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H.E. Prof. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

Yvonne Michele

Marvin Muoneké

Vd. Seema Datta

Dr Lynda Ince-Greenaway

Sara Abbas

Dr. Shaneva D. McReynolds (PhD)

Mynoo Maryel

Agnes George

Rosita Ero Ngozi Muoneke

Anastasia Fox

Karen ‘Komplete’ Small

Eleanor Patricia Small

Dupe Makinde

Barbra Wilson

Vivienne Joy

Veronica Olabisi Obadara

Cllr. Oluwaseun Afilaka

Bolatito Ayoola

Dr Tina Allton Roxanne St Clair

Prof., DA(hc) Olga Mroz

Antonetta Fernandes

Judith Q - Blue Smilecp Anne Ogunlesi

Valerie Lolomari Zeenat Noorani

Dr. Dudu Ncube Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

Dr. Noelle Hunter

Maggie Chapoteau

Dr. Simisola Alabi Thrity Engineer

Ranu Mehta-Radia

Elizabeth Olujimi Michelle Watson

Pamela Haynes

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Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw Powerhouse Global Brand Propagator

"Be bold. Be brave. Be intentional."

– Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw

It's a great honour and privilege to share the 39th edition of Powerhouse Global Magazine with the world.

This edition is very special because it's about the women of the world. Every September we take time to honour and celebrate women from all spheres of influence who are change makers. Women who have been a catalyst to economic and social development of the world.

Powerhouse Global Women are the finest leaders in the field of play. We are grateful to be in the position to use this platform to promote their individual achievements and professional contribution to the world. I thank Almighty God for granting me the grace to lead in this capacity.

Thanks to our great team for making this happen. These women need your support to become more, so get in touch with them and find out how you can help them, or how they can be of service to you.

Thank you for supporting our global community.


Lady Muoneké
Date: 28th - 30th September 2022 Venue: Hilton Cobham, Surrey, UK THEME: SETTING THE SAIL FOR 2023
Anita DuckworthBradshaw (Host)Antonetta fernandes (Co-host) Marvin
(Performing artist) Larisa B. Miller Barbra Wilson Yvonne Michelle Speaker/performing Artist Prof. Ogla Mroz H.E Ameenah Gurib-Fakim The First Female President of Republic of Mauritius Keynote Speaker Dr. Noelle Hunter (PhD) Speaker • Meditation • Pamper Sessions • Photoshoot Retreat • Accommodation • Coaching/Mentoring Sessions • Discovery Sessions Organized by

H.E. Prof. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

The First Female President of Republic of Mauritius

Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim is the first female president of the Republic of Mauritius. H.E. Gurib-Fakim began her career as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Mauritius. She served as the Dean of the faculty of Science and Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Mauritius from 2004-2010. H.E. Gurib-Fakim received her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Exeter, UK and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. In 1989, she was awarded the C.Chem award by the Royal Society of Chemistry in recognition of her skills and contribution to the field of chemistry.

H.E. Gurib-Fakim has written and co-edited 26 books and numerous articles in the field of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. H.E. Gurib-Fakim also served as the Managing Director of the Centre for Phototherapy and Research and the Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Mauritius.

Contact Details: All soocial media account are at: @aguribfakim. Webpage is: www.aguribfakim.org

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 5

Yvonne Michele

Speaker/Performing Artist

Yvonne Michele is the Founder & CEO of the Global Empowerment Movement & The GEM Academy. She is a multi award winning international speaker, TV & radio presenter, author, empowerment coach, business mentor, singer, and Britains Got Talent semi finalist.

Known as “The Queen of Inspirational Speaking” Yvonne Michéle is a force of transformational power on stage or in-front of a camera!

She has a unique, robust enriching style of speaker & mindset training that empowers women to get out of their own way and become their own rescue. Not only that, Yvonne teaches you to use your speaking voice as the main vehicle to help you become more visible enrich your life & business, increase sales and achieve incredible life-changing results. Yvonne is also very passionate about helping women & girls who are survivors of domestic, sexual, physical & historical abuse. She uses her expertise as a speaker to help others find their voice as an instrument of hope and freedom, speak out and share their stories in a powerful and healing way.

Website: https://www.yvonnemichele.com/ Email: info@yvonnemichele.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ yvonnemicheles

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ yvonnemicheles/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ YvonneMicheleTV Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/yvonnemich%C3%A9le-780b2737

“BE Bold, Be Fearless, Be Authentic, Be You!”
SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 396 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Marvin Muoneké Performing Artist

Marvin began singing at his local church kids choir at the age of 6. As he grew older, his voice became deeper. Reluctant at first to embrace his baritone voice, Marvin restarted his singing career at the age of 15, when he won first prize in a talent contest at his secondary school, Kingsford, where he did his first solo public performance of Frank Sinatra's rendition of Fly Me To The Moon. It would introduce Marvin to the world of vocal jazz and make him realise that he wanted a career in music.

Marvin has come a very long way since then. At 18, he moved to Somerset to study an FdA in Popular Music and a BA Hons in Professional Music Performance and Production. Since graduating in 2017, Marvin appeared on The Voice UK and reached as far as the semi-final of Britain's Got Talent 2018 along with fellow 'Ratpacker', Dennis DeMille. He also made his musical theatre debut as the 'Ghost of Christmas Present' in the Alan Menken musical 'A Christmas Carol' which ran for 9 shows at the Weston Playhouse and the Theatre Royal in Windsor.

Marvin has many other strings to his bow. He is also a self-taught trumpeter, composer, arranger and songwriter. Marvin's overall style is heavily influenced by the likes of singers such as Frank

Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Billy Eckstine, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Sammy Davis Jr. and Tony Bennett and renowned bandleaders and arrangers such as Quincy Jones, Billy May, Nelson Riddle, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

Marvin is also a published author. Heavily inspired by the illustrations of Dr. Seuss, he illustrated and wrote three picture books between the ages of 9 and 11. The books were entitled 'There Are No Such Things As Dragons', 'Hopper Holiday' and 'Peter Hopper and The Caveman Chaos

Website: https://www.marvinmuoneke.com/

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 7

Vd. Seema Datta B.Sc. BMTech BAMS


Datta is an Ayurvedic practitioner and entrepreneur - specialising in women's health and wellness. Her calling/mission is to support women in their major life transi-tions, especially pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. She travels around the world to give workshops, talks and consultations.

Born in a small town in India, Seema went to university to study Living sciences, followed by a postgraduate diploma in Biomedical techniques.

After some serious life events, she found her calling in Ayurveda and completed her studies at Shri Ayurveda College and Research Centre, Nagpur University in 1995. During her final year at university, Seema worked in the gynaecological ward at the local hospital. By her graduation, she had al-ready attended over a thousand births. Despite running a successful private practice in her hometown, she decided to move to London and bring Ayurvedic women's health to the West. After working at various well-known clinics, she now practices at the prestigious Harley Street Practice in London. Seema’s way of helping women from all walks of life, including high-profile, international clients, has made her a sought-after women's health specialist.

Alongside Ayurveda, Seema is also trained in the Gentle Birth Method, various healing therapies, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy. With over 22 years of experience, Seema guides women through the often challenging transitions women face: from fertility issues over pregnancy to menopause. Combing all her skills, she counsels them on how to digest food, thoughts and emotions

and teaches them how to nourish their body, mind and soul to create complete health.

In addition to her practice, Seema presents her work at international conferences to spread her message and encourage discussion about holistic women’s health. As a member of the APA (Ayurvedic professional Association), Seema practices Ayurveda to the highest standard.


“Seema has been a true miracle in my life. Her beautiful soul shines through everything she does and says. I feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to work with Seema on my health and life for over half a year now. She has been essential in all my positive life changes. I initially contacted her about my irregular periods and general fertility prepara-tion for the future. She not only helped me in having a regular period but has educated and taught me so much about myself and how to balance my way of living so that I can feel good in every single way.”

“Seema is the most caring, magical and intuitive

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 398 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Ayurvedic Dr a woman could wish for in preparation, pregnancy and post partum care. Straight away Seema expertly diagnosed my current state of health and well-being and she knew precisely what herbs/diet I needed to follow to correct imbalances to enjoy this beautiful and precious time. My energy levels were sustainable, hormones balanced, fluid retention melted away and I had a general sense of calm, grounded balance as my pregnancy progressed. I also received monthly treatments in clinic and then fortnightly in my third trimester. These treatments are just

magical, I have never experienced anything like it! Seema has the most intelligent fingers and intuitively “knows” what treatment you need, where you need it and why you need it, from reflexology, massage and creative healing. I had a comfortable and manageable la-bour, unmedicated in just under 5 hours, with an intact perineum (the midwifes were amazed and asked what I had done because they had not seen a birth like it before!). None of this would have been possible without Seema’s artful nurturing.”

