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Celebrating 60 years



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We are proud and excited to be celebrating 6o years of delivering high quality education and training from the Park Crescent Campus. The College has certainly come a long way from its beginnings as a small technical college; post Second World War, where the majority of its students were apprentices. Peterborough Technical College, as we were known then, decided to relocate from the city centre location in 1953 to our current campus between Park Crescent and Eastfield Road.

In 2007, we formed University Centre Peterborough with our partner Anglia Ruskin University and built a dedicated facility on the College’s campus. UCP now has over 800 undergraduates studying on a range of degree pathways. In 2009, we set up a state of the art media and journalism centre based in Peterborough’s city centre. In 2011, the College established Jobsmart in both Peterborough and Wisbech to support unemployed individuals into work.

Still well known for apprenticeships and engineering and construction based subjects, the College branched out initially into business courses, hospitality and catering, hairdressing and sports based short courses. Peterborough Regional College is now the largest education provider in the area providing courses in all subject sectors and delivering over 644 different further education and 30 higher education qualifications during the 2012/13 academic year.

More recently the College has established specialist subsidiary companies. In 2012, Anglia Professional Training began trading providing accountancy and financial services training for local businesses. In 2013, PRC Ventures has been created to manage the learning company activity within the College which will provide commercial learning environments for students to aid their development and employability.

Since 1953 to present day we estimate around 600,000 students have studied at the College. And with our achievement rates now well above England averages we are pleased to be supporting young people and adults in fulfilling their career aspirations; businesses in training their workforce; and the local economy through growth, regeneration and community cohesion.

Support for students has always been a priority for PRC. The extensive support services at the College ensure the success of students at all levels, abilities and backgrounds. In 2010, as financial support for students was being reduced by central government, we set up an educational charity, The Peterborough Educational Trust, which now supports students at the College in a number of different categories.

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Investment in the campus and the teaching and learning accommodation is a continuing priority. We are currently part way through a ÂŁ5million investment in the campus which includes new entrances and a state of the art enterprise lounge due to open shortly. This will complement our new enterprise and entrepreneurial qualiďŹ cations, launched last academic year. We, as a college, are extremely proud of what we have achieved and how we have served the community and local business over the past 60 years. We are pleased to celebrate this with you and look forward to the future successes of Peterborough Regional College.

Angela Joyce Principal & Chief Executive

Raising aspiration, realising

potential and inspiring success . . . celebrating 60 years.

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1950s first steps insid e!

J.A mcintrye, principal - 1953


The first Chairman of the Board was Arthur Mellows before the College was located on the Park Crescent Campus


The original design for the Peterborough Technical College was the result of a nationwide competition and the estimated cost of building was £276,025


Work began on the first phase


Opening of the first phase at Eastfield by Lord Percy of Newcastle – the well known educationalist and former President of the Board of Education


1,902 students were enrolled on mostly day release courses – over 1,000 were studying Engineering


A new secretarial course was introduced for girls


Received the first civic visit from the Mayor of Peterborough


John Mansfield was the Chair of Governors and Frank Perkins and Jack Hunt were Governors


Official opening of the second phase


2,503 students were enrolled – 144 on full-time courses and 2,359 on part-time and evening courses. 539 were female and 1,964 were male

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page two from the Colleg

e’s Official Opening prog

ramme - 1953

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1959 Electrical machines lab -

Engineering staff and students - 1953

Chemistry lab

- 1959

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motor veh

icle class in a

motor vehicle Workshop

- 1953

Official opening

- 1953

ction - 1953

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1950s Harry Hadfield, one of the original lecturers from Peterborough Technical College, speaks of his experiences. I, along with three other lecturers and Principal Charles Victor Vinten Fenton, opened the College back in 1946. The first home of the then, Peterborough Technical College was on the corner of Westgate and Long Causeway and then moved to Park Crescent in 1953. I went into teaching mechanical engineering after the war, as I had the experience from having worked on the gas turbine jet engine for Rolls Royce at a secret factory in Lancashire. I started teaching night classes and loved it so much so I thought I would study for my teaching qualification. Before I got the job at Peterborough College I had been to Peterborough as a boy and I remember having loved it. It was a semi agricultural city and there were wide streets with trees in the middle of them. Back then, the College was set up by local companies, because they needed skilled men and women for the City. I wanted to really grab this role and

