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“Any idea conceived and actioned, becomes a tangible finished product”. – Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw. It’s a delight and an honour to be the editor in-chief of Powerhouse Global magazine (PGMagazine). An opportunity to bring fresh, educating and positive mind shift to our readership. As a qualified personal performance coach, a published author of over five personal development books, taking this responsibility is another step in the right direction to reaching the global market. We are now unto our third edition, and it gets better as we travel on the road to discovering new ways of delivering better publications. PGMagazine is aimed at connecting quality people from across the globe, through various articles and profiling of successful individuals. Our magazine embodies the totality of human interest. These include: Leadership development, property investment, Sports, Relationship, Personal development, travels, fashion, Food, Fine things, Social media, The law of attraction and many more. It is a publication for Leaders and aspiring leaders. We believe everyone has the ability to lead no matter where they may be across the globe. Each edition of this publication is set to showcase the brilliance of globalisation of individuals and organisations. As the editor in-chief, I look forward to working with various professionals and organisations from across the globe, and from all walks of life to deliver quality and informative publications.

Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw



I strongly believe in justice and equality. I fight vigorously for the rights of the child and the empowerment of women.

PGMAG: H.E, we are honoured to interview you today. Thank you for this privileged opportunity. H.E: Thanks for having me. PGMAG: Ma, congratulations on the election of your husband (His Excellency, Rtd Brig.Gen. Julius Maada Bio) as the President of Republic of Sierra Leone. What does it mean to be at the forefront and herm of affairs of leadership? H.E: It is my husband that is at the helm of affairs, and deservedly so.I have an idea of what it means, but it will be better for His Excellency the President to answer that. PGMAG: In your able position as the First Lady, what are the keys of good leadership? H.E: Leading by example.There are so many

October-November 2018


characteristics a leader is meant to have. Leading by example has been our greatest strength. Having a clear vision, understanding the needs of your people, knowing that God has put you there for a reason are all determinants of a good leader. President Bio, leads by

I play the different roles seamlessly . I have to obviously manage my time more efficiently . I knew what I was getting into, and I am very ready to fulfil my obligations. I have a responsibilities, and I will not shy away from them. PGMAG: Ma, please share with

economic development . PGMAG: You recently delivered a great speech at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and you focused on the ‘Girl Child’. What are your goals for the ‘Girl Child’ in your country? H.E: The focus was on child

example. PGMAG: As a woman, a wife, a mother and a leader, how do you balance all 4 positions without losing your essence? H.E: The different positions have different names. Thinking like a beaurucrat, it is understandable that most persons separate them. To me they are one and the same, and

us and our readership a little bit about Her Excellency, Fatima Maada Bio. H.E: I strongly believe in justice and equality. I fight vigorously for the rights of the child and the empowerment of women. I fight for women not because I am a feminist per se, but because empowering the African woman, is key to

prostitution. My country had a decade of civil war. We also had to contend with the ebola epidemic. With bad governance and a poor economy. The virus of child abuse was inevitable. With symptoms of Child Prostitution, child labour, rape, lack of education and the likes. To your question, my wish is to completely eradicate

October-November 2018


every trace of Child abuse. As a realist, we will start by raising awareness about the problem. This is important because we do not want the society to become insensitive and accept such practices as normal. Then we educate. We also empower these children. Once they know there is a better alternative, the change starts. My main goal is reduction and ultimate eradication of child abuse. The First year we will concentrate more on raising awareness . We then educate as they grow older we then empower them financially and also in their minds. PGMAG: Still on the ‘Girl Child’ issue; what are the support required to enable you achieve

yours goals, as the First Lady who is passionate about the development of her people? H.E: It’s always about finance. We also need strong role models for these children. Financial support is welcome, but we need the people to support the movement. It must be a collective effort. Finances are required to run various awareness campaigns , and also to empower these children to be self-sufficient. PGMAG: How would you describe your leadership style? H.E: I get my hands dirty . I expect my generals to have a practical understanding of what the infantry does. I work with generals with battle scars to show. I am a brutal believer of

leading by example. I am also very objective and do not mince words. I say it as it is, and I expect the same from the people I work with. PGMAG: What is your advice for aspiring leaders – women in particular? H.E: Once you have the vision, be tenacious and never give up. I have to emphasise, you have to work hard - very hard. PGMAG: If you were given an opportunity to address all the ‘FIRST LADIES’ at a global gathering, what would be your key message? H.E: As you are aware. we have both male and female “First Lady’s”. Also they will be passionate about what affects them. In such a gathering I

October-November 2018


will invariable be representing the African continent. The African continent, especially Sub-saharan Africa is one of the richest when it comes to Natural resources. It is also one of the most beautiful continent and the cradle of life. My key message will be that Africa will invariably be the next super power. It is time to invest in the next big thing, that will yield very good profit. PGMAG: What does ‘work life/balance mean to you, and how do you create balance in your life considering your busy schedules? H.E: It is believed that a healthy balance between work and lifestyle is absolutely essential when it comes to leading a happy and productive life. Personally I only see “life”. I am quite fluid and do not have a distinct work / life arrangement. I structure and prioritise my month based on what needs to be done. PGMAG: It’s obvious you are a ‘hands on’ mother – especially with your little Princess, how do you manage all of that, and still maintain your appointments as the First Lady? H.E: Appointment has a “formal” connotation to it. Every thing I do is part of life. Managing life is part of life. I plan and try to stick to my plan. It is important to note that

October-November 2018


when I do not meet up, I learn and try to get better. PGMAG: Being a ‘woman’ and a leading figure, what are your advice for those women who are struggling to find their voices in various fields of life? H.E: Stop “struggling” to find your voice? Your voice is already yours. Take it. PGMAG: On a lighter note, who would be your ideal dinner guest, and what would be the likely conversation topic? H.E: Winnie Mandela. The growth of the Pan-African movement PGMAG: Ma, a lot of women in Africa and around the world are

afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. Some no longer have the will to continue in the path of achieving success. What is your message to these women? H.E: I will disagree. This is because more women are taking up leadership roles based on merit. Feeling discouraged and facing disappointments is part of the circle of life. It should not discourage you. PGMAG: What else would you like to add to this interview? H.E: Mama Salone,(The great republic of Sierra Leone) has the potential to be the greatest

country in the world. The new government is determined to raise the standard of living of it’s people. It will be a unified effort, we must all work together. PGMAG: Thank you Ma for being a voice for your people and many others around the world. We wish you and your husband great successes in your leadership. Thank you for your time. H.E: Thanks for having me.

“This is because more women are taking up leadership roles based on merit. Feeling discouraged and facing disappointments is part of the circle of life.”

October-November 2018





ach of us experience setbacks at some point, both in our personal lives and in our professional lives. Even the strongest of leaders and influencers have faced setbacks along their journey to the top, always privately and often publicly too. Some can be no more than a minor blip in our journey, whereas others can be catastrophic, they can be career and / or life altering, and as strange as it may sound, it may not be obvious straight away which you are dealing with. One setback may stand alone, or it can start a domino effect. They can happen despite all of your best efforts, and irrespective of how much energy and hard work you may have invested. What is inevitable is that after any setback, small or large, you need to pick up and start again. Nelson Mandela is famously quoted as saying, “Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.�

October-November 2018


So, what is a setback, and what steps can we take to start over? The definition in the dictionary is that a setback is ‘an event that delays your progress or reversing some of the progress you have made’. However, what one may view as a major setback, another will see as an opportunity. So maybe the question here should be “how do you define a setback, and how will you deal with it?” because we are each unique and will face setbacks in our own individual, different ways. Will it stop you in your tracks, or will you adapt, learn from it and move on? Maybe you will view it as a failure – depending on your definition of failure of course? Following the unwelcome interruption to your plans, you will need to make sense of your feelings regarding what has happened. It may initially leave you with negative feelings including, but not limited to: anger, sadness, bitterness or loss; you may take it very personally, or even feel as though you have failed. Making sense of your thoughts and feelings may take you some time, but once you are in tune with them, you will realise that you need to choose and adopt the correct attitude for you

to face your setback head on. Below are some steps that can assist you when facing such a challenge. The fabulous Maya Angelou told us “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Acceptance First, you need to be able to accept it. Accept that you have encountered a setback is crucial. If you bury your head in the sand, or if you are in denial, then you cannot make progress to move forward, and doing nothing can make matters a lot

worse. To find acceptance, I would encourage you to take a look at the world around you, coupled with your values and beliefs, and your senses all affect your state, and therefore your subsequent behaviour. Once you can accept, then you can take steps to move forward, and also to limit any feelings of stress along the way.

