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So far 2016 has been a stellar year for Power Electronics. New developments in each division contributed to elevate our company´s global status. We feel privileged to manufacture high quality products in a demanding and growing sector. Our success is directly attributed to our highly skilled team and our ability to engineer simple, flexible solutions for complex problems by owning and controlling the fundamental technologies behind the products we make. Having total control of our development process gives us the advantage to push the efficacy of our designs and remain flexible to the specific needs of our clients. Our vertically integrated factories and dedicated Research and Development team continued to make impressive technological breakthroughs that our clients will be able to benefit from in the near future. We will continue to emphasize the importance of individually customized products that directly solve the unique needs of each client and deliver those products faster than anyone else. This is what makes our company unique, we want every client to experience the satisfaction of getting more than they expected. This year we have already attended more than 11 international trade fairs to demonstrate our impressive product range, including exhibiting at the world’s largest oil & gas fair


for the first time, the OTC in Houston. These events doubled as an opportunity to listen to our clients and get a better understanding of their needs. Power Electronics continued to participate in international markets around the world where our technology is making significant contributions to local economies and infrastructure. Our 2016 US expansion added three new offices to focus on aftermarket service for the many units operational on US soil. Further to the south, in the Gulf of Mexico, Power Electronics continued to help offshore platforms pump tens of thousands of barrels of oil. In South America, we expanded our reach by opening a new office in Columbia and strengthened our team in Brazil. In Europe we continued to build on our already solid foundations by adding a new office in Milan. For us excellence is a way of being, it encapsulates our entire operation from research and development through to manufacturing and on to after sales servicing and support. Our product is our seal of approval on a job well done and wherever our products are placed they stand as testament to our relentless drive for perfection. Power Electronics: The energy you can trust.




























This year, for the first time, Power Electronics participated in Drives and Controls Birmingham from the 12th to 14th of April. This is the main fair in the United Kingdom for automation, power transmission and motion and drives. We exhibited our low voltage SD700, SD500 and V5, and medium voltage XMV660 Indoor drive identical to the units installed on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Power Electronics participated as a silver sponsor at the Energy and Mines congress held from the 28th to the 29th of January at the Hilton Hotel in London.

The event was a unique opportunity to demonstrate our drive’s products and strengthen our industrial position in the UK market. Power Electronics is already the leading provider of utility scale solar inverters in the United Kingdom with 23% market share (IHS 2015) and a total of more than 1.5 GW installed.

With rising energy costs and supply disruptions, saving energy has become a crucial concern for mines. For this reason, the event was realised with a single objective; to draw links between the mining and renewable energy sector to help provide a sustainable and secure energy solution for the challenges they face. The extensive and proven experience of Power Electronics in the mining sector around the world and our success in the solar market puts the company in a good position to make inroads into this niche energy supply sector.

As a result, business relationships with Project developers, EPC´s, investment funds, banks, government agencies and other suppliers were established. Furthermore, Raquel Iguala, LATAM Sales Manager, presented her paper entitled:” Understanding the latest solar innovation and trends to maximize your opportunities in Central America”. The presentation was focused towards investors interested in Central America and explained how to ensure profitability and reliability of facilities on the continent.

RECAM WEEK 2016 Power Electronics joined the Recam Week of Panama, a very important meeting in the solar sector which was completed successfully. During the event, Power Electronics was able to establish business relationships and demonstrate our experience in Central America, as well as the advantages of our products over our competitors.


Recam Week is a must for key individuals in the renewable energy industry of Central America, Colombia and the Caribbean. This exclusive event provides answers on renewable energy solutions and helps find funding for projects. It is also a great opportunity to learn about different regional policies in order to optimize operations and maximize return on investments.

