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Issue 19 · June/July 2013


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The spirit of Premier: our people; our innovations! Dear Reader, 03 COVER STORY

We celebrate the power of innovation in this issue of Premier Today. Innovation… the word brings to mind many things; mostly, the vision of something improved, something superior, something sustainable and something life-changing. Innovation is the backbone of any business, but here, at Premier, innovation is our lifeblood.




Read our cover story to discover how the iSuggest scheme has evolved as a stepping stone to innovation, bringing forth some brilliant initiatives. Learn how the Engineering Division’s unique skill set has set Premier apart to become a leading supplier for the Delhi metro bogie chassis, why the Automobile Division is considered a pioneer in the auto industry in so many different ways, and how Premier’s CNC Machines Division altered the PVM40 (our prize Vertical Machining centre) to adhere it to customers' specific requirements. We hope you enjoy the cover story.






26 E N G I N E E R I N G

A Quarterly Newsletter


Issue 19 | June/July 2013

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Premier Today, a quarterly newsletter, is printed and published by Erica deSouza on behalf of Premier Ltd. Premier Today is printed and published at Spenta Multimedia, Peninsula Spenta, Mathuradas Mill Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai – 400013. The views and opinions expressed or implied in Premier Today are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Spenta Multimedia or Premier Ltd. Unsolicited articles and transparencies are sent in at the owner’s risk and the publisher accepts no liability for loss or damage. Material in this publication may not be reproduced, whether in part or in whole, without the consent of Spenta Multimedia or Premier Ltd.

In this issue, we also introduce you to our Junior Editors — a team of highly motivated, spirited individuals who will work with the editorial team of this magazine to offer you content that is current, relevant and very exciting. And in The Sunset Club, read about how two visionaries transformed the humble Premier FIAT 1100 into a gleaming sports car, the SB1100, solely with their determination and boundless creativity. As always, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your acknowledgement and appreciation. Just as a magazine needs its readers, we, too, need your constant support and encouragement to achieve greater heights with this publication. We hope you will continue to contribute with your ideas and suggestions, and make this magazine everything it was conceptualised to be. We look forward to receiving your feedback at ericadesouza@premier.co.in. Cheers, Ms. Erica deSouza, Head – Corporate Communication, Premier Ltd.




The word innovation can be interpreted in different ways depending on an individual’s perspective. An innovation could be a new method of production, a new idea not thought of before or one that didn’t exist, a new product or technology invention, or simply a long-term commitment to a dream. Either way, an innovation introduces a new vein of thinking into the process, unifying concepts that often appear to be opposed while solving problems that appear impregnable. In other words, it means creating value by implementing new ideas. At Premier, innovation stands for discovery, experimentation, development, simulation and adoption of new products, processes and organisation set-ups. In the following pages, you will get a glimpse of the entire gamut of innovations at Premier. From the company’s in-house employee suggestion scheme to innovations across divisions and an emphasis on creating human resource value to all employees, what becomes immediately apparent is that Premier believes in innovation for the sake of improvement and not just differentiation. It is a significance we hold very dear to our hearts.


Innovation is in the DNA of Premier. The iSuggest in-house employee suggestion scheme aims at promoting talent and lateral thinking, where the ideas generated could be either technical or non-technical. The innovation in Human Resources includes diverse initiatives such as a one-of-its-kind open canteen in the industrial belt of Pune and women’s empowerment forums — an innovative first in manufacturing companies not having a large proportion of women. Read more on pages 4–9 and 13.


Fifty years of constant innovation is the strength of the CNC Machines Division. From a newly redesigned PVM40 machine to introducing a worldclass autoloader on gear-cutting machines, a series of new products being constantly developed and a spanking Design and Technology Centre in Bengaluru to develop them in, this division has it all. Premier’s Engineering Division constantly strives to enter new industries. The employees’ innovative spirit and strong research base, Kaizen practices being implemented, and big ‘wow’ projects being acquired has led to this division’s continuous success. Read more on pages 11 and 12.


Two important footnotes characterise Premier in the annals of automotive history: Premier was a pioneer in the automotive industry by being one of the country’s first automotive companies. Premier also entered the new segment of compact SUVs at a time when no other automobile company had the foresight to, and today, every automobile company has either entered the segment or is planning to do so. This gives you an idea of how forward-thinking Premier’s Automotive Division is. Read more on page 10.




The iSuggest

One of Premier's most enterprising ideas is the iSuggest in-house employee suggestion scheme to recognise, acknowledge and award innovation. Here, we take you through a detailed and in-depth look at all the various facets of iSuggest, and how the bold move of a bottom-up approach leads to innovation on various levels. iSuggest is widely popular in the organisation. Employees understand the importance and significance of a system that encourages suggestions from the bottom up, and are happy to contribute. iSuggest is, therefore, truly a scheme by the people for the people.

Suggestion received and form submitted by dropping it in a suggestion box, on the website or via email

Suggestor receives an ‘insta’ reward in the form of a pen

Filtering of suggestions takes place

The iSuggest Flow of Events The iSuggest Flow of Events Th Flow of Events The iSuggest Flow of Events The iSuggest Fl Flow of Events iSuggest Flow of Events iSuggest Flow of Ev

(L–R) Mr. R. V. Gholap, Mr. S. R. Iparkar, Mrs. Prajakta Dhorje, Mr. S. D. Joshi, Mrs. P. A. Bhoi, Mr. R. H. Auti and Mr. A. G. Shinde.


• Collects suggestions from the iSuggest e-portal and iSuggest drop boxes, and feeds them into the iSuggest portal, where each suggestion is given a unique identification code using SAP. • Passes the suggestions on to the concerned divisions, keeps the Core Team updated, and coordinates with the Implementation and Marketing teams.



(L–R) Mr. Akash Sharma, Mr. S. R. Kamble, Mrs. P. S. Shinde, Mr. J. S. Patil, Mr. A. B. Mane, Ms. K. N. Paigude, Mr. A. G. Muragod, Mr. A. A. Deshpande, Mrs. S. S. Chavan and Mr. P. P. Joshi.


• As the primary touch point for all the employees contributing to iSuggest, the team acknowledges, recognises and rewards ideas. • Promotes the scheme at the grass-root level.

Phenomenon Aditya Deshpande, iSuggest Marketing Team, shares a suggestion given by Mr. Jamadar.


The iSuggest in-house employee suggestion scheme cannot work without the support of two main groups — the employees who give their suggestions and the employees who examine them. Meet the people behind Premier’s in-house employee suggestion scheme. In addition to the Administration, Marketing and Implementation teams, there is also a Core Team, which overseas the programme, takes key decisions on important ideas, and organises regular training sessions to ensure smoothly running processes. Seen here is an iSuggest training session in progress, conducted at the factory to understand whether suggestions can be deemed implementable or not.

ts The iSuggest Flow of Events The iSuggest Flow of Events st Flow of Events The iSuggest Flow of Events The iSuggest of Events The iSuggest Flow of Events The iSuggest Flow of The Implementation Team evaluates the accepted suggestion within 15 days and appraises the iSuggest Marketing Team of the status

If a suggestion is deemed implementable, it is adopted by the Implementation Team

If the suggestion is feasible to implement, the Suggestor of the implemented suggestion will be rewarded. Suggestors are thus rewarded in the first week of every quarter.

(L–R; Sitting) Mr. P. G. Salunkhe, Mr. P. V. Kale, Mr. S. D. Joshi, Mr. M. D. Pawar and Mr. M. J. Desai (Standing) Mr. S. B. Navgire, Mr. N. G. Sardesai, Mr. G. S. Satav, Mr. Keshav Kalasappanavar, Mr. Sudhanshu Yadav, Mr. B. V. Thete, Mr. R. R. Jain, Mr. S. S. Lokhande, Mr. J. G. Junghare, Mr. S. S. Ambe and Mr. S. B. Mehendale.

IMPLEMENTATION TEAM • Scrutinises suggestions mutually with the help of individual department heads and decides whether to implement, appreciate or reject suggestions, keeping concerned employees in the loop. • Implements suggestions and documents savings in cost or improvement in quality in the iSuggest portal.








The magnetic conveyor belt made by Mr. Chavan.

Mr. G. B. Chavan, Automotive Division, at his work station.

The drilling SPM machine used during the machining of cylinder blocks emits fine dust particles, which, when mixed with cutting oil, led to the contaminated oil being discarded. It was Mr. G. B. Chavan who suggested that we do something else. A hands-on machine operator in the auto machining line, he understands how a small difference can make a big impact. Mr. Chavan suggested using a magnetic conveyor belt, wherein the dust particles can stick to the belt and the oil that

is filtered can be free of impurities. This suggestion reduces the usage of fresh oil from three barrels to one. Also, due to the dust particles mixed in the oil, machine maintenance was taking up to two days. Now, with the use of this magnetic conveyor belt, this has been reduced to one day per month, giving the workers one more day of productive work, and also increasing the purity of the oil. This suggestion is currently being implemented in the iSuggest flow of things and is one of the winning suggestions.


In today’s high-waste world, Premier took an ecofriendly leap for its CNC Machines with environmentfriendly packaging that is aligned with international packaging standards. Premier has also pioneered the use of alternative resources in packaging heavy machinery. In addition to these noteworthy actions, Mr. Sachin Awate, Assistant Manager – Supply Chain Management, Automotive Division gave the bright idea of reusing scrap material to create wooden boxes for the packaging of windshield glass, boxes that were earlier sourced from outside. His idea has helped the Automotive Division reduce the cost incurred on each box.

“Reduce, reuse and recycle should become the watchwords of every family and company in India” – Sachin Awate



Some energy-conservation ideas given by Percentage of employees Premier employees: polled who had the opinion • Installing new energy-efficient T5 lights and that energy conservation and transparent sheets for added natural light in water conservation should be a priority for everyone. the RiO assembly line. • Educating employees through on-the-job training to use electrical energy efficiently. • Setting up of a new Effluent Treatment Plant (EFT) system for the separation of waste oil and coolant.



In a far-reaching, environment-conscious move, Premier decided to use reflecting top sheets on the roof to allow natural light to enter the factory. Not only does this result in decreased electricity bills during the day, it also brings nature’s warmth and innate energy to the employees.


OUR HERO OF INNOVATIONS AT PREMIER Aditya Deshpande in Premier's Design department.

Aditya Deshpande is a qualified Mechanical Engineer from Pune University, and his interests lie in cutting tool technology, jigs and fixtures, metallurgy and design optimisation. At Premier, he is an Application Executive in the CNC Machines Division. His job is in pre-sales, where he studies the customer’s machining needs and gives them a complete solution as per their requirements. He then also assists with the setting up of the machine. In the true spirit of innovation, Aditya Deshpande has carried out two remarkable initiatives: Aditya Deshpande’s mother, Vandana Anil Deshpande, teaches the correct pronunciation and meaning of the Bhagvad Gita to her students. When one of their relatives in Solapur wished to learn the same, Aditya came up with the idea of using Gtalk (an interactive chat messenger employing voice technology) to communicate. This enabled his mother to explain the meaning and gauge pronunciations for not only this relative but also other students. Through his spirit for innovation, Aditya has helped open the floodgates of opportunity for his mother and helped her to spread her knowledge. Aditya also helped his younger cousin with her final project. Together, they worked out a way to explain the AC/DC concept of a battery, which is simple in theory but difficult to see in reality. Aditya helped visualise the concept by using a good conductor of electricity, such as copper, and exposing it to a changing magnetic field. All that was required in this demonstration was a simple cell, safety clips and copper coil. Through this project, students, parents and teachers at the school were able to grasp the concept much more easily, and the project received many accolades.



Aditya Deshpande’s expertise lies in IT, engineering and photography. He plays badminton and cricket in his free time, is an avid traveller who enjoys trekking, and loves experimenting with photography. He says his inspirations are his father and Rahul Dravid, which tells you a little more about the kind of person Aditya would like to grow up to be.

Aditya Deshpande with his mother, who now uses Gtalk to teach Sanskrit.

Aditya Deshpande's depiction of the AC/DC concept of a battery.


Mr. Jamadar, CNC Machines Division, working on the PHA 250.

The PHA 250 STD and EGB machines are gear cutting machines that utilise 24 core cables for connecting the display screen, known as the pendent, and the panel, which is used to input the programme. This bulky arrangement reduced the aesthetics of the machine. Mr. Jamadar, a shop floor electrician, suggested that we use input and output connections in the pendent. Thus, by using MCP


In March, we asked more than 400 employees for innovative ways to save paper that would benefit the company and the environment.

connector CM68 and CM69, we eliminated the use of the cables, reducing cost and the time taken for assembly and maintenance, as well as improving the aesthetics of the machine. This suggestion is currently being implemented in the iSuggest flow of things. This is a winning suggestion and has helped Premier save a substantial amount each year.