CONTACT DETAILS: www.keyajee.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/seema-datta406b57b/ https://www.facebook.com/keyajeelondon/ https://twitter.com/seemadatta


Dr Lynda InceGreenaway

Dr Lynda Ince-Greenaway PhD is known for her passionate enthusiasm on issues such as social justice, social inclusion, empowerment and personal self-development. A multi-talented woman, her achievements range from Business Owner, Author and Senior Lecturer. She is an educationalist, freelance trainer, certified life coach and motivational speaker. She highlights her greatest achievements as becoming a mum, moving from a single parent to becoming a PhD and making a difference by collaborating with others to create change and achieve her highest calling and purpose.

Dr Lynda Ince-Greenaway was born in Barbados but after the tragic death of her father, at aged twelve, she was separated from her mother who emigrated to the United Kingdom in search of a new life for her children. Dr Lynda along with her siblings joined her mother one year later. This was a difficult period with adjustment in culture, racial tension and environmental changes.

At the age of 20, she lost her husband PC Michael Ince, the second Black Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police. He died tragically in the course of his duty. Dr Lynda was expecting their first child who was born one week later. Dealing with the two traumas of death and birth; against the reality of losing her home, combating depression she pulled through a bewildering experience of grief and loss. She comments that having the loving support from her family, especially her mother was what gave her the will to live and fight back. The Christian values she was taught by her mother during her childhood

became the backdrop for her resilience as she faced the death of her husband. These major life experiences were the beginning of digging out of the trenches, which lasted for several years.

As she coped with bereavement and loss Dr Lynda realised that her calling was to help people who had similar experiences and challenges as herself, thus, she trained to become a credential social worker. Dr Lynda quickly progressed to managing teams within the Social Care sector where she specialised in child care.

Sensing the need to teach and mentor social work student she transitioned to becoming a Lecturer, which was and still is one of her greatest passions. Over a period of ten years, Dr Ince-Greenaway worked as a senior lecturer on the Child Care Diploma, BA and MA in Social Work courses.

She received an MPhil from Brunel University West London and her doctorate from the University of Birmingham, School of Social Policy and a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education form the University of Hertfordshire. Nevertheless, she

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3910 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

wanted to break free and create more autonomy in her personal development. Hence, she reduced her working hours at the University, started a PhD and set up a part-time Training Company at the same time. Through pure determination having taken a drastic cut in salary and relying on her savings she felt that this investment would have a greater return. The desire to focused and be single-minded eventually led to her success.

Dr Lynda was awarded a finalist certificate in 2001 for Black Business owners in the Social and Humanitarian category

She wrote her first book in 1998 which resulted from her MPhil dissertation about the lived experiences of young black people transitioning out of the local authority care system. It was the first study of its kind in the UK and had a major impact on social work training and practice. Dr Lynda also published her work in edited textbooks and monographs.

Dr Lynda is the Author of Hard Truth: Growing out of Adversity. It tells the remarkable story of her journey towards healing and resilience. Told through Christian lenses, Dr Lynda describes the moments that drastically changed and shaped her life as well as the values that sustained her through a bitter experience. Hard Truth is a dynamic and compelling story that will inspire readers. It is a story that is personalised, educational and inspirational no matter where people are on their journey. It is empowering and a relatable story of triumph over adversity, progress over brokenness and success over misfortune.

Hard Truth intensifies the importance of selfrefection and personal empowerment. It is written for audiences everywhere and for people of all backgrounds, cultures and ages.

Since the publication of her book in 2021 Dr Lynda has taken part in some PR media activities/ interviews. These include:

• Two interviews on Montserrat radio

• Interviews and coaching sessions on Barbados

TV: the Peta Allen show

• She was chosen by a watch company in the UK called Hagley West as an inspirational woman and one of their watches was named after her

• She was interviewed by Herts and Beds Radio

• She has given multiple interviews to different audiences.

Dr Lynda’s hobbies are: pursuing Christian values, walking, entertaining, creative cooking based on Barbadian cuisine, travelling, collecting sea shells and creating friendships.

Email: Lyndalifecoaching@gmail.com

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 11

Sara Abbas

Founder | Author | Inventor Singer Songwriter Designer Luxury Brand Liaison

SaraAbbas is a multi-faceted global leader and the award-winning founder of a portfolio of brands, which encompasses her innovative designer fashion label, a diversity-focused talent agency / consultancy, a worldwide financial company, and a non-profit organization, each focused on creative solutions for others. She serves on the Forbes Council and partners with several global organizations (such as the Who is Who International and World Innovation Alliance) to help empower others and lead by example.

Sara Abbas is currently developing new collections in her fashion line, she has several new literary projects underway, she is developing a screenplay about the first Gulf War, and she has other endeavors unfolding the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. She recently expanded her portfolio to include a financial company with the aim of further empowering others in her circle through innovative funding and financing services.

Among her significant achievements, Sara Abbas was one of the Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award recipients and received an honorary doctorate in Global Leadership on this occasion. Ms. Abbas ranked one of the top 6 CEOs on the planet by CEO Ranking, she was awarded by the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade for her efforts in sustainable fashion, and she has received myriad awards from various nonprofit organizations for

her endeavors to support an array of humanitarian causes.

In addition to supporting her portfolio and other businesses, she enjoys contributing to humanity as an author / writer, inventor, singer / songwriter, world-traveler, health / fitness enthusiast, mindful dot-connector, and luxury brand / event liaison. Follow her on social media (@HerMajestySara on all platforms) to learn more about her other projects, philanthropic endeavors, events, and ways you can be involved.



Official Website: www.HerMajestySara.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saraabbas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ HerMajestySara

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ HerMajestySara

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HerMajestySara

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3912 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Dr. Shaneva D. McReynolds (PhD)

Dr. Shaneva D. McReynolds (PhD) is happily married to her childhood sweetheart and mother of three girls. She loves to ride motorcycles, play & coach volleyball.

Shaneva holds a doctoral degree from Walden University in Public Policy & Administration. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Alabama Huntsville where she also earned the Certified Federal Contract Management professional designation. Shaneva has an MBA from the University of Phoenix with a concentration in eBusiness.

Career wise, Shaneva is the Vice President of Contracts Management for a Native Hawaiianowned enterprise in the Department of Defense industry.

Shaneva is an advocate for criminal justice reform that embraces evidence-based sustainable crime management frameworks based on judicial discretion and rehabilitation. She volunteers as an advocate with organizations on school-to-prison pipeline prevention, helping youth with parental incarceration, and teaching them to advocate to affect change.

In addition to criminal justice reform, Shaneva volunteers for a Diversity Task Force that assists youth with writing letters for college scholarships and grants. She meets with them twice a month to discuss topics about preparing for their future, money matters (managing credit, creating savings, etc.) and topics related to peer pressure and selfesteem.

Dr. Shaneva D. McReynolds, CFCM | LinkedIn

Shaneva D. McReynolds | Facebook

Dr. Shaneva D. McReynolds (@Shaneva0909) / Twitter

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 13

Mynoo Maryel


Maryel is the visionary and matriarch of the JEGO movement which stands for Joy Ease and Grace Omnipresent in your personal and professional lives. She is a spiritual friend and guide, who helps you uncover your repetitive patterns and blocks, connects you to your unique mastery and equips you to thrive in a state of JEGO in every area of your life, work and relationships.

At the pinnacle of an impressive corporate career in London, Mynoo Maryel stepped away from her hamster-on-a-wheel life, leapt out into the great unknown — and landed, on both feet, in pure magic.

Hers is an ordinary, extraordinary story. From a lifelong pattern of incessant thinking, constant go-gogoing and never ending to-do lists for ever-increasing performance, Mynoo learned to become still. She turned up the volume on her inner knowing, and listened to guidance.

She went through a series of spiritual awakenings and was blessed with the calling of her soul, to awaken humans and humanity to the miracle that they are, activating expecting and accepting miracles as the norm.

major leaders and corporations across the world, including, the United Nations, Women’s Economic Forum, as well as many prestigious International networks of key influencers and game changers.

Mynoo is the author of the global bestseller The BE Book: A Journey Into Miracles and Guide to SelfLiberation, available worldwide on Amazon.com.

Mynoo co-founded the Inspired Leaders Network, The POEM Estates and is now the Co-Founder of Federation 100, a business collective causing Extraordinary Results and JEGO an online Education and Solutions Platform plus App, for Full Spectrum Living, as well as The PoEM Foundation, an NGO, focused on bringing JEGO into the world. More…. visit https://mynoomaryel.com

It is her great joy to share this work and wisdom with

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3914 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Agnes George

Agnes George has many aspects that compile her life.A mother of one son and two adorable grandchildren.

Founder, CEO prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, helping people of high risk and pre - diabetes to prevent complications occurring.

A bestselling author, International Keynote Speaker, Coach, Health Strategist , Expert in type 2 Diabetes,with three decades of knowledge and experience in health care, Midwifery, Nursing, Specialist in preterm babies born to mothers of Gestational Diabetes.