opportunity with both hands, following the war as a fresh start. I had to leave my wife at home to live with my parents temporarily while I went to live in lodgings. We five members of staff set up an office in New Road, Peterborough city centre and it was from there we went round factories like Hotpoint, Perkins, Baker Perkins, Peter Brotherhoods, Mitchell Engineering and Newall Engineering, enrolling apprentices along the way. These students made up the College’s first students. We always had a good relationship with these companies; I remember I could just walk in and talk to anyone there. We were the only college of our kind at the time and we worked closely with these businesses and in return they kept us informed of any new developments in the industry. I remember some college staff moving to Peter’s Court before taking over the shop, which had served as a YWCA hostel during the Second World War before they then made the decision to move to Park Crescent.

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1960s local mayor ha

nds over new f ord car - 1966


A four year HND in Mechanical Engineering cost 75 shillings


The College introduced the first full-time hairdressing course


The College had its own computer – a Data General Nova, a gas turbine, a closed circuit TV and a language lab


The third and fourth phases were officially opened on 19 March


Total number of students reaches 3,636


First female to study on an engineering course


The College employs the first full-time catering lecturer


Fifth phase was opened by Princess Alexandra


Total number of students reaches 5,309

motor vehicle students get demonstration - 1965

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1960s Richard Cowling – Former HNC Construction student I was thrilled to read that my old college is celebrating its 60th anniversary and may I take this opportunity to congratulate all of the tutors, ancillary staff and students old and new for reaching this milestone in its continuing development. Having been born and raised in Wisbech, I attended Wisbech Grammar School from September 1951 to July 1956 where I took the old GCE O-level examinations with only nominal success. In January of 1956, some six months before leaving school, I applied for and was successful in obtaining a Saturday morning (yes Saturday morning) and school holiday placement with a local architects' practice, Messrs Parker and Parker where I very soon realised that the architectural profession was the career for me. On leaving school, in July 1956, I was immediately taken on by the same Messrs Parker and Parker as a full-time trainee architectural draughtsman on a mind-blowing salary of 5/- (i.e. 25p per week). This was the way things were in those days when trainees and apprentices accepted a low salary, realising that they were learning a profession or trade that would benefit them as they moved on through the future years of their careers.

In September 1956, I enrolled at Wisbech Technical College, again in its infant years, on the day release ONC in Building course. That year proved very successful for me under the leadership of their Head of Building at the time, Mr Winder. However due to insufficient numbers on that course, I transferred to Peterborough Technical College, again on day release courses from September 1957 until July 1961 where I successfully completed ONC years 2 and 3 in Building and HNC years 1 and 2 in Building. In 1959 I also moved to a new employer, Messrs Ruddle and Wilkinson, architects and surveyors, at that time based in Long Causeway Chambers, Peterborough.

pottery stud ents get cre a

tive - 1969

I was very fortunate indeed to have taken my ONC and HNC courses under the leadership of Mr H K Padgett, Head of Building, who, I have to state here, without any fear of contradiction, was the most professional and helpful tutor and/or lecturer that I have had dealings with throughout my entire career. Even now, as I reach the age of 73 years and having been retired for some seven years I still remember Mr Padgett with a great deal of respect, affection and admiration. My career has taken me on an interesting journey through private and local authority and in the final three years I became a Chartered Architectural Technologist (MCIAT) of which I am now proud to be a life member.

e College - 1961

African visitors to th

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HRH prince ss A opens Alexan lexandra officially dra foyer 1969

s on own the working sh g in be ts en Stud ter - 1967 College’s compu

uct experiments nd co ts en ud st Biology

the Refectory food co

urt - 1965


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Councillor Marco Cereste – former Peterborough Regional College student, local businessman and Leader of Peterborough City Council. I started my education at Orton Longueville Secondary Modern School, a small school then with limited subjects and facilities. By the time it came to studying my GCSEs or O-levels back then, my school had an agreement with Peterborough Regional College for me to go and study some of my subjects like maths and physics, further at the Park Crescent site. I was lucky to get this opportunity as I was considered as one of the students predicted to do well. So in 1965 I arrived at PRC. Some areas looking pretty similar still to how I remember! I have fond memories from my maths or physics teacher Mr Black, and remember Mr McIntyre was Principal at the time. I was really pleased with my overall grades, coming out with eleven

