ban is a commendable step taken by the regulatory body to steer the industry into a more sustainable and safe packaging direction. Since our customers have always been at the core of our strategy, we wanted to ensure that they are well-align with the new government regulation. Thus, following the lockdown norms, we decided to bank upon DIC Konnect initiative, our one-ofa-kind virtual engagement strategy, wherein we hosted webinars with our customers and edified them about the toluene ban, preparing them to gain a competitive edge in their future, said Mr.Manish Bhatia, Managing Director & CEO, DIC India.” “He further added that DIC India has been at the forefront of bringing in innovative and advanced printing ink and allied products to the industry. Moreover, over the years, we have developed a robust portfolio of non-toluene ink products that will benefit our partners in making necessary adjustments in their machinery with ease.” DIC India offers a comprehensive portfolio

of products and solutions ranging from publishing inks to inks and adhesives for packaging. Moreover, the company has been delivering toluene free ink portfolio in India for more than a decade. Some of the cutting edge non-toluene solutions offered by the company are namely SMART KF, a solvent based gravure lamination ink system intended for high-end printing applications; ULTRALAM NT, a toluene free general purpose ink etc. DIC India is one of the largest companies in the Indian printing, packaging industry serving top of the line newspapers, magazines, printing and packaging establishments in India. DIC India is a part of DIC Corporation Japan with 71.75% shareholding in the Indian subsidiary through DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore.

To create mindshare regarding the BIS toluene ban and aid the customers in meeting the regulation norms, DIC India leveraged its digital initiative called DIC Konnect. Under the DIC Konnect program, a series of webinars were organized with the customers with an aim to guide them about the best industry practices to restart their printing process post the lockdown, address their concerns as well as demonstrate DIC India’s product portfolio. Throughout India’s Unlock Phase 1, 2 & 3, the company was maintaining a close

September 2020


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Responding to a changed global market Nick Coombes speaks with longtime narrow web specialist Paul Briggs, formerly with Mark Andy and Xeikon, and now with Omet, about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on manufacturers and converters. NC: What has been the immediate effect of Covid-19 and lockdown? PB: Very mixed – there have been winners and losers. Some have seen an overnight leap in demand for food, pharmaceutical and sanitising product labels as the health scare kicked in, and all restaurants, canteens, and other places to eat-out closed down, which created an instant spike in demand from the supermarkets and other food retailers. The industrial sector appears to have been worse hit with demand from a number of traditional customers falling away – though there has been some new business growth too.

NC: How are converters reacting to the changing situation? PB: It depends on their customer base, but in general we’ve seen companies furloughing staff and operating with reduced numbers in their plants to accommodate social distancing requirements, while some workers have been shielding for health reasons. It will be interesting to see, when the health risk declines, how many of these people will be re-engaged. Will the pandemic have shown company managers how lean an operation they can run and still survive – will it prove to have kickstarted a permanent new way of working? It’s difficult to predict how, but it will change for sure.

NC: How has Omet reacted and adapted to the new situation? PB: First of all, it never closed, even at the height of the pandemic in Italy. Designated as an essential supplier to the food and pharma industries, it adopted a ‘work at home’ policy for all who could do so, and split the shop floor workforce in half to allow for social distancing with all the necessary safety devices. Press production carried on as usual, with the exception that some components were subject to delays in delivery, but otherwise the lines kept rolling and machines were tested and shipped as normal. In fact, the surge in demand from brand owners for increased volumes of labels and printed packaging put pressure on Omet to supply more technology, and faster. We did our best, but you can’t ramp up production of capital goods that quickly!


September 2020

NC: How did Omet cope with installations while there were travel restrictions? PB: We did it remotely with the aid of a very clever installation kit tool called ‘NOVA’, which stands for New Omet Virtual Access, and allows for presses to be installed and commissioned by the customer’s own technicians under remote guidance from Omet specialist engineers in Italy. It proved a great success with a number of machine installs, and also has the benefit of being a useful tool for fault diagnosis and after sales support. The pandemic has really put modern communication technology in sharp focus, which will be a plus point going forward.

