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Atelier PRO office, Den Haag

9 Redesign and interior renovation of Berlage Lyceum, Amsterdam

11 Meander Centre for Oncological Care, Amersfoort

15 Office Anthura, Bleiswijk

19 Renovation of ING Maple, Amsterdam 23 Eromesmarko, Wijchen

25 Museum infill and restructure of the Allard Pierson institute, Amsterdam

Lumion, Amsterdam

33 Scheldehof Residential Care Centre, Vlissingen

39 Interior Carmel College Salland

Renovation and interior Tower C, Den Haag

47 PRO Table

49 Cultuurhuis De Klinker, Winschoten 53 Interior of Town Hall Quar ter, Deventer

57 Metis Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam

59 Extension Metis Montessori Lyceum, Amsterdam

61 Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital, Vlissingen

65 De Mosselbank

67 Meander Medical Centre, Amersfoort

Healing Sofa

75 Town Hall Bronckhorst, Hengelo

79 Nursing centre Willibrord

83 ROC Graafschap College, Doetinchem

87 Interior Town hall Zeist

89 Raadhuis Ede

93 De Statie, Sas van Gent


Garden below Garden on top of the Forum

Entrance area, one of the many extensions. The original exterior facade of the building is now interior wall.

The Forum. Here workplaces have been created under the dunes.

Ground floor entrance area Ground floor Forum
kantoor Atelier Pro Den Haag office Atelier Pro The Hague (m) plattegrond begane grond kantoor Atelier Pro Den Haag ground floor plan office Atelier Pro The Hague 01 (m)

Atelier PRO office, Den Haag

housing subtly fitted in dune garden

Atelier PRO has been located at the Kerkhoflaan in The Hague since 1976. What star ted as a small group of enthusiastic professionals has grown over the years into an architectural office of fif ty ambitious professionals.

Due to the organic growth of the office, its accommoda tion has expanded over the years. At every extension, we were inspired by the strength of the location with respect for the dune environment. This idea of ‘genus loci’ lies at the basis of all design solutions of our archi tects. Our own office is a prime example of this.


National monument

Period 2020 -

Client Esprit Scholen

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen, Constanze

Knüpling, Wessel Reinders

Project leader Paul Vlaar

Address Pieter Lodewijk Tak straat,33-34 Amsterdam

Gross floor area 10.200 m²


Redesign and interior renovation of Berlage Lyceum, Amsterdam

restoring old glor y with respect for historical value

The Berlage Lyceum is a Unesco school for bilingual education (for mavo, havo, vwo and gymnasium). Free dom of thought, tolerance, appreciation, challenge, stimulating one another and world citizenship are highly valued and form par t of its DNA . The school has defined its ambition as follows: “Streng then the good things we have and surprise us with things we don’t have”.

In atelier PRO’s vision, the school’s former glor y will be restored, with respect for the historical value of the monumental elements. Through respectful interventi ons, a new, modern learning environment is created. And by making the interior contemporary, the Berlage Lyceum will have a building that matches its learning vision and identity


Period 2019- 2021


Meander Medisch Centrum

Project architect Dor te Kristensen, Thijs Klinkhamer

Project leader Ronald Peters

Address Maatweg 3, Amersfoort

Gross floor area 1.000 m²

Meander Centre for Oncological Care, Amersfoort

Internal renovation within the Meander MC

In 2021, Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort was given its own centre for oncological care, a special clinic for all oncological conditions. This brought the philosophy behind the original design of the hospital, ‘people first’, a step closer. Where previously these specialisms were scattered around the hospital, forcing patients to go to dif ferent depar tments, they are now housed in one clinic.

Left: Living room for treatment and aftercare

Under: Waiting room Diagnostics

The new Centre for oncological care is located on the quiet park side, on the 1st floor of the former psychiatry building from 2013. It consists of a living room with access to the hospital park, mammography diagnostics and consultation and examination rooms.


