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"The keys to your personal wins are in your hands" - Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw

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We are delighted to present to the world, the 27th edition of Powerhouse Global Magazine (#pgmag). In this edition we decided to celebrate courage.

We are currently working on the September 2021 edition and we welcome you to be part of our mission.

Having Dr. Carl D. Wilson as our cover is a huge honour for us as we continue to make a difference in the world.

I and my team look forward to serving you better.

We have continued to push pass obstacles to overcome limitations. Today, PGMAG is now a global resource publication, bringing quality contents to her readers.

Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw

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DR. CARL D. WILSON (DCW) PGMAG: Dr. Carl, so good to have you on today’s interview with Lady Anita. DCW: It is my pleasure, thank you so much for the invitation. PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. DCW: I am Dr. Carl D Wilson Jr., I. Live in the great city of Moreno Valley , CA. I am from Oakdale, Louisiana,and a real Southern Gentleman. I have been in business for 25 years as a wedding planner, events planner and also started a platform, that supports women empowerment. The other platform, that supports women empowerment, is the Red Blazer of Excellence and Achievement.

DCW: As s Global influencer, key factors are, supporting women empowerment, develop positive global change makers. Innovators, leaders and humanitarians. PGMAG: How would you describe your style of leadership? DCW: My style of leadership is more to inspire, being a giver, mentoring, teaching, awarding, and honoring phenomenal people. PGMAG: Please tell us more about your initiative (All Women Rock). DCW: All women Rock's initiative is simple, to support, empower, celebrate, and honor women making a difference in the world.

PGMAG: As a global influencer, what are the key PGMAG: What is your message for world factors of winning in business? leaders? 4


DCW: My message for world leaders is simple, Come together as one, make positive friendships and collaborations. Focus on world issues to help and support others. PGMAG: What could be done to support more women to take up leadership roles across all spheres of industries? DCW: The perfect example of leadership, is training, educating. And inspiring greatness. PGMAG: What were the top three books that changed your life? DCW: The 3 books that has enhanced my life are chicken noodle soup, the secret , It's All about Showing Up.

PGMAG: Considering the effect of the global pandemic (covid-19), what would you suggest to struggling business owners? DCW: When dealing with Covid. Don't let it stop you, be able to be creative and pivot through its madness. Lastly be able to Diversify your Business. Utilize other skills you have to monetize. PGMAG: What would you say to your younger self? DCW: My biggest achievements, was getting my international Doctorate Degree in Humantarianism and the Community Service, Lifetime Achievement Award , from the White House.

PGMAG: Finally, what does legacy mean to you? DCW: My legacy is my foundation, to leave to my son. Foundation meaning my Companies. Repretation For being a good man of integrity. My biggest legacy are my platforms that award , celebrate, and honor women entrepreneurs. PGMAG: Thank you for your time – much appreciated. DCW: I’m so honored to express myself. PGMAG: Please share your links with us. DCW: Website: https://www. Email:



When dealing with Covid. Don't let it stop you, be able to be creative and pivot through its madness. Lastly be able to Diversify your Business.Utilize other skills you have to monetize.

Love Yourself: Be Your Own… ...beyond self-transcendence …remember, you are a “masterpiece and a work-in-progress simultaneously” …asserts Inderjit Singh, a career diplomat and a trained psyche transformational mediator who understands your ‘joie de vivre’ is your delight in living your life in abundance… on unambiguous terms…



ne day I woke up and realised I was


not made for anyone; I was made for me. I am my own. Regardless of how

Love yourself first and everything else falls

anyone else feels about me, I am going to choose

into line. I decided to put myself at the top of

to love myself today, every day and forever! And

my “to-do-list” every single day. Easy, as it may

thus, started my self-realisation process. Self-

sound, it has not been a simple progression. It

realisation is an expression prevalent in both, the

entailed several meticulously planned steps to

Western & Eastern philosophy, psychology and

go through the journey with courage, conviction

spirituality; an understanding of the "fulfillment

and resolve for spiritual self-realisation;

by oneself of the possibilities of one's character,

beginning with the dawning of self-awareness

personality and growth."

followed by self-exploration.... self-discovery



“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. It is you and nobody else. Love is who you are.” without loving yourself first. If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. It ...self-understanding......self-


transformation.... self-mastery… and culminating into self-

Your search begins and ends


here. You have now reached your inflexion point in your

To love yourself is to

quest for a transformational

understand, first and foremost,

change and a quantum leap in

that you yourself, as much as

self-discovery. You have now

anybody in the entire universe,

joined me here to be a part

first deserve your love and

of my exclusive world and

affection. There’s no need to

have begun your journey to

be perfect to love yourself or

fulfillment. Your relationship

inspire others. How people

with yourself sets the tone for

treat you is their “karma”; how

every other relationship you

you react is yours! Do not get

have. If you don’t love yourself,

upset with people or situations,

nobody will. Not only that, you

both are powerless without

won’t be good at loving anyone

your reaction. Let others get

else. Very elementary, you can't

inspired by how you deal with

share or give something you do

your imperfections.

not have, in the first place. You can't make anyone love you

is you and nobody else. Love is who you are! To all those cynics who are critics of the concept of selflove; we may then together clarify that self-love is not being selfish - you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself. Falling in love with yourself doesn’t make you vain or selfish. It makes you endearing. Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions. Don’t seek validation. Do your thing, and don't care if they like it or not. Owning our story and loving ourselves through this process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do. Your joie de vivre, which literally means ‘joy of living’ in AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


“When I accept myself just as I am, I am freed from the burden of needing others accept me.” the prestigious American Music Award in 2016 stands testimony to my narrative here.

TRANSCENDENCE DECODED Transcendence in simple words is the act of rising above something to a superior state. Transcendence comes from the Latin prefix trans-, meaning "beyond," and the word scandare, meaning "to climb." When you achieve transcendence, you have French is your delight in simply living your life. People who seem to enjoy life in a cheerful and spirited way are often

Self-love is when you have a positive view of yourself and are confident of your exalted place in the world.

described as having joie de


limitations. The definition of self-transcendence is extraordinary or beyond human experience. Talking to God is


an example of a transcendent

The song ‘Love Yourself’ by

kinds of transcendence; Ego-

Justin Bieber with 1.7 billion views and 7.5 million likes and its popularity among


gone beyond ordinary

experience. There exist three transcendence i.e. self: beyond ego, Self-Transcendence i.e. beyond the self: the other, and Spiritual-Transcendence i.e.

