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Issue 26 ·September 2016

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Cover Story—SG Iron Castings


SG Iron Casting parts being moulded for use in wind turbines Dear Reader,





Cover Story—S G Iron Castings


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15 E N G I N E E R I N G

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Issue 26 | September 2016

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India’s history of wind energy production dates back to 1990. Premier realised the potential and importance in this space and entered the segment in 2007 for manufacturing and fabricating wind turbine components. In this issue of Premier Today, we look at the milestones achieved by the country in the production of this renewable source and how Premier has fuelled the growth with its SG Iron castings; turn to our Cover Story on Page 3 to read about this. On Page 6, we focus on our valued employees, commending their long-standing contribution to the Company. Our Team in Focus section on Page 9 introduces Premier’s Machines Division Marketing Team which takes the onus of analysing, planning, and strategising ways to reach potential customers and expand business. Our HR & Training Updates section on Page 12 highlights various initiatives for our employees. Also, in the past months, various image building trainings were conducted for Premier’s officers; read about their takeaways and experience here. Finally, our ex-Premier employee Mr. Jayant Kelkar is proudly featured in the Sunset Club section on Page 15. We hope you enjoy reading our issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Please write to us with your feedback and comments at Cheers, Erica deSouza, Editor, Premier Today

S G Iron Axle Pin manufactured by Premier

Electricity is a great boon of modern science. However, the unequal distribution of fossil fuels across countries and their speedy degradation and depletion has led to a growing interest in using renewable energy resources. In this sector, wind is commercially and operationally the go-to source of renewable energy. Premier is working relentlessly to harness this energy form with its extensive product line.

Production, consumption and importance of wind energy in India; Opportunities that Premier saw: Worldwide position in wind energy production

Current installed wind capacity, which is 10% of the world capacity

Percentage of renewable energy that comes from wind, amounting to 26,769.05 MW


8.7 GW


Per person electricity consumption in cities

25.8 KW

Per person electricity consumption in villages

8.9 KW 3 

Cover Story—SG Iron Castings

Cover Story—SG Iron Castings

becomes the first country in the world to set up of the development 1980 India 1990 Beginning a ministry of non-conventional energy resources. of wind power in India.


Premier’s Engineering Division started as a one-off project responding to manufacturing and fabrication requirements for wind turbine components.

Premier realised the tremendous demand for related assembly components consisting of heavy SG Iron (Spheroidal Graphite Iron) Castings in the windmill industry. Following overwhelming customer demand and satisfaction, the division expanded to include dedicated wind turbine component manufacturing lines for its customers such as ReGen Powertech and Enercon.

48 MW 4,800 homes

1. Receipt of bare casting from the supplier and inspection

A record of 60 sets of components was supplied in one month which is equivalent to 48 MW, enough to power upto 4,800 homes in India!

• 2000 hubs, 2000 Axle Pin (Main Axle) and 1000 Main Carriers for Gearless Windmills. • 7000 Blade Adapters of 2,333 sets of Gearless Windmills. • 220 sets of Front and Rear Bearing Housing for Gearbox Windmills. • 300 Hubs and Base Frame Units for Gearless Windmills. “Premier is a one-stop-shop for SG Iron casting parts required by leading wind turbine manufacturers. We have the skill and technology required for high accuracy of machining, drilling and painting S G Iron Casting,” says Mr. K. G.

Rathi, President, Premier Ltd.

 10-year experience in producing products such as Hubs, Base Frame, Bearing Housings to 3MW wind turbines for the wind energy industry. We have an expertise in producing prototypes using 3D form machining.

8. Metallsing, painting and anti-rust preventions

4. Drilling & Tapping as per requirement

9. Quality check before dispatch

10. Packing as per specific requirements

5. Deburring & cleaning

3.7 GW

onshore wind turbines supplied by Premier Ltd. 1,857 sets of SGI Components produce power equivalent to 3.7 GW

QUALITY Compliance with specifications and contracts is the most important factor of Premier’s competitiveness.

