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Issue 23 路 April 2015


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Employees of Premier's Engineering Division conducting a quality check on the Windmill Tower. 03

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Dear Reader,


In this issue we highlight Premier's Engineering Division— its history and evolution—on Page 3. What sets Premier apart from all its competitors is its keen focus on growth by investing in infrastructure for long-term critical and heavy jobs, with a strong focus on unbeatable standards, quality control and procedure.

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Issue 23 | April 2015

A Quarterly Newsletter

EDITORIAL Editorial Board K.G. Rathi, Rakesh Mehta, D.S. Totre, P. G. Salunkhe, R.M. Tavhare, Erica deSouza, K.S. Nair Editorial

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Anand Dhuri

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Premier Today, a quarterly newsletter, is printed and published by Erica deSouza on behalf of Premier Ltd. Premier Today is printed and published at Spenta Multimedia, Peninsula Spenta, Mathuradas Mill Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai – 400013. The views and opinions expressed or implied in Premier Today are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Spenta Multimedia or Premier Ltd. Unsolicited articles and transparencies are sent in at the owner’s risk and the publisher accepts no liability for loss or damage. Material in this publication may not be reproduced, whether in part or in whole, without the consent of Spenta Multimedia or Premier Ltd.

Premier is a firm believer of giving back to society and for this reason Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral aspect of our Company. Through our collaboration with the Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation, we place great emphasis on initiatives in Art & Culture, Education, Employee Welfare and the Community at large. Read about these initiatives on Page 11. On Page 14, you can read about some recent upgrades to our CNC machines which have been undertaken by Premier's Machines Division considering our customer needs and the dynamic, constant change in technology. Additionally in this feature, on Page 15, we introduce you to our Information Technology (IT) Team. And finally on Page 19, take a walk down memory lane with our ex-employee Mr. V.J. Shah as he reminisces on his early days at Premier in the Sunset Club section. As always, I would like to thank you (the readers) for all your valuable feedback. With every issue, we aim at improving the content provided and this is only possible though your constant support. We hope you enjoy reading this carefully crafted issue, and welcome your feedback at ericadesouza@premier. co.in. Cheers, Erica deSouza, Editor, Premier Today

Cover Story - Our Story

Premier's Engineering Division:

Ahead of the Curve

Premier's engineering division: state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


he engineering sector is one of the largest industrial segments in India and can broadly be categorized into two divisions—heavy engineering and light engineering. Premier produces heavy engineering goods and valuable products using highend technology and is one of the top players in the industry. Established in 2004, the Company’s engineering division caters to wind energy, heavy equipment and infrastructure. Quick to adapt Premier's strength to changing times, today this division has built an enviable reputation for its products’ quality and reliability.

“What sets us apart is our keen focus on growth by investing in infrastructure for long term, critical and heavy jobs with a strong focus on unbeatable standards, quality control and productivity. ” — Mr. Maitreya Doshi Chairman & Managing Director, Premier Ltd.

Our Evolution & Story  Our engineering division started off as a one-off project responding to a manufacturing requirement for wind turbine components.  Within a year, a record of 60 sets of components were supplied— that's the equivalent of 48 mw; enough electricity to power up 4,800 homes in India!  In time the division expanded to include dedicated wind turbine component manufacturing lines for Regen Powertech and Enercon.

ISO 9001-2008 quality system certified. ISO 3834 certification for Fusion Welding obtained. 3  www.premier.co.in

Cover Story - Milestones & Achievements



Premier manufactures its first windmill tower.

Our international standards have been maintained through our membership with the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in 2011.

For the first time in India, Premier supplied 40 units of heavy gear housings for coal pulverizer mills to Siemens.

Delivered the 1,000th set of machining fixtures for wind turbine parts to Wind World India Ltd.

2013 Sole supplier approved by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to develop and supply 290 metro bogie chassis for the Delhi Metro.

Did you know?

The Delhi Metro has 260 trains carrying 2 lakh people daily— all supported by Premier's metro bogie chassis.

India’s first and exclusive critical heavy engineering components manufacturing facility for metro bogie chassis.