SPS IPC DRIVES ITALY 2016 Last May, Power Electronics participated in SPS IPC Drives in Parma for the first time ever. It is the largest fair for industrial automation in Italy. Over the 3-day exhibition we presented our range of industrial drives and soft starters including the medium voltage XMV660 variable speed drive and VS65 soft starter. In addition, the event served as a platform to showcase Power Electronics’ low voltage products such as the flagship SD700 series, and the SD300 and SD500 families, oriented to lower power and pumping applications. Our Italian branch, while being one of the youngest, already has two service points in the country and has recently opened a new head office in Milan. This strategy is part of an expansion process that ensures maximum efficiency and service in Italy; a country that is currently the second largest renewable energy market in Europe. Power Electronics European sales director Flavio Baccini: “there is still a lot of room for growth, especially when considering the support offering from Power Electronics. Customers need more involvement from their product providers and value offering through the advent of complete product customization, and that is what we can offer better than anyone. The company has worked hard to establish direct relationships with customers, and our philosophy of 24/7 Power On Support contributed to make our way in the markets”. Current estimates value the European market for variable frequency drives at more than 2.3 billion euros, offering a very wide margin for significant growth in the industrial sector and an exciting challenge for the company. With this in mind, Flavio Baccini stressed that “Power Electronics seeks to generate new business in consolidated markets and to offer competitive advantages towards developing new products”

EMPLOYMENT FORUM 2016 Power Electronics shows its commitment to youth employment at UPV Under the motto “Talent is our energy,” Power Electronics participated this year in the Employment Forum of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) to demonstrate our commitment to young talent in our region. About 500 young people visited our booth to enquire about job opportunities within the company. Power Electronics currently employs more than 1,000 people worldwide.



Experts and leaders in the offshore oil industry gathered last May for the most important offshore event in the United States. More than 68,000 attendees from 120 countries gathered at the conference that has taken place annually for the past 48 years. This is the world’s number one oil industry fair associated with off-shore technology. The participation of Power Electronics in this event demonstrated once again the impressive expansion process the company has undergone over the past few years. Power Electronics enjoys a prestigious position in the US thanks to the success we are achieving in the utility scale solar sector, where currently we have supplied nearly 3 GW of inverters into the country. The OTC was the perfect platform to launch new XMV660 NEMA 3R Outdoor rated medium voltage variable frequency drive, which was exhibited in the US for the first time. The unit is built and certified to both North American and European standards and includes many innovations such as the “sandstorm proof” filter-less cooling system that uses a cyclonic air filtration system (patent-pending) which enables the VFD to resist the most extreme environments without the need to maintain and clean unwieldy air filters. The XMV660 has a Stainless Steel enclosure with a surface coating rated to C5-M (ISO12944 marine & offshore env.) and is entirely suitable for on-shore and off-shore applications, as well as many other applications outside the oil & gas industry.


CMP 2016

Power Electronics returns to MIREC Week in Mexico City, an event that provides an opportunity to take a closer look at the Mexican energy market. The renewable energy community came together to consider the next steps in the new energy market’s progression.

The City of Monterrey hosted the XI annual Mexican Petroleum Congress 2016. From the 8th to the 11th of June more than 6,000 attendees from 15 countries and 1,000 exhibition stands participated in a forum for technical and scientific exchange. It is the most important industry congress for exploration and production of oil and gas in Mexico and Latin America. CMP attracts participants from across the oil and gas industry, and as in previous years, Power Electronics Mexico came to present our medium voltage VS65 Softstarter, and our XMV660 variable speed drives that are revolutionizing offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

The congress, which took place from the 17th to 19th of May included discussion on the future use of solar, wind, geothermal, and other clean energy sources in Mexico and Central America. It also focussed on the latest developments on the regulatory, fiscal, and technological fronts.

Energy Secretary, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, was responsible for inaugurating CMP 2016 on behalf of President Enrique Peña Nieto. He was presenting to leading figures in the industry, who contributed their views and strategies focussed on both the current situation and the future of the oil industry in the country.


