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Project team The coordinators by countries: - Spain: Maria Piedad Avello - Poland: Ewa Kurzak - Finland: Paivi Jussila Participants: pedagogical staff from all schools

All different - all equal

Our common value -> All different, all equal. -> Kaikki erilaisia, kaikki samanarvoisia. -> Jesteśemy różni, Jestesteśmy równi. -> Somos iguales, somos diferentes.

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Comenius School Partnership

Project basis The main goal of our Project is to exchange teaching practices, methods, materials about those parts of the curriculum that are not included in a concrete area, but they are in most of them and in the general project of all schools or at least they should be. Besides they are teaching and learning through practicing more than theory, it means with procedures and values objectives more than with contents. We all will elaborate common materials and ways of teaching them. The teachers and the oldest children will have access to a collaborative platform in order to share and participate. It will have a part as a web site, visible for all over the world and a private one, as an Intranet, visible only for the members of our Comenius project.. The topic of the project is chosen among the subjects that are already included in the curriculum of all schools. We will just improve materials and methods for it.

Aims - Raise awareness among all members of schools about the importance of developing skills using ICT, benefits of healthy lifestyle, taking care of the environment and education of values - Promote greater understanding of different cultures - Facilitate communication between different cultures - Increase ICT skills in pupils and teachers. - Exchange teaching practices about the topics of the project using ICT - Use of ICT for communication between partners, sharing information and showing results by a collaborative platform. - Encourage innovations in pedagogical methods and materials. - Encourage creative dissemination of research findings. - Promote improvement of across the cultures.

- Evaluate progress and impact of the project. - Motivate all teachers and students to improve the learning of foreign languages they speak. - Support equality values paying emphasis to special needs children, immigrants or different races and gender equality. - Pilot and evaluate if a collaborative platform can be used by pupils and teachers in an independent way. - Create a bank of resources for teaching the topics of the project.

- A presentation for each topic summarizing the teaching practices of all the schools - A final CD and webpage with the whole documents. - Evaluation of the project.

The topice are:

- We used various ICT tools. - We made common products - "Mice Girls", „The very messy mice´s house” - stories. - We presented culture of the partners' countries to our pupils.


ICT, Health, Traffic safety, Universal Values, Environment, Emotional Education Heritage- Traditions-Celebrations

End products - All the teaching practices and materials collected by teachers of each topic - All the materials of the campaigns elaborated by children. - Videos or presentations in order to show their schools and their celebrations. Using all means, videos, photos, presentations, software, posters, webpages. - A survey about each topic to define it and with conclusions.

Conclusions - We got to know Spanish and Finnish educational system, towns, regions, traditions, ford, etc. - We visited local governments. - We made web page where we published 143 articles.

- We made friends in Spain and Finland. - We promoted our project during conferences and at local Press. - We have 100 TOP eLearning Awards 2007. - Our web page was laureate in Polish competition 'Comenius on the Internet- 2008'

Joined by Values and ICT- brochure  

Comenius project

Joined by Values and ICT- brochure  

Comenius project