Forayed into international markets by supplying wind turbine components to Lagerwey Systems BV.

Supplied and manufactured Metro Train Bogie Frames, Under Frames and other  super special and critical components to Alstom, France.

Supplied components for thermal power plant pulverizers to Thermax Babcock & Wilcox.

All our machines are geared to produce special, customized parts which are inherently customer-friendly. Our in-house process engineering capability gives us the scope for diverse manufacturing.

— Mr. P.G. Salunkhe, Vice President, Engineering Division.

Premier Today  4

Cover Story - Current Profile Current Profile

Our business strategy focuses 60% on the windmill sector and 40% on heavy engineering, with core emphasis on the following areas.

Engineering Division

General Heavy Engineering  Infrastructure  Mining equipment components  Pulverizer mill components  Railway - Bogie frames - End under frames  Defence - Missile components - Bomb shells

Wind Energy Sector

Wind Turbine Tower

 Steel parts for wind turbines  Casting part machining

 Structural steel towers

General Heavy Engineering

Premier Ltd. is one of the leading heavy engineering manufacturers with in-house facilities for gear boxes, power plants, railways, mining and other heavy engineering design. Premier's Engineering Division is a one-stop shop for heavy engineering components, fabrication and machining requirements for infrastructure industries and ready-to-use components. The Division has expanded rapidly in recent years and is ranked one among the top heavy engineering component makers.

Power Sector Premier supplies heavy gear casing to coal pulverizing mills in a wide range of sizes and configurations to a diverse client base locally and internationally. We design and execute customized requirements for critical items, which involve heavy fabrication, machining, shrink fit of internal gears, CMM and NDT inspection.

Railway Sector

Thermal Project for Coal Pulverizer Mill. Mining Equipment.

Premier manufactures and supplies bogie frames to BEML Bengaluru as well as five Axis CNC boring and Plano milling machine capabilities for specialized machining. But with plans to supply internationally, we are in the process of acquiring European certifications. Besides this, the Company specializes in machining for manufacturing railway products. BEML Bogie Frame.

Steel Plants

Premier manufactues Heavy Duty Crusher Frames for mining equipments.


Metro bogies supplied for the Delhi Metro.

Premier manufactures Universal Cage Machines which are used to make pipelines for water and gas. Also, critical parts of the construction process for steel bars, which require bar transfer lines, are made by us.

 Mining Sector



1,400 Steel part sets supplied for wind turbines till date.

Handling platform for Bar Transfer Line for Bar Mill for Morgan India Limited.

5  www.premier.co.in

Cover Story - Current Profile

Wind Energy Sector

Places where some of our parts are used...

Axle Pin

Main Carrier

International Scenario  Rising pollution and global energy prices have led to a demand for alternative energy sources.

National Scenario  This industry is increasing at the rate of 15% per year and aims to reach 19 mw by 2020.  Premier produces a large range of critical components for 800 kw, 1.5 mw, 2.0 mw and 2.5 mw wind turbines.  We specialize in manufacturing structural steel parts that are required for direct drive windmill generators involving heavy and precision fabrication as well as machining procedures.

Blade Adaptor

Rotor Hub Premier Today  6

Our engineering division's 3,000 sq. metre windmill tower manufacturing unit began in March 2012 with state-of-the-art facilities of worldclass columns and booms, rotators, submerged arc welding (SAW) machines, etc.

Windmill Tower

Cover Story - Wind How does wind energy work?

Energy Capture Disc Rotor

 Wind turbines often stand together in a

windy area (wind farm) and are connected.

 As wind blows past a turbine, the blades

rotate.  The rotation triggers an internal shaft, connected to a gearbox, to spin.

Electrical Output  The gear box is connected to a generator.  The generator converts mechanical energy

Stator Carrier

into electrical energy.

Stator Ring

Distribution  Electricity is transmitted from the wind farm

to the power grid.

 Electric utilities or power operators deliver

the electricity where it is needed; e.g. your home.



Total value of the windmill that comes from the wind turbine tower.



India's rank in 2012 representing the world's installed wind energy capacity.