Agnes leads from a place of service, authenticity, self - belief, genuineness, humility and passion. Her mission is to reach 5 million people globally within 5 years in education of prevention of type 2 diabetes through speaking.''Prevention is better than cure!

Agnes's formula for success, her purpose, dedication, to include faith, self-belief, value, making a difference offering a service, giving value to doing something that she is passionate about, determination, changing lives, providing a service that can actually save lives.

Have spoken Internationally, 5 days of speaker's tour of Grenada at Bankers Conference, 2 Secondary Schools to teens, at the medical school to medical students, and junior doctors, My own events in London, Conferences in Wales, International Womens' Day in Antigua and Barbuda.

Your health is your responsibility. I invite you to join my community. Our health is our wealth.

Connect with me, book a Discovery Call: https://agnes.george.c.sanitydesk.com www.linkedin/in/.com/agnestgeorge

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 15

Rosita Ero


Ero is the CEO and founder of Rosies Interiors

An Interior Design business based in Essex England, which has been trading close to 27 years. She is the Mother of Four grownup sons. Whose passion is to Equipping the next generation with skills that enable them to live a life of Purpose and Excellence. https://rosieinteriors.co.uk

Ngozi Muoneke

Ngozi Muoneke Founder /CEO Lamuon Group Ltd, Author, multi-award winning entrepreneur, cosmetic formulator, public speaker, SheE0 Activator. Ngozi company has several brands that include, manufacturing cosmetics, training and property sourcing. She won several awards including a World Invention Gold award from the British Invention Society 2014 Inventor of the year award 2018 and has been featured in several publications.

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3916 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Anastasia Fox

Overthe years, I have travelled worldwide, living in countries with entirely different political systems, lifestyles, cultures, beliefs, and religions. This experience clearly indicates that every culture has the knowledge, experience, and expertise of life to live in their unique ways based on their cultural heritage. Shall we embrace this, use it to be more tolerant and understanding and learn from each other the best values? I am a former Olympian and will never forget the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games finals closing ceremony. The feeling is always inside me. My experience is the people in the arena and worldwide watching the event on TV. In the final 10 minutes of the closing ceremony, everybody has the same emotions and feelings, regardless of background, skin colour, or country of origin. We all have the same feelings, emotions, and basic needs – to be respected, loved and understood.Anastasia Fox

Anastasia Fox

Director of Anastasia Fox Consultancy, founder of Anastasia's Art of Life CIC, Humanitarian, Community well-being leader, Volunteer in Citizens Advice as a general adviser, EPlegal as a business developer, GGA (Global Goodwill Ambassadors), Forum of Central and Eastern European community in West Midlands and board member, former Olympian Athlete Anastasia Fox is passionate to : Bring communities together, break boundaries and integrate into life in a multicultural society, reduce hate/knife crime and recognise mental health in minority communities.

"Anastasia's Art of Life" CIC offers communities a platform to represent cultural values, teach and learn differences for acceptance, and develop an understanding of community traditions through concerts and sharing national food and traditions. I support, guide, and help people overcome traumatic life experiences/challenges (childhood mental/ physical/ sexual abuse, PTSD, depression) based on my powerful knowledge/ techniques and life experiences based on Olympic athletes coaching programs.

Signe Lapsa is known as Anastasia Fox is Recognition Award-winning Community organisation 2020 "Anastasia's Art of Life" www.artoflife.co.uk

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 17

Karen ‘Komplete’ Small

Karen‘Komplete’ Small, Mother, Grandmother, Nurturer, Intuitive, Holistic Practitioner and Therapeutic Coach, also extensively known as ‘The Creative Energy Coach’ and LOVE Ambassador. Karen is a well-being advocate, leading the way in living creatively and presenting essentials for improved work life balance.

With over 40 years’ experience, working across all business sectors. Karen helps others to tap into their passion, purpose and potential, using her therapeutic coaching skills as a visionary, poet, artist and actor, along with her passion for varying art forms, her love for words, imagery, colour, laughter, sound, and movement, she is helping others to ‘release’ through breath work, mindfulness meditation, visualization and self-expression.

Karen has appeared on international television, radio, and in theatre. Often interviewed about her life journey, experience, and her passion for her work, which she proclaims is her Soul Mission and Life Purpose. One of her most rewarding experiences was being part of the Always TV commercial and online campaign raising awareness of Taboo female issues. She has also been afforded the opportunity to speak on issues of the heart and to perform her poetic works in Europe, the Caribbean, US and across the UK.

A multi award winner; Karen was awarded, a LifeEffects award, Love Coach and Wellness Coach of the Year 2018, prestigious awards that recognizes and celebrates the support she has given to individuals, groups and organisations.

She was one of 100 women in London, being celebrated by the Mayor of London’s campaign #BehindEveryGreatCity/Hidden Credits in 2019, for her work with young men and women at risk of selfharm and suicide.

Her role as a therapeutic coach involves working with women and young girls who experience trauma and emotional issues. She also helps male offenders to rehabilitate and integrate back into their community and families with new perspectives, ways of thinking, living and being. Karen also works with Author Pamela R Haynes who refers those who have come forward after reading her book ‘Loving The Brothers’, which raises awareness of Domestic Violence (DV). Pamela signposts stakeholder and others to Karen, as a specialist service for women and families who are experiencing or who are saviours of DV. On a more pleasant note Karen hosted Pamela’s book launches in Barbados and here in the UK.

Karen’s professional career stems from the corporate arena, with experience across all business sectors, as a trainer, group work facilitator,

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3918 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

motivational and empowerment coach, programme designer, mentor, practitioner, and international speaker.

Karen offers self-love and self-care workshops and 1-2-1 coaching to enable others to tell their story and change the narrative to expand beyond limiting beliefs. She is the cofounder of a community group, Humble Unlimited, and serves in an advisory capacity within her local community. She is a founding member of Inspired Word Poets and is also the co-founder of Creative Voices, Poets, Writers & Authors.

More recently through the unnerving time of the Pandemic and the periods of lockdown across the globe. Karen ran and still runs regular online meditations to bring peace and calm to those who were questioning and trying to navigate the unknown. She taught individuals breathwork techniques and other modalities to discover a deeper sense of self, whilst connecting them to likeminded people in different parts of the world.

Other accolades which are attributed to Karen are: -

• Podcasts – Coach & Present for the Success4 platform

• Online TV Shows with the Pono Quest Academy, Kompete Collective, Conversations in Flow. Where she interviewed Game Changers in the Self-Development world and beyond

• Power Poster Creator – Acknowledging individual and their empowering word for years 2019, 2020 and 2021

• Poetry award – Winner of Barbados Heritage UK competition, Bajan abroad, mature category 0ver 25’s, celebrating Barbados independence and the Diaspora in the UK.

• Art – displayed and sold as part of The Freedom, Terms & Condition Art exhibition September 2019

• Lifestyle Consultant: Working alongside

Dusty Staub, President at EQIQ - Division: Staub Leadership International, as his UK representative.

Karen is an extraordinary healer and transformational life coach. She embodies a quiet confidence rendering calm and trust in the process, allowing the time and space necessary for healing to begin. Her grace and unconditional love are catalytic, witnessing breakthroughs, which help people to build and expand their personal awareness to live their best life, with authenticity and with love.

As a change leader. Karen’s mission is to co-create Unity Consciousness that inspires others to dream, learn, laugh, love and be more, to become the change they wish to see in the world!

From Karen - Those I meet and work with get to see, feel and witness all of me. My focus is helping others to enhance relationships professionally, personally and most importantly with self. I help to build powerful teams and inspire individuals. Enabling the overwhelmed to overcome, to stand in their truth and to operate from a place of authenticity, strength and love.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 19
@karencreativecoach #HappyRipple #KompleteLove #KompleteLOVExp #Loveunityconsciousness #WhenIamYouareWeare

Eleanor Patricia Small

EleanorPatricia Small upholds the highest standards in everything she gets involved in! Her community involvement in charitable programs, sponsorships of events/organisations and gifting to charities, enables Eleanor to lead by example, encouraging others to commit to supporting and benefiting various communities. Her outgoing, vibrant and dynamic personality enables her to make valuable contributions to the development of many Caribbean associations and communities. Her passionate dedication is representing all Black communities in all aspects of her personal, professional and social undertakings.

Born and educated in Barbados, Eleanor immigrated to England after completing her Teacher Training. Her role at the National Savings Bank led to a transfer to the Department of Education and Science. After the sudden death of her husband, Eleanor redirected her energies to helping others and obtained an HNC in Business studies. In 1993, she successfully won a racial discrimination case against her former employer, Department of Education and Science (DES) raising awareness of the suppression of promotion towards black officers. The landmark ruling cleared the way and inspired other non-white and ethnic staff to pursue and advance their careers within the civil service and this has been used as a case studies for law students.

Eleanor’s core purpose and commitment is supporting several worthy charitable causes.

