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Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw Powerhouse Global Brand Propagator

Love is in air the writer says, but to us, we see it as an opportunity to serve even better. Love is about service to others. As I mark another year on this planet, I count it a great privilege to have all of you in my life - thank you. We have teamed up with some of the best in various industries to share ideas and opportunities for our growing community. We have commenced a monthly columns on Technology, Leadership, Health and other relative subjects that could help our community to excel in this Year and beyond. I am excited to share with us the powerful articles of Mark D. Demers (Sr. Director of SAS) who has been educating us on matters around Technology, and we have Inderjit Singh who is an all round in Leadership matters. Amongst others who will be sharing ideas on other subjects - we are truly grateful for the contributions of these leaders. This year is a special one because Powerhouse Global Summit/Awards event will be taking place in London, this May - more details can be found at the back of this edition. Thank you for your support since 2018.

Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw


'Your dreams are valid" – Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw



FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



LADY ANITA DUCKWORTH-BRADSHAW PGMAG: Lady Anita, it’s an honour to interview PGMAG: It’s ‘black history’ month in the USA you for this edition of PGMAG.

and the month of love around the world. What are your views on these important

LA: Thank you very much.


PGMAG: I and the entire team of Powerhouse

LA: Well, history has it that the blacks in the USA

Global Magazine congratulates you for adding

have not been treated fairly over time, and they

another year, and for leading this great global

suffer more than other ethnicities in the country.


However, the blacks are unbreakable, and they are powerful forces in terms of entrepreneurship

LA: Yeah! Another year of growth and learning

and community building. I’m no politician but, I

has just begun for me – thank you for your good

am proud to be a black woman who is making

wishes, and for being part of the mission.

a difference in the world. I pray one day; my brothers and sisters will take their place at the

PGMAG: As a leader, what are some of the keys tables of world powers. to leading a successful team? Talking about love; it simply means being the LA: Leadership position is a place of service –

reason for the smile on some else’s face – service

you become responsible for others.

to humanity. It’s not just about the physical gifts

The first key to leading a successful team is

on 14th February, but the heart to make others

to understand the vision and mission of your

become more than they are.

organisation. Secondly, communicate the vision to your team. And thirdly, understand the

PGMAG: What is your message for world

strength of your team members, and delegate


accordingly. Also, create time for nurturing the growth of each member of your team.

LA: Act on your promises to the people - create FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


opportunities for the people by


ensuring that the policies and legislations benefit your people. PGMAG: Please tell the world more about Powerhouse Global Magazine and other projects you are working on. LA: PGMAG started in 2018 and since then we have made huge progress in our global work. We have featured Presidents of nations, royals and top leaders from around the world - including multibillionaires. Our core objective is to showcase the brilliance of leaders and aspiring leaders from around the world. We are currently being read in over 100 countries of the world and we just won our first global award as a publishing firm. PGMAG delivers quality contents to her global readership through the partnership of renowned leaders from various industries of human interest. This year we will be holding 3 major events and a few minor ones. The first is the Powerhouse global summit/ awards event taking place on 11th and 12th May 2022 in 6

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

it will serve you better by

can be found on www.

recognising their contributions

and sacrifices – one day you

event/ PGMAG: In the wake of covid-19, the world was turned upside down within a few months before our eyes. As a global voice, what can be done to mitigate the damages caused by the pandemic?

PGMAG started in 2018 and since then we have made huge progress in our global work. We have featured Presidents of nations, royals and top leaders from around the world - including multibillionaires.

LA: The world need healing

too will become an elder… PGMAG: Finally, what would you say to your younger self? LA: You deserve more than others made you feel. Everything is going to be alright as you fearlessly pursue your purpose. Don’t ignore the pattern in the behaviour of

from the effect of the

PGMAG: What is your

others. And it’s okay to love

pandemic. The healing comes

message for the youth?

yourself before others – it’s

from the mind and then the


body. Global collaboration is

LA: My message for our future

one of the main avenues to

leaders (youth) are:

PGMAG: As a woman of wisdom and strong sense of

recover from the effect of the pandemic. Yes! Global

You owe it to yourself to

owning your voice, we know


become a person of value –

you have so much to share

don’t leave it to the society and

with the world, but we have

social media.

come to the end of today’s

PGMAG: What are the top three books that changed your life? LA: So many book changed my

interview. Thank you for You must work for what

leading this organisation and

you desire – don’t wait for

thank you for time today.

handouts. LA: It’s a joy to have been

life.. 1. The Bible – I am nothing

You are your own ‘first

given this privilege – thank you

without it – absolutely

cheerleader’ – don’t wait for

for being part of the team


validation from others before

2. The Five Major Pieces to

becoming more.

link with the world.

the Life Puzzle – Jim Rohn 3. The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

PGMAG: Please share your

And finally, the elders were there before you arrived, and

LA: www. FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



London, UK – more information

Powerhouse Global Magazine awarded as Ambassador BOOKS FOR PEACE INTERNATIONAL AWARD When you understand the #Assignment and when you consciously work on the #mission #goals Almighty God will make you known in the land. To say that I'm proud of this achievement is an understatement. Powerhouse Global Magazine has now become an "Award Winning" Global publication. #PGMAG got this far because of your support and encouragement - thank you. To my incredible team - especially the lead designer of #PGMAG, thank you for your commitment and dedication to our global mission. To my mentors, teachers, friends and the ones that love this unstoppable warrior (my family), thank you. So, in no distance from now, all roads will be leading to the Powerhouse Global Summit/ Awards event. Now is the time to secure your ticket - I mean today... - Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw CEO/Founder of Powerhouse Global Magazine 8

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


2019 The Flag of Human Rights/mountaineer

Antonio Imeneo & Alessandro Marchetti who

Daniele Nardi, 2020 Pathological Art and Culture

have decided to contribute to improving the

(disability and art), 2021 Environment, 2022

world through Culture with the BOOKS for

Defense of Childhood. An international award

PEACE Award.

and competition present in 5 continents and 61 countries. Thanks to the tireless work of Antonio

Now in their 6th edition dedicated to

Imeneo who takes care of external relations, the

children and the Chios Refugee Camp with

award has 3 UNESCO clubs as partners BFUCA

partners'22 Save the Children, QUINN Studios

BR., Mauritania, Tangier. We want to be Light for

Entertainment, Actionaid, Fondazione Gunther.

the unseen and Voice for the unheard.