Alterations Consider what has caused the setback. Perhaps it is something beyond your control, or maybe it is as a consequence of your actions. Either way, you are now left in a situation where

October-November 2018


you will need to alter your approach. Can you change the circumstances surrounding the setback? Identify if the factors are internal, or external. If something isn’t working, regardless of cause, it is time to try something different. Maybe you can alter your daily routine? But sometimes even the smallest of change is all that is needed. Something as simple as the language you use can make a difference. Language can be very emotive, and the right, positive language serves as a good motivational tool, just the same as negative language can have a very detrimental effect. When thinking of your most recent setback, what words

might you use to describe it - devastating, challenging, traumatic… or perhaps an opportunity, a lesson, a new direction? The subtlest of changes can be powerful.

Resources and support It can be an overwhelming time and you may recognise that perhaps you need support and that you cannot get through this time on your own. When working out what you need to do in order to move forward, you should take into account who may be able to offer you the right support. This could mean a professional, a family members, friends or a colleague. It is acceptable

to ask for support when we need it, and this is not a sign of weakness, rather a bold statement of recognising your true, current position and being strong enough to admit you need assistance. In respect of your resources, it can be useful to take stock of what you have within your arsenal that you can utilise. For example, it could be that you may be able to delegate tasks to a trusted person, freeing up your time in order to fully focus. Or perhaps you know certain people with skills that can assist you – maybe you even have the skills yourself, you just need to recognise your own resources and have faith in yourself.

October-November 2018


Positive thinking and flexibility

Move negative thoughts out, be flexible and open to positive thinking and there will be no stopping you.

Trying to keep positive in the face of any adversity can be a challenge all on its own, regardless of the cause of the setback. At the end of each day, set aside some time to try to identify one thing that you have achieved or that you feel proud of, or maybe something you are grateful for. Make sure to keep this at a positive time of reflection and make every effort to keep those negative thoughts at bay. It is important that you do not allow yourself to lose perspective, or to blow things out of proportion, which can be easy to do when negative thoughts are allowed

to creep in. Try to be thankful for what you have. Any progress you do make, no matter how small, is to be celebrated. Keep an eye on your progress and review it regularly to enable you to identify what alterations you may need to make. You need to be flexible in order to start over, and so positive thinking and keeping a grasp on reality can aid in keeping you supple. Move negative thoughts out, be flexible and open to positive thinking and there will be no stopping you.

Take control You have a choice in how you respond to setbacks. Even when you cannot control the

October-November 2018


setback itself, how you react is your choice and therefore within your control. The impact you allow your setback to have on your life is also within your control. Without you taking control, there will be no action. Without action, nothing will change, and your setback will control you. Sometimes control can mean you accept a situation and leave it. It could mean throwing yourself wholeheartedly into fixing it. Other times, it will mean taking a detour to get around the problem. No matter what it looks like, take control. “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control how you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” source unknown When looking at the cause for a setback, it is not about blame, or feeling as though it is a failure. It is seeking to understand, and we all know that knowledge is power. When looking to make alterations, it doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everything out and starting again from scratch, but being intelligent enough in knowing that sometimes this may be the best path to take. In assessing your resources and reaching out for support, there

is no shame, only strength. Whatever challenges you face, you must be honest with yourself, understand and remain true to your values and beliefs, which are ever shifting, and take clear control of your thoughts, without letting your emotions get the better of you and the behaviours you display. Self-awareness is critical at these times. Anything less than this can lead to poor decision making and make starting over more difficult. I have had more than my fair share of setbacks in my life, and each time, I get back up, dust myself off and start over. There are many factors outside of my circle of control or influence that have affected my personal life and my career. There have also been setbacks that I have undoubtedly caused for myself. I am not saying it is easy, but I am certain that working through the processes set out above works. As we grow in our own personal development, we can learn to become more observant and aware, of self, of others and of environment. Importantly, you must always be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time you need to process what has happened. This allows the steps I have highlighted to be followed more readily, as your thoughts will

be more organised, clear and rational. An organised mind is a smart mind. Setbacks can be instrumental in achieving a successful outcome, and viewed correctly, can be a useful learning tool. Imagine how many times in your life something has happened that has prevented you from following your original path, forcing you to establish another way forward. Next, call to mind how much better in hindsight your alternative path turned out for you. Take stock of past setbacks you have had and note how you overcame them. Think of the strategies you employed and establish if they worked for you, or against you. Learn the lessons. If you are of the mindset that setback equals failure, then you may want to familiarise yourself with the quote from the great Winston Churchill himself… “Success is going from failure to failure without loss in enthusiasm”

October-November 2018


JOANNE STEWART Joanne Stewart, also known as The Life Organiser, is focused on supporting people to find calm out of the chaotic, confusing, stressful world around us. Having faced a number of life changing setbacks in her personal life, Joanne realised she needed to start over in a totally new direction. Following 24 years in the professional world, she completely retrained and once qualified, set up her own business in 2013. Joanne created a unique, fresh, exciting program using a combination of traditional Life Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Organising. Alongside supporting her clients, she is a motivational speaker and a published author. One particular area that she has remained passionately focused on, is to voluntarily support, inspire and empower women all around the world that are survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse.

The packages she offers aid people to evaluate and understand how their world is affecting their values, beliefs, thoughts and actions, and offers practical solutions to truly lead a better life. Due to health challenges, Joanne was forced to take time away from working but now returns with a renewed sense of vigour to support people on their journey of development. Joanne is a wife, and a very proud mum to 2 wonderful young adults. Website - www.thelifeorganiser. com Facebook page – The Life Organiser LinkedIn - joanne-stewart-82203a16a Email – thelifeorganiser@ Phone – 07365 431611

In a world where people will readily take care of their personal appearance, and physical health, Joanne encourages people to be more aware of their mental health.

October-November 2018






he business world is becoming more competitive than ever before – and that’s why it’s more important than ever to build a reputation as a recognised expert in your field. Business experts tend to attract bigger opportunities, earn higher fees, gain bigger audiences, and enjoy bigger profits than people who are not recognised as experts. Also, there are many opportunities to start a business in consulting, coaching, mentoring or other professional services fields if you can be recognised as an expert.

However, there are many misunderstandings and misconceptions about what it truly means to be an “expert.” Many people think that being an expert means that you have advanced degrees, certifications or credentials. It’s true that for some career fields, these types of formal qualifications are necessary or even required – but for many small business owners, and many customers who want to hire experts, it doesn’t matter if you have formal qualifications. What really matters in becoming an expert is establishing your reputation for offering good

advice and providing great content. The more you share with your audience as an expert, the more value you add, the more business you will get. Here are a few simple tips that you can use – starting today – to become a recognised expert in your field, and build a profitable business by selling products and services:

1. Decide what type of expert you want to be. There are many ways to be an expert. Start by asking yourself a few questions, such as: What is a topic you have always

October-November 2018


been passionate about? What is an area of expertise that you could help other people master? Why do people need help in this area?

2. Do your research into your expertise area. Even if you don’t have a degree or certifications, you can still become an expert in a certain field by doing your own learning. For example, who are some top authorities in this field who you could interview? What are the top books, authors, bloggers or podcasts in this field? How can

you supplement your existing knowledge or experience with new learning?

emotional connections and experiences that make their life better with clear benefits.

3. Hone in on the core emotional benefits of your expertise.

4. Research the competition.

Being an expert is all about getting paid to help people overcome powerful fears and solve complex challenges. Ask yourself: what do your prospective customers have NO IDEA how to do? What are your prospective customers afraid of? How can your expertise help people feel better and live happier lives? People don’t pay for mundane advice; they pay for powerful

Chances are, someone else is already on the market doing the type of service that you would like to offer. So go research your competitors. Sign up for their mailing lists, read their websites, watch their videos, maybe even sign up for a course. Look for ways to emulate their work, but with your own unique voice and perspective – how can you present your brand of expertise

October-November 2018


in a way that is credible and engaging, but uniquely “you?”

5. Become a Coach. One of the best ways to make money as an expert is to set up a business as a coach. There are ways to get certified as a coach from professional organisations, and the certification is relatively easy and flexible – the important thing is knowing how to add value as a coach. Coaching combines several elements of professional services – including consulting, teaching, training, mentoring and counselling. For example, you could be a dating coach or relationship coach to help people build better relationships. You could be a business coach to help people start businesses. You could be a personal finance coach or health coach to help people improve their financial lives or improve their diet and exercise routines. Whatever type of expertise you have, being a “coach” is an ideal way to market your business as a recognised expert.

6. Find your niche. Anyone can call themselves a coach and set up a website. The next level of being an expert is finding your niche – your

specific, narrow target market that you can serve better than any other. For example, I have a niche as a business coach to help create women business experts. Some business coaches might have a niche where they help entrepreneurs in certain industries, or who focus on non-profit or charitable organisations. Whatever your niche may be, you need to identify it and market yourself toward it. Your expertise needs to serve an immediate, distinct and ongoing problem. And don’t try to serve everyone or be all things to all people; be exclusive and selective. Your prospective customers should be able to look at your website and marketing materials and think, “This is for people like me!”

