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DR. ESSIE MCKOY (EM) (INTERVIEW WAS CONDUCTED BY ASHLEY LITTLE) make a profound difference in the lives of others. I have had the opportunity to serve for thirty plus years in the field of education and continue to make an impact in the lives of others through serving as an educator, author, speaker, and coach. PGMAG: Dr. Essie, why are you so passionate about education and making an impact?

PGMAG: Who is Dr. Essie Mckoy? EM: I am a God-fearing woman who has been blessed with two beautiful and amazing kids! I grew up in Milwaukee, NC with my late mother, Evangelist Essie and my father Reverend John Manley and four brothers and sisters. I was the first to attend college in my immediate family and received four degrees. My goal in life is to allow God to align my purpose with my destiny and be able to use all my God-given gifts to

58 JULY 2020

EM: I am passionate about education due to the impact it has had on my life. I experience every day the benefits, the opportunities, and the on-going impact I get to make in the lives of others. Amazingly, when I was a young child, I would watch my teachers teach and go home after school and emulate them. I tired speaking like them, moving like them, and writing like them! I wanted to be just like them! I thought they were so professional and of course, then, they made it look so easy. I always share with people to do what they love and love what they do, and they will watch their passions manifest in every aspect of their lives. I can say that I love the field of education and I have served in several roles throughout my journey! PGMAG: Dr. Essie, you are the CEO/Founder of Dr. Essie Speaks please tell us more about your educational consulting business? EM: My Educational Consulting Business Dr. Essie Speaks, will allow clients to gain