What we do: (1) Structural steel components Includes critical components like Rotor & Stator parts required as a base for wind turbine generators. (2) Wind turbine casting part machining Includes SG Iron casting parts like the Hub, Main Carrier, Bearing Housing, Axle Pin & Blade Adaptor. Our repertoire of experience in machining various components gives us a competitive edge in achieving quality and productivity. (3) Manufacturing wind turbine towers The single largest component value-wise. Global Wind Energy Council & Indian Wind Mill Manufacturers Association project a high growth trajectory for wind turbine towers, signifying huge business scope for us.

7  www.premier.co.in

Cover Story - Quality & Customers

What Sets Us Apart

Assembly line of main carriers on Premier's engineering shop floor.

Quality Standards  ISO 9001 certified since 2008.  Fully certified welders in DIN and ASME standards for all SMAW, GTWA, FCAW and SAW welding processes.  ASNT level II personnel for ultrasonic, radiographic, penetrant and magnetic particle tests.  Certified for EN 15085 and DIN ISO 3438 in welding of railway products. Also certified for ISO 3834-2 from TUV Rheinland, Germany.

Our Clients Wind Energy


Premier Today  8

“Premier has entered exports and supplies various structural and forging parts. We are satisfied in terms of quality rate commitment and deliveries—till date, eight shipments have been shipped successfully.”

 We only manufacture critical components which make us extremely important suppliers to large-scale heavy engineering producers.  We have the rare advantage of fabrication, machining and blasting painting under one roof.  Our team can work with all types of standards, such as ASME, AWS, DIN EN, ISO and IS.  A leader in the wind turbine, metro rail and power sectors, our wind turbine components are bestsellers and our share of renewable energy sector continues to rise.  Over 30 R&D personnel at the technology centre in Pune oversee our R&D capabilities and strive for continuous R&D investment.

— Lagerwey Wind Ltd.

Inspection facility of Premier's engineering division: CMM Room.

Cover Story - Training in the Engineering Division

Standing Proud Our division deputed Mr. M.N. Mirza and Mr. V.B. Salunkhe for a competition of welding skill which was organized during India Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition in October 2014. Among 400 participants from various leading companies in this event, Mr. Mirza won 1st prize and Mr. Salunkhe won 2nd prize. The competition was based on theoretical knowledge, welding manners and welding skills.

Winners Mr. M.N. Mirza & Mr. V.B. Salunkhe at the India Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition.

Engineering Division Gives Importance to Training The Training and Management Development activities comprise the continuous process in integrating the needs of the organization with those of the individuals for growth and development. Training & Development needs are identified and discussed with the Head of the Departments, Annual Training Calendars are prepared and Programs and Workshops are organized periodically.

Some of our external training programs:

satisfaction, good quality welding, time saving, continual improvement and team work.  Welding Coordinator Training: Trainees were trained on the visual inspection process, acceptance criteria and on using different types of standards.  Welding Visual Testing: Information was provided on visual inspection to improve product quality. Learning about NDT methods such as MPT, DP and visual testing were also included. In total, 13 engineers qualified for Visual Testing ASNT Level II Certificate.

 The engineering division nominated two employees for an Advance Diploma, one-year full-time course in Some of our internal training programs: Industrial Safety Management at the College of Fire  Basics of Hydraulics, Pumps and Bearings - Uses, application & types: The basics of hydraulics Engineering and Safety Management, like pumps and motor valves were covered. recognized by MSBTE and DTE.  Functional skills are given equal  25 engineers for metro bogie chassis FAST FACT importance. Soft skill training such as personality international certification were nominated development, communication, teamwork, for the EN 15085 training. improving workplace behaviour, planning  Welding Procedure & Reference Standards Employees in the and organizing are imparted as a continuous  Welding Qualification: Covered topics engineering division, learning process. Individuals are encouraged to on the position of welding torch, welding including engineers, learn from the marketplace and customer project life, importance of welder classification, workmen and sites through site visits and interaction. advantages, safety, improvement, customer temporary trainees.


Some of Premier's engineering division employees.

9  www.premier.co.in

Cover Story - New Developments Gamesa is a regular customer with Premier for front and rear housing parts and plans to order windmill casting parts such as the hub and mainframe machining in the near future.


