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GLASS By Erica Nelson

In A World Where New

client walks away with a pair of glasses that is not only trendy, but worthy of the long-term commitment.

both design and technology. This is how Squint Eyewear remains at the forefront of eyewear in the Greater Toronto Area.

“Purchasing eyewear is not like purchasing a new sweater. People purchase glasses on average every one to two years; it’s a much longer commitment,” explains Amin Mamdani, founder of luxury eyewear brand Squint Eyewear.

Squint Eyewear is constantly and consistently curating an impressive collection of high-end eyewear from all around the world. Hundreds of frames from international designers are housed inside the glass display cases at Squint Eyewear. What makes the brand particularly unique is that only one pair of each frame is initially purchased. Their goal is not to sell thousands of frames, but to ensure that clients find one frame that is comfortable, stylish and the proper fit.

Squint Eyewear carries what Mamdani refers to as artisanal eyewear. He explains that, “the brands that we carry are designed and/or produced by opticians or designers that are soley in the eyewear business.” By curating from only these artisanal brands, Squint Eyewear ensures they offer the most innovative and trendy products available.

Mamdani started his company 11 years ago in Oakville, ON. Shortly after, he was joined by his current partner, and lifelong friend, Adriano Giansante. Their goal is to provide each Squint Eyewear client with a memorable and luxurious experience. They want to ensure each

Mamdani, with the help of Giansante, travels to Europe and New York twice a year to attend eyewear trade shows to achieve a global perspective in eyewear. Designers from Spain, Italy, France, Japan and a great deal more attend these shows to showcase their innovations in

Fashion Trends Are Developed Almost Daily, Trying To Keep Up Can Be A Difficult Task, Especially When It Comes To Eyewear.


“Purchasing Eyewear Is Not Like Purchasing A New Sweater. People Purchase Glasses On Average Every One To Two Years; It’s A Much Longer Commitment.”


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