NC: Looking ahead, how will this year’s unusual trading conditions affect the market - is it a short-term blip or will it make fundamental changes to the way the narrow web sector functions? PB: If the demand for delivery of printed packaging wasn’t fast enough before, it just got faster! But that’s been a trend for some time – ‘just enough’ and ‘just in time’ are not new concepts, and I’d say the narrow web sector has reacted better than most to market changes over the years – in fact Omet prides itself on its pioneering R&D and the number of innovative techniques it has brought to the market in response to

changes in demand. For example, we were the first to include chilled impression drums with UV lamps mounted directly onto them to handle heat sensitive substrates, which responds closely to a market trend for more filmic work. We were the first to offer fully automated register control both across and along the web, which has a significant effect on make-ready time and waste. Then there’s the work we’re doing on developing ways of re-using the liner as a laminate as part of our ‘green technology programme’ – all these are market driven but need a creative mindset to innovate and develop the technology.

NC: So, more flexibility is the key? PB: Yes it is. One thing the pandemic has done is make converters review their product portfolio and see how they can use their existing capacity to take advantage of the changed market conditions. Once again, the flexible production capability of Omet presses is a real benefit in this situation. I know of a number of label converters who have adapted production on their presses to fulfil the surging demand for face masks and items of PPE – it just takes some lateral thinking and the right technology. This is why our collaboration with Durst to produce a hybrid press has been so important. It has the ability to delam/relam, reverse print, turn the web and cross it over for multi-page labels, as well as offer all the variable print advantages of digital inkjet.

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NC: How will this affect investment going forward? PB: I think converters will focus on a

permanent shift in shopping habits and all that goes with it.

broad spread of production capability with increased automation and an overall reduction in manual tasks. The entire supply chain is under pressure and that’s not likely to alter, so for most suppliers it has to be ‘right first time’. The more that can be entrusted to technology to improve accuracy and reduce waste and energy consumption, the better. That’s what we notice at Omet in the way customers now specify their presses – it’s all about producing high quality at high speed with minimal downtime. In general terms, it probably means fewer simple presses for the developed markets which look for more added value. That’s where Omet’s innovative technology gives it a strong hand.

NC: Looking inwards at the graphic arts industry, what long lasting effects will the global pandemic have on how we do business? PB: We are already seeing a massive

NC: What do you think the market trends will be when normality returns? PB: Well, you first have to define what the new normality will be, because I don’t see the world and business going back to where it was pre-lockdown – too much has already changed. We may be past the first wave of the virus, but it hasn’t gone away, so life will continue to be affected for a long time yet. Home cooking and entertainment will remain at the expense of the event industry and both sport and the arts will continue to suffer with little or no public attendance. Online retailing, which was already growing, has seen a major boost to the detriment of the High Street shops, and while this growth will slow, I think the retail trade will see a fundamental and

shift in emphasis away from trade shows. Just look at what is happening to the rescheduled Drupa – fewer days, some major manufacturers pulling out, and no real certainty that travel restrictions will allow or encourage visitors to attend. With so many companies having their own dedicated showroom/demo facilities now, to which they can invite existing and potential customers on an exclusive basis at a fraction of the cost of exhibiting at a trade fair, it’s hard to see how all of the planned events for next year will go ahead. And, once they are gone from the calendar, the will and need for them to return may be gone too. Omet has recently opened new facilities in Lecco, with a purpose-built demo centre called the ‘Omet Drome’, and these provide a richly enhanced experience for converters looking to test their work on the wide variety of press technology available. Why do they need to go to a trade show and put their health at risk, when it’s so much more difficult to create and maintain a ‘safe’ environment there?