INTERSOLAR EUROPE 2016 Power Electronics introduces its new Freesun V series. For the fifth consecutive year, Power Electronics participated in the largest exhibition in the European solar sector, Intersolar Europe, which was held from the 22nd to the 24th of June in Munich. Around 43,000 visitors from 160 countries gathered at the event showing that the solar sector continues to shine in Europe. Our 240m2 stand was the best platform to present our new Freesun V series. More than 1500 people came to our stand, attracted to the HEC V1500 solar inverter which incorporates the latest technology applied to large-scale solar inverters while maintaining and improving on the successful characteristics of its predecessor. With the HEC V1500, EPC´s and developers will benefit from a better ratio of price per installed watt, allowing them to design and promote more competitive photovoltaic plants. Guests at the stand where treated to expert product presentations and the warm hospitality that is a characteristic of all Power Electronics exhibitions. The fair is a great opportunity to show EPCs, developers, and investors the big differences that exist between inverters available on the market, and how the correct choice can substantially

increase returns. It is important to remember that the success of Power Electronics lies in our highly technological and flexible products, as well as with what is considered to be the best after-sales service on the market. The Power Electronics Solar Division currently has an annual production capacity of 5GW and 4GW installed. With 30 years of experience, Power Electronics is present in 45 countries and employs more than 1,000 people. Specifically, in Europe Power Electronics has operations in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Poland, Turkey, Sweden and Germany and has installed 2GW of solar power. The solar industry has experienced significant changes in recent years, the production costs of electricity continues to fall and is expected to play a central role in future energy supply. It is also important to take in to consideration storage systems that will form the backbone of the new world of energy to ensure security of supply and act as a catalyst for the global energy transition. Power Electronics plans to play a decisive role in this transition.



POWER ELECTRONICS INTRODUCES THE NEW FREESUN V SERIES OF SOLAR INVERTERS On the 24th of June, during the Intersolar fair in Munich, Power Electronics introduced the new Freesun V series, the HEC V1500 and HEC V1000. The V series incorporates the latest technology for large-scale solar and maintains the successful characteristics of its predecessor, the HEC, with which we managed to consolidate our position as a leader in the technology. HEC 1500V The advantages of the 1500Vdc technology are well known by now: reducing electricity costs by up to 10% thus increasing profitability, availability and energy efficiency. Power Electronics did not have to start from scratch designing this technology. Our experience over last 12 years manufacturing and installing 1700Vdc power converters in the most demanding conditions for leading customers in mining, oil and gas, and water processing, has helped us design the only multilevel 1500V outdoor modular and redundant inverter with a power range from 1MW to 3,5MW. The HEC V1500 has an outdoor stainless steel construction for durability and better cooling to work at 50°C without derating. This unit works in the

worst climatic conditions; high or low temperatures, humidity, salinity, altitudes of up to 4000 meters above sea level and seismic zones. The HEC V1500 recently received UL 1471 certification. HEC V1000 The new HEC V1000 is available in four output The new HEC V1000 is available in four output voltages (400V, 420V, 440V and 460V) from 1MW to 2.5MW divided into 2, 3 and 4 modules. It is a more compact design than the previous HEC PLUS but has the same power range. The V1000 keeps the same qualities that made it one of the market leaders: high integration, reliability, robustness and availability. The HEC V1000 is designed for more than 20 years of operation in harsh environments with extreme weather conditions. Our environmentally friendly Freesun V series will help companies to reduce their energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions. Owing to these types of products we consider ourselves as playing an important global role in turning sustainable growth into a reality.






1500 VDC Download brochure from here.


NEW UTILITY SCALE OUTDOOR SOLAR STATIONS MV SKID The MV SKID has become a key solution for creating more competitive large-scale photovoltaic plants. It is made of high-strength galvanized steel and comes with all the necessary medium voltage equipment for a solar inverter: cell protection, outdoor power transformer, oil tank and filter. The MV SKID is available in 400V-460V and 565V-690V in the low voltage range and 12kV to 36kV in the high voltage range and achieves power outputs between 1100kVA and 3500kVA when combined with the HEC solar inverter series. It is a compact solution that allows the installation of a fully configurable low voltage cabinet as well as different types of cells and an enclosure fence among other options. The MV SKID simplifies the project design of a PV plant by reducing installation costs and the amount of resources needed. All its medium voltage connections are made and tested in the factory. The convenience of the MV SKID and the fact that it is easier to transport and deliver to remote sites makes it an efficient solution for EPC`s. The unit was designed as a quick plug & play solution that allows all the low voltage connections to be made easily on sight.