Self-love is at the core of mental healthcare. Mental

Although people may view self-transcendence in ways that vary based on their own value-systems or perceptions, the general idea behind it is the same. Self-transcendence is,

strength involves developing

“Transcendence in simple words is the act of rising above something to a superior state.”

at its core, about transcending or rising above the self and relating to that which is greater than the self. In simpler terms, it is the realization that you are one small part of a greater whole, and acting accordingly. That which is greater than the self can be a range of things; human beings in general, nature, the universe, divine power, etc. It doesn’t matter

habits that build mental muscle. It also involves giving up habits that hold you back. We are all able to become mentally stronger, the key is to keep practicing and exercising your

confidence and motivation to meet challenges and seek out fulfillment. Feeling bad about oneself can hold one back from being successful. Either way, self-esteem can have a big impact on our wellness and mental strength. No one can make you feel lesser without your consent.

mental muscles - just as you would if you were trying to build physical strength! What other people think of us is none of our business. One of the things over which we have absolutely no control is what others think of us. Trying toto change their mind, is a wasteful errand at best. Instead, we

what the greater thing is, only that there is something greater than the self.

BE MENTALLY STRONG: Self-love is when you have a positive view of yourself and are confident of your exalted place in the world. Research shows that the feelgood factor that comes with self-love and consequently selfesteem effects all aspects of our life. Feeling good can give



beyond space and time.

Demonstrate love by giving it, unconditionally, to yourself. And as you do, you will attract others into your life who will love you without conditions. Simply put, it’s the “Law of Attraction” at its best.


need to have the strength

way you deserve to be treated.

to ignore the distractors and

It means that you won’t let

remember that our value is

them change the way you see

You’re a work of art – perhaps

based on who we are on the

yourself; nor will you allow

even an abstract work of art.

inside, and not based on what

them to sabotage you. The real

Not everyone will understand

others think of us. Be proud of

difficulty is to overcome how

you, but the ones who do, will

who you are. When I accept

you think about yourself. It’s

never forget about you. No one

myself just as I am, I am freed

not who you are that holds you

is you and that is your power.

from the burden of needing

back, it’s who you think you’re

You are unique. Be unique

others accept me. This is


instead of being the best.

reassuring and hopeful for all

Because being the best makes

those who aren’t the same as

Demonstrate love by giving

you just number One but being

everyone else. It is a reminder

it, unconditionally, to yourself.

unique makes you the Only

for all of us, to remember what

And as you do, you will attract

One! Being Unique matters? At

we have that is good, useful

others into your life who will

its core, unique means “being

and helpful, and to not worry

love you without conditions.

the only one of its kind; unlike

about what other people see or

Simply put, it’s the “Law of

anything else”.


Attraction” at its best. “Be daring, be different, be

Self-love doesn’t mean that

anything that will assert

everyone will treat you the

integrity of purpose, and

10 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary” said Sir Cecil Beaton, the British photographer, an Academy Award winning costume and set designer, known primarily for his portraits of celebrated persons. You are free, you are powerful, you are good, you are love, you have value, you have a purpose. Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself.

THE LAST WORD Be yourself. Be your own. You were born to be real, not to be perfect. An original is so much better than a copy. You may have some limitations. You must strive to look and go beyond your “perceived limitations”. You created them and only you can dispel them. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does - that makes you a winner right here. So, since you are unique, why not celebrate that fact? Dare to be your own person and

imaginative vision against the


You’re a work of art – perhaps even an abstract work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you. disregard what others may think. The person in life that you will always be with the most, is yourself. Have the courage to accept yourself. When you accept and love yourself amazing things happen. You become more aware of who you are and you gain confidence. You know what you deserve and what kind of behavior you should and shouldn't accept, so you don't let people get away with manipulating you to suite their own agenda. Hold on to your own strings and let no one remote-control you!

Inderjit has served as an ICAO airport development consultant in several countries of Asia, South-East Asia, Middle-East, Africa and South America. He was the CEO of IGI Airport, New Delhi – the 16th busiest in the world. He has hands-on-experience of all functional aspects of administration and operations of a major international airport. He is an MBA, followed by advanced management course at “Henley-the Management College”, Oxford shire, UK, and on aviation management from the University of California, Berkeley, USA. He can be reached at inderjit.singh@

To fall in love with yourself is the secret to eternal happiness. Just Love Yourself!





HENRIETTE DANEL (HD) PGMAG: Henriette, so good to have you on today’s interview with Lady Anita. HD: Thank you so much for having me Anita. It’s such an honour and I appreciate the opportunity to tell your audience a bit more about what I do & how I can help them to attract more clients. PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. HD: I’m Henriette Danel, a Strategic Business Coach working with female Entrepreneurs in the service-based industry to help them attract more clients continuously.

PGMAG: As a Strategic Business Coach, what are the keys to building a sustainable business?

My speciality lies in my unique ability to take anything complicated, dissect it and put it back

HD: I believe there are only 3 Elements, to

together in such a way that's easy to understand

become a successful female entrepreneur. I use

and implement. And because of this, my clients

these 3 elements for all my coaching programs.

gain clarity and receive amazing results in the

1. Mindset

shortest amount of time.

2. Strategy 3. Action

I do believe that running a business should be fun, encouraging and led with integrity. This

Think about it this way, you’ve got a big door in

requires your commitment and clarity. And

front of you and on the other side of that door

once you're focused, signing up clients more

are your biggest dreams and successes. Inside

continuously comes naturally and organically.

that door is a locking mechanism and you just

I’m also a Public Speaker and the host of The

need the Key.

Entrepreneurial Success Podcast.

12 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

they need to do.

• Your Attraction Strategy

Think about it this way, you’ve got a big door in front of you and on the other side of that door are your biggest dreams and successes. Inside that door is a locking mechanism and you just need the Key.

— How are you going to

You need all three elements to

attract your ideal client to

become successful. You can’t


open the door without a key or

• Then there’s the

a lock. Nor can you get what

Relationship Strategy —

you want, without actually

How are you going to start

pushing that door open, even

and build your relationships

if you have the key inside the

with your ideal clients, so


that they can invest in your service? • Lastly, you have the

PGMAG: Please tell us more about your business.

Your Mindset is your biggest

Transformation Strategy

asset. You’ll be surprised to

— How are you going to

HD: Let me explain is this way:

know that your biggest enemy

transform your ideal client’s

How many times do you walk

to success, is you alone. You

situation from where they

into your kitchen and decide:

have so many inner struggles &

are, to where they want

“Today I'm going to try out

uncertainties, which time and

to be? At the end of the

some new recipes! I’ll roast

again stops you from reaching

day, you’re there to make

a chicken and make a pot of

your wildest dreams. Learning

a difference to them and

Curry all at the same time.

how to shift your internal

have the clients return

For dessert I’ll bake a cake

program and creating an

back to you for further

and pancakes… and, you know

amazing mindset of abundance


what, I think I’ll make an Apple pie while I'm at it!”

is your key to that door. Once you’ve got the key and Then you have Strategy, this is

your lock is in synergy, you

My guess is that you wouldn't

the locking mechanism in that

just need to take the action,

try so many different recipes

door. They all need to align

unlock that door and push it

all at once… right? Can you

with your key, to open.

open. However, this is also the

imagine all the ingredients that

So, the most important

part that most entrepreneurs

you would need? Can you

strategies you need as an

don’t fulfil. Some are too scared

imagine the mess it will create?

entrepreneur to attract more

of what lies on the other side

And not just that! All those

clients are:

of that door. Their actions are

dishes need to turn out edible…

• A Visibility Strategy — How

hindered and they don’t unlock

are you going to show up

or even push that door open,

Now you can’t imagine creating

consistently for your ideal

even though they know what

all those dishes in your kitchen, AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


audience to find you?