• As a founder member of the Modernites Association (supports charitable bodies i.e African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, Grenadian Disaster Fund and Shea Foundation) Eleanor served as Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Fundraiser. She continues to be an active supporter by assertive outreach; promoting and planning fund raising activities.

• Over the last 15 years Eleanor has been an avid Sponsor Supporter/Fundraiser of Carivog International. An organisation specializing in beauty pageantry, fashion shows and charitable events. As a prominent member within the African Caribbean community Eleanor was frequently invited to judge pageants. Eleanor instigated important synergies, partnerships and relationships with various individuals, organisations and governing bodies. She also introduced prospective and successful contestant for the Miss Trinidad & Tobago who went on to win international titles. Such as Ms Globe Runner-Up and Miss Senior Sophisticate.

• Eleanor Small has been a massive supporter of the ACLT charity’s lifesaving work, contributing

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3920 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

to helping reach large audiences, especially within the Black community. The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) exists to tackle the critical shortage of blood, bone marrow and organ (BBO) donors from the black & ethnic minority.

One of the many hats Eleanor wears is that she is a sound wealth creator and successful business woman.

• Eleanor served as treasurer of the Promotions and Marketing Advisory Group (PMAG) at the Barbados High Commission which organised the first ever Barbados Expo in the UK in 1997 at Kensington Garden Hotel.

• Founder member and Treasurer of B-BC (BajanBajan Connections) an organisation formed for young Barbadians in collaboration with friends. Involving people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, learning and benefiting from others’ talents and experiences, whilst forging links between organisations in Barbados and the


• Eleanor’s friends include people of many social and ethnic backgrounds. Her special rapport with young people has raised awareness for the need for associations catering for the interests of the younger generations of Barbadians in the UK.

• In 2017, Eleanor attended an Award Ceremony in Barbados where, as a recipient herself met the youngest awardee Chad "Sir Ruel" Bowen, a talented singer/songwriter. With Eleanor's sponsorship & promotion Chad's music (including 3 music videos) is doing well on YouTube, etc. She financed a 6 months’ stay at her London home where he recorded his first music video "What's Love".

Eleanor’ motto “Nihil est difficile” (latin) “Nothing is too difficult”

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 21

Dupe Makinde

Dupe Makinde is a woman on a mission: to transform the lives of children and young people. That’s why she founded the Positive Future Group, a group of dedicated and passionate people providing education and self-development to help young people develop their skills and achieve their full potential. They have a presence in Africa where they give orphans and vulnerable children an equal chance to education and personal development.

Dupe passionately believes that regardless of their background, everyone should have the support and training to become the very best they can be – no matter what. And it’s thanks to her 20+ years of public and private sector experience as both an accountant and family/youth support worker, that she is uniquely leads, inspire, and drive the Positive Future Group to new heights.

She also leads Blossom Network; a Christian organisation that aids women of all ages to reach their full potential by helping them blossom; i.e. develop, flourish, and prosper. Blossom Network runs faith meetings and a monthly support forum that is open to women from all backgrounds. The

forum provides women with information tools and accountability to enhance their mental health and ensure that they are maximising every area of their lives.

With awards under her belt and a wealth of experience in project and resource management, Dupe has a plethora of skills, from team leadership, youth development and strategic planning to expertise in financial management, project budget management, regulatory compliance, operations and more.

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3922 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Barbra Wilson

Barbra Wilson is a natural born Singer, Performer and Creative, whose journey not only unveiled her ability as an Artist at the age of 50, but also led her to start her own business in Health and Wellness, extolling the virtues of natural holistic living. Her creativity brings another dimension.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit with over 20 years’ experience of mentoring young people and leaders. Her expertise focuses on using more of the mind to bring out the human potential. She mentors by empowering others to make their dreams come true, connecting with them and enabling them to discover more of themselves.

With extensive experience in professional business support working as an Executive Assistant in a number of different sectors, Barbra has a vast understanding of navigating the role of PA/EA and what it takes to be the best you in any position or sector. She also works as a Team Leader injecting her enthusiasm and love of life into producing results in transforming processes, designing models and implementing solutions.

Barbra's journey of self-discovery unveiled her passion to transform lives, drawing out the 'Superhero' (as she puts it) inside, enabling people speak from their truth and perform at their best. This stems from a strict upbringing where speaking up was seen as 'answering back', being 'different' was frowned upon and led to years of lack of selfexpression and hiding from the spotlight.

Barbra is mother to 3 children and Grandmamma to 4 grandchildren.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 23

Vivienne Joy


empowering thousands of women to RESET their MONEY MINDSET, BUILD their expert BUSINESS, EARN their worth & ENJOY life!

Vivienne Joy is the expert in helping determined women to release their blocks, get out of their own way and realise their untapped potential!

A joyful, dog loving foodie; living her dream life in Nottinghamshire, UK with wife Emma and 3 fur babies. After losing both her parents in 2003; only child Vivienne broke through her family taught gambling addictions, reset her money mindset and started her first 6 figure online business.

A trained Speaker, award winning Empowerment Coach & Author of 'The Mindset For Business', Vivienne has spoken at over 2,000 events Globally. Mindset coaching, sales, marketing and strategy form 'The CORE 4 Business', which she mentors through the She-Enjoys Academy, Mastermind and SheThrives programme.

Known for creating high energy, interactive, safe, provocative transformation spaces that achieve

powerful client results. Vivienne certifies NLP Coach Practitioners and is organically building the SheEnjoys Life Foundation (S.E.L.F), a talented not for profit community of 'give back' experts, who help others who have the ideas and passion to start their charitable business.

She-Enjoys, the legacy of women, who together are changing the world!

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3924 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Veronica Olabisi Obadara

VeronicaOlabisi Obadara is a media and communications professional with 30 years of experience as a broadcast media practitioner in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Olabisi is a curious and critical thinker, whose passion lies in multimedia content production and digital media.

She is a competent Radio / TV Newsreader, VoiceOver Artist, Videographer, Video Editor, Video Content Producer, News Correspondent, TV Producer, Photo Journalist, and Podcast Producer/ Presenter.

She worked on various broadcasting stations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

She cut her 'Political Teeth' in the United Kingdom as a candidate in the Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections in 2016. Under the umbrella of All People's Party (APP).

She produces multimedia contents to disseminate information, for the benefit of people in her community, and provides digital media solutions to her clients to promote their brands.

Olabisi is an entrepreneur, and one of the world's most versatile women in the creative industry. Along with her media outfit, she formulated and sells her natural skincare range called Nature Faithfuls and runs Sazzy Lukshuri, her bespoke handmade jewelry outfit.

She is a tech freak and music lover, blessed with two lovely boys.

Veronica Olabisi Obadara (V.O.O.) was born and raised in Nigeria. She now resides in Kent, United Kingdom where she runs her multimedia studio and organic skincare products business - Nature Faithfuls

Website: www.worldofvoo.com Email: veronica@worldofvoo.com Facebook: Veronica Olabisi Obadara LinkedIn: Veronica Olabisi Obadara Instagram: @veronicaolabisiobadara

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Cllr. Oluwaseun Afilaka


Afilaka popularly known as Afy is a God lover, wife, mother to many young people, lecturer by profession, Youth leader, Parent and Teen Coach. Due to her passion for family life, she founded ParentTeen Network and Igniteteen Network.

At Igniteteen, they equip young people to create a better life for themselves through their personal development programmes. Helping to build teens confidence and empowering them with the skills for life which are not taught in schools but are needed to function effectively in an increasingly diverse and demanding global world.

At parentTeen, they particularly work with fathers and father figures, exposing them to strategies that helps mend and build healthy relationship through the seven complex years of teenage hood. To reducing anti-social behaviours and improve stability in the home. The overall outcome is to produce responsible, effective and functional adults who will lead the seven spheres of influence in the society.

All their programmes are run through one to one coaching, group coaching, workshops/seminars.

These seminars bring fathers and their teenagers

together - Father and son hangout, father and daughter hangout, father to father hangout etc.. The aim is that fathers are skill in the art of FATHERHOOD and be present in the lives of their children to be able to experience, deep, intimate, healthy and lasting parent-teen relationship.

We partner with other organisations to support them in their parent and teen journey.

Afy was the equality and diversity officer for Kingston LibDems in 2021 and she has recently been appointed as a Councilor in Hook and Chessington North Ward, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. She is married to an amazing man Olamiju Afilaka and blessed with an gorgeous Princess Oluwatobiloba Afilaka.

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3926 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Bolatito Ayoola

Bolatito Ayoola earned her first university degree in Education and now, she is a certified Marketing Consultant, Event Coordinator, Project Development Manager, Health and Wellness Coach, Customer Service Advisor and PMO and Cyber Security Analyst and a Co- author. A very articulate, proactive and teachable woman who adapts to any work environment and have a strong believe in personal development.

