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EDITOR’S LETTER We are grateful for the support from our Global readership ever since we commenced publication in 2018. PGMAG is now on her 7th edition which is a global achievement for us all. “Dreams acted upon becomes a reality in so many ways.”- Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw We have come a long way from a tiny idea which has been sitting on the bunner since February 2013, to featuring great men and women from across the globe in our publication. We set out in this New Year with an intention of making the world of our Global supporters (sponsors, readers and contributors) more enjoyable through our publication, by going on

Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw

a mission of month - by- month deliveries. It has not been easy but like a wise man said to me: “Tough Road is built for tough people.” I am delighted with the challenges we have encountered so far, because out of them comes new ways of getting the job done. I want to use this opportunity to reaffirm our Global promise of delivering qaulity and informative publication. However, for us to achieve this, we need your contribution and prayers. I need ‘a hand holding’ to reach the goals we have set for PGMAG. I am grateful for each one of you no matter where you may be across the globe. Enjoy!

March 2019



ROSS SWAN (RS) Ross Swan is a person who want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. From my simple but happy childhood up until now it’s been a journey of learning.

PGMAG: An interview with the ‘Soul-Inspired’ leader is indeed a privilege. Thank you for honouring us with this great opportunity to know more about you and what you are about in the world. Who is Ross Swan? RS: Ross Swan is a person who want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. From my simple but happy childhood up until now it’s been a journey of learning. In my former corporate life, I worked for/with some great leaders as well as working for some absolute shockers. I could see on daily basis the effect on people’s lives a leader can have. From happiness driven by a sense of purpose and

March 2019


fulfilment (good Leadership) to a sad day by day existence filled with frustration from poor leadership. That started my journey into executive coaching. If I can help mangers be better leaders then I am not only helping them to be better, I am improving the lives of all the people who come under their sphere of influence. That’s what excites me. PGMAG: We have been following your work on social media, and they (your work) speaks volumes of inspiration. Tell us a little bit about your journey as leader in personal and organisational development. RS: When my life’s purpose started to become clear to me as I just mentioned, I left corporate life to become an executive coach. I then moved from Brisbane, Australia to Singapore where I felt I had more opportunities to grow my business. That wasn’t easy to leave family and friends and start up again in a new country not knowing anyone. I have had some tough times over the years that certainly challenged me and I don’t regret a thing - what a teacher that has been. PGMAG: What inspired you to

become a voice of change in your industry? RS: It’s that desire to help people to have better lives because they are working for better leaders’ vision. I can only physically coach an insignificant number of people in the whole scheme of things. By speaking out across the globe through social media I may help a lot more.

done and would happen overnight if the opportunity cost of poor leadership was monetised and put on the balance sheet.

PGMAG: In your opinion what do you think would support more leaders to become more productive in their fields of endeavours? RS: Organisations that truly walk the talk in developing their leaders. Developing leadership pathways through experiential learning and coaching etc. This is still poorly

purpose? RS: Stay true to your inner self. Connect with people with positive intent and be disciplined to do the things that good leaders do.

PGMAG: You have worked in various industries including ‘oil and gas, what are the 3 most important keys of leadership that have enabled you to stay relevant in your field of

PGMAG: As a voice in ‘Human Resources’ development – especially in Singapore and Australia, how do you manage

March 2019


to create a work/life balance? RS: That’s always a challenge, especially with my travel the way it is now. I make a conscious effort to plan time. The key is to focus on quality time rather then quantity. PGMAG: What do you think prevents some leaders from impacting positivity into the lives of those they serve? RS: They get too caught up in their own world. The key is to take time to consciously try to connect with people with positive intentions. This often happens because they get stuck in outdated beliefs. Thought is energy and therefore create matter. A positive mindset, belief system and positive action is necessary to be impactful. For that the source of the hindering or unsupportive thoughts and beliefs needs to be uncovered and transformed. This is just some of what we do in our work at Soul-Inspired-Leadership. PGMAG: What has been your biggest challenge as a leader? RS: Initially it was going to Singapore and establishing a business without knowing anyone. Now it’s improving global leadership standards so more people enjoy going to work.

The key is to take time to consciously try to connect with people with positive intentions. This often happens because they get stuck in outdated beliefs.

PGMAG: We know you engineer so many global projects including ‘PODCASTING’. Please tell us more about it (PODCAST), and how people can access the resource. RS: I see podcasts as a great resource. Because it’s a sound only medium, the content must be engaging and of interest to listeners. We try to do that with our podcasts. Podcasts can be accessed in many ways, via iTunes and Castbox to name a few mediums. Our leadership podcasts can be reached via the link at the end of this interview. PGMAG: What do you think is the main reason why so many people fail to succeed in

business? RS: For starters, (1) you need to truly believe in what your business does, and (2) whether there is a market for it. If you can answer yes to both, then you are on the way to succeeding. PGMAG: What would be your advice to a struggling business owner? RS: The adage to take time out to work on the business and not just working in the business is still very true. If you have staff, then spend time to develop them. Your business will grow as they grow. PGMAG: If you are called to address ‘world leaders’ at a global congress, what would your message be? RS: Always have a positive intent when you connect with people and try to leave them in a better space then when you arrived. PGMAG: Who are your Role Models? RS: There is no one famous, just ordinary people going about their lives. It’s people I have met in my travels over the years. When I think about it, I really have met some great people and feel privileged to have been part of their lives

March 2019


and them being part of mine. PGMAG: Who would be your ideal travelling companion? RS: My ideal travelling companion is my partner Naoko. It’s nice to spend time with her. That’s part of my quality time I mentioned before. PGMAG: Change is constant, and you and I know this. Why are so many people afraid of change? RS: People like to be in control. They feel comfortable with the status quo, because they are more confident in dealing with challenges they know and understand. Change throws up new situations and it’s these challenges they prefer not to deal with.

We wish you every success in your future pursuit of greatness. RS: Thank you Lady Anita. It’s been a pleasure to be part of your journey and support you in the value you are bringing to the world. PGMAG: Please share with our readers how to access your podcast and other brilliant work of yours, including your website and social media links. RS: Thanks, I can be reached at for our podcasts on leadership.