TWIN SKID The TWIN SKID was designed to meet the needs of larger solar plants. It is a compact platform of high strength galvanized steel with all equipment integrated. The unit includes cell protection, outdoor power transformer, oil tank and filter. It easily attaches to a Power electronics Freesun inverter. This turnkey solution reaches power ranges between 3000KVA and 7000kVA when combined with the HEC outdoor inverter series. The Twin Skid simplifies the design process of photovoltaic plants, reducing costs and installation resources thanks to its high power density.



POWER ELECTRONICS ACHIEVES UL-1741 CERTIFICATION FOR OUR 1500VDC INVERTER FAMILY “HEC-US V1500” Power Electronics has achieved UL-1741 Certification for our HEC-US V1500 Series Solar Inverters. The HEC-US V1500 Series is a 1500Vdc Solar Inverter family with output power ratings scalable to 3.5 MW.

advanced features such as PV Array Transfer Kit and Smart DC Recombiners to meet requirement for NEC2014, zone monitoring, communication and auxiliary power options, AC close coupling solution and more.

The UL-1741 Certification is a benchmark standard for safety and compatibility for inverters, converters, controllers and interconnection system equipment used with distributed energy resources on the electric grid.

The HEC-US V1500 also has advanced software capabilities to meet not only UL-1741 but all North American grid requirements providing a suitable solution for every project.

Available in 20 different size options between 1 MW to 3.5 MW, the modular and redundant design is built on an outdoor stainless steel base, best in class air cooled topology and multi-level power conversion. The HEC-US V1500 Series of Inverters comes with

Tested to the highest standards to ensure best in class quality and operation in the harshest environmental and grid conditions. The HEC-US V1500 series is backed by 24/7 Power On Support service to assist in providing outstanding uptimes and high energy yields.





POWER ELECTRONICS OBTAINS IAC AFLR 31,5 KA-0,3 s CLASSIFICATION FOR THE VS65 SOFT STARTER Power Electronics successfully passed the internal arc test according to the international standard IEC 62271-200 and obtained IAC A FLR 31.5 kA-0.3 s classification for our METAL CLAD cell VS65ARC soft starter. This new certification guarantees the safety of personnel should an internal arc fault occur. An internal arc fault is a high power electrical discharge between 2 or more drivers. For this test, a short-circuit is caused in the cell busbar. This discharge causes overheating which can reach temperatures up to 20,000°C. The resulting heat creates gases, incandescent particles and an increase in internal pressure which can lead to a deterioration of mechanical parts and an explosion. This can cause severe injuries or death to people nearby. In the case of the VS65, the explosion and arc flash caused by a possible failure is contained by the carefully designed envelope that includes doors and other access points to the cell. During

the explosion, the internal pressure and emission of gases is passed through internal conduits that release the force of the explosion in a safe and controlled manner. It ensures that there is no risk to people who might be nearby at the time of a failure. To pass the test, flammable panels placed 30 cm from the unit and should not ignite during or after the explosion. The classification includes the accessibility type, classified accessible sides, the arc current and duration. In our case, we have achieved classification for all 4 sides, authorized personal accessibility and one of the highest internal arch currents for this kind of product, 31.5KA. The test was carried out in the laboratories of TECNALIA, headquartered in Zamudio (Bilbao) They have the biggest power lab for Spain and Portugal connected to the network at 220kV with an output of 300MVA - 1 s. The TECNALIA power laboratory is accredited by ENAC with No. 4 / LE148 which allows them to perform this type of testing.



POWER ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA ENTERS THE SOLAR SECTOR Power Electronics has been awarded its first supply contract in Australia. The contract is for a 20MW plant located in Barcaldine, 1100 kilometers north west of Brisbane where Power Electronics Australia has one of its offices. Power Electronics will install ten Outdoor stations. The plant will have a total of 79,000 photovoltaic panels and will generate approximately 53,500 megawatt hours of clean, renewable energy each year.

The installation will take place later this year and is expected to be the first of many projects in largescale solar energy for Power Electronics Australia. The Australian subsidiary was formed in 2009 and consolidated with an extensive commercial and technical network covering much of the continent. The project is similar to another 20MW power project recently installed in Chile.