It was also decided to organise a special ‘filing training’, which would explain to employees the different methods of filing, indexing and Percentage of organising data. This would make the retrieval employees polled “Reduce the number of printers in office and who suggested of certain documents easier, eliminating the make everyone accountable for their paper going paperless. need to take fresh prints. Premier has also usage. To motivate people, award the person employed the use of video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings, helping to conserve with the least usage every month.” – Ms. Neelam Khadgi, Executive – Marketing, Automotive Division resources and minimise the use of paper. In 2012, when a proposal was initiated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs putting forward the idea of sending “Urge employees to print on both sides of the a soft copy of the Company Annual Report to its page, at least for internal documents. Reuse or shareholders instead of a hard copy, Premier Ltd. was one recycle office paper as much as possible. Assign of the first companies to reach out to their shareholders to ask them to adopt this paperless plan of action. a paper drawer for this kind of once-used paper.

Whenever possible, make use of emails instead of sending letters.” – Ms. Prema Ojha, Manager, Secretarial and Legal

If you would like to receive an e-copy of the Premier Today journal, kindly write to us. It will be a significant step in reducing your carbon footprint.





Mr. Raut, Engineering Division, working on the vertical turning lathe machine with his fixture.

With his technical knowledge and perseverance, Mr. Raut, Manager, Engineering Division managed to save the Company a significant amount of money annually, in addition to saving crucial production time. He did the following remarkable things: • With the help of a rejected stator ring and some scrap components, he built a fixture for assembling the components of windmill steel parts, initially outsourced by the Company. • He also recommended a process upgrade and the use of the ‘turning process’ (where the cutting tool is stationary and the component rotates around it) as opposed to the ‘milling process’ (where the component is stationary and the cutting tool rotates).

The results: • These changes reduced both, the time consumed and costs incurred. • Earlier, each component set would take two days for manufacturing, but due to the new process implementation and technology upgrade, four or five sets can now be manufactured every day.

“I have never seen or did not think of such a great idea in my engineering career. His background research and experimentation before presenting to the top management was commendable.” – Mr. P. G. Salunkhe, General Manager, Engineering Division

INNOVATION IN ENGINEERING The Engineering Division, through its innovation, replaced the centre forging material with gas cut material from heavy thickness plates with same mechanical properties. Another innovation was the replacement of Lincoln Electric with Ador Welding for the total welding consumables requirement. Both innovations helped save a considerable amount every year. Regen supporting structure.




RinnOvation On the innovations front, no other company can boast of as illustrious and innovative a history as Premier, or, as it was known earlier, Premier Automobiles Limited. Premier was one of the first Indian companies to start manufacturing automobiles in collaboration with Chrysler Corporation USA. The first car rolled out of its Kurla factory in 1948. Subsequently, Premier has had several collaborations/joint ventures with FIAT, Nissan and Peugeot among others. In 2009, Premier launched the RiO. This led to yet another pioneering move — the creation of the Compact SUV market in India, as yet a completely unexplored segment.

“They say markets are not created, but identified, and the Premier RiO seems like it intends to live up to that formula.” – Kyle Pereira, BS Motoring “The Premier RiO can be easily credited with starting the Compact SUV segment in India. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that the new segment is one of the fastest growing markets in the Indian auto sector.” – Yatharth Singh Chauhan, Motoroids The RiO comes with the lineage and technological expertise of Daihatsu, the oldest Japanese car manufacturer, and is manufactured by the Zotye Group, China. Assembled in India with an Italian powertrain and engine, and having a Portuguese name, the RiO is truly a global product addressing local road conditions.

“The RiO is a value-for-money people mover and the 1.3-litre diesel engine delivers decent performance and fuel efficiency.” – Zigwheels

To make the RiO a success, instead of focusing on an initial high investment requiring high break-even volumes and a longer gestation period, Premier purchased welded and painted bodies of the RiO, thus saving the costs of press tooling, welding shop and paint shop. Existing components were used after re-engineering to avoid huge vendor tooling costs, and the technology cost was avoided by finetuning aggregates through in-house engineering, avoiding technology costs. The implementation of this innovative RiO business model ensured low fixed investments, low break-even volumes, reduced business risk and a shorter gestation period.


Premier is renowned for its R&D skills, especially in the automotive segment, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the engine of the RiO. From a 1,527 cc naturally aspirated engine producing a torque of 90 Nm and power of 55 BHP, the engine is now a 1,489 cc turbo-charged diesel engine that successfully churns out a torque of 152 Nm and power of The turbo-charged engine. 65 BHP. The emission type was also changed from Bharat Stage II to Bharat Stage III at a time when III was the norm. Different types of gearboxes were also used for different engines. All these innovations were achieved by in-house talent using frugal, adoptive and reverse engineering. Integration of Japanese (Daihatsu) Technology with European Technology (FIAT Multijet engine): • The RiO is basically Japanese technology (Daihatsu chassis) with Japanese petrol engines (Mitsubishi). • There was a need to integrate this vehicle with a compact diesel engine and optimise its performance for Indian roads. • This total integration was mastered by Premier’s in-house engineering team.



Children from Apne Aap Women's Collective (AAWC) benefiting with a traffic safety camp sponsored from the profit of one RiO.

The Premier RiO.



Innovations in

CNC Machines

Premier supplies machines not only in India but also across the globe to Brazil and Germany, and is gearing up to target USA, Mexico, Turkey, East Asia, Italy and Russia. The drive for innovation and the zeal with which each engineer works is the stepping stone to this goal.

Images from Premier's Design and Technology Centre, Bengaluru.

Premier’s 8,000-sq. foot Design and Technology Centre in Bengaluru is characterised by innovation. It can accommodate a total strength of 80–100 people, including 40 design engineers. This is a fast-growing team excelling in the design and creation of new, innovative and highly sophisticated CNC machines, developing related software, developing special-purpose machines, and upgrading the technology of existing machine designs. The colours and spaces at this centre provide an environment conducive for piecing together ideas and creating the perfect product. With refreshing architectural design elements, areas for brainstorming, and the Think Wall — a mural in vibrant colours and textures — the spirit of innovation flows in the veins of every engineer, nurturing the drive to excel.


• CNC Gear Hobbing Machines with ring-type Autoloader 6th Axis with tailstock as Servo Axis (7th Axis) • CNC VTL Machine with continuous C Axis • CNC Vertical Machining Centre with a totally new design • Special Purpose Machine with a totally new design suitable for the Connecting Rod Boring Operation


An autoloader is a CNC technology aid that cuts down production cost but reduces nonproductive time per work piece, eliminating manual intervention of component handling. Using Total Productive Maintenance, Premier has introduced a world-class, two-station, ring-type autoloader on gear-cutting machines that is accurate, reliable, cost-effective, increases quality and reduces operator fatigue. A machine with an autoloader is useful to serve across industries such as aerospace, automobile, power generation, textile machinery, railways and defence.



Percentage of machine down-time reduced due to the CNC autoloader innovation

Key Characteristics: • Work piece loading/unloading from conveyor to machine table has an optimised cycle time of 1.5 seconds with a double-gripper arrangement placed at 1800 on ring gear. • Mechanical clamping and hydraulic unclamping of gripper ensures that no hydraulic elements rotate. This increases reliability and safety during an operation. • Operations are sequenced by electrical signals to avoid system malfunction.


PVM40 is one of Premier's star machines, at par with latest technologies and developed to cater to the machining requirements of automation, tool room and other suitable die-and-mould applications. Premier’s highly dedicated team soon realised that there was a small issue with the customer demand of using a standard, fixed, oversized tool or to use a uniquely shaped tool with the existing machine structure. To solve this hurdle permanently, the Sinumerik 802D software was designed. Advantages of Sinumerik 802D : • Custom screens, developed with the help of tool change recovery are more easily handled, Siemens, make the machine sophisticated and especially in the case of power failure or more user-friendly memory loss • Highest possible degree of performance and • Certified safety functions for man and machine flexibility for complex multi-axis systems • Increased operator convenience • Functions of tool updating, tool change and • Reduced man hours



128 Maximum number of tools that can be created in the tool offset page as a result of this innovation



Innovations in


Catering to a diversified customer base, Premier's Engineering Division handles projects to supply components for a variety of critical operations, such as fabrication, machining, shot blasting, metallising and painting. Over the years, the division has become a leading supplier of heavy engineering parts. The strengths of the division include an everincreasing thirst to explore new business opportunities, the team’s dedication to innovation at a micro-level, and the use of novel technologies. With the vision of becoming a global wind turbine parts supplier, the Engineering Division has obtained memberships to American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and Indian Wind Power Association (IWPA). FAST FACT


In 2011–12, Premier’s Engineering Division entered a new segment by supplying the bogie chassis of the Delhi Metro for BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited). Premier is now heavily investing in upgrading its plant infrastructure by setting up a new bay to cater to customisations specifically required by BEML. BEML selected Premier as their partner of choice because Premier's Engineering Division... • Has the capability and potential to perform all critical operations involved in the manufacturing of bogie frames. • Is a one-stop solution for the execution of this order, with its in-house facilities for fabrication, machining, CMM, painting and NDT test-carrying facilities. • Has the capabilities, design expertise and requisite toolings developed for fabrication, machining and painting. • Can coordinate with a measuring machine of size 4x3x2 metres, which is bigger in this industrial zone, to ensure all parameters, drawing dimensions and geometrical tolerances.

BEML bogie frame machining.

“We have the scope to become an identified supplier for metro bogie frames in India and overseas, as our quality is up to the mark and our inspection process is thorough.” – Mr. K. G. Rathi, Vice President, Engineering




Premier employees working on the metro bogie chassis



Millions of people using the Delhi Metro daily


274 Bogie frame order recently received, of which 224 have already been supplied


Kaizen implementation in the BEML bogie chassis production line.

Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement in working practices or personal efficiency. The implementation of Kaizen in the BEML metro bogie chassis production line has led to the following advantages: • All welding operations are being carried out with sophisticated tools and fixtures • Safe working conditions, as the component is clamped



in a fixture • High productivity due to no operator fatigue • Less percentage of rework in welding • No distortion after welding • Effective utilisation of crane • Uniformity maintained in welding bead, as welding is done in 1G and 1F position

Innovations in

Human Resources

All our HR initiatives — including building an airy canteen where workers and managers can eat together, offering and implementing a Voluntary Retirement Scheme, and introducing policies to encourage and nurture women employees — have been recognised and appreciated by those within and outside the Company.




The best in the industrial belt of Pune, Premier’s state-of-the-art canteen facility acts as a leveller between the senior management and the workers, as it is a common place where all the employees have their meals together. The canteen is equipped with an open kitchen and can accommodate 600 employees. In its two shifts, the canteen provides breakfast and a lunch buffet.

Child at Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth educated for every manager at Premier.


Premier was one of the few companies in India who offered the Voluntary Retirement Scheme to employees in 1993 and achieved tremendous success. A felicitation ceremony was held to thank employees for their long years of service.


3,200 Employees enjoy lunch at Premier's 600-seat canteen.


We have introduced several measures to help women employees in the company, including organising forums and conducting panel discussions to help women share their views and life stories, motivate each other, and lend a helping hand. While the figures currently show that 11% of the company comprises women, we aim at increasing this to 30%. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, RiO’s social media team designed a contest where participants were encouraged to share ideas on how the career woman could balance her professional and personal life. Participants had a chance to win: • iPad minis • iPod nano (7th generation) • Lots of other cool gifts from the Apple stable The best idea — of incorporating a beauty parlour and yoga class in the corporate space to save time and reduce stress respectively — came from Mr. Bhawani Sharan, Jharkhand.

Employees who smoothly transitioned into the scheme in 1993 from a total of 9,300 employees

Other excellent ideas were: • Eating healthy, investing wisely and working smartly • Introducing flexible hours • Granting paternal leave • Providing day care at work • Giving health and investment benefits Activities planned for the next quarter: • Image consulting workshop for all ladies • Dinner-a-missed-call-away service • Free financial advice from the company on how to save tax and where to invest money to get better returns in future • Inviting nutritionists to impart knowledge on how women can eat a balanced and healthy diet • Creating a Laughter Club; endorphins released during laughter relieve pain, reduce stress, and slow down ageing. • Organising drives to create awareness about various diseases such as breast cancer that affect the female population, and measures on how to prevent and control it.





Premier's emphasis on its CSR activities within the company and community has always been a source of great pride and reponsibility for the company. From nurturing education to employee welfare, protecting the environment and making dreams come true, Premier does it all. lives of 10 young scholars undergo an orbital A STEPPING STONE TO SUCCESS The change with the Vinod Doshi-COEP Merit Scholarship.