Believing that everyone is unique in their own magnificent ways, helping other people to achieve their potentials and make their dreams come true is her passion. She wants everyone, men and women become financially independent and live a healthy life.

A business coach and mentor who loves mentoring teenagers and young adults to identify their God given career at the early stage in life and coaching business owners to build their businesses.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 27

Dr Tina Allton

Tina is the CEO & President of Nations of Women.

She’s the former Vice President for the Global women leaders committee for the World Business Angels Investment Forum.

She is a disruptive visionary, a qualified Educational Psychologist, an award winning Business Mentor, certified coach, trainer and key note speaker. She is catalyzing sustainable economic development and empowerment of women through her endeavours. She has mentored over 5000 entrepreneurs and empowered more than 35,000 women on entrepreneurship. Tina is recognised as one of the UK’s most influential Business Women, (UK Women’s Business Awards 2019- Finalist)

She’s the co-founder of Undefeeted, a fastest growth diabetes nonprofit inspired by her daughter, which launched in the UK in 2015, within 5 months won an award for Best Not for Profit organization and has done so for 4 years running, a year to date in 2016 it had achieved an unprecedented 6.7 Million global reach.Tina has a proven track record in global leadership, change management, business growth, women’s empowerment, sales and global business expansion. She supports, mentors and trains entrepreneurs and global leaders to succeed in life and business through tried and tested principles and protocols. As the former High Commissioner to Ghana for the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) an affiliated partner of the G20 Financial Inclusion Committee, her objectives were to develop relationships within the financial institutions, government and global financial markets and institutions such as the London stock exchange group.

She helped identify key partners within the government of Ghana to deliver a comprehensive Africa Master plan developed by the WBAF officially launched in Istanbul in 2019. She earned her QBAC+

at the London Stock Exchange group.

For over a decade Tina led the multi-award-winning Circle Podiatry together with her husband to win over 15 awards nationally including Best Small Business in London for service excellence.

Tina has spoken in 4 continents and many countries including the USA, South America, The Bahamas, Europe, India, and Africa.

She has shared the stage with Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Jermaine Jackson, Vanilla Ice, and Michelle Mone, as well as business and thought leaders such as Dr. Nido Qubein, (Highpoint University- USA), Jay Abraham, Randi Zuckerberg, and more

Tina sits on various boards including non for profit organisations. She has sat on boards with the former President of Croatia – H.E Kolinda, Former President of Mauritius – H.E Ameenah and many other global figure heads. Tina is an ordained minister, married to her best friend called Peter, and is a mother to 7 children & 2 grandchildren. Her core values are integrity, loyalty, hard work and perseverance.

Dr Tina Allton, CEO & President, Nations of Women Ltd Spearheading systemic change across the nations! https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinaallton/

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3928 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Roxanne St Clair


St Clair is a wife, mother of two young men, award winning Author and Coach, accredited international speaker and experienced consultant with an accounting background. She is a first generation British Caribbean.

Having worked for large international organisations, in a variety of finance roles, Roxanne now helps senior leaders to develop high performing teams. This work includes, Executive Coaching, Change Management, Strategy and Inclusion. She believes that everyone has value in them, and the key is to identify that value and use it to achieve more in life.

As an accredited professional speaker, Roxanne has shared the stage with world renown figures. However, some of her most treasured moments are when she is invited to address young people, and inspire young minds. Which is in line with her mission to help people to see more of themselves and enhance their own experience. By doing this they will live a fuller life, with more joy, peace, love, happiness, and purpose.

A staunch believer in giving back, Roxanne is a former Trustee of the Mary Seacole Trust, formerly the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal. In addition to her role as the Treasurer, she project managed the completion and installation of the statue, and launched the inaugural Education Competition. She is currently the Chair of the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund, a commonwealth Accredited charity that sponsors the secondary education of bright, but financially challenged, girls in Commonwealth countries.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 29

Prof., DA(hc) Olga Mroz


Honorary Doctor of Art, Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour is Professor and Director at Open World and Art Business Program in Al-Khalifa Business School (UK), the Editor and Chief of AKBS Journal. Professor Olga Mroz is Board Member delegate of Art and Culture of the Private Council of H.H. Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf. Al-Khalifa Business School presented her a degree of the honorary Doctor of Art title for a high contribution to the development of global art, for merits in creative activities in art and education of young people, the development of creative projects, many years of work in the field of culture and art and active citizenship. She is a VIP member of the Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summits. She is a Gold Ambassador of Books for Peace and Global Ambassador CEC – Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, UK. She lives in Germany, is a speaker, author, collector, and artist. Her paintings are in private collections around the world.

Professor Olga Mroz is co-author in the international project – Book “Tough Roads Create Tough People” under the leadership of Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw, UK. She is officially the #1 international Best-Selling Co-Author "of Cracking the Rich Code”. Main authors of this unique project - World`s Top success strategists Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington, Tony Robbins, USA. She used to be a representative of many artists in Europe for many years, and she is dedicated to developing and managing various art projects now. She wrote many articles about the expression of art as freedom, experiment, and surprise. Professor Olga Mroz pays a lot of attention to topics that are exciting to her this includes “Education” and “Women empowerment” and has awards in these categories. Professor Olga Mroz has been awarded for outstanding vision, dedication, and success along

with extraordinary leadership and advisory skills, excellent cooperation, and support to Global Family and the Royal office. Professor Olga Mroz is recognized among 50 outstanding women from around the world in “Powerhouse Global Stars 2021”, received the Award “GLOBAL IMPACT LEADER of the Year 2022” and recognised by Powerhouse Global as “THE DIFFERENCE MAKER IN THE WORLD”.

The CIO TIMES Magazine recognized Professor Olga Mroz as “THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMEN TO WATCH 2021. TYCOON SUCCESS Magazine recognized her as one of “The 10 Most Remarkable Business Leaders, Ruling the Modern Industry in 2022”.

Al-Khalifa Business School, where Professor Olga Mroz works, is focused on digital learning with a new approach, with Innovation in business learning in different areas of Business. “I am very keen and exuberant towards imparting education to the younger generation. Learning is a fundamental success factor and plays a crucial role in life of every person and contributes to a strong and successful economy around the globe. I want to emphasize again that it is very important not to stand still but to constantly move forward and strive to learn”.

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3930 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Antonetta Fernandes

Antonetta Fernandes is a ‘Soul, Mind and Body’ Therapist, Bestselling Co-Author, Tao Hands healer, Life Coach and Peer Mentor. In 2019 Antonetta found herself as a self-appointed advocate for elderly rights. After her success on an Ombudsman ruling with a property solicitor, she took on a scammer and won on a ruling with a major banking establishment. Her tenacity for taking on the elderly rights, shows no bounds whether it a pharmacy, health service, gym or managing agent. Her motto is “If you fight hard, know who you are and are proud of who you are, you’ve got a good chance of winning” Lincoln Hawkins

Antonetta is the founder of Fernandes Consultancy Ltd, a company she established in 2014. She has spent the past 20 years coaching, managing events, promoting books for new authors and running a successful wellness practice that promotes energy medicine.

Born in Kenya, the eldest of 9 siblings, she experienced her first claim to fame as an upand-coming artist: her work appeared in a local newspaper at the age of 16. During the course of her career, Antonetta has worked with both national and international companies. Her involvement with ‘Convergence 97’ at London Weekend Television Studios gave her a head start in embracing new media (i.e. the internet, social media, and mobile technology) with industry leaders and gurus. This propelled her on to an events management stage where her expertise grew.

Antonetta’s skills have contributed to successful regeneration partnerships with communities and

businesses both nationally and internationally. Her ability to inspire communities brought about the Queen’s Award for ‘unsung heroes’ for her work in her local area. Antonetta is a multi-talented individual who had the privilege of working for 7 London Councils within the Housing and National Health Services. Globally she has been involved with Mynoo Maryel, The Poem Foundation and more recently Cohosted events for Powerhouse Global Ltd.

Antonetta’s dynamic skills and passion have driven her philanthropic projects. As editor of West London Goans, she took on a taboo subject with her 1996 campaign against the child sex trade in Goa. The campaign gathered momentum in the UK, as 9338 supporters signed the petition; it also gained support from around the world.

Antonetta is a great believer that charity began at home. In 2000 she completed the Dublin Marathon despite being injured and raised £3000 for WhizzKidz, a charity that provides customised wheelchairs to children in need.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 31

Judith Q - Blue Smilecp

"When You Liberate Your Voice, You Liberate Your Life." Judith Quin.

Judithcombines her experience as a classically trained professional actor and qualified coach with voice-vibration energy work, to transform lives and businesses by liberating voices.

Your voice is a reflection of every emotion or experience you have ever had. Those experiences are held in your subconscious brain and body's cell memory, which create restrictions and impact confidence and communication in your personal and/ or professional life.

Whether through group workshops and retreats or in 1-2-1 sessions, Judith helps her clients recognise and release their physical, mental, emotional and energetic restrictions so they can speak and speak up with more clarity, confidence and conviction, in any situation.