NC: How do you see technology responding to the changing market demands? PB: I think the next five years will see major changes – the younger generation coming through is looking for a cleaner, greener

society and this will need to be reflected in the way that all goods are packaged, irrespective of how shopping habits change. Waste will continue to be the hot topic so it will be incumbent on all companies to operate a lean manufacturing process using the latest techniques. In the case of machinery suppliers, we have noticed at Omet that while digital print will continue to grow in volume, flexo and offset techniques will change and improve. Our new XJet hybrid line, developed in partnership with Durst, is very much cutting edge in this market sector, and combined with Omet’s expertise in online converting and embellishment processes, makes single pass production of labels and flexible packaging a highly profitable commercial proposition.

NC: So, are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future overall? PB: Very optimistic for our sector of the market! I’ve always thought that narrow web was particularly agile in its response to changes in demand, and although web widths have increased and presses have become more sophisticated, I believe it’s lost none of its ability to respond. What I see in Omet’s case is a continuation of its unique ability to broaden its market appeal. It has the most comprehensive range of technology of any manufacturer in the sector, and expertise in markets from self-adhesive to filmic labels, a variety of flexible packaging, folding cartons, and special materials. Best of all, Omet truly engages with its customers and will build to their individual requirements, so it’s difficult to see anything other than continuous growth here.

Cosmo Films to set up a new Line for Speciality Polyester (BOPET) Films Cosmo Films has announced plans to recommence the installation of a Speciality Polyester Films line (Biaxially-Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate) by the second quarter of 2022-23. The new line will be commissioned at the Waluj plant site in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India with a capacity of 30,000 MT per annum. This plant already houses BOPP lines, extrusion coating lines, chemical coating lines, metallizers and a CPP line. The new production line will complement the existing BOPP capacity of 200,000 MT per annum and allow Cosmo Films to offer a more comprehensive speciality product

basket for flexible packaging, labeling, lamination and industrial applications. The project cost is estimated to be Rs.300 crores, which will be financed through a mix of internal accruals and loans. The company’s key financial parameters for the quarter ended June 2020 are well placed Debt/EBITDA @ 1.8 times and net debt to equity @ 0.7 times.

as worldwide exports. The new specialty BOPET line shall be unique and a majority of the products made on the line would focus on sustainability and creation of a greener future as the key theme. The Debt/EBIDTA and other financial ratios expect to remain in a comfortable range even post the capex.”

Mr. Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films Ltd said, “Speciality BOPET is a niche segment which caters to multiple application segments, with high margins and opportunities for import substitution as well

BOPET films (Biaxially-Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate films) offer high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties and electrical insulation.

September 2020


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Ulrich orders two MPS flexo presses via videocall During coronavirus crisis, Austrian printer Ulrich Etiketten confirmed order for two fully automated MPS EFA 530 presses via WhatsApp group videocall. Austrian printer Ulrich Etiketten based in Vienna is adding two additional MPS flexo presses to their line-up. The ordered 8-and 9-colour MPS EFA 530 presses with further increase the label production capacity of the company which boasts a total of 11 MPS flexo printing presses in their machine park.

Deal closed via WhatsApp videocall Although the first initiative for Ulrich’s new machine investment began before the world changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, MPS and Ulrich finalized the order via a WhatsApp group video call when forced to take necessary measures from lockdowns and travel bans. Leading the sale were Bert van den Brink, MPS Co-Founder together with Martin Vogel from Printcon, MPS’ local representative in Austria, Switzerland and southern Germany. “Thanks to the long-standing relationship with MPS and especially Bert van den Brink, we were able to close this deal virtually,” said Rainer Ulrich, Director and 5th generation in the Ulrich family business. “Initially we planned to add only one additional MPS press, but then decided on two instead! In fact, the coronavirus crisis was the reason why we decided to purchase presses now. Timing is right, and there’s more security investing our money in machines than saving it in the bank!” Van den Brink: “We are honoured that our loyal customer Ulrich Etiketten again put their trust in us, especially in these extraordinary

Martin Vogel (MPS agent), Rainer Ulrich and Florian Ulrich (directors Ulrich Etiketten) and Bert van den Brink (Co-Founder MPS) give the thumbs up to confirm the deal during a WhatsApp videocall

times. Selling not one, but two presses via a WhatsApp video call was certainly a new experience!”

continues to offer a highly productive multiweb press solution with flexo and screen printing capabilities.