Period 2019 - 2022

Client Anthura

Project architect Hans kalkhoven, Amal Habti

Project leader

Hans Kalkhoven, Tobias Thoen

Address Anthuriumweg 14, Bleiswijk

Gross floor area ca 2.930 m²

Ground floor



Office Anthura, Bleiswijk

head office for specialist in anthurium and orchid

Refurbishment and renovation of existing head office of Anthura B.V., breeder of Anthurium and Orchid. The project comprises the design of a new contemporary working, meeting and reception environment.

The supports of the existing building were reused and the office was given a completely new facade and layout. In this way, the large greenhouse complex has been incorporated into the reception and meeting area to represent the strong identity of the company and give a glimpse behind the scenes.


Period 2016-2020

Client ING Bank N.V.

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen and Costanze Knüpling

Interior architect

Wessel Reinders

Project leader Tobias Thoen Address Bijlmerdreef 109, Amsterdam

Gross floor area 15.919

m2 First floor Ground floor 0 (M) 5 (M)

Renovation of ING Maple, Amsterdam

a second life for an office building from the eighties

Atelier PRO designed the renovation of the ING Maple building. From 2019, ING Maple is par t of the Amster dam innovation district Cumulus Park, originally initiated by ING on the Bijlmerdreef.

ING Maple (an original design by Broek Bakema from the eighties) is an elongated building that is connected to a parking garage, a residential block and the various levels of the Amsterdam Poort shopping area.

22 Period 2020- 2021 Client Euromesmarko Project architect Thijs Klinkhamer Project leader Thijs Klinkhamer Address Nieuweweg 240 Wijchen Gross floor area 850 m²

Eromesmarko, Wijchen

Office environment with showroom function

Atelier PRO has designed an office environment with showroom function for Eromesmarko at the renovated location in Wijchen. During the renovation of the premi ses, we were asked to help design their working envi ronment with furniture from the Fair Furniture Group, of which Eromesmarko is a member

The working environment for Eromesmarko was desig ned for 8 dif ferent depar tments, each with their own function and number of employees with a preference for active, independent or cooperative work. The dif ferent concepts for each depar tment are unique and have their own colour and type of furniture.



Ground floor

24 Period 2017-2020 Client Universiteit van Amsterdam Project architect Dor te Kristensen, Lisette Plouvier, Wessel Reinders Interior architect Wessel Reinders, Dor te Kristensen Project leader Eelko Bemener, Wessel Reinders Address Oude Turfmarkt 127 Amsterdam Gross floor area 2.000 m² Renovation 1.250 m² New 250 m² World Architecture News (WAN) 2021 Silver Award in de catego rie Small Spaces Bellow: view from the Turfdraagsterpad street Section The ticket booth and information desk (right) booth designed by atelier PRO for Allard Pierson Allard Pierson Amsterdam - begane grond ground floor nieuw new bestaand, binnen de scope van de opdracht existing, within the scope of the assignment buiten de scope van de opdracht beyond the scope of the assignment A B D C 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 weede verdieping Allard Pierson Amsterdam second floor Allard Pierson Amsterdam 01 2345 m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 entree garderobe kantoor opslag entoonstellingsruimte informatiebalie Allard Pierson Live -Archeo Hotspot Allard Pierson Live -café en museumshop Allard Pierson Live -labs Allard Pierson Live -presentatieruimte mutifunctionele ruimte vergaderruimte installatieruimte ateliers studiezalen / archief bibliotheekdeel entrance cloakroom office torage exhibition space info desk Allard Pierson Live Archeo Hotspot Allard Pierson Live -café and shop Allard Pierson Live -labs Allard Pierson Live -presentation space mutifunctional space conference room installation space studio tudy rooms / archive library part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 nieuw bestaand, binnen de scope van de opdracht buiten de scope van de opdracht existing, within the scope of the assignment. outside the scope of the assignment. 5 15 15 15 15 01 2345 nieuw bestaand, binnen de scope buiten de scope van de opdracht nieuw bestaand, binnen de scope van de opdracht existing, within the scope of the assignment buiten de scope van de opdracht beyond the scope of the assignment A B D 5 5 weede verdieping 12 15 garderobe opslag entoonstellingsruimte informatiebalie Allard Pierson Live -Archeo Hotspot Allard Pierson Live -café en museumshop Allard Pierson Live -labs Allard Pierson Live -presentatieruimte vergaderruimte studiezalen archief bibliotheekdeel entrance loakroom exhibition space Allard Pierson Live -café and shop mutifunctional space conference room installation space tudy rooms archive library part 11 12 14 15 nieuw bestaand, binnen de scope van de opdracht buiten de scope van de opdracht existing, within the scope of the assignment. outside the scope of the assignment. 15 15 nieuw buiten de scope van de opdracht