PGMAG: What is your message to the young people of the world? RS: Believe in yourself and look for the best in others. Also to see that life’s challenges are an opportunity to grow as a person and not to give up on yourself. PGMAG: You are highly appreciated Ross Swan, and it has been a joy to interview you. Thank you for leading from the heart and making a difference through your work.

March 2019



WINNING THE WAR AGAINST POVERTY AND PERCEPTION DR. RICHARD MUNANG Richard Munang “Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand”, this African proverb sends one fundamental message – to knowledge, always add wisdom – or better, knowledge in and of itself, is not enough. The globe is at its most enlightened, with the rate of information exchange & explosion of new ideas at its highest. World changing innovations are occurring in

Africa just as they do in other parts of the globe. From the financial sector, with the world beating “Mpesa” mobile money innovation in Kenya, to medicine, with innovations like the “biomedical jacket”, or the “touchscreen Cardio Pad” in Cameroon to transportation with “robot traffic wardens”, to 3D printing, naming but a few, Africa is leveraging and making use of the information age. This shows that Africa is neither immune nor lacking in knowledge. But Africa’s current predicament as a third-tier player in the global economy raises many questions. How it is, that a people with access to all the knowledge that there is, seem to come up way short. It reminds of a story told of an African returning home after successfully earning a PhD from a famous European

March 2019


university. Upon receiving his PhD, one of his classmates, a European, reminded him that Africans graduating with the same PhDs as Europeans continue to depend on Europeans with basic bachelor’s degrees. A paradox difficult to refute. In Africa, it is difficult to reconcile papers and academic qualifications with the holder.

GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THIS DILEMMA “Do not look at where you fell but where you slipped”. Putting this proverb in context, this African proverb calls all Africans to undertake a thorough soul searching – one aimed at establishing how it is, that Africa, which is in the most resourced region of the globe ends up last in this age of knowledge and information. This is necessary because the devastating challenges that have become synonymous to Africa – extreme hunger, poverty, disease, ridiculously high levels of youth unemployment - exist alongside immense natural wealth. Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, having not only the best weather but holding a huge proportion of the world’s resources, both renewable and non-

A paradox difficult to refute. In Africa, it is difficult to reconcile papers and academic qualifications with the holder. renewable. From gold, to chromium, platinum, cobalt, diamond, uranium, oil & gas., These minerals drive major industries across the globe including telecommunications, defence, aviation, energy, among key ones. These contribute significantly to the $74 trillion worth global economy. However, despite this comparative advantage in resources, all 54 countries in this continent represent just about 1.5% of the global economy. Beyond these non-renewable resources, Africa also holds 65% of the worlds arable land and the best solar resource on the planet – just 0.3% of the sunshine in the Sahara is equivalent to nearly all of Europe’s energy needs. These renewable resources position Africa with a significant

comparative advantage towards creating a $1 trillion dollar in less than 12 years agro-industrial economy capable of unlocking no less than 17 million assorted jobs – spanning every sector & discipline – to gainfully engage the continent’s youth. Africa has every resource necessary to win in the 21st century. But in reality, Africa takes last. Just to give an example, consider cocoa – a crop that is the primary ingredient of chocolates enjoyed the world over. While Africa is blessed with the privilege of being the largest producer globally, the entire continent gets a dismal 2% of the $100 billion worth global chocolates market. This means potentially $98 billion worth of jobs, incomes, food secure homes, quality lives that would otherwise make Africa first – are lost.

A RETROGRESSING AFRICA- MISPLACED PRIORITIES? It is not only a failure to leverage what the continent has to get ahead, but a clear trend of retrogression where others progress. During the independence dispensation of the 60s, South Korea’s then backwater economy was neck deep in sickly agriculture. Productivity was at an all-time

March 2019


low. So bad was the situation that the Korean population faced acute starvation, prompting goodwill from nations – including from Africa where Kenya, gave a $10,000 loan and relief food. The loan was later repaid. Fast-forward to today, South Korea, with no minerals and roughly five times smaller than many African countries, has an economy estimated at 15times the combined size of Africa’s economies. Its per capita income grew 275 times from $82 in 1960 to $26,204 in 2013. South Korea’s meteoric rise can be summed in one of my favourite African proverbs – that “he who has no pond should not breed crocodiles’. The country focused on maximizing on strategic industries for which it held a comparative advantage and convening its human capital across all sectors, towards complementing productivity maximization & global competitiveness in this strategic area. Leveraging on comparative advantage sectors and strong human capital was how South Korea built a formidable economic foundation that allowed the country to build capital and invest in other sectors not directly aligned to its comparative advantage

and proceeded to become competitive in those areas as well. It will be no different – Africa needs to prioritise engaging its human capital towards converting its comparative advantage in agriculture & clean energy into a global competitive edge as the foundation for meaningful economic growth.

SOUL SEARCHING – WHAT WOULD IT REVEAL? “One whose seeds have not sprouted does not give up planting”. This African proverb admonishes us that considering the over 60 years of self-determined rule have not yielded much meaningful economic fruits, the sons and daughters of this continent must keep planting towards the blissful end of economic empowerment. But do so with hindsight in mind – born out of honest soul searching. A thorough, honest soul searching – will lead us to one conclusion - Africa’s prioritization of material & financial resources over people, and the talents, skills, gifts they hold, of pricing how deep someone’s pockets are instead of the values they espouse, has been the major undoing.

It has turned Africa into a continent of dependents instead of problem solvers. A hotbed of treachery and disloyalty sometimes, instead of loyal patriots with Africa’s interest at heart. A continent of passive recipients of what others have done, instead of being an increasingly responsible citizenry that produces goods & services, that safeguard the continents interests in a highly competitive global space. At the centre of these shortcomings, is thinking across the continent that without money we cannot do anything. This shortcoming is a common thread that permeates the entirety of African society. And if we don’t change it, the fortunes of Africa will remain unchanged.

At the centre of these shortcomings, is thinking across the continent that without money we cannot do anything.