A group photograph of the Vinod Doshi-COEP scholars at Essel World.

Vinod Doshi-COEP scholars enjoy their day.

“I am unable to express the delight and lightness I felt on receiving this scholarship. This has opened the doors of education and given a bright future for my cousin as well, as my uncle will now be able to concentrate his finances on her education.” – Sachin Ghait

ENCOURAGING ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Premier helps aspiring minds through the Vinod Doshi Shikshan Yojna. Every year, the Vinod Doshi Shikshan Yojna is given to 10 meritorious employees or children of employees so that they can pursue higher studies. This year, the portfolio of the recipients ranged from aspiring architects to management graduates, with two recipients being Premier employees themselves. Aspiring engineer Sonal Temgire was bestowed the award for the second time, while 15-year-old Aniket Gawali’s life took a complete turnaround when he was awarded a prize of Rs. 75,000 as part of the Vinod Doshi Shikshan Yojna.

“I could not believe my ears when I heard that Aniket received this scholarship. This has reduced my stress considerably and has made my son more responsible towards his education. I was speechless at the prize distribution ceremony. I am unable to express my gratitude towards the Company.” – Mr. S. R. Gawali, proud father of Aniket Premier Today


The Vinod Doshi-COEP Merit Scholarship felicitates deserving students who demonstrate academic excellence, taking care of their complete educational needs over a four-year-long Engineering degree. Each year, more than 100 students apply for this scholarship, and after a rigorous screening process, the 10 most-deserving students are selected. This year the scholars were Akshata Rajput, Akshay Bhilwade, Sachin Ghait, Amit Balwan, Amruta Raskar, Kajal Deshmukh, Karamvir Chavan, Rathin Deshpande, Rohit Muttepwar and Shraddha Gajjewar. Scholars get the opportunity to participate in buddy-mentor programmes at Premier during their internship and personal development training on interview skills. To encourage interaction between the scholars, Premier organised a fun outing at Essel World on March 16, 2013 for all 30 Vinod Doshi-COEP scholars so that they could enjoy themselves and take a break from their Engineering studies. A welcome break from regular work, the day brought the entire team together.

The Proud Premier Parent Mr. Natvar Khuman Mr. N. K. Temgire Mr. S. G. Khilare Mr. S. R. Gawali Mr. N. M. Godbole

Award Recipients Hemant Sonal Smita Aniket Rushikesh

Mr. P. R. Sane Mr. V. M. Kante Mr. R. T. Dhuri Mr. Tushar Sapkale Ms. Pranali Shinde

Dipti Chinmay Mayuri (Self) (Self)

Mr. Natvar Khuman with his son, Hemant.



Premier does its bit with the annual blood donation camp.

A DREAM COMES TRUE Premier collaborates with Make-A-Wish India.

With increasing concerns regarding the shortage of blood supply in India, Premier employees collaborated with Sahyadri Hospital, Pune to organise its annual blood donation camp. The camp took place at the Company’s state-of-the-art factory premises in Chinchwad, Pune, where medical practitioners from Sahyadri Hospital monitored the process for safe and effective donation. With more than 120 units of blood being donated, the camp received an overwhelming response.

Eleven-year-old Prerna Chavan had been ailing from a life-threatening medical condition for more than three months. When asked about her most cherished desire, she said she

Prerna Chavan enjoys a boat ride on her birthday. (Inset) With the Make-A-Wish plaque.

Premier employees actively participate in the annual blood donation camp.

AN ODE TO WOMEN ACHIEVERS Premier celebrates International Women’s Day in style.

On March 8, 2013, Premier Ltd. recognised the vital role women play in today’s world. At the plant, President M. D. Adhikari expressed his respect towards women who contribute to the industry, lauding them for effectively balancing their work and personal life. The event saw a special screening of a women-themed movie, followed by a discussion in which women voiced their opinions on empowerment. The ladies at the corporate office had their share of celebrations too. They spent the day aboard a sailboat organised for them to celebrate Women's Day. On February 16, 2013, women in Premier's corporate office also participated in an all-women's bowling championship. This event saw participation from more than 63 corporate offices and 130 participating teams. Ms. Erica deSouza, Ms. Jheel Kacharia, Ms. Alysia D’souza and Ms. Spenta Shroff represented Team Premier at the event, reaching the quarter-final round.

hoped to spend her birthday on a boat. So, on March 14, 2013, the Vinod and Saryu Doshi Trust joined hands with Make-A-Wish Foundation of India to realise the young girl’s wish. On her special day, Prerna and her family reached the Gateway of India to find a splendid 50-foot yacht waiting to be sailed. The young girl’s excitement was clearly palpable as she explored the yacht and enjoyed the experience that was so close to her heart.

“This experience will go a long way, not only for the child but also for her family, who are still coping from the fact that their daughter/sister/cousin suffers a life-threatening illness.” – Ms. Sophia Falcao, Programme Co-ordinator

Premier women having a whale of a time on a sailboat on the occasion of International Women's Day. (Inset) Ms. Prajakta Dhorje receives her Women’s Day gift at the hands of Ms. Renuka Nair, Premier’s first woman General Manager.




RECOGNISING THE STARS OF TOMORROW Five emerging artists receive the Vinod Doshi Fellowship Award in Performing Arts. On February 12, 2013, five promising talents across Maharashtra were conferred the coveted Vinod Doshi Fellowship Award in Performing Arts at Gharkul Lawns, Pune. Every year, recipients are awarded Rs. 1 lakh each as a form of support while they focus on their creative aspirations.

“A significant feature of this Fellowship is that it is given on the basis of the recipient’s contribution to theatre.” – Satish Alekar, Marathi playwright, actor and theatre director.

Every issue, we will introduce you to one of the five emerging artists who have received the Vinod Doshi Fellowship Award in Performing Arts. Watch this space for the profiles of the others. This issue, meet Shruti Vyas, who has been actively involved in Hindi and English experimental theatre and has participated in the Prithvi Theatre Festival. Her plays Jake’s Women and Shehanshah of Azeemo are still running successfully to packed auditoriums.

(L–R) Shruti Vyas, Gagan Riar, Sunil Shanbag, Satish Alekar, G. P. Deshpande, Ashok Kulkarni, Parna Pethe, Om Bhutkar and Umesh Jagtap.

PLAYING IT OUT The stage comes alive at the 5th Annual Vinod Doshi Memorial Theatre Festival. Held in Pune from February 25 to March 1, 2013 to celebrate former Chairman Vinod Doshi’s passion for theatre, the 5th edition of the Annual Vinod Doshi Memorial Theatre Festival featured an eclectic mix of plays from established as well as budding directors. The five-day festival, which saw a full-house, showcased the critically acclaimed Piya Behrupiya, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night; Adhe Adhure, a ’60s classic that saw its director Lillete Dubey take the stage to perform the role of the protagonist; Abhishek Majumdar’s Gasha; and Sunil Shanbag’s presentation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, All’s Well That Ends Well. Girish Karnad’s Uney Purey Shahar Ek, directed by Mohit Talwar, saw its world premier at the festival being well-received by the audience, and the week came to its spectacular conclusion with Roysten Abel’s Flowers. On the whole, the festival was a roaring success and was attended by more than 250 theatre lovers.

Premier Today


Stills from Maro Piyu Gayo Rangoon (left) and Aadhe Adhure (right).

“Five years ago, my play Bikhre Bimb was invited to celebrate Vinod’s memory, where it was seen and picked up by Alyque Padamsee and taken on a tour round the world with Shabana Azmi in the main role. This year, the Vinod Doshi Festival in Pune concluded with my play, Uney Purey Shahar Ek, directed by Mohit Takalkar. The show was the play’s world premiere. And what a spectacular opening it proved! The response of the general audience to this new play established that within five years, the Vinod Doshi Festival had come to be recognised as the litmus test for first-rate theatre.” - Girish Karnad, writer, playwright, screenwriter, actor and movie director “The Vinod Doshi Theatre Memorial Festival sure continues to be a Mecca for theatre connoisseurs.” - Pune Mirror



Mr. Maitreya Doshi shares his knowledge.

Mr. Maitreya Doshi speaks at CII's 11th Manufacturing Summit 2012. Mr. Maitreya Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Premier Ltd. was part of a panel discussion at the 11th Manufacturing Summit 2012, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on December 17 and 18, 2012. At the event, which was attended by senior executives from several manufacturing companies, Mr. Doshi expressed his views on the competitive advantage of Indian manufacturing.

Mr. Maitreya Doshi hands over the diploma to a new management graduate.

Premier’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Maitreya Doshi, was invited to be the Chief Guest at the fourth convocation of MAEER’s MIT College of Management, held on December 8, 2012 at the institute’s Pune campus.

“...Mr. Doshi shared his personal experiences... [he] truly 2 ignited an entrepreneurial spark in many of æµÞ-‚ßour students.” – Prof. Soum Das, Faculty, MAEER’s MIT College of Management æÎ-çd¿ÞÏá-æ¿- Øí






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(L–R) Mr. Sumit Banerjee, Mr. Ranjeet Dalvi, Mr. R. Mukundan, Mr. Janmejaya Sinha, Mr. Maitreya Doshi and Mr. Vinod Sharma.