Quality check techniques for S G Iron casting products: • 3D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine • Separate measuring instruments/ equipment (calliper, micrometer, surface tester) • Use of laser tracker • Customers’ third party inspection at each stage • Certified as per the ISO 9001:2008 standards Fast Fact

 Ability to provide turnkey solutions, from consultation to SG Iron part implementation, for domestic and international markets.


Ready for dispatch


Large wind turbine manufacturers have trusted the castings of their rotor hubs, main carriers, blade adaptors and base frames to Premier for over a decade. So far, we have manufactured:

 Sole suppliers of SG Iron casting parts in Pune with a capacity to produce upto 25 tons. Catering to high volume, mass solutions and customised solutions.

7. Grit Blasting as per SA 2.5

3. Machining as per customer drawing on CNC machines



6. 3D CMM inspection

2. Marking for machining, confirmation of machining allowances


Fast Fact


An employee checking the quality of the Main Carrier made of SG Iron Casting parts.

7 Stages

of stringent quality checks

20,000 hours

time spent on quality checks for producing 3.7 GW power by Premier Ltd.

Quality checks of SG Iron in progress “We pay close attention to our customer’s needs and work towards timely delivery of high quality products with efficient after sales service,” said V E Mone, Head Quality, Engineering division.

5 

Cover Story—SG Iron Castings

Cover Story—SG Iron Castings Castings


Majority of wind turbine parts in the world are made out of the challenging SG Iron material. Premier recognised the potential and entered this segment. It offers weight reduction and can meet the mechanical requirements of many windmill parts without heat treatment, thus reducing cost by 40% and production time by 10%.


Some wind turbines also have Blade Adaptors, which fastened with the Rotary hub, regulate the wind turbine speed with the aid of a motor. It helps to quickly adjust the blade as per the direction and speed of the wind.

How and where some of our SG Iron parts are used...

Wind turbines can mainly function using either one of the two mechanisms, i.e. one with a gear box and the other without a gear box, known as a direct drive mechanism, which has been praised for its less complex and low maintainence design. Both these mechanisms employ the use of SG Iron parts produced by Premier, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Using SG Iron parts produced by Premier we notice...

Cross-section of the inner working of the wind turbine, showcasing parts made from SG Iron

The blades are attached to the Rotor Hub, which with the help of an Axle Pin, acts like a pivot for the rotor hub to rotate along with the blades. The turning blades spin the axle pin 30 to 40 times per minute.




The Main Carrier is a single cast frame made of SG Iron Casting parts that permits stable mechanical behaviour and performance. It houses the axle pin, the gear box, the rotor hub and the blade adapter and is the most precision load carrying member of the turbine.

Reduction in production cost

Reduction in production cycle time



The Rotor Hub is then further connected to the Stator Carrier and the Disc Rotor which are parts fabricated by us. These parts are fitted together with the help of high capacity magnets that are inside the frame of the Stator Carrier and outside the frame of the Disc Rotor respectively. On rotation of the rotor hub through the Axle Pin, the Stator Carrier and Disc Rotor also rotate cutting the magnetic field thus creating electrical energy. The rapidly spinning shaft drives the generator to produce electric energy. The blades turn a shaft inside the nacelle which drives the generator.

6 The Axle Pin (Main Axle), manufactured by Premier is an SG Iron casting part on which bearings are mounted to enable rotary hub functioning.






Bearing Housing is required for gear box type windmills to hold the Main Shaft in the right position by supporing them from the front & rear. The Main Bearing is fitted in to the Bearing housing. Bearing housings are calculated with the most modern methods to ensure the best possible application of force and torque.

Electricity from the generator goes to a transformer which converts it to the right voltage for the electricity grid. The electricity is then transmitted via the electricity network.

7 

Team in Focus

Cover Story—SG Iron Castings




Mr. Nitture joined Premier’s CNC Machines division 20 years ago, armed with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Today, he is responsible for heavy machining of components for the SG Iron windmill. He manages a team of about 50 people and is a mentor to his subordinates. “Over the years I have learnt about the latest cutting tools and machining and have been able to keep myself abreast with globally acceptable standards,” says Nitture.