7. Choose your business model. “Business model” sounds like a fancy phrase, but it’s really simple: your business model is how your business makes money. As a recognised expert coach, you can make money in a few ways: • Providing products and services, or • Improving people’s lives, or • Boosting profits for businesses

If you provide products and services, you can sell digital products from your website. If your business model is focused on improving people’s lives, then your money will come from providing personal coaching services or counselling sessions. If you’re a business coach, then there are additional options and complexities for how to make money, but in general, you will make your money by selling to businesses instead of to consumers – and there are unique marketing tactics and strategies for business to business (B2B) marketing.

8. Package your expertise with sellable products. As an expert, you need to create structure for your expertise. Just like university courses have a curriculum and a syllabus to lay out a structure for the students, your expertise as a coach needs to be packaged – in repeatable courses, seminars, or sellable products. Packaging your expertise is also part of your marketing activities – you need to be prepared to give away some “free” expertise, advice or samples to get customers to want to buy the full package. A few options for packaging

October-November 2018


your expertise include: Website: Share your expertise via blog articles and website content, introduce yourself, offer free bonuses, and invite customers to sign up for your database Email Newsletter: Email still works! If you have customers who agree to receive emails from you, this can be a powerful way to reach them right at their phones or email inboxes every day. eBooks: eBooks are a great way to share expertise or sell it as a digital product. You can also give away free downloadable

eBooks on your website in exchange for signups to your email list, etc. Podcasts: Many experts use podcasts to build a following and grow their audience. YouTube: YouTube videos are great for offering free samples of advice, promoting new products, engaging with your audience, and more. Webinars: Webinars are an underrated way to reach a bigger audience and sell digital products – live or automated webinars can help you offer digital courses to your customers.

9. Get Smart About Social Media. Every expert needs a social media following. Start now, if you haven’t already. Join the conversations that are already happening on social media about your niche market or topics of interest to your prospective customers. Some people might wonder if social media has lost its lustre in recent years – but if you’re sharing good content and adding value for your audience, it’s still a great place to build a brand. The top 5 social media sites that I recommend for experts to use for marketing are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,

October-November 2018


YouTube and Instagram. Just remember: use social media to be real, be vulnerable, be human and likeable. And stay positive! Don’t complain, don’t get involved in drama. Your social media presence should add value to your audience and make people think of you as a leader and an inspiring, reassuring presence in their day.

10. Build strategic partnerships. Not even the most brilliant expert can go it alone. You need to find like-minded business owners, associations, and groups to be part of to help market your business and become part of a larger business community. Attend conferences and expos in your geographic area or niche of expertise. Introduce yourself to other experts and coaches, especially if you are not direct competitors – perhaps you can refer business to each other or co-create events where you can all build a bigger audience together.

11. Speak on stage – and SELL on stage! One of the fastest and most effective ways to build a reputation as an expert is

to speak on stage. Join a Speakers Bureau and look for opportunities to speak to local business groups, church groups, professional associations, or any other group where people gather – there are massive amounts of speaking opportunities available. Many people are afraid to speak on stage – so that means, if you are one of the few who is confident as a public speaker, there is lots of demand for your speaking services. Every minute on stage is precious – so make the most of it. Hone your speech, rehearse in advance, and practice your delivery – film yourself and watch the video. Ideally, every speaking opportunity is also a SELLING opportunity. You need to position your speech so that you deliver SO MUCH value, that your audience will want more – and will want to buy from you immediately.

12. Position your brand for success. Think carefully about how you want your brand to be positioned in the market – do you want to be a mass-market commodity, or a premium, upscale brand that commands a higher price? (Surely, it’s the “premium” position that you want, right?)

To become known as a premium option in your market, make sure you’re talking to the right audience. Look valuable – look professional with a well-written website and a clean logo design. Understand what your audience wants, and don’t sell yourself short – sometimes charging a higher price is in itself a marketing strategy. Known as a “signalling mechanism,” higher prices are often associated with higher quality.

13. Find a mentor. No matter what career you’re in, everyone needs a mentor. Being an expert is no different! Find someone in your field or area of interest who you can reach out to for expertise – whether it’s informal mentoring or paid professional mentoring or business coaching. Coaches and mentors will empower and encourage you. Most of the top experts have at least one mentor who they talk with on a regular basis.

14. Continue your personal development. Being an expert means being a lifelong learner. Keep taking courses and seminars, keep attending conferences, keep reading and learning and

October-November 2018


honing your skills. One of the best things about being an independent expert coach is that it gives you chances to keep learning and getting better at your craft. Just like you need to keep investing in marketing, keep investing in your own personal development and professional expertise. Your business’s success depends upon it. Being an expert is not easy, but it’s one of the most rewarding journeys you are likely to undertake in life. Follow these steps. Focus on a niche, get smart about marketing strategy, and most of all, stay vigilant about adding value for customers and caring about solving your customers’ problems. If you engage generously with customers and give them more than they pay, you will have a strong and thriving coaching business for years to come.

DES O’CONNOR Des O’Connor is an AwardWinning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, and Founder of professional development seminars for Social Media Marketing and Women in Business. He creates women business experts and hosts professional events on creating opportunities for women in business. Des launched his first Women in Business Conference in London in September 2017, and since then he has hosted several conferences and professional development events in April and May 2018 and scheduled for July 8, September 30, and November 10, 2018 to provide speaking opportunities for women to expand their businesses and build their audiences. Des O’Connor’s women in business events give you the opportunity to learn from a panel of experts ranging from social media, public speaking, marketing your business with webinars and Facebook Live,

women’s networking groups, investing, book publishing and writing, and more! Des shows people how to use social media and online marketing tools to build relationships, deliver educational content, and create communities and networking opportunities. Des started his career as a relationship coach, and won the 2013 award for Relationship Coach of the Year from the Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC). Expanding on his work as a relationship-builder and community creator, Des now offers corporate training and business coaching and consulting in social media marketing and webinar marketing. Des is the first consultant in the UK to offer workshops and coaching on how to host live and automated webinars that expand audiences, find new customers and boost sales.

October-November 2018




W the climate change is a reality, the disrespect of the planet and each other. We are all responsible for this. Taking responsibility means doing what needs to be done and seeing the circumstances.

e live in a world which changes dramatically in many ways. For example this summer has been very hot with temperatures over 40 degrees Celcius in some countries. People have even died because of the heat. Our planet is in danger, what are we going to do about it? Still we seem to have a hard time facing it: the climate change is a reality, the disrespect of the planet and each other. We are all responsible for this. Taking responsibility means doing what needs to be done and seeing the circumstances. The only planet we have is changing right before our eyes. This is something we all need to realize and change our lifestyles. Without air and water we can´t survive, it´s a gift of nature. We need to respect Mother Nature. Still we are blaming society, yet we are the society. We are the ones that we have been waiting for, and the future is in our own hands. So to make it a better place, we need to change ourselves first. Kids need to learn that acting responsibly might involve something difficult. Time off the internet is so important these days. Mental rest can improve productivity. Unplug and shut down a few times a day and embrace nature. Also the society and families have changed, there´s no such

October-November 2018


thing as “typical” anymore. The nuclear family has disappeared and with rising divorce rates and growing pressure in the workplace mean that parents are passing on childcare responsibilities to the society, to grandparents and other relatives. As life has grown materialistic, man has become more money minded, relationships have taken a back seat. But we are all free to make our own choices about what we want to focus on in our own lives. Love is the most beautiful thing of your life, if you have it. Love starts at home, and parenting is a lifelong commitment. If you don´t love yourself, it´s impossible to love another. Primary is to

love yourself, without that you can´t feel the love of others. A warm home is a home where there is love. Parents need to love and listen to their children and spend time with them. Seeds sown by parents will germinate and grow in the hearts of their children. The most important things in life are relationships - - they are priceless. Compassion is an attitude based on the ability to be open-ended and warmhearted, caring is listening to another person´s heart. But remember, unconditional love doesn´t mean you have to accept bad behavior. True love sets boundaries and guides to do what´s right. If we can make change from

consuming society to need base society, some resources of nature can be left for the coming generations. Climate change isn´t the problem, it´s the climate in our hearts: if we loved, this wouldn´t be happening. We need to do everything we possibly can to clean the oceans of plastic. We need to change this cruel world to a loving world, where people take care of each other and the planet. Always remember, that your voice, your compassion, your kindness can help change – and save – the world. The world lacks empathy, compassion, love and respect. That´s why we need to learn how to love and respect ourselves first, then others and

October-November 2018


You need to embrace your uniqueness and love yourself without comparing yourself to anyone. Everything you need to be happy is inside you.

