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Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw Powerhouse Global Brand Propagator

We have received another opportunity to be the voice of hope and possibilities. Powerhouse Global Magazine is set to make this year a good one for her global supporters. We have teamed up with some of the best in various industries to share ideas and opportunities for our growing community. We have commenced a monthly columns on Technology, Leadership, Health and other relative subjects that could help our community to excel in this Year and beyond. I am excited to introduce to us Mark D. Demers (Sr. Director of SAS) who will be educating us on matters around Technology, and we have Inderjit Singh who is an all round in Leadership matters. Amongst others who will be sharing ideas on other subjects - we are truly grateful for the contributions of these leaders. This year is a special one because Powerhouse Global Summit/Awards event will be taking place in London, this May - lookout for more information. Of course, our publication will be what it is today without the support of our global readers thank you. To the amazing design team of #pgmag, you are the best and I count it a great privilege to serve with all of you. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw


'Life is not a Sprint race, but a Marathon - everyone will have to run at their own pace." – Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw


JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



VIN LEE (VL) PGMAG: Vin Lee, so good to have you on

VL: Grand Metropolitan has been around

today’s interview with Lady Anita.

for several decades. Most of our almost 100 portfolio brands have been around for longer

VL: Thank you so much for your kind invitation.

than a century and become leaders in their

It is an honor to meet you Lady Anita and to be

respective industries and communities. I can

featured in your fine publication Powerhouse

only take partial credit for continuing the

Global Magazine. I am a big admirer.

relationships our many founders had established with consumers and within their businesses.

PGMAG: The last two years has been a ‘wake up’ call for the world due to the pandemic

PGMAG: Our research shows us a man who has

(covid-19) As one of the change makers in

worked extremely hard to get to where he is

the global market, how would you describe

today What is your prediction for the future in

the impact of the pandemic and some of the

terms of business growth and relevance in the

lessons learned from this global change?

global market.

VL: I think many people have realized how

VL: I was very fortunate to have been

vulnerable we are as a society socially, financially, surrounded by a great many people that and emotionally. I have not ever publicly voiced

supported me as a teen. They helped create

my political views as they are not pertinent to

situations and introductions that made success

our business. But it has become a pandemic

at an early age very easy. Our brand portfolio

unto its own that politics has seeped into every

maintains leadership positions in their respective

aspect of life across the planet dividing people in

categories. We have the largest privately-held

yet another way.

jewelry group and home furnishing groups in North America. Transitioning from a brick &

PGMAG: As a global influencer, what are the

mortar footprint of over 5,000 locations to a

key factors of building a sustainable business?

digital platform enables us to capitalize on our JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



I was very fortunate to have been surrounded by a great many people that supported me as a teen. They helped create situations and introductions that made success at an early age very easy. talents and quality of service worldwide. PGMAG: The wind of change is ever present in our pursuit of purpose. What are some of the steps you have taken to overcome adversity as an industrial leader? VL: Much of our growth over the last three decades has been in the position of white knight to failing enterprises. This has enabled us to come into an operation with limited overhead and eliminated debt service and save jobs while preserving the brands integrity. Our overall enterprise revenue has topped $250 billion across almost two centuries. I refuse to borrow funds to close acquisitions. So that we start from day 1


JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

cash flow positive. Most of

prioritized our operations

our predecessors were able to

and we never lost any of

achieve great scale and name

our talented management

brand recognition on a national

to competitors. In addition,

level as a result of relaxed

because of our financial

credit terms throughout the

strengths, we never had to

1970s-1990s. Eventually the

pivot our business model to

time came to pay the piper, this

fashionable risky trends. As

coupled with recession and a

an example, in the jewelry

pandemic destroyed hundreds

industry many retailers found

of companies that were

themselves becoming "pawn

institutions across America.

brokers" for precious metals begging customers to sell

During these down periods we

them their old gold in a way to

took great efforts to support

increase foot traffic and cash

our staff and vendors. This

flow during down markets. It

way our supply chain always

tarnished the image of many

Sumner Redstone, H. Wayne

More recently the pandemic

Huizanga. This was during

has caused jewelers to add

the same years that Bernard

Lab-Grown Diamonds to their inventory mix as a way of shoring up low cost inventory. We refuse to participate in this product offering at this time. PGMAG: What is your message for world leaders? VL: To be honest I am not a sociologist or economist. There is so much I do not understand about the leadership of several countries. I was raised to be a competitor. No one taught me that the world was a team sport. You work hard and do your best to care for your family and friends. I really believe that one of the biggest problems in our society today is people not keeping their eyes on their own plate. There is too much entitlement going on with individuals seeing on social media how other people life and feeling they deserve that too. What makes it worse is that it has begun to compound to where those wanting a better life have morphed into just wanting

I was raised to be a competitor. No one taught me that the world was a team sport. You work hard and do your best to care for your family and friends. everyone to not have anything together. PGMAG: Let’s talk about ‘Grand Metropolitan’- very inspiring I must say So, who is ‘Vin Lee’ what inspired him to build such a huge portfolio of business with over 60 luxury brands around the world? VL: Thank you. That's very kind of you to say. But certainly I cannot take the credit for what Grand Metropolitan has grown to be. There are so many talented people that help to keep the lights on each and every day. As I had previously mentioned I had an early start that brought me into the perimeter of some of the world's most successful people in my 20s like billionaires A Alfred Taubman,


fine jewelry establishments.

Arnault started his takeover of LVMH and François-Henri Pinault created Kering (PPR). So it was very difficult not to become a voyeur of their efforts and successes. Once you get a taste of that lifestyle, it becomes very difficult to settle for anything less. My parents had already provided me the background of fine art and introductions to horse back riding and F1 racing. My brother and I had very privileged childhoods in the manner of chauffeured coach vacations and private clubs. But the one thing more prominent than becoming a member is to be the one that owns the clubhouse. PGMAG: What were the top three books that changed your life? VL: I wish I could say I was more of a voracious reader. While I am constantly soaking up multiple screens and news sources, literature is not much a part of my current life. But

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



I prefer business biographies

hundreds of occasions where

and have a small collection on

I felt like I was on the wrong

Howard Hughes.

path in life. Especially when my personal life took such a

I promise there have been hundreds of occasions where I felt like I was on the wrong path in life. Especially when my personal life took such a toll from all of the travel and distraction.

1. The Fourth Estate

toll from all of the travel and

2. Cecil Rhodes

distraction. It was when I

3. The Invisible Billionaire:

stopped fighting so hard to

Daniel Ludwig

make my life a certain way that everything fell into place.

PGMAG: What keeps you

Sometimes when you push and

motivated when you feel like

push towards something, taking

giving up on your dreams?

a step back you realize the door you are trying to get through is

VL: I promise there have been


JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

actually a pull. I was finally able

Lion's Den Studios in California. It eventually became a Saturday morning cartoon called Shamu & Friends. It was suggested that the studio had a job waiting for me to reach my goal in my late 40s.

PGMAG: Just out of curiosity;

And then magically we doubled

how did you become so

in size and several of the deals I

successful at such a young

wanted badly finally happened.


I don't want to say that making

VL: At a young age I had a

your dreams come true all of a

passion for animation and

sudden makes you happy. At

my high school art teacher

least it didn't for me. What it

facilitated an internship where I

did do was make me realize

studied under a famed director

how unhappy I had been for

for Hannah Barbera Studios.

so long. I did not have enough

During my junior year in high

balance in my life.

school I created a 3 minute film treatment that my tutor took to

when I finished my animation degree in three years. During that time I was introduced to Hip Street Productions in Toronto that employed me as art director for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics doing graphics for tshirts, posters, and merchandise. I was 17 years old. After the Olympics I started tinkering around with several designs and inventions. I was eventually awarded patents

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



At a young age I had a passion for animation and my high school art teacher facilitated an internship where I studied under a famed director for Hannah Barbera Studios.


for a mechanical billboard that

and it spread throughout the

I designed for Blockbuster

city, what the Glick Furniture

Video Stores. This would

Company did for its customers,

ultimately grow into a $6 billion a year industry. During this period I was moonlighting as a consultant and scored a 3 year, $50 million contract with the City of Detroit Pension Fund to bailout their $80 million

If I knew then what I know now I would reassure myself that everything would work out fine. Marry the girl and buy stock in Apple, Facebook, and Tesla.

that it just zoomed business tremendously. I wish to have a similar legacy someday. Remembered for the good we were able to do for our family, friends, and communities around the world.

investment in Grand Traverse Resort. It was with the first

brands. In particular Heilig-

PGMAG: Thank you for your

payment of this deal that I

Meyers Furniture subsidiary

time – much appreciated.

bought my first fine jewelry

Glick Furniture.

store for $800,000. I was 22

One of the things that made

VL: I wish all the best wishes

years old.

Glick so successful, and grow

for you and your amazing

quickly and move ahead and

publication PGMAG.

PGMAG: What would you say

become the leading furniture

to your younger self?

company, was in 1913 there

PGMAG: Please share your

was a flood in Columbus.

links with us.

VL: If I knew then what I know

Thousands of people were

now I would reassure myself

left homeless. Their houses

VL: Here are my social links

that everything would work

were flooded, the furniture

out fine. Marry the girl and

was ruined. Many of those


buy stock in Apple, Facebook,

people were customers of our

and Tesla. Then dump it all

company who had purchased

into Bitcoin and cash out. You

on credit. We ran an ad in

will save yourself thirty years

the newspaper to make an

of heart ache and ultimately a

announcement to all the good

heart attack and end up where

customers, to consider their bill

you are anyway!

paid in full. As soon as they got back on their feet, come in and

PGMAG: Finally, what does

pick out some more furniture,

legacy mean to you?

and we’d refinance the new purchase.

VL: I have to draw the comparison to our legacy 10 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

That gesture was so notarized,




ANNIE GIBBINS THE TOP BOOKS THAT INFLUENCED YOU. As a woman who spends her life on the run, my downtime is everything to me. And the best way to decompress after a hectic week at the helm, is being nose deep in my favourite books. But, with a thirst for growth and expanding success, it's what I choose to read that makes all the difference. As an influencer myself, I know it’s all about what you know, what you know about and who you know. I choose to read from those who have converted their challenges into opportunities. As a Global Women’s Empowerment Coach, C-Suite leader, podcast host and #1 Best Selling Author, it is my passion to debunk mindset myths, and educate women that transformation and a 7-figure salary is doable, with the right set of formulas. And I have learnt from some of the best. Here are my top four reads, inspirational authors and life-changing books that showed me how success is at our fingertips, when it comes to backing ourselves in the boardroom.

MINDSET BY CAROL DWECK. I just love this book. And what I love even more, is that we all have a choice when it comes to the way we think. Dweck explains why it's not just our abilities and talent that bring us success, but how we apply our ‘fixed or growth’ mindset.

She makes it clear why praising intelligence and ability doesn't foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment but may jeopardise success, because as individuals we are not doing the work. That is exactly how I feel when it comes to coaching my top-tier clients. We know that CEOs are no strangers to knowing their worth. But for so many who are on the cusp of success, it’s the way they think that gets in the way. It sounds simple because it is. But for so many, working longer hours isn’t going to get the job done. Whether we are teaching our children or our clients, the tapestry behind every good decision is based on a set of mindset guidelines. Like Carol Dweck, learning is important, but

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



how we approach learning is

behind the concept, they will

everything. Adopting a positive

likely refer to the company's

growth mindset can literally

values, however that’s not the

change your life.

conceptional purpose. Sinek isn’t referring to this. Behind


some of the greatest leaders, such as Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs, they captivated a

We all need a reminder that sometimes we are spending our lives, both personally and professionally reacting and not living. This book is a game-changer for me.

Behind every great idea,

global audience because they

purpose, passion, campaign

identified their ‘why’. They

and global movement, there

deconstructed their ‘why’

is a person or people who are

and reconstructed a dream.

are resourceful. We improvise.

fiercely motivated with ‘their

Sometimes, the simplest of

We’re so accustomed to

why’. Simon Sinek is an author

questions has the greatest

managing emergencies as they

and viral TED speaker, who’s

impact. Every day I know my

strike that we often don’t stop

seamless philosophies are being

‘why’, and every day I learn the

to think about how we could

adopted worldwide. He asks,

‘why’s’ of my clients. Therefore,

prevent crises before they

‘Why are some people and

this is why I love what I do.

happen. Why 'solve' crimes

organisations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and

when we could stop them


employees alike? Even among

being committed?’ Yes! We have all written a strategic plan, five-year forecast and board paper to suggest ways in which we can tackle our top

the successful, why are so few

We all need a reminder that

ten drawbacks. Not only does

able to repeat their success

sometimes we are spending

this approach gear towards

over and over? And it all

our lives, both personally and

a negative mindset, it is also

starts with WHY’. So many

professionally reacting and not

draining a budget that was not

organisations can brilliantly

living. This book is a game-

calculated to enable problems.

explain how they make money,

changer for me. New York

When I am on a one-on-one

who drives the revenue, where

Times best-selling author Dan

coaching call or speaking at a

their markets are placed and

Heath asks what happens when

symposium on how to enhance

what leading products are

we take our thinking upstream

the economic climate for

boosting their bottom line.

and try to prevent problems

international organisations,

But if we really asked an

before they happen. He so

I don’t list everything that is

entry level administrator or

perfectly says, ‘we all tend to

going against their business. I

a Board Director the ‘why’

work around problems. We

12 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32


am sharing how prevention is

he structured this book as

better than intervention. How

a professional development

foresight is insight. This is a

and how-to-guide on how to

must read, because with Dan

make your business a success.