1,300+ Sets of 800 kw wind turbine parts supplied to Wind World India Ltd.

 Focused on securing future growth, Premier is invested in developing and marketing next-generation components with outstanding performance and reliability in the Railway, Power, and Mining sectors. For instance, the Company has set up a state-of-the-art in-house facility for tower manufacturing and—with our proven track record of providing solutions for various railway works such as Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), Wheel & Axle plant and Central Organisation For Modernisation of Workshops (COFMOW)— also plans to begin catering to the requirements of railway wheel and axle machining.

Supplied 200 jaw stock frames to Terex, an American manufacturer of a broad range of heavy mining equipment.

We are a one-stop solution to Thermax Babcock & Wilcox ltd for their manufacturing of pulverizer mill housing and other heavy parts required for a pulverizer mill.

 Currently dependent on the import of bogie frames

and wheels from China, Korea and Europe, Premier has risen to the challenge of meeting the Railway sector's requirement involving thousands of metro bogie frames and three-lakh-plus wheels a year.  Premier has been forward-thinking by seizing the opportunity to cater to the growth of India’s defence sector, currently ranked as the 10th largest investor in defence globally.

Premier Today  10

CSR Initiatives - Community

Our Social Endeavours CSR Updates

We give you a gist of the activities that Premier and Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation (VSDF) conducted in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

reading delight

Learning initiative by The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation helps several BMC school children.



Children benefited from the book donation drive.

The proud recipients of The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation book donation drive.

PUSHING BOUNDARIES The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation imparts music education to brighten up lives. In its effort to 'lift one's spirit through Art & Culture', the Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation supports talented students of the Giving Voice Society (GVS) to pursue specialized training in music. By supporting this initiative, the Foundation has entered a new area of western classical music. One of the students supported by the Foundation is Shreyans Iyer. He has been a regular attendee of Mrs. Rozario's master classes with GVS and has even participated in two of their opera productions. Furthermore, he has been a member of the chorus of Verdi's Requiem, which was performed by the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus and the Symphony Orchestra of India.

The Vinod & Saryu Foundation encouraged 500 municipal school children to discover the delights of reading through a book donation drive. The drive aided the School Enrichment Program and the CHIP Balwadi Program to blossom. The workbooks not only teach Maths and English but also make the children more responsible as they also have to maintain them. “The books have been very useful for

revision as well as maintaining individual records of the progress of the children’s learning levels,” says Karuna Verma, teacher of Sanyas Ashram School. “I love my new book. I am going to take this home to show it to my parents,” says Renuka Shukla, Class I

student of an Andheri-based BMC school.

seeing through music

The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation helps visually impaired students through the Furtado Music Education Program.

Last year, the foundation supported four students from Happy Home & School for the Blind (HHSB) to pursue their music education through the Furtado Music Education Program. All have done exceptionally well and Rahul Gajjal, one of the beneficiaries, has been awarded the 'Furtado School of Music's Highest Achievement Award for the Year' in addition to securing 91% in the Trinity College exams—along with Nitesh Sonawane, our other beneficiary—for piano training.

Shreyans Iyer, a recipient of the music education programme, teaching students of Songbound.

11  www.premier.co.in

CSR Initiatives - Education

Vinod Doshi-COEP scholars enjoy a fun-filled excursion in Mumbai.

vinod doshi-coep scholars: a unique experience

Vinod Doshi-COEP merit scholarship helps the less fortunate to develop a better future. The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation awards 10 brilliant underprivileged children a scholarship, supporting them with fees, internships and extra-curricular activities through their entire four-year engineering course. We organized a trip ‘A Day in Bombay’ to enhance their overall development. “The excursion was packed with great learning and a lot more team bonding,” says Asawari, one of our COEP-Vinod Doshi scholars. She is the first girl to pursue an engineering degree in her family and has been successfully placed in the globally recognised BPO Accenture.