March 2019


In fact, I have heard a very tasteless joke told about Africa – if you want an African to sell out & abandon their priorities, just flash some money. We should never ever elevate money above using our ideas, logic, skills to devise solutions to challenges we face in our countries & continent. For all this to change lies in what money can’t buy– it lies in you and me. It lies in the deepest recesses of the hearts & minds of Africans. It resides in a change of attitude and mindset- from one of dependency, to being dependable. It lies in divesting from looking on to others to solve our problems and starting to solve them ourselves since we are well blessed with

the intellect. The culture of being one another’s keeper that was nurtured for good reasons is now being abused to perpetuate dependency. We must therefore divest from the mindset of mental & emotional poverty, to one of mental & emotional wealth where we can start to see progress and not retrogression.

SOLUTION LIES IN WHAT HAS BEEN IGNORED “Where the mind goes, the man follows”. Africa’s solutions reside in the changed mindsets of its citizenry. As among the most religious people in the globe, Africa’s solutions are in applying the

teachings & principles of diligence, honesty, hard work, integrity, boldness among key values taught constantly in houses of worship and prayer across the continent. It is in applying these lessons constantly that a change of attitude and mindset is born. From dependency, to being dependable. Divesting from looking on to others to solve Africa’s problems and looking internally, to a people of changed mindsets, for solutions. A people driven by diligence, dedication, inspiration, determination, hopefulness, a sense of responsibility towards self & country, humility passion & readiness to continuously learn– these critical, but largely overlooked qualities

March 2019


latent in each and every one of us- are the key to Africa’s assentation. Such critical, but largely overlooked qualities must become part and parcel of the African psyche, for meaningful progress to break forth. These are the key to ensure Africa leverages its comparative advantage to build globally competitive enterprises that will unlock inclusive wealth for all. These qualities, which are the foundation for progress in any venture of life can never be unlocked with material that society places the highest premium on. No salary, no amount of financial & material compensation, can ever unlock these most critical qualities in us. What will do, is finding purpose. Finding and tapping into the purpose, especially so among the 720million strong youthful population, expressed through the diversity of disciplines, skills, talents and initiatives, of each one of these youth and the young at heart, those ready to learn, and applying such purposeful pursuit,

towards building globally competitive enterprises drawn from Africa’s areas of comparative advantage. Because let’s face it – if we go down the materialistic path, meaningfully actualizing the SDGs will cost dizzying sums of money, an estimated $4.5trillion each year– an alternative route is needed. The diversity of skills, talents, disciplines, ongoing initiatives, temperaments & personalities represented in Africa’s people – and especially its 720 million strong youthful population, must be exercised through uncompromised, purposeful adherence to key values, to establish competitive enterprises that will unlock inclusive wealth for all. Only then can the continent make meaningful development but for this to happen we need to practice the following. Treasure skills – not only money. “You have little power over what is not yours”. As youth, what will make you relevant- what will make you stand out for the long-run in this highly competitive globe space is not how you look, but what you can do. It will be Your skills.

The mockery of “African time” used as a joke in this continent must end. Each year accords each and every one of us 31.5 million seconds to start with.

Prioritise timeliness: The mockery of “African time” used as a joke in this continent must end. Each year accords each and every one of us 31.5 million seconds to start with. What distinguishes those who close the year with accomplishments over those who close it with stagnation, boils down to how we invest our time. Over 60 years, we have spent our time as though we have 60hrs a day. This fallacy must now end. Cultivate a Reading Culture: If we don’t invest our time and energy in reading, we will not know. And without knowledge, we cannot take number one. Without Knowledge We cannot lead because READERS are LEADERS. Failure to read amounts to self-punishment.

March 2019


It tantamount to being selfish on one’s own self. I admonish us all here today to befriend books. Instead of embracing a culture of gossip – that is increasingly wasting the time of youth on social media- lets embrace a reading culture to align with scripture

CONCLUSION “Milk and honey have different colours, but they share the same house peacefully” – while Africa’s sovereign capital, its people, do not share tribe, creed or religion, they share a common interest to build a prosperous Africa, a common interest to create inclusive wealth opportunities for all. This is the icing on the cake, the glue that will bind

the continent at all levels, towards making strides in an environment of a transformed mindset to make meaningful economic growth. Sixty years is a long time to wait, and especially so considering the multitude of lessons – the successes & failures - of other countries and regions that have progresses economically, that Africa can learn from. Sixty years is a long time to wait for progress, in this information age. It is time for all in Africa to transform their minds, arise and live a life of accountability. And by this, accelerate Africa’s ascension from rock bottom to leadership in the 21st century. Yes, it is possible because we can.

About Dr. Richard Munang Dr. Richard Munang is Africa Climate Change & Development Policy Expert. He tweets as @ RichardMunang The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the institution with which they are affiliated

March 2019



THE SOUL’S CLOTHING ALINA SZTANKOVITS Perhaps one of the most memorable memories of my childhood was this true story, but full of spiritual essence and spiritual beauty.

but always very attached to each child, because in her eyes every child was unique. It was a great responsibility and at the same time a great blessing to take care of raising My mother has been a teacher and educating all children. for 40 years, in a school with I often went to that school orphaned children or from to play with these children, dismembered families. socialize with them, give them toys, because these were She educated and took care children who did not have the of over 580 kids per year. She same luck to have a mother was a wise, altruistic teacher, and father so close to life and grow up in families. One of the most impressive happenings is a young orphan in this school, named Tudor. Tudor was a very smart, shy and very gentle kid who, after being born, had the misfortune that his parents died in a house fire, snd being the only survivor of a family in which there were five children. Unfortunately, the house was made of ash

March 2019


and its parents and brothers perished in that devastating fire that destroyed any trace of his family. Coming to this school of orphaned children, he was always sensitive and shy. Mother knew how to talk to him and how to relieve his inner suffering and trauma, determining him day by day to study, dreaming of a better future. My mother explained that he would become a famous man if he studied and would try to find his purpose in life. You just have to dedicate yourself to the study because your chances are great to become a great person. “Education is the best provision you can make for old age and do not forget that Education is the flower of culture passed through the soul” says mom. Tudor learned all the subjects with great pleasure. All the teachers were very excited about this wonderful child. My mother always encouraged him, and he was happy to learn so many new things and try to decipher the mysteries of all the subjects taught at school. He excelled at all and was a child of maximum rank by intelligence and perseverance. When he got to high school, he asked my mother to give