A different literary competition, which dedicates each edition to important issues: 2017 begins


the award, 2018 Violence against women, FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33





LUCY CHOW (LC) PGMAG: Lucy, so good to have you on today’s interview with Lady Anita. LC: Thank you! I am so pleased to be asked to share any insights I may have for your audience. PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. LC: I am focused on the innovation space, both in terms of supporting founders and as an investor. I represent the World Business Angels Investment Forum. We are an affiliated partner with the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. I am the Secretary General, WBAF Global Women Leaders Committee and Investment Committee Chair, WBAF Angel Investment Fund. I give my time to numerous initiatives. I am part of the Solidarity Circle, an Ambassador for Women In Games (WIGJ) and a Board member

the Game: How Esports and Gaming are

of #2022FemaleAngels. Our goal is to have a

Redefining Business, Careers, Education and The

list of 2022 women who are/or want to become


angel funders by the end of this year. This is because we know that female investors will tend

PGMAG: You are a formidable force in the

to fund start ups founded by women/and or a

world of business, and our research shows a

diverse team of founders.

woman who uses fearless approach in dealing with challenges in order to achieve result. What

Importantly, I am excited to have my book

are the ingredients of becoming a “global voice”

coming out in May. The title says it all. Changing

in the marketplace?

10 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

home, because people were

voice, one needs a platform.

hunkering down with their kids

To be given a platform, you

24/7. Small example, but you

need people around you who are aware of who you are and what you stand for and they are willing to give you air time. That can be speaking at a conference, or writing an OpEd piece, or being interviewed on Television/Radio. I would suggest if anyone ever asks you to speak about causes you believe in, do it. Don’t let the ‘imposter syndrome’ stop you. It may be as simple as speaking to a group of middle school students, but being able to amplify a message to any audience is worthwhile. I started precisely that way. Schools, universities and conferences. Over time, I have been fortunate enough to build a reputation as a subject matter expert in female advocacy,

Don’t fall victim to the imposter syndrome. And importantly, show through your social media that you are open to being asked to speak. Post yourself speaking at certain events and/or specify in your profile that you are open to speaking engagements. yourself speaking at certain events and/or specify in your profile that you are open to speaking engagements. PGMAG: What is your message for business owners who are caught in the web of the pandemic (covid-19)? LC: Honestly, I spent most of my time on webinars during

angel investing and so forth.

COVID advising business

In summary, say yes when

flow. Look at how you can pivot

asked and start honing your messages. Don’t fall victim to the imposter syndrome. And importantly, show through your social media that you are open to being asked to speak. Post

owners to focus on their cash your business online/virtually. I think that is one of the most valuable pieces of advice. For example, a bakery started delivering the ‘ingredients’ with recipes of how to make cakes from the comfort of your

get the idea. Some businesses had to lay off workers, but because we have a portfolio of companies we had invested in, we were able to deploy those laid off workers to another start up that needed staff. This was powerful and a great example of how investors are more valuable than just the money to invest! PGMAG: Please tell us more about your business. LC: My “business “ right now is representing the World Business Angels Investment Forum. Advocacy, if you will. Advocating for more people to think about investing in businesses/start ups. Entrepreneurs are the bedrock of every nations’ economy. Without funding, they never flourish, and economies never grow. Once my book is published, I will spend time on promoting that because again the content is very relevant to investors.

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



LC: Importantly, to have a


12 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

I will always have some form

work, then the gaming sector

of this. Not sure why. I would

needs to be supported. The

think it’s because I never feel

growth and opportunities is vast. PGMAG: What/who inspired you to become a global investor? LC: Genuinely the most amazing thing about being an investor is the interaction I get to have with entrepreneurs every day. I always say there is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone realise their dream. Founders are the inspiration! PGMAG: A lot of women sabotage their brilliance due to lack of self-esteem. If you were to hold a masterclass for such individuals, what topics would you cover in order to help them re-discover their

I always say there is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone realise their dream. Founders are the inspiration! media that can help you amplify your message. Most of us are not natural public speakers. Even if you have done it often, there is always more to learn and additional ways to hone your confidence here. 2. Broadening Your Social Network – I read a fabulous piece recently that stated it is in fact, not your immediate circle of contacts that open up the most opportunities. It is in fact your secondary circle of connections and/or


acquaintances. Fascinating.

LC: Funny that I talked about

we all widen our networks

imposter syndrome earlier on. Here are a few areas for starters: 1. Media Readiness -I truly believe it is important to find/take advantage of

Therefore, it’s important beyond specific industries and/or sectors. I believe if you focus on the above two, that will help lessen imposter syndrome. I am resigned to the fact that

like I could possibly know it all. That I always have something to learn from others. That’s got to be a positive way of framing ‘imposter syndrome’, right? PGMAG: What are the top three books that changed your life? LC: I was an avid reader as a kid and I am still in love with books. I actually don’t know that there were any specific books that changed my life, but rather it was because of books that the wider world opened up to me. But let me recommend three books if that is alright. 1. Palaces for the People by Eric Klinenberg. Fabulous insights as to how social infrastructure, such a public libraries, can help fight inequality and the decline of civic life. 2. Who You Know by Julia Freeland Fisher with Daniel Fisher. Basically discussing how important it is for students to expand their networks and relationships!

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



If you believe in the future of


3. My Ideal Bookshelf edited by Thessaly La Force. This almost part art book as the editor asked over 100 creative people from around the world to select a shelf of books that represent you…each two page spread includes the explanation from the person interviewed and then the artists rendition of said the bookshelf. Fabulous! PGMAG: What are the keys to becoming an investor, and what should one avoid whilst considering such journey? LC: Two points here: 1. Start small. Every investor starts somewhere. My first angel investment was USD5K. 2. Find an angel network, or connect with other people who are already

different. However, an angel

Invest only what you can afford

investing. Angel networks/

invests in start ups at an

to lose.

associations will open your

early stage. This means the

horizon. You need to speak

chance of you never seeing

PGMAG: Finally, what would

with other investors, in

a return and/or losing your

you say to your younger self?

order to learn about the

investment altogether is high.

eco system.