our planet. Respecting others and being respected is a key component in living a happy life. Do to others as you would have them do. First you need to be happy yourself. Happiness doesn´t come from material things or money, it comes from loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. Today is the start of the rest of your life. The first step to living a happier life is leaving the life you don´t want. You need to embrace your uniqueness and love yourself without comparing yourself to anyone. Everything you need to be happy is inside you. Slow down and let it rise to the surface. Ask yourself what makes you truly happy and do that. Value yourself regardless of your job and earnings. Don´t seek approval of others – instead seek approval from your biggest fan: yourself. Trust your inner voice and follow your heart. People may understand,

or they don´t. What matters is that you do what is right for you. Not everyone will understand your journey. That´s OK – it´s not their journey to make sense of, it´s yours. Majority can hinder your ambition – walk alone. The road is lonely, but at the end peace of mind awaits. Learn to live your life independent of what others think of you. It will serve you well. Worry much less, because the more you do, the less confident you´ll feel in your life. Remember: things are never as bad as they seem. Take a break once in a while, it´s so important to recharge batteries and clear your head. Take good care of yourself. Beginning now, put complete faith in your intuition. When you know your personal “why” the opinion of others doesn´t matter anymore. It´s all within, chase your dreams and don´t look back – you can make it. Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you don´t belong. If you don´t belong, don´t be long. Too many people in this world are victimized and not in control of their fate. Always remember that you are unique, you have something to offer. Just make your own lane. Faith is the confidence that what we hope

for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we can´t see. Believe you will deserve it and the universe will serve it. When we become what we want, we attract different sorts of people and experiences than before. Give regularly, give with a warm heart. And if we want to give a wonderful gift, then we should give our time – nothing speaks louder. What the world needs now is faith, hope and more love. Sometimes those who have little, have the most to give. When someone loves you, they don´t have to say it. You can tell it by the way they treat you. And the less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. Helping others is very important. We never really know what we give to someone else. How a few simple words may save someone in a moment of despair. If you want to create a positive life, you must be willing to distance yourself from negativity. Negativity is a thief, it steals happiness. It creates anxiety and depression; never love it, never touch it. Sometimes you must stand up for yourself in financial matters. Always be honest with yourself; think before you speak, think before you take any action. Make peace and move on. Let

October-November 2018


go, whatever is holding you back. Be yourself, but also try to avoid selfishness. Sometimes we are so busy looking for an answer that we forget the answer is within us as long as we listen. Even if you are on your own – the truth is still the truth. Never turn away people without giving them a chance. They might positively change your life forever. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. When we overcome ourselves, nobody else dare to stand in our way unless they don´t mind getting run over. When walking alone, we have no one telling us that we can´t. Less negativity in our lives never hurt! If you are true to yourself, life will connect you with the right people. If you try to be someone else, the right people will pass you by! Children are the world´s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. Therefore we need to teach them love and respect. Set an example. Live simply, care deeply, love generously and treat others with kindness. See the good in every situation, it´s your choice how you view things. You win in the end. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. Being kinder is a step we can all take every

day to show the world what progress looks like. Plant love in your heart and you will live the real happiness. This planet doesn´t need more successful people, this planet needs more lovers of all kinds. What does your heart pump for? Only you know what´s right for you, others can only guess. Do what you feel in your heart to be right for you – you ´ll be criticized anyway. And above all, don´t let others define you, define yourself. Only you know who you are, and what you need to do to be happy. Only your heart and soul can guide you to do what you must do for what you want to be. Passion is the best character traits in a human, closely followed by vulnerability – it´s beautiful. Beauty isn´t always physical,

it´s the way you exist in the world. Being kind makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like. What´s the most beautiful thing a father can do for his children? The answer is: love their mother. We are all part of the universe, we are all one. Always try to put yourself in someone else´s shoes before even attempting to understand. In spite of listening to all the outside world - voice from inside you is eternal; ask guidance from your soul. Synchronicity shifts things to new altitudes as everything happens as it is meant to be. Find your happiness, and your purpose will soon follow. You will encounter critics along the way. They are merely another obstacle in your path for change. There are many

October-November 2018


mysteries of life, don´t ignore them, explore them. Through exploration comes knowledge. Embrace every hardship to bring out the best in you. We are all on a unique journey. The challenge is safely traversing where it leads and the people we meet along the way. Being spiritual simply means loving yourself and loving others, like being in tune with yourself and around people. Good decisions are instinctive, good decisions make themselves; all others are self will and ego. Sadly, people sometimes sacrifice, or fear, living their Purpose in order to make money. Faith is invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need. We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude. You never know what is next. All you can do is follow the path given to you, may it be a righteous path. Sometimes people reject our love. We must let them go and love those who want to be loved. Still, love your enemies and do good things to those who hate you. Speak well of those who curse you. You don´t need anyone´s approval, live your life and do what makes you happy. Be who you want to be.

It´s very important to forgive those who did us wrong; they unknowingly made us strong. The only person you hurt by being bitter is yourself. Realizing a new, empowered vision of you always begins as an inside job. The things that matter the most are right in front of you. From the deepest depths, we are catapulted to the highest achievement. Let go of difficulty, have faith and

enjoy your assent. The more we doubt our ability the more we are shaky. Believing in oneself is important for a successful life. Love is the absence of judgment. It´s very important to forgive those who did us wrong; they unknowingly made us strong. The only person you hurt by being bitter is yourself. Those who struggle have more empathy, are kinder and real. Those who don´t, are often selfish and entitled. Deep pain leads to wisdom, and becoming a deeper person is the privilege of those who have suffered.

October-November 2018


Those who have faced many obstacles, become resilient. The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love. Just like fingerprints, every creature on Earth has his own, unique life story, even born twins. Meeting our dark side and learning from it is the perfect way for self development. Our purpose in life is to do what we are supposed to do and inspire others with our success. What is success? Success means inner peace. It`s knowing what your values are and living in a way consistent with your values. Life consists not in holding only good cards but playing those you hold well. Also you learn more walking a rocky path through life. Better be a strong person with a difficult past than a weak person who has only experienced pleasure. Overcoming comes from strength we didn´t know we had, until we needed to be strong. Events push our strengths to the surface. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. If you want to be strong, learn to enjoy being alone. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful

destinations. And after reaching the destination, you´ll miss the journey. Always trust, especially in the darkest moments. Go with the flow and surf the wave of love. A person who loves you will never let you go or give up on you, no matter how hard the situation is. Love is silent – it´s quiet, it´s pure and clean. Love doesn´t necessarily need words – it´s a feeling. Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. Family isn´t always the one we were born with. Family is the people who return our love. What´s the use of money if you haven´t got happiness? What´s the use of a big, fancy house, if you haven´t got a planet to put it on? You can´t change the world by being part of majority. It´s better to be poor and have wealth in your soul than to be rich with a heart of stone. We all need to take care of this planet and everything on it.

Success means inner peace. It`s knowing what your values are and living in a way consistent with your values. Life consists not in holding only good cards but playing those you hold well.

There´s enough for everyone´s needs but not for everyone´s greed. If the wealth was evenly distributed people could live and not fight for survival. We must open our hearts and feel the love, empathy and compassion because without love we can´t survive. Violence and terror attacks are signs of lack of love; the world hungers for love. Only love can drive out hate. Love starts with you. We must love and respect ourselves – only then can the love spread to others. Words have power; words matter. Words of love leave an imprint forever on the soul. Motherhood is the authentic path of human experience on which we guide others towards awakening. Women can transform good education to their children and further spread in society. They can be the symbol of love, trust and peace. Love changes everything and heals everything, it´s the most powerful force on Earth.