Museum infill and restructure of the Allard Pierson institute

a hidden gem at the Oude Turfmarkt

Atelier PRO designed the new construction and reno vation for the Allard Pierson, a monumental university knowledge and heritage institute of the University of Amsterdam. A transparent infill has been realized within the existing building lines.

With the transparent new construction made of steel and glass, this ensemble remains legible and the various heights were linked with a new facade. By connecting the new extension space with the existing spaces in the building, a more compact routing through the collection presentations has been created.

Transparent facade of steel and glass
The sloping facade bind the various heights of roof and facade levels.
AP live, In addition to the shop and a café, the various labs are also located here.

Period 2015 - 2019

Client Gemeente Amsterdam

Project architect Dor te Kristensen & Mar tijn Visser

Interior architect Amal Habti

Project leader Eelko Bemener

Address Vlaardingerlaan 25, Amsterdam

Gross floor area 14.100 m²

Building costs € 14.400.000,-

World Architecture News (WAN) 2020 Award

Nomination World Interior News (WIN) 2020 Award

Nomination National Steel Prize 2020 in the category “characteristic steel building par ts”

Nominated for the ArchDaily 2021 Building of the Year Awards

Lumion, Amsterdam

brutalist monument gets fresh star t

Lumion is a secondar y school for general, higher and pre-university education. The school is housed at Vlaardingenlaan 25 in Amsterdam. Use is made of par ts of the monumental school building on the site. It is one of the youngest monuments in New West, and was built in 1973 to a design by architect J.B. Press. The brutalist building is characterized by the use of concrete, glass and large cantilevers.

The senior grade has been realized in the renovated monument, the junior grade has been given a com pletely new building component that is connected to the monument through a transparent central hall. A new sports hall has also been realized on site.

A nest called ‘Nature Takes Over’; open learning area that has a dif ferent theme on each floor.


tweede verdieping

College room ‘House of Commons’ for debates and discussions

Mary Quant, is associated with the world upside down like in the 1960s

In the renovated old building, there are dif ferent free learning environments for the upper secondary students


Above: a nest called ‘Escher meets Einstein’. Bellow: One of the many learning areas for the senior grade


Period 2012 - 2017

Client WVO Zorg

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen and Christina Kaiser

Interior architect Thijs Klinkhamer

Project leader Marjon Main

Address Peperdijk en Wagenaarstraat, Vlissingen

Gross floor area 19.030 m²

WAN Award Healthcare 2018

Care building of the year 2018 Award

Nomination Gouden Piramide 2018

Nomination StiB (City in motion) Award 2018

Nomination Best Real Estate Project 2018

create homes


Schematic explanation of the design concept of the Plaat werkerij.

in the big empty hall we build new floors we
on the

Left page from lef t to right: De Plaatwerkerij and new construc tion. The steel structures have remained visible. Other visible elements are the huge steel doors, an inner crane and the roof construction on colossal legs with original markings that betray the past activity

Restaurant on the ground floor, also accessible to the public.