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MiD DAY, February 24, 2013

Pune Mirror, February 27, 2013


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Èß- ùß-çµ Îß-Ï Üß-Ï ¿-Ï-ù -BÞX- µ-Ýa dÉ-Ö-ØíÄ-ÎÞ-ÏÆàV-¸-ÏÞ-d 50 ¦-Ïß- çËÞZ-Áí µß-¿-AÞ-Èá-ÎÞ-Õá¢. -Äßß- dÉß-íx íxà-øß-çß-ÏÏÞØߢ-ØØ ØíçÉÞ-Ïá-íÜÎÞ-Ãí Üá-µí µâ-GÞ-Èá- -ùX-Ø Ü-Jí §-xÞ-- øà-Äß-ÏßW- Äá-¿¼ ¢,V.Ï-dL-ÕW-Aã-Ä- ùß-ÏV-Õcâ- Îß-ùV® í ©-I 200 Îß-í. 5Õ-Ü ‚ ïß-Îà-xí ¿-V-Ï - d·ì-Øà-I J æ¿- µÞøß-I Z- 50:-Ï-ùß-XÏ-xß-æ AÞ-- ¿Ïíº-ÏßWùß-çÏÞ-Èß-Ïá-Éáxá-µí Ðßß-Ý í Ëß-µ Aí ºææØ-Ø í ©dÖ-Îß-ß-Ï Þ-A -Äí:- ®Ä Ï-xí, ¿Þ-x, -ÄÄßµ-Õ-ù à-xV- d·ì-Ií Ðß-Ï Ü-Ø ù Î í . ¢Õcµ ç Ü ÞÉáÍ K ËßÞXæ¿áÏ Ü. í c¢ù K á¦V-1 ¢A A ¶ ßÞà Éß‚ È ® á¢Í Þßx µcâØGZ-í; ¥-çÄ-Îß-Ø Ì Øà- 205/70 ÕÞ-Ù ¥-Áí¼-ØíxíæÎ-aí ®-Kß-B-æÈ... Üïß-Î-Î-Ï¢, øá-K-Üá-µ {Þ-Ãí. §-í.ù®--A §-çMÞZ- Ü-ØW- ®X-¼ß-Èá-ÎÞ-Ï º-‡á-Kµá-Î-Äß-ææ{-µ-ø¢- ¯-Ýá-¦V-15 ææØ-xV. ¥-ÕßÏÞ-æÉÞº-çMÞ‡æá-Ü-K ®-ØíÏá-Õ Èá-É- 205/70 Ï¢.á-ùß-æç¿ù-Aá-Î-Äß-æ - ©-U- ¥-çÜÞ-Ïí á-ÕàW. çi-ß-Ï A-Õá¢- ¥-ß-Õ-Ïá-æ¿- É-Ü- çÎÞ-Á d·-¢, Øà-µ-Õ{200Þ-í ÜáÜà- Øí ¿-ÏÃí. §¼-xí Áàá-I Fá- Øà-xß--Ë-Ü¢. ÆàVA ÎØí ¸ í á-ËàW ÁùáÏ -Îá-Ií. 454 Þá-Îí- ËàWZ-Z. d ¹ ÄA { Ï xV- ÎZ-Gß-æ ß, æ×-ÕV-æÜ- ®-K ÄcÞ-Õ-Öc¢- ¥áí A È Î Þµ ßáád¿ÞæµÞø Üàç µ Ü U Ã Ï J Þ-Õá-K- Øà-xá-µ ÉßXÇÞÎ Øí ç ø ·á1.3 d¿Þ¢¹ ¿ Ø æa ©-UÜ-- ç¥í §-ÜÞ-Ïí ÕàW. ®-Ìß-® µZ. Ií. Ö-øß-ÏÎÞ-Þ-øÏ ßX. ·-¼ç ¥-ØÈá-µá-É- ¥-Þ-çÄ ¢- ®-ÜïÞ- çÎÞ--øc-Jß-Èá¢- ¦-Á¢-Ìí ¦-Ïß- çÕ-JßWÄ- ®X-¼ á-Äß-- ØáÎá- - ®-ùáøâ-µcâÇÞ-ß-ÈÄÉ-æGí;M-¥-¿çá-Ä-JAß-á-Ï Øà-xá-µZ- 50:-50 ¦-Ïß- çËÞZ-Áí æº-‡Þ¢, ÎáX-Z. á¢Éß-KßWØ ß-ß-µ íÏÕßWá-ß-Õ Øí Ø¢Øí Õ -ùß- ÜïÞ- çÎÞÇ á-çJ-µá-K í. çÌ-Ø Þ-ØíÈxß-¢-Ï®ßW- Äß-µ-‚Õ-Öc¢- ¥-d·-Øà-Õí Üáùß-çÏÞ- Øì-w Øà-xá-µÁ æK-ÏÞ-ÃAíß-ĵ-çøí.ÏÞá-K-ÄØ¢Ü Ýíº-ÏO áµ á-Õß- ÄZVA A ßÏ áí Î U Õ d·ßáI ø cÞÜ ß©í . ù¢-ïáµ¢-Þ-ÌÉØ Ä Ï ßá. ù Éá®á¢çÌÞ¥K Áß-Ïß-ææÜ-Èí ù-á-ϵß- -{á¢-Üïùâáá¢æ{-çMÞ-æÜ- Éß-Kß-çÜ-Aí º-øß-‚í µß-¿-AÞ-Èá-ÎÞ-Õ ÈW-µ Ë ß- ²-øá-Aß-Ïß-ø©-ß-AU KíW-ù-Ï ¿- æÉÞ-A-Õ-JßW- øâ-É-æM-¿á-JÈá-µ-{á¢- ùâ-Ë ßW- ùß-çÏÞ- Øì-w-øc-Jß-Èá¢- ¦-Á¢-Ì-ø-Jß-Èá-Î- ©ìß-Ïá-æÏ á¢. ¥Üá-µ-{á-æÎÞ-®-æùß-ØAíÏá-Õ®-ÎÞææÜçá-ùÞÉÞ-Ä ß-µ æOæÁ- µÞ-øc-BZÙÞ--øÏ È Î KÙ ßí øâÉ çÈÞFááÎ çÌÞ-Á IáØàß- Î--Õ ßÞ-Ï- ¥-íÈ Îx ç á¢ßÈÞÈ Ï áÏ É ù ßµ Þø ø Î ¢Þø Î ¯áÝ Üï áÖØàᢩìÕ . x ÌK ù ÞA WÉ ¢x í ÞXÈWïá dÖ-Îß-AÞ-J-Äßµß-Ïß-øß-Aá-K-Äí. çÌ-Øß-µí Ïß- çÕí øâÏß- çÏÞ-¼ß-Ií í Ð-Ø -ÎÞß-µ Aá- Þ-Ãß-á.Äí. d·ßÉß-ÜK ßWææÁ-È ·ïÞ-Ø -Ø ùÞá¢-ÏßW-æ¿-ÜÞ¢ÏÉßWæa ·á-Ã-Ë-Ü¢. æK-ÏK ÜÞ¢-Éí Ð-Øíx-ùá¢á¢- æ¿Iá-K- µÞ-øc-BZ- ²-øá-Aß-Ïß-øß-Aá-Ká. É-ÕV-¦æA- ®-Ïíç Üá-µ-{á-æÎÞ-ß-Aá-Ká. Éß-KßW- ·ï Øíxß-Ï-ùßÉß-KßW- Ü-ç·-¼í §-¿¢- ÇÞ-øÞ-{-Îá-Ií. 454 Üà-xV. ¥-Õ Ïß- çÏÞ-¼ ß-


æ¿- ææÜ-xá-Îá-Ií. Áß-Aß-ÏßW- ©-É-çÏÞ-·-dÉ-Æ-Î - ÕÜß-æÏÞ-øá- Ïâ-GßÜß-xß- çÌÞ-µíØí dµ-Îà-µ-øß-‚ß-Gá-Ií. ¦-Õ-Öc-æ Þ-ÏßW®-¿á-Já-ÎÞ-xáµ-Ïá-ÎÞ-ÕÞ¢. ÉßX- Øà-xí çËÞZ-Áí æº-ÏíÄÞW-Î-C Áß-Aß- §-ø-Gß-Ïß-çÜæù-ÏÞ-µá¢. Õß-Õß-Ç- µY-çd¿ÞZ_-Øbß-‚á-µZ-Aí '²Þ, Õ-Ü - Üá-æ AÞ-Ká-Îß-Üï". Øíxß-Ï-ùß-Bß-Èá¢- ¥W-É¢-µâ-¿ß- dÉà-Îß-Ï¢- Ëà-Üá¢-ß-Ï µãÄ ÎÞ-Ïß-øá-Ká. Õß-çÆ-Ö-Já-Èß-æK-Já-K- çÌÞ-Áß-ÏÞ- c-Ä-Ïá¢- ¦-µÞÏ-Äß-ÈÞ-ÜÞ-µÞ¢§ì- Õà-Ýíº-µZ. Øíxß-Ï-ùß-Bß-Èá¢- æædÁ-ÕV- Øà-xß-Èá¢- ©-Ï-ø dµ-Îà-µ -øß-AÞ-ÈÞ-ÕßÜï- ®-Cß-Üá¢- ¦-v-Õß-ÖbÞ-Ø-çJÞ-æ¿- Õ-Iß-ç¢-ÏÞ¿ß-AÞ-Èá-Ä-µá-KæÉÞ-Øß-×-Èß-¹í ¦-Ãí. çùÞ-Áí Îá-Kß-Üá¢- Õ-Ö -{ß-Üá-æÎÞ-æA- ÈKÞ-Ïß- µÞ-ÃÞ¢. µ-Ï-ùÞ-Èá¢- §-ù-BÞ-Èá-æÎÞ-æA--B Äß-µ-‚á¢- Øì-µ-øcdÉ-Æ-ÎÞ-Ãí ÕÞ-Äß-Üá-µ-{á¢- Øà-xá¢. ®X-¼ßX- æÉV-çËÞ-ÎX-ØßW- Ø¢-Ö-Ï¢-çÕ-I. µá-ù ®-Nß-Üá¢- Îß-µ-‚- Éá-Uß-¹í É-Õ-ùá-Ií. §-çMÞ-Ý Î-ç -E- ¦V-ÉßMÞ-Ýá¢- ·ß-ÏV- ÎÞçx-Iß-Õ-øá-Kß-æÜï-Cß-Üá¢- Ëß-Ï-xß-æa µß-¿ß-ÜX-á-æ®X¼ß-Èá- çº-øá-KdÄ- ¥-ÈÞ-ÏÞ-Ø-Î-Üï- ²Þ-M-çù-×X- ®-Ká- É-ù-çÏ-I -øá¢. Áà-ØW- ®X-¼ß-æa Ö-ÌíÆ¢- µcÞ-Ìß-Èá-UßW- Õ-ß-Õ øá-JÞ-Äß-øß-AáK-ÄßW- ùß-çÏÞ- ÕX- Õß-¼-Ï-ÎÞ-Ãí. ùâ-Ëí ù-ÏßW, ØíçÉÞ-ÏíÜV- ®-Kß-Õ-ÏíæAÞ- ¢- µà- æÜØí ®X-d¿ß, ùß-ÏV- ææÕ-MV_-ÕÞ-×V_-Áà-Îß-ØíxV- Äá-¿-BM ßÏ- Øì-µ-øc-B-æ{ÞæA-Ïá-U- Áà-ØW- ®W-®-µíØß-Èá- æµÞ-‚ß- ç×Þù â¢Õß-Ü- 7,35,514 øâ-É. ææÎ-çÜ-¼í- 23.75 ¦-Ãá- µ-O-Èß- ¥-Õ-µÞ-Ö-æM-¿á-K -Äí. ùß-çÏÞ-Ïáæ¿- ®-ÏíçùÞ-ææÁ-È-Îß-µí- ø-â-É-Õá¢- Øí-Îâ-Jí- ææùÁ áæÎÞæA- µ-ÃAß-æÜ-¿á-Aá-çOÞZ- §-Äí- ¥-qá-Ä-Î-Üï.

Õøâ, È-Îá-Aí Malayala Þ¢èÙ-dÁ-¼-È-¿ß-AManorama, § Metro Edition


ÙçOÞ..! V-·ß-Èß...


ÕÞ-Ù-È¢- Ü-Íc-ÎÞ-Aß-Ï-Äí:- ®-®¢-Øß- dÉß-Îß-ÏV. çËÞY-

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(Cochin),Õøâ, È-Î á- í January èÙ-dÁ-¼-È-¿A ß-AÞ¢30, 2013 §

ÙçOÞ..! V--·ß-Èß...

ß-Èß-Ïá-æ¿- ¥-Õ-{Þ-Ï- Ü¢-çÌÞV-·§Õßæ¿-AÞ-ÃáíµÞV- ÈßV-ÎÞ-ÄÞ-A -MV- ØíçÉÞV-¿íØí- ß-700_4 çùÞ-ÁíØíxV- µÞ-ùá-µ-{Þ-à ß-‚í- µ-Ýß-E- ÆßaçÁÞV- ®W-Éá-æ¿- ¥X-É-ÄÞ¢- ÕÞV-×ß-µ¢- dÉ-ÎGÞ-ß-à æa- ùY-çÕ-ÏßWK-Äí. µ-O-Èß-Ï ß- §-aV-ÈÞ-×-ÈW- ®-ÏV-çÉÞV- 330 µß-çÜÞ-Îà-xV- Õ-Ïß-æÜ- Îß-ÏÞ-Î Î-Ãß-Aâ-ùßWÕ-Ø¢- ¥-çÎ-øß-Aùá-µZ- ²-øá- dÉ-µ-¿-È¢- µÞ-Ýíº-Õ-‚á. æ¿-µíçÈÞ-{-¼ß§ì- É-ù-Aá¢-µÞ-çÕ-·¢. íX-Øí, Áß-ææØX, æøÏÞ-Ïß-øá-Ká-- çùÞ-ÁíØíxV- µÞV- æÉV-çËÞ-ÎØ xß-¹í- ØíçÉÞV-¿íØ çÎÞ- íxí- ®-µíææØ¥-Õ-açÁÞV-ØÞ-È-ÕÞ-AÞ-Ï, -æM-¿á-Ká. Õ ¥Aæ ÜÞæ ß- §-Lc-Ïß-Üá¢Õ-µÞ-Ö ®-Kß-Õ-Ï W- µ-Ýß-E-ÏÞ-Ýíº Ü¢-çÌÞV-·ßæÎ-Kí- µ-O-Èß- ¥µÞV- ¦-Ïß-øß-Aá-ß-Ïá-æ¿- ¯-x-Õá¢- Éá-Äß-Ï- §ì- çÎÞ-í- Á X- d·â-MßW-æMGÜ¢-çÌÞV-·ß-È Ü- 4.77 çµÞ-¿ß- øâ-É. çËÞ-µíØ ÕÞ-·ß-Ïß-Üá-ÎÞ-Ãí- ç×Þ-ùâ-Îá-µ-{áUÙ ¥-Õ-Ä-øß-Mß-‚á-. Õß- §-çMÞZ- Îá¢-ææÌÏß-Üá¢- ÁWÈß-Aí- §-Lc-ÏßWÄí.