O-levels. My head teacher was trying to push me into further academic studies but I felt I had achieved all I could at school and needed more. Councillor marco Cereste Although I had a strong interest in art and history, I had also started building up my own businesses at the age of 16 so I knew this was the path I wanted to pursue. Having struggled to keep focused at school, I knew an education was important and I didn’t give up. So at 16, I enrolled on a two year business course at Peterborough Regional College. I remember thoroughly enjoying my time at college and always looked forward to going which must be a good thing! I learnt about ‘real’ subjects relating to business like law and economics, areas that I knew I would find valuable in my future careers. I also remember attending computer studies when the first computers were coming out, as I knew this would be an important factor to business in the years to come.

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n - 1969 rt in actio o p s in s e rs Short cou

Chefs cook up a stor m - 1969

In my arrogance I didn’t sit the final exams for my business qualifications, which I do regret, but I was so keen to get out into the world of work and start up my own ventures. At 18 years old I was opening my first deli with my parents, alongside my antiques business that I had started. I realised later in life just how important an education was and was keen to get back into learning. I returned to PRC as a part-time student learning languages, something I really loved. At one time I think I was actually studying three languages at once, Spanish, French and Italian. I remember very well Professor Chirico who taught Italian and also Professor Richardson who taught Spanish. I worked very closely with PRC and my Italian contacts to support the College’s summer school which ran very successfully for a number of

Chemistry student microscope - 1965s under the

years, bringing students over from Italy to learn English. At the age of 45 I also studied for my MBA (Masters in Business Administration). Even my father, aged 65 came to Peterborough Regional College to study electronics and then languages part-time. He loved every minute of it. Getting out, meeting new people and learning something new. And that’s what I love about Peterborough Regional College, no matter who you are, what age or how academic you are, you can study your chosen subjects and go on to be very successful. I feel it certainly helped me learn the foundations to succeed within my ventures over the years. Nowadays I am enjoying getting involved with the College as a Governor, and also with University Centre Peterborough, as I feel this is a very positive asset to the City. I also enjoy the occasional meal in your Parcs Restaurant! So keep up the good work!

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1970s Art studen

ts in action


The official opening of the new motor vehicle training centre


The College curriculum is split into seven different departments. Today there are 13 curriculum areas within 3 faculties.


Student Union is officially affiliated with National Union of Students in February of this year


26 full-time courses were available


First female school leaver to become a full-time apprentice engineer


The College Salon operates as a commercial enterprise


First college open day took place showcasing all subject areas in January of this year


PRC employed 192 full-time and 120 part-time members of staff and had a student body of 7,000

- 1975

Construction Technical students

- 1977

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Pictured left: April 1975 - New Computer Facilities -Councillor Horrell tests out the computer 'brain' watched by Mr R I MacGregor(head of maths) and Mr P E Gosling(senior lecturer)

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Aerial View of College - 1975

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Brian Redshaw - Former Peterborough Regional College student, to Vice Principal for Resources & Business Innovation at PRC. I left school in 1974 with some good O-levels results. Staying on at school wasn’t an option for me, and like many other people I had been applying for apprenticeships during my last year at school. My Dad was very pro-apprenticeship believing that a trade gave you a job for life. I applied for several apprenticeships with local companies and got offered jobs at Perkins, Baker Perkins and Eastern Electricity. Apprenticeships were available with lots of companies in those days; I decided to pick Eastern Electricity who I joined for a four year apprenticeship to be an Electrician. The first year of my apprenticeship was spent at the Electricity Board training school near Romford which meant living away from home. In those days Eastern Electricity provided excellent training for its apprentices. My first experience of FE was at Havering Technical College where I went on block release until I moved back to Peterborough and in 1975 started at what was then called Peterborough Technical College, studying the Electrical Technician course on day release which was a five year programme. I was very proud to be a student prize winner on three occasions whilst I was studying here. Further education suited me very well, I could see the relevance of my learning to my job and the lecturers

were all very knowledgeable and helpful. Three lecturers in particular were very influential on my career, John Wilkinson, Laurence Brettell and Lionel Essam, and later on I was lucky to work with them all when I became a lecturer at the College. I finished my qualifications in 1979 and was then a fully qualified electrician with Eastern Electricity working on a variety of contracting Brian Redshaw projects. I later became an Installation Inspector. I have always been ambitious and by the mid 80s I was thinking how I could develop my career. In 1987 I saw a job advertised at the College for a Lecturer in Electrical Installation Work, I applied and got the job! I joined the Electrical Engineering Department and worked alongside the people who had previously taught me as a student. As a new entrant to teaching, the College supported me to undertake my teacher training, undergraduate and post graduate studies. I find it very rewarding to look back and see students who I taught in my early teaching career now successfully running their own businesses.