Mr. Tayade joined Premier after over nine years of experience in the production line. His contribution as a Production Executive, undertaking turning jobs on the SFM CNC lathe machine with tolerances of up to 10 microns, has been substantial. He performs machining jobs on the horizontal machining centres like TMC 1250 and CBH 100 boring machine. He was a part of the team that developed the axle pin and rear bearing housing jobs for the wind turbines.





Mr. Mavlingkar joined Premier after completing his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering studies. He took up a year-long apprenticeship training and after two years joined Premier as an Executive (Production). His core interest lies in CNC programming and developing new machining components for windmills and automobiles. Currently, he handles the daily production activities in the SG Iron Line department.


Mr. Joshi holds a Diploma in Automobile Engineering. He worked with Tata Motors and Piaggio before joining Premier in 2008. He is responsible for inspection, quality assurance activities and dispatch of windmill components. He works in close coordination with third party quality inspectors. He is a certified internal auditor for ISO 9001:2008 certification and conducts regular internal audits for the Engineering Division.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS: Premier and Wind World India

• Over 2000 SG Iron hubs manufactured for 800 KW wind turbines • Over 2000 SG Iron axle pins (Main Axle) manufactured for 800 KW wind turbines • 1000 S G Iron main carriers for 800 KW wind turbines • 7000 SG Iron blade adaptors for 800 KW wind turbines

“Premier is a name to reckon with, both in India and globally, for its processing of premium quality SG Iron Casting. Customisation, precision, timely delivery and a varied product range contribute to its recognition,” said Mr. Sandeep Pandharkar, General Manager, Wind World India Ltd.

Premier and Gamesa

• 220 sets of front and rear bearing housings. • Premier is the first company in India to manufacture SG Iron castings for the G114 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW.


Premier and ReGen Powertech

• Over 300 hubs for 1.5 MW wind turbines

Maximising performance

The CNC Machines Division Marketing team analyses the company’s position for quality and output.

The CNC Machines Division Marketing Team plans and strategises ways to reach potential customers and ensures that they are aware of the Company’s products and services. Some key tasks of the team include the following:  It plans and integrates all aspects of a business at Premier Ltd., from the pricing structure of the products and services to the consolidated financials of the Company.  The team forecasts and estimates the output or sales resulting from each marketing effort. The operations department relies on these forecasts to create a production schedule while the finance department uses

these numbers to formulate budgets.  It analyses the Company’s position as against its contemporaries on a regular basis.  The team also reviews products in terms of quality, customer interest and customer response, among other verticals. This exercise helps Premier’s design department to develop new products and improve the existing ones as it moves ahead to pursue its goals.

• Over 300 base frames for 1.5 MW wind turbines



Houses can be powered by the electricity produced by ReGen Powertech using these hubs and base frames

Future Developments

• Premier will soon begin manufacturing SG Iron castings for 2, 2.5 and 3MW wind turbines. • Premier will also manufacture Special Purpose Machines which are used specifically for SG Iron castings.

Meet the CNC Machines Division Marketing Team Mr. V.R. Kothari, General Manager, Gear Machine Business, is at the helm of the department.

Mrs. Sheral Anand and Mr. K. Rajendran are Sales Co-ordinators.

Mr. S.U. Khasnis, Assistant General Manager, Marketing, Heavy Machine Business.

The Application Team consists of uniquely talented people like Mr. A.D. Thakare, Mr. R.S. Naragude, Mr. D.R. Mandhare, and Mr. Maheshkumar.

Mr. U.C. Haldankar, Assistant General Manager, Service. Mr. Basavaraj Moogi, Mr. D.S. Venugopal, Mr. O.P. Gupta and Mr. Ayan Chattopadhyay head the regional offices in Pune, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata. A spare cell consisting of Mr. Kishor Chavan supports the Marketing Team.

The Tool Design Team consists of Mr. Mahesh Kumbhar and Ms. Namrata Khedekar. The Service Team of Mr. V.G. Gade, Mr. S.B. Konar, Mr. Sourav Das, Mr. P.S. Wankhade, Mr. M.M. Gund, Mr. P.A. Kamble, Mr. Anuj Sharma, and Mr. Nareshkumar, have hands-on experience in the field and attend to customer issues across the country.