ÕWÏߢ-Ü-ùß-æa Ëcáß-µ- ÕßæØW- ØÞ-çC-ÄJ-æK- æÈçÉÞ§-çMÞZBÆcçÈ-¿ßÏÞW, æÉ-çd¿Þ-{ß-ÕX- Éá-çøÞ-·-Äí.ß¿ß-‚í µÞ-çùÞ-¿ ßA-Ýß-E-ÄÞ-à Õ-×-ÃÜ¢- É-x ®-KÞW- ·-çá-µ-{á-æ¿AÞX- ¥-Çß-µ-µß-Þ-Mß-‚- µÞæ‚-Ü-Õá¢- µÞ-ù -Õá¢- µáÜï. ÌÞ-x-ùß- Éß-¿ - Õß-Ü©W-MÞ-Æ-È-æ‚-Üøß-A-ÏßùÞ-µ-æG, Îá-¿ß-E á¿ ®ÞXù-ÏíAÞX- ¥-çÎÏá¢- ºÞV-¼í æº-‡Ø-Î-Ï-ÕᢼæÜ- çËÞ-Áß-æaÏá¢Aá-K- Èà-I- Ïß-aá-µ-{áaÏá¢MÞ-Èß-æÜ- Èß-ØÞ-æ Çc-ĺÞV-¼ß-¹í çÉÞ- æA-AÞ-øµ-Ýß-Õá-µ-{á¢- ØÞæ¿- µá-ù-Õá-æÎÞ- á-Ká-Îß-Üï. -æM-¿áµ-{á¢- dÉ-çÏÞ-¼-È Gá-æµÃ¢- Ð-ºí Éß-¿ß-A Þ-Ïß-‚ß-GáJá-µ-ÏÞ-Ãí µâØV-AÞV- Ø-ÙÕß-µ-Øß-ÄGß-æa Ü-fc¢. Äß-µ-ÕßçÉÞ-Üá¢- É-Ü- §-Ü-µíd¿ß§ì- ØÞ-çC- ß-ÈáøÞ-¼c-B-{ß-Üá¢- Õß-É-ÃßÆc-ÏßW- çÜÞ-µ{-J µí µÞ-ùá-µ-{á-æ¿-µÞ-ø-âV-JÞÕá¢È ßØ Ä bÞJ Ö Þø Õß{ ÕZí. Üïß-¹í Øíçx-×-Èá-µ §-æÄÞ-æA-ÏÞ-à çd¿Þ-{á¢ææÙ-dÁ-¼X- ËßÌÞ-x-ùß-Ïá¢- æÉ- 'ææÙ-dÌß-Áí"- µÞ-ùá-µ-{Þ- Èá¢-@Þ-Éß-Aá-K-Ä-¿-A-Îá-UÞX- ÕXÞ-ÜÞ- Øí µ-øc-B-æ{Þ-øá-A ©-É-çÏÞ-·ß-Aá-K ù-æÕ-K- µÞ-ø-Ã-J ¥-¿ß-Øí@Þ-È-Øì- ¦-v-Õß-ÖbÞ-Ø-çÎ-µÞ-Èá-¢µ-æG- ææÎ-çÜ-¼í µá--Äí. Z-Aíá-ÄáÞ-Ãí µ-O-Èß-µ -øß-Aá-æÎ-Ká- µ-ø Ãí ø-f-æM-¿Þ-J ß-Ï- Èà-A¢- ©-É-µ Ï-LÞ- Õ-Ýß?- ¥-Ä ¥-çMÞZ, §-Èß-æùá-µZ. ¥-Äá¢- µá-æù-AÞ- Éá-Ä ß- µÞ-ùá-µ§-t-È_-æØW- µÞ-íµ-øß-‚ß-Gí. ¥-¿á-AÞ-ÈÞ-ÕÞ- Ká.§-çMÞ-Ý-æJ- Èß-Ü-ÏßW- ÌÞ-x-ùí- §-t-È_ Ü-ÎÞ-Ïß- ¦-Õß-×¢- É-øà-f-Ã-Ï-dL-B-{Þ-Ïß- {á-ç¿-Äß-æa-- §-ø-Gß-Ïß-çÜ-æù-ÏÞ-Â-Ü-Õí. §ìJ- Õß-Ü- µÞ-ø-à É-Ü-Ïß-¿-Já¢. §-Ü-µíd¿ß-µí æØW- µÞ-ùá-µ-{á-æ¿- ©W-MÞ-Æ-È-æ á¢- ÈßV-ÎÞáK Îøß-Aá-µ-ÏÞ-à Õ-ÏíAá¢. É-çf- ØÞ-ÇÞ-ø- Øí@ß-Äß- ¥-Äß-çÕ-·¢- ÎÞ-ùá-æ Ü-Õá- µá-ùçÎÞ-çGÞ-ùÞ-Ãí §-ÏY- ÌÞ-x-ùß-Ï-Üï- Ö-µíÄß-É- â- ÕcÞ-É-µ-ÎÞ-µá-K-çÄÞ-æ¿- æºÃ- Üß-@ß-Ï¢_- ¥- dÁ-¼X- ²Þ-µíØß-¼-Èá-ÎÞ-Ïß- Ïá-æÎ-Ká¢- µ-Ã-AÞ-Aá-Ká. Ù-øßß-µ-{á¢- ÍÞÕß-Ïá-濵-øá-K-Äí. ææÙ-cá-Äß- ©W-MÞ-Æß-Mß-Aá-K- æØÎ-xá- dÉ-Îá-¶- µ-O-æ-ÈÈ- çÕ-·¢- dÉ-çÏÞ-·-É-@ç‚V-Jí ææÕ-Æ Þ-Ãí Ö-µíÄß-çµ-dw¢. §-t-È¢- ®-B K- É-À-È-Jß-ÜÞ-Ãí. Üïá-µ-{á-æ¿- Èß-ø-Ï x-ùß- µÞ-ùá-µZ- ¯-ÄÞ-Ií Ä®¢æÜ-Jß-AÞ-æÎØÞ-ÇÞ-ø-Ã- ÌÞ- ºÞV-¼í Äà-øá¢. Éß-æK- Jß-æÌX-Øß-æa- ®-Äß-øÞ-{ß-µ-{Þ-Ï- ÌßdÁ-¼XOÞZâV- Õ-æøßW-Èß-Ká- ææÙ-Õß160 µß-Îà- ²Þ-¿á-çÎáÆc-ÏáÌïcá- æÕ-U-JÁ ÄW- ®-Gá- Î-Ãß-A í- ææÙ-dÁ-¼X¥-ø-Î-Ãß-AâV- ¢- ºÞV-¼í æº-‡ÞX. ææÙ-dÁ- Á¿á-Aá-K- Üß-µbß- µá-µ-ÏÞ-Ãí. æ¿Þ-çÏÞ-GæÏÞ-æA-çÕ-à á-µ-{Þ-µá-çOÞZ- §ì- Ìá-iß- ®Ïß- Îá-çKÞ-Gá-çÉÞ-- ·-çÕ-×-Ã-JßW- µ-O¼X- æØW- µÞ-ù ¼X- Èß-ù-ÏíAÞX- Î-Èß-xá- ÎÞæÏ- §Äß-ÈÞ-Ïá-U Îá-Gß-Üï. ææÙ-dÁÞ-Aß-Ïß-Gá-Ií. - ¼-È-ùW- çÎÞÏ ß{ ÞC ÉÈßùá-Èß-ÏÞ-Ï µZ- Î-Äß. ·á-Ã-B-{á-U- µÞ§-t¥-çÎ-øß-AX- µ-O JáM-¿á-K-Äí- ¥-ÕV- ß-‚á-µ§-B-æÈ-æÏÞ-æAÝíØí- ¥-ÕµÞ-Ö-æß-µ Èá-×c-æa ¥-¿á-æJ-Øß-M µ ß ÕcÆ ÕßÄ µZ- ØÞ-ÇÞ-ø-ÃÈ- Î-á¢...?- 2017W- ®-Jß-AÞ-æÎ- çGÞCØÞ-ç ÕcÞ-ÉÁ-¼X- É-Oá-µZçÎÞ- ©-¿-æÈ-BÞ- -Õc-Õ-ØÞ-Ï-ø¢-·-æJ- ²-Ká¢- È_æØWæE-Ká¢- ææÙ-d IÞ-Ãí- ¥-J-ø¢- µÞ-ùáKÞ-Ãí ÕÞ-Ù-È Õ-O-zÞV- É-ù-Ïá-K-Äí. æÎ- ÝßÎÞ-µÞ-J-Äá-æµÞÞ-J-Äí- ®-Ká-ÎÞø-Iá-Î-Üï- Îâ-Ká- Øí (æÁ-Ïߢ-ÜV), çËÞ-Áí, µÉ-Ãß-Ïß-æÜ-Jß-A çµÞV- µZ- ÕßÝíØß-Áß-Øí æÌXß-æ¿- ÉÞ. V- §-Äß-ÈÞ-Ïß- ææµÈß-ØÞ-æa ÃíæµÞ-ùß-Ï-Ïß-æÜ- Ùcâ-IÞ-Ïí- §ì-ϧ-t-ÈÈß-TÞX- ®-Kß-Õ Aá-µ-ÏÞ-Ãí. Þ-É-È-æÎ-Ká- É-ù-ÏÞ-Õá-K- æù- øß-Øí- ²Þ-çGÞ-ç×Þ-ÏßW- ææÙ-dÁ-¼XØ-çÙÞ-Æ-ø-Øí@ - µ-O-Èß-µ-æ{- µâ-Gá-æµ-Gß- AÞ-ùá-µZ- dÉ-ÆV-Öß-Mß-‚ß-øá-Ká. çÈÞ- ¥-¿-A-Îá-Uß-Gá-Îá-Ií. ¼V-Î-Èß-ÏßW- æÁçÜ-Aí f-Ãß-‚

AutoGuide, March 2013

-MV- ØíçÉÞV-¿íØ açÁÞV- ®W-Éß-í- µÞV- ÈßV-ÎÞ-ÄÞ-A-{Þ-Ï- Ü¢-çÌÞV700_4 çùÞ-ÁíØíx ß-Èß-Ïá-æ¿- ¥-ÕKV- µÞ-ùá-µ-{Þ-Ãí- ·§ÕßÕ-Ø¢- ¥-çÎ-øß-A Äí. µ-O-Èß-Ïá-æ¿- ¥X-É-ÄÞ¢- ÕÞVæ¿-AÞ-à §ì- É-ù-Aá¢-µÞ-ù -Ïß-æÜ- Îß-ÏÞ-Îß- §-aV-ÈÞ-×-ÈW- ×ß-µ¢- dÉ-ÎÞ-Ãß-‚í- µ-Ýß-E- Æß-áá-µZ- ²-øá- dÉ-µ-¿-È ®æøÏÞ-Ïß-øá-Ká-- çÕ¢- µÞ-Ýíº-Õ-‚á. Î-ÃÏV-çÉÞV-Gß-æa- ùY-çÕ-ÏßW·¢. ß-Aâ-ùßW- 330 µß-çÜÞ¥-Õ-açÁÞV- çùÞÎà-xV- ÕÁ íØíxV- µÞV- æÉV®-Kß-Õ-Ïß-æÜÞçËÞ-ÎX-Øí, Áß-æ æØX, æ¿-µíçÈÞµÞV- ¦-Ïß-øß-Aæá- A- ¥-Õ-ØÞ-È-ÕÞ-AÞ-Ï, çÎÞ-Ø {-¼ßæ Ü¢-çÌÞV-·ß-È Î-Kí- µ-O-Èß- ¥-Õ-µÞ-Ö-æM-¿á- á.íxí- ®-µíææØ-xß-¹í- ØíçÉÞV-¿íØí¥-Õ-Ä-øß-Mß-‚á-. Õß-ß-Ïá-æ¿- ¯-x-Õá¢- Éá-Äß-Ï- §ì- çÎÞ-K ÁW- µ-Ýß-E-ÏÞÜ- 4.77 çµÞ-¿ß- øâ-É Èß-Aí- §-Lc-ÏßWÝ í º . çËÞ-µíØí- ÕÞ-·X- §-Lc-Ïß-Üᢧ-çMÞZ- Îá¢-ææÌÏ Äí. ß-Üá¢- ÁW-Ùß-Ïß-Üd·â-MßW-æMG- Ü¢-çÌÞV-·ßá-ÎÞ-Ãí- ç×Þ-ùâ-Îá-µ -{áU-

Õß-Øíx- Xtreme ¿Þ

í- ®-Øí-Ïá-x- Õß-Øíx-Ïí-Aá-Îá-I ¢. Õß-Øíx Õß-ÏÞ-µÞX- çÎÞ-Ù V-ËáZ- çÎÞÁß-90 ®-K- É-Õ É-Ãß-Ïß-æÜÕ-Ø¢ ÕßÁW- µ-Ýß-E- Æß-Øíx- Áß-90 ®-µíØíd¿à¢Jß-‚- µ-O-Èß- Õß-Éíxí- çÎÞ-ÁW-- dÉÉX®-æKÞ-øá- çµÞY-æØ æº-ÏíÄ-á. ØØíæ ÆV-Öß-Mß-Aá-µ-Ïá¢-V-Jß- ù-Ëí- çùÞ-Áí- ØÞ×X- 25 Îß-Îà- ©-Ïá-çº-øá¢-Õß-Ç-ÎÞ-Aß-Ïß-GáÙ-º-øc-BZ-A -ùá¢- çÌÞ-Ã-xá¢- ®-ÏVIí. d·ß-Üïá¢- Ì-O ®-Øí-Ïá-Õß-µ-{á-ç¿-ÄáÁÞ-Îá-æÎÞ-æA- ßøß-Aá-Ká. ¥-µ-Já¢çÉÞ-æÜ-ÏÞ-Aß-Ï®-Õß-æ¿-çÈÞ-Aß-ÏÞ-Üá¢-æÈ- ç×Þ-ùâ-ÎßØí@ßÉá-ù-Já¢Ká- É-ùÏÞ-Õá-K- Kß-ÏÞW- ¿Þ-x- çÎÞ-çGÞ-ÝíØí- §-Õ '®-µíØíd¿à¢"- ®-È çÄÞáK Îæ Ü âµ áÄß. Õß-É-Ãß- ¥- á-Ä-æK- µ--øá-ÄÞ¢. æÜ-Jß-Aá-æÎ-K