That is why it’s important to

LC: I actually feel that I am who

grow a portfolio of at least 10

I am today because I took the

In terms of what to avoid,

investments, with the hope that

leap of faith to move across

everyone’s risk appetite is

at least one will be a home run.

the world to live and work in

14 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


another country. The expat life is not for everyone, but it

PGMAG: Thank you so very

has been the one that I have

much for your time.

chosen and I am extremely grateful for every opportunity.

LC: I so enjoyed our time together. Thank you for having

Therefore, I would say to


my younger self, take a chance early on. Apply for a

PGMAG: Please share your

scholarship and try to get into

link with us.

a university that was not in Canada. Or once you graduate,

LC: There are numerous ways

spread your wings and start

to connect with me:

looking for work overseas

Insta: lucychowdxb

immediately. The world is a

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.

big place and if things do not


work out, you always can


I am today because I took the leap of faith to move across the world to live and work in another country. The expat life is not for everyone, but it has been the one that I have chosen and I am extremely grateful for every opportunity.

come home. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33





PAMELA LEONCE (PL) PGMAG: Pamela, so good to have you on today’s interview with Lady Anita. PL: Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here. PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. PL: I’m the CEO / founder of Stowhill Careers which is an international career company that helps people to get the job they want. I am also a headhunter and I sit on the board of various companies. I also do capacity building work with leadership teams. My earlier roles included, being an Advisor to the Mayor of London and overseeing the homes and communities of the

their organisation and hear ideas and thoughts

2021 Olympic Games in London.

that their staff have.

PGMAG: As an expert in leadership

Secondly, be self aware ! The most successful

development, what are the things leaders

leaders are able to dig deep into who they are.

ought to be doing in order to create a healthy

They know their blind spots, and how others

and thriving environment for those they lead?

perceive them, and as a result they have great insight into what is needed to motivate and

PL: Listen and learn. In some cultures and

inspire their team. Outstanding leaders start

organisations, people at the top do the most

from a reflective place of ‘what should my

talking. That can be a very restrictive approach.

response be’ rather than “…I know what I’m going

Outstanding leaders actually do very little

to do”

talking (unless they’re on a big stage or giving an address) instead they spend time with their

PGMAG: We understand that you are also

teams, listening and learning. This gives them

an expert in ‘headhunting’ for businesses –

insight into the problems and challenges faced by

very impressive. It’s obvious that the global

16 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


The most successful leaders are able to dig deep into who they are. They know their blind spots, and how others perceive them, and as a result they have great insight into what is needed to motivate and inspire their team.

pandemic changed the way

Secondly - Use social media -

camera, or with technology,

things are done – including job

scary I know, but it's growing

you’re starting further back

hunting. What is your message

and it's not going away. More

than those who are really

for those who are looking

and more employers are

strong. I do a lot of work with

for new opportunities in the

using social media (especially

my clients on how to come


Linkedin) to advertise their

across well on camera, there is

roles and to find talented

a knack.

PL: Be clear about your next

people. So look at your social

steps! As a headhunter many

media profile and make sure

PGMAG: What are your views

people come to me with a

it’s up-to-date and accurately

on diversity and inclusion in

complicated list of what they

reflects your skills and

the workplace?

want, and as a result they

experience. PL: It’s a no brainer - it's

spend time thinking about what they should or shouldn’t do in

Thirdly- practice on-line

absolutely essential. I could

order to apply for a particular

interviews - because of Covid

stop there couldn’t I. Having

role. By knowing what you

more interviews are being held

supported many companies on

want and why you want it,

via video conferencing, so it's

this I always tell them the world

it's easier to confidently sell

important to get used to the

is very diverse, and becoming


camera. If you’re not good on

more so every day. So, in order

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


I started Stowhill Careers, not just to correct the bad advice / myths out there, but to do something that I really enjoy, which is helping people ‘get the job’ they want or to move up the career ladder. of them had no idea what

I also work for companies who

for your business to grow and

recruiters or headhunters were

struggle to find talent. Many

be more successful, you need

looking for, and that there’s lots

companies come to me because

to know, and understand, the

of myths and bad advice out

they are looking for a particular

thinking of people who are not

there about how headhunters

person with a particular talent

like you. The best way to do


so I am able to recommend my clients.

that is to have a diverse team of people around you, on the

So I started Stowhill Careers,

frontline,in your leadership

not just to correct the bad

PGMAG: One of your

team, and around your board

advice / myths out there, but

clients described you as a


to do something that I really

“consummate professional”

enjoy, which is helping people

which got me thinking. Please

PGMAG: Please tell us more

‘get the job’ they want or to

share more light on this so

about your business.

move up the career ladder. I

that our readers can well

work with people on a 1:1 basis

understand the impact of your

PL: After spending many years

and offer a range of bespoke

service to the world.

as an Executive Director, then

services including….making your

a Headhunter, people were

CV stand out, winning at on-line

PL: I believe we are all our own

coming to me exasperated

interviews and, networking. My

PR so before I started Stowhill

because they couldn’t get ‘that

approach is bespoke for each

I reflected on the qualities I

job, or move to the next level in

client as no two people are in

like to see, or receive from

their career’.

the same place in their career.

a service, I then incorporate

Many clients go on to get that

those into Stowhill. So for

job which is so rewarding.

example I…

I then realised that most

18 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


you’ve chosen them to be

1. The Bible - my absolute

your cheerleader and to

north star !

I believe we are all our own PR so before I started Stowhill I reflected on the qualities I like to see, or receive from a service, I then incorporate those into Stowhill. •

when they’re networking. 2. The Magic of Thinking Big

Practice your career pitch

by David Schwartz - given

again and again, so when

to me by my sister when I

the opportunity comes you

was a teenager and really

are ready to speak with

helped me to think big !

confidence and when you get there (which you will)

3. More than Enough by Elaine Welteroth - As a

‘hold the door’ open for more women!