It’s time to stop trying to figure out “What else do I need to do to attract more clients?” Instead, it’s time to find that one “recipe” that works with you! A recipe that you can do over and over again that yields the best results – every time!

all at once, (unless you’re a

attract more clients?” Instead,

My aim is to show you that

master chef) but have you

it’s time to find that one

life and business is simple.

thought that you might be

“recipe” that works with you! A

Attracting clients is simple. You

doing this with your business…?

recipe that you can do over and

don’t need to overcomplicate

Have you been trying to

over again that yields the best

it for yourself. Just get clarity,

incorporate too many “recipes”

results – every time!

focus and go for it.

As a Business Coach, I work

I have a small team that helps

one-to-one with my clients or

me out, as we all know there

Are you feeling defeated

in group form to help them get

are only so many hours in the

from trying to do it all and

the clarity and strategies, that’s

day. And having support myself,

discouraged that you’re not

aligned with them, to attract

enables me to spend time with

getting the right results?

more clients continuously.

my clients and give them the

The reason for this is, you're

I believe that you need to have

right energy and focus they

spreading yourself too thin –

fun in your business, show up


trying to do everything! It’s

authentically, lead with integrity

time to stop trying to figure out

and trust.

(aka, business plans) into your business…all at the same time?

“What else do I need to do to

14 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

As the host of my podcast called The Entrepreneurial

And I know that today, I’m in

interview numerous female

the right place, exactly where I

entrepreneurs to share their

need to be.

business ideas, tips, strategies and concepts. Through these kinds of collaborations, I’ve met incredible people and had some of the most amazing conversations. PGMAG: What is your message for world leaders? HD: From a young age, we get taught how to talk. But we never get taught how to really listen. We’ve become so accustomed to a world where

We’ve become so accustomed to a world where we all need to voice our own points of view… but it’s hard to find anybody who would really listen with intent. 1. This is Marketing – by Seth Godin 2. Money & Law of Attraction – by Esther and Jerry Hicks 3. Find Your Why – by Simon Sinek

find anybody who would really listen with intent. So, my belief is that the world will become a better place, once we all turn towards each other and start listening with intent, without interruption and acknowledge everyone else’s point of view. PGMAG: What were the top three books that changed your life? HD: If I have to choose three books it would be:

something or give myself any advice, maybe I would’ve taken a different turn or made a different decision about something, propelling me in a different direction. So, yes I think my younger self had to go through all the experiences, hardship and mistakes – because that made me who I am today. PGMAG: Thank you for your time – much appreciated.

we all need to voice our own points of view… but it’s hard to

So if I had to tell myself

PGMAG: Finally, what would you say to your younger self? HD: Oh I love this question and I’m going to answer it a bit differently, if that’s ok. To be honest I don’t think I would want to say anything to my younger self. I know this sounds crazy, but from my point of view everything in my life – every obstacle, mistake, error, block or fear – I had to experience them, which evidently brought me to where I am today.

HD: Thank you so much for having me here. I do hope that your audience can take what I shared today and view their client attraction strategies with the purpose to have more clarity themselves. PGMAG: Please share your links with us. HD: Website: https://henriettedanel. com Instagram: @henriettedanel LinkedIn: henriettedanel AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


Success Podcast, I



DR. JONAS GADSON, DTM (DJG) KNOWN AS “MR. ENTHUSIASTIC! PGMAG: Dr. Jonas, so good to have you on today’s interview with Lady Anita DuckworthBradshaw! DJG: There are three kinds of people: Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen! And those who wondered, “What happened?” I am a person that makes positive things happen and I know that you are too! You are a powerhouse in your own right and I am honored to learn about you and your work! Thank you so much for having me today! PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. DJG: I am Dr. Jonas Gadson, DTM, known as “Mr. Enthusiastic!” An Internationally Known Motivational Speaker, International Best Selling Author, Corporate Trainer, Radio Personality and

countries who were vice presidents, managers,

Expert Communication Coach! I am President

human resource representatives, supervisors,

and CEO of Partners For Purposeful Living LLC

group leaders, executive secretaries, and

in Beaufort, South Carolina in the United States

manufacturing employees. And I achieved the

of America.

“Trainer of the Year” Award!

I bring knowledge, skills, expertise and

When I delivered a motivational message to

experience from two Fortune 500 companies,

the Professional Women’s Engineering Group

Xerox Corporation and Eastman Kodak Company

at Delphi Automotive, a manager came in

to the speaking and training arenas! At Eastman

and heard the last ten minutes of my speech

Kodak I trained 8,000 employees from 69

and was so impressed that she hired me on

16 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

When I delivered a motivational message to the Professional Women’s Engineering Group at Delphi Automotive, a manager came in and heard the last ten minutes of my speech and was so impressed that she hired me on the spot! the spot! I custom-designed the materials and delivered a training entitled, “Two Dynamic Days at Delphi” for managers, supervisors, human resource professionals, union representatives, and manufacturing employees! As a result, I motivated them to increase their productivity and improve the company profitability!

“Think Seven Figures.”

Dale Carnegie and I have a Doctorate Degree in Theology.

In 2020, I was inducted into

Also in 2021 at the “I Am A

I was inducted into the

Who’s Who In America and

Victor” Virtual Summit I was

Beaufort High School Alumni

delivered positive messages

the first speaker among 42

Hall of Fame for distinguishing

virtually at the Wonder Women

women speakers. My message

myself in profession, leadership

Tech Global Summit in London,

of “Say Yes To Your Success!”

and service! I am author of

England and the Multicultural

set a positive tone for the

my book, “How To Fly Like

Symposium with professionals

entire summit!