“Education is the best provision you can make for old age and do not forget that Education is the flower of culture passed through the soul” says mom. him some advice. He said, - My dear teacher, I very much want to be a doctor. Is it me, orphaned child in a school with children without parents, totally deprived, I have a chance to get to the medical school and finish this faculty so hard but wonderful? My mother told him: - Is that what you want to do? Do you want to become a doctor? Tudor said: - Yes, with all my heart. My mother stood a little thoughtful, then told him: - Tudor, you are a smart kid, you want to be a doctor and you will be a doctor and you will finish this University. Learn, you will go to the exam, you will take all the exams and you will be able to

become a doctor, if you have the maximum mark you will receive the scholarship. This will also help you financially manage the six years of college, you will be able to buy all the books you need and never forget the value that you have. You are a unique child. You will succeed in life. Never doubt the power that you have. The power lies in you. God is with you, and your parents are your Angels who watch you from the right and left of the Heavenly Father. What you want will come true and you will always have my support. - Thank you teacher. I promise I’ll give you the best of me. Time passed, Tudor finished high school, admitted into medical school. In a day, I remember that my mom came home very worried. She asked for my father’s advice: -We have a problem. Tudor must reach Cluj city, a large university city, a city where Tudor has to go and take a medical exam. Someone has to support him, stay with him a week there, the exams are 3: Monday is Physics, Wednesday is Chemistry, and Friday is Biology. He has no one to support him morally.

March 2019


The problem is he has no one to stand for him. The second problem is that Tudor does not have a suit of clothes, shoes, shirt and tie. And at all the exams Tudor must be dressed in a suit. My mother was very agitated and rubbed her hands with a solution for the moment. My father meditated for a few seconds, then calmly told to my mother: - And where do you see the problem? There are no problems, there are only solutions. I’m just on vacation, I’m leaving with Tudor in Cluj and I’ll take care of him for a week. We will be staying in my sister,s house in Cluj. As for the costume, don,t worry, I have collected some money from the painted and sold paintings last week (father painting in his spare time, besides being a renowned teacher). So it’s time to make Tudor a surprise. Go to the boarding school, tell Tudor to come to us, will go shopping and buy his costume and everything he needs. I still remember the expression of Tudor’s astonishment, happiness and exaltation when he came with my parents to our home dressed in that new black suit with a white shirt with a nice colored silk tie and a pair of new shoes polished. He could not believe that this had happened to him. He told to my mother: - Oh my God, my teacher, a miracle happened. Tudor,s eyes was full of tears. My mother told him: - Tudor, you are the real wonder. Now show how much you have learned and bring us the good news that you are a medical student. The exams were very heavy, the competition was extremely high, there were 180 places for General Medicine and 2000 candidates. The results arrived, Tudor was among the top five children, out of 180 children, with an

amazing result. Tudor will become a doctor. My parents were very happy. It was one of my family’s moments of joy. Six years later, someone called at the door. My mother opened the door: it was Tudor, dressed in the same black suit six years ago, but this time he was with a large bunch of roses in his hand and Doctor’s Degree.

Tudor was smiling, triumphant but at the same time the same beautiful young man and noble but modest soul. With tears in the eyes of happiness said: - Thank you my dear professors, thank you, my dear mother and father ... That moment was full of emotional charge for both my mother and my father. Years have passed. Now Tudor is one of the most famous cardiologists,a worldrenowned doctor. Meanwhile, my parents watch it beyond these dimensions, maybe together with Tudor’s true parents. Maybe today it’s hard to understand the hard times we lived once, when the struggle for survival and tomorrow was very hard, but look, as motivating a young man and offering good advice, a bit of soul, we can change destinies alive .

March 2019



“Life is a breeze” is a phrase many people probably can’t relate to very much. We all have challenges here and there; some may call them major stepping stones, for some of us life seems to be a continuous mountainous climb. Many different aspects are worth considering when it comes to exploring the individual journey of human beings and the tribulations they face and how they master them. Even though the life themes we are confronted with are similar, such as loss, rejection, abuse, bullying, unemployment, or illness, every one of us will experience and handle such situations slightly differently. Therefore, the learnings we take away will be individual too. Ancestral and karmic patterns, planetary influences in the astrological birth chart, the family situation we are born into, our upbringing and the messages that stuck with us, whether we see the famous

glass half full or half empty, the influence of important relationships and events are all multicolored threads in life’s tapestry. How do we make the most out of it? When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways - either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits or by using the challenge to find our inner strength. Dalai Lama Who of us would study for an exam if we were given the answers to the questions beforehand? Challenges are there for us to prepare and grow. They may also serve as an assessment as to whether a life lesson has been learned and we can move on. For growth to happen, it is essential for us to accept full responsibility for our life and the direction we are heading to.

March 2019


Feeling uneasy when someone comes too close can get us in touch with a part of us that had experienced a breach of personal space, even though this was a harmless situation such as being rubbed dry with a towel after a shower as a child and getting hurt. If life were smooth sailing, hardly anyone of us would take time to assess, question, and reflect on where we are at that moment and whether this is where we want to be. We tend to awaken to personal inquiry only when things get rocky, the foundation is shaken, and we are forced to take a position and act. The majority of us will revert to making excuses, blaming, taking the position of a victim and pushing away the fact that we are at the steering wheel of our life. What happens though when we take the time to courageously be present with triggered emotions and welcome them to guide us to parts that have remained hidden in the subconscious for a very long time? Feeling uneasy when someone comes too close can get us in touch with a part of us that had experienced a breach of personal space, even though this was a harmless situation such as being rubbed dry with a towel after a shower as a child and getting hurt. This younger self not only remembers that breach of personal space and the unease, but she also holds a valuable resource deeply hidden, the capacity to affirm herself. To be able to tell mum that she is old enough to do it herself. Once we can get in touch with what would have been needed at that moment, in this case, the inner knowing of what it feels like to assert oneself, we hold the key to an inner resource. It has always been available, but

March 2019


remained hidden under the hurt, self-limiting beliefs, and possibly other earlier incidents of disempowerment. The financial crisis of 2008 turned the comfortable lifestyle of many investment bankers upside down. Some chose to start their own company. Redundancy was the ignition to a new chapter in their life that turned out to be more fulfilling, empowering and meaningful than if they would have stayed an employee with a bank. Becoming an entrepreneur allowed them to get in touch with different facets of their personality, discover capabilities that they thought they didn’t have, and also taught them the valuable lesson not to take everything for granted. An abusive relationship can be the starting point to examine our past, outdated beliefs, subconscious fears that keep us trapped. Working through those, accepting the truth as it is, we could have various realizations: The other person’s issues have nothing to do with us; we may be the trigger to a hurt part within themselves. • We are more than enough the way we are. • We can’t change the other person; we are responsible for our personal physical and emotional wellbeing, our journey. When we choose to change then for our gain, not to change the other person. They need to take ownership for their life. • Being able to end a bad relationship can reconnect us with inner resources such as being courageous to say ‘no more,’ establishing healthy boundaries, taking care of ourselves, asking for help, or selfworth.