JAANA UOLAMO Jaana Uolamo is a writer, Ambassador of love and a Social Media Influencer. jaanuolamo?lang=fi

October-November 2018




There are certain aspects of leadership that propel us to be effective in our roles as managers and leaders. No matter what our position is we struggle with self-awareness, stress management, and creative problem-solving. As leaders, we tend to force ourselves on people. My personal mission statement is to be a welcomed leader in any arena I am invited to stand. I believe the key word is welcomed. If we are too hard- driving or tenacious, we will offend people and make it difficult for them to respond to our vision. As leaders, we must strive for dependability. Show people they can depend on our consistent professional behavior. We have a stewardship responsibility to morally do the proper thing and watch over what is under our

control. The worst thing you can do as a leader is to fail to praise people when they have done a good job. Whether they write a letter, design a brochure, work on a program or coordinate a reception, people want recognition more than they want money. People want to feel good about themselves. They want to know that all their hard work and effort made a difference. As I said before, be very kind to the people you see on the way up because they are the same people you see on the way down. They are waiting for you to come right back down the ladder and are praying that you go down past them again. So, always congratulate someone for doing a good job. Many managers and leaders have the problem of being indecisive. They cannot make

October-November 2018


a decision and stick with it. They are swayed by the last person to stand in front of them, since they have a distaste for communicating difficult decisions. Do not be afraid to say what everyone is thinking. People appreciate leaders with the courage to address tough issues. Inform others of your decisions and tell them what you are going to do. Some leaders make decisions, but they do not communicate them. They then wonder why people do not follow them. Some leaders are decisive to themselves, but they are afraid to communicate it because they are concerned that people will be confrontational. When you make a decision, tell people and follow through with direct action. The best thing you can say to somebody is that he or she is needed. Find personal motivation in each person you lead and then talk with that person sincerely about his or her issue. Great managers take time to know their people. Leadership is action, not position. Employees need to know you can do it and they need to know you are challenging yourself as you seek to challenge them. You have to go out now and challenge yourself

so they will follow and respect you. Get them to follow you now to a different horizon. That is why I say action, not position, is the framework for leadership. . It was taught to me that a leader takes more than his or her share of the blame and less than his or her share of the credit. When a problem occurs, look to take the blame as their leader. Immediately give them the credit when the situation is successful. Then never forget the biggest and most important asset of any corporation is the respect that its leaders provide their clients, business partners, and employees.

ANTHONY C. GRUPPO Anthony C. Gruppo is the CEO of the Northeast region for Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA), USA. He is responsible for leading all employees, divisions, and operations. He has over thirty years of experience driving profitable organic growth. Anthony is heavily involved in developing and sustaining clients’ relationships, and brings a consultative mindset to each of MMA’s clients’ unique needs. He is the author of five books cantered on personal and

organization development. Prior to coming to the Northeast, Anthony led companies in Southwest, Southeast and West Coast. A national marketer and visionary leader, A Keynote Speaker and dynamic presenter. His leadership qualities provoke a positive mental shift in the mind of those he serves. He is a motivator that challenges his audience to think in new powerful ways. Anthony shows how to create employee investment in global businesses by teaching employees to think and act like owners. He has a unique way of motivating people to improve in their personal lives as well as businesses, using creative tools for personal growth and organizational expansion. He is a leader with a difference. You could connect with Anthony C. Gruppo through the following links: AnthonyCGruppo

October-November 2018




nconditional love is the purest form of love, it is the bond between each spirit. The golden thread that links us to each other. Unconditional love is not the physical love but the spiritual love from the Universe. It is the most beautiful feeling we can ever experience, it transcends time, lives and dimensions. Unconditional love can touch everyone. Opening someone’s heart chakra to be the recipient of that love. A love that heals broken hearts, that bathe us in this beautiful golden bubble.


Unconditional love can inspire changes, pushing away negative energy. Bringing peace to our tormented lives. It helps us to heal our wounds, conquer what seems impossible to overcome. Moving us to a state of peace and gratitude. Helping us to make amends of our own weaknesses. Believing in

October-November 2018


us when no one did. Helping us ease our pain and sorrow. But this is what connects to each other at our core, creating this unbreakable thread that even death cannot break. Living in an unconditional love enable a state of mind that brings us closer to the Universe and its magic. Trusting we are all safe and well. In the middle of the raging river that is our lives, we can find comfort in it. There is nothing more powerful and trustworthy, we do not have to bargain to get it. Unconditional love doesn’t have a price, it is free. It is the purest channel we should share with our children. Teaching them to open their heart to receive it. It is not a bargaining tool someone would use to get what they want. When you are giving unconditional love, you are opening the door to connect with the Universe. You can archive with an open heart what your heart desires. You are actually glowing from the inside out, you can feel the peace and gracefulness of that love. You are mostly attracted to it, to “de ce je ne sais quoi” that person emanate. Unconditional love opens the doors for the magic to happen in our lives. When

you are connecting yourself with the Universe you are now on a fast track to receive the bounty of your desires. When it comes from your spirit, your heart will open unlocking the mystery. The magic that is awaiting for you to experience. Having synchronicity working its magic. Always bringing the right person or solution on your path. Your journey becomes lighter, full of positive opportunities. You are the beacon of love, a pioneer of positivity, a trailblazer that will share this love to fertilize other hearts all around you. Inspiring others to do the same, like a domino effect you are using this beautiful golden thread to expand it, to shift the world in a positive way. Blessing everyone and everything on your path, peacefully mending bridges

between each one of us. Reconnecting each other without trying to change our spirits but instead making us closer to each other. Letting our ego sleep while feeling safe and grounded. The energy that unconditional love emanates is a pure golden color. Enveloping us like a beautiful blanket, feeling a sense of wholeness. Being complete, at ease. We do not need to seek anyone’s approval or love. We are feeling fulfilled, we do not need to look into the wrong place or make the wrong decision out of desperation for seeking love. We actually are loving ourselves, feeling beautiful and worthy. We are confident and happy, this is what people see when they approach us. This is the feeling of being whole that makes us who we

October-November 2018


are, when unconditional love is upon us, our energies are lighter, positive. We are smiling and ready for the day where ever it takes us. We see the best in everyone. We do not feel we have to justify who we are, neither do we need defending what we stand for in life. Instead we are more than happy to mind our own business. Ready to enjoy our days, attracting people who are ready to shift their lives positively and receive that love. We are becoming influencers, dancing our way to the sound of smooth jazz across the dance floor. Enjoying where we are, ready to focus on our next step, our next dream. Seeing life in a different light, understanding we are not alone but we are all in this together. Seeing the bigger picture, while realizing the Universe is always watching us, wanting the best for us. With our free will starting to co-create with the Universe, the life we always wanted. Being open to receive the bounty of our own desires. Always keeping an open heart and mind, becoming the most graceful delicate flowers in the garden. While being in a state of gratitude, never letting our ego lead our lives but instead learning to give unconditional love as well as learning to

receive it. Becoming a teacher and a student of our lives. Always ready to become flexible like a flower in the plain slowly moving in the wind but never breaking. Learning to play again, like children running free under the sun. Jumping from hill to hill, playing hide and seek. Being care free and joyful as we are moving in our lives. Unconditional love is a powerful feeling that can shift the world, bridge the gap between nations but also help us elevate our energies. Having a sense of accomplishment, making us confident, helping us understand each other.

We are all different. This is why we are here in this lifetime to learn about each other. We do not have to all agree with everything, but we can learn to send unconditional love to everyone that surrounds us. Our spirits have experienced many life times but one thing we need to learn is unconditional love. Experiencing the purest form of love is one of the biggest lessons we must learn. Open our hearts to receive that unconditional love. Accepting who we are, learning to love ourselves then each other. Making peace with our lives, with our outer condition.

October-November 2018


Letting go and cutting the cord with people who have hurt us as well as situations that haunt us. Taking back our powers, accepting what we cannot change. The only one we can change is ourselves, so change what we can for our highest good and that will reverberate the highest good to others. Understanding it’s not me vs them but instead realizing we are all connected, we are all in it together. Unconditional love can teach us the most beautiful and heartbreaking lessons. We need to be willing to open our hearts and become vulnerable for our spirits to grow. One thing for sure unconditional love is a bond that is unbreakable, it transcends dimension especially for the loved ones we’ve lost. That bond is still there and will be there until the day we cross over on the other side and see them again. No one can cut that bond, it is coming from the divine. In those time of loss, we are learning what unconditional love means. From the wonderful memories we have to the feeling of emptiness after they have crossed over. But one thing that will always remain is that bond, that pure indestructible golden thread. Your love ones are still by your

side, waiting for you to talk to them. Even though you may not see them you can feel they are near you. Sending healing love towards you, you can even see signs around you reminding you they are here. Their energies are surrounding you with their love. In those moments of joy and

sorrow you need to keep your heart open. If you are closing you heart, you are blocking the flow of unconditional love. You cannot receive the healing energy neither can you fill your heart and body with positive energy. You are closing the connection with the universe, keeping the magic of perfect synchronicity to help you in

October-November 2018


your journey. We need to learn to celebrate our loved ones as well as our lives. We should make a daily habit to acknowledge our blessings. Being thankful for what we have and where we are in our lives. We have so much to learn, but also realizing that unconditional love is the key to keeping our heart light and opening the doors to the magical world of the Universe. We are not alone in our journey we are surrounded by the Universe and all of its helpers. We can attract the right person in our lives if we are ready to give unconditional love but also learn to love ourselves. If we do not love and appreciate who we are we cannot experience what true unconditional love is. This is one of the biggest lessons in life we need to understand. No amount of makeup, plastic surgery or other alterations of our bodies will ever fulfill us if we do not accept and love who we are. We are all beautiful beings, capable of conquering the world if we are ready to open our hearts. We do not need to fit in, we are unique, and this is what makes us beautiful and lovable.

you are or what you look like. That powerful energy doesn’t have any prejudgment about anyone. Instead its magical, it can unlock everyone’s heart and fill us with love. Making us feel whole and beautiful, when you are filled with it you are emanating that beautiful energy. People will see you for the beautiful spirit you are. Be open to receive this energy, rejoice! You are learning to share and connect your surroundings with it. Be humble to use it for your highest good and the highest good of everyone. Do not force it upon anyone but gently send it to the ones that need it the most. Teach your children about it, make them the next generation that will use it to continue to change the world. Become a beacon of love and let the Universe work its magic through you. There is so much we can accomplished when we are coming from a place of love. Our spirit should guide our lives to archive the magic we are capable of doing. I am sending unconditional love to everyone.

