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Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20




Cygnet Bay Pearls (2.5hr north of Broome) and Broken Bay Pearls (1 hr north of Sydney) are excited to join together to create ‘Pearls of Australia’ in an industry first, showcasing the native species of each pearling region through our immersive pearling experiences and authentic Australian Pearl jewellery. We guarantee provenance and purity in every pearl available directly from our farms, showrooms and online boutique.

Visit the Cygnet Bay Broome Boutique, find out more about our industry guarantees and immerse yourself in the story of the Australian Pearl. visitbroome.com.au C Y G N E T B AY P E A R L S B R O O M E B O U T I Q U E - 2 3 D A M P I E R T C E , C H I N AT O W N B R O O M E | P E A R L S O F A U S T R A L I A . C O M . A U

Welcome to



elcome to Broome and this bumper issue of the Broome Visitors Guide. It showcases the best Broome has to offer. from slipping into Broome Time with stunning resorts, enjoying gourmet food, discovering pearls, cultural festivals, Indigenous tours and once-in-a-lifetime adventures to enjoy. Come and see the vibrant transformation taking place as the Chinatown Revitalisation project nears completion. We have lots of local and regional events to add to your to-do list. Pre-book a luxury Kimberley cruise, scenic flights or accommodation for whale

OPENING HOURS: December to February Weekdays 9am to 4pm; Weekends 9am to noon March Weekdays 8:30am to 4:00pm; Weekends 9am to 2pm April Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm; Weekends 9am to 3pm May, June & July Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm; Weekends 9am to 4pm August Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm; Weekends 9am to 4pm September Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm; Weekends 9am to 3pm October & November Weekdays 8:30am to 4:00pm; Weekends 9am to noon Public Holidays: Will operate on Weekend Hours CLOSED: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day & Good Friday. *Opening hours are subject to change please call to confirm.

watching season (July to September), Opera Under the Stars®, Broome Cup, Shinju Matsuri - Festival of the Pearl, A Taste of Broome and the Airnorth Cable Beach Polo. This ‘Town by the Bay’ is ready to plan the best itinerary for your stay with local advice, the best deals and unique tours. We invite you to chat with us at the Broome Visitor Centre (open seven days a week), call us on 08 9195 2200 or visit at visitbroome.com.au to organise your experience in Broome and the Kimberley. When you book with the Broome Visitor Centre’s free booking service, you are helping us to continue our support of local business, the Broome community and the wider Kimberley region. FOR THE BEST ADVICE - ASK THE LOCALS

The Team at Broome Visitor Centre TIDES INFORMATION Broome has the biggest tides in the southern hemisphere, with a difference of up to 10 metres between high and low tide. To find out more, come into the Broome Visitor Centre and ask for a tides timetable. The friendly team will also be happy to give you a free Destination Broome map to take away. For information on the go, visit visitbroome.com.au or bom.gov.au for detailed tide information.



1 Hamersley St, Broome WA 6725 Call us on 08 9195 2200 or visit www.visitbroome.com.au or www.facebook.com/GoBroome View us on tripadvisor BROOME VISTOR CENTRE Twitter: #VisitBroome & #LoveBroome




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Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



Take a tour on the back of Roger Hockey’s trike and you’ll see the town from a whole new perspective. By TOM DE SOUZA.


VVVRUMPH! 2000ccs of SCAT motor roars out of the Broome Visitor Centre car park and onto Hamersley Street. A cool breeze whips beneath my helmet. Roger Hockey is in the driver’s seat of this custom-built trike, and he glides around the corner and down to Chinatown.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

Roger is guiding me around the Broome Peninsula on a Broome Trike Tour. He’s driving a Harley Davidson hybrid, customised to carry three passengers. The third wheel adds a degree of stability and safety to an electrifying mode of transport. We exit the roundabout and turn onto Carnarvon Street. Roger shifts down a gear and accelerates out of the corner. To his amusement, I reach for one of three hand rails running along the edges of the trike’s cushioned rear end. “See those,” Roger says. “They’re nicknamed the ‘oh sh*t’ bars. Just quietly, these trikes do awesome wheel stands too.” The trikes are a novel and exhilarating way of experiencing Broome. There are no glass windows or steel separating you from the outer surrounds, and the life and breath of Broome whistles in the wind. Slowing up to enter a bustling Chinatown, Roger launches into a recital of old Broome’s colourful history. Roger is wellversed in the town’s historical and cultural knowledge, and sprinkles quirky anecdotes and jokes – some inappropriate for publication – among his well researched facts. “See that Thai restaurant there, that was once the biggest brothel in Broome,” he says. “Still today, the ladies do a wonderful job of servicing their clientele . . . with delicious Thai food!” An eccentric businessman, Roger relocated from Perth to Broome in 1999 following a failed ostrich farming venture. He drove a self-built trike nearly 2,500km and, after acquainting himself with the history of Broome, launched the first Trike Tour 18 years ago. Since then, Broome Trike Tours have travelled over half a million kilometres. Maintaining the trikes is no easy feat, and Roger’s been through five engines, three gearboxes, and relicensed unapproved modifications on a limo trike – an eight-seat motor coach kitted with a jarrah bar, champagne cooler, and surround sound stereo system – which is now back on the road. We breeze past the old boat building sheds – a relic of past prosperity – and head around the corner, past the homesteads of the old white pearling masters, past Broome’s only Aboriginal community and the ancient shell middens on Kennedy Hill. Roger effortlessly navigates around all the roundabouts. Riding motorcycles is second nature for Roger; he grew up on a property in Kaikoura on New Zealand’s South Island, and for as long as he can remember he’s been surrounded by motorcycles. “I reckon I was conceived on a bike,” he says. “I grew up on 10 acres; my dad had a bike and we used to rip around the land. I bought my first bike when I got my licence at 16, and I’ve had a bike ever since. "I’ve had 20 bikes over the years and I’m now onto my fourth trike.” Two hours after we set out, Roger concludes the tour beneath a shady boab near Gantheaume Beach. He wanders around to the back end of the trike, lifts up a lid, and pulls a mysterious box from the rear cavity. Inside the box are four bushtucker liqueurs. Each is made from a native tree – boab, white currant, gubinge, rosella – and distilled by Roger in his own backyard. Aside from the Broome Peninsula Tour, Broome Trike Tours operates numerous other sightseeing tours. You can wine and dine at the croc park, learn about bushtucker from native trees or take a sunset tour of Coconut Wells - and he guarantees me each tour is as eccentric and unpredictable as the next. visitbroome.com.au

I am

of the Western Australian elements. I rise from the ancient Pindan soil. I am reflected in the brilliant turquoise sea. And I am home of the Pearl of Western Australia.




I am Willie Creek Pearl Farm.



Visit Willie Creek Pearl Farm, just 38kms north of Broome and discover the journey of the Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl from shell to showroom amidst the magnificent Kimberley landscape. Pearl Farm Tours


Jewellery Showroom


Scenic Helicopter Flights


Licensed Alfresco Dining

Book at williecreekpearls.com.au or call us on 08 9192 0000

Showroom Locations Broome Cable Beach Perth Elizabeth Quay 190318

l l

Chinatown l Willie Creek Pearl Farm Subiaco l Sorrento

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Turning the


Family-owned Willie Creek Pearls begins the next chapter in its 30-year history. By LEAH MCLENNAN.


alking around the hatchery at Willie Creek Pearl Farm in the far north of Western Australia, Robert Banfield can’t help but smile. “I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 30 years brings for Willie Creek Pearls,” says the son of a sheep farming family, turned chairman of a pearling and tourism company. Robert’s parents Valda and Don entered into business in Broome when they formed a bus company with renowned business developer Alistair McAlpine in 1989. “Our journey began by providing a coach service from Broome to Willie Creek through Broome Buslines,” says Robert. Don had met the late Lord McAlpine, the ‘father of Broome tourism’, when he was driving limousines in Perth. On a visit to Broome, the pair identified that the town needed a reliable bus service and joined together in this venture. But just as the Banfield family were beginning to establish themselves in Broome, tragedy struck. While driving one of their buses, Don suffered a heart attack. 8

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

He was 51 and left behind his wife Valda and their four children – Robert, Melissa, Donna and Darren. Robert reflects on how the family immediately became intrigued by pearl farming in Broome. “After originally being farmers from Tincurrin we found the process of pearling - an industry we knew little about - extremely interesting and thought if that’s the case for us - then our customers would as well.” After five years transporting visitors to and from the pearl farm, the Banfield family approached the owners of Willie Creek with an offer to take over the running of the pearl farm tours. “That meant having the ability to look after our guests’ experience from door to door,” says Robert. “After we took over the tours, we knuckled down and invested much of our time and resources to make this the best - and at the time - only pearling tourism experience available to the public.” In 2005, the family acquired the land

lease for Willie Creek Pearl Farm and two units of shell quota – or 2,000 pearl shells to use for tourism purposes. They then invested significant resources into the pearling tourism product, including purchasing new boats and establishing a café. Later, they were able to purchase a 15-unit shell quota, while simultaneously gaining a commercial pearling licence. “As simple as this sounds, it was far from it,” says Robert. “We are forever grateful that with the assistance of the pearling industry of Western Australia, including its farmers visitbroome.com.au

and the Department of Fisheries, we found a way through the difficult process. “This move ensured that we had a secure supply of pearls and allowed us to complete the unique story of a pearl for our guests, from shell to showroom.” Fast forward 30 years to the present day and the Banfield family operates a large commercial pearling operation, seven pearl jewellery showrooms, four daily-

firstly grow this magnificent pearl, then educate the customer on why it was highly valued through our tourism experience. This ultimately led to them having enough confidence in our people and brand to make the decision to purchase. “It’s a fond memory to me as this is the outcome that the hard work has been about.” After 30 years involved in the pearling business, Robert says he still looks forward to

harvest time at Willie Creek Pearls’ operations. “Harvest time at the farm is wonderful – there’s the excitement of not knowing what the next oyster will reveal. “I also enjoy the process that includes talented tour guides revealing the secrets of the industry to the customer, who might then take home an Australian South Sea Pearl and become a part of the Willie Creek family for life.”

VISITOR FAVOURITE Right, The Mutiara Putri pulling up to an oyster panel longline on the Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour circa 2005. Below, Robert Banfield with Laurie Lord, General Manager – Retail, inspecting a crop of pearls at harvest time in 2016.

run tourism experiences, two cafes and a restaurant. Despite the challenges along the way, the rewards have far outnumbered the difficulties, says Robert. “The journey from being solely a tourism operator and progressing to a position to not only grow some of the finest pearls in the world on a commercial scale, but to also be able to talk about them, and provide them to our customers worldwide, is hugely rewarding. “Recently, when a Chinese customer purchased a 19.7 mm pearl, I was reminded of the fact that our business was able to

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Horizontal Falls

When in Broome,

Shinju Matsari


miss . . .

Broome Visitor Centre travel consultant Julie Coller shares her top tips for any stay in Broome.

Cocktails at sunset

1. Take a scenic flight to Horizontal Falls. 2. Visit the Roebuck Bay Lookout at midday when the laser-cut roof throws a beautiful shadow. 3. Enjoy the colours of Shinju Matsuri, the Festival of the Pearl. 4. Go back in time in search of 130,000,000 year-old dinosaur footprints. More new tracks revealed after storm activity this year. 5. Hire a chair and umbrella on the beach. 6. Enjoy cocktails at sunset. 7. Go exploring rock pools at low tide. 8. Experience sunset on Cable Beach; the beach never ceases to surprise me with new and wonderful things. 9. Walk out onto the mud flats to see WWII plane wrecks on extreme low tides or take a hovercraft tour. 10. It’s a bird watchers paradise – experience migratory shore birds wading or taking flight. 11. Go shopping at Broome Courthouse Markets on Saturday and Sunday mornings and Thursday nights at Town Beach as well as the first two nights of 10

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

the Staircase to the Moon.

12. See Broome Races in action - race round starts June 1.

13. Kick back in a deckchair under the stars at historic Sun Pictures just like they did more than a hundred years ago. 14. Visit Barndalmarda Hut. The result of a collaboration between Water Corporation, the Broome Bird Observatory, Native Animal Rescue Broome, Nyamba Buru Yawuru, and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, it’s the perfect spot for viewing bird life, especially at dawn. This community facility is located at the treatment plant off Clementson Street. 15. Broome is so photogenic in any season so don't forget your camera.

Broome Races



WWII plane wreck Dinosaur fooprints

Deckchairs on Cable Beach

Rockpools at low tide

Sun Pictures

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


An original work of art from one of Broome’s local artists is the perfect memento of your trip says Gabi Mills.

Painting the town BROOME GALLERY If anybody captures the intensity of Broome’s colour palette, it’s James Down, artist and owner of Broome Gallery. Well known for his whimsical paintings reflecting his love of Broome’s history and the Kimberley’s vibrant colours, James’s work is widely coveted. In fact, his work is so popular that you’ll find it hanging in homes all over the world. “I love listening to the stories from some of the older Broome residents,” says


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


James. “It gives me the inspiration to create a huge range of paintings, adding historic buildings and the spectacular landscape of Broome and the Kimberley.” James, his business partner and wife Sherile bought the historic TB Ellies building in Carnarvon Street, one of the most recognisable buildings in the town centre, which has now been completely renovated giving the old girl new life. You’ll find James’s paintings populated with familiar icons of the Kimberley and Broome; pearl luggers drifting off towards the horizon, a sturdy boab tree standing sentry on the red land, camels striding along Cable Beach. James is happy to take commissions, or he can change one of his beautiful

prints adding your family, car, and beloved pets giving visitors to the region a unique memento to take home. In fact, he always includes his own dog, Oscar, in every painting; a kind of Where’s Wally. “We found Oscar on Cable Beach about 14 years ago, he’d been left for dead. Now at just over 15 he’s a bit of a celebrity here in Broome,” says James. Thanks to the changing scenery between the wet and dry seasons, James enjoys using oils to depict the drama nature unfolds before his eyes. “Broome – there’s no place like it.” Broome Gallery, Shop 1/23 Carnarvon Street, Broome. Call 08 9193 5003 or email info@broomegallery.com.au

ARTISSIMO EXCLUSIVE ART AND JEWELLERY Artissimo is a family-run jewellery and art gallery in the heart of Chinatown, Broome. There’s a beautiful selection of unique jewellery, paintings, pottery, photography art, crocodile leather products and Kimberley-inspired metal sculptures on show, which are all locally made by Claudia, Andre and Pascal Billiau. Celeste is an accredited photographer who is also the shop manager. Claudia began her journey by making pottery, and then added handmade Czech glass bead jewellery with South Sea Broome pearls to her skillset. She is always experimenting with different materials to create unique designs that are very popular

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


with people from all over the world. Today she is still designing one-of-akind jewellery pieces, along with stunning artwork and pottery representing the colours of the Kimberley and her love for this country. Pascal is an award-winning artist and well known in Broome for his locally made metal sculptures. His artworks are


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

incorporated with a variety of techniques including metalwork, welding and carpentry, and are crafted using sustainably sourced materials including recycled steel, metal and aged timber. Andre works behind the scenes designing the websites and taking the photos needed for the gallery. Over the last few years he studied photo art and spends lots of his time creating. There’s something new and wonderful and now on display at Artissimo Gallery for you to visit. Artissimo is located at Shop 2/15 Dampier Terrace. Call (08) 9192 8105 or email info@ artissimo.com.au with any enquiries. You can also follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook.

SOBRANE Sobrane’s work continues to make waves all around the world. Her work adorns the walls of myriad far flung locations from Port Hedland to Soriano in Italy, as well as silos in Tungamah and a 24m artwork at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. Drawing inspiration from her beautiful north west Australian tropical paradise home of Broome, her signature birdlife-inspired paintings are larger than life. In recent months, she’s been extra busy. Over the wet season, Sobrane opened a beautiful pop-up gallery at Avalon Beach, Sydney, and started creating and getting her inspiration in her new studio at Whale Beach. For three months she created new



inspired works looking at movement in lines and marks and exploring with new mediums. Some of these works are now on display in Broome. From Sydney, the exhibition went on tour and was exhibited at Kidogo Arthouse Gallery in Fremantle before landing in Broome. Her next exhibition is at Thienny Lee Gallery in Sydney this June. You can check out her new installation at The Good Cartel Coffee near the indoor cinema. This large work will be lit at night and will feature a large projection screen with featured art clips by Jack Kain, who is a film producer. It seems like the sky’s the limit for this hard-working, popular artist, as her expansion plans continue from Broome to Sydney, Perth and New York in the form of pop-up shops in cities around the world. As ever, Sobrane’s philosophy is the secret of her success. “The keyword for me is ‘fun’,” she says. “If it’s not fun, then why do it? That’s my motto!” Gallery Sobrane, 48 Carnarvon Street, Broome (right next door to Matso’s Brewery). Visit sobrane.com.au Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


that is immediately recognisable. Her work has been applauded across the country and resonates with the viewer to the point where she is commissioned for both private and commercial applications. She has also worked remotely on community projects with students painting workshops, murals and public art. A big dream of Emma's is finally going to happen with the opening of a new gallery in Broome. It will showcase not only her art but works from other artists in the Kimberley. "I am so excited to promote selected artists from the region and create an amazing space for visitors to view unique artworks and gifts characterised by a deep connection to the land and it’s ancient history. We are planning to be open mid 2019 - please go to my website for updates." Shop online for Kimberley themed originals, prints and art gifts - she's able to deliver all over the world. An extensive range of Emma’s works are available to view at emmablyth.com.au


EMMA BLYTH Emma’s love of the Kimberley radiates through her artworks and she has travelled much of it camping out the back of a ute with a sketchbook in hand. Emma’s paintings express a passion for colour and unique sense of translating Australian culture to canvas. The outback inspires Emma’s artworks with its vivid colours, remoteness and wildlife. From waterfalls and billabongs to jabirus and brolgas, to cockatoos flying over spectacular gorges and turquoise bays of the Dampier Peninsular coast, the Kimberley inspires her to utilise large brush strokes and vibrant colours to portray a range of Australian scenes. “I first headed up north on a camping trip in our old ute back in in 2001 and could not stay away. I was absolutely blown away on that initial trip travelling the Gibb River Road and up to Mitchell Falls and Kalumburu. The remoteness and striking landscapes really was the most amazing experience. The roads were pretty rough in the old Landcruiser. Camping under the stars with nothing but a mozzie net and a mattress and an old barby grate to cook on. It was simple, and I wouldn't change a thing! Whistling kites hovering in the smoke of our campfire, catching my first 16

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

Barra and cooking it on the coals while watching the full moon rise above the range. It was a trip of a lifetime and I still head out bush as often as possible." Emma specialises in large landscape paintings on canvas and she reproduces select originals onto canvas and fine art paper. She has also created a range of Australian-made art gifts. Emma is passionate about ensuring all products are locally made and all of her art gifts are created, painted, printed and packaged in Australia, most in her own studio. Her fun and simplistic approach to life exudes through her canvases with a style

Suzy first arrived in Broome 30 years ago, in the back of a ute, with her dog and all her belongings. It was far from glamorous as she had blown the diff in her old Holden 200km south of the Kimberley town. As a young nurse she was looking for work, so she headed to Fitzroy Crossing where she was welcomed with open arms into the small, community hospital. Her journey in the Kimberley was a happy one, she started her family and went on to live at GoGo Station, the famous Fossil Downs, Derby, and now beautiful Broome. Suzy has a strong affinity with the environment. She believes that in this fast-paced, over-connected world many of us have become a little lost. She feels the natural environment has a great deal to offer the human spirit if we stop long enough to absorb what it has to say. “To be present in a natural place of beauty is incredibly soothing to one’s soul,” she says. Over the last eight years she has developed an archival technique of creating fine art on shimmering aluminium panels. In contrast to canvas or linen, these works will never perish or warp. Rarely seen in Australia, aluminium substrate has been used in Europe for decades. When working on these panels she creates modern landscape artworks. The paint presents differently on the aluminium, under lights these works come alive, they appear to be lit from within. Difficult to photograph, they visitbroome.com.au

need to be experienced in person to really appreciate their beauty. From brolgas on flood plains to the magnificence of the King George Falls, Suzy seeks to strike a chord with the viewer that will re-ignite the sense of isolation and grandeur allowing them to either re-live their time in this country or inspire their desire to travel here and experience it for themselves. Suzy has an exhibition opening on July 20 2019 at Artopia Gallery in Kununurra. She also offers The Artist Hour, an opportunity to come and sit with her at the easel as she takes you through her process. Bookings available on her website. Suzy works out of The Boab Moon Studio Gallery in Broome, where the latest collection can be viewed. Open Thursday, Friday and Sunday 10am to 2pm, other days by appointment. Visit suzyfrenchart. com.au or call 0418 936 915.