When we dare to take a hard look at how we contributed to the situation, when we examine the beliefs that keep us stuck, transform these and reconnect with our inner resources we can realize the immense potential we have within us. When we dare to take a hard look at how we contributed to the situation, when we examine the beliefs that keep us stuck, transform these and reconnect with our inner resources we can realize the immense potential we have within us. A client of mine describes this reconnection with her essence as a very special experience: “It felt as if I connected with a floating blue aura knowing it was me but not daring to see or completely understand the potential of it. It was like getting to know someone that is part of you, that is burning inside of you, but that has been forgotten. The original me. This is when I realized how far I am disconnected from my self. How I kept doubting myself easily when I could instead focus on the potential in me… Huge. I realized how I rather keep myself suppressed by self-doubt instead of nourishing this potential with confidence. Being self-confident has been so hard for me. Whenever I doubt,

March 2019


I’ll remember the blue aura, the feeling of knowing, of being, of living my full potential and the fact that this aura has no doubt. She knows she can.” When we sense into that deep inner knowing that we are more significant than our little self, when we open up to that possibility of an infinite nature with limitless potential, we might sense this resonating deeply within our body too. Hopefully, we realize that our limited understanding of who we are, the construct of our limiting beliefs and our obsession with our thoughts is in the way to create a larger vision of ourselves.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Understand that your past has brought you to where you are now. If this isn’t the story you want to continue sharing with the world, then start asking yourself what the new story should read like. What would your life be like if you would live from a place of pure potential? Envision who you would be. What activities would you be engaged in? How would the world look like that you dream into being? What would be the next step to make this happen? I invite you to spend more time with these questions, nurture the seeds of your vision and add some new colorful threads to the continuously unfolding tapestry of your life.

About Antoinette Biehlmeier Originally from a banking background, Antoinette is an accredited complementary health practitioner with over 18 years of experience. She is certified in a variety of holistic therapies like Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Nutripuncture, Energy and Information Field Medicine, and she is an experienced coach and trainer for Regression Therapy. She is the founder of her wellness consulting company InnerDynamics Map and TheraSmart, a comprehensive online practice management system for therapists. Antoinette is deeply passionate about helping people navigate their journey of self-discovery. In her free time, Antoinette enjoys spending time with people that are important to her and expressing herself through flower macrophotography.

March 2019



We have each watched young colleagues become successful professionals and turn away from their obligation to become role models themselves.

Throughout our careers we have made investments in the lives of many colleagues. Whether our role is professional or personal we all make investments in those around us that we strive to support and serve. We make an investment to improve lives and for them to have greater overall success. As a parent, we try to teach our children valuable lessons that they can carry with them into adulthood. The same is true for our colleagues. As leaders, our goal is to help others do their job more effectively and build the skills necessary to

thrive. It is our responsibility to help those we serve become the best versions of their selves by helping them to find and develop the tools they need to become successful. However, we have each watched young colleagues become successful professionals and turn away from their obligation to become role models themselves. The cycle is broken when we invest in others and they do not invest in those that come after them. Many times the return on investment is well below our

March 2019


expectations. We often feel disappointment when the people we invest in come up short on their responsibility. We have learned over time that it is best to expect little in return for your investment in other people. When you open your eyes and forget about the bottom line, you see that the true return on investment is the net gain of the improvement in yourself. The most powerful force in the world is the inner energy you possess. The investment we make needs to be in our own work ethic and values. Create a sense of excitement for yourself to do the best you can for those around you. We believe that the true return on investment comes when we challenge others to invest the hard work in developing themselves and they find equal excitement and fulfillment in doing so. Leadership comes with a price and a premium. The price is to invest our time and attention to those we serve. The premium is to remember those that invested their time and attention in us, so that we could triumph over our challenges. In corporations, return on investment usually means a financial profit. If you truly dedicate yourself to give

more than you get, the return is a profit that grows larger with your commitment to others. Become an investor in your goals and an owner of your dreams. Your return on investment is the example you set for everyone following your lead.

About Anthony C. Gruppo Anthony C. Gruppo is the CEO of the Northeast region for Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA), USA. He is responsible for leading all employees, divisions, and operations. He has over thirty years of experience driving profitable organic growth. Anthony is heavily involved in developing and sustaining clients’ relationships, and brings a consultative mindset to each of MMA’s clients’ unique needs. He is the author of five books cantered on personal and organization development. Prior to

coming to the Northeast, Anthony led companies in Southwest, Southeast and West Coast. A national marketer and visionary leader, A Keynote Speaker and dynamic presenter. His leadership qualities provoke a positive mental shift in the mind of those he serves. He is a motivator that challenges his audience to think in new powerful ways. Anthony shows how to create employee investment in global businesses by teaching employees to think and act like owners. He has a unique way of motivating people to improve in their personal lives as well as businesses, using creative tools for personal growth and organizational expansion. He is a leader with a difference. You could connect with Anthony C. Gruppo through the following links: acgruppo AnthonyCGruppo

March 2019


HOW DOES LINKEDIN AFFECT MY PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING WORLD? ANTONIA MCCLAMMY WHAT IS LINKEDIN? LinkedIn is the premier online professional networking social media platform for professionals, recruiters, business owners, and surfing for new careers choices.

WHAT IS THE PRIMARY USE OF SETTING UP A LINKEDIN ACCOUNT? LinkedIn is a work based social networking service. It allows you to create a personal profile to help promote yourself into the workforce. Businesses and individuals can create content that can introduce their brand to the right audience.