“My father’s income was not sufficient to fund my engineering degree and this caused major stress for my parents. However, the Vinod Doshi Scholarship has changed my life in many ways. It has increased my confidence and even motivated me to pursue my higher education. This self-confidence helped me secure a job in Emerson, Pune,” says Shraddha, a final-year Vinod Doshi-COEP merit scholar. Another aspect of the Vinod Doshi-COEP merit scholarship program, involves a laptop challenge—introduced this year—for our first-year scholars. By following a few steps, which would enhance their overall development, the scholars stand a chance to win a new laptop which would greatly aid their academic tasks. Not surprsingly, all of them have promptly registered for the challenge and are working hard towards winning and owning their laptop!

ScALING NEW HEIGHTS Offering deserving students several opportunities to study abroad. The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation in collaboration with the American Alumni Association (AAA) offers financial assistance to deserving Indian students for making their dream of pursuing higher studies in the US a reality. “Just as

Scholarship winner Mudit Bareja pursuing a Master’s degree in USA.

Premier Today  12

the scholarship is extremely valued by the students, Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation's contribution is invaluable to AAA. This contribution enables us to help even more students realize their academic goals,” says Mr. Mitesh Sanghvi, President, American Alumni Association 2014.

Encouraging thought and discussion at the Vinod Doshi Lecture Series.


The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation initiates a lecture series creating awareness on diverse topics.

As part of our educational initiative, The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation started their one-off Lecture Series with two internationally acclaimed speakers, Dr. Devra Lee Davis and Dr. Gladys Kalema Zikusouka. The Series brings to Mumbai public speakers of the highest calibre from the worlds of academia, business, the arts and civil society to share their thoughts and ideas. The Series also aims to provoke discussion and debate on a range of topics ranging from environmental issues to art history. We encourage attendance from across the city and hope you will join us for our future lectures.

CSR Initiatives - Art & Culture A still from 'Government Inspector' performed at Centrestage.



The duration of the Centrestage theatre festival in days.

creative rehabilitation

Showcasing the artistic vision of prisoners. The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation offers a unique opportunity for prisoners to participate in rehabilitation through The Blue Shores Prison Art Project which was also featured in Marg magazine. (September 2014 Edition, Vol. 66.)

7TH ANNUAL vinod doshi THEATRE FESTIVAL Setting the stage for drama clubs and theatre aficionados alike. The Annual Vinod Doshi Theatre Festival brought to you by The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation took place in February at Bal Gandharva Rangamandir, Pune. Opening with Kasumal Sapno—a romantic comedy directed by Ajit Singh Palawat and presented by Ujagar Dramatic Association—other plays included an Indo-German collaboration called C Sharp C Blunt, Kaumudi (inpired by Anand‘s Malayalam novel), Apradhi Sugandh (written and directed by Kiran Yadnyopavit, and presented by the Maharashtra Cultural Centre), the Festival drew to a close with Ismat Aapa Ki Naam—a dedication to Ismat Chughtai, the revolutionary Urdu writer.

expressive instincts

Centrestage—a festival of premiering plays.

The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation and the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) were back in Mumbai with their annual 10-day theatre festival, Centrestage, which focuses on premiering plays; it has also become a focal point for theatre activity, with new and established groups participating and several plays winning awards. Plays like Akvarious’s The Interview and Baghdad Wedding, Aarambh’s Aaj Rang Hai and Preth, Aasakta’s Tichi 17 Prakarne, Samanvay’s Punashcha Honeymoon, Orchid Room Experiment’s Bombay Talkies, Dharmendra Gohil Productions’ Meera and Blackout, Awishkar’s Bayaa Daar Ughad and Aranya’s Colour Blind have been winning rave reviews and awards.

“The support from the Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation has been a great asset. It’s not just an impersonal grant; Dr. Doshi comes to watch the plays and is encouraging of our effort,” mentions Deepa Gahlot, Head—Programming

(Theatre & Film), NCPA.

A still from 'Ismat Aapa Ki Naam', part of the 7th Vinod Doshi Theatre Festival.

Inauguration of the 7th Annual Vinod Doshi Theatre Festival by Dr. Mohan Agashe.

13  www.premier.co.in

Divisional Update

Machines Division

The PTC-2800 has a 20 tool automatic tool changer.