RICH CANVAS Broome and the surrounding landscapes of the Kimberley have proved to be an inspiration for many of the town's artists, including Suzy French (her work above) and Emma Blyth (opposite)..

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Far and


Join the award-winning familyowned Kimberley Wild team for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of this magical land.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


he award-winning 4WD tour company Kimberley Wild Expeditions offers some of the best value tours in Western Australia. Family-owned and operated, and based in Broome WA, the tour company scooped the best major tour operator and prestigious Sir David Brand Award in the 2018 WA Tourism Awards, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re the only camping tour operator to own their own Bungle Bungles safari camp, right in the heart of the beautiful Purnululu National Park. This allows guests to really get to know the land in an intimate way that other tour operators aren’t able to offer, says Kimberley Wild’s Jen Bird. “We explore the Kimberley and the west coast with small groups in comfortable custom-built vehicles,” she says. From Broome Day Tours to the unforgettable overland Kimberley Expeditions, travellers enjoy the benefit of the company’s tour guides’ local expertise and real passion for the beautiful region of Australia that they call home. “We are the only company to offer accommodation choices on our extended itineraries so that travellers can opt for a comfort level that suits you personally, yet


still enjoy the grass roots experience that Kimberley Wild can provide,” says Jen. They have a unique approach to creating a friendly travelling group too. “The Kimberley Travellers Lodge allows us to plan extended tours with a night pre and post arrival in Broome which means our travellers can get to know their guides and co-travellers over dinner, rather than all meeting on the vehicle early on the morning of day one.” Thanks to their excellent network of relationships within the Kimberley, any issues that arise during a trip can be resolved quickly with minimum disruption to their guests. For the past 21 years, Kimberley Wild has built a successful and award-winning reputation for excellence, investing in the region with its safari camp and lodge, which acts as an adventure hub in Broome. As a result, guests who join a Kimberley Wild tour can expect a high quality, immersive and memorable trip for their dollars. “Our travellers tend to be like-minded and our groups are a bit like travelling with friends,” says Jen. “We offer comfortable adventure and the chance to get off the

PRISTINE LANDSCAPES Join a Kimberley Wild tour and you'll see the untamed majesty of the north west of WA.

beaten track and experience the region at grass roots level, with the comfort our larger 4WD vehicles, infrastructure of private camps and the network of support service providers.” There are a variety of tours to choose from, including day trips from Broome, short breaks and longer adventures

throughout the Kimberley. “Highlights include treks into rugged Kimberley gorges, swimming in waterfalls, campfires under the stars, ancient landscapes, cultural experiences and more. We can also offer a variety of special private charters on request,” says Jen. Visit kimberleywild.com.au


DAY TOURS Short Breaks & Extended Adventures


BOOKINGS (08) 9193 7778

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

A ride back in time The Broome Tramway offers visitors a historic mode of transport to explore the town.


familiar sight on the streets of Broome – trams – have been back on Broome’s streets since 2018. Thanks to an inspired business idea created by fourth generation Broome locals, Tamyla and Mark Posch, Broome Tramway Co. transports visitors and locals around town in an echo of past years when the tram would run from Mangrove Jetty into town delivering valuable Mother of Pearl harvests. “They ran for about 75 years, and were originally horse drawn,” says Tamyla. “At one point they were so busy that in the early 20th century, taxis pleaded with the tram operators to stop running at night otherwise they would have gone out of business.  Some original tram tracks can be viewed at Broome Museum as well as a couple of the original carriages. The new incarnation of the Broome Tramway sees some beautifully liveried trams arrive to take tourists around town in a loop, including all the historic pearl masters houses, Chinatown and other mustsee parts of Broome.  “We’ve created a tour that immerses you in the architectural splendour of the famed ethnic quarters of Broome, revealing fascinating stories of our unique heritage with a fully guided sightseeing experience,” says Tamyla.  “We are proudly fourth-generation

Tour Tickets available from The Broome Visitors Centre

JUMP ON BOARD AND ENJOY A BROOME TRAMWAY TOUR: Historical Tour ($40 adults, $25 kids) One for the history buffs, a one hour fully guided tour, learn about Broome, pearling and the original tramway, as you journey along on a classic tram.  Follow along with the provided map to become versed in Broome’s iconic sites. locals,” says Tamyla. “Our greatgrandfather, Herbert Kennedy, aka H.K. Unsinkable, came to Broome in 1905 during the peak of the Mother of Pearl industry boom.”    Bert became a pearling master and ran a store, Kennedy and Sons; the store remains in Napier Terrace to this day with the family name emblazoned on the roof.    “Bert’s daughter Jean went on to establish the Broome Historical Museum, and for 30 years Jean and her husband Peter Haynes also ran Sun Pictures, the oldest operating picture theatre in the world.”   “The family is still in pearling, with

Snapshot Tour ($20 adults, $15 kids) Jump onboard for a 20-minute snapshot of Broome. Enjoy a lively ride on a classic tram, a great journey for all the family.

Mark Posch, our company director, managing the Paspaley Pearl farms right here in Broome, as he has done for some 30 years.   “You can visit the Pearl Farms on our sister tour company, Broome Pearl Farm Tours.” Visit broomtramway.com

b r o o m e t r a m w a y. c o m info@broometramway.com

broome tramway co. 20

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


FP Broome Transit

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



feathered friends

The Broome Bird Observatory provides the perfect opportunity to watch and enjoy some of the most spectacular birds in Australia.


merging from the pindan woodland and leaning over Roebuck Bay, the Broome Bird Observatory’s viewing platform is a window onto our vast tides. When they are low, tens of thousands of shorebirds spread across the flats, feeding on rich mud. As the turquoise water advances, the birds inch closer, and once all the mud is covered, the beaches along our shores are teeming. This is the best time to watch, carefully, some 35 species of shorebird at remarkably close quarters, all waiting for the tide to expose their feeding grounds again. This ritual is a wildlife spectacle in its own right, but the annual movements of most shorebirds really set them apart. It’s a long way to Broome from Siberia. Nevertheless,


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

migrating adults of many species make this round trip every year. In March and April, you can watch from the red cliffs as V-shaped flocks depart to breed. They return gradually later in the year. Their offspring, just a few months old, arrive miraculously weeks afterwards. After this incredible journey, young birds wait a full year or two before crossing the equator again, and these are the 20,000 shorebirds you can see all through the Broome dry season. Once the breeding adults have returned, the number swells closer to 120,000. Roebuck Bay provides a beautiful backdrop for viewing these iconic birds all year round. In other corners of the bay, mangroves shelter brilliant red fiddler crabs, squabbling mudskippers and a suite of

specialised songbirds. The saltmarsh behind is home to the enigmatic yellow chat, a bright gem of a bird seen bouncing through the samphire in small flocks. Just inland are the wide open grasslands of Roebuck Plains. The Broome Bird Observatory is nestled in pindan at the meeting of these worlds. From February through November, they welcome visitors to a quiet, tropical bush camp away from busy Broome. Around the grounds are woodland trails and the famous Shadehouse: a well-equipped kitchen overlooking the bush birds and wallabies drawn to our birdbaths. The observatory is also a base, for research and education activities focused on the bay, and for visitors to explore the visitbroome.com.au


IMAGE Patrick Kelly

surrounding mosaic of habitats. Here are some highlights to look for through the year:

Younger shorebirds stay in the bay, biding their time until next year’s migration.



The bush is alive with wet season activity. Migratory shorebirds begin to moult into their vibrant breeding plumage: in some this is a startling transition from stony grey to pindan red! Grasslands flood and fill with waterbirds.

We start to welcome older shorebirds back from their breeding seasons in Siberia. Inland wetlands start to dry, revealing muddy margins that are a magnet for birds. The weather is ideal for exploring mangroves and woodlands on foot.



Shorebirds leave on their amazing migrations. All through April, chattering V-shaped flocks lift from the mud and pass low over the observatory. Some won’t touch the ground again until they reach northern China. Look out for our Migration Watch BBQ!

There are now 120,000 shorebirds in the bay. Humidity builds up with the coming wet season, and other migrants are drawn by the abundance of the wet. Access to the plains is usually still possible, making an excellent time to watch birds around Broome. The Broome Bird Observatory is a not-forprofit organisation, and entirely self-funded through birdwatching tours, educational courses, accommodation fees and merchandise sales. For more information, visit broomebirdobservatory.com.


BIRDS OF A FEATHER Head to Roebuck Bay and the Broome Bird Observatory's viewing platform with some binoculars and see how many species you can spot.

Refreshing cool mornings and warm, dry days make a pleasant time to visit. The plains become accessible as they dry, and wildlife throngs around wetland oases.

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

In the

frame Abby Murray takes great pleasure in capturing images of the Kimberley landscape and Broome, the contrasting colours providing endless inspiration to this talented photographer.

bby Murray is a relative newcomer to Broome, but that hasn’t stopped the professional photographer from taking thousands of images of her new home. “Having recently moved to Broome I am in awe of the diverse Kimberley landscape,” she says. “The colours take my breath away and I have a few favourite spots that I try and get to as often as I can. It’s amazing how the same place can look so different depending on 24

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

the time of day, the tide and the weather. “Having lived most my life in the UK, I love all the bright colours and, as you will see from my photos, my style of photography tends to be bold and colourful.” Her career began thanks to volunteering work for SAFE Goldfields in Kalgoorlie, where she took photos of the puppies and kittens in the organisation’s care. A new passion began, and after taking photos of friends and family, she took a few lessons and went from there.

“My passion is taking photos of children, catching candid moments of emotion on their faces. These days I don’t go anywhere without my camera and I drive my children nuts!” Broome’s famously beautiful and everchanging light is a source of inspiration for Abby, and she particularly loves taking photos as the sun goes down. “As the light changes and moves, your surroundings change colour each minute,” she says. “You can take the same photo every five minutes and they will all be different.” She has some good advice too for any amateur photographers who may be visiting the region with their camera. “When taking photos here in Broome and the surrounding areas I would suggest that you take care,” says Abby. “The Kimberley can often be a harsh environment especially when travelling on your own or to more secluded photo opportunities. Take the time to pop into the visitor centre and map out your trip safely and always let someone know where you are going and what time you will be back.” She also advises that you bring a DSLR camera and a wide-angle lens to capture those stunning landscapes. “Bring a tripod too, several micro cleaning cloths, as the humidity in the wet season will cause your lens to fog up, and, visitbroome.com.au

most importantly, lots of empty SD cards as you will definitely take lots of photos.” If you’re keen to learn from the experts, there are several local photographers who offer tours and can take visitors to some great places. You can see Abby’s work at the Broome and Kalgoorlie visitor centres where they have some prints and postcards available to buy. Check out Abby’s Facebook page - facebook. com/abbymurrayphotography/ or her website - visit abbymurrayphotography.com.au.

CAPTURING BROOME Opposite, Abby's images of the camels of Cable Beach have been retweeted many times, this page, Streeters Jetty at high tide, and below, Roebuck Bay's incredible colours.

PEARL LUGGERS TOUR Discover the rich and fascinating history of pearling in Broome and be captivated by the tale of the sea, the men and the legend. In this 1.5 hour tour you’ll see how the town’s unique maritime and pearling history unfolded on the foreshore of Dampier Creek.

DISCOVER BROOME TOUR Enjoy an enlightening introduction to ‘Broome Time’ as you see all of the town’s major landmarks from the comfort of our air-conditioned coach. This 4 hour tour also includes a delicious high tea and our Pearl Luggers Tour.



THE COMPLETE PEARL EXPERIENCE - BOOK MORE THAN ONE TOUR AND SAVE 15% Complete your pearl experience with Willie Creek! See Broome’s major sights on a Discover Broome Tour, be immersed in the town’s rich history at Pearl Luggers and discover the wonder of modern day pearl farming at Willie Creek Pearl Farm! Call 08 9192 0000 or visit williecreekpearls.com.au

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Lyndal and Prudence Galwey of Galwey Pearls believe the decision to buy a pearl is a very personal one and should be made with experts by your side.


roome is ideally located in the Kimberley to allow one to luxuriate in the simple gifts of nature – the beach, the outback, sunsets and pearls. The Galwey showroom, located on Broome Pearler’s Boardwalk, offers an exclusive look inside the pearl industry and the most precious of nature’s gems, with exquisite pearl jewellery for every occasion. As part of Broome’s history, enjoy a one-of-a-kind journey to experience pearls like never before and explore their range of pearls from the Pinctada Maxima shell. Whether shopping for special celebrations, a gift for someone you love or simply to treat yourself, Galwey offers a wide range and variety of beautiful Australian South Sea pearls. The Galwey girls will be happy to take you on a knowledgeable journey about pearls, where they will share their passion and answer all your questions. This can be a vital part of the pleasurable experience in discovering pearls and possibly helping you choose a piece of the Kimberley to take home with you. With a family history stretching back to the early days of pearling, and in their 22nd year of retail operations, Galwey has forged a deep and lasting connection with pearls, the only gem to be grown inside a living organism. Every piece of Galwey jewellery is lovingly crafted to showcase each pearl and reveal its virtues in the most exquisite way. Their authenticity certificates matched with a photo, give our customers peace of mind as well as all the characteristics about their purchase. Based in the birthplace of the world’s best pearls – Galwey seeks out the most distinctive of pearls to create unique and beautiful jewellery. “Our Australian South Sea pearl is unrivalled in rarity, quality, nacre


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

“ALL ART IS AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL. THE PEARL IS THE OYSTER'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY.” ~ Federico Fellini, film director. thickness, natural lustre, size and value,” says Prudence Galwey. “The array of possibilities offers a pearl to compliment every skin tone – where gold pearls best suit olive or tan complexions and silver whites usually favour lighter or fair skins. “The choice of pearls varies on personal preferences and budget, however, lustre and nacre – the very essence of pearls – should never be compromised.” Galwey also showcase a comprehensive range of beautiful black pearls from the Abrolhos Islands, Tahiti and Cook Islands and South Sea gold pearls from Myanmar, the Philippines and Indonesia, offering the most exclusive selection available in one location. A stunning new collection of pink Argyle

diamond jewellery is also now available. Lyndal and Prudence have each bought their own unique flair to the Galwey brand, but one thing has remained constant. “We believe that choosing your pearls in person is the best way to appreciate and understand their true beauty, as each piece is unique and individual. We encourage you to collaborate with us to create the right piece just for you.” Galwey also offer an array of services in all types of jewellery design including repairs and restringing, restoration and redesign, insurance valuations as well as replacements and gift vouchers. Over 22 years, Galwey has expanded their workshop connections and have an experienced team of jewellers and setters who are dedicated to producing exceptionally high quality, stylish jewellery, using only the finest quality pearls. “We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful showroom as you experience the natural relaxing beauty of Broome,” says Lyndal. Visit galweypearls.com.au visitbroome.com.au

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T Take a scenic flight with King Leopold Air and you’ll see the region from a spectacular perspective.

Fly the

ourists arrive in Broome for many reasons, but for some, there’s just one thing on their mind: sightseeing the Kimberley’s incredible landscape from the skies. From April onwards, the spectacular scenery of the Kimberley region begins to take centre stage, and few are better placed to appreciate it than King Leopold Air. “The Kimberley has some unique and spectacular scenery,” Ash Munn owner of King Leopold Air, says. “Flying to some of the most wild and remote destinations of the Kimberley, our tours offer more than just a scenic flight, our guests experience an educational journey of discovery and adventure. “Our scenic adventure flights are the best way to explore these amazing sights and experience the dramatic and beautiful landscapes of the Kimberley.” King Leopold Air’s tours include flying over the Buccaneer Archipelago and Horizontal Falls, with a stopover at Cape Leveque. Visit Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, fly and hike to the majestic Mitchell Falls or explore ancient gorges at Windjana Gorge and Tunnel



Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Creek on their one-day explorer tours. New to King Leopold Air’s tour schedule is their overnight air and land adventure safaris to the Bungle Bungles, Wolfe Creek, Geikie Gorge, Mimbi Caves, Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Karijini National Park, exploring every angle of the Kimberley and Pilbara region. “All our tours include the ground components offering authentic Indigenous experiences and remote air, land and sea adventures providing an unforgettable journey,” Ash explains. “All our pilots and staff are highly trained to ensure the passengers enjoy their scenic adventure with personalised services, comprehensive and informative insight into Kimberley knowledge, complimentary transfers and souvenir gifts to remember the experience. “Our well-maintained high-wing aircraft have wide passenger windows for better viewing.” It is King Leopold Air’s pilots who make the tours so unforgettable. “We handpick our pilots to make the tour enjoyable for the customers and to provide that high level of customer service,” he says. “Our pilots make the customers feel

very welcome and safe, and provide them with a lot of information, answering any questions along the way. They have a good understanding of the area and are trained as tour guides as well as pilots.” King Leopold Air offers visitors to the region the opportunity to see the Kimberley at its untouched best. “Our passion is to connect people to

the Kimberley and to share the amazing landscape through knowledge, excellence and safety,” he says. “We like to impress our customers and leave them with an everlasting memorable experience exploring an ancient frontier.” King Leopold Air, kingleopoldair.com.au, 08 9193 7155. For more information visit visitbroome.com.au

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A guide to eating out in Broome MODERN AUSTRALIAN LA PERLE RESTAURANT Kimberley Sands Resort and Spa 10 Murray Road, Broome Map ref: F9 08 9193 8388 Open 7 days - bookings recommended. Breakfast 7am ~ 10am, Lunch 12pm ~ 4pm, Dinner 6pm ~ 9pm Enjoy stunning poolside dining any time of day, yet by night, join us as we chauffeur you through France with a quintessential French-inspired menu using standout WA produce. www.kimberleysands.com.au

ZANDERS AT CABLE BEACH Cable Beach Reserve, Cable Beach Map ref: E8

JACK’S BAR & RESTAURANT Ramada Eco Beach Resort, Great Northern Highway, South of Broome 08 9193 8015 Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Enjoy stunning views from our oceanfront bar & restaurant. Sample our fresh locally produced gourmet food, beautifully prepared by our awardwinning chef, with an extensive wine & cocktails menu available. Bookings preferred. www.ramadaecobeach.com.au


1 Cable Beach Rd W, Broome 08 9192 0470

08 9193 5090 Zanders has a new season breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, as well as an extensive range of cocktails and premium spirits. Open 7 days from 8am, come and enjoy a relaxing session with captivating views of Cable Beach. www.zanders.com.au

THE BAY CLUB BAR & RESTAURANT MANGROVE HOTEL The Mangrove Resort, 47 Carnarvon St Broome Map ref: K17 08 9192 1303 Lunch/Dinner 12.00 midday til late Stunning views over Roebuck Bay pair perfectly with contemporary lounging atmosphere The perfect place to view “Staircase to the Moon” and home of the legendary “Johnny Sausage” Italian Restaurant www.mangrovehotel.com.au


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

Sunset Bar & Grill is a place where every meal is as memorable as an iconic Cable Beach sunset. Choose from our casual bar menu or enjoy a meal from our finely curated grill menu. Visit our website for more information. www.cablebeachclub.com

1861 RESTAURANT & BAR 99 Robinson Street Broome Map ref: M16

CABLES RESTAURANT & BAR 11 Oryx Road, Cable Beach Map ref: D9 08 9192 8088

08 9192 9513 08 9192 9500 Breakfast Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am Sat & Sun 7.30am-9.30am Dinner Mon-Sun 6pm-9pm The restaurant serves up breakfast and dinner daily, with a scrumptious selection of starters, mains and desserts that are sure to tantalise the tastebuds. www.oakshotels.com

Breakfast Mon-Fri 7am-9.30am Sat & Sun 7.30am-10.30am Dinner Mon-Sun 5pm-9pm for dinner service (A la Carte) A popular dining option open for breakfast, dinner and evening drinks, the restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining and the opportunity to soak in the colours of the sunset. www.oakshotels.com

CYGNET BAY RESTAURANT Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, Cape Leveque Road, Dampier Peninsula WA 08 9192 4283 Open Breakfast lunch and dinner - bookings essential. Gaze out from the sweeping verandahs of our licenced restaurant across the pearl farm and the Kimberley Coast. Taste the unique flavour of pearl meat whilst taking in the serenity with a beer by the pool! www.cygnetbaypearlfarm.com.au

NOTE The information contained in this section has been supplied by the individual establishments. The publisher cannot be held responsible for any information which is not accurate. You are advised to phone the places and check their opening hours and other details prior to a visit.