She is an international public speaker and author; has created The Whole V.O.I.C.E. Method™ and Sound Your Voice oracle card deck; and is a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe. Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You.

If in doubt: Breathe. www.yourwholevoice.com www.corporatevoice.co.uk

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3932 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Anne Ogunlesi

Myname is Anne Ogunlesi. I am the author of 33AndStillStanding. I am the CEO Of The Raising Confident Children Academy (The RCC).

I take children from not believing in themselves to believing in themselves becoming productive. It has been a joy of the years to see children thrive in their element and go on to do better things. I am a teacher and major in maths but also coach students for 11plus exams


different hats in business and benevolence comes easily to Valerie Lolomari. Blessed with a healthy dose of cheerful optimism pervading everything she does, Valerie always looks out for people in need. Traumatised women benefit from her wealth of experience as a Resilience Coach, while women scarred by female genital mutilation have her as their advocate, she’s the founder of women of Grace Uk charity. Her Monday motivational series, The Talk with Valerie show on YouTube and her books The Unwanted and You Can Choose to Get Back Up are superb encouragement for women. Valerie is the master chef behind Tvalskitchen and she provides authentic African cuisine in the UK and she is a live smart manager and She supports elderly residents of a sheltered scheme. Valerie is also a Pastor with 'when women pray international' and she heads the Essex branch. Valerie is happily married to her soulmate and they are blessed with three amazing children. Valerie has BSc in Health and social policy, foreign languages and literature and Masters in mental Health

Valerie Lolomari

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 33

Zeenat Noorani


and mindset expert Zeenat Noorani is a coach on a mission. Driven to help people ‘achieve the life they desire’, she is a broadcaster, author and speaker who is making a difference.

Zeenat emerged from a demanding background as a professional figure skater, moving on to teaching in high pressure roles, leading to her facing profound mental challenges.

Drawing on and dealing with these experiences, Zeenat became a highly qualified, multiawardwinning champion for mental health.

Coaching is a very personal service, and Zeenat is proud of testimonials such as this, from Paolina Jacobi, Former Vice President of Wells Fargo, who said Zeenat, “…changed my life dramatically! Zeenat is loving, compassionate, empathetic, nonjudgemental, and she truly wants the best for her clients, and it shows! Can I share a secret? You can actually feel the care and healing pouring out from her heart to yours.”

In her regular broadcast Zeenat has interviewed people including senior politicians and leading figures from the arts and business. In so doing she has shared important stories and explored all-toooften hidden themes including suicide, anxiety and burnout.

Awards received include the Innovation and Excellence Awards 2021 ‘Mental Health Coach of the Year’ and in Corporate Vision’s Coaching

Recruiting Awards 2020, ‘Most Nurturing Wellbeing Mental Health Coach (UK)’.

Zeenat’s qualifications range from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to Hypnosis and more.

As Zeenat says, “Mental wellbeing is one of the great challenges of our age. It is up to us all to be more open to listening to ourselves and to others, so that we can heal, grow, and live our lives to the full.”

Website: https://zeenatnoorani.com

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3934 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Dr. Dudu Ncube

Dr. Dudu Ncube is a Managing Director, Business Consultant, Project Consultant and a Youth Mentor.

She is the founder and Managing Director of a company that grows & supports new, existing and struggling businesses; A Healthcare Recruitment Agency that places experienced nursing healthcare and social care candidates into temporary, contract or interim assignments as well as runs a Homecare and Supported Living business.

Having walked the same path as her clients, Dr. Dudu has a big personality, at the same time a very empathetic approach and a positive attitude that says ‘WE CAN DO THIS’. Being a logical thinker, Dr. Dudu is able to work calmly through stressful situations that some of her clients may not effectively handle. She is driven by ideas and can apply previously acquired knowledge to new situations in order to determine which of the many methods available to her is best suited to find solutions for her client.

Dr. Dudu holds herself to standards beyond what is expected, she will work with her clients wherever and whenever they need her. With her impressive list of skills, she loves nothing better than being able to apply those skills in helping others to overcome the challenges of starting out in the business world. She enjoys making a deep connection with people and is excited at the prospect of making a positive difference for her clients.

Dr. Dudu also empowers, equips and mentors young people (aged 13 -25) through a youth organisation that she founded (www.theyouthmatrix.org). When

mentoring young people, Dudu begins with a blank slate without any pre-conceived notions in order to be able to identify how best to address young people's needs. From there, she has a “show, don’t tell” approach: she will walk with them and show them how to get things done. The organisation has seen some wonderful success stories from some of the young people who have benefited from the guidance and support provided by The Youth Matrix.

Dr. Dudu’s passion for developing young people stemmed from her daughter was a teenager. This grew her realisation of how much support young people need during the transition stages from teenagehood into adulthood.

Dr. Dudu is a mother of three. Her inspiration came from her entrepreneurial parents who instilled in her, the values of working hard and the importance of giving back to the community. Her early career includes roles in the finance departments of leading organisations and other managerial positions, where she gained some of her key skills.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 35

Caroline RibeiroNelson

Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson is Head of Free Choices - Diverse Mental Health & Well-Being. She is an experienced Psychotherapist, Executive, Consultant, Coach and Trainer who has been working in the fields of Mental Health and Employee Assistance Support for over 25 years. She has headed operational, clinical and training positions for leading organisations and EAPs in Germany and the UK, as well as establishing co-operation partnerships in Europe & U.S.A.

Mental health & well-being has been my career long passion. For over 25 years I have been totally driven in my mission to improve our mental health & well-being culture. My strong belief is, that in order for relationships and businesses to prosper, a positive culture of mental health & wellbeing, antidiscrimination, diversity and inclusion, needs to exist, in which leadership, management and employees can perform at their highest level.

My Diverse Mental Health Approach encompasses how the particular experience of women, Black people and individuals from diverse groups negatively impacts their Mental Health. My work with organisations incorporates the recognition and understanding of these factors, supporting businesses to develop specific and effective strategies in gaining significant improvements My commitment lies at the centre of my drive in working together with organisations to create mentally healthier, inclusive, diverse work places, optimise human potential and successfully achieve business goals

Free Choices Psychological Health & Wellbeing (PHeW), Professional Training, Coaching, Consultation and Mediation services provides specific strategies, which positively support businesses and people to build thriving work cultures, deal with crisis, enhance productivity and gain outstanding professional performance

Caroline’s Qualifications

Caroline holds a Diploma & Advanced Diplomas in Existential Psychotherapy, Diploma in Life Coaching and Diploma in Mindfulness and a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology & Politics. She is trained in Creative Personal & Professional Development, Intercultural Business Training & Moderation and Stress Management

Caroline’s Memberships

Registered member UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), Member of the Society of Existential Psychotherapists (SEA), Registered member Association for Coaching (MAC) and Advisory Board Member for Global Women for Well-Being (GW4W) Contact www.freechoices.co.uk I Tele: +44 (0) 203 633 0907 I +44 (0) 7711 840 737

E-Mail I caroline@freechoices.co.uk

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3936 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Dr. Noelle Hunter

Dr.Noelle Hunter is the president and cofounder of iStand Parent Network Inc., an NGO that empowers parents to recover their children from International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA) and advocates for public policy reform to prevent and end this crime against children and families. Dr. Hunter co-founded iStand Parent Network after successfully recovering her daughter from an abduction to Mali in 2014.

Since 2014, iStand has assisted parents with reunifications of 54 children who were parentallyabducted or wrongfully-retained in 14 nations. iStand also works cooperatively with local, state and federal agencies, members of Congress, NGOs and international advocates to advance policy reform to strengthen domestic and global IPCA prevention and response.

Dr. Hunter has served as an invited witness on IPCA before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Global Human Rights. She has also offered expert testimony on IPCA before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission) and served as a consultant to the U.S.-based National Criminal Justice Training Center. Dr. Hunter received the Humanitarian Award from the Alabama chapter of the NAACP.

Dr. Hunter is the former dean of students at Ohio Valley University and also taught government and international relations at West Virginia University and Morehead State University. She is the former Walter

Rollins Scholar for the West Legislature and the James E. Webb Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution Office of Policy and Analysis.

Noelle earned a bachelor of science in journalism from Ohio University in 1994, a Master of Public Administration degree in 2009, and a doctorate degree in political science from West Virginia University in 2007.

She is currently a lecturer of political science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Ala and is working to establish a Center for IPCA Prevention and Research. Dr. Hunter has three daughters, Maayimuna, Rysa and Rachel.

Noelle Hunter, PhD noelle@istandparentnetwork.com

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 37

Maggie Chapoteau

MaggieChapoteau is an accomplished Senior Executive and Advisor with more than 30 years of success in financial services, and wireless telecom industries. Leveraging extensive experience leading large operations and projects, Maggie is a valuable asset for companies of various sizes and stages of growth that are seeking expert assistance with strategizing. Maggie’s broad areas of expertise include developing staff, organizational leadership, customer relationship management, forecasting, and business analysis.