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Brickwork students - 19

Since 1987 I have held a number of positions at the College and have been very fortunate to be able to develop my career within the same organisation. From lecturer, I became Workgroup Leader, then in the late 90’s I was promoted to Quality Improvement Manager, then to Executive Director of Quality and Planning before I became Vice Principal in 2005. I was particularly proud to be the College Inspection Nominee in 2004 when Ofsted graded the College ‘Good’ and to be part of our very successful 2011 inspection when we were graded ‘Good’ with outstanding features. Since my time as a student, the College has undergone many changes. In the mid 70s the construction workshop had not been built and the electrical engineering classrooms were where our performing arts department is now located! The College has the ability to continually develop and change to ensure that it meets

Drama students taking a bre ak – 1975 the needs of the local community. The curriculum has changed to respond to new demands and the buildings have been altered accordingly. When I started work at the College the Principal was Mr Sheen, since then I have had the pleasure to work directly with three other Principals. All of whom have brought their own passion for further education to the College. I strongly believe that further education is the best sector of our countries education system, and probably the most undervalued. Despite millions of pounds being spent on our schools, somehow they still don’t meet the needs of many of our young people and it is the further education system that gives these people new opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge and

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Student award winners - 1976 gain employment or progress to further or higher education. I am immensely proud to work at the College. Our staff work incredibly hard and every year we help thousands of young people succeed. Peterborough should also be very proud of Peterborough Regional College. The College has a very bright future and I’m sure it will still be serving the local community in another 60 years time. It will continue to adapt to meet local and political circumstances and is certainly becoming more commercially focused. I am sure it will remain a great place to work and to study and will continue to transform the lives of local people and help provide skilled labour to drive the local economy.

Creative living course – 1974

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kshop - 1973

Wor motor vehicle

Hanging Chess set - 1974

College introduce new mu

sic course - 1973

Student award winners – 1974

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PRC employed 217 full-time and 120 part-time members of sta and had a student body of 6,000


Peterborough Technical College was renamed Peterborough Regional College


The College Nursery opens


PRC now has a total student body of more than 12,000 including 1,200 full time students


The College oered foundation degrees in conjunction with De Montfort University


The College won best Gents Haircut at a regional hairdressing competition


Won regional competition for hair and make-up in a Starlight Express production


80 Workshop - 19 Timber Trades

mircochip co

urse - 1981

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1980s Gary Hyman former Motor Vehicle student – now Regional Sales Manager at Aston Martin in America – says it is all down to his course here.

The tuition I received at Peterborough Regional College was a very strong foundation of automotive mechanics and the industry and the lecturers I was fortunate enough to have were hugely inspiring to me.

I was a full-time student beginning in 1982 studying automotive technology before doing my apprenticeship with the Peterborough City Council and continuing my studies on day release. After my apprenticeship, I went to work as a technician for Marshall Jaguar in Peterborough for five years before embarking on a successful partnership in a garage called Nene Jaguar Specialists. After two years I sold my share and headed for the US having always longed to travel across the Atlantic. Here I worked as a shop foreman for a Jaguar dealer in Boston Massachusetts. After five years there I moved on to become workshop manager for Jaguar and Land Rover Houston in Texas and finally in 2008 I had the opportunity to work for a manufacturer and joined Aston Martin North America as Regional After Sales Manager for the company covering Texas, the southwest and southern California.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Roger Dewey, Keith Lofts, and the entire motor vehicle department at the College in launching me on a career in automotive spanning 30 years, and I would like to take the opportunity to wish Roger a long and happy retirement.

I have very fond memories of my time at Peterborough Technical College as it was then and from an early age I knew that all I wanted to do was work with cars.