Bali Hai Resort & Spa 6 Murray Road, Cable Beach 08 9191 3160 The Bali Hai Cafe captures the essence of Broome. Fresh produce and other high-quality ingredients are used to create delicious modern Australian food with an Asian twist - a delightful culinary experience to share with friends and family. Café is open from Wednesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner. Hours subject to change depending on the season. www.balihairesort.com




08 9193 6066

Open 7 days, 8am til late. Bookings essential (bookings@theaarli.com) Delivering imaginative, Asian inspired share plates and main meals, along with delicious breakfast options and an extensive wine and cocktail list. Come and share our passion for creative menus whilst dining al fresco beneath our iconic frangipani. We relish on bringing the art of food, drink and hospitality to life, see why The Aarli is a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. www.theaarli.com.au

Bistro open daily from 12 noon til late. Bookings for 10 or more essential. Divers Bistro at Divers Tavern, great food at great pub prices, featuring our sumptuous BBQ ribs and much more. 18 icy cold beers and ciders on tap plus an extensive wine list. Indoor and outdoor dining to suit Broome’s unique weather. www.diverstavern.com.au


Shop 2/16 Hamersley Street facebook.com/theaarli instagram @theaarli Map ref: J17 08 9192 5529

12 Cable Beach Road, Cable Beach

60 Hamersley Street, Broome Map ref: L17 08 9193 5811


Mercure, Weld St, Broome Map ref: M16 08 9195 5900 12pm-late. Get your Guinness fix here, showcasing good hearty food and the coldest beer in town Fully air conditioned. Jam nights on Tuesdays from 9pm. www.facebook.com/ murphys-Irish-pub

The Kimberley's award-winning micro brewery and a Broome treasure. Try their famous Mango Beer & Ginger Beer along with a variety of seasonal brews. Matso's boasts its own curry chef with authentic curries available all year round. www.matsos.com.au



Paspaley Plaza Carnarvon St, Chinatown (next to Sports Power) Map ref: T15 08 9192 2533

Dampier Terrace Map Ref: J18 08 9192 1221

“Ginreab” in Thai means ‘clean plate’. The food is so delicious you will wish you could lick your plate clean! The true authentic Thai North theme runs throughout. Owner/Manager Jitsopin (Air) designs and cooks her own version of traditional Thai recipes. Ginreab Thai uses 100% local suppliers with some fresh produce even sourced from local Broome Gardens. See our website for full menu and visit us on Facebook and Trip Advisor. BYO. Open for 7 nights and lunch Monday ~ Saturday. www.ginreabthai.com.au

Monday ~ Friday 10am-9pm Sarurday/Sunday 10am til late Pearlers is the dining area of the world heritage listed Roebuck Bay Hotel offering a value for money menu, daily chef specials, live music and free WiFi. Locally caught seafood and fresh, seasonal WA produce is a speciality. www.roey.com.au



THE WHARF KOREAN BRUNCH End of Port Drive at Port of Broome Map ref: Y11 08 9192 5700 9am-noon, Saturdays & Sundays Special Korean Brunch Menu is available at the Wharf Restaurant. Traditional Korean sets featuring dishes such as Bimbimbap, Kimchi fried rice and Pork Kalbijim, all Served with Chefs Seaweed Soup, Kimchi and other Korean Specialty condiments. Please enquire to confirm times and availability. Available this season at the Wharf Restaurant.

Cnr Hamersley & Frederick Sts Broome 08 9192 1697

Open 6 days. Dinner 4:30pm ~ late Closed Monday At our Little Indian Restaurant we focus on authentic Indian food at every stage, best quality ingredients, best preparation and quality, friendly service. Because we cook to order you can be assured that your curry will be exactly as you like – mild, medium or hot. Fully licenced and BYO Takeaway Available Eftpos and Credit Card Accepted www.littleindianrestaurant.com

THE ZOOKEEPERS STORE 08 9192 0015 Whether you’ll be relaxing by the pool or out for a day of exploring, start your day in Broome the right way – breakfast at the Zookeepers Store! Or join us for lunch and dinner, enjoy a taste of Broome and unwind as our staff take care of you. Craft beer, local WA wine selection and cocktails if you’re after something stronger. Opening hours are seasonal, please contact us for more details www.zks.com.au

HARVEST AT WILLIE CREEK Willie Creek Pearl Farm via Cape Leveque Rd 08 9192 0000 Join us at Harvest, situated at the stunning Willie Creek Pearl Farm just 40kms out of Broome. Offering light bites, coffee, cold wine & beer. Relax and soak up the stunning view of Willie Creek. Opening hours seasonal, please contact us. www.williecreekpearls.com.au

drop in and say hi

Open 7am til late Call (08) 9193 5811

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A guide to eating out in Broome THE MILLIE CAFÉ Cable Beach Caravan Park 8 Millington Road 08 9192 2066

The Millie Café is a relaxed space where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake. WET SEASON: Monday to Sunday 7am to 2pm, closed Saturdays. PEAK SEASON (June, July, Aug): Monday to Sunday 7am to 2pm

TAKE AWAY MCDONALD’S Cnr Napier Tce & Hamersley St. Map ref: J17 08 9192 6999 Open 24hrs a day, everyday. Sample a wonderful array of cakes and coffee in air-conditioned comfort at McCafe, as well as all your favourite McDonalds menu items to eat in or takeaway. Keep the kids happy at our playground while you enjoy the free wifi on offer. www.mcdonalds.com.au

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


BUSHY’S PIZZA TAKEAWAY Shop 6/6 Short St, Broome 0456 096 111

BLUEY'S PLACE FISH AND CHIPS 6/16 Frederick St, Broome .......................................................................................................... (08) 9192 1747 BROOME SUB BRANCH RSL 14 Robinson St, Broome. Map ref: K16............ 08 9192 1003 CABLE BEACH GENERAL STORE & CAFE Cnr Murray Road & Cable Beach Road. Map ref: F9 ................................................. 08 9192 5572 CAIRO CAFÉ Shop 7, 16 Frederick Street Map ref: J17 .......................................................................... 08 9192 3283 GREEN MANGO CAFE Shop 2/12 Carnarvon St Map ref: J17................................................................................... 08 9192 5512 LAND OF PHARAOHS Shop 20 Paspaley Plaza Shopping Centre, 15-17 Carnarvon St Map ref: J17........ 08 9192 6469 RAUGI'S @ CAPE LEVEQUE Kooljaman at Cape Leveque, Dampier Peninsula......................................................... 08 9192 4970 RUNWAY BAR & RESTAURANT 17 Carnarvon St, Broome............................................................................................................. 08 9192 8111 THE MANGO PLACE 120 Kanagae Drive, 12 Mile. Map ref: T15......................... 08 9192 5462

Opening Hours: Mon ~ Sat 5pm-9pm, closed Sunday. Street parking. Catering Good for Groups Good For Kids Take Out Walk-Ins Welcome www.bushys-pizza.business.site/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/BushysPizza

SOM THAI RESTAURANT 5 Napier Tce, 12 Mile. Map ref: J17............................. 08 9192 6186 UNAVU SOUTH INDIAN RESTAURANT Jones Pl, Broome....................................................................................................................................0470 684 481 WHALE SONG CAFE, CAMPGROUND & CAMELS Pender Bay, Dampier Peninsula, Via Broome................................................................... 08 9192 4000


are subject to seasonality so please call or check the website for current information. (08) 9192 0015 or visit zks.com.au


Food, glorious food You’ll dine like kings and queens in Broome, whatever your budget. By GABI MILLS.

THE ZOOKEEPER’S STORE Enjoy the balmy nights and dine under the stars and fairy lights at the Zookeeper’s Store, located in the heart of Cable Beach. You’ll find an innovative menu - local ingredients, with a subtle Japanese influence, firmly placing you in the tropics but also echoing Broome’s rich pearling history days. Chilli lovers - set your morning on fire with a Zookeeper’s favourite – chilli scrambled eggs! The Zookeeper’s Store is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Opening times and days

After something a bit different to kick off the day? Then why not head to the deepwater port and try The Wharf’s Korean brunch. While you decide on what to try, sip on some complimentary green tea. There are half a dozen or so dishes, from a wholesome chicken congee with traditional condiments on the side to the brilliantly named Bimbimbap, Korea’s answer to the ultimate rice dish. You’ll find veggies, meat and a fried egg as well as perfectly cooked rice - a filling, Korean take on nasi goreng. Thanks to The Wharf’s proximity to the sea, it’s great to see a seafood pancake on the menu as well as pork ribs drenched in an addictive special sauce. So why not ditch the smashed avo and give something a little different a go, alfresco with the sea as your vista? If lunch or dinner is on the cards and you are looking for classic fish and chips available with either local wild caught barramundi or threadfin salmon, or an afternoon feasting on plates of scallops, oysters and prawns, the Wharf Restaurant has something for every taste and budget. We kicked off our feast with a selection of oysters - au naturel with lemon on the Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


SPECIAL SPOT Pull up a chair outside The Wharf and enjoy some of the freshest seafood dishes around (like barramundi wings or oysters, left). Right, Bali Hai serves up inventive dishes. Opposite page, Zanders overlooks beautiful Cable Beach.

side. We took advice from the friendly waitress who suggested we opt for the Kimberley chilli mud crab - a speciality of the kitchen and caught locally. It’s expensive, but such a memorable treat and one not to be missed if you love your seafood feisty and fresh. Chilli sauce on the side peps things up considerably. Another dish unique to this part of the world is a plate of barramundi 34

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

wings. It sounds extraordinary - and it is. Barramundi ‘wings’ - or its fins – are deep fried and present with beautiful white flaky flesh and a crispy fin. They are dressed with a zingy Thai salsa. Other menu options included grilled WA marron, whole crispy reef fish and BBQ prawns to name a few. There are Asian specialities available too (with seafood of course). The dishes are bold and generous and the staff are more than happy for you to share a selection of dishes among friends. That’s a good idea because it means you can sample more seafood treats. Grab a chair in the shady, tree-lined courtyard and see a part of Broome that’s off the tourist trail - the wharf is a vital part of the town’s DNA and it’s lovely to spend an hour or two here, bordered by the azure sea beyond. There’s a good wine list and plenty of cold beer to keep you cool on a hot Broome day. The Wharf, 401 Port Drive, Broome. Call 08 9192 5700. Open daily from 10am to 10pm for lunch and dinner; Korean Brunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to noon.

BALI HAI CAFE The Bali Hai Cafe captures the essence of Broome. Fresh produce and other highquality ingredients are used to create delicious modern Australian food with some Asian twist. Enjoy the fresh breeze at sunset while you relax in the alfresco deck area or spend time in the cool of our airconditioned restaurant. You’ll find plump Exmouth prawns with pickled ginger, roman tomato and ruby grapefruit or homemade rabbit rillette braised in chardonnay with toasted Turkish bread on the side. The desserts are to die-for; you’ve got to try their ultimate decadent dessert with warm dark chocolate fondant, chilled rhubarb, macadamia and toffee ice cream. You’ll see why this is the talk of the town. The relaxed contemporary restaurant can also cater for weddings, conferences and functions. Bali Hai Café offers a delightful culinary experience to share with your friends and family. Bali Hai Cafe, 6 Murray Road, Cable Beach. Call 08 9191 3160 or email cafe@balihairesort.com visitbroome.com.au

ZANDERS Under the direction of restauranteur Stuart Voce, Zanders provides casual, contemporary Australian cuisine with French and global influences. With stunning views over Cable Beach, Zanders has won three gold plate awards since 2012, and continues to lead from the front. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Zanders is the perfect place to enjoy the authentic Broome relaxed dining vibe. For breakfast, choose from spicy breakfast burrito, homemade crumpets or rising sun. For lunch, expect dishes like spiced chilli tofu salad, chargrilled jumbo prawns and a selection of pizzas with a modern twist. Indulge in a quiet afternoon while sipping on a cocktail and tasting their wonderful tapas style menu which has a variety of choices to suit everyone. Once the day draws to a close, you’ll be in the perfect place to watch those legendary Cable Beach sunsets - why not choose the Zanders seafood platter for two, with market fish, smoked salmon oysters, prawns and scallops or a Yeeda eye fillet with chat potatoes and Swiss browns? Zanders isn’t just all about food; there’s a brilliant West Australian wine list as well as house cocktails and boutique craft beers. It’s the perfect place for a sundowner or a celebratory cold one, whatever the occasion. If you’re in town to celebrate something special, Zanders can also accommodate 30 to 200 guests, offering a tailor-made function package just for you. Zanders at Cable Beach, Cable Beach Road (West), Call 08 9193 5090 or email reservations@zanders.com.au Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


BUSHY’S PIZZA The customer testimonials speak for themselves: Bushy’s Pizza is one of the best in town. “Best pizza we’ve had in a LONG time, if not THE best,” writes one, while another extols the virtues of the super fresh ingredients and keen pricing. Think delicious, homemade pizza with authentic, delicious Italian-style crusts and Bushy’s Pizza more than delivers. It’s a takeaway with plenty of options from a marinara that comes loaded with seafood to margharita and ham and cheese. The friendly staff will ensure your delivery arrives piping hot and the fluffy, well-made pizzas are guaranteed to fill the biggest appetites. Bushy’s Pizza, Shop 6/6 Short Street, Broome. Call 0456 096 111 or visit facebook.com/BushysPizza/

LITTLE INDIAN CABLES If your idea of bliss is a delicious feed with stunning pool views, then head to Cables. The chance to dine under the blood orange Broome skies at sunset is hard to resist and the relaxed vibes at this popular restaurant make it all the more pleasurable. You can sit indoors or out, and on Friday and Saturday nights there’s an additional incentive to pull up a chair as freshly made cocktails make for a convivial start to the weekend. You can expect fresh and delicious local ingredients taking a starring role in the inventive menu. All you need to do is bring a hearty appetite. Cables Restaurant & Bar, 11 Oryx Road, Cable Beach, Broome. Open daily breakfast Monday to Friday, 7 to 9.30am, weekends and public holidays 7.30 to 10.30am, dinner daily (5 to 9pm). Visit oakshotels.com.

1861 RESTAURANT You might be wondering what the story is behind Oaks Broome’s 1861 Restaurant’s

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

name - and it’s a good question. 1861 was the defining year in Broome’s history. A new species, the pearl oyster Pinctada maxima was discovered in Roebuck Bay and it turned out to be the largest pearl shell in the world. The size of the shell was huge in comparison to any other shell available and caused a sensation in European and American markets. The average size of the ‘pinctada shell’ was six to 12 inches across. Thanks to this discovery, Broome’s place in history was assured. When you dine at 1861, you can expect the sea to play an important role: there’s fish and seafood fresh from the ocean, and that theme of freshness continues across the whole menu. Delicious grilled meats also make an honourable appearance, and accompanied with gardenfresh veg and salads, this is a great spot for a relaxed, delicious meal. 1861 Restaurant, Oaks Broome, 99 Robinson Street, Broome. Reservations call 1300 822 010 or visit oakshotels.com

The masters of spicy cuisine, the team at Little Indian can regularly be spotted in the kitchen blending their own spices to make the curry pastes which form the basis for so much of the menu. You’ll notice the difference this makes when you tuck into their delicious fare; choose the beef vindaloo and you’ll get a real hit of southern Indian cooking. The succulent beef is slow cooked with potato and the homemade vinegar-rich vindaloo sauce is a real treat. There’s also the chance to try a Kashmiri goat curry, the meat cooked on the bone with onion, herbs and spices, finished with coriander. Vegetarians are well-catered for as well - try the paneer matar masala (green pea and cottage cheese cooked in a mild sauce, flavoured with ginger and coriander) or the subj dal (red lentil and veggie curry). Broome’s proximity to the coastline is reflected in the seafood on offer too: you’ll find a barramuni Goan-style curry, cooked with cashew nuts, brown onions and plenty of rich coconut milk, and prawn masala


really hits the spot with some garlic naan on the side. The friendly staff win lots of praise too - just make sure you tell them whether you want your meal mild, medium or hot. It’s open six days a week (Tuesday to Sunday), and offers a takeaway as well as a dine-in option. 16 Frederick Street, Broome, call (08) 9192 1697.

LA PERLE This acclaimed restaurant specialises in quintessential and elegant French cuisine using standout local Western Australian produce. Drawing on the history of Broome through the famous pearl gem that is adored the world over and the early French explorer

releases and ‘brewery only’ specials. Matso’s Broome Brewery is also home to an award winning restaurant, with the menu drawing inspiration from Broome’s multicultural heritage. Matso’s Ginger Beer Just the right balance of fresh ginger and subtle sweetness. Perfect for long hot afternoons with flavour beyond the ordinary! Matso’s Mango Beer A true easy drinking beer with rich mango fruit aromas and a refreshing sweet-dry finish Open from 7am to late daily. 60 Hamersley St, Broome, call (08) 9193 5811

Nicholas Baudin who named Gantheaume Point during his travels, it seemed only natural to name the restaurant under this influence. Not only that, but their long-standing French food and beverage manager, Marion Gruchet, along with the culinary team which includes French-trained chef Bjoern Schorpp, have been carefully sculpting this exciting menu for the resort and Broome. Guests can still enjoy full hot and cold buffet breakfast options and casual lunch time dining. Yet by night, the restaurant transforms to chauffeur you through France in sensational, clean-eating style using some very clever techniques indeed. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy some of the finest food in Broome in a beautiful en plein air setting (outdoor) while overlooking the magnificent pool and gardens. And of course, pearl meat certainly features on the tantalising menu along with other amazing dishes. Best you try this for yourself! The chef team also excels in crafting more exciting food experiences with the very popular Sunday Lunch Series (SLS) which runs once a month and features specific regions of France. La Perle Restaurant, 10 Murray Road. Call 08 9193 8388 or email fb@kimberleysands.com.au to book your next Broome dining experience.