Re-sale of older MPS EP flexo press

Van den Brink concludes: “The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a new way of doing business, and we are open to utilizing these new means of customer communication in the future. Of course, establishing a clear machine configuration and enough trust in both parties is essential, but as in this case with Ulrich Etiketten it proves possible!”

Part of the deal was the re-sale of an older MPS EP flexo press that Ulrich Etiketten owned for many years. Wolfgang Kapfenberger, Production Leader at Ulrich Etiketten: “We look forward to adding two new MPS EFA 530 machines to support our increased label production. Due to space restrictions, we are grateful for MPS accepting our older EP press back to re-sell as a second-hand press.” The MPS EP press was immediately sold to the secondhand market, as the EP model

Ulrich Etiketten is into the business of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging and was founded in 1868. The ‘Best Family Business of Austria’ 2019 awarded company has a modern printing house in Vienna measuring 13000 m2 and employing about 220 people.

The fully automated MPS EFA 530 flexo press


September 2020

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Cyngient, Imageworx and MPS form strategic partnership Imageworx Levittown facility doubles as comprehensive resource provider and demo & application center. Global label and packaging industry suppliers - Cyngient, Imageworx and MPS have formed a strategic partnership to provide labels and packaging converters a comprehensive resource that covers several important elements of the workflow and supply chain, leveraging the newly renovated 31,500 square foot Imageworx facility in Levittown. The PA, USA facility, just outside of Philadelphia also doubles as the site of the new MPS North American Demo and Applications Center. The three companies are in the same geographic location and thus can provide converters with products and services from three critical print process components – Imageworx prepress, Cyngient’s technologydriven custom inks and coatings, and MPS flexographic and hybrid press technology. Andrew Wasserman, managing partner of Cyngient, comments, “Being the primary supplier of inks, coatings and adhesives to MPS North America, coupled with Imageworx state-of-the-art prepress, label converters have the ability to achieve real life demos that can be easily transferred to their production environment without losing valuable production time.” Jeff Toepfer, president of Imageworx, says, “Product development regularly requires input and support from a wide number of vendors and industry experts in order to truly become successful. In October of 2017, Imageworx began supporting MPS with frontend technical services for printing and R&D projects at their former Green Bay facility. It was quickly realized that the combination of high-end prepress solutions and the sharp print quality of the MPS EF flexo press complemented the technologies of both companies.” Cyngient began working with Imageworx in 2018, with Cyngient adding significant value on a project that required a solution for laminating a micro optical lens to various flexo-printed PS materials, using a UV adhesive while curing through the lens with diecutting inline.

Toepfer recalls, “We tried many products for the application, but Cyngient’s HYPERcure adhesive cured without micro air bubbles, crystal clear, and bonded the multi-substrate materials together dynamically and without any edging issues when diecut and stripped. Since our first project together, Cyngient has been an essential partner in our product development ventures.”

adhesives with high-resolution results. The combined approach with Imageworx and Cyngient offers a unique, collaborative experience for label converters. In addition, MPS supports customers in maximizing their productivity levels with our data-oriented MPS Performance Programs. We enjoy proving that not every press is capable of achieving the same top quality results.”

Wasserman adds, “One of the principles driving Cyngient is our commitment to true collaboration in developing custom solutions for the flexo industry. Imageworx and MPS share our customer-centric values, and having the press and prepress experts onsite, together, offers tremendous value for innovation-driven flexo converters looking to differentiate in order to best serve their brand owner customers.”

This fall, MPS will be installing at the facility its new hybrid EF Symjet 430 UV flexo press with a new 17” Domino UV inkjet print engine in the middle of eight flexo stations.