An Eagle With Wings Like A Wimp!” It teaches you How to

from 6 of the 7 continents. In June 2021, I was recently

I am a Distinguished

“Take A Chance! Take Charge!

featured in the online magazine,

Toastmaster, a graduate of

And Take Control of Your Life!” AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


I am a three time best-selling

in “Speaking, Training and

author on Amazon with a

Developing Greatness!”

chapter in these Amazon Best

The four principles that

Seller books, “Make It Matter!” “I Am A Victor!” And “You Are Enough!” My Motto Is: “Since Greatness Is Possible Excellence Is Not Enough! Go For Greatness!” PGMAG: What are some of the keys to leading a successful team? DJG: Bonus from Jonas, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” There is a misconception that we have about teamwork. It has become a buzzword because some say team, but they are working for their own best interest only! Each team member has their specific responsibility and assignment, and stays in their own lane, in the area of their expertise, then everybody wins! The word “team” means: “Together Everyone Achieves More!” A team consists of a group of people who bring different skills for the common good. They come together; each team member has a different assignment! When we operate as a team, then we add value to the company, to the 18 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

You can’t just throw a group of people together and call them a team, there must be vision, value and voice! Whoever leads the team must first be the example by learning how to be a servant leader. stockholders, to ourselves and to our family! In team, when the vision, value and voice is clear, carefully crafted and cast, it stops being about “me” and it becomes about “we!” Creating a win for the stockholders, a win for the company and a win for the employees – A win for everyone that is involved! You can’t just throw a group of people together and call them a team, there must be vision, value and voice! Whoever leads the team must first be the example by learning how to be a servant leader. PGMAG: Please tell us more about your business. DJG: I am President and CEO of Partners For Purposeful Living LLC. We specialize

are the foundation of my business are “Education, Inspiration, Transformation and Motivation!” We are committed to helping people develop their personal and professional greatness. Right in the middle of the world-wide pandemic, I pivoted my business. Now I have positioned my business on the social media platforms Facebook & Linked In. I use Zoom and reach people around the world through virtual training, coaching and speaking. Bonus From Jonas: “Just because we use tech, doesn’t mean we have to lose the human touch!” PGMAG: What would you suggest to a struggling business owner that could help them to turn things around for the better? DJG: I am a strong proponent of investing in yourself! Bonus From Jonas, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job!” I have invested over $ 100,000 in my personal and

value is clear your decision is easy!” I often say: “Invest in the Most Important Person on the Planet, You!” You must continue to grow! We have been trained to be lifelong learners, where we learned a little about a lot. There are professional development!

and personal and professional

Someone asked me, “Dr.

development while driving in

Gadson are you working

my car. Bonus from Jonas, “You

hard on yourself to get

must prepare, so that you don’t

somebody?” I answered, “No.

have to repair!” Bonus from

I am working hard on myself

Jonas, “If you cheat yourself in

to be somebody!”

your preparation, it will show


benefits to being a lifelong learner; I used to be one. But I have found that to succeed in the 21st Century, I had to become a laser learner! Some of us have been fortunate that we have never had to deal with

up in your presentation!”

weapons of mass destruction.

the “University on Wheels!”

Invest in YOU! You are unique!

have been bombarded with

That was because I was able to

There’s no one else on this

listen to tapes on leadership,

planet like you! I often say that

pronunciation, public speaking

Bonus from Jonas, “When your

I was learning how to speak and lead, I turned my car into

Bonus from Jonas, “We information but we are starving for knowledge!” However in the 21st Century and beyond, many of us are dealing with AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


Invest in YOU! You are unique! There’s no one else on this planet like you! I often say that Bonus from Jonas, “When your value is clear your decision is easy!”

weapons of mass distraction.

that the most important and

But when you are focused,

powerful investment for the

you burn through all of the

21st Century and beyond is

distractions! When you are a laser learner, you learn the specific skills that you need and you implement them to get you to your goals, faster. A laser burns through all obstacles; it even cuts through steel! With laser learning, whatever you focus on the longest becomes the strongest! If you want to become a better speaker, you have to

If you want to become a better speaker, you have to focus on learning different methods and skills and how people learn differently. Adults learn differently than young people. Knowing your audience is critical! There are three different learning styles, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

focus on learning different

public speaking and personal development. Studies indicate that the number one fear in America and in other countries is public speaking! As a small business owner or an entrepreneur who must sell their service to their customers, professionals who want to get that promotion and climb the corporate ladder, or an executive who is making a presentation to influence his

methods and skills and how

PGMAG: Considering the

or her board of directors…

people learn differently. Adults

impact of covid-19 on a

if you want to have a better

learn differently than young

global scale, what are some of

relationship with your spouse,

people. Knowing your audience

the measures needed to aid

or when communicating to

is critical! There are three

economic recovery?

your children; all of this deals

different learning styles, visual,

with effective communication.

auditory, and kinesthetic. You

DJG: Effective Communication,

One of the reasons for the

must know your audience

connecting with other people

breakdown of relationships, in

because your message must

and Personal Development

the home and in the business

be tailored to the group that

aid economic recovery! One

arena is the lack of effective

you are speaking to. And that

of the richest men in the

communication. And anytime

requires laser focus. Therefore

world, Mr. Warren Buffet

that you speak outside of

we all must work on becoming

was asked, “What is the best

your home you are doing

laser learners in the 21st

investment that will prepare

public speaking! I like to make

Century; because the more

us for success in the 21st

the distinction between an

skilled you are the more secure

Century and beyond?” The

educator and a communicator:

you are!

interviewers were expecting

An educator takes simple things

him to speak about stocks

and makes them complex, and

and bonds or investments in a

a communicator takes complex

company. But Mr. Buffet said 20 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

An investment in communication skills creates value! Everyone who can talk has the ability to communicate. Some do it well and some do not. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

things and makes them simple!

PGMAG: What were the top

DJG: You must continue to

I am a communicator! We must

three books that changed your

invest in yourself! I cannot

move away from change to


emphasize enough the power

transformation but, change

that you have when you

is temporary, transformation

DJG: The number one book

continue to invest in yourself,

is permanent! Bonus from

that transformed my life is

to grow personally and

Jonas, “No matter how fast a

the Bible! The second book

professionally! Get a coach,

caterpillar can run, it will never

entitled, “Tough Times Never

take new courses, read new

fly until it is transformed into a

Last But Tough People Do!”

books, take online seminars


by Dr. Robert H. Schuller

and webinars, and get involved

helped me in my personal and

with organizations and groups.

An investment in

professional development.

Participate in masterclasses

communication skills creates

And the third book is entitled,

where you can get the coaching

value! Everyone who can talk

“The Magic of Thinking Big!”

that you need. During a

has the ability to communicate.

by David J. Schwartz which

worldwide pandemic I pivoted!

Some do it well and some do

deals with your thinking; what

I learned social media! I decided

not. But it doesn’t have to be

is possible.

to collaborate with other

that way! Anyone can learn

groups! I didn’t know much

the skills of how to become an

PGMAG: What are the keys

about computers or social

effective communicator, and

to staying relevant in the

media. I became an author in

that is an area of my expertise!


three new Amazon Best Selling

Bonus from Jonas, “You Can

books, one which was an

Always Better Your Best!” AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


International Best Seller, during

up doors for you! A good

the worldwide pandemic!

man learns, lives and leaves

I never left my home. All of this

a positive legacy for three

was done right at my home on

generations! It is important

my laptop computer! I am not

to increase your value in the

a technical person. But that

marketplace. “If you want to go

doesn’t matter. If I can do it,

fast, go alone. If you want to go

you can do it too! Bonus from

far, get a coach!” The more you

Jonas, “The sky is not the limit,

grow the further you can go!

your belief is!” Bonus from

There is nothing more powerful


than personal and professional development!