MATSO’S BROOME BREWERY Starting life as the most remote brewery in the country, the balmy climate of Broome has had a big influence on the fun, flavour-filled beers that Matso’s loves to make. More than 18 years on, nothing has changed. Matso’s range of beers are an escape from the ordinary, delivering a generous dose of Kimberley inspired adventure in every glass. Matso’s core range of beers include Matso’s Ginger Beer, Matso’s Mango Beer and Matso’s Chilli Ginger Beer, along with a range of seasonal Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Plate up Enjoy a slice of the good life at The Aarli, one of Broome’s most popular eateries.


ick Wendland arrived in Broome over 16 years ago after travelling around Australia, and hasn’t looked back. The trained chef, who worked in Melbourne as well as The Brown Cow in Hampton, instantly fell in love with Broome and decided to stay. “I decided this was where I was to start my own venture, and I am proud to say I am still here today,” says Nick. “I have had to change the restaurant’s concept over the years for a variety of reasons (such as availability of produce, industry trends and personal loves and interest), but I have also done this on purpose to keep diners interested and returning.” And keep returning they do – in droves. Firm fans of The Aarli enjoy the vibe and menu at this casual contemporary Asian eating house. Diners can eat al fresco underneath the restaurant’s iconic frangipani tree or inside in the airconditioned interior, an important aspect to the fit-out in the warmer months. It’s also possible to serve up the food you’d enjoy at The Aarli thanks to their successful catering and events side of the business. “We work with Wendland Events who specialise in co-ordination and event planning and, combined with my cooking, these events are a big hit.” Thanks to Nick’s continued presence in the town for the past 15 years, he has built up a firm following, keen to try his ever-evolving


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

menus and approaches to keeping Broome’s residents and visitors alike well-fed. “Originally ‘The Aarli’ was the ‘Aarli Bar’, a venue that specialised in plating up whole, local fresh fish. Unfortunately that became too difficult to source so we changed our concept to suit produce availability and with the introduction of a liquor license, we changed the name too.” The new incarnation has allowed Nick to develop some innovative new dishes for the

menu. For instance, if you’re in the mood for breakfast with a twist, how about giving the chargrilled bacon, panko crumbed eggs, roti bread and sriracha hollandaise a whirl? At lunchtime, share plates are the go: think floating kingfish sashimi, young coconut, kaffir lime and chilli or steamed sticky beef buns with chilli and pickled cucumber, and salt and pepper chicken spare ribs with tamarind hot sauce. If you’re craving something truly local, the coconut-battered threadfin salmon with smashed papaya salad or jungle curry of pork belly with eggplant, Thai basil and rice are hard to beat. Thanks to Nick’s love of travel, new menu additions are on the cards as The Aarli continues to evolve and innovate. “Our guests can expect quality Asianinspired share plates and main meals paired with good service and a reasonably priced wine list,” saysNick. “Our willingness to cook outside the square in conjunction with an eye for detail, and a drive for amazing service, creates outstanding food at every occasion. Cocktails are a must too, along with breakfast and good coffee.” The Aarli, 6 Hamersely Street, Broome. Call 08 9192 5529 or visit theaarli.com.au


Going places

this air-conditioned coach tour to explore Broome as only the locals know it. During the three-hour tour you will see the very essence of Broome in comfort. See the spectacular natural beauty, learn about the town’s diverse history and culture and see how the world-famous South Sea Australian Pearl is cultivated and harvested. The tour includes Chinatown, a visit to the Japanese/Chinese cemetery, an extended visit to the fascinating Broome Museum (top tip: a real gem for history fans), and a one-hour visit to the Cygnet Bay Pearls boutique where you’ll be given an introduction to pearl grading and value and have ample time to read the timeline wall on the history of Broome pearls. View one of the largest and rarest pearls in the world before exploring Cable Beach and Gantheume Point, home of Broome’s famous dinosaur footprints. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, hat and sunscreen. The price per person ($89 per adult) includes admission to the museum and Cygnet Bay pearl experience. For more information visit broometransittours.com. Pick up from all hotels for the A Look At Colourful Broom tour from 8.30 to 9am. Return to all hotels 12.30pm.

Take a tour with the friendly Broome Transit team and you’ll discover the wonders of Broome in comfort.


roome Transit are so much more than the company behind the popular Broome Taxi fleet. They also operate a fleet of additional vehicles, including air-conditioned coaches to explore Broome and beyond. Hop aboard a Jetty to Jetty Tour and discover Broome’s rich heritage along the foreshore of Roebuck Bay, with detailed and informative commentary from Broome locals. Guests will discover the beauty, culture and history of this fascinating foreshore aboard an air-conditioned coach, following the Yawuru’s Jetty to Jetty Trail, from the historic Streeter’s Jetty in Chinatown to the site of Broome’s Old Jetty at Town Beach. Travel through the heart of Yawuru country and learn more about the cultural landscape of the local Yawuru people. Get a taste of the romance and adversity that defined Broome’s pearling era. The Jetty to Jetty tour offers all this and more, bringing to light the legacy of pearling and the foundations of Broome’s multicultural community. For $60 per person, Broome Transit will pick up from all hotels between 1 and 1.30 pm, with a return drop-off two hours later. To find out more about Broome’s most famous export - pearls - Broome Transit offer an additional tour: A Look at Colourful Broome - The History, The Pearls and The Natural Beauty. Join Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



Johnny . . . The return of Johnny Sausage at the Mangrove Hotel has been much anticipated, and Broome’s most authentic Italian menu doesn’t disappoint. By GABI MILLS.


egend has it Johnny ‘Sausage’ Barbato was known as the gourmet gangster, earning his nickname from his butchery skills and love of food. Johnny Sausage is a lively new Italian restaurant at the Mangrove Hotel, with an emphasis on authentic Italian cuisine and an atmosphere to match. It’s fun, convivial and


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

for the whole famiglia. The menu is a modern interpretation of classic Italian flavours complemented by a range of Italian wines. Kick off proceedings with scallop and tuna taratare, Liguiran flat bread, mascarpone and garum (that’s a Roman fish dipping sauce to you and me). Maybe you’d prefer a piccolo fritto misto - Italy’s popular

take on fried fish with a collection of seafood stars including fried tiger prawns, scallops, baby squid and eggplant. If pasta’s your thing, pull up a chair. Try the savour and unctuous orecchiette with free range pork and fennel sausage, broccoli and chilli. Or Giulio’s Nonna’s pumpkin tortellini, sage butter, amerettini and mustard fruit. Don’t miss the ricotta gnocchi if you’re after something comforting and beautiful to boot; it comes with blue swimmer crab meat, chilli and a peppy basil sugo. If you’re come packing a big appetite, there’s plenty to enjoy. Top of the list has to be the impressively prehistoric bistecca alla Fiorentina. It’s the famous giant t-bone steak, grass-fed, free-range and served ideally bloody and tender with garlic chats, cipolini, yellow peppers agrodolce and a zingy lemon butter. You’ll need a bit of a lie down after that, but if you’ve got some room, order the truffle mash. It’s the bomb. The dolce vita is well-named, and if you’re a sweet fiend, try the cold drip tiramisu, or if you’re feeling inventive, dive into the spaghetti ice cream. There are spiked gelati too - we loved the limoncello, lime and mint sorbetto and the maraschino with cherry sorbetto is the stuff of dreams. Johnny’s all right in our books. To book a table, visit johnnysausage.com.au visitbroome.com.au

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Broome with a


Where to stay, whatever your budget. By GABI MILLS

CABLE BEACH CARAVAN PARK Lot 8 Millington Road, Broome 6725 Call: 08 9192 2066 Email: cablebcp@iinet.net.au Described as a friendly, old-style caravan park by owner Ron Beacham, Cable Beach Caravan Park receives plenty of repeat custom. Having offered high-quality, downto-earth sites for the past three decades, this is a caravan park with a true sense of community. 42

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

PERFECT PARADISE Take a dip in the Cable Beach Caravan Park's pool (above). Opposite, Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary's rooms are beautifully equipped for your stay.


“We have people come back to the caravan park year after year after year,” Ron says. “They come to see friends and enjoy the wonderful climate and relaxed atmosphere.” Cable Beach Caravan Park offers both powered and unpowered sites – all set in picturesque, shady surroundings – along with a state-of-the-art swimming pool,

convenience shop, children’s playground, barbecues, tour bookings, internet facilities, gas bottle refills, book swap, clean, modern showers and toilets, coin laundries and fish-cleaning station. Adjoining the caravan park is the muchloved Millie Café, a relaxed space serving delicious breakfasts, lunches, coffee and cakes. It’s open every day from 7am.

OAKS CABLE BEACH SANCTUARY 11 Oryx Road, Cable Beach WA 6726 Call: (08) 9192 8088 Visit: oakshotel.com.au This resort is well-named; giving off strong sanctuary vibes, set slightly off from the road, Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary is a lovely quiet little oasis of calm in the heat of

YEEDA STATION STAY HIGHLIGHTS: • Experienced Kimberley guide • Luxury 4WD Vehicle • Kilto Station tour • Yeeda Station tour • Kimberley Meat Co. facility • Croc spotting at Willare Bridge • Morning tea & hearty lunch

HIGHLIGHTS: • Eco tents • Powered sites • Barramundi fishing spots • Homestead facilities • BBQ and pool • Book a tour of the station • Book a helicopter flight

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COCKTAIL NIGHT Join the locals at Cables (above) for a cocktail or two on Friday and Saturday nights. Opposite, the adults-only Kimberley Sands Resort and Spa takes luxe living to the next level.

alfresco feast. We also loved cocktail night on Fridays and Saturdays in the pool-side bar, the friendly staff, an international collection of people from as far afield as Finland, and the nesting birds in the eaves of the hotel’s lobby just made us love this place even more.

OAKS BROOME the day. Giant palm trees shade the stairs that lead to the indoor/outdoor reception area, and just a few steps beyond, there’s a gate that leads to large inviting pool area that boasts three pools, including one dedicated for kids, flanked with comfortable sun lounges, umbrellas and more palm trees. It’s a large resort with 27 studio rooms, 62 one-bedroom apartments, 46 twobedroom apartments, four three-bedroom villas and two three-bedroom villas with a private plunge pool. There’s free parking out the front of each, handy if you’ve hired a car. The beach is a short drive away and, if you fancy a change for breakfast, head over to Zookeeper’s Cafe, while Chinatown is just 4km away and Broome town centre 7km away. 44

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We stayed in a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, giving easy access to the pool. The accommodation itself is spacious, tastefully decorated in neutrals and eminently comfortable. The bathroom was big and modern with a rain shower, and it’s so handy to have a washing machine and dryer. There’s a dining table and plenty of room to sprawl in front of the TV in the lounge; and the beds themselves were super comfy, hard to leave in fact. We stocked the fridge up with the essentials (wine, milk, butter) and during our stay we were able to decide whether to self-cater or eat out – a big plus if you’ve got kids along for a break or just want to relax after a hard day discovering dino footprints on the beach. There was a BBQ right next to our room too, in the garden, perfect for an

19 Robinson Street, Broome Call: 1300 822 010 Visit: oakshotel.com.au Occupying a central position in the heart of Roebuck Bay, Oaks Broome is a deluxe resort property offering the perfect mix of subtle luxury and style for anyone looking for stylish, affordable accommodation in Broome. A favourite among business travellers and holidaymakers who appreciate the tastefully designed modern apartments, thoughtful appointments and serene atmosphere, Oaks Broome provides the perfect launching point from which to explore a variety of natural treasures, alluring landscapes and adventure pursuits. Guests will enjoy luxurious facilities, such as an on-site restaurant and bar, visitbroome.com.au

two glistening swimming pools and free parking for the duration of their stay. Choose from hotel rooms, studios and one and two-bedroom apartments. The modern and compact rooms feature high quality finishes with king bed or two singles (depending on the size of the accommodation), reverse-cycle air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, toaster, and ensuite. Fancy a bite to eat? The 1861 Restaurant and Bar serves up breakfast and dinner daily, with a scrumptious selection of starters, mains and desserts that are sure to tantalise the taste buds. And if you’re in town for business, Oaks Broome offers three versatile event spaces accommodating up to 200 people perfect for your next meeting, function or conference.

KIMBERLEY SANDS RESORT AND SPA 10 Murray Road, Cable Beach, Broome Call: 08 9193 8300 Email: info@kimberleysands.com.au Kimberley Sands Resort and Spa is Broome's stylish, boutique adults-only

retreat located among peaceful Kimberley, style gardens and surrounds. You'll find this lovely resort just minutes from the turquoise blue waters and white sands of Cable Beach. Broome's only adultsonly escape captures the essence of the Kimberley, reflecting both Broome's unique beauty and its ever changing contrasts. Whether your quest is relaxation,

adventure, business or a little of each, you'll find at Kimberley Sands Resort and Spa the right accommodation and facilities with understated elegance and excellent service. The resort's luxurious multi awardwinning 72 rooms and suites have a boutique and tranquil feel, with rooms nestled around the large Maxima pool, private courtyard plunge pools and the


Windjana Gorge | Cape Leveque | Gantheaume Point One Arm Point | Cable Beach | Willie Creek Contact us now to book a tour! 1300 551 687 www.ADAMSpinnacletours.com.au

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


serene meditative gardens. Take your daily exercise in the fitness room or the 25m lap lane, or simply lounge around on the sun beds surrounding the pool and let yourself be pampered by the attentive staff. There's a world-class Day Spa offering individual treatment rooms using Aveda Day Spa products, and an award-winning restaurant, La Perle, offering exceptional dining experiences for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Other features include a fitness room and a tour desk to help you plan your ultimate Kimberley adventures.


MANTRA FRANGIPANI 15 Millington Drive, Broome 6725 Call: 1300 987 604 Visit: mantra.com.au Located within walking distance of the white sands and fantastic restaurants of Cable Beach, Mantra Frangipani is an architecturally designed resort offering a variety of self-contained one-, two- and three-bedroom accommodation. Set among well-established manicured gardens, Mantra Frangipani offers peace, quiet and tranquillity. All apartments offer spacious living and dining areas, large bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, along with the resort’s signature private outdoor shower. Mantra Frangipani has two large, temperature-controlled swimming pools – including one with a waterfall – set in lush, tropical gardens. Large shade sails offer protection from the sun, while the gazebos and electric barbecue around the main swimming pool provide the perfect spot to end the day. Mantra Frangipani is only a 10-minute drive into Broome town centre or Broome International Airport, making it a perfect holiday or business location. 46

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BALI HAI RESORT 6 Murray Road, Cable Beach Call: 08 9191 3100 Visit: balihairesort.com The Bali Hai Resort is only a short stroll away from the famous Cable Beach and its fine cafes, pearl shops and galleries. The resort offers a variety of self-contained villas to suit your needs. If you choose, shower under the stars in your private

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outdoor Mandi bathroom or refresh in the cool water of the sparkling swimming pool. Your villa is surrounded by tropical gardens and manicured lawns. Walk into your own private oasis and leave the world behind. All of our villas are self-contained with their own private courtyard and barbecue area. There is ample off-street parking space available. The villas and public areas are suitable for guests with special needs. Make sure you visit the onsite cafe too - it captures the essence of Broome. Fresh produce and other high-quality ingredients are used to create delicious food with an Asian twist. Enjoy the fresh breeze at sunset while you relax in the alfresco deck area or spend time in the cool of the air-conditioned cafĂŠ. The Spa, with seven treatment rooms, offers an exclusive range of health and beauty treatments that are as unique as the Australian outback and as exotic as the island of Bali. Experience the delights of Broome with a Passion of the Pearl treatment. A combination of finely ground Mother of Pearl Shell, Passion Fruit and Cocoa Butter creates a romantic delight for couples. The Bali Hai Spa endeavours to provide every guest with a memorable experience that leaves them relaxed and rejuvenated. 48

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08 9192 1172 horizontalfallsadventures.com.au Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Kings of the

KIMBERLEY Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures are riding a winning wave, having scored another three gold medals at the prestigious Qantas Australian Tourism Awards. Joanne Marriott learns about the magic that makes the company so successful.


t’s a thrilling white-knuckle ride, powering through the swirling, churning froth as it funnels through the narrow gorge between the rugged headlands of the McLarty Range to join the flawless turquoise waters of Talbot Bay. It’s described by David Attenborough as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world” and the Horizontal Falls are indeed unique. The rare phenomenon is caused by the exceptionally high tidal range experienced in this part of the world, with king tides


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

reaching up to a massive 12 metres in tidal variation during full moon and new moon phases. When the tide turns, the water level in Talbot Bay can’t keep up with the rapid rise and fall of the ocean. The differential in water levels can be up to five metres, leading to peak flows of 65km/hour as the water surges through the gorge in an almighty rush, similar in effect to the rapids of a raging river. The event happens twice a day, changing direction as the tide rises and falls. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors flock to Broome in search of this unique natural wonder, to experience an unforgettable adventure in an environment of astounding natural beauty. “I think people are most attracted to come to Horizontal Falls to see the beautiful scenery and experience what we have on offer,” says Troy Thomas, owner and operator of visitbroome.com.au

Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures. The family-run company launched in 2006, welcoming visitors to the Horizontal Falls for the first time and pioneering the use of seaplanes to get up close to the action. The flight from Broome takes about an hour, revealing sweeping perspectives of Cape Leveque and the Buccaneer Archipelago along the way. On arrival at Talbot Bay, the seaplane passes over the falls for an exciting glimpse of the white water before mooring at the houseboat and transferring to the custombuilt fast boat for an exhilarating ride through the gorge. After returning to the pontoon, either a cooked breakfast or a barramundi BBQ is served up beside the calm waters of Talbot Bay. The half-day tour focuses on the Horizontal Falls and the seaplane adventure, while the full-day tour provides the opportunity to incorporate a 4WD trip out to Cape Leveque or Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. But it’s no easy feat pulling off these tours. Set in the remote north west of the Kimberley,

it’s a complex logistical operation. Behind the world-class adventure experience is a well-oiled machine. A close-knit team of more than 70 passionate locals work together to welcome guests, manage the flights up to Talbot Bay, the boats and helicopter tours, the connections to other tours, as well as providing food and accommodation. There’s a lot to juggle, but the experienced team takes pride in delivering a quality service and sending away happy customers. Since starting the tours in in 2006, the company has gone from strength to strength. Still the largest and most experienced operator, and the only company based at the Horizontal Falls, their success as a leading Australian tourism provider has been celebrated with a string of awards at both the state and national levels. This year, at the prestigious Qantas Australian Tourism Awards 2018, Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures brought home three gold medals, seeing them recognised

as Australia’s leading Adventure Tourism operator and best Tourist Attraction. They were inducted into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame as a result of receiving the Adventure Tourism gold medal three years in a row. The Horizontal Hotel was awarded the gold medal for Australia’s best Unique Accommodation, appreciating the innovative design and high quality services provided for overnight guests on board the luxury houseboat at Talbot Bay. The hotel welcomes up to 50 guests for overnight stays, either as part of the 24-hour tour or the four-night Ultimate Horizontal Falls Cruise. Troy believes there’s a combination of factors driving the success of the company. “The incredible natural environment along with the quality customer service, equipment and seamless delivery of the product is what makes the company a success.” Plan your adventure with the team at horizontalfallsadventures.com.au or visitbroome.com.au

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If you love fishing, want to spot a snubbie or humpback whale or just love a day on the ocean waves, Absolute Ocean Charters are your go-to experts.

All aboard for

memories commitment to customer satisfaction.” “Our small family business has grown from strength to strength over the years and we now operate the largest, fastest, most well-equipped and comfortable day charter vessel offering tours from Broome. Life is about making memories not money, so we recommend you just get out there and do it.”



bsolute Ocean Charters have worked hard developing a reputation as the ‘go to’ marine charter company in Broome. Kelly and Michael Woodley (the owners and founders of AOC) and their committed crew have developed a range of refined marine tours, offering something for everyone, and in particular focusing on customer service. “2019 marks our 11th season and over that time we have successfully completed more than 3,000 charters and have had the privilege of welcoming over 50,000 passengers onto our vessels,” says Michael. “What has kept us at the top of our game for the last decade is the drive to send our customers home with smiles on their faces. We love our job and everything we do reflects our 52

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

AOC’s Eco cruises started four years ago after the humpback whale season had finished. “We had many customers wanting an eco-style cruise, and we had the tour guides, marine biologists and crew in place to showcase our amazing coastline and unique wildlife,” says Michael. The tour begins at Gantheaume Beach or Entrance Point (depending on time of year) and heads around the coast and into Roebuck Bay. ACO’s guide talks guests through the history and landmarks of the area’s coastline such as Gantheaume Point, Reddell Beach, Entrance Point and the Marine Park and RAMSAR-listed biodiverse tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. A range of wildlife can be spotted while cruising this area such as turtles, sea snakes, dugong, sharks, rays, many different species of birds and, of course, the dolphins including the rare snubfin dolphin. “Our marine biologist will educate you with interesting facts about the wildlife that you observe,” says Michael. For some, the wildlife takes second place to a relaxing afternoon on the boat sipping a drink and enjoying a few gastronomic treats

prepared by the friendly crew. Guests can BYO drinks or use the convenience of the onboard licensed bar. “The afternoon tour concludes with a famous Broome sunset over the Indian Ocean, the atmosphere is serene viewing the colours that are thrown into the sky after the sun goes down,” says Michael. To spot the snubfin dolphins and learn about the biodiversity of flora and fauna in Roebuck Bay, join a morning tour at 9am to 12pm, or a sunset tour 3pm to 6pm.