Heath on my bookshelf, life just

Now, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is

got so much more successfully,

considered one of the greatest


pieces of economic literature there is. I think every CEO


needs a book close-by that heralds the importance of championing wealth. Afterall, there is nothing wrong with

My final top 4 book pick is

backing your back-pocket. Hill

this incredible read. This is an

explains how achievement

oldy but goody, after being

occurs, and a formula for

written by one of the greatest

success is available for the

business legends of all time.

average person. This is how

When Napoleon Hill started

I model my programs. I want

putting ink to paper (literally),

every woman, from a budding

We have all written a strategic plan, five-year forecast and board paper to suggest ways in which we can tackle our top ten drawbacks. Not only does this approach gear towards a negative mindset, it is also draining a budget that was not calculated to enable problems.

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



We are living and working in a world that is moving faster than ever before. Being busy is a state of mind that we have come to call ‘normal’ and emerging from a pandemic will one day, be our ‘new normal’.

start-up to a global leader to understand that fortune, be that accolades or dollar bills, is available. If Hill went on to advise President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1936, then perhaps you can be the person who guides your government to greater things.

to ensure our slice in the

liked leader. I know we all have


digital marketplace is bigger

company surveys and HR polls

and bolder than ever. There

that substantiate that we are

is something I do that a lot

doing a great job, but how I

We are living and working in

of CEOs have been taught

treat my clients, whether that

to avoid. I inject heart and

is a struggling mother-of-five,

humanness into every one

or a Senior Vice President, is

of my team members. Many

actually no different. Why?

times, I have led companies

Because I want to exude

over the line, with thousands

trust. And trust is contagious.

of employees in tow, because

When we feel safe in an

I am infectious. And I have no

organisational framework, we

scruples admitting that I am a

increase the space to create,

a world that is moving faster than ever before. Being busy is a state of mind that we have come to call ‘normal’ and emerging from a pandemic will one day, be our ‘new normal’. That’s why we need

14 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

birth to twin boys and 26

young person in the world, it's

fail. I am a big believer that

months later, another set of

to dream big and act bigger.

failure is what comes before

twins arrived. Completing

Women have often muted and

success. In fact, if you aren’t

my family with a beautiful

shrunk themselves because

innovating with a few failed

daughter, I was no stranger to

society said so. Fortunately,

attempts, then I am not sure

long nights. Even in the thick

the gender tide is turning but

you’ll ever be listed in the

of sleep deprivation, I knew

we have a long way to go. As

Fortune 500. So, trust brings

I wanted (and could have

the G100 Australian Country

joy, happiness, satisfaction and

more). Climbing my particular

Chair - Equity & Equality, I

commitment. Isn’t that what

career ladder hasn’t been

am an advocate for change. I

we are ultimately striving for.

easy. Afterall, anything that

want to ensure that everyone

Retention over attrition, and

comes too easy is rarely worth

understands that a person’s

growth over decline? Your

sacrificing for. So, I fought hard.

opinion is an impermanent

competitive advantage must

I fought for my CEO roles,

statement that has nothing to

bring out these feelings. Your

and education. I strived to

do with you. It's just that, an

suite of skills and attributes will

be a leader that never lacked

opinion. Don’t be shamed into

cement contentment. I know

integrity. But what I wish

suppression or give-up on that

for some, this may all sound a

I had more of were clearly

next big promotion, because

bit ‘woo, woo’. But, there is not

defined boundaries, with clear

you are brilliant. Harness

one person on this planet who

intention. Boundaries protect

your passion, back yourself

COVID-19 hasn’t impacted.

everyone. We often struggle

to success and be 100%

With so much decline, loss

placing boundaries in our

committed, even when no-one

and impact, despite some

lives, because we feel we are

is watching.

businesses thriving, many

‘putting someone out’ by asking

have folded. If we apply

for our needs to be met, our

our emotional intelligence

values to be understood and

and equip ourselves with a

our feelings heard. In fact, it’s

downstream mindset, then

the opposite. Boundaries offer

the global economy stands a

clarity, worth and respect. You

chance of mass and magnificent

cannot misinterpret a boundary


but you can easily misinterpret a shady line in the sand. Learn


yours early and stand by them with pride. If I could have a conversation with my younger self, and in fact, to every

Aged just 23 years old, I gave JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



innovate and sometimes,

Business & Leadership Column

16 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32





ften times we hold unto things and people for longer than necessary. Just because

we have become familiar with such people or things, we become afraid to let go of them even if they are limiting our potential. This behaviour in turn prevents us from moving to a higher level of personal development and successes. Most times it requires a mental shift for the change we are looking for to take place. These things and people that we hold unto instead of letting go, becomes toxic to our system. I have discovered that the longer we hold unto such belief, the more desperate we become to save such relationship with things or people. We build a wall of defence filled with excuses telling ourselves reasons why we should hold unto them for much longer. We keeping telling ourselves that everything is ‘ok’ but on the

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



It’s very easy to ask someone to let go of people and things that no longer serve them. it is much harder to convince such individual to totally and completely rid themselves of such ‘baggage’. I call them baggage because anything holding you back from moving forward is a weight. contrary, it is ‘not ok’. This

do, have and become more.

completely rid themselves

behaviour is often exhibited by

Some people reading this book

of such ‘baggage’. I call them

women. In my little journey of

might say: ‘Lady Anita you

baggage because anything

life, I have experienced the ups

won’t understand’. Yes! I might

holding you back from moving

and downs of life storms and

not understand because our

forward is a weight. They come

challenges. In all of this, I have

life experiences are different,

in various forms and sizes.

built a mindset of a ‘warrior’.

and the way we each handle

They come in form of people

Life has taught me to navigate

situations are totally and

(love relationship, friendship,

my ship (thinking and action)

completely different. In saying

colleague, business partners,

towards what ‘serves me’ the

that, you have to decide what

family members etc). they also


works best for you at each

come in sizes (familiar territory,

point in time, and discover the

cars, houses, shoes, clothes,

I have experienced poverty,

best possible ways of dealing

accessories, bank account,

hate, bulling, rejection,

with such situations.

luxury, a place of comfort etc).

relationship breakdown,

you may have to identify the

death of loved ones, debt,

It’s very easy to ask someone

area of your life that is holding

homelessness, fear, lack,

to let go of people and things

you back.

shame, discouragement and

that no longer serve them. it

betrayal. In all of this, I refused

is much harder to convince

“Let go of the past, but keep

to give up on my dream to

such individual to totally and

the lessons it taught you.”-

18 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

blessing, that friend who only contact you when they need

Here are some quick questions to guide you towards letting go: 1. By holding unto this person, of what benefit is this act to me? 2. What is this person doing to my personal growth? 3. What is this person doing to my health? 4. What is this person doing to my finances? 5. What is this person doing to my Spiritual growth? 6. What is this person making me become? 7. By staying in this relationship, what would become of me in the next 1 year, 3 years and 5 years? The beauty of letting go of someone or things is the opportunity it creates for ‘the new’ to come into your life. Let’s look at the scenario of a closet filled with clothes, the more we take out those extras we no longer need, we create room for better styled and more trendy fashion into our closet. There is pain in selecting those clothes, shoes, bags and accessories we no longer need, but there comes a sense of freedom once we

your help, those associates

The beauty of letting go of someone or things is the opportunity it creates for ‘the new’ to come into your life. take those clothes out to the charity shop or give them away to those who need them. we discover space and clarity in the process. It even brings healing to our mind. In other words, the more we hold unto people and things that no longer serve us, the more we wrap ourselves in unpleasantness. Just like we tell ourselves that we still need those clothes, which when we tell ourselves the truth, it becomes obvious that we don’t really need them. that is the same way we lie to ourselves in order to hang unto things and people because we are afraid

who only come to you when they want to pick your brain, that person who tolerate your presence instead of celebrating your brilliance, that person who rather give others the opportunity rather than pass them to you, that person who leaves you high and dry each time they come around you, that person who discourages you from pursuing your dream, that person who would rather take someone else to the party instead of you etc….the list is endless. These people are all ‘destiny destroyers’. You need to detox yourself from such relationship. What do you do if you find yourself in such situations? If you find yourself in the

to see them go.

above-mentioned situations,

Now is the time for you to do

mission of ‘DE-CLUTTERING’.

the needful. Search your Soul and tell yourself the truth. That person who causes you more pain, that person who puts you down in front of others, that person who sees you as a burden rather than a

you just have to go on the De-clutter your circle of influence and association. Yes! The same way we de-clutter our closet could be used to ride ourselves of people that no longer serve our purpose. The only difference is that you have to place them in the order of JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



Chiara Gizzi



relationship with people who would rather be elsewhere

Here are a few ways to declutter: 1. Limited association - unlike our clothes which we can give away without the hope of getting them back (we don’t really need them back), people are different. When we are

than be with us, we hurt our

thought to be better than me. I was once that girl who would make room to accommodate people who only need her for their own benefit.

Soul and deny our existence. We give our power away completely. 3. Repackage yourself – several times in my life I have had to repackage myself (my

able to place them in the order

of purpose, because they no

gifts, talents, ability and my

of importance, it becomes

longer serve her being, and

strength). Several times life had

a lot easier to manage their

without apologising for wanting

thrown stones at me, and I had

effects on our emotion. You

to live her full potential. You

to find the best possible ways

have to decide where to place

too can!

to bounce back. The process of

each person in your board of

repackaging is a ‘self-discovery’

importance. Once upon a time

2. Disassociation – yes! It’s

I was that girl who tried so

a tough decision but it is

hard to keep relationship with

the necessary one to make.

4. Reposition – a few years ago

people who devalued her. I

When we remain in a toxic

I spoke at an event in Houston,

was once that girl who would

relationship, we hamper our

Texas on this topic (Reposition

travel over four hours to be

personal and professional

for change). I later published

with people who only tolerated

growth. When we stay with

an anthology book with a

my presence. I was once that

people who are constantly

few incredible women from

girl who thought it was ok to

putting us down, we lose our

across the globe on this same

be looked down upon by those

self-confidence which in turn

title (Reposition for change).

who at that time.

limit our productivity. When we

So, in order to see clearly and

keep holding unto people who

differently, you must reposition

thought to be better than me.

walked away from our lives,

yourself. Often times when we

I was once that girl who would

we shut the doors for better

are in relationships, we become

make room to accommodate

people to come through. When

blinded by our emotional

people who only need her for

we allow the pain of our past

attachment to such people. We

their own benefit.

to determine our behaviour

become less motivated to keep

towards others, we hide our

being brilliant. We become

Now! I am that woman who

brilliance because of the fear

complacent to our duty of love.

thrust people out of her field

of rejection. When we keep

Nothing anyone says about

20 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32


the opportunity to give and to

because we live in self-denial.

receive love. At the age of 19,

Unless we break the siege that

my heart was first broken by

holds us in such relationship, we would end up broken on the long run. “One of the most courageous decision you would ever make, is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and Soul.”- Brigitte Nicole

Share your success story with others – the world is waiting for you to show up. Don’t hide your brilliance. Find new people who are interested in hearing your story.

my then fiancée who ended up marrying my proposed maid of honour. I shall tell this story at another opportunity. This event took place over 20 years ago, and I have grown into an inspiration for others because I never gave up on my definite

5. Invest in your personal and

6. Love yourself – yes! So

resolute to be ‘brilliant’. I love

professional development – this

many people out there are

without reservation because

is a never- ending journey if

waiting for validation from

love is what makes all the

you must become relevant in

others before they can be

difference in life. I have become

the world today and tomorrow.

happy. “You cannot give

a ‘global voice’ for so many

As a qualified life coach, my

what you don’t have.”- Anita

others because I chose to love

brilliance was discovered

Duckworth-Bradshaw If you

myself despite my setbacks.

when I went on the personal

are struggling to love yourself

You too can start right now

development journey. The

due to broken relationship, you

to heal the pain of the past

Coaching Academy UK was the

must seek for extra support

WATCHOUT for my other book

place of my brilliance discovery.

through a counsellor or coach.


It was a personal choice to

I understand that some people

coming out soon.

uncover what lies beneath my

have deep psychological

physical eyes, or what people

wounds which has completely

7. Share your success story

say about me. I know there was

messed up their will to love and

with others – the world is

more to life than what I already

be loved. The truth remains

waiting for you to show up.

knew as at that time. This could

that, “Yesterday is a cancelled

Don’t hide your brilliance. Find

be an uphill struggle if you do

cheque.”- Anita Duckworth-

new people who are interested

not have the right support.


in hearing your story. As you

Many would discourage you not

share your experiences with

to invest in continual personal

A wise person said:

others, you gain more inner

development due to the cost

“You cannot build today with

strength, and you become an

involved. “What doesn’t cost

yesterday’s broken pieces. By

inspiration for others. That is

you much will matter less to

filling up your space with guilt

the beautiful thing of going

you on the long run”. – Anita

and regrets, you deny yourself

through life challenges. By


letting go of people and things, JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



our toxic relationship matters,


your wings become un clipped

Global Conferences). Her

as you work daily towards

eye for beauty, her talent for

your personal and professional

design, and her imaginative

Her own personal struggles

freedom. Remember this;

and creative skills have led her

gave birth to her purpose.

to build a global social media

Having grown up in Africa,


platform that helps further

she understands first hand,

her social work. Culminating

the importance of supporting

in an elegant and most

others and helping provide

sophisticated publication that

ways to have life’s basic needs

serves humanity and shares

met. She found a solution

their stories, she’s managed

and therefore, created her

to create a world where to

foundation Powerful Global

feature women and men alike.