Show up on time - I totally

young boss and the only

respect my clients time so

black woman in the room

PGMAG: Finally, what would

being on time and punctual

Elaine gives a plethora

you say to your younger self?

is something I am known

of advice for anyone


navigating their career and

PL: Take time to grow up. Enjoy

Listen carefully - I start

how not to give away your

your youth and don’t try to

from my clients perspective


become an adult too soon, it's not all it's cut out to be.

and not my own and then

remember you in forums or

put together a bespoke

PGMAG: Women are powerful

package for them.

forces and the world needs

PGMAG: Thank you so very

Celebrate - when they get

more women to lead. As a

much for your time.

the job !

woman who is in a position

Give - all clients choose

of authority, how can more

PL: You’re welcome it's been an

a charity they would like

women be supported to take

absolute pleasure and keep up

Stowhill to make a donation

on leadership roles?

the great work at Powerhouse Global

to on their behalf! PL: Finally we ‘smile’. A smile is

good medicine.

Find yourself a mentor -

PGMAG: Please share your

someone who has done

link with us.

your journey before, been PGMAG: What are the top

successful and can walk


three books that changed your

alongside you.


Identify your cheerleaders (male or female) - tell them

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33





MAGALIE CHAPOTEAU (MC) PGMAG: Magalie, great to have you on today’s interview with Lady Anita. MC: It’s a pleasure for me to talk to you as well. PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. MC: I am a mom. I enjoy time spent with my family. I love to travel, to meet people, and enjoy different cultures, and to immerse myself in new cuisine. It gives me a wonderful appreciation of the world around me. I believe you can break barriers with new found friends over a great meal. I am all about inclusivity. I’ve discovered through my interaction and conversations with the people I meet, that everyone at their core is about connection and discovering how similar we all are. I try to learn new languages to help me communicate as best as possible with others in my travels. I love to try new experiences, like zip-lining… oh my! I also enjoy a great advertisement which quickly gets to the core of a product. Whether through sentimentality, or humor, it’s a synopsis of how a company wants to convey their culture. My love of interacting with people has led me to work with some of the most wonderful, openhearted people!

20 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

PGMAG: In your capacity as a leader, what are the ways of building an inclusive environment in the workplace? MC: Inclusion is so key to a company’s success. Therefore, it has to be part of every aspect of a company’s business. It is important the leaders in a company understand the benefits of inclusion. Which is why training is one of the best tools to getting everyone on that same page; educating the leaders about the sensitivity surrounding inclusion and teaching our leaders to embrace and celebrate all people’s differences. It’s not an easy task. It starts with the behavior of leadership at the pinnacle,


which affect the company’s culture. Leaders must listen to their employees. Give your direct reports a safe space to voice what matters to them. It is equally important for, we, as leaders to be mindful of the words/language we use. Companies have long held team building activities to create a symbiotic environment. Why not incorporate similar activities to break the walls of bias to create an inclusive environment. As a leader, I strongly believe in putting goals in place to ensure inclusivity throughout a company. Similar to financial performance goals, where we hold monthly meetings to make sure we are on track to exacting those goals, I would require that my department leaders do similarly with progress meetings on inclusion. PGMAG: What is your message for the youth? MC: Be fearless, be adventurous. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. It is okay if you fail, you have a long runway to learn from your failures. Be open

to new opportunities because

you press ‘send’ on your cell

new opportunities will be open

phone to place a call. So, I set

to you. And, in the process of

out to learn the mechanics

navigating through your life, be

behind that action of pressing

kind and respectful to others.

‘send’. Fascination does not even begin to describe the

PGMAG: Please tell us more

complexity or the excitement

about your business.

that comes with that simple action. The idea that I can take

MC: I have changed careers

my calls beyond the confines of

three times. Although I

my home was truly exciting and

graduated from college with

pivotal. People use their cell

a pre-med major, I started

phones for all sorts of activities

my career in the financial

from placing ordinary phone

district of Wall Street, to

calls, to watching their favorite

landing several leadership

shows or sports games, to

roles in telecommunications.

running their business on their

Each experience broadened

cells, to playing video games,

my insight and expanded my

to creating a virtual album from

knowledge of these different

their photos taken using their

industries. I recall how

cell phones. It is truly a marvel.

fascinated I was many years

And decades later, I am still

ago with what happens when

impressed at what we, in the

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



telecommunications industry, have accomplished with the idea of a cell phone. And yet, this is just the beginning. PGMAG: As someone who a has the capacity to resolve ‘complex’ issues in the workplace. What are some of the ways to manage disputes amongst team members? MC: I have been so blessed to have had wonderful, talented people work on my teams during my career. To address disputes among team members, it is necessary to establish the understanding that we have a goal or task to complete as a ‘team’. Set the tone from the very beginning. It’s also making sure that everyone knows and feels their input is valuable, especially if it lends to the team’s successful completion of the task. Addressing the conflict immediately is necessary in order to move forward together as a team. Often times conflict or disputes start from misunderstanding of what is being conveyed. Give the party the opportunity to clarify his/her position. Make it clear to all parties to be respectful at all times. It is okay 22 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

to have a different opinion or a

equity through recognition,

different approach to a project,

education, promotion, and to

but ideas must be shared in

be allowed access to be part

a respectful and professional

of the conversation. The world

manner. Team building activities

fares better when everyone

create an environment that


builds trust. Therefore, with that level of trust, each team

Support women businesses

member knows that his/her

and women education. Women

teammate has the best interest

are such vibrant contributors

for the project and for the

to the world, the community,


and our family. Uplifting women businesses, uplifts the world as

PGMAG: If you are given

a whole.

an opportunity to address ‘world leaders’ at a conference

Support free world market and

on issues that affects the

encourage healthy competition,

economy of the world. What

which provides freedom of

would be your top three

choice. Promote sharing of

points to them?