THE BEST FREE FALL SIMULATOR IN EUROPE WITH THE TECHNOLOGY OF POWER ELECTRONICS. Floating in the air like a bird or twirling like a superhero is now possible for everyone. The largest wind tunnel in Europe, at almost 19 meters high, has become one of the latest adrenalin attractions sure to send the heart racing.

is sent from a control panel at the base of the tunnel and controls the drives to vary the air velocity in the tunnel. This way the controller can adjust the required speed depending on whether the person is a child, an adult or a professional.

But how does it work? The tunnel has four fans that are responsible for generating winds between 150 and 300 kilometers per hour that “holds� people in the air.

The regenerative drives allow the fans to quickly decelerate while at all times controlling the DC bus voltage.

Each fan is powered by a regenerative drive from the SD700FR series of Power Electronics. A signal


Once again the regenerative series of Power Electronics reaches the top.

POWER ELECTRONICS SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLS EQUIPMENT AT THE PORT OF BARCELONA •ENAGAS, the main carrier of natural gas in Spain, puts its stamp of approval on the XMV660 Outdoor medium voltage VSD manufactured by Power Electronics. •Power Electronics proves its XMV660´s advantages through multiple international installations. •ENAGAS now enjoying substantial savings of up to 40% on pump energy consumption.

Power Electronics has successfully concluded the implementation of three XMV660 Outdoor drives in the Port of Barcelona. ENAGAS, the main carrier of natural gas in Spain has put its trust in the outdoor rated XMV660 medium voltage variable speed drive from Power Electronics for improving the energy efficiency of its regasification plants. After proving the suitability of the drives through many reference installations outside of Spain, ENAGAS installed three XMV660 6kV drives in the Port of Barcelona with a total capacity of 1550kW. The three variable speed drive applications comprise two primary units that will control Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) pumps and one secondary unit that will manage the pumping of the saltwater exchanger. This system will achieve substantial savings on partial load operation with

peak savings up to 40% of total consumption. “The key differentiating feature of this project lies in the XMV’s construction. It is currently the most compact and reliable outdoor rated MV variable speed drive on the market, with a unique filter-less cyclonic ventilation system that requires virtually no maintenance, unlike traditional air-cooled systems which use unwieldy removable particle filters, and has a C5-M degree of surface coating protection suitable for the most demanding environments. Additionally, the complete exterior enclosure is manufactured from stainless steel. This project reinforces the competitive position of the XMV660 drive not only providing savings in the regasification processes, but also in transportation, civil works, installation and reduction of operating costs. For example, there is no additional switch-room air conditioning load to deal with” says Enrique Martí Key Accounts Manager for the Enagas project. “Soon we will launch two more VSDs in Huelva and a third in Cartagena. This is undoubtedly the best proof of our customer´s satisfaction “. An unbeatable product offer with the unique Power Electronics Power On Support philosophy makes the XMV660 Outdoor the ideal choice for all outdoor medium voltage drive challenges worldwide. Enagás is Spain’s leading natural gas transmission company and technical manager of the Spanish gas network. It has around 12,000 Km of gas pipelines, three underground storage facilities in Serrablo (Huesca), Gaviota (Vizcaya) and Yela (Guadalajara) and four regasification plants in Barcelona, Huelva, Cartagena and Gijón. It also owns 50% of the BBG regasification plant in Bilbao and it has recently reached an agreement to increase its stake in Sagunto plant to 72.5%. In addition, Enagás holds 100% of Gascan, a company constructing two regasification plants in the Canary Islands. Enagás is also present in Latin America (Mexico, Chile and Peru) and Europe (Sweden, Italy, Greece and Albania).



WE EXPAND OUR OFFERING INTO THE US INDUSTRIAL MARKET WITH OUR CUTTING-EDGE VFD TECHNOLOGY With more than 1.5GWs of utility scale photovoltaic solar inverters installed in the US, we are bringing our highly successful industrial products to the US with the introduction of our new Outdoor NEMA 3R Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Power Electronics US foot print Owing to the outstanding success of our solar division we have a strong presence in 15 US cities, which includes 20 service and commissioning engineers who are cross trained in solar and industrial products, and an assembly facility of nearly 20,000 sq ft in Phoenix, Arizona. XMV660 OUTDOOR NEMA 3R MV VFD The new XMV660 Outdoor VFD designed for input voltages ranging from 2.3kV to 15KV and for motors of up to 10,000HP (7,500Kw), is especially suitable for oil & gas, power generation, and water and waste water applications.