Gary Hyman

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Group of st udent chefs

College Creche - 1989

Construction St udents building bungalow - 1980 s

– 1984

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1980s - Construction and brickwork workshop


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1990s 90s

Art Student - 19

languages lab

- 1990s


Parcs Restaurant was officially opened in May by the Prime Minister, John Major


PRC has 1,600 full-time students and 13,000 part-time students


The College now has over 300 computers and around 15,000 students, 2,000 of these studying on a full-time course


PRC became a Corporation under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992


Degrees were offered at PRC


Performing Arts courses introduced including the BTEC National in Performing Arts


PRC’s first Freshers’ Fair is held in September 1995


Video conferencing facilities first installed at PRC in a project which was the first of its kind in the country


PRC’s first graduation ceremony


BTEC National in Sport Studies introduced

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1990s Emma Bull; former PRC Student, now Creative Director for high profile music events, working with musicians such as Kylie Minogue, One Direction, Leona Lewis and Westlife. I started at Peterborough Regional College back in 1997 on the BTEC National Diploma Course in Performing Arts. We were based in the old Hightrees building on Eastfield Road, just set back from the main campus. The students there had a real sense of community within the performing arts and media courses and I remember being treated as an adult by the tutors in a ‘real’ working and industry relevant environment. I studied the practical side of performing arts, acting, dance and drama but I found I favoured the technical side behind the performances for example theatre craft. The preparation and self development that I achieved under the guidance of Sadie Tibbett, our tutor and other members of the teaching team was immense as they were so enthusiastic and passionate about their craft. Being taught by ex industry professionals really made a difference and meant that there was a huge resource of inspiration and talent to learn from.

I am now a Creative Director in the music industry, directing and designing performances for high profile, international pop artists such as Kylie Minogue, One Direction, Leona Lewis, Westlife and more. I have also been involved in the Olympic opening ceremony 2012 along with the Royal Variety Performance in 2012.

After my two year course at PRC, I went on to study a BA Hons in Lighting Design at the Rose Bruford School of Speech & Drama.

I definitely believe my own career success can be traced back to what I learnt at Peterborough Regional College.

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parcs Restaurant newly op

e – 1996 Computer suit

Classroom dis

cussion in pro

ened – 1992

gress – 1996

Ceremony first pRC Graduation Cathedral – 1996

at peterborough

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2000s new archaeolog action - 2005

y class in


Performing Arts student secures £30,000 scholarship to top London dance school


Student mechanic, Gavin Lester beat thousands of hopefuls to take part in the World Skills Championship in Korea


The first cohort of 14-16 year old learners joined PRC on day release from their school to study vocational qualifications


Talks began with Anglia Ruskin University to develop a university campus for the City


Plumbing courses for women launched


Sports science student Alan Burton plays cricket for Australia


First female to complete and qualify from Motor Vehicle qualification


University Centre Peterborough recruits first ever students


University Centre Peterborough is officially opened


Media & Journalism Centre opens on Broadway, Peterborough by actor Ralph Little, star of the Royale Family

2009/10 PRC apprentice Luke Harrison wins Regional Young Apprentice of the Year

perfor min ga

rts produc tion - 2006

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Media Student - 2005

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2000s Daniel Smith, former Peterborough Regional College student now a Professional Chef, having worked in a number of high profile venues. I started at PRC in 2006 and left in 2009, having successfully completed NVQ levels 1-3 in Professional Cookery and also NVQ 1 and 2 in Food & Beverage Service. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Peterborough Regional College, particularly preparing and serving the food for the large awards evenings and open days. One of my best memories was taking part in a guest chef evening with chefs from local establishments. And I particularly remember the milkshakes from the coffee shop being really good! Terry Windsor invested a lot of his time in me and pushed me to be the best I could be. Without him I don’t think I would be at the level I am today. Once I left college I was fortunate to obtain a Commis Chef position at Claridges in London, where I worked for 2 1/2 years working on all sections. I then moved away from London to work as a Chef de Partie at Hambleton Hall in Rutland which is a 1 Michelin star boutique hotel and I worked there for a year.

Following this I worked in a few local well known hotels but in April 2013 I started a new job, at the Olive Branch country pub in Clipsham, Rutland. My position here is Sous Chef with a lot of responsibility. I have covered all sections in the kitchen and my main job is to run the kitchen on a daily basis. Since working at the Olive Branch we have been successful in gaining the award for Best Pub of the Year 2014 in the Good Pub Guide. I would definitely say that going to college was a great move for me rather than staying on at school. I learnt a trade or specialist subject for the career I wanted to go into and I also believe the best way is to learn the trade and gain experience practically, rather than learning it from a book. That’s how I found the courses at PRC, it was so practical, working alongside industry specialists in a real restaurant environment. I definitely believe my own career success can be traced back to what I learnt at Peterborough Regional College.