FISHING CHARTERS If you have ever wanted to try offshore fishing, Broome is the place to give it a whirl. “We consistently have excellent weather through the dry season and Broome is geographically placed in a position where we don’t really get any swells offshore,” says Michael. “The easterly trade winds often blow a little in the morning before dropping out to make way for glassy calm conditions in the afternoon. If the perfect weather won’t tempt you to come and enjoy a day out, maybe the fishing will!” The reef fishing offshore can only be described as amazing, says Mick. “We target species for the table such as red emperor, coral trout, blue line emperor, golden snapper, saddletail perch, rankin cod and many more. On average we land around 16 different species of fish per day and in over 10 years of fishing the Broome waters, we have recorded 82 different species landed, so there is no shortage of variety.” If you’re in it for the fight, there are plenty of fish to push you to the limits. visitbroome.com.au

Golden trevally, giant trevally, chinamanfish and cobia are a few that will test man, woman or gear. “We are really lucky to have an abundance of bait fish that congregate in a close proximity to Broome,” says Michael. “With the smaller fish come the big pelagic predators that cruise the waters hunting down unsuspecting schools of baitfish. I definitely would not like to be a baitfish in these waters!” You can expect to catch tuna, queenfish, sailfish and marlin are some of the pelagic suspects, but the one that holds the most interest for Michael and many of his guests is the Spanish mackerel. “Spanish Mackerel are a spectacle to catch,” he says. “We deploy hard-bodied lures a short distance behind the boat and troll in areas where we know the mackerel school up. “The hard hitting macks will try to rip the rod from your hands as they smash the lures, often getting airborne while doing so. It’s usually a quick fight using maximum drag to steer the fish to the boat before the sharks try to muscle in on dinner. “When they are on the bite it’s not uncommon for everyone to land one and our best effort one day was 20 fish in 20 minutes. They are a delicious table fish eaten fresh and a great way to mix up a day of reef fishing.” Half-day and full-day charters are on offer and AOC welcomes all levels of fishing ability. “Whatever you want to catch, we have

the experience and the expertise to make it happen.”

HUMPBACK WHALES For three months of each year (July to October) the coast around Broome is graced with the presence of the humpback whale. Not much leaves people in awe like these fascinating creatures and Broome is lucky enough to have one of the largest migrations of humpback whales in the world travelling up the west coast of Australia to bask in the warm waters over the winter months. “In fact, we are so confident we can find you a humpback whale that sightings come with a money-back guarantee,” says Michael. Abating afternoon winds usually means glassy calm conditions, perfect for spotting and viewing the whales, and on some occasions it seems the whales like to do a fair bit of people watching too. “We have over 10 years’ experience doing whale watching charters from Broome and have built up a vast knowledge and respect for the whales and wildlife in our area. Our tour guides and marine biologist will keep you well informed on the behaviours, sights and sounds of these majestic, prehistoric mammals.” Whale watching tours operate daily from the start of July to the end of September. Choose from a morning tour 9am to 12pm, an afternoon tour 1pm to 4pm, or capture the whales at sunset on a sunset tour 3pm to 6pm. “Whichever Absolute Ocean Charters

tour you choose, you can be confident that we will do our very best to make sure your experience is enjoyable, professional, and positively memorable,” says Michael. Call 08 9192 5095 today or book online at absoluteoceancharters.com.au

ALL ABOARD Join a fishing charter with AOC and you can expect some spectacular catches, or a tour to spot snubbies (above right) or humpback whales.

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Airnorth Cable Beach Polo in May is the place to be for fashion-forward spectators and lovers of this sport of kings.

Glamour returns to Broome


A’s most glamorous sport and social event, Airnorth Cable Beach Polo, will take centre stage on Broome’s famous white sands when it makes a spectacular return to the town this year for the 10th anniversary celebration. The three-day carnival will be held in May in 2020, with an exciting calendar of events to enjoy across Broome’s key venues. From the Cable Beach Polo Ladies Luncheon at Kimberley Sands Resort & Spa, to the coveted Dinner Under the Stars on Cable Beach, it’s a jam-packed weekend not to be missed! Each year, thousands of patrons including elite polo players, celebrities and other high-profile guests flock to Broome’s magnificent Cable Beach for a star-studded weekend of polo, fashion and entertainment. It’s now a decade since event producer Marilynne Paspaley AM introduced beach polo to Australia, citing the town’s iconic beach as the best location for beach polo in the southern hemisphere. Attracting guests and professional players from around the world, including well-known Australian and NZ professionals like Rob and Jack Archibald, Sam Hopkinson and Tom Hunt, the Airnorth Cable Beach Polo is heralded as the birthplace of beach polo in Australia. The event has raised over $30,000 for charity partner, Royal Flying Doctor Service, with 2019 seeing the return of the 54

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exciting Blue Balls Campaign. Up to 250 balls will be launched on the day of the Polo finals, with the winner taking home a luxury holiday worth over $12,000. While the Polo is free to watch from the sand on Saturday and Sunday, it’s the luxury experiences curated by the event producers make the Airnorth Cable Beach Polo an incredible weekend to remember! The Pearl Passport is the event’s most indulgent experience, with an invitation to the carnival’s exclusive welcome parties, VIP marquee access on the sand throughout the tournament, an invitation to Dinner Under the Stars, and free-flowing Perrier-Jöuet champagne at all events. For a more casual finals experience, the Polo Beach Bar offers Aussie craft beers and food options to enjoy throughout the day, while the Havana Club Lounge offers a luxe

cocktail experience perfect for capturing all the excitement of the Finals. However you choose to do it, the 2020 Airnorth Cable Beach Polo is a glamorous event not to be missed in the WA sporting and social calendar! Make sure you book your spot early - it'll be another sell-out.


Broome’s destination shopping venue

�Located in iconic Chinatown �Huge Variety of Eateries �Outdoor Alfresco Colonnade �Inside Airconditioned Atrium �Free Undercover Parking/Lift access �Open 7 days a week, 7am to 9pm �Coles, Best & Less, Australia Post, and over 25 speciality stores �Tanaka Lane �15 - 17 Carnarvon St, CHINATOWN, Broome



lifestyle paspaleyplaza.com.au

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Go to the specialists

Peter and Jill Hansen, owners of Anastasia’s of Broome, are widely viewed as experts in the field of jewellery and pearls.


nastasia’s of Broome has grown and developed from being a shell and bead shop in the 1980s on Dampier Terrace to what it is now a fullblown family jewellers, servicing tourists and locals alike on Carnarvon Street. “We are not just another pearl shop,” says Peter Hansen, who, with wife Jill, owns the popular store. “We focus very much on stocking unique and bespoke jewellery, hand-crafted here in Broome or WA, as well as an extensive range of quality European designs. We are also continuing to expand our watch range and will soon have a new exclusive range to Broome.” Peter says the new range will perfectly suit the sometimes wild conditions of the Kimberley and is a favourite of the US Navy seals. “Our exquisite range of South Sea pearls are sourced by Jill, who has had over 25 years experience in the pearling industry, having experienced all aspects of this

LOCAL IS BEST Right, Jill and Peter Hansen, owners of Anastasia's of Broome and below, some of their hand-crafted jewellery.


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unique industry, except for owning and operating her own farm. There is probably no one more qualified who is working as a sales person in Broome,” says Peter. As a family-owned and operated business, Jill and Peter have bought their own unique flair to the Anastasia’s brand and have introduced into Broome their own internationally trademarked Lust pearl jewellery. It’s jewellery that has caught the eye of the A-list, with some items worn at the Oscars, with items sold into the USA market for the last 15 years. As pearl traders, Jill and Peter attend auctions overseas to buy the very best pearls available in the market at the very best prices. “This includes Australian pearls which are sold in Japan and Hong Kong at large international “invitation only” auctions,” says Peter. “We also attend the world’s largest bulk South Sea pearl sale trade fairs held in Hong Kong.” As the first business in Broome to adopt

the Customer Service Code of Excellence, Peter and Jill are passionate about going that extra mile for the customer to ensure that they have an amazing experience when visiting the store. “We want you to select your perfect piece and will be here to help and guide you in your choice,” says Jill. “Being pearl traders also means you can choose a unique pearl just for you. We invite customers to select a pearl from our extensive range of loose stock and you can also go through our large range to find the design you want. We can then put it all together for you.” Customers will receive a comprehensive description including the grading, the source, the size and the shape so that they have the best possible description for insurance purposes. “Our promise to each and every customer is that we provide them with the best value pearls in Broome,” says Peter. “Come and see our recently renovated store and keep an eye out for special events which we will be holding throughout the year, to educate inform and entertain you as well as special offers.” You may even hear Peter and Jill during their stay - they’re on local Broome radio every day.


Broome Whale Watching FP

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a snubbie

Climb aboard a Broome Whale Watching tour and spot yourself a ‘snubbie’ or get up close with humpback whales, just off the coast of Broome.


or thousands of years along the Kimberley Coast, the humpback whale migration has occurred annually, but residents and visitors alike were sheltered from their amazing acrobatic displays. That, though has all changed, thanks to the team at Broome Whale Watching. For researchers and conservationists, Camden Sound Marine Park has primarily been the leading regional focus – known as the ‘maternity ward’ or ‘humpback nursery’ – where cows and calves congregate in the warmer waters from June to September each year before beginning the long journey back to Antarctic waters to feed.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

Yet for Broome’s visitors and local community little information has been shared about the astonishing playful whales right on our horizon. Cameron Birch, owner and skipper of Broome Whale Watching, has spent the last 20 years exploring WA’s waters and is committed to sharing and developing this amazingly accessible marine tourism experience with the community. “Having previous experience working in Coral Bay along the Ningaloo reef with regular whale encounters, I was keen to investigate where these friendly giants were going next on their great trip,” explains Cameron. Thankfully, his curiosity coincided with the purchase of Sentosa Fishing Charters

and the arrival of a new small familyoperated business in Broome launched in 2007. With a fresh start in Broome, Cameron hit the ground running and discovered an incredible surprise – WA is home to the world’s largest group of humpback whales. Collectively known as ‘Group 4’ these humpbacks travel north from Antarctic waters in search of an ideal place to breed, give birth and socialise. It also happened to offer Cameron the opportunity to develop the Broome Whale Watching experience in the calm waters of Cable Beach and Gantheaume Point, allowing guests to enjoy an up-close-and-personal sailing cruise. Cameron made it his mission to establish Broome as the premier whale watching destination in WA, pioneering the very first whale watching charter in the north west region and Broome’s only marine eco-tourism specialists, with incredible results. “Eleven years ago, Broome Whale Watching was the solo operator in the north Kimberley region offering up to three cruises a week to see some of the 22,000 humpbacks in our waters, while exploring the beauty of our coastline,” says Cameron. “After 11 years of interactions in Broome in 2018, our company now runs trips seven days a week and we are delighted to announce that whale numbers have exploded – reaching over 35,000 whales in WA alone.” Reflecting this incredible increase in these visiting giants to Broome’s shoreline, the Broome Whale Watching experience has evolved from a fast-paced adrenaline hit aboard the company’s first vessel, Observer, to a modern first-class personalised service visitbroome.com.au

aboard the newly acquired Ballena, a 42foot sailing catamaran, leaving guests wowed in more ways than one. As they catch sight of those magnificent whales they also enjoy five-star luxury service too. It’s no surprise that Broome Whale Watching has been voted the number one tourist experience in Broome on TripAdvisor, a real highlight of any visit to the region. Not only is Broome the destination for whale watching, it is also the home to our rare Australian snubfin dolphin. With his love for marine life, Cameron recognised another unique opportunity to promote tourism in Broome. Declared a Ramsar site in 1990 and listed on the National Heritage register in 2011, Roebuck Bay is of international importance. “With its incredibly diverse ecosystem, the bay is a sanctuary for numerous marine life, from turtles and dugongs to the rare Australian snubfin dolphins,” Cameron says. “These snubfin dolphins form very tightknit social groups. They’re playful, social and shy and a real favourite among our guests.” With programmes and competitions such as Spotty the Whale and Snubby

the Snubfin Dolphin radio giveaways in partnership with Spirit FM, educational trips in conjunction with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and sustainability initiatives with local conservation and community groups, Broome Whale Watching believes it is developing a holistic

approach to ecotourism in the region. “We believe it’s an approach that will leave a positive lasting impression for future generations to safeguard the whales and dolphins and protect our unique marine environments,” says Cameron.

AWE-INSPIRING MEMORIES: Join a Broome Whale Watching tour and see the giants of the sea in their natural habitat.

Helping you find your Perfect Pearl Pearls, Diamonds, Jewellery - Unmatched Quality, Untouched Price, Unbeatable Guarantee, Extraordinary Service

Shop 1 Johnny Chi Lane, 21 Carnarvon Street, Broome 08 9468 8116 showroom@anastasiasbroome.com.au www.anastasias.com.au



Broome Adventure Company is celebrating 18 years of creating extraordinary experiences for people along Broome’s colourful coastline. Images by Richard Young


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


f you don’t have much time but want to feel a million miles away from civilisation, then sea-kayaking right here in Broome’s backyard is guaranteed to impress you. Richard Young and Belinda Dwyer, business owners and guides have been running the popular two-and-a-half hour turtle kayak adventures in Broome for the last 18 years and will expertly spot turtles, migratory birds, rays, fish and even humpback whales in season. Most people find the highlight of the turtle kayak tours to be nature’s backdrop of red cliffs, rock formations and deserted beaches. Paddling your own double sit-on-top kayak along the tide is also hard to top. “It’s Broome-style kayaking, where it’s not necessarily about the distance paddled

but more about the magic of the place along the way,” Belinda says. “You can stop for a swim, enjoy drinks and snacks at these cool landing spots according to the tides on the day. Some people come back and do it again just so they can stop off at different locations or see the coastline on different tides,” Richard adds. Apart from the popular, value-for-money kayaking trip, in the last few years the pair have introduced fat bike adventure tours as well as hire options for Cable Beach which can be dropped off at your accommodation at any time. Fat bikes have oversized tyres and were specifically designed for snow and sand, having a larger surface area which allows them to perform exceptionally well on the beach. “You might be surprised to hear that


RY Photography was established through public demand for his photographs via social media as inspired travellers and locals alike would be captivated and inspired by his images. Although Richard began his photography career capturing the wild, stormy

Broome is the number one destination in Australia for fat bikes,” says Richard. “There are more fat bikes here per head of capita than anywhere else in Australia.” Cable Beach is the perfect playground for fat biking; you can meet up in the morning or sunset to cruise on specialised bikes with 4-inch wide tyres which are so stable you feel like you are kind of riding on a 4wd bike. The leisurely one-and-a-half hour ride takes you along the spectacular intertidal zone and beyond the camels, to explore the cultural uniqueness of Cable Beach. Finding a remote location to take a break for cold drinks and snacks on the sand is easy on the magnificently spacious Cable Beach. Finish off your fat bike adventure with a spectacular sunset, or if you prefer, a swim on a morning ride. No experience is required for either tours and there’s always time for a quick selfie or family snap to capture the moment.

landscapes of the Kimberley wet season, it is also clear from his images that he has an affinity with all of Broome’s environments no matter what the season or place. Find him at the Broome Courthouse Markets, Thursday night markets, Staircase to the Moon Markets. Visit broomeadventure.com.

UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES Above, West Kimberley boab from above; spotted eagle ray squadron; Cable Beach Fat Bike Adventure and Broome turtle hatchling. Images by Richard Young Photography.

NEW ADDITION Richard Young Photography is the newest addition to the Broome Adventure Company.


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Hump day

Taking a camel ride on Cable Beach is one of Broome’s must-do activities, and Stephen Madden’s Sundowner Camels business takes the experience to the next level.


t was an extraordinary trip across the Simpson Desert which would provide Steve Madden with the spark of inspiration to start Sundowner Camels, a dusty, extreme experience driven by a desire for adventure, for something new. It was a decision which would help put the iconic Broome camel ride on the map. “I had not long returned from a year in Africa and was thirsting for more adventures,” says Steve. “With that in mind, I went to Alice Springs and worked at the camel farm to learn more about camels.” Camels are somewhat ubiquitous in the big red centre of Australia, so he couldn’t have picked a better spot to get to know these contrary beasts.  “I decided to cross the Simpson Desert using camels as my mode of transport and navigating solely by compass.” First of all, however, he had to catch wild camels and train them. “That took three months, and then I was off for two months, walking across solo through the dead heart of the Simpson to Birdsville,” says Steve. “My only companions were three camels. I carried my own food and water unaided, and very purposely went without a radio.” It would prove to be an adventure that would reveal the camels’ loyal and hardy personalities, as the little group endured


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

many days of hardship during the trip. “The camels won me over with their stoic attitude even when they didn’t have a drink for 20 days and I was forced to eat parakeelya alongside my camels (a succulent plant) due to water loss on the trip. The camels became great loyal companions in a relatively short time and never let me down.” Upon his return, the decision was made: he would continue to work with camels, and became one of the original camel tour operators in Broome in the 1990s. It was Steve who first put a big team of camels on Cable Beach, and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to his inspired idea, the WA tourism council decided to make camels part of Broome’s branding alongside pearls and Cable Beach. It’s not small thing to say that Stephen helped put camels on the map in Broome, and played his part in establishing the iconic perception of the town for tourists around the world. “Sundowner Camel Tours began in mid2014 with just six trained camels,” he says.  Steve brought a further 15 from the wild into the pack, and in 2015 they hit the beach with 14 camels in total on the team. It was full steam ahead. Thanks to the insight he gained during that epic desert trek, Stephen has a special understanding of what’s required from

camels who work on Cable Beach. “They are usually exceptional animals,” he says. “When you think about it, there is a lot of pressure for a large animal working in the public and the beach, particularly during busy times. Some camels are just not suited, they find it stressful, so the camels that do actually enjoy the entire outing are special.” These special camels have the right temperament and the ability to cope with these pressures of a steady flow of riders, of all shapes and sizes, enjoying a stroll


along the beach at sunset. “They love the routine and are not required to overtax their lifting powers because we have strict weight restrictions.” The day starts early for Steve and his camels, with a nutritious breakfast of wellgrown Rhodes grass in a silage form served up to each animal. A snack of pellets is given to them too as they’re being saddled as well as a relaxing brushing (think camel massage). Upon return from a morning or evening at the beach, they’re given a bunch of carrots as a treat. The camels, all sourced from the wild, are usually between five and 12 years of age, which, says Stephen, means they’re more emotionally mature and stable from an intelligence point of view. Steve takes the task of training new four-legged recruits seriously - sometimes it takes a matter of weeks, and other times, more like months, depending on each camel’s individual personality. “It’s a very comprehensive process. They have to be trained to cope with so many things in a public place,” he says. “My training philosophy is to teach them

IT’S NO SMALL THING TO SAY THAT STEPHEN HELPED PUT CAMELS ON THE MAP IN BROOME . . . to differentiate between right and wrong with word commands; it’s a way of setting parameters that work time is a serious time, and that after work is their time.” Over the years, Steve has come to know each of his camels very well, and although he’s loathe to single out a favourite, when pushed he chooses one with a famous name. “If I had to single one out, I would pick Elvis. He is the boss camel and all the camels have a healthy respect for him. He usually sorts out any pecking order disputes without being a bully. “I have had Elvis for 13 years and as an all-rounder he is about as good as camels can be. After I trained him we became instant friends. He is extremely loyal, intelligent and has an outstanding temperament.  Such is the connection Steve and Elvis enjoy, that his staff pull his leg that the camel sees him as a father figure. “I say no,” says Steve, laughing. “He’s

more of a lady’s man than I am, and in any case, he is better looking and taller.” Sundowner Camels has a steady stream of backpackers who head to Broome specifically to work with camels. “The overseas people who work with the camels are often exceptional in that they have this real passion,” says Stephen. “It’s often not just a job to them – it becomes part of their adventure, part of their unique travelling experience that they can share with their friends and family back home.” The benefit of employing these ‘exceptional’ travellers has knock-on effects too. “Because they love the job, they love the camels. The camels feel the love and it all flows,” he says. “Some of these backpackers have high positions in their chosen professions in their own country, but much prefer to work with camels.” Visit sundownercamels.com to book your ride.

HP H Sundowner Camel Tours

Body & soul

While in Broome, make sure you book some me time at one of these lifeaffirming spots. By TORI WILSON.