Õß-Øíx- Xtreme


-x- Õß-Øíx-Ïí-Aá-Î I í- ®-Øí-ÏáÕß-ÏÞ-µÞX- çÎÞ-á-Ù ¢. Õß-Øíx Áß-90 ÁW- µ-Ýß-E- ®-K- É-ÕV-ËáZ- çÎÞJß-‚- µ-O-Èß- Õß-Æß-Õ-Ø¢ Õß-É-Ãß-Ïß-æÜ®-æKÞ-øá- çµÞYØíx- Áß-90 ®-µíØíd¿à¢æ ØÉ í x í çÎÞÁ ÆV-Öß-Mß-Aá-µ-Ï W-- dÉ×X- 25 Îß-Îà- ©-Ïá¢-æº-ÏíÄ-á. ØØíæÉXÙ-º-øc-BZ-Aá-çV-Jß- ù-Ëí- çùÞ-Áí- ØÞº-øá¢-Õß-Ç-ÎÞ-Aß-Ï Ií. d·ß-Üïá¢- Ì-O ß-GáÁÞ-Îá-æÎÞ-æA- -ùá¢- çÌÞ-Ã-xá¢- ®-ÏVçÉÞ-æÜ-ÏÞ-Aß-Ï ®-Øí-Ïá-Õß-µ-{á-ç¿-ÄáßøßA áK á. ¥-µ-Já¢Éá-ù-Já¢'®-µíØíd¿à¢"- ®-®-Õß-æ¿-çÈÞ-Aß-ÏÞ-Üá¢Äß. Õß-É-Ãß- ¥-ÈKá- É-ùÏÞ-Õá-K- Øí@ßáµ âÜ æ ÎKá- çÄÞæÜ-Jß-Aá-æÎ-K á-Ä-æK- µ--øá-ÄÞ¢. Kß-ÏÞW- ¿Þ-x- çÎÞ-çGÞ-ÝíØí- §-Õ -æÈ- ç×Þ-ùâ-Îß-

B-æÈçÉÞÏÞW, æÉ-çd¿Þ-{Ïߢ-Ü-ùß-æa Ëcá¿ß-‚í çùÞ-¿ßAÞX- ¥-Çß-µ-µµÞæØW- ØÞ-çC-Ä ÕWÞ-Ü¢- É-xßß-µ- ÕßÜï. ÌÞ-x-ùß- Éß-¿ß-M Æc§-çMÞZß-‚- µÞùÞ-µ-æG, Îá-¿ß-E ÕX- Éá-çøÞ-·-ÄJ-æKÏá¢- ºÞV-¼í æº-‡ - Õß-ÜA-Ýß-E-ÄÞ-Ãí. ß- çÈ-¿ßÞX®¿ áAá-K- Èà-I- Ø®-KÞW- ·-çÕÎ-Ï-Õá¢×-úÞV-¼ß-¹í çÉÞ-Ï æ‚Ü Õ á¢- µÞ-ù æ¿- µá-ù-Õá-æÎÞ- ß-aá-µ-{á©W-MÞ-Æ-È-æ‚-Üá-µ-{á-æ¿Ã¢- Ð-ºí Éß-¿ß-AæA-AÞ-øù-ÏíAÞX- ¥-çÎ-ø-Õá¢- µáß-A-ÏßØV-AÞV- Ø-Ùá-Ká-Îß-Üï. æÜ- çËÞ-Áß-æaÏᢠçÉÞ-Üá¢- É-Ü- Þ-Ïß-‚ß-GáMÞ-Èß-æÜ- Èß-ØÞ-æ - ¼aÏá¢øÞ-¼c-B-{ß-Üá¢- Õß-µ-Øß-ĵ-Ýß-Õá-µ-{á¢- ØÞÇ µí µÞ-ùá-µ-{á-æ¿- §-Ü-µíd¿ßµ{ á¢- dÉ-çÏÞ-¼-È-æM-c-Ä¿áÕ-{-øÞ-J-Äß-Èá-µÕß-É-ÃßJá-µ-ÏÞ-Ãí µâÞø §-æÄÞ-æA-ÏÞ-à -âGß-æa Ü-fc¢. Gá-æµÌÞ-x-ùß-Ïá¢- æÉ-í. §ì- ØÞ-çC-Äß-µ -Õß©-É-çÏÞ-·ß-Aá-K çd¿Þ-{á¢ÆcÏ ßWçÜÞµ -Jß-Èáµ-æG- ææÎ-çÜ-¼í µá-'ææÙ-dÌß-Áí"- µÞ-ùá-µ-{Þ- Èá¢ÕßææÙ-dÁ-¼X- Ëß- ÖbÞ-Ø¢- Õ-{V-JÞù-æÕ-K- µÞ-ø-Ã-J Ãí ø-f-æM-¿Þ-J Üïß-¹ Þ-ÜÞ- Øí@Þ-Éß-A í. á-K-Ä-¿-A-Îá-U- í Øíçx-×-Èá-µZ¥-çMÞZ, §-Èß--Ä ¥-¿ß-Ø æÏ-LÞ- Õ-Ýß?- ¥§-t-È_-æØW- µÞÄÞ-Ãí µ-O-È í@Þ-È-Øì-µ-øc-B-æ{Þ-øá-AÞX- ÕXùá-µZ. ¥-Äá¢- µáÜ-ÎÞ-Ïß- ¦-Õß-× æù-AÞ- Éá- ß-µZ-Aí- ¦-v-Õß-ÖbÞ-Ø J- Õß-Ü- µÞ-ø-â-íµ-øß-‚ß-Gí. ¥-¿á-AÞ-ÈÞ-ÕÞ- Ká.Äß-Ï- Èà-A¢- ©-É-µ-øß-Aá-æÎ-K-çá- Î-µÞ-Èá-¢É-øà-f-Ã-Ï-dL-B µ-øá-Äáøß-Aá-µ-ÏÞ-Ãá- É-{Þ-Ïß§Ü ç MÞÏ ß¿ Ý J æ Já¢. ÈßçÎÞ-çGÞ-ùÞ-Ãí §§-Ü-µíd¿ß-µí {á-ç ¿-Äß-æa-- §-ø-Gß-ÏÜß- -ÏßW- ÌÞ-x-ùß- µÞ-ùá-µÃ- Üß-@ß-Ï¢_- ¥- Õ-ÏíAá¢. É-çf- ØÞ-ÇÞ-ø- æØW çÜ-æù-ÏÞ-à µ-øá-K-Äí. ææÙ-ÏY- ÌÞ-x-ùß-Ï-Üï- Ö-µíÄß-É- Øí - µÞ-ùá-µ-{á-æ¿- ©W-MÞ-Æ-È-æ‚-í- §-t-È_ ç‚V-Jí ææÕ-Æ dÁ-¼X- ²Þ-µíØß-¼-Èá-ÎÞ-Ïß- â-@ß-Äß- ¥-Äß-çÕ-·¢- ÎÞ-ùá-æÎ-Ká¢-Ü-Õí. §ìÈßV-ÎÞÜïá-µ-{á-æ¿- Èß-ø-Ïcá-Þ-Äß- ©W-MÞ-Æß-Mß-Aá-K- æØ- Ïá- ÕcÞ-É-µ-ÎÞ-µá-K-çÄÞ-æ¿- æº-Ü æÎ-Ká¢- µ-Ã-AÞ-Õá- µá-ùAá-Ká. ØÞ-ÇÞ-ø-Ã- ÌÞ-Ãí Ö-µíÄß-çµ-dw¢. 160 µß-Îà- ²Þ-¿á-ç x-ùß- µÞ-ùá-µZ- ¯-ÄÞ-Ií Ä- Î-xá- dÉ-Îá-¶- µ-O-Èß-µ-{á¢- ÍÞÕß-Ïáæ¿- Ù-øߥ-ø-Î-Ãß-AâV- OÞZ- ºÞV-¼í Äà-øá¢. Éß-æK- Jß-§-t-È¢- ®-B-æÈ- çÕ-·¢- dÉ-çÏÞæÜ-Jß-AÞ-æÎ-K æÏÞ-æA-çÕ-ÃÎá-ÄW- ®-Gá- Î-Ãß-AâV- Õ-æø- É-À-È-Jß-Ü ·-É-@¼X- æØW- µÞ-ù¢- ºÞV-¼í æº-‡ÞX. ææÙ-dÁ- Á- æÌX-Øß-æa- ®-Äß-øÞ-{ß-µ-{Þ-ÏÞ-Ãí. Îá-Gß-Üï. ææÙ-dÁ-á-µ-{Þ-µá-çOÞZ- §ì- Ìá-iß- ®- Ìïcá- æÕ-U-JßW-Èß-Ká- ææÙ-- Ìß-®¢¿á-A ¼X- Èß-ù-ÏíAÞXdÁµZ- Î-Äß. Î-Èß-xá- ÎÞ-Ïß- Îá-á-K- Üß-µbß-Áí- ææÙ-dÁ-¼X- Õß-Æc-¼XÏáçKÞ-Gá-çÉÞ-µá-µ-Ï §-B-æÈ-æÏÞÞ-Ãí. æÏçÏÞ-GµZ- ØÞ-ÇÞ-ø-à æA- ·á-Ã-B-{á-U- µÞ-ùá- Èß- §Äß-ÈÞ-Ïá-U- ·-çÕ-×-Ã-Jæ¿ÞßW- µ-OÉ-CÞ-{ß-ÏÞ-Aß-ÏßçÎÞ- ©-¿-æÈ-BÞ- - Î-Èá-×c-æa ¥-¿á-æJ-JáGá-Ií. KÞ-Ãí ÕÞ-Ù-ÈÈá¢...?- 2017W- ®-Jß-AÞ-æÎ- çGÞ-¥-çÎ-øß-AX- µ-O-Èß-ÏÞ-Ï- ¼-È-ù ÝíØí- ¥-ÕµÞ-Ö-æMW- çÎÞø-Iá-Î-Üï- Îâ-Ká- -ÕÕ-c-Õ-ØÞ-Ï-ø¢-·-æJ- ²-Ká¢- È_æØ ¿á-K-Äí- ¥ÝíØß-Áß-Øí æÌX O-zÞV- É-ù-Ïá-K-Äí. æÎ- Ýß-æ W- ØÞ-çC-Äß-µ- Õß-Æc- Õ-ß-µ-ØÕV- §-tßØ EM ß-‚á-µí (æÁ-Ïߢ-ÜV), çËÞK Èß-TÞX- ®-K Áí, µ-ÎÞ-µÞ-Já¢- ææÙ-dÁ-¼X- É-Oá-µZ- ÕcÞ-É -Äá-æµÞ-I Aá-µ-ÏÞ-Ãí. ß-ÕV- §-Äß-ÈÞ-Ïß- ææµ-çµÞV- µZÕß-É-Ãß-Ïß-æÜ-JÞ-Ãí- ¥-J-ø¢- µÞ-ùáØ-çÙÞ-Æ-ø-Øí@Þ-É Èßß-AÞ-J-Äí- ®-Ká-È-æÎ-Ká- É-ù-ÏÞ-ÕØÞ-æa Ãí. ÎÞçÈÞ- ¥-¿-A-Îá-U á-K- æùæµÞ-ùß-Ï-Ïß-æÜ- ÙcâçÜ-Aí f-Ãß-‚ß-G- µ-O-Èß-µ-æ{- µâ-Gá-æµ-Gß- øß-Ø IÞ-Ïí- §ì-Ïß-æ¿á-Îá-Ií. ¼V-Î-Èß-Ï çGÞ-ç×Þ-ÏßW- ææÙÉÞßW- æÁ- AÞ-ùí- ²Þd Á¼ X- §-t-Èá-µZ- dÉ-ÆV-Öß-Mß-‚ ß-øá-Ká.