resources, education and shared information. Build world

MC: Equity for the

unity. As humans, we would all

underrepresented. Not


just financial equity, but

continue to persevere with my

three books that changed your


life? MC: One book that influenced me is Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson which speaks to being open to new possibilities and to keep challenging oneself. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biology with the idea that I would go into medicine. I pivoted three times in my life. Basically reinventing myself each time. Although I started out thinking that I would become a doctor, upon graduation from college, I landed a position in the financial industry with a Fortune 100 investment banking firm on Wall Street. When I needed to be more available for my son as he entered high school, I worked closer to home managing a law firm. Soon after, I transitioned to a Fortune 50 company in Telecommunications and moved up the ranks there. It’s very important to continue to push your own personal boundaries. Success Through Diversity is another book which had a profound message to me. With

Support women businesses and women education. Women are such vibrant contributors to the world, the community, and our family. Uplifting women businesses, uplifts the world as a whole.

PGMAG: What keeps you going when you feel like giving up on your goals? MC: The idea that what I do make a difference. That I am contributing to my family and my community. What I do could present opportunities for others like myself whose

every account or story, the

presence and voice are needed

author, Carol Fulp, points out

everyday at the table.

the benefits gained through diversity. My perspective has

PGMAG: Finally, what would

always been Diversity should

you say to your younger self?

be all-inclusive. Oftentimes, people’s lens about diversity is

MC: Be courageous. Be Bold.

linear and/or narrow. At times,

Go and explore. Don’t be

they’re only looking at skin

closed off. Build relationships

color. But to be truly diverse

and learn from your

means to include Everyone,


no matter their color, gender, creed, background. And, be

PGMAG: Thank you so very

sincere about it, not just to

much for your time.

check off a box. MC: Thank you for this Another meaningful book to

wonderful opportunity.

me is It’s Your Call. The author, Lawrence Powell, shared, “be

PGMAG: Please share your

wise as serpents and harmless

link with us.

as doves”. This book helped to center my soul; that all would

MC: Please clarify this request.

fall into its proper place, but

My LinkedIn: www.linkedin. com/in/maggie.chapoteau FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



PGMAG: What were the top

Business & Leadership Column

24 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


Leadership Decoded 2.0…... …. evolving into a resilient leader …. never ever settle for the path of least resistance….the path of least resistance, to my mind, is the path of the loser says Inderjit – a career diplomat, an author, a bureaucrat, a practitioner of Emotional Intelligence et al… he intensely believes that a resilient leadership disposition challenges one to take the path of most resistance and transform it into the path of least resistance…



his second article of mine in the

mechanism of driving continual cycles of learning

series of Leadership Decoded aims

and unlearning. To me, that is what is really

to conceptualize what it means to


be resilient in the face of uncertainties and to suggest that continual evolution &

Resilient Leadership offers a fresh, insightful,

metamorphosis is the only key and a dominant

and innovative understanding of how to

factor to resilience. It demonstrates the role of

exercise leadership in a way that is powerfully

unlearning in that metamorphosis and suggests

transformative. In today’s unpredictable

that problem formulation is a key deliberate

landscape, leaders face new challenges, difficult

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



I believe that leadership and resilience are synonyms – words that mean the same, albeit spelled differently. decisions, and continued changing circumstances. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has forced leaders to confront its colossal impact on operations, workforces, profits and supply chains across the globe. All eyes are on leadership to guide their businesses through this crisis. Resilient leaders are generally seen as more effective, making them an asset to any business. A resilient leader maintains a relentless forward-facing outlook, keeping both the operational and strategic elements moving. Deeply caring and personally supporting the team is at the core of being a resilient leader. It helps build resilience in others. What is then resilience and how can it be applied to management skills?

26 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

likely to feel motivated at work


and more likely to become overwhelmed. To successfully

Resilience is the capacity to

navigate through times of

recover quickly from difficulties

uncertainty and lead teams to

and is a further evolution of

success, the leaders need to be

stress management. It is thus

adaptable, proactive, and most

no rocket science as to why

importantly; resilient. In effect,

resilience is such a popular

I believe that leadership and

demand in today’s business

resilience are synonyms - words

environment. Many businesses

that mean the same, albeit

are pushing the concept of

spelled differently.

resilience as a way of helping workers better cope with the

Throughout the global

stresses and strains of the

coronavirus outbreak, we’ve

modern-day office and unlock

witnessed that changes are

their performance potential.

ongoing, plans unravel, and

People who can’t handle a fast

expectations aren’t always

pace or uncertainty are less

met. Work priorities shift, goal


Resilience or maintaining equilibrium under pressure is among the most important skills for leaders at all levels to master resilient leadership. posts change, players change. Responding to the disruption has altered work in ways that will more likely never return to the pre-pandemic period. Those who can’t handle a fast pace or uncertainty are less likely to feel motivated at work

resilient leaders who can keep

successfully navigate through

and more likely to become

calm under pressure and grow

challenges and guide others


in the face of adversity. The

with courage and conviction.

question isn’t how can we avoid

It is my belief that leaders with

Personal setbacks and crises

difficulty and stress - that’s

high levels of resilience are

don’t go away just because

nearly impossible to do. Rather,

viewed as being more effective

work is already difficult.

the question is, how do you

by their managers, peers, and

Stresses are not limited to

face it? That’s why resilience or

direct reports. Businesses

the office. Young children and

maintaining equilibrium under

imbued with resilience don’t

aging parents can squeeze

pressure is among the most

just survive, but they thrive

mid-career professionals. And

important skills for leaders at

in the face of change and

no matter what anyone says

all levels to master resilient


about keeping home life and


work life separate, or trying to find “balance,” pressure from one easily seeps into the other.