Women Foundation (PGWF)

Her brilliant use of social media

in 2016 in Nigeria and

allows her to vastly influences

subsequently, her most radiant

the masses. With a distribution

Powerhouse Global Magazine

I hope this book has been

reach of 73 countries from

publications. She lives by her

valuable to you.

around the world Lady Anita

motto of: Transforming Lives –

helps feed minds and touch

one person at a time. Utilizing


her voice, she addresses

POWER. Go out there and make things happen for you and those that matters in your life. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins no matter how small. You are more than you think you are. Break free from the hold of your past, and walk into the beauty of your brilliance.

Please share it with others and

pressing issues and topics

send your feed back to me via womanthepowerhouse@gmail. com

ABOUT LADY ANITA DUCKWORTH-BRADSHAW Lady Anita Chioma DuckworthBradshaw is an Award winning Global Impact Leader, Best Selling Author, Change Agent, Life Coach, and the Creator of the Powerhouse Global Brand (Powerhouse Global Magazine, Powerhouse Global Awards and Powerhouse

22 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

– especially women.

Providing basic education

related to her work. Topics

for children, designing skills

such as: Global Visibility; Your

acquisition programs for

Voice. Your Power; Reposition

women, and fostering social

for change;The Leading Leader;

skills for youngsters, feeding

Risk to Reward; Healing From

over 1000 children and

Within; The Road To Discovery

supporting more than 1000

and others.

women through her work within her foundation since


the inception in 2016. Lady


Anita is a true embodiment of a

servant leader. She has created


a platform for men and women

alike from all spheres of life


to showcase their brilliance.

A place leaders have come to love. Through online presence she gives hope to many people


NEW YEAR, A NEW & A BETTER ME ...magnificent dreams; fresh starts … Cheers to 2022 and fond farewell to 2021…. for last year’s words belong to the last year’s language….and this year’s words await another choice…. I believe that the dreams of the future are better than the history of the past… says Inderjit, a prolific writer and a journalist, a career diplomat, a bureaucrat; and more importantly, a crusader of realigning & redesigning work-life-love-play equation for all to live more wholesome and fulfilled lives….


O Every moment is a fresh beginning. Life is not about expecting, hoping and wishing. It is about doing, being and becoming.

n New Year’s Day, when the singing, fireworks and champagne toasts are over, many of us become more serious about life. We take stock and plan new courses

of action to better our lives. This is best seen in one of the most popular customs and the key to the meaning of New Year making resolutions. “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” said Lord Buddha,

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



known as being a "teacher

as a co-author, putting together

of the gods and humans",

the thoughts and demystifying

superior to both the gods and

the script that lies in my and

humans in the sense of having attained nirvana or spiritual enlightenment. Everyone should be born again on the first day of January to start with a fresh page. I personally have determined to go all the way on the course of my resolutions and have already started in that direction, in all earnestness. I have opened a new book. Its pages are blank. The book is called “An Occasion to Evolve” and its first chapter is selfassessment leading to selfawareness. I am going to put words on them myself for last year’s words belong to the last year’s language and this year’s words await another choice. I strongly believe that the dreams of the future are better than the history of the past. You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending. Remember when you have no interest in looking back, you’re on the right way. I have also made my choice to embark on the path of being 24 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

New Year's Day is the most active-minded holiday, because it is the one where people evaluate their lives and plan and resolve to take action. a better me in more than one way, in fact in many ways. Yes, it is all about choices that we make, our individual choice, a new chapter, a new verse or just the same old story? Ultimately since we write it ourselves, so the theme ought to be ours. What is your choice? What about your indulgence and engagement in writing with me

your head to unfold? For me, the secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming thoughts into small manageable and actionable tasks and then starting on the first task. Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction. Every moment is a fresh beginning. Life is not about expecting, hoping and wishing. It is about doing, being and becoming. Almost every country in the world observes a significant national holiday in honor of an important patriotic event such as, the winning of the


country's independence, commemorating the day of liberation, a revolution or a new constitution. For USA the Independence Day July 4th; for France the French Revolution Day July the14th; for Germany the German Unity Day October the 3rd; for Malaysia Hari Merdeka on August 31, Malaysia's independence from British colonial rule and the formation of Malaysia itself, and so on. New Year’s however, has a deeper significance. What is it? resolutions you plan on making

the promise of a new year, of a

for 2022, ringing in the start

new beginning. This celebration

of a new year is a moment to

and reflection are not merely

acknowledge. One, to celebrate

the result of an accident,

all of your experiences from

the turning of the leaf of the

The meaning of most

2021; and two, to welcome the

calendar. On an average each

holidays is clear: Valentine’s

new year ahead.

American makes 1.8 New


Day celebrates romance;

Year's resolutions. When the

Thanksgiving, blessings &

The meaning of New Year,

rest of the world is taken into

productivity; Christmas, good

the world’s most celebrated

account, the number of people

will towards all; but New Year,

holiday is associated with

making resolutions skyrockets

is a different ball game!

the celebration of Self - self-

to hundreds of millions. From

Each new year offers an

awareness, self-assessment,

New York to UK, Paris to

exciting opportunity for a fresh

and self-actualization;

Sydney, New Zealand to Africa,

start and new beginnings,

new aspirations and new

interesting similarities arise as

which is probably why we all

orientations. On this day,

shown in two very common

look forward to New Year’s Eve

many people take stock of the

resolutions: people wanting to

so much. No matter what your

last year’s achievements and

be more attractive by losing

goals are for the coming year

failures and look forward to

weight, and to be healthier by

are or how many new year’s JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



I choose one word to inspire me this year, and let that be “Kindness”. exercising more and smoking less. They want to do things better, become better people. New Year's Day is the most active-minded holiday because it is the one where people evaluate their lives and plan and resolve to take action. One dramatic example of taking resolutions seriously is the old European custom of: "What one does on this day one will do for the rest of the year." What unites this custom and the more common type of resolutions is that on the first day of the year people take their values more seriously. If people were to apply the value-achievement meaning of New Year's Day explicitly and consistently 365 days each year, they would be more happier and content. Values are not only physical and external. They also can be psychological. Many New Year's resolutions reveal that people want to better themselves 26 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

by improving psychologically.

to be happy. On New Year's

Every resolution you make

Day many people accept, often

on this day implies that you

more implicitly than explicitly,

are in control of yourself, that

that happiness comes from

you are not a victim fated by

the achievement of values.

circumstances, controlled by

Afterall, it is happiness that is

stars, owned by luck, but that

the motivation and purpose of

you are an individual who can

one's life. It is New Year's, more

make choices to change your

than any other day, that makes


the attainment of happiness more real and possible. This

But what is the purpose

is the meaning of New Year's

of making such goals and

Day and explains why it is

resolutions? Why bother?

so psychologically important

Making New Year's resolutions

and significant to people

and doing so even after failing

throughout the world.

last year's expectations, reinforces that people want


PROMISE YOURSELF; RENEW YOUR VALUES IN NEW YEAR I wish to share the following thoughts for you to perhaps, adopt & follow as your New Year’s resolutions. For me these words have served as a reminder every day of my life; that my happiness and my optimism does not depend on the external circumstances but my own internal decisions. Promise yourself, to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Promise yourself, to talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. Promise yourself, to make all your friends feel like that there is something in them. Promise yourself, to look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

future. Promise yourself, to

happy to permit the presence

Promise yourself, to think only

wear a cheerful countenance at

of trouble. Promise yourself, to

of the best, to work only for

all times and give every living

think well of yourself and this

the best, and to expect only

creature you meet a smile.

fact to the world not in loud

the best. Promise yourself, to

Promise yourself, to give so

words but great deeds. Promise

be just as enthusiastic about

much time to the improvement

yourself, to live in faith that the

the success of others as you

of yourself that you have no

world is on your side, so long as

are about your own. Promise

time to criticize others. Promise

you are true to the best that is

yourself to forget the mistakes

yourself, to be too large for

in you.

of the past and press on to the

worry, too noble for anger,

greater achievements of the

too strong for fear, and to0

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32




senior level diplomatic positions in several countries of Asia, South-East Asia, Middle-East,

Embrace self-love and selfacceptance. Stop negative selftalk & silence your inner critic. Start a daily journal or blog to improve your mental health. Learn to be more optimistic & think more positively. Resolve to complain less & appreciate life more. Practice daily gratitude. Start spending more time alone. Disconnect from social media to the extent possible. Stop procrastinating. Learn to say no and not feel bad. This is the year! I will be stronger, braver, kinder, unstoppable. This year I will be a game changer. I shall stand strong, believe in myself, chase all my dreams. Time is precious. I shall, if at all,

I conviction is “Those who leave everything in God’s Hand, will eventually see God’s hand in everything”. Inderjit Did we live enough? Did we love enough? Did we laugh enough? Did we make a difference? Our intentions and our resolutions notwithstanding; my conviction is “Those who leave everything in God’s Hand, will eventually see Gods hand in everything”. Wishing you Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year 2022. God be with you!

waste it wisely.


I choose one word to inspire

Inderjit has recently been

me this year, and let that be “Kindness”. At the end of 2022, the only questions I will ask myself and you are:

honored with Doctor of Philosophy by a renowned Brazilian Institution of higher education for his contribution in International Diplomacy. He is an Aviation Consultant with the UN. He has served in

28 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

Africa and South America. He was the CEO of IGI Airport – the 16th busiest in the world. He is an MBA, followed by advanced management courses at “Henley-the Management College”, Oxford shire, UK and the University of California, Berkeley, USA. He can be reached at inderjit.singh@



important that communication be a two way street both coming from top down and

Transparency builds trust, and makes employees feel that they’re working for a company with higher ethical standards. According to a 2014 American Psychological Association Survey, 25% of employees do not trust their employer. Half of them believe their employer is not upfront with them and open to the overall vision of the company. When transparency is added to the corporate culture, employees will be more engaged and committed to the vision of the company. The reason is they fully understand the mission and feel vested to share ideas, display their creativity, and bring about innovation to achieve the

Transparency builds trust, and makes employees feel that they’re working for a company with higher ethical standards. desired objective. People are always going to be first and best choice for operating within the solution before automation since when committed will add more continuous value to the process. So how does a company being about the full value of transparency to the workplace? The answer is communication. Please note not just any communication but direct and clear communication that comes from the highest level of honesty and integrity. It is

down up. Employees are most engaged and committed to the process when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategy, value, and the truth about their current situation. Companies that adopt the concept of transparent leadership see a stronger bond of trust and commitment from their employees to strive for efforts not achievable the other way around.

TRANSPARENCY EXPANDS RELATIONSHIPS You have probably heard that people do not leave the job itself but leave the managers associated with it. Solid relationships with JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



strong foundations are built

employees. Transparent

from being transparent. A

leadership starts with the

2014 CareerBuilder survey

CEO or President. This

showed that 37% of the 3,008 employees surveyed were likely to leave their jobs due to poor relationships and lack of confidence with their boss’s performance. So how do we improve relationships in the workplace? The best advice would be to

A 2014 CareerBuilder survey showed that 37% of the 3,008 employees surveyed were likely to leave their jobs due to poor relationships and lack of confidence with their boss’s performance.

critical information depicted above must be communicated clearly to gain trust and commitment from employees to be fully vested and for them to apply themselves as a team to achieve company goals. Companies have to put together training programs holding everyone accountable

have an open environment

communication you will see

to have alignment with the

that encourages transparency

a shift in the mood and even

values, vision, and mission of

and sharing of ideas without

your company culture.

the company. Investing in

judgement. While this is not easy, there are training programs to improve workplace communications and teach

your core people will be less


expensive and a far better investment than constant onboarding of new people.

people from all backgrounds to

office is to keep the flow of

TRANSPARENCY when asked felt their employers STRENGTHENS were not straight forward with INNOVATION

communication steady to

the company vision and not

prevent bottlenecks or issues

providing the right information

The difference between

from arising. This means for

to be truly successful in their

companies like Amazon and

senior management to engaged

jobs. This creates lack of trust

Apple to others is how together

employees and relate to them

and a huge drop off with level

a company can solve problems

as people. They should go out

of commitment to apply their

beforehand and come up

there and have meaningful

full potential toward the job.

with new ideas to disrupt the

relate to one another without judgement. Keeping an open

Most employees over the years

conversations that build not

marketplace in a good way. A

only trust but a foundation

Senior Management has to

transparent leader main goal

of confidence for everyone

be fully transparent about

should be to identify each of

to succeed as one. Once you

their organization’s vision,

their employee’s strengths

establish this open line of

mission, and values with

and leverage them together

30 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

problems they will either have

complex problems. Your best

a solution for you or help you

solutions and innovations come

work on one. In addition, you

These reasons provided will not

from truly understanding what

will get a solution a lot faster

only benefit you personally but

makes your people tick and

than if you, alone, spent all

everyone in your organization.

leveraging their strengths. It is

that time trying to come up

Being transparent does not

important for people to be out

with one just because you did

cost much to implement within

of their comfort zones but not

not want to let others know

your organizations. You will

dwelling on their weaknesses.

there is a major problem.

see major improvements in

Situations that allow them to

Being transparent is not a

your business when you are

leverage their strengths foster

weakness but actually strength

open, honest, and communicate

innovation and more creativity

at the core level. Sharing

effectively with your team. A

to succeed.

ideas and information will

team effort always prevails

allow companies to get a new

in the long run. Establish an

When employees feel micro-

perspective, new opinions

open environment by keeping

managed or not trusted by

and better insight. Problems

your people in the loop and

their manager, the result is

will be solved faster and more

work together as one to come

less effort, less productivity,

efficiently if you learn to be

up with solutions rather than

and most likely to leave the

open and honest. Below is a

manage the problem. Your

organization. On the other

list of suggestions to improve

business is ready to reach the

hand, employees who are

innovation and trust in your

next level when transparency is

empowered by their managers


part of the process every step

and feel trusted will be better

of the way.

performers, exert more effort,

first and ongoing for maximum

and always go above and


To your health & prosperity,

beyond role expectations. They

Christopher Salem

feel part of something big and

current policies and procedures

often get tasks done on time

are truthful and establish trust

and have greater confidence

in the workplace to perform at

and leverage strategically

their highest level.

people’s strengths as a team.