9 

Employees Speak

Employees Speak Mrs. Prajakta Dhorje

Life and its meaning... “The meaning of life is to be alive. It is so plain and obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” – Alan Watts

The meaning of life is a burning question that has inspired some of the greatest literature, poetry, photos etc. It is easy to find insightful opinions from authors, teachers, spiritual leaders, and scientists, but, what about our peers, or people we wouldn’t necessarily think of asking? We asked our colleagues at Premier “What does life mean to you?” Their responses, in the form of poems, photos and paintings, were very interesting.

Mr. John Paul John Paul has been working with Premier since the past three years as Mechanical Engineer.

Praveen Raje has been with Premier for Mr. P. M. Raje 6 years, currently working as an Executive in the Maintenance department for the Machines division. He enjoys playing volleyball and writing.

“To me,” he says, “life is about doing things that make you happy and never letting it go. Playing cricket and volleyball and spending time with my friends make me happy. I believe, and have always believed, that the way you lead your life depends on the way you treat yourself and pursue your dreams.”

“The book of life is a 3-page book, of which two are unchangeable pages, that of Life and Death. The only blank page is for us to write. For this, one needs to live, love and seek happiness in everything that comes your way. Since life and death are beyond our control, we have to make the most of the present. Learn to learn from the people that come into your life. There is no greater wealth in the world than happiness!” Prajakta Dhorje has completed her Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication from Ahmednagar. She joined Premier in 2010. She enjoys cooking and listening to music. Her biggest inspiration and outlet for her creative skills comes from her 4-year-old son. Sanjay Khandhare, has been working with Premier for over 25 years and handles the processing of contractual material for the Machines division. He is a theatre enthusiast and a practising astrologer.

Mr. Sanjay Khandhare

Mr. S. Dasgupta Mr. Kishore Potnis Kishore Potnis, from Kolhapur, has been with Premier for over 20 years. He is an Executive who manages steel and casting procurement for the Machines division. His biggest stress buster is meditation. “It is said that a man’s birth takes place after 84 lakh life cycles, hence one should live each moment ardently and be composed,” he says. “Accept all situations with a positive mindset and take it as a learning opportunity. Pursue your dreams with honesty and dedication and don’t be deterred by failures.”


Sunitkumar Dasgupta is from Kolkata and has been with Premier for over 9 years, working as an Assistant Manager in the Machines division. He draws his inspiration from historic and mythological books. “Life—God’s beautiful gift—is like a river, the banks of which represent happiness and sorrow. As we swim along, we are tossed on either of the banks. The secret to a happy life is to learn from those around us and lay less emphasis on material pleasures. Empathise with those in need and help them when you can. Life is a challenge. Just like a butterfly, one should not give up hope and constantly pursue one’s dream. Someday it will all come together and bring happiness along,” says Mr. Dasgupta.

He says that his secret for a happy and fulfilling life is respecting and listening to everybody’s opinion, being hospitable, not holding grudges, and empathising with and working for others.

Mr. Pramod Bhalekar Pramod Bhalekar is a Service Manager in the Machines Division. He enjoys travel and photography. He responded to the question with a photo of the London Eye. “The London Eye defines life for me. It has one centre, which is comparable to earth’s epicentre and the allpowerful God. The wheel represents unity and resonates the circle of life, showing that everything is interrelated. Like on the London Eye, we rise from the ground to eventually return to it. Life is a great, sacred circle.”

Prasad Jawale is a Production Executive in the Engineering division handling machining of wind turbine components and metro bogie frames. He enjoys travelling and writing about his experiences.

Mr. Prasad Jawale

Prasad expresses himself through his drawings. The drawing on the right was inspired by the drought that the state experienced, last year. Rakesh Bhase, an ex-Premier employee, joined Jawale to paint this drawing.