“I realized that unless I had transformed my mind, I would

Bonus from Jonas, “Don’t focus

have been left behind!”

on what you have lost, focus on what you have left! Because

There are some things that did

what you have left is enough

not serve us well! Then in the

to get the job done!” This is

21st Century and beyond we

your time and this is your turn!

must unlearn those things that

This is the Decade for the

we shouldn’t have learned in

Doers! You deserve to live your

the first place!” Develop your

dreams, your goals and your

gift! Your gift will distinguish

aspirations and do it now!

you! If you want to bring more value to the marketplace, you

PGMAG: Finally, what would

have to develop your gift! You

you say to your younger self?

Must GROW YOU! DJG: I would tell my younger When you develop the gift

self this: Bonus from Jonas,

in you and grow you, the

“God made me an original! I

value that you bring to your

am not going to die a cheap

business, your country, to the

copy!” There are nearly 8 billion

marketplace increases. When

people on the planet and there

you bring value, then your

will never be another one just

business will grow, wherever

like me! I have been fearfully

you are. Your gift will open

and wonderfully made! I am

22 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

“Don’t focus on what you have lost, focus on what you have left! Because what you have left is enough to get the job done!” This is your time and this is your turn! This is the Decade for the Doers! You deserve to live your dreams, your goals and your aspirations and do it now! biologically unique! No one else can duplicate my fingerprints, my handwriting or my child!” The knowledge, skills, expertise and wisdom that I have shared in this magazine article, I have learned and implemented in my own life. And what I have learned, and lived, I want to leave to my daughter and to others what I implemented and some of it I learned later in life. If I had learned it earlier and implemented it earlier in life, I would have achieved even more faster! So I am sharing this message because I have worked to pack decades into days! I want to share this with millions more people to

PGMAG: Dr. Jonas Gadson,

flexible and not rigid! When

thank you for your time, your

you expand your mind like a

valuable knowledge, skills,

rubber band, it will never be

expertise and experience,

content with living a life of

especially your Bonus from

mediocrity or a life of average

Jonas! Much appreciated.

because average is over! I want to leave an example for

DJG: It was a privilege and

the people who are coming

a pleasure to be featured in

after me so that they do not

this worldwide magazine,

have to deal with my hurts,

Powerhouse Global and Lady

my habits and my hang ups!

Anita I wish you and your

But they will be able to

magazine continued success!

live a positive life that they desire and that they deserve!

PGMAG: Please share your

That they can move from

links with us.

Have a check-up from the neck up! Unless you have a transformation of your mind, you will be left behind! I challenge each of you to “Get in alignment with your assignment and Do It Now!” My Motto Is: “Since Greatness Is Possible Excellence Is Not Enough! Go For Greatness!”

change to transformation, a metamorphosis! The scripture

DJG: To learn more about

says, in Romans 12:2, “Be

Dr. Jonas Gadson, DTM and

not conformed to this world,

Partners For Purposeful Living

but be ye transformed by the

LLC go to:

renewing of your mind.” for your FREE Gift! (585) 703-9547 and

Have a check-up from the


neck up! Unless you have a transformation of your mind, you will be left behind! I challenge each of you to “Get in alignment with your assignment and Do It Now!” My Motto Is: “Since Greatness Is Possible Excellence Is Not Enough! Go For Greatness!”



give them hope! We must be




PGMAG: Amina, so good to have you on today’s

city, making masks that match your different

interview with Lady Anita.

outfits was a great success. Being flexible and able to adapt to different situations is key here.

AA: I’m honored to be invited on today’s

Always strive to meet your clients needs.

Interview with Lady Anita. PGMAG: Please tell us more about your PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our


readers. AA: It’s a seasonal business as the apartments AA: I’m Amina Alami from Morocco, Asilah to

I own are in a coastal city. It is mostly active in

be exact. I was an instructor and took an early


retirement to start a small rental business. PGMAG: What would you say to those who are PGMAG: What is your message for women who

starting up a new business?

are going through difficult times due to lack of support?

AA: I would say that they have to do a market research to see what business is worth investing

AA: My message is to never give up trying to

in. It’s important to note that things are changing

seek help. All you have to do is get in touch with

and adopting new ways of doing business is key.

women associations who are in charge of getting you connected to get some funding to set up

PGMAG: Considering the impact of covid-19 on

your small business. You just need to be willing

a global scale, what are some of the measures

to put in the effort. Remember, ideas matter. So

needed to aid economic recovery?

during this pandemic, many women came up with creative ideas to solve problems. In my small

24 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

AA: I would say: Be kínder to yourself, know your worth and believe that anything is posible. PGMAG: Thank you for your time – much appreciated. AA: That’s a tough question

PGMAG: What were the top

given that covid-19 is not

three books that changed your

over yet.However, I think that


restrictions should be lifted so that life goes back to normal.

AA: That’s a good question.

Tourism is one of the sectors

The first one was : “ How to

that was deeply affected by this

win friends and influence

pandemic due to lockdowns

people by Dale Carnegie, the

nationally and internationally.

second was: “ Unleash the

It is so interconnected with

power within.” And the the

so many other sectors. Many

third was a book by Peter

countries economies depend

Diamandis : Abundance.

AA: Thank you for inviting me to be a guest in your popular Powerhouse Global Magazine (Pgmag). PGMAG: Please share your links with us. AA: https://WWW.linkedin. com/in/amina-alami-7330ab35 My website is in maintenance

on it. It is crucial to get life back to normal so that economies

PGMAG: Finally, what would

can start recovering from this

you say to your younger self?




I would say that they have to do a market research to see what business is worth investing in. It’s important to note that things are changing and adopting new ways of doing business is key.



AMANDA HELMAN (AH) PGMAG: Amanda, so good to have you on

PGMAG: What would you say to someone in

today’s interview with Lady Anita.

the valley of decision relating to career change?

AH: Thank you, Lady Anita! It is an honor and a

AH: I would say that you have what it takes

pleasure to be here with you today.

inside to make simple step-by-step changes to change your career. What are your passionate

PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our

about? What is your why? Even if you are afraid,


do it anyway. You will make plenty of mistakes that are opportunities to grow and learn. We

AH: My name is Dr. Amanda Helman. I am an

need your giftings and talents to change the

author, speaker, coach, and consultant. I am the

world for the better.

founder of Healthy Roots LLC that focuses on building healthy connections between families.

PGMAG: Please tell us more about your

Healthy families change communities, cities,


regions, and nations. 26 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

no matter what they say or do.

founded in February 2020. It

I am currently in the process of

has been my dream to impact

publishing a new book that will

áreas of education, mental

be out by the end of summer

health, and leadership by

about my journey through

impacting the family unit. I

complex trauma to find my

have a Healthy Roots blog that

voice. I do 1:1 coaching and

covers áreas for healthy family

consulting for women who are

communication, connecting

overcoming emotional barriers

with teens, working through

to reléase emotional pain and

trauma, and more. I also have

gain more peace, joy, love and

one book written for children

clarity for themselves and in

called I am Worthy, Valued,


and Loved that I wrote and published in 2019. The premise

Finally, I provide courses

of the book is for every child

with coaching as well as

to see themselves as loved,

separately. Recently, I launched

valued, and worthy at all times

Traumaplicity, a course that

I would say that you have what it takes inside to make simple step-by-step changes to change your career. What are your passionate about? What is your why? Even if you are afraid, do it anyway.