• •

Connecting with colleagues, co-workers, and other professionals Showcase online resume Potential career opportunities

• • •

Connect with like-minded people Share your expertise and learn from others Keep up-to-date with your professional contacts and network

Social networking sites provide your employees an opportunity to develop a professional network simply by publicly connecting with contacts, including your

customers. Sites, such as LinkedIn, permit users to form a network of “connections” to develop a web of professionals that can be highly effective for sales and marketing purposes. Let’s cover the basics of how using LinkedIn can develop your individual brand. Here are several reasons to fine tune your LinkedIn presence like a Rockstar.

March 2019


Lead generation is always an important need for professional services, and it is a reasonable technique for online networking through LinkedIn.

1. Update your Profile Pic and LinkedIn Cover Page 2. Complete your profile to 100% 3. Upload Business Informational Documents, Video’s, Blog Post’s 4. Leverage LinkedIn’s Pulse Blog 5. Write your elevator pitch 6. Invest in Advertising 7. Join Groups 8. Connect your SlideShare account 9. Personalize your LinkedIn URL 10. Make sure your profile is public 11. Humanize Your Brand 12. Send messages and invitations to those in your network and to other group

members If your LinkedIn presence represents your personal brand well, don’t be afraid to send potential new connections or clients to your LinkedIn profile. Please add your LinkedIn address on your business card, proposals, presentations, custom blogs or articles and include in your email signature block. While these steps will take a bit of time to implement, the results are typically well worth the effort to a produce a great LinkedIn strategy.


A WELL-PLANNED AND IMPLEMENTED LINKEDIN STRATEGY. 1. Lead Generation and Nurturing Lead generation is always an important need for professional services, and it is a reasonable technique for online networking through LinkedIn. 2. Recruiting and Job Search Since LinkedIn was initially built to support this goal, it is very well suited to complete this task. If you are looking for new talent or a new firm for yourself, there are many opportunities available for your brand.

March 2019


3. Brand Building Think of your firm’s brand as a combination of reputation and visibility. Both components can be addressed with the LinkedIn professional networking platform. 4. Visible Expert Many firms have talented professionals in their ranks that are less invisible because their profiles are private to the outside world. LinkedIn can be an important tool to help solidify a professional’s reputation and raise their profile with selected audiences. Think of it as a personal brand building. 5. Content Promotion When you develop valuable content to your potential clients or partners, this will position you to be found online and considered for new clients.

Do you need collaborative partners? Partners with another firm can assist in launching your marketing initiatives? How about sharing your content in their distribution channels? LinkedIn can help you identify and scope out potential partners. 7. Industry Research and Monitoring Research! Research is the Key to get an insider’s view before committing yourself to major projects. Do you wonder how your business is being viewed by others? LinkedIn is a great way to influence the discussion in your designated groups.

If you want to signup for Social Media Training online or onsite call Tonie McClammy 832-8807445 or WhatsApp Antonia McClammy to schedule your next individual training or group training. Please go to www. for your 60 days free trial link for Constant Contact. Let’s start your social media marketing campaign off to a great start.

I hope this article has provided some great tips to maximize LinkedIn for personal or business needs!

6. Collaborative Opportunities

March 2019



DON’T FAKE IT! FACE IT! ASH RAO Having high self-confidence is one of the most important traits for a happy and successful life.

past whether it was a college project presentation, first job interview and many such challenging situations.

When it comes to gaining confidence, we have all heard the advice “Fake it till you make it”.

What I have noticed is that faking confidence works only in short term circumstances when you are either feeling low or having unjustified selfdoubt.

The statement does have a ring of truth to it and I will be the first to admit that I have tried to fake confidence in the

If you are seeking longterm success, then faking confidence will not take you far. If you want to achieve something, it has come from your authentic self. You cannot fake success, you need to work, give it your all and make it happen! Say for example, you are preparing for an important presentation and you are not a public speaker as your job does not normally require that skill. Content wise you

March 2019


know in your bones what you are doing, what you are going to offer to your audience. You have enough substance within you but simply lack the confidence to express in front of people. In this case yes, you can fake your confidence you already are the subject matter expert and it may even work! However, if you do believe that public speaking happens to be a much-needed critical skill that can accelerate your career, then this calls for you to develop true confidence. Faking will not help you to face your problem head on and without improving your skills, you will start to feel insecure about yourself. This insecurity and self-doubt will prevent you from developing true confidence needed for long term success. Instead of faking, you should rather invest time to develop that skill. Read about it, learn the intricacies, attend coaching classes, volunteer to speak at local network meeting, practice at every given opportunity and aim to engage with your audience each time you speak in public! Once you dive deep and give your 100%, you will eventually master the skill. With strong expertise comes true


As you progress through your life and career, it becomes all the more important to surpass faking part to actually making it happen!

confidence! Standard norm “Fake it till you make it” remains short sighted advice for most of us. Because let’s face it. Faking requires you to suppress genuine emotions and that is hard as it requires more conscious effort to conceal your anxiety. Faking takes away a part of who you are. So how can you enjoy success if you lose your authenticity in the process? As you progress through your life and career, it becomes all the more important to surpass faking part to actually making it happen!

Real Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s actual ability. Fake confidence is pretending to be good at something when in actual sense, you are not prepared enough. Truly confident people are givers. They do not hesitate to share their time, knowledge, resources with others. They are able to see best in others, overlook pettiness. Unlike those who fake confidence will be protective of what they know, and they tend to get defensive about anyone who asks questions. Truly confident people don’t aim to be perfect instead they try new things, they accept responsibility for failures and be willing to learn from their mistakes. While others who are pretending to be confident, hide their mistakes and try to maintain their image of perfection. Unfortunately, in their quest to maintain their false image, they lose out on learning opportunities and will not be able to make any genuine connections.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Dharmesh Shah, founder of FAKE CONFIDENCE AND HubSpot lists these traits of

March 2019


Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

truly confident people which is worth noting here: 1. They take a stand not because they think they are always right – but because they are not afraid to be wrong. 2. They listen ten times more than they speak. 3. They duck the spotlight, so it shines on others. 4. They freely ask for help. 5. They think, “Why not me?” 6. They don’t put down other people. 7. They aren’t afraid to look silly. 8. And they own their mistakes. 9. They only seek approval from the people who really matter. Once you learn, emulate and internalize these qualities, you can take off the mask and glow with true inner confidence! In addition to the list of qualities mentioned above, there are a few actions that you can take to develop sure fire confidence.

self -esteem and charisma alone.