Dilip Shah, senior technical sales consultant for MPS North America, appreciates the benefits stemming from this unique partnership. He comments, “We’ve worked closely with Imageworx over the years for many press demonstrations — even teaming with them at Labelexpo exhibits. We showcase jobs that every print facility would struggle with, and produce them flawlessly at high speeds.”

Cyngient’s Wasserman notes that his company is coming off its most successful month ever. He says, “Even during a global pandemic, we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting our essential labels and packaging businesses. This strategic partnership is another example of Cyngient’s commitment to improving the process and raising the bar for narrow web converters with truly innovative products.” Toepfer concludes, “As a team, we are available to develop technology that is specifically intended to improve and enhance printing and converting processes while offering a comprehensive solution for how to tackle the toughest print jobs.”

Shah continues, “Similar to us, both Cyngient and Imageworx like to push the limits of flexo print capabilities. For example, working with Cyngient has allowed MPS the ability to showcase label embellishments utilizing their high performance inks, coatings and

September 2020


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In a first, MPS remotely installs press at Japanese customer The first remote installation at Takara Pac has been done along with distributor T&K Toka. Not deterred by the travel and social distancing norms in place in Yokohama, Japan, where the MPS customer is located, MPS along with its distributor partner T&K Toka accomplished the first remote installation of press. The 9+1 colour EFA+ 340 press got installed by well preparing the label converter’s staff by sharing detailed operation manual as well as training them on their existing 8-colour MPS EC 330. The detailed installation manual with pictures, set of drawings showing details of each device, step-by-step guide and explanation of how to install the press proved handy while the professionals and engineers coordinated each step during the press’ remote installation. MPS System, Asia Pacific Managing Director, Tim Klappe coordinated with Fujii-san, GM at Takara Pac to ensure flawlessly smooth installation.

procedures, installation steps, check list and communication with the customer. The installation was monitored by camera. Every day, specialists from MPS dialed in to monitor the installation and offer guidance where needed. A review meeting was held on a daily basis to understand the progress and identify any steps that required extra attention.

It is the first remote installation that MPS’ agent in Japan, T&K Toka accomplished. Hyakuno-san, Product Manager at T&K Toka handled the preparation, web conference

MPS remained connected to the new press through its remote diagnostic system to stay updated with the status of the installation and offer assistance where required. It took all

parties involved three weeks to unload, install and run trials on the press before commercial label production began. The 9+1 color EFA+ 340 press has a rail-mounted flexo print unit and finishing equipment, including a die-cutting unit and matrix rewinder, corona treatment, and laminating unit. The installation is a unique case of carving out way through in times of adversity created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Monotech executes 7th JETSCI M series installation at IBF - to do confidential variable data printing online on their narrow web offset printing machines. International Business Forms kept their trust in JETSCI Global’s inkjet solutions with 7th JETSCI M series installation in a row to do confidential variable data printing online on their narrow web offset printing machines. As a part of their expansion from Gurgaon, IBF has invested in their second larger facility of 4000 sqm at Ghiloth, Rajasthan to doubleup their production capacity from 1 million copies to 2 million copies a day. IBF is a pioneer in confidential VDP printing domain for long time, Specialized in Online VDP on OMR, answer booklet, admit cards, attendance sheet, courier dockets, and other education-related narrow web width offset &variable data printing products. Ajay Jain, Owner International Business Forms says, “It took us time to adopt the


September 2020

online variable data printing from JETSCI Global, but after the first installation we have never looked back and now we have 7 machines installed and another one is in production, it gave us the value and growth along with the extremely exceptional on time support & services. We see the future with all our offset machines equipped with JETSCI Global inkjet systems.” Jimit Mittal, President JETSCI Global “We thank Ajay Jain for their continued trust in us as their inkjet printing partner, JETSCI M series is our proven Ideal Solution for VDP which can be retrofitted to existing web offset and flexo machines with 100’s of installations across the globe.”