The XMV660 Outdoor VFD stands head and shoulders above the competition with features such as a full Stainless Steel enclosure and surface coating rated to C5-M (ISO12944 Marine & Offshore env.) suitable for off shore oil platforms, where they are currently in use now. The most innovative feature is the “sandstorm proof” filter-less cooling system using a cyclonic air filtration system (patent-pending) that provides a constant stream of cooling airflow into the unit enabling the VFD to resist the most extreme environments without the need to maintain and clean unwieldy air filters. A 50°C ambient temperature rating has been made possible by leveraging technology gained from Power Electronics’ solar experience and is achieved using simple air ventilation only. This eliminates the need for costly high kW Air Conditioning systems and switch-room real estate, and realises major cost savings in operating expenses and CAPEX. An onboard UPS is employed as standard, for maintaining control during grid disturbances. A comprehensive 3-year warranty demonstrates our commitment to reliability and confidence in our product. The XMV660 Outdoor NEMA3R Medium Voltage VFD is built and certified to both North American and European standards.

POWER ELECTRONICS CONTINUES ITS EXPANSION IN CENTRAL AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN This year Power Electronics has stepped up its expansion in Central America and the Caribbean, showing our commitment to our solar division and the Latin American market. Last year we entered the Panamanian market providing investors with the first stage of 9MW to be connected to the country. We are contributing to the implementation of a new photovoltaic power plant in Barbados and several projects in El Salvador and Honduras. For these projects we will be supplying our MV SKID


with its plug and play solution. Power Electronics manufactures inverters that adapt to any type of PV system regardless of the temperature ranges, aggressive climatic conditions such as deserts, high altitudes, high humidity and salinity. We focus on supplying energy reliably while giving our clients the most for their investment. Included in these projects is the commissioning of the equipment and one of the best after-market service plans: Power on Support.

POWER ELECTRONICS CONTRIBUTES TO THE WATER SUPPLY OF MORE THAN 15 MILLION PEOPLE AND DESALINATION OF ABOUT 500,000M3/DAY For the past 30 years Power Electronics has been providing variable speed drives and electronic starters for integrated water cycle and water desalination plants, drinking water treatment stations, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants as well as storage and distribution of water and irrigation networks. The variable speed drives and electronic soft starters from Power Electronics contribute to significant energy savings, reduced maintenance and advanced remote facility monitoring. We are focusing on minimizing rising energy costs while emphasizing the need to care for the environment. In addition to optimizing facilities with the PowerPCA tool, we are placing special emphasis on energy savings in pumping systems. PowerPCA is a tool that allows users to compare the energy consumption with and without variable speed drives. By monitoring the performance of the pump/fan through efficiency curves and desired operating P-Q points, companies can calculate the hydraulic power and efficiency and the operating frequency of the VFD.

Other references in the drinking water treatment sector include: El Bodonal (Madrid), AlmogeraAlgodor (Madrid), Sant Joan Despi (Barcelona) and La Presa (Valencia). As well as irrigation stations: Canal Segarra Garrigues (Lleida), the community irrigators of the Navarra Canal, Canal del Páramo (León and Zamora) and Regadiu Xerta-Senia (Tarragona). As for storage and distribution of water, we have installations in diverse locations such as Jaizkibel (Guipúzcoa), and in pumping stations of the Napier City Council (East Coast New Zealand’s North Island) and El Realito Dam (San Luis Potosi, Mexico).

Power Electronics is present in desalination plants worldwide including: Tuaspring (Singapore), Souk Tleta (Algeria), Cartagena (Murcia), Marina d’Or (Oropesa del Mar) and Moncofa (Castellón). We also have drives and softstarters installed in many pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants in Spain including: South Madrid, Butarque (Madrid), Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), Galindo (Bilbao) and Pinedo (Valencia).

Souk Tleta - Desalination plant (Argelia)



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