Resilience is the capacity


To withstand turbulent times,

to not only endure great challenges, but get stronger in the midst of them. This is such

such as the current global

Building resilience is vital to

an extraordinarily important

health crisis, organizations need

becoming a leader who can

capability because we live in a FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we ought to get stronger and more resilient. world that’s one nonstop crisis, one calamity, one unexpected emergency after another, more often one difficult surprise after another; like waves breaking on the shore. The current pandemic is just one of the many adversities the humanity has experienced. Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we ought to get stronger and more resilient. Grounded in the scientific understanding of group functioning, the resilient leadership model helps leaders understand how the “emotional system” of their organization; the subconscious, instinctual aspects of human functioning often dictate, to a great extent, how the organization functions on the rational level. By learning to understand and recognize the emotional system at play within a leader’s environment, the resilient leader is able to calm office 28 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

anxiety, clear confusion, and

resistance. Accept ourselves,

spur a progressive, positive,

give our best and relinquish

productive, engaged and a

attachment to the outcome. A

happy workforce. All of us can

solid support system is one of

benefit from improving our

the most critical approaches

leadership resilience - making

towards building resilience

us better able to face a crisis,

amongst our teams. Creating

recover, and adapt.

a support system with the right resources and tools can


keep employees engaged and fulfilled at work. Resources and tools could include mentorship

Lest it may sound easy said

programs or flexible working

than done, I here attempt

environments that can bring

to suggest, from my own

out the best in each person

experience, some practical

on the team which in turn can

ways to build-up resiliency. The

boost relationships among team

first step is to manage our own

members and build resilience.


BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET Employees that are supported and valued by their leaders can be more productive and resilient. The second step is to take charge of how we think about adversity, understand our beliefs about the situation, and choose our response and exercise compassion for ourselves and others. The third crucial step is to think of what gives our life a meaning which would help us better face setbacks and challenges. Look for ways that crisis and


The natural tendency of all human behavior is toward the path of least resistance. When

adversity may connect to our larger life purpose by reflecting

To take the path of resilience,

you resist this tendency, you

on the lessons learnt from

don’t settle for the path of

become stronger and more

dealing with similar hardships

least resistance. The next time

powerful. We all have battles

in the past. And finally, always

someone asks for your opinion,

to fight and it’s often in those

keep in mind to become the

and you know it's contrary

battles that we are most alive.

type of person you want to

to that person's viewpoint,

It’s on the frontlines of our lives

meet! Afterall, life is not about

take the courage of putting

that we earn wisdom, create

expecting, hoping and wishing;

your perspective on the table

joy, forge friendships, discover

it is about doing, being and

rather than taking the path of

happiness, find love, and do


least resistance by agreeing or

purposeful work. Remember,

saying you have no opinion.

failure will never overtake us if

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



our determination to succeed is

recharge. I ignore doubters and

strong enough.

naysayers especially if they are in my head. I continually nudge

All one needs is a true picture of reality and complete unshakeable confidence in our ability to take charge of it through our own effort. That’s where hope comes from, and that’s where resilience is born. I may add that resilience isn’t a single skill. It’s a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. To bounce back from bumps in the road as well as failures, one should focus on being positive – positivity being at the core of leadership.

MY STAND: Resilience is very different than being numb. Resilience means you experience, you feel, you fail, you fall, you get hurt; but you get up and keep going. Here, I count on my favorite expression “the harder we fall; the higher we bounce.” I often find solace in the wisdom of my idol Nelson Mandela “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” Thomas Edison had somewhat similar phrase to

30 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

I know that no matter what happens in my life I will be good as I AM RESILIENT. say “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” And so, has Confucius “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Oprah Winfrey puts it in a different format as “Turn your wounds into wisdom”. I invite you to reflect over my following words I often speak to myself. Feel free to modify my narrative and upgrade it, for me to follow too, as we leaders always crave for a better version of ourselves. My mind, body and spirit are strong. I embrace all life’s challenges. I face my fears rather than hide from them. I choose happiness each day. I believe in the power of hope. I live my life with trust and courage. I set goals I can’t possibly achieve and then I grow into the person who can. I make time to reflect, rest and

my comfort zone because I refuse to live a life which is simply okay enough. I know that no matter what happens in my life I will be good as I AM RESILIENT.

KNOW THE AUTHOR Inderjit has recently earned his Doctor of Philosophy from a renowned Brazilian Institution of higher education for his engagement and contribution in International Diplomacy. He is an aviation consultant with the UN. He has served in senior level diplomatic positions in several countries of Asia, South-East Asia, Middle-East, Africa and South America. He was the CEO of IGI Airport – the 16th busiest in the world. He is an MBA, followed by advanced management courses at “Henley-the Management College”, Oxford shire, UK and the University of California, Berkeley, USA. He can be reached at ngh@




lot of people don't

has come from many people

understand how

in my life who have truly

important it is for

been there to support my

a business leader to inspire

visions, my work ethic, my

others. But how do you

core principles and my belief in

encourage your team and

being kind, humble and to act

others to participate, be

with integrity to name a few.

motivated to grow and create

My father had to be one of

that inspirational company

the most inspirational people


for me. For over fifty years he dedicated his life to tech.

Let's look at what inspiration

He was a true inventor who

is. It starts from an evocation:

never gave up on his dreams

an idea, an object, a person or

and aspirations, even when he

an event. It comes from within

seemed to be losing everything.

us, from our personality traits

He carried on the fight of

and abilities. Nobody else can

building tech that is used in

really motivate you unless you

server diagnostics to this day.

yourself want to be motivated.

So I can honestly say I admire

No matter what kind of people

people who give you those

surround us, inspiration is

sorts of opportunities and

something that needs to be

motivation to shine!

activated inside each individual person for them to truly

Being an inspirational leader

identify with it.

for me is about allowing those around us and ourselves

For me personally, inspiration

to have the courage and

motivation to try those hairbrained ideas, make mistakes, learn from it, pick yourself up and start again. But know in your heart of hearts that you can truly achieve what you set out to do. Support others in creating opportunities to meet their goals. Each one of us can make a difference with the right attitude!


FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



about it, what actually makes


you tick? Your perception of inspiration is

Inspiration has two components: one being an internal feeling and the other being specific knowledge/skills/ abilities associated with it, which you can learn to trigger through inspiration itself. EXACTLY? Inspiration has two components: one being an internal feeling and the other being specific knowledge/skills/ abilities associated with it, which you can learn to trigger through inspiration itself. It can affect your subconscious mind in many different ways which often leads you to find new solutions, ideas, meanings and even beliefs about yourself and the world based on how inspiration affects your perception. In order to master how to inspire people, you need to know what already inspires them. Understanding what truly makes people tick. Think

32 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

You’ll learn that showing

altered in a way that makes you

empathy is one of the most

want more out of life and that's

powerful tools in mastering

special! Inspiration creates an

how to inspire others; in

increasing desire for positive

business and your personal

change which usually becomes


an unstoppable process once started.

Inspiration isn't something that can be used as a tool

Building good honest

while everything else will

relationships will build trust,

remain unchanged. Inspiration

which in turn, will support

itself starts changing people.

building collaborative

This means that when you're


trying to inspire others around you they'll start being more

People are inspired by their

motivated about their own

peers who are doing great

goals which will have a knock-

things. Achieving goals

on effect with the goals of

becomes easier when people

other people working with

are inspired by others around



More inspirational company

By understanding inspiration,

culture will certainly lead

you'll master how to inspire

to more ideas being shared

others in your business,

resulting in better collaborative

working with clients and other

work. As a result motivation

people. We all want people

and inspiration will start

around us who are inspired

spreading across the business

by what we do. Being a role

like a virus.

model and inspiring the next generation is an important part


of living life well, so it's great when you're able to help out in this way.

UK Associates Ltd., a company that specializes in business and marketing strategy consulting for global clients and entrepreneurs. We support you with strategy, collaborations, joint ventures and funding to build sustainable and profitable businesses across all industry sectors. I’m also working alongside the CEO of One & Done as the Chief Operating Officer. An innovative tech business building digital experiences of amazing APPs + platforms, OTT video streaming solutions, In the end, inspiration

I hope this article has inspired

starts changes that last.

you in some way or another

That's why inspiration is so

and I’d like to dedicate it to the

powerful and should never be

remembrance of my amazing

underestimated as a tool.

late father...

We need more inspiration in

If you’d like to be inspired

the world today by everyone,

further, subscribe to

especially business leaders

my website - www.

who can inspire participation,

growth and create a more inspirational company culture!

Best of luck in Business

ABOUT powerful tools you have at your ANNETTE WHITE Inspiration is one of the most disposal! My name is Annette White

NFTs and Metaverse projects for businesses, content creators and communities. This is a really exciting time for us as a scale-up brand. My background is over thirty years in tech, strategic marketing and running my own business. In my spare time I also sit on the board of a local charity called Marsh farm Futures where I support in business and marketing advice. One of my passions is music; I can't resist some salsa dancing!

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



and I'm the Founder of Osprey

Technology Column

34 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

Part 1 of 3


GENERATION PI Reswizzling of Business Brought to you by Artificial Intelligence and Millennials

MARK D. DEMERS SR. DIRECTOR, SAS RESWIZZLING The “biological clock” is a An excellent, trusted, and

timely problem facing critical

This month’s column and next

If you don't think generation matters, think of this example. When asked to recall how and where JFK died, Baby Boomers would say gunshots in Dallas, Texas; Generation X remembers a plane crash near Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts; and Generation Y might say, “Kennedy who?”

will discuss PI (π), Millennials,

Baby Boomers, and Millennials,

Artificial Intelligence.

but have you heard of Gen PI?

If you don't think generation

Autonomous and Autonomic

Aging IT systems with an

matters, think of this example.

computing and the relationship

aging workforce, skills deficit,

When asked to recall how

between them all. In other

and emerging advanced

and where JFK died, Baby

words – the proverbial People

technologies like AI and

Boomers would say gunshots

– Processes & Technology.

Machine Learning are pushing

in Dallas, Texas; Generation

organizations of all ills to

X remembers a plane crash

reimagine their futures.

near Martha's Vineyard,

respected woman business leader whom I know, Michelle Wells, recently taught me a new word that is fitting to frame this month’s Technology Column – “Reswizzling.” Reswizzle means rearranging or reorganizing, or restructuring something in a functional, relevant way.

We've all heard of GenZ, GenX,

industries like manufacturing. As more Baby Boomer executives, managers, and workers retire, there aren't enough recruits from Gen Y or Millennial employee pool – workers in their 20s to early 30s – stepping in to take their places. Adding to the urgency is that 75% of the workforce will be from the Millennial generation by 2025, according to many sources.

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



Massachusetts; and Generation

no matter the size. Pi is a

Y might say, “Kennedy who?”

mathematical constant and an irrational number, meaning

Analytics is a sustained competitive differentiator for any industry. Analytics are now used by many business workers without them even having to know statistics. And while analytics have become more powerful and embedded into work processes, the advent of them being more intelligent (learning) is empowering new ways for companies to think

Gen PI - will be a cataclysmic event for “reswizziling” the way the world and people work for generations to come. Gen PI is the perfect concoction of AI - leveraged and trusted by Millennials and a growing population of Data Scientists. WHAT IS PI?

about how to use them to

it can't be expressed as a simple fraction. The number is an infinite decimal, and mathematicians have proved that the number has no repeating patterns. This is a parallel to how PI (aka math, science) is needed more and more because nothing is or will ever be the same anymore.


replace and adjunct workers,

I am blessed to work for SAS, a

automate processes and create

Company that celebrates World

Let me state the obvious,

even new business methods

PI Day each year on March

that being the one thing we

which to make more money

14th (3.14). That is the view

know about the future is -- it’s

and differentiate doing so.

from my office every day.


The number pi is perhaps the Gen PI - will be a cataclysmic

most famous irrational number

The robot apocalypse. The

event for “reswizziling” the way

in the world. In mathematical

fourth industrial revolution. The

the world and people work

formulas, PI is written as π,

end of jobs. If you’ve missed

for generations to come. Gen

which is the Greek letter "pi."

the endless horror headlines

PI is the perfect concoction

Despite this connection to

of the future of work and

of AI - leveraged and trusted

Ancient Greece, people were

prognostications, you deserve

by Millennials and a growing

aware of the concept of pi

an award for staying above the

population of Data Scientists.

in earlier civilizations. We all

work revolution fray.