Translation of coverage in Malayala Manorama:

The emerging SUV market in India is introduced, and why Compact SUVs are the need of the hour for congested city roads. The 1.3-litre CRDi4 engine of the RiO is touted to have improved its performance, leading to the use of the engine by other car manufacturers. The various features of the RiO are described — split reclining seat, ground clearance, 15-inch alloys, anti-lock breaking system and boot space. The neat interiors are also appreciated.





A pack of Cadbury Celebrations chocolate given to Mr. Vivek Ashturkar from Shivajinagar, Pune, for his valuable feedback.

RiO customers share feedback. The RiO team conducted a customer-connect activity in Pune, where RiO customers were asked to give their feedback on the car. Issues, if any, were sorted out on the spot with the help of a Service Engineer. Each customer received a gift in appreciation of his/her valuable participation. The company is planning on conducting similar activities in other cities.

Mr. Radhakrishnan (Thyssen Krup) from Pimpri, Pune receives a pack of Cadbury Celebrations chocolate in appreciation of the feedback given.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK With petrol and diesel prices skyrocketing, fuel efficiency is the buzzword among car enthusiasts. Premier RiO has been tagged as the most fuel efficient SUV, and here’s what one customer had to say about us.

“I have been an auto enthusiast since childhood and have driven and owned a range of vehicles. This vehicle as a ‘package’ is a smart combination of awesome looks, high-end features, lithe performance and stunning street presence. Wherever I have gone with this vehicle, it attracts onlookers.” – Mr. Manish Pal, Deputy Vice President, Information Security Group, and the owner of a petrol RiO car.


Premier’s SUV receives positive feedback at Mumbai International Motor Show 2013. With around 2,000 walk-ins and 40 enquiries, the Premier stall at Mumbai International Motor Show 2013 was quite a success. Apart from generating curiosity among potential customers, the stall was also visited by several media professionals. The RiO was appreciated for its great looks, good ground clearance, and better mileage compared to other SUVs, and was considered to be an appealing vehicle on the whole.

Premier Today


Mr. Manish Pal and his RiO.

The Premier team at the Mumbai International Motor Show 2013.



Premier ties up with three new dealerships for RiO.


The inauguration of the Mahabir Automobiles dealership in Kathmandu.

Inaugurated on March 19, 2013, Mr. A. P. Goel, General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Automobile Division was invited to be the Chief Guest, and the launch was witnessed by 150 guests.



Mr. P. I. Shaikh Pareeth inaugurating the AMC Premier dealership in Kochi.

The dealership was inaugurated on January 21, 2013 by District Collector and IAS Officer Mr. P. I. Shaikh Pareeth. Mr. C. B. Kale, Assistant General Manager – Sales and Marketing, was also present.


(L–R) Mr. Shiv Kumar Rathore, Chairman, Small Scale Industries; Mr. A. P. Goel, General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Automobile; Mr. Ajay Agarwal, Director, Astha Group; Mr. Harshit Agarwal, Owner, Astha Autoventures Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Vijay Gupta.

This dealership was inaugurated on April 12, 2013 by Mr. Shiv Kumar Rathore, Chairman, Small Scale Industries (UP Government). Also present was Mr. A.P. Goel, General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Automobile Division.

Although the conventional way of marketing for any automobile company is to spread awareness through mainstream mass media such as television, radio and print, we realised that going to the customers directly to explain the product was more fruitful and the best way to market the product. We chose the following routes. Targeting various garages across the city: We brought garage owners on board as our selling agents and helped them with materials to promote us. We started with this in Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Road shows and rallies: We organised road shows and rallies in Pune and Ahmedabad. Vehicles were mounted on a Supree Van with the promoter’s announcement system, music to attract the customer’s attention and three RiOs followed the convoy going through the remote parts of the villages. Customer reference scheme: Our existing customers became brand ambassadors. They not only gave us handwritten testimonials but also referred genuine customers to the dealership.


Fan Base


people talking about this

After the contest





IN MEMORY OF A TRUE VISIONARY Premier salutes late Mr. Vinod Doshi with the Outstanding Entrepreneur award.

(L–R) Mr. L. Krishnan, Vice President, IMTMA; Mr. Harish Lakshman, Vice President, ACMA; Mr. S. Sandilya, President, SIAM; Mr. Vikram Sirur, President, IMTMA (awarding the trophy to) Mr. Prakram G. Jadeja, Chairman and Managing Director, Jyoti CNC Automation Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. V. Anbu, Director General, IMTMA.

Premier’s late Chairman, Mr. Vinod Doshi, was one of the founding members and former President of the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA), an association committed to providing support to the machine tool industry and ensuring its overall growth. Every year, in his memory, Premier awards an outstanding entrepreneur. This year, the ceremony took place at

IMTMA on January 24, 2013, where Mr. Parakramsinh G. Jadega, Chairman and Managing Director, Jyoti CNC Automation Pvt. Ltd. was conferred the honour. In 2003, Mr. Jadega set out on a mission to rank his company among the top machine tool companies in India and across the world; a feat he has successfully accomplished today.



Percentage of customer time saved with this innovation.

The SPM162 computing range.


SPM162 horizontal fine boring machine — a Premier innovation. An illustration of the SPM162 machine.

The horizontal fine boring machine SPM162 has been created by Premier’s highly skilled engineers at the Company’s Technology Centre, Bengaluru. Its innovative design enables it to handle the work of three set-ups — parent steel bores, bush bores and pin bores — without using three different machines, thereby saving considerable time and cost. The SPM162 is designed to do the fine boring of the connecting rod used in the defence sector. Key Features: • High precision spindle units with class ultra-precision bearings • Accuracy and rigidity to the spindles

Premier Today


• High pressure through a spindle coolant for best quality components. • Produces fine bores that have taper cylindricity and ovality of less than five microns, with excellent surface quality, as per customer specifications.

“The high quality output is the result of accurate design, assembling and precisely machined components used in building the machine.” – Mr. S. N. Pradeep Prasad, AGM – Design, CNC Machines

Premier collaborates with Netherland-based Lagerwey Wind In February 2013, Premier collaborated with Lagerwey Wind, a Dutch company, to provide structural and forging parts for turbines, created as part of the licence agreement with Global Wind Power/Reliance Industries of India. The different structural parts provided by Premier are rotor frames, stator front flanges, stator base frames, generator front plates, slip ring consoles and main bearing seal carriers, while the forging

parts provided are yaw basic disc, stator flange, and the main bearing press ring. Lagerwey Wind has advised and assisted the group to implement a manufacturing facility to massproduce L82-2.0 MW wind onshore turbines for the local Indian market. The Company also has a conceptual design for the 6 MW offshore turbine and is considering developing the turbine for mass-production through strategic partnerships.

“This is the first time that we have supplied material for export activities for wind turbine steel and forging parts. Lagerwey of Holland is completely satisfied with our supply of 2.6 MW windmill generator parts.” – Mr. Nagaraj Kuntoji, General Manager, Engineering

Top, from left: Rotor Hub for 1.5 MW; Main Frame Hub for 1.5 MW; Above, from left: Rotor Frame; Stator Base Frame; Stator Front Flange.

Premier partners with Sandvik Mining and Construction to provide engineering solutions to mining and construction companies

Premier Ltd. recently ventured into a new sector by providing one-stop engineering solutions to organisations servicing the mining and construction industry. Considering the demand of these industries, Premier sees a great growth opportunity and is collaborating with Sandvik Mining and Construction, a company that provides the world’s widest range of equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition and bulk material handling. Premier is assisting the company by providing them with the prestigious crusher frame assembly model CJ411, a critical structural part involving heavy castings and heavy, thick, hot-rolled plate fabrication, machining and painting, a ready-to-use component, and an import substitute.

“Premier's success story in this sector is largely due to the process of translating new ideas into the process of manufacturing on a day-to-day basis, and developing various kinds of innovative products, critical components and processes with strict adherence to quality and commitment at the micro level.” – Mr. K. G. Rathi, Vice President, Engineering Division 21






Have you done something remarkable, something that makes you a woman of substance? It could be as minor as taking up a difficult challenge or reaching out to someone in distress, and as intricate as displaying tremendous bravery or saving a life in danger. If you have done something worth admiring you for, or if you know any other woman who deserves this honour, let us know. We look forward to hearing from the women who inspire us, those who make us proud.


FEEDBACK ON ISSUE #18 We’re delighted to announce that we received a record 42 feedback comments for our women-centric issue of Premier Today! The winning feedback response came from Ms. Farah Ghadiali, Manager – Events Marketing, National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA). “I happened to see the Premier magazine and I must compliment you on it being a wonderful read. The subject about encouraging women in the workforce is commendable... congratulations. I’m sure there must have been a lot of hard work put into this!” Congratulations, Ms. Ghadiali, your prize is on its way!


WELCOME ABOARD Please join us in welcoming the new members of the Premier Parivaar. We are very happy to have you all aboard and we hope you will experience co-operative and friendly association with the rest of us. CNC MACHINES DIVISION

Mr. A. K. Kagale


Mrs. M. R. Shinde

Mr. Alvin Mathews

Mr. N. V. Sonwal

Mr. Mukram Pathan

Executive (Design) Executive (Design)

Executive (Maintenance)

Executive (Sales)

Implement or update SAP ECC 6 version for better accuracy and control. — Mr. Nilesh Jadhav, Assistant Manager, Costing

Executive (Service)

Executive (Marketing)

Mr. Atul Gaur

Senior Manager (Sales and Marketing)



Mrs. Alysia D'souza

Mr. N. T. Jagdhane

Executive Assiatant – Chairman's Office

We conducted a contest on innovation, where employees were asked to tell us their ideas for innovation at premier. The five best entries win gift vouchers of R1,000 each. Here, in no particular order, are a few of the prize-winning innovation ideas and the people behind them:

Executive (Quality Assurance)

Mr. S. T. Bhandari Executive (Finance)

Send in your entries to:

Ms. Spenta Shroff

Manager – Corporate Communication, Training and Corporate Social Responsibility, at spentashroff@premier.co.in

Wooden boxes for the packaging of the RiO’s engine and front windshield glass, if made from scrap material, can save the company a substantial amount. — Mr. Sachin Awate, Assistant Manager – Supply Chain Management, Automotive Division Install kWh meters on all machines that consume more power, helping shop-floor supervisors choose machines that draw minimum power when faced with a choice of machines. This will reduce power bills to the extent of 10–15%. — Mr. Basavaraj Moogi, Senior Manager – Sales and Marketing, CNC Machines Division Mr. Aditya Deshpande and Mr. Saffan Bhandari also sent in excellent innovation ideas.

Congratulations to everyone!



Winning Team Junior Editors Page 24


HR and IR UPDATE Scaling the Ranks Page 26


The Sunset Club An Italian Inspiration Page 30


Premier Today's

Junior Editors The last issue of Premier Today received many accolades, where readers mentioned how the magazine provided an insight into Premier as a company, how wonderful it was that women have flourished in a male-dominated province, and how the magazine is a true by-the-worker-for-the-worker kind of publication. To take this praise forward, we decided to form a team from various departments and strata of the company. The team of Junior Editors comprises a mix of people from all four divisions ranging from Executives who are only 20 days old in the organisation right up to Senior Managers having a solid experience of 22 years; a mixed pool of talent with linguistics experts, photographers and financial wizards. The Junior Editors will help the editorial team source better content, help with design and layout ideas, and ideate on new topics. Here’s where you meet them:

MR. RAJESH D. SHARMA Senior Manager – Quality Assurance, Automotive


Senior Manager, Electronics Design, CNC Machines


Mr. Rajesh D. Sharma is a traveller at heart. Sports and movies are his life’s passion. He has served as a Secretary of the Safety Committee, is a smart worker, and finds a way out of every problem.


Mr. Prafulkumar J. Patil has a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and is widely known to be cooperative and methodical at work. A man of few words, he has worked with Premier for most of his threedecade career in the CNC Machines Division.


Assistant Manager – Supplier Quality, Automotive


Mr. Pritam V. Kale is a qualified Mechanical Engineer. His sensitivity towards the issues of the underprivileged played a big role in developing his character; he is helpful by nature and charity is a way of life for him. He is also a sports fanatic and has played hockey at the university level.

Premier Today


Executive, Finance

INDIVIDUALISTIC AND INTELLIGENT Mr. Saffan Bhandari is a complete foodie, and his dream is to try cuisines across the world. He is an MBA in Finance and is currently pursuing a certificate course from CIMA (UK). His career goal is to become a corporate finance advisor and IFRS trainer.