EMMA DI GALLO Emmanuelle Di Gallo is an international six sensory, psychic and a visionary guide. A wondrous raconteur, Emmanuelle is known for her enlightening humor, her laugh is contagious and will put you at ease. She is skilled in quickly shifting people from a state of worry to a clear positive energy. Because of her unique gifts Emmanuelle has helped countless individuals and companies over the years. She is very well known to be the bridge that closes the gaps, she is a “fixer”, a problem solver. Emmanuelle is sharing the Universe wisdom through her blog and has her own podcast show. She is the founder of EDG & Associates, LLC, Emmanuelle describes her company as “East meets West”. It is multidimensional like her, it is not your “typical” consulting company also we are also focused on the utility world and regulatory, we have great speakers, writers, program managers and life coaches that provide unparalleled services. –

Unconditional love is blind and colorless, it doesn’t matter who

October-November 2018



What does that mean? Have you ever had a dream to do something courageous or extraordinary? Just pause for a moment and listen to your heart when you speak that dream aloud. Does your heart beat louder and faster? What response does your heart give to you when you speak your dream aloud? Let’s just look at what it means to follow. To follow means: To move behind someone or something and go where he, she, or it goes or to go in the same direction as a road, path, etc.

Today I am just going to share what it means to me to follow my heart. My human heart is a tender organ, but powerful beyond measure. It is the organ that gives me life. I know for a

October-November 2018


fact that once my heart stops beating, my clock of life will also end! Why is it important that I follow my Heart? I know my heart is fragile and tender, it has been hurt and crushed, it has been excited, passionate and strong. I have grown to love my heart through life’s experiences, my heart has become my constant companion. It is my constant guide and is also my ‘conscience’ and my ‘friend’. I try my best to protect my heart as much as I can, but it is fair to say I have not always guarded or protected this precious heart of mine as I should. I have in the past ignored my heart and followed the crowd, only to get my heart crushed and damaged. For the human heart to heal it is a timely, painful, cautious process, but it does certainly heal with time! I have learnt some valuable lessons about my fragile, yet strong beating heart. It pumps furiously to warn me when I am in danger, it sends me messages when I am nervous. I can often speak words of comfort to quieten the loud beats of my heart and assure my heart that all is well. When I am happy my heart is happy to beat away silently, carrying out its purpose of giving me life!

When I carry out my exercise routine, my beats loud, rapidly and strong. I can audibly hear my heart beating to the ‘rhythm of life’. The reason why I can describe my heart with such fondness is, because I have learnt to listen to the heartbeats which makes me aware of the kind of messages it is sending to my soul, to warn me of dangers or to dance with me when I am happy. I have also learnt that my heart agrees with my purpose and my passion in life. You see when I speak aloud my dreams and aspirations, my heart sometimes skips a beat with excitement. When I speak about the things I love and the people that I love, my heart understands and agrees with me. We walk in alignment with our calling in life! I know

that my purpose in life is to inspire, equip and empower others to shine their bright light for others to see. My heart delights in me bringing joy to others by encouragement. My heart is my guide to all things and I have chosen to follow my heart. If you have ever wondered what your heart is saying to you, just listen to your beating heart and pay attention to the messages that it is sending to you. Listen to the language of joy or pain. Learn to dance with your heart and it will dance with you too. Find what you love, and love what you do! If you don’t know what to do, then listen to your heart and follow your heart and therein lies your Passion, your Purpose and your Destiny.

October-November 2018


CHRISTINE GISCOMBE Christine Giscombe is the Founder of Born to Excel. Shas worked successfully in the corporate environment for many years and uses her experience, skills and understanding of the very changing world to make an impact and bring positive change. She loves inspiring others and the freedom and lifestyle that empowering others provides as it enables her to work with people from all walks of life, all over the world and be a valuable part of their journey. She is passionate about combining the power of communication with knowledge and wisdom to help others understand their unique gifts and talents and achieve and succeed in reaching their goals and aspirations in life!

people make the transition from a negative mindset to a positive place, enabling them to face their challenges, address their fears and embrace their future!

As a very young mother, Christine faced adverse challenges in life, and struggled to find her confidence and her voice. With courage and determination, she made the choice to use her life experiences to shape her destiny, and use her voice to change the lives of others.

Born to Excel provides Mentoring programs for Teenagers and Schools and Coaching programs for Women in Business. Christine is a Motivational Speaker, NLP trained, a Certified Cognitive Behaviour Coach and a Mentor. “Sometimes it takes another person to believe in you and see something of purpose and value in you before you believe and see the seeds of greatness within.� For further information contact:

With over 15 years’ experience Christine has helped many

October-November 2018




W One could smell the scent of fear in the atmosphere. What will the new age bring to us asked many? what will happen should the world ends at the wake of January 2000. Hahahahahahah!

e are living in the Global village and those who are serious about enjoying the benefits are already making huge moves. The new age of “information over load”, and the birth of social media or the jet age of endless possibilities which had seen the increase of personal and business growth. Although, it brought with it divisions in relationships…. Yes! More people spend a good % of their time on the internet and face – to – face conversations are gradually fading away. Taking my thought back to 31st December 1999 when the world was at her knees praying for the day to break. So many people thought the world would come to an end at the arrival of year 2000. It was scary to listen to the news and the conversation of the majority. There were fears in the atmosphere and a lot of businesses shut down due to the fear of the unknown. There were so many unanswered questions from children and young adults at that time. One could smell the scent of fear in the atmosphere. What will the new age bring to us asked many? what will happen should the world end at the wake of January 2000. Hahahahahahah! I could sense fear in my environment especially in the camp of those with so much wealth and who had given little to the poor amongst them. Suddenly, people gave their lives

October-November 2018


to Christ and desired to make heaven. I laugh about it now because I can vividly picture that period. I was only just a young adult working towards a better future with lots of opportunities in the horizon. At that time, I was only two months into my new job in a multi-national company in Nigeria. Then I stopped and asked myself; why would the world end now that I have just started to live my life, earn my own money without others interfering with my choices. Why now? Little did I realise that GLOBALIZATION has come to stay and those who are ready to welcome it will benefit tremendously. Yes! It did arrive and the world did not end as joy filled the air with lots of celebration. The only thing most people failed to realise at that time is that the world had suddenly become smaller. We welcomed the new technological age where you can be wherever you desire to be with a click of a button on your system. We are living in the Global Village and to enjoy the benefits, we must position ourselves and our businesses with the aim of becoming ‘GLOBALLY VISIBLE’. Here are some of the keys of GLOBAL VISIBILITY;

• Identify your purpose – most individuals are living on other’s idea of who they should become. Due to this ignorance, they follow the trend of the society and end up getting lost in the crowd. They end up with people who are going nowhere. Like one of my mentors’ would ask; what are you about in the world? I ask you who is reading this piece the same question; what are you about in the world? Not wanting to confuse you with my question, it simply means; what is your purpose on earth? Considering the asked question, you would understand that we are all expected to be about something whilst on earth (living our individual calling). Isn’t it scary to know that only 1% vital few of the earth population are absolutely in charge of the other 99% of the wondering generality? This I read from books such as ‘THE SECRET’ and some of the books written by the late legend of personal development (Zig Ziglar). To become Globally Visible, one must identify who one is and what gifts one has within them. It is finding out one’s role in the field of play to better one’s life and that of others. Show me a person who is living his/her purpose and I will show you a

person of success. Without purpose driven living, one becomes a part of the 99% wondering generality. Purpose identification is the start of personal and professional development. Those who have the privilege of knowing their purpose effortlessly rides the high tide of life. They are usually very optimistic and they are not afraid of the changes happening around them. The purpose driven individuals are eager to break new grounds, support those who are struggling and improve their current situation. So I suggest to you to go on a purpose finding mission in order to become more than you already are. Do not limit yourself by living on other’s idea. It is time to step out of your comfort zone and work your way towards a successful living. Take risk on yourself and others. Stop waiting for validation from people who are not really interested in your future. As a young adult, I knew my purpose was to become a life transformer and make a name for myself. Growing up in an environment where people did not mind what they become was not an easy ride. I made a choice not to settle with the rest of the crowd and follow in their belief. It was as if I was rebellious to the system but