Trends in AI, cloud computing,

learned about it as children in

automation, edge computing


combined with people are

Frankly and personally, I hope all the above is true. Now –

about to come together in

Pi is the ratio of a circle's

hold off on the emails. The

ways that will open the door to

circumference to its diameter.

fact is - we need it to become

new tech innovations that will

This is true for every circle,

reality if we will survive all that

supercharge your business. 36 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

will be coming at us.


H.G. Wells planted the seed for

bankrupt. The staggering

modern futurism with a series

overwhelming amount of

of essays called "Anticipations."

information we must deal with

He advocated that thinkers/

has reached an actual epidemic.

actor in the present should devote substantive cognitive

Our lives are filled with

resources to shaping the future.

statistics & forecasts (how

I think that he was right.

much food to buy at the grocery store, which road to

All of us can agree, we have

drive to work to avoid traffic,

reached information overload.

what will the weather be and

Information used to be a

what to wear, etc.) Yet, in the

relatively scarce resource. Now,

most complicated, difficult part

of course, we’re drowning in

of our lives – work – we still

data and information. We are

question stats and analytics or

data-rich and going knowledge

just do not let them do their job

I hope all the above is true. Now – hold off on the emails. The fact is - we need it to become reality if we will survive all that will be coming at us.

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



by injecting personal bias back into insights driven from data and analytics. Come on, people! I propel that we are more intelligent than that. It is proven by this brain teaser. Have you ever read someone else’s work and pointed out a simple error — a misspelled word, an omitted conjunction, or a wrongly used word? It happens to the best of writers, because, like the above test, our brains fill in gaps to process the meaning of information.

38 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

The Brain Game! Typoglcemia With all if this iarmoftionn on ifmrooatnin overload, isn’t it aimnzag that you can still urnnsaetdd what you are reading? The phaonmneal pweor of the human mind. Aocedrnig to a rscheearch team, it doesn't matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only iprmoatnt thing is that the first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still read it wouthit a problem. This is because the human mind deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

perspectives and cultures from

data and a more digital world

almost 60 countries around

than ever before, organizations

the world where all ideas are

need the ability to sift, sort,

encouraged, and everyone

and analyze information quickly

is respected for their unique

to ensure confident decision-

contributions and abilities.

making at every moment.

SAS’ employees empower, encourage and inspire women

Society needs these

to pursue excellence in STEM

improvements to provide value

and their careers and fulfillment

for businesses, contribute to

in their personal lives.

economic growth, and make

Employees are encouraged to

once-unimaginable progress on some of our most difficult societal challenges. Automation, conversational platforms, computer vision, bots, and smart machines can be combined with large amounts of data to improve many technologies at home and in the workplace, from security intelligence to investment analysis. To Be Continued in the next edition – don’t miss it… (Next month will cover Part 2)

ABOUT MARK D. DEMERS Mark Demers leads an expert global team of industry practice directors, industry marketing,

principal industry consultants and thought leaders that drive vision and product direction, messaging and support sales for Industry-centered SAS products and solutions. Mark and his team work closely with SAS’ customers, sales, Partners, R&D, and technical staff around the world, to position, market and sell SAS solutions for Government, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, and Education and Communications sectors using analytics. SAS is the world leader in analytics. It’s internationally recognized for providing

expand professional networks, showcase thought leaders and attract women to careers in science and technology. Demers’ decades of management experience include executive positions at several public and private companies prior to SAS. Mark serves as Board member for an emerging innovative Company – Visual Farms, audaciously inspired to help strike out world hunger. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin. com/in/markddemers

an innovative, supportive workplace that blends different backgrounds, experiences,

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33



With exploding amounts of










POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION SUPPORTING WOMEN AND CHILDREN GLOBALLY (03RD APRIL 2021) Powerful Global Women Foundation in collaboration Royalty Kids Montessori School present A one day easter retreat for children and teenagers. Theme of the program was: The Total Child. The program includes reason for the season, cinema, POP quiz, music, baking and losts more. Mrs. Josephine, Phillip Itsuokor (Proprietress, Royalty Kids) was present as host. Over 100 children were in attendance during the program.

42 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION CHILDREN RETREAT EVENT (12TH SEPTEMBER 2020) We had various workshops for them during the gathering. We also gave facemasks each child that was in attendance. Over one hundred children attended the event. They were all fed as part of our tradition to do. A massive thank you to Ross Swan for supporting our mission. This project was led by our amazing Vice-president (Mrs Josephine Itsuokor).

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


44 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION COVID-19 PROJECTS As part of PGWF mission to support more families during this challenged time, we have been able to hold two projects (one in April and the other on 13th July 2020). We distributed food supplies to several families and orphanage homes. Our team lead by Mrs Josephine Itsuokor (Vice-president of PGWF) made these projects a success. We will continue to reach out to more families through the support of our global partners.


FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


Powerful Global Women Foundation (Powerhouse Charity) was founded in 20l6 in Nigeria, West Africa, by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw. The core objective of this organization is to transform the lives of women and children, through various projects centred around the need of the service group. In 20l6 Lady Anita single handedly fed over 400 children as part of “project feed l000 children globally”, and held an empowerment conference for the women. Through this project, so many women have gone to do great things with the knowledge they gained from the event. She recently held a life transforming event for women in Lagos, Nigeria as part of International women’s month celebration 20l8. The turnout was very encouraging. She is working towards supporting more families to keep their children and wards in school through” project back-to-school” starting in September 20l8. We are seeking for global support from individuals and organisations who would love to be a part of this service to humanity. To support us, please visit: or email or

46 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

CHARITY PROJECT: As part of our Global Annual commitment, we were able to successfully complete project feed the children 2019 mission. Over 150 children were fed at this year’s event. Powerful Women Global Foundation (PGWF ) is a charity set up by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw in 2016. The service users are women and children. To support PGWF, please email

FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33


48 FEBRUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 33

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