New machines that are now operational at Premier Ltd.


onsidering our customer needs and the dynamic, constant changes in technology, our team has made certain upgraded modifications to two other CNC machines. These upgrades result in increased productivity. The developments are made keeping value engineering as a constant. Premier manufactures a wide range of machines, one among them is the Double Column Vertical Turning & Milling Machine with a moving crossrail.  This niche CNC machine is capable of Turning, Boring and Milling components of maximum Dia. of 2,500 mm and has a maximum height of 2,500 mm.  The Table can carry a load capacity of 25,000 kg, which indicates the machine’s robustness. The Table drive has two speed ranges with a hydraulically operated geartrain, and the speed ranges from 1 to 150 rpm. In the Milling mode, the machine Table can run from 0.05 to 5 rpm.

 The PTC-2800 has a 20 tool Automatic Tool Changer which helps to speed up tool change during the machining cycle.  The CNC Gear Shaping Machine Model, PSC 250, now has Fanuc 0i-MD flexible synchronization control systems. This has made the machine more user-friendly as the control is widely accepted by our customers.


2,500 mm Maximum height of the Double Column Vertical Turning & Milling Machine.

The IMTMA-Vinod Doshi Outstanding Entrepreneur Award The award has been instituted in memory of Mr. Vinod L. Doshi, Chairman of Premier Ltd, an outstanding industrialist and one of the founding fathers of the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association. This year, it was given to Dr. Arvind Lavjibhai Patel, Managing Director, Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. (SLTL), Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Premier participates at IMTEX 2015 Premier's CNC Machines Division once again participated at IMTEX 2015, the 17th Indian Metal-cutting machine tool exhibition held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, hosted by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers‘ Association (IMTMA). Here they displayed the PHC 250 machine, a Hi-Tech 8 Axes CNC High-speed Gear Hobbing machine, and attracted a lot of visitors. The machines are developed for auto component manufacturers and the engineering industry.

Premier Today  14

Team in Focus Left to Right: Mr. A.S. Jadhav, Mr. P.R. Kulkarni, Mr. R.S. Mahajan, Mr. S.D. Joshi, Mr. Atul Mane & Mr. V.S. Dhane.

The IT Crowd Premier's information technology (IT) department has excellent technical expertise and constantly keeps abreast of the latest developments in the world of information technology.


t is a given that companies today cannot survive without the adoption of technology wherein companies can eliminate boundaries, previously limiting business expansion, target a wider customer base and grow to higher levels. But with this adoption comes a critical need for a highly efficient IT team. Premier's IT department is headed by Mr. S.D. Joshi, General Manager—Design, Machines Division, who doubles as the head of the IT department as well. Key achievements of the team:

 Developed an in-house Human Resource Management

System (HRMS) and managing several HR processes through the same, such as payroll management,

attendance records and tracking, medical application processing, the Company's suggestion scheme (i-Suggest) and also other financial modules such as income tax, employee pensions and gratuity.  Implemented world-renowned SAP R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning Software. In fact, with a sizable number of authorized licensed users in SAP system, all our business processes are customized in the systems through the following SAP’s Core Modules: Finance & Controlling Module, Production Planning and Sales & Distribution, among a few.  Premier Ltd. was one of the first five companies in Maharashtra to implement such ERP software for their business.

Meet the Team:

Mr. Atul Mane: Assistant Manager (Systems), developed several software applications for our organization.

Mr. S.D. Joshi: Heads the IT department at Premier and specializes in the SAP production planning module.

Mr. P.R. Kulkarni: Executive (Systems), developed Vehicle Daily Production Report software and also provides desktop management support to all end users at Premier.

Mr. V.S. Dhane: Manager (Systems), is in charge of maintaining all SAP applications. Mr. R.S. Mahajan: Assistant Manager (Systems), overlooks Premier's IT infrastructure.

Mr. A.S. Jadhav: Executive (Systems), handles SAP system administration activities, payrollrelated activities and provides desktop management support to all end users at Premier.