11 

HR & Training Update

HR & Training Update Premier’s female employees enjoy Women’s Day

Fast Fact

177 805

“Everyone present was truly inspired by the workshop. The day was full of women power and energy and special appreciation from the Management was no less than a cherry on top!”- Bhakti Mahashabde, Accounts Executive “The lunch was a great bonding experience. The workshop was extremely inspirational to the group, as many of the participants could relate to the learnings. In an engaging and memorable way, the team was able to enjoy this special day and will cherish the memories, something to refer to for a long time!” -Priyanka Kamble, HR Executive

On 8th March 2016, Women’s Day was celebrated at Premier to commemorate womanhood and in salutation to the indomitable spirit of women at Premier. A special luncheon was organised along with a workshop on ‘Parenting’ by Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh, a paediatrician specialising in adolescent problems. This workshop was mainly an interaction on issues that parents face today with their children due to long working hours and high academic and social demands and the same was appreciated by all participants.

Premier celebrated its 45th annual Safety Week from 4th-11th March, 2016. It covered sessions about safety at the workplace and personal safety. Winners of the poster and safety pledge competition were also announced at this event.


“I don’t think people realize how important blood donation really is. It is a simple way to be a hero. I had gotten into the habit of being a donor since I was 18 years old. I always feel so good about saving lives. I had never realised it till I needed the blood for my close relative.” Mr. Deepak Chavan, Executive HR.

Blood Donation

lives saved through Premier’s blood donation initiative.



tests are performed on each unit of donated blood.

For the 9th consecutive year, Premier organised the blood donation drive on 20th March, facilitated by paramedics from the Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. Staff members, from managers and trainees to housekeeping and security, together donated over 40 units of blood which would be used to support blood transfusions at the hospital.


cumulative man-hours were spent on soft skills training in the past six months.

Women’s Day Celebration

Safety Week


Premier officers attended the Creating Great Impressions training.

Sessions conducted during Safety Week:

• An interactive session on awareness about Diabetes- prevention and care by Dr. Abhay Mutha from Ruby Hall Clinic. • A lecture on “De-addiction by Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon” by Ms. Pranita B and Mr. Shiva N, where they shared their personal experiences. • Training on First Aid and Ergonomics and on Fire and Safety with mock drills was also organised.

Best Safety slogans:

• “Safety does not come instantly. We should implement it consistently.” ~ B.V Devkar • “NO Safety—KNOW Pain; KNOW Safety—NO Pain.” ~ Prajakta Dhorje

Image consultant and soft-skills trainer, Erica deSouza conducting the session on Creating Great Impressions

Training The Time and Task Management training has motivated me to put into action the plans that I have been procrastinating on. I have set some smart personal and professional goals for myself and have started planning and prioritising the tasks on hand, on a daily basis. — Vaishali Chavan, Participant

The key areas touched upon were: • Creating Great Impressions - 20 Tips in 120 Minutes • Time and Task Management.

I have started taking time out to plan my day. This has helped me focus and become aware of how I spend or waste my time. — Bhakti Mahashabde, Participant

The training was conducted by image consultant and soft-skills trainer, Ms. Erica deSouza.

Time and Task Management training has After the training, we equipped our employees realised that a combination with the tools, knowledge, of personality traits, positive insights, and skills for increased attributes, and communication productivity skills enhance an — K.G. Rathi, employee’s performance. President — Rakesh Mehta, Vice President, Human Resource and Industrial Relations

Thanks to the Creating Great Impressions training, I was able to change my dressing style and gain more confidence. This has helped me create a better impression in my child’s school among peers and teachers. — V.S. Dhane, Participant

Mr. Dhane ranked among the top

In addition to the soft skills training, Premier officers undertake technical trainings under the experts in the field. Mr. V.S. Dhane, Senior Manager (Systems), undertook a five-week-long online training course conducted by SAP in co-operation with Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany, to study the implementation of S/4 HANA.



out of


total participants who attended the training worldwide.

13 

HR & Training Update

Sunset Club


Ninad Khajone 11-year-old Ninad is the son of Mr. Kishor Khajone. Mr. Khajone has been working as a Grinder in our Machine Division for the last 9 years. Ninad completed the Pune International Marathon (under 14 category). Ninad ran the 3.5 km marathon from Alka Talkies to Saras Baug on December 6, 2015. Being a sports enthusiast, Ninad enjoys running, swimming and cycling. Kudos, Ninad!