BLISS OUT The Kimberley Sands Resort's Spa offers Li'Tiya treatments while Bali Hai offers a taste of Indonesia.


au natural

Broome is renowned as a place of pristine natural beauty. At Kimberley Sands Spa, you can experience the natural remedies of Broome in a secluded location, surrounded by elegant water features for your own personal paradise. Li’Tya spa treatment offered by Kimberley Sands, uses natural and native products and methods that are drawn from 40 000 years of Aboriginal Dreamtime culture, that draws from the beneficial minerals and nutrients of the land. Li’Tya, meaning “of the earth,” focuses on a person’s entire being – mind, body, and spirit. With Li’Tya spa treatment, dreamtime culture, herbalism and aromatherapy are combined for a completely detoxifying and sensory experience. Unwind and invigorate your whole self with Li’Tya’s nourishing and mineral rich Mala Mayi Mud Wrap – post Full Body Sea Salt Exfoliation. This option is one from the grounding ‘Of the Earth’ range. For a cleansing and purifying experience, choose from the ‘Of the Sea’ range, including the Deep Ocean Renewal Facial, which uses marine based ingredients to penetrate and revitalise the skin. Follow-up your enriching skin treatment with a Kodo Hot Rocks Massage to relax the body and soul. The rocks have been carved from the Kimberley’s ancient primordial stones for special purposes. The stones’ healing properties improves circulation, relieve muscular tension and elevate emotion wellbeing. The Li’Tya spa treatment connects people to the deep and profound philosophies of Indigenous Australians – the oldest continuing people on the planet – will ingredients that have been used to benefit the skin and mind for thousands of 64

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

years. After a day at the spa of Kimberley Sands you will leave feeling soothed and invigorated, using the power of the earth. Visit kimberleysands.com.au

BALI HAI – experience the exotic Tucked away amongst lush and tropical gardens you will find The Bali Hai Spa, only a stroll away from Broome Cable Beach. Here you can be pampered and rejuvenated using an exclusive range of exotic Balinese therapies. Step into one of seven private rooms, each named after the elements in the traditional Indonesian language, to begin your holistic spa treatment. Exotic blends of herbs and spices will elevate your senses as you indulge in one of their luxurious body wraps, massages or facials. The Balinese Coco Hot Oil Wrap will melt away any tension trapped away in your muscles. First, receive a coconut and cinnamon exfoliation massage before the warm oil is drizzled over your body, which is then wrapped in a muslin sheath to best absorb the rich nutrients. A rejuvenating facial cleanse and head massage accompany the wrap to leave your mind and body

completely at ease. The Kimberley Rock Stone Therapy is one of their native Australian offerings. A collection of warm flat stones from the river beds of the Kimberley are used to achieve a fluid, relaxing massage. It begins with a warm stone foot bath that is designed to awaken your sense and trigger the reflexology points of the feet. Next, the stones are placed on various chakra points of the body while receiving a head massage to leave you in a state of pure tranquillity. The Passion of the Pearl is another favourite. This sensual delight can be enjoyed alone or as a couple. Begin with a massage before an invigorating Mother of Pearl and Passionfruit body scrub. Cocoa butter is then drizzled over the body while a facial cleanse and coconut oil head massage are performed. Finally, slip into a smooth coconut and rose petal bath and indulge with a tropical fruit cocktail. After you emerge from your treatment, take a dip in the cool plunge pool or lay on the Balinese day bed to prolong your state of relaxation. Visit balihairesort.com.au visitbroome.com.au

FP Allure

broome. 25 dampier terrace. broome wa. (+61 8) 9192 2430

cable beach club resort & spa, lobby. broome wa. (+61 8) 9192 6035

perth. 316 rokeby road. subiaco wa. (+61 8) 9388 3131

stockists at A L L U R E S O U T H S E A P E A R L S . C O M . A U Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


A lucky break saw Allure’s William (Bill) Reed AM reshape the pearling industry in Broome.

A pearling legacy A

pearling pioneer, explorer and marine biologist, Allure South Sea Pearls co-founder William (Bill) Reed AM has dived the pristine coastal waters and travelled to some of the world’s most remote locations in the pursuit of the perfect pearls. After studying zoology and fisheries biology at university, a young Bill sought 66

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

a position that would allow him to pursue his passion for the sea. He would spend the next 20 years traversing the world and exploring the diverse seas of Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Nigeria and Tahiti. In 1975 after selling his pearl farm and leaving the tropical shores of Tahiti, Bill returned to Australia and settled in beautiful Broome to work as a consultant for one of

the first cultured pearl farms in Australia at Kuri Bay, 370km north of the town. This new journey in Broome would see him build his reputation as one of the world’s most knowledgeable and successful pearl dealers, earning him the prestigious Order of Australia for his contributions to the pearling industry. Having amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, Bill acquired a pearl farm which was situated in the pristine and unpolluted waters off the Kimberley coast. The conditions were ideal for the precious Pinctata maxima oyster to blossom and produce an abundance of large, lustrous pearls. According to Bill, the success of Australian South Sea pearls on the global market saw them recognised as ‘the finest and most prestigious pearls in the world’. As the desire and demand for these precious visitbroome.com.au

gems grew, it made it almost impossible to buy a local pearl in Broome. In a twist of fate and a ‘very profitable accident’ as Bill recounts today, a broken leg saw Bill reshape the pearling industry in the historic town. Unable to work and travel to his pearl farm, a wheelchair bound Bill set-up shop in a rudimentary Colorbond shed, with ‘no real flooring, a few cabinets directly positioned on the towns iconic red dirt.’ Bill had become an accidental shopkeeper and the first person, to officially sell pearls in Broome in modern times. He offered genuine Australian South Sea pearls to locals and tourists, and nothing short of a surprise, the new business venture was an immediate success. This lucky “break” generated substantial regular income and cash flow that had previously only been a yearly payday after

lustre of South Sea pearls in his father’s workshop and revelled in the opportunity to work with these striking treasures again. So, he promptly arranged for goldsmiths in Perth to make a limited range of pearl jewellery for Bill. As word and demand spread about the exquisite jewellery that was on offer in Broome, Bill and Lindsay arranged for some talented goldsmiths to establish a workshop in their newly renovated building on Dampier Terrace. This eventually led to the creation of Allure South Sea Pearls, which offers a stunning range of pearl and diamond jewellery across Australia and internationally. Far from its humble beginnings, Allure now has a beautiful light-filled boutique in the heart of bustling and dynamic Chinatown. While some things have vastly changed within the pearling industry and

the business, others have remained the same. After 25 years, their exquisite couture collection is still handcrafted by master jeweller John Eberhart in the workshop above their Dampier Terrace showroom. Intricately crafted with 18-carat gold and only the finest quality South Sea pearls and diamonds, Allure’s designs continue to celebrate and pay homage to their home town of Broome, their link to nature and the beautiful environment that surrounds them. Every Allure jewellery piece brings out the singular beauty of each pearl, celebrating nature’s most magnificent treasures. Discover Allure’s exquisite range of South Sea pearl and diamond jewellery at their Broome showroom at 25 Dampier Terrace, Chinatown, Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa and at 316 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.

LOCAL HERO William (Bill) Reed, opposite and this page, has been a central figure in Broome's story for many years. As the founder of Allure South Sea Pearls, he invited Perth jeweller Lindsay Youd to join him in Broome to build the business.

the harvest was sold. However, clients began to ask for pearl jewellery and this luxury was not yet on offer in Broome. Always the entrepreneur, Bill set out to find a talented jeweller to craft a selection of jewellery that would beautifully showcase his stunning pearls. By the late 1980s, the pearl store had flourished and Bill invited young Perth jeweller Lindsay Youd to join him in Broome, to help manage the growing business. A second generation jeweller, Lindsay had been captivated by the romance and Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



Take a ride on one of Broome’s most unique modes of transport. Norman Burns climbs aboard. Images courtesy BROOME HOVERCRAFT.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


roper preparation prevents poor performance - so goes the old axiom. Or in the case of taking in the amazing sights with Broome Hovercraft, ‘proper preparation prevents bitter disappointment’’. You see, while taking a break in beautiful Broome is all about fitting into Broome time and taking things easy, the smart traveller has to think well ahead if they want to secure a berth on Big Bird (the hovercraft) and relish a unique tourism experience. A family-run company, Broome Hovercraft operates Big Bird, a 24-seat Pioneer Mark III hovercraft. Big Bird was designed on the Gold Coast, its hull and superstructure constructed in an Australian boatbuilder’s yard in China and then the vessel was fitted out back in Australia. Broome Hovercraft is the only tourism

hovercraft operation in the Southern Hemisphere and just one of three such ventures worldwide. Broome and hovercraft are made for each other; because the craft rides on a cushion of air it can easily reach areas such as tidal flats that other craft cannot. It’s also an incredibly environmentally friendly vessel - with no propellors to churn up the water there’s zero chance of wildlife being “collateral damage” during one of the sightseeing tours. Broome Hovercraft says the downward pressure of a hovercraft’s skirt is about the same as a seagull standing on one leg, so travelling over sensitive eco-systems teeming with all manner of creatures is literally a breeze. The signature tour - Scenic and Prehistoric - takes in the jaw-dropping, visitbroome.com.au

120-million year old sauropod footprint trails in Roebuck Bay. Other attractions include the evocative wreckage of World War II Catalina flying boats and the hovercraft can also be hired for special occasions such as weddings, corporate bonding days or for private dinners. But if you just land in Broome and decide “on the fly” to check out the tours you could be sorely disappointed. “It’s really quite sad that we have to turn away so many people from our tours as they are consistently full during the peak tourist season,” says Broome Hovercraft’s Roger Colless. “So it’s best to book well before you come to Broome in order to secure a seat.” And that’s where the “proper preparation” needs to come in; do so and you’ll join thousands, including celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and top sports stars, who’ve been dazzled by Roebuck Bay’s unspoilt vistas for a trip they’ll never forget. Visit visitbroome.com.au to book your trip with Broome Hovercraft.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

Australia’s first lady of pearls In 1969 Alison Brown made a big decision which would change her life forever - and be a vital part of the story of the Australian Pearl. By LEAH MCLENNAN.


lison Brown was a 19-year-old university student in Perth when she followed her heart, married a pearl farmer and moved to a bush hut on the remote Kimberley coast. Now, 50 years later, Alison is reflecting on some of her experiences as a wife, mother, and, more often than not, commander-in-chief of Cygnet Bay, the first entirely Australian-owned and operated pearl farm, 70

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


210km north of Broome. Alison, who will celebrate her 70th birthday this year, recalls the first time she saw Cygnet Bay, after a flight to Broome and long drive along a dusty pindan road. “We arrived at the pearl farm camp after dark and driving the dirt track lined with paper bark trees I remember seeing the twinkling of candle lights from the bark huts and the glow of small campfires down the beach.” For some people, this may have been the moment of ‘where on earth have I come to?’ But for Alison, it was a magical first impression and the start of her deep and enduring love of Cygnet Bay. It was a remote campsite, but on that first visit she stayed for one unforgettable month before returning to university in Perth. After marrying her husband Bruce in 1969, Alison returned to Cygnet Bay to live. In those early days she lived in a small hut near the beach with the walls and roof clad in bark. Fighting bushfires by hand; standing firm in the path of cyclones; managing medical emergencies; being the boss of an isolated bush village when her husband was away on a pearling lugger – all these things were the ebb and flow of daily life for Alison. Many Indigenous families lived and worked at Cygnet Bay. Among them several Bardi women provided Alison with company while their husbands worked at sea, away for weeks at a time. “The Aboriginal women were wonderful. We had a lot of fun together and they tried to take the mickey out of me the whole time. They would come past my hut and yell out to go fishing with them. I would watch them pick up live bait, work their hand lines – I remember thinking, wow this is my world.” Seven years after arriving in Cygnet Bay, Alison gave birth to her daughter Stephanie. Two years later her son James was born. Outgrowing the paperbark hut it was time for some solid walls to be constructed. “I felt as though I had won the lotteries with windows, flywire, solar hot water, and doors that properly shut.” In those early days of pearl farming the industry was dominated by the Japanese but Cygnet Bay Pearls changed all that when the Browns' experiments at Cygnet Bay proved successful and they became the first Australians to master the craft of pearl farming. For Alison, it took some time to be won over by cultured pearls. As the daughter of a sheep and cattle farmer, in her eyes pearls

were a different type of farming commodity. But as the company started to produce the world’s finest pearls she found it hard not to be captivated by the standout gems. Over the decades, Alison has seen the industry rise dramatically from its humble beginnings as well as enduring many lows like the 2008 global financial crisis which dealt a devastating blow to Australia’s remote pearl farmers. At the time Alison thought “this could be the end of Cygnet Bay”. But for the Brown family, diversification into non-pearling investments helped weather this storm. It was Alison’s son James who proposed to open the farm to the public. Prior to this, the only pearl experience in Broome was the tourist display farm at Willie Creek and pearl farms went to extreme lengths to try keep people away. But times had to change and James set about creating a new business model for the industry by drawing inspiration from how the Margaret River wine industry had transformed itself into a wine region. Now, Cygnet Bay passionately shares their beautiful farm with the world through immersive pearling experiences, Kimberley Sea Safaris and Indigenous tours. Alison’s family farm now boasts a licensed restaurant, pool, glamping and camping, and of course pearls direct from their magical home. “Pearling is different these days but

so is travel, people just seem to love real experiences,” says Alison. The Brown family have recently joined forces with a pearl farm on the other side of the country, Broken Bay Pearls just north of Sydney, together forming ‘Pearls of Australia’. “It’s a different species of pearl but it’s still world class and grown in another spectacular, pristine marine environment,” says Alison. “Letting people come to the farms and getting handson experiences is just part of the next pearling era.” This year will mark Alison’s 70th Birthday and 50 years since her first trip to Cygnet Bay and no one describes better than her son James the enduring impact she has had on this remote pearling village. “In my lifetime, Mum was the one who was ultra-passionate about the place, the Bardi people and the environment, as well as the quest to create the first entirely Australian-owned and operated pearl farm,” says James. “She just loved where she was living and what she was doing, and looking back, I guess that’s rubbed off on me too.” For more information on Cygnet Bay Pearls and experiences visit cygnetbaypearlfarm.com.au Read more about Alison Brown in The Australian Pearl magazine at the Broome Visitors Centre and in Broome hotels.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



sky’s the limit

To get up close and straight to the heart of the Kimberley’s spectacular and ever-changing landscape, KAS Helicopter tours provide direct access all year round, to the stunning coastline, landmark locations and hidden treasures of the region. By JOANNE MARRIOTT.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


here’s a special kind of awe that consumes you when you’re leaning out of a helicopter travelling over a vast expanse of pure untouched wilderness. If you choose to fly with the doors off, then nothing stands between you and the natural beauty of the landscape below. With the rush of fresh air against your face and the rhythmic rumble of the rotor as you’re whisked along, you become immersed in the breathtaking scene unfolding beneath you at close range. The unique perspective and the thrill of the adventure are intoxicating. This is the nature of the experience that KAS Helicopters aims to create for visitors to the Kimberley region. They thrive on getting their customers out into the heart of the wilderness to explore some of the landmark locations as well as a few hidden gems along the way. Whether closing in on a thundering waterfall, spotting marine life in the sparkling waters or tracing the remarkable coastline of the Dampier peninsula, you’ll be on the edge of your seat and at the heart of the action. “The thing that surprises most people, is how different it feels to a scenic flight in a plane,” says Hilary Wilkins, KAS Helicopter Pilot and Broome Base Manager. “One reason is that we have the front doors off, so you get really good vision and visibility, but we also fly a lot lower, at 1000ft or less, so you’re getting closer to the action - it feels more adventurous.” KAS Helicopters offer a range of year-round scenic flight packages as well as custom itineraries and private charters. Popular tours include the 30-minute scenic flight of the Broome Peninsula, Cable Beach and Willie Creek Pearl Farm. The 45-minute Creek and Coast Tour extends further north up the coast with aerial views of Barred Creek and pristine beaches en route to James Price Point, famous for the distinctive contrast between the rich red cliffs and sparkling turquoise waters. “The colours in the Broome region make flying here so special,” says Hilary. “It’s an amazing palette of turquoise, white, red and green that you don’t get anywhere else in the world.” The six-hour tour to the Dampier Peninsula is a good option for people with limited time to get a taste of the Kimberley in one day. visitbroome.com.au

“I love taking people to Cape Leveque and Cygnet Bay,” says Hilary. “You get a sense of the vastness of the bush as well as the spectacular coast with red cliffs and white sandy beaches, and both locations offer a great range of meals and tours when we land.” The possibilities for aerial exploration are endless, limited only by your imagination (and budget). “You can land pretty much anywhere,” explains Hilary. “We don’t need a runway. Yesterday we landed next to a waterfall in a remote gorge. Sometimes I’ll land on the beach at James Price Point, or someone might want to land on a particular rock. We have the ability to customise an itinerary and partner with other companies to make it happen.” In the wet season, this flexibility is advantageous. As the heat and humidity mark the onset of dramatic thunderstorms and tropical cyclones, roads are flooded and plains are inundated. Parched creek beds are revived with the rush of water, gorges are replenished and dormant waterfalls awaken with a thunderous roar.

The opportunity for airborne adventure beckons. KAS Helicopters run heli-fishing trips to remote creeks to land a legendary barramundi, they can get up close to the spectacular waterfalls and showcase the breathtaking transformation of an ancient landscape in flood. “Last year we had so much rain, we put on a special flight across the Roebuck Plains because it looked like an inland lake, says Hilary. “Usually in the

wet season, you can see flooding around the rivers and creeks and the landscape turns from very brown, dry and dusty to incredibly lush and green.” With access to remote areas and hidden gems in such a vast and ever-changing wilderness that flows with the seasons, it’s a tough decision where to start, but you’ll be guaranteed front row seats at nature’s most dramatic performances. Visit kashelicopters.com.au

Discover the Stunning Kimberley by Helicopter

Ph: 1300 405 545


BASES IN BR OOME AND DERBY Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Wild at


It’s time to plan your winter escape, so head north and explore the magnificent scenery of the iconic Gibb River Road and Kimberley region on a Adventure Wild Kimberley Tour.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


oin Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience and travel through this beautiful land in safety, comfort and style. Adventure Wild offer guaranteed departures on their small group tours. With a maximum of 16 guests and two professional guides on every safari, the quality of safety and service is second to none. Your hosts are mature, married couples working together, sharing their knowledge, passion and experience to bring the Kimberley to life. Learn the history, culture, flora and fauna. Appreciate ancient Aboriginal rock art, walk through impressive natural gorges and swim in crystal clear water beneath stunning waterfalls.

The Kimberley Adventurer (KA12) circumnavigates Australia’s north-west from Broome to Broome over a 12-day period. You will explore authentic Australia via the Gibb River Road, the heartline of the Kimberley. Discover Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Bell, Galvan’s and Manning Gorges, Mt Barnett, Home Valley and El Questro Stations, Kununurra, the Ord River, Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles at Purnululu National Park. Spend your final night at an exclusive campsite on a working cattle station in Fitzroy Crossing before returning to Cable Beach and Broome. Additional options include a scenic flight from El Questro Station to Mitchell Falls where you experience a drive, walk, swim and helicopter flight over the tiered falls. Alternatively take a cruise on Lake Argyle or the Ord River and/or a helicopter flight over the Beehive Domes of the Bungle Bungles. You can do it all! visitbroome.com.au

Adventure Wild use established camp grounds with the best facilities available. With permanent campsites on 10/11 nights, your tents are set up and awaiting your arrival. There are four two-night stays ensuring a relaxed journey through this timeless land. Enjoy a sunset drink with your new-found friends, sit at a table to dine beneath billions of stars and relax around a campfire every night. This is truly living! Put your diet on hold as all meals and snacks are provided with freshly prepared, home-cooked meals. The all-inclusive price incorporates a free Adventure Wild canvas bag for packing, a 1.7 litre water canteen, a brand new sleeping bag, yours to keep, and a free Geike Gorge cruise on your final day. Bring your own alcohol and soft drinks and let Adventure Wild take care of the rest. There is no single supplement and no requirement to share. A reasonable level of fitness is required to hike into the spectacular gorges and other interesting places visited. Many of the walks include dry riverbeds and gorges where large rocks move underfoot, so stability is essential. Some walks include stepping up and climbing down into and

THE GOOD LIFE An Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours allows guests to experience the majesty of the Kimberley landscape.

out of river beds. As long as you’re healthy, active and are able to walk a few kilometres at a time, an Adventure Wild tour should be suited to you. The Kimberley Adventurer tour is great value at $4,150 per person, and there are no hidden extras and no price rise planned for 2020. With 1-2 departures each week between May and September, you are sure to find a date to suit. We recommend allocating three weeks to maximise your time in Broome and the Dampier Peninsula

before and after your 12-day tour. Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours is a small family business focused on quality, affordable guided tours specialising exclusively in the Kimberley region. Locally owned and operated by Broome residents who have been exploring the region for over 18 years, they have the knowledge and passion to share. Contact Karl and Simone for further details on 1800 359 008, email info@adventurewild. com.au or visit adventurewild.com.au






Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


While you're in town...