Scheldehof Residential Care Centre

care homes in a unique location in the former harbor area

The monumental Zware Plaatwerkerij (Metal sheet factory) shipyard building in the hear t of Vlissingen, and the adjacent site, is transformed into a residential care complex with residences and public functions. The closed facades is open up through the extensive use of glass. Internally, three levels of residences were suspended like a standalone piece of furniture in the vast space. The new building beside the factory fits well in scale and appearance with the surroundings, built from yellow masonr y with a small scale corresponding to the side street. The residences are organised around a winter garden. The structure and infrastructure are especially designed to enable the dwellings to adapt to changing functions in the future.

35 Left page: An old crane hangs in the void behind the main entrance and the old trusses are still visible. Bellow: The houses are gathered around the winter garden (inner garden). This guarantees free dom of movement and safety Ground floor 1 Desk 2 Grand café 3 Hairdresser 4 Atelier 5 Exhibition & concerts 6 Theater & cinema 7 Course rooms 8 Kitchen 9 Living room 10 Winter garden Plaatwerkerij Nieuw bouw 4 5 7 8 9 9 9 10 6 2 3 1


of hallways,

memory walls next to the entrance doors. Here, personal attributes from earlier periodes

be hung. This makes one feel at home and helps when memory is lost. This room is intended to receive guests, to play games and for other

36 Right page: Living
par cour instead
sociability 2 Apartment for somatic patients 3 Apartment for psychogeriatric patients Layout versions Atelier PRO developed a size system, with which the three types of care homes can be exchange. The end result is a very beautiful and innovative care facility. 2 3 1,5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,5 Apar tments including care facility option 1 All installations are vertically orga nized for maxi mum flexibility and future resistance 8800 4400 4400 4400 4400 6600 6600

Period 2012 - 2015

Client Carmel College Salland

Project architect Dor te Kristensen and Mar tijn de Visser

Project leader

Eelko Bemener,Tobias Thoen

Address Hofstedelaan 4, Raalte

Gross floor area 8.909 m²

Building costs € 8.000.000,


Learning area

begane grond interieur Carmel college Raalte groundfloor interior CarmelcollegeRaalte 50 20 (m)

Bottom lef t: The bench has been specially designed for the school and can be used in various ways

Interior Carmel College Salland

focus on the pupils

Atelier PRO has designed a completely new learning environment, encompassing both the architecture and interiors, for the senior general (HAVO) and pre-univer sity (VWO) students at Carmel College in Raalte. The landscape design was made in collaboration with Oase Stedenbouw en Landschap urban planning consulting agency.

The challenge

The aim was to create a school that would provide over 1500 students with an intimate, comfortable atmos phere a school where students themselves are top priority. To do so, a special focus has been placed on small-scale design aspects. The result is a building with comfortable and engaging learning environments, where interior and exterior merge seamlessly with one another.


Period 2014

Cllient Bouwinvest Dutch Insti tutional Office Fund and CBRE B.V. Property Management

Project architect Dorte Kristensen and Naomi Schiphorst

Interior architect Thijs Klinkhamer

Project leader Ernstjan Cornelis Address Beatrixlaan 590, Den Haag

Gross floor area 1050 m²

Renovation and interior Tower C

a new interior for outdated office floor

Completed in 2005, the Prinsenhof is a metropolitan, multipurpose building located in het Beatrixkwartier, The Hague. Ten years af ter the completion the original tenants lef t, relocated or downsized. Owner Bouwinvest and property manager CBRE commissioned atelier PRO to completely transform one vacant office floor in Tower C in one season, within a specified budget. The aim of the transformation was to create a modern ‘floor model’ in order to show contemporary companies how this modern space can be used.

To make use of the spatial quality of the vacant rentable floors as best as possible, atelier PRO has adapted the first layout with the clearest logistics, the best orienta tion, and the most beautiful light. With the resources that the method of Activity Based Working provided, the space is divided into several work ing and meeting spaces.