pressideas/ plc

Macfarlane Labels invests in 10-Colour Nilpeter FA-17

Longtime Nilpeter partner, Macfarlane Labels, has invested in a 10-colour Nilpeter FA-17 to meet increasing workloads during the COVID-19 pandemic within the company’s regular product offerings. The new press joins a fleet of five other Nilpeter presses at Macfarlane. Macfarlane Labels provides high quality, self-adhesive and resealable labels to a wide range of sectors including food, health and beauty, household products, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the company has seen a growth in demand of labelling and packaging products, creating both challenges and opportunities that have lead to the acquisition of the new 10-colour Nilpeter FA-17.

less waste,” says Nick Hughes, Managing Director, Nilpeter Ltd. Nilpeter’s FA-Line is a versatile flexo press designed to accommodate printers’ evergrowing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. A benchmark of flexibility and modularity, the FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. All main components are produced in-house by Nilpeter which serves its worldwide customers through facilities in Denmark and the US.

Macfarlane Labels provides high quality, self-adhesive and resealable labels to a wide range of sectors including food, health and beauty, household products, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Employing 96 people, it supplies 350 customers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and the USA. The company operates state-of-the-art production and R&D facilities in the UK, Ireland, and Sweden, running six days a week to guarantee competitive lead times and flexibility to fulfil the specific requirements of every customer. It is part of the Macfarlane Group PLC founded in 1949. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers of FMCG products trust and rely upon Macfarlane Labels to ensure their products are perfectly presented.

With over 40 years of industry experience,

“This significant investment for our label business in Kilmarnock is in response to increasing and changing demands from our customers and their consumers,” commented Angela Campbell, resealable labels director at Macfarlane Labels. “This latest technology in printing, produces the highest label quality to ensure that our customers’ brands are perfectly presented. The press allows us to meet our customers’ ever changing needs and demands, led by innovative marketing trends,” added Campbell. “It is great to see Macfarlane pushing forward with new technology in the midst of a pandemic. Macfarlane has a fleet of Nilpeter presses, and the FA-17 brings the latest technology to allow greater production and

September 2020


signage printing

Samarth Digital to fructify expansion with new Pixeljet Hybrid Printer The Pune based wide-format PSP reinvents itself with Pixeljet 3218RMO UV with Varnish. Monotech Systems has recent installed a Pixeljet 3218RMO UV Hybrid printer with Varnish in Pune at Samarth Digital, a wide format print service provider. The company, which is in business since 2016, plans to expand their reach to new markets and applications. “We believe that investment done on Pixeljet UV Hybrid printer will help us to tap the new opportunities in the markets and will open the new doors of revenue generation. It’s been 4 years of our operations and we have been growing exponentially with a healthy reputation in the market with a strong association with brands like Shoppers Stop, Havmor, Everyday, and Reliance to name a few,” says Mr. Shripad Krishnakar Bhavsar, Director, Samarth Digital.

market, MDF printing, WPC door printing, Glass printing and it will also help us in customization of the applications as per customer’s demand,” Mr. Bhavsar added. The Pixeljet 3218 UV Hybrid printer is a highspeed LED UV curable inkjet system which is ideal for short run to high level production of multiple jobs with variety of sized media. It offers media edge-to-edge printing that eliminates the need of extra finishing step,

saving time and money. The versatile nature of the machine allows it to print on a wide range of indoor and outdoor substrates such as corrugated boards, plastics, acrylic, glass, foam boards, exhibition panels, wood, aluminum, MDF and PS materials, and many more. Monotech Systems has installed more than 250 Pixeljet UV printers across India and neighbouring countries.

“Our current applications are limited to indoor, outdoor signage, commercial printing and other industrial applications but with the addition of Pixeljet UV hybrid printer we will be able to enter into the interior décor

Printhead expert Xaar reduces yearly plastic consumption by 1.2 tonnes Xaar has introduced new packaging across its printhead portfolio to improve sustainability. In a business initiative to remove packaging complexity and improve sustainability, the global inkjet printing technology company Xaar has decided to ship its printheads in fully recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packs by the end of the year. This not only helps Xaar to deliver on its sustainability commitments but also supports customers’ own environmental initiatives.

benefits than the plastic clam shell boxes we had previously been using.