Broome plays host to numerous events over the year - here’s just a small selection. For further information, visit the friendly team at the Broome Visitor Centre or visitbroome.com.au


BROOME WHALE WATCHING From July to September, pick a spot on the coastline and you may be lucky enough to see one of the many passing whales who make their annual journey at this time of year. Alternatively join a whale watching tour on the ocean and experience these majestic giants up close and personal.


AIR NORTH CABLE BEACH POLO 2020 Cable Beach plays host to one of the world’s most glamorous sports events - keep an eye on the website as 2020’s event comes together. Visit cablebeachpolo.com.au

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OPERA UNDER THE STARS® The Mangrove Hotel plays host to world-famous opera star Teddy Tahu Rhodes on August 31 ,2019. Performing in Opera Under the Stars®, the audience will be treated to breathtaking music from the world of opera and beyond. Visit operaunderthestars.com.au


KIMBERLEY GIRL Since 2004, Kimberley Girl has allowed young Indigenous women between the ages of 16 to 25 to shine. Heats kick off on September 30 to October 4, with finals on October 11. Visit goolarri.com/ kimberleygirl 76

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



THE WAIFS One of Australia’s most popular touring bands, The Waifs will roll into Broome at the Roey on June 15 for a long overdue opportunity for regional fans to enjoy their chart-topping music. Visit thewaifs.com.au


SHINJU MATSURI FESTIVAL OF THE PEARL From September 7 to 15, Broome’s eclectic culture and cuisine are put in the spotlight in this annual festival, with the highly popular long table dinner proving a highlight on September 14. Book early to secure your spot. Visit shinjumatsuri.com.au

BREW FEST 2019 AT THE MANGROVE HOTEL Broome’s favourite beer festival invites guests to sample beer from all over the world, with live music and food stalls making this a fun event for all on June 8 and 9.

CYGNET BAY HARVEST FESTIVAL One of the Kimberley’s leading pearl family farms, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm will host its annual Pearl Harvest Festival during the weekend of September 20 to 22. Visit cygnetbayfarm.com.au


BROOME RACING The Broome Turf Club’s racing season’s leading event - the Broome Cup - is on August 17 in 2019. Bring your finery and join in the fun of one of Broome’s favourite social events. Visit broometurfclub.com.au


A TASTE OF BROOME On July 4, August 1 and September 5, A Taste of Broome gives everybody the chance to enjoy multi-arts performances in a culture-based event highlighting the uniqueness of Indigenous multiculturalism within the Broome community. Visit goolarri.com/ atob


STAIRCASE to the MOON 2019 One of Broome’s most popular free activities is being in town to witness the Staircase to the Moon, a natural phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. For details, visit visitbroome.com.au and bom.gov.au MAY 19th @ 5.55pm 20th @ 6.44pm 21st @ 7.35pm JUNE 18th @ 6.17pm 19th @ 7.09pm 20th @ 8.01pm

LOCAL MARKETS Thursday Night Markets 5pm ~ 9pm Every Thursday night from June to September at the Town Beach Reserve on Robinson Street. Enjoy local cuisine, live music and a variety of local stallholders. Staircase to the Moon Markets From 5pm until 1.5 hours after moonrise time. The Staircase Markets are held at the Town Beach Reserve on Robinson Street over the first two nights of the full moon May ~ October. Wander around the colourful local stalls under the stars, sample the tastes of Broome cuisine, listen to local live music and take in the spectacular Staircase to the Moon. Broome Courthouse Markets Now a major tourist attraction in Broome, the market has up to 115 creative stalls over the Dry Season. The Broome Courthouse Markets are located in the beautiful and historical Broome Courthouse Gardens. Saturdays 8am ~ 1pm all year round Sundays 8am ~ 1pm from Easter weekend to last weekend of October school holidays Details broomemarkets.com.au

JULY 17th @ 5.54pm 18th @ 6.46pm 19th @ 7.36pm AUGUST 16th @ 6.21pm 17th @ 7.10pm 18th @ 7.58pm

SEPTEMBER 15th @ 6.42pm 16th @ 7.30pm 17th @ 8.18pm OCTOBER 14th @ 6.15pm 15th @ 7.05pm 16th @ 7.56pm

THEATRE/MUSIC/ART Barefaced Stories Workshops 15-16 June, Performance 19 June 7.30pm, Broome Civic Centre Broome’s Got Musical Talent Heats 15, 22, 29 June; Final 6 July 7pm, Broome Civic Centre Environs Kimberley Concert for the Kimberley Coming in June An Evening with the Waifs June 15, The Roey Kimberley Art Prize July 6 – July 11, Derby Civic Centre Cossack Art Awards July 21 – Aug 11 2019 Environs Kimberley Fundraising Art Auction July 27, Broome Chinatown Convention Centre Billy Joel - My Life - Live Music, Aug 3, Divers Tavern A Boy Named Cash - Johnny Cash Tribute Show Aug 10 The Roey, Roebuck Bay Hotel, Broome Kimberley Collection Fine Art Exhibition Opening Aug 8, Aug 9 – Aug 18 Broome Civic Centre, Broome Shinju Matsuri Art Awards Sept 9, Broome Civic Centre Isaiah – Live and Beyond Sept 24, Broome Civic Centre More events at visitbroome.com.au

REGIONAL EVENT ARGYLE DIAMONDS ORD VALLEY MUSTER The Aviair HeliSpirit Kimberley Moon Experience is the highlight of the Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster which attracts guests attracts guests from all over Australia and A-listers keen to perform at one of the most beautiful settings in the world. In 2019, the Argyle Diamonds Ord Valley Muster featured events across 10 days in Kununurra and surrounds during late May. Visit ordvalleymster.com.au

While you're in town...



Lake Argyle Swim

Muddy Water Music & Art Festival June 15, Derby

Gibb River Road Challenge

Broome Chilli Festival July 21

Aviair HeliSpirit Kimberley Moon Experience

Red Country Music Festival Port Hedland June 22 , Port Hedland

DISCLAIMER These event details are provided as information only. Please check the event details, dates and times with the event organiser or the local visitor centre as details may have changed since publication. For tide times, please visit bom.gov.au

Mowanjum Festival July 12, Mowanjum Art Centre, Derby Derby Boab Festival July 5 ~ July 21, Derby Kullarri NAIDOC Festival from June 28th The Kullarri NAIDOC Festival is a 10 day celebration in Broome and surrounding Aboriginal communities recognising the regions diverse Indigenous cultural heritage. More details: goolarri.com/naidoc/ Corrugated Lines: A Festival of Words Aug 9 ~ 11, Broome

Broome is your perfect event destination

Broome Mango Festival 21st ~ 24th November Mardi Gras March 2020

COMMUNITY EVENTS Fashion Evening in Johnny Chi Lane July

Whether it’s a dream wedding on Cable Beach, a live performance or a conference at the Broome Civic Centre, or a community festival in one of our picturesque parks and reserves, the Shire of Broome is the perfect events destination. Contact the Shire of Broome to see what we can do to make your event happen.

Ladies Night on Dampier Terrace August Carnarvon St Cook Off September Halloween Party at Sun Pictures October Paspaley Carpark Family Fun Night October Male Oval Community BBQ November Community Christmas Celebration 6 December Chinatown Free event with games in Chinatown followed by Carols by Candlelight Chinatown Christmas Trails December

SPORTS EVENTS Broome Speedway May to October. Gates open 4pm, Racing 5pm. Broome International Airport Marathon July 7 Cable Beach, Broome BRAC 2 Beach Fun Run July 21, Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre Matso’s Beer Beach Touch Footy Aug 24, Cable Beach, Broome

To find out more visit broome.wa.gov.au or contact the Shire of Broome on (08) 9191 3456 or shire@broome.wa.gov.au

Broome Rodeo Aug 16, Jack Knox Rodeo Arena, Broome Broome Rhythm and Ride Rodeo September, Jack Knox Rodeo Arena Rhythm & Ride Rodeo, Campdraft & Country Music showcase is set to become one of the biggest events in the national Rodeo calendar.

The Shire of Broome is a proud supporter of the Broome Visitor Centre

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Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

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Broome Advertiser A publication of Broome


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Happenings Thursday, March 7,

Property Thursday, March 7, 2019


Great presentation in Roebuck Estate

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air-conditioning, 4 3 you can 2 double beds and include to use this space however choose 17 CORELLA ROAD, DJUGUN you built-in-robes. like, be it a granny Price $599,000 flat or small Leased at $650 a week business premises. Agent First National until Real Estate January 2020, secure Step inside and be Broome yourself a charmed by stunning investment the sense of space Contact Lana Ziverts, that offers and style, 0499 peace of mind. enhanced by the feature Home open By appointment555 403 Features include: bulkhead ceilings in the  Beautifully presented plan living and dining openBe impressed with areas. this bedroom, three-bathro fourThe generously sized beautifully presented om home. kitchen large  Large lined shed is in the centre of family home in a with the home and peaceful pocket air-conditioning, includes ample bench of popular Roebuck shower and and Estate. toilet. storage space, a pantry It is ideally positioned cupboard  Wraparound on a and dishwasher. corner block opposite decked veranda. a  Huge decked The four bedrooms picturesque park alfresco are and entertaining area. generous in size, playground and the with the main school  Sparkling below-groun offering enough space within walking distance. is d pool. for  Established and small office or nursery. a There is a stunning reticulated belowlush green gardens Featuring a large ground pool and a and lawns. walk-in-robe huge decked  Fully fenced for and spacious ensuite alfresco for all your extra security. complete entertaining  Leased at $650 with a separate shower needs. a week until and January corner 3, 2020. With a large lined spa bath, this is shed that  Shire rates: $3240.83 perfect parent retreat. the has its own separate driveway  Water rates: $1353.73 a year. The three minor bedrooms and features a shower, a year. toilet and are  Year built: 2000. all large enough to accommodate  Lot size 787sqm corner block.

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with one of our friendly P 08 9193 5555 | staff. W www.nwfinance.com .au


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Bucket list goals Can you believe that you can explore the Kimberley coast in a day? Go Beyond Broome makes the impossible dream a reality.


he Tucker family know a thing or two about the Kimberley and cruising. For the past 35 years, they’ve been at the forefront of innovative tourism concepts, pioneering luxury cruising with their sister company, The Great Escape Charter Company, along the extraordinary Kimberley coast. Their new venture, Go Beyond Broome makes it easier than ever for timepoor visitors to jam-pack their Kimberley adventure with more fun than you could imagine, says Bree Cardilini, marketing and business development manager. “We wanted to make the Kimberley coast more accessible and that led to the idea of ‘a day in the Kimberley’,” she says. “The two tours - Go Horizontal Falls tour and Go Silica Beach tour were the result.” Until now, a four-night itinerary was really the shortest option for a Kimberley cruise. Not all visitors to the region have the time or means to commit to an extended itinerary. Now they can enjoy that bucket list Kimberley fly/cruise experience in a day trip format from Broome. “It’s a real point of difference for us,” says Bree. “We love showing visitors to the region a glimpse of the magical Kimberley coast which is otherwise inaccessible. This part of the coast has an exclusive feel about it - there are no roads or infrastructure so to experience it you need to fly or cruise. Our tours allow you to do both in a day.” The two Go Tours allow guests to completely immerse themselves in their


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

surrounds, to disconnect from everyday life and allow a little ‘me’ time in some of the most stunning landscapes on earth. Feedback from guests is incredibly positive, says Bree. “They absolutely love it and talk more about the entire day and the Kimberley cruise experience rather than just the excitement of seeing Horizontal Falls.” Offering an alternative tour of the Horizontal Falls means that guests effectively get multiple tours all in one day, offering great value for money in an allinclusive package. To make the most of their time on the water, the team required something special when it came to their guests’ mode of transport. “Our naval architect has created two custom-built fast boats, powered by triple 250-horse power Yamaha outboards,” says Bree. “Purpose-built to navigate the Kimberley waters in total comfort and style, the vessels have been designed to ride any sea conditions with cutting edge stability.” Accommodating up to 20 guests per vessel, the tours begin with a light aircraft flight over the Buccaneer Archipelago, landing on Cockatoo Island. “From there, we’ll set off to explore the pristine wilderness of Yampi Sound and Talbot Bay on board the fast boats,” says Bree.

WHAT TO EXPECT Guests are loving the return scenic flight option over Cape Leveque and the

Archipelago, which includes that oncein-a-lifetime opportunity to fly over the Horizontal Falls, says Bree. “Guests can trace their steps from their day in the Kimberley.” It’s thrilling too to land on a dirt runway on a remote island – another quintessential Kimberley experience for our guests when they arrive at Cockatoo Island. “It’s proved a huge selling point, and we’ve had lots of guests who are returning to the island with fond memories from its former glory days, or perhaps even lived on the island as children.” Those who have never visited this fascinating spot will be intrigued to hear about its history, and the community that used to live and thrive on the island. “We call it our home base – we’re one of the first to be approved to make use of this pristine spot.” The Kimberley Day Cruise has also been a smash hit, giving guests an unforgettable five hours on the water. visitbroome.com.au

“They get to experience a true taste test of a Kimberley Cruise,” says Bree. “Our guests have just been blown away that they can now cruise the Kimberley for a day and experience more than just the iconic destinations.” Our advice? A Go Beyond Broome Tour is definitely one for the bucket list. To book a tour, visit the friendly team at the Broome Visitor Centre or visit gohorizontalfallstours.com.au

Come join our small group adventure day tours from Broome that let you have a holiday within your holiday. Enjoy spectacular scenic flights and a stunning fast boat cruise through pristine Kimberley wilderness. Hear marvellous stories about the geology, environment and ancient culture. You’ll be amazed what you can see and do in a day.

Enquire now for 2019/20 departures

P: +61 8 9192 5577 E: hello@gobeyondbroome.com.au www.gohorizontalfallstours.com.au



Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Thanks to the Kimberley’s spectacular, pollution-free, clear skies and Broome astronomer Greg Quicke, you can embark on your own journey through the heavens - without ever leaving the ground.

Reach for the

stars G

reg Quicke’s destiny was written in the stars. And not in any wishy-washy astrological sense either; it was the intergalactic stuff that has helped shaped Greg’s life. After arriving in Broome from southwest WA, Greg became a pearl diver, a tough job made even trickier by the Kimberley’s massive tidal fluctuations. And since the cycles of the Moon govern the tides, Greg could only dive on the smaller tides. Gradually he not only came to learn the precise tidal movements based on the Moon, but developed a “connection” between himself and the cosmos. And it was a connection that only deepened when Greg took on work as a mechanic, working at inland cattle stations around the Top End and the Kimberley. He spent many a night in a swag under a staggering canopy of glittering stars; a cosmic light show that lit the spark for Greg to get his teeth into astronomy, a passion that burns bright to this day. Since 1995, Greg has been spreading that passion with Broome locals and tourists, the wide open spaces and dazzling night vista (Broome has more than 300 clear nights a year) providing the perfect stage for his Astro Tours. And what a stage it is.


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

“Broome is located perfectly on our planet to see the best of both the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere sky,” says Greg. “We have the two best globular clusters in the sky, with millions of stars packed into each, we have two galaxies clearly visible to the naked eye and we have the best and brightest parts of the Milky Way galaxy displayed beautifully overhead all through our best stargazing season (April through November).” It’s the wonder of the experience that has many on the tours coming back time and time again, with Greg’s line-up of specialist telescopes (“some of these are seriously big, requiring a ladder to get to the eyepiece; others look like they are suitable for launching small children to the Moon,” says Greg) and 50mm fully mounted binoculars providing awe-inspiring “windows” to the heavens. “We have a lot of regulars on the Astro Tours,” says Greg. “People keep coming back during the ever-changing year, as well as year after year. With an ever-changing sky tuning in is a lifetime task. It is a real joy to watch people develop their own understandings and to see the stars shining out through them.” Greg’s fame has spread well beyond Broome and the Kimberley; since 2017 he has been the ‘practical astronomer’ in the

BBC/ABC show Stargazing Live with none other than “rock star” scientist Brian Cox. It was a smash, with social media going wild over Greg (and his flowing, silver beard) which earned him the nickname #spacegandalf. “The opportunity to hang out with Professor Brian Cox on Stargazing Live and to share my passion with a much larger audience is certainly gold in my life,” says Greg. “The response of people on my live shows is awesome and the feedback from the BBC audience in Britain and the ABC audience across Australia with twitter, Instagram and Facebook is equally palpable.” Based on his first book, Greg’s own multi-award winning ABC TV series was released in 2018 and is available on iView. ‘A Stargazers Guide to the Cosmos’, takes us on the ultimate guided tour of the southern sky revealing unseen connections between the everyday world around us and the stars above. For Greg, giving people the chance to observe the cosmos in pollution-free, awe-inspiring surrounds is but one step in encouraging them to forge the same “connection” with the universe he himself has found. “Coming out with us once will give you a snapshot in time of our continuous visitbroome.com.au

journey through space. Coming regularly will build on this and reinforce what we started together while adding in other elements that really can be gained only by you experiencing them through the passage of time. “To consciously experience this journey will literally take you ‘time’. Every year is different; the two giant planets are featuring through 2019, with Jupiter displaying the dance of its four big Galilean moons every night and Saturn’s rings in a perfectly ‘opened out’ position for unbelievable views through our serious telescopes. The monthly cycle of the Moon as it passes each of the planets in turn is one of the cycles that is particularly easy to tune into in Broome with our big tides easily illustrating its effect,” he says. Greg is reluctant to pick a single cosmic “favourite”. “Every star has its own character; they are unique as you and I. When you add to the feeling you get from them, their distance and their relative brightness, you can begin to appreciate our place amongst them. This feeling is one of peace, and wonder, and awe. “Naturally, I have a few favourites; Arcturus is the fourth-brightest star in the sky and, at 37 light years away (light travels at 300,000km per second, so light years are used to measure the vast distances in space) is a reasonably close neighbour of ours. It is also one of the fastest moving stars in the sky relative to the other stars - although you won’t see any of this movement in your whole lifetime.” With his fame now international, and the 2016 publication of his book Earth Turning Consciousness - an Exercise in Planetary Awareness, Greg has certainly come a long way from when he started “tuning into” the tidal movements for his

job as a pearl diver. “My book is a response to the thousands of people who have been asking for a followup journey they have begun with us at Astro Tours. "It is a practical manual that you can use to see the very real movement of the Earth through space for yourself and make this journey real in your life. ‘Why didn’t anyone

show us this before?’ is one of the most common questions we hear at Astro Tours,’’ says Greg. “Showing people from all over the world our world-class Kimberley skies is such a pleasure. Watching peoples’ reactions is my favourite thing in the whole world and this is even before I tell them anything about what they are looking at.”

STAR MAN Greg Quicke has become something of a legend in the Kimberley, thanks to his encyclopaedic knowledge of the night sky.