October-November 2018


my future was more precious tome than the conclusion in the mind of those around. I could not settle with the crowd. I just did not see myself living a pitiable life. I was on a mission to succeed and to take others along with me. Some even doubted my motives of wanting to become more. I gave myself to reading and meditation. With God’s help and my internal knowledge of who I am, I discovered courage. This became my daily companion to keep on pressing forward until I become the person I desired to be. I made conscious effort to edge towards my destination ignoring all the distractions along the way. You too can rise above your challenged situation

by deciding to win. • Have a clear-cut vision of the changes you desire in your personal and professional life. With vision comes motivation and direction. For one to beginning a journey of any kind, one must know where one is headed for. Most people and businesses fail because of lack of vision. To become Globally visible, one must identify where and when one want to be seen or gain connections. The importance of having a vision before commencing on any kind of personal or professional journey, is that you will be able to switch lanes or make a U-turn when you discover that what you are seeing on your

path does not look like what you have envisioned before starting your journey. It helps one to make a quick correction before it’s too late. Take a project for instance, before a good project is handed to a project Director and manager, the stake holders must have had a clear vision of what their product will look like during the time of de-commissioning (finished product). The project manager knows that stage boundary (monitoring stages of the project) had to be put in place before the project commences. The reason for having a stage boundary is to monitor the progress of the project, and to ensure that the workers are

October-November 2018


following the exact model of the project. The stage boundary helps to correct any errors on the project during the process of completion. If not corrected, it can lead to project rejection and could eventually cost more than the stipulated amount at the beginning of the project. Having a vision creates the opportunity of stage boundary in one’s personal and professional life. This supports with changing directions at the right time and moving forward with confidence. There are times in our journey when it looks like nothing is working, even with all the effort we have made in our personal and professional work. At this point in our journey, it would be wise to remind ourselves of the vision we saw before

setting out on that particular journey. Sadly so many people have allowed others to twat their original vision because of sentiments and fear of rejection. Please stay on track with what you are called to do in this life. It is ok if you make mistakes or rejected by those whom you thought would stand by your side until you have made it safely to you desired destination.

“To get somewhere meaningful, you must learn to drop a lot of baggage.” – Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw • Set Goals: To become Globally Visible you must prepare to set goals that would take you from where you are to a high ground in the field

of play. Goal setters are world changers and they are not easily put off by the challenges life presents to them. Goals setting are the reason the 1% Vital few of the society are able to control the wealth of the Globe. When you have a goal, life becomes interesting to live and the fear of failure diminishes. Any individual without goals is simply living their lives to chances. Setting goals is not wishful thinking but a catalyst to facilitate the process of change. When you set goal/s, you immediately align yourself with the endless possibilities life has to offer. Until I understood this truth, I was one of the 99% wondering generality who thought that things just happen. • Hold unto courage - Courage

October-November 2018


they say is the backbone of every successful individual. An individual with courage has the confidence to face any obstacle in life.. As a powerhouse your courage will see you through every challenge that comes your way. Apparently, the lack of courage creates problems and difficult living in the lives of so many people. Those who made history in their time had courage – no wonder a great philosopher said; “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” – Mary Anne Radmacher It does not matter what you may have been through – hold unto courage and she will sail you safely to your desired destination. When you embrace courage you will see possibilities in every challenge you are faced with. It took courage to leave my native land (Nigeria) to Europe. It took courage to start my business. It also took courage to de-clutter my circle of influence, and to step away from those who no longer serve my purpose. Courage will take you to places you have never imagined before.

As a teenager, growing up in a very challenging environment made me stronger than my peers. I never celebrated birthdays until my 20th – then I had moved on and grown into my own person. Courage was the backbone of my ever increasing learning and evolution. The courage to succeed in my chosen areas of life was my source of strength. If you carefully study the lives of all success people (women especially), you will discover that courage played an active part in their achievements. How many times have you tried to work on your dreams? How many times have you allowed fear to get the better of you? A person without courage unconsciously invites weakening and demoralizing elements to themselves. Courage has the power to challenge all unfavourable situations. When you make courage your backbone, you will be able to face all physical, emotional, spiritual and mental battles of life. Welcome to the best day of your life. Congratulations!

ANITA DUCKWORTHBRADSHAW Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw is the founder of Woman the Powerhouse global, Powerhouse Global Awards. She is an accredited life coach from the coaching academy. An author of five personal development books (all on amazon). She is an authority in capacity building and women development. A multi Award-Winning Global Impact Leader, and a powerhouse global speaker. In 2011, She was gifted a title (The most honoured, Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw, Lady of Glencoe, Scotland) due to her work which has transformed lives, and continued to do so. She is a wife and a mother. She is also the President of Powerful Women Global Foundation in Africa. In 2016, she singled headedly feed over 400 children in Africa, and she continues to support the less privileged women and children in Africa and across the globe. She is a great voice for the global women (those hurting and those living in fulfilment). Her passion to enhance and transform lives stem from her own journey as a child living in Africa, and working her way through becoming a voice in the global market. To get connected, please contact Email: powerhouseglobalmag@ Twitter: @laproverbs

October-November 2018


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash



ant to learn a simple success habit and a shared secret of some super successful leaders like Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates and Tim Ferriss? A key contributor of success, this habit is consistently used by high achievers to capture great ideas as they come, review them and take action to realize those ideas to measurable outcomes! This when done repeatedly will turn into serial accomplishments which makes them super successful! The habit so fundamental that it does not require power source or battery, no syncing to any other device or cloud storage needed! As you guessed it by now, it is the simple essential habit of Taking Notes! Often overlooked by most, this habit is still the most productive habit of high performers! In fact, Richard Branson has been known to carry a notebook with him everywhere he goes, and credits writing things down as one of his most powerful success habits.

October-November 2018


In his company blog post, Richard Branson says “I can’t tell you where I’d be if I hadn’t had a pen on hand to write down my ideas (or more importantly, other people’s) as soon as they came to me. Some of Virgin’s most successful companies have been born from random moments--if we hadn’t opened our notebooks, they would never have happened.” And the Billionaire is not alone – here are a few others who swear by this simple yet powerful technique of capturing ideas.

Tim Ferris Author Tim Ferris says “I take notes like some people take drugs. I trust the weakest pen

to the strongest memory” If you want to learn his method of taking notes, here is his detailed blog post on how he does it !

Bill Gates Computer Visionary and genius Bill Gates is known to be an avid notes taker. It is easy to imagine Gates relying on digital ways to record his notes, but surprisingly he is known to carry a yellow legal pad for writing and not a computer to his meetings! Rob Howard, founder of CTO of Telligent describes his meeting with Bill Gates – “The first thing I notice as the meeting starts is that Bill is left-handed. He also didn’t bring a computer in with him,

but instead is taking notes on a yellow pad of paper. I had heard this before – Bill takes amazingly detailed notes during meetings. I imagine he has to, given all the information directed at him. The other thing I noticed during the course of the meeting is how he takes his notes. He doesn’t take notes from top-to-bottom, but rather logically divides the page into quadrants, each reserved for a different thought. For example, it appeared that all his questions were placed at the bottom of the page.”

Sheryl Sandberg Miguel Helft describes Facebook CTO Sheryl’s real story and her productivity hack in his Fortune column. He says,

October-November 2018


“Her days are a flurry of meetings that she runs with the help of a decidedly undigital spiral-bound notebook. On it, she keeps lists of discussion points and action items. She crosses them off one by one, and once every item on a page is checked, she rips the page off and moves to the next. If every item is done 10 minutes into an hourlong meeting, the meeting is over.” And there are many more who rely on this simple technique for getting their stuff out of their head onto paper! Infact two of J.K. Rowling’s most prized possessions are a pair of small notebooks, which contain her very first scribblings about Harry Potter! Note-Taking has been popular

throughout history and has been tied to the success of greats like Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci and many others. So, what makes this “NotesTaking” habit so productive? And should you try this too? Yes- backed by these successful individuals, this practice is definitely worth the effort! It is time to get back to the good old basics of writing to remember things. Here is why.

Writing down makes it real An idea not written down is an idea lost. Written down goals are more likely to be achieved. You do not need to share

your goals but do write them down, so you stay accountable. Writing things makes you process your thoughts at least some level and then most likely those goals will become part of your journey.

Outsource your memory Best way to get stuff out of your head is to put it down on paper or if you prefer digital – you could use apps like Evernote/One Note or a digital notepad. You can outsource your memory and use your intelligence to process that idea and take action. If you record an idea as soon as it gets into your head, then you can save your brain energy to get stuff

October-November 2018


done rather than trying to remember the origin of that idea!