1. Invest in your people

2. Make sure your

3. Give up full control

proactive and not reactive.

Empower coming from trust So what else is important

and manage together as a team.

to communicate to them

to strengthen innovation?

upfront and always be honest

It is important to let your

with every situation no

employees in on company

matter how bad it may be. Be

4. Share information

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



to handle bigger and more


CHRIS SALEM Chris is an accomplished

organizations such as JP

business process strategist,

Morgan – Chase, Ralph Lauren,

world-class speaker, award-

Microchip Technologies,

Chris Salem is the CEO and Co-

winning author®, certified

Anthem, US Consensus Bureau,

Founder of Empowered Fathers

mindset expert, radio show

Hubbell Corporation, and

in Action, a 501c3 organization

host & media personality,

NYPD Forensics Department

dedicated to strengthening the

and wellness advocate

including universities such as

father - son bonding process

partnering with entrepreneurs,

University of Hartford, Bay

through a sustainable solution

corporations, & small

Path University, Worcester

process to build future leaders

businesses with overcoming

State University, and spoke on

in the home, communities, and

their limiting beliefs so they

overcoming limited beliefs for

business from a place of higher

can adopt the process to

peak performance at Harvard

self confidence & esteem. This

operate within the solution

University’s Faculty Club.

process resolves the root cause

Influencers Channel.

to limited beliefs for both for

and not manage the problem for sustainable success. It

Chris is the originator of

parents and their children as

gets to the root cause of

the term Prosperneur™—an

not to repeat the cycle over

business challenges and

individual whose health and

again that leads to dysfunction,

employs the principles of

wealth are in alignment in a way

miscommunication, and

becoming transparent leaders.

that leads to true prosperity.

problems within the family,

This addresses solutions

His book Master Your Inner

community and businesses.

to enhancing corporate

Critic / Resolve the Root Cause

culture, improving workplace

– Create Prosperity addresses

For more information, please

communications, increasing

this and went international best


employee engagement,

seller in 2016. He also co-


increasing sales & production,

authored the recent edition to

and streamlining processes for

“Mastering the Art of Success”

maximum performance.

with Jack Canfield. His weekly radio show Sustainable Success

Chris has worked with

32 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

is part of the Voice America





he days of one-way brand communication or a cold transactional approach or simply using the latest in

“Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated” —Robert McNamara former US Secretary of Defence The regular world of business, as one had known it, is no longer in play.

technology, to bring efficiency and cost-saving, are no

longer able to create sustainable profitability. There’s a new paradigm in doing business now. Given the numerous crises’ trust and value have emerged to be of key importance for any and every business. The technological advancements and adoption have brought the global community closer, with regards to sharing of information. Resulting in the word-of-mouth reference being a key driver of trust. JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



reflected on their stock price.

having higher engagement and

Change, trust, engagement,

Employees are the most

not achieving the forecasted

value and sustainability are

important stakeholders for any

revenue numbers.

now key management jargon



bandied about in every organization as they grapple

Strangely enough organizations

with this new paradigm of

fail to acknowledge this

In this new paradigm, for

doing business.

importance. It’s resulted in

businesses stability occurs only

Today any business clearly

creating some major gaps in the

by focusing on employees. By

needs to show tangible social

overall brand experience.

valuing them through exploring


As an example, view the brand

and using their ideas, strengths

experience that occurs from

and their advocacy. It not only

Benefits that impact positively

an employer brand perspective

strengthens the purpose it

on the employees and

in the recruitment stage to a

creates empowerment.

customers. On people and

potential employee; compare


that with the ongoing employee experience felt by current


The business world is slowly

employees and hold these two

realizing that the strategic

sets of experiences up against

advantage is, actually, in their

what’s being delivered to a

With increased engagement

people and in their purpose.


comes brand advocacy that creates trust and leads to sales



and financial sustainability.

WHERE DO WE START? People make organizations.

This occurs as each of the

Without people organizations

functions are operating

Change starts from within. Not

are just empty shells.

in a silo. Often with no

from outside.

Employees and their

overall connectivity to the

leadership and its behaviour

organizational purpose or with

Businesses need to re-learn

create culture. That culture

the operating strategy.

how to touch the hearts.

is expressed as the brand

Each function runs its own

Create emotional connections

experience which then

activities, which is measured

with its people—employees

forms the perception of

and reported, based on the

and customers. That becomes

the organizations’ identity

all-famous numerical KPIs.

possible when the experience

and ability and ultimately is

Yet we wonder why we aren’t

delivered is a positive and

34 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

a safe environment that

His mission is to humanize

enables creativity, ideation,

the workplace by guiding

It needs attention, planning,

accountability, responsibility

employees in creating a

and leadership support for

and most importantly brand

unique brand experience, for

effective implementation.

advocacy to flourish.

themselves and customers,

Every organization has

and getting business heads

positional leaders and then

The more a business focusses

to engage, appreciate and

there are the actual influencers

on using its employees as its

recognize the value employees

who work cross-functionally.

advocates. The more it will

bring in creating this strategic

These influencers need to be

attract and obtain engagement

advantage that results in

identified, assessed for self-

from its customers. Creating a

sustainable profitability year-

motivation and alignment

experiential cycle that brings


with the business purpose,

sustainability to the business.

recognized by leadership and

He has Asia-centric

then empowered as change

international experience in

champions. These are the

business strategy, marketing,

employees who work from

and business operations

within in impacting on changing

that deliver measurable and


profitable growth. His expertise is in helping businesses harness

This is the most difficult part as work habits are part of our

the value of their employees


individual cultural make-up that

in creating a unique brand experience that delivers

we carry with us when we walk

Joy Abdullah is a strategic

into a job.

marketing leader who helps

sustainable profits.

CEOs make marketing

He guides, consults, and

Affecting change requires

decisions, which are based

speaks on the importance of

having consistent interaction

on having a unique brand

brand experience in business

where values and the strategic

experience that creates

strategy from an Asian market

objective are held up all the

sustainable profits.


times through one-one-one conversations to ensure an

He creates strategic marketing

employee has clarity on goals

solutions which emerge

and expectations.

through having clarity of business purpose and strength.

The conversations create

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



relevant one.




o you want to learn

is also an intensely laborious

call them the three postures

leadership lessons? Be

mission. These kids have needs

of leadership. I believe they

a parent.

on multiple levels – physical,

are applicable to leaders in

Do you want to learn those

emotional, psychological, and

any area -whether you are a

lessons in overdrive? Be a

intellectual. The day to day

homemaker, a small business

foster and adoptive parent.

work of teaching them valuable

owner, a government worker,

Do you want to learn those

and fundamental life lessons-

or at the top of the corporate

lessons at warp speed? Foster

like kindness respect, and

environment. Leadership is

and then adopt 5½-year-old

self-control- takes its toll on

vitally important everywhere.


the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

I hope you benefit immensely

I have experienced exhaustion

from these three postures. But

No problem, right? I’m joking of

like no other. Yet, it is in this

remember, leadership is about


parenting journey that I have

more than reading. It is about

also experienced the most

doing. Leadership is an action.

However, my personal

joyful moments like my now

It is crucial, first of all, to

leadership journey accelerated

8-year-old daughter standing

properly define posture.

exponentially when my wife

up to bullies on the playground.

and I accepted triplets (two

My buddy Bruce Van Horn

The precision of language has

boys and a girl) into our home.

simply says that “parenting is

always been important to me.


When I speak of posture I don’t

Let me be clear: fostering

refer to someone who stands

and adopting kids is a very

I agree with him. Over the last

up straight and never slouches

worthy and gratifying mission.

few years, I have been able to

over their computer. I don’t

We need all the help we can

pluck leadership lessons out of

refer to nations putting on a

get to tackle the problem. It

my time as an adoptive dad. I

show of force for other nations.

36 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

about leadership.”

poses. A quick Google search reveals the idea of an attitude or mindset. That’s not a bad start. But I believe it is so much more. Robin Sharma- in his inspirational videos- refers to mindset, soulset, and heartset. The combination of these three gets much closer to the idea I want to convey behind posture. The deep fundamental beliefs and values a person holds greatly influences the way he or she approaches and engages with people. This is posture. And leadership requires the right posture.

THE 1ST POSTURE OF LEADERSHIP IS HUMILITY. The importance of humility in a leader’s life cannot be overstated. A quote by Rick Warren comes to mind here: “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Self-worth is incredibly important but the counterweight is humility. This humility helps the leader to adopt the learner’s mindset.

Being an everyday student and

The importance of humility in a leader’s life cannot be overstated. A quote by Rick Warren comes to mind here: “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Now you don’t have to be a student in a formal educational setting. Rather think of all the learning that takes place outside the classroom. Books, audiobooks, podcasts, articles, journals, and trade magazines are a few of the informal ways to educate yourself at home, in the car, at the gym, and while running errands. I often run into a statistic about CEOs reading 60 books a year. I don’t want you to get stuck on that number. If it takes you two months to read a book, so be it. Small steps taken consistently will lead you into a greater posture of humility. Practice saying this with me: “I don’t know everything and I certainly don’t know everything

having a humble attitude lead to personal growth. This results in being a better dad and leader. Sometimes the lessons come from unexpected places. My kids are a constant source of learning. They are a mirror of the things I most need to work on. The things that frustrate me the most about my kids are the things that I need to work on as well. I am talking to myself as much as to my kids when I repeat our favorite mantra around the house: “kindness, respect, and self-control.” Even if your team members are not mirrors, you can still find ways to learn from them. You have authority and responsibility for your team but you cannot succeed alone. I exhort you to draw upon the unique perspectives and experiences of your team members. They have insights that are valuable and powerful and stem from a background that you may never fully understand. A posture of humility is one of understanding that there is more than one way to look

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



I certainly don’t mean power


at things and more than

our humanity and fundamental

one way to solve complex

to authentic leadership.

problems. As a bonus: the very act of actively seeking out those various points of view will endear you to your team. Everyone appreciates being acknowledged for their contribution and being validated as an essential part of the team. That is the power of humility for the leader.

THE 2ND POSTURE OF LEADERSHIP IS EMPATHY Empathy is something we hear a lot about these days. It is widely talked about by psychologists, leaders, marketers, executives and more. But do people really get it? Or is it simply lip service? A quick Google search shows empathy to be: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” The closely related word sympathy simply denotes “feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune” (again from Google). I think an example quickly demonstrates the difference between the two. 38 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

Empathy is something we hear a lot about these days. It is widely talked about by psychologists, leaders, marketers, executives and more. Sympathy Speaker A: “My cat just died.”

My recommendation is for current and aspiring leaders to familiarize themselves with Emotional Intelligence (EQ/ EI) by Daniel Goleman. Even though the book is some 25 years old, it is a firm foundation for increasing empathy. Developing a posture of

Speaker B: “Sorry to hear that.”

empathy won’t be easy for


practice. First, leaders need

Speaker A: “My cat just died.” Speaker B: “Wow! That’s terrible. I had a cat die last year and it really tore me up inside. That cat was a part of the family. Let me know how I can help you through this.” The difference should be easy to see. Speaker B in the empathy scenario has made a choice to become emotionally involved and to ease the suffering of the other speaker. Even if Speaker B never owned a cat, they would still make that choice. The wording might go something like this: “I’ve never had a cat but I can tell that this is a really difficult time for you. Anything I can do to help?” The idea of empathy is vital to

some. It takes time and to be able to identify feelings in their team members (pain, fear, concern). This is not an easy task. Some team members may be more adept at hiding their feelings. One tip I can share is to look for opposite and extreme behaviors. Is this person normally friendly and happy? Do they look sad and hurt? Do they display way more than is normal for their sunny disposition? Is somebody who is normally on the quiet side or reserved suddenly lashing out and yelling at people? Have they disappeared altogether? Once you have identified that someone is experiencing some hurt or pain, you have a choice to make: are you going to step into that other person’s pain

county. After the initial shock

see the tremendous strides our

risk being subjected to pain?

wore off, my wife and I talked

kids have made in the almost

Do you have the emotional

it over, prayed about it, and

three years since they came

stamina for what comes next?

decided that we didn’t feel

into our home. They no longer

This is a critical juncture

comfortable separating triplets.

have developmental delays.

in developing a posture of

We believed that separation

They are excellent readers and

empathy. Leadership is a

would cause further harm. So

learners. They are sprouting

choice – the choice to step into

we opened our hearts and

like weeds. They are on a path

the unknown. The reaction

home to all three.

to wellness and wholeness

may be negative. Some team

in each area of life. We are

members may not want you to

This choice did not come

grateful to play our part. It

meddle in their affairs (personal

without its own unique

would have been impossible

more so). That is totally fine.

challenges. Aside from just

without empathy.