AH: Healthy Roots LLC was

Keys to building a sustainable business include many faucets. The first step is knowing who you are and loving yourself. When you know your value, you will work through anything to see the dream come to fruition. reviews simple steps to healing complex trauma. PGMAG: What are your views on global equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace? AH: I believe that everyone should has value and should be appreciated for the giftings and talents they bring without being seen as inferior or less than for any reason. The workplace should include people of different backgrounds, races, and life experiences. It is a daily effort to be intentional about our own personal healing and growth to then be willing to learn from the people around us who have different experiences. Every place should be safe for a person to work 28 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

and engage in conversation.

include having goals, vision and

We all belong and we all matter.

being willing to have flexibility when it’s time to pivot or

PGMAG: What are the keys

change gears. For example,

to building a sustainable

it took me a year to really


learn who I was serving right now and why. Another key

AH: Keys to building a

is building relationships with

sustainable business include

yourself and with others. Who

many faucets. The first step

are you and what do you stand

is knowing who you are and

for? What is unique about you?

loving yourself. When you

Network with other people and

know your value, you will

be willing to receive correction

work through anything to see

and advice. Networking also

the dream come to fruition.

allows you to seek other people

Sustainable business keys also

who can provide services that

beautiful because she is

Another key is to have coaches,

imperfect. She deserves to be

mentors, sponsors and people

treated right by herself and by

who support you. I am grateful to have mentors to support my growth in coaching, marketing, website design, and to encourage me throughout the process. I also network with other people to process ideas. Consistency is also a key to sustainability. It is showing up daily and being committed through the beginning, middle, and continual pains and joys of business growth.

I would tell her she was so beautiful, worthy, brilliant, loved, and that she has what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur with marketing skills full of love and light to change the world. She is capable and that she is most beautiful because she is imperfect. She deserves to be treated right by herself and by others.

others. PGMAG: Thank you for your time – much appreciated. AH: Thank you so much for your time, Lady Anita! I appreciate your time and willingness to have me here for this interview. PGMAG: Please share your links with us.

PGMAG: What were the top

of a woman and has taught me


three books that changed your

the why of it. Amazing Grace

Website: www.amandahelman.


by Jonathan Kozol shifted my


understanding of the disparity


AH: The three top books that

and inequity of public schools


have changed my life include:

when I was in pursuit of my

Email: amanda@amandahelman.

The Body Keeps Score by

Master’s in Education.


Bessel Van Der Kolk. This

Facebook: Amanda Helman

book helped me understand

PGMAG: Finally, what would

Author and Speaker page:

trauma and how it impacts the

you say to your younger self?

mind and body responses. It


is an excellent read for trauma

AH: I would tell her she was

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.

survivors or people who

so beautiful, worthy, brilliant,


want to learn more about the

loved, and that she has what

Instagram: https://www.

physiology of trauma on the

it takes to be a creative

body. Understanding the Power

entrepreneur with marketing

and Purpose of a Woman by

skills full of love and light

Dr. Myles Monroe. This really

to change the world. She is

provided insight on the design

capable and that she is most



are not in your area of strength.



How Your Home Environment Can Help You Increase Your Focus and Productivity MARIANNA BECK

30 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE



believe your home should be

influence and impact of our

your best and most favourite

home on us has become even

place to be in this world. A

more significant and important.

refuge that makes you feel

It really cannot be ignored any

joyful, safe and relaxed. A


soulful haven that reflects the true self of you.

The good news is that with a little bit of awareness and

Your every day home

willingness you can do a lot in

environment is the essential

order to shape your home the

foundation to your general

way that benefits and supports

health and wellbeing - to your

you the most.

body, mind and spirit. This short booklet is especially It is not only the physical space

focuses on how you can

that impacts our ability to stay

increase the level of your

healthy, happy and productive

productivity and focus with

but the whole atmosphere, the

the help of your everyday

vibration and energetic level of


a space can influence how we feel, think and behave.

I hope you will find it useful.

With the recent changes in


mind, when many of us had to

Holistic Home Designer

change the way we work, the

Unexpected Living




If you think in terms of your home you will realise that


your home plays a huge role You might heard about the

in providing and supporting

Maslow Pyramid or in other

Your home has a profound

those basic needs. As a matter

words the Maslow's Hierarchy

affect on your success - either

of fact, it can and should

of Needs.

you work away or from home.

provide and support of all the

Obviously, the influence is

five categories of needs - your It is a theory of motivation

bigger in case of the latter as

home as a whole, and each

which states that five

you spend significantly more

room within your home with

categories of human needs

time at home.

their own role related to each

dictate the behaviour of any


individual. The two bottom

If you are a professional, career-minded person wanting

categories contain all those

This alone clearly indicates

essential basic needs that

to thrive in your profession, in

how important your home is

we, humans need in order

your career or in your business

in creating a happy, healthy,

to biologically survive: the

then you know the right

successful life for you and for

physiological needs and the

mindset is the first stepping

those you live with.

stone to achieve success. It is

needs of safety and security.

32 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

the basis of everything.

But can you thrive, perform and achieve high in your career without thriving in your personal life? For a while for sure. But in the long run sooner or later you will start feeling stuck, unmotivated, unproductive and unhappy. There are lots of aspects of a thriving personal life - and certainly one of them is the state of your home - whether it supports you in your daily life or rather obstructs you. Whether it recharges and


dining table will not do it, at least not in the long run - you

The space of a successful

will find that you concentration,

professional person looks and

creativity and productivity

feels organised, focused and

will suffer as - either you are

powerful. It is a space that

aware of it or not - your mind

helps you shift your mind from

associates those places with

'casual' to 'professional' and

different kind of activities, like

stay focused, motivated and

cooking, eating, socialising, etc.


productive while working. In

Consider choosing design

other words: it puts you in

elements - colours, furniture,

In the next two sections we will

the right mindset so you can

decorative objects, office

achieve all the goals you have

supplies - that reflect your

set out for yourself.

sense of success, even if it is

fills you up with energy or it depletes and drags you down. Whether it helps you stay focused on the important issues or it distracts you. Whether it puts you in the right mindset or deprives you from

focus on the two main areas / rooms of your home that have the most to do with you staying on top of your game in the professional or entrepreneurial world: • Your Home Office • Your Bedroom

just a future, desired success, It is crucial to establish some

ones that inspire and motivate

permanent work space that

you to stay focused on the

is clearly your work territory

goals you are working towards.