With its robust structure the PRO Table is ideal for the modern, largely paperless home and office.


PRO Table

designed by atelier PRO architekten

The PRO Table was designed by atelier PRO architects for the offices in the new city hall of Deventer. Is has a steel frame base with A -line shape. It is available in two default sizes. The top can be sur faced with wood, lino leum desktop finish or corian.

With its robust structure the PRO Table is ideal for the contemporary, largely paperless home and office.


Table top: wood, desktop, corian

Base: powder-coated black, white grey, anthracite

L 1800 x W 900 x H 750 mm L 2400 x W 900 x H 750 mm

Period 2009 -

Client Municipality

Project architect



Interior architect


Project leader




Central foyer overloo king


Kristensen and Lisette
Eelko Bemener
Oldambtplein, Winschoten
floor area ca 7.800 m²

Cultuurhuis De Klinker, Winschoten

cultural beacon of the nor th

The Cultuurhuis (House of Culture) in Winschoten is a house in which expression in all possible dimensions will be practiced, per formed and admired. In this build ing, where a variety of visitors come together, a theatre, a music school and a librar y have been consolidated into one cultural hear t. All this is reflected in a composi tion of lighted white sur faces, flowing shapes and the wooden monolith of the auditorium which functions as a décor for Winschoten’s cultural life.

The main auditorium with 650 seats


Period 2012 - 2016

Client Municipality Deventer

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen and Naomi Schiphorst

Interior architect Reinders, Susan Vlemminx en Thijs Klinkhamer

Address Grote Kerkhof 4, Deventer

Gross floor area 15.000 m²

Interior of Town Hall Quarter, Deventer

‘the new world of waiting’ beside ‘the new world of working’

Atelier PRO was responsible for the renovation and res toration of the monumental par ts of the new city hall. We brought back as much as possible the old glor y of the rooms and offices in these historical par ts and have further strengthened them by creatively using color. The rooms have been carefully decorated with both antique and contemporary elements, incorporating the latest technology. These new additions fit nicely and naturally in the historical character. Our design is focused on the possibility of making choices and the extent of making adjustments. The tables can be used multi-purpose and can easily be adjusted in a large conference table set-up or divided into separate par ts for smaller conver sations. But also as a visitor you can choose options. Do you have to get your passpor t? Then you take a seat on a wooden bench. However, in preparation of a long appointment, you can withdraw into a quiet corner We have called this concept ‘The New Waiting’.

Left: The ‘New Waiting’ on the public square

Right: Central reception desk

Public space


Period 2011 - 2013

Client Montessori

Scholengemeenschap Amsterdam

Project architect Dor te Kristensen

Elisabeth Tukker

Project leader Paul Verhaar

Address Mauritskade 58, Amsterdam Building costs € 2.700.000,

Monumental staircases are equipped with acous tic absorbing wall panels, artwork by Chris Vermaas in collaboration with ChinLien Chen

leerplein leerplein gang doorbrak doorbrak

Metis Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam

renovating and remodeling a Montessori school School renovation 2011-2013

Atelier PRO was proud to complete the renovations of the Metis Montessori Lyceum in 2013, one of the four Montessori schools in Amsterdam. Full of character, the former Hoogere Burgerschool (HBS) in Eastern Amsterdam looks forward to a bright new future ahead.

Located on the edge of Oosterpark, the robust building from 1904 appears majestic from the outside and con temporary and stylish from the inside. It’s a place full of memories, where students will prepare for their upco ming journeys ahead.

The shape of the solid building construction is a square with a large plane tree in the centre. Completely sur rounded by green, the school is par t of the urban plan restructured Oosterpark.