Furthermore, different printhead variants, will be despatched to customers in one shipment package, helping to reduce the amount of packaging used and reduce the carbon footprint of transportation. The new improved packaging is lightweight and provides a stable cushion which can be custom fit to suit all Xaar’s printheads.

The new style packaging is being rolled out with the launch of the new Xaar 2002 printhead range and the Xaar 1003 printheads, with the rest of Xaar’s portfolio to follow throughout the year.

Dave Read, Head of Materials at Xaar said; “The new sustainable packs are fully recyclable, providing greater environmental


September 2020

“With the move to cardboard we have not only removed a large amount of single-use plastic, we have also made our packaging easier for customers to recycle, while still providing the necessary protection and clear branding our printheads require.”

The new corrugated cardboard packaging is itself made largely from recycled materials. In addition, product details, essential for identification purposes, are printed using only black, single colour, water-based

ink - making the printhead packaging fully recyclable. Inside each box, the Xaar printhead is secured within a small anti-static bag to avoid contamination and protect it from any potential damage by electrical charges.

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RICOH offers ProcessDirector via subscription pricing option New RICOH ProcessDirector flexible pricing alternative offers significantly lower upfront and more financial flexibility for workflow optimization. Ricoh Europe recently announced that RICOH ProcessDirector, an award-winning, scalable workflow automation solution, will be offered via a subscription pricing option as of October 1, 2020. With multi-year subscriptions available, this new pricing option significantly decreases upfront costs for clients looking to streamline operations, improve process integrity, reduce errors, and drive efficiencies with RICOH ProcessDirector. This approach enables access to the powerful software for those preferring to pay for their investments as an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure. “As print providers adapt to the new world of work, a robust tool like RICOH ProcessDirector is invaluable,” said Clive Stringer, Director Continuous Feed and High End Software Sales, Commercial Printing Group, Ricoh Europe. “Our clients have told us that they’re looking for more flexible ways to access the power of RICOH ProcessDirector’s capabilities to fit into their various business models - either subscription-based or as a perpetual licence. With this new offering we are pleased to say that this choice has now become available.”

With the release of RICOH ProcessDirector version 3.9 on November 2, 2020, RICOH ProcessDirector will be cloudready, further improving its scalability and flexibility, including the ability to be hosted in a client-managed virtual environment. Additional enhancements include improving data collection and reporting capabilities such as custom data visualisations, ease-of-use administrator and operator productivity improvements, enhanced vulnerability scanning and ease of scalability with containerised components. RICOH ProcessDirector is a proven, vendorneutral workflow management solution designed to: • securely capture, transform and manage information to help address

• • • •

workflow challenges; respond to track and trace needs; meet compliance and audit requirements; deliver workflow automation; enable postal optimisation, output management, integration of disparate systems; address multichannel delivery needs.

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mediaexpo Mumbai 2021

The Sign Show

Date: 29 OCT -20 to 01 NOV - 20 Venue: India Expo Centre Greater Noida, Delhi NCR

Date: 04 MAR -21 to 06 MAR - 21 Venue: Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai

Date: 28 SEP -21 to 30 SEP-21 Venue: NEC Birmingham, UK

Labelexpo India 2020

Drupa 2021

Date: 02 DEC -20 to 05 DEC - 20 Venue: India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR

Date: 20 APR -21 to 30 APR-21 Venue: Dusseldorf, Germany

China Print 2021 Gartex Texprocess India Date: 17 DEC -20 to 19 DEC - 20 Venue: Greater Noida (Mumbai edition takes place in MAR’20)

Date: 23 JUN -21 to 27 JUN-21 Venue: New China International Exhibition Center Beijing, China

The Print Show Screen Print India Date: 17 DEC -20 to 19 DEC - 20 Venue: India Expo Mart, Delhi-NCR

Date: 28 SEP -21 to 30 SEP-21 Venue: NEC Birmingham, UK

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