Manager, Secretarial and Legal


Executive – Quality Assurance, Engineering


A dedicated, multitalented youngster, Mr. Mangesh Salve is an artist at heart and his paintings have often awed others, even though he hasn’t received any formal training. Mangesh portrays his persona beautifully through his paintings, which often convey the joy of being alive.


Ms. Prema Ojha is a qualified Company Secretary and a law graduate with an LLB degree. She is very proactive in her work and a good listener.


Assistant Manager, Human Resources

MR. KISHORE LOKHANDE Sr. Manager – Vehicle Engineering, Research and Development


A Mechanical Engineer from VJTI, Mr. Kishore Lokhande has served Premier with dedication over the last 22 years at various levels in the R&D department. Since childhood, he has been passionate about outdoor games, especially kho-kho, which he has played at the state level.



A woman with multiple talents, Ms. Kadambari Paigude is an accomplished singer and has passed three levels of exams from Sangeet Visharad. She has completed her Diploma from Pune University and is currently learning the sitar. She has also completed a Diploma course in German from the Max Müller Bhavan, making her proficient in the language. She carries big responsibilities on her tiny shoulders with grace and courage.

Sr. Manager – Project and Application, Engineering


Mr. Mandhare is a detailoriented, tech-savvy individual. Besides his professional life, he also works as a volunteer for Divine India Youth Association, an organisation that aims to nurture the potential of the youth. His passions are photography, and he believes he can capture everything he wants to.



HR AND IR UPDATE Premier celebrates National Safety Week.

Premier employees taking the safety pledge.

SAFETY FIRST Premier does its bit by spreading awareness during National Safety Week.

During the 42nd National Safety Week celebrations during March 4–11, 2013, several programmes and competitions were organised by Premier to raise awareness among its employees. The week kick-started with employees taking a safety pledge and confirming their commitment towards a safer Premier. Several safety and health programmes were organised including training sessions on industrial safety. An awareness campaign on combating fire was also conducted with the help of interactive mock-drills. “Occupational safety is most important for us at Premier. Due to the regular implementation of safety measures, the number of accidents has almost been reduced to zero.” – Mr. P. G. Salunkhe, Premier’s Safety Committee


With Premier’s consciousness and responsibility towards its employees, training sessions in the last quarter focused predominantly on safety.

EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING A step ahead of safety.

Workers sharing their views on the importance of safety.

The past four months at Premier saw several industrial safety workshops conducted by Mr. Ashok Mishra, which placed emphasis on every employee’s responsibility towards developing a safe workplace. The workshops

included programmes to provide employees with specific training, such as:  Handling materials  Operating different kinds of machines  Performing tasks safely to ensure maximum organisational productivity

Other training sessions that took place in the quarter included:  Statutory Compliance  Awareness of ISO 9001:2008  ESIC Benefits  Introduction to SAP

Mr. Shinde, Safety Officer, explaining the different types of fire hydrants.

Premier Today


In a gesture of corporate responsibility towards our employees, we have undertaken several initiatives around the year towards safety. These include:  Annual physical and medical checkups for all employees  Medical counselling  Workshops on ailments and medical conditions, heart disease awareness programmes and tetanus vaccinations Additionally:  Premier’s medical room, situated on the factory premises, is registered under the medical department of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.  Biomedical waste generated during the treatment of employees — dressing bandages, antiseptic solutions, syringes, needles, etc. — is submitted to Passco Environmental Solutions on a monthly basis for an appropriate disposal.  Premier has also trained a team of 26 employees in first aid as support to the factory's qualified medical professionals.


Mr. Jaswantray Harilal Shah — an exemplary employee. Mr. Jaswantray Harilal Shah began his journey with Premier in 1963 as a clerk. Two and a half years after joining Premier, he was groomed to take charge of the section looking after Final Accounts of the Company. In 1977–78, when prominent automobile manufacturers of the world were invited to submit their project reports for manufacturing cars in India, Mr. J. H. Shah was actively involved and drafted FIAT's project report along with FIAT's Italian Representative. Mr. J. H. Shah was promoted to General Manager, Finance in 1988 and eventually took complete charge of the Accounts and Finance department. In 1991, he was promoted to the position of Vice President, Finance. In a time span of just 28 years, Mr. J. H. Shah had swiftly made his way from being a clerk to Vice President. Even after he retired in 2001, Mr. J. H. Shah worked with Premier as a consultant, and continued to head the Finance Department until May 2005. He was later designated as Senior Corporate Advisor, and in 2005, he was appointed Chairman of PAL Credit & Capital Ltd., a company promoted by Premier Ltd. He has had the privilege of working during the chairmanship of all three Doshi family heads, and became close to the family. On January 31, 2013, Mr. J. H. Shah completed 50 years of his career with the Premier group. He shares his success mantras: Encourage juniors and delegate to them; help others; take up new challenges; familiarise yourself with the company; be ambitious but remain committed to your employer; and do whatever is required to achieve company targets.

Mr. Jaswantray Harilal Shah.

Mr. J. H. Shah with late Mr. Vinod Doshi.


Mr. A. Karkhanis, Sr. Manager – Electrical Assembly, CNC Machines Division, explains the load-bearing capacity of the crane used in the CNC Machines Division.

Students of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology take a round of the CNC Machines Division shop floor.

The students enjoying the RiO experience.




Women of Substance A look at the stories of three ambitious women at Premier.

Ms. Prema A. Ojha, a qualified Company Secretary and law graduate, recently joined Premier Ltd. as a Manager. She has swiftly acquired the tricks of the trade and has become an integral member of the team. Her energy, promptness and assertive nature set her apart.

“Premier has taught me how to multitask efficiently. A typical work day is filled with working on compliance with various laws applicable to our company such as The Companies Act 1956, listing agreements, working with SEBI compliances.” – Ms. Prema A. Ojha, Manager, Secretarial and Legal

Originally from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Suruchi Gupta shifted base to Pune two years ago after her marriage. She came to Premier with a Masters degree in Management and Commerce, and more than six years of experience. A confident and ambitious woman, she works as an internal auditor in the Accounts and Finance division. She strongly believes in the power of womanhood and finds the supportive and nurturing atmosphere at Premier encouraging.

Ms. Urmila Nagarkar is a single mother and

the sole breadwinner of her family. She moved into her own home 15 years ago and has raised her son independently with hard work, determination and wise choices. Her simple attitude, constant quest for knowledge and passion for her work has contributed towards her success as a working woman. Currently, she is pursuing a Company Secretary course, and in her spare time, loves to analyse the stock markets.

“Over the last four years, my close proximity to work as well as our company's policy of getting the job done and leaving on time has enabled me to be there for work and my family.” – Ms. Urmila Nagarkar, Senior Manager, Accounts and Taxation

Premier Today


A group photograph of Premier women, taken with scenic Lake Nilshi as a backdrop.

WOMEN POWER Premier’s women empowerment forum head Spenta Shroff explaining the flow of events scheduled for the day.

The women of Premier set out on a trek.


Premier Ltd. on the green bandwagon. To mark the conclusion of the 10,000-tree plantation project undertaken by Premier, actor and theatre personality Dr. Mohan Agashe planted the 10,000th sapling on February 23, 2013 at the Aundh cantonment area, Pune. Premier’s green initiatives started five years ago with its 'plant a sapling for every employee' project. The company decided to take it further by collaborating with Pune-based NGO Tree Public Foundation, and set off to plant 10,000 trees in the cantonment area to benefit the neighbourhood.

for a retreat. On December 15, 2012, 30 Premier women employees met at YMCA’s Nilshi lakeside camp. They kick-started their day with a hike through one of Maharashtra’s most scenic trails, and each participant was instructed to bring back something from nature that best described her. The participants brought back things that represented their creativity and ambition. While one picked up a feather to illustrate her aspirations, another one used a rock to signify how she stands firm to the ground against all odds. “This feather, a part of the bird’s wing, signifies me. It projects my ambition to touch the sky in all that I do at work or in my personal life.” – Suchitra Patankar, Executive – Design, CNC Machines Divison FAST FACT


Trees out of the 10,000 planted by Premier around the Pune cantonment, cuts down summer air-conditioning needs by 50%.

Dr. Mohan Agashe planting the 10,000th sapling on behalf of Premier Ltd.


Premier Today


AN ITALIAN INSPIRATION A chance meeting with an enterprising duo at an auto expo turns out to be a brilliant opportunity to hear the story of how a Premier Padmini was converted into a red sports car.

B The magnificent SB1100.

Be prepared to have your jaw drop the “Every time I saw a FIAT 1100 D or the actual challenge of converting the first time you lay eyes on the SB1100. a Premier Padmini, I would see lines classic car into an actual race car. A With its dual shades of red and silver beyond the black-and-yellow exterior. separate team of workers was created gleaming proudly, not only is it one of out of the existing workforce of Sanva I always thought the Padmini was the most attractive sports cars you’ll see, to carry out this project. hiding a little red sports car.” there’s also the incredible fact that this The SB1100 looks unique at – Bijoy Kumar, in his book car was once the Fiat 1100. first glance, but as one dwells on This automobile miracle was the details, the Padmini emerges, Instant Carma achieved by the joint efforts of Sanjeev tastefully cloaked under the cosmic Mestry and Bijoy Kumar. Sanjeev Mestry is the owner of red and silver metallic paintwork. The crisp line that runs Sanva Motors, Mumbai that modifies and redesigns cars to from the headlamps to the tail lights, the indicators and all suit the driver’s tastes and preferences. Bijoy Kumar, Senior the lights are tell-tale giveaways to its original design. The General Manager, Chief of Adventure Initiatives, Mahindra ground clearance is the same as a regular FIAT, but one Adventure, has a long automobile journalism career behind gets the impression that the car sits lower. The sound is the him and the SB1100 is his brainchild. He has participated in familiar FIAT roar that you normally get in Padminis; being several national and international motor sport events and a racer, the motor revs happily before every shift of the gear has played an instrumental role in bringing the concept of lever, the engine reaching a crescendo before starting all over again. There is actually a little seat at the back, usually hidden ‘Car of the Year’ award to India. This Padmini was acquired from Mr. Sudhir Shah under the tonneau cover, where one can fit a child or two. Bijoy Kumar reminisces about how unforgettable and family, whose only price and condition was that the car be used smartly and not be scrapped. It then and deeply engraved in his memory were the anxious took about nine months to transform this popular five-seat, moments experienced just before the first look of the four-door sedan into a barchetta — a two-seater, open-top car car. “The minute it was out, the workers started taking pictures. That's when I realised what a magnificent car of Italian design built for racing — at Sanva Motors, Thane. In Bijoy Kumar’s own words, “In 1993, when I came to we had made.” The bonnet of the car was also signed Mumbai, I knew that I would one day build a car like the by everyone who was part of the project: Tutu Dhawan, Premier Padmini.” He also admits that he has visualised the Mahesh Powale, Sher Khan, Nekzad Engineer, Essa car so often that he can draw the design of the car even in his Karadia, Mahandand J. Desai, Marespand Dadachanji, dreams. Once the race car was designed, Sanjeev Mestry faced Khushrow R. Mirza, Phiroz Sethna and Mr. Arif.

Premier Today


The dynamic Naheed Sorabjee today.


The heart-warming story of Naheed Lalkaka and Premier Ltd. One of the most enduring clichés in the office of Mr. Vinod Doshi. about India is that it is a country She was assigned to the travel of contradictions. Like all clichés, department to put systems this one, too, has a grain of truth in in place. Her excitement was it. At the heart of the contradiction palpable; she respected Mr. Vinod stands the Indian career woman: Doshi for his entrepreneurship while some are oppressed in and people skills, and learnt a lot terms of the wages they receive, from her interactions with him and it is equally true to by observing him. She had say that others are FAST FACT the privilege of meeting among the most Seth Lalchand Hirachand, liberated in terms Chairman, Premier Ltd., of their ideas. Can a visionary of his times, these two realities be and a leading industrialist Percentage of working simultaneously true? women in 2012, up of the country known for In the 1980s, when from a mere 19.67% his philanthropist work. women working in in 1981, as per data She was delighted to be provided by the the machine tools Ministry of Labour and invited as a hostess at the industry were still Employment. EMO Hannover machine a rarity, Naheed tool exhibition in 1981, Lalkaka, a young lady all of 20 where Cooper Engineering was years, landed her first job working participating.


Today, Naheed is married to Mr. Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar India, and is a Director in her husband's company, Haymarket Sac Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd. She is keenly interested in charitable work and is a trustee with Concern India Foundation and a few Parsi charitable trusts.

“Naheed picked up the job in a splendid manner within a short span of time. A person who took a lot of initiative, she had a likeable disposition and got along with each and everyone in the office in an admirable way.” – Mr. K. G. Kutty, her senior and an ex-employee of Premier. 31


Profile for Premier Ltd

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