Period 2014 - 2015

Client Montessori

Scholengemeenschap Amsterdam

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen, Sandrine Rointru and Naomi Schiphorst

Project leader

Naomi Schiphorst, Paul Vlaar Address

Mauritskade 58, Amsterdam Gross floor area 4.674

Building costs € 6.479.895,-

Ground floor existing and extension

The façade is fitted with striking, black per forated panels that act as sun protection and are par t of the artwork ‘Here Comes The Sun’


Extension Metis Montessori Lyceum

learning, overlooking the green

New school 2014-2016

Due to an increasing number of pupils, the Montessori School Amsterdam needed more educational space. That is why atelier PRO created a school design for an extension that fully meets the criteria of contemporary school requirements.

The new building fits seamlessly into the historic Ooster park and at the same time the interior makes personali zed learning possible.

59 Multipurpose area

Period 2015 - 2016

Client Zorgvastgoed Zeeland

Architect atelier PRO

Project architect Dor te Kristensen and Menno Roefs

Interior architect Wessel Reinders


Koudekkerkseweg 88, Vlissingen

Gross floor area 11.669 m² new 455 m² renovation 11.214 m²

Total building costs € 15.000.000,-

The spaciousness, finish and design of the new atrium make waiting, in often stressful circum stances, less unpleasant

Ground floor


Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital, Vlissingen

Rescaling And Renovation leads to new perspective

Since the Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital in Vlissingen no longer met current standards and was too large to exploit, atelier PRO was asked to design a renovation with par tial new construction. Greener y and an abun dance of daylight characterise the design. These essentials add to an optimal stay and to a wellfunctioning transparent building for patients, visitors and personnel.

The revitalisation was financed through crowd funding.


couleur locale & sfeer


De Mosselbank

The idea of The Mussel couch design was originated at our office, which is very close to Scheveningen at the seahore. It was specially designed for the Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital in Vlissingen of which Atelier PRO made the revitalization design and the interior design.

The spaciousness, the finishing and the layout of the new atrium makes waiting, in of ten stressful circums tances, less unpleasant. This atrium is light, the view is green and you can take a seat on this striking piece of furniture, the mussel bank.


Period 2006 - 2013


Meander Medisch Centrum

Project architect Hans van Beek with Mark Bruin, Jeroen Ekama, Paul Fouchier, Emile Jansen, Menno Roefs

Interior architect Wessel Reinders Thijs Klinkhamer, Ellen Vaal

Project coordination Hein Doeksen and Mark Homminga

Address Maatweg, Amersfoort

Gross floor area 112.000

Parking spaces 1.300 Building costs € 195.000.000,-

From lef t: The Laan, the Foyer with auditorium, Oranjerie, restaurant as meeting place and waiting room in the Brink

Hospital Entrance

Access for pedestrians and cyclists


Meander Medical Centre, Amersfoort

a hospital where it’s easy to find your way

With a gross floor area (GFA) of 112,000 m², the Mean der Medical Centre is a large-scale care institution. When the human scale and smallest needs are ignored, such a building can quite easily end up becoming a medical machine. Within the scope of recovery and peace, atelier PRO has designed a medical centre, in which a humane surrounding has been created that keeps close contact to the ecological values of the sur rounding green Eemscheg environment.

The ORANGERY, a green and light space where the injection lab is situated;

68 0 20 40 60 80 m Ground floor Public areas galerijoranjerie laan brink Quiet garden foyer 3 3 3 3 1 5 6 4 7 ▶ ▶

Nursing scheme

Traditional hospital with multi-bed rooms

Modern hospital with single-bed rooms and wide corridor

Meander Medical Centre with single-bed rooms and central meeting place (wedge)

Single-bed: variations in use of colours and mate rials on the rooms’ rear walls Sofa specially designed by atelier PRO


De Healing sofa in Mean der Medisch Centrum

Healing Sofa

Sleeping in a hospital is not the same as sleeping at home. Especially af ter surger y or long term illness. To have someone around you whom you can trust is comforting to the patient. For this purpose atelier PRO designed a multifunctional Healing Sofa. This roomingin piece of furniture is unique in the Netherlands and has been developed in collaboration with the Meander Medical Centre. It is one of the first multi-functional pieces of furniture for professional care institutions. The Healing Sofa has combined functions of a writing desk, guest bed, sofa and table.