Maggie currently serves as Advisor to the Board for Baby Blue Brand, Corp., which developed a damageindicating packaging technology utilized in Medical and Pharmaceutical fields, Commercial and Tobacco Products, Military Supplies & Equipment, and many other applications.

Maggie held numerous leadership positions with Verizon Wireless. As a Senior Manager of Interconnect, she was responsible for Northern New Jersey Interconnect transport facilities to support the wireless voice and data Network. Maggie managed the Engineers who are responsible for creating, designing and engineering transport for new cells, trunks, and switch growth. She led her team on initiatives to reduce the cost associated with direct telecom expenses and optimize call routing within the sub-market. Maggie saved the company $2.7M by analyzing these networks. In her previous role as Operations Manager in the Greater New York Area, Maggie managed, motivated, coached, and developed Field Engineers, through training, shadowing, and seminars to ensure proper maintenance and performance of the Cell Sites

and all Technologies. From 2004 to 2011, Maggie served as the Manager of the Verizon Network Operation Center. In this role, she ensured accurate and timely reporting of FCC reportable outages, as well as accurate and timely notifications of Service Disruption Reports. During this time, she met or exceeded KPI targets established for effective alarm monitoring, expedient response and reporting of Network alarms. For her excellence in this role, Maggie was selected as interim Director of the Network Operation Center which oversaw half of the country and managed a staff over 100 direct and indirect reports. Prior to moving into telecom, Maggie was with Morgan Stanley & Co for more than ten years. Over her tenure, she served as an Analyst to the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer and managed $2.5M in International Letters of Credit portfolio with over 500 banks.

Maggie recently completed her Master’s Degree in Network Communications Management and Services from the Stevens Institute of Technology and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Pre-Medical Studies from Manhattanville College.

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3938 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Dr. Simisola Alabi

Dr Monica Simisola Alabi, usually referred to as ‘Dr Simi’, is a practising clinician,healthcare systems expert and speaker.

She completed her initial medical degree at the College of Medicine, University ofLagos. She started her training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology but subsequentlywent on to gain her CCT in General practice in the United Kingdom. She is also analumnus of the University of Bedfordshire and Imperial College London.

Dr Simi has had a long career in healthcare leadership. Her roles have included,Advisory to the secretary of state for health, Clinical Lead for population health inBLMK Integrated Care System, Clinical Director of a primary care network, clinicaldirector for various departments in a CCG and Assistant Clinical Chair of a CCG.She has recently taken on a role with United Health Group. Dr Simi is also a Partnerat a practice.

She also has a role as Visiting Consultant in Family Medicine in her Alma mater.

In her spare time, Dr Simi focuses on providing support to clients in the wellnessand aesthetic space, providing concierge health services and having a line ofsupplements. She also developed a mental health journal with an accompanyingcourse https://www. dr-simi.com.

Dr Simi started a not-for-profit in 2019 called Beyond Wealth in honour of hermentor Dr Yinka George, and she recently published her first book, which isavailable on amazon https://amzn. to/31E5R7A

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Thrity Engineer

Thrity Engineer is a visionary, author and serial pioneer with no PhD. She searches for and loves the extraordinary, the exquisite and the exceptional. She studied psychoanalysis for eight years in her twenties and walked away from it. She qualified as India’s first gemmologist in her thirties, dabbled in antiques and property, but discovered her life work only after cataclysmic events in her forties. In 1992, she pioneered the use of Biofeedback Imaging in the UK, followed by Biolumanetics & Luminator in 1995, Monocrom Light/Colour Dome & Monochord Sound/Music Table in 1998. This was the first time these powerful modalities had been brought together on earth, creating new possibilities for healing and the expansion of human consciousness.

She is the founder of 3S (subtle-sacred-scientific), and the Supercoherence System, a state-of-the-art system for personal and global transformation. She is the creator of the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies – (SRTLFs) and the other powerful frequency tools of the Supercoherence system. The vision, the goal and the Supercoherence System promises to enable us to connect more fully and consistently with the level of love, joy and authentic power that is innate within each human. In a precise and elegant manner, we are enabled to unlock the magic within each one, and so, collectively, to be part of ushering in the Golden Age of the Universal Human. The “Return To Love” process is a magical, miraculous process which is simple, extremely powerful, universal and safe. For more information, tools and testimonials visit https://www.supercoherencereturntolove.com

Thrity has also presented seminars on the theme of “Stress Management through Self Understanding” for multinational companies in India. She defines herself primarily as a facilitator in the human potential movement and an eternal student/ teacher in the field of human consciousness.


• The seventh sense operates outside the boundaries of the rational mind, intuition, emotions, and the five sensory realities and bypasses the brain. It is the realm of total knowledge and super function that exists in each human on a separate largely inaccessible parallel track, until NOW

• Supercoherence – The Return To Love was published in 2015. She has worked with the extraordinary real-life “Star Trek” technology called the Luminator since 1995. Born and raised in Mumbai, she lives and works in London

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3940 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com



• Namaste Magazine – June July 2000

• Positive Health March 1998 - The Science of Life-Light

• The Healing Power of Light – Primrose Cooper Published by Piatkus – 2000

• The Healing Energies of Light – Roger Coghill Published by Gaia Publishers

• Thorsons - 1999

• Virtual Medicine – Dr Keith Scott-Mumby

Biolumanetics is a healing discipline that uses the light emitted by living beings to find a means of balancing energy and so bringing about a healthier state.


• Caduceus magazine - winter 96/97 - Caduceus is a healing, spiritual magazine focusing on psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental health, therapy and growth


• Spectrum magazine – Journal of the British Wheel of Yoga Winter 1998

• The Technology of Happiness – Thrity Engineer

• Namaste Magazine – June July 2000 (article)


IONS (new Sciences) conference Colorado 1997 International Conference Light 98 at Reading 1998 International Conference Light and Sound 2001 at Cambridge

Syntonics Annual Conference – Niagara Falls 2004 World Wellness Congress – Chennai 2012 DGEIM Drei-Lander- Wasser -Symposium - Lindau 2013

Chaos and Coherence/ Ordnung Vienna 2016 And many smaller conferences in Israel and the UK

Contact information: https://SupercoherenceSystem. com

VRIC is a unique active imaging system for measuring the vitality or coherence of any life form, human, animal or plant. VRIC stands for Visual Reference of Image Coherence. Organisms/life forms emit light.

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Ranu Mehta-Radia


Mehta-Radia, is a well-known Community/Global Champion who has dedicated 30 years making a difference in many areas including instilling citizenship values, interfaith relations, education, youth & supporting the learning disabled. She is founder of the AwardWinning Sai School in the London Borough of Harrow which is a value based educational and citizenship programme where children and young people are encouraged to work hands-on with local organisations.

Through her passion for making a difference and leading young people on the right track, Ranu transformed many young people’s lives, by leading on drug awareness, anti-bullying, opportunities to youths to manage events and many other workshops to stop young people in becoming victims of anti -social behaviour which has added value to many families.

In April 2022 Sai School initiated the Ukraine Food Appeal where 4 Sai School volunteers travelled to Poland to drop the collection off.

In April 2004 Ranu was introduced to her Majesty the Queen when HRH visited Harrow and she spoke to her Royal Highness about her aspirations to produce the Best Citizens for this country.

In her previous role as Services Coordinator for Larches Trust where she oversaw all their educational programmes for young people with learning disabilities. Ranu’s past experience working with Community Link Up, an Award-Winning disability charity where she launched many

innovative projects, i.e., beauty course for young ladies with learning difficulties and a Radio Station. Currently working at Seva Care Group supporting educational activities for the learning disabled.

For the last 12 years Ranu has been the Creative Director of Diwali in London, the largest crowd puller annually at Trafalgar Square working in partnership with Mayor of London and 11 organisations.

Ranu is married with 2 children and she says “Serving the nation remains a priority for us, we want to spread our wings and resonate this message to all children and young people. I’m blessed that my husband and children allow me to get on with it”


• Helped bring Hindu and Moslems together in a fundraising event for the Pakistan earthquake.

• Sending the Highest Number of Mosquito

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3942 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

nets to developing Countries: Health, Poverty, Action Award (2012) awarded to Sai School for sending the highest number of mosquito nets to the developing world, messaged by Tony Blair: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=JuI5KQpxqz8

• Pentonville and Holloway Prison, Toy Appeal for Play Areas where children are kept with volunteers whilst adults visit their loved ones.

• Unity of Faiths

• Remembrance Day Annual Commitment: Providing refreshments to the Armed Forces and Uniformed groups at Harrow Civic Centre.

• Water Aid

• Save our Planet and Save our Oceans, Ranu’s own initiatives. Save Our Oceans had a stall at Trafalgar Square in 2018 to raise awareness of Recycling. The stall was run by Sai School’s Blue Planet Mums Team.