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2010s “Peterborough Regional College is a strongly improving and good college because of very good leadership, experienced and capable management and the unequivocal commitment of all staff to provide the very best for learners.” “The aspiration of becoming an outstanding college is a realistic one.” Ofsted 2012


Angela Joyce becomes the youngest ever Principal & CEO in the FE sector


PRC Rugby Development student Matt Willis tackles England Trials

2010 2011



Peter Jones Enterprise Academy set up at PRC


Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock MP visits the College and says ‘this is one (college) to watch’

Motor Vehicle Workshop gets a re-vamp


The College Finance Team wins TES FE Award

PRC partner up with Peterborough United Football Club for their Football Development Centre delivery


Learners met Prince Charles at East of England Showground Event


To recognise NEETs work at PRC, learners attend a parliamentary reception at the House of Commons


College’s new electric car is world record holder


College receive ‘good’ Ofsted report, with ‘outstanding’ features


Social & Digital Media Apprenticeship launch with partners Digital Youth Academy


College purchase Anglia Accountancy Training to create Anglia Professional Training


PRC celebrate their 1000th apprentice in one academic year 2012/13


Record number of students apply for courses

The College leads the way with new courses in Horse Management and Aeronautical Engineering


The College launches their new employment services division – Jobsmart


The College is awarded the NHS You’re Welcome standard


Student Vernon Horne selected for England Colleges Rugby Team


Students commended for AoC Beacon Award


New £1.3 million art and brickwork facility, The Fisher Building officially opened by The Mayor of Peterborough

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2010 to present 2013

Proud teacher, Roger Dewey leaves college after 50 years service


Invested a further £4.9 million in college facilities


College launch learning companies in new subsidiary, PRC Ventures


College sponsor, showcase and have 3 students competing in The World Skills UK in Birmingham


The prestigious matrix accreditation is awarded for providing high quality information, advice and guidance across the Park Crescent campus


Parcs Restaurant successfully gains a number of awards including a Gold Accreditation from the Hospitality Guild and an AA College Rosette.


College joins the Gazelle group, a national group of colleges to encourage new business and enterprise within curriculum


RoSPA Gold Award given to PRC for the attention to health & safety in the workplace


The College Nursery is given a ‘Good’ Ofsted grade after a surprise visit

motor veh

icle revam p

erprise Building the Ent for 2013


Anglia Professional Training

new hair salon opened - 2011

- 2010

lounge begins-


Official Sponsor

Animal care course launched - 2012

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2010 to present Sue Stanley, Peterborough Regional College Complementary Therapies student now running her own business, Bodyworks. In August 2012 I was made redundant. I had been a Chartered Surveyor for over 26 years and since having children had worked part-time. I knew the likelihood of me finding another part-time surveying position was probably non-existent and I didn’t want to stay at home all week so I quickly had a look at the PRC website to see what courses were on offer. When I had been at school I had always shown a great interest in sport and had originally wanted to be a Physiotherapist and help those with sports injuries. All those years ago, the opportunities to study were not as abundant as they are today and frankly my parents could not afford to send me to university. I had however, been lucky and found an apprenticeship, which had allowed me to qualify as a Surveyor. Now I felt, was my time to re-assess and maybe have a change of career. I saw the complementary therapies course and thought that this could be my gateway into becoming a Sports Massage Therapist. Joining the course was all a bit quick. I met with the Course Director on the Thursday and started the following Tuesday! I didn’t really have time to think about it, which was probably a good thing as studying full time, having two children and a home to look after – well if you’d ask me now I must have been blooming mad!

The great thing about the course was the range of people, not just in age but cultures, backgrounds and personalities. The lecturers were very professional, which was so different to when I had studied nearly 30 years ago when some teachers just didn’t bother turning up. I made some good friends and some of the younger students even called me Mum! Well I was older than their own Mums so I couldn’t really complain! The course has reignited my interest in massage and I have now undertaken an Infant Massage course, through the International Association of Infant Massage. I have set up my own business in Baston, Lincolnshire, carrying out Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and teaching infant massage. Once I have established my business further I plan to take a course in sports massage. I have a website now set up where my clients can book through. The quality of education that I received at Peterborough Regional College was excellent and I do not regret for one moment taking a year out to retrain.