The manufacturer of the Healing Sofa is Keijsers Lun diform.


During the day the sofa functions as a sofa. It has been designed in such a way that it is easy to adjust, easy to manu facture and can be combined with other furniture of the patient’s room.


Period 2007 - 2009


Municipality Bronckhorst

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen and Christina


Interior architect

Tamara van Spronsen

Project leader Ronald Peters

Address Elderinkweg 2,

Hengelo (Gld)

Gross floor area 7.573 m²

Building costs € 14.000.000,-

At night and on weekends the shutters close to keep the warmth inside

Loft with space for project team


Public hall, boardroom, public hall

Town Hall Bronckhorst

an exceptionally durable and energy efficient town hall

Town Hall Bronckhorst is the result of joining about forty villages and communities to become one of the greatest rural towns in the Netherlands. The town hall houses office units, meeting rooms, a public reception desk and a council chamber.

The design is par ticularly special as the town hall was the first building ever for which passive building tech niques have been used in public utilities building. With a very energy efficient building as a result.


Floor plan apartment Floor plan apartment for soma tic patients

Period 2012 - 2013


Stichting Werkt voor Ouderen

Architect atelier PRO

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen

and Naomi Schiphorst

Interior architect Susan

Vlemminx en Thijs Klinkhamer

Collaborating architect

Van Aken Architecten

Address Bachtensteene 14, Middelburg

Gross floor area 5.000 m²


Important star ting point for the interior design was the desire of the client to create ‘a home’ with a welcoming atmosphere but with professional care and in a safe environment

Nursing centre Willibrord

an innovative and flexible interior

In Middelburg’s old city centre, the Stichting Werkt voor Ouderen (working for the elderly association) has build a new nursing centre called Sint Willibrord. The centre houses 62 inhabitants and has a flexible lay-out which can be adjusted according to changing requirements. Atelier PRO designed the fittings of the central plaza, the meeting room with brasserie, the living rooms of the group houses and two types of houses: 39 apar tments in which somatic care can be provided and 5 group houses for psychogeriatric patients. The building of this project star ted in the autumn of 2012 and is completed at the end of 2013.


Left: Grand café with vide

Private collection of old Dutch plates.

The colors of the furniture help with orientation.

Great attention to detail, color, space and daylight in the design.

The installations are hidden behind the pane ling.


Periode 2006 - 2010


Graafschap College


Dorte Kristensen en Lisette



Tamara van Spronsen

Adres Maria Montesoristraat 3, Doetinchem

Bruto oppervlakte 5.961 m² school, 1397 m² parkeergarage Bouwkosten €11.902.323,-

Vlnrr: studiewerkplek met zicht naar kantine, lokalen cluster, centrale hal


ROC Graafschap College, Doetinchem

uit het landschap gesneden

Voor de materialisering van de gevels van het Graaf schap College, een ROC met 700 leerlingen is naast het gras gekozen voor natuurlijke materialen die mooi verouderen, zoals blank gelakte houten kozijnen, alu minium en leien. Deze materialen vormen in relatie met het groen van het gras een contrast en geven karakter aan de gevel.

Het interieur dat eveneens door atelier PRO is ontwor pen, is opvallend strak en smetteloos wit uitgevoerd. Bij alle aansluitingen van wanden en balustrades op vloe ren en trappen zijn zeer strakke en doordachte details doorgevoerd. De ruimtelijke beleving van dit gebouw is door het inventieve kleurgebruik en het vele daglicht bijzonder aangenaam.