However – and this is a great

being triplets, our kids came

however – you just might

from a deeply troubled

connect more deeply with

background. Their biological

that team member through

parents were Meth addicts who

the simple act of caring. This

routinely abused and neglected

I hope you noticed the

is regardless of your ability to

their kids. Our triplets came to

progression of these postures.

solve the problem.

us severely emaciated and with

They build on one another.

serious developmental delays.

I have purposely laid them

My wife and I have experienced

As the days became weeks

out in this order: Humility is

firsthand the choice to be

and months, the kids began

the foundation for empathy

empathetic when it came to

to tell us the stories of their

and likewise, empathy is the

our kids.

nightmare life before us. Things

foundation for service. Crawl,

that made us weep and hurt.

walk, run. The order matters.

We initially indicated to our

My wife and I went through a

I am a big proponent of the

foster agency that we would

period where we experienced

idea of Servant Leadership.

be open for a placement of

what is called “secondary

two boys between the ages of

trauma” – the pain of hearing

I simply define it as going out of

4 and 8. Imagine our surprise

the horrifying stories.

my way to find ways to serve

when the agency called us to


my people. After all, leadership

say they have two 5-year-old

However, there is a great

is service. Some ways that I

boys who have a triplet sister!

beauty, hope, and positivity on

have found to be effective

The agency offered to send the

the other side of the choice to

include taking somebody out

girl to a home in a neighboring

be empathetic. My wife and I

to lunch or getting donuts for

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



knowing full well that you


the team. Think of the phrase

frankly love and friendship with

surprise and delight. These

my team member. We were

Developing a service-oriented

are classic methods but small

able to work an arrangement

perspective has also been

acts lift the spirits of the team

where he was able to take

crucial with regard to my kids.

(especially during stressful

the time off with no penalty

My wife and I are in the

periods) and make them feel

to him. He was inspired and

trenches every day helping our

valuable. Handwritten notes

appreciative of how I handled

kids to move towards recovery,

of appreciation are also a

the situation for him. He

stability, and eventually healthy

great way to serve your team.

wanted to work to his best

independence. It is difficult

Be creative, be consistent,

capacity for me.

working with the heart. Interior

and think of the needs of the

work takes time and energy.

team member (here I highly

On another occasion, I had a

Patience is a virtue as my mom

recommend the book 5 Love

team member who was a very

used to tell me quite often.

Languages or 5 Languages of

diligent employee. He drove 1½

My kids have to overcome

Appreciation in the Workplace

hours to and from work (a total

trauma to move forward. It is

by Gary Chapman). Some of

of 3 hours each day he came to

a slow process but its working

the more introverted individuals

the site). I wanted to serve his

and we will reach the goal of

will not like public appreciation.

needs by helping him to reclaim

raising fully functional adults.

Small acts of service done over

some of that time back. I was

We, as leaders, have to apply

a long period of time will yield

able to transfer him to another

that same mindset toward the

great results such as more

site within the organization

long-term health of our team

trustworthy and productive

(same job/same pay) that

members. Even if they outgrow

team members.

happened to be 5 minutes away

our leadership; we don’t hold

from his home. I hated to lose

people back out of a selfish

I would be remiss if I didn’t also

him. He was no longer working

desire to maintain the status

mention the big acts of service.

as one of my direct reports

quo. Instead, we serve their

These are one-off occurrences

but I was happy to serve him

needs for advancement to grow

but they come with significant

in that way. His quality of life

and develop into who they

cost. Leadership is sacrifice.

dramatically improved and he

are meant to be. Leadership is

I have had team members

was inspired to do great work


who had a sick relative and

for his new boss. There was a

needed some extra time off

cost associated with making the

I admire those who have

from the job. I could have been

transfer but I gladly bore the

served me even at the cost of

a stickler for the rules (when

cost because it served my team

long-term pain for themselves.

they didn’t have paid time off).

member’s needs and ultimately

I am indebted to them for

However, I wanted to build

it was the right thing to do in

their sacrifice. It is a debt that

trust, understanding, and quite

my book.

cannot be repaid. I can simply

40 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

service equates to poor,

kids, for instance, will never

unsuccessful, and ineffective

fully understand the sacrifices

leadership. That’s not for you!

we made for them. I, myself

Develop your posture of

never fully understood what

humility by practicing one

my parents did for me. The

small act of humility each day

same situation occurs for

until you master it Develop

just about everybody in a

your posture of empathy by

leadership capacity. It doesn’t

practicing one small act of

matter if your team member

empathy each day until you

understands the ramifications

master it. Develop your posture

of the act of service. Do it

of service by practicing one

anyway. Do the right thing. It’s

small act of service each day

going to be hard. But it will be

until you master it.

worth it. Think outside yourself. I hope this article has blessed

Connect with your people.


Build upon a bedrock of trust, belonging, love, admiration, and

It has blessed me tremendously

connection. This is exactly the

as I wrote it. I hope you

kind of environment people

remember these 3 Postures of

want to work in and you can

• Leadership:

be the leader that people want

• Humility

to work for. Your posture as a

• Empathy

leader frees your team to be

• Service

creative, to be innovative, and

ABOUT EUGENE PETROV Gene Petrov is the owner of Petrov LMC - Leadership and Management Consulting. He has worked for the last twenty years in various leadership capacities. He was a leader in a mom and pop bakery, in the United States Air Force, and in a corporate environment for a Fortune 200 company. He holds an M.S. in Management from The University of Maryland University College. He currently works with social media professionals to help them become the leader they were meant to be by developing their soft skills. He can be found on: Twitter @GenePetrovLMC Facebook and LinkedIn: Gene Petrov Website: https://petrovlmc. com

to do their best work because But more than just

they feel supported by you!

remembering them, I hope you find ways to apply them in your life personally and professionally. Learn from the situations I described. Be the leader you were meant to be! Little humility equates to little empathy. Little empathy equates to little service. Little JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



try to find ways to serve. My

Technology Column

42 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



By the grace of your respected Publisher and Editor-in-chief (Lady Anita DuckworthBradshaw), I am honored to start a monthly Powerhouse Global Magazine Technology Column; where I will be sharing knowledge and tips that would enhance our understanding on how technology affects us all. First you should know that my life’s learning over almost

Given the remarkable changes in the world during our two years of COVID-19, business leaders have become more open to share how their outlooks have been changed by the ongoing challenges.

40 years have always been in

EVERYTHING IS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. Forget about the so-called “new normal.” There is no new normal. There is only what is happening right now. And what is happening right now is nothing we have ever seen before. And what happens tomorrow will be nothing like

Technology. I learned to love it in

shaping ALL industries and

we have ever seen before

college and have been fortunate

insights into the people re-


to be in Tech industry now in

shaping them.

As the world in general and

various executive positions ever

organizations across industries Given the remarkable changes in

more specifically deal with an

the world during our two years

altered landscape, analytics

Today and for the past 18 years

of COVID-19, business leaders

technologies like artificial

I have worked for the world

have become more open to

intelligence (AI) and machine

dominant leader in Artificial

share how their outlooks have

learning are helping them

Intelligence (before it was even

been changed by the ongoing

adjust quickly, align resources,

a “thing”) and Analytics – SAS.

challenges. I aim to tap into

and better meet the evolving

I run Industries here globally

that and bring it to you the

needs of their customers.

with my team and so I cover

reader each month. I hope that

Industries including sports

every industry and offer unique

you, as a reader and leader will

and entertainment, travel,

perspectives – through the lens

reach out to me to share your

manufacturing, education

of customers in industry.

interesting story of inspiration as

and government benefit from

This column will discuss TRENDS


analytical insights.


JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



coaches also helped Canadian In all parts of the world, there

Team members return to their

are signs. Dreaded commuter

sport after a positive COVID-19

traffic again. Surging demand for workers. Consumers spend. Amidst a continued push to vaccinate. The pandemic and its effects are still very much with us, but life seems to be returning to normal, or more precisely, a “new normal.”

Travel on airlines is picking but up again thankfully. For one I look forward to moderating and speaking on a technology panel at the May Powerhouse Global Summit.

test or potential exposure. With AI and machine learning at its heart, advance analytics helped Canadian Olympic Committee coaches and athletes re-calibrate when training disruptions occurred. Coaches could then make

As organizations across

us and who knows what it will

strategic adjustments to the

industries deal with this

bring but I expect it to have

routines of athletes recovering

altered landscape, analytics

its challenges like the Summer

from illness or facing lost

technologies like artificial


training days.

learning are helping them adjust

The Canadian Olympic


quickly, align resources and

Committee, used advanced

better meet the evolving needs

analytics leading up to the

Travel on airlines is picking but

of their customers.

Games, both to help its athletes

up again thankfully. For one I

optimize training to reach the

look forward to moderating and

To give you a taste, here

medal podium, but also to train

speaking on a technology panel

are but five industries using

safely during the pandemic.

at the May Powerhouse Global

intelligence (AI) and machine

technology to move to a new normal:

Summit. Coaches and the Canadian Olympic Committee medical

During the pandemic, people

team continue to rely on AI and

did still take vacations, though

machine learning capabilities

in the United States many of

to assess training processes,

those trips were by car and to

This year’s Summer Olympic

identify at-risk sports, and

nearby destinations. With its

Games in Tokyo were different

recommend precautions.

pristine beaches and laid-back


than others. Because of Covid

lifestyle, the Outer Banks of

concerns, this year’s Games

With a dashboard powered by

North Carolina, where I’m from,

were held believe it or not

data visualization, coaches track

has remained a tourist magnet.

without spectators. The Winter

athletes’ performance. In the

Olympics in China are upon

months before the Games, the

44 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

Even after the summer travel


Dashboards provided insights into factors associated with athletes who tested positive for COVID. season, people all over the world still take road trips and book long-delayed family vacations. For Twiddy & Company, a family-run company that manages more than 1,000 rental vacation properties on the northern Outer Banks, one key to its success has been analytics. Twiddy & Company uses Analytics to provide home management and maintenance on behalf of owners while ensuring repeat visits from rental guests. And Twiddy & Company has

Twiddy & Company uses analytics to provide memorable Outer

seen record booking of its

Banks vacation experiences. JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



managed properties over the

of its employees at work during

last two years – including the

the pandemic. When gyms and

2020 peak COVID-19 year –

workout studios were closed,

and the data points to another record season this year. Using analytics, the company can forecast and streamline the management of routine services, such as cleaning hot tubs and pools before guests arrive for vacation. Twiddy & Company relies

Twiddy & Company relies on remarkably specific home-pricing information to compete in the Outer Banks rental market with other local firms and large international companies like HomeAway and Airbnb.

coupled with more Americans working from home, demand rose for its rowing machines. But increasing its workforce without implementing advanced safety measures was simply not an option. The solution: Peter King, CEO of WaterRower, decided to implement AI capabilities to

on remarkably specific

Twiddy. “Data analytics helped

help WaterRower employees

home-pricing information to

us to deliver it with a higher

safely return to the workplace.

compete in the Outer Banks

degree of confidence.”

rental market with other local firms and large international

WaterRower developed and


companies like HomeAway and

deployed a computer vision system so that they monitor


WaterRower, a US-based

“What we deliver is hospitality

fitness equipment manufacturer

– that's our passion and our

was concerned with how to

The physical distance

business,” says President Clark

manage the health and safety

monitoring solution consists

physical distance.

WaterRower uses an AI-powered dashboard and alert system to keep its workers safe. 46 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

within its manufacturing

an alert system, and a post-


facto dashboard to monitor compliance with physicaldistancing and crowddensity guidelines. Existing security camera footage from WaterRower was used to train the model, and all employee data was anonymized. The real-time dashboard consisted of a front page displaying the activities of employees. It also included a summary of total violations and an email alert system. The results: WaterRower’s team of engineers and manufacturing leaders continuously

WaterRower, a US-based fitness equipment manufacturer was concerned with how to manage the health and safety of its employees at work during the pandemic. reviewed the SAS AI-powered dashboard and alert system. By implementing strategic changes to work areas, employee workflow and internal movement paths, WaterRower achieved record production volume while significantly reducing cases of close contact

WaterRower uses an AIpowered dashboard and alert system to keep its workers safe.

EDUCATION As stadiums, arenas and other venues welcome back in-person events, venue optimization software can help optimize attendance and create a safer fan experience. For universities and colleges, helping its graduates attend their graduation / commencement ceremony is an important goal.

Venue optimization software helped Univ. of Wisconsin plan socially distanced commencement ceremonies.

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



of a real-time dashboard,


undergraduates and another The University of Wisconsin-

for graduate degree candidates,

Madison Department of

were limited to participants

Athletics used technology to determine socially distanced seating layouts for recent commencement ceremonies at Camp Randall Stadium. This home to the Wisconsin Badgers football team has a normal capacity of 80,321 people.

Venue optimization uses models and data visualization to provide an ideal seating layout based on a set of ticketing and social distancing parameters and objectives.

“An in-person commencement was an important milestone

only. However, even in a venue as large as Camp Randall Stadium, it was a challenge to accommodate graduates while allowing for six feet of social distancing. Potential ceremony participants were sent seating request surveys to identify groups who

External Engagement.

for our university. Creating

wanted to sit together. The venue optimization models

a memorable experience

Venue optimization uses

factored in the survey results

while supporting the safety

models and data visualization to

and pandemic rules and

of our graduates, faculty and

provide an ideal seating layout


operations staff required

based on a set of ticketing and

significant flexibility and

social distancing parameters

Data visualization showed the

planning,” said Daron Jones,

and objectives. Wisconsin’s

Wisconsin athletic department

Wisconsin Athletics Director of

two ceremonies, one for

what the stadium seating

The State of Odisha’s public Covid dashboard. 48 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

arrangements would look like

save lives.


on graduation day. The athletic department easily uploaded the venue optimization results into its ticketing system for fulfillment. Venue optimization software helped Univ. of Wisconsin plan socially distanced commencement ceremonies.