You need to have enough substance within you that your style should not matter anymore.

There is no shortcut to success. Even though faking works on short term, you cannot succeed with just high

If you are planning to master any skill, then you need to dive deep and learn as much

as you can. Research, find mentors, network, ask lot of questions. Get to know experts in your field, network and learn from them. Know your competitors if any. If you want to be truly confident at something, you cannot have just a passing knowledge. You have to step out of the amateur bubble. You need to

March 2019


practice hard and be so well versed that you could even teach about that subject! As the saying goes “when one teaches, two learn”! Once you reach that level of mastery there would be no need to pretend anymore! Confidence cannot compensate for lack of competence. Develop your competence, confidence will follow!

FOCUS OUTWARD If you are a self-conscious person, then Faking Confidence can backfire and here is how.

Say you are not feeling confident at doing something that you are supposed to do, the advice that reigns on internet is follow the norm – “Fake it till you make It” Your friends and your network advice you the same. And so, you try to project a confident image, you put on a mask and try your best to hide your insecurities. Now have you noticed how you feel when you are trying to be not yourself? It does not fit your personality to pretend and will make you all the more self- conscious. Faking it makes you focus even more on just yourself and ironically by doing so, you become

more self-conscious and more nervous! And less confident! Faking it works great if you are able to curb your selfthoughts but sadly will not work for the most of us who actually need it the most. So what works? Focusing away from self and paying attention to your audience. Rather than putting all your focus on yourself, try to direct your attention towards the person you are speaking with. What are they passionate about? What are their current interests? Is there any way you can help them?

March 2019


Thinking more about others will take the pressure off from your head. By focusing outward, you will give others importance over you. You will ask relevant questions. By putting the limelight on them, you can feel at ease as you do not have to pretend anymore. Focusing outward forces your brain to think more about the other person leading to interesting questions resulting in great conversation. And without faking it, you will be less self -conscious and also improving your social-abilities!

LOOK THE PART! Let’s be clear that in an ideal scenario, what you wear should not define your value as a person and rather what you do should define your worth. This holds true for legends like Polo necked king of Apple who can make history through innovation or when you own the world’s largest social media network when you can pull off being seen in a grey T-Shirt every day. However, for the most of us, mere mortals whether fair or not, people judge by how we look and how appearance largely influences people’s perceptions of you. So, it is important to look your best in

Focusing outward forces your brain to think more about the other person leading to interesting questions resulting in great conversation.

order to feel your best! Imagine yourself as an actor practicing for a show. Now think about when your performance will be at the best – your performance will be normal during the regular practice, better during the dress rehearsal and you will be at your best at the final

stage performance! Similarly, as a leader, as an executive, as a teacher whatever you are, if you want to exude confidence, look the part! Dressing sharply will give you the positive boost needed to make an impression! This is of course assuming that you have already mastered the skills because “Dress the Part” won’t be effective if you do not have the subject expertise.

POSTURE POWER Your Body posture has a powerful influence not only in how others perceive you but also how you feel inwardly. While a hunched body, slump and rounded shoulders will show you are insecure and feeling low. If you want to feel self-assured and upbeat in any situation, try standing

March 2019


straight, shoulders back and hold your head high. Make proper eye contact and do not forget to smile! It will instantly uplift you and others around you. To feel as confident as a super-hero, try a “Superman” or “Wonder-Woman” posture – standing with your feet apart, hands on your hips and shoulders wide! If you do not have time to practice the superhero posture, make sure you do not compress your posture. Standing taller and straighter not only gives the “look” of confidence, it helps change your body physiology which goes to improve mood. You will feel positive and energized which will boost your confidence levels!

PRACTICE SELF-CARE Self-Care is the best care. Once you take care of yourself, address the underlying concerns and adequately hone your skills and personality, then you are bound to feel good about yourself. If you are feeling insecure, think about what is causing that low self-esteem within you. Are there any negative self-beliefs that are holding you back from tapping into your best self? Try to heal

those past issues through selftherapy if possible. • Practice forgiveness • Be grateful • Count your blessings • Indulge in some form of prayer or meditation everyday • Help others Doing these will make you feel better about yourself. This leads to self-assurance in your own abilities and that is where the true confidence emerges from! Lastly stay away from insecure and negative people. Just like any other emotion, confidence is contagious. So, if you are around other confident people who are secure in their own skin, then they will boost your inner strength as well. “Confidence breeds confidence” and soon you will be brimming with genuine confidence and will shine from within! When you try something new, either you fall, or you fly. But the beauty of true confidence is that now you know you will be Ok either way. You know how to fall with grace, pick yourself up and then fly high with humility! With the newly developed true confidence you are now ready to face any challenges that comes your way!

About Ash Rao Ash Rao is an established Talent Acquisition specialist/Certified Professional Career Coach and an avid blogger on all things careers and productivity related topics. As a career coach/ recruiter she has helped many job seekers achieve their dream careers through targeted coaching on job search strategies, interview training, resume writing and building effective LinkedIn presence. As a blogger, she writes about better careers, productivity and selfimprovement. Her articles are featured and published in Thrive Global, Fast Company and Her latest blog collection can be viewed HERE You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter or check out her blog Ash’s writing portfolio: WritingPortfolio

March 2019




The definition you can find online about a human being is as follow “a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.” But when asking the question to each one of us; “what does it mean being human?” The answer can differ from one

another. We do not have the same perspective, in the ego world we can try to hide away from who we are by wearing masks that make us feel like we are fitting in this illusional world. We are teaching others to replicate that behavior by trying to become something we genuinely are not. Taming the beautiful light that is our spirit. The ego world is a harsh environment for our gentle spirits that are walking every day on Earth. Not everyone can handle the pressure of that world, because we want to belong, we do not want to feel cast aside. The more we are trying to fit in the more powerless we become. Letting the outer condition dictate our life. Trying to emulate a world