De centrale hal


First floor

Period 2010 - 2013

Client Municipality Zeist

Project architect

Dorte Kristensen and Mira van Beek

Interior designer

Susan Vlemminx

Address Het rond 1, Zeist

Gross floor area 7.393 m²

Building costs renovation and interior € 6.200.000,-

Service Desk in public lobby

(The New Work) working envi ronment with ser vice core in the background

Council chamber with custom ized tables

The antiquity of the buildings (1877) was made visible by using dark panel finishings and wallpaper with stylized nature prints


Living room with pantr y in ser vice core. Every service core has a diferent atmosphere, here with dark wood from the demolished wood of the Lengkeek building

Interior Town hall Zeist

a sustainable tailor made suit

The various housing locations of the municipality of Zeist will be joined in order to concentrate the municipal housing. In this new working environment, people will work in a dif ferent way, namely according to the princi ples of The New World of Work. As par t of this method, flexible workplaces are introduced. In addition, the public task will be focussed on the future, based on the vision ’The municipality has the answer’. A counter for the citizen. These developments not only have their con sequences for the zoning of the building, the design and the furniture, but also for the culture of the municipality




stilte dynamiek

88 pl get kerkho aan 11a 1102 B 02 Interieur Gemeentehuis Ede Functionele plattegrond optie A Bouwdeel B 2e verdieping Gem nte EdePotman afwasmachineko repro papierbak 40 werkplekken 18 zitplekkenA
From lef t to right: living room, consul tation / team room, open workplaces Period 2011 - 2012 Client Gemeente Ede Project architect Dorte Kristensen and Elisabeth Tukker Interior architect Elisabeth Tukker
leader Ronald Peters Address Bergstraat 4, Ede Gross floor area 2.100 m² Total building costs € 1.016.000,-

Left: The former rooms have been replaced by an open space so that the existing characteris tic column structure is clearly visible again and daylight comes in optimally

Raadhuis Ede

herinrichting financier t zichzelf door meer efficiënt ruimtegebruik

The basis of the design is formed by the culture change process of the municipality of Ede. To suppor t this pro cess, the offices of the current town hall, designed by architectural firm Broekbakema in 1977, will be redeve loped. This new interior suppor ts and strengthens the following issues: Ede’s position as a ‘Green, Sound and Active’ municipality; the core values of the organization: Confidence, Responsibility and Transparency; and the theme ‘The New World of Work’.

We have examined the existing building and the pos sibilities it of fers. Ede’s town hall is an elongated buil ding varying from 2 to 4 storeys high, and built up in 4 volumes which are interrupted by central stair wells. The routing through the existing building has been transfer red from a central passage with rooms on both sides, to open spaces with the walking route alongside the facade: an asymmetric corridor creating dif ferentiations in the area, and making it possible to have more tran quil working places at the opposite facade.


Left: stairs in the spaci ous entrance hall of the primary school.

Meeting space, natural daylight brings light into the void

De Statie, Sas van Gent

folded volume provides public space

De Statie in Sas van Gent is a multifunctional accom modation. Besides a librar y, several community facili ties and a spor ts centre, the complex accommodates two primar y schools, a childcare centre, playgroup and municipal health ser vice (GGD), and a residential com plex of 23 apar tments.

The shape of this location is rather whimsical, and the complex responds to this shape by means of random ness and plasticity. The building cannot be sur veyed at a single glance, due to the angular rotations, overhangs and variety in sur faces.


Right page: view

to the librar



lef t to right: library, open and transparent school

with brightly colored niches

windows, tribune in

y From
the spor ts hall Period 2009 - 2013 Client Woongoed Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Project architect Dorte Kristensen and Pascale Leistra
leader Ronald Peters Landscape design Eline Keus Address Canadalaan, Sas van Gent Gross floor area 9000 m² Building costs € 10.000.000,-
atelier PRO architekten Kerkhoflaan 11a 2585 JB Den Haag +31(0)70 3506900 info@atelierpro.nl www.atelierpro.nl