GOVERNMENT While there is continued talk of a “new normal” all over the world variants of COVID-19 mean that many countries are still grappling with rising infections, complex vaccine rollouts and in some cases shortages of these vaccines and other critical supplies. India is one such country. Its eastern state of Odisha, on the Bay of Bengal, is home to more than 46 million people. That’s more than in the state of California, the most populous US state. The Government of Odisha has turned to technology to create a public COVID-19 dashboard. Odisha’s citizens and government officials proactively

The State of Odisha’s public

While there is continued talk of a “new normal” all over the world variants of COVID-19 mean that many countries are still grappling with rising infections, complex vaccine rollouts and in some cases shortages of these vaccines and other critical supplies. use the Odisha State COVID-19 dashboard as the single, trusted source for tracking trends in infection rates, hospitalizations and available medical resources. Using this platform, high volumes of data on citizen registrations, contact tracing, health conditions and quarantine compliance are aggregated, transformed and processed to generate insights. In addition to rich visualizations, this data has been successfully used in forecasting peak infection times and modeling the optimal infrastructure augmentation and distribution

Covid dashboard.

MY HOPE AND PROMISE In this column you can find simple truth that ultimately, we are in control of our lives by virtue of the choices we make and how we respond to events, even though at times it seems we have little or no control over what is happening to us. It's easy, especially the past two-years, to lose sight of that truth when we are embroiled in events happening all around us like the loss of a loved one or friend, health issues, career challenges and financial setbacks. It's hard at times to see the path we need to follow amidst all the obscurities. My aim is to give insights and hope through stories like the above that just maybe can not only give you a more objective view of circumstances but also help guide us to the path on which we need to be.

by the State. In essence, the dashboard has enabled Odisha to stay ahead of the virus and

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



MARK D. DEMERS Mark Demers leads an expert

the world where all ideas are

Phone: +1-919-601-9756

global team of industry practice

encouraged, and everyone


directors, industry marketing,

is respected for their unique

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.

principal industry consultants

contributions and abilities.


and thought leaders that drive

SAS’ employees empower,

vision and product direction,

encourage and inspire women

messaging and support sales

to pursue excellence in STEM

for Industry-centered SAS

and their careers and fulfillment

products and solutions. Mark

in their personal lives.

and his team work closely with

Employees are encouraged to

SAS’ customers, sales, Partners,

expand professional networks,

R&D, and technical staff

showcase thought leaders and

around the world, to position,

attract women to careers in

market and sell SAS solutions

science and technology.

for Government, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing,

Demers’ decades of

Healthcare, Life Sciences,

management experience

Energy, and Education and

include executive positions

Communications sectors using

at several public and private


companies prior to SAS. Mark serves as Board member for an

SAS is the world leader in

emerging innovative Company

analytics. It’s internationally

– Visual Farms, audaciously

recognized for providing

inspired to help strike out world

an innovative, supportive

hunger. He holds a Bachelor of

workplace that blends different

Science degree in Mechanical

backgrounds, experiences,

Engineering from Penn State

perspectives and cultures from


almost 60 countries around

50 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

Health & Wellness Column

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



Work Place Culture & the Essential Need for

“Diverse Mental Health” We cannot fail to recognise, how leaders and businesses are now faced with the challenge of how to genuinely and realistically respond to the burning interest and need for sufficient diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), as well as good mental health, wellbeing and wellness within their workplace culture. Such focus has never been stronger; sparked by the Me-too Movement highlighting abuse against women, the recent Global Covid-19 Pandemic and its impact on mental health, as well as the powerful wave of racial and social justice protests and commentaries.

— BY CAROLINE RIBEIRO-NELSON The path to meeting this challenge, is one less

injustice and mistreatment. This is particularly

travelled and is not an easy one, however with

evident for Women, Black people, “People

genuine commitment and on-going investment

of Colour” (POC)”, Indigenous communities,

hugely valuable progress can be made. One

members of the LGBT+ community, those with

thing clearly required, is the willingness to

a disability, from a different ethnic background,

acknowledge, discuss and address the very

religion, economic or social status and the older

issues, many people and organisations find

population. The impact, of these detrimental

uncomfortable and difficult to address. Namely,

DEI factors can be seen in higher rates of

the stigma, prejudice, discrimination, abuse

mental health problems in comparison to their

and inequity related to poor mental health,

counterparts and other groups.

mental illness, women and people from diverse backgrounds.

When people within society are continually confronted, from an early age, with negative and


harmful experiences, the development of poor

There reality is, that within the workplace and


wider society, there exists negative bias and harmful behaviour, which is perpetrated through racism, sexism, other isms, discrimination, violent attacks, threats, abuse, exclusion, inequity,

52 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

mental health, deficient well-being and mental ill health is inevitable.

We have generally looked at

mentally damaging aspects

communities and positive

mental health, well-being and

associated to DEI. Work

employee interaction and work

wellness as being separate

cultures, which incorporate this

dynamics. All of which benefit

issues to DEI, when in fact

perspective can significantly

healthy development, along

these issues are closely and

contribute to:

with personal and business

strongly connected. In order to

• The necessary creation of


create inclusive work cultures

greater human equity and

where everyone, has the


opportunity to be well and

• Enhanced creativity

healthy, it is vital to develop

• Increased productivity and

constructive mentally healthy



DEI environments, which

There are no quick and

address the detrimental DEI

The building of positive and

easy solutions here. The

factors, that harm people’s

constructive relationships

fact is, working to change

mental health and well-being.

Understanding the connection

negative cultural attitudes and

This fundamental “Diverse

and effectively addressing the

behaviour, towards mental

Mental Health” Approach

issues, related to mental health

health, women and people

essentially takes into account

and detrimental DEI factors,

from diverse backgrounds,

a person’s lived experience,

enables the development of

is a tough reality. These

diverse background and the

safer environments, functional

perspectives and behaviours

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



When people within society are continually confronted, from an early age, with negative and harmful experiences, the development of poor mental health, deficient well-being and mental ill health is inevitable.


have been formed through an

issues involved.

enduring cultural and historical


progression, which is deeply

Genuine and significant

ingrained from childhood and

commitment to engaging with

has consequently become

the relevant people and groups

Without a doubt, overcoming

psychologically embedded in

Willingness to invest the

these barriers, requires

our reactions and mindset, as

necessary time, resources and

strong leadership, clear vision,

well as reflected in societal


intentional action and on-going

dynamics and established

personal and professional

within institutional structures.

Willingness to challenge the

commitment, along with the

Five major barriers, which have

status quo and to change the

willingness to address the

tended to cloud and hinder

deep-rooted ideology and

difficult issues.

progress on the creation of

structures, which maintain a

mentally healthy, diverse and

dysfunctional, harmful and

Seven essential steps, which

inclusive work cultures is the

inadequate system.

effectively tackle these barriers,

major lack of:

Willingness to take

and enable progress relate to:

Understanding around the

responsibility, to hold oneself or

Self-reflection: Taking time

in-depth, complex and difficult

relevant parties accountable.

to reflect on pre-conceived

54 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

health problems, has been

& DEI, through questioning

shown to increase awareness

one’s own bias, along with

and understanding. This leads

examining the basis on which one’s perspective and feelings are based, can develop greater awareness helping to form more constructive responses. Challenge: Questioning and calling out negative mental health attitudes, behaviour and messages, as well as harmful DEI factors is tough. This is not only because these are deeply rooted and often established from very early on in life, but is further compounded by the fact, that this process is very uncomfortable and risks unfavourable consequences. Focusing on positive leadership, role modelling and the creation of a constructive no tolerance culture, which is safe and supportive can foster environments, which enable detrimental experiences to be challenged and beneficial ones to be formed. Re-learning: It is easy to recognise how difficult it can be to change perspectives, behaviour and feelings, which have been embedded from childhood. Allowing oneself space and patience is important

It is easy to recognise how difficult it can be to change perspectives, behaviour and feelings, which have been embedded from childhood. in being able to put aside and let go of this learning and to invest time and energy in relearning. Individuals need to be pro-active in seeking out and engaging in activities and experiences, which promote knowledge and understanding regarding the development of good mental health & DEI. Re-learning can be achieved through actively engaging in relevant reading, training, listening & the sharing of diverse perspectives and relevant experiences. Interaction: Spending time with people, who we perceive as most like us, results in less diverse interactions and tends to narrow our experience and perspective. Having contact and engagement with people, from diverse backgrounds and who have experience of mental

to more positive interactions and responses. Developing and pursuing broader interests, being intentional and having more diverse and inclusive interactions can contribute to greater knowledge, increased awareness, better understanding and cooperation, along with mentally healthier relationships and more productive work cultures. Co-operation: Gaining guidance from relevant experts and professionals, sharing knowledge and resources, working together with relevant individuals, organisations and communities can help develop understanding, reduce conflict and assist in the creation of strong, appropriate and effective support structures. Courage & Conviction: There is no denying, that dealing with mental health and DEI issues are challenging. The difficult aspects of life involved, can be distressing, uncomfortable and sometimes entail personal and professional risk. The courage to face and tackle these issues, along with the deep and strong belief to follow this path are JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



ideas about mental health


essential and powerful factors

role in the development of a

discrimination, abuse, negative

in instigating change and taking

mentally healthy, diverse and

bias and stigma, which serve to

important steps forward. We

inclusive work culture.

seriously harm mental health.

in travelling a path, which

Speaking out against harmful

“Embracing a fundamental

can greatly benefit ourselves,

mental health and DEI factors

Diverse Mental Health

diverse communities, work

and actively supporting those

Approach, works to support

cultures and vast members of

who are impacted.

everyone in an equitable

all have a valuable role to play


and inclusive manner, where Stronger commitment in the

challenges can be more

Genuine Allyship: In the recent

implementation of effective

effectively addressed and

trending of mental health

policies and practices, in order

mutual benefits can be

& well-being, wellness and

to achieve significant goals and


DEI we have witnessed wide

lasting change.

spread reactions from people


and organisations seeking

Sufficient Investment of time,

their own advantage through;

resources and finances, which

jumping on the band wagon,

make a fundamental and

Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson is

performative and self-serving

enduring impact.

Head of Free Choices I Diverse

allyship, tokenism, empty and

Mental Head. She is a Diverse

superficial gestures and unfilled

Consistent promotion and

Mental Health Consultant,

commitments. These actions do

adequate support for the issues

Executive Coach & Trainer, who

more harm than good and tend

and those who are doing this

has been working in the fields

to diminish, as well as side-track


of employee assistance and

from addressing the profound and vital issues.

mental health & well-being for Challenging the status quo and

25+ years

seeking to instigate positive For significant and fundamental


change meaningful and diverse-mental-health/our-

committed support is required.

Ultimately, it is important to


This can be found in:

recognise how meaningful


Courageous leaders who are

progress and effective change

the willing voice and face in

stem from confronting

promoting these crucial issues.

and constructively dealing

Individuals and organisations

with the fundamental and

taking responsibility and being

systematic factors, which

held accountable for their

perpetuate inequity, exclusion,

56 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



2022 AND FORWARD — BY JEAN LUD CADET, M.D. Since 1975 when I entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in Manhattan, there have been discussions regarding shortages of Black physicians and scientists in the USA.


n every subsequent decade, there has been a report deploring the low number of Black science students, the low number of Black

students in medical schools, and shortages of physicians in various subspecialties including surgery. These are important issues because lack of representation of Black physicians working in medical schools and research has been shown to impact the care of African Americans (AAs). Specifically, Black Americans are known to suffer from several medical, neurological, and psychiatric diseases. These include hypertension, diabetes mellitus, strokes, depression, anxiety, and shortened life spans. Moreover, there is

classes can be improved by helping student

increased maternal and infant mortality among

to develop science-related identities through

AA populations, irrespective of class. Although

exposure to AA scientists and physicians.

these issues impact other underserved global

Indeed, the development of science identities

communities as well, the present essay will focus

will propel AA students to then pursue careers

mostly on members of the African Diaspora.

in science and medicine. It is important to note that, despite the problems that AA students

The shortages of physicians who take care of

have encountered, there are, nevertheless,

AA patients might be related to low numbers of

enough Black college graduates that could serve

AA students in STEM courses during their high

to increase their numbers in medical schools.

school and college years. Enrolment in those JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



COVID-19 has ravaged the lives of many AAs who were already impacted by racisminduced stress disorder (RISD). I think that we can care for each other better by getting vaccinated, practicing physical distancing, and wearing masks.

in Jackson, (5) Norfolk State in Norfolk, and (6) Southern University in Baton Rouge or South Carolina State in Orangeburg. In the meantime, we all can try to have positive thoughts in the presence of very difficult times. COVID-19 has ravaged The number of AA students

schools in cities with a HBCU

the lives of many AAs who

in medical schools could be

and large enough hospitals

were already impacted by

increased further by increasing

that provide care to a majority

racism-induced stress disorder

the number of medical schools

of Black patients would be

(RISD). I think that we can

at HBCUs. Presently, there are

very helpful to the care of

care for each other better by

only 4 historically Black medical

AA patients in the USA. My

getting vaccinated, practicing

schools in operation: Charles

personal choices are (1) Morgan

physical distancing, and wearing

R. Drew (California), Howard

State University in Baltimore,

masks. I am very aware of

(D.C.), Meharry (Tennessee),

(2) Xavier University in New

the reasons why not to trust

and Morehouse (Georgia). The

Orleans, (3) Florida A&M in

American medicine. However,

opening of 6 additional medical

Tallahassee, (4) Jackson State

the vaccines can help to alter

58 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32


the course of COVID-19 if you

hypertension and diabetes

are infected. We owe a debt

mellitus, exercises and certain

to our ancestors to do the right

changes in diet can be very

thing for future generations by

helpful in in controlling

protecting our health.

their longterm negative consequences that include

As I pointed above, these

strokes, peripheral neuropathy,

are some diseases that

and kidney ailments that are

disproportionately influence

very disabling. It is therefore

the lives of AAs in the USA.

very important to take

However, we can learn

medications that are prescribed

to take control of these

in addition to a regular exercise

diseases by seeking help from


Black physicians and nurse practitioners who might

Other diseases of interest

be more empathetic when

include anxiety and depression.

we are sick. In the case of

These are issues that can

However, we can learn to take control of these diseases by seeking help from Black physicians and nurse practitioners who might be more empathetic when we are sick.