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2010 to present

media students in action in the new Tv studios at the media & Journalism Centre – 2010

Sports students in the College gym – 2011

Clients having a pamper at

Revive Salon – 2011

new peter Jones Enterprise Academy suite – 2012

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2010 to present

ing ills Awards even Sk in e nc le el xc E winners - 2010

newly refurbished

Horse management course starts - 2011

science laboratories -


fisher Building op

ancock mp matthew H

ens - 2012

– 2012 visits the College

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2010 to present Phil Simmonds, former Peterborough Regional College Music student now, Professional Bass Player, Musical Director and Producer. I started at Peterborough Regional College in 2005 on the BTEC First Diploma in Music moving onto the National Diploma until I left in 2008. My course helped me expand my knowledge as a musician, learning different styles and genres of music and how you adapt your playing to suit different situations. The facilities were great and the tutors were too, they really pushed me to develop as a player. College really gave me the tools I needed to be able to work in the music industry. When I left PRC I went on to study a degree at Tech Music School in London. I also toured Europe with a French Artist called Christophe Willem and London based band Mountain of One. From there I went on tour worldwide with Jessie J for 2 ½ years and also

did some work for Leona Lewis, Alexis Jordan and Plan B on Radio 1 Live Lounges and various TV shows in the UK and Europe. I have launched and run my own funk night in London called W3 Music Live, which now runs once a month at Ronnie Scotts in Soho, London, where we invite up and coming artists from all around the UK to come and perform with our varying house band. I am currently the Musical Director for US rapper called Angel Haze who is signed to Universal Republic Records in the US and Island Records here in the UK, as well as trying to finish my own album with my band Bassment Project. We are finishing recording our debut album and have collaborated with current UK artists Rizzle Kicks as well as Miami based soul artist Betty Wright. All my memories from college are good and I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am if it wasn’t for PRC.

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2010 to present Christopher Smith studied the BTEC National Diploma in Production Arts (Technical) (2008-2010), and went on to become Assistant Stage Manager for the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies When I first signed up to my course at PRC, I was someone who didn't know what they wanted to do as a career and had no real background experience in working in theatre. All I knew was that I had a passion for the industry and the closest I had come to experience was growing up watching numerous shows at the Key Theatre, Peterborough. One of my first highlights of my time at PRC was December 2008 when the College was doing their annual 'Festival' show, which is a variety show showcasing the talents of the students from all the performing arts areas; acting, dancing and music. My job role for the show was follow spot operator and it was the first time I had worked on a show to a large audience. To this day I can still remember the buzz I got once the show had finished and right then and there I knew that this was the right career for me! I had a great two years at PRC and over that time I developed more into the stage management side of technical theatre. Other highlights of my time at PRC would be; working at the Key Theatre for the first time on PRC's production of 'West Side Story', being asked to be the Technical Stage Manager for a production of 'Twelfth Night' at the Peterborough Museum, being Stage Manager for PRC's 2009 'Festival' show and finally being selected to be the Deputy Stage Manager for the College's big musical production of 'Footloose' at the Key Theatre.

I graduated from PRC in 2010 and that same summer I got offered a place on the Stage Management & Technical Theatre course at one of the best drama schools in the UK, The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). I spent two years at LAMDA developing the skills and knowledge I had originally learnt at PRC. During my second year at LAMDA, representatives from the London 2012 Ceremonies team were visiting different drama schools around the UK looking for individuals to be Assistant Stage Manager's (ASM) for the Olympic & Paralympic ceremonies and after some interviews, I was fortunate to be offered an ASM position and got to work on both the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Opening & Closing ceremonies, a position which I am most proud of! Since the summer of 2012 I have been working at different theatres around the UK as a Freelance Stage Manager, as I begin to make my way into the world of Stage Management, but I will never forget where my journey first started at Peterborough Regional College!

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The future

new projects 2013 - Sod cutting

Artist’s impression of new sport’s hall

on of new Artist’s impressi 2013 main entrance -

2010 to present

Artist’s impression of Eastfield Rd - 2013

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