15  www.premier.co.in

HR & Training Update Developing People Power through training We encourage employee growth and development, and conduct several training programmes. A safety training programme held at Premier's shop floor.


t Premier, training is given high importance. One of the key trainings conducted at this quarter was design training for employees of the CNC Machines Division. Design is a complex, all-pervasive activity and has both, a process and an outcome. The biggest challenge today for any Indian Machine Designer is to co-relate technology with innovativeness and build machines that are accepted globally. The Human Resources team found that our managers could develop more expertise in the design arena and arranged for a training programme in Europe to bridge the gap and escalate to an international level. Two managers from the Design & Machines Division were sent for training organized by M/s. Gudel India

Ltd, which is representative of Redex and Kessler in India. Redex is a world leader in gearboxes and pinions whereas Kessler manufactures motorized spindle units used in gear machines, special-purpose machines and machining centres. The training included factory visits, testing and face-to-face interaction with the designers of these products. “Such training enabled us to select the

right product in the right size for our machines, enabling high-end machines to be built in a very economical manner. We found this to be an excellent opportunity to learn and contribute for the benefit of our company,” says Mr. S.D.

Joshi, General Manager, Design and Machines Division.

MindSpark's Engineering Partner: Premier Ltd. This year, Premier Ltd. was part of four events at MindSpark 2014, an intercollege event organized by the College of Engineeing, Pune (COEP). The events included Wheelomation (a remotecontrolled car racing event), Mechtrix (an article on recycling), Intelligent Design 3D (a designing contest for engineering students) and Turnament, where one makes a replica of a required job design.



Years during which Premier and MindSpark have remained engineering partners.

Premier Today  16

Mr. C.B. Kale, Assistant General Manager, Premier's Automotive Division, awarding a prize to the outstanding performer of 'Wheelomation'.

Premier's stall attracting attention from numerours onlookers.


18,000 Estimated number of people who attended the event.

Engineering enthusiasts of MindSpark 2014 at Premier's stall during the event. Premier's wheelomation—a remote controlled car racing event at MindSpark.

Welcome Aboard

Premier Welcomes... We have hired new recruits in several departments and here are a few testimonials from the newest joinees. Punde Laxman Bandu, joined Premier as an Executive in the Machines Division’s service department. Punde, secured a diploma in mechanical engineering and comes armed with 3.8 years of experience. Originally from Shirur in Khed, Punde moved to Pune with his family to take his career to new heights.

Punde Laxman Bandu Sushama J. Shirke, a commerce graduate, joined our Accounts department under Mrs. Renuka Nair. Her job includes managing important accounting documents and stationary, printing cheques, taxation and expenses management for the auto division. “The journey of working with Premier is rewarding for my professional growth and my colleagues' support has helped me perform my job effectively,” she says.

Sushama Shirke

Priyanka Kamble

Priyanka Kamble, rejoined Premier in the capacity of an HR Executive after a two-year sabbatical and has worked with Premier for over five years in the HR department. Armed with a Master’s degree in Personnel Management and a Diploma in Labour Law and Labour Welfare, she is well aware of the technical and legal aspects of HR, which aid her in fulfilling her professional responsibilities to the fullest.

17  www.premier.co.in

In the Press

Sakaal Times, 11 February 2015

 Pudhari Mumbai, 21 November 2014

Janpravas, 11 February 2015

Mumbai Mirror, 01 October 2014

Words of Appreciation C N C




Issue 22 · October 2014

Machines Division New Developments

HR and Training

The Essence of Transformation

Teams in Focus The Wonder Workforce

Feedback on





The magazine is extremely good and we find it very informative. It offers a boost to our profession. The content is always in line with our profession and the updates are very good. It boosts the morale of our people and features a lot of information about employees and their families, giving it a family touch. Mr. P.K. Marathe Congrats. Women have risen to the top. Very informative. Mr. Dipak Mukherjee Very nice. I enjoy reading the Journal. It’s very informative. Mr. D.D. Mulherkar Ex-employee of Premier Ltd.