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



of the town’s humble beginnings – from the Bugarrigarra (the Dreamtime), through the tempestuous days of the early pearling industry - and in turn contemplates Broome’s future challenges and the evolution of its identity. This vibrant production celebrates Broome’s true sense of identity whilst challenging many stereotypical perceptions of what it is to truly be recognised as Australian. Once the MC has welcomed the audience at each event, a number of short films are screened sharing historical Broome stories with guests before a local Yawuru representative welcomes everyone to country. The 90-minute music and picture show follows, bringing to life the history of Broome, commencing with Aboriginal people living off the land before white settlement. Guests will leave this unique event with a new knowledge of the town and its people and a sense of inclusion in the Broome community. A Taste of Broome is a truly local event – involving local families, artisans, cooks and performers in its production. A Taste of Broome is a ‘must see’ event for anyone visiting the town of Broome. Visit goolarri.com/atob/

A night full


A Taste of Broome is the ideal way to discover the story of Broome and its culture - all in one night.


Taste of Broome is a unique music picture show that encapsulates the essence of Broome’s vibrant culture and history and provides individuals with the full ‘Broome experience’ as it showcases both traditional and contemporary music, dance and cuisine. It’s an event where each element of Broome’s identity is represented and this results in a night filled with discovery for tourists and visitors and nostalgia for the locals. This year, Goolarri Media will be holding three A Taste of Broome shows over three months, beginning on July 4 with other shows on August 1 and September

July 4th

5. All events will be held under the stars in the Goolarri Amphitheatre. This spectacular event will feature food stalls, arts and crafts, licenses, venue upgrades, traditional and contemporary dance and singing, creating new partnerships with organisations and much more. Creative elements of the show have been updated for 2019 to incorporate new archive footage focused on the Torres Strait Islander involvement in the pearling industry and setting these phenomenal images and footage pieces to match and flow with the songs that tell Broome’s story. Now in its seventh year, A Taste of Broome is themed around the exploration


Aug 1st


Sept 5th

A Taste of Broome is the story of Broome told through a multi-arts performance of dance, tradition, food & culture.


: Tickets


35 Ge $ + P I V $70

entre Visitor C e m o o r s at the B Booking ly) fees app (Booking

Where: Goolarri Media, 7 Blackman St, Broome Time: Doors open at 5.30pm | Show starts at 6.30pm Website: goolarri.com/atob Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Off to the


Every year, Broome is a magnet for people who visit from all over Australia and overseas for one reason in particular: to witness the beginning of the spectacular Broome horse racing calendar.



he annual Broome Cup Carnival - the culmination of a season of racing, that begins at the end of the wet season and works towards one day in August for the running of the Broome Cup - is a highlight of the social calendar in the town. Here lies a tradition that began in 1892, when the race was run over two miles for a purse of sovereigns, to a $120,000 race this year run over 2,200 metres. So what's the attraction? The Broome Turf Club lies at the tip of a peninsula - Gantheaume Point, where an azure blue sea meets a rich red pindan soil, under a brilliant blue sky, and the daytime temperature hovers around 30 degrees. And the racegoers want to be here - you

can tell. Colourful, stylish outfits are worn by both men and women, many of whom will take part in Fashions on the Field. Winners will go to Perth later in the year for the state finals of the RWWA Country Cups’ Fashions finals. Aromas of food and frangipani - and the music - lots of it during the day, and afterwards into the evening, keeps people on course with excellent entertainment. The horses are not bush ponies either. Most have raced in Perth; in fact, several have come from other states, and this year there will also be a contingent from the Northern Territory. Most trainers are full-time professionals, and the jockeys are all Perth based. In fact the legendary

Melbourne Cup winning jockey J.J. Miller, won a Broome Cup back in 1976. Dual Perth Cup winning jockey Peter Hall comes to Broome every year to race in the Cup, and has so far won the race seven times. Trainers and their staff love coming to Broome. After trackwork of a morning, it’s off for a day’s fishing or crabbing, in the creeks and the bays. Names like Pateman, Casey, Gangemi, and Pike are well known to racegoers, and local trainer Rob Gulberti, and Derby-based Kelvin Moore also have competitive stables. Fine diners have the opportunity to book early for the Broome Cup Day Champagne Marquee. This year, champagne will come from the French house of Laurent Perrier, a quality bubbly from the Tours sur Marne district of north eastern France, accompanied by gourmet food, entertainment and more, under a VIP marquee. Bookings need to be made early online, to vjack@bigpond.com, or by phoning the BTC on 08 9192 2085. Many visiting racegoers like to  take a well-earned break, so stay on for a few days, to take in some of the many tours, including visiting a pearl farm, or a sunset camel ride on Cable Beach, or maybe a day out whale watching - getting close up and personal with the largest creatures on earth. There is so much on offer, or you can lay by a pool under a lush green palm, and let the rest of the world go by! This year, the Broome Cup meeting will be held on August 17, or come a few days earlier and also enjoy Ladies Day on August 13. The choice is yours, but whatever your choice, you will take away an unforgettable experience. See you in Broome!

RACE DATES The Winter Racing Alternative


Saturday 1st Saturday 15th Saturday 22nd Saturday 29th – Derby


Saturday 6th Sunday 14th Friday 26th


Saturday 3rd – Kimberley Cup Tuesday 13th - Ladies Day Saturday 17th – Broome Cup Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20 www.broometurfclub.com.au


{ GOOD READS } from Magabala Books

KICKER (above, l-r) Cathy Barrett-Lenard, Glenyse Ward, Peter Bibby, Merrilee Lands, Carol Tangwei and Rachael Christensen, c. 1990 (right) Senator Pat Dodson with Joshua Button and Robyn Wells at the launch of Steve goes to Carnival (2016) (opposite page) Peter Bibby, June Oscar and Merrilee Lands, c. 1990

PAGE TURNERS FOR WA Magabala Books is Australia’s leading Indigenous publisher, and the Broome-based business has pushed literary boundaries for more than 30 years.


ndigenous owned and led, Magabala Books has been making waves for over three decades in Broome. Guided by strong cultural principles and a passion for quality literature, Magabala is named after the Nyul Nyul, Nyangumarta, Karajarri and Yawuru traditional language word for ‘bush banana’. “The bush banana spreads its seeds far and wide,” says Rachel Bin Salleh, of Magabala Books. “The organisation was established in 1984 at a traditional Aboriginal song and dance festival held at Ngumpan near Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia, specifically to protect the rights of traditional storytellers and artists and ensure Aboriginal stories were recorded and shared with future generations.” At a time when much had or was being written about Aboriginal people, the decision to establish a publishing arm to represent their voices was ambitious, but, says Rachel, it was done largely in response to concerns that Indigenous stories were being taken and published without permission by non-Indigenous academics and writers. In 1987, Magabala Books published its first title, Mayi: Some Bush Fruits of the West Kimberley, by Merrilee Lands, who also worked as one of Magabala’s first staff members as a trainee editor. Wandering Girl, the highly acclaimed autobiography by Glenyse Ward, soon followed. In March 1990, Magabala Books became an


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

independent Abor­iginal corporation. Today, Magabala Books has published more than 270 titles across a broad range of genres, including young adult and adult fiction, memoir, non-fiction and poetry, and it has built the most extensive list of Indigenous children’s literature of any Australian publisher. Magabala titles are diverse in theme and content, and its authors and illustrators are from all walks of life and many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations. Its impressive resume of award-winning titles includes Bruce Pascoe’s best-selling Dark Emu, with a junior version released in mid 2019.

PHILANTHROPIC PROJECTS Magabala Books’ makes a significant investment in the professional development of both established creators and emerging writers and artists. Scholarships are one way they do this. Established in 2013, Magabala scholarships support writers and illustrators to develop skills, meet professional goals and increase creative career opportunities. A successful outcome of Magabala's philanthropic program, the scholarships are 100% funded by donors. “In 2017, we also established the Kestin Indigenous Illustrator Award, which is a national biennial award that seeks to identify new talent in the art of children’s picture book illustration,” says Rachel. The award supports emerging

illustrators to develop their craft and encourages Indigenous artists to try their hand at children’s picture book illustration. The winner receives $10,000, a professional mentorship and the opportunity to illustrate an unpublished manuscript by a renowned Indigenous author. The first Kestin Award winner was Arnhem Land artist Johnny Malibirr, who illustrated Little Bird’s Day by Sally Morgan (see next page). The 2019 winner was Charmaine Ledden-Lewis, a Bundjalung artist from Blackheath, NSW, who will illustrate Bruce Pascoe’s first children’s picture book.

FUTURE DIRECTION New Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers, poets and illustrators are a constant inspiration, says Rachel. “We are also conscious that there are so many more important elders’ stories to be recorded and shared. With the support of our philanthropic Cultural Fund, we are ensuring these stories are published and our cultural classics kept in print for new audiences to enjoy.  “Three decades on, the original mission of Magabala Books – to give Aboriginal people the opportunity to tell their own stories and ensure that cultural protocols are observed, and the benefits flowed back to the right people – still stands strong. Magabala’s titles are entertaining, moving, gripping, full of wit, courage and universal wisdom, and rightly take their place amongst the greats in the ‘canon of Australian literature’.” visitbroome.com.au

ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR In 2017, Magabala Books celebrated the 30th anniversary of its first publication. In 2018, Magabala published 15 new titles which is a record for the organisation. “The diversity of titles says a lot about Magabala and why our work is so important. In 2019, we were shortlisted for Small Publisher of the Year in the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs), which for an Aboriginal owned publisher from Broome is such significant recognition of our success and the incredible talent of our storytellers, authors and illustrators.” says Rachel.

A SELECTION OF NOTABLE TITLES BY WESTERN AUSTRALIAN AUTHORS ALFRED’S WAR (2018) by Rachel Bin Salleh, illustrated by Samantha Fry A powerful story that gently tells the life experience of a WWI Aboriginal soldier – one of Australia’s forgotten soldiers. Shortlisted for the 2018 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year (Eight to ten years category) and longlisted for the 2019 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year. BLACK COCKATOO by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler (2018) A gentle story that follows Mia, a young Aboriginal girl from a remote community in the Kimberley as she explores the fragile connections of family and culture. Shortlisted for the 2019 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year and the 2019 Children’s Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA) Younger Readers Book of the Year. JANDAMARRA AND THE BUNUBA RESISTANCE (2011) by Banjo Woorunmurra and Howard Pedersen The true story of the Aboriginal resistance fighter, Jandamarra,

whose legend is etched into the Australian landscape. Set in the Kimberley outback during the late nineteenth century, the last stage of Australia’s invasion is played out in the lands of the Bunuba people. Winner of the 1996 WA Premier’s Book of the Year Award and Historical & Critical Studies category.

gorilla named Steve, who slips from his cage during Carnival time in Rio to search the city streets for his zookeeper friend, Antonio. Shortlisted for the 2017 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA) Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year.

YORRO YORRO LAST TRUCK OUT (2009) by Betty Lockyer From the Beagle Bay Mission to the pearling town of Broome after World War II, Betty Lockyer’s childhood was influenced by culture, religion and strict government policy. Lockyer captures the resilience of children to live in the moment as she recalls the heady days of her childhood growing up among the mangroves and gambling houses.

(1993) by David Mowaljarlai and Jutta Malnic Aboriginal elder David Mowaljarlai and photographer Jutta Malnic rekindle a story that constitutes the oldest collective memory of humankind. An extraordinary testament to the cumulative knowledge of the Wandjina peoples of the Kimberley in north west WA.

LITTLE BIRD’S DAY (2019) by Sally Morgan, illustrated by Johnny Warrkatja Malibirr A simple, universal story of a day in the life of Little Bird as she sings the world alive, flies with Cloud, travels with Wind, nestles with Moon and dreams of flying among the stars.

UBBY’S UNDERDOGS: RETURN OF THE DRAGONS (2019) by Brenton ‘Ez’ McKenna The third and final book in the Ubby’s Underdogs graphic novel series. It is the late 1940s and Broome is still recovering from WWII. Ubby and her rag-tag gang of Underdogs cross into the Forbidden Zone on the Broome coastline in a desperate bid to locate their missing friend, Sai Fong who has disappeared without a trace.

STEVE GOES TO CARNIVAL (2016) by Joshua Button and Robyn Wells A joy-filled story about a jazz-loving

A NATIONAL BEST-SELLER Award-winning author, Bruce Pascoe puts forward a compelling argument for a reconsideration of the ‘huntergatherer’ label for pre-colonial Aboriginal Australians in DARK EMU. The evidence insists that Aboriginal people right across the continent were using domesticated plants, sowing, harvesting, irrigating and storing – behaviours inconsistent with the hunter-gatherer tag.

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Raising dust Broome’s Rhythm & Ride Rodeo Campdraft is riding back into town in September, a unique Kimberley event for the whole family.


roome is the place where red dirt, white sand and turquoise water blend seamlessly, representing the melting pot of culture, people and pastimes that awaits visitors from across the globe. It’s a place where country and culture are the lifeblood of the local community; a beating heart that manifests every September with the sound of a roaring crowd, kids dressed as their rodeo idols and the sight of a focused horse and rider raising dust in the pursuit of the perfect ride. September is the time of year when spectators can feel the rhythm and competitors get ready to ride at Broome’s very own Rhythm & Ride – Rodeo Campdraft and Country Music event. Rhythm and Ride is developed and run by Saltwater Country Inc, a local Aboriginal-lead organisation that empowers Aboriginal people to improve their social, emotional and economic wellbeing. In doing so, it creates opportunities for community involvement and development to deliver long-lasting self-determined positive


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

change for the whole community. Rhythm & Ride is an authentic Kimberley experience lead by local Aboriginal people to provide an entertainment platform showcasing art, culture, food, sporting prowess and musical talent. The weekend opens with a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony conducted by the Yawuru People, the traditional owners of the Broome area. This unique experience is a taste of the authentic Aboriginal experience available in Broome and at the two-day event. Rhythm & Ride is a jam-packed two days

giving spectators the opportunity to see junior and senior competitors testing their limits and vying for prize money, buckles and points on the way to the Australian Bushmens’ Campdraft and Rodeo Association national finals in Tamworth, New South Wales. On Friday, the event features a campdraft followed by a family fun day with free-form kids’ activities, including youth musicians, pony rides and face painting to name just a few. With the adrenaline rush continuing on Saturday, the suspense builds with each visitbroome.com.au

AUTHENTIC DAY OUT Join the Rhythm & Ride Rodeo Campdraft and Country Music event for an unforgettable outback experience.

event towards the Open Bull Ride where the winner secures a wild card entry into a Pro Bull Riders event. After celebrating the winners it’s then your turn to show off your skills on the dance floor under a dark starry sky to the soundtrack of Kimberley country music. An innovative, diverse and inclusive event, Rhythm & Ride is not just your average rodeo. It seeks to give back to the community on all levels and create a rite of passage for our young people with performance, employment and training. A ticket to Rhythm & Ride is a ticket to celebrate with our community; a way for you to experience and support authentic experiences focused on people and culture, so buy a ticket. You know you want to. Visit saltwatercountry.com.au

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


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Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20

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Kimberley Wilderness Lodges F O R S E L F - D R I V E T R AV E L L E R S Boasting the best locations and offering a touch of luxury, APT’s unmatched network of private wilderness lodges are the perfect indulgence in the Kimberley. • Located at the Bungle Bungle Range, Mitchell Falls and Bell Gorge • Includes full breakfast, three-course dinner and spacious tented cabin with private ensuite and front deck • Lodges are open seasonally from May to September Ask about our special deals




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TO CABLE BEACH FROM CABLE BEACH 7.23am- 8.53am- Bus departs at minutes 7.23am- 8.53amBus departs at minutes 7.10pm 6.40pm 7.10pm 6.40pm past the hour: past the hour: .23 .53 .45 .15 Forrest St (Fong’s) CABLE BEACH .24 .54 .47 .17 Town Beach Club Vill. CB Caravan Park .25 .55 .48 .18 Town Beach / Museum Frangipani Resort .26 .56 .49 .19 Mercure Inn Oppo Oaks Cable Beach Blue Seas/CB Backpackers .50 Matso’s / Moonlight Bay .27 .57 .20 .51 .21 .28 .58 Mangrove Hotel Willie Creek Pearls Divers Tav – Murray Rd .52 .22 CHINATOWN .30 .00 .53 .23 Bali Hai/Kimb Sands - DAMPIER TCE .32 .02 Cnr Cable Beach Rd & Visitor Centre - Gubinge Road .33 .03 .24 .54 Court House Boulevard Shops .35 .05 .25 .55 - Charles Road - Reid Road .37 .25 .07 .55 Bme-Time Accm & Art .56 Cnr Cable Beach Rd & .26 Broome Aquatic Centre - Reid Road Boulevard Shops .38 .08 .28 .58 .00 .38 .08 .30 Sun Cinemas - Charles Road .39 .09 - Gubinge Road Murray Rd CHINATOWN .42 .12 .03 .45 .15 .33 - SHORT ST CABLE BEACH CB Caravan Park Mangrove Hotel .47 .17 .05 .35 Frangipani Resort .06 .48 .18 .36 Matso’s / Moonlight Bay Oppo Oaks Cable Beach Mercure Inn .07 .49 .19 .37 Blue Seas/CB Backpackers .50 .08 .20 .38 Town Beach / Museum Town Beach Club Vill. .51 .21 .09 .39 Willie Creek Pearls Divers Tav – Murray Rd .52 .22 .10 .40 Forrest St/Terminus ALL BUSES GO TO CHINATOWN AND CABLE BEACH. First bus from May-mid October extends to GANTHEAUME POINT. Great for a morning walk along Cable Beach (approx. 5km). Please take a hat & water bottle.


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Located just splashing distance from the pristine shores of Cable Beach, RAC Cable Beach Holiday Park combines Broome’s finest location with comfortable accommodation to suit all travellers. We are the ideal place to relax, with tropical landscaped gardens and all the necessary amenities for your next northern getaway. Relax around our sparkling swimming pool, enjoy a game of minigolf or stroll to Cable Beach at sunset.



Adults ......$4.00 Child ........$2.00 Conc. ........$2.00 CONCESSION FARES Available only to Australian Pension & Senior Cards, WA Health and Student Cards. Present when boarding.

#with specials from local businesses

Call 1800 871 570 or visit racparksandresorts.com.au *Terms and conditions apply. Discount varies according to season. See website for full details.

See onboard or bebus.com.au for special event timetables

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#1 WAY TO SEE BROOME Servicing all major accommodation, Cable Beach, Chinatown, Town Beach

7 DAYS A WEEK Look for our timetables at your hotel reception


See the sights We can help with our great range of vehicles, one way and long term rentals, 24-hour roadside assistance, maps and local advice. 08 9193 7712 thrifty.com.au Broome Airport broome@rentacar.com.au

Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Your next Broome adventure awaits Situated within walking distance from Cable Beach and an array of cafĂŠs and restaurants, Mantra Frangipani is the perfect base to discover more in Broome. What are you waiting for?

To book, call 13 15 17 or visit mantra.com.au/frangipani


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20



CALL 0401 877 488 Full Day Creek/River Fishing Half Day Creek Fishing Half Day Mud Crabbing

Whale Watching Sunset Cruises Private Functions

Full Day Reef Fishing Full Day Game Fishing Full Day Reef + Game Fishing


ce Broome Embra WITH OAKS

For stunning resort accommodation in the heart of Broome’s iconic Roebuck Bay stay at Oaks Broome to explore museums, markets, pearls and more. Or retreat pool side at Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary, just metres from the golden sands and beautiful sunsets of Cable Beach.

BOO K TODAY oakshotels.com 13 62 57


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Broome Visitor Guide | 2019/20


Visit our Broome Boutique Live Pearl Harvest Demonstrations Free pearl appreciation sessions Huge pearling history timeline Free pearling documentary

AUSTR ALIA’ S PRE MIE R PE ARL FARM EXPE RIE NCE AND M UCH MORE The original Australian owned pearl farm - Broome’s most authentic experience Day trips available - visit us via land, air or sea Stay a night on the pristine Kimberley coast in our farm stay accommodation Feel the power of the world’s largest tropical tides on our Sea Safaris Learn about the ancient Indigenous art of Riji - pearl shell carving Pearls from the very waters they are grown - unparalleled authenticity and guaranteed treatment free P E A R L S | P E A R L I N G TO U R S | S E A SA FA R I S | C U LT U R A L E X P E R I E N C E S | C A M P I N G & G L A M P I N G | D I N I N G





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