• Global Guardian Competition which Ranu launched during the pandemic inviting charities from around the world to win a prize of £500 for their chosen project.

• Annual Grandparents Day


• Mayor of Harrows Award (2006) for services to the community

• Community Champion by Harrow Times (2003)

for promoting community cohesion.

• Harrow Council’s Heroes Award (2009) for forging partnership projects

• Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services (2005) awarded to Sai School of Harrow.

• In Tesco’s search for ‘Britain’s Amazing Mums’ Ranu was the winner of ‘Enterprise Mum’ in 2014 and presented to then Prime Minister, Rt. Hon David Cameron.


• British Fashion Consultant Gok Wan was introduced to our Beauty Course clients.

• Indian High Commissioner at computer club for special needs children which was run by Sai School youths from Stanmore College.

• Nina Wadia, Eastenders Actor who opened one of the Seva Care Projects in Harrow.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 43

Elizabeth Olujimi

ElizabethOlujimi also known as the Thriving Coach is a Wife, Mother, Pastor, Coach, Speaker and Mentor. She is the CEO of Dare to Believe Coaching Ltd where she helps Christian women to thrive with confidence in who they are and who God has called them to be so that they can passionately pursue their God given purpose, make impact and leave a legacy. She is also a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member. Elizabeth has been a contributing author for Brainz magazine and Luminous Wisdom SOPHIA magazine.

In 2021 Elizabeth was listed as an official honouree on the Brainz 500 global awards as one of 500 top entrepreneurs and influential leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others. Alongside this, she also received an award for the best new coaching business in South East England. More recently, Elizabeth was awarded the rising star award at the Mompreneur CEO gala.

Elizabeth is the host of the Dare To Believe Women’s conference which aims to inspire women to be all that God has called them to be. Alongside her husband Tunji, they are the pioneers of the KingdomPreneurs Summit - London which is geared towards helping Kingdom Entrepreneurs to thrive in the marketplace and they recently launched the Kingdompreneurs Network to bring together Christians in business.

Elizabeth is passionate about seeing women thrive so she recently set up a campaign called Girl Get Up and Shine to help young girls in the nation of Uganda whose lives were negatively impacted during the pandemic.

Elizabeth lives in London with her husband and daughter Janaya"

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3944 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com

Michelle Watson

MichelleWatson is a multi-award-winning speaker, Book Mentor & Publisher, Business Accelerator Coach, bestselling author, minister, wife & mother.

She has spoken on numerous large platforms including the Women Economic Forum, and National Achievers Congress UK and also featured on Sky TV, Harold radio, Womelle Magazine and Harvard Business Magazine. She is the Founder of Breakfree Forever Consultancy LTD, a company that serves, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Business startups and women who want to share their stories & expertise with the world to make an impact, and create income, increase their business & leave a legacy behind. Michelle is a survivor of domestic abuse, suicidal tendencies, depression, and once drowning in substantial financial debts.

She was able to turn her life around after getting to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Therefore, noW one

of her aims is to support the vision of ‘Knowing Jesus & making Jesus known,’ not just from the spiritual aspect but also by the love and support needed to assist women today to be empowered and live their life at the potential that God created them to be. She believes that many women have lost hope, due to both past and current circumstances and if they can see a living example of someone that was once where they are now, that can relate and show them that a better life is still possible, then she wants to be that person.

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Pamela R. Haynes

Pamela(54) resides in London UK and she has over 30 years of experience working in the Criminal Justice System. Retiring as a Senior Probation Officer in 2018. She has been a guest lecturer at Hertfordshire and East London Universities.

Pamela is proud of her Barbadian heritage. She is an Ambassador for Advocates Against Domestic Abuse based in Barbados. She aspires to work alongside like minded colleagues to develop a Caribbean response to managing domestic violence in the region, thereby, safeguarding survivors of domestic violence and their families.


Pamela’s debut fiction novel Loving The Brothers was published on 8th January 2018. The anticipated sequel Loving The Sisters was published in July 2022. She is currently writing Loving The Children. The trilogy are about domestic abuse from a Black British perspective. Her main protagonists are black women based in London.


Recipient of the Powerhouse Global Award for Author of the Year and a Black Excellence Author of Colour Award in 2018. She was shortlisted for a BLAC award for Best Writer 2020.


Instagram www.instagram.com/lovingtheauthor Facebook https://www.facebook.com/prhaynes/ Twitter https://twitter.com/PamPamHaynes?t=thc_ A45Jf3A6JX9WzcfQpg&s=09 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/pamelaboyde The Author 2 Author Podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/ 01MUNb9sat6F0hMUAkLVTr?si= W_9IwfPRTnmyc3AbFFvGxg&utm_source =copy-link&dl_branch=1

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Lady Anita DuckworthBradshaw

LadyAnita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw is an Award winning Global Impact Leader, Best Selling Author, Change Agent, Life Coach, and the Creator of the Powerhouse Global Brand (Powerhouse Global Magazine, Powerhouse Global Awards and Powerhouse Global Conferences).

Her eye for beauty, her talent for design, and her imaginative and creative skills have led her to build a global social media platform that helps further her social work. Culminating in an elegant and most sophisticated publication that serves humanity and shares their stories, she’s managed to create a world where to feature women and men alike.

Her brilliant use of social media allows her to vastly influences the masses. With a distribution reach of 73 countries from around the world Lady Anita helps feed minds and touch souls.

Providing basic education for children, designing skills acquisition programs for women, and fostering social skills for youngsters, feeding over 1000 children and supporting more than 1000 women through her work within her foundation since the inception in 2016.

Lady Anita is a true embodiment of a servant leader. She has created a platform for men and women alike from all spheres of life to showcase their brilliance. A place leaders have come to love. Through online presence she gives hope to many people – especially women.

Her own personal struggles gave birth to her purpose. Having grown up in Africa, she

understands first hand, the importance of supporting others and helping provide ways to have life’s basic needs met. She found a solution and therefore, created her foundation Powerful Global Women Foundation (PGWF) in 2016 in Nigeria and subsequently, her most radiant Powerhouse Global Magazine publications.

She lives by her motto of: Transforming Lives – one person at a time. Utilizing her voice, she addresses pressing issues and topics related to her work. Topics such as: Global Visibility; Your Voice. Your Power; Reposition for change;The Leading Leader; Risk to Reward; Healing From Within; The Road To Discovery and others.

CONTACT DETAILS: Websites: http://www.powerhouseglobalmag.com http://www.powerhouseglobalstars.com http://www.powerhouseglobalwomen.com

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Powerful Global Women Foundation in collaboration Royalty Kids Montessori School present A one day easter retreat for children and teenagers. Theme of the program was: The Total Child. The program includes reason for the season, cinema, POP quiz, music, baking and losts more. Mrs. Josephine, Phillip Itsuokor (Proprietress, Royalty Kids) was present as host. Over 100 children were in attendance during the program.

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3950 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com



We had various workshops for them during the gathering. We also gave facemasks each child that was in attendance. Over one hundred children attended the event. They were all fed as part of our tradition to do. A massive thank you to Ross Swan for supporting our mission.

This project was led by our amazing Vice-president (Mrs Josephine Itsuokor).

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 51
SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3952 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com



As part of PGWF mission to support more families during this challenged time, we have been able to hold two projects (one in April and the other on 13th July 2020). We distributed food supplies to several families and orphanage homes.

Our team lead by Mrs Josephine Itsuokor (Vice-president of PGWF) made these projects a success. We will continue to reach out to more families through the support of our global partners.

www.powerhouseglobalmag.com SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 39 53

Powerful Global Women Foundation (Powerhouse Charity) was founded in 20l6 in Nigeria, West Africa, by Lady Anita DuckworthBradshaw. The core objective of this organization is to transform the lives of women and children, through various projects centred around the need of the service group.

In 20l6 Lady Anita single handedly fed over 400 children as part of “project feed l000 children globally”, and held an empowerment conference for the women. Through this project, so many women have gone to do great things with the knowledge they gained from the event.

She recently held a life transforming event for women in Lagos, Nigeria as part of International women’s month celebration 20l8. The turnout was very encouraging. She is working towards supporting more families to keep their children and wards in school through” project back-toschool” starting in September 20l8.

We are seeking for global support from individuals and organisations who would love to be a part of this service to humanity.

To support us, please visit: www.powerhouseglobalwomen.com or email womanthepowerhouse@gmail.com or powerhouseglobalmag@gmail.com

SEPTEMBER 2022 | ISSUE # 3954 www.powerhouseglobalmag.com


As part of our Global Annual commitment, we were able to successfully complete project feed the children 2019 mission. Over 150 children were fed at this year’s event. Powerful Women Global Foundation (PGWF ) is a charity set up by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw in 2016. The service users are women and children. To support PGWF, please email womanthepowerhouse@gmail.com

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