Relieves stress When your mind’s swarming with multiple ideas and you are sucked into a busy- but not so productive day filled with meetings, emails, text messages, it is easy to forget those ideas and get through the motions of daily routine. But you will still feel overwhelmed with cluttered thoughts which can stress you out and hamper your focus on the task at hand. Writing down helps you record your ideas, clear your mind and complete one task at hand before leaping to another. By freeing your mind of excess load of information, your stress is reduced. You will experience more clarity in your thought process too.

Stay Organized You can use color coding, bars, graphs, symbols to make the process fun and easy. Doing this will also help to stay organized. You can process and retrieve information better with well written notes. Taking Notes also reveals a lot about a person’s character and makes them look good. When you take notes, you automatically pay attention to detail, your efficiency increases

and it shows you don’t allow important tasks to fall through the cracks . Remember the good old college days? Piles of notes written to synthesize and remember critical formulas in science, math equations /computer coding programs that you wrote multiple times to sharpen your memory and ace your exams? The underlined passages and scribbled notes at the side of chapters that came in handy when doing a project? Well…you guessed it. Turns out that fundamental habit that we moved on needs to be revisited. Taking notes is not old fashioned and uncool but rather is a key success habit that will help you turn your ideas into measurable goals. If you choose to take action and work towards those goals, then those scribbled vague ideas will soon turn into a success story! So, next time your inspiration calls and when light bulb goes off in your head – do not forget to capture it immediately in your notebook! Those new possibilities and success that you have always dreamt of is in fact hidden in those fragments of ideas, quick thoughts scribbled in your notebook! Make a note of that!

ASH RAO Ash Rao is an established Talent Acquisition specialist/Certified Professional Career Coach and an avid blogger on all things careers and productivity related topics. As a career coach/recruiter she has helped many job seekers achieve their dream careers through targeted coaching on job search strategies, interview training, resume writing and building effective LinkedIn presence. As a blogger, she writes about better careers, productivity and self- improvement. Her articles are featured and published in Thrive Global, Fast Company and Her latest blog collection can be viewed HERE You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter or check out her blog Ash’s writing portfolio: https://

October-November 2018



I am not afraid to ask for support from other people. I believe the right people are waiting for me to show up.

PGMAG: We are so happy to interview you today, and you look so beautiful as always. So tell us more about Sophia Jessica Rose. SJR: Sophia is the passion queen of creativity. My journey started with contemporary dancing. I have always loved to make other people feel happy with my acting and dancing skills. Growing up, my family supported me to explore the areas of interest in discovering my passion. It was the beginning of my venturing into so many creative fields (modelling, acting and dancing). PGMAG: What has been some of your challenges in life? SJR: It’s a challenge to venture into new fields. I spend more time trying to adapt to the system by investing in researching new ways of being relevant in my purpose. PGMAG: Do you feel left out sometimes – especially in your field? SJR: I am not afraid to ask for support from other people. I believe the right people are waiting for me to show up. Although, my family has been a fantastic support system through my journey -

October-November 2018


my vision is very strong and I know success is not far from my reach. PGMAG: What would you say to an upcoming actress/actor/ model/dancer? SJR: Don’t always do what other people in the industry wants you to do which could negatively affect your reputation. It’s for their best interest to politely turn down offers that does not serve a good purpose. PGMAG: Who is your role model? SJR: My mother and grandmother are my role models. They are very strong women and they have been a source of strength to my personal and professional growth. They are women of wisdom and I am blessed to have them in my life. PGMAG: We understand you are working on your own product line. It is intriguing to see such a young beautiful woman taking huge task and making waves in the society. What would be your advice to young entrepreneurs? SJR: Do something every single day that would take you to your destination. Face your fear and do it. I believe success is within reach of anyone who dares to try. PGMAG: What would be your ideal environment to thrive

considering your work? SJR: I am proudly British; however, I would love to expand my business into the American market in the near future. PGMAG: It’s a joy to listen to the excitement in your voice as you share your vision with us. Thank you for your time. We wish you every success in your future endeavours. Please share with our readership how you can be reached. SJR: Thank you too for this great opportunity. I would love to be contacted via or on instagram: @sophiajessicarose

Don’t always do what other people in the industry wants you to do which could negatively affect your reputation. It’s for their best interest to politely turn down offers that does not serve a good purpose.

October-November 2018



SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT OR COORDINATOR! Social Media is my canvas to create content to share my thoughts, actions, and develop a branding voice!

ANTONIA MCCLAMMY Social Media Strategist Social Media Consultant Social Media Trainer

1. Stay up to date on new social media tools, clearly, understand the best practices and how other organizations and companies are using them. 2. Build, protect, grow, and share the company brand. 3. Generate BUZZ through viral marketing initiatives such as a great landing page or viral video! 4. Manage presence, writing and organizing posts in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and other similar community sites, posting on relevant blogs, and seeding content into social applications as needed. 5. Social Media Consultants become an advocate or brand ambassador for your Company in the social media spaces, creating engaging dialogues, and answering questions where appropriate. 6. Writing and Editing client press releases. 7.Light HTML is very helpful. Most Social Media Consultants posts on client’s blog on blog

sites 8. We will upload and compress your video’s, files, JPG, PDF, WAV, MP3, MP4, and other file conversions. 9. Social Media Consultants will create editorial calendars, Social media & content strategies… We will assist with developing your authentic voice and build a constant brand for your business. 10. Social Media Consultants develop budgets for advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ads and Google Adwords Campaigns 11. We will train your marketing staff and recruit & manage the social media marketing team for your organization. Decide how much people you need. Social Media Consultant will make decisions on social media activities and decide if the company should keep in-house and what can you outsource to an agency or a freelancer? 12. Lastly, we conduct Social Media Monitoring and study all your company analytics.

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Because success can be buried along side your frustration In other words, frustration can be a pathway to success. Ask any successful man or woman “How did you become successful’? The answer is in oneword ‘’DETERMINATION’’. Are you determine to take action now? The distance between dream and reality is action, there is no greatness without a passion to be great and there is no success without determination to succeed. Do not give room to so many things at a time, it can lead to distraction. Life is like a camera, focus on the important thing, capture it and develop it into a big photograph of success.

ABOUT EVELYN EMEKA I am an Entrepreneur, a Professional in Network Marketing and a Marriage Counselor a wife and a mother the African Representative, THE POWER HOUSE GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION, Love Reading, travelling and Sports. Facebook and Instagram, Evelyn Emeka Email:

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Powerhouse Global Leadership Conference Houston , Texas 2018 saw the gathering of greatness from all spheres of life. People flew in from all other parts of United States to attend this event. Not forgetting Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw (The brain behind the Powerhouse Global Movement ), who flew in from London, UK to Co-host this event. The organisers (Anthony C . Gruppo, Tonie McClammy and Lady Anita ) ensured that value were given to all those in attendance. The height of the event was the lessons of leadership taught by the Champion of Leaders (Anthony C . Gruppo). It was an incredible time well spent. Some of the Testimonials :

Lady Anita, Anthony C . Gruppo, Speakers and delegates

Sarah Post, Kimberly Davis and Brenda Henley

Sarah Post, Claudia, Lady Anita, Anthony C . Gruppo and Thecia Jenkins

Powerhouse Global Sponsor (Anthony C . Gruppo)

Thecia Jenkins, Anthony C . Gruppo and Friends

October-November 2018


Conference Co-host (Tonie McClammy) and Speakers

After Party

Networking Time

Anthony C. Gruppo and the Powerhouse Women

Sarah Post and Lady Anita October-November 2018



Powerful Global Women Foundation (Powerhouse Charity) was founded in 20l6 in Nigeria, West Africa, by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw. The core objective of this organization is to transform the lives of women and children, through various projects centred around the need of the service group. In 20l6 Lady Anita single handedly feed over 400 children as part of “project feed l000 children globally”, and held an empowerment conference for the women. Through this project, so many women have gone to do great things with the knowledge they gained from the event. She recently held a life transforming event for women in Lagos, Nigeria as part of International women’s month celebration 20l8. The turnout was very encouraging. She is working towards supporting more families to keep their children and wards in school through” project back-to-school” starting in September 20l8. We are seeking for global support from individuals and organisations who would love to be a part of this service to humanity. Meet the African Representative of Powerful Global Women Foundation (Mrs Evelyn Emeka). A woman with the heart of putting smile on faces of others. A great entrepreneur in the network marketing industry. She is also a Powerhouse Speaker.

To support us, please visit: or email: or

August - September 2018



Saturday, 18th May 2019 London, UK

Nominations are now open! 100 WOMEN 100 GLOBAL AWARDS

Let’s celebrate our SHEROS For sponsorship, tickets, stalls and donations, please visit EVENTBRITE (Powerhouse Global Awards 20l9)

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