Sonal Daithankar Sonal is the daughter of Mr. Vilas Daithankar. Mr. Daithankar has been working as a Fitter in our Engineering Division for almost 9 years. His daughter is a three-time state level Karate champion. Sonal has won a Gold medal at the International High School Championship in Karate & Kickboxing, held in Nepal. “I feel it is necessary for every woman to learn the basics of self-defence. Karate has been my stress buster and has made me more confident,” she says. She was a referee for the Budo (Japanese Martial Arts) Championship held at Balewadi, Pune. Way to go!

Mayur Dadas Mayur is the son of Mr. Sukhdev Dadas. Mr. Dadas is a Welder in Premier’s Engineering Division. Currently in the sixth grade, Mayur has been learning Budo, a form of Japanese martial arts for the past three years. In 2014, he finished third at both, the Pune District Board Championship Budo Martial Arts Association (Chinchwad) and the 9th National Budo Martial Arts Championship. In 2015, he secured the third prize at the District Level Budo Marshal Art Championship and stood first at the 10th State Level Budo Martial Arts Sports in the under-14 category. Here’s hoping he brings home many more prestigious laurels!


Sahil Lohar Sahil is the 10-year-old son of Mr. Sanjay Lohar. Mr. Lohar has been working as a Jig Borer in our Machine Division for the last 9 years. Sahil participated in the 10th Rotary Chinchwad Age Group Chess Championship. He cleared four out of seven rounds. He developed interest in the game at the age of 6 and has been honing his skills since then. He has also participated in the Global Chess International School Association. A big round of applause to him for his wonderful efforts!

Blast from the Past: Mr. Jayant Kelkar’s experience at Premier


r. Jayant Kelkar joined Premier’s MTDC in Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu; building VTL machine for (Machine Tool Division), Industrial Engineering vee groove pulleys in a German company, Gutersloh, department, Chichwad, in March 1974. Germany; and development of a system for the He considers Premier an excellent learning centre. Maintenance department to access past data to improve Over the 23 years of his service, Mr. Kelkar has witnessed the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time the growth of the company from being a manufacturer of To Repair (MTTR). manual conventional machines like shapers, slotters, and “The company’s emphasis on quality made us among hobbers to CNC machines and Flexible Manufacturing the first few to obtain the ISO 9001:1991 certification.” Systems. During his tenure he had his stints in Industrial Mr. Kelkar signed up for several training sessions on Engineering, Atomic Energy and Defense projects, 5S, Total Productive Maintenance, and CNC Technical support/ proposal and marketing, and programming. In addition to his professional career, Maintenance departments, thus gaining a wealth of he associates very fond memories with the Social and experience across the spectrum. However, he attributes Sports club and the Annual Social Gathering. He was an most of his learnings and confidence to his time in the active participant in tournaments for cricket, badminton, Maintenance department. table tennis and rifle shooting. He fondly remembers the Mr. Kelkar was a part of the team which designed, trekking group which often undertook the Mumbai-Pune manufactured, and installed a fixture for single setting walk and the annual Lonavla-Pune walk. He adds that complete electric motor housing on a CNC VTL for they continue to meet and go on treks even today. Crompton Greaves at its Nagar plant. He was one Mr. Kelkar has also contributed articles and designs of the first ones to do the CNC for the annual in-house magazine, programming for VTL. The team “I am proud to be associated Oasis. “We were always motivated was able to validate and convert to learn—be it with a well-stocked with Premier’s Machine Tool multilingual library or courses about 22,000 process sheets to electronic data. Division. It gave me immense offered in French and Japanese. Some of the other key projects “I continue to follow the Statistical work satisfaction and very that he worked on included Quality Control (SQC) diktat—act on assembling the Carriage in the the controllable things first and then fond memories.” vault of the atomic reactor in leave what is beyond your control to Madras Atomic Power Project I chance or God!”

— Mr. Jayant Kelkar

15 

SG Iron Casting parts being manufactured at Premier




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