It is like the advice of 'dress


for the job you want' - your

home-the-new-normal), let

workspace too should give

it be a proper office room or

off the feeling that you are

just a small desk in the corner

successful, focused and

of a room. The kitchen or the




This especially applies if you

Ideally your bedroom should be

the colours and the materials.

work with clients in your home

a calm, clear, quiet, clutter-free

Vibrant, strong colours, heavy


and serene space (https://www.

patterns and rough fabrics

are not the most desirable

A home office that reflects


elements of a restful bedroom.

and reinforces a sense of self-


Also choose carefully what

assurance will make you feel

you let into your bedroom not

great about your work, your

We tend to sleep better in a

only physically but emotionally

success and achievements in

dark room as our body and

and mentally as well. Do not

life and that will further fuel

mind are designed to link

let it become a space that your

your focus and productivity.

darkness to rest and sleep

brain associates with daytime

time. Proper soundproofing is

activities or a space of anxiety,

also essential. Choose carefully

stress and argument.

YOUR BEDROOM Sleeping is a biological must. Without enough quantity and quality sleep we just simply cannot function and survive. When we are rested we feel more energetic, positive, more capable so we can focus better and accomplish more. Although we can rest and snooze off several times a day in different spaces, it is the bedroom where real quality sleep happens. So creating a bedroom that allows for deep, restorative sleep is essential for the sake of your physical and mental health. Although there are different personal preferences in our need of having a good night sleep, it seems that there are some 'biological basics' we all need in order to wake up refreshed in the morning. 34 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

sleep time. When we use

result in decreased focus and

gadgets out of the bedroom.

our bedroom and our bed

productivity as you will wake

Those items just stimulate your

for daytime activities, like

up feeling sluggish, moody and

brain keeping you alert and

working, watching TV, etc.,


awake at a time when your

this mental link starts to break

brain should wind down and

down and our brain creates a

There are other aspects of

steer you towards falling into

new association between the

your life that can be negatively


bedroom / being in bed and

affected if working from bed

wakefulness. This will hinder

becomes a daily habit of yours:

There are two further

your ability to fall asleep in the

posture problems, hygiene

important 'issues' that need to

evening as, even though your

problems, even relationship

be addressed: working from

body feels tired, your brain


bed and clutter. We all are

'thinks' it is daytime and it stays

You can read more about this

guilty of working from our

active and alert. In order to

mental link and how to break

bed - while it is ok if it happens

have a good and restorative

the cycle here (https://www.

occasionally, when it becomes

sleep your bed needs to be a

a daily habit it can cause lots of

cue for sleep, and working in


problems in different areas of

bed will not give this cue to


your life.

your brain.

CLUTTER Similarly, we all do have

Sooner or later you will find

some amount of unused and

yourself in a trap that will

Clutter has a great deal of

unwanted items in our home and we all have a different level of tolerance for clutter. But when it reaches a certain point it can be a source of lots of trouble affecting your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

WORKING FROM BED Our subconscious is conditioned in a way that it associates the bedroom with



Leave all electronic devices and

impact on our general health

accumulate and make it a habit

feel more productive and

and wellbeing affecting

to get rid of it from time to


every aspect of our life. Each


individual defines clutter

If you want to learn more about

separate workspace if

differently as each of us has

the effect of a cluttered home

you work from home? If

a different sensitiveness to

on your life and find permanent

not, what can be done to

it - some studies even say that

solutions to eliminate it you

establish it? If yes, how

the right amount of clutter can

can find more information here

does it make you feel?

actually boost your productivity


• Do you find it easy to get

and creativity. Yet, there is a


down to work or are you

level and presence of clutter


struggling with it? Do you

when it becomes a burden.


feel inspired, motivated,

The physical burden is evident - your space is full of with stuff.

• Do you have your own,

efficient and focused while


It is the mental and emotional

working? If not what do you think the reasons can be

burden that can too often go

A few questions you might

and how you could change

unnoticed as its effect is not so

want to consider:


tangible. But your subconscious

• How does your home make

• When you walk into your

will still engage with it by

you feel about yourself and

bedroom how does it make

constantly bombarding your

your life in general

you feel?

mind with visual and mental

• How do you want your

• Is there anything you would

stimuli of the 'unfinished

home make you feel about

like to change or improve

business', thus distracting you

yourself and your life?

regarding the design of your

from what your focus should

What kind of supports do


be on. You will feel anxious,

you need from your home?

distracted, disorganised, even

• Do you feel that you

• Do you usually get a good night sleep? What is your

guilty and ashamed. And this

are in control of the

usual sleep pattern? Does

kind of mental state inhibits

circumstances of your

your sleep pattern feel

creativity and productivity.


healthy and supportive

As a matter of fact, it is the

• When you look around in

when it comes to focus and

workspace and the bedroom

your home do you see the

that are more prone to get

reflection of a confident,

cluttered than other rooms. So

self-assured and successful

order to improve the quality

if you are a career-driven and


of your sleep? In your

health-conscious person you better start paying attention to how much clutter you 36 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

• In what ways do you think your home can help you

productiveness? • What can you change in

bedroom? Regarding your habits? • How cluttered is your

of design and environmental

• Colour Consultancy

psychology, biophilic design,

• Home Staging

organised and tidy in

mindfulness and simple

• Online Courses and

relation of your home?

living going way beyond the

• Do you consider yourself

• Do you do decluttering? If you think of it how does it


traditional elements of interior design.

make you feel?

My focus is on delivering a great and exceptional outcome

It is creating spaces where

where both your needs and

you can thrive, where your

visions are met and there is

personality shines through

something extraordinary added

Thank your for taking the

nurturing your body, mind and

to the final result.

interest and reading through


Most of my services are


this booklet.

available both online and onI offer different design solutions

I hold the vision of creating


better life and home

com/services) depending on

environment for people

your needs:

through holistic interior design

• Design Psychology

with the broader aim of




lessening the environmental

• Interior Design and Styling

You can contact me (https://

burden of our gorgeous planet.

• Space Revival

My mission is to help as many people like you as possible to live their best life in a beautiful, happy and healthy home and teach them how we can use design to positively influence and support ourselves and our environment. Let me help you achieve that happy and healthy home.

HOW I CAN HELP My holistic design approach and practice incorporates the principles and methods AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


home? Does it bother you?

contact) and ask a question. You can book a 15 minute long free discovery call (https:// contact). You can go for an hour long informal chat and Ask Me Anything (https://www. related to your design problems. You can explore your options as to how I can help you through

and how they impact your

my services.

general wellbeing. Also it will


give you simple and easy tips

Web: www.unexpectedliving.

Or maybe you feel you would

to feel more connected and


like to get to know me a bit

grounded to your home and to

Facebook: @unexpectedliving.

better. To make sure I am the

get clear about your ideal home


right person for you. Read my

and life.

Insta: @unexpectedliving.

story on becoming a holistic home designer.

mariannabeck It includes:

Pinterest: @unexpectedlivin

• A questionnaire with 20


questions to assess the

"An interior is the natural


projection of the soul."