March 2019


that doesn’t resonate with us, that doesn’t inspire us. In this time and age, we are currently being challenged by our outer conditions, what are we going to do? In the ego world we have to check all the boxes that make us feel, for example, like we are successful, we have made it because we are living in the material world. But how can we become human in the middle of it? How can we uplift someone else? How can we learn to surrender and accept who we are? Do we always have to compete against each other? How can we channel being human? How can we learn from our lives to be able to

relate with each other when we are locked in our Ivory towers, living inside the ego world a prisoner in those glass walls? The world of ego loves labels from who we are to what we do, but is it correct? Is it truly reflective of being human? What do we feel at the end of the day? Do we only have to listen to our ego? Being human is when we are letting our spirit speak to us. It is when we realize we are seeing everyone as our brothers and sisters. We are all equals no matter where we were born. Realizing we are all connected, we are not alone. Starting to live our life in an authentic way, asking our

spirit to guide us along the way. Leaning on the hopes and dreams that drives and inspires us to go beyond your limits. Becoming limitless, living our life to the fullest by expanding our wings and elevating ourselves, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Breaking down the walls built around us so we can feel and experience what is unconditional love, joy, pain and sorrow. Living our life by listening to the beat of our own drum. Living our life on our own terms, teaching our children to become the master of their own destiny. Awakening the alchemist that is dormant within us. Always wanting what is best for our

March 2019


Learning to let go of what is not useful for us anymore, from a job that doesn’t fulfilled us, to a relationships that have run its course.

highest good and the highest good of everyone. Lending a hand to a stranger to help them. Sharing a word of wisdom from the universe to lift someone else’s spirit. Being kind in time of hardship, opening our heart to listen to the guidance from the universe. Learning to walk in the storms feeling the universe is supporting us along the way. Asking for help when we need it the most. Being grateful for what we have overcome. Becoming present in our own life by living in the moment. Never giving up on ourselves but believing in us when no one else does. Pulling ourselves off the ledge when

everything seems impossible. Let the gentle hand of the universe shield us with love and compassion. Being human is feeling the energy of the universe, expressing what we feel, not only in good times but also in the most difficult times. Opening our heart to reach out, to embrace who we truly are. Let the love of the universe flow through us, becoming the channel of love. Changing the course of our lives to become who we are meant to be. Taking the leap of faith by traveling into uncharted territory to discover who we truly are. Making the conscious decision to follow

our life’s purpose and trusting our spirit. Elevate our energies to bring more love into this world. Send unconditional love and blessings to others. Becoming the fusion of love in quest of unveiling our spirits. Turning our lives upside down to find our true self and accepting who we are. Learning to let go of what is not useful for us anymore, from a job that doesn’t fulfilled us, to a relationships that have run its course. Saying goodbye to our past by celebrating who we have become. Learning to recognized when a chapter of our life has closed for us and to move forward on our path.

March 2019


Being human is receiving the unconditional love of the universe. Closing our eyes and smiling at the world, not walking solo anymore but in perfect harmony with everyone. Feeling whole and complete, pushing the light within us to shine brighter and stronger. Learning to live a more spiritual life by passing it on as our legacy. What is the meaning for us to be here? How can I continue to inspire others to become who they are meant to be? How can I shine the light when I am in the darkness? Through our journey, we are going to meet people that will become part of our circle of light, our tribe. People that will elevate us, encouraging us to push beyond our limits. People that are believing in us, that will ground us and teach us unconditional love. Becoming free, free of all the anchors that have enveloped us, forcing our spirit to remain captured and caged unable to be free and soar to achieve our ultimate happiness. We are all different spirits, with different journeys. Why should we try to conform to something that makes us feel we are not good enough? Our journey is to find ourselves, lose ourselves and

find ourselves again. We are maturing and evolving beings that can create the life we always wanted by becoming limitless. We need to unlock the mystery our spirit to let our hidden talents rise. We can find paradise in our lives if we are looking inward, looking and seeking our spirit. We should let our spirit be free. We are not a failure if we are not meeting the ego world criteria. Being human is being an authentic person. Living our life without the mask, but instead opening our heart to the world. Being human is everything, it is being who we are meant to become. Never seeing ourselves as a disappointment but instead seeing our lives as a maze. We need to open our heart to find our compass, aka our spirit, so we can read the map that is our lives. About Emmanuelle Di Gallo Emmanuelle Di Gallo is an international six sensory, psychic and a visionary guide. A wondrous raconteur, Emmanuelle is known for her enlightening humor, her laugh is contagious and will put you at ease. She

is skilled in quickly shifting people from a state of worry to a clear positive energy. Because of her unique gifts Emmanuelle has helped countless individuals and companies over the years. She is very well known to be the bridge that closes the gaps, she is a “fixer”, a problem solver. Emmanuelle is sharing the Universe wisdom through her blog and has her own podcast show. She is the founder of EDG & Associates, LLC, Emmanuelle describes her company as “East meets West”. It is multidimensional like her, it is not your “typical” consulting company also we are also focused on the utility world and regulatory, we have great speakers, writers, program managers and life coaches that provide unparalleled services.

March 2019


Powerhouse Global Leadership Conference 2019

March 2019


Powerhouse Global Leadership Conference 2019

March 2019


Powerhouse Global Leadership Conference 2019

March 2019


Powerhouse Global Leadership Conference 2019

March 2019


Powerhouse Global Leadership Conference 2019

March 2019


POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION Powerful Global Women Foundation (Powerhouse Charity) was founded in 20l6 in Nigeria, West Africa, by Lady Anita DuckworthBradshaw. The core objective of this organization is to transform the lives of women and children, through various projects centred around the need of the service group. In 20l6 Lady Anita single handedly feed over 400 children as part of “project feed l000 children globally”, and held an empowerment conference for the women. Through this project, so many women have gone to do great things with the knowledge they gained from the event. She recently held a life transforming event for women in Lagos, Nigeria as part of International women’s month celebration 20l8. The turnout was very encouraging. She is working towards supporting more families to keep their children and wards in school through” project back-toschool” starting in September 20l8. We are seeking for global support from individuals and organisations who would love to be a part of this service to humanity. Meet the African Representative of Powerful Global Women Foundation (Mrs Evelyn Emeka). A woman with the heart of putting smile on faces of others. A great entrepreneur in the network marketing industry. She is also a Powerhouse Speaker. To support us, please visit: or email or

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