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



be dealt with by seeking

Columbia University College

well trained psychiatrists or

of Physicians and Surgeons

psychologists who are familiar

in 1979. Dr. Cadet is a known

with issues that AA patients face on a regular basis. Going to your friends and pastors might not be enough because these diseases affect your brain and are not related to any ‘personal weakness’. The stigma associated with mental health is a powerful deterrent to seeking help but good care is available for those who seek it. In conclusion, I am very hopeful that 2022 will bring better tidings for all of us. However, it is important for us to participate in maintaining our own health because, without our own personal physical and mental health, it is difficult to care for ourselves and our families. Steps that include exercises, annual visits at your primary care, self-examination, and not delaying care if you are worried can all help to improve our health. I believe that we should all push our congress men and women to push for the opening of new medical schools at HBCUs so that we can have more AA physicians to go to. Finally, although the

60 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

I am very hopeful that 2022 will bring better tidings for all of us. However, it is important for us to participate in maintaining our own health because, without our own personal physical and mental health, it is difficult to care for ourselves and our families. essay has focused mostly on issues that impact AAs, many of the same principles described apply to other communities that are underserved on the global stage.

ABOUT JEAN LUD CADET, M.D. Jean Lud Cadet, M.D. was born in Cap Haitien, Haiti, in 1953. He attended the most prestigious Catholic High School in his hometown, The College Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours. He left Haiti in 1970 and moved to Brooklyn New York. Subsequently, he attended medical school at the

neuroscientist internationally. Presently, he is a tenured senior investigator and Chief of the Molecular Neuropsychiatry Research Branch at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a part of the National Institutes of Health. He is also a member of the Society of Haitian Neuroscientists and Black Psychiatrists of America, among other organizations. He has co-authored more than 500 papers, book chapters, and abstracts on various aspects of neuroscience. He was recently listed as one of the prominent 1000 Black scientists in the USA.



LED TO PERFECT HEALTH — BY ANTONETTA FERNANDES My first initiation on the blockages that the modern lifestyle can have on our bodies came at me through a naturalist called Paul Skey, who I coworked with in the early 1980s. His conversations with me was about being free from everything that did not feel natural. We covered so much in the 3 years I worked for him. The topics ranged from underarm deodorant, perfume, underwired under garments, nutrition to environmental issues and so much more.


ne of the topics was the effects of use of underarm deodorants/ antiperspirants

• Antiperspirants: Stops you from

perspiring or sweating.

• Deodorants: Stop the bacteria in your

perspiration from smelling, often by killing the bacteria or neutralising the smell. Here are some natural tips and methods I have used in the past for my armpits

• Applied baby talcum powder

• Washed the armpits with alcohol or

white vinegar

• Added a few drops of rose water in the

bathtub before taking bath. More recently my friend/coach and International Breathe Therapist Desiree Ferrari introduced

me to Tea tree which is an antibacterial herb. Made a deodorant by mixing two drops of the essential oil and one ounce of water. The next initiation was something I picked up from my dear mother (who recently passed away). For a brief period, my mother lived with me while she was waiting to move into the care home. Seeing my mother pop 20 pharmaceuticals in the morning, 30 at lunchtime and 10 in the evening was a bitter pill to swallow. I found it extremely difficult

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



My third initiation came in December 2016. I had begun to feel very tired, had zero energy to complete tasks, felt my brain was in a fog and I was totally overweight and the finally straw was my Doctor confirmed that I had high blood pressure. to communicate with her during my frequent visits to the care home. I asked myself what happened to my very independent active mum? She was now in the late stages of dementia and I felt helpless. My visits got better

coaching from zero point.

from within. My third initiation

because I started using my

These tools are precious when

came in December 2016. I had

supercoherence tools* from

you want to get to the root of

begun to feel very tired, had

my personal life coaching and

the problem, and the light bulb

zero energy to complete tasks,

gave her some Angelic Reiki

moment is instantaneous.

felt my brain was in a fog and I was totally over-weight and

healing**. I recall one session when she said I love these

**Angelic Reiki a healing

the finally straw was my Doctor

stones can I keep them.

method that combines the

confirmed that I had high blood

*Supercoherence Return To

traditional Reiki healing therapy

pressure. Wow this was a sign,

Love Frequencies (RTLFs)*,

and the angelic healing.

I was offered pharmaceuticals

has produced major shifts and

Over the years I have been

which brought home my words

life changing successes for my

searching and learning about

to myself – I was never going

clients. It balances both male

diverse types of alternative

to go through what my mum

and female energies hence,

methods of healing the body

went through.

62 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

derived micromineral and 5%

So, during one of my morning

Health system is the perfect

alcohol for preservation.)

meditations I put out the

addition to my practice:

thoughts of wellness and

the body to its original and

wellbeing. I came across

physiology with a single click in

optimal blueprint.

something which sounded too

seconds with multiple screens

good to be true on Facebook.

and physiologically accurate

with the human body-field to

Even though I was skeptical,


address blockages connected

I registered for a body scan

to physical, emotional,

with NESS Health. The scanner

information that your body

arrived a few days later and I

needs to heal

had my 1st remote scan with

a NESS Health Practitioner on

distortions and clear energy

case studies/testimonials please

Skype. The scan showed me


visit www.antonettafernandes.

something I did not expect to For a special discount on

see; the level of details was so

well, stay well and excel.

NES Health system for readers

overwhelmingly and though

of this publication please email

I was still slightly skeptical

unblocks the energy-field with


the alternative was a life on

NES miHealth


pharmaceutical. Four weeks

later I saw the change and is

hand-held device which tells

was phenomenal, my energy

you how and where to place it

level sky rocketed, loved the

feeling of wellness and I knew I

clinically researched

finally found something I could

work with passion and gusto.

benefits of biofeedback and

Today I am a qualified NES

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

Health Practitioner with global

to locates, unblocks and

clients, and I love the difference

releases energy blockages

I can make to other people

lives. Using the Supercoherence

information of the body’s

Personal Life Coaching, Angelic

control system with NES

Reiki Healing and the NES

Infoceuticals (NES Infoceuticals

Health Total WellNES system

are a wide range of liquid

I am able to customise to

remedies imprinted with

individual client needs.

propriety bio-information. They

• It Re-asseses your

• Shows you the

• Shows you the

• Shows you how to get • It Re-juvenates and

• They help re-imprint

• They interact directly

environmental chemical toxins For more information or to see

• It is an easy-to use

• It is non-invasive and • It uses the proven

• It Re-imprints the

contain filtered water, plantJANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



Here is why I think the NES



WELLNESS — BY MINA KAKAIYA The 3 waves of wellness is an approach which enables individuals to begin to become aware, move and practice towards nurturing their true inner wellness or “inner me”.

Sharing my thoughts on wellness has been a personal life long journey in enabling myself and others to find their own inner wellness through mentoring, coaching and training. What has also been a great help was developing wellbeing programmes in the workplace and across health and social care and non-for-profit sectors of mental health, HIV and domestic violence. By bringing awareness to improve others personal mental wellness, I realised that our source of wellbeing is innate within us and it is fundamentally our true natural state of being, that is in a continual state of change and transformation.

pressures and norms we begin to adhere to.

Wellness in essence is an emotional state of

neglecting our own. Experiences of loss or

unconditional self-love and appreciation that is eroded or lost and found again along our life journey. Our sense of who we are and our values, believes, attitudes and behaviours are moulded by our past experiences, family situation, culture, education and life experiences. Often our wellness then gets lost or what gets in the way of our wellness and happiness is pleasing and conforming to the wider cultural

64 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

Pandering to needs and wants of others hence trauma in different areas of lives such as loved ones, health, money and purpose. We then try to find it again, and for many of us through developing unhelpful and negative thought patterns, believes, fears and habits such as addictions, self-harm, lack of self-worth, low expectations and negative perceptions about self, others and the world around us.


The 3 waves of wellness is

confident, joy, and content,

an approach which enables

having clarity, safety and

individuals to begin to become

security, loved, appreciated,

aware, move and practice towards nurturing their true inner wellness or “inner me”. We are all born from water and our wellness journey is a personal one of self-discovery, which is unique to each one of us. Like the waves, our life experiences come in cycles of ebbs and flows, bringing crests of positive high waves and negative low crashing waves. Wellness like the waves is not fixed but flexible, forever dynamic, evolving and changing and to embrace all aspects of our mind and body and by adopting an attitude of inner kindness and self-love. When I run my wellness

Wellness in essence is an emotional state of unconditional selflove and appreciation that is eroded or lost and found again along our life journey. Our sense of who we are and our values, believes, attitudes and behaviours are moulded by our past experiences, family situation, culture, education and life experiences. sessions I ask the participants to describe what wellness and wellbeing means to them and what it feels like. The general responses are feelings of happiness energetic, and

kindness and satisfaction. When asked what un-wellness or poor well-being feels like, responses such as feeling of fear, anger, dissatisfaction, trapped, no choice, despair, not being good enough, failure, judgemental of self or others, blame, guilt, duty, responsibilities, not having enough or lack of, clarity, time, money, negative relationships or purpose.

Like the waves, we come in or out of wellness on a daily basis as we experience life and things that disrupt our wellness state. So wellness is about changing your inner experience from the external situation in the way we

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



think and feel about the things

Epictetus (55- 135AD) said….”It

and the quality of the thoughts

is not things in themselves

we choose to pay attention to

which trouble us, but the

and focusing on doing more of what feels good to you with an attitude of self-appreciation.

THE 3 WAVES TO WELLNESS The first wave of AwarenessNoticing your feelings and

The first wave of Awareness- Noticing your feelings and thoughts, about any given situation you are experiencing. What are the stories you are telling yourself about the situation?

opinions we have about these things”. We often treat our states of mind as absolute reality, when actually, we each react differently to the same events. If we question our thought processes, we can change the

thoughts, about any given

all the time and we all deal and

way we respond to the world

situation you are experiencing.

respond emotionally differently

around us so that we can have

What are the stories you are

to the same situation as we all

a better life. By noticing our

telling yourself about the

hold differing opinions.

own self-limiting thoughts and

situation? We often told not

believes and recognising that

to show our emotions as it

For instance, I had been

our own personal attitudes

perceived as a sign of weakness

fearful of dogs and particularly

and believes are your own and

and vulnerability. However,

Alsatians for many years as I

different from others which

recognising the value of your

was chased by one when I was

is often either blocking or

feelings as your inner guidance

a child. Then recently I came

enhancing our wellness at any

systems is an indicator of

into an encounter with an

given moment in time.

your level of wellness at that

Alsatian at a friend’s home over

moment. It’s a bit like a radio

a few days celebrating a family

The second wave of Allowing-

and noticing which station and

wedding and this Alsatian was

by choosing to challenge and

song are you creating, listening

so placid and friendly that my

change our current thoughts

and paying attention too! Is it

perceptions and fears around

and believes and focusing

the tunes of wellness or tunes

this breed of dog changed. So

on more about by caring the

of un-wellness that you tuned

noticing how we label our past

way we feel. Gently allowing

into right now? Noticing what

experiences and we have the

ourselves to shift our attention

the stories you are telling

ability to change and control

to thoughts and moods from

yourself first thing in the

our inner experiences of

a place of dissatisfaction to

morning and throughout the

thoughts and feelings about the

satisfaction. Therefore, easing

day. Our daily life experiences


off the pressure on yourself

evoke certain negative and positive thoughts and feelings 66 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

and doing more of what makes The Greek philosopher

you feel better or good to you

made a decision and talked

you feel good, whether it’s

what’s lacking or negative

myself into telling myself to let

pampering yourself, having

aspects of your current life and

go and do the best I can and if

a lying, baking, dancing, or

towards positive aspects of

I failed my essays I would drop

listening to music and learning

your life that can improve your

out the course as it was not

or taking up a new interest or

mood and make you feel better.

the end of the world. At that


Have you noticed when you

moment of relaxing and easing

• Taking care of your body by

keep focusing on the negative

the pressure from myself from

eating better, getting a good

things in your life they become

my current reality and shifting

night sleep and exercise that

bigger and bigger and vice

my negative perceptions and

you enjoy doing, whether it’s

versa when you focus on the

believes from fear to hope and

walking, cycling, swimming,

more positive aspects of your

optimism, I passed my Masters

sports activities or going to a

life the better you begin to

with flying colours! My biggest



learning lesson I received from

• Connecting with people that

doing my Master was realising

uplift, support and inspire you.