• Five 'quick fix' tips to And do not forget to download

create a happy and healthy

your free gift, the Home


Harmony Starter Kit. This 20 page-long booklet will

• Three easy steps to get

I am looking forward to helping you transform your home and

and life


and emotional weak points of

Download Your Copy Here

your everyday environment


so you can feel more aware of


38 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

Thank you for your interest.

clear about your ideal home help you identify the physical

your needs, likes and dislikes

Coco Chanel



RAGINI HILDRETH (RH) PGMAG: Ragini, so good to have you on today’s interview with Lady Anita. RH: Thank you. I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity to contribute to the magazine. PGMAG: Please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. RH: As an educator, I have many years experience of teaching children aged 4 - 11 whilst also mentoring and coaching younger colleagues. Throughout my career, I loved the buzz and rhythm of school life and I enjoyed the challenges of becoming an assistant head, a governor and a curriculum specialist.

outside of school.

But there were times when I didn’t know if I

Following our sessions, I pivoted my career so

could continue teaching, because I was burning

that now, the focus of my work is supporting the

out. Facing the additional responsibilities with

next generation of teachers avoid the pitfalls that

each promotion often left me feeling inadequate.

lead so many to leave the profession within five

I felt overstretched at home and at work, and


as if I wasn’t doing a good enough job in either place. It got to the point where I was on the

PGMAG: What would you say to someone in

verge of quitting.

the valley of decision relating to career change?

But the turning point was working with a coach

RH: Focus on who you are and the requirements

who reminded me of the importance of self-

of the season of life you are in.

care, and helped me to regain a vision for my life



I love seeing people step into new arenas and break new ground. Being the first is never easy but as we support the fore-runners, the next generation benefits. For example, I work with teachers at three key stages of career change; • Teachers at the beginning of their career. • Teachers returning to work after raising their children or a period of sickness. • Teachers leaving the profession for new ventures. At each phase, self-confidence can be low, so remembering and celebrating our unique

PGMAG: Please tell us more

Together, we find time they

skills and experience is

about your business.

didn't think they had and

essential. Having the mindset

we focus on developing

that your strengths and gifts

RH: I run coaching programmes

habits that improve sleep

are transferable and that every

that empower teachers to

and increase energy. It’s so

weakness can be developed

improve their wellbeing and to

rewarding to see clients grow

is vital for sustained success.

strategically build sustainable

in confidence to set boundaries

Also, be wise and plan for

careers without sacrificing their

and to stop people pleasing.

change and build in support for

free time.

This is especially crucial for

your next phase.

40 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

the emerging leaders who

colleagues in their teams.

• Not South American enough.

RH: What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey

Now, I am working on creating

• Not Indian enough.

The Power of Habit: Why We

online courses to provide

• Not English enough.

Do What We Do, and How To

added support that teachers

• Not male enough.

Change by Charles Duhigg

can access when they wish.

Quiet by Susan Cain So I believe we have to know

PGMAG: what are your views

that we are enough wherever

PGMAG: Finally, what would

on global equality, diversity

we are and we have to treat

you say to your younger self?

and inclusion in the workplace?

others with the belief that they are enough too, especially

RH: Be kind and patient

RH: I love seeing people step

when we are in leadership roles

with yourself and don’t

into new arenas and break

or positions of influence.

underestimate the power of

new ground. Being the first is

small consistent action. Change

never easy but as we support

PGMAG: What are the keys

may happen slower than you

the fore-runners, the next

to building a sustainable

want but each small step takes

generation benefits.


you closer to your destiny.

Global equality, diversity


PGMAG: Thank you for your

and inclusion is a huge issue

1. Be comfortable with risk

time – much appreciated.

that can be impacted on an

and making mistakes. I

individual level, in my belief.

love this quote by Allen

RH: It’s been an absolute

My own experience of being

H Neuharth “I quit being


pigeon-holed challenges me

afraid when my first

to stop making assumptions

venture failed and the sky

PGMAG: Please share your

about someone’s nationality,

didn’t fall down”.

links with us.

the language they speak or the

2. Be unique and create a

religion they follow based solely

blueprint for your business

RH: https://www.ragini-

on their name or appearance.

that celebrates your vision,

I am of East Indian decent,

values and personality.

Linkedin - https://www.

born in Guyana, a West Indian

3. Be open to collaborate and

culture, and was raised in the

graciously give and receive


UK. I have often felt like the

advice and support.

Instagram - https://

outsider when I have faced

what others have thought

PGMAG: What were the top

about me. That I’m:

three books that changed your


life? AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE


often have more experienced


42 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE



EmaIL: AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE 43


POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION SUPPORTING WOMEN AND CHILDREN GLOBALLY (03RD APRIL 2021) Powerful Global Women Foundation in collaboration Royalty Kids Montessori School present A one day easter retreat for children and teenagers. Theme of the program was: The Total Child. The program includes reason for the season, cinema, POP quiz, music, baking and losts more. Mrs. Josephine, Phillip Itsuokor (Proprietress, Royalty Kids) was present as host. Over 100 children were in attendance during the program.

44 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION CHILDREN RETREAT EVENT (12TH SEPTEMBER 2020) We had various workshops for them during the gathering. We also gave facemasks each child that was in attendance. Over one hundred children attended the event. They were all fed as part of our tradition to do. A massive thank you to Ross Swan for supporting our mission. This project was led by our amazing Vice-president (Mrs Josephine Itsuokor).



46 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION COVID-19 PROJECTS As part of PGWF mission to support more families during this challenged time, we have been able to hold two projects (one in April and the other on 13th July 2020). We distributed food supplies to several families and orphanage homes. Our team lead by Mrs Josephine Itsuokor (Vice-president of PGWF) made these projects a success. We will continue to reach out to more families through the support of our global partners.




Powerful Global Women Foundation (Powerhouse Charity) was founded in 20l6 in Nigeria, West Africa, by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw. The core objective of this organization is to transform the lives of women and children, through various projects centred around the need of the service group. In 20l6 Lady Anita single handedly fed over 400 children as part of “project feed l000 children globally”, and held an empowerment conference for the women. Through this project, so many women have gone to do great things with the knowledge they gained from the event. She recently held a life transforming event for women in Lagos, Nigeria as part of International women’s month celebration 20l8. The turnout was very encouraging. She is working towards supporting more families to keep their children and wards in school through” project back-to-school” starting in September 20l8. We are seeking for global support from individuals and organisations who would love to be a part of this service to humanity. To support us, please visit: or email or

48 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

CHARITY PROJECT: As part of our Global Annual commitment, we were able to successfully complete project feed the children 2019 mission. Over 150 children were fed at this year’s event. Powerful Women Global Foundation (PGWF ) is a charity set up by Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw in 2016. The service users are women and children. To support PGWF, please email



50 AUGUST 2021 - 27TH ISSUE

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