Premier Today  18

The Asian Age Mumbai, 20 November 2014

I have received the ‘Premier Today' Journal of Oct '14 issue no. 22 which was delivered by specially assisted people's courier service. This initiative itself is very commendable. The fact that it takes 20 pages to showcase activities done by Premier proves that Premier is worth much more than what it is. This is evident by seeing and reading about CSR, people transformation, women empowerment, valuing and appreciating the initiatives of Premier employees of any rank and file, engineering division, cultural initiatives and the new feature called 'Sunset Club'. The article I liked most is about HHSB and Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, wherein school children were provided free books and safe drinking water. This is an example demonstrating that the right to education exists not just in law books but is also being reinforced through Premier’s efforts. The whole issue once again reflects that each employee is committed 100% towards the enhancement of Premier's objectives. My congratulations to the entire Premier Team! mr. Sandeep Pandharkar

Dy. General Manager, Project Wind World We have received the Journal and thank you for the same. The Journal is quite good. mr. V. Srinivasa Reddy Executive Director (Technical), Synergy Green

We received the Journal. Thanks. I’ve gone through it. Excellent coverage! Got a glimpse of key capabilities at Premier. Also, the employee welfare activities initiated are really marvelous! Worth reading. Keep it up. mr. Neelakandan Dy. Manager, Wind World India

Sunset Club

Walking Down Memory Lane with Mr. V.J. Shah


ISO 9001

Mr. Shah played a significant role for Premier's certification in this quality standard.


r. V.J. Shah joined Cooper Engineering management as the Company owners and promoters felt immediately after securing his mechanical and believed strongly in these values. engineering degree in 1966. “I was very happy to join this organization because in those days Cooper- Significant Contributions branded machines were well received in the market.” Mr. Shah played a significant role in Premier's ISO 9001 Cooper Engineering was later rebranded as PAL in 1987 certification which took place in 1993. As part of the and consequently the name changed to Premier Ltd; continual Quality and Product Improvement, Total Quality today, the erstwhile Cooper brand is known as Premier’s Movement (TQM) was initiated and because of systematic CNC Machines Division. training, the senior management team of which Mr. Shah Mr. Shah joined the Company as a Technical Assistant was a member, decided to restructure the Company in in the Quality Department, where he understood clearly 2000. His second major contribution was in gear cutting the importance of quality in machine building. “I was machines, wherein he was trained by M/S Pfauters. He very fortunate to work under Mr. D.C. Gandhi who headed the gear cutting division, where under his guidance was very demanding and actively participated in a 5-axis CNC gear shaper was built and supplied. The building Quality Machine Tools,” reminisces Mr. Shah. quality output from this machine is comparable to that of The division was then headed by Mr. M.V. Mantri, a a new Gleason machine, a German make. motivational leader with immense subject knowledge. Apart from his immediate colleagues, Mr. Shah takes pride in having worked under experts of the machine Appreciation for Premier tool industry such as Mr. M. Mohandas, Mr. Deepak Mr. Shah appreciates the initiatives taken by the Management to maintain the harmony, such as Mukherjee, Mr. Shrikant Joshi and formulating a social and sports club Mr. V.S. Bhosale—industry pioneers for the employees. This club helped in India, with experience spanning “I carry with me fond build a sense of team bonding 35 years. memories spanning 45 years among employees through various such as swimming, kabaddi of engagement with Premier, games Close Bonds and cricket. Mr. Shah retired as Some key characteristics which a Technical Advisor for the who allowed me to explore Mr. Shah admired in these Machines Division but still with freedom." leaders of Premier were treating continues his bond with Premier every employee as family. This by sharing his technical expertise characteristic was ingrained in the when required. — Mr. V.J. Shah

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The ‘Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation’ is a non-profit, charity trust that aims at promoting Art, Culture, Education and Community. It fosters emerging talent in the visual and performing Arts through fellowships, performances, exhibitions and festivals. It empowers bright but financially challenged young individuals to catapult themselves to a higher economic and social orbit by providing scholarships for their entire college career. It is committed to improving the community by funding initiatives in environment protection and social upliftment. The Foundation’s Logo represents its modernity, creativity and energy: a metaphor for its belief in enriching the mind through education, and the spirit through art and culture. It articulates the lifelong passions of Vinod and Saryu Doshi who have dedicated a considerable part of their lives supporting these causes.

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Premier april journal issue 23  

Premier april journal issue 23