After my redundancy, I decided

that the impossible was

• Giving back and by doing

to do Master in CSR (Corporate


things for others. Often

Social Responsibility) full time

random acts of kindness can

in one year. However, I did not

Ways to take yourself out of

make us feel better.

anticipate the level of stress

your own head:

• Having hope and optimism

it would cause me and the

• Awareness of your inner

that things will improve and

reality of writing 3 essays in

mind chatter and noticing if it

change and appreciation of

a 3 months deadline seemed

is helpful or unhelpful, you’re

the good things you have in

very daunting to me at the

negative self-talk.

your life right now. Living in

time and then I started to

• Practicing the process of

the present moment enjoying

feel increasingly worried and

quieting your mind through

the full experience. Often,

anxious and the panic set in

simple activities that help

we are in autopilot and so in

with feelings of overwhelmed,

stop the momentum of the

our planning, worrying mode

fear, doubt. My old negative

inner critical voice or from the

and so we fail to notice the

belief about myself crept in of

unpleasant experience for a

wonderful things around such

not being clever enough and

while, by having a nap, doing

as the birds or trees, the sky,

good enough and the fear of

some relaxation, meditation

clouds and stars, or savour the

failure and I became tearful all

or mindfulness practices on a

flavours from the food we eat.

the time and found it difficult

regular basis.

to eat or sleep or focus. I was at a breaking point and then

The third wave of • Doing things the make

Awesomeness –is about

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



right now. Focusing away from


unlocking and knowing

inner kindness and self-love.

your true “inner me” or awesomeness that has the

and then profit can enhance business success and Mina has


limitless potential to create

developed wellness approaches into SME’s.

and the power to choose

Mina is a social entrepreneur,

and change the course of

trainer, wellbeing coach and

She is passionate about

your life and acknowledging

public speaker. She has a

promoting awareness of

your own ongoing journey of

background in social work

inner wellbeing towards

transformation is in constant

and over 20 years’ experience

personal transformation and

seek of wellness that is forever

in community development

empowering individuals and

changing and growing. It is also

working in collaboration

communities to unlock their

about truly accepting and being

across health and social care

inner potential and collective

comfortable with who you are

NHS and not for profit sector

wisdom to tackle the wider

with an attitude of being kind

and education in developing

issues of health and social

to yourself and appreciating all

a diverse range of mental

inequalities and improve

aspects of yourselves. We are

health and wellness projects

personal mental health and

often our own biggest critic.

and initiatives and influencing


• So it about moving away from

NHS service commissioning

self-judgment and criticism of

to improving health and

Mina practices yoga and


social inequalities for the

meditation and has a love for

• Shifting towards feelings of

wider population and those

music and dance and interests

worthiness and deserving and

experiencing mental health

in sustainable living and with a

stop comparing ourselves to

problems and long term

dream of building her own Eco


conditions. Mina is also a

home in the near future. She

• Accepting that we are all

freelance mental health and

has her pink hard hat already!

unique with our own skills,

MHFA (Mental Health First

For more information please

talents, and abilities and are

Aid) trainer, resilience in the

connect with me on LinkedIn

always evolving in our own

workplace, and mindfulness



practitioner. She has also

• Discovering and honouring

developed peer support

what is important and matters

training in Mental Health, HIV

to you by reconnecting with

and Domestic Violence.

your passion and purpose, no

Mina holds a degree

matter how big or small.

Neuroscience and a Masters

• Honouring my “inner me”

in CSR (Corporate Social

by appreciating where you are

Responsibility). CSR is how

right now with the attitude of

prioritising people, planet

68 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32


WATER BECOMES THE FLOWER! — BY ROSSANA SNEE, MFT You may not know this, but you are a portable garden. You are the landscaper in charge. You either tend to your grounds or you ignore them. Either way, the results will be obvious to those around you.

You’re probably wondering

about your mind being that

For a lot of you, weeds have

what I’m talking about. “Me, a

garden. It is an extremely

overtaken your garden. You’ve

landscaper?” you ask. “Are you

fertile ground. Anything can

been negligent and it shows.


be planted in there. And based

What are some of those

on the seeds you plant, you’re

weeds? They are doubt, fear,

No, I am not mad. Let me

either going to have a joyful life,

jealousy, negativity, and hatred,

explain. When I refer to you as

or a miserable and depressive

to name but a few. Those

a portable garden, I’m talking


seeds you’ve planted, (along

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



with the help of other people),

Complaints are not made as

have taken root, and have now

a way of figuring out a better

become a normal part of your

way, they are an end in and of


This seed is literally dangerous—one of the most injurious seeds to the psyche and the body. Carrying Seeds of Hatred, poisons the garden. It is like vines that strangle every other seed.

How do those seeds get spread and create chaos in your life? Let’s take a look…

• Doubt – Any time you

question yourself, your worth, your ability to become the very best version of yourself in this journey called Life, you plant Seeds of Doubt. They weaken you; keep you frozen in place and unable to take even the smallest step. To others you appear as ineffective and helpless.

• Fear – This is one

of the most damaging weeds in your garden. This seed can wreak havoc powerful enough to destroy You. Fear can keep you on lockdown. These seeds are fear of success, fear of failure, of new opportunities; fear of the differences in others, of making commitments, and on and on. If you have planted Seeds of Fear, you walk around in a constant state of anxiety. Tell me, what quality of life do you think you might have with a garden full of

70 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

Seeds of Fear?

• Jealousy – Wanting

what others have, resenting them for having something you don’t, creates Seeds of Jealousy. This shows up when you belittle others, when you downplay who they are in order to puff yourself up. A garden full of these seeds choke out anything else in your garden that is beautiful, leaving only ugliness in its wake.

• Negativity – There

is an abundance of these seeds threatening your landscape. Complaints about health, the government, your neighbor, your spouse, your flaws, the weather, etc. Seeds of Negativity show up everywhere. They are one of the most common weeds in almost every garden.

themselves. The responsibility is shifted out there, instead of where the responsibility lies. In You!

• Hatred – This seed

is literally dangerous—one of the most injurious seeds to the psyche and the body. Carrying Seeds of Hatred, poisons the garden. It is like vines that strangle every other seed. Seeds of Hatred can result in sickness, anger, resentment, and sometimes even murder. This weed, if left to fester and grow, can destroy your entire landscape, and possibly that of others.

• Intolerance – Your

garden is not better than the garden of others. That is to say that you are not superior to anyone else. Everyone is unique. Just because someone is different than you—darker, lighter, bigger; just because they prefer a partner of whom you wouldn’t approve, or pray to a different God, is of no concern to you. Being intolerant of others has caused more destruction and death than anything on this planet.

grass is greener where you

planting and disregard the rest.

water it. ~Neil Barringham.

So, now you know what some

I will invest time and learn how to make it better.” Or, “What’s the point of planting Seeds of Positivity, nothing’s going to get better,” to, “I’m going to keep planting these seeds until they finally begin to sprout.

of the Bad Seeds are. Let’s talk about some of the good seeds that can create the most beautiful Garden on Earth.

• Confidence – This

seed allows your garden to flourish. If you plant Seeds of Confidence, you will be able do anything. Your garden will

• Positivity – The

Seeds of Positivity are the foundational seeds for your grounds. They are what give you the strength and fortitude to get up every day and tend to your life; to weed out the ugly and unnecessary because of the fetching vision you hold that lies just around the bend. To start planting Seeds

thrive, and you’ll draw much

a purpose that is grander than

of Positivity, the landscaper

attention and respect. Be who

you. All things eventually work

has to produce a mental shift.

you are. Embrace it. Don’t

out. Say to yourself, “I trust

The language has to change.

feel small in front of others.

that everything will unfold the

For instance, “My life sucks,

You are as big as anyone else.

way it’s supposed to in its own

I’m useless.” Change to, “My

Your mind is what keeps you

perfect timing. All I need to

life is filled with potential. I

small. To attain these Seeds of

do is tend to my garden with

will invest time and learn how

Confidence, trust yourself and

tenacious focus. The rest will

to make it better.” Or, “What’s

your uniqueness. There’s no

take care of itself.”

the point of planting Seeds of

one else out there like you. The

Positivity, nothing’s going to get

more Seeds of Confidence you

thinking that if you had that

better,” to, “I’m going to keep

plant, the more resplendent

“special thing” you’d be happy.

planting these seeds until they

your garden will be.

Tend to your own, personal

finally begin to sprout. I will do

space. Wishing you had

everything in my power to turn

Trust are essential in your

someone else’s life doesn’t yield

things around. I can and will do

landscaping. They will eradicate

any positive results. Instead of

it. Nothing is stopping me but

the Seeds of Fear. As a

looking at what you don’t have


professional landscaper, trust

and wish you did, want what

that you have the knowledge

you have, and improve upon

will turn your garden into

you need to create something

it, if need be. This will entail

a showstopper. With these

amazing. Trust your instincts.

work, but with your Seeds of

Seeds of Love, you cannot lose.

Trust in your uniqueness and

Confidence and Trust, you’re

Weeds cannot survive. These

your worth, regardless of what

good to go. Remember, The

Seeds of Love will catch the

• Trust – Seeds of

anyone says. Trust that there is

• Contentment – Stop

• Love – These seeds

light and reflect your beauty JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32



Concentrate on what you’re


out and about. These are the

those seeds make the whole

like theirs! The soil has never

seeds you want to have the

landscape grand. Spread plenty

been more alive and ready.

most of in your garden. Get

of these Seeds of Tolerance.

them from wherever you can

Watch them grow and multiply.

and scatter your garden with

You’ll see your circle getting

them. You can spread the

larger, more diverse. This is

Seeds of Love to everyone

what you ultimately want.

you meet and collect it from

Try it! You’ll be amazed at the

family and friends. There is an

beauty you create in your life.

abundance of these seeds to

You are the landscaper of your

go around. Remember, you’re

portable garden. What do you

either coming from a place of

want others to see? Beauty,

Love or coming from a place of

variety, healthy growth? Or,

Fear. You get to choose with

weeds, lots of them, so rooted

every interaction you have.

that it makes you, your life

scape ugly?

• Tolerance – These

seeds are amazing. They work

It is your choice. You can

amazingly well with every

continue disregarding your

other seed. In fact, these

garden, letting the weeds

Seeds of Tolerance bloom

control every imaginable space,

best when surrounded by all

or you can take charge of it.

the other august seeds. Seeds

You can water, nurture, and

of Tolerance are all inclusive.

tend to your fertile terrain.

No one is left out of the mix.

All the great seeds are readily

Differences are tolerated

available. It’s not necessary to

because they are what make

go to a nursery to purchase

people, people; make life

them. They are free. Start

exciting and challenging.

working on your landscaping

Cultivating the Seeds of

today. It’s a lifelong journey, so

Tolerance can be worked on by

don’t despair. Having a green

accepting that not everyone is

thumb doesn’t always come

like you. Differences in sexual

easy. It’s OK. Get some help if

orientation, belief system,

you need to. There are always

intellectual acuity, political and

other landscapers that are

religious views, are all part

willing to share their knowledge

of the general landscape. All

so that your garden can bloom

72 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

ABOUT ROSSANA SNEE, MFT Rossana Snee, MFT, author of The Healing Alphabet, 26 Empowering Ways to Enrich Your Life. She is a wife, mother of two. She loves reading, writing, working out, painting, playing the viola and violin, and learning languages. Follow her on Twitter@askjoshsmom,, and https://www. She is available in a therapeutic capacity, and also for speaking engagements.







POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION SUPPORTING WOMEN AND CHILDREN GLOBALLY (03RD APRIL 2021) Powerful Global Women Foundation in collaboration Royalty Kids Montessori School present A one day easter retreat for children and teenagers. Theme of the program was: The Total Child. The program includes reason for the season, cinema, POP quiz, music, baking and losts more. Mrs. Josephine, Phillip Itsuokor (Proprietress, Royalty Kids) was present as host. Over 100 children were in attendance during the program.

74 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION CHILDREN RETREAT EVENT (12TH SEPTEMBER 2020) We had various workshops for them during the gathering. We also gave facemasks each child that was in attendance. Over one hundred children attended the event. They were all fed as part of our tradition to do. A massive thank you to Ross Swan for supporting our mission. This project was led by our amazing Vice-president (Mrs Josephine Itsuokor).

JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32


76 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION COVID-19 PROJECTS As part of PGWF mission to support more families during this challenged time, we have been able to hold two projects (one in April and the other on 13th July 2020). We distributed food supplies to several families and orphanage homes. Our team lead by Mrs Josephine Itsuokor (Vice-president of PGWF) made these projects a success. We will continue to reach out to more families through the support of our global partners.


JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32


Powerful Global Women Foundation (Powerhouse Charity) was founded in 20l6 in Nigeria, West Africa, by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw. The core objective of this organization is to transform the lives of women and children, through various projects centred around the need of the service group. In 20l6 Lady Anita single handedly fed over 400 children as part of “project feed l000 children globally”, and held an empowerment conference for the women. Through this project, so many women have gone to do great things with the knowledge they gained from the event. She recently held a life transforming event for women in Lagos, Nigeria as part of International women’s month celebration 20l8. The turnout was very encouraging. She is working towards supporting more families to keep their children and wards in school through” project back-to-school” starting in September 20l8. We are seeking for global support from individuals and organisations who would love to be a part of this service to humanity. To support us, please visit: or email or

78 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32

CHARITY PROJECT: As part of our Global Annual commitment, we were able to successfully complete project feed the children 2019 mission. Over 150 children were fed at this year’s event. Powerful Women Global Foundation (PGWF ) is a charity set up by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw in 2016. The service users are women and children. To support PGWF, please email

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80 JANUARY 2022 | ISSUE # 32